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Monday, December 18, 2006

Warnings against driving in the worsening weather and icy conditions left residents of Genoa City trapped in various locations. Adding to the crisis, a city-wide power outage left Phyllis and Jack trapped in an elevator at the Newman Tower Building. Phyllis' contractions continued, but Phyllis tried to convince Nick via a cell phone call that she was fine. However, Phyllis showed her frustration when she lost contact with Nick just before she could request that he place a call to 9-1-1. Jack held Phyllis' hand during the painful contractions. A bit later, Phyllis and Jack talked to Dr. Okamura, who said that it didn't yet appear that Phyllis was in active labor, which he stated occurs when the contractions are less than four minutes apart. The call to the doctor was cut short when the cell phone lost its signal. Jack supported Phyllis when she collapsed in pain from the labor coupled with anguish over concern for the baby's safety. Jack asked Phyllis about breech delivery, just in case. Phyllis explained that a breech delivery is dangerous if complications arise because the baby and the mother could both die. Jack coached Phyllis through ever increasingly painful contractions, and she, seemingly to keep her mind occupied, lamented that she hadn't bought the baby anything pink to wear. Jack's face softened as Phyllis recounted the little baby things she's collected for her soon-to-be-born daughter. Phyllis, however, suddenly thrust herself back to reality and told Jack that she had a pair of scissors with sharp blades in her briefcase and some mouthwash in her purse that could be used as disinfectant. A worried Jack listened intently. As the contractions became stronger and closer together, Phyllis pleaded with Jack that he promise to ensure that the baby lives, no matter what.

Brad and Sharon were trapped at the Carlton's, while Victoria was trapped at Indigo, where she was to oversee the museum benefit, which was ultimately cancelled due to the inclement weather. Sharon, who spoke to Victoria over the phone, was relieved that Noah was with his aunt at Indigo. After Brad spoke to Victoria, he thanked Sharon for her role in convincing Victoria that he and Sharon, once caught making out with in the parking garage, would not again engage in similar behavior. Sharon admitted that she is a bit jealous that Brad is so much in love with Victoria. She also told Brad that Phyllis and her pregnancy are constant reminders that Phyllis broke up her marriage. Brad told Sharon that she could always talk her problems over with him, but Sharon said that she needed to lean on Jack. However, Brad said that he's jealous of Jack. Brad openly admitted that he truly loves Sharon although he is committed to his marriage. Sharon also confessed her ever-enduring love to Brad, as the two warmed themselves in front of a crackling fire.

Prof. Korbel and Colleen were trapped at the college, and Colleen looked concerned when Korbel mentioned that he'd transferred to GCU due to an affair between a student and her professor. However, the professor explained that he had blown the whistle on a fellow colleague at another university. Korbel explained that he was then denied tenure after he testified on behalf of the student. The two, who had been drenched from the torrential downpour, changed into dry, warm clothes they rummaged from the lost-and-found. Korbel told Colleen that it was wrong for a student and a professor to engage in an affair due to the disparity of their roles as teacher and student. Korbel admitted that Colleen was the first student he'd ever kissed, but he also confessed to Colleen that he finds her quite attractive and desirable. Both admitted their mutual attractions to one another, but the professor said the he and Colleen couldn't be together, even if J.T. wasn't in the picture. Colleen, however, told the professor that she wished J.T. would treat her more like an equal because she sometimes felt that he thinks of her as a child. Korbel, after all his protests against romantic relationships with students, placed his hand behind Colleen's neck and drew her close. He told her that she certainly is not a child, and then he began kissing her.

Lily and Daniel's car skidded off an icy road and crashed into a ravine. Daniel, who was driving, complained of chest pain and was trapped in the car by the seatbelt. Lily managed to flag down Nick, who drove past the accident scene. Nick, during his attempt to free Daniel, noticed that gasoline was dripping from a ruptured fuel line. Nick instructed Lily to free Daniel from the seatbelt as he raced to move a sparking electrical wire away from the leaking gas.

Amber arrived, wet and shivering, at Katherine and Jill's, and Esther escorted her to the living room. Sylvia Browne was there, and she psychically and correctly announced that Amber had lost her cell phone, so Katherine insisted that Amber should not go back out into the treacherous conditions. Browne explained that she was conducting a reading for Katherine in order to discover what in her past was causing distress. Jill was less than thrilled to witness Browne's interaction with Katherine, but Jill was ultimately convinced that Browne had a gift after the psychic correctly acknowledged Jill's unspoken apprehension. Browne told Katharine that a male spirit was informing her that he was terribly sorry that his departure had caused her and Jill so much suffering. The spirit also said that alcohol was a problem for him and for Katherine. Browne described the spirit, who is now whole and strong, as lean and wiry with piercing eyes. Browne said that the spirit, Phillip, is Katherine's husband's son, whom Katherine raised and later discovered to be her own grandson. Phillip asked, thorough Browne, if anyone had ever found the dark-chocolate-covered almonds meant for mother's day. Jill admitted that she had found the candy in her closet. When Jill asked if Phillip was happy, Browne explained that her son had found peace rather than happiness, but Phillip wanted them to know that he was responsible for his drinking problem. Phillip's spirit said that the reason he came was to deliver the message that there's someone there that Katherine could give great aid or help to. Browne added that Katherine could use what she had gone through to help someone. Katherine was confused when Phillip offered his forgiveness for something that he knew she had done. Katherine wondered what it was that she had done to warrant Phillip's forgiveness. Katherine was even more confused, however, when Phillip's spirit, just before it fell silent and vanished, told them that "the money went to violets." Browne offered no explanation, and both Katherine and Jill sat stunned and puzzled by the mystifying revelation.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Neil and Dru try to keep everyone calm at Indigo by lighting candles and making everyone drinks. Victor asks Rebecca to tell him more about Brad's past before he came to Genoa City. Rebecca, flustered, does the best she can to vaguely answer Victor's persistent questions. Victoria comes up with another story. Everyone suspects that everyone is lying. Finally the lights come back on. As Victor and Nikki leave, Victor tells Nikki that he can't believe that Victoria lied to all of them tonight and he's determined to find out what secret she's helping Brad keep. Brad thanks Sharon for letting him talk about his sister and Sharon suggest they plant a tree in her honor after the storm passes. They run out to the garden in the rain, and afterward she wraps herself up in a towel. When Rebecca and Victoria arrive home, Victoria demands to know what is going on. Korbel and Colleen are passionately kissing in his office. He states that everything they are doing is wrong. Embarrassed, Colleen puts her clothes back on, but Korbel stops her before she leaves. They fall into each other's arms again and make love. Afterward, the lights come on and J.T. calls Colleen, saying he's coming to the school to pick her up. At the accident site, Lily screams when she sees that a small fire has started because of the dripping gasoline. Nick finally pulls Daniel to safety and puts him in his car. Nick checks his pager and sees that Phyllis has sent him the code that she's in labor. Lily tries to question Daniel to keep him coherent, but he gasps that he can hardly breathe. Nick finally gets cell reception and calls the hospital, telling them to stand by. Nick tells Lily how to perform CPR on Daniel. In the elevator, Phyllis grabs scissors from her purse and hysterically tells Jack to cut her open to save her baby. Suddenly her water breaks. She finally gets cell service and calls Nick, telling him that the baby is on the way. Nick doesn't tell Phyllis about Daniel's condition. Phyllis gets a huge contraction and pushes the baby's legs out. With one last big effort, she manages to get her baby out. Phyllis hugs her new daughter and thanks Jack for delivering her baby. At the hospital, a nurse tells Lily and Nick that their CPR on Daniel saved his life. Phyllis and Jack come into the ER with the baby, and Nick thanks Jack for everything he did for Phyllis and their baby. When Nick, Phyllis, and the baby get rushed to an exam room, Jack is left in the waiting room all alone.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The day after the ice storm, Amber was still at the Chancellor house because her car had a flat tire. While Robert took care of getting that fixed, Amber and Esther listened as Jill and Katherine tried to figure out the meaning of psychic Sylvia Brown's reading. Jill admitted that she regretted sending Phillip III to boarding school when he was so young. She'd been afraid that John wouldn't accept him as a stepson. Amber said she'd heard John was a good man, and Jill agreed that he was and would have been a good father to Phillip. It was Jill herself who'd been afraid and insecure, and Phillip had paid the price. Katherine wondered if it was her fault that Phillip had turned to drinking; maybe it was genetic, though they hadn't known at the time that she was Phillip's grandmother. She couldn't figure out anything Phillip would have to forgive her for, however, or how that related to her dreams and Sylvia's advice that there was someone who needed her help.

Lauren was being driven crazy by the constant bickering between Gloria and Joanna. When Phyllis called tell Michael that her little girl had been born, Michael wanted Lauren to go with him to the hospital. Lauren thought it would be better if she stayed home. But after Michael left and the grandmothers started up again, Lauren had a meltdown and told both women to leave her alone with Fen.

Nick and Phyllis were relieved to be holding their healthy baby girl. Phyllis had been afraid he might lose another daughter. Nick reminded her that hadn't happened. He then had to tell her the truth about Daniel's car accident. Phyllis and Nick took the baby to Daniel's hospital room, where Lily was sitting at Daniel's bedside. The wreck hadn't hurt Lily, and Daniel would be allowed to go home with his broken rib as soon as he was breathing better, since the accident had damaged the lining of his lung.

Victoria had to tell Brad the story she and his mother had contrived for Victor. Once Victoria found out that Victor knew Brad had assumed a fake identity, she'd told her parents that it was Brad's older brother, who was dead. Brad had pretended to be his brother so he could join the Coast Guard when he was underage. Brad wondered if they'd bought the story and thought maybe it would be better just to tell Victor and Nikki the truth. Victoria said no, they should let it lie.

Victor and Nikki arrived at the hospital and thanked Jack for delivering the newest Newman child. Victor said he owed Jack one. Later, Victor was present when Jack seemed to suffer the aftershock of the night's events. He'd been terrified of losing Phyllis or the baby. Victor seemed to realize that Jack's emotions were raw and real, but later, he asked Nikki if they could trust Jack about anything else.

Victor, Nikki, Victoria, and Brad all went to see the new baby. Nick and Phyllis hadn't yet decided on a name. Michael also came to see the baby and celebrate Phyllis's good luck of coming through the difficult labor and delivery without damage to her or her little girl. When Nick and Phyllis were alone, Nick was obviously smitten with his new daughter as well as with Phyllis. When Jack joined them, both of them thanked him again for everything he'd done. Jack's attitude had changed completely and he was kind to both of them. Later, Phyllis said she felt guilty for everything Jack had suffered because of her, but Nick said it just seemed things were meant to be as they were.

Colleen was having a difficult time not thinking about her night of passion with Professor Korbel. When she and J.T. joined Victoria at the Carlton house to reschedule the museum benefit, Colleen was surprised to see her teacher there. Brad came home and spoke privately to Adrian about the book he'd given Colleen. Adrian seemed uncomfortable and took off shortly after Brad came home. Brad told J.T. that he was nervous that Victor was going to start digging into his past. Later, when J.T. and Colleen went home, J.T. wanted to spend a romantic afternoon in bed, but Colleen said she was too tired.

Michael went home after seeing Phyllis and the baby and found Lauren alone. As they were talking, both Gloria and Joanna returned to the apartment with gift baskets for Lauren. Joanna said she was going to run a bath for her, and Gloria was going to make her tea. Michael laughed at how the two women seemed a little fearful of Lauren's temper. Later, Michael received a call from Victor, who wanted Michael to investigate Brad. When Michael said that was more Paul's domain, Victor said he wanted Michael to do the job privately.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Colleen guiltily admits to Lily that she slept with Korbel during the storm. Colleen agonizes to Lily that she thought she was in love with J.T, and wonders how she could've let this happen. She knows that she has to tell J.T. and probably break up with him. J.T. comes home and wants to take Colleen out for dinner, but she pulls away from him and says that they need to break up. J.T. is shocked, saying that he thought he and Colleen were past this arguing and had solved their trust issues. Colleen returns home and tells J.T. that she doesn't want to talk about breaking up anymore, since it's Christmas Eve. J.T. gives her a beautiful gold cross necklace, and Colleen, feeling guilty, begins to cry. Korbel calls Colleen but she quickly hangs up, saying that she can't talk now. Nick, Phyllis, and the baby arrive home. Nick has decorated the house with cheap dollar store Christmas decorations. They talk about possible names for the baby, but nothing seems quite right. William tells Michael that the DNA results from Carmen's earring came in and Devon's DNA is all over it. Michael demands that Brad's fingerprints be tested too. Neil reflects that Carmen's family must really be missing her tonight on Christmas Eve. At the tack house, Nick gives Noah a scavenger hunt clue to find presents that "his baby sister" gave him. Sharon agrees to hold the baby and becomes emotional. Nick and Sharon embrace, remembering Cassie. She leaves before Noah can see her cry. Korbel and Jack have a drink at the GCAC bar, both wishing they weren't alone tonight. Sharon joins them and tells Jack that seeing the new baby wasn't as hard as she thought it would be. Jack, Korbel, and Sharon toast to "new beginnings." As Sharon and Jack are leaving the GCAC, William enters, saying that he needs to get a sample of Jack's DNA ASAP.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Phyllis and Nick still hadn't given a name to their little girl by Christmas morning. When they talked about how happy they were, Phyllis said she wished everyone could be. She called Jack to thank him again for helping deliver the baby and wished him a merry Christmas. Jack had been missing his father, as he told Ashley when she came downstairs. They'd been invited to Victor's later, and Ashley said she'd look forward to going if she wasn't being forced to lie to Victor. When Abby came downstairs to open gifts, Jack heard himself saying things John Abbott had said to Jack and his sisters on Christmas mornings in years past.

Nikki and Victor had a big day planned, and Victor cautioned Nikki not to do anything to make Jack and Ashley suspicious. Nikki was thrilled by Victor's gift: a large donation to an epilepsy foundation. Both of them were wondering how to handle Victoria's lies to them, but Victor said they'd wait until after Christmas to confront her.

Things were still tense in the Baldwin household with Gloria and Joanna bickering and competing to be the best grandmother to Fen. Kevin and Jana took advantage of time alone in their apartment to make love, and Jana was delighted by a book that Kevin gave her on serial killers. When they went upstairs to Michael's, Michael and Lauren had gone out for a while, and the grandmothers were still fighting. Jana tried to make peace between them. She also told Gloria she'd talked to her family on the phone earlier. Later, Kevin got her to go back downstairs for a few minutes so he could question her. He knew she hadn't talked to her family. Jana said she didn't get along with her family, but she didn't want anyone to know.

Michael and Lauren took Fen to Nick and Phyllis's place to see the new baby. Brad and Victoria were also there with Rebecca. Michael was intrigued to be introduced to Rebecca, as it was another look into Brad's past. Brad took Michael aside and sarcastically thanked him for getting the DA to do a DNA test on him in the Carmen Mesta murder investigation. Victoria tried to calm things down between them, and Nick interceded and offered to give them parting gifts.

Sharon and Noah were happy to get to Victor and Nikki's and find Jack there, along with Ashley and Abby. Later, the two kids went to take some food to Phyllis and Nick and to see the baby. When Sharon arrived to get Noah, she and Nick shared a private moment. He thanked her for making the holiday such an easy one for Noah and said he was glad she was spending the day with his family. Phyllis stopped on the stairs to watch Sharon and Nick's interchange, including the kiss Nick gave Sharon on the cheek. After Sharon left, Nick gave Phyllis a pair of turquoise earrings and said he'd thought of a baby name.

Back at Victor's, Victor was playing a little game of cat and mouse with Brad and Jack. First he questioned Rebecca about the "son" she'd lost, but Rebecca managed to answer his questions convincingly. Then Nikki and Victor said they were giving everyone presents to remind them of their past. Sharon got a picture Noah had drawn in kindergarten. Victoria got a paper she'd written as a little girl. She hadn't finished it and had lied to her teacher and said she'd left it on the bus. Victoria grew uncomfortable when Nikki said the important thing was that she'd later told the truth.

Victor gave Nikki the sheet music of the first song she'd ever learned on the piano. He gave Ashley a bottle of the first perfume that John had ever put on the market in her honor. Nikki gave him his old coat that he thought she'd thrown away. And Victor gave Brad and Jack stationery with letterhead that bore their names as CEOs of Newman Enterprises. He said he'd once kept it to remind himself not to trust them, but now he kept it to amuse himself. Both Brad and Jack gave him nervous looks, wondering what he was up to.

Victor made a toast to everyone gathered there. He said Noah and Abby brought joy into the house every time they visited. He was glad to be celebrating with old friends like Ashley, and to welcome new members into the family like Brad and Rebecca. He also assured Sharon that she was still and always would be a Newman. He was glad that Nikki had taken such good care of him over the past difficult year when he'd almost lost her and his health. And most of all, he was grateful that he and Jack could be friends now. Jack seemed happy because of Victor's words because he didn't realize that Victor didn't trust him at all, any more than he trusted Brad.

Later, Sharon and Jack exchanged gifts at the Abbott house--reminders of the island holiday they'd taken together. Jana and Kevin took photos of more peaceful moments with Michael, Lauren, their mothers, and the baby. Victor and Nikki brought Noah to spend some time with Nick and Phyllis, and Nick told them the baby had a name now. In honor of Phyllis, she would be called Summer. Victor had tears in his eyes as he held Summer and thanked Nick and Phyllis for giving him another grandchild. Meanwhile, at the Carlton house, Ashley and Abby were there as Rebecca and Brad lit candles for Hanukkah. Ashley seemed touched by the closeness that Victoria, Brad, and Abby shared.

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