The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of February 19, 2007 on Y&R
Dru believed that Carmen and David were stalking her. Jill and Katherine discovered that Cane might be Jill's son. Cane and Amber got married. Kevin and Colleen found out Jana had killed Carmen. Jana set fire to the building Kevin and Colleen were in.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of February 19, 2007 on Y&R
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Monday, February 19, 2007

Brad, Victoria and Victor arrived at a hotel in the Czech Republic the night before they were scheduled to tour the catacombs. Victoria was still miffed at Brad after she had earlier caught him and Sharon talking together in her car. Victor had gone to bed early in his room, so Brad wined and dined Victoria with an elegant dinner ordered from room service. He later recited poetry and shared a romantic tale about his parents' undying love for one another. Victoria's iciness soon melted, and the couple reconnected with what Victoria termed a "world-class" apology.

When Sharon ran into Nikki in the break room at Newman, Sharon asked if Nikki had heard from Brad and the others in Europe. Nikki became livid that Sharon had been told and strongly suggested that Sharon keep mum about what she knows. Later, Jack came into the break room with a belated Valentine gift for Sharon. He and Nikki sparred over Jack's premature victory of acquiring the variance on the property Jack wants to develop for N.V.P. Later, Jack and David Chow lunched at Indigo and made tentative plans for David to represent Jack and direct his political campaign. Later, David and Jack announced Jack's run for Bodi's senate seat to Sharon. Dru interrupted the impromptu announcement to tell Chow that she knew what he and Carmen were up to and that they would not get away with their attempt to frame her for Carmen's murder.

At the coffeehouse, Nick silently reminisced about his marriage to Sharon on the eleventh anniversary of the event. Nikki joined her son and the two spoke about it briefly after Nikki commented about Nick's pensive mood. Later, Sharon stopped in, and she and Nick shared an awkward lunch together, but Sharon said nothing about remembering their anniversary. However, Sharon mentioned Victor's trip to Kutna Hora, and Nick felt betrayed that he'd been kept in the dark. Nick later confronted Nikki about the issue, and she said it was Victor's decision not to tell anyone about the trip. Nikki, in turn, confronted Sharon about broadcasting information the Newmans wished to keep private, but Sharon boldly told Nikki that it had always the Newmans' way or the highway and that Sharon has decided that the highway was preferable.

Later, Nick went to the Newman break room to see Sharon and gave her a gift, which was a porcelain figurine of a mother and her young daughter in a dance-like embrace. Nick told Sharon that after some people divorce, they feel that their years together were wasted, but Nick told Sharon that he felt his years with her were special. Sharon, emotionally moved, told Nick that she felt the same way and that what she had with Nick and their children was the very best part of her.

Dru was still shaken after seeing yet another vision of Carmen the night before in the Winters' bedroom. As she napped on the sofa, Neil startled and awakened Dru when he placed a blanket on her. Neil was upset when Dru became frantic about searching for evidence to prove that Carmen was still alive. Dru theorized that the body placed behind Indigo was not Carmen's. Neil later called Devon and secretly asked him to come over to stay with Dru while Neil went to meet with Michael. Devon was also upset by Dru's insistent belief that Carmen is still alive after Dru claimed to receive a phone call from her. Dru told Devon that Carmen pulled a "Sheila" by having someone surgically altered into a Carmen look-a-like and then murdering that person. When Neil met with Michael, he requested a DNA test be done on Carmen's remains, so Dru could see scientific proof that Carmen is dead. Although Michael received William's approval for the DNA test, Michael admitted to Neil that after the fiasco with Sheila, he would not rule anything out.

After Jana surprised Kevin is his car, she convinced him to follow her to the storage locker. However, just after Kevin entered the storage locker, Jana threatened both Kevin and Colleen with a stun gun. Jana told her two captives that she'd faked her death by saving her blood and then dumping it by the lake. Jana also confessed to killing Carmen, although she explained that the killing was unplanned. Carmen was murdered the day she had come into the coffeehouse. Jana recalled that she was in the back room rifling through Victoria's stolen art portfolio when Carmen confronted her. Jana made up a story about finding the portfolio left behind on a table, but after Carmen walked out, Jana panicked. Jana snuck up behind Carmen and hit her over the head. Jana also told Kevin and Colleen that the information Colleen had provided about the reliquary's inscription would allow Jana to find and recover billions of dollars. Jana's great-grandfather, a jeweler, had been forced to etch the inscription into the reliquary, and then afterward, he was murdered by the Nazis because he knew too much.

Jana also tearfully admitted that she had fallen in love with Kevin, but sadly explained that she would now have to frame Kevin as Colleen's killer. After the police had gotten heavily involved, Jana said her plans to frame Adrian Korbel by planting her own hair extension along with Carmen's driver's license would no longer be part of her grand scheme to cover her trail. Jana said that she planned to make it appear that Kevin had locked Colleen in the freezer, but that Kevin would also die by making his death appear accidental from his failure to escape after setting the storage locker on fire. When Kevin attempted to gain control of the stun gun, Jana shot a bolt of current into Kevin's arm, and he fell to the floor in agony. Both Kevin and Colleen made an effort to convince Jana that Carmen's murder was a mistake and that Jana should drop her plan to murder them because she's not a killer. Colleen even offered Jana money, but Jana said she could have billions instead of millions. Colleen provoked Jana by telling her that Brad would get to the money first and Jana would end up in jail with no money at all. However, Jana said that she and her dad would use the secret code from the inscription to find the massive hidden fortune. Jana tearfully apologized before she left Kevin and Colleen helplessly locked inside the storage locker.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Neil, Lily and Devon worry about Dru‘s mental health, pointing out her belief that David Chow and Carmen Mesta have been working together to frame her for murder. Neil tells her Michael will be ordering a DNA test on the body to prove that Carmen is dead. Devon thinks Dru needs help. Neil has already called Dr. Lynch, Dru's therapist, and asks Lily and Devon to stay with Dru as he goes to meet with her. Dru goes out to the coffee shop and comes back later, excitedly telling Lily and Devon that she busted David Chow and that he and Carmen Mesta are both going to be behind bars. Lily and Devon are certain now that something is wrong with Dru, but she says everything is fine and leaves to do some grocery shopping. At Dr. Lynch's office, Neil learns Dru could have schizophrenia, dementia, or epilepsy. Dr. Lynch wants Dru to see her physician to run some tests. Neil receives a call about the DNA test results and goes home. Once there, he tells Dru that the DNA was a match; Carmen Mesta is dead. Dru still is not convinced and tells Neil she has a way to prove she's not insane: she has bought a security camera.

Brad, Victor and Victoria are all in a tour group, unsure what they are looking for. They see a sign with the same inscription as the reliquary. They are unaware that Milan, Jana's father, is watching their every move. Just as Victor and Brad pry open a wall to reveal treasure behind it, Mila , dressed as a security guard, makes himself known. He warns them they are in a lot of trouble.

Colleen is yelling and banging at the door for someone to let her and Kevin go. Kevin says there must be a way out, but Colleen tells him there's no escape. Kevin asks Colleen how long she's been trapped in the room and she says she doesn't know. Banging on the door himself, Kevin becomes more and more upset as he thinks of how he loved Jana and how she ended up betraying him. Colleen asks if Kevin really thinks Jana would set the place on fire, and Kevin tells her he wouldn't put anything past the woman. Outside the room where Kevin and Colleen are trapped, Jana is lighting fire to an old scrap of cloth; she drops it and leaves as flames begin to engulf the hallway. On her way out, she drops a driver ‘s license near a car.

J.T. and Adrian are at the coffee-house looking for any sign of Colleen. As they are looking around for evidence, Adrian looks under Colleen's car and finds Colleen's driver's license. Believing Kevin has done something to Colleen and fearing he will kill her, J.T. calls in a trace on Kevin's vehicle. When they find it, Adrian sees Colleen's license and realizes she and Kevin are trapped together.

Kevin and Colleen struggle to breathe as smoke fills the room, and Kevin promises Colleen he won't let them die. Finding a cloth, he pours water over it and holds it to Colleen's mouth. She protests, saying she doesn't want him to die, but Kevin insists. He apologizes for everything he's ever done to her as she slips into unconsciousness. Kevin is barely conscious himself when J.T. and Adrian arrive at the warehouse, prying the door open and pulling him and Colleen to safety.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Paul tracks down Violet's brother in Australia and sets up a call with him and Jill. Jill worries about what kind of life ‘Phillip' has had and wonders if she should just leave things the way they are. Amber drops to her knees and proposes to Cane jokingly, then tells him she has booked a trip to Vegas for them. J.T. and Adrian follow Colleen as she is rushed into the hospital. Gloria, Michael and Lauren show up at the hospital and J.T. tells them that Kevin tried to kill Colleen. J.T. then explains to them how Carmen's driver's license was found in Kevin's wallet, which was found under Colleen's car, saying that Kevin killed Carmen and Jana. Lauren states that Kevin didn't even know Carmen, and Gloria says that Kevin would never do anything to hurt Jana.

The ‘guard' at the church leads Victor, Victoria and Brad deep into the tunnels, disappears and then cuts the power so they cannot find their way out. Victor, Victoria and Brad find their way to a gate and realize they are locked in. Jill gets the phone call from Violet's brother. He asks Jill if she has any information on ‘Ethan's' biological parents. When she asks why he wants to know that, he explains to her that ‘Ethan' is in Genoa City looking for his birthmother. He tells Jill that ‘Ethan' works at Indigo and goes by his nickname Cane. J.T. visits unconscious Colleen's beside and tells her that he still loves her even if she doesn't love him. He also swears to her that Kevin will not get away with trying to kill her.

Jill explains to Katherine how kind Cane was to her the day she and Katherine had gotten the DNA test results. Katherine tells Jill they need to get over to Indigo so Jill can properly introduce herself to him. Jill tells Katherine that she just can't walk up to Cane and tell him that she is her mother, that she has to do it in a proper way. Jill asks Paul to continue searching to find out where the Phillip she raised came from. When Paul leaves, Katherine tells Jill that Cane will be thrilled to see Jill. Back at the hospital, Michael wonders if Jana's leaving Kevin pushed him over the edge and that he really did try to kill Colleen. Gloria tells Michael that Kevin will explain everything to them and that Michael will feel terrible that he doubted him. Lauren rushes into the room and tells them that Kevin is awake.

Jill and Katherine show up at Indigo asking for Cane and find out that they just missed him. Meanwhile, Amber and Cane arrive at their hotel room in Las Vegas. Kevin asks Gloria, Michael and Lauren how Colleen is and if the police have caught Jana. He then explains that Jana faked her death and set Kevin up for her ‘murder' and Colleen's death. He also tells them that Jana killed Carmen. Victoria squeezes through the bars of the locked door to get help. When she leaves, Victor tells Brad that if anything happens to her, that he will hold Brad personally responsible. Later, Victoria sees the 'guard' taking all the treasures from the hidden room.

Jill and Katherine return to the mansion and call Neil to get Cane's cell phone number. Gloria confronts J.T. telling him that Jana started the fire, not Colleen. J.T. tells her that when Colleen wakes up she will tell everybody what Kevin has done to her. William Bardwell tells Michael that there is lots of evidence at the crime scene implicating Kevin. Gloria thinks he is there to help Kevin. She tells him that Jana started the fire. J.T. and Adrian give Bardwell the Kevin's wallet that they found under Colleen's car. Bardwell says he needs to question Kevin.

Brad manages to open the door and he and Victor head through the tunnels and stumble upon the ‘guard' taking the treasures. The ‘guard' pulls his gun on Brad and Victor. Victor hits the gun from his hands just as Victoria arrives with the police. Brad and the ‘guard' get into a struggle and he shoves the ‘guard' down the stairs. Jill calls Cane's cell phone while he is in the shower. Amber realizes it's Jill and Katherine calling and turns off his phone. Jill tells Katherine this will give her a few days to figure out how to break the news to Cane. After his shower, Cane tells Amber that they will live happily ever after. Amber slips and tells Cane she loves him. He then tells her he's sorry, but that he cannot marry her.

Michael tells Bardwell that he needs to talk to Kevin before Bardwell interviews him. Kevin swears to Michael that he didn't start the fire and tells him that Jana was after a valuable treasure. He tells Michael that if he doesn't believe him, that he should ask Colleen. Adrian explains to J.T. that the doctors are worried that Colleen cannot recuperate.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Jack and Sharon rush to the hospital and J.T. tells them that Kevin locked Colleen in a freezer again. Victor, Brad, and Victoria are talking, planning out what they are going to tell the police. Victoria says that she used Brad's map to get out of the catacombs and ran to the police, saying that they were tourists and were being followed by a man with a gun. The police thank them for their good work, and no one realizes there is a security camera system set up in the catacombs. Later at the hotel room, everyone congratulates each other on a job well done. Brad finally gets reception on his cell phone just as Sharon calls. He excitedly tells her that they found the treasure, but she stops him, telling him that Colleen is in the hospital. Brad tears up, telling Sharon that they will be home as soon as possible. They all start to pack. A detective comes to the door saying that they looked at the surveillance camera footage and found that they opened the tomb, and need to know why. Victor calls the Minister of Foreign Affairs, and the group gets a pardon to go home. In their Vegas hotel room, Amber asks Cane to run out and get them some food. When he's gone she calls her friend Ali, asking her to come over right away. Ali rushes over and Cane is pleased to meet her when he returns. They start to drink their beers and have a great time telling each other wild dating stories. Ali turns up the music and starts teaching Amber some stripper dance moves. Cane takes this in, loving it, and when Amber gets him another beer she drops a pill into it that Ali brought her. He drinks the beer, feels the effects of the pill, and passes out. Amber takes off his clothes and grabs his wallet. Amber and Ali, dressed in Cane's clothes, go to the wedding chapel and gets married. Amber thanks Ali for her help and goes back to her hotel room and slips into bed with Cane, placing the ring on his finger.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Phyllis was sure when she found a receipt for a gift that Nick had gotten her something. When she found out he'd bought a figurine of a mother and daughter for Sharon, she was stunned. She told him that he'd made a mistake. Nick said he'd wanted to offer Sharon something that would show they were all making peace, much like Jack had put a nursery for Summer in at Newman. Phyllis refused to see the two things as similar. She wanted to know what had prompted him to make such a gesture, and Nick said that it had been his and Sharon's anniversary. Phyllis wondered if she should tell Jack to get her a gift from Tiffany's when it was their anniversary in ten months. Nick said it wasn't like that. He'd wanted to give something to Sharon that would remind her of her relationship with Cassie. Phyllis told him that she was a mother with a daughter, too--his daughter, Summer. She stayed angry at Nick in spite of his apologies until he told her that he had a question for her. He wanted to marry her again in Wisconsin now that the waiting period was over. He even gave her some bridal magazines so she could start looking for the perfect dress. Phyllis's anger dissolved and she told Nick she'd marry him.

Cane was dazed by Amber's news that they'd gotten married in Vegas. She put on Cane's rugby jersey and reenacted the ceremony for him. Cane was amused by her, but he was also worried. He remembered that she'd said she loved him. He didn't want her to be hurt. It wasn't too late to annul the marriage. Amber told him that she'd married him as a friend, so he wouldn't have to leave the country. She wasn't going back on her word. But as long as he felt sorry about the wedding, it was probably better that they didn't have sex again. Cane didn't go for that idea at all and pulled her back into his arms. Later, Amber got out of the shower to find Cane missing. She got dressed and waited for him, obviously worried about where he'd gone. But when Cane returned, he'd bought her a rugby jersey just like his.

Brad and Victoria arrived at the hospital to find that Colleen's condition was no better. Sharon and Jack explained that the doctors had to periodically bring her back to consciousness to test whether she could breathe on her own. She still couldn't. Brad was angry at J.T., who apologized for not taking better care of Colleen. Lily was there, too, and believed J.T.'s story that Kevin was responsible for trying to kill Colleen.

Daniel talked to Kevin, who explained everything that had happened with Jana. Daniel felt sorry for him and assured him that as soon as Colleen regained consciousness, she would exonerate him. But when Kevin explained that Jana had also killed Carmen, Daniel was overjoyed. This meant that Devon would no longer be accused and have to stand trial. It was more important than ever that Colleen wake up.

Lily gave Dr. Korbel a compassionate look when she saw him sitting alone in the lounge and drawing a picture of Colleen on a napkin. When Daniel came in and told her Kevin's side of the story, Lily didn't believe him. She now thought that Kevin had killed Carmen, Jana, and Colleen, and that was what she told Devon when he arrived at the hospital. Devon said it was hard for him to be relieved about the possibility that charges against him would be dropped when Colleen was in critical condition.

Brad and Victoria were finally able to see Colleen. Victoria told her that her work on cracking the code with Dr. Korbel had paid off. They'd found what they were looking for in the Czech Republic and now the family was safe. Brad told her that he'd misjudged Adrian Korbel. He wished Colleen would open her eyes and say, "I told you so." Later, while Victoria and Victor were away from the waiting room, Brad thanked Sharon for staying with Colleen. She urged him not to blame himself for not being there. There was no way they could have known what was going to happen, and she and Jack had stayed with his daughter all night. When Brad hugged her in gratitude, Victor and Victoria arrived and watched them from the doorway.

Kevin talked to Lauren and asked her to deliver a message to Colleen. When Lauren left the room, she spoke to Michael, telling him that she needed to see Colleen. Michael said that wasn't a good idea. Jack confronted them, accusing them of covering for Kevin all this time. Michael told Jack to back off; his brother was innocent. Jack said that Kevin was finally going to pay for everything he'd done. Michael told Jack he pitied him; there was no one left in his family to care about him, so he was directing all his anger at Kevin. When Jack seemed about to go after Michael, Victor restrained him, telling him that wasn't the time or place to pursue a personal vendetta.

Lauren was able to slip into Colleen's room. She told Colleen that Kevin had sent her with a message. He was praying for her to get well. Lauren told Colleen that they needed a miracle. They needed for Colleen to open her eyes and tell everyone the truth, that it had been Jana, not Kevin, who'd tried to kill her.

Gloria and Michael were with Kevin when he was released by the doctors. But before they could take him home, William Bardwell arrived with the police. They arrested Kevin for the attempted murder of Colleen. Gloria was furious, telling William that Kevin was innocent. She couldn't believe that he'd first gone after her husband, and now it was her son. While the police were reading Kevin his rights, Devon stormed in. He wanted Kevin to tell him that he'd killed Carmen and was willing to let Devon take the blame for it. Michael pushed Devon from the room and told him that Kevin was innocent. Devon accused Michael of covering for Kevin during all the months that Devon had been fighting to prove his innocence. Michael said he believed in Kevin's innocence the same way he'd believed in Devon. Devon turned away in disgust.

Kevin felt miserable that everyone believed he'd tried to kill Colleen. He knew they hated him. When the police began leading him out of the hospital, he had to meet the accusing eyes of J.T., Adrian, Devon, Lily, Victor, Victoria, Sharon, and Jack. But it was Brad who came out of nowhere and assaulted Kevin, who staggered backward bleeding as the police pulled Brad away from him.

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