The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of March 12, 2007 on Y&R
Phyllis blackmailed Brad into voting in favor of Jack's project. Victoria announced to Brad that she was pregnant. Jill and Cane discovered they were not mother and son. J.T. told Colleen he wanted to give their relationship another shot, but Colleen chose to keep seeing Adrian.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of March 12, 2007 on Y&R
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Monday, March 12, 2007

Victoria surprised Brad with the news that she had discovered from a home pregnancy test that she was pregnant. Brad, who'd been distracted by business matters while shuffling papers on his desk, seemed very pleased to learn that a child was on the way. Later, Brad and Victoria butted heads with Victor when they confronted him with a plan to restore the historic town center at the Clear Springs development instead of building a lakeside resort. Victor nixed Victoria's plan and said that Jack's plan would be implemented whether Victoria and Brad liked it or not.

Later, Nick told Victor that he would somehow see that Brad and Victoria's votes would not lead to approval of their plan. Nick later told Victoria that he didn't appreciate not being told about her revised plan for Clear Springs. He was also upset that she had met with Victor without including him. Regarding other business matters, Nikki confronted Victor about his tactics to ruin Jack, since he was also connected with NVP. Victor told Nikki that she would just have to trust him.

David, who was having breakfast at the club with Sharon, explained that the public would scrutinize her past and asked her to provide an accounting of her life, including issues that could dredge up embarrassment. Sharon told David that she had had a baby while she had been in high school. Sharon explained that the baby, Cassie, had been given up for adoption but that Sharon and Nick had raised the child together after learning that her foster home had been unsuitable.

Later, David spoke about his concern over Sharon's past with Nikki and Victor. Both David and Victor felt that Jack would have to forgo his romantic relationship with Sharon if he wished to appease conservative voters. Sharon and Dru did not see eye-to-eye regarding Sharon's acceptance of David Chow and her defense of Brad, who was not on the best of terms with Neil.

During a ride in the elevator, Phyllis casually asked Sharon about the Ashford Baron Hotel, the mention of which sparked Sharon to remember her tryst with Brad there during a business trip. Sharon's reaction provided another clue for Phyllis that an involvement between Sharon and Brad was more than just a rumor.

Later, as Sharon was telling Brad about the sticky situation she had found herself in as the girlfriend of a politician, Victoria barged in and made an impromptu announcement about her pregnancy, news that she said was to remain a secret for the time being. Sharon offered her congratulations before making a quick exit. However, David Chow again encountered Sharon in the hallway at Newman. He told her that he would not hold her past against her and invited her to dine with him soon.

Victoria shared the news of her pregnancy with Nick, who was a bit hesitant to celebrate the news, since, he explained, Victoria remained concerned about Brad's romantic interest in Sharon. Later, Nick encountered Sharon and Brad having a conversation in the hallway at Newman. Nick later shared his concerns about his sister's husband with Phyllis, who had earlier overheard Sharon and Brad talking about their stay at the Ashford Baron Hotel in New York the previous fall. Picking up on clues from Sharon, Phyllis dug up travel expense records and learned the name of the room service waiter at the hotel.

Later, when Phyllis went to confront Brad, she told him that she'd spoken to Carlos, who had served breakfast to a robe-clad couple in Sharon's room at the Ashford Baron. Brad realized that Phyllis knew about his affair with Sharon. Phyllis told Brad that what she knew would remain a secret as long as his vote sided with Nick's regarding the Clear Springs resort project.

Neil and Dru celebrated Dru's newfound sense of freedom at the club. Neil shared his joy that Dru would soon rejoin him at work. However, Dru explained that she was hesitant about returning to work due to David Chow's presence there. Just after she shared her concerns, David stopped by the Winterses' table. David was quite cordial to the couple.

After explaining that his schedule would become quite busy, handling Jack's campaign, David asked Neil to take over his Granville Global projects. Later, however, when Brad encountered Neil on the elevator at Newman, Brad told Neil that David should not have given Neil control of his Granville Global projects and that Brad would reassign the projects. A rebuffed Neil went straight to Victor's office, and after telling Victor that Brad should never have been appointed a seat on the board, Neil demanded a seat on the board of directors. Victor agreed.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Brad denied to Phyllis that anything had happened between him and Sharon in New York, but Phyllis told him she had overheard them talking at the Athletic Club. Phyllis told Brad she wanted Brad to vote in favor of Jack's project. Brad told Phyllis he wouldn't be blackmailed, as she had no proof of an affair between him and Sharon. Brad warned her that when her in-laws discovered her manipulative side, they wouldn't be happy.

At the Athletic Club, J.T. overheard Rocky bragging about his date with Colleen. Adrian arrived at the club and got a call from Colleen on his cell phone. She told him Jack had gone out of town, and she had the place to herself. Adrian agreed to go over there. Later, Colleen had lit candles around the house and was waiting for Adrian to arrive when J.T. suddenly showed up. Colleen told him the candles were for aromatherapy.

J.T. told Colleen he knew she had gone out with Rocky and assumed it was because she was no longer with Adrian. Colleen lied to J.T., telling him things had ended between her and Adrian because of the situation with the dean. Adrian arrived, and Colleen was upset her date had been ruined because of J.T.'s visit. While Colleen took a phone call from Traci, Adrian lied and told J.T. he had only stopped over to drop off some schoolwork for Colleen. Adrian received a call about work and told Colleen he had to leave.

J.T. told Colleen he wanted to give their relationship another try. Colleen didn't want to, saying they would only hurt each other again. J.T. was hurt but agreed maybe they should just move on. J.T. left, and Adrian sneaked back into the house. Colleen was the one who had made the call to Adrian's phone earlier.

Colleen and Adrian began to make out. Colleen realized J.T. had forgotten his cell phone. He returned, and Colleen told Adrian to hide. Adrian refused and confronted J.T., saying he had seen the dean's number on J.T.'s phone the same day the relationship had been reported to the dean.

Katherine and Jill awaited the results of the DNA test. Jill realized she and Cane would have a lot of years to make up for if it turned out he was her son. Jill received a call from the lab and learned the DNA test results were in. Jill tried to call Cane but didn't get an answer and didn't leave a message, suddenly fearing the test results would turn out to be negative. Katherine urged Jill to call Cane, as he should be present when they found out the results of the test. Soon afterwards, Jill received the test results. Katherine wanted her to read the results right away, but Jill refused, saying she wasn't ready.

Cane and Amber were at Lauren's place, where Lauren was planning a party for him. Gloria and Cane met. Gloria received a call from Extreme Catwalk, confirming the details of her appearance on the show. Amber offered to design a dress for Gloria, explaining that she had once been a designer for Forrester Creations. Gloria accepted Amber's offer.

Cane wanted to know why Amber had left Los Angeles, but Amber brushed the subject off, and Lauren didn't elaborate. Cane received a call from Jill, who told him the results were in. He told her he was on his way over. Later, Jill and Cane read the results together and learned he was not her son.

Victoria told Nikki she was pregnant. Nikki was happy for her daughter, and Victoria admitted she had wanted to make the announcement sooner, but her fight with Victor had put a damper on her mood. Nikki thought Victor would be thrilled at Victoria's news and urged her to tell her father. Later on in the break room, Victoria and Brad discussed her pregnancy and whether or not she should tell Victor.

Victor and Nick had a meeting with Bob, a member of the board of directors for Newman Enterprises. Victor asked Bob to resign from the board, explaining that Bob would still be paid and be able to keep his stock. Bob agreed to give the matter some thought and left. Nick worried that Bob would not accept their offer, but Victor was optimistic.

Nikki, Brad, and Victoria entered Victor's office, and Victoria told her father she was pregnant. Victor was happy at the news of another grandchild and congratulated Brad. Victoria hoped it would end their differences. When Victor suggested Victoria stay off the Clear Springs project to avoid stress, Victoria took it the wrong way. Nick and Nikki tried to explain that Victor only meant well, but Victoria said she was not under any stress.

Phyllis entered and congratulated Victoria on her pregnancy. Nikki was shocked when Bob returned to hand Victor his resignation. Later, Nikki accused Victor of taking advantage of Victoria's pregnancy and announced she would be running against Neil for a seat on the board.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Amber could not believe that Jill and Cane's DNA test was negative. Brad tried to convince Phyllis not to tell Victoria about his affair with Sharon. Phyllis called his bluff and phoned Sharon, but Brad grabbed her phone and hung it up. Victoria walked in and wondered what Phyllis wanted, but Phyllis didn't say anything to Victoria about the affair.

Colleen and Adrian confronted J.T. about reporting their affair to the dean. He denied it, but Colleen said that she knew he was lying. Jack returned from New York, and Sharon told him about David Chow saying her relationship with Jack meant the press might dig into her past. David Chow showed up, and Jack said that he had just been telling Sharon that she had nothing to worry about. David said that was correct, but it was time to hear about all of the skeletons in Jack's closet so that David knew what they were up against.

Jill told Cane that she was sorry; she had really thought that he was her son. Amber still insisted that the DNA test had to be wrong. Colleen told J.T. that it had been low for him to report her and Adrian to the dean. Adrian told J.T. to get lost. Victoria questioned Brad about Phyllis' behavior around her. Brad chalked it up to hormones. Brad then told Victoria that life was too short to spend time arguing and that they should just let Phyllis have her way on the Clear Springs project.

Victoria was upset that Brad would think that she might change her vote on the project. She then asked Brad what Phyllis had said to him to change his mind. Jack was explaining his marital history to David Chow when Phyllis walked in. Phyllis agreed to let David Chow interview her in his background research on Jack. David told Phyllis that according to his research, she had a very "technicolor" past.

J.T. and Adrian argued, and Colleen told them both to leave. Colleen then made a phone call and told someone that she needed help. Cane hugged Jill, and Jill told him that she would have been very proud to have him as her son. Katherine told Cane that she had only told him about what she had done because she had thought he was Jill's son and that it would help explain what had happened. Jill got upset, asking Katherine if that was all she was worried about -- getting in trouble.

Amber was still upset, thinking the DNA test was wrong. Jill told her it was over and that they all had to accept it. Amber told them that they should do the test again. Jill and Cane agreed to have another DNA test. Katherine excitedly said she would make the arrangements.

Victoria wanted to go to lunch, but Brad said he couldn't, so she left to get lunch for them both. Then Sharon entered, worried because Phyllis was in the conference room, talking to David Chow. Colleen told Lily that she and Adrian had found the dean's phone number in J.T.'s cell phone. Lily thought that Colleen was just trying to find something to get mad at J.T. about so that she wouldn't feel guilty about cheating on him.

Victoria went to pick up lunch and found J.T. at the bar, drinking. Victoria told J.T. that she really needed to let Colleen go. Then the dean showed up to meet with J.T.

David Chow asked Phyllis about the affair she'd had with Nick while she had still been dating Jack. Phyllis told David that she was married to Nick and hadn't been involved with Jack in a long time. She then told David that he should be talking to the current woman in Jack's life, Sharon. He said he already had and that there wasn't anything in Sharon's past that he couldn't spin in a positive way. Phyllis then told him that he shouldn't rely on one source for the truth.

Phyllis showed Jack the website design she had done for his election campaign. He thanked her for the great website and for answering all of David's questions. They both told each other how they'd moved beyond their past and had changed in positive ways. Sharon showed up asking if they need help. Phyllis said no. Jack then thanked them both for their help.

Colleen told Lily that she had tried to let J.T. down easily but that it hadn't worked. Lily said that Colleen seemed cool with her decision. Lily then asked why Adrian had returned to the house after he had been there earlier. Colleen said that he had just dropped off notes to her. Colleen received a phone call and afterward told Lily that Rocky from the club had asked her out.

Adrian saw J.T. and the dean meeting. He didn't realize that they were discussing a student at the collect who had hacked into the school's computers. After the dean left, J.T. headed to the bar. Adrian was talking to Victoria about her and Brad's adventure with the treasure. Adrian told her that he and Colleen had spoken with the dean and that their relationship was over.

Lily asked Colleen if she was jumping into the dating thing too quickly. Colleen said she was just going to go out for drinks with Rocky and that it was not serious. Jill told Katherine that she was disappointed that she had gotten her hopes up and let herself believe that Cane was her son. She then talked about how she had buried a husband and buried a son. She said that she didn't ever want to feel that sad again, insisting that she couldn't do it again.

Amber told Cane about mistaken DNA tests that she had looked up on the Internet. Amber said that mistakes could happen even with DNA tests. He said he was not going to put Jill through that again. Amber told him that he had already told Jill that he would redo the test. He said that he had changed his mind.

Sharon questioned David Chow about Phyllis' interview. David explained that he could turn the negatives into positives about everyone's pasts. Sharon told David that she didn't care if people found out about her divorce but that she wanted it to be the truth. She explained to him that after Cassie had died, she and Nick had just grown apart. She said that when people were sad, they reached out to someone to feel better. Sharon felt that Phyllis had taken advantage of Nick while he had been most vulnerable.

Sharon realized that Phyllis was standing in the doorway, listening. Phyllis told David that Sharon had forgotten to tell him about the part where Phyllis ate small children for breakfast. David told Phyllis that he and Sharon had just been having a mock press conference. Phyllis said that was funny because she had just been doing the same thing with Brad, only it had been about Sharon, and they had been trying to figure out what gossip they could find about Sharon that was indiscreet yet shattering.

Katherine told Jill that they needed to figure out who the "Phillip" was that Jill had raised because it could lead them to the real Phillip. Amber told Cane that Jill needed to have the second DNA test to help her because she had maternal feelings toward him. He still said he wasn't going to redo the DNA test and told Amber they needed a fresh start and should move to Australia. Amber tried to convince Cane that she wasn't cut out to live in a warm climate like Australia's.

Victoria told J.T. that he was drunk, and he told her that she was pretty. J.T. told Victoria that if she had any kind of relationship with Adrian that it was like condoning his relationship with Colleen. As J.T., Victoria, and Adrian looked on, Colleen showed up to go on her date with Rocky.

David told Jack that he should keep Sharon and Phyllis away from each other at all times, or it could jeopardize his campaign. Sharon confronted Brad about Phyllis and what she might know. Brad told her that she did know something. He then told Sharon that Phyllis knew about what had happened in New York and that she was blackmailing him to change Victoria's mind on the Clear Springs project.

Sharon asked Brad what they were going to do. Brad said for the moment, he'd do whatever it took to keep Phyllis happy. He told Sharon not to provoke Phyllis. She said it might be too late for that.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Due to CBS Sports coverage of the NCAA College Basketball "March Madness" tournament, the entire CBS Daytime lineup for the day (The Young and the Restless, The Bold and the Beautiful, As the World Turns, and Guiding Light) was pre-empted.

Regular broadcasting resumed on Monday, March 19.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Due to CBS Sports coverage of the NCAA College Basketball "March Madness" tournament, the entire CBS Daytime lineup for the day (The Young and the Restless, The Bold and the Beautiful, As the World Turns, and Guiding Light) was pre-empted.

Regular broadcasting resumed on Monday, March 19.

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