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The Newman plane had been sabotaged. Phyllis tried to jog Nick's memory. Daniel continued to lie to Lily about his addiction. Cane uncovered Amber's past. Will scribbled the word 'murderer.' Kevin left the hospital with a gun.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of July 2, 2007 on Y&R
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Monday, July 2, 2007

Nikki and Victor hovered over their recovering son at the hospital. Sparks flew, however, when David phoned Nikki to ask her how she wished to handle unspent campaign contributions. Nikki and Victor managed to call a truce whenever they were in Nick's presence, and Nick seemed none the wiser, except to note that his parents looked exhausted.

Daniel called Phyllis and offered to come home, but Phyllis urged him to stay and complete his seminar sessions. Daniel was concerned when Phyllis told him that Nick couldn't remember the past two years of his life, but she also assured Daniel that Nick would soon be back to his old self. When Phyllis came to the hospital, Nikki and Victor were there, and when they made up an excuse to leave the room, Nick begged them to stay. After Nikki and Victor left, Phyllis apologized for having smothered Nick the day before with mementos of his past. Nick accepted Phyllis' apology, but he was a bit taken aback when Phyllis brought out a photo album and suggested that she tell him stories about their life as he thumbed through it. Nick was amazed to learn that he had saved Daniel's life when his car crashed into a tree. Phyllis gushed as she tried to impress upon Nick that their life together was rich in love, devotion and that their love life was lively and vivacious. Nick facial expression was blank, and it seemed as though Phyllis was describing a stranger.

Later, Victor played a game of chess with Nick to pass the time. As they made bets on who would win the game, Victor related how Nick's marriage to Sharon disintegrated after Cassie died. When Victor told Nick that he'd once pursued Daniel after Cassie was killed, and how Nick had sought comfort from Phyllis, Nick was disgusted with his past behavior. Nick described himself as a selfish jerk, and he told his dad that he didn't want to be that person anymore. Victor attempted to ease Nick's hard feelings toward himself by explaining that losing a child can devastate a marriage. Nick, however, remarked that his parents had held up okay after believing that he had died. Victor said only that he was lucky. Logan stopped by to check on Nick, and when Victor learned that she was staying at a motel, Victor insisted that she allow him to arrange a room for her at GCAC. After Victor left, Nick and Logan talked, but when Nick brought up the issue of Logan's family, she wouldn't discuss the matter. Nick remembered that Logan had mentioned that she had failed to save her family, but Logan was noncommittal when Nick asked her to sometime share more about what had happened.

Nikki took a break from watching over Nick to meet with David in order to wrap up campaign business. When David wondered what would become of their relationship, Nikki insisted that she was married and that she and David were merely two lonely people who'd reached out to each other and nothing more. Nikki insisted that her son was her priority. David, however, told Nikki that there is more to their relationship, and he told her that she deserved more than what she has at this point with Victor. David told Nikki that she could choose to be happy and be with him.

When Nikki returned to the hospital, she found that Victor was still there. Phyllis showed up, and when Nikki and Victor began questioning Logan about Nick's condition, Phyllis asked if Nick had mentioned her. Victor and Nikki scolded Phyllis after she told them that they were probably enjoying the fact the Phyllis is hurting because Nick doesn't remember being married to her.

Amber and Lily were forced to work a shift together at the boutique when another clerk fell ill. Amber shared the good news that Jill had lent her the money to make a demo record for a music producer interested in her talent. However, Amber almost sparked Lily's temper when Amber announced that she forgave Lily for what happened at the "Extreme Catwalk" set. Amber again swore that she never sent a nudie photo of herself to Daniel, and she begged Lily to agree to mend their friendship. Amber distracted Lily by reminding her that she was supposed to phone Daniel at his seminar.

When Daniel answered Lily's call, she heard loud music in the background. Daniel explained that what she was hearing was the loud and boring entertainment at the tradeshow, but, in truth, Daniel was seated at a table in a strip club inches away from a dancer. Lily rightly assumed that Daniel would visit Phyllis when he returned, but when Daniel invited himself to Lily's after making a quick stop to check on his mother, Lily agreed. Back at the boutique, Lily and Amber bonded a bit when they worked together to make a sale to a difficult customer, but the customer almost backed out when she recognized the pair from the video of the behind-the-scene-fight on the set of "Extreme Catwalk." Lily surprised Amber when she declared to the customer that the fight was merely a stunt staged for "reality TV." Later, Amber urged Lily to buy a sexy lace blouse to wear when Daniel comes home.

Back at the strip club, Daniel was approached by a stripper who called herself "Caper." Daniel introduced himself as "Mark." When Daniel was asked whether he was old enough to drink, Daniel evaded the question, but Caper offered her silence on the matter if Daniel agreed to buy her a drink. However, Caper abruptly left Daniel's table when two police officers entered the club. When one officer questioned Daniel about his fake I.D., Daniel began ranting that he was a married man who needed a break. After Daniel repeatedly begged the officers to let his offense slip, he was arrested. Daniel phoned Amber at the boutique and asked her to come bail him out of jail. Amber made up an excuse to leave work and told Lily that a friend had locked her keys and wallet in her car. After Amber bailed Daniel out of jail, the two went to the coffee shop to talk. Amber shook her head from side to side when Daniel asked her if there was any way he could hide from Lily the fact that he was arrested at a strip club.

Kevin enlisted Colleen's assistance to help him lure Jana back to Genoa City under the pretext that Kevin was taken ill. Kevin was motivated even more after Colleen could no longer reach Jana on her disposable cell phone and after emails sent to Jana were returned as undeliverable. Kevin's suspicion that Jana was avoiding being located was proven as fact when she phoned Kevin and admitted that she had to be careful to conceal her whereabouts. Therefore, Kevin decided that he would have to become a victim in an accident so horrific that it would make the news. Colleen was against the idea, but Kevin persisted and concocted a plan to rig his car's accelerator with a heavy rock, so the car would crash into a tree after he jumped out. Against Colleen's protests, Kevin got into the car, but after Colleen stepped aside, Kevin hoisted the rock out of the driver's window as he revved the engine. Colleen screamed, "No! Kevin! No!" when she heard the car crashing.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Colleen calls 911, then rushes over to Kevin, demanding to know why he wrecked the car. He says that he did it to catch Jana, and asks Colleen to take a picture of his face with her cell phone camera. Colleen thinks he's crazy, but she does what he asks. Then, Kevin is rushed to the hospital. The doctor informs Michael, Lauren and Gloria that Kevin may have damaged his pancreas. Loopy, Kevin admits to Gloria that he crashed his car on purpose to get to Jana, hoping she'll see that he's hurt and come back to Genoa City. Colleen tells Lily that Kevin staged the accident on purpose, then swears her to secrecy about it. At the hospital, Nick tells Phyllis that he can't move into the tack house with her and pretend like he has feelings for her when he says that he despises her. Nikki and Victor try to convince Nick to move back into their house with them. He says that he wants to move into his old house with Logan to look after him. Sharon tells Victor that seeing Nick act like he did to her before Cassie died has been nice but confusing, but keeps telling herself that she must continue to live in the present with Jack. Gloria asks William if there is anything she can do for him, and he writes "confess" on a piece of paper. She crumples it up, ignoring him. Maggie and Paul stop by to see William. Lauren tries to shift the subject away from them wanting to question Gloria about the DNA case, and William realizes that Lauren is conspiring with Gloria. When Paul and Maggie leave, William writes "you know" and gives it to Lauren. Lily tells Daniel that she wants him to move back home with her.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Nick returns to the ranch house to recuperate. He flashes back to when he and Sharon arrived there after their wedding. He tells Jack and Sharon that it still feels like home. Gloria is upset with Kevin that he planned the car accident to catch Jana. Gloria tells him that if Jana returns she'll try to kill him again. She tells Kevin that she doesn't want anything else to happen to him. He tells her not to tell anyone that he planned the accident. Adrian confronts Colleen after overhearing her tell Lily that Kevin's accident was planned. She tells Adrian that Kevin is her friend and she wants to help him. Adrian tells Colleen to stay out of it, that she could get killed by Jana. Kevin has Gloria get Colleen when his cell phone rings. She comes in the room and Kevin wants her to answer it in case it is Jana. Adrian is with her and tells Kevin to keep Colleen out of it. Colleen answers the phone and it is Jana. She tells Jana that Kevin is in critical condition and on his death bed. She tells Jana that she can't talk to him, that Kevin is in surgery and hangs up on Jana. Adrian says this needs to stop; then the nurse interrupts to check on Kevin.

Cane and Amber talk about Kevin's accident, and she says she'll visit him later. Cane assumed that's where she was all day since she wasn't at work. She tells him she was helping her friends Lindsey who was locked out of her car, but she was really helping Daniel. Daniel is excited that Lily has asked him to move back into their house. They both talk about how they want things to go back to the way they were. He promises Lily he'll be a better husband. Nick reminisces about the kids celebrating the Fourth of July and flashes back to him and Cassie discussing her makeup and her wanting to take driving lessons. Jack takes Logan to the guest room and leaves Sharon with Nick. He talks to Sharon about how he used to get on Cassie about her makeup. He talks about how Cassie was in such a hurry to grow up. He tells Sharon that he should have made Cassie stay home that night, that he can't believe she is gone and that he wishes he could remember. He apologizes to Sharon for not being there when she needed him the most.

The doctor tells Gloria that Kevin's vitals are stabilizing and so far his pancreas seems fine, but he wants to keep him for a couple of days to watch him. Adrian tells Kevin that he needs to talk to the police. When Kevin refuses, he asks him to at least talk to Paul and Maggie. Kevin says he can't take any chances. Adrian tells him that at least he would not be doing this alone. Colleen says he's not doing it alone, that Kevin has her to help. Kevin assures Adrian that the minute Jana shows up they will call the police. Adrian says he's going to call police, but Kevin begs him not to. Paul and Maggie have dinner and talk about going on a ‘romantic getaway' in Prague; and if they happen to stumble on information about Jana it'll be a coincidence. Cane and Amber find out that Esther, Jill and Katherine are home that evening, so they try to figure out where they can go to be alone. Nick tells Sharon that thinking of her kept him going when he was in the woods. Logan and Jack come back in the room and Logan tells Nick to sit down and rest. Sharon tells Nick that Noah will spend the night with Nick the next night. She then excuses herself to show Logan around the house and leaves Nick with Jack. Nick thanks Jack for looking after Noah while he was gone. He also thanks her for looking after Sharon. Nick then apologizes to Jack for having an affair with Phyllis. Jack tells him it's all in the past and that he couldn't be happier with Sharon. Kevin lets the hospital know that he has an ex-girlfriend who is obsessed with him and he doesn't want them to just let anyone in to see him. Adrian finds out that Colleen took a picture of Kevin at the accident site and realizes that she was a part of planning the accident. Gloria gets a phone call from Jana asking about Kevin. Gloria asks Jana if she is responsible for Kevin's accident. She tells Jana to stay away from Kevin. Gloria tells Kevin that Jana called her and wanted to know if he was really hurt. Gloria told Kevin that she told Jana that Kevin is barely alive. She tells Kevin the only reason she went along with this plan was because she was afraid that Jana would find out it is a trap.

Cane and Amber make love in their car. While in the backseat, Cane finds the bail receipt for Daniel's bail and tells Amber that she lied to him. She admits that she lied and tells Cane that it was Daniel that she helped. He asks why Daniel was arrested and she tells him that Daniel was arrested when he was found to have a fake I.D. while at a strip club. Amber tells Cane that she knows why he doesn't want her to hang around with Daniel. Cane says it's good that she hears him, but that it means that she doesn't give a damn. Daniel wants to make love with Lily, but she says that she wants to cook dinner first because they're hungry. He goes up to take a shower and Lily grabs his laptop out of his book bag. Jack and Sharon leave the ranch house to get Noah and watch the fireworks. After they're gone, Logan tells Daniel that she knows it was hard for him to deal with Sharon being with Jack. He asks Logan what kind of guy cheats on his wife after his daughter dies.

Colleen tells Kevin that Jana called the hospital trying to get more information about him. She can't reach Adrian on his cell phone and Kevin is worried that he has gone to the cops. Colleen assures him that Adrian knows they will be in more danger if the cops know. Adrian shows up at Paul and Maggie's dinner and tells them he's got some new information on the Jana Hawk's case. Logan tells Nick that losing a child changes people and makes them behave in different ways. Sharon tells Jack that it's hard knowing that Nick is in so much pain right now dealing with Cassie's death. She tells Jack that she feels guilty if she doesn't talk with Nick about the good times, but that she also feels guilty when she does relive the memories with him. Jack tells her that Nick has a family of his own; Phyllis, Summer and Noah; and that Sharon can't feel guilty about having a new life. Daniel comes down to ask Lily where the extra towels are and finds her on his computer.

Maggie, Paul and Adrian show up at the hospital and Kevin and Colleen try to deny that accident was staged. Suddenly Kevin is in distress and the nurses rush in the room. In the hospital waiting area Gloria asks Colleen what happened. She tells Gloria that Maggie and Paul were arguing with him when the attack came and Gloria tells Paul and Maggie to stay away from Kevin. Colleen asks Adrian how he could do this to Kevin. They begin to argue then Colleen tells Adrian to just go home, that she doesn't want to deal with this right now. Driving home, Amber and Cane argue about Amber's friendship with Daniel. Cane says that he's not upset about her bailing him out of jail, he just wonders how he can ever know when she is telling him the truth. Lily tries to apologize but Daniel tells her it's O.K., that he wouldn't trust him either. He tells her that he will do whatever it takes for however long it takes to earn her trust back; then they hug.

Nick looks for a pen because he wants to write a check for Logan and he comes across the first ring he ever gave Sharon when they were in high school. He tells Logan what it was like falling in love with Sharon back then. He says that he doesn't care what happened in the last two years; that he still loves Sharon. Logan reminds him that Sharon is married but he says he doesn't care.


Thursday, July 5, 2007

Cane is upset with Amber for lying to him about bailing Daniel out of jail. Amber said that she wasn't lying, she just didn't tell him. Cane says that is the same thing as lying. Amber apologizes, and says that she won't try to help Daniel out again. Cane is pleased to hear this news, and kisses Amber. When Amber's phone rings and she sees it is Daniel calling, she doesn't answer.

Cane tries to get some information about Amber's past through Lauren. He says that he wants to throw a surprise party for her and would like to know more about her before he first met her. Lauren tells Cane about a woman named Bridget that Amber worked with at Forrester's in Los Angeles. When Lauren goes to check on Fen, Cane writes down Bridget's name.

Cane calls Bridget and finds out that Bridget used to be Amber's Mother-in-Law. Bridget doesn't feel comfortable talking to Cane, he may not be who he says he is. But Bridget tells Cane that if he really is Amber's new husband, he will find out soon enough that Amber can't be trusted.

Daniel tells his psychiatrist the truth about going to jail after getting busted at a strip club. He explains that he started becoming aware of his addiction to porn when a friend introduced him to the Strangers by Night website. He says that he wishes he would have never met this friend, because the friend has gotten him into a lot of trouble. The psychiatrist thinks that Daniel has a serious addiction problem and thinks that Lily needs to know the truth about his problem.

Lily shows up at the coffeehouse to talk to Colleen. Colleen tells Lily that she got in a huge fight with Adrian. She explains that Adrian figured out that Kevin schemed getting into a car accident to bring Jana to them. Adrian was furious with Colleen, and told Maggie. Lily says that Adrian is right; she's worried about Colleen's safety. Colleen feels that if she doesn't track Jana and put her in jail, she will always be worried for her safety. Lily tells Colleen that she is still having a hard time trusting Daniel again.

Daniel tickles Lily on the couch. He tells her how happy he is that he has been able to spend the night at their apartment again. Lily explains to Daniel that she is having a hard time trusting him and that she has decided to go back to therapy with him. Daniel says that his therapist has told him that he's been having a major turning point and is doing much better. Lily happily hugs him for the progress he has been making.

Michael and Lauren talk about how gruesome the pictures of Kevin are on the web. Gloria comes in with William and shakes her head. She thinks about Kevin telling her that he purposely got into the accident so that Jana would try to find him. She tells Michael that Kevin doesn't always make the best judgment.

At the hospital, Jana calls Kevin's cell phone. She is happy to hear Kevin's voice. Kevin tells her that he really misses her and wants to see her. Jana says that maybe there is a possibility. Kevin is interrupted by Michael and Gloria, and tells them that he is on the phone with Colleen. When Michael overhears Gloria talking to Kevin about not doing anything stupid, Michael thinks that Kevin may be doing something to get Gloria into trouble. He tries to talk to Kevin about growing up, and realizing mistakes. Kevin doesn't seem to understand what Michael is talking about.

Gloria admits to Michael that Kevin asked her for a gun. Michael goes back to the hospital room to try to talk Kevin out of whatever crazy thing he is thinking of doing. If he has to sit by the hospital door forever, he will.

Maggie tries to talk to Kevin about the car accident. She says that if he says it was an accident, she believes him. She wants him to know that they are worried that Jana might try to find Kevin, so they have surveillance all over the hospital. But she wants him to know that certain things may come to light when you are looking for something else. Kevin calls Jana and tells her not to come to the hospital because there is major surveillance there. He will come to her.

Michael comes back into the hospital room and Kevin is gone. Colleen wonders why Michael is so worried. Michael knows that he left the gun in Kevin's hospital room.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Jack and Sharon were trying to have lunch at the athletic club, but he kept getting calls from constituents who wanted his help. When he stepped away to deal with one of the calls, Nick arrived on crutches. Thanks to Logan, he was much more mobile. He told Sharon that he wanted to go see Noah's ballgame that night, and Sharon agreed. After he left, Jack came back. When he heard about the ballgame, he wondered if Nick knew not to let Noah get confused about the relationship between his parents, which no longer involved their being a couple.

Maggie talked to Victor and Nikki about the Newman jet crash. The authorities had now determined that it was sabotage. After Maggie left, Nikki and Victor talked things over, trying to determine who was supposed to be on the jet that day. Victor had canceled his flight on it weeks before. Nikki was supposed to take the jet, but opted to fly commercial instead with the explanation that she wanted to travel among her constituents. Jack had been scheduled to fly to Clear Springs with Sharon, but at the last minute, Nick took his place. Victor then called Jack, reaching him at the athletic club, and Jack agreed to bring Sharon to Newman so they could talk about the possible sabotage.

David came to get Nikki to sign some papers, but when he saw Victor, he tried to leave. Victor asked him to stay and began to question David and Nikki about what had gone on in the campaign during his absence. Victor was furious to find out that David had countered a smear campaign against Nikki with an Internet rumor that Jack was involved with organized crime. Victor thought there was a real possibility that the mafia might have retaliated by sabotaging the jet.

Nick went to see Phyllis and Summer. Phyllis was sad because they talked to each other like they were strangers. Nick wondered what they'd had in common, and Phyllis told him about their video game rivalry. Nick couldn't believe that he never won their favorite video game, so the two of them decided to play. After Nick won three games in a row, the ice between them was broken. Phyllis let Nick hold Summer and told him again about the day she'd left a message so he could hear Summer say "daddy" for the first time. They checked Nick's voice mail and heard the message, which left Phyllis emotionally drained. Nick also heard a message from Michael to Phyllis about her extortion case. Phyllis was then put in the uncomfortable position of having to tell Nick about Clear Springs, Brad and Sharon's one-night stand, and her blackmail of Brad to make him go along with their plans for Clear Springs. Nick was upset about what Phyllis had done, but he understood it. He was more upset by what Sharon had done with Brad. Later, after Nick left, Phyllis told Summer she'd had to tell Nick that Sharon had been bad.

In Victor's office, Nikki, Victor, David, Sharon, and Jack went over all the scenarios of who might have been a target on the day the jet caught on fire. Although Victor thought it was most likely Jack, it could also have been Sharon, as a warning to Jack. During their meeting, Nick called Sharon and said he was on his way up. The entire group agreed not to tell Nick about the sabotage case because he was already dealing with enough. Only Victor was still there when Nick arrived. He said that he and Nikki might also be going to Noah's game later. When Victor was gone, Nick told Sharon he'd spent the afternoon with Phyllis and Summer. Although that was strained, it wasn't as bad as what he'd found out about Sharon and Brad.

Michael went tearing into his apartment, distraught about the missing Kevin. Paul came in shortly afterward and found out that Kevin had sneaked out of the hospital. The assumption was that he'd agreed to meet Jana somewhere. Eventually, Maggie arrived, and Gloria and William were also in the room. Kevin made sure that Michael got an email confirming Kevin's flight to the Czech Republic. Gloria and Michael figured out that it was a red herring, but Paul and Maggie got on the phone and tried to make sure Kevin didn't board a plane. In the meantime, William kept trying to get Maggie's attention so she could take the paper he was holding on which he'd written the word "murderer." In all the confusion, it took Maggie a while to find the piece of paper lying on the floor. When she asked William if he'd written it, he began to blink frantically, while Michael and Gloria looked on in dismay, fearing that Maggie would figure out that it was Gloria who'd tampered with the Jabot face cream.

Kevin was sitting alone in an empty warehouse with his computer and a gun. Jana contacted him via video messaging and tried to get him to go back to the hospital. Kevin insisted that he wanted to see her because they were meant to be together. He couldn't let the police catch her. After Jana broke contact, Kevin responded to frantic messages from Daniel and Colleen. They were together at Daniel's apartment and also video messaged him, begging him not to meet with Jana alone. It was too dangerous. Kevin refused to back down, even though Colleen's pleas upset him. He said that he was doing it to protect her, too, not just himself. Kevin then shut down their message when Jana contacted him again. He told her that they were meant to be together, but she said it was too dangerous and there was no way they could afford to evade the police. Kevin told her that he had hundreds of thousands of dollars and promised to prove it to her when Jana accused him of fantasizing.

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