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Daniel admitted to Michael that he was a porn addict. Neil was forced to fire Daniel. Surgery was no longer an option for Jana. Cane dumped Amber. At Will's memorial, Gloria passed out when she saw Will's twin brother, Jeffrey.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of August 6, 2007 on Y&R
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Monday, August 6, 2007

Phyllis and Nick made tentative plans to escape to a hotel room until the verdict comes in. Nick appeared to be supportive to his worried wife. He rubbed her shoulders as the couple discussed issues brought up during the trial. However, while Phyllis finalized hotel accommodations online, Nick was on his cell phone in another room seeking legal advice about his rights should Phyllis decide to take off with their infant daughter. Later, when Phyllis told Nick that she couldn't wait to get away from the weight of everyone's judgments about her and the horrible things said about her every day in court; Nick agreed and added, "Especially when they're true." Nick's remark hurt Phyllis deeply. However, Nick said he was referring to the factual statements made in court about dates, times and quotations. When Phyllis remarked that her own husband thought her to be guilty, Nick responded with, "Aren't you?" The couple began arguing, and Nick reminded Phyllis that he was just thinking of Phyllis' past actions and about what she has done. Phyllis defended herself and added that she no longer needs her husband, who thinks she's guilty, to show up in court. Phyllis also told Nick that he didn't need to accompany her to the hotel. Later, Lauren stopped by to check on Phyllis, and she told Lauren about the argument with Nick. Lauren convincingly urged Phyllis to let Nick accompany her and the baby to the hotel. When Lauren returned home, she relieved Michael's fears when she told him that she had convinced Phyllis not to take off with the baby without Nick. Later, Phyllis apologized for snapping at Nick and invited Nick to accompany her and Summer to the hotel. When Nick said he wanted to go along to look after Summer, Phyllis realized that Nick feared that she may be planning to take off with the baby. Nick asked Phyllis point-blank if the notion had ever crossed her mind. Phyllis became angry and urged Nick to send along security guards if he doesn't trust her. When Nick asked Phyllis whether or not she wanted him to accompany her to the hotel, Phyllis didn't answer, but she was still seemed hurt and angry. Nick said nothing more as he walked to the door, picked up his bag and left.

At his office, Michael had his hands full dealing with the long list of felony charges his young clients, Amber, Daniel and Kevin, face. However, they seemed unable to focus on their pressing legal problems related to hiding Plum's dead body and then taking from the corpse a large sum of money, which was later taken from its hiding place on the grounds of the Chancellor mansion. Daniel attempted to phone Lily, who avoided calls from her problem-plagued husband. Amber attempted to phone Cane, who was also avoiding calls from his spouse. However, when Michael explained to Amber, Daniel and Kevin that they each could face stiff fines and up to 11 years in prison, he garnered their unwavering attention. Michael pressed his clients to return the stolen money, but Amber, Daniel and Kevin all denied knowing who took the money or where it could be. Michael pointed out the fact that the courts would grant favor to them if they could at least turn over the remainder of the stolen money.

Kevin stayed with his brother after Daniel and Amber left. Michael urged Kevin to think long and hard about whom could have taken the money. Kevin recounted the details of the events leading to the present, but he was unable to fully connect exactly how and to what extent the key players were involved with the kidnapping and the missing money. Meanwhile, at Chancellor Industries, Amber waited anxiously to see Cane. However, Amber first spoke with Jill and incensed her mother-in-law when she asked if Jill had any knowledge of the money or if she knew who had taken it. Cane overheard Amber's unfortunate encounter with his mother, and afterward, he whisked Amber into his office, where he severely scolded his wife for all her wrongdoings. Later, when Cane went to apologize to his mother for his wife's rude accusations, Jill explained that she realized that Amber was desperate and that she saw regret in Amber's face once she began accusing Jill of taking the money as a way to punish her wayward daughter-in-law.

Lily and Devon discussed the pros and cons of saving Lily's damaged marriage. Devon didn't offer much support as Lily considered calling a divorce attorney. Daniel stopped by. After Devon left the room, Daniel asked about marriage counseling, but Lily refused to discuss the option and instead phoned the divorce attorney to begin the process of filing for divorce. The life seemed to drain from Daniel's face when he witnessed Lily take that fateful step. Lily told Daniel that she was moving on with her life and that she wished that he would do the same. After Daniel left, Devon returned. Devon remarked that Lily finally seemed relaxed. Lily told Devon that she had begun divorce proceedings. Devon seemed relieved.

When Michael returned home, he found Lauren attired in a sexy, black dress. She had prepared a romantic evening complete with candles, dinner and wine. However, their plans were cut short when a distraught Daniel showed up seeking advice about how to stop Lily from moving forward with the divorce. Michael could hardly believe Daniel's theory that Lily would see him differently once he is cleared of the charges against him. Michael reminded Daniel that the court wouldn't cut him any slack just because he says he didn't take the money. When Phyllis called, Michael forced Daniel to be supportive and keep his problems to himself. Phyllis told Daniel that she and baby would be at a hotel for a while, but she picked up on Daniel's solemn mood. However, Daniel said nothing about the divorce. Michael later explained to Daniel that the first step in his recovery is to admit that he is an addict. Daniel first claimed that mistakes had led him to his present problems, but Michael pressed him to admit to the truth. Finally, after Daniel broke down, he tearfully admitted to his mentor that he is an addict and that he needs help. Later, Michael explained that illness is sometimes considered a great gift because it gives the sufferer great insight. When Daniel remarked that his insight told him that he is a loser, Michael responded that addiction doesn't make a person bad anymore than diabetes does.

Later, Daniel went to the coffeehouse. He talked openly to Cassie's smiling photo affixed to the wall. Daniel told Cassie's photo that he worried about failing, and he asked Cassie rhetorically if he could use her for motivation to try to live the life that she never got to live. Amber overheard Daniel's solemn soliloquy to Cassie. Amber walked up to Daniel and added, "So will I," to his promise to Cassie that he plans to turn his life around.

Kevin was already drinking at the bar when Cane stopped by and began slugging beers. Kevin asked Cane if, by chance, he knew where the missing money was. Cane accused Kevin, Amber and Daniel of having possession of the money. When Kevin accused Cane of acting cold toward Amber for thinking she has money, Cane puzzled Kevin when he answered, "How would you like being married to a woman you were never actually married to?" Kevin reminded Cane that his girlfriend had actually tried to barbecue him, therefore, Kevin and Cane called their horrific experiences with significant others a tie. Kevin and Cane made a drunken pact to only date sane women in the future. However, at the hospital, a tear fell onto Jana's pillow as she lay in her hospital bed and gazed longingly at a photo of her and Kevin. Later, Kevin visited Jana, and while she slept, he promised to get all of the help she needs.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Jana tells Kevin that she isn't getting the operation, since her tumor isn't life-threatening and she doesn't have insurance to cover the medical costs. Kevin is outraged. Kevin meets Logan at the coffeehouse, and he asks her about treating brain tumors without surgery. After talking with her, he tells Colleen that if Jana wasn't faking her brain tumor, then maybe she really isn't the crazy person he thought she was and maybe the tumor made her kill Carmen and try to kill them. Kevin tells Michael and Gloria that since the hospital won't pay for Jana's surgery, they should pay for it for her. Gloria says that even though she just inherited millions, she'll never help the woman who tried to kill Kevin. Colleen goes to see Jana in the psych ward and pleads with her to tell Kevin not to visit her until his trial is over. Jana says that she's crazy in love with Kevin, and he's the only person she loves in her life. Kevin tells Jana that he's going to pay for her surgery. Amber calls Cane and asks him to lunch, but he coldly dismisses her. Jill tells Kay that she's engaged to Ji Min. Katherine is furious, stating that he only wants her for her fortune. Kay tells Jill that she cut her out of her will. Daniel runs into Brad, who tells him that his assignment at Newman was given to someone else, due to the fact that he is being charged with a crime. Brad interrupts Neil at work and tells him there's been a major security breach in the Newman mainframe, and needs to know what course of action to take. Neil fires Daniel for watching a DVD on a Newman company computer that infected all the servers with hacking spy ware. Gloria is angry that the tablecloths for William's party at the Athletic club aren't blue.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Lauren assures Gloria that people will show up for William's memorial and that everything will go fine. Michael talks to Heather about Jana's case. He's going to help the prosecution in the case, but he tells Heather that he hasn't told Kevin yet. Amber asks Kevin for a job at the coffee shop but he tells her that he's not hiring, that he's actually planning to sell the coffee house. Jack thanks Neil for having him and Sharon over for dinner. He tells Neil that he's planning a surprise honeymoon for Sharon. He tells Neil that Sharon has been under a lot of pressure lately with Nick pursuing her. Neil tells Jack that he had a conversation with Nick and that Nick should be backing off. Jack says he's glad Nick finally sees that he and Sharon are in this for the long haul. Nick flirts with Sharon in the break room. He tells her they need to reschedule their trip to Clear Springs and wants her to drive up with him. Sharon explains that she was stressed the day she talked with him about the trip and that she just wanted to get away. She tells Nick that she will not be going on the trip with him. Jack sees Gloria in a bright red outfit and says, ‘Gloria, I didn't realize it was Mustang Ranch night.' She explains that it's high fashion and only six of the outfits exist, one owned by a Queen. Jack asks, ‘As in drag queen?'. She explains that she inherited lots of money from William. He tells her that a pig in a dress is still a pig. She explains that she rented the whole club for William's wake and she demands that he leave.

Kevin meets with a potential buyer for the coffee house. Daniel and Amber can't believe that he is selling the place. He tells them he's doing it to pay for Jana's medical bills. Amber and Daniel are upset telling him that they need the money more than her since they're facing so many charges. Amber tells Kevin that he might just be crazier than Jana. Michael visits Jana at the hospital and sees her sitting in her wheelchair staring at an empty chair and repeating ‘Kevin, I love you'. Maggie and Paul again discuss who might have been tested in the secret DNA test that William had done. Maggie suggests Gloria but Paul says the DNA didn't match, so it couldn't be her. Jack trades barbs with Gloria as she prepares the club for William's service. Michael tells Lauren about what he saw Jana doing. He says that Jana is faking everything. Lauren questions him wondering if Jana really is sick. Daniel tells Nick everything that he has been going through. Nick tells Daniel that he is still his stepson and wishes that he would have talked to him sooner. He tries to encourage Daniel and asks what he can do. Daniel tells Nick that Neil fired him and he wants Nick to help him get his job back. Neil then walks in and tells Daniel that he has been fired and that he needs to pack his things and get out of the building. Daniel tries to explain to Neil what he was asking Nick. Nick says they need to discuss this. Neil says he'll discuss it after Daniel leaves the building. As Daniel leaves Nick tells him he'll give him a call. Neil explains to Nick that he knows everyone has demons, but that Daniel was surfing porn at work which allowed a spy ware virus to get into the Newman system. Nick agrees with Neil on the firing.

Kevin turns down the offer of the potential buyer by ripping up the piece of paper that had the offer written down on it. Amber visits Neil hoping he would let her sing at his club. He turns her down. He tells her she's bad for his business and bad for his family. Amber thanks him for his time and leaves. Before she walks out she tells him that she knows he doesn't think much of her but that she's not a bad person. Karen walks in and Neil asks her if she's ever noticed that your personal life can be so much more stressful than your work life. She tells him that she has a cure for that. Amber tells Daniel that she asked Neil for a job at his club. Daniel tells her that he blames her for ruining his daughter's marriage. Amber tells Daniel that if she could take it all back she would. She asks Daniel if he can talk to Cane about her since she's hoping to get him back. She tells Daniel that they can help each other, but he tells her he can't even help himself right now.

Amber visits Cane at the Chancellor Estate. She tells him a story about when she was in school and there was this cool clique of kids, but she knew she'd never be a part of it because she was the poor trailer girl. She tells him that a girl from the group came to her and told her that she could be in the group if she'd steal something from a convenience store. She decided to steal a magazine. She tells him he stole a ‘Town & Country' magazine because it had pictures of big, beautiful houses. Cane tells her that he doesn't care. She tells him how she met him and fell in love for the first time in her life. She tells him that she now knows there's something more painful than anything she's ever gone through; the pain of losing him. At the memorial service, Gloria tells Maggie how much William enjoyed working with her. Paul and Maggie discuss how the person matching the second DNA test might be at the service. Jill tells Gloria that she's so happy that she ended up with William. She says she understands that Gloria was meant for William while she was meant for Ji Min. Gloria tells her that she knew William was her destiny when she met him. Jack is at the bar and overhears the conversation. Nick stops by the bar and asks Jack if he's there for the memorial. Nick explains that he's picking up some food from Gina. Nick tells Jack that he tried to reschedule the photo shoot but that Sharon didn't want to do it because she didn't want to hurt Jack's feelings. Michael catches Daniel on his way out of Newman with his things and tells Michael that Neil fired him. He tells Daniel that great men don't become great men without making mistakes.

Cane gives Amber a drink and tells her that the story about the magazine proves his point; that she doesn't care about him, she just cares about all this (referring to the mansion). She hands him a note that he reads allowed where she states that she will not take any money from Cane, ever. He cries a little as he reads it. She tells him that he has made her want to be a better person. She cries and begs him for a second chance. He then comforts and kisses her. They are kissing passionately. Jack tells Sharon about Nick telling him about the overnight trip. Jack is upset that she originally said yes to Nick about the trip. Ji Min explains to Jill that he never went to his brother's funeral. He tells her they had a big fight after their grandfather died and never made up. Kevin talks to Lauren about how Jana is. Lauren is worried Jana is tricking him. Michael tells Heather that he still believes Jana is pretending and suggests they keep her under 24 hour watch. Kevin overhears and is angry to find out that Michael is helping Heather in prosecuting Jana. Gloria then wants to start the memorial service and Kevin tells Michael that they're not done. Gloria tells everyone how there was a public William, but also a private William that she knew. She explains that he loved The Beetles and played semi-pro baseball. She explains how William married his high school sweetheart and she died. He then joined the bereavement group that she joined after losing John and that they met and fell in love. She tells how everyone in town thought they were quite the odd couple, but that it didn't matter because they were in love. She looks at William's picture and says that she will treasure him and cherish him in her heart every day for the rest of her life. Kevin then confronts Michael again about his helping the prosecution. Michael says he thinks Kevin is making a mistake, but Kevin says he doesn't care what he thinks. Kevin tells Michael that he's selling the coffee house and paying for Jana's surgery. Michael tells him that he's crazy to do that.

Paul tells Maggie that he saw an empty banquet room that needs some ‘investigating'. Maggie worries it wouldn't be proper but Paul tells her that he has a feeling that William would approve. Karen and Neil practice boxing at the gym. Sharon apologizes to Jack for not telling him that she had originally planned to go on the trip with Nick. She asks for forgiveness, but he says it's already forgotten. She promises that she would never hurt him. Nick tells Daniel that he spoke with Neil and that he would have fired Daniel also. He then tells Daniel that he wants to help him and agrees to find Daniel a job. Amber wakes up on the couch with Cane standing over her fully dressed. She says he must be expecting Catherine and Jill and that they should take this upstairs. He then asks her how many guys she's been with. She wonders why he's asking and he says he knows that she uses sex to get what she wants and figures she's been with 30 or 40 guys. She asks why he's talking like that and he asks her how it feels to be played by somebody she loves. She says he was pretending. He tells her that he's got a date at Indigo and wants her gone by the time he gets back then leaves. After the service, Gloria is saying how she'd like to take all the flowers and gives them to the hospital when she looks up and a William look-alike walks in and says ‘hi'. Michael and Lauren look on shocked as Gloria screams then collapses. Michael catches her.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Gloria faints when she sees William's identical twin at William's funeral. Jeffrey explains to the Baldwin's that he and William haven't spoken in a long time. He says that their parents did not get along well and that he and William were split between parents at a very young age. Gloria and Jeffrey sit down for some coffee to catch up on Jeffrey's story. Gloria is happy to hear things about Jeffrey and William's childhood. Gloria says that if he remembers more, she'd be happy to hear it.

Michael and Lauren worry about the connection with Jeffrey and Gloria. Gloria says that she doesn't trust him, she believes he's there just to get her money.

Amber is watching a romantic film with Daniel when she tells him that she wishes love never existed. Daniel tells Amber that they shouldn't let their sadness get the better of them. When Daniel suggests that they go to Indigo, Amber thinks about Cane telling her that he's going to be at Indigo. Amber slips on some sexy boots and is ready to go.

Lily tells Colleen that she can't believe she's already been married and almost divorced. Colleen suggests they do something immature so they don't feel so old. They decide to go check out Indigo to pick up on some guys.

Cane tries to pick up on a girl at Indigo, who informs him that she is married. He sarcastically offers her his condolences. When Colleen and Lily show up, Cane offers them a seat at his table. It isn't long before they are talking and laughing. When Amber and Daniel show up, they are not pleased to see Cane and Lily happily flirting.

When Lily sees Daniel and Amber together at Indigo, she wants to go home. Cane suggests that they can also play the game.

After a wonderful morning in bed, Jill and Ji Min talk about Katherine. Ji Min suggests that they break away from Jabot and start their own business. Ji Min already has an idea for a company name, Forever. Jill thinks it's a wonderful idea. When she goes to tell Kay about their plans, Kay decides to offer Ji Min a bribe. At first Ji Min pretends to take her up on her offer. But when Kay writes out the check, Ji Min rips it up and quits. When Ji Min tells Jill about the bribe, Jill goes to Kay. She tells Kay that she doesn't want anything from her, and that she's going to find Philip's real mother. Kay says that she thought that was over, but Jill vows to make it happen.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Cane holds a meeting with all the key Clear Springs players (Jack, Neil, Nikki, and Lauren). He states emphatically that Chancellor Industries will NOT be covering the cost of clearing the methane. Nikki doesn't have the funds to do it and Neil states that Newman refuses to pick up the tab. Nikki thinks Jack should pay since without her buildings being renovated he won't have an area to build a casino near. He says it's not his problem. Cane tries to press Jack into covering the costs. Neil also pushes Jack on it. Later Daniel comes to Jack for a job. He needs to look good to the judge and he wants to prove to everyone that he's not a loser. Jack perks up when he learns Neil fired Daniel and this would aggravate him. When Neil finds out Daniel is now working with Jack he is NOT pleased.

Lily packs up Daniel's things and Devon offers to help but Lily passes. She needs to do this to keep herself busy. Daniel shows up and the tension is thick as he barely contains how upset he is but quickly leaves. Neil shows up with "good news" Lily does not have to go through with the divorce. Since she forged the parental consent form needed to get married their marriage isn't legal. She can just have it annulled. Lily is actually bothered by this though as she doesn't want to say the marriage never happened. Devon tries to cheer her up by taking her to the coffee house but when she asks him to fix her up with a friend of his he gets uncomfortable.

Gloria tells Michael that the reason why she's being so nice to William's twin Jeffrey is that she knows he wants her money and wants to figure out his angle. She calls and invites him to the Athletic Club to chat. There he talks about his travels and that he spent time in jail in Liberia. She calls Michael and asks him to run a background check on him.

Neil tells Victor about the Clear Springs meeting and how Nikki is in danger of defaulting on her loan which Victor doesn't plan on helping with at all. Neil wonders if his decision is business or vengeful. When Nikki wants to see Victor his assistant says he's too busy. She resents his stonewalling. Jack stops by, pushing her buttons over her under-funded project. Eventually Victor agrees to meet with her and Victoria.

Nick pitches Sharon a new idea for a photo shoot this time it will be local. He wants to show off a rundown spot that's going to be revitalized to tie in with the Clear Springs idea. Sharon likes it especially since it won't involve any overnight trips. They first stop by Indigo but it's too nice for what they want to do. Nick talks about his recent fight with Phyllis over her toying with running away with the baby. Later they check out an old bank which will soon be converted into a restaurant but are accidentally locked in the vault. While waiting to be rescued they talk about what led up to their split and how up until then, they were planning on having a second child. Nick even asked for a second chance before Summer's paternity was revealed. Sharon confides that she still wants another baby.

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