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Daniel and Amber caught their exes in a more than friendly kiss at the divorce party. The missing money was found in Ji Min's room. Gloria gave the tape of Jack's wrongdoing to Victor. Jack decided to confess about Jabot. Brad told Sharon that she belonged with him.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of September 17, 2007 on Y&R
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Monday, September 17, 2007

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, a still-shaken Jill told a reporter about her experience of being trapped and almost overcome by smoke. Amber filled in details, and afterward, the reporter declared that Amber was a hero. After the reporter left, Jill thanked Amber. Amber said that she hoped Jill realized that she was not a complete lowlife.

At the coffeehouse, Paul overheard J.T. coo at Victoria over the phone. Paul questioned J.T. about the seriousness of his relationship with the rich and affluent Newman daughter. J.T. became defensive, but Paul gave a bit of fatherly advice when he suggested that J.T. be careful with his relationship with Victoria. Paul reminded J.T. that Victoria's baby might not be his.

Later, J.T. told Paul about Cane's plan to have him go undercover at Clear Springs to investigate ongoing theft of materials. Paul said the plan wouldn't work because most of the construction crew hailed from Genoa City and knew J.T. However, J.T. said he had a plan and requested that Paul swing by Indigo later.

Back home, Jill told Cane about Amber rescuing her from the steam shower. Cane even jokingly suggested that Amber had started the fire, so she could pretend to rescue Jill. Jill considered getting Amber a thank-you gift, but Cane told her not to bother. Jill also told Kay about the fire, and Kay worried about Jill's lingering cough. Kay also couldn't believe that Amber was the one who had rescued Jill.

At their shared apartment, Amber told Kevin and Daniel that perhaps she could use her rescue of Jill to win Cane back. Both guys balked at Amber's plan because Kevin maintained that Cane would not suddenly wake up one day and decide that he liked Amber. Inadvertently, Kevin mentioned that he had been invited to Lily's divorce party. However, Kevin was more concerned about getting in touch with Jana at the hospital. When he finally did, Jana explained that Kevin needed to stop phoning her, and she hung up.

After Kevin left for Lily's party, Amber and Daniel commiserated when Amber learned from a phone call she'd made to Kevin that Cane was also present at Lily's party, celebrating her divorce. Amber decided that she and Daniel should also go to the party, but Daniel balked. However, Amber persisted until Daniel changed his mind.

Before the festivities began, Colleen and Adrian prepared Club Indigo for Lily's divorce party. Devon and his friend Roxanne stopped by to help. When Lily arrived, Colleen told her about Devon's hot date. Lily stood still as a statue when she noticed a guy sitting at the bar. From behind, the guy greatly resembled Daniel. However, Lily had no trouble reveling with her friends and her brother, who proudly flaunted his pretty gal pal.

Neil took Karen along as his date, and Lily and Devon both took notice. When Lily visited the bar and ordered more cranberry juice, she accidentally picked up the wrong glass, which was mixed with alcohol. As she sipped, she recalled the day Daniel had signed the divorce papers, when he'd told Lily that signing them didn't mean that he didn't love her. Lily seemed depressed until she saw Cane.

When Kevin arrived, he wasn't in a partying mood, and he told Colleen that Jana refused to see him because she feared she could lose control again and hurt him. However, the mood in the club was upbeat as music played and patrons danced. Lily and Cane toasted to "moving on," as Lily continued to sip the drink she believed to be nothing more than cranberry juice. Heather stopped by after Cane invited her, and he introduced her to Lily.

Later, Lily opened gifts. Roxanne gave Lily a water bottle to keep her sheets warm in the winter. A bit later, Devon said he had to leave to take care of a work-related problem. Roxanne agreed to accompany Devon instead of going home. After Lily opened her presents, Cane apologized for not getting one, but Lily said she'd accept a kiss instead. While the two were locking lips in a passionate kiss, Daniel and Amber walked into the club. Amber's eyes widened then narrowed into an evil glare when she saw Cane kissing Lily. Daniel looked stunned.

J.T. and Victoria ambled into the club, and Paul immediately chastised J.T. for leaving his post. Paul and J.T. proceeded to argue loudly and hurl insults at one another until Paul fired his younger protégé. Victoria was shocked at J.T.'s behavior. Cane, however, gave a nod of acknowledgement and approval to Paul for putting on a convincing act after J.T. stormed off.

Kevin showed up at the hospital to see Jana. However, Jana wasn't happy to see him and told him that it was better to have loved and lost than for him to take a chance on her. Jana insisted that Kevin move on with his life because he would be wasting his life and eventually wind up hating her in the end. Kevin told Jana that he would rather have her, tumor and all, than to lose her. When Kevin tried to embrace and kiss Jana, she hurried out of the room and ran down the hallway.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Amber and Daniel looked on, devastated, as Cane kissed Lily again. Colleen spotted Amber and Daniel and told them to leave. Neil and Karen nearly kissed, until the moment was interrupted. Heather asked Cane to a movie, just before Kevin asked her for a dance, which she refused. Daniel found Lily alone, and they reminisced about their life together until Lily stopped it. Feeling queasy, she ran off.

Devon ran into Neil at Newman while trying to work some last-minute details out on a deal. Devon asked about Karen and told Neil to go for what he wanted, if it was Karen. Cane found Lily with Colleen in the bathroom, throwing up. He was incredibly charming and flirtatious as he offered to help. When Amber saw Cane, she tried to soften him up, but Cane didn't want anything to do with her.

Karen found Neil in his office at Indigo, and he finally kissed her. Heather informed Daniel, Kevin, and Amber that the fire department had found the missing money in the ashes of the Genoa City Athletic Club fire. Lily thanked Cane for his help, and they agreed to go for coffee and be "friends."

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Michael told Daniel, Amber, Kevin, Gloria, and Nick that the police had found the stolen money in the vent in Ji Min's room. He told them that they were off the hook for the money but were still up on multiple charges. Michael reminded them that they had stolen the money from a dead man, but he said he had a plan to get their charges dropped. Jill was upset that the newspaper was reporting that Ji Min had stolen the money. She said he had been a good man and that he was assumed guilty. Katherine consoled Jill and told her that even though she hadn't liked him, it had taken guts for Ji Min to set up the interview to reveal Jack's scheme.

Jack told Sharon that a poll asking whether people believed the tape of him and Ji Min was real or fake was reporting it at 50/50. He said he didn't like those numbers, but Sharon told him that given the nature of the tape, it was good that he had that many people on his side. Jack said he needed to figure out a way to tell the people that there was a difference between being accused and being found guilty. Sharon told him that since the truth was out, she thought he'd only make things worse by denying the charges. Michael said he was going to go over Heather's head, but Daniel thought it would only piss her off more. The phone rang, and Nick got a call from Sharon.

Phyllis wanted to know what she had missed, and Nick told her that Summer was doing much better. Nick asked her if she could have visitors. She said she could but that he was still not allowed to visit her. Phyllis was worried about Daniel being sent to prison. She asked Nick to watch out for him. Nick told her that Daniel was growing up and that he was there at that moment, strategizing with Michael.

After Nick was off the phone, Michael asked how Phyllis was doing. Nick said she was doing okay, and he also told Daniel that he could visit her. Michael told Nick if he could figure out a way to allow Nick to visit her again, he'd do it. Michael thought that if he could get Cane to agree to testify along with Amber, Daniel, and Kevin against the Treasury Department agent, he might be able to get the Feds to drop the charges.

Amber said that Cane wouldn't take her calls. Michael said he'd contact Cane. Jill didn't understand why Ji Min would take the money, since he had been a successful businessman. Jill went outside for fresh air, and Cane told Katherine he wished there were something they could do. He then got a call from Michael and told him that he needed his help.

Jack put out a release telling everyone that the tape was a smear tactic by his foes. Afterward, he saw that Sharon had overheard, and he told her that he'd already denied that the tape was real and that he couldn't back down. She told him that she understood, but she didn't like that he could lie so easily. Sharon told Jack that if he explained to people why he'd bought Jabot, they would understand. He told her that there was no hard proof that he owned Jabot and that he could survive it.

Jack told Sharon that he believed in what he was doing as a senator and wanted her support. She said that she loved him and he had always had her support but that she couldn't be the "public face on this one." He said he could respect that, but he was meeting with a member of the State Board of Education to help young mothers get their degrees, and he'd like for her to be a part of that. She said she couldn't say no to such a worthy cause.

Jill wondered if Katherine had been right and if Ji Min had lied to her all along, and she wondered if he had only been marrying her to try to get closer to the Chancellor money. Katherine overheard her and said that she would give anything to have been wrong about Ji Min. Jill was upset that she might have let him lie to her. She said that when she closed her eyes, she could only see Ji Min's body lying there. She lamented that he was gone, and she didn't know who he'd been.

Michael told Cane that he wanted Cane to testify against the treasury agent in exchange for getting Daniel, Kevin, and Amber off the hook. Cane said he didn't want them to get off scot-free. The three, along with Michael and Nick, tried to convince Cane to help. Cane said he needed some time to think about it, but Michael said they didn't have time. Michael suggested that maybe they could sue the government for abuse and false imprisonment. He said it was a risk that he'd rather not take. He asked Cane to put his personal feelings aside and help them put the treasury agent behind bars. Cane then told them that he'd testify.

Gloria saw Jack and Sharon enter the club, and she ran up and told Jack that she couldn't open the newspaper or turn on the television without seeing his face. She then told Jack that she had just returned from a meeting at Jabot about expanding her Perfume Around the Globe line. She said it was ironic that his involvement with Jabot had caused him nothing but trouble. She said that she thought every word the media was saying about him was true. He said that fortunately nobody cared what she thought. She said a lot of people were very interested in what she had to say. He told her that she could shout from the rooftops, but nobody was really interested in the rantings of a social-climbing black widow.

Nick was with Daniel at the coffee shop when Heather walked in. Nick approached her and told her that the warden wouldn't let him visit Phyllis, and he wanted her to use her powers of persuasion to change the warden's mind. She didn't want to help, and he told her his family was very close to the new D.A. He said he could put in a good word for her. She said she was not going to help.

Nick told Daniel to go visit his mom. He said it would make her smile and take his mind off his case. He also told Daniel to tell her that the next time, he'd be going along with Daniel. After Daniel left, Nick got on the phone and called the mayor of Kenosha City.

Jill told Katherine that the best tea she'd ever had had been a ginseng tea Ji Min had shipped in from Korea. She said he had been so thoughtful, but she'd never know if anything he'd ever done had been sincere. She said she was angry and that she wanted to yell at him and force him to tell her the truth. She wondered why he would lie. Katherine said she doubted if she would get the answers even if he were there. Jill said she just wanted to see him one more time.

A reporter approached Jack and Sharon at the club and wanted to hear Sharon's take on the allegations against him. She told the reporter that she supported her husband 100%; he was a good husband, a great stepfather, and a very loving and a dedicated civil servant, and she was very proud to be his wife. Michael sat down with Heather at the club and told her he didn't like her working so hard to get his clients into court and said he'd like to make it easier for her; he wanted to make a deal.

Michael told Heather he wanted immunity for all three. She said she was only speaking with him, but then he asked her if she'd like to check in with the U.S. Attorney's office because they were very eager to have his clients testify against the treasury agent. She said that she didn't respond to strong-arm tactics. He asked her if he'd mentioned that their testimony was for the U.S. Attorney's office.

Kevin got worked up watching sports, and Gloria turned off the television, telling him it was not helping his stress levels. She then told him that his brother was a brilliant attorney, and she believed he was going to work something out. Kevin reminded her that Phyllis had gotten six years. Michael walked in with a sullen look on his face, and Gloria asked him if he had good news. Michael asked her what news that would be -- that poor Heather didn't know which way was up or that he had gotten "these guys" one hell of a deal. He then told Kevin that he had gotten them two years probation and 90 hours of community service.

Daniel arrived at the prison to visit Phyllis. She asked how he was, and he said he was great. He told her that Michael had cut them a deal and that they wouldn't be going to jail. Phyllis told Daniel that she'd missed him. He told her she could use the money she had planned on spending to defend him for her own legal defense.

Amber saw Cane at the coffee shop and said she hadn't gotten a chance to talk to him at Kevin's. He said he didn't want to talk to her. She then got a phone call from Michael. She hung up and told Cane that Michael had gotten them the deal and hugged him. She pulled away and apologized, saying she'd gotten carried away. She thanked Cane for risking his life for her when she had been kidnapped. He told her that she'd saved his mom, and he'd helped her out; they could call it even.

Daniel asked Phyllis what she'd been up to. She said she got up, had a gourmet breakfast, got a massage, and then took a dip in the spa. He told her that Michael had told him about her carpentry class. She told him that she'd made a birdhouse. She then asked how Nick was doing. Daniel told her that Nick had been by his side during the whole legal mess. He told her that Nick was miserable without her and that he hated that he couldn't visit her.

Nick couldn't get through to the mayor and asked if he had authority over all the prisons in the state. He then said that he'd be waiting for his return call. He looked at a wedding picture of Phyllis he had on his cell phone.

Michael, Kevin, and Gloria toasted the plea agreement. Gloria said her two sons were geniuses -- Michael was her legal eagle, and Kevin was her technical wizard. She then reminded them that Kevin had been able to record Jack admitting to owning Jabot. Michael said that what her technical wizard had done was to hack into the Jabot security system illegally, and that was a felony. Gloria said she was mentioning it because of all the bad press Jack was getting right then. She said he was trying hard to weasel out of it, and she was afraid he just might. Michael told her that it was not her concern.

Gloria said that they were members of the community and that it was their duty to release that video so the constituents would know the truth. She wondered how they could release the video without it being traced back to them. Michael said that they had just diverted one legal disaster and that he'd like just one day as Kevin's brother and Gloria's son without also being their legal counsel.

Jill told Cane that it had been nice of him to testify for that motley crew. Jill told Cane that Amber was desperate over the money. She said when she had seen Amber standing over Ji Min's body, she had thought Amber had killed him, but it hadn't made any sense. Cane said that Amber was not a saint but that he didn't think she was capable of cold-blooded murder. Jill then said that Ji Min should be there and that he'd been too young to die. She said she had to know what had happened, no matter how bad it was. She said she needed to know how much he had gone through, how much he'd suffered, and how long it had taken him to die.

Maggie approached Amber at the coffee shop and asked her if she was enjoying her freedom. She then told Amber that if she was so traumatized over finding Ji Min's body, then it didn't make sense why she'd rent his room. Amber said she had been desperate to find that money so she could hand it over to the court. Maggie told her that the police had searched the room. Maggie asked her if there was anything else she wanted to tell her about the day Ji Min had died. She said there was nothing and that Ji Min had been dead when she'd arrived.

Daniel told Phyllis that he'd take Summer with him on his next visit and that Nick wanted him to tell her that he'd be there the next time, too. Phyllis asked how, and Daniel said that Nick would figure it out. Phyllis told him that she'd written a letter to Nick, but they wouldn't let her give to it to Daniel to give to him. She asked Daniel to tell Nick that she'd been thinking about the last few hours they'd spent together and how he'd put her at ease. She told him that every time she thought about it, it made her smile, and that she was glad to know he was watching after Daniel and Summer. She then told Daniel to tell Nick that she was okay.

Heather accused Michael of blindsiding her about the plea agreement and said that he had gone over her head. Heather told them that Kevin, Daniel, and Amber should be doing jail time. Jack thanked Sharon for the statement she had given to the press. She said she wished she could say more but that she'd said as much as she could without lying. She told Jack that she understood his rationale when he'd lied, but she didn't understand how he could live with it. He told her that as long as he had her, he'd be fine.

Gloria and Kevin were watching the video of Jack and Ji Min that showed that Jack owned Jabot. Kevin told Gloria that it was too bad that they were the only ones who would see the video. Gloria said if they could figure out a way to release the video anonymously, they had nothing to worry about. She said the public needed to know what they were missing and that they deserved to know who the real Jack Abbott was.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Jack asked Sharon how she felt about him going to see Phyllis. Sharon said that things were tough right then between them, and she understood. When Jack went upstairs to get his keys, Sharon called Brad. She told Brad that she needed to talk to him. Brad said that he would as long as they met for dinner. When Jack went downstairs, Sharon told him that she loved him.

Phyllis was happy to see Jack. Jack talked to Phyllis about his problems with the truth being revealed about owning Jabot. He said that things were bad with Sharon because she wanted him to tell the truth. Phyllis said that she was surprised that she actually agreed with Sharon. Phyllis felt that if Jack were honest and had his wife behind him, the public would understand and forgive him for his honesty.

When Sharon met with Brad, she talked to him about how she felt regarding Jack's lies. Brad told Sharon that she was a good person, and the reason she was having issues with Jack was because he was not the right one for her. Brad said that he and Sharon were soul mates. Sharon began to feel uncomfortable and told Brad to stop.

Brad said that Sharon was uncomfortable because she knew it was true. If it weren't, she wouldn't be going to Brad every time she had something to get off her chest. Brad used Nick as an example. He said that when she'd kissed Nick, she hadn't gone to her husband; she had gone to Brad. Brad told Sharon that it was hard to watch what she was doing with her life when they belonged together.

When Jack returned home, he called for Sharon, but she was not home. When Sharon returned, she admitted to Jack that she had gone to dinner to get away, but she didn't tell him who she had gone with. Jack lay down on the bed and said that he wanted to turn in early. Sharon said that sounded like a great idea.

As Sharon and Jack lay together, Sharon had a troubled look in her eyes. Jack turned to her and said that he'd decided to tell the truth about owning Jabot. Sharon was pleased. She wondered what had changed his mind. Jack said that he'd married a good role model. Sharon kissed him, and they made love.

Victor went to see Phyllis. She was happy that he had Zapato with him. Victor asked Phyllis if there was anything that she needed. She said that she could use a bubble bath and an early release. Victor said that might be possible. Phyllis wondered what Victor had in mind.

Victor wanted Phyllis to admit everything she knew about Jack. Phyllis said that she couldn't betray a friend like that. She mentioned that once she'd tried to get Jack on Victor's side. Victor said that when he had been sick, Phyllis had known that Jack had been betraying him.

Gloria happily entered Kevin's apartment. She said that she was glad that her son wasn't going to jail, his girlfriend was put away, and Jack would soon be getting what he deserved. Gloria said that the only thing that was bothering her was that Sharon was a good person, and she knew what Sharon was dealing with being in Jack's life. Gloria thought back to the way Jack had treated her after John had died. She remembered when he'd told her that she was no part of the family and had kicked her out of the house. Gloria decided to call Victor. She told Victor that she would like to meet with him the next day, to talk about Jack.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Gloria and Kevin were at Michael's. She was annoyed that the Jack scandal seemed to have died down in the press. She hated that they had the incriminating DVD and couldn't use it, letting Jack off scot-free. She convinced Kevin that they needed to strike and give the DVD to Victor to use. Michael got wind of what they were plotting and told them off. Kevin had just gotten off from his latest legal problems, and he thought it was risky that they wanted to tempt fate with that. He said if there was even a chance that it cold be traced back to them, they would be exposed.

Gloria agreed with Michael. She didn't want to risk Kevin. Jack made final arrangements for his press conference later that day, which Kevin read about. Later Gloria went to Victor and gave him the DVD, claiming Michael and Kevin did not know about it and had to be kept out of it. Later Kevin was using a program to clean his computer of evidence of the DVD. Michael saw what he was doing. Kevin sarcastically shrugged it off with an "oops." Michael dumped his drink onto the computer.

During a brief business breakfast with Victor at the Athletic Club, Cane and Lily shared a brief exchange. Later, they chatted and openly flirted a bit, talking about a potential date for them in the future. Colleen wanted the gossip from Lily, but Lily said wanted to take things slowly, as she didn't want to go through the pitfalls of a relationship again, at least anytime soon. Later Cane told her he had gotten tickets to see a show at a club, but she pointed out that she was only 19, which Cane had not known.

Brad went to Victor to make amends for all the trouble he'd caused. Victor figured it was because of Yom Kippur -- the Day of Atonement in the Jewish faith. He said actions spoke louder than words, and when Brad proved that he'd really changed, Victor might treat him differently. Brad later tried to make amends with Colleen, but she rebuffed him, as she was sure he would continue to interfere and then apologize over and over. Later, she decided to go with him to synagogue and give him a small chance.

Noah, Sharon, and Jack shared breakfast at the Abbott house. Noah asked questions, which told Jack and Sharon that he was still very worried about Phyllis. Nick showed up wanting to take Noah to see her, and Sharon volunteered to go along. At the prison, the warden still wouldn't let Nick see Phyllis, and Noah was upset. Nick asked his son to not tell Phyllis that he was there, for fear of upsetting her. When Noah and Sharon did see her, Phyllis could tell something was wrong, and Noah mentioned that Nick was there.

Nick, meanwhile, pleaded with the warden to let him see his wife, explaining that he was a man in love who'd lost a lot of time with his wife thanks to the amnesia. The warden acquiesced and allowed them a few minutes together. Phyllis mentioned that Victor had paid a visit and told her that he could get her out if she helped take down Jack. Nick was livid that he'd put a condition on it. He tracked down his father and demanded that he do whatever it took to get Phyllis out of jail immediately.

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