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Jack became Maggie's top suspect in Ji Min's murder case. Michael warned Gloria that Jeffrey could try to put her behind bars. The parking garage in Clear Springs started to collapse with various people inside.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of October 15, 2007 on Y&R
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Monday, October 15, 2007

At the Newman office building, Daniel learned from Jack that Phyllis' appeal had been denied, but that Jack was looking into getting Phyllis into a pilot work-release program. However, Jack admitted that Phyllis's chances of getting into the program were slim.

In the day room at the prison, Phyllis continued to placate Jana. Phyllis admitted her disappointment that she wouldn't be going home after losing her appeal. Jana and Phyllis playfully considered which of the two prisoners should be considered the worst offender. Teasing about getting prison tattoos, Jana suggested that Phyllis get her kids' names tattooed on her body since she is so devoted to them. Phyllis told Jana that she feared not being available when her kids need her most. Jana suggested that Phyllis acquire a matching Website, and that it should be called "" As Phyllis stood nearby, Jana phoned Daniel. Jana relayed Phyllis' messages of love and concern to Daniel, and Daniel told Jana to let his mom know that he would find a way to get her out. Suddenly, the burly warden burst in and angrily announced that after drugs and alcohol had been found in "block C," he planned to make the prison more secure by limiting use of the day room to one hour per day per prisoner. When Phyllis questioned the warden's rash decision, he had her handcuffed and returned to her cell. As she was led away, Phyllis warned Jana not to openly complain.

While Nick was in his office, Sharon stopped by. Nick told her that Phyllis' appeal had been denied. An unaffected Sharon asked Nick if he'd like to assist her with Cassie's Challenge. When Nick resisted due to Jack's past misgivings on the matter, Sharon went straight to Jack to seek his approval. Jack admitted that the idea bothered him, so Sharon called Nick into Jack's office and presented her idea of holding Cassie's benefit at Jack's Clear Springs' casino. Nick balked at first, but he later relented and agreed to at least visit the casino to see if it could be a suitable venue for the benefit. Later, Jack practiced his responses to questioning from the Ethics Committee by having Sharon query him about his involvement with Jabot. Jack was rehearsing his calculated replies just as he received a call from the committee chairman informing him that his appearance before the committee had been delayed indefinitely. Jack was relieved, and he and Sharon celebrated the fact that the committee most likely would not pursue fraud charges. At home, as Jack iced down champagne and waited for Sharon to come home and celebrate the good news, Maggie showed up at the door. She questioned Jack about his interaction with Ji Min, telling him that he was the last person to be seen on the security camera outside Ji Min's door. Jack, all the while petting Fisher, denied getting physical with Ji Min. Maggie then asked Jack how he could explain the fact that his dog's hair was found on Ji Min's clothes.

At the coffeehouse, Maggie and Heather shared a coffee break with Cane. Amber managed to linger at the table as she served Heather's coffee. Heather turned down Cane's offer of another cup, but after Cane left, Amber overheard as Maggie advised Heather to take Cane up on his offer. Cane later rejoined Heather and teased that the two were enjoying a pre-date. Amber fumed, and Daniel offered an escape by taking Amber out to shoot baskets at the club court. Each pounded the wall with the ball after describing which frustration each throw represented. Cane and Heather happened by, and the two couples argued until Heather suggested playing a game of two-on-two, which Heather and Cane handily won. Amber and Daniel left in a huff and later went into the club to cool off. After Amber had repeatedly taunted Daniel that she was about to become a big star, Daniel asked Amber just how she planned on getting enough money to record her hit-album debut. Amber lied that she knew how to invest. After Daniel received a call, Amber carefully scanned the club before quietly heading downstairs. She phoned her recording agent and lied that her uncle had just died and made her rich, so she now had the money to record her album. After the call, Amber stepped into a maintenance room, unscrewed a vent cover, reached into the shaft, and removed a large amount of money stashed in a plastic bag. Before leaving, she replaced the vent cover and sneaked out of the club.

After Heather pulled a leg muscle during the impromptu pick-up basketball game, Cane carried her around in his arms. As the two stepped out of the club, Cane was drawn to Heather's charm and the two kissed. Having also just stepped outside the club after retrieving her hidden bag of cash, Amber fumed as she witnessed Cane smooching Heather.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Jack tells Sharon that he's now been named as the lead suspect in the Ji Min murder case, due to the fact that they found Fisher's dog hair on Ji Min's body. Sharon hugs him supportively. She knows that after this gets out his credibility is going to be completely shot. Maggie tells Jill that Jack's dog's hair was found on Ji Min's body, and that Jack was the last person seen leaving his room before Ji Min died. Cane enters and Jill fills him in. Later, Jill goes to Jack's house, demanding for him to explain why his dog's hair was found on Ji Min's body. Jill bursts out that Jack was the last one seen by security cameras leaving Ji Min's room before he was found dead. Sharon didn't know about this. Jack talks to John's ghost, saying that he needs to take matters into his own hands and find out who killed Ji Min. At the jail, Phyllis tells Reverend Anderson about how she would like to apply for the work release program by working on Jack Abbott's website for his casino. Phyllis tells Michael that she's been spending time with the Chaplain. Michael informs her that Jack persuaded John to write Gloria out of his will, which surprises Phyllis. Michael is appalled that Gloria would accept a date with Jeff Bardwell, considering he is sure all he wants is her inheritance. At dinner, Jeff asks Gloria about John. She tells him what a great man he was, but doesn't know why she got taken out of his will. Jeff remarks that she will be fine since she inherited all of William's money, and wonders what he did to get cut out of his will. Frustrated, Gloria tells Michael that Jeff didn't seem to be into her, he just wanted to talk about money. Jeff slides up to Jill at the GCAC bar. Jill is surprised to see someone who looks so much like William. She confides that she used to be close to William, until he married Gloria. Jeff flirts, saying that in his opinion, William picked the wrong woman.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

J.T. tells Victoria that he's making progress on the kickback investigation at Clear Springs. They discuss that Victoria will be joining him there later. Nick visits Victoria at the coffee shop and brings along Summer. Victoria says she is very happy to be having a baby. Victoria worries that something may go wrong with her pregnancy. Nick assures her that everything will be fine, that it's her turn. Jill stops by the table to see Summer. Nick asks her how she is doing. She tells him that she's doing. After she walks away, Victoria says that life is not fair. She says that Jill lost the guy she loves and that she gets the guy and the baby. Nick says she deserves it. She says that people don't get what they deserve, they get lucky. She says that when she gets lucky, she starts to worry. Cane stops to talk to Jill and she tells him she was just admiring the baby. She says you have this baby one day and then they're grown up. She mentions how she missed Cane's in between years. He says she didn't miss much. He asks her to have lunch with him and she agrees. Jill leaves and Cane looks at the napkin that he drew a constellation on for Lily and flashes back to when it happened. Heather ‘wakes' him from his daydreaming. Colleen asks Adrian if he'd like to get a coffee with her and Lily. He declines because he's busy. After he leaves, Lily talks to Colleen about how she can't stop thinking of Cane and can't seem to focus. Colleen suggests they go for a coffee to get her mind off Cane. Lily then gets an IM from Daniel saying that he misses her. Daniel is at the coffee shop on his computer when Amber shows up. He asks her if she wants to go to work with him later to help with Jack's marketing, that it pays $10 an hour. She says she needs the money for her record deal. Daniel suggests she use some of the money for therapy to help her get over Cane. She says her plan is to immerse herself into her music and to get back into designing, she'll become a huge star and Cane will wish he'd never dumped her. She reads a few lyrics of a song she's writing. The song is about Cane and she tells Daniel that singers write about their personal life and that it's better than therapy.

In the elevator, Nick and Victoria talk about advertising plans for Clear Springs. Heather tells Cane that she had a really good time on their ‘date'. Cane says he did, too. Heather says she'd love to do it again. Cane tells her that he's swamped with work, but that they can go to dinner sometime. Lily wonders why Daniel would IM her now that they're divorced. Colleen says to ask him. She IM's back and finds out that it's not Daniel but a friend of hers from boarding school. Her friend asks how the married couple is doing and Lily writes her back to tell her they've divorced. In the hall Victor tells Nick and Victoria that he was just going to call them. Victoria says she has a meeting so Victor tells them to see him in a few minutes. Lily and Colleen run into Daniel in the hallway of the college. Lily quickly says she left a book behind and takes off. Daniel tells Colleen that he knows that Lily is into Cane but that Cane is dating other people. Colleen tells him to narrow it down and Daniel tells her it's Heather. He tells her that Amber told him that. Colleen sarcastically says that Amber is reliable.

Amber is on the phone discussing plans for her CD. She says that $15,000 for a deposit is not a problem. She also says that she'll pay in cash. Victor tells Victoria and Nick that he's happy to see them working together. Victor gives Victoria a gift. She opens the box to find a book of baby names. Victor says that his grandson doesn't have a name yet. Nick tells Victor that Victoria is superstitious about some of this baby stuff until she actually gives birth. Victoria says that she's going to stop being scared and enjoy every minute of the pregnancy, and that she wants them to enjoy it with her. They skim through the book discussing baby names. Victor tells Victoria that having a grandson makes him happy. J.T. fills Cane in on his investigation. Adrian tells Colleen that he has to go to Clear Springs on business. They then kiss and Heather walks in and teases them. Adrian leaves and Colleen and Heather talk about love. Colleen asks Heather if she ever wants to fall in love. Heather says falling in love is losing control and that she likes to be in control. Colleen then asks Heather if she's interested in Cane. Just then Lily walks up and tells Colleen that their study group is ready to begin. Lily then asks Heather if she is involved with Cane. Heather says ‘not officially', but that they have been hanging out. Heather explains that she and Cane shared a kiss. Lily then takes off. Heather asks Colleen if Lily is OK and Colleen says that she's not.

Jill tells Cane about a dream she had about Ji Min dying. She is upset that she wasn't there to help him. Cane asks if there is any news in the investigation. She tells Cane that they got Jack Abbott on security tape leaving Ji Min's room right before Jill found Ji Min. Cane says he doesn't think Amber would have killed Ji Min. Jill asks Cane if he still has feelings for Amber. He says no and says that he's looking for a woman with class, who is honest, has brains and who is sweet. Jill then tells Cane that she has a feeling that he knows the exact height, hair color and eye color of this woman. She says that she guesses she is blonde. Cane says no, but refuses to say anything more. Lily and Colleen talk about Heather and Cane dating. Lily says that they are both single and that she needs to get a grip. Nick wants to visit Phyllis then go on up to Clear Springs but needs someone to watch Summer for a couple of days. Victoria says that she'd help but she has to go to Clear Springs also. She tells Nick that maybe she can name the baby Christian, which is Victor's real name. She says she'll ask J.T. if he has any ideas. She also tells Nick that he has no idea how much she hopes this baby is J.T.'s. She says that now that she's with J.T. she worries about him when he's working on a case. She says this must be how a cops wife would feel. She says she can't wait for him to solve this case.

Lily tells Colleen that it's good she found out that Cane is sort of seeing Heather. She says that the IM from her friend has her thinking about Daniel and how they went against everyone and got married. She says that if she had a chance to do it all over again, even knowing how it turned out, she'd do it because she loved him so much. She says she sometimes wonders how they could have ended up divorced. She says it's hard for her to get over that. She then says that having a crush on Cane kept her from thinking about Daniel as much. Cane tells Jill that he wishes he'd have gotten to know Ji Min a little better. Jill says she wishes she had as well. She talks about how Katherine used to get on her about her and Ji Min's age difference but that Ji Min never mentioned it. Cane asks her if she thinks that age matters. Jill says that it doesn't; that if you manage to find someone you love then go for it. She then tells Cane that this woman he likes, who may or may not be blonde, is young or older or has a third eye; she says if he loves her then he'd better go for it. Amber helps Daniel at work. She wants to talk about her CD. She says she should make a concept CD and make the whole album about Cane. Daniel then suggests that she write a song about him. Nick comes in and asks Daniel to stay at his place and watch Summer for a couple of days. Daniel agrees. Nick then asks Amber if she works there. Daniel tells Nick that she is helping him with a project. After Nick leaves Amber is upset by what Nick said. Daniel says that he didn't mean anything by it. Amber says that someday when her album is a hit that those who have talked bad about her will be sorry. On the Clear Springs construction site, J.T. tells the foreman that he thinks the concrete looks too wet. The foreman tells him he'll check it out but he tells J.T. not to worry, that he's been doing this for years. Victor spends time with Summer and talks about how excited he is that Summer will have a cousin to play with. He says he can't wait to teach them to ride bikes and horses like he taught Nick and Victoria. Victoria walks in and smiles at seeing Victor playing with Summer. Victor says he realizes how lucky he is to have all of them. Victoria reminds him that he doesn't have Nikki. Victor says that he and Nikki have their children and their children's children; so they must have done something right.

Jill asks Cane to walk her back to work but he says he has some things he needs to finish up. They hug and Jill heads back to work. Cane sits back down at the table and again looks at the constellation he drew on a napkin. He then gets his cell phone and phones Lily. When Lily's phone rings, she smiles at Colleen and says ‘it's Cane'. She then pushes the button to make the call go to voicemail. Victor asks Nick if he remembers when they built the bookshelf together. He tells Nick that they did a hell of a job and that he thought they could work on that cradle together that Nick was talking about the other day. Nick says he'd like that. Victoria tells J.T. that she's heading out to come to Clear Springs. He tells her to drive safely and that tonight they can spend time together. Victoria says she wants their son to have J.T.'s heart. They get off the phone and Nick comes in and asks Victoria to go with him to visit Phyllis and that they can then ride up to Clear Springs together. She says she can drive up on her own. He tells her to call him when she gets there.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Nick thanks Neil for stepping up in the company while he was gone. Neil wonders if Nick is planning on taking over Neil's position again. When Neil goes to Victor to discuss it, Victor tells Neil that he has to think about what's best for the company. When Nick and Neil have a meeting with Cane, Nick tries to assume responsibility of the project. Neil is less than pleased.

Michael comes to visit Phyllis in jail. When Phyllis happily tells him that her work order has been approved and now she can see Nick, Michael warns Phyllis that there are rules. Lauren meets up with Michael for and apologizes for being late. He is thrilled that they are getting away. Lauren says that this is special because for once, Michael won't be distracted with work. Michael receives a call from Victor, who tells him that his services are needed immediately. He tells Lauren that now he has to drive up the next day.

Phyllis calls Nick to tell him that she got approved for the work order. In two days she will be able to see him in the flesh, at work and without bars. Nick goes to Victor and tells him that Phyllis got her work permit. Victor says that he is happy for her. Nick thanks his father for everything he has done to help get Phyllis. Victor says that Phyllis doesn't deserve what she got. Victor suggests that he and Nick work on that crib for Victoria's baby. Nick says that sounds like a great idea. He tells Victor that he is going to everything he can to come back and do his best within the company. Nick talks about a deal he made for the company. Victor is impressed he says that is great news. Victor says that he also has some news for Neil and Nick. He's decided who will be co CEO. As Neil and Nick sit down to listen, Victor says that they are both excellent businessmen. The only issue for Neil is that he is not a Newman. The only issue for Nick is that he needs to be 100-percent dedicated to this job. Victor says that Nick will be the head of the Venture Capital division, Neil will be co-CEO of Newman cosmetics, and Victoria will run the Real Estate division. Nick and Neil are happy with the deal.

Jack is frustrated with all the controversy surrounding his integrity as a Senator. Sharon suggests bringing Noah and getting away for awhile, just the three of them. Jack is happy to hear Phyllis' voice. She tells him that her work release was approved. Jack says that he is thrilled to have her back, everyone misses her.

Nick tells Sharon that he talked to Noah about Phyllis' work release. Sharon wonders if he's seen Phyllis. Nick says that he will see her before he goes to Clear Springs. Sharon offers him a ride, but Jack doesn't seem too happy about that idea. Nick goes to visit Phyllis to tell her the good news about getting to be in charge of the venture capital division at Newman.

J.T. tries to get some information from Joe at the construction yard at Clear Springs. Victoria says that she has a gut instinct that something is up with David and Joe. She comes out to the workforce and tells Joe that she's just going to check out the site. When Victoria compliments J.T.'s work dedication, Joe tells Victoria that J.T. has been promoted. Joe calls J.T. that he's been doing excellent work, and he's bumping up his pay 20 percent. J.T. says that he needs his pay in cash. Joe wants to meet up with him in person.

Paul calls J.T. and asks him how things are going with the Clear Springs investigation. J.T. says that he thinks he has a lead. Paul decides to take a trip up there. Maggie asks Paul if he's going to invite her along.

Amber excitedly tells Lauren that she has written new songs for her next album. Lauren asks Amber to help her with her work while she goes to Clear Springs. Amber chases after Lauren with her paperwork, but she has already left. Amber calls Lauren and tells her that she forgot the schematics for Fenmore's. Amber says that she can bring them by. Lauren is thankful for Amber's help.

Nikki tells Katherine that she and Victor have decided to get a divorce. She tries to explain that David makes her feel her power. She wishes that Victor could have acknowledged that she has accomplished so much. Katherine says that she should think about how Victor stayed by her side when she was addicted to pain pills. Katherine asks her if she's going to throw away years of history for a man she barley knows. Nikki says that David has nothing to do with her marriage falling about. Katherine gives Nikki a heart to heart about how special the marriage is between Victor and Nikki. Nikki goes to Victor's office and looks at his picture. She says that he is still the man she fell in love with. When Victor comes in the office, he tells Nikki that he wants her loan revoked immediately. Nikki is shocked. Victor is adamant about his decision. He says that for her sake and for the family's sake, he is pulling the plug. He tells her that she has not listened to him and made a bunch of stupid decisions. He storms away angrily.

Friday, October 19, 2007

J.T. and Victoria are spending time in their hotel room at Clear Springs in bed picking out baby names and getting nowhere. Victoria decides it's time to stop worrying about her superstitions and decides to wear J.T.'s ring. Nikki meets up with David in the main parking garage. They are both working hard to get the money to pay off loan. They find Katherine and Cane who are there to survey the construction. Nikki begs Katherine to bail her out of the loan but Kay says the company cannot afford to pay off the whole thing. The best she can do is extend her date for payment. Kay privately calls Victor to blast him for calling it in but he points out that she didn't see it as a good investment either or else she would have paid it off. Victoria later meets with her mother who doesn't tell her that Victor has called in the loan. Nikki tells Nick about it who also calls his dad to blast him over it. Nick later tells Victoria who ALSO calls their dad and vows to show him exactly how much his daughter she really is when she gets back. Adrian tries to calm her but she insist on doing the walk-through around town.

J.T. meets up with Katherine and Cane about the concrete problems at the site. They hope it was just an isolated incident but when J.T. does a walk-through he finds massive cracks in the garage and calls them over. They need to halt construction immediately. If something were to happen it would cause untold damage and lead to massive lawsuits.

Daniel brings the baby to see Phyllis in prison and talk about the plans for her work release which is tomorrow. She's excited to be able to see everyone again soon.

Jack, Sharon and Noah arrive in town and meet up with Nick to talk about the Cassie fundraiser. They tell Nick about the Ji Min investigation who isn't happy that his son is being exposed to this. Noah is feeling restless so Paul, Lauren and Maggie agree to take him fishing. Maggie is surprised to learn that Lauren and Paul were married. Amber arrives with the plans Lauren needed for the store and Lauren is impressed enough with her designs to offer her a place in the grand opening fashion show at Fenmore's.

Outside at the site Nikki and David learn they've exhausted all avenues for money. She's finished. Her dream for NVP is dead. She breaks down and David tries to cheer her up by telling her that Victor is doing this because he knows she doesn't need him anymore and that if it's not NVP she will find another project and make it big. Just then they hear shouts nearby from the site. Suddenly there is a massive explosion. Underneath the parking garage is in ruins. In the rubble, a fallen Sharon jolts awake.

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