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The drilling that Victor had ordered had caused the accident. Jack took a sample of Zapato's hair to Maggie. Karen and Neil made love. Jana found out about John's close friend in prison. Paul told Heather that he was her father.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of November 5, 2007 on Y&R
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Monday, November 5, 2007

Jack went to the hospital to speak with Victor about the ongoing investigation concerning the disaster at Clear Springs. Victor voiced his concern that someone wanting to get back at him hurt many innocent people in the process. Victor vowed to destroy the person responsible. Just after Victor vowed to punish the perpetrator, a radio at the nurses' station broadcast a special report with an update about the collapse. The reporter stated that structural engineers had discovered that the explosion at the garage and casino was caused by natural-gas drilling several miles outside of the development. The reporter also stated that Victor Newman is the owner of the drilling company.

Victor later read aloud to Jack the official accident report stating that cold weather had forced water into the gas deposits, and a broken monitor failed to alert workers, which allowed gas to accumulate until it exploded. An angry Jack taunted Victor, telling him that although he was being hailed a hero, he was actually responsible for ruining his wife's project and almost killing his grandson, daughter and Sharon, among others. An incensed Victor ordered Jack out of the hospital.

At J.T.'s apartment, Nikki and J.T. packed some of Victoria's belongings, so they could make her feel more comfortable at the hospital. Nikki took note of Victor's, photo pierced with a dart, on J.T.'s dart board, and she joked with J.T. about it. Nikki also noticed the gift bag containing the baby clothes she'd given to Victoria and sadly remembered Victoria's remark about having given away baby clothes after her miscarriage. When Nikki arrived back at the hospital, David told her that Victor's drilling company had accidentally caused the collapse. Nikki angrily confronted Victor and told him that if he is indeed to blame, then she would never, ever forgive him. Later, Nikki told David that if she'd left Victor, then the accident would never have happened because Victor had bought the mineral rights at Clear Springs just to get back at her. Kay stopped by to check on Victoria. Kay and Nikki shared fond memories of Victoria's youth and her past horsemanship accomplishments.

Nick, at Jack's with Noah, checked on Sharon, who assured Nick that she was fine. However, both were concerned that Noah didn't seem to be coping well emotionally. Neil phoned and broke the news that Victor's drilling project caused the accident. At the office, Nick angrily confronted Neil about Victor's covertly-run drilling project. Neil dealt with Nick's hurt and anger while he also fielded probing questions from the press. When Nick asked why Neil hadn't alerted him about Victor's drilling project, Neil just shook his head and apologized.

Cane and Kay were relieved to learn from an official that the parking garage was structurally sound; therefore, Chancellor Construction was cleared of blame for the collapse. When Kay and Cane later learned that a drilling project had caused the collapse, Kay vowed to sue the drilling company for every asset it holds. A moment later, a reporter phoned and told Kay that the drilling company is owned by Victor. Kay told Cane that she now understood why Victor was unconcerned with cost overruns and delays because he was set to make a fortune on gas reserves. Kay and Cane were irate when they realized that Victor's evil plan to get back at Nikki had inadvertently killed a man and injured many victims.

Still hobbling due to her leg injury, Sharon was shocked when she learned that Victor's actions were responsible for the accident, and Jack vowed to make Victor pay. Jack and Sharon both tried to help Noah, but he remained depressed and distracted himself with video games, shutting out friends and family. Jack told Sharon that they shouldn't push Noah too fast. Jack read online blog opinions directing blame at Victor. Sharon defended Victor, telling Jack that Victor is paying dearly for what has happened.

Victor was troubled by the findings of the investigation, but Neil assured Victor that the catastrophe was an accident. Neil also told Kay that he'd double-checked everything himself and that Victor's drilling company had followed every safety precaution. When Neil stated that the accident was an act of God, Kay commented sarcastically that Victor certainly loves playing God.

At the hospital, J.T. stayed at Victoria's bedside and talked about their plans for the future. Nick stood silently by the door and watched as J.T. carried on the one-sided conversation with his comatose fiancée. Cane came to the hospital and told J.T. that Victor is responsible for the collapse. J.T. confronted Victor, but he wouldn't assume full blame. Victor also hovered over the unresponsive Victoria. He told his daughter that he would give anything to hear her voice and see her opened eyes. Victor told Nick that he'd do anything to change what had happened, and Nick understood that his father hadn't purposely caused the accident. Later, Nikki covered Victoria with her favorite quilt and lovingly stroked her daughter's shoulders. Nick jokingly teased that he and J.T. would pick out the baby's furniture if she didn't hurry and wake up.

Later, at home, Kay vowed to punish Victor. Cane said it was about time for the cavalry to charge at Victor, and Kay declared that Victor would soon need an army of lawyers in order to face the battle from Chancellor Industries. Back at Newman Industries, Neil told Victor that the news reports implicating Victor were having a negative impact on the companies that Newman does business with. Victor admitted that some actions he'd taken were meant to hurt his wife, and he asked to be left alone. Victor sat silently and hung his head in anguish and shame.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Colleen enters Victoria's hospital room with some gifts for Victoria. J.T. puts perfume on Victoria while Colleen brushes her hair. She and J.T. agree that their past is behind them and they can now be friends. Brad enters, which causes hostility between him and J.T. After tensions mount, J.T. asks to talk to Brad alone in the hallway. J.T. admits to Brad that it is really tough for him to have Brad there. Brad understands and agrees to leave, but says he'll be back soon. Neil tells Lily what caused the explosion in Clear Springs. She's upset to hear that Victor's company caused it, but relieved to know that Cane didn't have anything to do with it. Later, Lily and Cane run into each other at the coffeehouse. There is chemistry between them. When Lily leaves, they hug, and then Lily kisses him on the cheek. Lily tells Colleen about her meeting with Cane and about how Enrique Iglesias is performing at Indigo soon. Lily thinks that Colleen and Adrian should go. Heather invites Cane to the Enrique Iglesias concert and he accepts. Shortly after, Lily asks Cane to the Enrique Iglesias concert. Cane replies that he'd love to, but he's already going with Heather. Lily is embarrassed, but tries to play it cool and says she'll see him there. Victor tells Neil and Karen to set up a press conference because he's going to make a statement tonight about what happened at Clear Springs. However, he will not be answering any questions. Brad enters Victor's office, furious with him for his drilling project. Victor unleashes his fury on Brad and throws him out of his office. At Victor's press conference, he tells the reporters that he is going to investigate every potential cause of the collapse, and prays for the injured to get well. Afterward, Neil invites Karen to unwind at his club tonight. Jack shares with Maggie that he thinks Victor killed Ji Min. Jack goes to see Victor. He stoops down to pet Zapato, remarking that he's a good dog for standing by Victor when no one else wants to. Victor orders Jack out, and we see that Jack has grabbed a handful of Zapato's hair. Jack brings the bag of Zapato's hair to Maggie, asking her to test it for evidence. Maggie points out that he is a civilian bringing in this "evidence," therefore it is inadmissible. He leaves it with her and she throws it in the trashcan.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Neil and Karen talk about the big night ahead; Enrique Iglesias is performing at Indigo. Devon seems surprised that Karen is going with Neil to see Enrique. Neil tells Karen that they will not have a repeat of the evening that Devon and Lily were rude to her. Paul and Maggie talk about their plans to see Enrique perform. As Maggie is putting on her coat, she has pains in her stomach from where she had been previously shot. Paul wants her to go get it checked, but she says she doesn't want to miss Enrique. Lauren wants to spend the night alone with Michael but he suggests that they see Enrique perform at Indigo. Lauren isn't sure she wants to go, but Michael tells her that Gloria will watch after Fen. Daniel and Amber tell Kevin that they're going to see Enrique. Kevin says he has to work, but they try to convince him to join them at the show. Cane calls Heather and asks her if she can meet him at Indigo because he has to finish up some work. He tells her that he's really glad that she asked him to go.

Lily and Colleen are in the backroom at Indigo. Lily is trying to avoid Cane because she's embarrassed that she kissed him, but Colleen tells her to just come out and enjoy the party. Devon and his girlfriend walk in and asks Lily if she's hiding out. She says she just came early to help set up. Paul, Maggie, Karen and Neil talk about Maggie's and Karen's athletic abilities. Neil then talks about Drucilla as Karen smiles politely. Amber tells Daniel that she'd like to sing a duet with Enrique Iglesias. She says she's looking forward to a night out after everything that has happened. Amber thanks Daniel for getting tickets to the show. Amber asks Daniel if he wants to know what the first thing is that she thought about when she was trapped in the building collapse. He jokes about her not being able to shop but she tells him she was worried that she'd never see a blue sky again. She says it's caused her to reevaluate her life. She says she knows that she caused Daniel lots of trouble and she feels responsible for his marriage ending. He says it's not her fault and she tells him that he's her best friend. She says she's going to look out for her friends instead of getting them into trouble. Daniel tells Amber that she needs to look out for herself, too, because she deserves the best. Michael gets dressed to go out and tries to convince Lauren to go, too. He tells her that Maggie and Paul will be there also. Lauren tries to convince Michael that staying home together would be more romantic. He says he doesn't want her to lock herself away like she did after the trouble with Sheila. She finally gives in and agrees to go.

Amber and Daniel arrive at Indigo and they scope out the singles in the room. Daniel finds someone that he thinks has a hot body, and when she turns around it's Heather and Amber cracks up. Kevin and Amber tease him about it. Neil is upset that Daniel is there and he and Devon want to throw him out, but Lily tells them that she doesn't have a problem with him being there. Lily questions Devon's date about how much she likes Devon. Lauren, Michael, Maggie and Paul are joking and having fun until Gloria calls Lauren's cell phone because she can't find one of Fen's toys. When Lauren leaves the table to talk on the phone, Paul tells Michael that Victor's company drilling for gas was the reason for the building collapse. Michael gets very angry and leaves the table. Michael storms into the back office at Indigo and questions Neil about Victor's responsibility in the Clear Springs building collapse. Neil says that Victor's team is still investigating the reports. He tells Michael that they had no indication that this could happen from the drilling. Michael is upset that Neil knew about this mining the whole time. Karen walks in the office and she tells Michael that the drilling company did everything by the book. Michael says that book almost killed his wife. Maggie has another stomach pain and Heather asks if it's from the building collapse. Maggie tells her that it's from an old gunshot wound and Heather wants to know what happened. Maggie tells her that Sheila Carter happened; and Lauren gets a worried look on her face. Paul then tries to change the subject and tells Heather that he'll see her at lunch tomorrow. Heather and Cane leave the table and Lauren asks Paul if he's planning on telling Heather that he's her father at their lunch. Paul says that he thinks it's time that Heather finally knows the truth. Cane gets a phone call and leaves Heather alone. Kevin walks up to her and tells her she's wearing a great dress. He asks her what Jana's chances are of getting out of prison. She says she can't discuss it. Heather alludes that she feels Jana should be locked up. Kevin says that her brain tumor made her do the bad things she did. Heather tells him that that could possibly be a good case for Jana to get off, but that she'd need a good lawyer. Kevin then offers to buy her a drink. Amber teases to Daniel that Kevin is making a move on his girl and that he needs to get over there and stop him. Cane tells Lily that she looks beautiful. He asks her who she's there with and she says she's with Colleen. Heather comes over and puts her arm around Cane and Lily tells them to have fun and walks away.

Lily goes out into the alley to get some air. Neil follows her outside and gives her his jacket to keep warm. She says she just needed to get away from everybody and that she's tired because she was up late working on a paper the night before. He asks her if it has anything to do with Cane. She says they're just friends. Neil says he can tell that her feelings go beyond friendship. He tells her that this isn't a good idea. She says that there's nothing going on between her and Cane. He says to keep it that way, that she hasn't been apart from Daniel that long. He also mentions that Cane was recently divorced and that he's older than her. Lily tells him that he's being too protective of her. Heather tells Cane what a great guy Paul is and how he helped her and her mom when they were having trouble with her stepfather. Maggie is still having pains in her stomach, and Paul worries but she tells him she's making a big deal out of it. Lauren suddenly gets up and walks away from the table. Michael follows her.

Devon's date admits to Devon that Lily has been telling her stories about Devon. Colleen and Kevin make a toast to being happy. Adrian limps up to the table and thanks Kevin for keeping Colleen company. He gets up so Adrian can sit down. It's obvious that he's in pain and Colleen asks him if he wants to go home. Adrian says that he's not going to complain and that he's happy to be here. Daniel thanks Lily for not letting her dad kill him. She says he just wanted to throw Daniel out. Daniel says that he's still there so that he sees her powers of persuasion are still great. They make awkward small talk then Kevin says that he should go. Amber talks with Cane. He notices that she's wearing the angel pin that Katherine gave her. He says it looks pretty on her. Heather is having trouble getting reception on her cell phone and asks Daniel if she can use his. He questions if she's working some covert operation against him and that she'll put him away for life this time. She says that she sees that he's still paranoid and walks away. Daniel stops her and tells her that she might get better reception outside. Lauren and Michael are outside talking. Lauren is upset after Maggie brought up Sheila. Michael says that Sheila can't hurt her anymore. Lauren says that she can haunt her. Paul comes out and asks what's going on. Lauren tells him that hearing Sheila's name made her lose it. She says it made her think of the cage and how Sheila wanted to trap her and how Maggie almost died there. Paul tells Lauren that if he had to do it all over again that he would make sure that Sheila Carter would never have escaped. Heather is at the door and hears their conversation. She walks back into the club and Cane finds her saying he was worried about her. She seems stunned and Cane asks her what is wrong. She says that she just got some very shocking news and she walks away. Maggie goes outside to Paul, Lauren and Michael. Lauren tells Paul not to doubt himself and that she's grateful for everything he has done for her. Lauren tells Maggie and Paul to go back inside that the show is about to start. They go in and Lauren tells Michael that she wants to stay outside. Neil gets onstage and thanks everyone for helping to raise money for the Clear Springs Relief Fund and then introduces Enrique Iglesias. Enrique takes the stage and performs a song. Lauren and Michael dance outside the back door on the loading dock.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Karen tells Neil that it was a good idea bringing everyone together at Indigo. She says it was a nice needed break after everything everyone has been through in the Clear Springs accident.

Heather thinks about the time Paul held Sheila hostage in a jail of her own creation. Cane inturrupts her thoughts by asking her if she would like another drink. Lily spots Cane at the bar and talks to him about music. He appears distracted. When Lily sees that he's spending time with Heather, she gets upset. When Cane comes back to Heather, he wonders what she is upset about. Heather tells Cane that she has a friend that once did something very illegal and she doesn't know how to feel about it. Cane shares a story with her about a time he once was a bounty hunter. Heather suggests they leave. Lily uncomfortably watches Cane leave with Heather. She asks Neil if he needs any help closing the bar. When he says that Karen is helping, Lily says she's going to go home.

When Cane takes Heather home, he acts uncomfortable when she invites him up. She shrugs it off. When she leaves, Cane shakes his head at his own confusion.

At Indigo, Lauren and Michael invite Maggie and Paul back to their place for a drink. When Lauren and Maggie go to the ladies room, Paul asks Michael if he's sure that it's such a good idea. When they go back to Michael and Lauren's, Lauren shivers. Paul and Maggie try to make her feel comfortable, but Lauren begins to panic in her own skin. She has a full blown anxiety attack.

At the helm bearing responsibility for the tragedy at Clear Springs, Victor downs a drink in sorrow. He thinks about Neil saying that it was an accident. Tears in his eyes, he decides to go back to the hospital. When he goes up to Victoria's room, J.T. gives him a hard stare.

At the hospital, Nikki and J.T. tell Victoria positive stories about their lives. They are shocked when an alarm goes off on the computer. J.T. runs for the nurse. They worry that something may be wrong with Victoria's blood pressure, but the nurse says it is only a computer malfunction.

Colleen and Adrian stop by to give J.T. some lunch. J.T. says that he's not hungry after what just happened with Victoria's blood pressure. The nurse checks again and says that Victoria's blood pressure is normal. Nikki says that she needs to see the doctor.

Colleen and Adrian offer to do anything they can to help. When they return home, Adrian talks to Colleen about how worried he had been that he would never see her again. They are interrupted by Colleen at the door. She tells Colleen that she feels really alone. She is surprised when Cane calls her cell phone. He answers her music question from earlier. She says that he didn't have to go through all that trouble. Cane says that he was happy to do it. He says goodnight. Lily hangs up, surprised by Cane's call. Colleen says that Cane really likes Lily. Lily is shocked. She leaves in a much better mood. Adrian laughs about Lily's drama. Colleen decides to call J.T. to see how Victoria is doing. J.T. texts Colleen back, saying that he's with the doctor and will call her back.

Suddenly, J.T. realizes that Victoria's hands are swollen. They worry that the doctor isn't telling them the truth.

Friday, November 9, 2007

While waiting to head out to Newman for another day in her work release, Phyllis talks with Jana about Jack and his possible involvement with John's new will. Jana decides to talk with the Chaplin herself who tells her about John's friend in prison. She gets the name and reports to Kevin who tells Gloria about it and they proceed to call everyone with that name that they can find. They track him down but he's out of town so Kevin leaves a message.

J.T. and the family sit with Victoria in her room. Her blood pressure spikes and everyone panics but it was just a mild spike, less than before, which may be a good sign. She goes through more tests and everything seems clear so they still don't know why she won't wake up. Nikki is barely keeping it together.

Phyllis reports for work and gets an update from Nick on Victoria. She mentions the Chaplain to Jack and wonders if he could help with the relief effort. Jack arranges for Lauren to "volunteer" at the office for the relief effort allowing for Lauren and Phyllis to spend time together. Phyllis is touched by Jack's efforts in the relief effort and his desire to keep it quiet as he doesn't want to use it for publicity. She decides against pursuing her call with John's cellmate.

Paul gets ready to tell heather that he is her father. Meanwhile Heather goes around town investigating Sheila's last rampage through Genoa City. She starts with what little Kevin knows and then asks Lauren who's disturbed by the mere mention of her name but starts her story. Before she gets into the cage portion Michael returns home and gets Heather to leave. Heather then questions Maggie who keeps up the cover story. Later she speaks with Phyllis. Finally Paul finds her. As she stews over what she knows he goes into detail about being a teenaged father and how he wanted to be a dad but he couldn't and how he's wanted to always tell his daughter and now he has. He tells a stunned Heather that she is his daughter.

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