The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of December 10, 2007 on Y&R
Victor told Neil to call in Nikki's loan. Jeffrey promised to keep Gloria's secret if she married him. Jack resigned his Senate seat. A paternity test was performed on Victoria's baby. Daniel ran into Heather's car. Lily and Cane almost shared a kiss.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of December 10, 2007 on Y&R
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Monday, December 10, 2007

Nikki holed up at Phyllis and Nick's place for the night, staying out of Victor's sight. When Nikki went out for a while, Phyllis and Nick discussed the strained relationship between Nikki and Victor. Later, Nikki went to the bar at the GCAC and met David there. At the hospital to see the baby, Nikki and David found Brad visiting the baby at the nursery window. Brad told Nikki that he felt that as long as remained there, nothing would happen to the baby. David and Nikki told Brad that the baby should have a name, and Brad said he'd considered naming the baby "Arthur" after his dad. Later, Brad fell asleep in the waiting room, and Nikki and David advised him to go home and rest. David stood by Nikki as she kept vigil at the nursery window. David later begged Nikki to go back to his place, but Nikki said that she felt that she owed it to Victoria to keep watch over her little girl's baby.

Sharon paid a visit to Victor and told him that Jack was responsible for sending the police to the ranch. Sharon and Victor passed the time by reminiscing about Sharon's fond memories of her house at the ranch, after which Victor suggested she should stay there. Later, Sharon found a box of photo albums, in which there was a photo of Dru. Sharon's nostalgic moment was interrupted by a call from Brad. Sharon later met Brad at the club. Sharon told Brad that she hoped that the baby is his, and Brad told Sharon that he wanted to name the baby "Arthur." When Brad asked about Jack, Sharon told Brad that Noah loves Jack so much, so she didn't know what to do. Brad answered that he did and that he would help her.

Even though Sharon was away, Jack wasn't alone. John questioned his son about his past actions against Gloria and others. John blamed Jack for pushing Sharon away because she could no longer trust him. Sharon phoned from the ranch and told Jack that she was "home." Jack pleaded with Sharon to come back to him, but Sharon said she wanted to stay at the ranch. Jack told his dad that he deeply loved Sharon, so he was going to the ranch to bring his wife home. But when Jack went to the ranch house, Sharon wouldn't let him in. When Jack arrived back at the mansion, both Jack and John listened to a news report stating the Gloria had produced a letter proving that Jack had influenced his father to change his will. John reminded Jack that he had repeatedly mistreated Gloria when she lived at the Abbott mansion. John recalled the fact that Jack had thought his dad was nuts when he married Gloria and that people thought the same about Sharon when she married Jack. Jack choked up and said that Sharon and Noah are the best part of him, and he vowed that he would get his wife to come back to him.

At the club, Gloria feigned ignorance when Jeffrey showed her his hand, which had been badly burned by the tainted Jabot skin cream he claimed his brother had sent him. When Jeffrey told Gloria that he'd figured out what had happened with the cream, Gloria begged him to share his revelations with her, insisting that she was dying to know, too. Jeffrey explained that his brother must have been heartbroken when he figured out that his beautiful wife had caused a woman's death. Gloria, of course, slowly tilted her head side to side, acting as if Jeffrey's hypothesis was shocking news. Jeffrey then held his chemically-burned hand in front of Gloria's face and told her that the "proof is in the putting on of the cream," and he accused Gloria of having contaminated it. Jeffrey produced the newspaper printed the day that the C.E.O. of Chancellor stepped down when Jabot Cosmetics was sued for wrongful death. Gloria brushed away these so-called clues as mere facts that had nothing to do with her involvement. Jeffrey reminded Gloria that she has wanted the contents of the mysterious package ever since she learned that her late husband had sent the package to his brother. Gloria, however, offered that she wanted the cream for sentimental reasons. Gloria maintained her composure as she asked Jeffrey rhetorically if he really thought she was capable of tainting the cream. Gloria laughed off Jeffrey's notion that William was sending a message about her and reminded Jeffrey that his fingerprints are now all over the jar of cream. Jeffrey promised Gloria that he'd nail her, and she threatened to go to the police with information against him. Jeffrey then produced a note that he said was written by William that stated "If something happens to me; don't let her get away with it." Gloria pointed out the note states "don't let her get away with it." Gloria scoffed that the note didn't state a name. Gloria told Jeffrey that William had previously been involved with Jill, so the note could implicate her. Gloria informed Jeffrey that William would be ashamed of the way his brother was treating his widow, and she bravely walked out of the club. However, when Gloria reached the doorway, she nearly crumpled as she stopped briefly to catch her breath and compose herself.

Neil and Karen shared laughs while they dined at the club as Neil reminisced about Lily's childhood Christmases. However, Victor phoned and demanded that Neil come to the ranch immediately. Karen insisted that Neil go to Victor. Before leaving, Neil and Karen offered a kind word to Nikki. When Neil arrived at Victor's, Victor was ready to tackle serious business issues right away. Victor told Neil that he rued the day he had become involved with Nikki's scheme as the two grappled with mounting insurance claims. However, Neil advised Victor not do make business decisions based on personal reasons. Victor then ordered Neil to call in the Clear Springs loan. Neil reminded Victor that Nikki and her company would most likely suffer bankruptcy as a result of Victor's decision, but Victor ordered that it be done, anyway.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Neil drops off the loan papers to Victor and tries to dissuade him from calling in Nikki's loan. Victor, however, is adamant. David and Nikki are having breakfast at the G.C.A.C. when David suggests that he and Nikki buy a house together that is big enough to support Victoria. Stunned, Nikki turns him down. Nikki believes that Victoria should be surrounded by familiar things right now. Later, Nikki runs into Sharon. Sharon agrees to let Nikki stay at her old house, in order to remain close to Victoria. Neil finds David at Newman Enterprises and make clear to him that Victor is calling in Nikki's loans. Brad and Sharon are with the baby when Brad notices he isn't breathing regularly. The doctor refuses to say what is wrong because he isn't a Newman. When Nikki arrives the doctor informs her that they need to run a blood test. Brad and J.T. ask to do a paternity test too. Nikki, J.T. and Brad go to Victor at Newman to ask him to agree to run a paternity test. Victor agrees. When Sharon returns home Jack mentions that he went by the ranch. Sharon coldly informs him that she was with Brad. Jack wonders subtly if Sharon and Brad slept together but she assures him she came home alone. They begin to discuss Jack's latest fiasco with the Senate, but Sharon furiously blows up at him. Jack tells Ben to schedule a press conference. Jack has decided what he is going to do in regard to the Senate. Jack explains to Sharon that he is resigning from the Senate and asks her to stand by him. Jack apologizes but Sharon still can't forgive him. Later, Jack holds his press conference to resign. Gloria, Kevin and Jill gleefully watch on. At Jabot, Jill and Kay are meeting with Gloria and Kevin to discuss the Fresh Face launch. Jeff interrupts and wants to meet with Katherine. Gloria panics when he whispers to her that he is going to reveal everything to Kay. Jeff explains to Gloria he didn't turn her into to Kay and Jill. Instead he proposes that he will never turn her in if she agrees to marry him.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Nick and Phyllis watch Jack's resignation speech on TV. Jack and Sharon let Noah know about Jack resigning from the Senate and why. Nick informs Sharon that Jack was a hero for saving them in the rubble. Nick can see how much Jack loves her. Sharon agrees, but it's still hard for her to forgive him for all of the lies he has told her. Sharon confesses to Nick that she is thinking about leaving Jack, but knows she can't do it before Christmas. Nick promises to help make this a very happy Christmas for Noah, no matter what. Phyllis meets Jack for a drink. Jack doesn't understand how Gloria tracked down Todd, John's cell mate, and got that letter from John. Later, Phyllis is speaking with Nick and realizes that she gave Todd's phone number to Jana. Jana must have given it to Gloria. Gloria is speechless that Jeff asks her to marry him. Jeff doesn't think it matters if she doesn't love him. A loveless marriage is better than being locked up in jail. Gloria explains to Kevin that Jeff proposed to her. If Gloria marries Jeff he'll keep quiet about the face cream. She knows that's not how it will happen. Jeff will go to the cops and then spend all of her inheritance while she rots away in jail. Later, Gloria reveals to Kevin that she must marry Jeff Bardwell in order to protect herself. Daniel helps Lily reboot her computer so that she can enter the "Faces of Jabot" contest. Amber gets jealous. Amber boasts to Daniel that her "Marina" alter ego will definitely sweep the competition. Lily and Cane chat and share childhood stories at the GCAC. When Cane leaves, Lily exclaims to Colleen that she thinks Cane really does care.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Colleen calls her dad and asks if he's okay. He says that he's fine; he just wants to find out if the baby is his. Colleen says that she can't wait to find out if he's her baby brother. She just wishes that if that were true, it wouldn't break J.T.'s heart.

J.T. takes a shot of alcohol and sits on the couch. He looks through Victoria's sewing bag and finds a sweater that she was sewing for the baby. When someone knocks on the door, J.T. yells for them to go away. Colleen is persistent, and J.T. finally opens the door. J.T. asks Colleen what she's doing there. She says that she's being there as a friend. She convinces J.T. to take a shower, and finds the sweater that Victoria was sewing. She holds it tight. When J.T. comes out of the shower, he is in better spirits. They laugh about the idea of J.T. being a father. But when Colleen pulls a pasta dish out of the microwave, he asks Colleen if she pulled it out of the freezer. J.T. gets upset. He says that Victoria had made that dish and they were supposed to have it together. Colleen apologizes and wonders if there is anything she can do.

Victor and Neil watch the baby. Victor tells Neil that the baby had a little trouble breathing but he is okay now. He explains that the doctor will take a blood test to see if there is carbon dioxide in the baby's lungs, and that Brad suggested they take a paternity test at the same time. Victor says that it would be good to hear that Brad is not the father. Neil says to have hope, one day Victoria will be awake and will hold that baby in her arms and everything will be alright. The doctor tells Victor that the baby is breathing on his own again. Victor goes in to see him. He tells the baby boy how much Victoria wants to see him.

Brad asks the doctor how the baby is doing. The doctor tells him that he will have to ask the Newman's. Brad goes to Victor and tells him that he went to the ranch, and isn't allowed to see Victoria. Victor wonders why he would want to see Victoria when he was willing to let her die. Victor tells Brad to stay away from Victoria. When the doctor comes by again, Brad says that he's going to see the baby. Victor says that he doesn't want Brad near the baby. Brad says that if he is the father, he will do everything he can to keep Victor away from the baby.

Kevin asks Gloria if she wants a stronger drink. Gloria says that alcohol is a depressant and won't help anything. Gloria says that she will have to get used to the idea of marrying Jeff. When Michael comes home, he sees Gloria and Kevin looking suspicious. "I know that look," he says, "What are you two talking about?" Gloria plays it off and says that they were discussing convincing Jill to have Jabot offer donations to the homeless for the holidays. Kevin is impressed with Gloria's ability to come up with something quick. Gloria says that she has to go take care of the situation. Kevin offers once again to take care of Jeffrey, but Gloria says that she can handle it. She asks that Kevin make sure that Michael and Lauren stay away from the club as long as possible. Michael wonders where Gloria is going. He hopes that it doesn't have anything to do with Jeffrey Bardwell.

When Gloria leaves, Michael waits to learn what's going on with Gloria. He tells Kevin that he would rather hear it from him than the district attorney. Kevin tries to pretend that they were discussing his Christmas gift. Michael falls for it. Kevin says that he'd better act surprised because they have been talking about it for a month. Michael says that they should all go out to the club for dinner. Kevin secretly calls Gloria to warn her that they are coming for dinner.

Gloria shows up at the club to talk to Jeffrey. She wants to talk to him about the details. He says that they can have a house so large that she will have to mail him his allowance. She says that she will marry him on one condition. He has to fall in love with her, or at least prove to the world that he is in love with her. She says that until he succeeds, there will be no announcement. He agrees, and says that they should begin right away. Michael, Kevin, and Lauren walk into the club just at the moment Jeffrey begins kissing Gloria. Jeffrey sees them and says that they should all have dinner together. After dinner, Jeffrey wants to congratulate Gloria on her inheritance. Jeffrey talks to Lauren and Michael about Fen, and offers to watch him sometime. When Lauren walks Jeffrey out, he tells her that she will be Mrs. Jeffrey Bardwell in no time. Michael sees them kissing each other goodbye, and is troubled.

When Gloria returns to the table, Michael and Lauren demand to know what's going on with Jeffrey. Michael says that he knows that something is going on with her. Gloria pretends that she really does like Jeffrey. Gloria says that she would like Jeffrey to celebrate Christmas with them. Michael thinks she has lost her mind.

Friday, December 14, 2007

David offers to make dinner for Nikki because he wants to discuss something. Victor calls to say he is going into the office so Nikki decides to go visit Victoria. At the main house, Victor is still home when Nikki arrives. Nikki notices Zapato is chewing her shoe and the two of them almost share a close moment. Victor wonders whether he should inform Nikki about the loan being called in. Nikki and David are embracing as Victor approaches the door and sees them. Nikki hears Zapato bark and quickly moves to the door, but finds no one outside. Colleen apologizes to J.T. for cooking the food Victoria made and tries to get him to go out for something to eat. J.T. is reluctant but when Colleen explains to him that Lily is meeting them at the club, he gives in. When J.T. decides to go to the hospital instead of meeting Colleen and Lily, the two decide to bring him something to eat there. J.T. runs into Cane at the hospital and he asks about the D.N.A. test. While J.T. and Colleen are with the baby, Lily and Cane flirt. Cane invites Lily to Christmas dinner with him. Colleen offers to drive Lily home, but wanting to stay with Cane, Lily makes up an excuse. Cane offers to take her home so that Colleen can stay with J.T. At the G.C.A.C. Daniel informs Gina and Amber he hit someone's car and asks Gina to find out who the car belongs to. Later, Daniel learns the car belongs to Heather. Daniel offers to pay out of pocket for the damages and suggests a body shop Amber told him about. Cane and Lily overhear Daniel telling Heather about the body shop. Cane mentions that the place is a chop shop. Heather becomes furious and refuses to allow Daniel to take care of it anymore. While looking for a file at Jabot, Lily and Cane almost kiss.

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