The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of February 4, 2008 on Y&R
Amber and Daniel got drunk, and they hooked up. Lily admitted that she was falling for Cane. Gloria and Jeffrey moved into the Abbott mansion. J.T. and Victoria got married. Victor left to see Hope, who was dying of pancreatic cancer.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of February 4, 2008 on Y&R
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Monday, February 4, 2008

As Phyllis and Nick enjoyed breakfast at the tack house, they discussed their excitement over Jack's suggestion that they join him and Sharon in the fashion business. Sharon stopped by and told Nick and Sharon about her apprehension for Noah in light of Gloria and Jeff's impending invasion. Nick and Phyllis readily agreed to open their home as a refuge for Noah if needed. Sharon admitted that she and Jack were more committed than ever as they faced the challenge of unwanted house guests. Before Sharon left, Nick and Phyllis mentioned their excitement about the future project. Sharon warned Nick that Victor might not be pleased, but Nick maintained that it wasn't Victor's business. After Sharon left, Phyllis and Nick studied fashion magazines and considered prospective models. Phyllis suggested that Daniel showed potential for modeling, but Nick recommended that professional models be used. Nikki came by and announced that Kay gave her the reins at Jabot and that she chose David as her co-CEO. Nick was a bit dumbfounded when his mother told him she wanted him to join her at Jabot. Nick turned his mother's offer down and told her that he had a secret project in the works with Jack. Nikki was disappointed, but Nick assured his mother it was for the best.

At the prosecuting attorney's office, Maggie consoled Heather after her boss dropped the case she'd put together against Victor for the murder of Ji Min Kim. Jill stopped by and suggested that Heather's case should have been focused on Jack Abbott. Heather maintained that she still wasn't convinced that Victor was innocent. After Jill became angry when Heather disagreed about Jack's level of involvement, Maggie stepped in and explained to Jill that no evidence connected Jack directly to the crime. Jill refused to back off her claim that Heather had focused her investigation on the wrong man. After Jill's visit, Maggie and Heather scrutinized the body of evidence they had collected on the case. Since the surveillance tape at the club had been doctored, Heather realized that Jack could have been the last person to visit Ji Min's room, but Maggie insisted that their strongest piece of evidence was that Ji Min had planned to go public and admit that Jack illegally owned Jabot. Heather doubted that the particular fact alone could persuade a judge to grant a search warrant. Dennis walked in and heard Maggie and Heather as they discussed the Ji Min case. Dennis firmly informed Heather that she had been taken off Ji Min's murder case and reassigned to simple cases involving narcotics. Heather was crushed that she'd been demoted. Maggie attempted to reassure Heather before she left, but Heather was stunned. Heather recalled her conversation with Victor the day he told her that she had committed career suicide because she had pursued the case against him. Heather remembered that after she'd asked Victor if what he said was a threat, he'd told her to take it any way she wanted. Victor had menacingly added that Heather was playing with the wrong guy.

After suffering a professional blow, Heather bellied up to the GCAC bar and drowned her sorrows in bourbon. Victor approached and told Heather, after he learned that she'd been demoted, that she could redeem herself if Jack was found guilty of the crime she once pinned on him. Adrian joined Heather at the bar after he learned that Colleen was busy covering another worker's shift. After Adrian told Heather that he'd read about her failed case in the paper, Heather, loosed tongued, proclaimed herself an excellent prosecutor who followed the chain of evidence and investigated every lead with merit. Heather claimed that she only wanted to find the guilty one even though evidence was tainted and witnesses were paid off. Adrian assured Heather that sometimes things settled into place after being shaken. As Adrian and Heather talked, Adrian gave Heather a comforting pat on her arm. Colleen took notice as she waited tables nearby. When Maggie and Paul stopped by the club, they drew Heather away from the bar and invited her to dine with them. At Heather's insistence, Adrian joined the group. As Maggie, Paul, Heather, and Adrian made small talk about books they'd read, Colleen waited their table and served drinks. As the cheery party offered toasts to one another, Colleen looked on with a sneer.

After Paul, Maggie, Adrian, and a drunken Heather finished dinner, Heather asked Paul to drop her off at the office. Paul agreed to help when Heather claimed she had a hunch to prove, but before she left, she invited Adrian to a future book-club meeting. After Heather, Paul, and Maggie left, Colleen approached Adrian, who explained that Heather lost control of a big case. A jealous Colleen, a bit unsympathetic to Heather's plight, wiped Adrian's kiss off her lips after he walked away.

At the coffeehouse, Gloria thoroughly enjoyed herself as she planned her strategies intended to drive Jack crazy. Gloria enlisted Jeff's assistance, too, when she sent him out to hunt for tacky decor she hoped Jack and Sharon found intolerably offensive. After Jeff left to collect his belongings at the GCAC, Kevin, who'd watched his mother as she had animatedly interacted with her husband, grilled her about why it seemed as if she looked forward to living with her creepy husband. Gloria maintained that she had to act as if she was the victim of a man who married her for money and killed her to get rid of her. After Kevin asked how Gloria intended to oust the Abbotts, Gloria explained that Noah would be targeted and that Sharon would be forced to run for the hills to protect her son. Kevin thought that Jack and Sharon should witness Gloria's "murder," but Gloria assured her son the matter was handled.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack and Sharon prepared Noah for the invasion of Gloria and Jeffrey, who planned to move in after a judge ruled that Gloria owned half of John's estate. Noah expressed concern that Gloria had lost previous husbands to death, and he requested to move in with his dad and Phyllis. Sharon worried that Gloria would disrupt Noah's routine, but Jack wanted to keep his family intact. Jack planned to make Gloria sorry the judge had ever granted her the rights to even step inside his home. After Jack explained that he had no other choice than to allow his father's widow to move in, Noah questioned Jack about whether or not he planned to antagonize Gloria. As expected, Gloria arrived and Kevin tagged along. Gloria flopped down on the sofa and arrogantly announced that she was home! Jack protested when Gloria's movers delivered dated lamps, gaudy accessories and a mannequin covered with a hideous red-feathered boa, which Gloria placed near the entryway staircase. Jeff brought in a case of cheap champagne, which Gloria served when they toasted the arrival of her portrait. Sharon and Jack stood dazed when Kevin arrived with an oversized, Baroque-framed painting of Gloria, depicted with her arms folded defiantly at her waist. Kevin hung the painting up over the mantle, as Gloria offered Jack a glass of second-rate champagne. Jack refused. Jack likened Gloria's presence to the ninth-ring of hell when the movers placed her behemoth recliner in the living room. Gloria was flippantly settled into her La-Z-Boy when Jack vowed to put her out on the street again.

Jill encountered Jeff as he moved out of the GCAC. Jill was aghast at the idea of Gloria moving in with Jack. When Jeff came on a little strong, romantically, Jill was taken aback, but Jeff assured her he was just being friendly. Gloria showed up, and Jill egged her on with her plans to annoy Jack. Jill doubted that Jack would remain a problem for Gloria, who seemed pleased when Jill expressed her hopes that Jack would soon be jailed for Ji Min's murder.

At the GCAC, the district attorney, Dennis, apologized to Victor for Heather's role in Victor's arrest and failed prosecution in connection with Ji Min's murder case. Victor wasn't consoled and maintained that Heather had ruined his reputation and damaged the D.A.'s office. Victor also encountered David Chow at the club as David carried his luggage down the stairway into the lobby. Victor warned David to find another place to live if he intended to move in with Nikki on Victor's property. David told Victor that he and Nikki had begun to search for a place. Victor sarcastically suggested the slums of Tijuana. David just sighed and shook his head as Victor walked away.

At Jabot, Nikki immersed herself in new projects. Jill helped Nikki with the transition of power and commiserated with Nikki as she adjusted to life without Victor. David stopped by and Jill decided that Nikki had absorbed enough of Jabot for one day. David was happy when Nikki told him that she enjoyed taking the helm at Jabot, but David was disappointed that their planned business venture was put on hold. David's mood improved when Nikki offered him the position of co-CEO. When Nikki and David later met at the club, she told him that Nick had turned down her offer to join them at Jabot. A man approached and David's face grew tense. The man called David by name and thrust out his arm for a handshake and introduced himself as Walter Palin. David introduced Nikki to the man, but after he left, David was vague about how well he knew the man.

Victor stopped by the Chancellor estate because he wished to see Kay, but Jill told him that Kay was away at a doctor's appointment. Victor gave Jill a message for Kay. Victor said that Kay made a ludicrous mistake when she appointed Nikki to lead Jabot because Nikki wasn't qualified to run a company of its size. Jill told Victor that he no longer ran Nikki's life and that Nikki would make Jabot proud. Victor had the last word and told Jill that he had warned her that she was in for a big surprise.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Gloria wonders aloud how to go about getting Jack and Sharon out of the Abbott estate. She tells Kevin they can deal with the other problem at hand once Jack and Sharon are gone. Jeffrey comes downstairs and asks what problem they are talking about. Gloria admits that Jeffrey is her problem-after all, he's taking all her money and threatening to put her in jail. Jeffrey tells Gloria that he is upset that they are sleeping in separate beds. He says that she needs to get rid of the Abbots because he doesn't like sharing the estate. Gloria says that she has the perfect plan. She brings over a reporter friend who will tell her story about returning to the Jabot estate. When Jack comes home, he asks what's going on. When Gloria explains that the reporters are there to tell a story about her moving back into the Abbott mansion, Jack can't believe Gloria would go this far. The reporter asks Jack if a judge forced him to let Gloria live at the estate. Jack says that it was his father's wish to have Gloria live there. They are interrupted by a knock at the door. It's Maggie with a warrant to search the premises regarding the Ji Min Kim murder investigation.

Paul comes into Heather's office to find her passed out on the couch. When she awakens she apologizes for drinking too much bourbon the night before. Paul tells Heather that she did not fail, the evidence she had on Victor failed. Together they discuss the new prime suspect in the Ji Min murder case-Jack. Paul tells Heather that she should build a strong case before she tells her boss, Dennis. Heather disagrees with Paul, and decides to call Dennis right away. Heather tells Dennis about her evidence regarding the case. Dennis says that he will put Maggie on it. When Heather begs Dennis to put her back on the case, he says that it's not going to happen.

At the coffeehouse, Paul talks to Maggie about helping Heather with the Ji Min case. Paul says that he needs to give Heather time to trust him. When Heather comes to the coffeehouse, she admits that Dennis wouldn't bring her back on the case. Heather thanks Paul for being supportive of her.

Amber tells Daniel about her awful experience at the final Fresh Face of Jabot contest. Amber admits that Daniel was right. Phyllis shows up at the coffeehouse and is surprised to see Daniel's new hairstyle. She tells Daniel that she has some news about a potential job, but he has to change his hair first. Amber overhears that Phyllis's new proposition involves design and fashion, and Amber becomes excited that she may have an opportunity to work for Phyllis's project too. Daniel sees Heather sitting alone and comes by to cheer her up. He asks Kevin and Amber how they feel about throwing a party regarding their potential new jobs, and also as a way to cheer Heather up. Jana comments to Amber that Daniel and Heather are a cute couple. Jana can tell that Amber is jealous.

Victor tells Neil that Brad is sneaking around trying to get Nick's job. Neil says that Victor is going to be hard-pressed to find a replacement for Nick. Victor says the only way Nick will come back to Newman is if Nick makes the first move. Victor says that his own son didn't stand by him,, and declares the conversation closed because he doesn't want to talk about it anymore. His son will not be returning to his company.

Nick and Jack discuss plans for their new business. Jack wonders how Victor is going to feel about Nick working with Jack. Jack says that Victor is going to look at this as a personal betrayal. Nick says that's Victor's problem and he's not worried about it. Nick is fired up at the idea of their new project. Phyllis shows up and asks why Jack is looking so tired. Jack tells them about Gloria's latest schemes. To change the subject, Phyllis says that she has some ideas for their online fashion magazine. As they toast to their futures, Victor walks in. He stops by the table to find out why they are celebrating. Nick says that they will be working together on an online magazine. Victor says good luck, because online magazines do not make any money. When Jack offers his seat, Victor says that he does not want to have anything to do with them. Victor's words upset Nick. Phyllis tells him not to worry about it. J.T. calls Nick and tells them that Victoria took her first steps again and that they are getting married over the weekend. Nick says that they will be there.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Victoria was in bed as J.T. came in with a gift: a tuxedo t-shirt for baby Reed. A smiling Victoria said that their wedding would be perfect, but her mood seemed a little more ominous as she added, "it better be." After J.T. left, Victoria called Victor at his office and told him that everything was still on track for the nuptials. She seemed concerned that Victor was a bit distant, but he assured her that he was still extremely happy for her and was supportive of the marriage; he just had other things on his mind. Victoria told Victor she wanted him to do her a favor, but that she needed to ask him in person. Victor assured her he would stop by the ranch to see her.

In the Newman living room, Nikki was busy making last-minute wedding preparations. David came in and told her that he had finished calling everyone on the invitation list and that everyone said they would show up. Nick and Phyllis stopped by to see if there was anything they could do to help. Nick mentioned that since Noah was going to be the ring bearer, it seemed only appropriate that Sharon and Jack be invited. When Nikki said that Jack's presence would not make Victor happy, Nick suggested they not worry about that and just move on. Nick and Phyllis visited with Victoria, who asked Phyllis to be her matron of honor. Victoria realized she hadn't been originally supportive of Nick and Phyllis' marriage, but she now realized how good Phyllis was for her brother. Phyllis, who seemed pleasantly surprised by Victoria's invitation, agreed to serve as her matron of honor.

At the coffeehouse, J.T. told Paul he was marrying Victoria the next day. When Paul congratulated him, J.T. asked Paul to be his best man. Paul seemed honored and accepted J.T.'s offer.

As promised, Victor stopped by to see Victoria, and he told his smiling daughter that she was the only bright light in his life right now. She told him that Jack, David, and Nick would all be at the wedding and when Victor said this sounded like a motley crew, Victoria asked her favor: that Victor be on his best behavior with them at the wedding, as she wanted the day to be perfect. Victor promised he would and then left. Victoria tried to walk over to Reed's cradle, but didn't have the energy, and collapsed. When J.T. found her, she expressed her concern that she wouldn't have the strength to walk down the aisle. He told her that he and Victor wouldn't let her fall. Victoria expressed her love for J.T. as they kissed.

Later, at Crimson Lights, Nikki and David took a break from their wedding planning. When David suggested a double wedding (with himself and Nikki as the second couple), Nikki said that she almost felt sorry for Victor-that he had painted himself into a lonely corner.

At the Chancellor estate, Katherine was having her blood pressure taken by her doctor. He told her it was fine, but that she shouldn't plan on going out dancing any time soon. Cane came downstairs and appeared concerned that the doctor was there, but Katherine assured him it was just a routine check-up. The doctor opened the front door to leave and Amber was standing there. Cane wondered why every time he blinked his eyes Amber seemed to walk in. Katherine jumped to Amber's defense and told Cane that she had invited Amber. Cane questioned why Katherine was suddenly Amber's new best friend, but Katherine told him to leave Amber alone-that she trusted Amber. Amber told Cane that he needed to accept her friendship with Katherine, who was like a mentor to her. Amber asked why Cane wasn't at work, and he left. As soon as Amber heard the front door close, she asked Katherine why the doctor was there, wondering if Katherine had another one of her "spells." Katherine assured Amber that she was fine, and praised her for standing up to Cane. Katherine told her that she began jotting down thoughts for her memoirs, and when Amber asked her to read them, Katherine recited the beginning of Charles Dickens' "David Copperfield." When Amber admitted to never having read that book and asked Katherine how long it was, Katherine replied, "an entire lifetime-like my story." Later, they enjoyed themselves as Katherine related an amusing story about being rejected by a former lover. Amber went off to the kitchen to get them some tea, and upon returning found Katherine asleep on the couch. Amber gingerly placed a blanket on her, blew her a kiss, and left.

At the Abbott mansion, Sharon, who seemed surprised at how disheveled the house looked, arrived just in time to see Maggie and a few policemen leaving Jack in the living room. As Sharon asked Jack what the police had been looking for, Gloria, who was with Jeff, said that it probably had something to do with Ji Min's murder. Jack said the police found nothing, but Gloria countered with the fact that just because they found nothing didn't mean he didn't kill Ji Min-for now, Jack may have just gotten away with it.

Jack asked Sharon if Noah was upset with the police in the house, but Sharon said Noah thought it was "cool." When she asked Jack if she had anything to worry about, Jack assured her he had nothing to do with Ji Min's murder: that Victor set him up either because he blamed Jack for his arrest or because he didn't like the idea of Jack and Nick teaming up in their new business venture. Sharon warned Jack to be careful of Victor. At Crimson Lights, Maggie told Paul she had strong doubts that Jack was involved in Ji Min's death.

Later, Gloria suggested to Noah that he, Jack, and Sharon move out. Noah wanted to know why Gloria didn't leave. Gloria explained to Noah that Jack's father wanted her to have the house, but Noah said that John was dead and wouldn't want Jack to move out. Gloria told the boy that Jack had done some bad things. As Noah told Gloria how mean she was, Sharon came in, Noah went upstairs, and Sharon went off on Gloria, telling her that if she ever talked to Noah like that again, she would get a restraining order preventing Gloria from talking to Noah. Gloria accused Sharon of being a "drama queen," and suggested that Sharon, Jack, and Noah move out. When Sharon refused, Gloria told her to fasten her seat belt-it was going to be a bumpy night.

Sharon brought Noah over to Nick and Phyllis', where Noah opined that Gloria was evil. When Noah went upstairs to see Summer, Sharon told Nick that Gloria was "the Wicked Witch of the Midwest," and also told him that the police had ransacked the Abbott mansion looking for clues in Ji Min's death. Nick said that Jack was no killer, and Sharon told him that Jack thought Victor was behind it. Exasperated, she told Nick that she wanted to pack up and move to Miami. After Sharon left, Nick and Phyllis assured Noah that Gloria wouldn't be at his Aunt Victoria's wedding.

Back at the Abbott mansion, Gloria told Sharon that when Jack went to prison, she was going to completely redecorate. Jack and Sharon shivered at the thought, and when Jack suggested that Gloria might be the one behind the police search, Gloria said it had nothing to do with her-it was just Jack's past catching up with him. Later, Jeff and Gloria were listening to a Korean opera at an extremely loud volume, and Jack and Sharon came downstairs to find out what the racket was. The Abbotts decided to temporarily get a room at the Athletic Club (where they could plan their retaliation), but told Jeff and Gloria they were moving out permanently. After they left, Gloria told Jeff that she didn't trust them at all, and that they were probably planning on coming back.

Jill introduced Lily to Chloe, who was going to serve as Lily's fashion coordinator for the "Fresh Faces of Jabot" photo shoot. Lily told Chloe she learned quite a bit about modeling from Dru. Chloe knew of Dru's reputation as a model. As Chloe and Lily decided to have some lunch, Cane came in and it was obvious that Chloe thought Cane was "hot." At Crimson Lights for lunch, Chloe told Lily she felt the "sexual energy" between Lily and Cane. Neil came in, met Chloe, and was going to join the girls, but left after Cane showed up. When Chloe left the table to take a phone call, Lily told Cane that Neil needed to accept the fact that she was falling in love with Cane. Lily suggested that Cane should spent time with Neil so Neil could see he was a good guy, and Cane said he would make that his mission.

At Newman, Victor was on the phone inquiring about Hope's condition. He seemed quite concerned about the information he was receiving.

Jack went to see Victor at Jabot, and blamed Victor for setting up the police search at his home in retaliation for Jack's business venture with Nick. Victor told Jack that Nick could make any mistake he wanted to, even working with Jack. He asked Jack to leave the building.

Back in his office, Victor remembered the day he fired Nick-when Nick told Victor there was no one left to love him. Neil came in to see Victor, and Victor offered Neil the co-CEO position that had been Nick's. Neil was thrilled at his promotion, and they sealed the deal with a handshake. When Victor told Neil he needed him to hold down the fort, Neil wondered if Victor was going somewhere. When Neil left, Victor made a phone call: he said he wanted the jet standing by, because as soon as Victoria's wedding was over he was flying out of town.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Nick and Noah get dressed up for Victoria and J.T.'s wedding. Noah asks his father why Victor seems to be angry with him. Nick says not to worry; things will blow over in no time. Victoria tells Nikki that trying on her wedding dress wore her out. Nikki tells her to get some rest. Victoria says that she wants everything to be special for her special day. When Nikki goes downstairs, she is impressed with how beautiful they have made the Newman ranch. Victor says that he just hopes Victoria's marriage ends up better than theirs did. Nikki can't believe that Victor doesn't remember all the wonderful moments they have shared.

Victor thanks J.T. for making Victoria so happy. Victor tells J.T. that he is very impressed with how steadily J.T. has been there for Victoria and Reed. Victor welcomes J.T. to the family. J.T. goes upstairs to see Victoria. He says that he can't wait to see Reed in his little tuxedo. J.T. presents Victoria with a silver charm bracelet. Each charm represents something special in their lives-their son, their home, and their marriage. Victoria shows Nikki the bracelet. Nikki says that one day she will have so many charms the bracelet will be full. Victoria hugs her mother. When Victoria tries on her dress, Nikki and Katherine tell Victoria that she looks absolutely beautiful. Katherine brings her a borrowed blue ring to wear.

Victor makes a secret phone call to a doctor about Hope. When Nick, Phyllis, and Noah show up at the Newman ranch, Victor excuses himself. Brad shows up unannounced, but when he finds out that Victoria and J.T. are getting married, he decides to go. Noah makes a phone call to Abby to figure out a way to get Gloria to leave the Abbott mansion. Paul makes his entrance and congratulates J.T. Everyone takes their positions, and Victor grabs Victoria's arm. He asks her if she's ready. Victoria smiles at her father and says yes.

At the coffeehouse, Jack and Sharon discuss how they can't believe that Gloria is staying in their home while they stay in a hotel room. They discuss how to get Gloria out of the house, as well as how to get the DA off their backs. Amber goes up to them and inquires about the plans for their company. Jack says that he's seen Amber's drawings and was very impressed. When Amber brings her drawings to the table, Sharon is skeptical. Kevin looks at Amber's sketches and tells her that she has a lot of potential. Sharon has to pick up some things at the Abbott mansion, and Jack insists on going with her.

Jeffrey tells Gloria that he is going to take half a million dollars and invest it in a jet. Gloria gets irritated with the way Jeffrey enjoys spending money so freely. Kevin shows up after Jeffrey goes for a run. They discuss Jeffrey's odd behavior. Gloria thinks that there's something going on, she just can't put her finger on it. Kevin says that Jeffrey may actually be in love with her. Kevin tells Gloria that she should begin taking the poison in small doses so that it will be in her bloodstream for when they try to frame Jeffrey. Gloria seems frightened. As Gloria pours a little poison in her drink, Michael interrupts them. Michael asks them what their new plan is all about. Michael says that if they don't tell him what's going on immediately, he will turn Jeffrey over to the authorities for blackmail, and Gloria can pray that they are not in adjoining cells. Michael sees the poison and is shocked about what they are planning to do. Gloria says that it's not for Jeffrey, it's just a joke. Michael isn't buying it, but he is interrupted by a telephone call and has to leave. He tells Gloria that he is very close to letting her rot in prison. Michael tells Gloria that if she is planning any schemes, they won't work, because they never do. Kevin departs, too, and leaves Gloria alone with the poison. When Jeffrey interrupts a shaky Gloria about to drink some of the poison, Gloria goes off on Jeffrey. She screams that he's taking his antics too far. Jack and Sharon walk in on them arguing.

Friday, February 8, 2008

At the Newman ranch, Victoria and J.T.'s wedding began with Victor walking the bride down the aisle. Just before the minister spoke, Brad sneaked in and took a seat. The minister announced that J.T. and Victoria had written personal vows. J.T. went first, telling Victoria that while she was in her coma he had brought her lattes every day, and promised to bring her one every day for the rest of her life. He said her recovery was a miracle, and promised to give her his love, and be the best husband and father he could be. He vowed to honor her for the rest of his life. Victoria promised to drink all the lattes, and cherish the strength of his love and the protection of his arms. She said she had dreamed of this moment since she was a little girl, but this was better than she had imagined. She promised to love him until the day she died. They took each other as their lawfully wedded spouse and exchanged rings, each declaring that they would wear their ring as a symbol of their love and devotion to each other. When the minister declared them husband and wife, all the guests were smiling, except for the serious-looking Brad.

Later, Victor spoke to Victoria and J.T. and told Victoria that she was the most beautiful bride ever, and that he was glad that J.T. was there to support her as well. David broke out the champagne and toasted the bride and groom, which prompted Victor to move away from the celebrants. Victoria spoke privately with Brad and told him she was surprised to see him there. He said it was wonderful that she and J.T. were so happy, and that things seemed to turn out the way they were supposed to. Victoria thanked him for being gracious.

Away from the guests, Nikki told Victor (who was on his cell phone) that he seemed preoccupied. He ignored her and walked away. When David joined Nikki, she told him that she was worried about Victor. David commented that Victor seemed more grumpy than usual, perhaps because he realized he had lost Nikki. Later, Katherine asked Nikki what was wrong with Victor. Nikki said that she tried to find out, but Victor wouldn't talk to her.

Paul congratulated J.T. and asked if a honeymoon was in the works. J.T. said that Victoria was still a little weak for that-besides, he was starting his new job as head of security for Newman Enterprises the next day. Paul told J.T. how much he would miss him, and J.T. told Paul how much he appreciated all Paul had done for him.

Sharon came by to pick Noah up so she could tuck him in at Nick and Phyllis'. Victoria and the wedding party were in the midst of taking pictures, and Sharon couldn't help but notice how beautiful Victoria looked. Sharon congratulated Victoria, and afterwards ran into Brad. Sharon and Brad seemed extremely uncomfortable around each other, and as Sharon quickly ended their encounter by going off after Noah, a forlorn-looking Brad stared after her.

Outside the front door, Victor was on his cell phone, telling the person on the other end that "they needed to leave tonight" in order to avoid an approaching snowstorm. Katherine joined him as his phone call ended, and said that something must be terribly wrong for him to be outside in the cold. She wanted to know what was going on. Victor told her that Hope was terminally ill with pancreatic cancer. He couldn't believe that Victoria was starting a new life as Hope's was about to end. Katherine learned that Hope and Victor didn't know where Victor Jr. was. Katherine thought he needed to be with Hope at a time like this.

Inside, the happy bride and groom were feeding each other wedding cake as the guests looked on. When Nikki told Nick that something seemed to be bothering Victor, Nick said that perhaps Victor realized he had no family left.

Brad told Paul he knew Jack was being re-examined as a suspect in Ji Min's murder, and asked Paul for more information. Paul told him all he knew was that the district attorney was reopening the case. Brad told Paul he thought Jack was guilty. After all, said Brad, Jack had everything to lose if Ji Min went public with the information that Jack really owned Jabot. Sharon overheard the entire conversation.

In Victoria's bedroom, Victor told his daughter that he was leaving for a while, but he couldn't tell her for how long, or where or why he was going. He told her not to worry, as she was in good hands with J.T.

Downstairs, the reception was starting to wind down. Paul offered Katherine a ride home, but Katherine remembered that Victoria hadn't thrown the bridal bouquet. Victoria threw it, and Nikki caught it. Katherine and Paul left, and J.T. carried Victoria upstairs, as a smiling Victor looked on. Later, in Victoria's bedroom, J.T. and Victoria were glad to finally be alone. As J.T. put her on the bed, Victoria told him how happy and complete she felt.

Phyllis and Nick returned home and found Sharon, who had just put Noah to bed. Sharon was glad Noah was asleep, as he was exhausted from everything going on with Gloria at the Abbott's. Nick told her that Noah could stay with him and Phyllis as long as necessary. When Nick asked after Jack, Sharon told him that Jack was irritated with Gloria and was being re-investigated in the Ji Min case. Nick and Phyllis assured her that all of that would blow over, and Sharon left. When Phyllis said how beautiful Victoria had looked, Nick told her that Victoria was the second most beautiful bride he had ever seen. He and Phyllis began what looked to be a night of romance.

Back at the Newman ranch, Nikki and David joked about making wedding plans, since Nikki had caught Victoria's bouquet. They began kissing, and didn't even notice as Victor left the house with a packed suitcase.

At Kevin's, Daniel and Amber prepared for the get-together to cheer up Heather. Amber mixed her special punch, which contained a lot of alcohol. Later, Kevin and Jana arrived, along with some friends, Lindsay and Mitch. Just as Heather arrived (with a bottle of wine), a slightly tipsy Amber made a grand re-entrance in an outfit of her own design, and carrying a karaoke machine. When Daniel asked Heather if the party reminded her of college, she replied that it really didn't, as she had spent most of her time at college studying. Amber seemed jealous of Daniel's attentiveness to Heather.

Colleen and Adrian showed up at the party. Rather than having Amber's liquor-laced punch, Adrian shared a glass of wine with Heather, as they discussed books they were reading. When Daniel interrupted, Adrian rejoined Colleen. Amber seemed terribly alone as she saw Daniel with Heather, Kevin with Jana, Mitch with Lindsay, and Colleen with Adrian. A terribly off-key Colleen was the first to sing karaoke, and the group teased her. They tried to get Heather to go next, but she became extremely upset when they pushed too hard. When Adrian asked her if she was okay, she sarcastically said she was having a great time. Observing Adrian and Heather talking, Kevin commented that they were one "erudite" couple. When Jana said that they seemed uptight, Colleen said that Heather was, but Adrian usually wasn't.

Heather was about to leave, but Daniel talked her into staying a while longer. Amber sang a haunting love ballad, and informed the impressed group that she had written it herself. After Amber's song, Heather left, and Amber, to herself, said, "there goes Cinderella, and she didn't even leave a glass slipper."

Later, with everyone gone, an inebriated Amber asked Daniel if he thought her song was really good. As he assured her that she was awesome, they drew close and began kissing. They pulled apart and Daniel told an agreeing Amber that this was a bad idea. They immediately started kissing again, then began undressing.

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