The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of August 4, 2008 on Y&R
Colleen asked Daniel out on a date. Lily demanded that Chloe get a paternity test. Lily accepted Cane's proposal. Michael discovered that his father, Lowell, was living under the alias 'Richard.' Skye was found gruesomely murdered. Distraught over Sabrina's death, Victor left town.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of August 4, 2008 on Y&R
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Monday, August 4, 2008

At Restless Style's headquarters, Sharon celebrated the successful sale of four additional printings of their latest issue. After Jack suggested a fifth printing might be in order, Sharon questioned whether or not Jack had a heart, given the circumstances of Victor's tremendous loss. Jack affirmed that he would not wish Victor's sorrow on his worst enemy. Jack told Sharon that the flowers he had sent to the Newman ranch had been refused. Sharon said she wished Victor could understand that the article printed about Sabrina was just business and had not been meant to be personal.

Jack amplified the look of concern on Sharon's face when he noted that Victor would never let the matter drop, since Sabrina was dead. Sharon worried that Victor might come after Jack, but Jack said he would avoid Victor for a while. Jack claimed that Victor would never accept an apology, and Jack said he would not offer one. Jack thought that Victor might sue him or try to break his jaw, but Jack noted that war with Victor had always been part of his life. Jack labeled Victor a bully and vowed never to let his guard down. Sharon told Jack that she supported him, but she warned Jack to look over his shoulder just the same. Sharon left, but Jack said he would be home later.

At the hospital's waiting area, Victoria and Nick comforted each other after Victor harshly rejected their attempts to offer support and comfort. Nick said he had left a message for their mother to let her know that Sabrina had died. Nick worried that Nikki might try to see Victor, but Victoria vowed that they would keep their mother away from their father.

In Sabrina's hospital room, Victor sat forlornly by Sabrina's bedside. Nikki walked in and said, "I am so sorry. I just had to come. I wished none of this had happened, so you wouldn't be going through this. I want to be your friend again, if you need someone to lean on." Victor sat motionless as Nikki poured out her heart. Nikki told Victor that she understood that he might hold her responsible because of David.

Suddenly, Victor turned, grabbed Nikki by the arm, and jerked her nearer Sabrina's bed. Victor said gruffly, "Do you understand this? You waltz in here full of excuses and apologies as if this were some kind of a misunderstanding." Victor tightened his grip on Nikki's arm and his voice grew louder as he continued yelling. Nikki winced in pain and told Victor that he was hurting her.

Victor became even more enraged and told Nikki, "I am hurting you! You think this is a loss, as if I'd misplaced something? How dare you come in here? You have blood on your hands! You brought the killer here. I can't stand you!"

Nikki maintained her composure and calmly said, "Victor, if you hate me and blame me for everything, that's fine. I will deal with that, but not now when you're in so much pain. And whether you believe it or not, my heart goes out to you." Orderlies arrived and explained that they needed to pick up the deceased. Victor rose slowly, kissed Sabrina's forehead, and then he lifted the sheet and placed it gently over Sabrina's face. Victor hunched over Sabrina's body, held his head in his hands, and cried softly. Nikki averted her gaze and bit down on her quivering lower lip.

After Victor emerged from Sabrina's room, Nikki approached him. Victor told Nikki that he had warned her about Chow, but she had not listened. Nikki stood still as a statue and calmly pleaded that she was not responsible for the accident. Nick and Victoria walked up and stood behind their mother. Victor's anguish gave way to anger.

Without pausing for breath, Victor blasted Nikki with a string of accusatory pronouncements. "This was no accident. You damn well know it wasn't an accident. This was an execution. It was murder. David Chow was a member of the mob. He's a killer. You brought him into our lives. I hold you responsible."

Nikki calmly told Victor that she hadn't created the monster, but she was there to offer comfort and support. "No matter how many times we divorce, Victor, we are family, all of us," Nikki pointed out sympathetically. When the orderlies rolled Sabrina's body past Victor, he pointed to his wife's lifeless body and asked rhetorically, "Do you know where they're taking her?" Nick pleaded with his father and said, "Dad, don't do this." Victor seethed with anger as he loomed over Nikki and said that Sabrina had never harmed anyone.

Victor continued his tirade and added, "She loved me more than anyone has ever loved me, no strings attached. She just loved me, and now she's gone. They're taking her to the cold and sterile morgue where they'll put a tag on her toe. Then they'll stick her in a drawer." Nikki cried softly and pressed her palm against her chest as if her heart were ripping open. Nick protested again, but Victor fixed a livid gaze at Nikki and added, "I wish they'd stick you in that drawer." Victor turned and walked away. Victoria took her stunned mother into her arms as Nikki gasped, "Oh, my God."

At Victoria's house, Nick and Victoria comforted Nikki but noted that she should not have visited the hospital. Nikki admitted that she hadn't expected Victor's harshness, but she understood how hurt Victor felt. Nikki feared that Victor would lash out at everyone until his behavior culminated into Victor hurting himself. Nikki wanted to go back to her place, but Victoria and Nick protested. Nikki claimed that she was stronger than they thought she was, but Victoria began crying and explained that she needed her mother's comfort.

Nikki hugged Victoria and suggested that she rest. Nikki stepped out on the porch, and Victoria told Nick she was worried about their mother. Nick worried that Nikki had been deeply wounded by Victor's vicious tirade. Victoria was concerned that the morphine David had put into Nikki's drink might push their mother off the wagon. On the porch, Nikki looked up to the night skies, grasped her cross pendant, and fervently recited the Serenity Prayer.

Victor visited Sabrina's office at the art gallery and loving touched the statue he had given her as a gift. He inserted a CD into a player, pushed play, and listened with a heavy heart as Bizet's "Flower Song" from Carmen filled the empty spaces of the room. From his office above the art gallery, Jack heard Victor's opera music. Jack walked into the gallery and stood behind Victor. Jack left without being seen, and Victor sunk into a chair and gently bobbed his head in time with the song as tears streamed down his cheeks.

At Crimson Lights, Karen joined Devon and Ana, and Devon explained that he needed Karen's help. Devon said that after singing with Ana at the gala, he had reconsidered pursuing music instead of business. Ana cheered Devon's decision. Karen thought Devon wanted to change his major, but Devon explained that he wanted to quit school altogether and focus on composing music. Devon noted that Neil would balk because Devon's plan did not involve a college degree. Karen was taken aback when Devon told her that he wanted her to back him up when he approached Neil.

At Neil's apartment, Neil told Tyra that his boss's wife had died. Neil added that Victor needed a good friend, but Neil said that he was hesitant to offer support. Neil removed his tie and sunk into the sofa as he told Tyra how Victor had been a rock for him when Dru had died. Tyra listened as Neil recalled that his life had changed in a flash when he'd lost his wife. Tyra, seated beside Neil, took his hand and urged him to continue. Neil told Tyra about Dru's accident on the cliff. Neil explained that he'd drunk to numb his pain and that he'd lashed out at everyone after Dru's death. Tyra comforted Neil when he told her that he felt the same level of pain as he had just after Dru died.

Neil seemed a bit relieved after he unburdened his soul, and he explained that he hadn't talked about what had happened to Dru in a long time. Tyra asked Neil if he had ever discussed his feelings with Karen. Neil confessed that he and Karen had not connected in the same personal way. Tyra said she wished for a love like Neil had shared with Dru because no one had ever loved her that way, not even Ana's father. Neil took Tyra in his arms and hugged her just as Devon, Ana, and a stunned Karen walked in the door.

Ana and Tyra left the room after Karen announced that Devon wished to speak to Neil. Neil was stunned when Devon announced his plans. Neil immediately challenged Devon's idea to quit school and compose music and insisted that Devon complete his education. Devon said that music made him feel alive again, and it was what he truly loved. Devon claimed that he would take crappy jobs as long as he could pursue music. Neil reminded Devon that he and Dru had invested time and energy into Devon's future, and Neil did not want Devon to live in squalor without a backup plan.

Karen chimed in and encouraged Neil to consider Devon's desire to pursue his dream. Neil still protested, but Devon urged Neil to just think about Devon's plan to concentrate solely on music. After Devon left the room, Karen sheepishly said, "He asked me to help out." Neil rolled his eyes in frustration. Karen pressed Neil to speak up if he was angry.

Neil said he felt railroaded, and Karen noted that sometimes Neil seemed unavailable. Neil told Karen that Sabrina had died, and Karen was saddened. Ana and Tyra returned, and Karen requested Tyra's help to carry in luggage, while Ana stayed inside with Neil. In the hallway, Karen firmly suggested that Tyra should find her own place because she had a job. Tyra silently acknowledged Karen's rebuff.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Jana fretted over funeral arrangements for Sabrina. Kevin took Jana a bouquet of licorice. He told Jana that she didn't need to take so much on herself. Jana said that she wanted to do it for Sabrina and her baby. Kevin made her promise that after the funeral, she would focus on their wedding. Kevin worked on the computer for a while then excitedly told Michael and Jana that he'd set everything up. They were to be married a week from Friday -- in Malibu.

Adam helped Victor take some of Sabrina's things outside. When he offered to help Victor in any way he could, he realized that Victor had gone upstairs. When Michael stopped by, he was surprised to see that Victor was already getting rid of Sabrina's belongings. Michael asked Victor if he was okay with having Sabrina's funeral the next day. Victor told Michael to do whatever he wanted. Michael said that he'd called Sabrina's mother, which Adam wasn't pleased to hear.

Michael told Victor he needed to know what Victor wanted him to do. Victor didn't say anything. Adam explained that Victor had been acting that way all day. Michael tried to talk some sense into Victor. He said that Victor had been there for him when he'd needed Victor. He asked Victor not to get rid of Sabrina's things so quickly. Victor told Michael to leave. Victor looked out the window and thought about when he'd found the necklace Sabrina had worn on the night of the accident.

Paul talked to J.T. about Nikki and Victor. J.T. said that Nikki had decided to sell her horse Athena, since David had purchased the horse for her. J.T. said that he'd tried to get in touch with Victor, but Victor hadn't returned any of his calls. Paul went to the stables to organize a pickup for Athena. He smelled something unusual and tracked the smell to something hidden underground.

Paul began to dig, but when he began to choke, he asked the ranch hand to call the cops right away. When J.T. arrived on the scene, Paul explained that he'd found a body. Paul told J.T. that Adam's friend Skye had played poker with David before she'd disappeared. He thought the body might be Skye's.

Adam talked to Heather about Skye. He realized that he might be jumping to conclusions about her disappearance. When Heather met Adam at the coffeehouse, she said that she had to cancel their lunch reservations. She said that Paul had found a body, and it might have something to do with David Chow. Adam insisted that he go to the stables with her.

When Adam told Paul that he could identify the body, Paul said that would be impossible. The body was too damaged to identify. When Adam saw the body, he insisted that it was not Skye. Paul said they'd found a class ring on the body. When Adam saw it, he realized that it was from Harvard, where they had both met.

Daniel ran into Amber at the coffeehouse. They shared an uncomfortable silence. Lily, Cane, and Chloe entered the coffeehouse at the same time. Chloe explained that she was there to see Daniel. When Daniel offered her a coffee, Chloe said she was strictly an herbal tea girl. When Daniel asked if Chloe was pregnant, Chloe looked at Cane and Lily and apologized for mentioning it in front of them. Lily told Chloe that she should be apologizing for lying. Chloe and Lily argued back and forth about the pregnancy.

Daniel asked Lily if she'd mind if he sat down with her. Daniel admitted to Lily that he and Amber had broken up. Lily wondered if Daniel was still in love with Amber. He said that he was, but he wasn't sure if he could forgive Amber for what she'd done. Amber and Daniel's eyes met, but then Adrian walked in.

Adrian talked to Amber about his ruined career. Amber was surprised, considering Adrian's article had gotten so much publicity. Adrian said the article had destroyed his reputation. Amber suggested that Adrian go back to teaching. Adrian said that he'd been thinking about leaving Genoa City. He was going to move to Maine. Amber said that she would miss him.

Adrian asked if Daniel would mind if he hugged Amber goodbye. Amber said it didn't matter and gave him a big hug. As Daniel looked on, Colleen asked him if he'd like to go to the movies. Daniel said it was a date.

Chloe told Cane that she was carrying his baby, not the plague. Cane rolled his eyes and wondered what Chloe wanted. Chloe told him that Lily had ripped up her sonogram picture of the baby. Cane went to Lily and wondered if she was upset about seeing the picture of the sonogram. Lily said that she wasn't going to let Chloe's craziness get under their skin. Devon and Lily tried to think of ways to get Chloe out of their lives. Lily went up to Chloe and asked her to take a DNA test.

Devon and Tyra argued about Ana pursuing music. Tyra felt that Ana needed to get a degree before anything else. Devon said that she sounded a lot like Neil. Neil walked in and said that he was right. Neil told Tyra that he didn't want them to move out. He said that he enjoyed having them there with him. Tyra said she would think about staying.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

At the Hellstroms', J.T. said that people were flying in from all over the world to attend Sabrina's funeral, but Victor remained "shut off." Nick and Phyllis showed up. Nikki told the group that she wouldn't be attending the funeral -- she said that the Hellstoms and the Newmans needed to focus on Victor and not worry about her. J.T. spoke to Paul on the phone. Paul said that he would stop by to visit Nikki later. J.T. told Paul that he hadn't mentioned the body found in the stable to Nikki.

Phyllis sarcastically told Nick that Jack would probably commission another article about Sabrina to keep Restless Style's sales figures up. Nick regretted that the article about Sabrina would be the last thing many people would remember about her. Phyllis suggested that she and Nick could let Jack and Sharon buy them out -- but reminded Nick that he was passionate about Restless Style.

After the Newmans and the Hellstroms left for the funeral, Paul stopped by and told Nikki that a woman's body had been found at the stable where Athena had been kept. Nikki asked if David had been responsible for the woman's death, and Paul said that it looked like David had been. There was a delivery at the door -- a box containing David's ashes. Nikki just stared at the box, and Paul reminded her that the important thing was that David was gone -- and that David wouldn't be able to hurt anyone else. After Paul left, Nikki eyed a bottle of liquor, and her eyes began filling with tears.

At Crimson Lights, Paul told Michael that someone named Lowell Baldwin had been arrested for petty theft and was being held at the Ashton County jail. Paul asked Michael if it might be "his" Lowell Baldwin. Michael replied that if Lowell Baldwin were a criminal, then there definitely was a family resemblance. Lauren asked Michael if it would be the end of the search for his father -- or if Michael wanted to find out more.

Kevin said that Michael ought to at least meet him. Lauren disagreed -- she thought Michael should end the search. Michael agreed with Lauren -- he decided he didn't want to put himself, Lauren, and Fen through meeting Lowell. Kevin reminded Michael that "knowledge is power." Michael said that he knew where Lowell was -- and that he wanted to leave it at that.

On the patio, Jana admired Daniel's sketch of Sabrina. Daniel wondered if Victor would still want it. Jana said there was only one way to find out.

At the Winterses', Ana and Devon worked on a song while Tyra helped Neil dress for the funeral. Ana said that she was sorry that Sabrina had died -- Sabrina had loved art like Ana and Devon loved music. Devon said that it was important to pursue one's dreams, since one never knew when their life might end. Neil and Tyra countered that Devon could still have his dreams while pursuing a college degree. Devon joked that sometimes he wished that he didn't have his cochlear implant. Karen stopped by and was upset when she saw Tyra adjusting Neil's tie.

Before Karen and Neil left for Sabrina's funeral, they listened to the song that Ana and Devon were composing. When Karen said that they were really talented, Tyra said that talent didn't pay the rent. After Neil and Karen left, Ana said, "Isn't Karen great?" Tyra replied, "Oh, she's something, all right."

At the Newman ranch, Adam told Victor that Skye's body had been found -- and that David Chow had probably murdered her. Victor quickly expressed his regret then walked away without saying another word.

Daniel stopped by the Newman ranch, expressed his condolences, and gave Victor an envelope containing the sketch of Sabrina. Victor coldly thanked Daniel and told him to show himself out. Victor didn't open the envelope.

At the chapel, Katherine had a "discussion" with God -- she wondered why He sometimes took the young ones. Why, she wondered, didn't He take the old ones like her? Katherine said that when it was her time, she was going to sit down and have a long talk with Him.

Jill joined Katherine. When Jill began discussing Jabot's sales figures, Katherine cut her off, saying that it was inappropriate to talk business in the chapel. Katherine said that she wanted Nikki to be a part of any business discussion they had. When Jill implied that Nikki should resign, Katherine told Jill that Nikki was hurting as badly as Jill was. Before she walked off, Katherine told her daughter to focus on Victor's grief.

Jill was surprised to see Brad at the chapel. When Jill asked Brad why he was there, he said he was there to pay his respects. When Jill asked when he and Victor had become friends, Brad said that Victor had lost his wife, and that made animosity seem petty. Brad told Jill that he wanted to discuss the Jabot CEO position with her at a future date. Jill said, "Fine by me."

At the chapel, Nick and J.T. told Victoria that she needed to be strong for Victor -- she needed to let her father know that he wasn't alone. The Newmans and the Hellstroms were shocked to see Brad at the chapel. Nick and Phyllis walked away, and Nick told Phyllis that he had decided not to sell their half of Restless Style to the Abbotts. Nick said that the magazine was as much his and Phyllis' as it was the Abbotts', and that he wasn't giving up -- especially to Jack.

The Baldwins, Kevin, and Jana arrived at the chapel. Michael became stressed out when he saw that some flowers hadn't arrived. When Michael walked away to deal with the flower situation, Lauren and Kevin decided that Michael was having an anxiety attack because of Lowell. Lauren said she thought it was good that Michael was dropping the search, but Kevin doubted that Michael would actually drop it. Lauren was concerned that Michael might meet Lowell and find out something he didn't want to know. Kevin said that Michael should meet his father -- and get some questions answered.

Adam arrived and told Nick that he had lost someone -- an old friend from Harvard Business School. Victoria was sickened when Adam started talking about the decomposition of Skye's body, and J.T. and Nick firmly told Adam to stop. Adam continued, blaming Nikki for drawing that "psychopath" David Chow into their lives. Nick lunged at Adam, but J.T. intervened. Adam said he expected Nick to defend Nikki -- since Nick was his mother's son. Adam asked Victoria, J.T., Nick, and Phyllis why none of them had called or visited Victor. Adam said, "What the hell is wrong with you people? Why are you even here?"

Kenneth, Sabrina's friend from New York, introduced himself to Daniel. He told Daniel that Sabrina had sent him some of Daniel's sketches and that he was interested in arranging a showing of Daniel's work. Daniel was thrilled when Kenneth gave him his business card.

Lauren told Michael that she had changed her mind -- she said that Michael needed to see Lowell and that if he didn't, Michael would always wonder about him. Later, Michael decided to see his father and asked Kevin to join him on his "road trip" to the Ashton County jail.

Victoria approached Jill and asked her to encourage Nikki to return to Jabot. Jill said that David Chow was the reason that Jabot was in turmoil -- and that Nikki had gotten David into Jabot. Jill said that she didn't want Nikki back at Jabot. Victoria told Jill that if Nikki didn't return to Jabot, she wasn't returning either. Jill said, "Suit yourself."

Neil and Karen arrived at the chapel. Neil wondered why Tyra was looking for an apartment -- he wondered if he had done something to offend Tyra. Karen said that she had suggested that Tyra look for an apartment. Neil was angry with Karen for telling Tyra to move out. Karen said that Tyra was only supposed to be staying at Neil's temporarily and that the real question was why Neil was holding Tyra back.

With everyone assembled at the chapel, Adam and Nick both tried to call Victor to find out where their father was. When the pastor walked into the chapel, he was shocked to see all the people there. He informed the crowd that Victor had cancelled the funeral -- that Sabrina had been buried privately earlier that day -- with only Victor in attendance. Nick said that they needed to find Victor.

Back at the ranch, the Newmans and the Hellstroms looked everywhere for Victor, with no luck. Adam joined them and said that Victor wouldn't want them there. Nick and Adam began to fight with each other, but once again, J.T. separated them. Adam said that even if he knew where Victor was, he wouldn't tell them.

At the Winterses', Ana sang a song called, "How Can I Keep from Singing?" Karen began crying, hugged Ana, and said that her mother had sung that song to her when Karen was a little girl.

Kevin and Michael left on their "road trip."

Daniel stared at Kenneth's business card. He began calling Amber but decided not to.

Victoria stared at a teary-eyed Adam, who looked lovingly at a picture of Skye. Victoria then found Daniel's sketch of Sabrina and began caressing it

Katherine arrived at the Hellstroms' and was concerned that Nikki wasn't there. Her concern mounted when she saw the Alcoholics Anonymous Big Book, with Nikki's small crucifix on top of it.

Nikki dumped David's ashes into a wheelbarrow filled with hay and horse manure.

Wearing sunglasses, Victor handed a ticket to a man and boarded a rickety old school bus. He took a seat on the bus, stared out the window, and remembered that morning -- when he had placed a single rose on Sabrina's grave and had blown her a final kiss.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Nick and Victoria frantically tried to find Victor, but he was nowhere to be found. Paul checked to see if Victor had taken the Newman jet and the airlines. Victoria wondered if Victor had possibly boarded a bus, but Nick didn't think Victor would do that. Paul suggested that Victor's disappearance might have something to do with foul play involving David. Paul said another possibility was that Victor was out for revenge.

Adam guessed that Victor's disappearance was his own doing. When Adam suggested that Nick shouldn't even care, they began arguing. Nick was angry to hear that Victor had cut Nick out of his will. Nick told Adam that he wasn't a part of the Newman family.

Neil and Adam discussed taking over Victor's duties at Newman while Victor was away. Adam said that he would be in charge of Newman. He said that Neil wasn't family, and he was.

Jana, Victoria, and J.T. decided to go to Sabrina's grave to say goodbye. Victoria sat by Sabrina's grave and apologized for what she'd done to her. She asked Sabrina to forgive her for saying that Sabrina's love for Victor wasn't real. Victoria said that she was sorry she hadn't gotten to share in Sabrina's happiness as a true friend should.

Katherine told Nikki that Victor had disappeared without a word, had cancelled Sabrina's funeral, and had instead held a private funeral. Nikki said that Victor seemed worse off than she'd thought. Katherine said that she was more worried about Nikki. She said she'd stopped over to visit Nikki, and all she'd found was an A.A. book and Nikki's cross. Katherine asked Nikki if she'd fallen off the wagon.

Nikki admitted that the morphine had caused her cravings for alcohol to return. She said to top it all off, David's ashes had been dropped off at her house. Nikki said she'd done what she'd had to do: dumped David's ashes in a nice pile of horse manure. Nikki told Katherine that she was unfit for keeping her job at Jabot. When Victoria and Nick stopped over to tell Katherine and Nikki that Victor had disappeared, Nikki tried to call Victor. Victor's cell phone rang in Sabrina's grave.

Neil stopped by to ask Cane why he hadn't proposed to Lily. Cane said that the time hadn't been right yet. When Lily asked Cane who had been at the door, Cane said it had been a salesperson. Lily researched online about how to do a DNA test. Chloe said that she wasn't going through with it. Lily said that Chloe had no choice.

After Chloe took the DNA test, she told Jana that she and Cane were to be married. Jana wondered what had happened with Lily. Chloe said that when it was proven that she was pregnant with Cane's child, everything would change. Jana went to Neil and told him that he had to be devastated about Lily. Neil wondered what she was talking about. Jana said that Chloe was pregnant and that Cane might be the father.

Cane and Lily sat down for dinner and felt relieved to be away from Chloe. Cane told Lily that the other day at the gala, he'd wanted to tell her something but that Chloe had ruined it. He said it was the perfect moment. Lily said that very moment was just as beautiful. Cane gave Lily a fortune cookie. When she cracked it, inside was the engagement ring he'd bought for her. She smiled and said yes.

Michael worried about what it would be like to see his father. Kevin said that it couldn't be any worse than what Kevin had experienced with his own father. Michael went into the visitor's room and asked if his father knew who he was. His father said he'd been running from the law and had lost touch with Michael and his mother.

When Michael asked what Gloria had been like when Michael was little, Lowell didn't say anything. Michael could tell that the man was not his father. He asked what had happened to his father. The man impersonating Lowell said that Michael's real father had switched identities with him. He said that his real name was Richard Garrick.

Just then, an officer appeared and asked why Lowell's fingerprints hadn't matched a murder that he'd been accused of 30 years earlier. Michael said it was because the fingerprints would match another man named Richard Garrick. The man impersonating Michael's father apologized for lying to Michael. He said that Michael's father had talked about him, and he asked if that was enough. Michael said it was never enough. When Michael told Kevin what had happened, Kevin said that at least Michael had found out more information about his father. Michael felt that they were back to square one.

Friday, August 8, 2008

At Restless Style, Jack and Sharon discussed how successful the third issue of the magazine had been. They decided that, in order to keep up sales, they would need a really "killer" story for the fourth issue.

Later, Sharon and Jack watched Heather holding a press conference. Heather announced that the Ji Min Kim murder case had been solved -- David Chow had been the killer. Heather also mentioned Skye's murder and said that the district attorney's office was investigating Chow's possible involvement in that case. The Abbotts were astonished -- Jack said that Nikki had married a hit man.

Jack decided that the story of David Chow was just what they needed for the next issue. When Sharon remarked that David's story would involve people they cared about, Jack told her that he would be part of the story as well -- after all, Chow had been his campaign manager. Sharon said that Nick would hate the idea. Jack decided to try to get Nikki's cooperation with the article.

Paul visited Nikki at the Hellstroms'. She told Paul that Victor had probably left to try to cope with Sabrina's death and that Paul wouldn't be able to find him. Paul suggested that Nikki return to work at Jabot. Nikki told Paul that she had tendered her resignation and no longer had any interest in Jabot.

Later, Jack stopped by to pitch the Chow article to Nikki. Nikki was aghast at the suggestion that she use her personal heartbreak to sell Jack's magazine. Jack told Nikki that they were going to do the article with or without her cooperation. He was surprised when Nikki told him that Victor had disappeared.

Jack returned to Restless Style, and Sharon said she wasn't surprised that Nikki wasn't cooperative. Jack told Sharon about Victor's disappearance. When Sharon expressed concern about Victor, Jack assured her that Victor would be fine.

At the Newman ranch, Paul, Adam, Neil, Nick, and J.T. discussed possible reasons for Victor's disappearance. When the subject of foul play came up, Adam dismissed calling the FBI, saying that if word got out that Victor was missing, it could affect Newman Enterprises' stock. Adam said that Victor had left knowing that Adam would take control of Newman Enterprises.

An irritated Neil reminded Adam that Victor had put Neil in charge of the company after Sabrina died. Nick was angry with Adam for caring more about the company than Victor's disappearance. J.T. and Paul said they were still trying to get the location of Victor's cell phone. Nick said that if there weren't any more information about Victor's whereabouts by the end of that day, he was going to call the authorities.

There was clearly tension between Neil and Adam as they discussed the Granville Global expansion. Adam wanted to expand into new markets immediately -- Neil said that they should wait until after the presidential election. When Estella entered, Adam, acting very much the man of the house, asked her if his dry cleaning had arrived -- he also told her to prepare dinner for two, as he was expecting Heather Stevens. Neil snidely told Adam that he was glad that Victor's disappearance hadn't made a dent in Adam's social life. Adam told Neil not to presume how he felt about his father.

Heather joined a distracted Adam at the ranch. Adam swore her to secrecy and told her about Victor's disappearance. Adam told Heather that everyone thought he didn't care about Victor but that they were mistaken. He told Heather that Victor had disappeared without warning before -- most recently when he had gone to Kansas to care for the dying Hope. When Heather suggested they report Victor's disappearance to the authorities, Adam said that they couldn't -- Adam didn't want his father's disappearance to become a media circus. He said that Nick and Victoria would probably try to run Newman Enterprises into the ground -- and that he might need to take some action to make sure that didn't happen.

At Crimson Lights, Nick and Phyllis met with Brad. Nick told Brad that Restless Style was a success -- but that Jack was running the magazine like a dictator. Nick told Brad he wanted to buy Jack out, but he didn't have the money. Nick and Phyllis asked Brad if he wanted to buy Jack out and become part owner of Restless Style. Nick and Phyllis told Brad that he would be a silent partner -- the Newmans would be in charge of the day-to-day operations at the magazine. Brad declined their offer, intimating that he would soon be CEO at Jabot. When Brad left, Phyllis assured Nick that they had "dodged a bullet" -- that a partnership with Brad would never have worked out.

Nick told Phyllis that he wasn't enthusiastic about returning to the magazine office. He felt that he should be doing more to find Victor. As Phyllis was about to unveil a plan about the Newmans regaining control of the magazine, Nick received a phone call from Nikki. Nikki told Nick that Jack planned an article about David for the next issue. A furious Nick told his mother that he would take care of Jack. He told Phyllis that he was heading over to the magazine office to "kick Jack's ass."

At the Restless Style office, Nick went off on Jack for even considering an article about Chow and said that he wasn't going to sell out his family in order to sell magazines. Nick said that, if necessary, he would inspect every copy of Restless Style to ensure that there wasn't any mention of David Chow.

In the Jabot boardroom, Cane excitedly told Jill that Lily had accepted his marriage proposal. Jill told Cane that she had good news for him as well -- Jill had decided to appoint Cane to the CEO position at Jabot. She explained that she wanted to make Jabot a family business again. Cane was thrilled -- he told his mother that he had once imagined himself as a blue-collar type, but over the past year, he had learned a lot about running a business. Jill told Cane that his last name might be "Ashby," but he was a Chancellor through and through. Cane vowed to make Jill and Katherine proud.

From Jill's assistant, Brad learned that Cane had been in a meeting with Jill for quite a while. When Cane left the boardroom, carrying some files, Brad stopped in to visit Jill, who appeared unhappy to see him. Brad tried bullying Jill into signing a document naming Brad as Jabot CEO at some future date, but Jill refused. When Brad asked Jill if she was stringing him along, Jill said that when the time was right, Brad would be "well taken care of."

After Jill left for the day, Brad asked her assistant what files Cane had hadwith him. She told Brad that they contained Jabot stockholder reports as well as the last several years' worth of Jabot business plans. Brad called Jack and told him he wanted to get together.

At Crimson Lights, Jack and Sharon met with Brad. Brad told the Abbotts that he had a great story idea for the next issue of Restless Style -- an exposť of Jill Abbott. Brad told them that Jill had known about David Chow's gambling problem but had kept it under wraps so that she could use it as leverage to force Nikki and David out of Jabot. An intrigued Jack asked Brad to tell them more.

Lily was admiring her engagement ring when Neil stopped by. She excitedly told her father that she and Cane were engaged. Neil bluntly asked if it was true that Chloe was pregnant with Cane's child. At that moment, a bubbly Cane entered to tell Lily about his promotion. Neil stared at Cane and asked him if Chloe was pregnant with his child.

Cane and Lily told Neil that Chloe might be pregnant -- but that it definitely wasn't Cane's child. Cane told Neil about the night he and Chloe had gotten drunk and slept in Chloe's car, but he assured Neil that he had not had sex with Chloe. Neil said that he would feel better after the results of the DNA test were back. Cane received a phone call. He told Lily and Cane that it was the hospital that had called -- Chloe had been hospitalized due to problems with her pregnancy. When Neil asked why the hospital had called Cane, Cane told Lily and Neil that Chloe had listed Cane as the baby's father.

Paul and J.T. heard back from their contact at the cell phone company. They learned that Victor's cell phone was at Evergreen Cemetery, where Sabrina was buried. They headed out to the cemetery, called Victor's number, and heard Victor's phone ringing. Realizing that the phone was buried at Sabrina's gravesite, Paul began digging.

At Restless Style, J.T. told Nick and Phyllis that Victor's phone had been buried at Sabrina's gravesite. Paul went back to the Hellstroms' to see Nikki and showed her a plastic bag containing Victor's cell phone, wallet, and epilepsy medication. Nikki was shocked to learn that the bag had been buried at Sabrina's gravesite. Paul tried to calm the frantic Nikki down. Nikki begged Paul to do everything he could to find Victor. Before Paul left, he promised Nikki that he would. Alone, Nikki stared at a picture of herself and Victor in happier times.

In a sleazy bar, a haggard, unshaven Victor was downing shot after shot of liquor.

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