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Kevin gave the stolen money to Murphy to help Katherine get out of jail. Katherine used her memoirs to help recall her life. Sharon demanded a divorce from Jack. Cane and Billy got into a fistfight.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of January 5, 2009 on Y&R
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Monday, January 5, 2009

As Victoria and J.T. approached the Newman ranch, Victoria steeled herself before she and J.T. stepped inside. Victoria supposed that Victor planned to present Ashley and Abby as his new family. Victoria was surprised to see a grown-up Abby, who answered the door. Victor wasted no time announcing that his family was home for good. Ashley sipped red wine and nuzzled Victor. Abby stepped away after Noah phoned. J.T. talked about future pool parties for the kids. Victoria seemed crushed when Ashley piped up that she would gladly host family get-togethers. Victor agreed and said, "I don't ever want my family divided again." Victor kissed Ashley. Victoria gulped her iced tea and looked away uneasily.

Victor took J.T. aside and thanked him for looking after Reed, so Victoria could return to Newman Enterprises. J.T. explained that he wasn't exactly "Mr. Mom" because he remained head of Newman Enterprises' security. J.T. looked puzzled when Victor advised him to invest quality time with his son as Reed grew. Victoria seemed uneasy with the newly blended family. Ashley told Victoria that she loved Victor and planned to ensure that his mental state remained stable. During a moment alone together, Victor promised Victoria he wouldn't run away again. Victoria apologized for not having accepted Sabrina. Victoria expressed heartfelt concern about Victor's growing attachment to Ashley and Abby. Victor pleaded with Victoria to accept his choices. Victoria guardedly agreed.

After Victoria and J.T. stepped outside, Victoria sighed with relief. Victoria worried that Ashley was more broken than her father was and could not offer emotional support to Victor. J.T. warned Victoria not to interfere in her father's relationships. While Victoria and J.T. discussed Victor and Ashley outside, inside the house, Victor assured Ashley that she and Abby were a part of his family. Ashley seemed apprehensive, but Victor assured Ashley that Nick and Victoria would accept her and Abby.

At Crimson Lights, Kevin offered refills to Lauren, Michael, Phyllis, and Nick. Kevin causally questioned the couples about their plans for the evening. As Phyllis stuffed sugar packets into her purse, she explained that Summer was with Nikki at Nikki's place. Lauren mentioned that Eden was looking after Fen at their place. Kevin returned to the bar and whispered instructions for Jana to summon an employee to run the shop for them. Kevin and Jana planned to break into Phyllis and Nick's tack house, so they could recover the $63,000 Jana had given to River.

Kevin and Jana, dressed in black from head to toe, jimmied the tack-house door lock. The couple panicked when the security alarm sounded. Jana managed to avoid capture when she perfectly imitated Phyllis' voice to a monitor over the phone and correctly guessed the password. After searching the tiny abode, Kevin discovered the cash stuffed inside Noah's pillowcase. The couple fondled their recovered money, which became an overpowering aphrodisiac. Kevin and Jana passionately kissed and groped each other. They quickly retreated to a coat closet when Phyllis, Nick, Lauren, and Michael arrived. Kevin and Jana remained huddled among the coats when Michael attempted to add his to the collection. Michael was shocked but said nothing to Nick and Phyllis about their uninvited guests.

While Nick, Phyllis, Michael, and Lauren played Pictionary, Michael paced the floor and devised a plan to aid his brother and sister-in-law's escape. Unexpectedly, Michael suggested he blindfold Phyllis and Nick while they drew their visual clues. Michael quickly snuck Jana and Kevin out the front door. Nick and Phyllis remained oblivious to the covert mission. In a hushed whisper, Lauren quizzed Michael about Kevin and Jana's unexpected presence. Michael replied that he didn't know, and he jokingly threatened to kill his brother and sister-in-law. Phyllis and Nick shared a private moment in the kitchen. Phyllis assured Nick that she wasn't worried about his return to Newman Enterprises and Beauty of Nature, but Nick knew that Sharon's connection to the latter was the cause for Phyllis' concern. Phyllis acted as if she didn't care.

After Kevin and Jana returned to the coffeehouse with their money, Jana urged Kevin to buy himself a vintage muscle car. "No more guilt, karma, or fear," Jana proclaimed. Kevin celebrated the "return of the old Jana." Jana and Kevin massaged stacks of bills against each other's bodies, and they sank to the floor to make love.

After business hours at Jabot's headquarters, Billy seated himself at a desk in his brother's former office while the cleaning crew vacuumed the carpeting in the hallway. A quick call from Lily informed Billy that she would have to postpone their date. At Cane and Chloe's house, Chloe became exasperated after Cane barraged her with snack offerings. After Cane stepped out in the garage for a moment, Chloe stifled a guttural yelp with a throw pillow. Billy phoned for Cane. Chloe urged Billy to stop by. When Cane returned toting a case of bottled water, he was finalizing dinner plans at the Genoa City Athletic Club with Jill over the phone. Chloe opted not to accompany her overzealous spouse. While Cane put away the drinks, Chloe whispered, "Daddy's on his way," to the baby inside her swollen abdomen.

Billy arrived and learned that Cane wasn't home. Chloe had dimmed the lights, and she giggled at Billy's recollections of their lively dates in New York. Both agreed that their former relationship "wasn't all that bad." Billy spoke briefly with Lily on the phone. After the call, Chloe teased Billy about seeing Lily. Billy suggested that Chloe was jealous, and he reminded her that she had Cane because Lily was out of the picture. Chloe somberly pondered Billy's comment. Billy rose to leave, so Chloe feigned a pain as she pressed her hand to one side of her belly. Billy became concerned, so Chloe took Billy's hand and placed it against her abdomen. Billy was amazed when he felt the baby kick. Chloe announced that the baby liked Billy. Cane phoned to check on Chloe. Chloe affirmed that Cane was a devoted father. Billy solemnly agreed that a good father should be devoted.

After Billy left, Chloe rubbed her belly and said softly, "Well, say bye-bye, Daddy." Chloe viewed a movie on DVD and attempted to distract herself, but she fantasized about being married to an attentive and devoted Billy. Chloe cooed to Billy as she imagined him kissing her and nuzzling his face against her belly. After her vivid daydream concluded, Chloe seemed depressed.

While Jill and Cane dined at the club, they discussed business. Jill begged Cane to work with her at Chancellor Industries. Cane worried about Chloe's welfare, so Jill suggested that Esther could take over and care for Chloe. Cane promised to think it over. Jill advised Cane to seek common ground with Billy in order for Cane and Jill to retain a foothold at Jabot. Cane refused and warned his mother not to trust Billy. As Cane walked near the club's entryway, he overheard Lily talking to Billy on the phone. Cane warned Lily that Billy wanted to be with her because he wanted everything that had once belonged to his brother. Lily told Cane that she could date whomever she wished because she was single. Lily became angry and added that Billy wanted to be with her because he liked her.

Cane was reeling from Lily's revelation about Billy when he returned to his mother's table. Jill lamented the success of Amber's tell-all memoir about Katherine. Jill told Cane that the woman who had claimed to be Katherine remained in jail. Cane told his mother that Billy was seeing Lily. Jill was stunned. Cane warned Jill that Billy was not loyal and would never consider the feelings of others above his own. While Cane consulted with a business colleague, Lily joined Jill. Lily admitted that she was dating Billy. Jill advised Lily to approach her relationship with Billy with her eyes wide open. Jill warned that Billy wouldn't think twice about using someone in order to get what he wanted. Lily assured Jill that she could take care of herself.

Cane returned to his mother's table just as Lily walked away. As Cane escorted Jill past the bar, a reporter approached and thrust a microphone near Jill's face. The man fired probing questions about Katherine's memoir. The man asked, "Did you steal your late mother's husband? Did you set her up to take a fall? Do you hate the old broad that much?" Before Jill could respond, Cane thrust his balled fist into the reporter's face. Startled patrons rushed out the door as the injured reporter slumped against the bar. Cane led a distressed Jill away from the mayhem.

Lily met up with Billy at his office, and she questioned his motives for pursuing a relationship with her. Billy assured Lily that he would never use her for any reason. Billy swore to Lily that he didn't care about retaliating against Cane, and he insisted that he only cared about her. A smitten Lily listened as Billy insisted that he adored her because she was brilliant, funny, and interesting. Billy kissed Lily, and they began to disrobe as they sunk onto a sofa.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Jeffrey visited Gloria in jail to tell her that her arraignment was to be held later in the day. He told her that when she got out, they could celebrate her freedom at a cheap hotel somewhere. Gloria was infuriated. Kay went to see Gloria in the group cell. Kay wanted to know what Gloria had done. At first Gloria didn't want to admit it, but she gave in. She said that she was being jailed for product tampering. Katherine began to walk away, but Gloria begged her to stay. Gloria told Katherine that she was devastated when they buried Katherine. Gloria said she knew that the woman in jail with her was really Katherine Chancellor. Gloria told Katherine that she wanted to help her get her life back. Gloria said that she'd given Katherine jasmine tea all the time when she was working at Jabot. Katherine suddenly remembered that she also loved blueberry scones. A guard interrupted them and told Gloria that she needed to change cells for her upcoming arraignment. Katherine wished her luck.

Michael told Gloria that he had the money to post her bail; all she needed to do was plead not guilty. Gloria wasn't sure she wanted to leave jail right away. When the arraignment began, Gloria went along with the plan and said that she was not guilty. When her bail was set, she told the judge that she had something else to say. Michael looked on in horror. Gloria said that she wanted to travel to the Cayman Islands. The judge decided to deny bail.

Michael told Kevin that he needed to speak to him in private. Michael asked Kevin what he and Jana were doing in Phyllis and Nick's closet. Kevin told Michael that he'd overheard Noah and Eden talking about finding the money. Michael said that was never Kevin's money in the first place. Kevin said that kind of money could take him and Jana a long way. Michael said that he thought Jana was keeping Kevin on the straight and narrow; apparently that wasn't the case. Kevin wondered if Michael would turn him in. Michael said that it was up to Kevin to decide the right thing to do. Michael went to Eden to ask about the money. He told Eden that Jana had given the money to River in good faith. Kevin had overheard Eden and Noah talking about the money and realized what had happened to it. Michael said that the money was going back to its rightful owner. Michael asked if River had given Eden the money. Eden said that River had returned to the apartment. When she saw him, he already had her bear under his arm. Eden said that River had made up a lie to cover his tracks. She said that he asked if he could keep the bear to remember her. Michael said River was a lousy father. But, he didn't regret that River had come back into his life because he never would have met his little sister otherwise.

Eden called Noah to tell him there was a problem with the money. She asked him to meet her at the coffeehouse right away. Noah told Phyllis that he had to run home to get something. Noah was shocked to learn that Kevin had taken back the money.

Kevin thought about what Michael had asked of him: to do the right thing. Kevin thought about seeing Katherine in jail. He asked a coworker if she could keep an eye on things for a while. When Kevin arrived in jail, he asked to speak to Katherine. Katherine didn't recognize Kevin. Kevin said that he was Gloria's son. Katherine said that she knew Gloria from jail, but couldn't remember her past. Suddenly Katherine remembered that Kevin had her money.

Sharon stopped by Victor's office to welcome him back. Victor said that it was like a miracle. Sharon wondered if Nick would be returning to Restless Style. Victor said that Nick was mulling it over. Sharon told Victor that she had been worried about Noah. She said that when she had traveled to Paris, she saw a carousel that reminded her of Cassie. Sharon admitted that she didn't want to be too overprotective of Noah, but she was having a hard time of it considering what had happened to Cassie. Victor sympathized with Sharon. Sharon also revealed that she and Noah had moved out of the Abbott estate. She said that she and Jack were divorcing. Victor said that he was sorry if she was hurting, but he honestly felt that Sharon and Noah were better off without Jack.

Phyllis wondered when Nick would return to Restless Style. She said that the magazine was in trouble. Nick said he would be there to help her. Phyllis received a call about trouble with their color press. She told Nick that their deadline would be pushed back by a week. Phyllis begged Nick for his help. Nick called Victor to tell him what was going on at Restless Style. Victor asked Nick if he could go to New York on a business trip for Beauty of Nature. Nick said that he'd be happy to go. Victor put the phone down and asked Sharon if she could go with Nick. Sharon agreed. Nick told Victor to have his assistant send over the itinerary. Phyllis overheard that Nick was going on a trip with Sharon. Phyllis said that it wasn't about Sharon, but she needed Nick to be a part of Restless Style again. Nick said that he loved Restless Style, but he loved working at Newman, too. He told Phyllis that it wasn't fair for her to ask him to choose between them.

Phyllis told Nick that a printer in Sacramento would be able to print their copies by the deadline. Nick said that he'd decided to stay at Newman, because he felt it was his opportunity to reestablish his relationship with his father. Phyllis said that she understood, but judging by Victor's past, she didn't want Nick to get hurt again. Nick went to tell Victor that he'd decided to stay working at Newman. Nick wanted Victor to know that he still wanted to split time between Restless Style and Newman. Victor said that he was looking forward to working with Nick and Victoria again.

Sharon saw Noah at the coffeehouse and said hello. When a friend of Noah's asked why he wasn't at his New Year's party, Sharon couldn't believe that Noah had lied to her once again.

Sharon arrived at Restless Style looking for Noah. Phyllis told Sharon that when she was in New York, Sharon had better remember that Nick was Phyllis' husband. Sharon said that she didn't think anything would happen. Phyllis said that she'd wished they'd made that deal before Sharon and Nick were swapping spit in Paris.

When Neil and Karen arrived at Newman, Neil was shocked to hear that Victor had returned to reinstate himself. Neil told Victor that he was happy that Victor had returned to work. Victor said that he'd asked Nick to stay at Newman as well. Neil said that he'd be happy to be Victor's second in command, but if it meant that he would be working under Nick and Victoria, he wanted to explore different options. Victor said he would do what it took to keep Neil at Newman. Neil told Karen that he'd told Victor that he didn't want to work under Nick or Victoria. Karen was proud of him.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Jeff and Michael were still stunned that Gloria had made a scene at her bail hearing, causing the judge to change his mind and deny her bail. They asked Gloria why she ruined her chance to go free, and Gloria said that there had been a "miscarriage of justice."

Kevin visited Katherine in the prison recreation room. He was still unsure whether or not she was really Katherine, or if she was an impostor. Katherine had brief memory flashes of Kevin -- she remembered that he owed her money, and that he had fixed her computer. She begged him to believe that she was actually Katherine Chancellor. Murphy stopped by to visit Katherine and called her "Marge," which made Kevin suspicious.

Out of Katherine's earshot, Kevin asked Murphy why he had referred to Katherine as "Marge." Murphy told Kevin that Marge was an old friend who looked very much like Katherine, and that he became confused for a moment. Murphy insisted that the woman in prison was the real Katherine Chancellor.

At Crimson Lights, Daniel told Amber it was ridiculous that she still thought that Kevin had killed Katherine. Amber continued ranting that Kevin had tampered with Katherine's car. Phyllis called Daniel and asked him to meet her at the Restless Style office. Daniel kissed Amber and left.

Kevin rushed back to Crimson Lights and told Amber that Katherine was in jail -- alive and well. Amber didn't believe him. Kevin told Michael that Katherine was alive, but Michael said that the woman in prison was a fraud. Kevin said that the woman knew that Kevin owed her money. Michael realized that the reason Gloria wanted to stay in prison was to try to get back into Katherine's good graces. Kevin asked Michael to do something to help Katherine, but Michael was still convinced that the woman in prison was an impostor.

Amber accused Kevin of being sick and evil. She again accused him of killing Katherine. Kevin insisted that he would never have hurt Katherine, but added, "You're a different story."

At Restless Style, Phyllis told Daniel that she wanted him to be the cover model on the next issue of the magazine. Initially, Daniel refused, but changed his mind when Phyllis told him that half of the proceeds from the next issue's sales were going to charity. Daniel had one condition -- that he be allowed to wear an Amber Moore original outfit when he posed for the pictures. Phyllis said that he could. Daniel called Amber to tell her, but a disinterested Amber ignored his news and told him that Kevin wanted to hurt her.

Murphy ran into Kevin on the Crimson Lights patio. Kevin went inside, took a large sum of money from the safe, and put it in a bag. He gave Murphy the bag of money and told him to bail Katherine out. Murphy was initially suspicious of Kevin, and wondered what the catch was. Kevin said there wasn't any catch -- that he just wanted to help Katherine because she deserved it. Kevin asked Murphy to keep his identity anonymous. Murphy left to bail Katherine out.

Jeff visited Gloria in the prison recreation room -- he had their divorce papers ready for her to sign. Gloria refused. Jeff caught a glimpse of Katherine, and asked Gloria, "Who's the broad with Katherine's face?" Gloria lied and said that it was a crazy woman who was impersonating Katherine.

Katherine told Gloria that she had met Kevin, and sang her son's praises. Gloria told Katherine that she had made a scene at her bail hearing so that she could stay in jail and help Katherine "regain her rightful place." Katherine said, "It occurs to me that you're either very generous, or extremely stupid."

Murphy arrived at the jail and paid Katherine's bail. Katherine insisted on knowing where he had come up with the cash, but Murphy said that it had come from an anonymous donor. Katherine thanked a flabbergasted Gloria for being her friend. Katherine and Murphy left the jail. Gloria approached a guard and said that she had only been playing a joke at the bail hearing -- and that she wanted to speak with the judge immediately. The guard shook his head and walked away.

Kevin went to the bookstore to purchase Katherine's memoirs, hoping that Katherine had written something about Marge. He ran into Amber, who was less than thrilled to see him. Thinking that Katherine was still incarcerated, Kevin invited Amber to go with him to the jail and see Katherine for herself. Amber, convinced that Kevin was going to hurt her, ran out of the bookstore. Kevin followed her out.

Seconds after they left, Murphy brought Katherine into the bookstore to show her the life-sized cardboard cutout of her that was being used as an advertisement for her memoirs. Katherine was stunned. Outside, Jeff walked by the bookstore, and noticed the woman "with Katherine's face" inside.

Michael met with Paul, and asked him to have the alleged Katherine doppelgänger investigated. Paul said that he would take care of that. Michael began talking about Andrew Gibson -- and opined that Gibson was more interested in money than in his dead wife. Paul said that he was investigating how Gibson spent the money he received as a result of his lawsuit against Jabot. Michael thought that it might help Gloria if he could show that the motive behind Gibson's lawsuit was money -- and not justice for his dead wife.

In the Jabot hallway, Jill called Victor and said, "Remember the project we discussed? I'm going to work on it right now." She then walked in on Jack, who was in the CEO's office. Jill reminded Jack that, due to the terms of the settlement with Andrew Gibson, he wasn't supposed to be in the Jabot offices. Jack told Jill that he was staying put. Jill surprised Jack when she said that she was happy that Jabot was back in the hands of the Abbott family. However, Jill said that she felt that Jack should be solely in charge -- and that Ashley and Billy should be relegated to the sidelines. She said that if Jack took total control, she might consider using the Chancellor Industries' shares of Jabot stock to support him. Jack was intrigued.

Later, Jeff approached Jack and asked him if he knew anything about "the woman who looks like Katherine." Jack said that it was probably the woman who had kidnapped Katherine, and taken her place, 20 years earlier.

Jill and Jeff ran into each other in the Jabot hallway. Jeff asked about the woman he had seen in prison, but Jill assured him that the woman wasn't Katherine -- it was Marge. Jill told Jeff the story of how Marge's cohorts had kidnapped Katherine, and had substituted Marge for Katherine. As soon as Jill left, Jeff asked a secretary to do a web search and get him all the information that was available on "this Marge character."

Back in Jack's office, Jill reiterated that she wanted him, and not Billy or Ashley, to run Jabot. Jack said that he was on to Jill -- and that she wouldn't be able to break up the "Abbott triumvirate."

From prison, Gloria called Jack. She told him that Katherine Chancellor was alive -- and that if he didn't do something, Katherine might reclaim the shares of Jabot stock that she gave to Gloria. Gloria asked Jack to rush to the jail and try to get her released. Jack said that he would be right over to help her out. Jack told Jill that Gloria claimed that the woman in prison had really been Katherine. Jill chuckled, and asked Jack if he was really going to the prison to help Gloria. Jack said that he had lied to Gloria, and added, "She'll do 25 to life -- and I'll be cheering every day of it."

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Paul saw Nikki reading Katherine's memoir at the coffeehouse. He asked her if there was any mention of Marge in the memoir. Nikki was shocked to learn that Marge was back in town, and that Jill had arrested her when she entered her home. Nikki got up to go to the jail, but Paul stopped her. He said that it might be hard for Nikki to see someone who looked so much like Katherine. Nikki agreed that it might not be a good idea. Paul told Nikki that he was investigating the case of the tainted cold cream and was leaving town for a couple of days. Nikki said that Gloria should be put away for a long time for what she'd done.

Ashley walked in the coffeehouse and said hello to Paul. Ashley told him that Abby was already in high school. Nikki said that Ashley moved fast, she'd moved herself and Abby into the ranch at record speed. Ashley said that Nikki had asked her to save Victor, and that's what she had done. She told Nikki to get over it. Nikki told Paul that Ashley was right, but she just couldn't believe how suddenly everything had happened. Nikki said that it was like an instant family. Nikki knew Ashley thought she was jealous, but she was actually worried that Ashley might get hurt.

At the bookstore, Katherine looked at her memoir and told Murphy that she wished she could remember writing it. When Katherine saw Jeffrey, she noticed that he was acting suspicious. Murphy said they should buy the book and get out of there. Jill walked in and didn't notice Katherine and Murphy. When Jill saw Jeffrey, she wondered if he'd been following her.

Ashley stopped by Victor's office to say hello. Ashley wondered if Victor had time for lunch. Victor said that he would always make time for her and his daughter. Ashley said that Victor's priorities had changed. Ashley was impressed when Victor took her to the Colonnade room. Victor told Ashley that he was extremely happy to have Ashley and Abby back in his life. When Victor returned to the office, he made a phone call to his assistant. He asked his driver to bring the car around.

Jill left the bookstore and stopped by the coffeehouse. Nikki went up to Jill and asked her about Marge. Jill said she'd seen Katherine's lifeless body in a casket, she knew that the only reason Marge had returned was for Katherine's money. Jill said she had plenty of other things to worry about, not to mention all of the bad press she was getting from Katherine's memoir. Nikki said that the memoir had shown some of Jill's true colors. Jill said that she wasn't surprised that Nikki had already read it.

Jill snuck off to a dark corner of the coffeehouse and pulled out the memoir. She began reading it. Jill was interrupted by a call from Victor, asking her to come by the ranch. When Jill arrived at the ranch, she told Victor that Katherine's memoir was making her out to be a monster. Victor said that he didn't think Katherine's memoir was written out of malicious intent. Victor said the reason he asked her to come out was to talk about Jabot. Jill said that she knew what he wanted, to crush Jack Abbott, and help her get Jabot back. Jill told Victor that she saw Jack sitting back in his chair with his feet propped up on the desk. She knew it was a done deal. Jill and Victor made a toast.

Ashley met with Olivia and talked to her about her relationship with Victor. Ashley said that she really felt that her life was getting on the right track again.

Katherine and Murphy went back to Murphy's trailer to check out the memoir. Murphy accidentally called Katherine "Marge" and apologized. Katherine sympathized with Murphy. Murphy said that when he read about Katherine's funeral, he knew that Marge would have enjoyed such a fanfare. Katherine asked Murphy if he'd mind her being Marge again until she remembered everything about being Katherine. Murphy said that was music to his ears.

When Katherine began to read the memoir, she said it was like she was reading about someone that she didn't know. Murphy told her to give it time. After reading a bit more, Katherine said that she was even more confused. Katherine remembered Jill telling her that she'd met Marge before. Katherine thought about the fact that the car accident had taken place close to where Murphy had found her. Murphy wondered if possibly they had been in the same car together. Katherine wondered if she might have been friends with Marge. Katherine also wondered why Gloria wasn't mentioned in the memoir if she was such a good friend. Katherine realized that Gloria might not be her friend at all. Katherine and Murphy wondered how they would prove she was Katherine Chancellor. Katherine said that her book said that her closest friend was Nikki Newman. Katherine and Murphy set out to find Nikki.

Gloria was frustrated that she had tried to stay in jail only to have Katherine leave. She thought about Jack's promise to bail her out. She wondered what was taking Jack so long. Gloria asked another inmate to call Jeffrey. Gloria said that she'd do all her chores for her. The inmate called, but Jeffrey said he was busy.

When Jeffrey finally went to see Gloria, he told her that he saw the woman that looked like Katherine at the bookstore. Jeffrey realized that Gloria had intended on staying in jail so she could be near Katherine's "look-alike." Gloria said that she believed the woman really was Katherine. She said that if it were true, then they were screwed. Jeffrey said that if Katherine was alive, the will would be null and void. Gloria said that was why she was trying to prove to Katherine that she was her best friend. Gloria asked Jeffrey to spy on Katherine for her. Jeffrey said that he and Gloria would be partners again.

Sharon came by the mansion to talk to Jack. She noticed that Jack hadn't changed anything. Jack said that he'd hoped by keeping it the same she would come back. Sharon asked Jack if he was going to do anything about his problem. Jack didn't know what she was talking about at first. Sharon told Jack that she knew a woman that was an expert in sex addiction. Sharon asked Jack to call. Jack said that he could handle it himself. Sharon said that she realized that Jack was embarrassed, but it had to be done. Sharon decided to call on behalf of Jack. The therapist took down the address and said that she would come over right away. Sharon told Jack not to worry; she would be there to support him.

Jack quickly snuck away and tried to read some information about being a sex addict. When the therapist arrived, Jack looked extremely nervous. When the therapist started asking Jack questions, he couldn't handle it. He said that talking to her was wrong, and he got up to leave. Sharon was embarrassed and disappointed. The therapist told Sharon that Jack would need to want help in order to get help. Sharon said that it was really hard finding out that Jack had gone to another woman. Jack returned and told Sharon it wasn't true. He asked the therapist to leave. The therapist told Sharon that she knew how to reach her. Sharon wondered why Jack made her leave.

Jack said that he wasn't a sex addict. Sharon couldn't understand why Jack would lie about that. Jack said that at the time, the truth was worse. Jack said that he couldn't live with Sharon thinking that he'd cheated on her. He said that he was in the motel with Adam, working on forging Victor's diary. Sharon wondered why Jack picked that moment to tell her the truth. Jack said that after he heard Sharon talking to the therapist, he knew he couldn't go on lying to her anymore. He said that somehow they would have to find a way to get past it. Jack stepped closer to Sharon and she angrily pushed him away. She screamed at him not to touch her.

Sharon couldn't believe that Jack's desire to get revenge on Victor was even stronger than his love for her. Jack said that he was only asking her for another chance. Sharon said that wasn't her problem anymore. She was filing for divorce.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Cane and Billy were at the bookstore, about to be interviewed by a television reporter. They were trying to solicit donations to Katherine's favorite charity. When Billy put his cell phone down, Cane picked it up and noticed that Lily's number was on the screen. Cane said that it was sad that Billy wanted to live Cane's life by dating Lily and working at Jabot. When Cane asked Billy if there was anything else that he wanted to claim, Billy snidely responded, "Not unless you give me a reason."

During his interview, Cane told the reporter that he wasn't interested in discussing Katherine's autobiography -- he wanted to discuss her philanthropic work. When the reporter asked him about "Billy's seizure of Jabot," Cane said that he was working in a senior position at Chancellor Industries, and was very happy there. Cane sarcastically said that he was happy to be free of Jabot, and added, "I owe a big thank you to my brother Billy."

Billy was very happy to discuss Katherine's book with the reporter, saying that the autobiography was great. When asked about the Jabot takeover, Billy said that he was John Abbott's son, and that Jabot should be run by Abbott family members. Getting in a dig at Cane, Billy said, "Jabot did fine under my mother, and Cane did the best he could," but the Abbott family would bring Jabot to even greater heights.

After the interview, Cane and Billy continued to needle each other. Cane told Billy that Lily would eventually figure out that Billy was a "self-centered bastard," and that Billy lacked honor. Billy said that Cane was confusing honor with common sense. Referring to Chloe, Billy said that he would never have married a "psycho nut," as Cane had. Cane said that he was taking responsibility for Chloe's pregnancy. Billy countered, "You married a stalker who tricked you." Blowing his stack, Cane punched Billy, and the brothers brawled on the bookstore floor.

At Crimson Lights, Kevin told Michael that he had given the $63,000 to Murphy, so that Murphy could bail Katherine out. Michael told his brother that the woman claiming to be Katherine was a con artist, and that Murphy was probably her accomplice. Kevin insisted that the woman was Katherine, and that Murphy seemed honest. Michael informed Kevin that Katherine's bail had been $25,000. Doing the math, Michael said that Kevin had given $38,000 to a fraud and her accomplice.

Michael walked away to take a phone call. It was Sharon, calling from New York. She told Michael that she was divorcing Jack, and that she wanted Michael to represent her. Michael assented.

While Michael was speaking with Sharon, Murphy approached Kevin and gave him a bag containing the extra $38,000, saying that he and Katherine couldn't accept the extra money. All Murphy wanted in return was a cup of coffee.

Michael returned, and Kevin told him that Murphy had just dropped by the extra $38,000. Michael still thought the whole thing was a scam. Kevin disagreed, insisting that Katherine was still alive. Kevin gave Michael the bag containing the $38,000, telling him that it was his retainer to represent Katherine and make sure that she stayed out of jail. Hearing some noisy pipes clanging in the back room, Kevin left. Michael approached Murphy, and told him that he would represent Katherine pro bono.

Having learned that Nikki was staying at Paul's, Katherine nervously walked up to his apartment door, and knocked. A stunned Nikki opened the door. After Nikki hugged her, she told Katherine that she had been warned that there was a woman claiming to be Katherine in town. Katherine insisted that she was the authentic Katherine Chancellor. Katherine mentioned remembering being at Nikki's side when Nikki had been hospitalized, near death from a gunshot wound. Nikki began crying, hugged Katherine, and said, "Let it really be you." Katherine asked Nikki to believe in her.

Katherine recapped what she and Murphy had pieced together -- that Murphy had found her on a riverbank, and that they had originally thought that she was his friend Marge. Katherine said that her memory hadn't completely returned, and that Nikki merely "looked familiar." Nikki asked Katherine how she had known about Nikki's gunshot wound, and Katherine admitted that she had read about it in her autobiography. Nikki tried to jog Katherine's memory, to no avail. Nikki looked at Katherine and said, "You've done your homework, Marge, but you're a cruel, sick, uncaring bitch."

Believing that Katherine was Marge, Nikki gave her a check and said, "Get the hell out of here, and leave us alone to grieve." A defeated Katherine said that she couldn't believe that Nikki wanted her to disappear. Saying that she was sorry, Katherine slowly walked out of the apartment, purposely dropped Nikki's check on the floor. After she left, Nikki remembered the first time when she and Katherine had met, and she began sobbing.

Murphy returned to the trailer, and found a depressed Katherine. Murphy told her that he had some good news -- a "hot-shot" lawyer was going to represent her, and a "supporter" of hers was taking care of the lawyer's fee. Murphy sympathized when Katherine told him that Nikki thought that she was Marge. Murphy said that all was not lost -- all they had to do was prove that Katherine was telling the truth. Katherine said, "In order to do that, I'm gonna have to find a way not to hurt the people I love in the process."

In a posh New York restaurant, Nick and Sharon prepared to dine with Mariel, a buyer for a large department store chain. They were hopeful that they could convince Mariel to carry the Beauty of Nature line. Nick said that he hated having to leave Phyllis alone to put the next issue of Restless Style to bed. Sharon told Nick that Mariel represented a big account, and that Phyllis would understand. Nick called Phyllis and told her that he would be arriving in Genoa City later than he had originally thought, but that he would be home before Phyllis went to bed. A stoic Phyllis said, "Do what you have to do."

Mariel joined Nick and Sharon at the restaurant. They began their Beauty of Nature pitch, but Mariel wasn't interested in the pitch -- she wanted to hear about their personal lives. They told Mariel that they were divorced, but still worked together. Nick and Sharon told the inquisitive buyer all about their relationship -- beginning with the day that they had first seen each other. After the reminiscing, Sharon looked at Nick and said, "We had some very nice moments."

Mariel enjoyed Nick and Sharon's story so much that she agreed to carry the Beauty of Nature line in the stores she represented -- 150 of them east of the Mississippi River. She told them that she had scheduled a meeting for the following day with another buyer, who represented the 250 stores west of the Mississippi. Nick, remembering his promise to Phyllis, said that he couldn't stay. Sharon said that she could speak to the other buyer without Nick, but Mariel insisted that both Nick and Sharon be present at the meeting. Phyllis was crushed when Nick called her and told her that he had to spend the night New York.

Sharon brought Nick his hotel room key, and informed him that they would be right across the hall from each other. Just before they boarded the elevator to go to their rooms, Sharon told Nick that she was divorcing Jack.

At Restless Style, Phyllis was less than impressed with the outfit that Amber had designed for Daniel's cover shoot. When Daniel learned that he would be sharing the cover with Cane and Billy, he wanted to cancel the shoot, but Amber changed his mind, and Daniel, wearing the outfit that Amber had designed, had his photos taken.

After the shoot, Daniel and Amber went to the Crimson Lights patio to celebrate. Amber didn't want to go inside -- she didn't want to see Kevin, as she still thought that he had killed Katherine. Daniel calmed her down and they took a table inside.

Kevin learned from the plumber that it would take $5000 to repair the Crimson Lights' plumbing. Kevin freaked out, said that he didn't have that kind of cash, then stormed off. Michael gave the plumber $5000 from the bag of cash that Kevin had given to him to represent Katherine.

An irate Kevin, unaware that Michael had paid the plumber, walked over to Daniel and Amber's table to vent. Amber's eyes widened when Kevin said that he wanted to bash someone's head in. When Kevin walked away, Amber told Daniel that Kevin was "going postal," and that he needed help. Before going to find Kevin, Daniel said that the only help Kevin needed was with his plumbing.

Alone at the table, Amber took out her cell phone, called someone, and, sotto voce, said, "I'd like to report a murder."

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