The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of October 19, 2009 on Y&R
Ashley lent Billy a large sum of money to buy Restless Style, and he decided to write an article on Victor. Sharon and Adam became friends. Paul was shocked to see that Dr. Emily Peterson looked like Patty's twin. Kevin bailed Ryder out of jail.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of October 19, 2009 on Y&R
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Monday, October 19, 2009

At headquarters, Phyllis scrambled frantically to meet publication deadlines. Jack stopped by with donuts and asked to have a notation encouraging organ donation added to Jabot's ads. Chloe, who was busy assisting Phyllis, seemed surprised to see Billy, who arrived with Delia slumbering in a baby carriage. Billy asked Chloe to sign their divorce papers. Chloe claimed that she was too busy. Billy teased Chloe about chasing Chance, especially after Chloe learned that Chance was a virgin.

Jack told Phyllis that he was also there because he'd missed the magazine business. Jack was pleased to hear that Summer was improving steadily, but he admitted that he'd been wholly occupied with Traci and Ashley. After Nick arrived, he listened to a message from Sharon asking him to call her about Noah. Phyllis greeted Nick with a hug, and he promised to return with some quotes she needed for the magazine.

Victoria phoned Nick and said she needed to see him at once. After Nick left, Phyllis fretted about her missing quotes from Biz Stone. Billy offered to solicit the needed quotes from a friend who worked for Biz Stone. While Billy busied himself on Phyllis' behalf, Phyllis told Chloe that she no longer enjoyed the hustle and bustle of the magazine business. Chloe insisted that Phyllis would change her mind. Billy overheard and contemplated Phyllis' complaints after he heard her say, "I don't even want to do it anymore."

Later, Phyllis asked Chloe to thank Billy for contacting his friend at Biz Stone's office. Chloe announced that she and Billy had both moved on and were dating other people. Phyllis insisted that couples who shared a kid together could never truly move on. Chloe and Phyllis celebrated after meeting their tight deadlines. Billy returned and asked Phyllis if she truly meant what she had said earlier, and he pleaded with her to sell the magazine to him.

At Newman Enterprises, Michael met with a distraught Victoria, who faced questions from the Securities and Exchange Commission's investigators regarding her statements to the Savaneur stockholders about Victor's health. Michael perused the documents outlining the complainant's accusations and declared that someone was attempting to cause trouble.

Michael later met with Mr. Arnold from the SEC. Mr. Arnold claimed that Victoria misled the stockholders about the CEO's health. Michael countered that information released claimed that Mr. Victor Newman was recovering from successful surgery. Mr. Arnold requested to have Victor's medical records released to the public. Michael requested records about the person who had voiced the complaint. Mr. Arnold refused to disclose the name of the informant, so Michael also declined to release Victor's private medical files.

Later, Nick joined his sister as Michael noted that Victor's renal insufficiency and heart arrhythmias weren't minor complications, as Victoria had reported to stockholders. Michael hoped that the hospital might soon release Victor, which would render the SEC's grievance moot. Victoria and Nick wondered who might have made the complaint, and insisted that hospital staff wasn't responsible. Michael warned Victoria not to release further information, and he asked her to alert him if representatives of the SEC returned.

At Sharon's house, Adam seemed shocked to learn about the incident some time before when Nick turned his father in for committing commercial bribery. Sharon added that the incident split the family, but that Nick and Victor eventually reconciled. Adam worried that he and Victor would never make amends, but Sharon noted that Victor, though overpowering, had a great capacity for forgiveness. Adam seemed unconvinced, but Sharon affirmed, "Never underestimate the power of a father's love."

Adam closely inspected the drawing Cassie made of her family. Sharon asked if Adam could actually see the drawing. Adam explained that his vision loss caused him to view objects as though he saw them through a blurry donut hole. Sharon explained that her late daughter had drawn the framed piece. Sharon added that she'd also lost a day-old infant daughter years before, an event that deepened the grief of her most recent loss because both occurred at the same time of the year.

Nick stopped by to discuss Noah. Sharon told Nick that Jack had leased Colleen's house to her. Nick was surprised to see Adam seated in the living room. Sharon quickly explained that Adam had dropped off Noah's schoolwork and added that Noah could live with her if Nick approved. Nick heartily agreed to the arrangement. Nick offered to drive Adam home, but Adam opted to phone his driver for a ride. Sharon escorted Adam to the door. Adam thanked Sharon for being open with him and for mentioning Victor's capacity to offer forgiveness. Adam seemed moved emotionally by Sharon's plight.

Back in the living room, Nick gazed at a photo of Noah that rested on a console table. Sharon returned and announced that Noah had gone shopping for the scented shampoo his girlfriend favored. Nick grinned as he recalled a particular scent he believed attracted Sharon. The couple seemed at ease until Nick told Sharon that he'd been worried about her. Sharon insisted that she was stronger since her stay at the psychiatric facility, even after losing the baby. Sharon warned Nick not to treat her as if she needed him in her life.

Adam stopped by Victoria's office and asked about the rumors he'd heard about the SEC investigation. Just before Adam asked whom Victoria thought would have voiced the complaint, he recalled the day he covertly phoned the SEC and reported what he termed an infraction against Savaneur stockholders. Victoria responded that she had no idea and wasn't worried because she had done nothing wrong. Adam offered to help Victoria by contacting a former classmate who worked at the SEC. Adam added that he could ask his friend, off the record, what he knew. Victoria accepted Adam's offer and thanked him. Adam condescendingly replied, "It's the least I could do."

In the hallway at the hospital, Ashley let Nick hold baby Faith. Nick gently cradled the squirming infant in his arms. Nick explained that he and Sharon had planned to name their baby girl Faith. Ashley took the baby to visit Victor, who told Nikki, moments before Ashley arrived, that he wanted her by his side. Nikki left after Ashley and the baby entered the room. Ashley was cordial and noted that Victor looked wonderful. Victor took Faith into his arms, and the baby gurgled and cooed. Victor was heartened to hear Ashley mention that she and the baby wouldn't leave the ranch. Victor asked Ashley if she'd changed her mind about the divorce. Ashley said she hadn't, and demanded the ranch as part of the settlement.

Ashley told Victor that she wanted to raise Abby and Faith on the beautiful property that Nick and Victoria had enjoyed while growing up. Victor, taken aback, pointed out that Ashley had waltzed into his room and dropped a bombshell on him. Ashley claimed that she hadn't meant to upset Victor, and she excused herself by mentioning that she had an appointment to meet with a minster to arrange Faith's christening. Ashley coolly remarked that she hoped that Victor could make it to Faith's christening, which she claimed would take place within a couple of weeks.

As Ashley stood near the doorway of Victor's hospital room, she brightly added, "I hope you have a great rest of the day." Nikki returned just as Ashley departed. Victor told Nikki that Ashley intended to keep the ranch. Nikki was angry, but she insisted that Victor leave the matter to his lawyers and not worry. After Nikki left, Victor summoned Michael. Michael arrived and asked Victor if he knew who might have informed the SEC about Victoria's comments. Victor suggested that it could be any of his numerous enemies. Michael added that Victor's appearance in public would help Victoria.

After Michael discussed the SEC complaint, Victor announced that he and Ashley would divorce, and he ordered Michael to handle Ashley's demands. After Nikki returned, she saw Michael and warned Victor not to conduct business. Victor announced that he had instructed Michael to comply with Ashley's demands. Nikki suggested that Victor reconsider. Victor sadly recalled that he had attached many memories to the ranch, so perhaps it was best for him to start fresh somewhere else. Michael lowered his head. Nikki seemed devastated.

At the Newman ranch, Nikki confronted Ashley and berated her for taking Victor's house from him while he was still gravely ill. Ashley asked if she should ignore the devastation that Victor set in motion, and denied that she was punishing Victor. Ashley claimed that Nikki had done the same thing when she kept the ranch and had raised her kids at the ranch after her divorce from Victor .

Nikki sternly announced that Victor would never give Ashley the ranch. Ashley flippantly responded, "I guess it's up to the judge." Nikki said, "If you love Victor the way you say you do, you wouldn't even try to take his home away." Ashley justified her actions by claiming that Victor had Nikki to help him. Ashley added that she overheard Victor profess his love to Nikki. Ashley added that she was done with Nikki and Victor because, never truly separated, they always reconciled whenever one or the other of them was on their deathbed.

At Crimson Lights, Jack lunched with Traci. Traci said she'd visited the cemetery and had spent her first night alone since Colleen's death. Jack offered to set up a place for Traci to write in the Abbott study. Traci explained that she needed to go home and get back to her old routine. Jack agreed.

Billy stopped by with Delia and chatted with Jack and Traci. Billy and Jack cheered Ashley's decision to divorce Victor. When Traci stepped away to take a call, Jack pleaded with Billy to return to Jabot. Billy, instead, asked for some of the money from his trust fund. Billy was miffed when Jack declined Billy's request. Jack insisted that the money represented Delia's future, and he added that he wouldn't allow Billy to squander the money away. Billy declared that he'd find another way to get the money he needed.

Ashley met with her pastor at the church about scheduling Faith's christening. Traci and Jack arrived, and Traci noted that she needed to return home soon. Ashley agreed to hold the service at the end of the week. Adam arrived and announced that he was the baby's godfather. Jack was incensed. Adam grinned arrogantly.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Phyllis told Nick that he should stop worrying about his father. Nick said that things had been extremely crazy for his father and his company. Phyllis joked that she would barge in and use her marketing experience to save the company. Nick was happy to hear that Phyllis would do that for him.

Nick wondered why Billy would want to buy Restless Style. He asked if the reason that Billy would want to buy was to get revenge on Nick's family, since Victor had Colleen's heart. Phyllis said that she had forgotten to tell him. Nick wondered if Phyllis was really considering it. He said that it was their dream. Phyllis said it had been their dream, but Nick had left to work at Newman. She said that during that time, they had lost their way as a couple. She said that Summer had almost died there. Phyllis said she was exhausted. Nick didn't want her to sell, but he wanted her to be happy.

Phyllis told Nick that her family came first. Nick wondered if that meant she wanted to sell.

Mac asked Billy where he had gone the night before. Billy joked that if Mac used her special interrogation techniques, she could try to pry it out of him. Chloe walked in and rolled her eyes when she saw Mac and Billy kissing. Chloe asked if Billy had told Mac the good news. Mac was upset to hear that Chloe already knew. Chloe said that she was the reason Billy wanted to buy Restless Style. She said Billy couldn't get enough of her. Chloe wanted Billy to go work at Jimmy's and stalk Mac instead of stalking his ex-wife. Billy ignored Chloe and told Mac that Phyllis was considering his offer.

Chloe received a phone call from Chance, and Billy and Mac were able to talk alone. Mac said she felt it would be a great opportunity for Billy. She said he should think about what he was really taking on. Billy said it would be perfect for him. Phyllis called Billy and asked him to meet her at Restless Style.

Billy showed up at Restless Style to talk to Phyllis and Nick. Phyllis had a lot of questions for Billy. She felt that Billy didn't have a clue about running a magazine. Chloe stood up and said that it was true, Billy didn't "know squat" about running a magazine. Then she turned around and mentioned some positive things about Billy. Nick asked Billy why he was thinking of purchasing Restless Style. When Billy showed them the numbers, they immediately said they would take it.

Billy went to Mac and told her that Phyllis and Nick had agreed to let him purchase Restless Style. He felt worried that they had accepted his offer right away. He had to figure out a way to come up with the money.

Phyllis and Nick wondered if they had made the right decision. Phyllis said that she had felt relieved. She asked Nick if there were any job possibilities for her at Newman.

Lily felt uncomfortable about being out in public. Cane said they needed to celebrate that they were staying together. Lily wasn't sure she was ready to tell Neil and Devon. Cane said he didn't blame Neil and Devon for not trusting him.

Roxy and Devon showed up at the coffeehouse and said hello to Lily. Lily was ecstatic to see Roxy. Roxy was surprised to see that Lily and Cane were back together. Lily said they were still sleeping in separate bedrooms, but she was ready to make things work again.

Lily said that when she found out she was sick, she realized that Cane was the best person to be there for her. Suddenly Roxy got choked up and excused herself. Lily asked Devon what had happened to Roxy. Lily was shocked to hear that Roxy and Devon had broken up. Devon said that Lily didn't want to hear what had happened. Lily figured out that Devon had cheated on Roxy. She was even more surprised to hear that Devon had slept with Tyra. Lily couldn't believe that Devon had hurt Roxy and cheated on her. Devon said that Cane had done a lot worse to Lily. Lily said she didn't care; she loved Cane and was willing to work on their marriage.

Devon said that he hoped someday Roxy could forgive him. Roxy returned and told Devon that what Lily had said made her want to try again with Devon. Devon pulled Roxy to him and hugged her. When Lily saw Cane, she asked him if they could have their first dance.

Cane told Mac that Lily had agreed to try to make their relationship work again. Mac said she knew Lily would be able to forgive him someday. Cane said he didn't think there was anything he could do that would make Lily trust him again. Mac said that Lily would get past it, she just needed time.

Kevin told Michael that he wasn't going to give up on Ryder. Michael said it wasn't jaywalking they were talking about, it was murder. Lauren said that Kevin did not owe Ryder anything. Kevin told Jana that there was a good kid under Ryder's tough exterior. Kevin hoped Jana would think about letting Ryder live with them.

Jana told Lauren and Michael that she had a bad feeling about Ryder. Lauren said she felt the same way when she had met him. She said when she saw him, the hair on her neck stood up. Jana said that maybe letting Ryder live with them would show his true colors.

Deacon was furious that he had lost the painting and Amber. He went to Ryder and said that he was done with Ryder and his mother. Deacon told Ryder that he would not be intimated by them any longer. Ryder asked what Deacon was going to do about Little D. Deacon said Little D was someplace safe.

Ryder talked to his mother on the phone. He said that Deacon and Kevin had no choice but to play out their game. Kevin walked in and told Ryder he had paid Ryder's bail. Ryder hugged Kevin.

Ryder was released and he and Kevin went to the coffeehouse. Kevin asked Michael, Lauren, and Jana to at least pretend to be happy Ryder was free. Jana told Kevin that Ryder could live with them for a month. Michael also said that he would represent Ryder. Kevin thanked Michael for being the best brother. Jana worried that their plan would turn out to be trouble. Ryder tried to apologize to Lauren for going off on her. Lauren warned him not to hurt Kevin or anyone in their family.

Deacon received a picture of his next project. It was a picture of Michael and Lauren. Deacon ripped up the picture and said he wasn't going to do it.

Amber woke up Daniel and said that he needed to put her ring back on. Daniel told her that after seeing what his future would look like without her, he knew he would never let her go again. He asked Amber to be his forever. Amber started to cry and happily screamed yes. Amber started throwing around ideas for wedding themes. Daniel wondered if they should save money to buy a place first.

Amber thought about where they could cut corners. Daniel said he would try to get a job. Daniel wasn't sure he would be painting for a while. Amber said that Daniel didn't need to be painting to be creative. Amber said that even if they didn't have a lot of money, they were back together. She said that made them the lucky ones.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

At Indigo, Billy received bad news from a bank manager -- the bank was turning down Billy's application for a loan to purchase Restless Style. Billy ran into Jack, who wasn't surprised that Billy's application was rejected. Jack was shocked when Billy told him that Billy was trying to raise capital in order to purchase Restless Style.

Jack said that there was no way that Phyllis would sell the magazine, but Billy said that everyone had their price. Jack also accused Billy of dancing on Jack's grave, since Billy knew that Jack had never wanted to sell Restless Style. Billy said that Jack should think of the purchase as the return of the magazine to the Abbott family.

Jack tried to dissuade Billy from buying Restless Style. He gave Billy a laundry list of reasons why Billy wasn't qualified to run a magazine. Billy asked Jack to give him an ounce of credit -- Billy said that he was on top of the latest trends, and that he knew what, and who, was hot. Jack said that going to some fancy parties didn't give Billy the experience to run a magazine. Billy said that Colleen's death had taught him not to sit around and wait for opportunities. Billy made a sarcastic remark about Jack's not releasing Billy's trust fund money to Billy. Billy claimed that he was going to raise the capital to purchase the magazine, and that Restless Style would be more profitable than it had been.

After Billy left, Katherine and Jill approached Jack. Jack asked Jill how she liked working for Neil. Jill said that she was happy to be back at Chancellor -- but that she wasn't happy with the Jabot sales figures. Katherine said that with the ordeal the Abbott family had just been through, it was obvious that Jack needed help running Jabot. Katherine told Jack that she was reinstating Jill as an equal partner with Jack at Jabot's helm. Jack was obviously not thrilled with Katherine's decision, but Jill grinned like the Cheshire cat. Before she left, Katherine told Jill and Jack that they needed to learn to co-exist.

After Katherine left, Jill said that the "equal partner" idea might work. Jack replied, "In a pig's eye." Jill asked Jack what had been going on at Jabot. Jack said that he was hiring Skip Maxwell to head Jabot's public relations department. Jill said that she knew of Skip's work and thought that he would be a good fit for Jabot.

Jill and Jack began bickering about the Jabot's men's line. Jack received a phone call and told Jill that he had to leave. Jill said they would continue their discussion at the office. As soon as Jack was gone, Jill called Skip Maxwell and told him to issue a press release titled, "Jill Abbott Is Back In Charge at Jabot."

At Crimson Lights, Paul and Nikki met for a cup of coffee. Paul said that Nikki's being able to leave Victor's bedside probably meant that Victor was doing well. Nikki asked Paul how Patty was doing. He told Nikki that Patty had been transferred from a mental hospital near Green Bay to a facility just outside Genoa City. Paul said that Patty was delusional, and completely cut off from reality.

Paul said that it was difficult for him to see Patty in her psychotic state, but that if he didn't visit his sister, no one else would. Nikki said that Paul was a good brother. Paul disagreed, saying that if he had been a good brother, he would have tracked down Patty years earlier. Nikki told Paul that Patty's misdeeds weren't his fault, and that she knew that everyone blamed Victor for Patty's actions. Paul became upset when he heard Victor's name, and told Nikki that Victor had gone to the church, looking for Nikki, on the night before Paul and Nikki were to be married. Nikki was surprised to learn that.

After Paul left, Nikki ran into Traci. Traci told Nikki that she was doing as well as could be expected. Nikki told Traci that Victor was on the mend, and she thanked Traci for the brave decision she had made by donating Colleen's heart to Victor. Traci said that it was the most difficult thing she ever had to do.

Traci said that she knew that Ashley and Victor were divorcing. She advised Nikki to think long and hard about getting involved with Victor again. Traci reminded Nikki that, in the past, Victor had promised to change, but he never did. Traci said that she didn't think that Victor would ever change.

After Traci walked away, Katherine joined Nikki. Nikki told Katherine that Victor had gone to the church, looking for Nikki, the night that Nikki disappeared. When Nikki said that Ashley and Victor were divorcing, Katherine said that she wasn't all that surprised. Both of them agreed that the timing of the divorce was unfortunate, because Ashley had just had a baby.

Katherine and Nikki felt that Nikki and Victor were destined to be together. Nikki said that she was scared to death, because it hadn't been that long since Victor had wished Nikki dead. Nikki mentioned that even Traci had warned her that Victor would never change. Katherine asked Nikki if, in her heart of hearts, she really wanted Victor to change.

Billy and Traci met on the Crimson Lights patio. Billy told his sister that he was going to buy Restless Style. Traci was excited, and told Billy that she was happy for him. Billy asked her if she was happy enough to lend him the money to purchase the magazine. Traci regretfully said that she wouldn't loan Billy the money, and warned him about starting a venture heavily in debt.

Ashley visited Victor in his hospital room. She thanked Victor for allowing her to have the Newman ranch as part of their divorce settlement. They agreed that they should tell Abby about the divorce together. Ashley said that she had planned on telling Abby before Faith's christening, which was scheduled for the following day.

Victor was upset that the date of Faith's christening had been moved up in order to accommodate Traci's schedule. He told Ashley that he wouldn't be able to attend the christening if it were held the next day. She told Victor that the Newman family would be represented by Adam, whom Ashley had selected as Faith's godfather, and Nick and Victoria if they decided to attend. Victor said that it sounded like Ashley was reciting a grocery list. Ashley asked Victor if he would prefer it if she were hysterical.

Victor said that he never imagined that he and Ashley would become so estranged. Ashley said that she wasn't happy about changing the date, but that it was important that Traci go through something that was life-affirming. Victor asked Ashley to tape the ceremony. Ashley became angry when Victor said that he would call to see if the private dining room at the Colonnade was available for the reception. Ashley told Victor that the christening was going to be a small affair, not a lavish event. Victor said that he wanted to tell the world that there was a new Newman. Ashley reminded Victor that Faith was also an Abbott. Victor began to get upset and asked Ashley if she had forgotten that he was Faith's father.

Victor accused Ashley of being a hypocrite -- wanting to raise Faith on the Newman ranch, yet not holding a reception to announce that Faith was Victor's daughter. Ashley said that she couldn't take any more "Newman vs. Abbott." Victor said that he didn't give a damn about the Abbotts. Ashley reminded Victor that Traci's daughter had died, and that Colleen's death had given Victor a second chance at life. Victor and Ashley began arguing in raised voices. Looking for Ashley, Billy entered the room. Victor said that he couldn't believe that Ashley would pick a fight with him after he had major heart surgery, and he threw Ashley and Billy out.

At the Newman ranch, Billy told Ashley how happy he was that Ashley was getting the ranch as part of her divorce settlement. Ashley smiled and told Billy what a good brother he was -- that he was always there for her. Billy told Ashley that he had been looking for her in order to ask a favor.

After Billy told Ashley about his plan to purchase Restless Style, Ashley quickly agreed to loan him the money. Billy was thrilled. Ashley said that Billy would do great things with the magazine.

Dr. Emily Peterson entered Patty's cell, and was shocked to see that Patty looked just like Dr. Peterson. Dr. Peterson said that she had wondered where Patty had been. Patty, clearly out of touch with reality, acted as if she and Jack were married, and the padded cell was their house. Dr. Peterson told Patty that she couldn't help but notice that Patty looked exactly like Dr. Peterson. Patty smiled and thanked the doctor. Dr. Peterson said that Patty looked beautiful the way she had been before the plastic surgery. Emily told Patty that Patty couldn't have changed her looks that drastically on her own, and she asked Patty who had financed her surgery.

Patty didn't answer Emily's question. Instead, Patty rambled on about how happy she was that she and Jack were happily married. Emily told Patty that Patty wasn't married to Jack -- that she and Jack had divorced 25 years earlier. Patty became upset and wondered how Emily could say such a horrible thing.

Paul stopped by to visit Patty and was shocked to see Emily. Patty introduced Emily to Paul as "Dr. P." Emily said that she was a psychiatrist, and that she had been asked to go to Genoa City to consult on Patty's case. Patty said that Emily was her best friend and that Emily knew all of Patty's secrets. When Patty offered to make tea in her imaginary kitchen, Paul and Emily stepped into the hallway to talk. Paul asked Emily about Patty and Emily's resemblance, but Emily said that she didn't know how, or why, the plastic surgery had occurred. Emily told Paul that Patty thought that Patty was married to Jack.

Emily explained that she was a professor at the University of Minnesota Medical School, and that she often worked late in her office. She said that Patty had been a janitor at the school, and that she had begun unburdening herself to Emily. Emily had suggested regular sessions, and she became very worried when Patty disappeared. Emily said it was clear that Patty had used Emily as a model when Patty underwent plastic surgery. Emily knew that there was no way that Patty could afford the surgery. Emily said that someone had to pay -- and she wondered why.

Paul was hesitant to talk with Emily, but Emily told him that the sooner Paul realized that she was a friend and could be trusted, the sooner she and Paul could work together to help Patty. Paul did a quick background check on Emily, and learned that she was who she said she was. He told Emily how grateful he was that she was trying to help Patty.

Emily told Paul that she was aware of Patty's obsession with Jack Abbott, and wondered if Jack had paid any attention to Patty when Patty arrived in Genoa City after her plastic surgery. Paul said that, according to Jack, Patty had seduced Jack. Paul added that Patty had been manipulated into thinking that she had another shot at living happily ever after with Jack. Emily asked who had planted that idea in Patty's head. Paul asked Emily if she had ever heard of Victor Newman.

In her cell, Patty told herself that Jack was going to be a bit late that night. She began humming to herself, and stared at her reflection in the cell's small glass window.

Jack went to Victor's hospital room. Victor asked Jack what he was doing there. Paul entered, and told Victor Paul had summoned Jack. Paul said that there was someone he wanted Jack and Victor to meet. Paul warned Victor that it would be shocking, and Paul wondered if Victor's heart could take it. Victor said that he could take anything. Paul escorted Emily into Victor's room. Jack and Victor were speechless.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

At the Newman ranch, Ashley told Billy that the check for Billy's purchase of Restless Style was ready at the bank. Billy was thrilled that Ashley was loaning him the money -- he said it had been a long time since anyone in the family had faith in him. Ashley said that Jack would be impressed when Billy proved that he could run the magazine. Billy hugged Ashley and left.

Adam entered the living room, having just put Faith down for a nap. Ashley said that she was glad that Faith would grow up having a bond with Adam. Adam said that their living arrangement was somewhat unusual -- Faith lived with her mother and her half-brother who was old enough to be her father. Ashley said that there were all kinds of families. Adam asked if he, Ashley, and Faith were a family. Ashley said that they were.

At Restless Style, Nick asked Phyllis if she had heard from Billy about Billy's tentative purchase of the magazine. When Phyllis said that she hadn't, Nick opined that perhaps Billy had changed his mind. Phyllis told Nick that she was having second thoughts about selling Restless Style, and she wondered what Nick thought. Nick said that he, Phyllis, Sharon, and Jack had started the magazine, and they had all moved on -- except for Phyllis. Nick told Phyllis that they should sell the magazine so that Phyllis could move on.

Nick said that it hadn't been easy for him to leave Restless Style. Phyllis reminded Nick that he had something else to go to. Nick said that Phyllis had a lot of opportunities, and he wondered if Restless Style was the one that she would choose. Billy arrived with the check in hand. When the Newmans didn't react, Billy wondered if there was a problem.

Billy chatted with Chloe while Nick and Phyllis spoke privately. Billy told Chloe that he didn't know what the holdup was. Nick told Phyllis that if she was still passionate about the magazine, then he would kick Billy out, but if Phyllis wasn't "feeling it" anymore, then she should pass the torch on to someone who had the passion to run the magazine. Phyllis looked at Billy and told Nick that she knew what she was going to do.

Phyllis walked over to Billy and told him that he had something that belonged to her -- a check. A thrilled Billy handed the check to Phyllis. Phyllis called the staff over and told them that she was leaving the magazine, as she couldn't be the mother she wanted to be if she remained. She thanked the staff for all their hard work, and told them that their new boss was Billy Abbott. She assured them that their jobs were safe, and urged them to help Billy. The staff began applauding, and Nick gave Phyllis a hug.

At Crimson Lights, Chance picked up a box of pastries. He attached a card with "Chloe" written on it to the box. As Billy was about to leave, he ran into Mac. They discussed how Billy and Chloe would always have a bond because of Delia. Chance was stunned when Mac mentioned that Billy might soon be Chloe's boss.

Realizing that Chloe hadn't told Chance about Billy's possible purchase of Restless Style, Mac tried to put a positive spin on the situation -- she said that Billy was having trouble financing the venture, and that perhaps Chloe was waiting until the deal was final to tell Chance about it. Chance asked Mac if she had told Billy that Billy and Chloe working together was a bad idea. Mac told Chance that she thought it was a great idea, since Billy was finally passionate about something. Chance understood that Mac would support Billy's purchase, since Mac knew how being passionate felt. Mac told Chance that he was wrong -- she didn't feel passionate about anything.

Chance said that he thought that Mac liked working at the homeless shelter. Mac told him that she could only get to the shelter rarely, as running Jimmy's took up a lot of her time, particularly with Cane gone. Mac said that the situation would improve when Cane didn't have to take care of Lily and could return to the bar full-time. Mac then felt guilty for whining about her life, while Lily was fighting cancer.

Chance said that he knew it was tough when you had high hopes for something and they didn't pan out. He told Mac that he enjoyed working in the field as a detective, but that he didn't like the paperwork portion of the job. Billy called Mac and, by the tone of Billy's voice, she realized that Billy had purchased Restless Style. Billy told her to visit the magazine's office and celebrate.

After Mac left, Chance called Chloe, obviously hoping that she would tell him about Billy's purchase. He asked Chloe if anything exciting was going on at the office that day, but Chloe nonchalantly said that it was business as usual. A disappointed Chance hung up the phone. As he left Crimson Lights, he gave the box of pastries to some strangers. At the front door, he tore up the greeting card that he had intended to give to Chloe and threw it in the garbage.

At Restless Style, Mac showed up with a bottle of champagne. Nick and Phyllis packed up their belongings in a cardboard box and were on their way out when Billy invited them to stay and have champagne. The Newmans declined the invitation. As Phyllis and Nick waited for the elevator, Phyllis took one last look around the office.

Billy spoke to the magazine staff, and told them to go out and celebrate -- they could get back to work the following day. The staff applauded. Chloe was surprised to see Chance show up. Chance confronted Chloe about why she hadn't told him that Billy was planning to buy the magazine. Chloe began to make some lame excuses, but an irritated Chance told her that he didn't want to hear them.

Chance told Chloe that she was still hung up on Billy. Chloe smiled and said that it was cute that Chance was a little jealous. Chance said that he wasn't jealous -- he was done with all the games that Chloe had been playing. He reminded Chloe that she hadn't signed the divorce papers, and that she still flirted with Billy. Chance stormed out, leaving a speechless Chloe. Chloe stared at Billy and Mac, who were celebrating and kissing across the room.

At the church, the minister related the details of the christening ceremony to Ashley. The minister was sorry to hear that Faith's father wouldn't be able to attend the ceremony. Sharon entered and Ashley was surprised to see her. Ashley asked the minister if she and Sharon could have a few moments of privacy. When the minister left, Sharon said that she was at the church because her bereavement group met in a room down the hall. Sharon assumed that Ashley was there to plan Faith's christening.

Ashley said that she had wanted to call Sharon, but didn't know if it would have been appropriate. Sharon thanked Ashley for the condolence note that Ashley had sent. When Ashley asked Sharon how she was doing, Sharon said she was getting through it. Adam silently walked into the church and saw the two ladies speaking.

Adam walked up to Sharon and Ashley. Ashley went to speak to the minister. Sharon was surprised when Adam told her that he was going to be Faith's godfather. Adam said he felt that he was becoming more a part of the Newman family as time went on. When Adam mentioned that he hadn't seen Victor in a few days, Sharon suggested that he visit his father. Sharon felt that the visit could help heal the rift among the Newmans.

Later, Ashley showed Adam where he would be standing during the ceremony. Adam told Ashley that he was going to take Sharon's advice and visit Victor. Ashley said that she didn't realize that he and Sharon were friends. Adam said that he found Sharon easy to talk to. He added that he found it crazy that a wonderful woman like Sharon was once married to Nick.

Adam said that he was working hard at Newman Enterprises, but Nick and Victoria didn't appreciate him. Adam was concerned that missing the christening would be difficult for Victor. Ashley told him not to worry about it -- that Victor always landed on his feet. Adam said that Victor was flat on his back in a hospital -- alone and miserable.

At the Newman ranch, Ashley was surprised when Sharon showed up. Sharon had some things that she had purchased for her stillborn child, and she thought that Ashley might want them for Faith. Ashley thought Sharon's gesture was sweet, and said that she had hoped that her and Sharon's daughters would grow up together and be friends.

Ashley told Sharon that Sharon's pain would abate with time. Sharon said that she had been through the death of a child before, and that she appreciated Ashley's concern. As Sharon left, Faith began to cry. Ashley rushed off to tend to Faith. Sharon stood on the front porch, staring wistfully into space.

In Victor's hospital room, Jack and Victor were stunned to see Dr. Emily Peterson, who looked just like Patty. Jack, thinking it was Patty, began to call the police, but Paul stopped him and introduced the psychiatrist to Jack and Victor. Jack stared at Victor and said, "My God. You gave Patty her own doctor's face?"

Victor asked Jack what he was talking about. Growing angry, Victor said that it was the first time he had met Emily. Jack didn't believe Victor. Victor told Emily that she would end up in a cell next to Patty, but Emily assured Victor that she wasn't involved in any of Patty's machinations. Victor asked Emily why she was in Genoa City.

Emily said that she owed it to Patty. She told Victor that Patty had been making progress in therapy, hadn't been a ticking time bomb, and had been motivated to get well -- before she disappeared. Emily assumed that Patty's disappearance had been Victor's doing. Victor warned her not to assume anything. Emily told Victor that she knew he was a rich and powerful man -- but that he couldn't control her.

Victor said that Patty couldn't have been making progress -- that she had been, and still was, a psychopath. Victor told Emily that she was clearly incompetent for not having realized how dangerous Patty was, and reminded Emily that Patty's best friend was a stuffed cat. Victor threatened to have Emily's medical license revoked. Jack told Emily that she should see Jack if Victor continued to bully her. Emily said that Jack was the last person she would want to see if she needed a friend. Jack and Victor were surprised when Emily said that Victor might have taken advantage of a "damaged soul," but it had been Jack who had caused the damage.

Emily said that between Jack and Victor, Patty never had a chance. She told Paul, Victor, and Jack that she feared that Patty might be lost forever. A calmed Victor asked Emily if she would be involved in Patty's therapy. Emily said that she would be consulting on Patty's case. Emily left the room. Jack followed her out.

Paul asked Victor if Victor had planned to mold Patty's face to look like Emily's face. Victor said that he hadn't. Paul said that it was convenient for Victor that Patty, and not Victor, had made the choice to look like Emily. Paul started to leave, but Victor called him back.

Victor asked Paul to hire Emily to treat Patty. Adam entered the room, and Victor told his son that he could stay. Victor told Paul that Victor would pay Emily's salary and for a room at the Athletic Club. Paul wondered what Victor's motive was. Victor said that he wanted to help Patty. An angry Paul accused Victor of feeling guilty. He told Victor to keep his guilt -- and his money. After Paul left, Adam asked his father if he had heard correctly -- that there was a woman out there who looked like Patty Williams. Adam said that he would hate to be her.

Adam began talking to Victor about what a freak Patty was, but Victor wanted to change the subject. Adam said that he was going to stick by Victor, and that father and son would get past "all this." Becoming angry, Victor said that Adam hadn't even gotten close to making up for the things that Adam had done. Victor reminded Adam that Adam had served only a partial sentence for his crime, in the "lap of luxury" at the Newman ranch. Victor said that Adam still had a long way to go before Victor could trust him. Clearly disappointed at Victor's reaction, Adam stoically said, "Yes, sir. I'll continue to prove myself and won't let you down." Adam left the room and tripped over a chair in the hallway.

At the Athletic Club's bar, Emily had a drink, while the club patrons stared at her. Jack joined Emily and told her that he didn't like the way things had been left earlier. He said that he was no longer the man that he had been 25 years earlier. He told Emily that he had acted despicably towards Patty, treating her with utter contempt. Emily believed that Jack was sorry for what he had done to Patty, but Emily wondered whether he wanted to apologize to Patty or to "this face."

Jack told Emily that he had met Mary Jane Benson when Billy had hired her to work at Jabot. Jack said that he had dated Mary Jane, but then he had broken off the relationship. Emily said that Jack had cast Mary Jane off as the "other woman," and, in essence, that had been Jack's second rejection of Patty. Emily left Jack to mull over what she had said.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Ashley was with Faith at the ranch before the christening. Traci and Adam joined Ashley in the living room. They were all happy about Faith's christening. Adam offered his sympathy to Traci, saying he couldn't imagine the pain of losing a child. As he spoke, Adam remembered the night at the psychiatric hospital when he took Sharon's newborn baby and placed the baby in Ashley's arms. Adam recalled the deal he had made with Dr. Taylor to never reveal the truth.

When Ashley was ready to leave for the chapel with Faith and Traci, she offered to take Adam, too. Adam said he would meet them at the chapel because he had an errand. Holding baby Faith, Traci welled up with tears and was overcome with emotion.

At Crimson Lights, Jack met with Katherine. Jack was ticked about the press release Jill had issued announcing her return to Jabot. Jack told Kay that collaborating with Jill was not going to work, because Jill was too demanding. Kay said she understood Jack's feelings, but Kay wanted to see an improvement in Jabot's bottom line.

Kay said that she had faith in Jill's ability to help Jabot. Jack said the Abbotts were all that was needed to fix Jabot. Kay said that since John's death, Jabot had not been the same company. Kay urged Jack to realize that the old days were gone.

Jack said that the Abbotts were as strong as ever, despite the grief they were feeling about Colleen's death. Kay said her decision to install Jill at Jabot had nothing to do with Colleen's death. Kay claimed that the troubles at Jabot were present when Jack hired Mary Jane Benson to improve the firm's public relations. The Mary Jane scandal further impaired Jabot's image. Kay said that John Abbott's dream to have his children run Jabot was not possible. Jack believed that Jabot belonged to the Abbotts.

At the Restless Style offices, Billy excitedly showed Mac around. Chloe handed Billy the press release she had prepared to announce that he was the new owner of the magazine. Billy and Mac told Chloe they were leaving for the christening. Chloe asked Billy to approve the new cover before he left. Billy was shocked at the cover photo and story. He wanted it changed.

At Newman Enterprises, J.T. arrived and asked Victoria if she had been avoiding him. Victoria said she was busy with work and offered to talk with J.T. later in the day. J.T. said that he would be leaving for the New York job interview later in the day. Victoria was stunned and said that J.T. had decided to go to New York because he was still upset about Victoria's relationship with Deacon. J.T. denied that his actions had anything to do with Deacon.

J.T. asked Victoria to talk to him about their marriage. Victoria said that J.T. was going to New York just to punish her. J.T. explained that he had worked for Victoria's father and lived on Victor's property, but getting an offer to interview for the position in New York had nothing to do with Victor. J.T. said it was a validation to him that a company would be interested in hiring him. When the phone rang and she was called in to sign some contracts, Victoria left J.T. and walked out of the office.

At the chapel before the christening, Sharon spoke with Reverend Bennett. Sharon explained she had been attending bereavement sessions and they were helpful.

At Crimson Lights, Nick and Phyllis walked in. They were talking about Summer starting school, and Phyllis said that she was happy about Summer's improvement since returning from Switzerland. Phyllis asked Nick if they could begin house hunting. Phyllis wanted to move off the ranch and away from Victor. Nick understood that Phyllis had reasons to be upset with Victor, but Nick asked Phyllis to put off the move until after the christening and until his father's condition improved.

Ashley and Traci arrived at the chapel with Faith for the christening. Billy and Mac were there a short time later, speaking with Nick and Phyllis about Restless Style. Adam arrived for the christening. Ashley told everyone that Faith was in Colleen's christening gown and that Abby was not there because of a test at school.

Billy walked away with Mac to avoid having to be around Adam. Adam showed Traci, Ashley, Phyllis, and Nick that he had a gift for Faith. It was a cross that had belonged to his mother. Ashley was very touched.

Jack showed up for the christening and was happy to see Faith. Phyllis saw Jack and told him that Nick had been struggling with the loss of Sharon's baby. Phyllis said she was trying to help Nick by understanding what he was going through. Jack told Phyllis that she was a wonderful and caring wife to Nick.

Victoria and J.T. arrived at the chapel for the ceremony. Victoria was still unhappy about J.T.'s job offer in New York. Victoria thought J.T. wanted to go to New York just to keep Victoria from Deacon.

A short time later, as the christening began, Traci was asked to hold the baby. When Reverend Bennett told the group that Faith's father could not make it, Victor spoke up. Victor was at the back of the chapel with Nikki on his arm. Victor walked to the front of the chapel and Traci put Faith in his arms.

Reverend Bennett continued the ceremony. Ashley named the baby Faith Colleen Newman. Traci was moved to tears. Faith was baptized and everyone celebrated the new member of the family. When Victor, Traci, Ashley, and Adam had to go sign the church documents, Traci asked Nick to hold his baby sister.

At the front entrance of the chapel, Sharon had been walking out when she heard the baby cry. Sharon looked into the chapel and saw Nick holding Faith. Adam noticed Sharon in the entrance and felt guilty about what he had done to her.

Privately, Traci thanked Victor for understanding why they had to have the christening when they did. Traci was leaving to get back to Steve. Traci remembered how Victor had been Colleen's godfather so many years back. Victor said that Faith was lucky to have Traci as a godmother. Traci promised to always love and cherish Faith. Traci beganto cry and Victor comforted her with a hug.

Kay watched Traci with Victor. When Traci walked away, Kay approached Victor and asked if Victor was well enough to be out of the hospital. Victor assured Kay that he was fine and also that he was very blessed.

Victoria walked over to her mother and asked about Victor's release from the hospital. Nikki said that Victor had been determined to be at the christening.

Mac approached J.T. at the christening. Mac said she had been surprised that Faith had been given Colleen as a middle name. J.T. hoped that Faith would be like Colleen, smart and feisty and good.

Off to the side by himself, Victor held the baby close and told Faith that she was a Newman and would succeed as all Newmans had. Jack sneaked up behind Victor and added that Faith was also an Abbott. Jack promised to make sure Faith knew about both sides of the family.

Traci said goodbye to Jack, Ashley, and Faith. Ashley wondered if Traci would ever want to return to Genoa City because of all the bad memories. Jack said he was sure Traci would be back to visit them. Jack said he, Ashley, and Billy were still together.

Later on at the Restless Style offices, Kay looked around and congratulated Billy on his new acquisition. Billy and Mac were excited about the prospect. Kay warned Billy that most magazines failed. Kay wondered if Jack was right about Billy eventually returning to Jabot. Billy said that he was committed to Restless Style.

Kay admired Billy's ambition and said Billy was a lot like Kay. Billy asked Kay's opinion of the proposed cover. Kay was diplomatic, but offered that readers would appreciate something breezy because of the rough economic times. Billy said that he hated the cover. Billy asked Chloe what it would take to change the cover. Chloe said it would be difficult and expensive. Billy ordered it done.

Billy proposed a tell-all cover story about Victor Newman, including how Victor had wound up with Colleen's heart. Chloe didn't believe that readers would be compelled to buy Restless Style with that cover story. Billy said he would write the cover story himself.

Kay said goodbye to Billy and Chloe. Mac helped Kay with her coat and mentioned how lovely the christening had been. Mac said that Ashley's baby was precious. Kay thought Mac had baby fever.

Chloe pointed out to Billy that a Victor Newman cover story would not be a big seller. Billy agreed to wait and do the story at another time. Billy offered to call the printer with the go-ahead for the cover. Chloe left for home to take care of Delia. Billy placed the call to Mitch, the printer, telling him to dump the cover story. Billy began writing the new cover story about Victor Newman.

Jack asked Ashley if she would talk with Billy about returning to Jabot. Ashley said it was too late because she had already lent Billy the money to buy Restless Style. Ashley told Jack to accept that Jabot was not the way it was when John was alive.

Still at the chapel, Ashley thanked Victor for not fighting her about the ranch. Victor kissed Faith and walked away. Victoria spoke to Nikki, Nick, and Phyllis about her father's health. Victor walked over and told his family that he was feeling fine. Victor explained to Nick, Phyllis, Nikki, and Victoria that he would not be returning to the ranch because Ashley was staying there with Abby and Faith. Victor told them that he had not decided what he was going to do next.

At the club, Nikki helped Victor get settled in his hotel room. Victor said someone was sending over his belongings later on. Nikki thought Victor should be at the ranch. Victor told Nikki that he had realized it was time to move on. Victor was ready to ask Nikki a question, but she asked him not to say anything.

Adam arrived at Sharon's house. Adam said that he had seen Sharon at the chapel. Adam was concerned about Sharon's feelings. Sharon said she had been at the chapel with her bereavement group. Sharon showed Adam the bracelet she'd had made for Faith, her baby who'd died. Sharon wondered if she was to blame for her baby's death. Adam said what happened to her baby had not been her fault.

Sharon wondered if she could have done something different to save Faith. Adam said Sharon had nothing to be sorry for. Adam said he had done many bad things in his life. Sharon told Adam not to be down on himself. Adam felt Sharon should know that he was much worse a person than Sharon could ever have been. Adam told Sharon that he seduced his attorney in order to keep him from turning against Adam.

Back at Newman Enterprises, J.T. overheard Victoria on the phone with Michael. The SEC had not let up on Victoria's case. Victoria said she was not leaving Genoa City to go to New York with J.T. J.T. said Genoa City was not his home. Victoria said she could not leave her home. J.T. said goodbye to Victoria and stepped onto the elevator.

In a conference room, Nick told Phyllis that Nikki and Victor seemed to be together again. Phyllis was surprised that Victor and Nikki had reunited. Nick asked if Phyllis still wanted to move from the ranch. Phyllis said that since Ashley was going to be living at the ranch and not Victor, perhaps Phyllis and Nick could put off the move indefinitely.

Nick said he had something to tell Phyllis. Nick had a job opening at Newman Enterprises for Phyllis. Nick got very seductive as he pretended to interview Phyllis for the position. Nick locked the conference room door and then began to make love to his wife.

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