The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of March 8, 2010 on Y&R
A group of people lured Adam to the Abbott cabin and pressured him to tell the truth about Nick and Sharon's baby. Phyllis found evidence that Ashley had suffered a miscarriage. Lily learned that her chemotherapy hadn't worked.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of March 8, 2010 on Y&R
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Monday, March 8, 2010

At Crimson Lights, Heather met with Victor and discussed Ashley's startling revelations about Adam. Heather was terse and uncooperative. She wrongly supposed that Victor was concerned about Adam because he was a star witness in the Jabot lawsuit. Victor said, "I am not here to protect Adam or my investment in Jabot. I am here because I get the idea that you need encouragement to do your damn job."

Heather claimed that she was disgusted with Adam's behavior, but she insisted there was no conclusive evidence proving he had done anything illegal. Victor reminded Heather that she'd tenaciously pressed phony charges against Victor. Heather sighed and told Victor she needed Adam's confession about his role in a major crime. Heather added that she'd be more than happy to give Adam what he deserved. Victor responded, "I'll be in touch." Victor stepped out and phoned Jack to say he was stopping by.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack accused Victor of setting Adam, a monster, loose on his sister. Victor acknowledged that Adam was taking advantage of him and Jack. Victor added that Adam believed that Victor and Jack were more interested in besting each other rather than avenging what had happened to Ashley. Victor explained that he didn't have enough evidence against Adam for the DA, and he requested Jack's collaboration to protect Ashley. Jack slammed Victor for having enlisted his assistance on Katherine's behalf before turning the tables and employing Adam to steal Jabot out from under him. Victor explained that Adam had leverage against them because of their fight over Jabot. Jack strongly advised Victor to take Jabot out of the equation.

Jack reiterated that Victor eventually planned to return Jabot to Katherine. Jack added that if Victor followed through with his plan, he would drop his lawsuit. Victor noted that he and Jack would return to square one. Jack insisted that he and Victor would have to take away Adam's power. Jack claimed that his father would turn over in his grave if Jack didn't pay Adam back for what he did to Ashley. Jack proclaimed that he'd rather see Jabot under Katherine with him as CEO. Victor explained that Adam was clever and covered his tracks, so the system couldn't touch him. Jack said that if Victor's plan involved exposing Adam, he was in, as long as he could protect his family.

Michael met with Kevin at the coffeehouse. Kevin showed his brother the note Jana supposedly left. Kevin read aloud from the note and claimed he had no idea what Jana referred to when she mentioned an issue they were unable to resolve. Michael thought that perhaps Kevin had missed his wife's subtle hints, but Kevin insisted that the note didn't reflect Jana at all. Michael agreed to help Kevin find Jana. After Michael left, Kevin flipped through a phone book and called the newspaper office. Daisy slipped into the shop and overheard Kevin place a full-page ad offering a $50,000 reward for his missing wife. Kevin instructed the ad clerk to print, "I'll never give up on you."

Daisy returned to the place where she kept Jana imprisoned. Jana, with her hands tied behind her back, resisted Daisy, who screamed, "It's your own fault for not convincing Kevin to stop looking for you." Jana cried out and struggled against Daisy's attempts to lock her into a wooden crate. Jana wrestled herself free and knocked Daisy to the ground. Daisy warned Jana that Kevin would take her place in the crate if Jana didn't make a convincing phone call to Kevin. Daisy regained her footing and attacked Jana when she attempted to free herself from the cell.

At Jimmy's Bar, Lauren nuzzled a drunken Paul. Lauren, affected by the drug Daisy secretly added to a glass of water, kissed Paul and remarked that their closeness revived memories. Lauren lovingly stroked Paul's face and promised she would help him feel better about what had happened to Patty. Across the room, Daisy covertly snapped photos of Lauren and Paul's cozy conversation. Mac stepped into the bar and noticed Paul, Lauren, and Daisy. Mac approached Daisy and demanded to see the woman's identification. Daisy claimed she was taking photos for a class assignment, but Mac kicked her out because she was underage.

Lauren ordered more drinks from a disapproving Mac, but changed her plans and whisked Paul to his house. Lauren stretched out on Paul's sofa and noted that his place needed a bike to hang on the wall. Paul recalled that they had a bike hanging on the wall at the place they shared long before. Paul cried about letting everyone down, and he mentioned Patty, Lauren, and Christine. Lauren gently stoked Paul's cheeks and kissed him repeatedly on the lips as she vowed to stay and comfort him.

Lauren climbed on top of Paul and continued kissing him. Paul stopped Lauren's romantic advances and asked about Michael. Lauren patted the top of her head with her palms and suggested that Michael could intervene on Patty's behalf. Stuttering, Paul insisted that he'd be uncomfortable involving Michael, but Lauren didn't have a clue why. Paul explained that they'd almost made love. Lauren laughed and giddily insisted that she only wanted Paul to feel better. Lauren blew a kiss to Paul and, before she walked out, said that she loved him. Paul seemed stunned by Lauren's perplexing behavior.

Michael later met up with Lauren, who had returned to Jimmy's Bar. Lauren downed coffee and greeted Michael with an insatiable embrace. Lauren explained that she'd been with a very sad and lonely Paul, so she felt even more grateful for Michael and Fen. Michael said he also felt truly blessed after working on a divorce case. Lauren requested Paul's help for Patty, and Michael agreed to look into the case.

Paul stopped by Crimson Lights and ordered coffee. Heather visited with her father and asked about Patty. Kevin, accompanied by Mac, interrupted and requested help from Heather for his missing wife. Kevin insisted that Jana would never leave him. Heather refused to step in because there was no evidence of foul play.

After Heather and Paul left, Mac comforted Kevin and told him that when Jana returned, she would be touched by his faith in her. Kevin's phone rang. It was Jana. Daisy held the phone and prompted a coerced Jana to speak to Kevin. Jana asked Kevin if he had gotten her letter. Kevin said, "I didn't think you wrote that." In the background, the tune "Pop Goes the Weasel" played.

Kevin listened as Jana hesitantly cried, "The marriage is over." Jana told Kevin not to offer a reward for her return because she wanted to move on, and she advised him to do the same. Jana ended her call by insisting, "If you love me, you'll let me go." Daisy later told Jana that she was better off without Kevin. Daisy added, "My mother made sure I knew that I don't need anyone-especially a man." Jana, feeling defeated and weakened, explained that she and Kevin had a connection Daisy would never understand. Jana added that Kevin would never stop looking for her. Daisy warned that Jana had better hope that Kevin gave up his search for her good and his own.

Back at the coffeehouse, Mac comforted Kevin after his disturbing phone call from Jana. Kevin told Mac that Jana was happy on their wedding day. Kevin, shaken and overwhelmed, suddenly ducked into his office. J.T. stopped by and stood next to Mac. Victoria walked in and overheard J.T. tell Mac that it was good to see a friendly face. Mac placed her had on J.T.'s arm as she comforted him. Victoria turned and walked out without saying a word.

In their suite at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Sharon packed her luggage, but Adam pleaded with her not to leave because she was the only person on the planet who'd ever believed in him. Sharon mentioned that Rafe and Heather had once believed Adam before he duped them. Adam again pledged his love and begged Sharon not to move in with Ashley, who thought he was a demon. Adam acted devastated when Sharon claimed that he was a demon. Adam insisted he'd done nothing to Ashley and that Faith was fine.

Sharon experienced a flashback of the night she gave birth. Sharon remembered hearing her infant cry and stating joyously, "She's here. Oh, my baby's here." Adam claimed that Ashley was trying to blame Dr. Taylor for her mental breakdown. Sharon responded, "Dr. Taylor was the only person who saw my Faith." Sharon realized that Dr. Taylor had lied, and she insisted that her baby was still alive. Furious, Sharon challenged Adam to tell her where her baby was. Adam calmly instructed Sharon to calm down. Sharon grew increasingly distressed and beat her fists against Adam's chest while she demanded that he stop lying because she knew that her baby was born healthy.

Sharon sobbed pitifully, but Adam claimed he didn't know anything, and he blamed Dr. Taylor. Sharon, seething with anger, hissed that if Adam's mother were alive, she would hate and despise him for what he'd done. Sharon collected her luggage and left. Adam sank into the sofa and sobbed. Adam later packed his suitcase and wheeled it toward the door. Reacting to intense pain, Adam abandoned his suitcase and collapsed in agony on the bed. Adam picked up the phone and instructed the person who answered to bring his prescription to his suite at the club. While Adam waited, he relived scenes of his wedding, and then he recalled Sharon's probing questions and accusations about his various lies.

Adam heard a knock and hobbled to the door. It was Heather, and she gave Adam his painkiller prescription, which she'd found outside his door. Adam claimed that he'd hurt his back. Heather informed Adam that Ashley, Neil, and Victor had recently approached her with information implicating Adam's involvement in criminal behavior. Heather snooped through papers on a table as she spoke. Adam closed his briefcase when Heather ventured near it.

Heather told Adam she'd allow him to respond before she launched a formal investigation. Adam folded his arms defiantly and replied, "You've got nothing." Heather brushed by Adam as she walked toward the door and warned that the walls were closing in on him. After Heather left, Adam made a phone call and told the person on the other end of the line that he need not thank him. Adam arranged to meet the person at a burger joint by the highway. After Adam hung up, he said aloud, "I'm sorry, Mom. I have no choice."

At Ashley's house, Jack agreed that Ashley was justified to suspect Adam's involvement in whatever might have happened to Sharon's baby if the infant was indeed born alive. Jack and Ashley couldn't make sense of Adam and Dr. Taylor's alleged plan to sell Ashley's baby in order to hurt Victor. Jack suggested that perhaps he'd been Adam's target, instead. Ashley supposed that when Fairview Sanitarium went into lockdown, Sharon's baby took the place of Ashley's because Dr. Taylor didn't have access to Ashley's room. Refusing to accept that Dr. Taylor and Adam aimed to sell a baby for profit, Jack warned Ashley not to divulge their yet unsubstantiated suspicions to Sharon.

After Sharon left Adam, she went to Ashley's. Sharon told Ashley that she was certain she'd heard Faith cry after the baby was born, even though Dr. Taylor had claimed that the baby was born dead. Ashley admitted that she and Jack had reached the same conclusion. Ashley suggested they call the hospital, Fairview, and the morgue. Later, Ashley reported that hospital records stated that an infant had not been transported to the hospital with Sharon.

A new hire at Fairview Sanitarium told Sharon that she would check the hospital's records and the morgue and phone back later. Sharon berated herself for trusting Adam after everyone warned her not to. Ashley took the call when the clerk at sanitarium phoned. Sharon clutched her chest and awaited the news from Fairview. Ashley reported that Dr. Taylor had not recorded a birth and the morgue did not receive a stillborn infant. Tears welled in Sharon's eyes as she announced, "She's alive. She's alive."

At the Hellstroms' residence, Victoria arranged for Reed to be away while the couple's lawyers assembled to initiate divorce proceedings. J.T. said he hadn't had time to vet an attorney, so he'd selected one from Tucker's staff. J.T. agreed that they could keep the proceedings peaceful for Reed's sake. Michael arrived to represent Victoria. J.T.'s attorney, Bruce, listened as Michael explained that temporary custody and living arrangements should be the first order of concern. Bruce said he assumed that Victoria would agree to J.T.'s request for him to remain at their current place of residence. Victoria's brow furrowed and she asked if the lawyer expected her son to watch his parents' marriage fell apart.

J.T.'s lawyer, Bruce, callously asserted that Victoria had recently shown little interest in her son's welfare. J.T. reproached his attorney. Michael interjected that the negotiations need not be adversarial. Bruce taunted Michael and assumed he wasn't married after he insisted that divorce proceedings didn't necessarily preclude love or respect. Michael proclaimed that he was quite happily married.

Victoria glared at J.T. and his attorney. Bruce claimed that mothers who disappeared for weeks at a time had no legs to stand on legally. Victoria rose from her seat and explained that she'd been away on business. J.T. fired Bruce and maintained that it wasn't in Reed's best interest to attack the boy's mother. Michael agreed to recommend another attorney to represent J.T.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

At a fast food restaurant on the outskirts of town, Adam began writing a letter to Sharon, since she was not answering her phone. He wrote that he knew that she was angry with him, but that, no matter what, he always had, and always would, love her.

A man walked up to Adam's table and asked him if he was Adam Newman. Adam confirmed that he was. The man introduced himself as Richard Hightower, and told Adam that it was a pleasure to finally meet him in person. Richard told Adam that what Adam had done was phenomenal, and wondered Adam had chosen him for "Adam's generous act." Adam said that he wanted to go to a sports bar with Richard to hear Richard's story.

Richard's young son walked up to the table and asked his father for some change to play video games. Adam seemed surprised that Richard had a son. Richard introduced his son to Adam, and the boy hugged Adam, saying, "Mr. Newman. Thank you so much." Adam suddenly said that he had to reschedule his meeting with Richard, and quickly left the restaurant. Inside, Richard and his son looked hurt and confused. Outside, Adam looked distraught.

Sharon called Victor and asked him to visit with her. They met at the Wilsons' Athletic Club suite, where Sharon was finishing gathering her possessions. Sharon told Victor about her feeling that her baby was still alive. Sharon said that, although Dr. Taylor had told her that her baby had been stillborn, she was sure that she had heard the baby cry.

She told Victor that she and Ashley had spoken to employees at both the Fairview psychiatric facility and St. Mary's Hospital, and that there was no record of a baby having died at either facility on the night in question. Sharon wondered how Adam could know that her baby was still alive and not have told her. Victor told her that he and Jack had devised a plan to find out the truth -- but that they needed Sharon's help.

After Victor told Sharon about his and Jack's plan, Sharon said that she didn't think that she wanted any part of it -- she was afraid of dredging up painful memories. Victor told Sharon that she was brave and resilient, and if there was a chance that her baby was still alive, she had to participate in the plan. Sharon acquiesced, but said that she wanted to be the person to tell Nick that her and Nick's baby might still be alive. Victor said that was fine.

Rafe and Billy met for a cup of coffee at Crimson Lights. Billy wondered why Rafe was in such a good mood. Rafe told Billy that he had just spent a wonderful weekend with his new boyfriend, Brian. Billy said that Rafe deserved happiness after the way that Adam had treated him. Billy received a text message from Jack to meet him at Ashley's immediately. As Billy left, he told Rafe not to let Brian get away, and added that it was good to see Rafe smiling.

At Ashley's, Jack was upset to learn from Ashley that Sharon suspected that her baby was still alive. Ashley told Jack that she hadn't said anything to Sharon -- Sharon had arrived at that conclusion on her own. Ashley said that she and Sharon had been in touch with Fairview and St. Mary's, and learned that there were no stillbirths reported on the evening that Sharon's baby allegedly died.

Jack wondered where Sharon was. Ashley said that she was at the Athletic Club, and was gathering up the remainder of her belongings. Jack said that Sharon was probably speaking with Victor. Ashley wanted to know how Victor had gotten involved in the situation. Jack revealed, to a stunned Ashley, that he and Victor were working together to try to expose Adam's misdeeds. Jack said that he was going to confide the details of the plan to Ashley -- but that Ashley wouldn't like it.

After Jack told Ashley his and Victor's plan, Ashley was aghast -- she said that she was interested in justice -- not revenge. Jack feared that if they tried to deal with Adam in the legal system, Adam would bring up Ashley's history of mental illness, and that any court proceeding would simply end up being Adam's word against Ashley's.

Billy arrived at Ashley's. He wanted to know if it was true that it had been Adam -- and not Estella or Patty -- who had been gaslighting Ashley the previous summer. Ashley said that it looked that way. Billy said that he wanted to "rip Adam's head off," but Jack warned his brother to keep cool. Ashley said that she wasn't completely sure that she wanted to participate in Jack and Victor's plan to bring down Adam. Billy was not happy to learn that Victor was involved.

Jack explained that teaming up with Victor was the only way that they could ever expose what Adam had done. Billy said that he would go along with the plan. Jack said that Victor was, as they spoke, trying to get other victims of Adam, including Nick, Phyllis, Sharon, and Heather to take part in the scheme. Jack wasn't sure that Heather would participate, since there was a question of the legality of what Jack and Victor hoped to accomplish. Referring to Rafe, Billy said that he had an attorney friend who had an axe to grind with Adam. Jack told Billy to try to get his friend involved in the plan.

At the tack house, Nick and Phyllis talked about the great day they had just had playing with Summer. They were also excited about going out for dinner that evening. Victoria went downstairs and told Phyllis and Nick not to call a babysitter for Summer -- she said that she wanted to spend some quality time with her niece. Victoria went upstairs to tell Summer that they would be spending a "girls' night" together. After Victoria was out of earshot, Phyllis told Nick that Victoria was hurting about her impending divorce from J.T. The Newmans agreed that they were glad that they had managed to survive the rough patches in their marriage.

While Phyllis and Nick were upstairs changing for dinner, Victoria ran across a folder labeled "Jabot Sale Hearing." She remembered Billy kissing her at the hearing. Phyllis and Nick entered the living room, and were dressed to the nines. As the Newmans were about to leave, Victor showed up. Nick asked his father if he had confronted Adam about the allegations that Adam had been behind Ashley's mental collapse. Victor said that he had, but that Adam had denied everything. Victor told Nick, Phyllis, and Victoria that he was going to handle Adam his own way -- but that he need all of them to help him.

Heather showed up at the coffeehouse to speak with Rafe. Heather said that she still couldn't get over how badly Adam had treated her and Rafe. Rafe said that he had felt used -- but he had gotten over it. Rafe made it clear to Heather that he felt uncomfortable speaking to her about Adam. Heather said that she realized that she had gotten overly upset with Rafe when she had learned that Rafe had slept with Adam. Heather apologized to Rafe for her behavior. She asked Rafe why he thought that Adam had played the two of them. Rafe said that he wasn't sure -- but that perhaps Adam was simply a "sick bastard" who enjoyed ruining other people's lives. Rafe didn't think they would ever learn the true reason.

Rafe told Heather that he owed her an apology -- he knew that she was seeing Adam when he had slept with him. Rafe explained that Adam had convinced him that Adam needed to be rescued from "the closet" that he had been living in. Heather agreed that Adam had played them both, and that they were lucky that they "got out" when they did. Rafe received a phone call from Billy, who asked to meet him at the Athletic Club to discuss Adam. Initially reluctant, Billy told Rafe that he would explain the situation when Rafe arrived at the club -- he told Rafe that it was urgent that they meet. Rafe agreed to see Billy.

Rafe told Heather about the phone call from Billy. Seconds later, Heather received a phone call from Phyllis. Phyllis said that they needed to have a face-to-face meeting about Adam. Heather agreed to meet Phyllis at the Athletic Club. As Rafe and Heather left Crimson Lights, Heather said, "Something's up. Something big."

At the tack house, Phyllis got off the phone with Heather and told Victoria, Nick, and Victor that, despite her previous problems with Heather, she would be able to work with her if it meant bringing Adam down. Realizing that their date was going to have to be postponed, Nick and Phyllis arranged for Summer to spend the evening with Reed and the nanny. Victor said that he had one more stop to make, and then the group could meet as planned. Alone for a moment, Nick and Phyllis joked about their aborted date night. Phyllis said it was worth postponing the date if they could "cut Adam off at the knees."

At the Athletic Club, Billy told Rafe that it had been Adam who had been gaslighting Ashley the previous summer -- that Adam was responsible for Ashley's "Sabrina sightings." Rafe became angry, because Adam had let Rafe's Aunt Estella take the blame for tormenting Ashley, and Estella had narrowly avoided being charged with a crime. Rafe reminded Billy that Adam had also implied that Patty Williams was responsible for victimizing Ashley.

Rafe remembered that Patty had been found in the potting shed at the Newman ranch at about the same time that Adam had decided that he wasn't gay after all. Rafe realized that the timeline made sense -- that once Adam had Patty to blame, he no longer needed to keep Rafe distracted by sleeping with him. Rafe said that he was going to "tear that son of a bitch apart." Billy said that his family had a plan in the works to deal with Adam, and he wondered if Rafe was interested in participating.

Phyllis and Heather met at the Athletic Club bar. Phyllis said that Victor and Jack were enlisting the aid of all of Adam's victims to help bring him down. Heather said that was "vigilanteism." Phyllis preferred to call it "justice." Heather told Phyllis that justice was what happened in a courtroom. Phyllis said that it would be almost impossible to prove Adam's guilt in a courtroom, and that Victor and Jack's plan was the only thing that would work. Phyllis wondered if Heather wanted to be the one who let Adam "skate." Heather looked deep in thought.

Heather said that she could easily go to the district attorney and blow the plan out of the water. Phyllis said that she didn't think Heather would do that, particularly since Adam had made Heather feel cheap and worthless. Phyllis told Heather that she would leave and give her a few moments to think about taking part in the plan. Phyllis walked into the Athletic Club's foyer, where she ran into Victoria. Phyllis said that she had given it her best shot, and the rest was up to Heather. Phyllis left to call Nick before the "fireworks" started.

Victoria went to the club's bar, where she ran into Billy. Billy ordered a drink for Rafe. Victoria wondered how Rafe was doing. Billy said that he was doing as well as could be expected after learning that he was a pawn in someone's "mind game." Victoria said that she wished she had warned Rafe about Adam.

Billy told Victoria that he had seen Adam sneaking around Mitchell's Funeral Parlor when Billy had gone there to make arrangements for Colleen's funeral. Victoria wondered if Adam could have been there to make arrangements for Victor's funeral, in case Victor had succumbed to the gunshot injuries Patty had inflicted. Billy said that was unlikely, as Victor was well on the road to recovery when Billy had seen Adam at the funeral home. Billy and Victoria realized that there was yet another unexplained mystery about Adam.

Heather remembered the night when she had learned that Adam had slept with Rafe. Adam had denied that he was gay -- he said that his involvement with Rafe was just a one-time experiment and that it would never happen again. Rafe walked over to Heather. Heather said that, as a lawyer, Rafe probably felt uneasy with what was in store for Adam that night. Rafe said that Adam was going to get what he deserved for pretending to be gay in order to frame his Aunt Estella.

Heather was shocked to learn that Adam was behind Ashley's "Sabrina sightings." Heather said, "That son of a bitch used me, too." Referring to Estella, Heather said that she had almost put an innocent woman in jail. Heather walked over to Phyllis and told her that she would take part in the plan.

Sharon went to Ashley's. She told Ashley and Jack that she was participating in Jack and Victor's plan, although she wasn't particularly happy about it. Jack said that he knew it couldn't have been an easy decision for Sharon. Sharon apologized to Jack for not listening to him about Adam. Jack apologized to Sharon for not protecting her like he said he would -- but perhaps he could make it up to her that night. Jack left the room to call Victor and make sure that everything was on schedule.

Ashley told Sharon that she wasn't looking forward to what was going to happen that evening either. Sharon said that she was only doing it for her baby. She asked Ashley if Ashley would do everything possible to search for her baby if she were in Sharon's shoes. Ashley said that of course she would, and, if they learned that Adam had done anything with Sharon's baby, Ashley would do everything humanly possible to get the child back to Sharon.

Sharon left to go to the Abbott cabin. Jack told Ashley that he could kill Adam for what Adam had put Ashley and Sharon through. Ashley still wanted to know why Adam had done what he did. Victor arrived to apprise Jack and Ashley that the participants were in position -- that Nick and Sharon were at the Abbott cabin, and Phyllis was at the Athletic Club with Heather. Jack told Victor that Rafe had decided to take part in the plan.

Victor said that, when they were through, he owed Rafe and Estella an apology. Ashley thought that Victor owed them a lot more than that -- that because of Victor's son, Estella had almost ended up in prison. Victor said that he was sorry about that. Ashley told Victor that none of it would have happened if Victor hadn't been so busy with his machinations. Victor admitted that he had failed Ashley -- but that everything would be rectified that night.

After Jack and Victor left, Ashley told Faith that she already missed her, but that she had to leave. Ashley said that a sitter would take care of the girl until Ashley returned. Ashley said that it was her job to protect Faith from all the big, scary monsters -- even if the monster turned out to be her big brother.

Near the Abbott cabin, Nick looked at the plaque that he and Sharon had put up in memory of the baby girl they lost. He was surprised when Sharon walked up behind him. She explained that Victor had enlisted her for the plan to expose Adam -- but that she needed to speak with Nick first. She told Nick that she thought that their daughter was still alive. Sharon insisted that she heard their baby cry -- and that she felt in her bones that the child was alive.

Adam returned to his and Sharon's suite at the Athletic Club. He was obviously hoping that Sharon would be there, but, when he realized that she wasn't, he sat on the bed, and looked despondent. He continued writing his letter to Sharon, and was surprised when he received a phone call from her. Sharon said that she needed to talk with Adam -- and that she was at the Abbott cabin. Adam started to ask Sharon why she was there -- but said, "never mind," and told Sharon that he was on his way to meet her at the cabin.

Sharon told Nick that Adam had left for the cabin. She apologized to Nick for blurting out her suspicions that their baby was still alive. He told Sharon that he was glad that she had told him about the baby -- and that nothing would keep him from getting the truth from Adam.

Nick said that he wanted to believe that the baby was alive, but he wondered where she was, and who she was with. Sharon reminded Nick that Adam would be arriving at the cabin momentarily. Nick asked her if she was up for what was about to happen, and she assured him that she was. Nick walked off.

Nick called Phyllis at the club. He said that it was almost time -- but that there was something that he had to tell her about Sharon's baby.

Outside the cabin, Adam walked up to Sharon. Sharon appeared to be scared. She thanked Adam for meeting her, and said that she didn't know where to begin. Adam wanted to go inside the cabin, where it was warmer. Sharon insisted that they stand outside.

Inside the cabin, Victor looked through the curtains and saw Sharon walking away from Adam. Adam told Sharon that she looked beautiful in the moonlight, and began following her. Sharon yelled, "Stay where you are!" Adam told Sharon that she shouldn't be with anyone capable of such darkness. He said that the previous 48 hours had been hell. He said that he loved Sharon and that he couldn't survive the thought of living without her. He said he could be a better man -- but only if Sharon stayed with him.

Nick called Phyllis at the club, and told her that Adam had arrived at the cabin. Phyllis smiled and told Victoria. Victoria and Phyllis stared at Billy, who was staring at Rafe and Heather. Inside the cabin, Victor tore up a picture of himself holding Adam at Adam's christening. Outside the cabin, Adam told Sharon that he was afraid that he would never see her again. He said that she had given him faith to hold onto.

At Ashley's, Ashley once again said goodbye to Faith as the babysitter watched in the background. Jack approached Ashley and said, "It's time."

Outside the cabin, Adam told Sharon that he'd almost done something desperate and horrible that night, but he couldn't go through with it. He said that he needed Sharon to save him -- his life depended on it. Sharon, with tears in her eyes, said, "Adam, I'm sorry." Suddenly, a fist punched Adam on the side of the head, and knocked him unconscious. Sharon stared at Adam's motionless body.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

On the Crimson Lights patio, Amber and Chloe discussed how stunned they were that Jana seemed to have left Kevin. Chance, lost in thought, sat a nearby table. Michael and a haggard-looking Lauren showed up. Chloe said that Kevin and Jana seemed very in love, and told Lauren that she couldn't believe that the Fishers split up. Lauren said that sometimes you could love someone and still do stupid things.

Michael and Lauren headed inside the coffeehouse. Chloe and Amber's talk turned to the Ashbys, and how Cane might be deported to Australia. The ladies reminded each other that they had been married to Cane before he had married Lily. They decided to visit Cane and try to cheer him up. After the ladies left the patio, Chance made a phone call to the Department of Motor Vehicles -- he had a partial license plate number from the car that had tried to mow him and Chloe down the previous day, and he wanted a list of all vehicles with matching plates.

Inside Crimson Lights, Michael left Lauren alone while he made a phone call. Daisy walked up to Lauren and told her that she looked "rough." She wondered if Lauren was suffering from another one of her headaches. Lauren said that she needed coffee, and Daisy went to the counter to get her a cup. Michael joined Lauren. He said that he was worried about her. Lauren told Michael that she was just tired. Michael was confused -- the previous night Lauren had seemed quite lively. He said that "tired" was no longer an answer -- it was a symptom -- and it was time that they found out what was causing Lauren's fatigue. At the counter, Daisy, who was listening in to the Baldwins' conversation, put a drop of liquid ecstasy into Lauren's coffee.

Daisy took the spiked coffee over to Lauren, but Michael said that perhaps the coffee would exacerbate Lauren's malaise. Lauren agreed with Michael, and didn't touch the drink. Michael and Lauren left. When they were gone, Daisy pulled out an envelope that contained the photos she had taken of Lauren trying to seduce Paul at Jimmy's. To herself, Daisy said, "Gosh, Lauren. You sure are photogenic when you're slutting it up."

Katherine and Jill visited Cane in the holding cell at the Department of Immigration. Certain that he was going to be deported, Cane asked them to look after Lily after he was gone. Cane thought it ironic that he was being deported for posing as Jill's son and Katherine's grandson, yet they had become two of his biggest supporters.

Katherine told Jill and Cane that she had to leave for a meeting with Tucker. Cane and Katherine hugged each other and expressed their mutual love before Katherine left. After Katherine was gone, Jill told Cane that she and Katherine loved him very much, and reiterated their promise that they would look after Lily if he had to go back to Australia. Cane told Jill that the results of Lily's PET scan were going to be available that day. He said that if the results weren't good, he wanted to try to escape. Jill was not happy with that idea, and tried to make Cane promise that he wouldn't attempt it.

Jill prepared to leave -- she hugged Cane and told him how much she loved him. On her way out, Jill crossed paths with Amber and Chloe, who had arrived for their visit with Cane. Chloe told Jill that she thought that the new issue of Restless Style, due out later that day, was going to be a huge seller. Jill thanked Chloe for her optimism -- she said that she needed a win that day.

With Jill gone, Amber and Chloe chatted with Cane and lightened the somber atmosphere a bit. They told Cane how bad they felt about his situation, but offered to testify as character witnesses, since both women had been married to him. Chloe joked that she and Amber possessed significant character deficiencies. Cane thanked them, but turned down their offer. When Amber said that they would lie for him, Cane replied that there had been enough lying already.

Cane told Amber and Chloe that he would tie up some loose ends while in Australia, and then return to the United States to take care of Lily. Amber suggested that he think of a way to stall the deportation, but Cane was against that -- he said that the sooner he left for Australia, the sooner he would be able to return to the United States. Chloe and Amber hugged Cane and said goodbye. Out in the hallway, the ladies decided that they needed to do something "crazy" to try to help Cane.

At Crimson Lights, Amber and Chloe threw some disgusting ingredients into a bowl and began mixing them up. They told Chance that they were planning to make cookies for Cane. They hoped that the cookies would make Cane sick and land him in the hospital. They figured that Cane wouldn't be deported if he were ill. Chance clearly thought that their idea was ridiculous.

Chance pulled Chloe aside and told her that he had received a list of over 600 cars that matched the partial license plate number he had gotten from the car that had nearly hit them the previous evening. He said that it was going to take a while for him to narrow the list down. Chloe said that the near hit-and-run was stressing Chance out, and she wanted him to take her home. Chance said that he didn't need to go home and have Chloe babysit him -- he reminded her that he had done three tours of duty in Iraq. Chloe said that was why she trusted him to keep her safe.

Chance and Chloe returned to the Chancellor mansion. Chloe reminded Chance that Sid had warned him to back off of the "Riggs mess." She said that whoever was behind what was going on played dirty -- but that Chance didn't. She reminded Chance that on New Year's Eve he had predicted that she was going to fall in love with him that year -- and that his prediction was coming true. She begged Chance to listen to Sid -- she was afraid of losing Chance. Chance said that he would back off from his investigation because he was falling in love with Chloe. The couple kissed passionately.

Chance and Chloe were going at it hot and heavy on the couch in the living room. They impulsively decided to run up to any room with a lock and make love. As they were about to go upstairs, Chance said that he knew that he was going to kill himself the next morning for saying what he was about to say -- but he didn't want to take things any further. He said that he didn't want his first time to be rushed. Chloe said that they had waited long enough. Chance said that he wanted the moment to be special.

Chloe said that if Chance was waiting to hear angels singing and the heavens parting, they were going to miss the moment. Chance begged Chloe to give him a little more time. He promised that the night that they made love would be the most romantic, wonderful evening of Chloe's life. Chloe smiled and agreed to wait.

Neil and Lily met for breakfast at the Athletic Club. Lily barely ate her food, and told Neil that she was worried both about Cane and about the results of her PET scan. Neil said that Michael had done everything he could to stop Cane's deportation. Lily told Neil that the Department of Immigration wouldn't change their mind. Neil said that the worst-case scenario was that Cane would return to Australia, and then get a legitimate visa to return to the United States. Lily reminded Neil that Cane had enemies in Australia, and she wondered whether he would be able to survive there.

Daniel joined Lily and Neil. He apologized for not having checked up on Lily recently. Lily said that she understood that he had been busy. Before Daniel walked away, he told Neil to try to get Lily to eat her pancakes. Neil said that Lily had the gift of making people care about her.

When Lily left the table to go to the restroom, Jill entered the club and spoke with Neil. As Lily began walking back to the table, she eavesdropped on Jill and Neil's conversation. Jill told Neil that Cane was worried about Lily, and that he planned to try to escape if Lily's scan results showed that her cancer wasn't in remission. Lily returned to the table, picked up her coat and her purse, and told Neil and Jill that she was going to visit Cane. At the club's front door, Lily broke down and began crying. Daniel saw her and said that he wasn't going to let her drive to see Cane in an emotional state. He asked her to spend some time with him so that she could calm down.

Lily and Daniel went to Trumble's Bookstore. Daniel picked up a flyer advertising a reading that night by one of Lily's favorite authors. Lily said that she wasn't in the mood to attend. She told Daniel about Cane's possible deportation, and mentioned that the results of her PET scan were supposed to be available that day. Lily confided to Daniel that if the results of the scan were bad, that Cane might do something drastic.

Lily called Cane at the Department of Immigration and told him that she was on her way to see him. Daniel offered to drive Lily, but she said that she was fine. As she began walking out of the bookstore, she received a text message from her doctor's office that the results of her scan had arrived.

Lily called the doctor and received bad news -- her cancer was not in remission. She told Daniel that she needed to inform Cane, but that she wanted to tell him over the phone, not face-to-face. She pulled herself together and called Cane. She lied and told her husband that the chemotherapy had worked and that she was cancer-free. Cane was ecstatic, and told her that there would have been no way that he would have left the country if she were still ill. Lily told Cane to go to Australia -- that she would be waiting for him. Cane promised to be back by the time the twins were born, and then he and Lily would have the rest of their lives to spend together. Lily hung up and told Daniel that Cane loved her, and that she couldn't have him going away thinking that she was ill.

In his apartment, Paul worked at his computer. He stared at the sofa and remembered kissing Lauren there the previous night. Paul finished daydreaming when his doorbell rang. He was surprised to see the Baldwins there. Michael apologized for showing up unannounced, but said that Paul owed Lauren a dinner as a thank you for convincing Michael to look into Patty's case.

Michael gave Paul a progress report. He said that he had gotten a judge to review Emily's decision to incarcerate Patty indefinitely. Michael told Paul that Emily had handed Patty's case over to Dr. Jasper, so Emily didn't have the final word on decisions that affected Patty. Paul was happy with Michael's news. Michael joked that, since Paul was pleased, Lauren should order lobster for dinner. The obviously uncomfortable Lauren said that wouldn't be necessary.

Michael received a phone call and had to leave. He asked if Paul would drive Lauren home. Lauren, clearly not wanting to be alone with Paul, said that perhaps Paul was busy. Paul said that he wasn't, and that he would take Lauren home. After Michael left, Paul chided Lauren for getting Michael involved in Patty's case. Lauren wondered why Paul was so upset. He said that he didn't like the idea of owing a favor to a man whose wife he had almost slept with the previous evening. Lauren apologized, began crying, and told Paul that something was really wrong with her.

Lauren told Paul that she had been experiencing severe mood swings. She said that the previous day, she had been snapping at Michael and her staff at the boutique when suddenly she felt a wave of euphoria and wanted everyone to be as happy as she was. Lauren told Paul that if he hadn't stopped things, she might have ended up having sex with him.

Paul asked Lauren when her mood swings had started. She said that she had been feeling irritable for a few months, but that the previous evening had been the first time that she had experienced the euphoria. Paul wondered if Lauren might be suffering from a psychological, rather than physical, illness. He suggested that Lauren talk to someone -- he said that there was no shame in asking for help. Lauren said that talking to someone wouldn't erase what had happened the previous evening, and she made Paul promise never to tell Michael that they had almost made love.

Back at Crimson Lights, Amber finished baking her toxic-tasting cookies and put them in a box. On her way out, she told Daisy that the cookies were for a friend -- a tribute to true love. Daisy took out the photos of Paul and Lauren, and, to herself, said, "A tribute to drug-fueled true lust." She placed the photos in an envelope, then wrote Michael's name on the outside.

Michael stopped by the coffeehouse, and was freaking out because he couldn't find a file. At the counter, he opened his briefcase and searched for the file. He received a phone call and walked away, leaving his briefcase open. Daisy slipped the envelope containing the pictures of Paul and Lauren inside Michael's briefcase.

Amber returned to Crimson Lights, phoned Chloe, and left a voicemail that they wouldn't let her leave the cookies for Cane. Amber saw Michael and told him to try to stall Cane's deportation. Michael said that he was sorry about what was happening to Cane, but that he was overwhelmed with cases. Daisy watched from a nearby table as Michael closed his briefcase and left.

Katherine met Tucker at Jimmy's. She thought that it was an interesting place to hold a business meeting. Tucker said that he liked the informal atmosphere. He told Katherine that it was the perfect place for him to sell Katherine enough shares in Chancellor Industries so that they would co-own the company. Katherine said that she thought that Tucker's offer seemed too good to be true. Tucker wondered if Katherine thought that he was going to pull a bait-and-switch.

Katherine did wonder if Tucker was going to back out of the deal. Tucker said that it was too late for Katherine to wonder if she could trust him. Tucker wondered if his involvement with Jill had hurt Katherine's relationship with her. Katherine said that she had problems with Jill long before Tucker showed up. Katherine admitted that it didn't help matters that Tucker had briefly been romantically involved with Jill. Tucker said that he thought that the dust from his breaking up with Jill had settled.

Tucker wondered if Jill knew that he was going to sell enough Chancellor shares to Katherine to give Katherine 50 percent ownership of Chancellor Industries. Katherine said that Jill knew nothing about their deal. Katherine was about to sign the sales agreement, but stopped before her pen hit the contract. She said that she was about to have partial control of Chancellor Industries -- but she wasn't sure if that was enough.

Katherine told Tucker that she was used to being in charge, and that Chancellor Industries was her company. Tucker told her that, in actuality, it was his. He reminded her that he was giving her an equal say in running the company, when he didn't have to give her anything at all. Katherine said, "I don't work well in a double harness. I'm a racehorse." She wondered if things had changed enough between her and Tucker so that he could give back to her what he should never have taken.

Katherine said that she wasn't being greedy -- she told Tucker that Chancellor Industries was a living, breathing entity to her, and she had planned to be at the company's helm until she died. Tucker stood up and walked over to the bar to think. He turned to Katherine and said that if he didn't sell her back controlling interest, she would probably continue to hammer away at him. He told Katherine, "Why delay the inevitable?" Katherine was shocked that Tucker would let her buy back enough shares to give her a majority interest in Chancellor, and told Tucker that he should be proud of himself. Jill entered Jimmy's with the latest issue of Restless Style in hand and watched Katherine and Tucker as they shared a tender mother-son moment.

Katherine and Tucker concluded the deal at their table -- Katherine signed the contract, which gave her 51 percent ownership of Chancellor Industries. Katherine would resume control of the company in 30 days. A young man sitting at the bar approached their table with a copy of Restless Style -- a picture of Tucker was on the cover. Katherine and Tucker were stunned as the young man asked Tucker for an autograph.

Jill watched from across the room as Tucker grabbed the magazine from the young man and told him to go away. Tucker thumbed through the magazine and said, "Son of a..." When he spotted Jill at the bar's front door, he completed his thought by saying, "...bitch." Jill smiled and walked out. Katherine took the magazine from Tucker and said, "You can't believe that I had anything to do with this." Tucker stared at his mother.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

At the Athletic Club, Nikki called Victor and left him a message that she was on her way to the Abbott cabin. While leaving the message, she came across the latest issue of Restless Style, featuring Tucker on the cover. She left the information about the article on Tucker as part of her message to Victor, adding that the headline read, "The Shocking Truth: Con Artist."

Nikki hung up the phone and ran into Jill, and asked her if she was responsible for the article. Jill said that she was -- and that she was proud of it. Nikki thumbed through the article and said that it was just a bunch of sensationalistic journalism. Jill said that everything in the article was true -- and that it would put Tucker out of business. Nikki asked Jill if Katherine knew about Tucker's payola scheme. Jill said that Katherine did know, but didn't want to expose Tucker because Katherine was a "soft-hearted old fool." Nikki was angry at Jill for "nailing" Tucker on Katherine's behalf, and for trying to prevent Katherine from getting to know her son.

At Jimmy's, Katherine and Tucker were still stunned about the Restless Style article. Tucker wanted to know how he ended up being vilified in a national magazine. Katherine told him that Jill must have dug up the same information on Tucker's payola scheme that Katherine had. She said that Jill had told her that Jill had negative information about Tucker, but Katherine swore that she thought she had convinced Jill not to run the exposť. Tucker told her not to insult his intelligence -- he was sure that Jill and Katherine had worked on the article together. He told Katherine that the deal that they had just signed, giving Katherine majority control of Chancellor Industries, meant nothing, and that Katherine would never run Chancellor again.

Tucker said that Katherine's timing had been impeccable, and that she had outmaneuvered him, just as he had done with her. Katherine said that she wouldn't jeopardize either her personal or professional relationship with Tucker just when they had begun to understand each other. Tucker said that ever since he had taken Chancellor Industries from Katherine, he had been set up. He said that, as a businessman, he had played liar's poker throughout the years, but never against as good a player as Katherine.

Katherine said that she understood Tucker's need to blame someone for the article, but that the papers giving Katherine majority control of the company had been signed. Tucker reminded Katherine that the deal didn't take effect for 30 days -- and, in the meantime, he would be running the show. Katherine told Tucker not to do anything rash. She again swore that she had nothing to do with the article, and urged Tucker not to throw away all the progress that the two of them had made. She told him to use the 30 days to find out that she was telling the truth. Tucker said that he would use the 30 days to investigate -- but added that, by that time, McCall Unlimited might be in shambles.

Jill returned to the Chancellor mansion, and spoke to someone on the phone about helping them investigate Tucker. Tucker was sitting in the living room and startled Jill. She told him that the Serbian government, as well as several international financial journalists, were interested in speaking with her. Tucker wondered if Jill was loving the situation, and she said that she was. He told her that any reputable journalist would have given him a chance to comment for the article. Jill said that if she had revealed that she was working on the exposť, Tucker would have tried to quash it.

Tucker wondered if Jill got the information for the article from Katherine. Jill asked what Tucker would do if Katherine had betrayed him. Tucker said, in that case, Katherine would go down with him. Jill told him that Katherine hadn't given him up -- that Jill and Billy were incredible investigators.

After Tucker left, Jill was on the phone with a reporter when Katherine returned. Katherine asked why Jill had broken her promise and published the article. Jill said that she had changed her mind -- and, that by the next day, Tucker would be front-page news. Katherine told Jill that Tucker had just signed over controlling interest in Chancellor Industries back to Katherine. Jill said that Tucker probably wouldn't have honored the agreement.

Jill and Katherine began bickering. Jill said that both women should be honest -- that if Katherine admitted that she was more interested in getting her company back than in "playing Mommy" to Tucker, then Jill would admit that the article was payback for Tucker having dumped her. The women both said that their motives were trying to get revenge on Tucker. Jill looked at Katherine and said, "Let's face it. We're just a couple of selfish bitches." Katherine replied, "Well put."

At the Athletic Club, Tucker made a phone call. He told someone that he wanted Chancellor Industries completely dismantled within the next 30 days.

At Crimson Lights, Phyllis, using a southern accent and under the guise of "Dr. Heath," met with Mrs. Harrison, the executor of Dr. Taylor's estate. Phyllis had used the "Dr. Heath" identity to get access to Taylor's personal papers. Mrs. Harrison told Phyllis that Dr. Taylor had briefly regained consciousness in the ambulance before he died, and that he had dictated a letter. Mrs. Harrison held up an envelope, addressed, "For Mrs. Newman's Eyes Only."

Phyllis realized that the letter was probably for Ashley, but told Mrs. Harrison that it was meant for Mrs. Phyllis Newman, Nick Newman's wife. Mrs. Harrison asked if Phyllis was sure, and Phyllis claimed that "Phyllis" and Dr. Taylor had become close before his death. Phyllis said that she would be happy to deliver the letter to Mrs. Phyllis Newman. Mrs. Harrison declined Phyllis' offer, and thanked "Dr. Heath." As Mrs. Harrison was about to leave, Phyllis said, "I'm going to tell you something and it's going to sound strange, but I'm Phyllis Newman, and I'm quite certain this letter is meant for me."

Mrs. Harrison said that she didn't know what kind of game that Phyllis was playing. Phyllis pulled out her wallet and showed Mrs. Harrison her driver's license, some credit cards, and other forms of identification proving that she was Phyllis Newman. Mrs. Harrison wondered why Phyllis had used a fake name to get access to Dr. Taylor's papers. Phyllis said that her scheming brother-in-law had manipulated Dr. Taylor. She told Mrs. Harrison that she and Taylor were supposed to have met and talked on the day of the doctor's fatal accident. Phyllis said that she saw Taylor and her brother-in-law fighting before the car struck and killed Taylor.

Mrs. Harrison asked Phyllis why she had wanted to go through Taylor's private papers. Phyllis said that the doctor was about to reveal information that would have exposed her brother-in-law, but he never got the chance, so she had decided to look through Taylor's papers, and had found several pieces of information that confirmed her suspicions. Phyllis said that the situation with her brother-in-law concerned a child -- and was a matter of life and death.

Mrs. Harrison said that she didn't approve of Phyllis' tactics, but she handed over the envelope. Before she left, she said that she hoped Phyllis found the child she was looking for.

When Mrs. Harrison was gone, Phyllis opened the letter, which, as she had suspected, had been written to Ashley. In the letter, Taylor said that he didn't have much time -- and he wanted to let Ashley know that she had a miscarriage and hadn't given birth. Phyllis was stunned. Taylor continued that after Ashley's miscarriage, she had suffered from a hysterical pregnancy and that Adam had blackmailed him into convincing Ashley that she was still pregnant. Taylor wrote that there was more to tell, but that he was out of time -- he knew he was about to die. At the end of the letter, Taylor wrote, "May God forgive me."

To herself, Phyllis said, "Oh, my God. Ashley wasn't pregnant." Michael entered Crimson Lights and approached Phyllis' table. Seeing that she was deep in thought, Michael asked Phyllis what was wrong. She asked Michael to drive her to the Abbott cabin immediately, and that she would explain in the car.

In the car, Phyllis told Michael that Nick and Sharon's baby was still alive, and reminded Michael that Nick had been planning to leave Phyllis to raise the baby with Sharon. Michael reminded Phyllis that Nick had returned to her and made a commitment to their marriage. Phyllis said that Nick often made commitments, but then Sharon would remind him of his and Sharon's history.

Phyllis told Michael to turn the car around -- that she wanted to go home and think. Michael said that Phyllis couldn't lie about this to Nick, but Phyllis said that it was only a "white lie." Michael told Phyllis that if she could keep the truth about Nick's child being alive from Nick, then she was no better than Adam. Phyllis said that what Nick didn't know wouldn't hurt him. Becoming angry with Phyllis, Michael said that he was going to drive her to the cabin to do the right thing -- and that she and Nick would be able to work things out.

At the Abbott cabin, the groggy Adam woke up and saw a wall of people -- Victor, Billy, Ashley, Jack, Victoria, Nick, and Sharon -- staring at him. He asked Sharon what was going on, and wondered if she had set him up. Victor said that Adam was there because of his duplicity and his lies. Adam said to Sharon, "You lured me here for this?" Sharon replied that it was Adam's doing -- and that he shouldn't blame her.

Adam looked at Ashley and said that he was surprised that she was "in on it." Billy said, "Hell yes, we all are." Victoria said that Adam had no allies there. Jack said that Ashley and Sharon had put the horrific pieces of what Adam had done together. Ashley told Adam that they had checked out Dr. Taylor's story about the night Sharon's baby supposedly died, and that the morgue, the hospital, and the psychiatric facility had recorded no fatalities that night. Adam said that he didn't know anything about that. Nick told Adam to cut the act.

Jack said that they were all witnesses against Adam -- as well as his judge, jury, and executioner -- and that Adam didn't have the right to remain silent. Adam said that they were conducting a kangaroo court, and they had no right to keep him in the cabin. He insisted that he hadn't done anything wrong. Victor said that, up until that point, they had all been reasonable, but Adam was going to stay in the cabin until he told the truth about what had happened to Nick and Sharon's baby. Nick pulled Victoria aside and wondered where Phyllis was. Victoria told him that Phyllis had received an important call while at the Athletic Club. Nick said that there was nothing more important than Phyllis' presence while they questioned Adam.

Adam said that the group's coercion wouldn't work, and accused them of kidnapping, assault, and unlawful restraint. Adam tried to maneuver his way out of the cabin, but Nick and Billy blocked his way, and Jack ordered him to sit down. Heather and Rafe showed up at the cabin. Adam was surprised that, as officers of the court, they were in on his "imprisonment" as well. Heather and Rafe said that they didn't see anything wrong going on. Adam said that he had been knocked out and was being held by vigilantes. Rafe said that all he saw was an intervention by people who cared about Adam.

Adam threatened to tell Jack about Victor's scheme to regain control of Jabot. Jack shut Adam up, then said that he and Victor had made a deal, and that neither of them were interested in what Adam had to say about Jabot. Victor said that he wanted to know what had happened to his grandchild, and where Dr. Taylor had fit in. Victor told Adam that once Adam told the truth, then everyone could get out of the cabin. Adam said that he had nothing to say. Adam appealed to Sharon, and said that he wasn't capable of doing anything that he was being accused of. Sharon looked at her husband and screamed, "What happened to my baby?"

Adam tried to justify his actions. He said that Ashley and Faith were fine -- that Dr. Taylor hadn't done anything to harm them. He said that, as far as Sharon's baby was concerned, he didn't know what had happened. Adam continued to appeal to Sharon, and told her that he loved her. Jack told Sharon to stay strong, since it was clear that Adam was trying to manipulate her.

Adam said that he wasn't a monster, and that he had feelings for Sharon. Nick interrupted Adam and asked him how much money he and Dr. Taylor had received for Nick and Sharon's baby. Heather remarked that there was a thriving black market for healthy infants. A genuinely shocked Adam said that they were sick for suggesting that he had sold Sharon's baby. Adam tried to walk out, but Victor told him to sit down.

Sharon tried to appeal to Adam -- she said that every day she thought about her infant daughter who had allegedly never taken a breath. Sharon told Adam that Dr. Taylor said that she must have been hallucinating when she heard the baby cry -- but Sharon insisted that Taylor was lying. Sharon said, "Tell me, please. If not to save yourself, do it for me." Sharon began crying. Nick tried to take a punch at Adam, but Victor stopped him.

Adam said that everyone in the room, with the exception of Sharon, had taken advantage of him. He told the group that his so-called family had always treated him like he was an outsider, and that Rafe and Heather were hypocrites. Victor walked over to Adam and slapped him across the face. He said that it was time for Adam to act like a man. Adam said that he was ready to tell them everything about Dr. Taylor.

Adam lied and said that he simply had wanted the best possible medical care for Ashley, and so he used the information he had against Taylor to force the doctor to go to Genoa City to take care of her. Nikki, who had arrived at the cabin, said, "You blackmailed Dr. Taylor?" Adam said that he had -- but only for the doctor to be at Ashley's beck and call. Adam told the group that he would have "blown the whistle" on Taylor if he had treated Ashley unprofessionally.

Victor told Adam that he wanted to know about the night that his child, as well as Nick and Sharon's, were born. Sharon pleaded with Adam, and said that she needed to know. Nick wondered whose ashes he and Sharon had scattered. Billy realized that was why he had seen Adam at the funeral home when Billy was making the preparations for Colleen's funeral. Nikki was horrified that Adam would steal someone's ashes. Adam said that Billy must be mistaken -- that it hadn't been him at the funeral home.

Billy and Nick were about to use some muscle on Adam. Heather said that she couldn't let them, because if Adam's confession were coerced, it wouldn't be admissible in court. Heather looked uncomfortable with the situation, and Rafe said that he could no longer be a party to the interrogation. Victor ordered Rafe and Heather to leave the cabin. As they took off, Adam shouted after them. "You're going to leave me here with these crazy people? If anything happens to me, it's on your heads." After Rafe and Heather were gone, Victor told Adam that it was time to get down to business.

Taking a breather, Victoria and Billy chatted outside the cabin. Billy said that there was only one way to make Adam talk -- by beating him senseless. Victoria calmed Billy down and reminded him that they each had a role to play in Adam's interrogation, and if they didn't act as a unified group, then Adam wouldn't feel their rage. Victoria said if that didn't work, she didn't object to Billy getting violent with Adam.

Inside the cabin, Sharon continued to plead with Adam. She said that, if he loved her, he would tell her what had happened to her baby. Billy and Victoria returned. Adam said that he would never do anything to hurt Sharon. He reminded Sharon that it was the two of them against the world -- if Sharon still believed in him. Sharon said that she didn't. Victor said that he had heard enough, and that he wanted to hear the truth. He told Adam, "Time's up, son. Neither Sharon nor Ashley -- not even the two people sworn to uphold the law -- are coming to your defense." Victor said that they were going to stay there until they got to the truth -- by whatever means necessary.

Outside the cabin, Phyllis shined a flashlight on the plaque memorializing Sharon and Nick's baby. She held the envelope with the note to Ashley in her hand. As she held a cigarette lighter to the envelope, she said, "No one has to know."

Friday, March 12, 2010

At the Abbott cabin, Adam's mock trial continued. Victor warned Adam that no one would be racing to his rescue. Jack listed the "charges" against Adam -- manipulating Heather so that he could secure his release from prison, gaslighting Ashley and making it look like Estella had been responsible, making a mockery of Rafe's homosexuality, misleading Nikki, being the catalyst behind the SEC investigation of Victoria, and marrying Sharon to "stick it" to Nick. Jack asked the members of the "jury," which was everyone present at the cabin, whether they thought that Adam was guilty or not guilty.

With the exception of Sharon, who abstained from voting, the rest of the group, Victor, Nikki, Billy, Ashley, Jack, Victoria, and Nick, found Adam guilty. Nikki said that Adam was the most despicable human being she had ever encountered. Jack cast guilty votes for Rafe and Heather in absentia. Sharon continued to plead with Adam, and said that he had to know something about her baby's fate. Adam said that the whole "trial" was a farce.

Nick and Billy grabbed Adam, and gave him 30 seconds to start giving them some answers before they beat him senseless. Adam said that beating him wouldn't change anything because he had no information, and then he told Sharon that he loved her. Sharon again asked Adam where her baby was. Adam said that he didn't know -- that he hadn't been present when Dr. Taylor delivered her baby. Nick began counting down the 30 seconds. As Billy threw Adam to the ground, Adam told Sharon that if her baby were alive, he would find the child himself. Phyllis entered the cabin, and held the letter she had received from Mrs. Harrison, and said that Adam wouldn't have to go far to find the baby.

Phyllis told the group about how she had obtained the letter, which was addressed to "Mrs. Newman," from Taylor's lawyer, Mrs. Harrison. The group wondered which "Mrs. Newman" Taylor was referring to. Phyllis admitted to having read the letter, and said that it was for Ashley. Phyllis handed the letter to Ashley, said that she believed the contents of the letter to be true, and said, "I'm sorry, Ashley. I'm sorry, Victor." Ashley read the letter to herself, proclaimed it to be a complete lie, crumpled it up, and threw it on the ground.

Victor picked up the letter and began reading it aloud. Taylor had written that Ashley had been suffering from a hysterical pregnancy -- that she had miscarried and couldn't accept it. Victor continued reading. Taylor admitted that Adam had blackmailed him to convince Ashley that she was still pregnant. Taylor wrote that Ashley had never given birth, and then concluded the letter by writing that he didn't have much time left, and that he hoped that God would forgive him.

Ashley insisted that didn't happen -- that she had given birth. She said that the letter must be a fake -- that even though Dr. Taylor wasn't exactly of high moral character, he never would have done what he had allegedly written about in the letter. Adam, obviously willing to try anything to get out of the situation he was in, agreed with Ashley and related his version of the events that occurred the night that Ashley had given birth. Adam lied and said that after Ashley had the baby, Ashley had passed out, and a nurse took the baby to check her out. Ashley remembered that when she woke up, Faith wasn't with her, but then Adam entered her room and handed the child to her. Victor said that he wanted to get the name of the nurse who had allegedly examined the baby.

Ashley looked around the room and saw that the group was becoming suspicious -- they certainly didn't believe anything that Adam had said. Ashley again insisted that she hadn't miscarried -- and that they all had seen her when she was pregnant. Victoria wondered if Ashley might have fallen down during her pregnancy. A light bulb went on over Ashley's head and she remembered that she had fallen down the stairs at the Newman ranch on the night of a raging storm the previous June. She said that she and Adam were alone -- that Adam had sent the staff home because of the storm.

Nikki said that she remembered going to the ranch the night of the storm to check on Ashley, but that Adam had claimed that Ashley had gone out for dinner with Jack. Nikki mentioned that she had learned later that evening that Ashley had never gone out with Jack -- that Adam had lied.

Ashley continued to speak about the night that she had fallen. She said that Adam had been gaslighting her. Adam interjected that Ashley was obviously having false memories. Ashley related that she remembered having a bad dream -- in the dream she heard Sabrina calling out to her from the hallway. Still dreaming, Ashley had gone out to the hallway and had seen a figure wearing a purple dress and veil. She ripped the veil off, revealing the figure to be Sabrina, who said that she was going to hurt Ashley and the baby.

Jack said that he had gone over to the ranch that night to check on Ashley, but that Adam had tried to stop him from going upstairs, and insisted that Ashley was asleep. Jack remembered hearing Ashley screaming. He said that he ran upstairs, where Ashley told him about her bad dream. The group remembered that the house had been bugged, and that Adam probably listened in to Ashley telling Jack about her dream, basically giving Adam the script to later recreate her nightmare. Adam protested by saying that his room had been bugged also, but Victor said that Adam had probably bugged his own room to avert suspicion from himself.

Ashley said that after Jack left, she heard Sabrina's voice saying, "Death is coming. There is no escape," and that her first thought was that it was Estella speaking. Phyllis said that Ashley probably had heard a recording of Sabrina's voice. Victoria said that Sabrina's art lectures had been preserved online, and Phyllis said that Adam could have easily edited Sabrina's words into the sequence that Ashley had heard. Victor said that he remembered hearing Sabrina's recorded voice playing from the laptop in Adam's bedroom. Adam continued, to no avail, to blame Estella for everything the group was accusing him of.

Ashley remembered going into the hallway, seeing a figure in a purple dress, and ripping the veil from the figure. She told the group that it had been Adam. She remembered falling down the stairs. Ashley said that the next thing she remembered had been waking up in bed, where Adam told her that she just had a bad dream. Ashley said, "But it was real."

Adam said that, not long after that, Dr. Taylor had done an ultrasound on Ashley and he had said that Ashley's baby was fine. Victor reminded the group that Dr. Taylor and Adam had been in cahoots, and that the doctor's word certainly couldn't be trusted. Sharon said that her baby and Ashley's baby had been born on the same night at about the same time. The group at the cabin realized that Faith might be Sharon's baby, and not Ashley's.

Ashley denied that, saying that Faith was hers. Billy physically attacked Adam, but Victor pulled him off. Nick and Sharon shared a moment alone, and realized that their baby was alive -- just as Cassie had predicted. Phyllis and Victoria left the cabin.

Outside, Victoria told Phyllis that it was amazing that Faith might actually be Sharon's baby. Victoria said that Ashley and Victor's tragedy had turned out to be Nick and Sharon's miracle. Phyllis sarcastically said, "Yeah, a miracle. Good for them. They have their baby." Realizing that it wasn't necessarily good news for Phyllis, Victoria reminded her that Nick loved her, and what Phyllis had done proved how much she loved Nick. Phyllis said that she needed to leave, but she didn't have a ride, as Michael had driven her to the cabin. Victoria told Phyllis to take her car.

Inside the cabin, Nick accused Adam of murdering an innocent, unborn child. When Adam protested and stood up, Nick threw him back down on the chair. Sharon told Adam that she couldn't even look at him. Nick and Sharon spoke privately for a moment and shared the realization that their baby might have been under their noses since Ashley had given birth. Ashley overheard, and told Jack that Faith was hers. Jack and Billy spoke -- Jack said that they would have to have DNA tests run. Billy said that he didn't know what to hope for. Jack said that it was important that he and Billy supported Ashley.

Victor and Ashley spoke privately. Ashley said that Faith was their daughter, and that, if Victor had ever loved Ashley, he would make Adam say that he hadn't substituted Sharon's baby for hers. Victor said that he hoped that Adam hadn't. Victor put Adam in a headlock, but Jack pulled Victor off of his son.

Billy and Victoria spoke outside the cabin. Victoria asked him if thought that Adam had substituted Sharon's baby. Billy said that, for Ashley's sake, he hoped not. Inside, Ashley told Jack that he should leave, or he would get into trouble for holding Adam against his will. Sharon approached Ashley and told her that she was sorry. Ashley said that she was glad that Sharon finally knew the truth about how devious Adam was, but added that Sharon shouldn't get her hopes up about Faith being Sharon's, because that would only lead to additional heartbreak for Sharon.

Nikki and Victor spoke privately. Nikki told Victor that she hadn't seen Ashley the night of the storm, but when she saw her the next day, Ashley had told her about the Sabrina nightmare. Nikki said that she just had a few moments with Ashley when Dr. Taylor showed up to examine her. Victor asked Nikki if it had been the first time she had met Dr. Taylor. Nikki said that it had been, and that Taylor had made it seem as if Ashley and her unborn baby were fine.

Nikki told Victor that, when she thought back about that morning, it seemed as if Dr. Taylor had smug answers for every question that Nikki asked. Victor surmised that Taylor and Adam hadn't wanted anyone else to examine Ashley. Nikki said that she was sorry -- that she certainly hadn't wanted Victor and Ashley to lose their child. Victor stared at Adam and said that if what they suspected was true, then he had lost two children.

Outside the cabin, Nick and Victoria spoke. Victoria asked Nick how he was doing. He said that he was hopeful, but scared -- and told his sister that he wanted to kill Adam. Nick wondered where Phyllis was. Victoria said that Phyllis had taken Victoria's car and gone home.

At the cabin, Victor told everyone to go home. He said that they needed to investigate further before any decisions were made on what to do with Adam. Sharon said that she thought it would be best if she didn't stay with Ashley. Nikki invited her to stay with Nikki and Victor at the ranch. Nick and Sharon said that they would dare to hope -- and would work to find out the truth as quickly as possible. As Sharon walked out with Nikki, Adam begged his wife to stay with him, but she ignored her husband. Nick told Adam that he hoped that Adam burned in hell. Adam replied, "See you there." Jack told Billy to make sure that Ashley got home safely. Victor said that he and Jack would deal with Adam.

At the tack house, Michael visited Phyllis and consoled her. He said that it took guts for her to do what she had done. Phyllis admitted that she had almost burned the letter when she realized that showing it to the others would devastate Ashley and possibly destroy her marriage to Nick. Michael wondered what had stopped her. Phyllis reminded him that he had said that if she withheld the truth, she would be no better than Adam.

Phyllis wondered what she was going to do. Michael said that she had two choices -- to either trust in her marriage, or let the revelation about the baby torpedo her marriage. Michael suggested the former option. Phyllis admitted that part of her was glad when she had learned that Nick and Sharon's baby had died -- that she was glad that she didn't have to see Nick and Sharon share yet another bond. Phyllis said that her investigation of Adam had uncovered her worst nightmare. She told Michael that she had to follow the smoking gun -- and the gun was pointed at her. Summer called out for Phyllis, and Phyllis went upstairs to get her daughter.

Nick returned to the tack house, where he found Michael, Phyllis, and Summer playing a game. Michael left. Summer went upstairs to get ready for bed. Nick told Phyllis that he had been looking for her at the cabin. Phyllis said that she wanted to leave to spend time with Summer, and that she felt that Nick was needed elsewhere.

Nick told Phyllis that he realized that giving Taylor's letter to Ashley must have been difficult. Phyllis, ignoring the question, said that Summer would be thrilled to have a little sister. The Newmans decided not to say anything to Summer until they were one hundred percent certain about Faith's parentage. Nick said that he was going to call Nikki and have his mother watch Summer that night. Phyllis wondered what they were going to do.

At the Newman ranch, Sharon sat on the couch as Victoria did some Internet research on hysterical pregnancies. When Victoria read that sometimes a hysterical pregnancy seemed so real that it fooled medical professionals, Sharon said, "Ashley's baby is mine."

At Ashley's, Ashley cradled Faith in her arms. She told Billy that even if she fell down the stairs, it didn't mean that she had a miscarriage. She said, "She's mine. She's my baby girl."

Jack entered the Abbott cabin, and Victor asked him if he had "done it." Jack said that it was all taken care of. Adam threatened Victor and Jack, reminding them that Rafe and Heather had been there, and that they wouldn't get away with what they had done. Victor threw Adam's coat at him and told him to put it on. After putting on his coat, Adam grabbed a poker from the fireplace and said, "I'm not going anywhere with you guys." Brandishing the poker as a weapon, Adam backed out of the cabin, closed the door, and placed a chair under the doorknob, which trapped Victor and Jack inside. As Victor and Jack tried to get out, Adam ran off.

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