The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of December 13, 2010 on Y&R
Heather and Ronan became lovers. Colin threatened to expose Cane's past. Colin seduced Jill. Chloe moved out after finding Kevin naked with Jana. Nick and Diane made love. Phyllis and Jack found evidence to prove that Adam had killed Skye.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of December 13, 2010 on Y&R
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Monday, December 13, 2010

Jubilantly, Billy showed up at Phyllis' condo and shared the good news about the excellent sales of Restless Style's recent issue. Billy was surprised to learn that Daniel had agreed to let Daisy live with him until her baby was born, so Phyllis and Summer wouldn't have to be separated. Phyllis explained that her son was stepping up to take care of his responsibilities. Phyllis told Billy to share more about the hot-selling magazine, but she was puzzled when Billy ordered her to work on a follow-up piece.

Billy poured champagne and Phyllis asked him what she should write as a follow-up. Billy explained that Phyllis could mine a year's worth of material if she worked closely with police to learn about their investigation. Adam's arrest, Billy added, could be the subject of another issue. Phyllis quipped that her coverage of the trial could win her the Pulitzer Prize. Phyllis met her champagne glass with Billy's in a toast to let him know she had accepted his offer.

Nick met with a reporter, Mitch, at the Genoa City Athletic Club lounge and began talking about Newman Enterprises' recent Valletta acquisition. Mitch interrupted and asked Nick about the magazine article concerning Sharon. Nick berated the reporter and said he wouldn't discuss his ex-wives. Mitch continued to badger Nick and asked what Victor thought after reading the news online while he was overseas. Nick refused to discuss private family matters. Before Mitch left, he apologized to Nick. After the reporter left, Nick saw Phyllis descending the stairs. Nick glared at Phyllis before he turned and walked out the door without speaking.

Nick, bearing a copy of Restless Style, showed up at Victoria's house and asked his sister why she'd decided to marry a chump who continually embarrassed their family. Victoria admitted she'd known what Billy did for a living before she married him, but she asked Nick why he would care what Billy published about Sharon. Nick angrily slammed the magazine on the floor and explained that his younger children would someday read the smut written about their mother. Nick added that upon Noah's return from Paris, he was confronted by his mother's dirty laundry splashed on the cover of the magazine. Victoria said that Noah already knew about his mother's problems, but Nick insisted that Billy's magazine was hurting the people who least deserved it. Nick added, "Noah is so disgusted with his mother that he's cutting her out of his life. If Noah leaves town and doesn't come back, that's on Billy's head -- and yours."

Nick warned Victoria that Billy might use her for subject matter someday because all he cared about was money. Victoria insisted that Billy was very protective, and she told Nick she was insulted by his insinuation that her husband would do anything to hurt her. Nick told Victoria that she sounded like Sharon. Nick imitated Sharon by raising the pitch of his voice. Nick mockingly cried, "He's such an amazing guy. Nobody understands him, and you never gave him a chance."

Angrily, Victoria scolded Nick for comparing her to Sharon. Nick reminded his sister that she'd lost her marriage and her son after Billy wrote about her involvement with Deacon. Nick told Victoria that he couldn't understand why she and Sharon couldn't see the men they'd chosen for what they truly were.

Victoria told Nick that he'd made up his mind about Billy a long time before. Nick glared at Victoria when she added that her brother only cared about being right instead of being supportive and loving to his family. Nick said he couldn't understand why Victoria supported a husband who exploited people's lives. Nick claimed he knew that Victoria's decision to marry Billy wasn't in her best interest. Nick cried that Billy was causing heartache for his family; therefore he was done with Billy even if it meant damaging in his relationship with Victoria. Nick grabbed his coat and headed toward the door. Victoria yelled, "It's official! You've become our father." Nick walked out and slammed the door behind him.

After Nick left, Victoria picked up the magazine he'd thrown on the floor and began reading. Victoria recalled in a flashback how she'd warned Billy that he was attacking members of his own family by attacking the Newmans. Victoria remembered Billy glibly claiming that he wrote about riveting, beautiful people in his magazine. Victoria's drifting thoughts turned to anger after Billy arrived home, still talking to an advertiser on the phone. Victoria told Billy that Nick was angry enough to disown her because Noah's mother had been annihilated in print. Billy insisted that Sharon had caused the trouble for herself. Victoria cried that Noah was so upset he had threatened to jump on a plane and return to Europe for good.

Victoria reminded Billy about his promise not to air her family's dirty laundry month after month. Billy noted that he wasn't doing his job right if half the town didn't try to punch him in the face after an issue was released. Victoria didn't appreciate Billy's witticism and said he wasn't considering her feelings. Victoria added that Nick was done with her and Billy. Victoria said she didn't blame Nick for feeling the way he did. Victoria admitted she was initially glad Sharon had gotten what she deserved. Billy listened sympathetically when Victoria explained that she knew what it was like to screw up and lose her child, so she couldn't stand behind Billy and Phyllis' vendetta.

Billy stunned Victoria when he held his laptop and an issue of the magazine over a waste basket and challenged Victoria to order him to end Restless Style. Billy added that there was nothing in the world he wouldn't do for Victoria. Victoria smiled and told Billy that though she was angry at him for breaking his promise and wasn't thrilled with his vocation, she knew it fulfilled him. Billy tenderly embraced his wife and told her he loved her. Victoria snuggled close to Billy and pledged her love to him.

Sharon emerged from the bathroom inside the ramshackle motel room she shared with Adam. She quipped that chocolate was more difficult to shampoo away than she would have imagined. Adam said that the mess was worth the trouble just to see the look on Phyllis' face when she ended up covered in chocolate. Sharon sighed and explained that it had been a mistake to venture near Phyllis because the brawl had ruined Katherine's lovely event.

Sharon lightly touched Adam's face and condemned Jack for throwing a punch. Adam blamed the Restless Style article. Sharon said that as long as everyone thought he'd killed Skye, their lives would be miserable. Sharon warned that the police were looking to charge him with Skye's murder. Adam seemed confident that Leslie Michaelson would fight for him just like Vance Abrams had.

Adam was sympathetic when he saw Sharon open her locket and gaze longingly at Faith's photo. Sharon became distraught and said that her little girl was probably wondering where her mommy was. Sharon added that Nick would allow visits only if he was present. Adam admitted that it wasn't fair for Sharon to be dragged into his turmoil, and he suggested they walk away from each other until he was exonerated. Sharon insisted she knew that Adam hadn't murdered Skye.

Adam noted that Sharon would suffer if she supported him because he was considered to be a murderer. Sharon gazed into Adam's eyes and asked rhetorically, "What kind of a role model would I be to Faith if I didn't stand by my convictions?" Sharon added that she and Adam brought out the best in each other. Adam claimed that Sharon inspired him to be the kind of man who deserved her. Sharon insisted they had to prove he hadn't murdered Skye. Adam replied, "I know just where to start."

Sharon and Adam entered the suite that Adam and Skye had shared at the Genoa City Athletic Club. Adam admitted gaining access using the maid's keycard, which he had promptly returned before the maid missed it. Adam began searching the room for clues to Skye's whereabouts. He peered under the tables on which the computer monitors and keyboards remained just as they had been when he and Skye lived and worked in the room.

Sharon suggested that Skye might have anticipated his search of the room. Adam reminded Sharon that he'd previously helped Skye fake her death by planting the ring and had helped her with numerous scams. Adam added that Victor had helped Skye, but Victor couldn't be questioned because he was flying all over the world on his jet. Sharon suggested beginning their investigation by finding hard evidence.

Adam listened as Sharon suggested a basic premise to jumpstart the investigation. Sharon said, "Skye is dead, and you're the murderer." Phyllis, who'd been standing very quietly just outside the door, responded, "That's the most sensible thing I've heard all day." Sharon and Adam asked Phyllis to leave, but she stepped inside the room and closed the door behind her.

Phyllis waved a keycard in the air and announced that the hotel manager had given her access because she was a member of the press. Sharon told Phyllis that she'd already written her piece of trash, so she could leave them alone. Phyllis replied smartly, "This is the story of an ongoing investigation. Adam was arrested for murder. Adam goes to trial."

Phyllis insisted she was just carrying out her due diligence as a journalist. Adam threatened Phyllis for her continued personal attacks against Sharon. Phyllis stood face-to-face with Adam and asked if he planned to kill her like he'd killed Skye. Sharon, signaling Adam to back off, told him they'd let Phyllis stay. Sharon challenged Phyllis to get her facts straight and thoughtfully consider whether or not Adam had killed Skye.

Adam insisted that Skye was still alive and added that someone with resources had helped her fake her death. Phyllis flippantly claimed that Adam had certainly narrowed down the suspects. Sharon shot back that they'd gone to the suite to find clues about Skye. Phyllis remained smug. Sharon cried, "If you want to tag along, maybe you'll learn the truth, so that next time you write an article, you'll get it right."

Phyllis told Sharon that she was deranged for defending Adam. Sharon maintained that Adam hadn't killed Skye. Sharon promised to share the information they found if Phyllis promised to print the truth about Adam being wrongly accused. Adam explained that because a body hadn't been found, the murderer would have had to move it by using the freight elevator connected to the loading dock.

Phyllis cynically pretended to record information about Adam knowing how to secretly escape through the freight elevator. Adam noted that there was less traffic and minimum security at the freight elevator. Sharon suggested searching the elevator for evidence. Phyllis responded, "If you prove to me that Skye is alive, I will write the truth." Phyllis added that if Adam couldn't prove that Skye was alive, she was prepared to write that police had sufficient evidence to arrest Adam for murder.

Cane's father, Colin, ran into Jill at Gloworm and thanked her for inviting him to dine with Cane and Lily. Jill replied that Colin fit right in. Colin said he'd like to get to know Cane better, so Jill planned an impromptu gathering that evening. Colin asked Jill not to mention that he'd be present because he had a gift from Australia for Cane. Jill phoned Cane, but he claimed he was too busy to go. Jill begged, so Cane relented and told Jill he'd let Lily know he wouldn't be home for dinner. Jill told Colin that he'd soon understand why she considered Cane her son. Colin replied, "Anyone you're close to, Jill, I want to get close to."

Blake was sipping a beer at Jimmy's Bar when Cane burst in, grabbed Blake by the collar and demanded to know why Colin had arrived in town. Blake replied, "Mate, I was sent here to shake you down. I assumed those orders came from your old man. I didn't ask a lot of questions." Cane warned Blake that he'd better answer if he wanted to continue receiving paychecks. Blake maintained that he didn't know why, but he supposed that Cane's father hadn't shown up for a family reunion because his son had turned him in to the authorities.

Later, at the Chancellor estate, Cane wasn't pleased when Jill explained that Colin Atkinson was joining them for dinner. Jill announced that Colin had a surprise. Colin plucked a photo from his breast pocket and held it in front of Cane's face. Colin asked if Cane recognized the woman in the photo. Cane seemed stunned as he gazed at the photo of a young lady with blue eyes and long, light brown hair. Jill asked Cane if he recognized the young woman.

Cane restrained his emotion as he admitted that she was someone who'd been very dear to him long before. Jill left to check on dinner. Cane held the photo of his sister, Samantha, in his hand. In hushed tones, Cane snapped, "You're going use my sister to get to me? If you hurt Jill, I will do more than put you in prison. You got it?" Colin claimed he wouldn't hurt Jill because she was a nice lady. Cane shot back that Samantha had been a nice person, too, before Colin destroyed her.

Colin told Cane he'd arrived in Genoa City to help Cane, but Cane ordered his dad to return to Australia. Colin reminded Cane that he'd gone to jail because Cane had opted to save his own neck. Cane reminded his dad that he'd been forced to turn his dad in to the authorities. Colin replied, "You were a willing participant. You're as guilty as the rest of us."

Colin told Cane that he'd been the prince of Queensland, who had been groomed to become king. Colin demanded to know why Cane had claimed he'd grown up underprivileged in the outback. Jill returned and noted that Cane and Colin seemed to be getting along well. Jill asked about Samantha. Cane sadly explained that she was one of the most beautiful people he'd even known, but she'd passed away. Colin added that he'd known the young woman well.

Jill said she found it odd that Cane's and Colin's paths had never crossed. Cane said that perhaps they'd both attended Samantha's funeral. Jill said she hoped Cane and Colin would become best friends. After dinner, Jill noted that Cane had barely touched his food. After Colin excused himself and went to the bathroom, Jill demanded to know what was bothering Cane. Cane claimed he was tired, and he told Jill to trust him and avoid Colin. Jill told Cane she was just having fun. When Colin returned, he told Cane he planned to take Jill out on a date. After Jill left to get dessert, Cane berated Colin for charming Jill and forcing Blake to threaten Lily and extort money.

Cane demanded to know what his father truly wanted. Colin told Cane to return home and take his rightful place in the organization. Colin added that Cane, Lily, and the twins were the only family he had. Cane was livid when Colin admitted he'd seen photographs of the twins. Cane angrily pointed his finger at his father and said, "They're not your family." Colin threateningly insisted that Cane and his family were all part of the deal and would return to Australia together. Cane asked what his father would do if Cane refused, but Jill returned with a cake, so Cane acted civil toward the unwanted guest.

Jill smiled as she cut and served the cake. Colin asked Cane if he ever planned to return to Queensland. Cane replied that Genoa City was his home. Jill noted that she was happy to hear that Cane planned to stay. Colin laughed, addressed Jill, and said, "I know this secret about Cane that I bet nobody in the family knows. You want to hear about it?" Jill laughed as she waited for Colin to spill the secret. Cane glared menacingly at Colin.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

At the Chancellor home, Jill followed Cane and Colin into the living room. Jill was surprised that Colin claimed he knew a secret about Cane, since they'd just met. Cane said Colin was just joking.

Colin declared that Cane had been a great rugby player and might have been good enough to be a professional. Colin said that he recalled Samantha bragging about Cane's prowess on the field. Colin said Cane could have had it all if he'd stayed in Australia. Cane said he already had it all.

Jill walked into the kitchen and Colin threatened to expose Cane as his son. Colin wanted Cane to return to Queensland and resume his place in the family. Cane had no interest in being a criminal again. Colin said that Cane would lose Lily once she learned that he had been lying to her about his past.

Colin reminded Cane that he knew that Cane had embezzled funds from Katherine Chancellor. Cane said that Lily would understand. Colin offered to get Cane out of the trouble he'd created. Cane didn't want Colin's help or any part of Colin's life.

Colin offered Cane his protection if he returned to the family. Jill returned and asked Colin and Cane if they'd like a brandy. Cane begged off and said goodbye to Jill and Colin. While sipping brandy, Colin asked Jill about her living arrangements. Jill said she lived in the mansion with another woman.

Colin wondered where Jill went for some private time. Jill said her office was available, and she offered Colin a tour. At Fenmore's, Colin said that he liked Jill's office. Colin reached for Jill and kissed her.

Blake went to Lily and Cane's, looking for Cane. Lily said Cane was having dinner with Jill. Lily invited Blake into the house and asked if he wanted to wrap gifts with her. Blake agreed to stay. While they wrapped gifts together, Lily complained than Cane was overworked.

Blake said he didn't know anything about it. Lily explained that she'd spoken to Sofia and Neil, and neither of them believed Cane was being asked to do too much. Lily asked Blake if Sofia had unrealistic goals for Cane. Blake said he didn't think that was the case.

Blake reached for a package to gift-wrap, but Lily stopped him. Blake wondered why, and Lily explained that he had picked up his own Christmas present. Blake was surprised. Lily said that there was no way that Lily and Cane would not have remembered him on the holiday.

Cane returned home, and when he saw Blake on the couch with Lily, he screamed at Blake to get out of his house. Lily was shocked and asked Cane what he was doing. Blake told Lily it was all right. Blake reached for his coat and left the house.

Lily asked why Cane had acted that way. Cane explained that Blake was always around. Cane didn't want to see Blake at work and then in his home, too. Lily wondered of Cane was jealous of Blake. Cane denied that he was jealous.

Cane said he didn't want to talk about Blake. Lily asked why Cane was working so much harder than he ever had before. Lily didn't understand why Cane had taken on so much, especially when Blake seemingly had a lot of free time. Cane told Lily that his job was very difficult and he had to work extra hard to complete his assignments. Lily said Cane had never had trouble doing his work at Jabot. Cane said the situation was different.

Cane apologized to Lily for disappointing her. Later, Cane and Lily cuddled on the couch. Lily advised Cane to enjoy the holidays and focus on the family.

At Gloworm, Lauren thanked Michael for giving her a special anniversary gift -- a full day alone with Michael. Lauren admitted that she was still anxious about Daisy being out of jail, but Lauren was focused on being positive.

Daniel entered Gloworm, and Lauren asked how he was doing. Daniel said he was doing as well as could be expected. Daniel admitted that Daisy was getting on his nerves. Lauren was confused, until Daniel informed Lauren and Michael that Daisy was living with him.

Lauren was stunned and feared that Daisy could escape from Daniel's apartment. Lauren also thought it was possible that Ryder could break into Daniel's apartment with a gun and free Daisy. Daniel explained that Daisy was in no condition to escape. Daniel explained that the guards were at the door and Daniel spent as little time as possible with Daisy.

Lauren asked how Daniel was able to do his work with Daisy in his home. Daniel said he couldn't concentrate on his art. Lauren was sorry that Daniel had been victimized by Daisy. Daniel didn't blame Lauren for Daisy's actions.

When Daniel went to the bar for a drink, Michael took Lauren's hand. Michael thought Lauren had been very kind to Daniel. Lauren sincerely felt for Daniel. Michael said that as soon as Daisy had the baby, she would be sent back to jail, and a family far away from Genoa City would adopt the child.

Michael proposed an anniversary toast to Lauren, calling her his wonderful wife. Michael said that Lauren still knocked his socks off. Lauren's phone rang, and she learned that the silent alarm had gone off at the boutique. Lauren feared that it might be Ryder breaking in to find Daisy. Michael and Lauren left to find out what was happening.

At Fenmore's, the security guards and Michael and Lauren opened the door to the office to find Jill and Colin on the floor, making love. After Colin and Jill had dressed, Colin apologized for "screwing up" the evening.

Colin told Lauren that the boutique was beautiful. Jill and Colin chuckled at their embarrassment. Colin said goodnight and left. Lauren criticized Jill for using her office to have sex. Jill said it was her office, too.

Colin was at Gloworm when Blake called him. Blake told Colin that Cane had been stressed out after the dinner with Colin. Colin was pleased. Blake warned Colin not to do anything to hurt Lily because Cane would go ballistic. Colin figured Cane was smart enough to realize that if she wanted to protect Lily, Cane would do what Colin wanted.

Daisy was drawing pictures in a sketchpad when Jana arrived. Jana said that she was there for a visit. Jana showed Daisy a photo of the crib she had bought for the baby. Daisy asked if Jana was still living in a motel room.

Jana said that she expected to move in with Kevin once she had Daisy's baby. Daisy was skeptical, but Jana was certain that Kevin would welcome Jana back because of the baby. Daisy reminded Jana that she had not agreed to the deal yet. Jana said Daisy had no choice but to take Jana's offer. Daniel returned to the apartment and was surprised to see Jana with Daisy.

Jana said she was visiting with Daisy. Jana told Daniel that the more compassion she showed to Daisy, the better Jana felt about herself. Daniel was surprised that Jana was lobbying for Daisy, considering how Daisy had ruined their lives. Jana reminded Daniel that he'd seen that people were capable of change. Jana said that Daniel had forgiven Kevin. Daniel had also forgiven Jana for her transgressions. Jana left.

Daniel looked at Daisy's sketchpad and admired her drawings. Daniel asked if Daisy had copied the picture of a baby because it was so well drawn. Daisy said it was how she imagined their child would look when she was born.

At Jimmy's, Ronan opened a Christmas card from Nina inviting him to go to the house for the holiday. Ronan called his doctor to ask about the biopsy results. Ronan hoped they would be negative. Ronan said he'd call back when they were completed. Heather arrived at the bar and joined Ronan.

Heather asked if Ronan would be going to the Chancellors' for Christmas. Ronan said no and asked Heather not to try to convince him otherwise. Heather said she was simply making conversation. Heather hoped he would reconsider because she would be there with her father. Heather admitted that she was concerned about Ronan's health. Ronan said that he was doing great. Heather offered to be there if Ronan ever wanted to talk. Heather asked Ronan to open up with her.

Ronan laughed at Heather's suggestion. Ronan accused Heather of being an emotional Fort Knox. Ronan thought that Heather wore a suit of armor around her feelings. Heather was speechless.

Heather apologized and said that she was simply trying to help Ronan. Heather asked Ronan if he would open up to her if she opened up to him. Ronan agreed to the deal. Heather started by telling Ronan that she was a failure when it came to having a personal life. Heather bemoaned that fact that she had no husband, no children, not even a dog. Heather thought she was probably better off alone, but Heather admitted that she was lonely.

Ronan told Heather she had time to turn her life around. Ronan said that Heather was lucky in that way. Heather asked Ronan what he meant by that. Ronan reluctantly admitted to Heather that he was dying. Heather was stunned because Ronan had only just been hospitalized. Heather realized that Ronan had probably known about his condition for a while. Heather felt that Kay could help Ronan because she had connections with specialists.

Ronan said that he had already been to see a specialist. Heather thought Nina needed to know the truth. Ronan did not want to tell his mother. Heather realized that Ronan was afraid to let Nina get close to him because of his prognosis. Heather begged Ronan to tell Nina about his condition.

At his apartment, Kevin showed Chloe the Christmas card they'd posed for, the one showing him, Chloe, and Delia at the Christmas tree lot. Chloe believed that it looked too much like a family photo and had second thoughts about sending them out. Angry about her reaction to the cards, Kevin told Chloe he didn't care if she used the cards or not. Kevin accused Chloe of not appreciating him. Kevin said he was not Chloe's sidekick, not her "Ducky." Kevin believed that he was a really good guy and Chloe should want to be with him.

Chloe agreed that Kevin was a good guy, but Chloe was surprised that Kevin was interested in her in a romantic way. Kevin was stunned that Chloe had never imagined them as a couple. Chloe insisted that she and Kevin were just best friends and roommates. Kevin said that Chloe and Delia deserved someone like him, someone who would be good to her and Delia. Chloe thought that Kevin could do better than her. Kevin figured that Chloe was gun-shy because of all the bad relationships she'd been through.

Chloe said that as a girlfriend, she was toxic. Chloe felt that she and Kevin were better off as best friends. Kevin said that Chloe couldn't predict what kind of a couple they might be. Kevin suggested that they could be great together. A while later, Chloe told Kevin that she wanted to hold onto their friendship. Chloe didn't want to risk what she and Kevin already had.

Chloe said if she and Chance had remained friends, that relationship would have worked out better. Kevin reminded Chloe that Chance had cheated on her. Kevin said he would never to anything like that to Chloe.

Kevin realized that Chloe didn't have feelings for him. Chloe left the apartment, saying that she was going to the office. A short time later, there was a knock on the door. Kevin answered the door to Jana. Without warning, Kevin kissed her passionately. Jana eagerly responded to him.

Outside of Jimmy's, Heather told Ronan that she thought Ronan owed it to Nina to tell her the truth. Ronan looked into Heather's eyes and then kissed her. Chloe approached the bar and saw Heather and Ronan kissing. Chloe was shocked and asked Heather how she could kiss the man who had killed Chance.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

At Kevin's apartment, Kevin and Jana succumbed to their passion and made love. Outside Jimmy's Bar, Chloe was stunned to see Heather and Ronan kissing. Chloe accused Heather of never having loved Chance. Ronan told Chloe to blame him, not Heather. Chloe called Ronan and Heather disgusting. Chloe walked away.

Heather apologized to Ronan for Chloe's vitriol. Ronan understood that Chloe's anger wasn't really aimed at them. Heather and Ronan agreed that it was probably better that they didn't go any further than one kiss. Later, Heather knocked on the door of Ronan's apartment. Ronan was surprised to see Heather. Heather said she had Christmas decorations to brighten up Ronan's dreary place. Ronan asked Heather the real reason for her visit.

Heather took out decorations from a shopping bag. Ronan assumed that Heather was there to be with him because he was dying. Heather teased Ronan for being overly serious. Heather explained that death could be around any corner, and she could die, too. Heather felt they should live life to the fullest while they had the chance.

Heather wondered if Ronan preferred spending his life dying rather than living. Ronan looked into Heather's eyes and kissed her passionately. Ronan moved Heather to the bed and they began to make love.

After making love, Ronan answered his cell phone. The doctor from Boston told Ronan that the biopsy results revealed that Ronan needed a liver transplant. The doctor urged Ronan to return to Boston for treatment. Ronan ended the call and lay back in bed. Still sleeping, Heather moved into Ronan's arms.

Chloe returned home and discovered Kevin and Jana making love on the floor. Chloe was shocked. Kevin dressed quickly, and Jana went into the other room. Kevin defended his actions, saying that he didn't owe Chloe any explanations. Chloe called Kevin a tool, and she announced that she was moving out of the apartment. Chloe said she never wanted Delia to walk in on Kevin having sex with some strange woman. Kevin declared that Jana wasn't some strange woman. Chloe walked out.

Jana returned to the living room and hugged Kevin. Jana was anxious to make love again and tried to pull Kevin into the bedroom. Jana talked about how she would make Kevin a proper English breakfast in the morning.

Kevin stopped Jana by telling her that their making love didn't mean they were back together. After Jana had dressed, Kevin apologized for misleading her. Jana said it was all right and left the apartment. In the hallway, Jana said that Kevin still loved her. In the apartment, Kevin looked wistfully at the Chloe and Delia Christmas card.

At Fenmore's, Lauren was ticked off that Jill had used the office for sex with a stranger. Jill declared that Colin was not a stranger. Michael laughed at the sight of Jill's post-lovemaking hair, which was all askew. Lauren joined in, and when Jill saw her image in the mirror, she laughed, too. Lauren told Jill her lovemaking had been captured by the surveillance cameras.

Jill said she'd had dinner with Colin, who was an acquaintance of Cane's from Australia. Lauren was surprised that Jill had picked up a virtual stranger. Jill reminded Lauren that she was a single woman. Jill said that she'd found Colin very attractive. Jill asked Lauren if they could keep her romp quiet. Michael said that he'd make sure the security report read "false alarm."

Jill was stunned to learn that Michael and Lauren had used the office for sexual romps, too. Jill realized that she had at least one thing in common with her sister. Michael and Lauren laughed, as did Jill. Michael suggested the sisters grab a cup of coffee at Crimson Lights. Michael left, saying that he would reset the burglar alarm.

Lauren and Jill squabbled about whether to get a drink or coffee. Jill wanted a cocktail, but Lauren thought Jill had already had enough liquor for the night. When they heard the alarm being reset, Jill and Lauren made a mad dash to get out of the boutique before they were trapped inside.

Jill and Lauren wound up at the Athletic Club. Jill understood that the security at the Club made Lauren feel secure. Jill knew that the experience with Daisy still haunted Lauren. Lauren was grateful that Michael was so supportive and loving. Jill said that Lauren and Michael were lucky to have each other.

Lauren was surprised that Jill admitted that she was lonely. Jill offered to let Lauren lean on her when she was fearful about Daisy because that was what sisters did. Lauren admitted that she had been angry with their father and hadn't reacted well to Jill's entry into her life. Sensing that they had strengthened their relationship, Jill laughed and said that she should have had sex in the office sooner.

At Billy and Victoria's, Victoria sang a Christmas carol to Delia. Billy arrived home and hugged his daughter. Victoria told Billy about how she'd spent the day with Delia. Billy thought it was wonderful that Victoria was bonding with Delia. Billy hoped that he and Victoria would have children of their own. Victoria said she'd seen her doctor and might be unable to conceive.

Victoria said the doctor had ordered a full battery of tests. Victoria recalled that Reed had been a miracle baby because Victoria had been unable to get pregnant. Victoria asked Billy how he would feel if they were unable to have a baby together.

Billy told Victoria that she was putting the cart before the horse. Billy urged Victoria to remain positive until they learned the test results. Billy asked Victoria if she would put Delia to bed. Victoria was happy to comply. Billy watched for Victoria and Delia to go upstairs, then carried in two boxes from outside the front door.

Victoria went downstairs, and Billy covered her eyes until she was in the perfect spot to see the Christmas tree he'd set up. Victoria was thrilled. The stockings hung at the fireplace included one for Billy and Victoria's future baby. Later, as they admired the tree, Victoria thanked Billy for giving her so much. Victoria said that she and Billy had beaten the odds by having a successful marriage. Victoria believed they'd do it again by having a baby of their own.

At Gloworm, Kay and Nikki discussed Sharon and Adam. Nikki hoped that Nick had finally ended his infatuation with Sharon. Nikki said that she'd always pegged Sharon as a gold digger. Kay wondered if things had improved between Nikki and Victor. Nikki said Victor had not contacted her. Kay believed Nikki and Victor were destined to be together.

Deacon was stocking the bar when he saw Kay and Nikki. Deacon locked eyes with Nikki. Deacon approached the table and asked how Nikki had been doing. Deacon said he'd been sticking to the program.

Kay suggested Deacon return to work. Kay asked Nikki if she had chosen for them to go to Gloworm so Nikki could see Deacon. Nikki assured Kay that she had not planned on running into Deacon. Nikki admitted that she wasn't sorry to see him again.

Gloria told Deacon to pour drinks and satisfy the customers. Kay said Nikki was making a mistake if she pursued Deacon. Nikki defended her friendship with Deacon. Kay said the Deacon was Nikki's latest drug of choice.

Nikki claimed she was simply trying to get through the days. Kay urged Nikki to work the program and heal herself. Nikki said that was what she intended to do. Nikki asked Kay not to judge her. Kay said if Nikki could stick to the program and stay away from Deacon, Kay would back off of Nikki.

Kay noted that Nikki had to be out of the ranch before Victor returned. Kay offered to have Nikki move into the mansion. Nikki suspected that Jill wouldn't like that arrangement. Kay left it to Nikki to decide.

Kay left, and Deacon offered to return Nikki's gloves if she had a club soda with him. Deacon wanted to spend time with Nikki. Nikki said that she had to have space to repair her life. Nikki told Deacon that if he truly cared about her, Deacon would leave her alone. Nikki wished Deacon a merry Christmas.

Michael returned to Gloworm and said hello to Gloria. Gloria was surprised that he'd returned without Lauren. Michael explained that he had left Jill and Lauren together because Lauren needed to bond with her sister. Gloria wondered why Michael cared about Jill and Lauren's relationship. Michael said that he appreciated having Kevin in his life. Michael wanted Lauren to enjoy having a sibling. Gloria reminded Michael that crazy women troubled Kevin's life.

At the Chancellor house, Kay returned home to find Chloe eating a pint of ice cream. Chloe told Kay that she had left Kevin's, and she had nowhere to go. Chloe wondered how things had gone wrong with Kevin. Chloe didn't know why Kevin wanted more from her than friendship. Kay said that Kevin's feelings were evident. Chloe said that she'd walked in on Kevin making love to Jana. Chloe declared that there was no such thing as a good guy.

Kay defended Kevin, pointing out that he had been going through a lot with Daisy. When Kay went upstairs, Chloe looked at the Christmas card showing her, Kevin, and Delia as a family.

At the Athletic Club, Michael joined Jill and Lauren. Michael suggested that they order dessert. Jill announced that she would be leaving so that Lauren and Michael could have the rest of their anniversary together.

After Jill walked away, Lauren thanked Michael for realizing that Lauren needed a chance to bond with Jill.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Michael arrived at Fenmore's to find Lauren hard at work in the office. Michael was there to pick up Lauren so they could go to Fen's Christmas pageant. Michael was glad to see Lauren doing so well. Michael asked Lauren about their plans for Christmas. Michael suggested that he and Lauren take Fen and go on vacation for the holidays.

Lauren acknowledged that things had been crazy because of Lauren's anxiety about Daisy. For that reason, Lauren proposed a traditional Christmas in Genoa City for the Baldwin family. Lauren didn't want Michael and Fen to sacrifice their happiness because of Lauren's fears over Daisy. Lauren thanked Michael for being so supportive.

Michael told Lauren that he had information about Daisy to share. Michael arranged for Lauren to be notified if Daisy's ankle monitor was ever disconnected. Lauren checked her cell phone and saw that she hadn't received a notice. Michael told Lauren that meant that Daisy was being guarded.

Lauren was pleased and thanked Michael. Lauren told her husband that she felt like she was back in charge of her life. Lauren told Michael how grateful she was to be married to him. Michael kissed Lauren.

At the church, Gloria arrived with Fen for the Christmas play. Fen rushed over to say hello to Jana. Gloria wasn't happy when she overheard Jana ask Fen if Uncle Kevin was going to the show. Fen told Jana that Kevin would be there.

Chloe returned to Kevin's apartment to pick up her belongings and move out. Kevin was surprised that Chloe was acting so quickly. Chloe reminded Kevin that she was simply moving out, not moving away. Chloe wanted Kevin to remain a part of Delia's life.

Chloe had thought Kevin would be at Fen's show. Kevin said he was leaving for the show. Kevin asked Chloe if she wanted to go with him. Chloe begged off because she was afraid of giving Kevin false signals. Kevin told Chloe he had never wanted to be her sidekick.

Chloe told Kevin that she had been ticked off that he'd reacted to her rejecting him by having sex with Jana. Kevin said he had to leave. Chloe was angry that they hadn't finished talking things over, but Kevin didn't care. Kevin told Chloe to leave her key in the apartment when she left. Later, after Kevin had gone, Chloe gathered all her belongings and Delia's toys. Chloe went into the kitchen and placed the key on the counter.

At the Athletic Club, Jack arrived to pick up Kyle for the Christmas show. Diane was proud that Kyle had volunteered to be the narrator. Diane and Jack agreed that they could be friends even if Jack was involved with Phyllis. Diane accepted that Jack had moved on. Diane was satisfied with being Jack's friend.

Phyllis and Summer arrived at the church for the Christmas show. Jana was happy that Faith would also be in the pageant. Phyllis expected Nick to be upset with her over the Restless Style article about Sharon. Nick thought Phyllis had been particularly cruel to Sharon. Phyllis blamed Sharon for instigating the article. Nick said that Sharon had made her choice, and it was Adam. Phyllis wondered if Sharon would attend the play. Nick wasn't sure.

Noah arrived at the church. Phyllis apologized to Noah for the article. Noah believed that Phyllis had been more vicious than necessary. Jana greeted Noah with a hug. Jana told him that she was reuniting with Kevin. Noah said he had no hard feelings. Jana wished Noah well.

After Jana walked off, Nick asked Noah if he and Jana were dating. Noah said that Jana was not his type. Michael and Lauren arrived at the church. Phyllis approached Lauren and asked if they could chat, promising not to mention Daisy. Lauren agreed. Phyllis recalled how they had both given birth at the same time. Phyllis said that Fen and Summer had become friends, just like Phyllis and Lauren had hoped all those years before.

Diane and Jack arrived at the church. Diane discovered that Kyle had left his script behind in the pews. Diane took the papers backstage. Phyllis wondered how Jack's parental outing with Diane was going. Jack said he and Diane had been doing well. Phyllis told Jack that she felt bad for Nick because of the way Sharon had hurt him. Jack said Sharon had gotten what she deserved, and she apparently deserved Adam.

At the motel, Adam told Sharon he was going to continue investigating Skye's disappearance at the Athletic Club. Sharon mentioned that she was missing Faith's Christmas play. Adam was upset to learn that Sharon was avoiding going to the play because Phyllis and Nick would be there. Sharon told Adam that she loved him, but she was missing the Christmas she imagined she'd be spending with Faith. Adam hoped that Sharon could live with having chosen him instead of the family life with Nick. Adam told Sharon to go to the play.

The minister introduced the Christmas pageant, explaining the traditions of Christmas. The show began with Kyle narrating, and the other children enacting their parts. In the back of the church, Sharon -- her hair hidden under a hat -- watched Faith in the play.

After the play, all the parents and relatives congratulated the kids. Kevin complimented Jana on her work with the children. Kevin told Jana that their making love hadn't meant anything. Jana accepted that Kevin wanted a casual relationship. Gloria watched Jana and Kevin from across the room.

With Fen, Michael, and Lauren, Kevin said that he had a gift for Fen, but it was at his apartment. Lauren and Michael decided to drive over to get it. Gloria remained behind. Gloria approached Jana and told her to leave Kevin alone. Jana told Gloria that she and Kevin had made love. Gloria was surprised.

Kevin gave Fen a microphone toy. Fen loved it. Alone with his brother, Michael asked Kevin about Chloe. Kevin said that Chloe had moved out because the apartment was too small. Kevin added that it had been time for Chloe to leave. Michael could tell Kevin was perturbed by Chloe's leaving.

At Glowworm, Chloe met Gloria. Chloe wondered why Gloria wanted to see her. Gloria asked Chloe what had happened between Kevin and Jana. Chloe insisted that Kevin was just a good friend. Gloria feared that Kevin would get involved with Jana again. Gloria didn't trust Jana's influence on Kevin's life.

At the Athletic Club, Jana ordered a glass of champagne. She told the bartender that she was celebrating the New Year a little bit early.

After the show, Jack admired Kyle's work in the play. Phyllis, Nick, and Noah were excited for Summer's success in the play. Sharon was in tears as she saw Faith being held by Nick and fawned over by the family.

Diane turned down a ride from Jack and Phyllis, saying that she and Kyle would take a cab. Nick invited Diane and Kyle to go for pizza with him and the kids. Diane accepted the invitation. Sharon cried as she watched them leave. At the pizza place, Nick and Diane enjoyed their time together with the kids.

Still at the church, Sharon went to the altar and said a prayer. The minister asked Sharon if she had watched the play. Sharon said her daughter had been in the show, and opened up to the minister about her life. Sharon revealed that her child was with her father because he disapproved of the man Sharon had chosen. Sharon said that even though her man had done terrible things, she'd forgiven him. Sharon acknowledged that her love for Adam was putting her relationships with her kids in jeopardy.

Adam met with an employee at the Athletic Club and asked about Skye. The man offered information in exchange for money. The guy remembered a couple using the freight elevator to avoid the paparazzi. Adam asked about the security camera in the elevator. Adam offered the man a couple of hundred dollars to get him photos from the security camera in the freight elevator. A while later, the man returned with images from the camera. Adam paid off the guy then looked at the pictures.

Adam called Phyllis to tell her that he had important new evidence that Skye was not dead. Phyllis doubted Adam had anything. Phyllis refused to meet with Adam. Jack was stunned to hear that Phyllis was working with Adam. Phyllis said that she was using Adam to get information for her next story. Jack told Phyllis he'd be watching her back.

The minister advised Sharon to continue questioning her decisions. Adam appeared at the church and showed Sharon the photo from the freight elevator. It was someone who had opened an umbrella in the elevator. Adam recognized Skye's designer purse. The time stamp also proved that Adam could not have been with Skye at that time.

Adam swore to Sharon, before God, that he loved her and he was not guilty of killing Skye. Sharon told Adam that she believed him.

Friday, December 17, 2010

At Gloworm, Sharon and Adam discussed Skye's disappearance. They studied the surveillance photo from the Athletic Club elevator, and Adam was convinced the man in the picture was Victor. Adam believed that Victor was determined to exact vengeance on him. Sharon was sure that Phyllis would use the photo to help clear Adam, but Adam wasn't certain.

Jack warned Phyllis that Adam could not be trusted. Jack urged Phyllis to let Adam do the investigating, and Adam would be sure to bury himself. Adam called Phyllis and asked her to meet him at Gloworm.

When Sharon pointed out to Adam that Abby, Ashley, and Tucker had walked into the restaurant, Adam told Phyllis to meet him at Skye's suite at the Athletic Club. Sharon and Adam left Gloworm. Jack told Phyllis that he was taking her to her meeting with Adam.

At Skye's suite, Sharon and Adam arrived first and looked around. When Phyllis and Jack showed up, Adam and Sharon gave the photograph from the elevator camera to Phyllis. Adam pointed out that the time stamp proved that he could not be the man in the picture. Jack was skeptical.

Adam said that when the image from the elevator was shot, Adam was boarding the train to New Orleans. Adam claimed that he could not have killed Skye, dumped her body, and made the train in time based on the photo's time stamp. Phyllis refused to publish a story based on Adam's evidence.

Sharon said that the photo was proof positive, but Phyllis didn't believe that the picture was anything more than wishful thinking on Adam and Sharon's part. Phyllis and Jack walked out of the suite. In the hallway, Phyllis told Jack that Adam might be telling the truth. Jack suggested they check on the train information.

After walking to the train station, Jack was convinced that Adam could have killed Skye and still made it to the train that night. Phyllis believed that Victor was very capable of setting up Skye's disappearance and framing Adam.

Still in Skye's suite, Adam told Sharon how unhappy he had been while living with Skye. Adam thought he could still smell Skye's perfume. Adam told Sharon that Skye used a very distinctive perfume, something she had to special order. Adam decided to investigate the perfume.

Sharon was upset when she realized she'd lost a locket with Faith's picture. Sharon told Adam they had to go back to the church to find it. At the church, Sharon was frustrated that she'd misplaced the locket. Adam assured Sharon that he would never let her lose Faith again.

Adam insisted on talking with Sharon about how he'd wronged her by taking Faith from her at the sanitarium. Adam resented that Nick had been keeping Faith from Sharon. Adam didn't want to be responsible for Sharon and Faith being apart. Sharon felt that once they proved Adam was innocent, everything would fall into place.

Adam's phone rang and he received news from Leslie. Skye's purse and shoes were not in the inventory collected by the cops at the crime scene. Adam was enthusiastic about uncovering the truth.

Sharon told Adam that she realized that they should not be together. But Sharon explained that despite the odds against them, Sharon and Adam were right for each other. Sharon said that she had changed and so had Adam. Sharon told Adam that she loved him. Adam said he loved Sharon, too.

Phyllis told Jack that Victor would want to set up Adam for Skye's murder as punishment for Adam causing Ashley's miscarriage and killing Richard Hightower. In the alley, Phyllis found evidence and showed it to Jack. It was a pair of women's shoes with blood on them and an umbrella. Jack and Phyllis believed those items proved that Adam had killed Skye.

Billy and Victoria arrived at Gloworm to meet Ashley, Tucker, and Abby for a family dinner. Billy offered to make excuses for their exit, especially since Victoria had spent the day having medical tests. Victoria said she wanted to stay. Billy and Victoria joined Abby, Ashley, and Tucker at the table. Abby and Ashley mentioned that Sharon and Adam had just left the restaurant. Abby and Ashley discussed the story about Sharon in Restless Style.

Ashley asked Billy about the article, but Billy was distracted. Abby commented on Tucker's attentiveness to Ashley. Alone, Billy told Ashley that Victoria was worried about her inability to pregnant. Ashley advised Billy not to worry until they learned the test results. Billy said that he wanted to make Victoria happy.

Tucker spoke with Victoria at the bar about the lawsuit. Tucker wondered what Victoria would do once she won Beauty of Nature from Victor. Victoria wasn't certain. Abby watched how Tucker spoke softly to Victoria.

Ashley told Billy that she was in love with Tucker. Ashley appreciated being involved with a man who respected her. Abby returned to the table and asked Ashley how well she really knew Tucker. Ashley was bemused by Abby's question.

Victoria bragged to Tucker about Reed. Billy mentioned Daniel and asked Abby if Daniel was ready to be the father to Daisy's baby. Abby didn't want to discuss Daniel's troubles. Billy told Abby that problems were unavoidable.

Victoria walked away, and Billy feared that he'd struck a nerve. Ashley offered to talk with Victoria. Ashley told Victoria that she knew about the fertility tests. Ashley sympathized with Victoria about being unable to conceive.

Victoria said that she had been envious of a pregnant woman at the doctor's office. Ashley told Victoria to be kind to herself. Later, Ashley spoke to Billy about ways that he and Victoria might have a baby. Billy felt depressed about their prospects.

Victoria returned to the table, and Abby asked if she was all right. Abby wondered if Tucker had been flirting with Victoria. Victoria laughed at the notion. Abby said that she'd seen Diane with Tucker, and they had seemed like they'd been lovers.

Abby was determined to protect her mother from Tucker. Abby left Gloworm. Victoria assured Billy that she was feeling fine. Billy wanted her to be happy, not just fine. Billy said that he wanted to give Victoria everything she wanted, including a baby. Ashley interrupted Billy and Victoria's talk to ask where Abby and Tucker had gone. Victoria said that they'd both left the party. Off on his own, Billy called Rafe to ask about buying a baby.

Abby showed up at Tucker's apartment with a bottle of champagne. Tucker was confused, since he had just seen Abby. Abby said she thought Tucker deserved to have some fun. Abby opened the bottle and purposely spilled it on her dress.

Abby apologized for ruining Tucker's gift. Acting very loose, Abby said that she was just impulsive. Abby tried to get close to Tucker, suggesting that she take off her wet dress. Tucker bundled Abby into an overcoat and led her out of the apartment.

At the Athletic Club, Diane was on the phone with a bill collector. Nick noticed Diane across the room and invited her to join him in the dining room. Diane hesitated, since the kids weren't there. Nick believed they could have an adult conversation. Diane smiled and sat at his table.

Diane spoke lovingly about Kyle. Diane was impressed that her son had turned out so well, and gushed a bit. Nick said that he felt that way about his children. Diane laughed about how she and Nick were talking about their kids.

Nick said that the kids could be loud and annoying, but that peace and quiet were overrated. Diane said she wished her phone would stop ringing. Nick urged Diane to have dessert with him. Diane enjoyed the food and thanked Nick. Nick wondered if Diane would like to go horseback riding. Diane recalled that while she had been married to Victor, they'd spent most of their time at the penthouse. Diane rarely went to the ranch.

Diane told Nick about how she'd renovated a home in Canada. Nick asked her to show him what she'd done, and then admitted he wanted their night to continue. Diane agreed to go back to the ranch with him. At the ranch, Diane said the place felt familiar. Nick said Genoa City had a lot of memories for him, but he stayed because it was home. Diane said she wasn't as brave as she seemed. Nick kissed Diane and she returned the kiss.

Nick and Diane made love in front of the fireplace. In a post-lovemaking bliss, Nick admired Diane. Diane admitted that the real reason that she'd returned to Genoa City was to find a job. Diane said that she was in debt and in trouble. Nick offered to help her. Diane felt comfortable confiding in Nick. Diane thanked Nick for making her feel safe. Nick promised to keep her secret.

Nick and Diane made love again. On the Newman jet, the pilot told Victor that they would be in Genoa City shortly. Victor said that he was anxious to get home.

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