The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of March 21, 2011 on Y&R
Chance and Paul rescued Heather from a burning building. Daniel and Michael found Daisy in Canada. Phyllis and Adam collaborated to find evidence that Sharon was innocent. Jana investigated Primrose's baby brokering activities.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of March 21, 2011 on Y&R
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Monday, March 21, 2011

In the boarded-up Treetop Taxidermy Shop, Heather struggled to free her hands, which had been tied behind her back. As she struggled, she cried, "I've got to get out of here." Suddenly, Angelo approached from behind, tied a strip torn from a handkerchief across Heather's eyes, and said, "That's not going to happen unless your boyfriend plays ball in court today." Her voice cracking, Heather warned her captor that holding her hostage wouldn't work to his advantage. As Angelo gently stroked his sleeping dog, he said, "It's a living. I've got to pay the bills."

Heather told the man that authorities would have no mercy after they caught and arrested him. Angelo crouched close to Heather as she defiantly warned that Chance would not back down just because she'd been kidnapped. Angelo snapped back, "Then he's even dumber than you are." Heather insisted that she and Chance weren't a couple.

Heather reminded Angelo that Chance had made great sacrifices in order to put Owen and the other criminals behind bars, so there was no way Chance would compromise the case. Angelo said, "Word has it that he'd do just about anything for you!" Heather replied, "You're wrong." Menacingly, Angelo shot back, "You'd better pray that I'm not." Heather, frightened, began breathing heavily.

While Angelo was gone, Heather twisted, pulled, and loosened the rope that had been knotted around her wrists. Angelo returned with a bag of bakery cookies and bottles of water he'd found in his car. As he fed a bite to his beloved miniature Chihuahua, he admitted he didn't know how long the items had been there. Heather heard the tags on the dog's collar jingling and asked about the noise. Angelo rattled the bag of cookies and claimed they were the source of the noise.

While Heather continued to loosen the rope, Angelo took a bite of a stale cookie and retched. He told Heather he should have stopped at the bakery on 5th Street because, he declared, "they bake cookies just like my ma, God rest her soul." Angelo crossed himself after he mentioned his deceased mother. Angelo spotted the loosened rope and asked Heather what she thought she was doing. Heather cried, "Nothing." Heather cringed as Angelo hovered over her and re-tied the rope as tightly as he could. Angelo scoffed that he'd ruined Heather's manicure.

Angelo became chatty and asked Heather if she'd ever visited Ultra Nails Salon near Jimmy's. Angelo suggested that Heather check it out because the salon offered hand massages at no extra charge. Angelo told Heather she'd been stupid to attempt an escape. Heather cried cynically that she had an urge to survive. Angelo, inches from Heather's face, shouted that she shouldn't try anything again because she would end up like all the dead animals that surrounded them.

In the hallway at the courthouse, Nina, Phillip, and Paul told Christine that Heather had disappeared. Christine theorized that Heather had taken a walk to relieve stress. Paul, angry, said, "Something is wrong, and I know it has something to do with Pomerantz and the rest of those bastards in there." In the courtroom, seconds before the judge entered, Christine whispered to Chance that Heather was missing. Chance showed Christine the text message he'd received that threatened Heather's life if he testified.

As Chance prepared to take the stand, he suddenly thrust his arm across his chest, doubled over, and moaned in pain. Christine ran to Chance's side as he told the judge that he hadn't yet recovered from surgery. Christine requested a delay, so she could determine the status of her witness. The judge barked that he didn't like delays, but he allowed a twenty-minute recess. Chance quietly pleaded with Christine to get him out of the courtroom and into the hallway, where Phillip, Paul, and Nina waited.

Paul grabbed Chance's phone and noted that the text had had been sent from Heather's phone. Christine assumed that the phone had been discarded, and she announced that city, county, and federal authorities were combing the area for leads. Chance apologized and threatened to kill Pomerantz if anything happened to Heather. Paul assured Chance that they'd find Heather. Before Christine escorted Chance back into the courtroom, Paul stood before Chance, looked into his eyes, and said, "You know what you've got to do."

Later, Paul reported that a security camera had captured footage of a man shoving Heather into a van. Paul's voice quivered when he explained that the van had no license plate and that identification of the man couldn't be determined. After an FBI agent enlisted Paul's help, Nina told Phillip that she was thankful he was there to offer support. Phillip comforted Nina. When Paul returned, he was visibly shaken. Phillip went to get coffee.

Nina comforted Paul, who cried and said he felt like he couldn't breathe. Nina reminded Paul that both of their children were headstrong when it came to doing the right thing. Nina commended Paul for not hesitating when he encouraged Chance to tell the truth on the stand. Paul replied, "I don't want anything to happen to Heather, but having Chance lying on the stand is no guarantee." Nina embraced Paul and comforted him.

After Christine helped Chance out of the courtroom, the defense attorney, Mr. Grammer , approached Spencer and told him that it wouldn't take much to get the judge to bar Chancellor's testimony. Spencer advised Grammer not to write off the prosecutor's witness so quickly. Back at the defense team's table, the bailiff, standing guard in the back of the room, covertly nodded to Owen and Sid. Owen told Sid that Chancellor must have gotten their message. After the recess, Chance returned to the stand, and Christine told the judge that the prosecution was ready to continue. Sid and Owen glared at Chance.

Christine prompted Chance to explain to the court when he had first realized that the Genoa City Police Department and the district attorney's office were running a drug ring. Chance explained that an ex-prisoner named Brent Riggs had summoned him to a vacant lot after asking for help. Chance noted that Riggs had been beaten, and before Chance could react, he'd been hit over the head and knocked unconscious. Chance said that after he awoke, he'd found that drugs had been placed in his pocket, and Riggs was gone.

Chance maintained that he hadn't put the drugs into his pocket. He added that internal affairs had investigated the matter, but no charges had ever been filed against him. Chance testified that after he was reinstated, Sergeant Owen Meeks had warned him to keep his nose out of cases he hadn't been assigned to handle. Chance explained that Riggs later contacted him again and warned him that his life was in danger. Chance said that Riggs's body had later been found dumped in a river. Owen and Sid glanced at each other repeatedly while Chance testified.

Chance continued his testimony and explained that a man named Frank Ellis had offered to tell Chance what Riggs knew in exchange for a plea bargain. After Ellis relayed Riggs's information about the drug ring, Chance said that he and Heather had approached Owen Pomerantz. Chance testified that soon after his conversation with Frank Ellis, the prisoner had disappeared while being transferred to another prison facility.

Chance explained that he'd also fought charges after someone planted drugs in his car. Christine asked Chance if the drugs had been his. Chance said the drugs had not been his, but he'd claimed they were because he knew he'd have to break the case from the inside. Christine played the tape-recorded audio from the warehouse when Chance had supposedly been shot and killed.

As the tape played, the gruff-voiced Sid could be heard ordering Ronan Malloy to shoot Chance and finish him off. Chance testified that the fake shooting had been staged as part of a sting operation designed to bring down an illegal drug operation run by corrupt law-enforcement officials. Christine asked Chance to identify the people who had conspired to have him killed. Chance told the court that the two men responsible were sitting at the defense table. Owen and Sid didn't flinch as Chance identified them as criminals.

During cross-examination, the defense attorney, Mr. Grammer, claimed that Chance had dreamed up the idea to claim he'd been conducting a sting operation because he'd faced a tough prison sentence for dealing drugs. Mr. Grammer harassed Chance and claimed that he'd made up the story. Christine objected, and the judge ordered Mr. Grammer to stick to the facts of the case.

Mr. Grammer apologized to the judge and asked if Chance had lied when he'd claimed that he'd gone to prison in order to uncover a drug ring. Before Chance could respond, Mr. Grammer reminded him that he was under oath. Chance stared at Owen and Sid, who bore foreboding expressions. With determination, Chance calmly replied, "I wasn't lying then, and I'm not lying now." Christine looked anxious and shrank back in her seat. Owen shook his head ominously.

After Chance completed his testimony, Spencer shook his hand, thanked him, and wished him good luck. Christine tried to stop Chance, but he marched up to Owen and said, "You won't get away with it." Owen leaned forward, close to Chance's ear, and snapped, "You just killed your girlfriend, Chancellor." In the back of the courtroom, the bailiff whipped out his cell phone and called Angelo.

Back at the Treetop Taxidermy Shop, Angelo had stooped down to pet his dog, and he stumbled when he rose and dug into a backpack to retrieve his phone. In doing so, Angelo didn't notice that a book of matches bearing Gloworm's logo fell to the floor beside the dog. Angelo merely said to his caller, "Okay. I'll take care of it." Angelo addressed Heather, who was still blindfolded, and told her that Chance's testimony had been quite damning. Angelo wisecracked that Chance should earn another medal. Angelo threatened Heather and said that she wouldn't be around to see Chance accept his medal.

Heather offered to tell the district attorney's office that Angelo had helped her if he'd let her go. Angelo stood near a stuffed bobcat and told Heather that if he let her go, he'd be on display along with the other creatures in the shop. Angelo picked up his pooch and said, "Goodbye, Ms. Stevens." Heather asked Angelo where he was going. He explained that he didn't hurt women, so it was up to the other parties involved to handle the matter. Heather pleaded with Angelo to wait as he walked out the door with his dog in his arms.

After Christine and Chance exited the courtroom, an FBI agent arrived and announced that the van involved in Heather's abduction had been tracked on a traffic camera. The agent reported that the van had traveled west on Route 12. Paul cried that he had to search for his daughter. Against everyone's protests, Chance insisted he help Paul with the search because he was in love with Heather. Nina sighed heavily after Chance left with Paul.

Lily was home with her sleeping babies when she experienced a flashback to the foggy night Cane had appeared at the window. Lily remembered calling out to Cane as he'd traced the shape of a heart on the frosted pane. Lily had raced to open the door, but the figure, dressed in a white, flowing garment, had vanished. The outline of the heart shape had remained after Lily closed the door. Daniel showed up soon afterward and asked Lily about her frequent sightings of Cane. Lily admitted that one particular vision seemed to be a sign, but she refused to discuss the matter further.

Daniel had snacks with him and begged Lily to let him watch basketball at her place because his cable was out. Lily teased Daniel about having cried when the team he'd supported had lost in the final round. As Daniel prepared snacks to munch on while they watched the games, he said, "That just proves that we need each other for this." During a break from the game, Lily mentioned the friendly rivalry she and Daniel had enjoyed while watching past tournaments. Daniel told Lily he thought she had blocked out most of their marriage. Lily said, "Why would I want to forget some of the happiest times of my life?" Daniel smiled and agreed that their time together hadn't been so bad.

When the babies cried, Daniel offered to check on them. The couple agreed that it was nice to hang out together again. After the games ended, Lily proposed a friendly wager for the next round of playoffs. Lily bet that the loser would do dishes for a week, and she announced that Daniel's chosen teams would surely lose. Daniel scoffed, but Lily added that doing dishes at her house would give him an excuse to visit every day.

Daniel shook Lily's hand and accepted her wager, but he claimed he didn't need an excuse to stop by. Lily walked out onto the front porch with Daniel and kissed him on the cheek before he left. When Lily went back inside, she received a text message from "C" that stated, "Don't you think it's too soon to be kissing someone else?" Leslie showed up to see Sharon in her jail cell. Sharon had been incarcerated for attempting to leave the country with a forged passport. Sharon asked Leslie to contact Nick, who was livid at Sharon when he later arrived. Sharon asked Nick to explain her situation to Noah and Faith, and she insisted she hadn't planned to run away. Sharon explained that Paul had tracked down Adam. Sharon said that in order to prove her innocence, she'd planned to go to Thailand and get Adam to return with her . Sharon explained that Adam was the only person who was truly on her side, and she worried that he'd end up in jail for perjuring himself for Victor.

Nick scowled when Sharon admitted that she'd taken a great risk because she was desperate to save the man she loved. Nick admonished Sharon for risking her freedom for Adam. Nick said, "You could be locked away from your children for a very long time for Adam. Is he worth that?" Sharon claimed that though she'd become a strong person, she still needed Adam's support.

Sharon insisted that she loved her kids and had never meant to hurt them. Nick replied, "Love isn't just words. It's the choices and decisions you make, and everything you've done lately tells me how you feel about Adam and about your children." Sharon broke down and sobbed. After Nick left, Sharon curled up in her cot and cried.

Phyllis called Nick him from her seat on a plane. She asked Nick if he minded taking Summer for a week. Nick assured Phyllis that he would take care of Summer with the sitter's assistance. Nick asked why Phyllis wasn't in town, writing the next chapter about Sharon's ongoing saga. Phyllis admitted that she was headed to Thailand to find out what Adam was up to, and she insisted that Nick would later thank her for doing so.

At a bar in Thailand, Adam told Koa who he was and insisted that Koa tell him what had happened when Sharon and Skye were in Hawaii. Koa denied knowing the women, but Adam told Koa he knew that Victor Newman, Jack Abbott, Skye, and Sharon had all visited Koa in Hawaii at his little store. Adam warned that he'd relentlessly follow Koa until Koa gave up information about Sharon and Skye. The burly Koa replied, "I'm going to take a walk. If you're here when I get back, I am going to grind you into poi, and you won't be able to ask any questions."

After Koa left, Adam approached the bartender and asked if he wanted to make some easy cash. After Koa later returned to the bar, the bartender served him a specially mixed drink. After Koa swigged it down, the bartender advised Koa to wait for a cab to take him home. Koa, unsteady on his feet, agreed as he plopped back onto a barstool.

Adam followed Koa to his motel room. Adam ensured that Koa was asleep before he began searching the room. In a backpack, Adam found a camera, which had recorded a video snippet of Sharon promising not to let Skye die. Before the video finishing playing, Adam fell to the floor after Koa smashed a bottle over his head.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lily was perturbed about the cryptic message on her phone that was signed "C." Lily wondered if it might be Cane reaching out to her from the other side. Lily called Daniel and when he asked if she was all right, Lily answered no. Lily explained that something weird had happened. Daniel needed to stay at Gloworm for Abby's press meeting, so Lily said she'd meet Daniel there. As Lily opened the door to leave, Jill and Colin invited themselves in to see the twins.

Paul and Chance were in the car, searching for Heather. Chance blamed himself for Heather having been abducted. Chance told Paul that after he testified, Pomerantz told him that Heather would die because of Chance. Paul wondered if Ronan might be involved with the abduction since Ronan hadn't shown up for court. Paul received a call from the authorities. Paul told Chance that he had a lead to Heather's whereabouts.

Paul and Chance drove to a diner where a van matching the description of the one that had taken Heather had been abandoned. Inside, Chance and Paul spoke with a waitress about Heather. The waitress didn't recognize Heather's picture. Chance and Paul looked around, but didn't recognize Angelo, who was eating at the counter.

Kay went to the ranch to speak with Victor. Kay was concerned that Victor was upset about the arbitration decision. Kay blamed Tucker for creating grief for Victor. Victor surmised that Kay believed Tucker had instigated the lawsuit. Victor questioned Kay about what Tucker had done.

Victor realized that Tucker had been applying pressure on Jack and Victoria from behind the scenes. Kay assumed that Tucker wanted to get Beauty of Nature and Jabot to merge so he could be in control of both. Victor theorized that Tucker was employing the same maneuver to get Newman Enterprises that he'd used to get Chancellor Industries. Kay felt that Tucker needed to be taught a lesson. Victor asked Kay what she had in mind.

Tucker greeted Ashley with a passionate kiss. Ashley was grateful to be back home. Tucker said he had a special romantic dinner planned for the two of them, and Ashley was thrilled. Tucker and Ashley talked about business. Ashley reminded Tucker not to use Abby to get his hands on Beauty of Nature.

At Gloworm, Abby spoke with Kent, her television producer, about the future of The Naked Heiress. Kent agreed to put up the money for the show to get into production, since Abby had yet to receive her share of the arbitration settlement. Daniel arrived to support Abby, and she gave him a kiss. Abby gathered the press and said that she had an announcement. Abby revealed that The Naked Heiress was going back into production, then she removed her dress and posed naked for the photographers.

A reporter suggested that Abby had nothing to offer because her naked shtick was boring. Abby disagreed and continued mugging for the cameras. Kent told Daniel that Abby would go far in the business Daniel used a tablecloth to cover up Abby when she complained of being cold. Kent nodded to Abby, letting her know that the cops were there. Abby was excited about being arrested because it meant more publicity for her television show.

Before the police took her away, Abby asked Daniel to call Ashley to bail her out of jail. A short time later, Daniel called Ashley for Abby. Ashley told Tucker that she had to leave to attend to some business for Abby.

Kay arrived at Tucker's apartment and inquired about Ashley. Tucker explained that Ashley was tied up with Abby. Kay confessed to Tucker that she was uncomfortable hosting Tucker and Ashley's wedding at the mansion. Tucker was surprised and asked his mother why she'd changed her mind. Kay told Tucker that she was unhappy with him for going after Newman Enterprises. Kay said that Victor was one of her dearest friends.

Tucker asked how he was supposed to explain to Ashley that they were not welcome at his mother's home. Kay said that Ashley was welcome, but Tucker was not. Tucker thought Kay was overreacting, but Kay disagreed. After leaving Tucker's apartment, Kay phoned Victor with the news that Abby had been arrested for pulling a Naked Heiress stunt at Gloworm. Victor said it didn't concern him. Kay believed Victor should care about Abby, especially since others had manipulated Abby into the lawsuit.

Abby was placed in a holding cell, content that her publicity stunt had been successful. Ashley appeared at the jail and blasted Abby for creating unnecessary trouble. Victor showed up and surprised both Abby and Ashley. Victor offered to pay Abby's bail, and his daughter was grateful. Ashley questioned Abby's actions, but Abby explained that her stunt was planned as a way to launch her new show. Abby told her parents that they were too busy with their lives to notice what she was doing.

Abby mentioned that Ashley was preoccupied with her wedding plans, and Victor had eloped with Diane. Ashley was shocked to hear that Victor had remarried Diane. Victor countered that Tucker was unworthy of Ashley. Victor declared that he was fed up with Abby and Ashley, then he left.

Nina, Chris, and Philip were at the mansion after court. Nina feared that Heather might have been used as bait to draw Chance into the line of fire. Philip said that Chance and Paul were professionals and would know how to handle the situation. Nina was concerned about Ronan because he hadn't been at the trial. Chris called one of her contacts and learned that Ronan was safe. Philip decided to call Jill and give her an update about what was happening.

Jill answered her phone while she was at Lily's. Jill said she had to leave, but she refrained from telling Lily about Heather's abduction and Chance searching for her. Jill and Colin left. Lily walked out, too, on her way to see Daniel. Alone at Gloworm, Daniel recalled Lily telling him about her belief that Cane had tried to contact her from the other side. When Lily appeared at the restaurant, Daniel welcomed her. Daniel told Lily about Abby's arrest.

Daniel assured Lily that he was there for her. Lily was grateful to have Daniel as a sounding board. Lily told Daniel about the text message she'd received on her phone. Lily wondered who could have known that Daniel had been at the house and Lily had kissed him. Lily tried to show Daniel the text message, but her phone was missing. Lily spilled out the contents of her purse and wondered where it was and what was going on.

Lily and Daniel returned to her house. Lily found the cell phone, but the message was no longer there. Daniel redialed the last call and discovered it was from a disconnected number. Lily confessed to Daniel that there had been a series of weird incidents at the house. Lily revealed that she had seen Cane through the window, and he had left the drawing of a heart in the frost.

Lily said there had also been the music box incident. Lily asked Daniel how these physical manifestations could have happened. Lily had no explanation. Daniel tried to comfort Lily, but she was afraid that someone might be watching them.

Jill and Colin arrived back at the mansion and asked about Chance and Heather. Colin was introduced to Chris. Nina worried that Chance had not called because something was wrong. Jill comforted Nina.

Kay returned home and saw Nina, Philip, Chris, Jill, and Colin. Kay was upset that Colin was there because she didn't trust him. Jill asked Kay to back off. Nina and Philip yelled at Kay and Jill to stop fighting. Philip said they had to concentrate on Chance and Heather.

At the taxidermy shop, Heather was bound and blindfolded. She struggled to loosen the blindfold, then looked around for a way to escape. Heather managed to untie herself and searched for a way out of the shop. All the doors and windows were locked or sealed. Heather picked up a box of matches and wondered how to use them. She found some lighter fluid and with the matches, Heather lit the fireplace. There was a blowback and fire filled the shop.

Chance and Paul were back in the car when Chance noticed a fire in a building further up the road. Paul and Chance decided to investigate. At the burning shop, a local cop called Angelo to say the place was on fire. Angelo warned the officer not to let Heather escape. At the taxidermy shop, Chance and Paul found Heather passed out in the burning building. Chance carried Heather outside and began CPR. Heather coughed up smoke and soon began breathing.

Ashley returned to Tucker's apartment and told him that Victor had showed up to bail Abby out of jail. Tucker revealed that Kay had stopped by while Ashley had been away. Tucker explained that Kay would not host the wedding because of Tucker's business dealings with Victor. Ashley realized that Tucker was very disappointed.

Abby arrived at the ranch to apologize to Victor and repay the bail money. Abby said she'd been wrong to criticize his marriage to Diane. Abby felt that Victor was replacing his family with Diane's. Abby hoped that Victor and she could go back to the way they had been before the lawsuit. Victor hugged his daughter, but he was still upset. Victor apologized for hurting Abby, then he asked her to leave.

Paul called Nina to report that Heather had been found and would be going to the hospital for treatment. Nina shared the news with Philip, Jill, Colin, Chris, and Kay. Everyone embraced each other. When Jill saw Kay was alone, Jill pulled Kay into a hug.

Chance told Heather that she would be okay. Heather was unable to speak. Chance told Heather that he loved her, and she was the one for him. Heather smiled.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Vance visited Sharon in jail. Sharon was glad to see her attorney, but Vance criticized Sharon for trying to leave the country on a falsified passport. Vance said Sharon needed a change of clothes for court, but Sharon said she had nobody to help her because she was on her own.

Billy received a call from Phyllis, who was still on Adam's trail in Bangkok. Billy urged Phyllis to stay on the case because he was lining up advertising for the Sharon and Adam story. Phyllis explained that Adam had gone to a small village outside of Bangkok and she'd follow him there.

After having been knocked unconscious, Adam came to in Koa's room. Adam remembered finding Sharon's camera in Koa's duffle bag and seeing a video on it of Sharon and Skye at the volcano. Adam looked around the room for the camera, but it wasn't there. At the hotel bar, Adam asked the bartender if he'd seen Koa. The man said Koa had not been around. Adam cursed himself for having had the evidence that would have cleared Sharon in his hands and then losing it.

The bartender poured Adam a drink, saying that a beautiful woman had bought it for him. Adam looked across the bar and saw that Phyllis was the beautiful woman in question. Adam asked Phyllis how she had found him. Phyllis said that Sharon had been the one who'd found him. Phyllis revealed that Sharon had been put in jail for falsifying a passport and trying to jump bail. Adam was shocked that Sharon had done something so foolish.

Phyllis assumed that it had been Adam's idea for Sharon to leave the country and join him in Bangkok. Adam revealed that he hadn't spoken with Sharon since leaving Genoa City. Phyllis informed Adam that a warrant for his arrest on the grounds of perjury had been issued. Adam said he'd read about the arbitration settlement online. Phyllis assumed that Adam was afraid to return to Genoa City. Adam explained that he'd go back to Wisconsin once he had the evidence to exonerate Sharon.

Phyllis was skeptical, but Adam declared that he was in Thailand to find Koa, the Hawaiian convenience store clerk. Adam contended that Koa had the proof that Sharon was innocent. Adam said he'd seen Sharon's camera in Koa's hotel room, but Koa had knocked him out before Adam could get away with it. Phyllis didn't believe Adam, even after feeling the lump on his head. Adam explained that Sharon was not guilty and he was desperate to reunite Sharon with Faith. Phyllis agreed to collaborate with Adam to find Koa and the camera.

Adam suggested they go back to Koa's room and search for a clue. Adam had the card key to the room. Phyllis believed that Adam had a brilliant mind and suggested that someday he use it for something good.

Michael went to the ranch, and Victor and Diane greeted him. Diane left Michael and Victor to speak. Michael reminded Victor that the arbitration agreement was final and not subject to an appeal. Victor told Michael to find a loophole. Michael advised Victor to consult another attorney if he wasn't satisfied with Michael's counsel. Michael suggested that Victor pay off Nick, Victoria, and Abby and put the arbitration behind him. Victor refused to pay one and a half billion dollars to his children.

Michael handed Victor files with options for how Victor could organize the financial settlement. Victor threw down the files and declared that he would determine what he gave to his children and when. Michael brought up Beauty of Nature as a possible key to settling the deal with Victoria, Nick, and Abby. Victor said Beauty of Nature would never be bartered.

At Crimson Lights, Nick appreciated Victoria joining him there for the Walnut Grove fundraiser. Victoria showed Nick some projections for a Jabot and Beauty of Nature merger. Nick said that Beauty of Nature was not his thing; it was always Victoria's baby. Victoria urged Nick to reconsider working with her on the Beauty of Nature merger, especially since there was so much money to be made down the road. Nick said that he was ready to cash out immediately and didn't want to wait years for a bigger pot of gold.

Nick said he was interested in getting into venture capital. Victoria was skeptical about his plans because of the risk. Victoria reminded Nick that they had been a great team when they worked together at Newman Enterprises. Nick said he would like to work with Victoria again, but not on Beauty of Nature. Victoria rejected Nick's venture capital ideas, and he was reluctant to get involved with Beauty of Nature. Nick declared that Abby would not be interested in being involved in the cosmetics business. Victoria proposed paying off Abby by getting a loan based on the Beauty of Nature future profits.

Billy arrived at the coffeehouse and sat with Nick and Victoria. Billy let Victoria know that he was going to court for Sharon's hearing. Victoria understood that Billy had a job to do for Restless Style. Billy asked about Noah, and Nick revealed that Noah refused to return home because of all the negative news about Sharon. Billy said goodbye to Victoria and Nick, and headed out.

At the Athletic Club, Nikki opened the door and let the maid into her room. Nikki explained that she'd broken the lock on the mini-bar. The maid offered to get it fixed and give Nikki a new key. Nikki said it would not be necessary. As Nikki turned to leave so the maid could clean, Nikki saw Deacon in her doorway. Deacon asked the maid to leave. Nikki ordered Deacon to leave. Deacon was concerned about Nikki, especially since Victor had married Diane.

Nikki said she was fine and didn't need Deacon to worry about her. Deacon admitted that he'd let Nikki down, and he was sorry for hurting her. Nikki threatened to call the cops if Deacon didn't leave. While Nikki tried to push him out of the room, Deacon saw a liquor bottle. Deacon agreed to leave.

Diane entered Crimson Lights to take part in the Walnut Grove fundraiser. Two women approached her and asked if she would join a committee to raise money for the school. Diane said she'd consider it. Diane walked over to Nick and Victoria's table. She mentioned that the fundraiser seemed to be going well. Victoria commented that Diane had made a lot of money by marrying Victor. Victor appeared behind Diane and criticized Victoria for being a moneygrubber.

Nick reminded his father, Diane, and Victoria that they were all there for a fundraiser. Victor took Diane and walked away. Victoria told Nick that she suspected that Diane would leave Victor in time and make a small fortune when she did. Nick wasn't sure. Later, Deacon walked into Crimson Lights and went to Nick and Victoria's table. They told him to leave, but Deacon asked them to listen to him. Deacon told Nick and Victoria that he feared that Nikki was drinking again.

Sharon was taken out of the cell in handcuffs. Vance explained that it was the rules. Later, Sharon was returned to the cell. Vance said that Sharon's bail had been revoked because she had falsified a passport in an attempt to leave the country. Vance said that the judge had no choice but be hard on Sharon. Vance explained that Sharon would be behind bars until the trial commenced. Sharon was concerned about Faith. Vance offered to try to move up the date of the trial.

After Vance left, Billy visited Sharon. Billy was disappointed that Vance hadn't given Billy a quote for Restless Style. Billy asked Sharon to tell him her side of the story for the magazine. Sharon said that she couldn't trust Billy. Sharon claimed that Billy only wanted her side of the story in order to sell magazines. Billy offered to be a friend to Sharon. Billy said he understood what it felt like to be on the outs with everyone in town. Vance reappeared and told Sharon that he'd set a new trial date, and jury selection would begin the following week.

Sharon told Billy that Adam was the only one who was fighting to prove her innocence. Billy said that Phyllis and Jack had gone to Hawaii for Sharon. Sharon said that Jack and Phyllis had both had an agenda. Billy assured Sharon that she had more people on her side than she realized.

After the maid finished cleaning the hotel room, Nikki asked her for the mini-bar key. When she was alone, Nikki took a bottle of liquor from the mini-bar. There was a knock on the door, and Nikki spied Nick and Victoria through the peephole. Nikki stashed the bottle, then opened the door for her children. Nick and Victoria said that they were concerned about Nikki because Deacon had said she was drinking again. Nikki was furious and declared that Deacon had no right interfering in her life.

Nikki learned that Deacon had said there'd been an empty bottle on the floor of the room earlier in the day. Nikki said that was a lie, and she invited her children to search. Nikki said she was sorry she ever took up with Deacon. Nick said he would pummel Deacon the next time he saw him. Nikki never wanted to hear Deacon's name again.

Vance walked into Gloworm and ordered a drink. Deacon poured it. Michael approached and spoke with Vance about the settlement. Vance asked Michael if Victor was dragging his heels about paying the one and a half billion dollars. Michael said Victor was considering his options. Michael's phone rang, and it was Victor asking him to return to the ranch for a business meeting. Victor asked Diane about her plans for the day. Diane said she had an appointment with the contractor.

Victor told Diane that he'd noticed how she looked at Nick at Crimson Lights. Victor warned his wife to keep away from Nick, for Nick's sake. Diane said that there was no look between her and Nick. Victor told Diane to heed his warning. Michael arrived at the ranch and walked into the living room. Victor said that he'd decided to pay off the settlement, but he would do it in his way.

Nikki ran into Vance at the Gloworm bar. Vance offered to buy Nikki a drink. When Nikki saw Deacon behind the bar, she ordered a club soda.

Victoria and Nick returned to Crimson Lights. Nick couldn't imagine why Deacon had lied about Nikki drinking. Victoria said that Deacon was slime. Victoria wished that Nikki would move out of the hotel and stay at the mansion with Kay. Nick brought up the Beauty of Nature deal. Nick admitted that the best part of working at Newman Enterprises had been when he collaborated with Victoria. Nick agreed to team with Victoria on the Beauty of Nature merger.

In the Thai hotel room where Adam had been knocked out, Phyllis refused to leave Adam's side. Adam said that they would have to be roomies. Phyllis received a text message from Billy and informed Adam that Sharon's trial date had been set.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Victoria handed Billy his list of chores for Lucy's christening. Victoria was excited about the upcoming ceremony because it meant the Lucy would truly be their daughter. Before leaving the house, Victoria received a call from the priest at the church. Victoria learned that there might be a problem with Lucy's birth certificate. Billy said he would handle it and told Victoria she could leave to meet Jana at Crimson Lights.

Kent met with Abby and Daniel at Crimson Lights to tell her that a major Chicago cable producer was going to arrive in Genoa City to speak with Abby about the show. Abby was thrilled. The cable guy, Martin Dean, showed up and suggested that Abby could become bigger than the Kardashians.

Abby explained her vision for the show to Martin. Dean appreciated Abby's ideas, but said that the first season of the show would have to be all about Abby. Dean wanted to focus on emotional storytelling, especially how Abby defeated her father in the lawsuit. Dean said that he envisioned re-creating the trial, using the transcripts.

Abby said The Naked Heiress show would not be about her family and the lawsuit. Abby believed that Dean wanted to exploit what she considered a family tragedy. Dean said that tabloid television demanded that Abby air her dirty laundry. Abby refused to comply, and Dean said goodbye, wishing Abby well. Kent followed Dean out the door. Daniel said that he supported Abby's decision.

In the coffeehouse, Jana was caring for Lucy when she received a call from Ryder. Jana was stunned that he knew she'd gone to the church to inquire about Daisy's baby. Jana told Ryder not to call her again. Victoria walked into the shop and sat at Jana's table. Victoria took Lucy in her arms.

Jana said she'd picked up Lucy's christening dress. Victoria told Jana that it had been Colleen's gown, then mentioned to Jana that she'd seen a parking ticket on Jana's car. While Jana went out to check on her car, Victoria told Lucy that the next day would be a big day. Victoria wished that Reed could be there for the christening.

Jana found a note on her car, not a ticket. The note told Jana that she should go to the diner if she wanted to discuss the abandoned baby. Jana told Victoria the note was from a friend asking Jana to meet for lunch. Victoria urged Jana to go meet her friend.

Billy went to the church and spoke with the priest who would be doing Lucy's christening. Billy learned that Lucy's birth certificate was a copy, not the original. The original needed a state seal, and the priest would not conduct the christening without it. As Billy left the church, he placed an urgent phone call.

Billy confronted Primrose, the woman who'd sold him baby Lucy, and told her that Lucy's birth certificate wasn't official. Primrose insisted that she'd given Billy the right documents. Billy told Primrose to fix the situation immediately or else. Primrose told Billy to calm down. Billy reminded Primrose that he'd paid two million dollars for the baby and he would not tolerate any further screwups. Primrose retrieved the birth certificate from her car and then applied the seal. Primrose assured Billy that the birth certificate would pass muster. Billy said he never wanted to see Primrose again.

At the ranch, Michael and Diane were surprised to hear Victor say that he was ready to pay off the arbitration settlement. Diane left Victor and Michael to discuss the details. Michael wondered how Victor planned to dispense the money to Victoria, Nick, and Abby. After hearing Victor's plan, Michael asked Victor if he was sure about his decision. Victor said he knew exactly what he was doing, then he sent Michael into the study to make the arrangements. Victor poured himself a drink and thought about his decision.

At the tack house, Nick had happy memories of making spaghetti sauce with Diane. There was a knock on the door, and Nick found Diane standing there. Diane demanded to know what Nick had told Victor about their relationship. Nick said he hadn't said a word to Victor about Diane. Diane explained to Nick that Victor had warned her to stay away from Nick. Nick said he hadn't told anyone about their brief affair.

Diane said she was very worried about the situation. Nick agreed with his father that Diane should steer clear of Nick. Diane wanted to discuss their relationship, but Nick said that they had nothing to discuss. Diane revealed to Nick that Michael and Victor were meeting about how to pay off the lawsuit. Nick was ticked off that Diane had been spying on Victor. Diane said she was just trying to be a friend to Nick. Nick said Diane's loyalty should be to her husband. Diane assured Nick that she would never go out of her way for him again, then she walked out.

Nick called Victoria to say that he had news about the lawsuit. Victoria went to the tack house to meet with her brother. Nick said that he'd learned that Victor had agreed to pay them the arbitration award. Victoria was anxious to get Victor to give them Beauty of Nature in lieu of the one and a half billion dollars.

At Gloworm, Nikki congratulated Vance on beating Victor at the arbitration hearing. Vance said that he would be in Genoa City until Victor dispensed the award to Nick, Victoria, and Abby. Nikki didn't think that Victor would relent without a battle. Vance realized that Nikki had divided loyalties. Vance asked Nikki if she would like to have lunch with him, and she accepted.

While Nikki went to the ladies room, Vance called Michael to give him a heads-up. Vance said that he planned to ask the court to give Victor thirty days to prepare a settlement deal. Michael appreciated Vance's call. Michael overheard Vance speaking with the hostess about getting a table for lunch with Mrs. Newman. Michael suspected that Vance was up to something and told Victor that Nikki and Vance were having lunch together.

Victor surmised that Nikki and Vance were at Gloworm, so he invited Diane and Michael to go with him to have lunch there, too. Michael begged off, but Diane agreed. Victor noticed that Diane wasn't wearing the diamond necklace he'd given her as a wedding gift. Diane said she was uncomfortable wearing it when she visited a construction site. Victor insisted that Diane always wear it because she was Mrs. Victor Newman.

At Gloworm, Victor walked over to Nikki and Vance's table. Victor wondered if Vance was turning Nikki against him. Nikki explained to Victor that sometimes a lunch was just a lunch. When Victor asked Nikki about Deacon, Nikki said she'd put him behind her. Victor thought Nikki had not moved up by having lunch with Vance.

Abby went to Victoria's to meet Nick and Victoria. Abby told her brother and sister that Victor had lashed out at Abby over her naked publicity stunt. Victoria told Abby she could count on the two of them for support. Victoria brought up her interest in acquiring Beauty of Nature. Nick said he agreed with Victoria about taking the company instead of the one and a half billion dollars. Nick asked Abby to be a part of their plans for the company. Abby said she needed the cash from the settlement to start her television show.

While Abby went to see Lucy, Victoria urged Nick to find Vance so he could ask Victor to turn over Beauty of Nature instead of the money. Later, Victoria told Abby that if she agreed to the Beauty of Nature deal, Abby would be able to get the money she needed without having to wait. Victoria believed that Victor wasn't inclined to give them the one and a half billion in cash. Victoria promised Abby that she and Nick would always support Abby's dreams.

Abby was reluctant to give Victor any more reasons to hate her. Victoria said that Victor might appreciate her business acumen, but Abby was skeptical. Victoria assured Abby that even if she were a silent partner in Beauty of Nature, she'd still be an equal partner. Victoria equated Abby's role in Beauty of Nature to Traci's role in Jabot. Abby agreed to support her sibling's decision.

Jana went to the diner and recognized Agnes, the woman she'd seen at the church. When Agnes asked Jana about the baby's welfare, Jana realized that Agnes had left the baby at the church. Agnes seemed to be unaware of where the baby was. Agnes assumed that Jana had abandoned the baby herself. Jana said that the real mother was too afraid to step forward, so Jana was investigating for her. Jana asked Agnes to tell her whatever she knew about the baby. Agnes swore Jana to secrecy, then she said that she and her husband had found the abandoned baby and sold her.

Michael ran into Daniel at the coffeehouse and asked where Phyllis was. Daniel informed Michael that Phyllis was in Thailand, working on a Restless Style story. Michael told Daniel that a Canadian detective Phyllis had hired to search for Daisy believed he'd found her in Saskatoon. Michael showed Daniel a photo of a woman who might be Daisy. Michael said he was going to Canada to follow up. Michael was on the phone, making travel arrangements. Daniel said that he wanted to go with Michael to Saskatoon.

At Gloworm, Diane and Victor signed Kyle's trust documents. Diane was grateful to Victor for providing for her son. Nick showed up at Gloworm and saw his parents at different tables, Nikki with Vance, and Victor with Diane. Nick interrupted Nikki and Vance to speak with his attorney. Nikki left them alone. Nick told Vance that Victor was ready to pay off the settlement. Nick informed Vance that he and Victoria had gotten Abby to agree that they would accept Beauty of Nature from Victor instead of the money.

Vance approached Victor and proffered the Beauty of Nature option. Vance believed that Victor wouldn't want to take Newman Enterprises public. Vance hoped Victor would see the wisdom in turning over Beauty of Nature. Victor agreed that giving up Beauty of Nature might be the best way to proceed.

At the bar, Nikki told Deacon to leave her alone. Deacon said he had seen a liquor bottle in Nikki's room. Nikki denied that she had been drinking. Deacon begged Nikki to find someone to speak with about her drinking. Nikki walked out of the restaurant.

As Diane headed back to the table, she ran into Nick at the front door. Diane apologized to Nick for stopping by the tack house earlier. Nick told Diane to stay away from him. Diane was upset and said that she'd only gone out with Nick for good times. Diane declared that Nick had become a drag.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Billy and Victoria met with the priest before Lucy's christening. Billy handed him the birth certificate, and Victoria and Billy were glad to hear that the christening could proceed. Primrose received a call from Jana. Jana claimed that she was a pregnant woman in need and had heard the Primrose could be of help. Primrose agreed to meet. Victoria asked Jana to help her with Lucy, making it impossible for Jana to get to the meeting with Primrose. Victoria thanked Jana for her assistance with Lucy.

At the chapel, Jack said hello to Kay as she arrived for the christening. Jack explained he and Nick were both being named Lucy's godfather. Jack asked Kay what she thought of Tucker's plan to merge Jabot with Beauty of Nature. Kay disapproved of Tucker's business maneuver because she was loyal to Victor. Jack proposed partnering with Kay against Tucker, but Kay said she had no faith in Jack, or she would have put him in charge of Jabot when she'd had the chance.

Colin and Jill arrived at the christening. Kay sneered at their playfulness, prompting Colin to tease Kay and make her smile. Ashley and Tucker showed up, but Ashley avoided speaking with Kay because of Kay's attitude towards Tucker.

In the foyer of the chapel, Abby told Nick she wanted to discuss what her position would be at Beauty of Nature. Nick put Abby off until after they'd acquired the company. Traci appeared, and Nick and Abby greeted her. Traci congratulated them on the victory in the arbitration. Traci hoped that the process had given them peace.

Family and friends gathered around Lucy to begin the christening. Jana tried to leave, saying she needed to get the camera, but Colin offered to shoot the video with his phone. Jack cornered Kay again about Jabot, but she shot him down. Jack overheard Abby discussing her place in Beauty of Nature with Billy. Jack asked if that was a done deal.

Jack was upset that Victoria would be running Jabot as well as Beauty of Nature. Billy said he'd be fine with Victoria in charge, but Jack was not because he wanted an Abbott as CEO. Billy reminded Jack that his wife was an Abbott. Billy asked Jack to table the business talk until after Lucy's christening.

Jill and Colin fussed over Lucy. Victoria wished that Reed could be there for the christening. Colin said that it was a great moment and they should all embrace it. Kay apologized to Ashley for rescinding the wedding offer, and even suggested that Ashley reconsider marrying Tucker. Ashley was astonished by Kay's attitude toward her son. Kay explained that Tucker was dangerously selfish.

Ashley reminded Kay that Victor was the most selfish person she'd ever known, yet Kay chose Victor over Tucker. Ashley excused Tucker's actions because he was a businessman. Kay objected to the way Tucker conducted business. When Kay brought up John Abbott as a scrupulous businessman and an excellent parent, Ashley commented that he was a better parent to her than Kay had been to Tucker.

At Newman Enterprises, Victor asked Heather to arrange a press conference so he could announce his decision. Heather left the office. Nikki burst in and urged Victor to go to the chapel for Lucy's christening. Victor was reluctant to show up uninvited. Nikki told him to put aside his anger and remember that he was still part of the family.

Victor said Nikki was speaking sentimental drivel. Nikki pleaded for Victor to embrace Lucy as his grandchild. Victor said he hadn't been invited to the christening. Nikki told Victor he didn't need an invitation. Victor said that Nikki was wrong. After Nikki left, Heather returned to tell Victor that the media would be convened shortly. Victor thanked her.

Nikki walked into the chapel but stopped in the foyer to take a drink from a flask. Jill walked up from behind and asked what Nikki was doing. Nikki sprayed her mouth and said she was checking her lipstick. Jill suspected that Nikki was waiting for Victor. Nikki entered the chapel and said hello to Kay. Abby wanted to know what her business card would say when they owned Beauty of Nature, but Nick asked Abby if they could discuss the details after they acquired the company. Jack questioned Nick about Victor's decision, but Nick wasn't sure. When Nick walked away, Tucker went to Jack and asked for an update about their getting their hands on Beauty of Nature.

The christening began, and Victoria thanked everyone for attending. In the foyer, Victor watched Victoria with Lucy at the altar. The priest conducted the ceremony. Jana said she wasn't feeling well and whispered to Kay that she was leaving. Victoria shared a poem she'd found online that described her love for Lucy. Victoria looked up and saw Victor. Nikki saw him, too, and smiled. The priest baptized Lucy and made her part of God's family. Victor watched but didn't join the group.

While the family posed for photos, Kay told Victoria that Jana had gone home because she was ill. Jana called Primrose to say she was running late. Jana arrived at the miniature golf course to meet Primrose. Jana had a pillow under her top so she looked pregnant. Jana said she'd heard nice things about Primrose. Jana needed help with her baby.

Back at Victoria and Billy's, everyone celebrated the christening. Jill learned Kay had rescinded her offer to host Tucker and Ashley's wedding at the mansion. Jill reminded Kay that it was half Jill's house. Jack told Traci and Ashley that they needed to talk about the future of Jabot. Jack claimed that Jabot would be merged with Beauty of Nature, and he feared that the Abbotts would lose Jabot forever. Ashley said that she was marrying Tucker and would be part of Jabot through her husband. Jack declared that John would want one of them as Jabot's CEO. Traci told Jack to stop evoking John's name, advising him to grow up and act like John. Traci accused Jack of being obsessed about Jabot.

Victoria thanked Nikki for getting Victor to show up at the christening. Victoria said nobody had seen Victor but the two of them, but she was happy to see him there. Nikki was glad that Victor had appeared for Victoria and Lucy.

Chance walked into Crimson Lights, then called Heather and left a message saying that he wanted to speak with her. Later, Heather entered the coffeehouse and was surprised to see Chance was out in public. Heather wanted to know if Chance would be returning to Witness Protection. Chance avoided her question and demanded to know why Heather had not responded to his messages. Chance wondered if Heather was afraid to answer his declaration of love.

Heather said she'd been working, not avoiding Chance. Heather explained that she had accepted that Chance had died when he disappeared before. Chance wanted to know if Heather would give him another opportunity to prove his love. Heather said she couldn't answer because she was needed at work. Heather told Chance she was glad he was out in the world again.

Walsh found Chance at the coffeehouse and told him that Pomerantz and his cohorts had made a deal. Walsh reported that they were going to do hard time and would be in prison for a long time. Walsh recommended that Chance return to WITSEC because he was still in danger from the drug syndicate. Chance wasn't sure what he would do.

Heather told Victor that the press conference could commence. Victor asked Heather to make sure Abby, Nick, and Victoria watched the press conference. The christening party was breaking up, and some people left. Nick received a message that Victor would be on television, giving a press conference. Billy turned on the television, and Victor appeared at a podium. Kay knew what was going to be announced, but she remained quiet.

Victor said that Newman Enterprises had always been a thriving business, even during difficult financial times. Victor acknowledged that there was a lot of speculation about his company's future. Tucker, Jack, and the others anticipated Victor announcing that Beauty of Nature would be given to Nick, Victoria, and Abby in lieu of the cash settlement. Instead, Victor said he would be taking Newman Enterprises public. Nikki was stunned. Victoria explained that her father would rather sell shares of the company than pay off his children. Nick said that Victor had just told them all to go to hell.

Daniel and Michael searched a motel room in Canada, but Daisy was not there. Michael wondered where Daisy could have gone. Daniel and Michael found evidence that Daisy had been there because her toiletries remained. Michael noted there was no evidence of a baby. Daisy walked in the room, and Michael caught her before she could run away. Michael asked Daisy what had happened to the baby. Daisy said she'd tell them, but only if they let her leave afterwards. Michael wouldn't agree, and Daisy refused to talk.

Michael peppered Daisy with questions, but Daisy refused to answer. Daniel asked where the baby was, but Daisy only stared at him. Michael threatened to extradite Daisy to Wisconsin. Michael left to get the documentation to transfer her out of Canada. Michael warned Daniel not to let Daisy get away.

After Michael left, Daisy asked Daniel why he hadn't told anyone that he'd delivered the baby in Genoa City. Daniel informed Daisy that he'd been hospitalized after she knocked him out. Daniel added that everyone believed that Daisy had been pregnant when she escaped to Canada. Daisy said that she wouldn't to back to Genoa City because that meant prison. Daniel agreed to help her.

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