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Adam destroyed the evidence that would have cleared Sharon. Victor set up Billy to be arrested for solicitation. Chloe won sole custody of Delia. Diane made a deal with the D.A. to entrap Adam, and she plotted with Adam to put Victor behind bars.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of July 11, 2011 on Y&R
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Monday, July 11, 2011

Sam seemed shocked after Sharon, her hands cuffed behind her back, was arrested and escorted out of the barn. The crowd gawked as Sharon cried out, "I'm sorry, Sam. I'm so sorry." Sam seemed frozen in place and didn't respond.

At Restless Style's headquarters, Phyllis and Nick, succumbing to their desires, kissed passionately. Nick groped Phyllis' upper thigh as he raised the bottom of her dress. Two phone lines rang simultaneously. Nick and Phyllis snapped to attention and raced to catch the calls. Nick's caller was a detective. Phyllis' caller was someone with a tip about a hot story.

Nick, listening intently, looked shocked when a detective announced startling news. Phyllis dropped the phone receiver after her caller claimed that Sharon was still alive and had been arrested. Later, Nick slammed down the phone after yelling, "No comment," to media inquiries about his reaction to the news. Phyllis explained that Sharon had been in New Mexico, near the area where the fatal car crash had occurred.

Nick theorized that something horrendous must have happened to Sharon because she wouldn't have intentionally allowed her children to believe she was dead. Phyllis insisted that Sharon, selfish and weak, had been acting out of self-preservation. Nick told Phyllis not to judge Sharon until they learned the full story. Phyllis said that Sharon should have found a way to send a message to her worried family. Nick insisted that Sharon had most likely had a legitimate reason for putting her family through months of anguish.

At Crimson Lights, Noah stopped by to pick up Faith after Ashley had volunteered to entertain the tot for a while. Noah was charmed to see his baby sister enjoying one-on-one attention from a mother figure. Ashley smoothed back Faith's hair and told Noah that the child was ready for a nap. Noah explained that the stress of the day had taken its toll.

Ashley told Noah she knew he was referring to the scattering of Sharon's ashes. Ashley invited him to sit and talk about his feelings. Noah did not respond and seemed transfixed by a televised news story about Sharon's arrest. Ashley tried to comfort Noah. Noah cried that he knew he should be happy, but he admitted that he felt numb.

Ashley maintained that Faith was fortunate to have Noah as a brother and that both he and Faith were blessed to have Nick as their father. Noah, in shock, said he supposed that his mother would soon return home. After Nick phoned Noah, Noah stepped away to take his father's call in private. Ashley seemed uneasy as she gazed into Faith's angelic face.

In Jack's office at Jabot, Victor waltzed in and told Jack that he'd expected to find Ashley there after Tucker asked her to take the reins. Jack explained that he been given three months to prove himself worthy, and he insisted that the new line of products would secure his position.

Jack was taken aback when the news broadcast about Sharon popped up on his computer screen. After Jack and Victor discussed the Sharon reappearance, Jack announced that Victor could absolve his conscious over her death. Michael phoned Victor and announced that Sharon was returning to Genoa City immediately. After Victor left, Jack picked up a photo of Sharon and sighed.

Adam, in his suite at the Genoa City Athletic Club, listened to a snippet of audio that would prove Sharon had not murdered Skye Lockhart. When Adam saw the news story about Sharon's arrest, his face lit up, and he gasped, "Sharon. You're alive!" Adam sat the memory card on the table, phoned Leslie, and demanded she tell him where to find Sharon. After he ended the call, Adam fondly remembered telling Sharon how special she was to him. Adam said aloud to himself, "I'll finally have a chance to make things right."

Michael and Victor met in Victor's office and said they needed to discuss issues regarding Sharon's return. Michael explained that Sharon's scandalous actions could adversely affect the Newman family and the company. Victor admitted he was concerned about serious repercussions. Victor vowed that he and Nick would do whatever was necessary to protect Noah and Faith.

Michael warned that bad press could damage the company, so the board might force Victor to take a leave of absence. Victor ordered Michael to spin a story to the press and explain that Sharon had suffered trauma. Michael agreed to tell the press that Sharon had intended to return to her family and fight for an appeal. He strongly advised Victor to avoid Sharon and focus on maintaining the company's stability.

Nick tried his best to console Noah while they took a break together at Crimson Lights. Noah told his dad that he wasn't yet ready to face his mother. Noah cried that he'd finally let his mother go just before learning that she was still alive.

At the police station, Phyllis arrived with her "press agent" badge dangling from her jacket. Almost harassing Spencer, Phyllis grilled him for information about Sharon. Spencer revealed nothing. When Sharon was led in, she glared at Phyllis. Two uniformed officers led Sharon to the booking area. Leslie followed closely behind.

Spencer ordered Phyllis to leave. Just after she stepped out, Adam arrived. Phyllis asked Adam how his plan was supposed to have played out after he helped Sharon escape, squirreled away a nest egg, and acted like a grief-stricken lover. Adam challenged Phyllis to spin stories about him and Sharon.

Smiling, Adam insisted to Phyllis that he was thrilled to have Sharon back. Phyllis reminded Adam that Sharon's new home would be a jail cell unless he could recover evidence on one of the memory cards that would clear her. Grinning cunningly, Adam said, "There's always hope!" Nick showed up and asked Phyllis to leave.

Spencer questioned Sharon and asked if Adam Newman had helped her escape and evade arrest. Leslie told Sharon that she didn't have to respond. Sharon insisted that she'd escaped on her own. After Spencer asked Sharon why she'd let everyone believe she'd died in a car crash, Leslie stepped in and told Spencer that Sharon would not respond to his question.

Spencer announced to Sharon that her escape was considered a felony; therefore, she'd never be eligible for parole. When Adam and Nick walked into the booking area, Sharon seemed happy to see them. Adam rushed to Sharon, but Spencer barred him from touching her.

Spencer told Adam that Adam would be questioned about his role in aiding Sharon's escape. Sharon insisted that he hadn't been involved. Adam responded, "I answered your question months ago. I have nothing more to add." Leslie interrupted and said that she and Spencer needed to step aside to review the procedure and evidence of Sharon's arrest in New Mexico.

Nick, in a sincere, calm tone, told Sharon that he was happy to see her. Sharon asked about her children, and Nick explained that they'd had a tough time emotionally. Nick became increasingly annoyed when he began asking Sharon if she'd known that they thought she'd been killed. Nick asked Sharon if she'd stayed away because she'd been injured or had perhaps lost her memory.

Sharon didn't immediately respond to Nick's inquiries about her prolonged absence. Adam defended Sharon and told Nick to back off. Nick grew angrier and said he was trying to understand the reasons behind Sharon's actions. Sharon said she'd believed it would have been easier for her family to think she was dead rather than having them agonize over her languishing in prison. Nick harshly replied that perhaps it would have been better if she had died.

Sharon sobbed quietly as Nick told her that Faith had constantly begged for her mother and that Noah had suffered emotional pain over things he'd said to her. Sharon seemed crushed and sincerely apologized. Nick's face reddened, and he yelled, "Sorry doesn't cut it." Adam stood in front of Nick and warned him not to attack Sharon. A guard stepped up and told Nick and Adam to stop yelling. Before Nick turned and walked away, he said, "I got all my questions answered."

Sharon cried softly as Adam earnestly declared, "I understand why you did it." Adam professed his love, and told Sharon that he was thankful she was alive. Sharon tried to explain what had transpired while she was in New Mexico, but Adam told Sharon not to worry about the past. Adam proudly stated that he'd never stopped fighting to get the murder charges dropped. Sharon tried to speak, but Adam shushed her. Adam told Sharon he loved her very much, and he happily reminded her that she'd be reunited with her kids.

Sharon noticed Sam standing in the doorway. Sam said, "Sheri, I had to come. I couldn't just let things end that way." Shocked, Adam looked at Sam, and then he studied Sharon's face. Sharon seemed comforted by Sam's presence, and her lower jaw quivered.

Adam's demeanor changed, and he glared at Sharon. Adam heaved a deep sigh before storming out. Sharon called out to Adam, but he didn't stop as he rushed past Sam. Sam knelt in front of Sharon. She told Sam that she hadn't killed anyone. Sam said he knew Sharon too well to believe that she could have. Victor arrived and stood in the doorway.

After Phyllis left the police station, she ran into Noah at Crimson Lights. She told Noah that she'd seen Sharon. Noah seemed confused when he learned that his mother didn't seem injured or mentally incapacitated. Noah grew livid and cried that his mother couldn't just reappear and expect her loved ones to offer forgiveness.

Phyllis comforted Noah and urged him to withhold judgment until they learned why Sharon had stayed away. After Phyllis left, Noah booked a flight to New York. He ignored a missed a call from his dad. Eden showed up and said she'd heard about his mom. She begged Noah not to leave town.

Jack enjoyed breakfast with Ashley and Faith at Gloworm. Ashley explained that she'd offered to help with Faith because Nick's sitter was unavailable. Jack expressed concerned, but Ashley insisted that she wasn't becoming overly attached to Faith. Ashley blasted Sharon for running away and abandoning her children.

Ashley glared at Jack for taking Sharon's side when he pointed out that she'd been facing life in prison. Jack blamed Victor for causing Sharon's predicament, and he implicated Adam for manipulating her. Ashley insisted that Sharon had allowed Adam to control her. Jack maintained that Sharon had to have hit rock bottom. Ashley said that Sharon was a horrible mother to abandon her children.

From Victor's office, Nick phoned Ashley and asked her to watch Faith a while longer. Victor and Michael stood nearby as Nick explained that Sharon had attempted to justify her decision to have everyone believe she was dead. Michael left. Nick admitted that he was devastated after Sharon confessed that she'd intended to live her life on the run. Victor defended Sharon and reminded Nick that they all cared about her. Nick responded, "Not me. After this, I'm done caring about her."

Phyllis went back to the office and began writing about Sharon. Phyllis wrote, "Sharon Newman is back from the dead and already wreaking havoc on the people she supposedly loves." Nick arrived and said, "Gee. I wonder what you're doing." Phyllis offered to stop writing about Sharon, but Nick plopped down dejectedly in his chair and told her she could carry on with her story.

After Adam left the police station, he walked to the stone bridge. He seemed angry as he gazed into the flowing stream below. He sighed as he opened his fist to reveal the memory card. He closed his fist and tightened his grip. Adam's encounter with Sharon and Sam seemed to replay in his mind. Adam clenched his jaw, reopened his fist, and dropped the card into the stream.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

At Gloworm, Victoria overheard Rafe trying to reach Billy, leaving a message on Billy's phone that he had to get to court for the custody hearing. Victoria told Rafe that she hadn't realized that Delia's custody hearing was so soon. Rafe asked Victoria to use her influence to get Billy to show up at court on time. At the trailer, Billy's phone rang and rang while he was passed out on the couch. All around him were empty beer cans. A short time later, Billy was dressed when Victoria arrived to check up on him.

Victoria told Billy to call Rafe and inform him that Billy was on his way to court. Victoria approved of Billy's attire, noticing that he was wearing one of her favorite suits. Billy admitted to Victoria that he was frightened that Chloe's attorney would destroy him in court. Billy wanted to have a drink before leaving, but Victoria told him he didn't need alcohol. Victoria advised Billy that when he took the stand, he should speak from the heart about his love for Delia. Victoria urged Billy to go directly to court and not stop at Jimmy's Bar on the way. Billy was grateful to Victoria for stopping by.

At the coffeehouse, Chloe asked Esther to watch Delia for the day, since Chloe would be at the courthouse. After Esther assured Chloe and left, Kevin approached Chloe with a cup of coffee. Chloe assumed that Kevin was going to blast her for seeking sole custody of Delia from Billy. Kevin said that the decision had been Chloe's, and he only wanted to offer her a coffee. Chloe admitted that she was very nervous about the proceedings. Chloe doubted that Billy would even turn up at the hearing because he'd been on such a bender since he and Victoria had lost Lucy.

Later, Esther was walking Delia in the park when she ran into Victoria. Victoria was happy to see Delia. Delia asked about Billy, and Victoria told Esther that Delia had always seen Victoria with Billy. Victoria asked Esther to convince Chloe to go easy on Billy and allow him to continue sharing custody of Delia. Esther told Victoria that she supported Chloe's decision regarding Delia's living arrangements.

Billy arrived late to the courthouse. Rafe apologized to the judge for Billy. The judge asked the lawyers to commence the hearing. Chloe went on the stand and began testifying. Chloe explained that she worked for Restless Style magazine. Chloe also said that she lived at the Chancellor mansion and had the support of her mother and extended family in caring for Delia.

Chloe said that she wished that Delia could have a responsible father but that Billy had not been filling that role of late. Chloe complained that Billy had never committed to their marriage, and Chloe had been forced to become a single mother. Chloe told the judge that she didn't believe that Delia was a priority to Billy. Chloe declared that Billy was unemployed and drank too much. Chloe confessed that Delia was the reason she woke up every morning, and Chloe would do anything to protect her daughter.

When it was time to cross-examine Chloe, Billy told Rafe not to be too rough on Chloe. Rafe was frustrated by Billy's instructions, but Billy explained that however the hearing went, Billy and Chloe still had to raise Delia together. Rafe understood what Billy was saying. Rafe questioned Chloe about her two recent arrests. Chloe said that she had not been charged in either instance, but when Rafe followed up, Chloe was forced to admit that Billy had chosen not to press charges against her. Chloe testified that she was a very good mother, prompting Rafe to point out that a person could make mistakes and still be a good parent.

On the stand, Billy testified that there was nothing he wouldn't do for Delia. Billy admitted that he did gamble and enjoyed drinking, but he asserted that Delia was his top priority. On cross-examination, Chloe's attorney brought up the fact that Billy's gambling had been so bad at one time that his family had sent him to Hong Kong. Billy explained he had gone to Hong Kong to run a branch of the family business. In answer to the question of why he was not working, Billy declared that he was well-heeled since selling Restless Style and could afford not to work.

Billy claimed that he lived in a trailer by choice while he and Victoria were working on their marriage. As for why he had gone to jail, Billy explained that he had been protecting a confidential source. When questioned about Billy hiring Jana despite the fact that Chloe had been against her employment, Billy said he regretted that decision because it had led to Delia's kidnapping. Privately, Rafe told Billy that the case had not gone well. Just then, Victoria appeared in court and asked the judge if she could testify on Billy's behalf.

Noah told Eden that he'd decided to leave town because of Sharon's sudden return. Noah was horrified that Sharon had allowed them all to believe that she'd died in a car crash. Eden told Noah that all that mattered was that Sharon was alive. Later, Eden explained to Kevin that she didn't want to live with Lauren and Michael anymore. Kevin suggested that Eden stay at Heather's apartment while Heather was out of town on business. Eden wasn't sure if that was what she wanted to do. Kevin questioned Eden about her relationship with Noah. Eden said that she and Noah had simply drifted apart.

At the police station, Sharon apologized to Victor for lying about her disappearance. Victor told Sharon he didn't need an apology. Victor wanted to get Sharon out of trouble. Sharon introduced Sam to Victor. Sharon told Victor that Sam was the man who'd taken her in when her car was stolen. Sam was very impressed to meet the famous Victor Newman. Sam was aware of Victor's business acumen.

The D.A., leaving Sam alone with Victor, took Sharon away. Victor questioned Sam about his intentions, wondering what Sam was doing with Sharon. Sam said he had no interest in taking advantage of Sharon. Sam told Victor how Sharon had appeared in his barn, that she'd been in a bad place and had not been forthcoming about her life. Sam said that he'd felt for Sharon. Despite Victor's rudeness, Sam said he still liked Sharon. Sam's phone rang, and he excused himself.

Back the hotel, Adam was crushed following his encounter with Sharon at the police station. Adam felt that Sharon had betrayed him with Sam. Adam looked at a picture of Sharon and was reminded of the time he spent with Sharon in New Orleans. There was a knock on the door, and Diane appeared in Adam's suite. Adam told Diane that he'd already been stabbed in the back and had no time for Diane.

Diane assumed that Adam would be thrilled about Sharon's return, but Adam admitted that Sharon had spent her time with another man while she was presumed dead. Diane said that she and Adam could agree on hating Victor. Adam declared that his partnership with Diane was over. Diane asked Adam to reconsider his decision. Adam warned Diane to get away from him or he'd target her with his hatred.

Diane left the suite and called Leslie. Diane urged her attorney to set up a meeting with the D.A. to turn state's evidence on Adam. Later, Leslie and Diane met Walsh in the park. Diane was afraid to meet in an office. Walsh told Diane to give up the evidence against Adam, or Walsh would stop negotiating with Diane. Diane claimed that she had evidence that Adam had arranged for video footage of the ambulance on the day of the Newman IPO to make it look like Victor had died.

Leslie encouraged Walsh to make a deal with Diane. Walsh departed after saying he would try. Later, Leslie met Diane again and learned that the D.A. would drop the charges against Diane, and she'd be able to avoid jail time. However, the SEC was imposing a huge fine, and Diane had to pay up. Diane said her entire fortune would be wiped out, but Diane was prepared to pay so that she could continue living with Kyle and stay out of jail.

At the police station, Victor overheard Sharon making a telephone call to Adam. Sharon said Adam was her only phone call and she wanted Adam to visit her so she could explain what had happened after her escape. After a guard told Sharon to end the call, Sharon turned and saw Noah had arrived. Sharon embraced her son. Alone with Noah, Sharon explained that she'd escaped because she thought Noah and Faith would be better off without her.

Noah told Sharon that he couldn't judge her for going on the run because Noah had run away from the people who had needed him, too. Noah said he had every intention of not running anymore. Noah asked Sharon to trust him. The guard cut short Noah's visit, and Sharon hugged her son goodbye. Before leaving, Noah told Sharon that he believed that Adam had found the evidence to clear Sharon of Skye's murder.

At the jailhouse, Adam was anxiously waiting to see Sharon. Victor confronted Adam and told him to leave Sharon alone. Adam called Victor a hypocrite, since he'd been the one who had gotten Sharon in trouble in the first place. Victor said that Adam had taken advantage of Sharon. Adam told Victor that Sharon had begged him to visit her.

Sam told Sharon that Victor had suggested that Sam was out to get something from Sharon. Sharon explained that Victor was very protective of her. Sharon mentioned that Noah had been very supportive when he visited. Sam learned that Sharon had two children, Noah and Faith. Sam had questions for Sharon and wondered if Sharon would have run away from him and Piper if she hadn't been arrested.

Sharon admitted that she'd been wrong to think that she could run from her past. Sharon reminded Sam she'd tried to keep her distance from him because Sharon hadn't want to hurt Sam. Sharon advised Sam to return to New Mexico and resume his life. Sharon asked the guard to take Sam away. Sharon told Sam to walk out the door and not to look back at her. Sam said that he'd decide whether or not to return to New Mexico. As Sam walked away, he saw Adam.

Sharon assumed Adam had been shocked to see Sam with Sharon. Adam said that he'd walked out earlier because seeing her alive had been overwhelming for him. Adam understood that Sharon had needed someone like Sam when she was on the run. Adam wished Sharon had turned to him because Adam said he would have done anything for Sharon. Sharon told Adam that she nearly went to him when she spotted Adam at the San Pueblo festival. Sharon said that it had been too risky for her to approach Adam.

Sharon appreciated that Adam had gone to New Mexico to prove her death had not been a suicide. Sharon asked if Noah had been right about Adam finding evidence to exonerate Sharon. Adam told Sharon that he was sorry her hopes had been raised. Adam said what he had hadn't panned out.

Sam told Victor that he was returning to New Mexico. Victor asked Sam if he was aware that Sharon was involved with Adam, Victor's son. Victor believed Sam was a better man for Sharon than Adam. Victor asked Sam to stay in Genoa City for Sharon's sake.

Noah thanked Eden for getting him to go to see Sharon. Eden said she might move into Heather's apartment. Noah wasn't sure what he was going to do next. Kevin walked over and asked Eden if she wanted to sublet Heather's apartment after all. Eden said yes, she'd take the apartment. Noah revealed that he'd decided to stay in Genoa City, too. Noah was grateful to Eden for her advice.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

At Fenmore's, Jill and Jack were pleased to see Lily and Daniel stop by with the twins. As Jill fussed over the babies, Lily mentioned that it was her birthday. Daniel asked about the upcoming Jabot opening. Lily was excited, and Jill offered to give Lily some of the Jabot goodies as a gift. Colin showed up unexpectedly and Lily was shocked when he greeted the children. So was Jill.

Genevieve appeared, too, and she ogled the babies just like Colin had. Colin apologized to Lily, but Lily wanted nothing to do with Colin. Lily asked Daniel to wheel the kids out of the store. Lily reminded Colin that she had a restraining order to keep him away from her and the twins. Lily left in anger.

Jill wondered why Colin's wife had turned up at Fenmore's at the same time Colin had. Genevieve left after a nasty exchange with Jill. Jack received a note and said announced that he had to leave. Jill wondered why Colin was at Fenmore's. Colin said he needed to buy new suits because Kay had given his wardrobe away to charity. Jill didn't believe he needed clothes, but Colin explained that Fenmore's was the only place where he could find fine suits and have them fitted by a tailor. Colin said that it was the first time he'd gone to Fenmore's to meet with the tailor when Jill was there. Colin wondered why Jill was working so late.

Jill explained that Jabot was having a big launch there, and she was preparing the shop. Colin suggested that Jill knew he'd be there and had arranged to meet him. Jill handed Colin his suits. Colin made a joke about a Fenmore's discount, but Jill didn't want to laugh. Jill said that when she saw the twins, she was reminded of how evil Colin had been to plot their kidnapping. Colin refused to apologize for wanting his grandchildren in his life. Colin said he was happy the way things turned out because that meant he could stay in Genoa City and remain close to Jill. Colin said goodnight. Jill was bothered by Colin's visit.

Devon and Malcolm were at Lily's, preparing for Lily birthday party. When the subject of the twins came up, Malcolm's mood changed. Malcolm wasn't excited about becoming a father. Devon was excited about the family throwing a party for Lily's birthday. Neil arrived with flowers and a gift for Lily. Neil and Malcolm had trouble being civil with one another.

Sofia appeared, and Devon was glad that she had made it to the party. Malcolm asked Devon to pick up the birthday cake for him. Devon left, and Malcolm said that he wanted to speak with Sofia and Neil. Sofia said that she had consulted with her doctor about how to determine the baby's paternity. Sofia had made an appointment for the blood work necessary to rule out Malcolm or Neil as the father. Malcolm was impatient about learning the results.

As they reached the door, Daniel warned Lily that Neil, Devon, Sofia, and Malcolm had planned a surprise party planned for her inside. Lily asked Daniel to keep quiet about their run-in with Colin and Genevieve at Fenmore's. Daniel asked Lily to act surprised for her family's party. Daniel went to the car to get Lily's gift. Lily did as Daniel asked and walked into the house. The family was excited to see her for the party, and Lily acted surprised. From outside the window, somebody was watching the party.

As they ate cake, Lily and Devon picked up on how tense Malcolm, Neil, and Sofia were together. Daniel found a package outside the door. It was from Cane. Daniel pocketed the card from Cane. Lily opened the door and hurried Daniel into the house. Daniel handed her the gift he'd found on the doorstep.

Later, Lily was opening her gifts. Daniel gave her a coupon for a two-hour massage at a spa. Neil handed Lily the box that Daniel had found outside the door. Lily was impressed with the bottle of perfume. Devon suggested that they play some party games. Malcolm was down on the idea. Lily asked if Sofia and Malcolm had fought. They tried to dodge Lily's question, but Lily told them all to stop lying and tell her the truth.

Malcolm said that he had moved into the club, and that he and Sofia were separated. Devon and Lily pointed out that Malcolm and Sofia had just gotten married and were having a baby. Malcolm wasn't sure about whether they were really having a baby. Sofia assured them she was not giving up the baby for adoption. Malcolm wanted Lily to know the whole truth.

Neil spoke up and said that he might be the father of Sofia's baby. Lily, Daniel, and Devon were shocked. Devon was surprised that after all the bad blood that had passed between Neil and Malcolm, this had happened. Sofia said that they had tried to get along so Lily wouldn't be disappointed on her birthday. Neil had no explanation for what had happened between him and Sofia. Lily said she'd hoped that Neil and Malcolm had mended their wounds once and for all. Sofia said she still loved Malcolm and wanted his forgiveness.

Alone with Malcolm, Devon asked what he was going to do. Malcolm wasn't sure that he could forget that Neil had made love to Sofia, even if the child turned out to be Malcolm's. Neil met Sofia for coffee after the party. Sofia apologized to Neil, but she was crushed by the way Lily and Devon had looked at them. Neil said that Sofia had nothing to apologize to him about. Sofia said she had nobody to speak with except Neil. Sofia was worried about the fate of her unborn child. Neil counseled Sofia to relax and see how things developed in the months ahead.

Daniel and Lily stopped by Gloworm for a drink after the party. Lily was upset about Neil, Sofia, and Malcolm. Daniel told Lily to vent if she needed to. Lily understood that people made mistakes, but she could not forgive Neil for lying about the baby when he had done that once before regarding Lily's paternity. Lily thought Neil had known better.

Daniel confessed that he'd lied to Lily about the perfume. Lily knew that Cane had left the gift. Lily said that the clues were clear to her, the name of the perfume and it being from Paris. Daniel apologized for deceiving her. Daniel offered to show Lily the card. Lily took it and read Cane's words of love.

At Crimson Lights, Angelo confronted Kevin, saying that he'd returned to Genoa City to resume his bookie business. Kevin was surprised, since Angelo had left town because the heat was on. Angelo said that business had been booming thanks to one client in particular. Kevin said that his business was okay. Angelo described his big fish as a man with a lot of money and time on his hands. Angelo asked if Kevin would like to manage the revenue stream from this one big client. Kevin was intrigued.

Rafe interviewed Victoria on the witness stand. Victoria said that Billy had been devoted to his children and was an excellent father. Rafe asked about Billy's relationship with Delia. Victoria said that Delia lit up every time she saw her father. Victoria described Billy as a wonderful father to Delia. Victoria felt that Delia would be heartbroken if she couldn't see Billy regularly. Rafe asked Victoria about Lucy's adoption. Victoria explained that the adoption had been invalid, and Billy and Victoria had been forced to give Lucy up to her biological mother and grandmother.

Rafe asked Victoria about Jana Fisher having been hired as the children's nanny. Victoria said that they had not predicted that Jana would snap the way she had. Victoria said that Jana had worked at the daycare center and was an old friend. Victoria said that Chloe had presented no evidence to prove that Jana had been a danger to Delia before Jana kidnapped the kids. Victoria described Billy as a devoted father who could answer all kinds of questions about Delia's likes and dislikes. Victoria said any little girl would want a father like Billy.

In cross-examination, Chloe's attorney asked Victoria about Reed and how she'd lost custody of him. When the attorney pointed out that Billy had bought a baby on the black market, Victoria said that Billy had only done that out of love for Victoria. Victoria was excused, and the judge said he'd have a decision in the morning. Chloe blasted her attorney for mucking up the case.

Chloe arrived at the coffeehouse and said hello to Angelo. After Angelo left, Chloe told Kevin about what had happened in court. Chloe explained to Kevin that Victoria had testified for Billy. Kevin pointed out that Victoria was Delia's stepmother. Chloe was sure that Billy and Victoria would not reconcile. Kevin asked Chloe to give Billy credit for being a good father. Chloe feared the judge would think he was a good father, too. Chloe said that she needed Billy to be responsible to Delia, and he wasn't.

Billy went to Victoria's to thank her for standing up for him in court. Billy apologized for being so down when Victoria went to the trailer to visit him the other day. Victoria told Billy not to get the wrong idea. Victoria had testified for Billy because she didn't want him to lose Delia. Victoria said that nothing had changed between the two of them. Billy felt Victoria's testimony meant a lot. Victoria said she had to get back to work. Billy understood and said goodbye.

At Gloworm, the blonde from Jimmy's Bar approached Billy and struck up a conversation. Billy wasn't interested in talking, but he kept on drinking. The blonde wanted to spend the night with Billy and believed he could afford it. Billy paid for his drinks and started to leave. The blonde offered to be his date for the night again, but Billy said that wasn't interested.

Billy gave the woman one hundred dollars to get a ride home and leave him alone. Billy walked out of Gloworm alone. On the street, the blonde grabbed Billy by the arm. Billy asked her to go away. A uniformed cop and a detective appeared and told Billy he was under arrest for solicitation.

At the house, Victoria tried to work on her computer but was consumed with memories of good times with Billy. Victoria closed the computer and walked out of the house. Victoria went to Billy's trailer, but he wasn't there. After waiting a while, Victoria found the spare key and let herself into the trailer to wait for Billy.

Jack met Genevieve at Crimson Lights. Jack was surprised that she only wanted coffee after her encounter with Colin at Fenmore's. Genevieve didn't want to talk about Colin. Genevieve said she'd chosen the coffeehouse because it was an appropriate place for a first date. Jack was happy they were having an official first date. After finishing his coffee, Jack said that he'd enjoyed their first date.

Genevieve predicted that the launch of Jabot was going to be a big success because of Jack's attention to detail. Jack was surprised and impressed that Genevieve was familiar with the cosmetics industry. Genevieve said she'd dabbled in the business. Genevieve said the people who succeeded in such a cutthroat industry fascinated her. Jack had more questions, but Genevieve offered to answer them on their next date.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Noah arrived at Gloworm, where Adam greeted him. Noah wondered what Adam had wanted to meet about, assuming it had something to do with Sharon's return. Adam explained that the data on the memory card he'd been retrieving had been a dud. Noah was extremely disappointed because the information might have saved his mother from prison. Adam said he wished things had turned out differently, emphasizing that Adam wanted justice. Adam said their efforts with the memory cards had been a waste of time. Noah walked out to get some air. When he was alone, Adam recalled throwing the memory card into the stream in the park where Sharon's ashes had been strewn. Adam received a call from a source in the D.A.'s office, informing him of Diane's activities.

At her hotel room, Diane opened the door to Victor standing there. Victor told Diane that he had baseball tickets for Kyle. Diane blasted Victor for having reneged on the deal to clear her with the SEC. Diane told Victor that she'd arrange for Victor to never see Kyle again. Victor warned Diane that she might not have a say in Kyle's future. Diane pointed out that Victor had barely been Kyle's stepfather, and she laughed at Victor's claim that he'd become the main influence in Kyle's life.

Victor informed Diane that if she and Jack went to prison over the Newman IPO shenanigans, Victor could be left to take care of Kyle. After Victor left, Diane made a call and purchased baseball tickets for Kyle. Diane was shocked when Adam stopped by to see her. Diane assumed he wanted to talk about their teaming up to destroy Victor. Adam told Diane that he had a source in the D.A.'s office, and he knew Diane had been meeting with Walsh.

After Diane finished speaking on the phone with Kyle, Adam told Diane to get back to their talk. Diane said Adam was impossible to work with because he never let her in on the details. Adam asked about Diane's meeting with Walsh. Diane said that the D.A. would never deal with her. Diane claimed that Walsh had taken her in to question her about what happened the day of the IPO. Adam said he had no reason to trust Diane.

Diane suggested they focus their energy on putting Victor behind bars. Diane asked Adam to fill her in on what his plan was for Victor. After hearing Adam's plan, Diane said that she was uncomfortable with it. Adam wondered if Diane was going to back out. Diane said she was in, but she wanted to be sure that Adam knew what he was doing. Adam assured her that he was confident that they would succeed. Adam told Diane that once they were done, she'd have Kyle, a large bank account, and nobody telling her what to do.

Diane said she was in and wanted to know when they could start. Adam said soon and made her promise that she would not change her mind. Diane said that she was determined to take Victor down. Adam offered to be in touch. Once Adam had walked out, Diane called Spencer Walsh. Diane was upset that her dealing with the D.A. had been leaked to Adam. Diane still expected to give the D.A. evidence to arrest Adam in exchange for Walsh clearing her name with the SEC.

At the courthouse for Delia's custody hearing, Jill ran into Esther. Jill wondered why Esther hadn't told her that she would be there to support Chloe. Esther said she didn't want to fight with Jill. Chloe's attorney told Chloe and Kevin that Billy was late for court -- again. Jill confronted Chloe, blaming her for forcing Billy into court over Delia's custody. As the hearing was about to begin, Jill was concerned that Billy had yet to appear. Jill wondered if he'd been in an accident.

Chloe assumed that Billy had reverted to his old ways because of losing Victoria and Lucy and was out drinking and gambling. Kevin expressed sympathy for Billy, but Chloe was cold about her ex. Chloe's number one priority was Delia. The judge called the hearing to order and wondered why Mr. Torres and Mr. Abbott were not there. The judge said if they failed to appear, the hearing would continue without them.

At the jailhouse, Billy met with Rafe. Billy was upset because he needed to get to court. Rafe was aware that they needed to go to the custody hearing, but bail for Billy was tied up in paperwork. Billy explained that the charges were trumped up and that he had not solicited a hooker. Rafe believed Billy, but couldn't grease the wheels to get him out any faster than the authorities would allow. Finally, the guard arrived, and Billy was released. Billy and Rafe raced out of the jail.

The judge announced that since Billy and Rafe had yet to appear, the case would continue without them. Jill stood up and tried to defend Billy, but the judge wasn't influenced by her plea. As the judge began to speak, Billy and Rafe finally arrived ,and Rafe explained that there had been extenuating circumstances that had delayed them. The judge wanted to know what had happened, but Rafe said the matter had no bearing on the case. The judge asked Billy to stand.

The judge announced that Billy had been arrested for solicitation the night before. The judge asked Billy if it was true that he'd been arrested. Billy said yes, but the judge wasn't interested in hearing Billy's explanation. Chloe's attorney asserted that Billy's arrest was proof that he was an unfit parent. While the judge deliberated in chambers, Jill confronted Billy and blamed herself for his irresponsible behavior. Jill wished she'd taught Billy better when he was a child. Billy told Jill that he'd let her down, not the other way around.

The judge returned and declared that he'd made his decision. Chloe was awarded sole custody of Delia. Billy was granted brief, supervised visits with his daughter. Billy was visibly distraught. Rafe told Billy to calm down and let Rafe negotiate better arrangements for visitation with Chloe's attorney. Billy felt that he'd been railroaded, because he had not hired a hooker. Jill offered to help Billy in any way she could, but Billy rejected her efforts. Billy told his mother to continue being the kind of parent she'd always been to him.

Billy stopped Chloe from leaving to say that they were not done. Kevin told Billy to back off, but Chloe said she'd speak with Billy. Chloe said that she was disappointed in Billy for getting arrested for solicitation. Billy declared that he loved Delia, and Chloe should never have taken her from him. Chloe believed that Billy would disappoint Delia her entire life.

Chloe urged Billy to put his life together for his own sake, if not for Delia. Jill was sorry that things had gone so badly for Billy. Esther sided with Chloe. Kevin told Chloe that he supported her completely based on Billy's actions in court. Kevin thought that Chloe was a great mother. Chloe was shocked that Billy had turned to a hooker. Kevin agreed that it hadn't made sense that Billy would hire a call girl the night before Delia's custody hearing.

Eden was finishing a phone call with Michael when she ran into Noah at Gloworm. Eden explained that Michael had been giving her a hard time about her plan to sublet Heather's apartment. Eden noticed that Noah was down. Noah told Eden that Sharon would probably be going to prison for a long time. Eden touched Noah's hand, and he was affected by her touch. While Eden went to get a drink, Hunter arrived, and Noah greeted her with a hug. Eden watched from the bar.

Noah told Hunter about Sharon having been in New Mexico the entire time the family believed she'd died in a car crash. Hunter said Noah's family was really messed up. Noah also mentioned that he was disappointed that Adam's proof to clear Sharon hadn't worked out. Like Eden, Hunter comforted Noah with a friendly touch of her hand on his. Eden walked over, and Noah introduced Hunter to Eden.

Noah asked about Hunter's internship at Restless Style. Hunter said that Phyllis had agreed to interview her. Hunter gave Noah credit for arranging the opportunity for Hunter. Hunter offered to hang out with Noah to cheer him up. Noah said he wanted to be alone. After Noah left, Eden explained to Hunter that Noah was a loner.

At Billy's trailer, Victoria woke up on the couch. Victoria called for Billy and was surprised that he had never returned home. Later, Victor arrived at Victoria's for a breakfast meeting. Victoria was flustered, but tried to continue with the business talk. Victor asked his daughter to tell him what Billy had done to upset her.

Victoria confessed that after she'd testified at the custody hearing for Billy, she'd met with Billy and given him no hope for reconciliation. Victoria admitted that she'd had second thoughts after her meeting with Billy, so she had gone to the trailer to wait for him. Victoria told Victor that she felt like an idiot when Billy never went home. Victoria was certain that Billy had fallen back into his self-destructive pattern of drinking and gambling.

As they returned to business, Victoria told Victor about her plans to create a new product line for Beauty of Nature to compete with Jabot's new cactus extract. Victor was pleased and felt as though Victoria had never been away from Newman Enterprises. Victor was happy that Victoria realized that she belonged with her father in the family business. Victor received a phone call, then told Victoria that he'd just heard that Billy had been arrested for solicitation. Victoria learned that Billy had never gone home because he'd spent the night in jail.

Victoria was embarrassed and asked to be alone. Victor said that Billy might be innocent and perhaps it had been a misunderstanding. Victor offered Victoria his sympathy and then said goodbye. Later, alone in the house, Victoria was still upset. When there was a knock on the door, she opened it and found Billy. Victoria looked at Billy and saw that he was sad and miserable. Victoria reached out and took him in her arms.

In the park, the blonde woman who'd set up Billy the night before at Gloworm met with Victor. She told Victor that she'd successfully made it look as though Billy had hired her for a night of sex. Victor paid off the woman, and she said she'd enjoyed working for Victor.

Friday, July 15, 2011

After the custody hearing, Chloe returned to the Chancellor mansion and hugged Delia. Esther offered to make Chloe some food, but Chloe asked for a moment alone. Esther and Delia raced into the kitchen, and Katherine entered and knowingly asked if had been a long day. Chloe explained that she had tried to keep the custody issue between herself and Billy. Katherine reminded Chloe that Chloe had been resentful because she had grown up without a father, but Chloe begged Katherine not to lecture her. Katherine called Billy an involved parent, and she wanted to know if Chloe planned to cut him completely out of Delia's life.

Katherine asked whether Chloe had attempted to compromise on custody, and Chloe revealed that she'd almost dropped the suit, but then she had found Billy drinking. Chloe admitted that he had been gambling and had been arrested the previous night, and Katherine wondered what Billy had been thinking. Chloe retorted that he hadn't been thinking about Delia, but Katherine insisted that Billy loved his daughter. Chloe understood that Billy's marriage to Victoria was falling apart, but she opined that his child should still be a priority but that he hadn't treated Delia like one.

Katherine blamed herself for not seeing Billy's plight because she had been preoccupied with business, but Chloe countered that Billy had been hiding from everyone. Katherine was surprised that he'd fall apart, because even at his worst, he'd always been stable. Chloe admitted that it had been hard to watch Victoria make him a better man, but Katherine pointed out that Chloe had done the same when she had given him Delia. Chloe suspected that Billy had reverted back to his old ways, and Katherine realized that Chloe was truly worried about Billy. Chloe remarked that it was her job to take care of Delia, not Billy.

After Katherine left, Esther entered with Delia, who had asked about seeing Billy for their father-daughter night together. Chloe explained that Delia wouldn't see her daddy that night, because Billy wasn't feeling well. Chloe distracted her daughter by making plans for a slumber party with Chloe and Esther. She kissed Delia and held her close, but Esther and Chloe exchanged a concerned glance.

Victoria pulled away from her hug with Billy, and Billy murmured that he shouldn't have stopped by. He informed her that he'd lost Delia, and Victoria was stunned to learn that that he would only be allowed brief, supervised visitation with his daughter. She expressed her condolences for both Billy and Delia. Billy had known that losing custody had been a possibility, but he thought he'd had a chance until the judge had made his ruling.

Victoria inquired whether Billy had maintained hope even after his arrest, and he was surprised she'd heard about it. He swore on his dad's soul that he hadn't propositioned a prostitute and begged her to hear him out, because her opinion was the only one that mattered to him. Billy insisted that he'd only given the prostitute cab fare, but the cops had misread the situation. Victoria believed him. He said it had seemed like forever since someone had, and he thanked her.

Victoria expressed her irritation that she had waited all night at the trailer for Billy, but he hadn't returned home. He was shocked that she had stopped by to see him, because she had asked him to stay away. He explained that he had been out because it was too hard to sit home alone, and Victoria retorted that things were tough all over and reminded him that she'd lost her daughter, too. She was scared for him, and she declared that she couldn't stand by and watch him continue to spiral downward.

Billy said Victoria deserved more, and she replied that he did, too. She noted that they'd worked hard to make a home, but it had quickly emptied out. He hadn't anticipated that he'd have two daughters taken away unexpectedly. Victoria remembered how they had thought they had been the one special Newman-Abbott couple who would make it. He said they still could, and he begged her not to give up on him. She didn't want to, but she needed him to show her there was something worth fighting for, and she doubted that he could.

Once alone, Victoria looked at a photo of her and Billy on their wedding day, and then a picture of them with Lucy. "How could you do this to us, Billy?" she queried aloud. Victoria tried to call Nikki, but she realized it was too late for Nikki to accept a call at the rehab center. She left a message that she loved her mother. Victoria buried her face in her hands and openly wept.

Chloe answered the door to Billy, and she told him he couldn't be there. He sauntered in and asked for a minute, but she told him to go. He reminded her that it had been his night with Delia, but she pointed out that the judge's ruling had changed things. He pleaded with her to make the evening a supervised visit, but she turned him down. Billy asserted that Delia wouldn't understand his absence, and he wanted to explain to his daughter why he wouldn't be around, but Chloe wouldn't allow it.

Billy was adamant that he have a short talk with Delia, but Chloe reiterated that he couldn't. He snapped that she didn't have to act like a bitch. She told him not to talk to her that way, but he blasted her for having her lawyer obliterate him on the stand, while he'd asked Rafe to go easy on her. Billy blamed Chloe for judging him, but she replied that was the judge's job. He threatened to appeal the decision, but she contended that until a court reversed the judge's ruling, he needed to stay away from Delia.

Billy calmed himself down and asked again for a brief conversation with Delia so he could explain the situation, but Chloe maintained her stance. He started toward the front door, but suddenly turned to go up the stairs. Chloe ran over to block him, and he ominously warned her to get out of his way. Chloe asked if Billy was going to push her, but he said he couldn't lay a hand on her and begged her again to let him see his daughter, because he didn't want Delia to think he abandoned her.

Chloe explained that Billy's behavior would confuse their daughter. He acknowledged that he should have discussed it with Chloe first, but he longed for a last goodbye. She spat that his behavior had indicated that he'd already said goodbye. She tearfully requested that he not let Delia witness Chloe throwing him out. Choking back tears, Billy asked Chloe to tell Delia that he loved her.

At the hospital, Tucker and Ashley kissed, and Tucker admired her sexy dress. She said she'd rather spend the evening with him than attend the Jabot launch party, and he sensed that she had bad news. He inquired how Abby had taken the news of their wedding, and Ashley disclosed that she hadn't told her daughter yet, but she planned to talk with Abby the next day. Tucker suggested they tell Abby at their apartment together, because he was being released that night.

Ashley asked if the doctor had concurred, and Tucker informed her it had been the doctor's idea to release him. Tucker explained that he'd have follow-up appointments and rehab, but it would be better than living at the hospital. She marveled that he was finally able to go home, especially after they hadn't known if he would survive the accident. She gushed that they would be able to spend their lives together as a married couple, and they kissed. Tucker asked her again to run McCall while he recuperated, and he beseeched her to accept and to announce her new role at the party that night.

Ashley argued that if she hadn't caused the accident, they wouldn't have needed anyone to take over Jabot, and they should consider themselves lucky that Jack was available. Tucker said the crisis was over, but she urged him to give Jack a chance. Ashley realized that Tucker's ultimate goal was to oust Katherine from McCall. Tucker admitted that he wasn't ready to reassume his responsibilities yet, and he wanted to focus on his recovery, so he pushed Ashley to accept his offer. She assured him she would do everything in her power to see him return to McCall.

Tucker insisted on accompanying Ashley to the launch party, but she insisted he take it easy. He proclaimed that he wanted everyone to see that he was strong and back to his old self. She reminded him that he'd made a remarkable recovery, but he'd suffered a serious brain injury. He joked that he didn't remember, but she warned that he still had some issues, and people would ask questions. He promised to allow her to handle the inquiries, and he implored her not to worry. She expressed concern that his return to the public eye wouldn't go as simply as he anticipated.

Lauren tended to last-minute preparations for the Jabot launch party at Fenmore's. Jack entered and complimented her promotional efforts. She gushed about the new collection, and Michael wished Jack luck. Jill arrived and apologized for not getting there earlier, but Lauren assured her everything was ready. Lauren noted that Jill seemed preoccupied, and Lauren offered to deal with the press.

Jack approached Jill and asked if she was all right. Jill explained to a stunned Jack that Billy had lost custody of Delia. Jill revealed that Billy had been arrested for soliciting a prostitute, and she had tried to talk to him, but he had made it clear at the hearing that he didn't want her help. Jack lamented that the party was intended to be a big night for the Abbott family, but Traci couldn't make it and Abby had decided to keep a low profile. Jack worried that everything had to go perfectly.

At Gloworm, Abby greeted her friends, George and Shiva, who were in town to attend the launch party. Abby explained that she wasn't going to the event, because she didn't want to steal the spotlight from Ashley. George announced that Abby had been featured in a "Where Are They Now?" column, and he advised her to resurrect her career. Later, Abby arrived at the party, and she promised Jack that she wouldn't drop her dress and that she wouldn't drink. Jack asked if she'd spoken with Ashley, and he commented that Ashley had changed since the charges had been dropped. Abby vowed to spend some quality time with her mom later, but she wanted to enjoy the party first.

Jill told the press that she and Jack had agreed that the product line was a perfect match with Fenmore's. Lauren remarked to Michael that she thought Jill was doing fine. Lauren thanked George and Shiva for attending, and George commented that the products would become Hollywood's new best friend. Jack stated to reporters that he'd taken over as CEO under difficult circumstances, but he was proud of the company's accomplishments.

Jack asked if Shiva had sampled the products, and he hinted for her to give Jabot some good publicity. Abby approached a reporter, who questioned Abby about rehab. Abby lied that she'd suffered from exhaustion, but she had found the peace she'd been seeking when she had returned home. The reporter asked about Ashley, and Abby replied that she expected her mother to arrive any minute.

George and Shiva invited Abby to leave with them, but Abby declined in favor of staying to support her family. Jack was surprised when Abby's friends left without her, but she said she was where she wanted to be, and she wondered where Ashley was. Katherine arrived and explained to Jill that she had been chatting with Chloe. Katherine understood why Chloe had gone to court, though she expected Jill to disagree. Katherine asked Jill how Billy was doing, and Jill despondently replied that she didn't how much more loss Billy could take.

Jack approached Katherine, who declared that she'd been impressed by the product and its quick launch. Jack said that her words meant a lot to him. Lauren informed him that they were almost ready for their announcement. Katherine admitted that she could have blown the launch by honoring Tucker's wishes, and she was glad she'd opted not to. Michael commented to Lauren that the party was a success, and they made amorous plans for later that evening.

Michael left to make the rounds, and Lauren approached Jill. Lauren commented that Jill was smiling and talking, but she sensed that something was bothering her sister. Jill suggested that Lauren tend to party details, but Lauren maintained that they were sisters and that Jill could talk to her. Jill admitted that her demeanor had to do with Billy. Jill said that while Billy hadn't been the best father at first, he had turned into a wonderful one, but he was throwing it all away, and no one could stop him.

Jack worried that there had been no sign of Ashley, and Lauren said they couldn't hold off any longer. Lauren took her place at the podium and announced Fenmore's exclusive new line from Jabot. The partygoers erupted in applause. She introduced Jack as CEO of Jabot, and Jack thanked Lauren and Jill. Michael welcomed Sofia, who excitedly remarked that she'd arrived in time for that part of the event.

Jack spoke about Jabot's exciting future, and he said that someone else deserved to say some words. He expected to turn the attention to Katherine, but Tucker and Ashley stepped forward. Tucker proclaimed that he was happy to share the moment with everyone, while Jack, Katherine, and Jill exchanged worried looks.

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