The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of July 25, 2011 on Y&R
Adam walked out on his wedding to Sharon. Katherine proved in court that Tucker was mentally incapable of running his company. Diane sold pictures of Victor and Nikki in bed together to a tabloid. Deacon sold Diane the video of Abby's confession.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of July 25, 2011 on Y&R
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Monday, July 25, 2011

At Diane's suite at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Jack stopped by unannounced to pick up Kyle. Diane stalled Jack outside the door by telling him she had to finish a phone call. While Jack waited, Diane reminded Kyle that no one could know he was about to fly to Switzerland. Kyle, confused, pleaded with his mother to tell him who was after her and why she was running away. Jack became impatient and let himself in.

Jack invited Kyle over to enjoy a rib dinner while they watched baseball on a big-screen television. Kyle studied his mom's scowl before reluctantly claiming that he'd already planned to spend time with his friend, Hayden. Diane, clutching Kyle by his shoulders, maintained that she'd tried to let Jack know beforehand. Jack agreed to take a rain check. Kyle broke free from his mother's grip and flew into Jack's arms, hugging his father tightly.

Diane sent Kyle to pack his things. Before Kyle left the room, he gazed longingly at Jack and said, "Bye, Dad." Jack told Diane that after Kyle's eighteenth birthday, he would no longer have to deal with her when making plans to see their son. Until that time, Jack added, if Diane netted time in jail as punishment for her ambulance escapade, then Kyle would live with him full-time.

Later, a desperate Diane phoned Adam and told him that Kyle had been forced to lie to Jack. Adam, sarcastic, offered to make small talk with Jack about Diane and her son to perpetuate the ruse. Diane reminded Adam that their plan would help him just as much as it would her, but she was the one with the most to lose. Diane insisted that she would not "die" in vain.

At the airport waiting area, Diane quizzed Kyle about how to handle questions. Kyle, dejected, said he knew to use the name printed in his fake passport to identify himself. Diane said, "I am sorry I involved you in my problems." She promised to reunite with him soon. Kyle seemed brokenhearted about having lied to his dad. Diane praised her son for managing to say goodbye without using words.

Diane gave Kyle an identification bracelet as a going-away present. Diane explained that Kyle's name had been engraved on the back, where it would be hidden. On the front, she explained, she'd had it engraved with "11 in 11" to denote the number of goals Kyle had scored in hockey. Kyle pointed out that he'd scored half the goals in 2010.

Diane told Kyle that he'd be traveling with an escort. Diane sobbed as she hugged her son and kissed him all over his face. She held Kyle's face in her hands and told him he was the only good thing that had ever happened to her. Diane kissed Kyle one last time and told him that she loved him more than anything in the world. As Kyle slung his backpack over his shoulder, Diane promised that they'd be together again soon. Diane slowly released her grip on her son's hand, and he looked longingly at her before he turned and walked away.

At Restless Style's headquarters, Phyllis and Nick discovered that their story about Adam withholding evidence to clear Sharon was trending upward with readers nationwide. Phyllis said readers seemed outraged that Adam was hurting the woman he claimed he loved.

As Nick and Phyllis were discussing where Adam might have hidden the memory card that could clear Sharon, Sam arrived. He said, "So it's true. You think Adam's the kind of guy to sit on evidence and let Sharon go to prison?" Phyllis introduced Sam to Nick, and Nick introduced Phyllis, who pointed out that she was Nick's ex-wife. Sam acknowledged that stories centered on Sharon and Adam had been the magazine's bread and butter.

Sam explained that he was investigating Phyllis' claim that Adam had suppressed evidence. Phyllis quipped, "That's right. Keep the tweets and page views coming." Sam, angered, asked them if they thought Sharon's predicament was funny. Nick said that he and Sharon had children together, so he was not laughing at what was happening to Sharon.

Sam told Nick and Phyllis that he didn't understand why Adam was withholding evidence while at the same time showing up to support Sharon. Sam explained that Adam had been present at Sharon's hearing and had been her frequent visitor at the county jail. Phyllis suggested that Adam might be waiting to present the evidence during Sharon's trial, so he could act as if he was her savior. With her arms crossed at her chest, Phyllis proposed that perhaps Adam just wanted Sharon to suffer.

Phyllis and Nick, hoping to nail Adam, broke into his room at the Genoa City Athletic Club. Phyllis rifled through Adam's desk drawers. Nick said he was having flashbacks about being in a hotel room with Phyllis when they traveled to St. Barts. Nick mocked Phyllis having whined about being too hot and recalled that she'd disrobed down to her underwear. Phyllis leaned against Nick and said, "You were a joy, and you know what I mean." Suddenly, Phyllis pushed Nick away and claimed he was blocking the light.

Returning to the office without having found the key evidence stashed in Adam's room, Phyllis asked Nick why the office staff had disappeared. Nick said he'd instructed a manager to dip into petty cash and take everyone out to enjoy happy hour. Phyllis asked Nick what would happen to Sharon if Adam had actually destroyed evidence. Nick said Adam was indeed capable of destroying it. He said he hoped God would help Sharon when she came to her senses about Adam.

Nick reached to pick up a phone receiver, and Phyllis placed her hand atop his. They fell into each other's arms and kissed. Shirtless, Nick hoisted Phyllis onto a desk. He kissed her neck as he groped her upper thigh. Diane walked in and stopped dead in her tracks. Diane grimaced at the sight of Nick making love to Phyllis.

At the county jail, Adam visited Sharon and showed her the engagement ring police had recovered from the carjacker's charred body. Adam explained that authorities had given the ring to Noah after assuming the body was his mother's. Sharon seemed mesmerized by the ring, which Adam said had been his mother's, so Noah had returned it.

Adam insisted that Sharon and his mother had been the only two people he'd truly loved. Adam's chin quivered when he claimed that having the ring had helped him get through tough nights. Adam held the ring in front of Sharon's face and said, "You're back, and this ring belongs on your finger." Sharon was silent for a time. Adam asked if her feelings for him had changed because of Sam, or Phyllis' claim that Adam was withholding evidence. Whispering, Sharon told Adam that much had happened.

Sharon explained to Adam that the district attorney wanted her to testify against him and claim that he'd helped her escape. Sharon added that in return, she'd be allowed to remain in the county facility until her appeal. Without missing a beat, Adam ordered Sharon to take the deal and summon the district attorney at once. Sharon warned that Adam would go to jail. Adam replied, "So what? You'd be closer to home and closer to your kids."

Adam warned Sharon that prisoners often lost contact with loved ones and faced grave dangers in a penitentiary. Sharon asked, "You want me to save myself by hurting you?" Adam, acting contrite, cried that it was a small way he could help after failing to prove that she was innocent. Adam, insistent, said, "Take the deal, please, and do it as my wife."

Sharon seemed mesmerized by Adam's words as he said that they were still married in his heart and could be married again immediately. Sharon's eyes sparkled when Adam said that everyone needed someone to count on, no matter what. Adam became emotional and insisted that a love like theirs would never happen again.

Tears welled in Sharon's eyes as she reminded him that she'd been sentenced to thirty years, so they could never have a real marriage. Adam claimed that their love for each other would make it real. Adam pleaded with Sharon as he offered her the sparkly ring. Sharon told Adam she'd marry him, but she made him promise not to force her to turn state's evidence against him. Sharon said she would not tell the district attorney that Adam had helped her escape.

Adam cupped his hand against Sharon's cheek and said, "I don't deserve you. I never have." Adam wiped nonexistent tears from his face before he left to arrange the impromptu nuptials. Sharon wiped away her tears before dropping a coin into the phone and summoning Sam to the jail. Sam rushed in and began telling Sharon about his discussion with Nick and Phyllis about Adam withholding evidence.

Sharon looked stunned as Sam urged her to take the district attorney's deal because they had an excellent chance at overturning the verdict. Sam vowed to get the truth out of Adam. Sharon interrupted and announced that she'd agreed to marry Adam. Sam asked Sharon why she wanted to marry a man that was clearly refusing to help her. Sharon maintained that there was no evidence.

Adam arrived and overheard Sharon and Sam's conversation, so he ducked behind a brick support to listen. Sharon told Sam that if Adam could have proven her innocence, she wouldn't be in prison. She added that Adam had once been her husband and would be again. Sam, taken aback, asked Sharon why she'd agreed to marry Adam. Sharon said it didn't matter to Adam that she'd be imprisoned for thirty years because he wanted to ensure she'd never be alone.

Sam promised not to leave Sharon's side. Sharon said she wanted to marry Adam, so she could have a little joy before she entered prison. She told Sam to go back to New Mexico. Sam said he was in love with Sharon and that marrying Adam was a mistake. After Sam stepped out, Adam called out to him. Threateningly, Adam said, "Hey, partner. How are you doing? Thanks for checking on Sharon, but you have my word that I will look after my wife."

After Sam walked away, Adam glared at him. Adam returned to the visitors' room bearing a long-stemmed, red rose. Wearing an orange jumpsuit, Sharon smiled lovingly at her groom. The chaplain entered and began the ceremony. Adam held the rose by the stem as he faced Sharon and recalled their wedding at Lake Tahoe. Sharon seemed touched by Adam's words. He told her that she'd given him a glimpse into her heart.

Tears streamed down Sharon's cheeks as Adam said that she'd given him a gift he'd never be able to repay. Sharon told Adam that she should be terrified of going to prison, but she wasn't because he was there. She told him that his love would keep her safe from whatever she might face. Sharon readily responded, "I do," when the chaplain asked if she would take Adam to be her lawfully wedded husband.

Adam stood silent after the chaplain asked if he would take Sharon to be his lawfully wedded wife. Sharon prompted him to respond. Adam apologized, and the chaplain repeated the question. Adam replied, "Do I? No! How the hell could I be married to you?" Sharon looked shocked. Adam's furrowed brow and stiffened jaw betrayed the anger welled in his soul.

After Sam left Sharon, he went to Crimson Lights' patio. He thought for a while before writing a note to "Sheri." Sam experienced a flashback and remembered the night he and Sharon had made love at his ranch house in New Mexico. Piper phoned, and Sam told her that he'd changed his mind about staying and planned to head back home because Sheri wanted him to.

At Gloworm, Neil arrived just as Katherine dismissed a participant in what would have been a meeting to solidify a merger Sofia had arranged. Neil reminded Katherine that undermining Tucker's wishes would only compound his anger at her for going against his wishes. Sofia arrived and blasted Katherine for cutting her off at the knees even though Tucker had reinstated her.

While Katherine stepped away to take a phone call, Sofia warned that Tucker would be livid when he discovered Katherine had killed his deal again. Sofia added that Tucker was still mad at Katherine for putting her on paid leave from McCall, Unlimited. Neil, sitting across the table, leaned closer to Sofia and asked, "Tucker's mad or you are? McCall, Unlimited, needs constant care and vigilance to stay on top, and we can't do that if you're sporting a chip on your shoulder about Katherine."

Sofia rolled her eyes as Katherine returned to her seat and apologized to Sofia for having mistakenly canceled the meeting. Katherine said it was a godsend to have Sofia back because Tucker was unable to assume control and might not be back for a while. Sofia thanked Katherine and added that Tucker, a genius, was a better leader than anyone she'd ever met, so she'd align herself with him. After Sofia rose and left, Neil shook his head disgustedly.

Later, after Neil stepped away, Jack stopped by and asked Katherine why Tucker didn't seem at all prepared to jump back into business. Katherine asked if Jack was concerned about Tucker or Jabot. Jack explained that if something were amiss with Tucker, then it would affect Ashley, so he was concerned for his sister's sake. Katherine said that Tucker had seemed to hold his own at the Jabot launch, but she knew no more than Jack did about Tucker's recovery.

Katherine assured Jack that McCall, Unlimited, was in capable hands. Jack grinned from ear to ear. Later, Neil and Katherine were discussing business matters then Jack stopped by and told Katherine that if Tucker weren't prepared to regain control of McCall, Unlimited, then he shouldn't be managing Jabot. Katherine acknowledged Jack's concern for his sister, but she assured him that she would take care of her son and his company. Before he rushed away, Jack said, "Glad to hear it."

Neil asked Katherine why Jack was worried about Ashley. Katherine claimed that Jack's concern about Ashley was a smokescreen. She said Jack thought Tucker might be holding something back about his recovery, so Jack asked Katherine to remain at the helm of McCall, Unlimited. Katherine maintained that Jack's true aim was to remain at his post. Neil urged Katherine to look into the matter if Jack noticed something amiss about Tucker. Katherine said, "I will protect my son and his company even if it's from Tucker himself."

At Tucker's office, Ashley told Tucker that she'd learned about his son from Katherine, who'd discovered the secret in his living will. Ashley told Tucker that everyone had thought he might never awaken. Ashley said she'd discovered Katherine and Paul rummaging through Tucker's desk, trying to discover clues about his son's whereabouts. Ashley added that Paul was still searching.

Tucker shook his head and said that the only evidence he had was an unsigned note informing him that he'd gotten a woman pregnant. Disgusted with his past, Tucker asked Ashley if it made her wonder what type of man she'd married. Ashley comforted Tucker, but he insisted she not pity his predicament. Tucker softened his tone and apologized. He explained that he'd lived the life of a rock star at one time and had slept with many women.

Tucker told Ashley he believed the note informing him that he'd never see his son because the person who'd sent it made no further efforts to contact him or demand support. Ashley maintained that Tucker would have been a great dad. Tucker replied, "I grew up knowing there was someone out there who was supposed to care about me, but didn't give a damn whether I was dead or alive. Now I have passed that gift along to my son. I'm just like my mother, after all."

Ashley explained that Tucker had been robbed of an opportunity to be with his son and had not thrown his child away as Katherine had. Tucker berated himself and said he'd been a selfish bastard and was paying for it by having lost the only child he'd ever have. Ashley claimed that Tucker hadn't acted selfishly by protecting Abby, but Tucker said he'd done it in order to keep Ashley.

Sofia arrived and immediately demanded to know when Tucker planned to boot Katherine out. Sofia showed Tucker a graph depicting a drop in sales because one major investor was wary of Katherine's leadership. Sofia told Tucker to take the helm and inform the investor immediately. Tucker, stunned, admitted that the numbers on the chart meant nothing to him. Sofia looked to Ashley for clarification. Ashley reminded Tucker to get his glasses checked.

Tucker admitted to Sofia that he could read the numbers and words but couldn't understand anything about contracts or spreadsheets. Tucker explained that the accident had left him with lingering problems. Ashley said she'd stepped in after Tucker fumbled with his speech at the Jabot cosmetics launch, so they could keep the problem a secret.

Tucker wiped his face and reminded Sofia that she, in addition to Ashley, had been his biggest defender. He said he'd understand if handling the issue was too much for her. Sofia assured Tucker that she wouldn't turn her back on him just because he was human. Ashley instructed Sofia to keep the matter quiet and help Tucker whenever she saw him struggling. Sofia assured Tucker and Ashley that she knew how to conduct business just as Tucker would. Ashley cautioned Tucker against allowing Katherine to get a foothold.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

At the jail, Sharon was stunned when Adam refused to continue the wedding. Adam said he would never marry Sharon. When Sharon reminded Adam that it had been his idea, Adam sneered at her. Adam dismissed the preacher, and he and the guard walked out of the room. Sharon demanded to know why Adam was rejecting her when he'd asked her to marry him. Adam said he couldn't love a woman like Sharon.

Confused, Sharon asked Adam why he was turning on her. Adam said that they were through. Sharon questioned Adam's cruelty. Adam said that Sharon had plenty of men who would do her bidding. Adam complained to Sharon that he'd dedicated his life to clearing her memory when he thought she'd died. Adam had sacrificed everything for Sharon while Sharon was sleeping with another man. Adam accused Sharon of starting another life without him.

Sharon declared that she'd done what she thought was best. Sharon claimed that she didn't want Adam to have to live a life on the run with her. Adam said that Sharon deserved to be punished. Sharon told Adam that despite everything that people had said about Adam, she'd believed Adam would never turn on. Sharon demanded that Adam produce the evidence he found that would prove that she was innocent of Skye's murder. Adam told Sharon that it had disappeared like magic.

Adam threatened to disappear, too, perhaps to go west and find a New Mexico cowgirl he could take to bed. Sharon reminded Adam that she was in her predicament because she'd tried to save him. Sharon declared that she had gone to Hawaii for him. When Adam refused to change his attitude, Sharon realized that the Adam she had hoped he was, the good man she believed him to be, had really never existed.

Adam had one last thing to share with Sharon. Adam called for the guard and handed him Sharon's diamond engagement ring. Sharon told Adam that it had been his mother's ring. Adam told the guard to keep it or throw it away; Adam didn't care. Sharon realized that she'd seen the real Adam, the evil man everyone said he was.

Later, the guard arrived to take Sharon to the bus for a transfer to the state prison. Later, Sharon was locked up in a cell at the state penitentiary. Sharon couldn't believe she'd have to serve 30 years. Sharon began to cry. A hand reached out to her. Sharon turned, and Victor was there. Sharon stood up, and Victor embraced her.

Abby arrived at Victoria's and discovered that Michael was there to discuss business. Victoria asked Abby if she would like to work for Newman Enterprises. Abby had no interest in working in an office. Victoria offered to use Abby's The Naked Heiress to promote Beauty of Nature. Michael announced that he was against the idea. Abby believed that Victor would approve, but Michael disagreed. Victoria felt that Abby's reality show would generate a lot of publicity for Beauty of Nature.

Abby was thrilled when Victoria proposed backing The Naked Heiress television show. Michael questioned Victoria's judgment, suggesting that Victoria was throwing herself into work because of her breakup with Billy. Victoria said that she had moved on from Billy. Michael didn't think The Naked Heiress was a good fit for Newman Enterprises.

Michael left to return to the office. Abby felt that Michael had been wrong to bring up Billy to Victoria. Abby offered to help her sister, suggesting that they have a spa day together. Victoria had no time for the spa. Victoria mentioned that being in the house reminded her of Billy. Abby suggested they go to the park for a walk.

Chloe walked into Crimson Lights, and Kevin confirmed that they had a date for the day. Chloe told Kevin that she'd dropped off Delia at a friend's birthday party. Kevin assumed that Delia missed seeing Billy. Kevin didn't think that supervised visits with Billy were a good thing for Delia. Chloe didn't believe that Billy was capable of getting his stuff together to be able to have unsupervised visits. Kevin had a gift for Chloe. Chloe was curious. Chloe opened the box to find a rock, paper, and scissors charm for her charm bracelet. Kevin and Chloe kissed, then Chloe's phone rang.

In the park, Billy was on the phone, placing bets on the horses. When Billy sat on a bench, Delia approached and said hello. Billy embraced his daughter joyfully. Billy learned that Delia had been at a party with her friends. Billy noticed that Delia had a boo-boo, which he kissed to make better. Billy told Delia how much he'd missed her.

After spending some time with Delia, Billy told Delia he needed to take her back to the party. Chloe and Kevin appeared and told Delia that she had to return the party. Kevin offered to take Delia. Alone, Chloe lit into Billy and accused him of having following Delia into the park. Billy denied it and said that he'd just spent a few minutes with his daughter. Billy asked Chloe to let it go, but Chloe said she was just getting started.

Billy protested to Chloe that he hadn't done anything wrong. Billy said he had found Delia alone in the park. Chloe declared that Billy should have called her. Chloe said that the judge would cut off Billy's visitation completely when he learned of Billy's latest action. Victoria and Abby showed up and heard Chloe's threat. Victoria asked Chloe not to report the incident to the judge. Chloe accused Billy of being in contempt of the court order, and she left in a huff.

Abby assured Billy that he would turn it around; she encouraged him not to give up. Abby left, and Victoria told Billy not to disappear from Delia's life, because his daughter needed him. Victoria urged Billy to fight for Delia. Billy told Victoria to stop and asked Victoria not to worry about him. Billy said he needed a drink, then he wanted to check on his bets. Victoria asked why Billy was acting the way he was. Billy didn't want Victoria to get involved with him anymore. Victoria thought that Billy was heartless, and she didn't understand him.

Kevin told Chloe that Billy was probably telling the truth. Kevin asked Chloe to take it easy on Billy, but Chloe refused. Chloe felt that Billy was a horrible father, and mentioned Kevin's father. Kevin said that Billy was nothing like Terrible Tom. Chloe insisted that Billy's gambling and drinking were a danger to Delia. Kevin walked away, uncomfortable with Chloe's intense displeasure with Billy.

At Crimson Lights, Abby met a tabloid reporter to leak the news about The Naked Heiress becoming part of Beauty of Nature. Abby explained how Beauty of Nature would be supporting Abby's television show. Abby had a great idea for promoting The Naked Heiress and Beauty of Nature, and arranged for a photo shoot in a Newman Enterprises boardroom.

Diane walked into the Restless Style office and saw Nick and Phyllis making love on a desk. Diane flipped out and grabbed Phyllis by the arm, throwing her across the room. Nick asked Diane what she was doing. Nick got between Diane and Phyllis as they started fighting. Nick told Diane to get out of the office.

Phyllis accused Diane of being delusional. Phyllis warned Diane to never touch her again. When Diane said that she and Nick had been lovers, Nick couldn't deny the fact that he and Diane had made love. Diane made it sound special, but Nick said it had been a mistake. Phyllis told Diane to get over it.

Phyllis reminded Diane that she'd always been after what Phyllis had. Phyllis told Diane that she was a loser and to get out. Diane said that she hated Phyllis. Diane also hated Nick. Diane left, and Phyllis told Nick to let her leave. Nick picked up his clothes and followed Diane. Phyllis placed a call to Michael. Phyllis told Michael that Diane had walked into the office and attacked her. Phyllis wanted Michael's help dealing with Diane, or Phyllis would go elsewhere. Phyllis said she wasn't going to let Diane get away with attacking her.

Nick caught up with Diane at Gloworm. Nick reminded Diane that they were done. Nick had no idea why Diane had antagonized Phyllis the way she had. Diane said it was disgusting to see him with Phyllis. Diane said she had gone to the office to say goodbye to Nick. From across the restaurant, Adam watched Diane with Nick. Nick told Diane to stop stalking him and to stay away from Phyllis. Nick said he meant it and would call the authorities next time Diane bothered him.

Adam approached Diane after Nick had walked away. Adam said that their plan would ensure that Diane would never be accused of stalking again. Diane was sure that they'd all be sorry for the way they'd treated her. Diane asked when the plan was going to happen because Diane assumed that Jack would notice that Kyle was gone very soon. Michael entered. Diane told Adam that Michael couldn't see Diane and Adam together.

Diane started to walk out of the restaurant, but Michael stopped her. Michael asked her to sit and talk. Michael handed Diane a restraining order and explained that it was from Phyllis. Michael said that he was worried about Diane. Michael had delivered the court order as a favor to Diane.

Diane blew her stack and said that Phyllis had instigated her fight with Diane. Diane believed that Phyllis had turned Michael against her. Michael warned Diane to heed the order, or she'd end up in prison. When Michael left, Adam rejoined Diane at the table. Adam said that he would be setting things straight once and for all.

Nick returned to the office, and he told Phyllis that he had spoken with Diane. Phyllis said she was not okay. Nick touched her face and noticed a scratch. Nick started to kiss Phyllis, but she stopped him. Nick apologized for Diane, but Phyllis said that they needed to remain professional partners, not lovers. Nick believed it was better that they were interrupted earlier.

Phyllis told Nick that she'd issued a restraining order against Diane. Phyllis believed that Diane was a danger to her. Phyllis said she would take Diane out if Diane ever went near Phyllis again.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

At home, Victoria tried to work, but she was missing Billy. Victoria turned on the television and saw that Abby was being interviewed about her new role as the spokesperson for Beauty of Nature. Abby said it was all part of The Naked Heiress.

While at Crimson Lights having a coffee, Genevieve watched the news report about Abby's The Naked Heiress. Abby said that her promotion for Beauty of Nature was all about fierce female empowerment. Genevieve liked what she was hearing. Abby admitted that controversy was hot. Genevieve liked the fact that Beauty of Nature was taking on Jabot. Abby went to see Victoria at her office at Newman Enterprises. Abby apologized for letting the cat out of the bag, but Abby feared that Jack or Victor would stop their plan before it started.

Abby feared that Victoria would be upset with her, but Victoria was pleased by Abby's impulsiveness and said that she approved of Abby's actions. Genevieve arrived at the office and introduced herself to Victoria and Abby. Genevieve was very pleased to meet them and flattered Abby for her television appearance. Genevieve explained that she'd arrived there to help them. Victoria was curious.

Genevieve asked Abby and Victoria not to judge her based on the fact that she was Colin's wife. Abby understood that Genevieve wanted an image makeover when it came to being Mrs. Colin Atkinson. Genevieve said she was experienced in making over public perception because she had been married to an Australian mob boss for years. Genevieve liked Abby's take on female empowerment and family dynamics. Genevieve told the Newman girls that she was compelled to share her idea with them. Genevieve offered her ideas as a gift.

Abby admitted to Genevieve that she was a "wannabe" celebrity. Genevieve told Abby that Abby needed to become empowered. Genevieve vamped an idea about how The Naked Heiress could have the slogan "instead of going naked, go natural." Victoria liked the suggestion, but Abby loved it. Victoria wondered what Genevieve wanted in return for her ideas. Genevieve said that she was grateful that they had listened to her and that was payment enough. After Genevieve left, Abby thought the meeting had been amazing. Victoria said they couldn't use the ideas because Genevieve didn't work for Newman Enterprises. Victoria admitted that Genevieve was an interesting woman.

Later, Victoria reported to Abby that the media reaction to Abby's announcement on television had been overwhelmingly positive. Abby was grateful to Victoria for giving her the opportunity to resurrect her celebrity career. Abby feared that Victor and Jack would freak out about Abby's announcement. Abby thanked Victoria for being her sister and her friend. Victoria felt that their working together would be a good distraction from Victoria's sadness about breaking up with Billy.

At Gloworm, Diane spoke with Kyle on the phone and was relieved that Kyle had settled at school in Switzerland. Diane assured her son that she'd be there very soon. Diane met Leslie and said that she wanted to go ahead with the lawsuit, even though Leslie advised against it. Jack interrupted and asked Diane why he had not been able to reach Kyle on the telephone. Leslie left. Jack demanded that Diane tell him where Kyle was. Diane said that Kyle was taking summer courses and was in class. Jack said he had no idea that Kyle was in summer school, and Kyle had never mentioned it. Diane said she didn't need to consult with Jack about Kyle.

Jack warned Diane not to undermine his relationship with Kyle. The people in the restaurant all heard Jack threaten Diane, including Deacon, who was behind the bar. Diane explained that she'd assumed that Jack knew about Kyle's school situation. Jack grabbed Diane's phone and forced her to call Kyle immediately so Jack could speak with him. Diane refused to place the call and said that Kyle was unavailable. Jack warned Diane to produce Kyle soon or else. Deacon listened to their argument.

Later, while Diane drank a martini, she spoke with Deacon. Deacon noticed that Diane had enraged a lot of powerful men in town. Diane told Deacon that she refused to be intimidated by the people in Genoa City. Deacon asked Diane what she was up to. Diane said that she was getting out and planned to deliver a world of pain to her enemies before leaving. Deacon told Diane that he fantasized about lashing out at the big shots, too. Diane admitted that Victor was at the top of her list.

Diane and Deacon discussed Abby's confession tape. Diane wanted to leak that story, but she wished she had some evidence. Deacon said he might be able to come up with the tape for a price. Deacon confessed that he had found Abby's confession tape in a dumpster. Deacon handed Diane the camera and she watched a portion of the confession. Diane offered Deacon a one hundred dollar bill for the tape. Deacon took the money and gave her the camera. Diane was convinced her revenge would be a bloodbath.

Jack ran into Genevieve in the park. Jack invited her to have a lemonade and sit with him for a while. Jack said he was an old-fashioned romantic. Jack told Genevieve that he was going to Los Angeles to appear on The Talk. Genevieve informed Jack that Abby's The Naked Heiress was going to be the new spokesperson for Beauty of Nature. Jack was shocked by that development and predicted that Victor would not be happy.

Genevieve offered to give Jack some publicity ideas for Jabot so he could counter the Beauty of Nature promotion. Genevieve said that her ideas were a gift to Jack. Genevieve wished Jack well in L.A. Jack invited Genevieve to have dinner with him when he returned. Genevieve agreed. Genevieve intrigued Jack. After she left, Jack called his secretary to get a clip of Abby's appearance on television.

Sharon recalled Victor visiting her at the state penitentiary. Sharon was grateful that he had gone to see her. Sam arrived to see Sharon. Sam admitted that he had left for New Mexico, but then he had run into Victor and changed his mind about leaving. Sam asked Sharon to open up to him about what Adam had done to her. Sam told Sharon that Phyllis had it right in her blog. Sharon said that Adam had admitted to her that he could have helped her if he had wanted to, but Adam had wanted to punish Sharon.

Sharon revealed that Adam had left her at the altar because Sharon had betrayed him by sleeping with Sam. Sam confessed that he had returned to help Sharon. Sharon's only hope was that Victor was arranging for Sharon's appeal. Sam urged Sharon to accept the D.A.'s deal to testify against Adam and reveal his part in her escape. Sharon felt that because Adam had backed out on the wedding, Sharon's testimony would be perceived as sour grapes. Sharon was impressed that Sam still wanted to help her after the way she'd treated him. Later, Sam reported that the D.A. wouldn't deal anymore. Sharon believed that Adam had covered all the bases. Sharon feared that Adam was capable of being very evil.

Victor went to see Adam at his hotel suite, determined to deal with Adam about what Adam had done to Sharon. Adam told Victor that there had never been any evidence to clear Sharon. Victor warned Adam that he had only one chance to do the right thing. Adam claimed that Sharon had been lying about the evidence. Adam accused Sharon of having betrayed him with another man. Victor figured that Adam had a plan. Victor predicted Adam's plan would backfire on him. Victor accused Adam of robbing Faith of her mother a second time. Victor said that Adam had no conscience. Adam was defiant and told Victor he wasn't concerned.

Adam called Diane and left her a message that she had to pull through for him. Sam arrived at Adam's room and forced his way in. Sam beat Adam to a bloody pulp then walked out of the room. Adam called after Sam saying that he might have been beaten, but Sharon was still behind bars. Later, Adam received a phone call and told the person on the other end to never call him. Adam refused to send the person any more money because the person spent the money too quickly. Adam warned the person to stay under the radar.

Victor met with a new attorney for Sharon, a woman named Avery. Avery realized that Victor wanted her to defend Sharon. Avery said that she was not a miracle worker. Victor made Avery a proposition; he asked Avery to drop all her other cases and concentrate solely on Sharon's appeal. Avery wanted something other than money to be influenced. Victor felt that after Avery read the files, she'd feel different. Victor asked Avery to have a cup of coffee with him.

Sam returned to the prison, and Sharon guessed that he'd gone after Adam when she saw Sam's bloodied hands. Victor arrived with Avery, and introduced her to Sharon. Sharon knew Avery by reputation. Avery was still unsure if she would take on Sharon as a client, but Avery agreed to listen to Sharon's story. Sharon feared that Adam had made her look very guilty.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Jack and Lauren arrived at The Talk, preparing for their appearance to discuss the Jabot new product launch. Jack received a call from Katherine. Jack said he'd be returning to Genoa City right after the show. Kay told Jack that Tucker had called her in for a meeting, and Kay expected Tucker to give her the boot from the company. Kay told Jack that she'd planned to test Tucker's mental ability to run McCall Unlimited. If Tucker failed, Kay said that she was ready to make the next move.

Ashley told Sophia and Tucker that Abby had put the cart before the horse as far as being the spokesperson for Beauty of Nature. Sophia believed that Abby's publicity had already helped Newman Enterprises. Tucker was more interested in proving to the judge that he was ready to resume control of his company. Tucker had set up a television interview to prove that he was capable and in charge. Ashley was concerned that he was pushing things before he was fully healed, but Tucker was confident. Tucker declared that perception was reality, and he had to convince the world and Wall Street that he was the same man he'd been before the car crash. Sophia supported Tucker's decision to go on television.

Lauren and Jack were introduced on The Talk and excitedly told the hosts, Leah Remini and Holly Robinson, about the new Jabot products. Jack was asked about his niece, Abby, being the new spokesperson for Beauty of Nature, Jabot's number one competitor. Leah asked if that was going to create conflict in the family. Jack spoke highly of his niece, but felt the Jabot products would surpass all competition, including Beauty of Nature's line. Lauren backed up Jack's contention.

Lauren pushed the products by talking about revealing how she used them. Jack credited Ashley with discovering the cactus extracts, which were the basis for the revolutionary new products. Leah asked about Ashley being married to Tucker, the man she'd tried to run over before the wedding. Holly suggested that they delve into Tucker and Ashley's story after the commercial break. Jack was uncomfortable, but he couldn't do anything to change the direction of the program.

While the commercial ran, Sophia told Tucker and Ashley that The Talk would include him in the next segment of the show. A cameraman set up the scene with Tucker behind the desk. Ashley assured Tucker she'd be right off camera if he needed her. Kay arrived at the apartment, and before entering, she recalled her fight with Tucker in the hospital. Kay entered the apartment just as Tucker was about to go on the air. Kay looked around and asked what was happening.

The broadcast continued as Leah and Holly welcomed Tucker to the show via satellite. The hosts said that Tucker looked wonderful, considering he'd been in a coma. Holly asked if Tucker had any aftereffects. Tucker said that he was back to his old self. Leah questioned Tucker about being hit by Ashley's car. Tucker spoke lovingly of Ashley and said she had become his wife.

Tucker gave Ashley credit for the creation of the new Jabot line. Tucker had great things to say about Jack and Lauren and greeted them on the program. Tucker said he was back at work full-time. When Jack was asked about expanding the product line, Jack suggested that Tucker answer that question. Tucker hesitated, and Kay watched him closely to see if he was able to respond. Tucker said the audio was cutting out. Holly announced that they were out of time. The program ended. Sophia and Ashley were pleased, but Kay looked suspicious.

Backstage at The Talk, Jack was irritated by Tucker's appearance. Jack felt that Tucker was proving that he was the boss and trying to minimize Jack's role in Jabot. Jack was disappointed that Ashley hadn't warned him about Tucker's interview. Lauren told Jack that Tucker had become Ashley's family, and Ashley would side with Tucker against Jack. Back at Tucker's apartment, Ashley and Tucker were pleased with the way the interview had gone. Kay confronted Tucker and said she had to discuss business with him immediately. Sophia and Ashley said Tucker had other plans and told Kay she'd have to meet with Tucker later. Kay insisted that the issues about McCall Unlimited needed to be addressed at once. Kay refused to leave.

On the flight back to Genoa City, Jack told Lauren that he felt he had earned the right to run Jabot, but feared that Tucker would fire him because Kay had hired him. Jack believed that once Tucker took control of McCall again, Ashley would replace Jack at Jabot. As they talked about family businesses, Jack wondered if Jill had been upset at Lauren for taking a seat on the Newman board. Lauren said that Jill hadn't complained. Jack warned Lauren that as a board member, Lauren was responsible for the health of the company, which meant that she had a vested interest in Beauty of Nature's success. And yet she was promoting Jabot. Lauren questioned if Jack was still interested in acquiring Beauty of Nature.

Kay forced Tucker to work with her on the McCall business files. Tucker evaded her questions and said he'd get back to her another time with answers to some of her questions. Sophia and Ashley tried to cover for Tucker. Kay asked Tucker to sign a new lease. Irritated by her questions, Tucker signed it without reading it over. Later, Tucker met with the judge and assured him that he was ready, willing, and able to resume control of his company. The judge said that without Mrs. Chancellor there to challenge Tucker for leadership of the company, he was ready to rule in Tucker's favor. Kay appeared and said she wanted to speak.

Victoria and Abby finished watching the first segment of The Talk. Victoria thought it was great that Beauty of Nature was mentioned during Jack and Lauren's appearance to promote Jabot. Abby was worried about Victor's reaction to The Naked Heiress tie-in with Beauty of Nature. Victoria told Abby that they shouldn't be concerned because Victor had put Victoria in charge and told her to run with the ball. Abby was hopeful that things were starting to turn around for her. Abby and Victoria discussed crafting a campaign. Victoria said they'd put the Newman PR department to work on it.

Diane transferred Abby's confession tape onto her computer. Diane watched Abby admit to running down Tucker McCall. Diane was gleeful as she picked up the phone and ordered a mimosa with her breakfast, ready to celebrate hitting the jackpot.

Victor went to see Adam at the Genoa City Athletic Club. Victor saw that Adam had been beaten. Adam was surprised when Victor handed him the grand jury report about the day Newman Enterprises had gone public. Victor told Adam it would be interesting reading. Adam said the report was a joke. Victor advised Adam to hire an expensive attorney because he was going to need it. Victor said it was serious business.

Later, when he was alone, Adam looked at the report and was upset with Diane. Adam went to her room and pounded on the door. Diane hid the video of Abby's confession, then answered the door. Adam told Diane that he had been indicted for stock manipulation -- and only him. Adam said that Diane had not been indicted, but there were items in the report that only Diane had known about. Adam told Diane that he knew that she had sold him out.

Diane denied that she'd betrayed him. Adam said that he was through with Diane. Adam said their plan was dead in the water. Diane chased after Adam and admitted that she'd made a deal with the D.A. because she couldn't risk going to prison and leaving Kyle unprotected and alone. Diane reminded Adam that the plan was already in motion with Kyle halfway around the world in Switzerland. Adam didn't care.

Diane assured Adam that he'd never be convicted unless Diane testified against him. Adam didn't trust Diane. Adam walked out, leaving Diane unsure of what to do next. Adam returned to his room and found SEC investigators seizing control of his computers and files. Adam had no way to stop them from taking his equipment.

Victor arrived at Victoria's office in Newman Enterprises. He told Abby and Victoria that he expected to learn Newman business news before it appeared on television. Victoria explained how they had counteracted the Jabot launch, thanks to Abby's press appearance. Victoria mentioned that on The Talk, Jack and Lauren had to answer questions about Beauty of Nature when they were there to talk about Jabot.

Victor looked dour, but Abby and Victoria remained confident. Abby admitted that she'd gotten carried away. Victoria said that the promotion with The Naked Heiress was still in the planning stages. Victor said that he would agree as long as he had complete approval of every step. Abby was thrilled and ready to begin, but Victoria said that everything would be carefully planned. Victor wanted to review every step. Abby squealed excitedly. Victor was glad to hear that they could put her alter ego to work for something good. Victor was very happy to have his daughters working by his side. Abby hoped all the bad stuff was behind them. They all made a pact for only good things for the family.

Later, Victoria received a call from Nikki. Before Victoria could tell Nikki the good news about her work with Abby, Victoria learned that Diane had done something awful to Nikki. Victor asked what had happened. Victoria ended her call with Nikki, then told Victor and Abby that Nikki had been served, that Diane was suing Nikki for alienation of affection, blaming Nikki for ending Diane's marriage to Victor. Victor said that was completely untrue. Victor declared that he would handle Diane. Victoria was concerned about her mother's ability to succeed in rehab with the new circumstances. Victoria called Nikki back, but her mother wasn't answering her phone. Abby comforted Victoria.

Victor went to see Diane at the Athletic Club and threatened to kick the door in. Diane finally let him in and Victor demanded to know why Diane had filed a suit against Nikki, especially since Nikki was in rehab. Diane claimed that Nikki had never cared about Diane's mental state when Nikki pursued Victor. Victor said he would have the lawsuit thrown out of court. Diane showed Victor that she had something else to hurt him. Diane played Abby's taped confession on the video camera. Victor threw the camera across the room, and it shattered into pieces. Diane said she had copies, and it would cost Victor a fortune to keep Diane from letting the world see the video.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Diane showed Victor the video of Abby's confession, and she said he'd have to pay if he wanted to keep her from going public with it. He threw the camera against the fireplace, and it smashed into pieces, but she asserted that there were other copies in a safe place. He refused to allow her to blackmail him. She suddenly screamed that he'd almost hit her, and she begged him not to hurt her. He ordered her to drop the lawsuit against Nikki and not to go near his family, because she wouldn't get away with threatening them. She bellowed for him to get out, and he calmly stated that she was crazy, and he left. In the hallway, Victor left a message for Ashley about Abby.

Later, Diane heard a knock at her door, and she hid a memory card inside her bra. She thanked two police officers for arriving quickly, and they inquired about the domestic incident she had reported. She claimed that she was terrified of her ex-husband, who had threatened her by throwing the camera at her head and saying vicious things. A detective asked how long she had been divorced, and she said their recent annulment had been ugly, because she had pictures of her husband committing adultery. She showed the detective the photo of Victor and Nikki in bed, and he recognized the Newmans. Diane claimed that Victor had raged at her because she'd filed a lawsuit against Nikki, and she was scared Victor would hurt her.

Adam chugged a drink at the Athletic Club bar, and Michael asked if he'd had a rough day. Adam vowed not to let the grand jury indictment get him down. Michael told Adam to expect more bad news, and he left. Adam looked up at the muted television, and he spied Abby's announcement about her involvement with Beauty of Nature.

At Newman Enterprises, Victoria tried to throw herself into work, but Abby noticed her sister was distracted. Victoria declared that she'd spent too much time worrying about Diane, and she trusted that Victor would take care of his ex-wife. Adam barged into Victoria's office, and he declared that he was there as a Newman shareholder, and he asked to see Victor. He declared his dissatisfaction that Abby had been hired to represent the company, but Abby accused him of being jealous that she and Victoria were working with Victor. Adam stated that as a major shareholder, he had a right to voice his concern.

Victor entered and was surprised to see Adam, and Adam was equally shocked when Victor backed the idea of Abby becoming the face of Beauty of Nature. Adam vowed to take it up with the board, but Victor announced that Adam was no longer a board member, and he handed Adam an envelope. Victor stated that Adam had agreed not to embarrass the company when he'd joined the board, but since Adam had been charged with stock manipulation, he had violated the terms of the agreement. Adam claimed that Diane's lies wouldn't hold up, but Victor ordered Adam to leave and to never show up again. Suddenly, the police arrived and arrested Victor for domestic abuse.

At the police station, the detective informed Michael and Victor that he had reasonable grounds to arrest Victor based on Diane's statement. Michael asserted that it was a serious charge and that Victor had been falsely accused, and Victor reiterated that Diane had lied. The detective asked about Victor's confrontation with Diane, regarding her lawsuit against Nikki. Michael instructed Victor not to answer, but Victor explained that Diane was bitter because she hadn't received a settlement after their annulment. Victor swore that he'd thrown the camera at the fireplace and that he had never threatened Diane physically. Michael asked if Diane had claimed physical harm, but the officer said it didn't matter, because Diane had alleged that Victor had intimidated her. Victor argued that Diane was simply seeking revenge.

The officer announced that Victor's arraignment would be in a few minutes, and he left. Michael suspected that Victor hadn't told him everything. Victor admitted that he'd confronted Diane about her lawsuit against Nikki, but then Diane had turned the tables by presenting him with the tape of Abby's confession. Victor revealed that Diane had tried to blackmail him, because she was only interested in cold, hard cash. Victor vowed that he would pay her back.

Victor recalled that Diane had asked him to take custody of Kyle just days before, should anything happen to her. He surmised that she was insane, but Michael noted that her life was a mess, and she was lashing out at everyone as she crashed and burned. An unsympathetic Victor said she could go to hell, because she wouldn't get a cent from him.

Adam told Leslie that Diane's story was a big lie to cover her own involvement. Leslie suggested that she review his case, and he asked what else he could do in the meantime. She replied that he could keep using his own personal trading account, but she suggested that he return his investors' money. She advised that taking the high road would be best, and he thought his fund was as good as dead. She said she'd be in touch, and she left. He realized that he'd lost his hedge fund and his board seat, and he had the SEC breathing down his neck. "Game on, Diane, game on," he declared to himself.

Jack left a voicemail for Katherine to inform her that Tucker had ambushed Jack and Lauren's appearance on The Talk. He asked her to let him know whether Tucker had passed her test, because Tucker's behavior had seemed odd. Meanwhile, Katherine explained to the judge that she had been detained, but she wanted to contest Tucker's petition. Tucker barked that the judge had already ruled, but Katherine argued that Tucker was incapable of managing McCall Unlimited. Ashley stated that Katherine had no proof, but the judge allowed Katherine to state her case.

Katherine said she'd watched Tucker when reporters had questioned him, and he'd seemed hesitant to provide answers, so she'd tested her theory. She handed Tucker some papers and inquired whether he recognized them. He acknowledged that they were the papers she'd presented him with earlier. She asked what the document was, and he said a lease. She questioned whether he'd looked it over, and he said he'd never sign something without reading it. Katherine handed the document to the judge, and she revealed that it was an old agreement to sell a McCall subsidiary that Tucker had signed months before.

Tucker defended that he'd been strapped for time, and Katherine had pushed him into signing the document. Katherine accused Sofia and Ashley of covering for Tucker, and she cited Tucker's inability to explain financial information that any qualified CEO would understand. Ashley tried to intervene, but the judge wanted to know if Katherine had additional proof. Katherine presented a project financial evaluation, which she had tried to discuss with Tucker earlier that day. She requested that Tucker read a paragraph of the report, and he obliged.

Katherine asked Tucker to explain the key points of the analyst's evaluation. Tucker managed to repeat some of the phrases he'd just read, but she asked for his expert evaluation, and he admitted that he was unable to answer. Katherine continued to ask him business-related questions, but he yelled that it was his company to run. Katherine asserted that as an experienced businesswoman, it was her opinion that he wasn't fit to be in charge. The judge refused to revoke Katherine's conservatorship until Tucker could demonstrate his ability to run the company.

Tucker implored the judge to listen, but the judge declared his ruling was final, and he left. Tucker accused Katherine of deliberately humiliating him, but she contended that he wasn't ready to return to work. Ashley asserted that he would have been fine with the proper support, and Katherine assumed that Ashley had expected to make all the decisions herself. Ashley snapped that Katherine had chosen to only look out for herself. Tucker spat that he had more contempt for Katherine than when he'd first met her. Tucker and Ashley walked out, and Katherine called Jack and said they needed to talk.

At Jack's home, Katherine insisted to Jack that she hadn't wanted to embarrass Tucker, but she wasn't going to let Tucker run the business unprepared. She realized that all of Tucker's decisions since the accident could be called into question, including his marriage, which she felt should be annulled. Katherine believed that Tucker's ability to make decisions had been compromised, and she felt uneasy about his marriage, especially because of the car accident. Jack wasn't thrilled about Ashley and Tucker's marriage, but he had to consider his sister's feelings. Later, Katherine called a firm specializing in marital law, and she inquired how she could challenge the validity of her son's marriage.

At home, Ashley comforted Tucker and called Katherine's behavior disgusting. He recalled when he was eight years old, and he had proudly ridden his new bike home from school, but four older boys had jumped out at him and had forced him off the bike. They had thrown Tucker to the ground and had started to destroy the bike, but he had repeatedly tried to get up to make them stop. Once they'd demolished the bike, they had thrown it in a Dumpster, and he had sadly walked home to tell his parents. He compared the hearing to the day his bike had been taken, but he lamented that this time the bully had been his mother. Ashley hugged him.

Tucker and Ashley cuddled on the couch, and she promised to work with the doctors to get him back into top form. He wished he'd married her earlier, but she said she wouldn't have said yes when her life had been a mess, but she was glad they'd ended up together. There was a knock at the door, and Ashley got up to get rid of the visitor. Abby charged in and declared that Ashley wouldn't believe what Diane had done.

Abby recounted the day's events, and Ashley blasted Diane. Abby expected Ashley to be mad that Abby had become Beauty of Nature's spokesperson, but Ashley said they'd talk about it later. Abby animatedly recalled how Victor had kicked Adam off the Newman board, but she noticed that Tucker and Ashley barely reacted. Ashley said a bad day had simply gotten worse.

At the Athletic Club, Michael warned Victor to stay away from Diane, because Victor's bail could be revoked. Victor agreed, because in his anger he didn't know what he'd do to her. Michael suggested they get a drink, but Victor realized Ashley hadn't called back. He called her again, and he asked if she'd received his message. After she spoke with Victor, a stunned Ashley informed Tucker and Abby that Diane had possession of Abby's confession on video.

From her hotel room, Diane called a website and informed them that she'd recently been Mrs. Victor Newman, and she had a tidbit for their gossip section, if the price was right. Later, Diane answered the door to Victoria, who angrily stormed in, and Diane threatened to call the cops on her, too. Victoria ordered Diane to drop the lawsuit and the abuse charge, or she'd be sorry. Diane called Victoria's threats predictable, but Victoria accused Diane of doing the attacking. Diane noted that she had suffered during her marriage and that she'd been robbed, and she was determined to get what she deserved. Victoria vowed to see to that.

Later, at Crimson Lights, Victoria peered over a patron's shoulder and saw a scandalous tabloid article naming Nikki a stripper and a slut. Victoria called the rehab center and asked to speak with Nikki, and she became worried when she learned that the center didn't know where Nikki was.

Diane arrived to see Jack, who asked why Kyle wasn't with her. She said it hadn't been possible for many reasons, including logistical ones. He demanded to know where she'd sent their son, and she admitted Kyle was safe at a boarding school in another country. Jack ordered Diane to summon Kyle home immediately, and Diane offered to consider doing so, if Jack gave her the support she needed.

Jack rephrased that Diane was willing to trade Kyle for cash, but she clarified that she desired real support, like family members provided one another. She pointed out that they were both alone, and they could finally both be there for Kyle. He incredulously asked if she was on drugs, but she reminded him that they had been great together once. Diane seductively stated that Jack never had been able to resist her, and she dropped her dress to the floor. Meanwhile, someone peered through the window as Diane stood naked before Jack.

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