The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of August 22, 2011 on Y&R
The judge upheld Tucker's sale of Jabot to Katherine. Victoria claimed that she was Victor's alibi. Avery won a new trial for Sharon. Genevieve and Jack made love. Phyllis confronted her sister -- Avery.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of August 22, 2011 on Y&R
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Monday, August 22, 2011

Lily stopped by Daniel's loft and said she wanted to explain what had happened the previous night after she nixed making love. Lily explained that she and Cane had previously booked a room, decorated it in a Parisian theme, and enjoyed a special night together. Daniel said, "You're always going to be in love with Cane." Lily assured Daniel that it felt right to move on.

Daniel told Lily that he felt fortunate to be with her and was happy that they'd grown close again. Lily embraced Daniel and kissed him. He kissed her back. Daniel and Lily reclined on the bed, disrobed, and made love tenderly. Afterward, Daniel said that making love had been a little unexpected. Lily assured Daniel that it felt right.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Nick approached Deacon and demanded to know why Phyllis had been talking to him. Deacon claimed that he and Phyllis had reached out to each other as old friends. Nick recalled how Deacon had ruined Nikki's sobriety and added that Deacon never had anyone else's best interest at heart.

Deacon claimed that he'd taken responsibility for Nikki's relapse. Nick grimaced. Deacon asked if Nick and Victor had taken responsibility for placing Diane in a bind after mistreating her. Nick asserted his innocence and claimed he'd been with Phyllis the night Diane died. Nick defended his father and insisted that Deacon's assumptions were incorrect.

At Gloworm, Gloria told Jeffrey over the phone that she'd changed the schedule, so Deacon could work the lunch shift. Gloria added, "All the rich, old ladies like to check out the beefcake behind the bar. He charms them, and they buy more drinks." After the call ended, Phyllis stopped by and asked Gloria if she could look at Deacon's time card from August first. Gloria glanced at a newspaper and realized that August first was the day Diane Jenkins had been murdered.

Gloria's eyes widened in amazement when Phyllis said, "I very well believe that your mixologist could have been the murderer." Gloria became annoyed. Gloria said Phyllis was suggesting she hadn't conducted proper background checks on her employees. Phyllis reminded Gloria that Deacon was an ex-con on parole. Gloria assured Phyllis that Deacon had been working behind the bar the evening of Diane's murder. Gloria added, "Shame on you for trying to ruin a man's life by pegging him as a murderer."

After Gloria walked away, Phyllis picked up the newspaper and vowed to discredit Deacon. Gloria chatted with Ronan as she poured him a cup of coffee. Ronan spotted Heather and approached her table. Heather seemed taken aback by Ronan's sudden appearance.

Phyllis went to the magazine office and began writing a story about Deacon. She listed his crimes, which included blackmail, kidnapping, and accessory to murder. Phyllis intended to publish her story anonymously. Deacon arrived unexpectedly and asked, "How many secrets can one woman have?" Deacon told Phyllis he knew she'd asked Gloria about the time card. Deacon said it was good thing Gloria had vouched for his whereabouts.

Phyllis, speaking of the crime scene, said, "Deacon, you were there!" Deacon shot back, "Phyllis, so were you!" Deacon wondered aloud if the cops would find out that Phyllis had been at the scene of the crime. Phyllis told Deacon to slither away and leave her alone.

Deacon told Phyllis about his visit with Nick at the club after she left. Deacon added that Nick had insisted he'd been working all night with Phyllis the night of the murder. Phyllis seemed stunned when Deacon said, "You're lying about that night, which means that he's lying, so that means that either one of you could have killed Diane." Deacon asked rhetorically, "I really wonder where Nick was when Diane took her final breath?"

Deacon claimed that his special connection to Phyllis had prevented him from telling police what she had done in the park. Deacon insinuated that he had no reason to defend Nick's actions to police. Phyllis insisted that Nick wasn't a pawn in Deacon's scheme. Deacon said he'd discuss what he knew about Nick when Phyllis met him for dinner the next evening. Deacon asked for a kiss, but Phyllis stood frozen in place.

Deacon winked at Phyllis and suggested she wear something sexy to dinner. After Deacon left, Phyllis returned to her computer and said aloud to herself, "I can't risk upsetting Deacon and ruining Nick's alibi." Phyllis deleted her story and said, "If only it was that easy to delete Deacon."

Sam stopped by Victoria's house and told her he'd heard that she had a room to rent. Victoria was surprised to learn that her father had told Sam to inquire about renting a room. Sam explained that he'd be filling in for Victor's veterinarian for a while and needed a place to stay other than the local motel.

Victoria invited Sam inside, and they discussed Sharon. Sam said he intended to stay in town and do everything possible to ensure Sharon's release because he knew she was innocent. Victoria thought about Sam's predicament and offered him the furnished apartment above the garage. Victoria explained that having a tenant would give her an excuse not to move in with her sister.

At Crimson Lights, Noah approached Adam and demanded to know where Adam had stashed the memory card with evidence that could clear Sharon. Adam quipped, "I ate it with some fava beans and a nice Chianti." Adam added that Sharon was responsible for her incarceration. Noah condemned Adam for blaming Sharon because she'd placed herself in harm's way by going to Hawaii in order to clear Adam's name. Adam reminded Noah that he'd turned his back on his mother by refusing to visit her.

Adam, becoming emotional, said he'd traveled the world to prove that Sharon hadn't murdered Skye and had mourned when it was believed that Sharon had died. Adam added that he'd proved Sharon hadn't committed suicide, hired a lawyer for Sharon when she returned to town, and had stood by her in the courtroom. Noah sighed.

Adam, growing angry, insisted he'd been Sharon's ally every step of the way until she hooked up with Sam. Noah said, "You're jealous, and that's why you dumped her at the altar." Adam claimed that Sharon was part of his past. Noah told Adam that Sharon didn't deserve to languish in prison just because she'd hurt Adam's feelings. Before Noah turned to leave, he scoffed and said, "Some real man you are."

After Adam left, Nick stopped by. Noah told his father that Adam had reprimanded him for not supporting Sharon. Noah admitted he was still bitter about Sharon disappearing and letting them believe she was dead. Nick advised his son to let his mother know he cared. Nick told Noah that he should forgive his mother and stop by to see her. Nick added that he'd certainly appreciate his son's support if he were in Sharon's place. Noah quipped, "Like you'd ever do anything that would get you tossed in prison."

After Noah left, Nick remembered received a phone call from a blocked number. When Nick had answered, he'd heard a recording made the night Diane died. Nick had said, "I will kill you before I let you hurt them again. Do you hear me? I will kill you!" Nick also remembered receiving a text message that read, "Like father, like son -- like prison?"

At the prison, Avery noticed a change in Sharon's demeanor. Sharon explained that Victor had visited and given her a pep talk. Avery mentioned Sam Gibson, who supported Sharon and seemed very smitten with her. Sharon smiled. Avery told Sharon that she had some ideas regarding Sharon's defense. Sharon's mood darkened when Avery added that the wheels of justice moved slowly. Avery told Sharon to remember Victor's words and not let anything get her down. Sharon said she wouldn't.

After Avery left, Adam appeared and took a seat at a table. Sharon asked him why he was there. Adam said that Sharon's lawyer had been asking him questions, so he thought that perhaps Sharon might want to question him herself, face-to-face. Sharon claimed that Adam was there because she'd been the one person who'd believed in him and had given him the chance to redeem himself. Sharon added that Adam couldn't walk away from her.

Adam told Sharon that he was over her. Sharon told Adam that he'd replaced love with hate and wasn't doing anything to help her. Sharon explained that she'd stayed away in order to protect Adam because she loved him. Adam replied, "You have a funny way of showing it." Sharon maintained that her time with Sam had just been something that happened. Sharon told Adam that he was making assumptions that were not true.

Sam showed up and asked Sharon if she was all right. Sharon grimaced. Adam remained stone-faced and told Sam that he'd showed up too soon because Sharon had claimed that Sam was out of her life. Sharon insisted that she hadn't been lying. Adam told Sharon that she meant nothing to him. Adam added, "I'd tell you to go to hell, but you're already there." Adam rose to leave and told Sam that Sharon was all his. Sharon seemed frustrated.

At the Newman ranch, Victor read a newspaper article stating that the investigation into Diane's murder had stymied police. In a flashback, Victor remembered walking to the edge of the stream and seeing Diane floating in the water. The back of Diane's head had been covered with blood.

Ronan and another officer arrived with a search warrant. Victor said that Ronan had done a lousy job investigating Diane's murder. Ronan explained that police were searching for a pair of size eleven-and-a-half Eduardo Valenti shoes because someone wearing them had made impressions in the mud at the murder scene. Victor claimed that he didn't keep inventory of the shoes in his closet.

Ronan produced a receipt from Fenmore's Department Store indicating that Victor had purchased a pair of the shoes in question. Victor claimed he didn't like the shoes and didn't remember if he'd ever worn them. Ronan emphatically stated. "Mr. Newman, I think that you did wear them." Ronan showed Victor a photo taken hours before the murder. Ronan pointed out that Victor was wearing the shoes wanted as evidence.

Ronan advised Victor tell him where he'd gone after the photo was taken and what had happened to the shoes. Victor suggested that an overeager detective could have altered the photo. Ronan said that his forensics lab had authenticated the photograph. An officer entered the room and indicated that he hadn't found the shoes. Victor told Ronan to show himself out of Victor's home.

Victor glared at Ronan when he asked, "Where were you when Diane was murdered?" Victoria, who'd arrived unannounced, responded, "He was with me." Ronan chuckled and asked why no one had previously mentioned anything about Victoria having been with her father. Victoria claimed she'd been too embarrassed to admit that her father had had to console her after Billy left. Ronan tried to question Victoria, but Victor kicked him out.

After Ronan left, Victoria started rambling about Sam's impromptu visit. Victor asked why Victoria had given a false statement because neither of them had anything to hide. Victoria looked worried and said that they'd both been alone, so she was concerned that their alibis might seem weak to inept detectives. Victor insisted that his daughter didn't need to protect him. Victoria embraced her father and told him she loved him no matter what.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

When Nick arrived at the magazine without calling, Phyllis was startled. Nick said that he knew about Deacon and Phyllis going out together. Nick mentioned that Deacon was very excited about connecting with Phyllis. Phyllis claimed that she was just using Deacon as a source. Phyllis wanted to know about Nick's relationship with Ashley.

Phyllis had noticed that Ashley and Nick had been meeting secretly. Phyllis asked Nick why he'd lied to her about meeting with Ashley. Nick explained that Ashley had made him promise to keep quiet about their meetings. When Nick suggested that Phyllis was nagging him as if they were still married, Phyllis agreed to back off. Nick proposed a truce then Phyllis and Nick began to discuss the new cover.

Tucker approached Ashley to inform her that Kay had made a bid to take over Jabot. Ashley was alarmed. Ashley received a call and arranged to meet someone later. Tucker explained to Ashley that his attorney had filed a motion to get Kay removed as guardian of McCall Unlimited. Tucker asked Ashley to be available for an emergency hearing before the judge. Ashley agreed and told Tucker to call her when he knew the time. After Ashley left, Tucker heard from his attorney. Tucker tried to find Ashley, but she had already bolted.

Kay met Jack and said that Tucker had filed a motion to reverse the competency ruling. Jack believed that Ashley would testify in Tucker's favor, and he feared that if Tucker convinced the judge, Jack would lose his place in Jabot. Kay said that she had predicted the move by Tucker and had an insurance policy in place. Kay received another call and told Jack she had to meet Tucker at the courthouse. Jack offered to go along to provide Kay some moral support.

Paul was on the phone with an editor about Diane's murder case. Deacon listened in on Paul's call. Deacon approached and asked about how the case was progressing. Paul was curious why Deacon was interested. Deacon claimed that he and Diane had been friends, but Paul questioned why Deacon hadn't been at the funeral. Paul asked if Deacon knew more about the murder than he had revealed. Deacon said that Diane had been very stressed before her death. Paul suggested that Deacon go to the police station to jog his memory about Diane. Deacon declared that he'd been working the night she had been killed and could not be a suspect.

Ronan ran into Heather at Gloworm. Heather was stunned to learn that Ronan had been put in charge of Diane's murder investigation. Heather was shocked that Ronan had the nerve to show his face in town after what he'd done to Nina, Chance, and Heather. Ronan defended himself by saying that he was on the job. Heather accused Ronan of hiding behind his badge. Heather said that Ronan was an untrustworthy man, and she walked out on him. Ronan called Nick to order him to Gloworm.

Nick tried to keep Phyllis from knowing that he was leaving to meet Ronan. Phyllis assumed that Nick had another rendezvous with Ashley. Nick let Phyllis believe what she wanted to believe. Nick left, and Phyllis sent a text message to Deacon. At Gloworm, Ashley was surprised when she saw Nick arrive. Ronan appeared and said he'd asked them both to meet him.

Ronan questioned Ashley and Nick about their faulty alibis from the night of Diane's murder. Nick wondered if he and Ashley should speak with their attorneys. Ashley agreed with Nick. Ronan said that he could throw them in jail for lying about their alibis. Ronan suggested that they were guilty of obstruction of justice. Ronan received a call and warned them to tell the truth or he'd arrest them.

Tucker tried to reach Ashley, but he couldn't remember her new phone number. Kay arrived at the courthouse with Jack. Tucker told his mother that he would get his company back from her. Kay was confident that she'd prevail in the hearing. Kay and Jack walked into the courtroom. Tucker remained in the hall. His attorney appeared and told Tucker he had to go into the hearing immediately. Tucker was unable to reach Ashley. Kay was confident that Tucker would fail in front of the judge.

Tucker's attorney argued for Tucker to be allowed to control his company again. Tucker told the judge that he resented Kay selling off pieces of his company, especially Jabot. Tucker explained to the judge that he was competent and asked the judge to revoke Kay's conservatorship. Kay insisted that Tucker was not yet ready to handle the rigors of the job. Tucker said his medical reports supported the claim that he had recovered sufficiently to take over McCall Unlimited.

The judge called a recess to review the medical documents. Before the judge departed, Tucker said that he'd done everything the court had asked him to do. Tucker pleaded with the court not to allow an outsider like Kay to destroy the company he'd built. During the recess, Jack was worried about the judge's ruling. Kay said she had a secret she had yet to reveal. Tucker finally reached Ashley on the phone. Tucker explained that he'd stood up for himself in court because he'd had to. Tucker thanked Ashley for standing by him through everything. Ashley said she'd be there as soon as possible.

Ashley and Nick agreed to stick to their story. Nick said that he wasn't sure where Phyllis had been the night of the murder. Ashley had doubts about Tucker's whereabouts that night, too. Nick and Ashley agreed to a story, that Nick had called Ashley to try to track Abby down that was why he'd called Ashley. As for Tucker and Phyllis, Ashley said that Tucker would say that he had been at home and Nick offered that Phyllis would testify that she had been at the magazine.

When Ronan returned, Ashley said she was ready to confess. Ashley and Nick told Ronan the story they'd agreed upon and apologized for not being more forthcoming. Nick received a message from Phyllis to return to the magazine. Ronan left Ashley and Nick. Nick told Ashley that he believed that Ronan had bought their story. Ronan returned a few minutes later to retrieve his bag from the table. Nick advised Ashley to remain calm.

Heather ran into Paul at Crimson Lights. Paul wasn't surprised to see Heather because Ronan had mentioned her return to him. Heather was disappointed that she'd been so wrong about Ronan's character. Paul told Heather that he was working with Ronan on Diane's murder case. Heather was shocked that Paul hadn't told her about Ronan being back in town.

Paul explained that he'd had reservations about working with Ronan, but he had decided to do so to keep an eye on Ronan. Heather asked Paul if he could get her a meeting with D.A. Walsh. Later, Walsh joined Paul and Heather at Crimson Lights. Heather admitted that she didn't like Ronan and thought he was a sloppy cop. Heather suggested that she join the investigation to watch over Ronan and make certain he delivered an airtight case. Walsh agreed to hire Heather.

Back at the police station, Ronan opened his bag and retrieved a tape recorder. Ronan had taped Nick and Ashley's conversation when Ronan was away from the table. Ronan heard them discuss lying to the police about what they'd done the night of the murder. Ronan realized that Phyllis and Tucker were in on Nick and Ashley's plot to hide the truth. Ronan marked up his suspect book, labeling Nick and Ashley as liars.

At the competency hearing, the judge declared that Tucker well enough to run his business again. Tucker's attorney asked the judge to rescind the Jabot deal. Kay said that Tucker had already signed off on the sales agreement. Kay produced a sales document that Tucker had signed. Kay pointed out the transaction had been just a couple of days earlier. The judge allowed Tucker to look at the papers. In order to prove his competency, the judge told Tucker he would have to say that he had known what he was doing when he signed the sales agreement.

Deacon arrived at Restless Style. Phyllis wondered if Deacon was stalking her. Deacon had high hopes for their relationship. Phyllis received a text message and responded to it. Deacon said that he wasn't looking for sex from Phyllis. Phyllis brought up Deacon's love affair with Nikki. Deacon said that Nikki was in his past. Phyllis didn't buy Deacon's seduction. Nick returned and found Deacon alone with Phyllis.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Nick entered the magazine office, interrupting Phyllis and Deacon in a tense conversation. Deacon asked Phyllis to leave with him, but she put him off until later. Nick suggested that Deacon get out of the office. Phyllis said she'd call Deacon. After Deacon walked out, Nick wondered why Phyllis had texted him to come break up her meeting with Deacon.

Nick asked Phyllis why she'd been hanging out with Deacon. Phyllis didn't answer directly, and Nick accused Phyllis of purposely toying with Nick about Deacon. Phyllis questioned Nick about his relationship with Ashley. Nick refused to answer at first, then explained to Phyllis that Ronan had called Nick and Ashley in to question them about Diane's murder. Phyllis suspected that Nick and Ashley had information about the murder.

Nick admitted that he and Ashley had been in the park, but not together, when Diane was killed. Phyllis guessed that the only person who had been there when Diane died was the real killer. Phyllis didn't know who the killer was, but eliminated herself and Nick as suspects. Nick informed Phyllis that Ronan would be questioning her because Nick had blown her alibi.

Nick asked Phyllis if she needed to tell him anything before Ronan interrogated her. Nick suggested that Deacon might have seen Phyllis do something, and Deacon was blackmailing Phyllis. Phyllis lied about why Deacon had been pestering her. Phyllis said that Deacon had nothing to blackmail her about. Nick said that he could make sure that Deacon let Phyllis alone if she wanted him to.

At the courthouse, Ashley entered the hearing room just as Tucker admitted to the judge that he'd signed a Jabot sales agreement. Tucker protested to the transaction, however, saying that Kay had purposely misled him by hiding the document in with a mountain of paper. Tucker asked the judge to cancel the sales agreement. Kay protested that it was a legitimate transaction and Tucker's signature was legitimate. Tucker's attorney defended his client, but the judge was strict. He said that if Tucker was competent enough to run his company, than the signature was valid and the sales agreement was legal. Jack congratulated Kay after the judge ruled in her favor. Kay told Jack that she believed that Tucker had not known what he'd signed.

Tucker told Ashley that Kay had beaten him. Ashley advised Tucker to enjoy his victory and not forget about Jabot. Kay approached Tucker and Ashley to say that she would not be challenging the legality of their marriage. Tucker warned Kay that he would not let the Jabot transaction go without a fight. Tucker told Ashley that Kay had only threatened to break up their marriage as a business ploy.

After Kay walked out, Tucker thanked Ashley for her support. Ashley asked Tucker to meet her at the coffeehouse so they could have a talk. When Tucker left, Ashley spoke with Jack about Jabot. Jack was grateful that Kay had won in court so he could remain CEO. Jack explained to Ashley that he'd had nothing to do with Kay's legal maneuvers. Ashley reminded Jack that Kay could not be trusted and that Kay had nearly sold Jabot to Victor.

Over dinner, Kay was irritated with Murphy. He was enjoying his pie, and she snapped at him. Murphy wondered whom Kay was mad at, Tucker or herself. Kay thought Tucker wasn't prepared to handle his company. Murphy told Kay it was all right if she felt bad about what she'd done to her son. Kay finally broke down and admitted to Murphy that she wasn't as heartless as she seemed.

Ashley met Tucker at Crimson Lights, confessed to him that she'd seen Diane the night of Diane's murder, and knew that Tucker and Diane had been lovers before Tucker told Ashley. Ashley warned Tucker that she'd blown their alibi when Malloy interviewed her. Tucker said that nothing mattered to him except Ashley. Tucker asked Ashley to move home and pleaded for her forgiveness. Ashley said she still loved Tucker, but she wanted more time. Tucker admitted that he couldn't live without Ashley.

At the state prison, Noah went to see Sharon, and she was thrilled to see her son. Sharon asked about Faith and noticed that Noah had grown taller. Sharon apologized for being behind bars. Noah said he was there because he missed her. Noah apologized for speaking badly to his mother in the past. Sharon admitted to Noah that she dreamed about him and Faith. Sharon felt bad that she'd left Faith and Noah when she ran off to New Mexico. Noah believed that Sharon had been through enough. Noah wanted Faith to see Sharon.

At the Athletic Club, Avery told Victor that she was counting on getting a new trial for Sharon instead of an appeal. Victor questioned Avery's tactics. Adam walked over and was surprised to hear from Avery that there would be a new trial for Sharon. Victor told Adam that between the SEC going after him, Malloy's questioning, and Adam lying on the stand at Sharon's trial, Adam would wind up behind bars for years. Adam declared that the SEC and Malloy had nothing on him. A cop arrived and orders Adam to go to Malloy's office. When Adam left, Avery told Victor that she'd been bluffing about her knowledge regarding Diane's investigation.

At the police station, Ronan and Paul discussed Diane's murder case. Paul thought Ronan had done a fine job collecting evidence, but Paul suggested dragging the creek to look for more. Ronan approved. When Adam arrived at the police station, Ronan spoke with him about the Harvard ring. Ronan revealed that the police analysis had shown that the chip in Adam's ring had occurred after Diane's murder.

Adam didn't think much of Ronan's evidence and challenged the detective to use it to arrest Adam. Ronan suspected that Adam was afraid of serving prison time again. Malloy believed that Adam would be arrested, tried, and convicted. Malloy told Adam to leave. Later, Paul returned with the contents from the river.

Avery confronted D.A. Walsh about Sharon's case. Avery asked Walsh to toss Sharon's conviction and approve of a new trial. Walsh thought Avery's idea was laughable.

Victor went to the prison to visit Sharon. Noah greeted him and then left. Victor embraced Sharon. Sharon told Victor how proud she was of Noah. Victor revealed to Sharon that Avery was trying to convince Walsh to grant Sharon a new trial. Sharon was excited. Victor handed Sharon a dress to wear at the new trial because he was confident that Sharon would soon be free.

A while later, Avery appeared and told Victor and Sharon that she'd gotten Walsh to agree to the new trial. It turned out that two of the jurors of the first trial had been social media friends and had discussed the case while serving on the jury. Walsh had known about the juror communication and had kept quiet about it. That was judicial misconduct, and Avery said that was enough to get a new trial. Avery credited Victor with fighting the war for Sharon and claimed that she was merely a soldier.

Jack met Noah at Gloworm and asked if Noah would be interested in doing the music for a Jabot commercial. Noah wondered if Jack was feeling sorry for him, but Noah agreed to think about doing it.

Later, Phyllis and Nick were having a drink at Gloworm. Phyllis was grateful that Nick had made sure that Deacon wasn't working at the bar that night. While Phyllis was in the ladies room, Avery approached Nick and told him about Sharon's new trial. Nick wanted to tell Phyllis. Nick went to find Phyllis, but when they returned to the bar, Avery had disappeared.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

While having a business meeting at Gloworm, Jack and Jill ran into Noah. Noah turned down Jack's offer to write music for a Jabot commercial. After Noah walked away, Jill pointed out that Noah had guessed that Jack had offered him a job to tick off Victor. Jill received a text message, and Jack suspected that it was from Colin. Jack told Jill that Colin's marriage with Genevieve was just a technicality because they were getting a divorce. Jack believed that Colin was ready to move on to someone else, someone like Jill. Jack urged Jill to give Colin a chance. Jill ended their business meeting, and Jack walked out of the restaurant.

Colin went to see Genevieve to hand-deliver the divorce papers. Genevieve looked at the documents and said that everything was in order. Colin was grateful that there was no drama from Genevieve about the end of their marriage. Colin apologized to Genevieve for all the pain he'd caused her. Genevieve recalled that there had been a reason they'd been in love. Colin said he had to leave, but Genevieve stopped to tell Colin that she'd slipped up with Jill and revealed that Colin and Genevieve had slept together. Genevieve warned Colin that if he was going to run back to Jill, claiming that he was a divorced man, Colin ought to know that Jill was onto him.

Colin accused Genevieve of being vindictive and said he would not play games with her anymore. Genevieve thought Colin resented the fact that she'd become a better game player than him. Colin said he'd outgrown Genevieve. Colin left, and Genevieve held it together until he closed the door. Genevieve then began to cry. Later, Jack arrived at Genevieve's for a visit. Jack knew about Genevieve's divorce, and he offered her a shoulder to cry on. Genevieve was more interested in celebrating her freedom. Jack produced a bottle of champagne that he'd taken with him just in case.

Genevieve and Jack toasted to her freedom. Genevieve thought Jack was very thoughtful to have her favorite champagne. Jack explained that he had experience with divorce. Jack thought that Colin had been a fool to let Genevieve go. Jack asked if Genevieve had been enjoying Genoa City. Genevieve felt as though she had been cocooning. Jack offered to join her in the cocoon. Genevieve admitted she hadn't made any friends in town. Jack offered to be her friend and kissed her. As they got more passionate, Jack suggested they go to the bedroom. Genevieve started to go with Jack, but then hesitated.

Genevieve admitted that she'd never made love to any man other than Colin. Genevieve explained that she'd been very young when she married Colin. Genevieve confessed that her biggest mistake had been staying with Colin after she knew that Colin was a criminal. Genevieve had hoped that Colin would change, but he never had. Genevieve declared that she'd been a coward because if she'd left with Samantha, her daughter would not have died. Genevieve showed Jack the photos on the mantel of Samantha. Genevieve explained that she'd shut down after Samantha's death, and it had lasted for years. Jack wiped away Genevieve's tears.

Genevieve revealed that she'd never had a lover, just a husband. Jack said he was impressed with Genevieve's courage and strength. Jack knew people who'd lost a child and had never overcome the grief. Jack said that Genevieve was dynamic and fascinating. Jack urged her to stop identifying herself as Colin's wife. Genevieve said that Jack had an open invitation to visit her anytime. Jack started to leave, but Genevieve declared that she'd been alone long enough. Genevieve was sure she wanted Jack to stay after all. They kissed deeply, and Jack led Genevieve upstairs to the bedroom.

Jill spoke to Colin on the phone and agreed to meet with him. Later, at Gloworm, Colin met with Jill and confessed that he'd slept with Genevieve before he asked for a divorce. Jill already knew that and accused Colin of doing damage control. Colin admitted that he knew that Jill had known about his night with Genevieve. Colin apologized to Jill for hurting her and said that he loved Jill.

Jill wondered how Colin could have slept with Genevieve if he had been in love with Jill. Colin said it hadn't made sense, but it had been his way of saying goodbye to Genevieve. Jill refused to play games with Colin the way Genevieve had. Colin said his marriage was over and he only wanted Jill.

Nick told Phyllis that Noah had gone to see Sharon in prison. Phyllis was curious about Sharon's new attorney, Avery Clark. Nick said that Clark had a great reputation for defending the wrongly accused. Nick left, and Phyllis cornered Adam at the bar. Phyllis asked Adam what he thought of Sharon's new trial prospects. Phyllis learned that Sharon's attorney was named Avery Bailey Clark. Phyllis seemed to recognize the name.

Adam was suspicious that Phyllis was questioning him about Avery. Phyllis made up a story and asked Adam more about Avery. Adam believed that Avery's reputation was a joke because he thought she was a walking disaster. Phyllis said that she'd quote him. Adam noticed that Phyllis hadn't been taking any notes. Phyllis denied being interested in Avery Clark. Adam suspected that Avery might threaten Phyllis. Back at her office, Phyllis did an Internet search for Avery Bailey Clark. Phyllis was freaked out by what she read online about Avery.

At the prison, Avery delivered good news to Sharon: she'd gotten Sharon a new trial. Avery told Sharon about the court schedule, explaining that the trial would commence the following week. Avery asked Sharon to go over the details of the case. Sharon told Avery why she'd flown to Hawaii; it had been to exonerate Adam. Avery said that Adam had been freed because of Sharon's efforts. Avery encouraged Sharon to keep a positive attitude. Avery said that they were still trying to track down Kona.

Nick asked Noah to tell him about Noah's visit with Sharon. Noah told Nick that Sharon had appreciated seeing him, and Sharon would love it if Nick took Faith to see her. Noah felt that Nick was punishing Sharon by not letting Faith visit. Noah blasted Nick for not thinking of Faith. Noah reminded that Nick he'd forgiven Phyllis and Victor time and time again.

Nick declared that he'd given Faith a sense of normalcy by keeping her away from Sharon. Noah said the Faith would rather have her mom than normalcy. Noah reminded Nick that when Nick had walked out on their family, Noah and Sharon had forgiven Nick. Later, Noah called Jack and left a message. Noah reconsidered and said that he'd work on the Jabot commercial after all.

Later, Nick arrived at the prison, interrupting Avery's meeting with Sharon. Avery said goodbye to Sharon. Nick told Sharon that Noah had convinced him to visit. Nick heard that Sam and Avery had been giving Sharon a lot of support. Sharon remembered that Nick had told her that Noah and Faith would have been better off if Sharon had died. Nick admitted that he'd overreacted. Nick still couldn't understand why Sharon had let the kids believe she'd die. Sharon tried to make Nick realize that she'd felt worthless.

Sharon appreciated that Nick had taken care of Faith and Noah when she was on the run. Sharon was sorry for everything that had happened. Nick said he had to leave and abruptly walked out. Nick returned a short time later with Faith. Sharon's face lit up. Sharon was thrilled to hold Faith again. Nick watched Sharon with Faith. Nick said that Faith deserved to see her mother. Nick said he was one step closer to understanding Sharon.

Avery approached Adam at the Athletic Club and told him that Sharon's new trial would begin in a week. Avery warned Adam he'd be called to testify. Adam wondered why Avery hadn't offered to take him on as a client, since everyone was going after him. Avery said that unlike Adam, Sharon was innocent. Adam walked away. Phyllis confronted Avery and asked why Avery was in Genoa City. Adam listened in on their conversation.

Friday, August 26, 2011

At the Athletic Club, Avery nervously greeted Phyllis, and Phyllis demanded to know why Avery was in town. While Adam listened intently from the top of the stairs, Avery stated that her reasons had nothing to do with Phyllis, who didn't believe her. The women entered Avery's hotel room, and Adam lurked outside and tried to listen through the door. Avery remarked that after all the years, she'd hoped Phyllis would have been happy to see her sister. Adam called someone and said he had some information, and he knew exactly what he had to do. He placed another call to book a flight out of town later that day.

Avery commented that she and Phyllis had lived separate lives, and Phyllis intended to keep it that way. Avery insisted that she hadn't planned to reconnect with Phyllis and that she was only in Genoa City to do a job. Phyllis asked if it was simply a coincidence that Phyllis lived there, and Avery admitted that she had kept track of Phyllis for years. Phyllis conceded that Avery had also made a name for herself, and she inquired about Avery's name change. Avery admitted she had been married in law school. Phyllis made a snarky comment about Avery taking a man's name, and Avery retorted that Phyllis had taken the surnames of multiple husbands. Phyllis demanded to know where her hotshot attorney sister had been when she herself had been in prison, and Avery retorted that she only defended the innocent.

Phyllis snapped that things were black and white with Avery, but she contended that there was something in between. Avery called Phyllis defensive, and Phyllis countered that Avery was judgmental. There was a moment of silence, and Phyllis commented that she didn't remember a lot about "that place" and that she hadn't talked to George or Lydia in years. Avery cried that she'd wanted to be close to Phyllis, and after Phyllis had left, she'd hoped for a letter or a call every day, but there never had been anything.

Avery continued that she'd idolized and missed her big sister and that she'd only been a kid when Phyllis had left. Phyllis insisted that she hadn't been able to stay, and she had hoped Avery could understand. Phyllis pointed out that they were older and had both done really well for themselves, and she suggested that they didn't look back. Avery became tearful when Phyllis said that no one owed anyone anything.

Moments later, Avery followed Phyllis into the hallway. Phyllis asked Avery to stay away, because no one had to know about their past. Phyllis ran out, and an upset Avery returned to her room. Avery placed a call and asked to speak to someone about Sharon's new trial, and she requested that the person meet her at the Athletic Club bar. She checked her appearance in a compact mirror to ensure she looked composed.

Jill was surprised that Colin hadn't left Gloworm, but he announced that he had ordered lunch for them, including her favorite dessert, Baked Alaska. Jill snapped that he'd mixed her up with his wife, because Jill preferred strawberries and cream. Colin refused to believe that Jill didn't want anything to do with him, but Jill swore that she hated him. Colin taunted her by saying she was sexy when she got hot and bothered, and she became even more flustered.

Jill and Colin shared some wine, and Colin asked Jill to admit she was glad she'd stayed, but she ordered him to eat fast. The server arrived with their meal, and Jill realized that Colin had arranged for the chef to make a special dish reminiscent of their first date. She scoffed that Colin's tactics wouldn't work, but he said they already had. He admitted he'd made mistakes, and he asked if she was the same person she had been 20 years before, and she appeared affected by his words. He inquired if she'd ever been changed by love, and she tearfully said she had, but not for the better.

Colin amorously recalled how awkward it had been when Lauren had caught him and Jill having sex on the desk in Lauren's office. Jill threatened to slap him, but he dared her to admit that she didn't hate him. She said he'd deceived and humiliated her, but she conceded that she couldn't hate him. He pointed out that she wasn't indifferent toward him, either, and he wondered how she really felt about him.

Jack and Genevieve ripped at one another's clothes and quickly fell into bed, where they continued to kiss passionately. In the afterglow of lovemaking, Jack asked Genevieve if she had any regrets, and she wished they'd done the deed sooner. They returned downstairs, and they agreed they had enjoyed their romp. He suggested that their parting didn't have to be awkward, and she remarked that they had just been two consenting adults having some fun. Genevieve noticed a shattered knickknack on the floor, and she mused that her housekeeper had probably knocked it over. Jack suggested they go to lunch at Gloworm.

Genevieve and Jack arrived at Gloworm, and Jill glared at them in disbelief that they were together. Jill asked how Jack could get involved with a lunatic, but he pointed out that he hadn't trashed Colin during their earlier conversation, and he requested the same courtesy. Jack suggested to Genevieve that they shift their plans to the Athletic Club, and Colin also offered to leave, but Jill refused to give up her favorite dish because of Genevieve's presence. Genevieve likewise insisted upon staying, and she sat down at a nearby table.

Jack and Genevieve kissed, and a server presented them with glasses of champagne, courtesy of Jill. Genevieve responded by sending over a bottle of champagne to Jill and Colin. Jill and Genevieve continued their display of one-upmanship by ordering one another desserts. Genevieve blew kisses at Jill, and both men looked uncomfortable.

Jill and Colin sipped champagne, and Genevieve and Jack kissed. Jack said he knew Genevieve was putting on a show, and he was fine with it, but he vowed that one day it wouldn't be about Colin. She leaned in for another kiss. Meanwhile, Jill stood and planted a long, passionate kiss on Colin, and Genevieve was visibly shaken. Colin declared that it was like old times, but Jill said it hadn't meant a thing, and she abruptly left. Genevieve smiled smugly. On his way out, Colin requested that the "garcon" send his bill to Jack's table.

At the D.A.'s office, Paul greeted Heather with flowers to celebrate her first day back on the job. She complained that she was on probation and that she'd have to start at the bottom. She revealed that her first assignment was to assist her former assistant with Sharon's trial. Spencer entered and announced that Clifton had suffered a heart attack, and Heather offered to fill in. Spencer made Heather second chair and asked her to ensure Clifton's cases were covered. She and Paul exited, and Heather raved that it was a great opportunity to work her way back up.

Michael greeted Eden at Crimson Lights as she fiddled with the espresso machine, and he ordered a cappuccino. Eden shot him an exasperated look, and Michael sympathized that the machine could be temperamental. Eden resolved to make his cappuccino, but she quickly became frazzled when the machine blew foamed milk on her. Michael relented and ordered regular coffee, and he joked to Kevin that he'd thought being a lawyer was hard. Kevin said that giving Eden a job was the least he could do to thank Michael and that he considered Eden his sister, too.

At Restless Style, Nick told Ashley that he expected to hear from the lab that day about the DNA test, but they had to stay one step ahead of the police. Michael entered, and Nick informed Michael that he wanted to be proactive. Michael assumed that Nick's request to meet had to do with Diane's murder. Nick admitted that he and Ashley had been in the park separately on the night of the murder. He added that someone might be blackmailing them and that Ronan considered them suspects. Michael told them to start from the beginning, and not to leave anything out, because secrets had a way of being exposed.

After updating Michael, Nick wondered if the calls were an extortion attempt, though Nick and Ashley acknowledged there had been no demands. Nick and Ashley voiced their suspicions about Adam, but Michael pointed out that they had no proof. Nick mentioned that the calls had been made from an untraceable phone, and Michael offered to contact someone who might be able to determine what part of town the calls had originated from. Ashley asked what else they could do, and Michael noted that the person had leverage over both of them, but they could remove it by going to the police and confessing everything.

Michael noted that the police knew both Nick and Ashley had been near the crime scene. Ashley worried about how easily Ronan had accepted their revised accounts of the evening. Michael said the recorded message proved that Nick had encountered Diane, but Nick didn't want the police to find out. Ashley commented that Ronan didn't know anything about the calls or the photo, and she and Nick intended to protect themselves and their families. Michael took a call and thanked someone for trying, and he reported that the ominous calls had been from all over town. Ashley suggested hiring a private investigator, but Michael said there was nothing to go on. Nick hoped that the DNA test would reveal that Adam was behind everything, since Nick had provided his own DNA as a sample to match against.

At Crimson Lights, Kevin and Eden welcomed Heather and Paul. Heather informed Eden that she'd temporarily taken a room at the Athletic Club until Eden found another place to live. Heather and Paul moved to a table, and Heather inquired whether the police were closer to an arrest in Diane's murder. Paul noted that there were too many suspects and not enough evidence. Paul recalled that Diane had once been married to his former partner, Andy, and he wanted Diane's murderer to pay. Heather wished she had more evidence for Sharon's trial, and she admitted that she was nervous about going up against Avery in the courtroom.

Michael and Ashley arrived, and Michael declared his disappointment to Heather that they'd be on opposite sides in the courtroom again. Heather and Paul headed back to work, and Michael noticed that Ashley had become oddly silent. Ashley said she felt uncomfortable around prosecutors. Michael vowed to get to the bottom of the harassment, and he promised to stand by her and Nick through the police investigation. Eden approached their table, and Michael suggested that she move back in with him and Lauren, but Eden was sure she'd find something on her own. A noticeably distraught Phyllis entered, and Michael watched her quickly retreat to the patio.

Kevin asked if he was working Eden too hard, because she seemed distracted. She said she was freaked out because she was homeless, and she'd feel like she was 15 again if she moved back in with Michael. She pointed out that Kevin had a huge apartment to himself, and she suggested that it would be fun to live together. He balked, but she continued to try to convince him it was a good idea.

Michael approached Phyllis and asked if she was okay, but she barked that he didn't care. Michael sat and assured her he'd never stopped caring. He didn't approve of her taking Lucy, but he offered to help if she was in trouble. She admitted that she was afraid. "Of what?" Michael asked. Phyllis tearfully replied, "My past ... coming back to haunt me." Phyllis made Michael promise that anything she said wouldn't leave the table, and she confessed that she had a sister, who was in Genoa City.

Nick pounded on Adam's door, and Adam stated that he wasn't buying whatever Nick was selling, but Nick stormed in anyway. Nick said he knew what Adam was doing, and he vowed to find proof that Adam had killed Diane. Adam countered that he had things going on that didn't involve Nick. Nick taunted that Adam was getting careless, but Adam maintained that he hadn't killed Diane and didn't know what Nick was talking about. Adam ordered Nick out, and he slammed the door behind his brother. Adam answered a call, and he sunk to the bed in shock when he learned that he couldn't get a plane ticket. Adam adamantly stated that he needed to be on the flight.

Nick entered the Athletic Club bar in response to Avery's message, and she said it was important that they talk. Avery explained that the new trial was Sharon's last chance, and she believed that Nick didn't want to see his ex-wife go to prison. Nick concurred, and Avery continued that she didn't want any surprises. Nick spotted Ashley, and he cut Avery off and said they'd have to meet later.

Nick approached Ashley at the bar and asked if she had any news, but she explained that she was only there to go to the gym to work out some stress. Nick received a call from the lab, and he listened to the DNA test results and thanked them for putting a rush on the request. He reported to Ashley that the envelope had no fingerprints, but the seal had the same DNA markers as Nick, so he assumed that the culprit was Adam.

Adam stormed into the D.A.'s office and demanded to know why his name was on the No-Fly List. Spencer explained that Adam was a witness in Sharon's trial as well as a key suspect in a murder investigation, and Adam had been instructed not to leave town. Adam announced that he'd been accepted into an experimental treatment program, because he'd been losing his peripheral vision, and the treatment might stop or reverse the process. He handed them the paperwork and said a cab was waiting for him downstairs. Spencer left the decision up to Heather, and Adam looked at her expectantly.

Heather called the doctor administering the trial and verified that Adam was telling the truth, and Spencer asked what her gut told her to do. She decided to let Adam go, and Adam sincerely thanked her. Adam stepped outside the office, and he breathed a huge sigh of relief.

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