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Sofia's baby's paternity could not be determined until he was born. Colin and Jill made love. Paul's investigation revealed that Tucker's son was Devon. Chloe had sex with Ronan, and she later learned that Delia was desperately ill.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of August 29, 2011 on Y&R
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Monday, August 29, 2011

At Gloworm, Cane read the dissolution of marriage document naming him as the defendant responder. Instead of signing and returning the form, Cane stuffed it and his ink pen into his breast pocket. Abby walked by, and Cane asked her if she'd talked to Daniel recently. Abby replied, "Why? Do you want to know if he's still seeing Lily?" Cane nodded.

Abby complained that Cane had destroyed her relationship with Daniel by pretending to be a ghost and haunting Lily. Abby claimed that had Lily not sucked Daniel back into her life, he and Abby could have worked out the kinks in their relationship. Cane coldly responded, "You can't always get what you want." Abby told Cane that he should know.

Daniel was busily sketching at his loft. He paused to recall, in a flashback, making love to Lily. A knock at the door broke his concentration. Daniel found Lily at the door. She apologized for having left soon after they'd made love the previous evening, so she could check on the twins. Daniel was relieved to learn that Lily hadn't considered their deepening relationship a mistake.

Lily, glowing, insisted that their spontaneous connection had been wonderful and beautiful. Daniel smiled when Lily assured him that she didn't regret their decision to make love. Lily added that she still needed to proceed slowly, so her old feelings for Cane didn't cloud the relationship she and Daniel had rekindled. Daniel told Lily that she had no idea how happy she'd made him.

Lily and Daniel decided to temper their passion by taking a walk. Lily and Daniel stopped by Gloworm and ran into Cane, who was still talking to Abby. Lily seemed stunned when Abby said, "Didn't take you long to get over the love of your life, did it, Lily?" Daniel pulled Abby aside and reminded her that they hadn't been a couple for some time. Abby replied, "Doesn't mean I want to see you with someone else, especially not Lily." Abby rushed out, and Daniel ran after her.

Cane asked Lily if she and Daniel were out on a date. Lily said she didn't want to discuss it. Cane asked about the babies, and Lily asked him why he hadn't returned the divorce papers. Cane admitted that he just hadn't been able to sign them. Lily said, "You mean you won't?" Cane explained that in his heart, he just felt it was wrong.

Lily told Cane he was hurting her by not allowing her to move on with her life. Cane assured Lily that they could work things out. Daniel returned and overheard Lily tell Cane that she had moved on. Lily ordered Cane to sign the papers and send them to the lawyer. Lily turned her back on Cane and faced Daniel. Lily and Daniel walked out together.

Victoria, at home, chatted with her mother on the phone while attempting to open a large box. After the call ended, Sam arrived to pick up his keys. After Victoria gave Sam the keys, she enlisted his help to open the box. Sam sliced the sealing tape with a knife. Victoria peered into the box and exclaimed, "Oh, no!"

Victoria, exasperated, explained that the bike she'd ordered for her son was supposed to arrive assembled. Sam said he didn't know Victoria had a son. Victoria explained that her son, Reed, lived with his dad. Victoria said that Reed would soon call via a video chat, and she had intended to show him the bike. Sam insisted on assembling the bike, so Victoria fetched a toolbox.

Victoria and Sam chitchatted about working for Victor. Sam talked about having met Sharon after he found her sleeping in his barn. Sam admitted that he'd never asked Sharon why she'd run away. Victoria told Sam that she couldn't understand why he had so easily forgiven Sharon for not telling him the truth. Sam finished assembling the bike, and Victoria admired her son's new toy. Victoria apologized for prying into Sam's relationship with Sharon. Victoria added that she wouldn't have been able to forgive and forget so easily.

Victoria heard Reed's call coming through, so she sat down in front of her laptop. Sam began collecting packing materials and said he'd leave after clearing away the mess. Victoria wheeled the bike in view of the camera and announced that she'd put it together just in time to show Reed his new bike. Reed asked if his mom had put the bike together. Victoria hesitated and admitted that she'd had help. Excitedly, Reed asked, "Is Billy back?" Victoria told Reed that a friend had helped her. Reed experienced a problem with the connection and promised to call his mother back later.

Sam told Victoria he'd get out of her way and move a few things into the apartment. Victoria said that Sam likely thought that her life was a mess, and she admitted that she was a wreck. Sam assured Victoria that he viewed her as a good mother who missed her child very much. He said he understood how she felt. Sam said he had to go, and he thanked Victoria for renting him the apartment. Victoria thanked Sam for putting the bike together and for being supportive and understanding.

At the prison, Sharon greeted Avery and asked about Koa. Avery explained that she was there to let Sharon know that she was Phyllis Newman's sister. Avery insisted that her connection to Phyllis wouldn't affect the way in which Sharon's legal proceedings would be handled. Sharon was taken aback and replied, "I don't know if I can trust you, now. Maybe you should go." Avery admitted that she hadn't seen Phyllis in many years, but she refused to elaborate. Avery insisted that she'd had no idea how intertwined Sharon life had been with Nick and Phyllis, though Avery acknowledged having read Phyllis' articles.

Sharon asked Avery if she'd gone to Genoa City to help with the appeal and not with the intention of reuniting with Phyllis. Avery claimed she had gone to defend Sharon as her attorney, but Sharon was wary. Sharon decided to remain with Avery because Avery had succeeded in arranging a new trial. Sharon demanded to know what had happened between Avery and Phyllis, but Avery claimed it wasn't pertinent. Sharon concluded that Avery wanted closure with Phyllis and pointed out that Phyllis would testify at the trial. Sharon stressed that it was crucial that Avery not jeopardize Sharon's future. Avery insisted that she would never compromise a client's defense. Avery assured Sharon that until the trial ended, she would be Avery's only concern.

After Avery left, Nick showed up. Sharon thanked Nick for arranging a visit with Faith because it had meant so much. Nick brought up Adam. Nick explained that he might soon need Sharon's assistance in order to understand his brother's twisted thinking. Nick added that Sharon had enough to deal with already. Sharon agreed and said her trial would begin the following week.

Nick said that Avery was an excellent lawyer. Sharon managed a half-smile and replied, "Yeah. She's a lot more than that. She's my only hope. She believes in my innocence, and my future rests in her hands." Nick agreed that Avery had a great reputation. Sharon insisted that if she had any shot at all, it would be up to Avery.

At Crimson Lights, Michael was shocked to hear Phyllis admit that she had a sister. When Phyllis mentioned that her sister's name was Avery, Michael realized that Phyllis' sister was Sharon's lawyer. Becoming emotional, Phyllis explained that she'd suffered emotional abuse from both her parents, so she'd decided to leave and never look back. Phyllis cried and told Michael that she just wanted to forget her traumatic past. Michael warned that buried wounds had a way of resurfacing. Phyllis quickly collected herself and insisted she was fine.

Phyllis maintained that her hotshot attorney sister, Avery Bailey Clark, was doing fine, as well. Michael admitted that he was the last person who should judge Phyllis after having once abandoned his own brother. Michael asked Phyllis if she felt a twinge of guilt for having avoided contact with her sister for so many years. Phyllis remained stoic. Michael thoughtfully advised Phyllis to consider repairing her damaged relationship to Avery because the young woman didn't seem to be tolerant and understanding. Phyllis claimed that Michael had caught her in at a weak moment and that she didn't need his advice.

Phyllis maintained that she intended to avoid seeing her sister again. Michael reminded Phyllis that she wouldn't be able to avoid her sister because Avery was lead counsel in Sharon's case. Phyllis insisted she'd made it clear to Avery that there would be no contact. Phyllis was shocked to receive a text message summoning her to give a last-minute deposition in Sharon's case. Phyllis said, "It looks like my little sister is on a power trip, but she doesn't know who she's dealing with, does she?"

Michael said that Avery Bailey Clark was tenacious. Michael added that Phyllis was also tenacious. Michael agreed to accompany Phyllis to her deposition. Phyllis thanked Michael for agreeing to be her friend again. Teasing, Michael said, "I don't want you to get beat up by your little sister." Phyllis grimaced.

In a courthouse office, Phyllis and Michael met with Avery. Michael and Avery exchanged greetings before Phyllis took Avery aside and reminded her that they had agreed to keep a distance between them. Avery told Phyllis that she was a material witness in Sharon's trial and needed to answer questions about her previous testimony. Avery asked Phyllis to state for the record whether or not she was Avery's sister. Phyllis seemed stunned, but she hesitantly replied, "Yes." Phyllis admitted that she hadn't seen Avery since the young woman was just a kid. Phyllis acknowledged that she'd had no contact in any form with her sister or their parents.

Avery asked Phyllis to state that their familial bond would not influence her testimony under oath regarding Sharon. Phyllis insisted that her testimony would not be influenced even though Avery was her sister. Avery asked about the memory card. Phyllis said that she'd traveled to Thailand in search of the card, but only Adam Newman had seen and heard the footage on the memory card. Phyllis said she taken home a bundle of cards because she believed one of them might have evidence that could clear Sharon. Phyllis explained that she'd hired a forensics expert, Emmett Robins, to examine the cards. After Robins had claimed that the cards had nothing useful, Phyllis said she'd instructed him to throw the cards away. However, the man had given the memory cards to Adam Newman.

Avery, reading from a transcript, claimed that Emmett had later discovered audio on one card that could help Sharon's case. Phyllis said she had never seen or heard the evidence, so Emmett's testimony was merely hearsay. Michael leaned toward Phyllis and whispered, "That's not helping." Phyllis, argumentative, insisted that she had no direct knowledge that could help Sharon.

Michael leaned very close to Phyllis, covered his mouth with his open hand and asked, "Are you really going to sacrifice Sharon just to get back at Avery?" Phyllis became agitated. Avery snapped, "What was that?" Phyllis replied, "Nothing. I don't have anything more to say to you." Avery glared at Phyllis.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Nick told Ashley that a private lab had confirmed that Adam's DNA was on the envelope containing the photo of Ashley in Town Park the night Diane had been killed. Nick concluded that Adam had also found Ashley's lost cell phone, which held a recording of Nick threatening Diane. Ashley said that Adam likely knew that Nick had been at the park, too. Ashley wondered aloud why Adam had been so careless with handling the envelope. Nick suggested that Adam had been thoughtless in his haste.

Ashley suggested to Nick that Adam had set a trap; otherwise he would have given the photo and the phone with Nick's threatening message to the Genoa City Police Department. Ashley added that the evidence would make it appear that she and Nick were the prime suspects and that Adam was in the clear. Nick explained that Adam could have sent the items anonymously to avoid letting police know Adam had been at the park when Diane was killed. Ashley insisted that Adam had concocted an agenda they knew nothing about.

Nick and Ashley went upstairs and used a master key borrowed from a maid's cleaning cart to enter Adam's room. Nick said they were looking for anything that might tie Adam to Diane's murder. Ashley was apprehensive, but Nick said he wasn't leaving until he found something. Becoming frustrated, Nick said he might just wait for Adam to return, jump him, and beat the truth out of him. Ashley found information about Adam's appointment with the out-of-town eye specialist and told Nick that Adam wasn't in Genoa City.

Nick phoned the doctor's office and confirmed Adam's appointment. After the call ended, Nick said, "It's legit. He's on the schedule." Ashley said that after Adam planted cameras at the ranch, spied on her, and tried to convince her that she'd lost her mind, she would never accept anything at face value where Adam was concerned. Ashley said the only way to beat Adam was to get into his head. Nick suggested they ask Sharon for help because she knew Adam better than anyone.

Ashley waited anxiously at the Genoa City Athletic Club bar. She phoned Nick and left a message, pleading with him to phone her after he spoke with Sharon. Abby surprised her mother, and Ashley nearly dropped her phone before quickly ending the call. Abby complained about having run into Lily and Daniel. Ashley said she thought Abby was no longer in a relationship with Daniel.

Abby said she supposed she missed having someone to talk to and lend support. Abby mentioned the videotaped confession that could send her to prison. Ashley, lowering her voice to a whisper, said that as long as the video didn't surface, everything would be okay. Abby said her life seemed to have spun out of her control. Ashley said her own life felt the same way.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

At Gloworm, Jack called Kay to report that Jabot's top marketing executive had resigned, leaving the company in the lurch. Kay suggested that they promote someone from Jabot's ranks, but Jack felt that nobody was qualified. Kay suggested that Jack think out of the box to bring in someone new. Kay said she would search for a new marketing director as well.

Gloria went to Jack's table and showed him that Genevieve had arrived. Jack invited Genevieve to join him, and Gloria went to the bar to get Genevieve's favorite champagne. Genevieve was excited to see Jack again. However, when Genevieve saw Jill at the door, she called Jill a buzzkill. Jill walked over to Jack and Genevieve's table. Jill complained that Jack and Genevieve were ruining the restaurant for her. Genevieve declared that she was over Colin, but that Jill was not. Jill called Genevieve a train wreck waiting to happen. Gloria served two glasses of champagne for Jack and Genevieve.

Jack received a text message and frowned. Genevieve asked what was bothering Jack, and he explained that Jabot's marketing director had resigned. Jack had seen the ideas proposed by some junior marketing executives in the email he'd received, and they were unimpressive. Jack showed Genevieve the text message, and she dismissed the ideas as old hat. Later, Gloria walked over and apologized for Jill's nastiness. Gloria mentioned to Genevieve that Jill had ruined John's life. Jack told Genevieve that John had been his father. Jack told Genevieve it was a long history.

Jack was curious to hear more of Genevieve's ideas for Jabot. Genevieve proposed a retro campaign, like old Hollywood glamour. Jack was intrigued and asked Genevieve to work for him at Jabot as the new head of Jabot's marketing department. Genevieve was amused and flattered, but said she didn't need a job. Jack offered her a chance to establish herself separate from Colin. Jack refused to take no for an answer. Jack said that Genevieve would be a stopgap answer for him, someone to run the marketing department until he made a full-time hire. Jack asked Genevieve to reconsider his offer.

Neil ran into Olivia at Crimson Lights. Neil was curious about Sofia's condition. Olivia said that Sofia had been doing well. When Olivia mentioned that Sofia had an appointment to determine paternity of the baby and have an ultrasound, Neil wanted to be there. Olivia told Neil that it wasn't her decision; it was Sofia's appointment. Neil reminded Olivia that her allegiance should be to him because he was family. Olivia said as a doctor, she had to be loyal to her patient, and that was Sofia. Olivia reminded Neil that the results from the appointment might be definitive. Neil told Olivia that he'd be at the appointment because he had to know if Sofia's child was his.

Tucker and Sofia had a meeting at the Athletic Club. Tucker could tell that Sofia was worried. Sofia admitted that she had a doctor's appointment that would determine the baby's paternity. Sofia believed in her heart that Malcolm was the father of the baby, and Sofia was hopeful that Malcolm would want to reunite with her once they knew the paternity of the baby. Tucker suggested that Sofia go to her appointment, and he would take over business for the rest of the day. Tucker explained that his brain was working a lot better, and he was prepared to take on whatever problems came his way.

Paul visited Kay at the mansion to report that he was close to uncovering the identity of Tucker's son. Kay was surprised that Paul had been successful so quickly when Tucker had been looking for years. Paul showed Kay a photo of Tucker with a groupie named Lollipop. Lollipop had been with Tucker in many photos from his younger years when he was a big shot in the music business. Paul told Kay that he'd arranged to meet Lollipop, a woman named Amy Koslow, at Gloworm. Later, Paul met Amy at the restaurant. Paul learned that Amy was still in the music business. When Paul showed Amy a photo of her and Tucker from twenty years before, Amy remembered Tucker McCall very well.

Esther announced that she was leaving to take Delia to the doctor for a summer cold. Jill arrived home, and Kay asked to speak with her. Kay wanted Jill's help with Jabot. Kay acknowledged that Jill had a lot to do with Fenmore's, but Kay needed Jill to take over marketing for Jabot. Kay feared that Tucker would do everything to get Jabot back. Kay also suspected that Jack would do anything to hold onto the Jabot CEO position.

Jill wondered why Kay hadn't just fired Jack if she didn't trust him. Kay explained that Jack had a contract. Kay asked Jill to take the job at Jabot and be Kay's spy. Jill wasn't interested in espionage. Kay flattered Jill by pointing out her successes in business. Jill would only consider the marketing job if Kay could name Jill the Jabot CEO when Jack failed. Jill wanted a commitment in writing. Kay said that she'd consider it. Jill demanded a contract, or else she wouldn't take the position. Kay agreed to Jill's demands. Jill offered to speak with Lauren about exiting Fenmore's immediately.

Jack took Genevieve to the Jabot building and showed her the office for the head of marketing. Jack offered Genevieve a great package of extras, including a parking space and a personal assistant. Genevieve still refused to accept the position. Jack upped the offer by promising Genevieve that she'd be working closely with him. They kissed, and Genevieve was interested.

Sofia met with Olivia at the hospital. Olivia explained that if the test results were unchanged, the paternity would not be determinable. Sofia was hopeful that Malcolm was the father. Olivia told Sofia that she let it slip to Neil about the appointment. Sofia was upset, but agreed to let both Malcolm and Neil be in the room for the appointment.

At the basketball court, Malcolm was shooting baskets when Neil arrived with his ball, ready to play, too. Malcolm decided to leave. Neil said that he'd see Malcolm at Sofia's doctor appointment. Malcolm told Neil to stay away from Sofia and the baby. Malcolm said that he might not be Sofia's husband much longer, but he wanted Neil out of Sofia's life. Neil reminded Malcolm that he'd slept with Sofia when she was a free woman. Malcolm declared that he wanted nothing to do with Neil.

Neil pointed out that Malcolm had slept with Dru years before, and Neil had been forced to forgive him. Malcolm told Neil that as brothers, their relationship was ruined. Malcolm threw the ball at Neil's head. Neil challenged Malcolm to a game. In a physical game of one-on-one basketball, the brothers hit each other. Neil was shocked that Malcolm was blaming him for having been with Sofia. Malcolm declared that he'd always been the black sheep, not Neil. Malcolm felt that even if the baby was his, the rift between him and Neil would never be repaired.

Later, Malcolm joined Sofia in the examination room, and Olivia said hello. Sofia told Malcolm that she had not invited Neil to the exam. Sofia said that she loved Malcolm and wanted to reunite with him. Malcolm was cold to Sofia. Neil arrived. The ultrasound showed that Sofia was carrying a healthy baby boy. Olivia went to check on the blood work results. When she returned, Olivia opened the envelope. Neil, Malcolm, and Sofia all waited to hear who was the father of Sofia's baby.

Devon and Hunter ran into Noah at Crimson Lights. Devon complained that they should be in the studio, working on the record. Noah explained that he had taken a job for Jabot and couldn't work on the record with Devon. Noah wanted his music heard nationally, and that was possible with a Jabot commercial. Devon reminded Noah that they had a contract with Tucker's company. Noah was certain that Jack would get Noah out of the contract. Devon was disappointed in Noah. Noah received a message and had to leave.

After Noah left, Tucker arrived. Tucker met Hunter and learned that she'd grown up in New York and had been in foster care all her life. Devon and Tucker spoke privately, and Tucker asked why he and Noah were not in the studio working on the record. Devon explained that Noah had taken a job for Jabot. Devon declared that Noah had bailed on the project, but Devon hoped to stay on with Tucker's music business. Tucker said that his company was out to make money. Devon asked for another chance. Tucker offered Devon one more opportunity. Devon had to bring Tucker another star with potential within 24 hours.

Kay arrived at Gloworm, and Paul introduced Kay to Amy. Amy knew that Kay was Tucker's mother and spoke well of Tucker. However, when Kay asked if Amy had been close to Tucker, Amy said that she and Tucker had never been romantically involved. Amy explained that Tucker had had many girlfriends in those days. Amy recalled one in particular, a girl who's nickname was Candy Cane.

Amy said that Candy had been in love with Tucker and when Candy left the scene, the rumor had been that Candy might have been pregnant with Tucker's baby. Amy announced that she had to leave for the airport. Amy asked Kay and Paul to tell Tucker that Lollipop said hello. Paul walked her out. Tucker confronted Kay to ask her what she was up to.

Devon told Hunter that he was afraid of blowing it with Tucker. Hunter suggested searching the Internet for undiscovered talent. Devon placed a call to a promising artist. Noah returned, and Devon told him about Tucker's ultimatum. Devon revealed to Noah that he was going to use the opportunity to produce his sister, Ana.

Jill walked into the Jabot office and announced that Kay had hired her as head of marketing. Genevieve said that she was the new head of marketing and that Jack had hired her.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Lily and Devon were surprised when Cane approached them at Crimson Lights. Devon wanted to tell Cane to walk away, but Lily asked Devon to take the twins out so Lily could speak with Cane privately. Cane handed Lily the signed divorce papers. Lily thanked him. Cane announced that he'd be moving back to Australia.

Lily told Cane that he didn't have to leave Genoa City. Cane said it was too painful to remain so near to Lily and the children without being part of their lives. Cane asked Lily to kiss the twins each day for him. Cane promised Lily that he would always love her. Cane then he walked out of the coffeehouse.

In the hospital exam room, Olivia looked at the results of Sofia's blood work and reported to Neil, Malcolm, and Sofia that the tests revealed nothing definitive about the paternity of Sofia's baby. Olivia suggested that Sofia consider amniocentesis to determine the paternity, but Sofia, Neil, and Malcolm rejected that idea because they didn't want to do anything to jeopardize the baby. Olivia said that the only other way to determine who was the father of Sofia's baby would be to wait until the baby was born.

In the office of the head of marketing for Jabot Cosmetics, Jack stopped Jill and Genevieve from having a catfight. The women squabbled about who had been given the job as head of marketing. Jack told Jill that he could settle the argument. Jack informed Jill that she was fired. Jack called for security to escort Jill out of the office. Jill refused to leave or be intimidated by Jack's threats. Jill pointed out that Genevieve had no experience to handle the marketing position.

At the Athletic Club, Tucker spoke to Kay and demanded the minutes from the last board meeting where she'd managed to convince the board to approve her purchase of Jabot. Tucker was determined to find out which board members had turned against him. Kay was unimpressed with Tucker's threats. Tucker told his mother that he was well again and ready to take on Kay. Tucker vowed to undo everything Kay had done while she ran his company. Kay refused to be intimidated by Tucker. Kay announced that she had to leave; she had a meeting at Jabot.

Jill waved her contract to Jack to prove that she was the rightful director of marketing for Jabot. Kay appeared in the office and said that she had hired Jill. Kay declared that Genevieve would never work for Jabot. Jack insisted that Genevieve was his choice. Genevieve decided to leave, and Jack promised her that he would straighten out the misunderstanding. Jack defended his choice by telling Jill and Kay that Genevieve was cultured and brilliant. Jill had nothing nice to say about Genevieve, and Kay asked Jill to leave the office.

Alone with Kay, Jack said that he was furious that Kay was questioning him about one hire. Kay said that she owned the company, and the decision of who to run the marketing department of Jabot was hers. Jack insisted that Kay trust him to run the company. Kay offered a compromise; she suggested that Jill and Genevieve work together to do the marketing for Jabot. Jack didn't think Jill and Genevieve would ever be able to collaborate. Kay told Jack to work it out and then she left. Jill returned to the office and asked if she could break the news to Genevieve that Jill had the job instead of Genevieve. Jill asked when she should start working. Jack told Jill the next day would be fine.

Genevieve returned home after the encounter with Jill and Kay at Jabot, furious at both women. Cane showed up unexpectedly to tell his mother that his divorce from Lily had been finalized, and Cane was returning to Australia. Genevieve said that she had gone to Genoa City for Cane and wondered if Lily and her family were running Cane out of town. Cane said it was his decision to leave, and he asked Genevieve to go with him. Cane pointed out to his mother that nobody wanted her to remain in town. Genevieve declared that by staying in Genoa City, she could protect Lily from Colin. Cane wanted Genevieve to leave Lily alone.

Colin arrived at the house and handed Genevieve their final divorce papers. Genevieve told Colin that Cane's divorce had been finalized, too, and Cane was returning to Australia. Cane asked Colin and Genevieve to go with him Down Under. Colin was stunned, but he wanted to stay in Genoa City to be near the twins. Cane vowed to kill Colin if he went near his children. Genevieve questioned if Cane would really go back to Australia, and he said yes.

After Cane left, Genevieve blamed Colin for causing her last child to leave her. Genevieve said that Colin should have left Cane alone when Cane married Lily and made a life in Genoa City. Colin said that he was the only one who cared about Caleb and Cane and that Genevieve had screwed up the kids. Genevieve tried to strike Colin, but he blocked her shot. Jack arrived, and Genevieve said that Colin had to leave. Colin told Jack that Genevieve was all his then he left.

Genevieve told Jack that Cane had said he was moving to Australia. Also, Genevieve had just learned that her divorce from Colin was final. Jack asked what he could do to help her. Genevieve responded with a passionate kiss. Jack and Genevieve were on the couch, getting romantic. Jack stopped Genevieve from kissing him. Jack held Genevieve gently, and she softened and comforted herself in his arms. Jack held Genevieve as she began to cry.

At the Chancellor house, Cane arrived to see Jill. Jill was happy to see him. Cane warned Jill to keep Colin out of her life, but Jill was certain that Cane would protect her from Colin. Cane revealed that he was there to say goodbye; he was returning to Australia. Jill became upset and accused Cane of breaking her heart after she'd let him get close to her again. Cane said that he'd tried not to care about Jill and Kay, but he had anyway. Cane hoped that he could save Jill and Kay more pain by leaving town. Jill started to cry and asked Cane to stay.

Neil met with Lily and Devon, revealing that Sofia's baby's paternity was inconclusive. Lily was upset to hear that Neil and Malcolm were still at odds. Lily told her father and brother that Cane was returning to Australia. Colin arrived at the Chancellor house to see Jill. Jill saw him in the doorway and slammed the door in his face.

After the examination, Sofia stopped Malcolm from leaving in order to ask him to keep an open mind about the baby. Malcolm refused to compromise unless he was certain the baby was his. Later, Malcolm confronted Olivia, saying that he wanted answers. Malcolm wanted to know why Olivia had kept quiet about Sofia's infidelity. Olivia apologized for keeping Sofia's secret.

Malcolm thought Olivia was wrong-headed to think she could keep the truth from coming out. Olivia said that Sofia's baby had been a ray of hope during a dark time in their family's life. Malcolm felt he couldn't trust anyone or anything. Malcolm thought he and Sofia might be able to work things out if the baby was his. Olivia told Malcolm that Sofia needed him.

Olivia offered Neil a peace offering -- a photo from the sonogram -- and apologized for keeping Sofia's secret. Kay approached after Olivia left. Kay asked about Neil's news. Neil said that Sofia's child was a healthy boy, but they still hadn't determined paternity. Kay told Neil that if the child were his, Neil would need to be there for the baby.

At the basketball court, Devon challenged Malcolm to a game. Devon said he'd heard about the paternity issue. Malcolm told Devon not to feel caught in the middle between Malcolm and Neil. Malcolm recalled that he had been cheated out of raising Lily. Olivia appeared, and Devon asked her if she wanted to play. Olivia passed on the game, but she handed Malcolm a photograph from the sonogram.

Tucker called Sofia and left a message for her to call him back. Later, at Gloworm, Lily congratulated Sofia about learning that she was having a boy. Sofia was upset that the paternity was still undetermined. Lily told Sofia that Cane had decided to move back to Australia. Lily advised Sofia to concentrate on the baby, not Malcolm or Neil.

Lily reminded Sofia how strong and tough Sofia had been when they met. Lily urged Sofia to get back that strength for the sake of her son. Sofia had some advice for Lily, too. Sofia revealed that she'd lost her father, and Mattie and Charlie would feel the loss of Cane if he went back to Australia. A short time later, Tucker met Sofia and assured her that she was still sassy. Sofia showed Tucker the baby photo from the sonogram.

Lily and the twins were at the coffeehouse. She promised them that they'd be okay without Cane. The kids reacted when a man walked in who looked like Cane. At the airport, Cane was at the ticket desk to check in his luggage. Lily showed up with Mattie and Charlie. Cane walked over and embraced the three of them.

Paul continued investigating to find the mother of Tucker's son. Someone watched as Paul interviewed a person about a photograph showing Tucker with a groupie named Lollipop. Paul thanked the person he'd visited and said goodbye.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Jill arrived at the Jabot office and was offended to see Genevieve's flowers and her things on the desk. Genevieve appeared, and Jill questioned why she had bothered to show up. The ladies disagreed on who was the true director of marketing. They each placed a call to determine who was really supposed to be on the job; Jill called Kay, and Genevieve called Jack.

At Gloworm, Neil met with Kay to discuss Jabot business. Neil said the preliminary numbers for the sales were fantastic. Kay said that Jabot had hired a new marketing team -- Jill and Genevieve. Neil was shocked that they would work together, since they had both been rivals for Colin. Kay felt the competition between the two women would energize the workplace.

At Crimson Lights, Colin and Jack ran into each other. Jack ordered coffee and pastries for the office and then asked Colin to pay for his order, since Colin had stuck Jack with the Gloworm dinner bill the other night. Colin learned from Jack that Genevieve and Jill had both been hired to manage the Jabot marketing department. Jack wished Colin good luck in worming his way back into Jill's life.

Later, as Jill and Genevieve were screaming at each other, Jack entered the office and told the women they had to work together. Genevieve and Jill exchanged insults about each other's abilities. Jack said they had to work together and warned them to stop mucking up his plans for Jabot, or he would fire them both. After Jack walked out of the office, Jill said she wanted the two desks set far apart. Jack called Kay to report that Jill and Genevieve had agreed to collaborate. Jack wanted to speak with Kay personally, so Kay arranged to meet with him at the mansion later in the day. Kay reported to Neil that Jack had gotten Genevieve and Jill to work together.

Jill was banging on the keys of her computer. Genevieve was irritated and announced that she leaving for a coffee break. Before she left, flowers were delivered to the office, and Genevieve assumed that Jack had sent them to her. Instead, the flowers were for Jill. After Genevieve walked out, Jill read the card, and Colin entered the office. Colin said that he was there to wish Jill good luck on the new job.

Jill thanked Colin for the flowers. Jill then apologized for slamming the door in his face the night before. Colin said that he'd gone to her house to explain that his plan when he arrived in Genoa City had been to rebuild his family. Colin didn't regret moving there because of his romance with Jill. Colin kissed Jill.

Colin and Jill got passionate, but then Jill stopped him. Jill went to the door. Colin was surprised when Jill locked the door and began to undress. Colin pulled her into a kiss. Colin pushed Genevieve's stuff off her desk and made space for him and Jill to make love.

Chloe entered the living room and saw that Nina was alone. Nina asked about Delia's well-being because she'd been ill. Chloe said that Delia had recovered from a virus thanks to Esther's chicken soup. Nina mentioned that she had still not heard from Chance and was concerned. Nina said she felt just as estranged from her other son, Ronan.

Chloe left the mansion and went to the coffeehouse. Eden served a coffee to Chloe, and Kevin asked about Delia's cold. Chloe said that Delia was all better. Chloe asked if Kevin was available later, but he said he was busy. Chloe thought that Kevin was playing games with her, then she realized that Kevin had a date with another woman. Chloe thought it was great that Kevin was dating again.

Kay returned home and realized that Nina was depressed about Chance. Nina was also upset that Ronan didn't want anything to do with her. Kay said that Ronan had to take responsibility for being selfish. Nina still felt bereft without either of her sons in her life. Nina left to take a walk.

Heather arrived at the police station and informed Ronan that she was working for the D.A.'s office. When Heather asked Ronan why he hadn't bothered to talk with Nina, Ronan refused to discuss his mother with Heather. Ronan walked out, saying that he was going for a work out. Chloe arrived at the police station, looking for Ronan. Chloe was surprised to see Heather there. Heather assumed that Chloe was interested in Ronan romantically. Chloe told Heather that she wanted to see Ronan to tell him off. Heather let Chloe know that she could find Ronan at the Athletic Club.

Without calling, Daniel stopped by Lily's to ask her out for an impromptu date. Cane suddenly appeared from the bathroom, where he was bathing the twins. Lily explained to Daniel that Cane was there because the twins needed their father. Daniel objected to Cane being allowed back into Lily's life. When one of the kids cried, Cane left to care for them. Lily assured Daniel that Cane was only there because of the twins. Daniel didn't trust Cane. Lily agreed that she and Cane had things to work out.

Daniel went to Crimson Lights and complained to Kevin and Eden about how Cane was infiltrating Lily's life again. Daniel wanted to get Cane to leave Lily alone. Later, Daniel went to see Neil at Gloworm. Daniel said that he needed to discuss Lily with Neil. Neil was concerned. Daniel informed Neil that he'd seen Cane back at the house with Lily and the twins. Daniel said that Lily had invited Cane for a visit. Daniel admitted that he was worried about Lily.

At the house, Cane told Lily that he was glad that the twins still remember him. Cane added that he still missed Lily. Lily told Cane that she felt weird with him in the house because the last time Cane had been there, he was pretending to be a ghost. Cane apologized again for lying to Lily. Cane assured her that he was anxious to prove himself to her. Cane made a phone call and was able to keep his job at Jimmy's, since he wasn't leaving town after all. Lily told Cane that she would speak to her attorney and emend the divorce agreement to allow Cane supervised visitation of the twins. Lily asked Cane to leave and said she'd text him in a few days.

Ronan was at the basketball court, shooting hoops, when Chloe confronted him. Chloe threw his basketball aside. Chloe then blasted Ronan for ignoring Nina. Ronan was unapologetic about the way he treated his mother. Chloe told Ronan he was disrespectful to Nina and advised him to leave town. Ronan declared that he had an important job to do, and that was why he was in town. Chloe said that Ronan could support his mother, but he wouldn't do it. Chloe felt that if Ronan left, he'd be doing everyone a favor. Ronan said that Chloe had no idea about the real reason he had returned or why he had left in the first place.

Eden met Jodie, Kevin's date, when she arrived at the coffeehouse. Kevin was happy to see Jodie, and they agreed to go to a Mexican restaurant for lunch. While Jodie went to the ladies room, Eden apologized to Kevin for doubting that he really had a date. Jodie mentioned to Eden that she was excited to go out with Kevin because he was so male. Kevin left on his date.

Daniel returned and asked Eden if he'd done the right thing by telling Neil about Cane being back in Lily's life. Eden thought Daniel had done the right thing because he was risking Lily being angry with him. Eden said that Daniel had guts and integrity. Eden also said he was very male.

Jack went to the mansion for a meeting with Kay. Jack boasted of his success since taking over Jabot. Jack asked Kay to sell him controlling interest in Jabot. Jack pointed out that Kay had no attachment to Jabot, but Jack did. Jack offered to pay exorbitantly to get control of Jabot. Kay said that she'd consider the offer.

Neil went to Lily's and warned her not to trust Cane again. Lily was upset that Daniel had told Neil about Cane's visit. Neil reminded Lily of Cane's duplicity. Lily remembered that Cane had also nursed her through cancer. Lily could not blot out her past with Cane. Lily was determined to let her children have Cane's love. Neil told Lily that she was making a mistake. Lily refused to change her mind and asked Neil to leave.

Genevieve ran into Cane at Crimson Lights. Cane said that Lily had reconsidered allowing him to see the children, so Cane had decided to stay in town. Genevieve said that Cane had been lying about leaving in the first place. Cane said he had intended to leave, but Genevieve didn't believe him. Genevieve said that Cane was a true Atkinson, and Cane had "played" Lily to get his way.

Paul met Nina outside the front door of the mansion. Paul was on his way to see Kay. Nina told Paul that Ronan confused her. Nina wished she could let go of her love for Ronan. Paul said that he was not a fan of Ronan, but Paul offered to speak with Ronan for Nina. Paul walked into the house and said hello to Kay. Jack announced that he'd leave so they could speak. Kay asked if Paul's investigation had been successful. Paul said yes, that he had news about Tucker's son.

Chloe burst into Ronan's apartment. Ronan had been in the shower and had only a towel wrapped around his waist. As Chloe pushed him and demanded answers, Ronan grabbed her, and they kissed passionately.

Friday, September 2, 2011

At Jabot, Genevieve and Jill traded barbs in their shared office. Jill crowed that her first day at the office had been extremely fulfilling. Jack entered and suggested that they get down to business, and Jill pointedly said, "Some already have." Jack handed the women paperwork and informed them that he'd already started to tweak the current marketing campaign, and he wanted new ideas from them for the holidays. The women took turns bragging about what they each had to offer. Jill declared that she would work from home for the rest of the day, because it was cramped in the office, and she left.

Genevieve proposed a glamorous theme for Jabot's holiday promotion. She suddenly spotted a cufflink on the floor and picked it up. She noted that it was Colin's, and that the cufflink set had been a gift from her. She looked around her desk and noticed that many of her things had been moved. She slowly realized that Colin and Jill had taken advantage of Genevieve's break to have a romp in the office, and Jack said Jill was no stranger to office sex. Genevieve blasted Jill's smug attitude, but Jack assured her it wouldn't be that way for too much longer, because he intended to convince Katherine to sell him controlling interest in Jabot. He was confident that eventually Jill would be out, and Genevieve alone would hold the marketing director position.

Genevieve thoroughly cleaned her desk and said no one understood how important it was to reclaim a family business. Jack disclosed that he also intended to go after Beauty of Nature, and together with Jabot, he'd form the largest cosmetics company in the world. She was impressed and excited to be along for the ride. "Oh, it's going to be one hell of a ride, all right," he swore.

From the Athletic Club, Neil called Devon, who stood outside Tucker's door and asked to call Neil back. Devon hung up and knocked on the door. Tucker answered and remarked that he'd given Devon 24 hours to do a job, and it had been over 27. Devon asked if Tucker had some time, and Tucker invited him in. Tucker asked who the next breakout artist was going to be.

Devon explained that he'd diligently tracked down some musicians he knew, but none of them had been able to put together a demo on short notice. Tucker assumed that the artists weren't serious about breaking into the business. Devon agreed, and he said he had contacted someone who would undoubtedly be a star -- his younger sister, Ana -- but the timing wasn't right, because she had to put her education first. Tucker coldly stated that Devon's efforts hadn't cut it and that Devon hadn't made his deadline.

Devon admitted that he hadn't been able to accomplish the assigned task in the designated amount of time. Tucker demanded that Devon state that he had missed his deadline. Devon argued that musicians with real potential couldn't be found on the street, and he asked for more time to prove himself. Tucker countered that he couldn't give everyone with a passion for music a job, and he needed strong people who could deliver in the big leagues. Tucker pointed out that Devon had allowed Noah to walk out of his contract, and he felt that Devon hadn't been tough enough. Tucker wished Devon the best, and he fired Devon.

At the Chancellor mansion, Katherine and Paul wished Esther and Delia a good time at the zoo. Esther and Delia left, and Katherine asked to hear Paul's big news. Paul informed her that the search had paid off, and she realized that he had discovered the identity of Tucker's son. Paul said that he knew the young man personally, and she did, as well -- it was Devon.

Katherine pondered the thought that Devon was her grandson. She imagined everything Devon had endured before Neil and Dru had taken him in. She asked how Paul had put together the pieces, and he explained that he'd done research on the groupie nicknamed Candy Cane, who Amy had mentioned. He'd learned that Candy was Yolanda, Devon's mom, and he'd tracked down Yolanda's aunt, Virginia. Paul had reported to Virginia that he'd been investigating Devon's paternity and that he didn't want to tell Devon anything until he had real news.

Paul continued that Yolanda hadn't spoken about Tucker much, but Virginia had known that Devon's father had worked with the same band Yolanda had followed, and Virginia had known his first name -- Mick, short for McCall. Katherine couldn't believe that Devon had been close by the whole time, and she realized that Tucker had no idea he had been working with his own son. Katherine marveled that her grandson was no longer an abstract idea.

Paul opined that the secret shouldn't be kept from father or son, since Devon had wondered about his father his whole life. Katherine asserted that Tucker had had over 20 years to locate his son with far more information to go on, and if he'd wanted his son in his life, he would have found Devon long before. She acknowledged that the situation had to be handled delicately, and she asked Paul not to tell anyone. She cited that there were confidentiality rules Paul had to abide by, but he pointed out that she was more than just a client, and he begged her not to let her issues with Tucker cloud her thinking.

Katherine's phone rang, and she thanked Paul for his work and asked him to show himself out. She answered the phone to Neil, who wanted to reschedule their meeting, because Tucker had fired Devon, who was upset. Katherine mused that she also had someone to speak with right away. Later, Katherine arrived to see Tucker and suggested they put their hostility aside to salvage what was left of their personal relationship. "Forgive me if I don't believe a word out of your mouth," he spat.

Katherine knew they weren't a perfect family, but she reminded him that they were mother and son, and she asked if he could find a middle ground. He retorted that he'd heard it all before, and nothing ever changed, and it never would. She maintained that she was trying to make peace, but he told her to leave, because he had work to do. She inquired if that was his final word, and he opened the door. She stared at him for a moment, and then she exited.

Jill arrived home, where Esther was tending to an ill Delia on the couch. Jill commented that the doctors had determined that Delia had been fine, but Esther said the girl had been exhausted and had woken up with a fever. Jill suspected it was the flu, and she promised Delia they'd take good care of her. Delia wanted her mommy, and Esther assured the girl that Chloe would be home soon, because Esther had left a message for Chloe.

Delia resisted when Esther tried to take her temperature again, but she eventually relented. A worried Esther stepped into the foyer with Jill and reported that Delia's fever was almost 105 degrees. Delia called for Esther, who ran back to her granddaughter's side. Jill left a frantic message for Chloe to return home immediately.

Chloe and Ronan kissed passionately. He began to undress her, and his towel dropped to the floor. After they had sex, she remarked that she'd only stopped by to talk, but he joked that she'd attacked him. She playfully retorted that he'd opened the door with no clothes on. They lightheartedly bantered, and she commented that his reputation was "to love 'em and leave 'em."

Ronan started to say that it hadn't been a random encounter, but Chloe cut him off and questioned whether it had been premeditated. He laughed that she twisted everything around to drive him crazy. They continued kissing, and she touched the scar on his abdomen. He asked if she wanted something to drink, and she replied that she'd really like for him to tell her why he'd left without saying goodbye to anyone. When Ronan balked, Chloe couldn't believe that Ronan continued to shut her out, and she pushed him again to open up. He told her to get dressed, and then he'd tell her why he'd left.

After Chloe dressed, Ronan knelt next to her and vaguely explained that the FBI hadn't given him a choice about leaving town. She complained that it wasn't an answer, but he replied that he shouldn't even have told her even that much. Chloe speculated that he'd become uncomfortable because he'd gotten too close to Chance and Nina. She asserted that he could make things better if he gave a damn, but she believed he didn't. She sauntered out, and he sank to the floor, clearly upset.

Nina approached Heather at Gloworm and said that Paul was happy to have her home. Nina hoped they could talk, but Heather claimed that she was due in court. Nina promised to be brief, and Heather hesitantly offered her a seat. Nina admitted that she wanted to discuss Ronan, who had cut himself off from the world, and Heather was sorry that Nina was having a difficult time. Nina had hoped to get answers about why Ronan had left, and Heather suggested that Chloe might be able to get them.

Nina pointed out that Ronan had really seemed to care about Heather and begged Heather to try, but Heather didn't think she could help. Nina understood why Heather wouldn't want to do Nina any favors, and she apologized for taking her anger out on Heather. Heather understood, and she clarified that her not wanting to talk to Ronan had nothing to do with Nina, but rather because she felt that any conversation with him would be pointless. Heather disclosed that she'd tried to talk to Ronan but hadn't gotten anywhere, and she was convinced that he'd never be the kind of man everyone wanted him to be. Nina admitted that Heather might be right.

Paul arrived and approached Heather and Nina's table. Nina explained that they had been discussing Ronan, and Heather left for the courthouse. Paul commented that it had been nice to see the women talking. Nina said she'd apologized, and Paul was glad that Heather would no longer be in a position to be hurt by Ronan. Nina wailed that it broke her heart to know she might never have a relationship with Ronan.

Nina recalled that she'd told Ronan that he had been dead to her, and she regretted it, because he was still her son. Paul hated to see her hurting, but he thought it would be worse if she gave up on Ronan. He encouraged her to keep trying, at least to get some closure. Later, Paul left a message for Katherine, in the hope that she'd reconsider what he'd said, because he felt that keeping the secret would only make things worse for everyone.

Later, Ronan ran into Heather at Crimson Lights, and she said he obviously wasn't following her since she knew he wanted nothing to do with her. She declared her intention to stay far away from him, other than when they worked together. Meanwhile, Chloe returned home, and a frantic Nina informed her that Esther and Jill had taken a very sick Delia to the hospital. Chloe rushed out.

Neil and Devon met at the Athletic Club. Neil recognized that Tucker's demands had been impossible to accomplish, but a devastated Devon acknowledged that big record producers did the impossible every day. Devon commented that Tucker had two very different sides, and Neil agreed that he never knew what side of Tucker he'd see. Devon thought perhaps he didn't belong in a business where he could never screw up.

Devon didn't see how he could have forced Noah to keep the job, and Neil urged Devon to go down another path, and Neil cited Devon's aptitude for business. Devon became irritated that Neil was urging him to give up on his life dream. Neil pointed out that most people didn't make it in music, and he encouraged Devon to be realistic and to think about a solid, stable career. Devon insisted that music was his career and that he couldn't treat it as a hobby. Devon blasted Neil for suggesting that Devon give up because of one bad break, and he stormed off.

Later, Tucker opened his door to Neil, who wanted to speak with him about Devon. Tucker explained that he wasn't running a training program, and Devon had failed. Neil argued that Tucker had only given Devon a day to do the impossible. Tucker retorted that Neil had only given Devon a worthless bachelor's degree and a gift of a little studio time, and he contended that Neil could have done more to support Devon's dream. Neil warned Tucker not to tell him how to parent his kid, and Tucker cautioned Neil not to tell him how to manage his staff. Tucker added that he wasn't Devon's daddy, and it wasn't his job to hold Devon's hand.

Devon met Katherine at the Athletic Club and remarked that he had been surprised to get her call. She said they had something very important to discuss. Katherine revealed that she knew that Tucker had cut Devon loose, and he forlornly noted that bad news traveled fast. She claimed that she'd been considering starting a record label, and when she'd heard Devon was available, she'd decided to move forward with her plans.

Devon asked if Katherine was offering him a job, and she suggested that he head up the label. He gasped in shock and thought she was joking, but she assured him that she wouldn't joke about staffing matters, and she asked if he was interested. He smiled broadly and expressed his enthusiasm. She declared him president of her new division, which she intended to name something hip and fun. He looked at her oddly and asked why she'd chosen him, because he had little experience.

Katherine asked for Devon's opinion about who the most successful people in the town were. He named her, Victor, and Tucker. She observed that they had all overcome adversities, but they had achieved great things, and she implied that Devon could also be included in that category one day. She said she'd watched him struggle and survive and grow into a fine young man, and she was truly looking forward to working with him.

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