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At the warehouse, the suspects in Diane's murder agreed to destroy the incriminating film footage. Myrna was really Patty, who had suffered burns all over her face and body. Lily and Cane reunited. Chloe proposed to Kevin. Phyllis and Ronan made love.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of October 24, 2011 on Y&R
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Monday, October 24, 2011

At Colin's suite at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Ronan instructed police to collect everything Colin owned as evidence. Genevieve, in shock, told Ronan she was still reeling after learning that Colin had arranged for her to be murdered. Genevieve told Ronan that she felt responsible for her housekeeper's injuries. Genevieve explained that Myrna was a kind, gentle woman, who wouldn't hurt a fly.

At the hospital, a woman bearing a cat tattoo on her left ankle rested in bed. The hospital-issued identification bracelet listed that woman as Myrna Murdock. A nurse attended to the patient, whose entire head was wrapped in gauze bandages. Myrna could not respond because a respirator assisted her breathing. The nurse instructed the patient to depress a self-administered dose of pain medication to ease her suffering.

A doctor told Genevieve that Myrna's lungs had been damaged in the fiery explosion, which was intended to kill Genevieve. The doctor said he'd been unable to locate Ms. Murdock's family. Genevieve promised to look after Myrna, and the doctor said that in time, Myrna's face should heal enough for her look the same as she had before the incident.

Genevieve braced herself before entering Myrna's room. Genevieve sobbed as she offered heartfelt apologies to her injured housekeeper. The only other sound in the room was the rush of air from the ventilator. Genevieve hovered over Myrna and said, "You've never done anything to anyone. You don't deserve this kind of pain."

Ronan arrived, and Genevieve explained that the doctor had been optimistic about Myrna's recovery. Genevieve reminded Ronan that he, according to the text message he'd sent Jack, was late for the meeting Ronan had arranged at the warehouse on County Highway. Myrna suddenly experienced a rapid heart rate, and alarms sounded. Ronan stepped out and summoned a doctor. Myrna's doctor concluded that she had experienced an emotional reaction to her trauma and pain. The doctor explained that time and pain management would help his patient, whose heart rate had returned to normal.

After the doctor left, Ronan asked Genevieve about the text message directing Jack to meet him at the warehouse. Ronan explained that he'd misplaced his phone. Genevieve determined that someone was making mischief with Ronan's phone by sending text messages. Before Ronan left, he vowed to find out who had his phone.

Genevieve spoke soothingly to her recuperating housekeeper. Genevieve acknowledged that she knew nothing about Myrna's family or personal life. Not expecting a reply, Genevieve said, "I don't even know if there was someone special in your life that you loved. Was there, Myrna?" Genevieve mentioned her passionate love for Colin, and she admitted that he'd never loved her the same way. Genevieve bemoaned fairytale love stories. She cried that love wasn't hearts and flowers. She said that often it was fire and ashes.

In a warehouse on the outskirts of town, Jack, Phyllis, and Nick watched a film projected against a wall. Abby, Ashley, and Tucker, along with Victor and Victoria, watched, too, as the grainy black-and-white film began. All had been summoned via text message to meet Ronan at the warehouse. Jack maintained that Ronan hadn't sent the text.

Snippets of the film showed Jack, Abby, and Ashley pushing and tussling with Diane. Tucker was seen with his hands wrapped around Diane's neck. Diane had tried to break free when Nick grabbed her from behind. Phyllis was seen picking up a rock and chasing Diane after she tried to flee. Victoria could be seen reacting in horror after Victor picked up a large rock with his handkerchief. It looked as if Victor had intended to strike Diane when she charged at him. Victoria was seen stifling her scream by placing her hand over her mouth.

After the film ended, Nick discovered that the film projector had been wired to a timer. Abby cried that the film was an invasion of privacy, and she implicated Adam. Ashley, shaken, insisted that it was Ronan's ploy to force a confession from the person who had killed Diane. All asserted their innocence. Nick admitted that he'd felt rage for Diane that night in the park. Victor maintained that Diane had lunged at him and not the other way around. Each blamed the other and warned that the police might be recording their heated conversations in the warehouse.

Victoria cried that Ronan could try to bully them, but he would lose. Nick suggested that Ronan was not the person who'd gathered them together at the warehouse to watch the film. Nick insisted that Adam was the mastermind. Jack wondered aloud what Adam's objective could be. Tucker agreed with Nick that Ronan had not been involved. Abby cried, "It's never going to be over, is it?" Jack received a call from Genevieve. She told Jack that Colin was in jail and that Myrna was hospitalized. Genevieve told Jack that Ronan had not sent the text message, but was on his way to the warehouse.

After the call ended, Jack told everyone that Ronan hadn't sent the text. Jack warned that Ronan would arrive any minute. Victoria panicked at the thought of Ronan seeing the film. Tucker said he would ensure that Ronan never viewed the film.

After Ronan arrived, Phyllis pointed out that he was late for the meeting he'd arranged with everyone. Ronan explained that he'd lost his phone, so he hadn't arranged the meeting. Nick showed Ronan the text message he'd received after Jack explained that the message indicated there had been a leak of information at the police station. Ronan asked what had happened after everyone arrived. Nick responded, "Nothing at all." Everyone nodded in agreement.

Adam wandered around in an emptied pumpkin patch after closing hours. Straining his eyes to see in the darkness, Adam called out, "I'm here. What do you want from me?" Adam outstretched his hands and repeatedly called out to the person who had summoned him. Adam stumbled upon a scarecrow dressed in a nun's habit. An illuminated jack-o-lantern smiled beneath the black-and-white veil. Adam said aloud to himself, "I was right, Patty. You're back."

Adam returned to his room at the club and sighed. He said aloud to himself, "I've got to find you, Patty, before you start ruining things for me." Adam phoned the number Patty had used to summon him to the pumpkin patch and left a message instructing her to meet with him. Adam answered a knock at his door and found Victor standing before him. Victor asked, "What kind of trouble have you gotten yourself into now?"

Victor told Adam that he should have a ready alibi because the police would want to know why he'd failed to show up at a meeting Ronan had arranged with all the people suspected of murdering Diane. Adam glibly asked what motive he'd had to kill Diane. Victor warned that he would return to discuss the matter further if he discovered that Adam had arranged the meeting at the warehouse. After Victor left, Adam heard another knock. No one was present when Adam opened the door, but he found an envelope on the floor. Inside the envelope, Adam found a silver cell phone. Adam pressed buttons on the phone and said, "Let's find out who owns this little phone."

Victor returned to the warehouse and found Ronan still questioning Victoria. Ronan asked Victor why he'd left so quickly after Ronan had arrived. Victor noted that his son Adam had not been present with the others at the warehouse. Victoria told Ronan that it was obvious to her that Adam had sent the text messages.

Ronan pointed out that Victoria had never been an official suspect. Ronan suggested that Adam knew something about Victoria that could help him with his investigation. Victor said, "If you want to talk to my daughter, you do so at the station. My lawyer will be present. Is that clear?" After Victor and Victoria left, Ronan said aloud to himself, "What exactly happened here tonight?"

Ronan showed up at Adam's. Once inside, Ronan asked Adam where he'd been earlier in the evening. Adam claimed he'd been on planet Earth. Ronan quickly spotted his phone on a table. He picked it up and asked Adam where he'd found his phone. Adam explained that someone had dropped it off at his door. Ronan told Adam that they should discuss the matter at the station. Adam said, "And here we go again."

Victor accompanied Victoria to her house. Victoria told her dad that it was horrifying to discover that someone had recorded everything that had taken place in the park the night Diane was killed. Victor said he hoped the footage had been permanently destroyed. Victoria cried that there could be copies of the video. She said, "Now I am not the only one who knows what you did out there."

Jack stopped by the hospital to comfort Genevieve. Outside Myrna's room, Genevieve told Jack that Colin had lied to her right up until the end. She sobbed after she told Jack that it was devastating to think that Colin had ordered the murder of the woman who'd borne his children. Jack seemed uneasy. Genevieve asked about Ronan's message. Jack sighed and explained that it had been a misunderstanding.

Jack asked about Myrna. Genevieve invited Jack inside Myrna's room. Genevieve introduced Jack to Myrna. Jack told the mystery patient that she was fortunate to have her own angel looking after her. Jack assured Myrna that Genevieve would make sure she healed as quickly as possible. Genevieve kissed Jack and lovingly stoked his face. Myrna watched through the eye slits in her bandage. As Jack and Genevieve kissed, Myrna tightened her hand into a fist.

Tucker, Ashley, and Abby went to the McCalls' condo. Abby, brooding and withdrawn, said she had to leave just after they arrived. Ashley told Tucker she wished Abby hadn't seen her mother fighting with Diane. Tucker assured Ashley that everything would be fine. Ashley didn't relax even though Tucker insisted that Abby would be all right.

After Tucker showered, he sat beside Ashley on the sofa. Ashley, contemplative, remarked that Phyllis and Victor had both picked up rocks during their altercations with Diane. Ashley shook her head and cried that there'd been so many lies told and so much anger directed at Diane. Tucker said he regretted not admitting that he'd put his hands around Diane's throat after she riled him. Tucker said that Diane had pushed him, and he'd fallen into some poison sumac. Tucker insisted that he'd regained control of his emotions and left. Ashley said she believed Tucker when he said he hadn't killed Diane.

Phyllis and Nick retreated to the patio at Crimson Lights. Nick told Phyllis that he'd already confessed the details about his encounter with Diane. He told Phyllis that she'd never mentioned having picked up a rock. Phyllis insisted she didn't kill Diane. Phyllis reminded Nick that many people had grudges against Diane.

Nick said he supposed that Adam had shot the film and arranged for them to see it at the warehouse. Phyllis said she wasn't sure Adam was to blame. She suggested that one of the people in the warehouse might be the guilty party and had staged the incident to throw everyone off track. Nick said he felt that Phyllis was hiding something. Phyllis admitted that she'd picked up a rock, but maintained that she had dropped it when Diane began arguing with someone else. Phyllis insisted that Diane was still walking and talking when Phyllis left. Nick told Phyllis that she was still hiding something, and he begged her to tell him what it was.

In shock, Abby sat in her car and sighed. She shook her head and said aloud to herself, "How can I not remember what happened?"

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

At the coffeehouse, Phyllis told Nick she was obsessing about the clandestine meeting with all the suspects at the warehouse. Victor joined them and asked if either of them knew about the film footage on the projector. Victor informed Nick and Phyllis that Ronan was still unaware of the film that was on the projector. Nick was convinced that Adam had been the culprit who set up the suspect meeting. Phyllis agreed that Adam always liked having the upper hand.

Avery approached and wanted to consult with Victor. Avery's phone rang, and Adam asked her to be his lawyer. Avery turned him down. Victor was surprised to hear Adam had been taken to the police station. Victor asked Avery to wait for him while he finished with Phyllis and Nick. Phyllis and Victor worried about the film footage, and Phyllis suspected that Adam had a copy of the film. Nick decided to go and question Ronan to pump him for information. Victor left Phyllis for his meeting with Avery.

Victor asked Avery to reconsider her decision not to represent Adam. Avery wondered why Victor would want her to defend his son. Victor explained that he wanted to know what Adam knew about Diane's murder and thought Avery could use her access to him to get that information. Avery agreed to interview Adam, but she assured Victor that her focus would be Sharon's defense. After Avery departed, Phyllis met with Victor again and said she regretted that Victor hadn't chased Adam out of town.

Victor conceded that Adam was a pathological liar, but Victor believed that Adam had not been in on the warehouse get-together. Phyllis asked Victor who had killed Diane if it had not been Adam. Victor and Phyllis both admitted that they'd lifted rocks against Diane that night, but Victor and Phyllis had conflicting theories about why they were not the killer. Victor received a call, and Phyllis left. Victor was happy to hear from Nikki.

At the police station, Ronan criticized Adam for placing a call to a lawyer. Adam complained that he'd been kept overnight for questioning. Adam demanded that Ronan either book him or let him go. Ronan wanted to know where Adam had driven the night before. Adam refused to say, and he wouldn't explain why he'd been agitated.

Ronan accused Adam of using Ronan's phone to lure all the suspects to the warehouse. Adam claimed that he'd been unaware of the gathering until Victor had told him about it after the fact. Adam suggested that Victor might have set him up. Ronan pointed out that Adam always blamed Victor for framing him. Ronan said the evidence had been stacking up against Adam, prompting Adam to wondered if Ronan was the one who was trying to set him up.

Ronan sent Adam to a holding cell just as Nick showed up. Nick told Ronan that Adam had been behind the get-together in the warehouse. Nick had proof that Adam was trying to toy with the suspects: photos from the encounters in the park that had been sent to Ashley. Nick revealed to Ronan that he'd taken the photos for DNA testing. Nick showed Ronan that the results were proof that Adam had touched the pictures.

Ronan asked why Nick had not taken the photos to the police in the first place, and was unimpressed with Nick's excuse. Ronan declared that the information was useless because there was no chain of evidence. Ronan surmised that Nick had been on a fishing expedition, trying to get Ronan to reveal his theory of who killed Diane. Nick left.

Adam met with Avery in the jail's visitor room. Avery offered to let Adam convince her why she should represent him. Adam said that he'd done bad things, but not what Ronan was accusing him of. Avery drew an analogy between Adam's fear of being accused of something he hadn't done to Sharon being tried for Skye's murder. Adam realized that Avery was there to do some good for Sharon.

Adam gave Avery a dollar so that he would hire her as his attorney, and everything he said to her would be confidential. Avery accepted the money and offered to get Ronan off Adam's back. Despite Avery's argument, Ronan wasn't interested in releasing Adam. Avery sympathized with Ronan's frustrations in building the case. Ronan observed that Genoa City was a city filled with entitled liars. Later, Avery returned to Adam and let him know that Ronan would be letting him go. Adam lived up to his end of the deal, telling Avery that he'd give her the information about what he had done with Sharon's memory card.

Nick met again with Phyllis, this time at Gloworm. Nick said that he'd failed to convince Ronan to reveal anything to him. Nick said that Ronan was a difficult person to get a handle on. Phyllis told Nick that Victor had been convinced that Adam was not Diane's killer. Phyllis decided that she wanted to take a crack at probing Ronan.

After Phyllis departed, Victor approached Nick and told him that he'd heard from Nikki. Nick was pleased and offered to go to the airport to pick up his mother. Victor said that wasn't necessary because Nikki had decided to take a trip before flying home to Genoa City.

At the jail, Genevieve went to visit Colin before his deportation. Genevieve encouraged Colin to confess his fear of being convicted, but Colin wasn't ready to give up. Colin asked Genevieve to return the millions that she'd stolen from him. Genevieve said she had no millions that belonged to Colin, and she had no interest in cutting Colin a break. Colin reminded Genevieve of the good times they'd shared when they were married, but Genevieve couldn't get past the fact that Colin had tried to kill her.

Genevieve pulled out a small journal and showed Colin the contents. Genevieve said it was the key to his codes and accounts. Genevieve said that she planned to use it to put Colin away for life. Colin asked Genevieve to burn the book. Genevieve said the authorities would want to see the information and that Colin's goose was cooked.

Colin threatened to tell the cops that Genevieve had absconded with millions from him. Genevieve denied that she had millions and claimed that she worked for a living. Colin believed that he could sink Genevieve with his information, but Genevieve was confident that she had the upper hand.

At Gloworm, Kay ran into Jill. Jill was drinking and expected Kay to take shots at her for her relationship with Colin in light of the fact that Colin had been arrested. Jill invited Kay to take her best shot. Kay took a seat and told Jill she had no intention of being critical.

Jill admitted that she'd been a sucker for Colin. Kay offered sympathy and understanding and took the martini away from Jill. Kay was surprised to learn that Jill had handcuffed Colin to the bed and served him up to the police. Jill said that Colin had begged and pleaded for her to let him go, but Jill had refused. Kay agreed to go with Jill to Colin's deportation hearing.

Paul went to the Chancellor mansion to see Nina. After Nina greeted Paul, he told Nina that he had news. Nina was overjoyed when Chance followed Paul into the house. Chance explained that the State Department had reassigned him to the sting operation that had led to Colin's arrest. Nina was shocked that Chance had been in town, working on the case. Chance admitted that he'd teamed with Ronan.

Nina understood why they had kept everything quiet, but she was surprised when Chance still had no idea why Ronan had bolted after the transplant. Chance explained that Ronan refused to explain his actions. Nina was frustrated, but Chance understood that Ronan was dedicated to his work. Chance had to go to Colin's deportation hearing. Nina asked to go along.

At the jail, Genevieve walked out of her meeting with Colin and saw Jill and Kay. Then Nina arrived with Chance and Paul. Jill wanted to see Colin before the hearing. Kay complimented Chance on his heroism. Chance said Ronan and Cane had been involved with taking Colin down, too.

In the other room, Colin complimented Jill on how lovely she looked. Jill was shocked that Colin was still flirting with her. Colin was curious about why she'd gone to see him. Colin anticipated that someday Jill would want him back. Jill said that would never happen.

Genevieve told Chance about the notebook she'd found in the house, and how important it had been to Colin. Jill exited with Colin and a guard. Chance was about to take Colin away when Genevieve stopped Chance and offered him the codebook. Kay leaned over to Jill and said, "I told you so."

In his office, Ronan studied the suspect board, then looked at the pillow called "There's No Place Like Home." At the airport, Nikki boarded a plane to London.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Abby arrived at Tucker and Ashley's, complaining that she was still very upset about the meeting in the warehouse. Abby recalled the horrible images from the film footage, and Ashley admitted that she thought the images were very disturbing. Abby and Ashley assumed that the cops had not discovered the film. Tucker told Abby not to worry about whether there was a copy of the film out there. Abby agreed that they all had to remain united.

Tucker was impressed that Abby had finally accepted him as part of the family. Tucker hoped that Devon would give him a chance to be a father to him as well. Abby warned Tucker that Devon had an incredible family with Neil and Lily. Abby explained to Tucker that Devon was not angry about learning his true paternity, but Devon wanted to live his own life. Abby said that Devon was a really good guy and had a lot of integrity. Abby walked out of the apartment and smiled to herself. Outside the door, Abby placed a call to Devon, and they arranged to meet at Crimson Lights.

Later, Tucker asked Ashley if she was concerned about what she'd seen on the film footage in the warehouse. Tucker told Ashley that he had been angry with Diane in the park, but he had not killed her. Tucker worried that Ashley thought badly of him because of what she had seen in the film. Ashley said that Diane had pushed them both to the brink of violence that night. Ashley knew that Tucker had not killed Diane.

After kissing, Ashley asked Tucker if he would set a wedding date with her. Tucker was thrilled that Ashley wanted to get married before the holidays. Ashley hoped that Devon would accept an invitation to attend their wedding. Tucker kissed Ashley gratefully. Later, Tucker and Ashley looked at his laptop calendar to decide on a date for the wedding.

Phyllis was dressed in a sexy outfit when she sidled up to Ronan at the Gloworm bar. Phyllis ordered a drink and started to flirt with Ronan. Phyllis wondered why Ronan wasn't holed up in his office, working on the Diane Jenkins murder case. Ronan explained it was his night off. Phyllis understood the need to get away from the stress, admitting that the get-together at the warehouse had been crazy.

Later, Ronan was impressed that Phyllis knew about baseball. Phyllis was surprised to see Ronan laugh and continued to flirt with him. Phyllis assumed Ronan was under a lot of pressure and offered to be a friend to him. Phyllis told Ronan that he could vent about the case by confiding in her. Phyllis promised that anything Ronan said would just be between the two of them. Ronan said he knew what Phyllis was really after.

Ronan accused Phyllis of tracking him down to pump him for information about Adam. Ronan assumed that Phyllis was on a mission for Nick, since he'd gotten no information from Ronan himself. Phyllis claimed that she had no interest in Adam's arrest and just wanted to be Ronan's friend. Ronan agreed to work with Phyllis if she gave him something more than friendship.

Ronan asked Phyllis to tell him what had really happened at the warehouse. Phyllis wouldn't say and Ronan pointed out that Phyllis and the others were all secret-keepers. Phyllis said she had nothing to offer Ronan about the case. Ronan ended the evening, then his phone rang. Phyllis asked if they were leaving together. Ronan said he had to return to the station. Ronan suggested that they talk again some other time.

Heather ran into Ricky at the coffeehouse. They both agreed that they were overworked. Heather offered to buy Ricky a coffee. Over java, Heather wondered if Ricky was enjoying the work with Avery. Heather assumed it was emotionally taxing. Ricky said he had no emotional attachment to Sharon. Ricky saw the case simply as an opportunity for him to get more work in the future. Ricky said he had never been given anything and had to work for all his opportunities. Heather claimed that she'd worked very hard, too, to get ahead.

Paul appeared and was pleased to see his children talking and sharing a cup of coffee. Paul wanted Ricky and Heather to become closer. Paul invited both of his kids to spend the holidays with him. Heather agreed, and so did Ricky. Paul spoke privately to Heather to tell her that Chance had returned to Genoa City. Paul explained that Chance had been working on the Colin Atkinson case with Ronan.

At Neil's, Devon informed his dad that he'd spent some time with Lily. Devon had a new attitude about Cane because he'd saved Lily life. Devon noticed that Neil was exhausted. Neil admitted that taking care of the new baby was hard work. Devon received a phone call and arranged to meet Abby at Crimson Lights. Neil wondered if Devon and Abby were becoming an item. Devon said Abby had been a supportive friend during the Tucker business. Devon asked about Malcolm, and Neil admitted he hadn't heard from his brother. Sofia entered the room and said hello to Devon.

After Devon left, Sofia sympathized with Neil about how tired he was, noticing that he'd taken on a lot since Moses was born. Neil was more concerned about Sofia. Neil told her she needed to rest while the baby was asleep. Sofia received a special delivery package containing her official divorce papers. Sofia was shocked that Malcolm had divorced her so quickly.

Sofia recalled her romance with Malcolm, how fun he'd been at the start. Sofia wondered how she could have hurt Malcolm so badly by getting pregnant with Neil's baby. Sofia felt guilty that Malcolm had left his job, his home, and the family. Neil explained that Malcolm had always been a runner and that it was his pattern. Sofia removed her ring and realized she was a single mother. Neil said he would not leave her or Moses. Neil hugged Sofia supportively.

Abby met Devon on the patio at Crimson Lights. Abby said she'd had a revelation about Devon. Abby explained that she hoped Devon agreed with her about her revelation. Abby liked that they'd become closer. Just as Abby was about to ask Devon to go out with her on a date, Roxy surprised him. Devon was thrilled that she was back in town and kissed Roxy joyously. Abby watched them hugging and was mortified.

Roxy thanked Abby for being such a supportive friend to Devon. Abby offered the lovebirds some privacy and walked away. Later, inside the coffeehouse, Abby was drinking coffee alone. Ricky approached her and started making a pass. Abby was unimpressed with his flirting. Ricky tried being honest by telling Abby she was beautiful. Abby thought Ricky was smart, good-looking, and full of it. Ricky liked that she thought he was smart and good-looking.

Meanwhile, on the patio, Roxy had a gift for Devon. It was a journal in which he could write lyrics. The initials on the journal were DW for Devon Winters, instead of Devon Hamilton. Devon appreciated Roxy's gift. Roxy learned that Devon's mother, Harmony, had left town just as she'd promised him she would. Devon said he didn't need Harmony, but he did need Roxy.

Cane went to see Lily, and she greeted him with a passionate kiss. Lily had hoped Cane would be spending more time with her. Cane said he'd been working with the authorities to build a case against Colin. Lily said she'd been anxious to see Cane, but he explained that he had to leave to speak with Colin before Colin was deported. Lily asked to go with Cane because she wanted to speak with Colin, too.

At the jail, Colin was surprised to see Lily and Cane. Lily was relieved that Colin was locked up. Colin was confident that he'd overcome his predicament. Colin accused Cane of betraying him. Cane taunted Colin, wondering if he was happy that he'd gotten what he wanted. Cane and Lily walked out.

Genevieve arrived to see Colin. Genevieve explained that she needed to have one last talk with Colin. Genevieve teased Colin with the idea of a conjugal visit. Colin wondered what she wanted to say to him. Genevieve brought up an old friend of Colin's, Barney from Australia. Colin was surprised that she'd been in touch with Barney.

Genevieve explained that Barney said he was looking forward to seeing Colin when he was deported to Australia. Barney would visit Colin in prison. Colin was glad to receive the information. Colin wanted to know why Genevieve had called Barney. Genevieve said that Colin made her do crazy things. Genevieve said goodbye and walked out.

Back home, Lily admitted to Cane that she'd been afraid of Colin for a long time. Lily appreciated that Cane had made things right for her by putting Colin behind bars. Cane offered to leave, but Lily didn't want Cane to go. Lily kissed him seductively. Cane and Lily got undressed and moved into the bedroom to make love.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

At the police station, Chance and Ronan wrapped up their work on Colin's case. Ronan said he had to get back to work on the Jenkins murder. Chance invited Ronan to go to dinner with him at Nina's, but Ronan refused to go because he didn't want to have a mother-son relationship with Nina. Chance accepted that Ronan had used him to get a new liver, but Chance couldn't understand why Ronan was so nasty to Nina. Ronan said his only mother was the woman who had raised him. Chance accused Ronan of being an ass. Despite Chance's questions, Ronan refused to explain his behavior. Ronan asked Chance to tell Nina to stop trying to reach out to him.

Heather and Paul met at Crimson Lights. Heather admitted that she had broken up with Chance because of the danger in his life, whether in his work as a cop or in the military. Heather told her father that she had wanted to be with Chance and wondered if she had made a mistake by leaving him. Paul had no advice for Heather because he had such a bad history with romance. Paul left to meet Nina for dinner at the mansion.

Later, Heather's phone rang, and she was glad to receive a call from Chance. Chance said he was done with the Atkinson case and wanted to speak with her. Heather agreed to meet Chance at the police station. Heather went to the station and walked into Ronan's office, where Chance was alone. Chance and Heather were awkward with each other, but they both wanted to talk.

Chance explained that Heather had been right about the fact that their relationship would have never worked because he was too wrapped up in his career. Heather disagreed and said that she had made a mistake by breaking up with Chance. Heather apologized for being so forward, but Chance was understanding and listened as Heather threw herself at him. Chance admired Heather's spirit, but he didn't see a future for the two of them together.

Heather regretted that she had let Chance go because she still loved him. Chance said that he loved what he'd had with Heather, but it was over. Chance was certain that Heather would find another man in the future. Heather got emotional. Chance apologized, and Heather left the office in tears.

Paul went to the mansion, where Nina said they would have a wonderful dinner. Nina was also happy that Chance was joining them. Paul mentioned that he'd seen Heather earlier. Nina said that perhaps Heather and Chance's relationship breaking up the way it had might have been a good thing. Paul revealed to Nina that Heather had second thoughts about losing Chance.

Nina felt that Heather and Chance's relationship wouldn't have worked out in the long run. Chance arrived at the mansion, and Nina greeted him with a big hug. Paul stepped out of the room. When the doorbell rang, Nina wondered who could be there. Chance and Nina opened the front door and were surprised to see that Ronan had shown up.

In Delia's room at the hospital, the doctor informed Chloe that Delia's recovery was right on schedule. The transplant had been successful. Chloe was overjoyed and expressed her gratitude to Kevin for providing the bone marrow donation. After the doctor left the room, Chloe gushed that Delia was going to be all better. Chloe told Delia that she loved Kevin, and it was thanks to him that Delia would recover from her cancer. Chloe had an idea and used her phone to call Victoria. Chloe asked Victoria if they could meet.

At her home, Victoria and Victor finished up with some Newman Enterprises business. Victor was pleased that Victoria was doing such a good job for the company. Victor said that he appreciated her devotion to her job, but he worried that Victoria was neglecting her personal life. Victor reached for some documents on the coffee table, and Victoria grabbed them out of his hands. Victor was shocked, but Victoria explained that they were her divorce papers. Victoria had yet to sign them.

Victoria told her father that the universe had been keeping her from divorcing Billy. Victor agreed that ending a marriage was difficult, but Victor pointed out that Victoria's marriage to Billy had been a mistake from the start. As Victor was leaving, Chloe arrived and told both of them that Delia was recovering. Chloe claimed that Delia was doing "super awesome." Victor was very amused by Chloe's description and happy for Chloe. After he walked out, Victor placed a call and said it was time to deal with the Billy Abbott issue.

Kevin went to the trailer to see Billy. Kevin informed Billy that Delia was doing well with her recovery. Billy was glad. Kevin pointed out that Billy had no reason to stay in Genoa City anymore, except that Delia needed him. Kevin didn't think that Billy should run out on his family again. Billy felt he had no choice but to keep his end of the bargain with Victor.

Kevin urged Billy to just tell the truth to Victoria about what happened in Myanmar. Billy told Kevin that it was too late to save his marriage because Victoria had signed the divorce papers. Kevin said that Victoria could unsign the papers, too. He urged Billy to turn on Victor and return to Victoria. Billy feared that Victor would make Victoria's life a living hell if Billy remained, but Kevin claimed that Victor would make Victoria's life hell if Billy left, too.

Later, Victor went to the trailer to see Billy. Victor noticed that Billy had recovered nicely from the transplant donation. Victor handed Billy a passport and told him that there was a car waiting to take Billy to a plane. Billy would then be flown out of the country. Billy claimed that he wasn't going anywhere. Billy had decided to stay in Genoa City and ignore the agreement he'd made with Victor.

Billy explained that the deal had been unfair because Victor had had the upper hand. Victor was surprised when Billy said that he was ready to step forward and confess everything to Victoria. Victor reminded Billy that he was guilty of more than just the incident in Myanmar. Victor showed Billy more evidence of his misdeeds. Victor showed Billy the information on his iPad. Victor described the images as disturbing. Billy called Victor a bastard. Victor demanded that Billy "get the hell out" of Victoria's life once and for all.

At the prison, Avery told Sharon that the judge had ruled against Avery's motion to disallow the audiotape from the volcano. Sharon told Avery that the audio from the volcano would make it seem like Sharon was guilty of killing Skye. Avery said that she was working on finding some evidence to minimize the effects of the audiotape. Sharon suspected that Avery was keeping something from her. Avery demanded that Sharon trust her.

At the Athletic Club bar, Nick and Sam agreed that Sharon was depressed about the trial. Adam intervened and wondered how Sharon's fan club was doing. Sam told Adam that if he were a decent man, he'd try to help Sharon. Sam left to see Sharon at the prison. Nick agreed with Sam that Adam was treating Sharon badly. Nick reminded Adam that Sharon had risked everything for Adam and that Adam had once tried everything to save Sharon.

Adam said that he'd been a fool in love with Sharon. Nick said that Sharon had believed in Adam when nobody else had. Nick told Adam that Sharon needed him to step up and clear her name. Adam wondered what would be in it for him if he helped Sharon. Adam wanted to no longer be considered Victor's black sheep son. Nick said Adam would always be the black sheep, no matter what he did or didn't do. Nick walked away and then Adam received a call from Avery.

Nick went to see Sharon at the prison. Sharon was expecting a visit from Avery and was very upset. Nick wondered what was going on, and Sharon explained that the judge had denied a request to deny the audio from the volcano. Sharon was concerned that the audio would be enough to convict her. Nick tried to be understanding, but Sharon was shocked when Nick refused to believe in her. Nick reminded Sharon that she had run from prosecution.

Sam appeared, and Nick left. Sharon told Sam that everything was going wrong. Sharon believed that Avery would fight for her, but Sharon was worried that Avery wasn't going to be enough to save her. Sam could not understand how Sharon had ever believed in Adam because Adam was such a jerk. Sharon said that Adam was probably in protective mode, which meant he was very dangerous. Sharon didn't think Adam would pull through for her.

At the Athletic Club, Avery met with Adam to tell him about the setback in the trial. Adam told Avery that he'd given her the information about where he'd dumped the memory card. Avery said that she couldn't go after the memory card without a search warrant and unless Adam revoked his attorney-client privilege, Avery couldn't tell a judge how she had known where to search in the first place. Adam offered no solution for Avery.

Later, Avery was at Crimson Lights. She was upset and nervous. As she prepared her coffee, she spilled coffee creamer all over the counter. Nick approached Avery and noticed that she was rattled. Avery admitted that she was freaking out. Nick stepped closer, and Avery hugged him for support.

At the coffeehouse, Chloe was preparing for a big surprise for Kevin with Victoria's help. Victoria wondered if Chloe was confusing her feelings of gratitude for Kevin with love. Chloe was certain that she loved Kevin completely. When Kevin arrived at Crimson Lights, Victoria asked if Kevin was sore from the transplant. Kevin said he was feeling fine.

Victoria warned Kevin that Chloe was about to show him what love was all about. Kevin was confused. Victoria sat and watched as Chloe flipped on the karaoke machine and sang the song, "Marry Me, Bill" to Kevin. She put a sign with the name Bill around Kevin's neck, so he'd know that she was singing to him. In song, Chloe asked Kevin to marry her. Kevin was flabbergasted.

After the singing was over, Chloe told Kevin that she loved him and wanted to be with him forever. Kevin was unsure if Chloe meant it, but she said she did. Kevin said yes, he'd marry Chloe. Later, Kevin and Chloe talked about their relationship, and Chloe said she was compelled to tell Kevin how much she loved him because he had saved Delia's life. Chloe said that his transplant donation bonded Kevin to Chloe and Delia for life. Kevin looked uncomfortable.

At home, Victoria looked at the divorce papers again. She picked up a pen and signed the document. Victoria looked at her wedding picture longingly. At the trailer, Victor took back his iPad from Billy, placed it in his briefcase, and closed the briefcase. Victor asked Billy to make a decision. Billy finished his beer, picked up a satchel, and walked out with Victor.

Heather ordered a vodka straight up and then another at the Athletic Club bar. Adam watched her drinking alone and then approached her. Heather didn't object when Adam sat beside her. Adam encouraged Heather to have another drink on him.

Friday, October 28, 2011

At home, Victoria retrieved a jewelry box and stated that it was time. She started to remove her wedding ring, but she stopped when there was a knock at the door. She let in Victor, who handed her sunflowers and recalled that she'd termed them "happy flowers" when she had been a child. He fawned over Keely and asked how Sam's stay had been working out, and she called Sam a good friend. Victor noticed the jewelry box and assumed that she had been looking for her missing bracelet. Victoria mentioned that she'd walked through the park that morning and had seen a homeless woman with a bunch of bracelets, but hers hadn't been among them. Victor urged his daughter to forget about it.

At the prison, Sam told Sharon that Avery wasn't giving up, and he implored Sharon not to give up, either. Sharon replied that she had been through a trial already and had been stunned when she'd been convicted, and it could happen again. He countered that she had Avery and Victor this time around, but Sharon fretted that Victor was risking his own freedom to help her. Sam pointed out that they could continue to appeal, and he vowed not to quit fighting until she was free.

Sam arrived at Victoria's home and complimented her flowers. She asked if he'd take Keely out, and he invited her to join him, but she declined. He answered his phone and told the caller that he'd take care of something. After he hung up, he informed Victoria that the father of the friend who had taken over Sam's veterinary practice had suffered an aneurysm, and Sam had to find someone else to take his place. Victoria suggested that Sam temporarily return home, but he couldn't walk out on Sharon. Victoria gave him a knowing look.

Victoria visited Sharon and informed her of Sam's predicament. Sharon assumed that Sam had sent Victoria to explain the situation, but Victoria clarified that Sam didn't know she was there and that Sam had refused to return home. Sharon realized that she herself was the reason, and Victoria pointed out that Sam was in love with Sharon, but Sharon insisted they were just friends. Victoria noted that the extent to which Sam had turned his life upside down to be near Sharon had gone way beyond friendship.

Sam returned to the prison upon Sharon's request, and Sharon urged him to return home if he was needed there. He questioned how she had found out, but she maintained that she'd feel guilty if he didn't go back to help the people who needed him. He was determined not to walk out on her, but she assured him that he wouldn't be the man she knew if his friends and neighbors couldn't count on him, too. She insisted that she wouldn't fall apart if he left. He agreed to leave for a short while to keep his practice running. She said she'd miss him, and she realized that they hadn't spent one day apart since they'd met. He responded that he'd take her with him the next time he left.

At Victoria's home, Sam worried about Victoria taking care of Keely on her own, but she was happy to take on the dog-walking duties. Sam said he'd be back before long, and he encouraged her to call him if she needed to talk. He called her one of the strongest women he'd ever met, and she hugged him goodbye. He said he wouldn't forget them, and she walked him to the door. After Sam left, Victoria tossed a ball to Keely, but her bad aim sent it under the couch. When she bent down to retrieve it, she was relieved to find her missing bracelet.

At Crimson Lights, Ricky approached Phyllis and introduced himself as Paul's son. Phyllis remembered that Ricky had been working on Sharon's case, and Ricky explained that he was a journalist. He hoped that Phyllis would keep him in mind for a position at Restless Style, and Phyllis agreed to consider him if he found her a good story. He thanked her, and she walked to the patio, where she was stunned to find Nick and Avery embracing.

Avery pulled away and apologized, but Nick acknowledged that everyone could use a hug once in a while. She admitted that she felt better, and Ricky approached them. Avery informed Ricky that Sharon's case wasn't going well, and she begged him to find anything that would sway the jury in Sharon's favor. Ricky left, and Nick realized how much Avery hated to lose. Avery replied that the futures of many people were riding on the outcome of the trial. Meanwhile, an upset Phyllis returned to Restless Style.

Avery went over her strategy with Victor and Nick. Nick asked Avery about the chance that Victor could go to jail, and Avery confirmed that the D.A. could press charges against Victor. Nick warned Victor that he was taking a risk, not only personally, but for the company. Victor proclaimed that didn't care, because he was determined to make things right.

Nick asked if Nikki was aware of Victor's plans, but Victor wanted her to focus on her progress. Victor said she'd already had a setback and needed time to recover, and he intended to give it to her. Victor wanted to see Sharon to give her encouragement, and Avery offered to accompany him. Nick said he had to stop by the office.

Victor and Avery dropped by to see Sharon. Victor announced that he had every intention of testifying, and he promised the outcome would be better than the last time. Sharon worried about what he was sacrificing, but Avery advised that it was critical for the jury to hear Victor's eyewitness account. Avery added that Victor's credibility had been damaged when he'd pleaded the Fifth during the first trial, but Sharon thought the fact that Victor had helped Skye fake her death would do the same thing. Sharon cried that she didn't want Victor to testify.

Sharon said it was too big of a risk, but Victor was determined. Sharon insisted that he'd done enough and that he'd be of no help to her if he were in prison. Sharon argued that neither Victor nor Avery could guarantee that Victor would remain free, and she refused to have him sacrifice himself. She called for the guard to take her back to her cell.

At the Chancellor mansion, Nina was thrilled that both her sons had joined her for dinner with Paul. Paul and Nina left to get drinks, and Ronan was irritated that Chance hadn't told Nina that Ronan might stop by. Chance explained that he hadn't expected Ronan to show, and Ronan wished he hadn't. After Paul and Nina returned, Chance reported that Delia was doing well, and the foursome made small talk about the girl's transplant. Nina turned the topic to how long it had taken Ronan to recover from his own surgery, but she quickly apologized when the conversation became awkward.

Nina announced that pot roast was for dinner, and she was elated when both Chance and Ronan commented that the dish was their favorite. She pressed to find out more about Ronan's favorite things, but Ronan received a phone call and excused himself to take it. Phyllis asked him to meet to talk more at Restless Style, and he said he was on his way. Ronan declared that he had to leave, and Nina looked crushed, while Chance glared at his brother.

Nina blamed herself for pushing Ronan away, but Chance assured her it was normal to ask her son questions about himself. Nina was sure that Ronan had arranged the call to get out of dinner, but Paul pointed out that Ronan hadn't been obligated to show up at all. Paul left to get another drink, and Nina thanked Chance for inviting Ronan to dinner. Chance admitted he could deal with Ronan in small doses, and Nina wished he'd invited someone who would stick around, like Heather. Chance suddenly clammed up and joined Paul in the kitchen.

Later, Paul commented that Ricky had been working crazy hours for Avery. Chance thought it was strange that Ricky and Heather were on opposite sides, but Paul insisted that both his kids were professional. Paul added that Heather had been relieved to hear that Chance was okay, and Chance revealed that he'd spoken to her. Chance explained that he didn't want to keep secrets, and he disclosed that Heather had been willing to give their relationship another shot, but he was committed to his work. Nina asked how Heather had taken it, and Chance thought she'd eventually see it was for the best.

Phyllis was focused on an email with an anonymous tip when Ronan arrived. He asked what she wanted to tell him, and he was surprised when she said she didn't want to talk. She admitted she'd lured him there on false pretenses, and she wondered if he was disappointed. He offered to allow her to unburden herself, but she said she didn't need to. He asked what he could do for her, and she seductively told him to use his powers of deduction. She pulled him into a passionate kiss.

Phyllis and Ronan began to tear off one another's clothes, and he reminded her that he was a cop, and she was a person of interest, so what they were doing was very wrong. They began to have sex on the desk. After their tryst, Ronan asked if Phyllis wanted to grab coffee, but she said she had work to do. She assured him that she respected his words about being a cop, and she understood her actions had been inappropriate and promised to stay within boundaries in the future. He agreed that it would be smart not to make it a habit.

Phyllis helped Ronan find his shoes and wished him a good night, and she returned to work. He spotted the email on her computer, stating that someone had seen Victoria in the park, asking a homeless woman about a bracelet. He made a note of the sender's email address. He headed to the police station, where a lab technician reported to Ronan that the email address was untraceable. Ronan barked additional orders, but the technician reminded him that it was Halloween weekend. Ronan had no sympathy and stressed the importance of finding a certain bracelet.

Nick arrived at Restless Style, where Phyllis was surprised to see him. He explained that he wanted to get some work done after his strategy session with Victor and Avery. Phyllis expressed doubt that he had been simply strategizing, and she suddenly said she had to get home. He was surprised by her attitude and asked what the deal was. She told him to tell her, but he remained silent. She stormed out.

At the Athletic Club bar, Adam asked Heather what they were drinking to. Heather said she'd gotten back a job she loved, but she lamented that it wasn't enough. She admitted that she was miserable, and she expected Adam to be happy to hear that she was drowning her sorrows. Adam was incredulous that Heather would think that, but she remained skeptical. He hoped things would go her way, because he felt she deserved better than what she'd gotten from him, and she agreed. He asked if things were really that bad, and she coldly stared at him. He ordered another round of drinks.

Heather giggled drunkenly, and Adam ordered her to hand over her car keys. She acknowledged that it wouldn't be good for the D.A. to make headlines by being arrested for DUI. She wanted another drink, but he suggested that she sleep it off in his room. She balked, and then she decided to call a cab. He cautioned her that her reputation could be ruined if she was recognized, and she reluctantly agreed to go to his room after she made a visit to the ladies' room. She staggered away, and he called someone and asked them to get to the Athletic Club right away.

Ricky spied Heather and Adam kissing outside Adam's hotel room and snapped photos. Adam left the door open, and Ricky continued to take pictures of the couple inside the room. Adam closed the door, and Heather snapped out of her drunken haze long enough to realize that she couldn't go through with sleeping with Adam. He understood, and he suggested she lie down. She wanted to get her own room, but her head was spinning. He offered to get her some water, and she mumbled that it was nice of him before she passed out on the bed. "Yeah, that's me -- Mr. Nice Guy," he commented to himself.

Later, at the Athletic Club bar, Ricky looked through the photos he'd taken of Adam and Heather. He hid them when Adam walked in. Avery confronted Adam about his manipulations, and he urged her to relax, because things might go her way. She angrily retorted that it would be no thanks to him if they did.

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