The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of December 5, 2011 on Y&R
The judge refused to accept Victor's guilty plea. Daniel and Eden made love. Deacon told Nikki that he had seen Victoria kill Diane, and Nikki married Deacon in Las Vegas to keep him quiet. Jeffrey turned up stranded on a deserted beach.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of December 5, 2011 on Y&R
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Monday, December 5, 2011

Nick and Billy shook hands after Nick agreed to sell back Restless Style. Victoria, Billy, and Nick were stunned when Billy turned on the television to watch a breaking-news announcement about Victor's arrest for murdering Diane Jenkins. Nick and Victoria headed to the ranch to comfort Nikki.

At the Newman ranch, Nikki, still groggy from a hangover, ambled into the house from the stable. Plucking twigs of hay from her hair, Nikki struggled to maintain her balance as she negotiated her way around furniture. She called out to Victor, but Deacon emerged from the kitchen with a cup of coffee. Nikki told Deacon she didn't want his help, but he insisted that he was the only person who could help her. After Nikki sobered up and freshened herself, she again told Deacon that she didn't need his help. Deacon went to the kitchen to get more coffee.

Victoria and Nick arrived and were relieved to see Nikki. Nick and Victoria quickly realized that Nikki had no knowledge of Victor's arrest. When Deacon returned with a fresh pot of coffee, Nick asked him why he was there. Nikki explained that Deacon had driven her home from a meeting. Victoria quickly dismissed Deacon. Nikki thanked Deacon for his help, and he left.

Nikki was shocked to learn that Victor had confessed to Diane's murder. Nikki phoned for a car to take her to the police station. Victoria refused to accompany her mother. Nick agreed to meet his mother at the police station. Before Nikki rushed out, she begged Nick to change his sister's mind.

Victoria told Nick that she would not visit their father. Nick cried that surely Victoria didn't believe that their father murdered Diane. Victoria cited Victor's role in keeping Billy away from his daughter and asked, "What kind of man does that? Maybe he's the kind of man who kills his ex-wife in a fit of rage." Nick begged Victoria to accompany him and be supportive of their mother. Victoria noted that Billy had spent time in jail, so it was Victor's turn to see how he liked being incarcerated.

Victoria returned home and complained to Billy about finding Deacon with her mother at the ranch. Victoria was convinced that Deacon would take advantage of Nikki with Victor in jail. Billy urged Victoria to join her mother and visit Victor. Victoria said, "My father made me choose between him and you, and I chose you." Billy replied, "He's family." Victoria told Billy that he was her family, and she embraced him.

In Ronan's office at the police station, Michael sat beside Victor, who bobbed his head and appeared to be drunk. Ronan said he'd never before taken such a detailed confession, especially from someone who seemed to suffer from a nasty hangover. Victor claimed that though his head was pounding, he didn't want to leave room for any misunderstanding. Ronan replied, "If your son confirms your story, there won't be." Ronan presented a printed transcript to Victor and instructed him to sign it if it was true. Michael grabbed the paper and pen and told Ronan that he wanted to speak with his client alone.

After Ronan stepped out, Michael pleaded with Victor to tell him what was going on. Suddenly clear-headed, Victor said, "Not here. Not now. Give me that statement." Victor claimed that he knew what he was doing as he signed his name. Michael pleaded with Victor to change his mind because he could face years in prison. Ronan stepped in to receive the signed confession. Sharon had arrived and watched Victor from her vantage point in the waiting area. Ronan instructed a uniformed officer to take Victor away. Sharon reacted by placing her palm against her heart when Victor was escorted away.

Adam arrived at the front desk and told Paul that Ronan had summoned him to the police station. Paul said Ronan had instructed him to record Adam's official statement. Adam asked, "You mean my eyewitness account of my father killing Diane Jenkins?" Paul replied, "I mean the truth." Ronan joined Paul, and both men pointed out that Adam had tried once before to frame Victor for murder. Adam turned to leave, but Ronan asked Adam to accompany him to his office.

Paul paced back and forth as Adam claimed that he'd been walking near the footbridge when he'd heard a noise. Adam said he had run to help, but was too late because Victor had been bashing Diane's head with a rock. Paul asked why Adam hadn't phoned police. Adam insisted that police wouldn't have believed him. Adam claimed that he'd waited until his father had trapped himself in a corner and confessed because he knew police would believe Victor.

After Victor was taken to a visitation room, he was handcuffed to the arm of a chair. Michael said, "We're alone. Attorney-client privilege is in effect." Victor explained that Nikki had become drunk and admitted that she'd killed Diane Jenkins. Michael, exasperated, asked why Victor hadn't consulted with him before confessing. Victor said he'd had to act quickly.

Victor explained that Nikki's condition was very fragile, and he pleaded with Michael to convince Ronan that he was guilty. Sharon entered the room, directed her gaze at Victor, and said, "Look me in the eye and tell me that you killed Diane." Victor remained silent and looked away, before claiming that he'd killed Diane. Sharon refused to believe that Victor had murdered Diane.

As Michael and Sharon returned to the reception area, Sharon vowed that she'd prove Victor's innocence. Michael warned that Sharon had no idea what she'd be up against. Adam walked out of Ronan's office and told Sharon she'd reversed roles with Victor to rescue him. Ronan, hinting for Adam to leave, said "We'll call you if we need anything, Adam." Sharon was livid when she learned that Adam had claimed he'd witnessed his father killing Diane. Sharon, addressing a question to Ronan, said, "You don't believe him, do you?"

Nikki sat with Victor in the visitation room and begged him not to pay for a crime she had committed. Michael returned. Victor promised Nikki that Michael would ensure that the district attorney set a fair sentence. Nikki cried that she didn't believe Victor was guilty. Nikki pressed Michael to admit that he didn't believe Victor's confession. Michael said, "Victor is a man of honor, and he would never do or say anything that he didn't feel in his heart was right."

Frustrated, Nikki told Michael that though she couldn't recall exactly what had happened, she remembered waking up holding a bloodied rock. She added that even her clothes had been stained with blood. Nikki headed toward the door and told Michael that she'd talk to the detective. Michael blocked Nikki's path to the exit and refused to let her leave the room. He warned Nikki that talking to Ronan would make matters worse for Victor.

Nick arrived, stood before his father, and demanded to know what was going on. Victor apologized for lying to Nick. Victor claimed that he'd been forced to confess because Ronan had constantly badgered members of the Newman family. Nick said he couldn't believe that his father had suddenly snapped after maintaining a close relationship with Diane for years. Nikki stood by with her arms folded across her chest while Victor listed Diane's faults. He reminded Nick that Diane had filed suit against Nikki and had even used her own son to get what she wanted. Victor claimed that Diane's worst mistake was making a pact with Adam, who'd helped frame his father for a bogus murder.

Nick assured his father that he'd stand by Victor. Victor said he knew Victoria didn't feel the same way. Michael said he'd hoped that Victoria would take over at Newman Enterprises, but she'd made it clear that she would not. Nick noted that Adam's previous attempt at running the company had been disastrous. Nick said that he'd sold the magazine and was available to run the company. Victor was pleased.

Ronan arrived and told Victor he'd have to return to his cell. Victor assured Nikki that everything would be all right. After Victor was taken away, Nick told Paul and Ronan that Victor's confession was a lie. Paul agreed that something wasn't right. Ronan suggested that Nikki might be able to offer an explanation.

Sharon caught up with Adam at the Genoa City Athletic Club's bar. She asked Adam if his new pastime was ensuring that people went to jail for crimes they didn't commit. Adam said, "Like father, like son." Sharon claimed that Adam was getting Victor back for framing Adam for Skye's murder. Sharon said that Victor had made sure she didn't serve time for Skye's murder, and she would ensure Adam didn't put Victor away for Diane's murder.

Adam challenged Sharon's loyalty to Victor when he recalled that Victor had pleaded the fifth on the stand. Sharon maintained that loyalty was something Adam would never understand. Adam warned Sharon that, in time, Victor would disappoint her. Sharon said that Victor had once told her the same thing about Adam. He replied, "I guess we aren't so different, after all. Oh, wait, yes we are. I didn't kill Diane!" Sharon, miffed, marched out of the club. Adam sighed.

At Crimson Lights, Daniel told Lily that she seemed happy. Lily explained that she finally felt safe, thanks to Cane. Daniel replied, "You might trust the guy, but I still don't." Lily defended Cane and said that he couldn't help that his father was involved in criminal activity. Daniel said he blamed Cane for lying and exposing Lily to danger. Lily told Daniel that she'd forgiven Cane, and she asked Daniel to forgive him, too. Daniel refused to support Lily's decision to reconnect with Cane.

Daniel moved to the bar and told Eden that he'd been unable to change Lily's mind about Cane. Eden explained that feelings in one's heart weren't easily subject to change. Sensing that Eden was speaking about her own loss, Daniel challenged her to share her thoughts. Eden told Daniel that her life was private. Eden invited Daniel to accompany her to see a French film. She promised that all thoughts about Lily would be forgotten for a while. Eden was delighted to discover that she and Daniel shared a fondness for foreign films after he produced a pair of tickets he'd already purchased.

Cane arrived at the coffeehouse through the patio entrance. Billy approached Cane and thanked him for traveling to Myanmar. Cane acknowledged that his hunt for Chelsea had become sidetracked. Billy said he was grateful Cane had found Jill and Victoria. Cane noted that Victor had forced Billy to make impossible choices.

Lily overheard Cane on the patio and walked out to greet him. She embraced Billy and welcomed him home. Billy admitted that he'd been the one who'd donated bone marrow for Delia. Lily was surprised to learn that Cane's recent trip overseas had been a mission to help Billy. Lily seemed pleased when Billy explained that Cane had supported him.

After Billy left, Lily and Cane held hands. Cane asked Lily what had changed her mind about him. Lily admitted that she'd distrusted him after learning that Colin was his father. She praised Cane for going after his father and putting him in prison. She told Cane she realized he was the same man she'd always loved and trusted. Cane invited Lily on a date and said he'd already arranged for the sitter to stay with the twins. Lily was intrigued when Cane mentioned that he'd already acquired tickets to a French-themed surprise. Lily happily accepted Cane's invitation.

In the dining room at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Patty, her face covered by a lacy veil, fidgeted nervously while Genevieve sipped tea. Genevieve encouraged her housekeeper, who she believed was a woman named Myrna, to become comfortable in public places. Genevieve said she had plans with Jack. In a flashback, Patty recalled peering through a window at the Abbott estate and spying Jack conversing with Emily.

Genevieve prompted her housekeeper to take a sip of cold water when the woman claimed she felt dizzy. Patty sipped cold water and cried that she couldn't run errands alone. Genevieve agreed to phone a cab to take her housekeeper back home. Genevieve rose to leave and noted that she was already late for her date with Jack.

At the Abbott estate, Emily sipped wine with Jack and talked about how different their lives might have been had Patty not interfered. Jack said that he had not heard from Patty since her escape from a mental hospital. Jack added that Patty's brother had last spoken to her when she phoned from South America.

Emily sniffed and dabbed repeatedly at her runny nose with her hand. Jack offered a tissue, but Emily said she was fine. Jack recalled that Victor had taken Patty to town to hurt him. When Jack mentioned Colleen, he was overcome with emotion. He said he could see the pain of losing Colleen in Traci's eyes. Emily encouraged Jack to move forward.

Jack invited Emily to stay and meet the woman who'd helped him move forward. Emily, sniffing and scratching her nose, agreed to stay for a short while. Emily dabbed her nose with a tissue and asked Jack if he'd acquired a cat. Jack explained that his lady friend had given Kyle a cat that had since gone astray. Emily quipped that her allergic response further confirmed her true identity.

Jack offered to get antihistamines, but Emily said it was unnecessary. Emily donned her coat and said she was due back in Chicago. She told Jack she was sorry that she had missed meeting his friend. Jack warmly embraced Emily before she left. Jack called out to Dave, but the cat remained hidden.

Genevieve arrived, and Jack, flustered, told her that he'd been searching for Dave. Genevieve lifted Emily's wine glass and inspected a lipstick imprint. She said, "Who did I miss?" Jack explained that Emily had visited, but he clarified that they were no longer romantically involved. Jack admitted that he and Emily had been close to marriage, but he explained that complications had ended their relationship.

Jack kissed Genevieve, and the couple stretched out together on the sofa. Patty covertly spied on Jack and Genevieve as they walked upstairs to Jack's bedroom. Patty slumped to the ground and seethed with anger.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Lily met with Cane at the Crimson Lights patio in anticipation of their date. Lily was curious to know where Cane would be taking her. She offered to give him one of the two cups of coffee she had in exchange for Cane's secret. Lily begged for a hint, but Cane insisted that she remain in the dark.

Inside the coffeehouse, at the counter, Eden and Daniel prepared to leave to see a movie together at the Strand. When Eden went to change her clothes, Kevin warned Daniel not to get too familiar with Eden. Daniel said he wasn't interested in having sex with any woman. Kevin received a call from Devon inviting him to a recording session at the new studio. Kevin said he was on his way. Before leaving, Kevin stopped Eden when he noticed that she was dressed up for her date. Eden assured Kevin it was cool; she wasn't interested in Daniel as a boyfriend. Daniel and Eden left together.

At her house on the ranch, Sharon wished that she could throw a going away dinner for Noah before he moved to New York. Noah said there wasn't time, but he was excited about taking advantage of a great opportunity. Nick and Sharon supported his decision, even though Victor was in trouble and would appreciate having his grandson near. Noah told his parents that he was leaving to meet some friends before leaving for New York.

Later, Noah arrived at the coffeehouse. He saw Eden when she doubled back to get an umbrella. Noah greeted Eden, and she mentioned that she felt bad about Victor being arrested. Eden mentioned that she was on her way to see the Jean Luc Godard movie Breathless at the Strand. Eden invited Noah to go along, but he passed because he was meeting some friends to say goodbye.

Eden was surprised that Noah had decided to return to New York. Noah said that he'd be working there for Jabot. Noah was excited about going because he was more comfortable living in Manhattan where he could blend in to the crowd. Eden understood and hugged him goodbye.

At the movie theater, Cane and Lily arrived and she was happy to be seeing a movie set in Paris, since she had spent so much time there. Daniel and Eden entered the theater and took their seats. Daniel wondered if Eden was upset about Kevin's warning that she not get close to Daniel. Eden said that wasn't it; rather she'd run into Noah in the coffeehouse and he had told her that he was moving back to New York. Eden anticipated that the movie was going to remind her of being in Paris with Noah.

Lily greeted Daniel and Eden. Cane waved hello from his seat. As the movie played, Eden asked Daniel if he was upset about bumping into Lily. Daniel claimed that he was miffed that Lily trusted Cain after all he'd done to her. Daniel and Eden both wanted to leave. Lily watched them walk out.

Later, back at the coffeehouse, Cane asked if Lily had enjoyed the film. Lily and Cane both had noticed that Daniel and Eden had left the theater early. Lily was chilly, so Cane gave her his scarf, then kissed her passionately. Lily said she'd had fun with Cane, and he promised her more date nights in the future. Lily said goodnight and walked away.

At Daniel's loft, Eden admired one of his paintings. Daniel said it was for an upcoming show. Daniel said he'd been happy when he painted it, and that was why it was bright and sunny. Daniel then took a black paintbrush and marred the image, saying that it represented his current attitude. Eden laughed.

Daniel handed Eden a brush and urged her to take a shot at the canvas, too. Together, they smeared black paint on the canvas. They then painted each other in jest and started kissing. Outside the loft, a rainstorm broke out. Inside, Eden and Daniel took off each other's clothes. Later, Daniel and Eden were covered in paint and under a blanket after having made love. Eden said if they were an exhibit, they'd be called "no strings." Daniel felt he expressed himself better with his hands than his words, and he kissed her again.

Devon confided to Roxy that Kevin had no idea what he'd be walking into when he arrived at the studio. Angelina was excited about seeing Kevin again. Angelina told Angelo that she was excited about working with Devon. Alone with Angelo, Devon explained that Angelina might need career counseling or a more advanced teacher. Angelo said that Angelina was determined to be a singer and that her only vocal coach would be Devon. Kevin entered and was impressed with the studio, then he saw Angelo and Angelina. Kevin went into the other room, and Devon followed him to explain that Angelina had forced him to call Kevin to join them. Angelo entered and intimidated Kevin by asking him if Gloria had gotten over Jeffrey yet.

Later, Angelina sang in the recording booth. She sounded awful, but Angelo applauded happily, and Angelina thanked him. When she went into the other room, Devon offered to prep the playback. Angelina received a text message from her ex-boyfriend, Carmine. Angelo flipped out and crushed the cell phone under his foot. Angelina was upset and accused Angelo of ruining her life.

Angelina ran from the studio into the ladies room, and Roxy followed. Angelo told Kevin that he had a job for him. Angelina was upset with Angelo, but he wanted her to stay away from Carmine. Angelo announced that he'd assigned Kevin to keep an eye on Angelina. Kevin was miserable, but Angelina was thrilled. Angelo asked Angelina to work on her music, then he left.

Kevin walked out with Angelo. Devon told Angelina that they had to work harder to prepare her for the singing contest. Angelina did not appreciate Devon's criticism. Roxy defended Devon and asked Angelina to listen to Devon's instructions. Devon encouraged Angelina that she'd get better.

Later, Angelina, Roxy, and Devon listened to Angelina's playback. Angelina told Devon that the recording was awful. Angelina started to freak out and said she'd do whatever was necessary to get ready for the contest. Roxy thought Devon had done a great job with Angelina. Devon felt that he needed a miracle worker to make Angelina into a competitive singer.

At the Athletic Club, Gloria went to the bar, feeling depressed about Jeffrey having left her. Jill arrived at the bar and sat beside Gloria. Jill was ticked off that the bartender had mentioned that Jill was upset about Colin having been deported. Jill told Gloria that Jeffrey wasn't worth Gloria's tears.

After a few drinks, Jill and Gloria were smashed, but they ordered another round. Gloria asked Jill if Colin had been a good lover. Gloria said Jeffrey had been a terrific lover. Jill admitted that she had not been able to get over Colin either. Jill and Gloria toasted to the bad boys they'd loved.

At the Athletic Club, Kevin confirmed to Angelo that if he completed his "tour of duty" with Angelina, Angelo would give Kevin the deed to Chloe and Delia's dream house. Angelo said yes, as long as Carmine stayed away from Angelina. They shook on the deal. As he was leaving, Angelo saw Jill alone at the bar and offered to buy her a drink. Jill called Angelo her knight in shining armor.

Jill was very drunk, but Angelo charmed her. Gloria watched from across the room. When Angelo approached Gloria, she said that she thought he was sweet to flirt with Jill. Angelo said he was all heart. Gloria asked Angelo to never change into a skunk like Jeffrey.

After Noah had left, Nick and Sharon discussed Faith's custody. Nick said that Sharon could have custody of Faith on one condition: Sharon had to stay away from Adam. Sharon assured Nick that she did not want to spend time with Adam. Nick wasn't certain that Sharon could keep away from Adam. Sharon appreciated Nick's skepticism, but said that Adam was completely out of her life. Sharon resented that Adam had kept her in jail by destroying the evidence that would have cleared her. Adam had also kept Sharon separated from Faith. Nick said that if Sharon reconnected with Adam once more, Nick would take Faith from Sharon permanently.

At the ranch, Nikki was pouring a drink when Adam showed up at the door. Nikki was ready to slam it in his face, but Adam wanted to talk about what Nikki had done. Nikki asked what Adam wanted, and he claimed that Nikki had let Victor take the fall for her with the police. Adam dared Nikki to tell the cops the truth about who had killed Diane. Adam said that Victor had roped Adam into his confession, and that suited Adam fine because Adam was focused on running Newman Enterprises in Victor's place. Adam explained to Nikki that if Victor went free, Adam would lose the big mahogany desk. It was in Adam's best interest for Nikki to let Victor accept blame for the murder. Nikki informed Adam that in Victor's absence, Nick would run the company, not Adam.

Adam declared that Nick, the golden child, would not get in his way. Adam warned Nikki that she'd better tell Nick to butt out of the company, or Adam would go to the cops about Nikki being the real killer. Nikki didn't think the cops would believe Adam, but Adam threatened to tell Victoria and Nick his theory, and they would be concerned. Adam walked out, and Nikki was perturbed.

Sharon went to the stables to see the horses, speaking with Sam on the cell phone. Sharon explained that she missed New Mexico, but Sharon needed to be in Genoa City to support Victor. Suddenly, Adam walked into the stables, taking Sharon by surprise. Adam claimed that he was making sure that the company ran smoothly while Victor was in jail. Sharon accused Adam of taking advantage of Victor's misfortune.

Sharon started to leave, but Adam stopped her. Adam recalled the last time they had been in a storm together. Adam also had memories of New Orleans, remembering their kiss at the feet of the angels. Adam admitted a lot had happened since then, but he couldn't forget that kiss. Adam stepped forward to kiss her again. Sharon stepped away and told him to never touch her again. Sharon walked out into the storm.

Nikki went to the tack house to speak with Nick. Nikki told her son that Adam had stopped by the ranch earlier to announce that he would be running Newman Enterprises while Victor was in jail. Adam had told Nikki that he didn't want Nick to get in his way. Nick was ticked off that Adam was pulling this stunt while Victor was in jail. Nick told Nikki that if Adam went to see her again, Nick would set him straight. Nick told Nikki that he was grateful to have her home. Nikki said she loved Nick, and he could call on her anytime. Nikki left for the main house after warning Nick to watch out for Adam at Newman Enterprises.

Alone on a deserted island, Jeffrey was trying to start a fire with two sticks. He was talking to a Nerf football named Squishy, saying that he was aware that it would soon be winter.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

At the jail, Michael informed Victor that his arrest had made headlines around the world. Victor said he wanted that because he was anxious to be arraigned and plead guilty. Michael wanted Victor to consider handling the situation differently. Victor refused, but Michael explained that he wanted to build a defense for Victor. Michael told Victor that the court might not accept Victor's guilty plea. Victor was determined to be nailed for the murder.

Michael asked Victor to think about his family's welfare, and Victor said he was. Victor was also confident that Newman Enterprises would be fine without him. Adam walked into the interrogation room. Victor wanted to speak with Adam, so he sent Michael away to make arrangements. Adam told Victor that Nick had tried interfering with Newman Enterprises operations. Adam warned Victor that he would only go along with Victor's plan if Victor did what Adam wanted.

Victor said that Newman was big enough for Adam and Nick to both work there. Adam reminded Victor that Nick could not be the person calling the shots. Victor agreed to let Adam be in charge. Adam wanted the entire family to be informed of that fact. Victor let Adam know that if Adam failed him, there would be hell to pay for Adam.

At Jack's house, Ashley met with her brother. Jack told Ashley that Kyle was very upset about Victor being arrested for Diane's murder. Ashley was certain that Victor hadn't killed Diane, but Jack believed that Victor was capable of killing. Later, Jack said that Abby had done a great job for Jabot on the west coast swing.

Jack spoke with Ashley again about their making a move to buy Beauty of Nature. Jack thought Victor's arrest was the perfect opportunity to go after the cosmetics company. Ashley refused to agree with Jack and objected to the timing of an acquisition. Ashley didn't want Jabot to be the kind of company that took advantage of another company's misfortune. Jack received a call from Kyle's school saying that his son had been in a fight.

Over coffee at Crimson Lights, Nick and Victoria spoke about their concerns for their parents. Victoria wondered about Nikki's reaction to Victor's predicament. A newspaper reporter confronted Nick and Victoria with questions about Victor's arrest causing Nikki to drink again. Nick told the reporter they would not be answering questions about the family. Alone, Victoria assured Nick that Billy had promised not to cover the story in Restless Style.

Victoria admitted that she was confused about Victor's actions. Nick felt that he and Victoria needed to support Victor, since he was in so much trouble. Victoria said that she couldn't forgive Victor for what he'd done to her and Billy. Victoria was inclined to focus on caring for Nikki. Victoria was surprised to hear that Nick was returning to Newman Enterprises. Nick said that he didn't trust Adam to run the business while Victor was behind bars. Nick hoped that Victoria would understand that their plans to start a new company together would have to be put on hold.

D.A. Walsh was on the phone with the police commissioner, gloating about Victor's confession in Diane's murder. Ronan told Walsh that he wasn't happy because Ronan suspected that Victor was covering for someone else. Ronan claimed that Victor had consistently denied that he'd killed Diane until Nikki returned to town. Ronan was unwilling to drop working on the investigation.

Walsh reminded Ronan that the evidence against Nikki was circumstantial. Walsh wondered if Ronan was clinging to the case because he didn't want to leave Genoa City. Ronan claimed that was not what he was doing. Michael entered and wanted to know when Victor would be formally charged. Ronan was unhappy, but Walsh left to get the ball rolling on an arraignment. Ronan believed Michael wasn't pleased, but was doing what his client wanted.

At the ranch, Bonnie served Nikki a glass of orange juice for breakfast. Nikki thanked Bonnie for her concern about Victor, then she gazed at the liquor bottle and contemplated taking a drink. Deacon showed up unexpectedly, and Nikki was not pleased to see him. Nikki demanded to know exactly what Deacon had seen in the park the night of Diane's death. Before he could respond, Kay burst in and was shocked to see Deacon with Nikki.

Deacon said he was there to support Nikki then he left to give Kay and Nikki time to speak. Kay demanded to know why Victor had confessed to Diane's murder. Kay was also concerned about Nikki's emotional state. Nikki said that she and Nick had visited Victor in jail, and Victor was stoic. Kay did not believe that Victor had killed Diane.

At the Athletic Club, Sharon met with Avery asked her about Victor confessing to Diane's murder. Sharon did not believe that Victor had done it and wanted Avery to help Victor defend himself in court the way Avery had helped Sharon. Avery understood that Sharon was loyal to Victor, but Avery reminded Sharon that Victor had a very good attorney already. Michael appeared, and Sharon asked him to join them. Sharon asserted that Victor was innocent. Michael told Sharon that Victor might have to spend time in prison. Michael told Sharon that he could not work with Avery because there was a conflict of interest; Avery was defending Daisy, the woman who'd terrorized Michael's wife, Lauren.

Kay ran into Victoria at Crimson Lights and they spoke. Kay said that Nikki needed Victoria's support, and she questioned why Victoria had turned her back on Victor. Victoria realized that Kay was unaware of what Victor had done to Billy and Victoria. Kay was shocked to learn that Victor had arranged to keep Billy from returning to Genoa City. Victoria explained that Victor had hurt Delia and Billy by not letting them be together. Kay was furious and agreed that Victor had acted selfishly.

Later, Ashley went to the coffeehouse and spoke with Victoria. Ashley said that she was upset that Billy had suffered at Victor's hand. Victoria understood that Victor was a control freak, but Victoria could not forgive her father. Ashley was concerned about Victor despite his bad behavior. Ashley wondered what Victoria would be doing since she was not returning to Newman Enterprises. When Victoria admitted that her plans to work with Nick had fallen through, Ashley asked Victoria to work at Jabot. Ashley proposed that Victoria create a new line that could compete with Beauty of Nature.

Nikki went to see Victor, and he told her that he was sticking to his story. Victor declared that Nikki didn't know what had really happened that night in the park. Victor proved his claim by telling Nikki that there had been an injection of the paralyzing drug in Diane's body. Victor said that the syringe with that drug had been found in Victor's safe. Victor was certain that Nikki had nothing to do with the murder. Victor informed her that Diane's body was being exhumed to check for traces of the paralyzing drug. Victor convinced Nikki that he'd been Diane's killer.

Victor asked Nikki to pull herself together and protect the family. Nikki walked out, but she was shaken and in tears. Nikki recalled that Victor had told her in the stables that he would make the Diane problem go away. When Ronan saw Nikki in tears, he asked to speak with her. In Ronan's office, Nikki asked Ronan if it was true about Diane being injected with a paralyzing drug. Ronan couldn't confirm or deny. Ronan questioned Nikki about the night she had left the rehab facility. Nikki said she'd been very upset and had suffered a blackout. Nikki had awoken later and driven back to rehab.

At Newman Enterprises, Nick watched Adam's press conference from the doorway. Adam insisted that the dip in the stock price was no big deal. Adam announced that he was in charge of the company, as per his talk meeting with Victor. Nick intervened and said that Adam was mistaken. Nick refused to answer questions and sent the media away.

Adam told Nick that he had a lot of nerve. Adam said he was acting on Victor's authority. Adam dared Nick to consult with Victor. Nick reminded Adam that the board, not Victor, would make the decision about who ran the company.

When he saw her at the coffeehouse, Deacon sympathized with Victoria about Victor's arrest. Victoria refused to speak with Deacon. One of Angelo's enforcers grabbed Deacon and said the Deacon had better pay his debt...or else. Later, at the ranch, Nikki was shocked to see Deacon in the living room. Nikki demanded to know what Deacon knew about Diane's death. Nikki wasn't sure what to believe anymore. Deacon told Nikki that if he revealed what he'd seen in the park, Nikki's family would be destroyed.

At the jail, Kay told Victor that he'd acted badly and she was shocked. Victor said that he'd done what was necessary. Michael arrived with the news that the arraignment would be happening immediately. Kay wanted to call Nikki. Victor didn't want Nikki, Kay, or anyone in court. Victor didn't even want a suit, preferring to wear his prison clothes.

Avery and Sharon arrived at the courtroom. Sharon asked Avery to pay close attention in case she could help Victor's defense. Avery mentioned that the judge on the case was very strict. Victor pleaded guilty to murder. Just as Walsh was ready to accept the plea, Ronan interrupted to say that he had reservations about Victor's confession. Ronan believed that Victor had not acted alone. Ronan claimed at least one other person was probably linked to the case. The judge was convinced that Ronan was onto something and refused Victor's guilty plea. Victor challenged her, but the judge was firm.

Jack spoke with Rafe about Kyle's custody situation. Jack wanted to know about Victor's claim that he had a document in which Diane had given custody of Kyle to Victor. Jack wanted to know if such a document was legal. Jack asked Rafe to get the agreement voided by a judge.

Nick told Adam that he'd called a board meeting. Adam said he would be in charge of Newman Enterprises until then. Kay called Nikki to let her know that Victor's arraignment was taking place.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

At the ranch, Deacon told Nikki that if he revealed what he'd seen in the park the night Diane was murder, Nikki's family would be destroyed. Nikki said that Victor had already confessed, and what Deacon had seen didn't matter anymore. Deacon said that Victor had killed Diane, but he had not worked alone. Deacon was reluctant to tell Nikki all he knew.

Nikki feared that Deacon would blackmail her with the information he was keeping. Deacon wanted to prove that Nikki could trust him, and asked her to give their romance another chance. Nikki was not interested in being with Deacon ever again, but he thought they'd been good together. Nikki listened to her phone messages and learned from Kay that Victor had been arraigned. Nikki rushed out.

Billy spoke on the phone with Ricky. Paul's son wanted to be the new editor in chief for Restless Style. Billy agreed to meet with Ricky. Victoria arrived at Billy's office with a gift -- a stress ball. Billy was surprised to hear that Victoria was considering taking a job at Jabot. When Victoria talked about her frustrations, she used the stress ball and Billy noticed. Victoria said she couldn't work for Newman Enterprises anymore, even if Victor was going to be in prison. Victoria said that Nick would have to deal with Adam and working for Newman again. Victoria believed that Adam would ruin the company, but Billy had faith in Nick.

Victoria admitted that she was very concerned about Nikki. Billy realized that Victoria didn't want to think about her father's predicament. Billy and Victoria kissed and contemplated going into a back office to be wicked, then Billy remembered he had an appointment. Victoria wanted to talk with Billy about setting a new wedding date. Billy was reluctant about getting married again. As much as he wanted to be Victoria's husband, Billy though that he was a terrible Father Knows Best type. Billy believed that Victoria would be better if she remained with Billy, the wild and crazy guy. Victoria hugged Billy and promised to never let him go again.

In Victor's office, Nick told Adam to enjoy being at the big desk because the board of directors would vote Adam out of office once they convened. Adam thought differently, especially since the board would not appreciate that Nick had cost the company half a billion dollars. Nick believed that the board would never trust a criminal like Adam. Adam let it slip to Nick that he'd seen Sharon earlier. Nick believed that Sharon had agreed to stay away from Adam because if she defied Nick's edict, Sharon would lose custody of Faith. Adam accused Nick was using Faith to punish Sharon. Nick dared Adam to claim that he had seen Sharon and be responsible for Sharon losing Faith again. Adam refused to say that, and Nick called Adam a jerk.

In court, Victor wanted Michael to force the judge to accept the guilty plea. Victor addressed the judge and said that he'd hated Diane and wanted her dead. The judge ordered Victor to be returned to jail. Walsh accused Ronan of ruining his case.

Sharon followed Victor into the hallway and demanded that Victor explain why he'd lied about killing Diane. Victor told Sharon that he was guilty and urged Sharon to look after herself and her children. Victor was confident that he did not need Sharon worrying about him. In the courtroom, Avery asked Michael to allow her to help in Victor's defense.

Avery tried to convince Michael to speak with Victor, but Michael said that Victor was not interested in legal options. Avery urged Michael to try harder with Victor. Michael appreciated that Avery was good at her job and suggested she might work independently to find evidence to exonerate Victor. If that happened, Michael would not be able to stop Avery from reporting her findings to the authorities. Avery realized that Michael was giving her the go-ahead to work on the case. Before leaving, Michael said that he hoped he hadn't left anything behind. Picking up on the clue, Avery saw Michael's file on the table. When Sharon returned, Avery said that she had a way to save Victor.

In the courtroom, Avery read Michael's file and learned everything that the prosecution had to use against Victor and told Sharon that Michael could have defended Victor. Avery was suspicious that Adam had testified against Victor, since he had a history of perjury. Avery worried that Victor would not appreciate their interfering in the case, but Sharon was determined to help Victor. Based on Avery's analysis, the key was Adam's testimony.

Sharon offered to get Adam to admit that he'd lied about Victor killing Diane. Sharon called Adam, but was shocked when Adam said he didn't want to see her. Sharon asked for Avery's mini-tape recorder so she could get Adam on tape confessing that he had lied. Sharon didn't want to spend time with Adam, but she'd do it for Victor.

Victor met with Michael at the jail and insisted that Malloy butt out of the case. Michael said that Nikki was against Victor's plan. Victor wanted Sharon and Nikki to keep away from him.

Ricky went to the police station and sneaked into Ronan's office. Ricky searched for information and photographed some files on the desk. Later, Ronan and Walsh entered, talking about what had happened in court. Walsh questioned Ronan's decision to reject Victor's confession. Walsh wanted to wrap up the case.

Ronan wanted the real killer to be convicted. Ronan believed that Nikki had been involved in the murder. Walsh told the police commissioner that Ronan had blown the case. Ronan took the phone and tried to explain what he'd done. After the call, Walsh fired Ronan.

At the jail, Nikki confronted Michael about Victor's arraignment. Michael said that for the time being, the judge refused to accept Victor's plea. Michael said the court was awaiting more evidence. Michael told Nikki to go home, but she went to see Victor instead. Nikki told Victor that she knew what she had to do. Nikki wanted to make things right, but Victor refused her help. Victor called for the guard to take Nikki away.

Michael met with Victoria and Billy at Restless Style. Michael was delivering a message to Victoria from Victor; her father wanted to see her. Billy told Victoria that she didn't have to go unless she wanted to. Victoria was compelled to say goodbye to her father.

Later, Victoria entered the visitor's room at the jail and Victor explained that the judge had refused to accept the plea. Victor asked Victoria to verify Adam's witness statement by saying that she'd seen Victor kill Diane. In that way, Victoria would be certain that Victor was sent to prison for the rest of his life, and she'd never have to see him again. Victoria was shocked that Victor would expect her to lie to the police. Victoria realized that Victor was trying to get the police to stop investigating the real killer, someone for whom Victor was willing to sacrifice his life.

Ricky met with Billy and gave him references and his résumé. Billy was impressed, but he wanted a writer with real experience. Ricky admitted he was just out of school, but said he was proactive and aggressive. Billy thought Ricky was full of talk and not ready to be editor in chief. Ricky said he had bombshell news that would blow Victoria Newman's mind. Billy resented Ricky's comments about Victoria and her family. Ricky explained that the cops had evidence on a suspect other than Victor -- Nikki Newman.

Avery ran into Nick at Crimson Lights. Avery told him that the judge refused to accept Victor's plea. Avery explained that she had been at the courtroom on Sharon's request. Nick was surprised that Sharon was so intent on saving Victor. Avery said that Sharon had gone to see Adam to prove that he was lying about Victor.

Nick was furious that Avery had allowed Sharon to go see Adam. Avery explained that Sharon knew what she was doing. Nick blamed Avery for putting Sharon in harm's way and walked out. Avery was stunned. At Victor's office, Adam was surprised that Sharon was there. Sharon said she'd been at Victor's arraignment, but couldn't believe he killed Diane. Adam told Sharon that he'd seen Victor murder Diane.

Adam said that Diane had humiliated Victor and that was why Victor had needed to eliminate her. Sharon asked Adam to tell her "all the gory details" because she couldn't believe it. Adam assured Sharon that Victor was capable of killing. Sharon wanted to see things the way Adam did, but he claimed that he was busy running the company. Adam told Sharon that it was a mistake for her to be there. Sharon was surprised that Adam was trying to tell her what she needed. Sharon let Adam get close to her. Nick walked in and scowled at the two of them.

Nikki returned to the ranch and reached for a drink. She was in tears about Victor. Deacon returned and found Nikki completely drunk. Deacon tried to stop her from drinking more. Nikki wanted the previous year to be erased. Nikki was frustrated that Victor always pushed her away and cried in Deacon's arms, not knowing what to do. Deacon said Nikki was the best thing that had ever happened to him. Deacon offered to take care of everything for Nikki. When Nikki was passed out on the couch, Deacon called to make plans to fly to Las Vegas with Nikki -- first class.

Avery ran into Michael at Crimson Lights. Michael reiterated that Avery needed to stay out of Victor's case, hoping that she would continue working on it. Avery let on to Michael that the day had been an eye-opener.

Friday, December 9, 2011

At the Newman ranch, a disheveled Nikki woke up on the couch, and Deacon cheerfully stated that they needed to hurry to the airport. She refused to go anywhere with him, but he reminded her that he'd witnessed Diane's murder. He insisted that Nikki had tried to save Diane from Victor and Victoria, but Nikki wouldn't believe him. Deacon claimed that Diane had called Nikki terrible names, and Victoria had lost it and had bashed Diane's head with the rock. Nikki had tried to get the rock away from her, but it had been too late.

Nikki was flabbergasted that her family hadn't told her the whole story. Deacon said that he didn't care what happened to Victor, but he had protected Victoria for Nikki's sake. He pondered going to the cops, but Nikki begged him not to, and he suggested that she could talk him out of it by being sweet to him, like she once had. He stated that they could go to Las Vegas together, or he would go to the police by himself.

In Las Vegas, Deacon marveled at how nice their hotel room was, but Nikki made a beeline for the mini bar and pulled out all the liquor. She said it still wasn't enough to get her through a wedding to him, and she called room service and ordered a bottle of vodka. While Nikki downed the liquor, Deacon presented her with a wedding gown and veil. She drunkenly griped that the dress was white, and he commented that nothing was too good for his bride. He urged her to take it easy on the booze, and he tried to convince her that she'd remember their connection once they were married. She sullenly chugged her drink.

Nikki reluctantly donned the dress and veil. Deacon called himself a lucky man, and she reached again for her drink, but he grabbed her hand and declared that it was time to get married. Moments later, Deacon and a slurring Nikki said "I do," and the minister pronounced them husband and wife. Deacon lifted Nikki's veil and kissed her, but she pushed him away. The minister snapped a wedding photo on Deacon's cell phone, and Deacon prepared to send it to a friend who would ensure it was splashed all over the tabloids.

At Newman Enterprises, Nick and Sharon argued over Sharon's presence in Adam's office. Nick barked that she'd lost Faith three times because of her affiliation with Adam. She called Nick abusive and dismissive, and Nick accused her of repeatedly making the same pathetic mistakes. She wondered how he'd treat Faith if their daughter disappointed him, and Nick pointedly countered that he'd never give Faith up. Adam defended that Sharon was an excellent mom, and Sharon refused to let Nick separate her from Faith again.

At Crimson Lights, Avery mentioned to Michael that Sharon had offered to go undercover to get information from Adam, but Michael couldn't picture Sharon being successful. Avery remarked that she hadn't heard from Sharon yet, but she'd already learned that Nick couldn't stand the thought of Sharon being near Adam. Michael pointed out that it was a long shot that Sharon could trick Adam, and Avery wished that Nick would stop interfering.

Michael recalled that he and Phyllis had spent many hours discussing Nick's long history with Sharon, and Avery realized that Michael was more than just Phyllis' legal counsel. Avery understood that Michael disapproved of Avery taking Daisy's case, and Michael accused Avery of wanting to make Phyllis suffer. Avery remarked that he sounded just like Phyllis. Michael said Phyllis had flaws, but she'd never tried to pass herself off as a saint. He spotted Nick and Sharon and noted that there had been fallout from Avery's plan.

Sharon thanked Nick for meeting her, because she had things she wanted to say to him, but not in front of Adam. Nick informed her that Avery had told him about the plan to trap Adam. Sharon lamented that she'd have proof of Victor's innocence if Nick hadn't interrupted her conversation with Adam. Nick said that the only thing Adam had been about to confess was his undying love for Sharon, and he insinuated that Sharon and Adam would have ended up in bed had he not walked in on them.

Avery eavesdropped as Sharon said that Adam was arrogant enough to think that she'd fall for his mind games again, but she couldn't believe that Nick considered her to be so gullible. They argued about her latest encounter with Adam, and she insisted that she had only been trying to get Adam to open up as part of Avery's plan. Nick recalled Sharon's prior declarations that she was done with Adam, and she defended that there had been reasonable explanations for her recent conversations with Adam.

Nick couldn't believe that Sharon was copping an attitude, but Sharon contended that she'd admitted her faults and had changed, and she felt that Nick was looking for reasons to punish her. He claimed to only care about Faith's welfare, but Sharon insisted that if that were true, he wouldn't keep trying to take Faith away from her mother. Nick said Sharon could see Faith anytime under his supervision. She angrily agreed to do everything on his terms, for the time being, because he had full custody. She vowed to fight for and win custody back from him.

Later, Nick greeted Avery and apologized for storming out earlier, and she snarled that he had obviously been anxious to get to Sharon. Nick disclosed that he had found Sharon and Adam together, and it hadn't looked like Sharon was just trying to extract information. Nick was upset with Avery for involving Sharon in her plan, and he acknowledged that Sharon could be convincing with hiding her feelings for Adam, but he knew how to read more than just Sharon's words. Avery noted that Nick's actions indicated something about his own feelings when he'd run out to rescue Sharon, and she thought that he was jealous of Adam and Sharon's relationship.

Avery confessed that that she'd witnessed Nick and Sharon's argument, but he hadn't noticed Avery, because he had been entirely focused on Sharon. Nick argued that his daughter was at risk. Avery complained that he had blinders on, but she conceded that she hadn't seen what was in front of her, either, because she realized he wasn't completely over Phyllis or Sharon. Nick pleaded with Avery to listen to him, but she blasted Nick for his revolving door of relationships and wanted no part of it. Nick chased Avery out of the coffeehouse, and he grabbed her and kissed her passionately.

At Restless Style, Billy asked Ricky if he'd met Nikki, because she didn't have the physical strength to brutally murder someone. Billy questioned whether Ricky intended to spread the story about Nikki's alleged guilt, but Ricky insisted he had only wanted to prove that he had what it took to uncover a big scoop. Billy stated that he wasn't interested, and he ordered Ricky to leave.

Ricky ran into Paul at the Athletic Club, and they agreed to get together soon. Paul left, and Phyllis approached Ricky and said she had thought of an amicable settlement to their legal issues. Phyllis commented that Avery was a "paint-by-numbers type of gal," whereas Phyllis preferred to color outside the lines. She complimented Ricky's innocent-looking expression and said it would help with what she had in mind.

Victoria visited Victor in prison, and she asked who her father was protecting. Victor insisted that he'd confessed because he was guilty. Detective Mauro informed them that their time was up, and Victoria departed. Victor congratulated the detective on her recent "inheritance," and she confirmed that she'd received the money. She pulled the syringe case from her boot, and Victor opened it and picked up the syringe.

Later, Paul stopped by the prison to see Victor, and he questioned the timing of Victor's confession. Paul said that the more Victor tried to draw attention away from Nikki, the more he felt a sense of dread. Victor admitted that Paul had reason to worry. Paul voiced his affection for Nikki and begged Victor to tell him the truth, so he could help Nikki as best as he could during his investigation. Victor clarified that he hadn't meant to imply that Nikki was guilty, but he wanted Paul to look after Nikki.

Detective Mauro informed Michael that Ronan had been removed from the case, and that she and Paul would be handling the investigation. She handed Michael a file, and a baffled expression crossed his face when he looked at its contents. Michael entered the visiting room, and he informed Victor that Ronan had been taken off the case, but Victor had already heard. Michael reported that Ronan's last official act had been to order the re-examination of the evidence against Victor, who didn't seem surprised.

Michael reported to Victor that a second autopsy had revealed that Diane had died from a blow to the head, though the drug she'd had in her bone marrow was still a factor. He added that forensics had retested the leather case and the syringe found in Victor's safe, and they had discovered fingerprints that they hadn't found before. Michael revealed that the new prints were Victor's, and he asked how Victor's fingerprints had gotten on a case Victor had supposedly never touched. Victor stated that the evidence spoke for itself, and the judge had no choice but to accept his plea. Victor refused to discuss it any further.

At home, Victoria disclosed to Billy that Victor had requested that she lie that she'd seen Victor kill Diane, but she had refused. She continued that no one had believed Victor's guilty plea. Victoria suspected that Victor knew who the killer was and that it was someone Victor loved. She speculated that it was one of her siblings, but Billy said there was another possibility. He revealed that he'd learned that Nikki was also under suspicion.

Victoria contended that Nikki hadn't been in town on the night of Diane's murder, but Billy pointed out that Nikki had been missing. He hoped Nikki had an alibi, but he wondered if the police had already looked into her whereabouts, and if Victor had confessed to protect Nikki. Victoria insisted that Nikki wasn't a suspect in Diane's murder and never had been, and that it wasn't necessarily Nikki who Victor was protecting. Billy questioned whether Nikki had still been drinking, but Victoria didn't believe it. Billy theorized that Nikki had withdrawn from her family because she had something to hide.

Victoria chided Billy for buying into a ridiculous rumor and ordered him to drop it, and he wished he had a side to the story that didn't involve the Newmans. He realized things could get ugly for her family, but she snapped that she'd handled things on her own for the past few months without him. She answered her phone, and she reported that Nikki had been accused of murder on the Restless Style website. Victoria concluded that Billy hadn't been able to resist breaking the story.

Victoria slammed her phone down and blasted Billy for how much he'd hurt her. He assured her it wasn't what she thought, but she screamed at him to get out. Billy insisted that he hadn't written the story and that he had no clue how it had gotten online. She realized that he was telling the truth, and she apologized for overreacting. They hugged, and Victoria whimpered that Nikki wouldn't be able to deal with being accused of murder.

At the Athletic Club, Ricky worried to Phyllis that he wouldn't have a career if he got caught. She said she had it covered, and she promised that her plan would pay off for both of them, as long as Ricky never told anyone where he had gotten the passwords to the Restless Style website. She said she'd be in touch, and he left. Michael approached Phyllis and expressed surprise that she and Ricky had been in a deep conversation. She said they'd reached an understanding.

Adam entered the Newman ranch and called out for Nikki. The maid informed him that Nikki wasn't there, and Adam explained that he had to grab files from the study, but he could take care of it on his own. The maid left, and Adam left a message for Nikki, asking for her progress with convincing Nick to keep his nose out of Newman Enterprises.

Sharon stopped by to retrieve a package at the ranch, and she and Adam awkwardly greeted one another. He complimented how she'd handled herself with Nick, and she remarked that she was strongest when she stood up for Faith. Adam was grateful that she'd stood up for him, too, but he promised he wouldn't read too much into it. He commented that she had an instinct to defend him, while he tended to lash out at her, like when he'd humiliated her at their wedding ceremony in the prison.

Adam apologized and wished that he could undo his actions, and Sharon replied that he could. He pulled her engagement ring from his pocket and explained that he'd returned to the prison to retrieve it from the guard. Sharon figured he'd done so because it had been his mother's, but Adam proclaimed that he'd give anything to have Sharon wear the ring again, and slid the ring onto her finger. An emotional Sharon fondled the ring for a moment, but then she handed it back to him and said she couldn't do it, and she walked away.

Sharon arrived to see Victor, and he said there was nothing she could do, though he appreciated her desire to help. She excused herself to take a call, and she gasped in horror. She informed him that Nikki had just married Deacon, and she showed him the wedding photo. Victor looked crestfallen.

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