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Avery's apartment was ransacked. Dylan and Chelsea had sex. Marcus hired a henchman to take out his enemies at the Newman wedding. Victor threatened to use evidence against Adam after the wedding. Leslie realized that Gus was innocent.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of March 11, 2013 on Y&R
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Monday, March 11, 2013

At Crimson Lights, Chelsea stopped by in search of Chloe. Kevin noted that Chloe had gone home after assisting with the rush of morning customers. Kevin praised Chelsea for realizing that her ex-husband was a jerk for destroying his and Chloe's promising business venture. As Chelsea exited the coffeehouse, she ran into Dylan. After Dylan ordered coffee, Kevin asked if he was working on Sharon's house. Dylan was surprised to learn that Kevin had heard about him. Kevin explained that in Genoa City, people tended to be nosy.

Chelsea returned and disgustedly cried that he car wouldn't start. Dylan offered to help. He instructed Chelsea to keep warm inside the coffeehouse while he attempted to start her car. After Dylan stepped outside, Kevin chided Chelsea for giving her keys to a stranger. Dylan returned a short time later and told Chelsea that she had a dead battery. Chelsea smiled when Dylan offered to give her a ride to the Genoa City Athletic Club in his rental car. Dylan and Chelsea left.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Jack approached Phyllis and asked if she'd been avoiding him, noting that she hadn't responded to his phone messages. Phyllis claimed she'd been busy with the development project he'd assigned. Jack invited himself to join Phyllis for a meal, but she didn't readily accept. Jack replied, "So you are avoiding me. Tell me why, so I can fix it." Phyllis explained that she'd been unnerved by Jack's decision to order a glass of wine. Jack claimed that for a split second, he'd forgotten that he was a recovering addict.

Jack explained to Phyllis that his renewed relationship with her and his return to Jabot had put him in a festive mood, and he'd impulsively ordered a celebratory glass of champagne. Phyllis cried that being with her had driven Jack to indulge in bad habits, so she wasn't good for him. Jack assured Phyllis that he'd maintain vigilance and wouldn't allow himself to abuse drugs or alcohol again.

Phyllis tearfully reminded Jack that she'd been terrified by the experience of watching him suffer through detoxification. Phyllis slipped her arms into her coat and added, "I could do just one little thing to you, and it could send you right back there." Jack told Phyllis that he'd absolve her of blame forever. Phyllis quickly rose from her seat and said, "It's not enough. I can't." Jack looked hurt and confused after Phyllis rushed toward the exit.

As Phyllis hurried out the door, she ran into Chelsea and Dylan as they arrived. Dylan spoke to Phyllis, and she paused momentarily to respond. Chelsea was surprised to learn that Dylan had grown up with Phyllis in the same Connecticut town. Chelsea noted that Genoa City seemed to be a strange place because citizens shared interconnections quite often. Dylan said he liked the city because it was a great place for couples to raise kids.

Chelsea's voice broke, and she began to cry. Dylan asked, "Are you okay?" Dylan escorted Chelsea to a seating area in the lounge. Chelsea wiped her cheeks and claimed that she only cried when she was tired. Dylan assured Chelsea that she could share her problems with him in confidence.

Dylan later stopped by to visit his dad. A nurse met Dylan in the hallway, and he asked her if his dad was settling in well at his new place. The nurse calmly explained that she'd been unable to contact Dylan. His face became ashen, and he sighed heavily. The nurse gently informed Dylan that his father had passed away about a half an hour before. Dylan stood motionless in the hallway as if he needed time to process the news of his father's death.

Phyllis stopped by Crimson Lights and jokingly ordered a sandwich and a case of brownies, so, she added, she could eat herself into a coma. Kevin flippantly asked Phyllis if she'd had to move a dead body all by herself. Phyllis noted that she was having a bad day and had no one to offer support. Kevin laughed when Phyllis claimed that she was cursed and seemed to cast a curse on others. Kevin noted that Phyllis seemed to be toxic.

Phyllis' phone rang, but she rejected the call. When Kevin placed Phyllis' bagged sandwich on the counter, he said, "I packed your lunch, dear." Phyllis replied, "Dear? What happened to "toxic?" You called me toxic," Kevin reminded Phyllis that she'd called him a chipmunk in the past. Phyllis asked Kevin if he thought she was toxic. Kevin asked Phyllis when she'd begun caring what others thought.

Phyllis claimed that some believed that her toxicity helped them. Kevin laughed mockingly and told Phyllis that she often "exploded her mood over anybody." Phyllis asked Kevin if he'd mind if she dated someone he knew. Kevin replied, "Maybe, if I knew someone who was searching for a romantic, emotional pit of despair, then I'd be all right with them dating you."

Jack went home and attempted to phone Phyllis, but she refused to answer his call. After Kyle arrived at home, he noticed that Jack was in a foul mood. Jack asked if Kyle felt wary of him or worried that Jack might resort to abusing narcotics again. Kyle replied by inquiring if Phyllis had expressed fears about a possible relapse. Jack told Kyle that he'd considered asking Kyle to speak to Phyllis and convince her that everything would work out. Jack added, "I want her in my life very badly -- more than ever. "

At the tack house, Nick awoke Avery, who'd spent the night on the sofa. Nick said he was surprised to find Avery asleep after he returned home. Avery explained that someone had been following her, but she insisted that the suspect car had lost sight of her before she entered the security gate on the ranch property. Nick said that Avery might have misidentified the security detail he'd enlisted. Avery explained that the security detail traveled in a blue SUV, but the mystery car was a late-model black automobile that she'd also spotted when she'd traveled to Milwaukee. Avery told Nick she was certain the client she was representing had been wrongly convicted. She added that someone wanted to keep her client in prison.

Nick told Avery that she was involved in an active criminal case because someone had tampered with her brakes and was tracking her movements. Avery added that she'd also received a few hang-up telephone calls. Nick pleaded with Avery to postpone the appeal and turn the case over to police. Avery noted that many, including Congressman Wheeler and Leslie Michaelson, who was actually Gus Rogan's daughter, had insisted that she walk away from the case. Avery added that Leslie's mother was the murdered victim and that Leslie had testified at the first trial. Leslie and Tyler, Avery explained, were fearful of their father and hoped that he'd never be released. Avery passionately insisted that Leslie was wrong about her father's role in her mother's death.

After Nick drove Avery home, they noticed that the door was ajar. Avery noted that she hadn't left it open. Nick pushed the door open with his elbow. Nick and Avery entered to find that the apartment had been ransacked. Nick instructed Avery to phone the police. While they waited for the police to arrive, Nick demanded that Avery pack a bag and return to the tack house. Avery insisted that the perpetrator wouldn't return because she'd had her case files with her in Milwaukee. Nick, upset, said, "Tell me you finally get it. Tell me you're ready to walk away from this." Avery shook her head.

When Nick and Avery returned to the tack house, Avery noted that the police wouldn't likely find fingerprints at her place, so various surveillance and security video sources should be checked. Nick assured Avery that video sources would be reviewed. Nick insisted that Avery announce that she was no longer representing Gus Rogan. Nick explained that the person who'd been tracking her should be assured that she was no longer a threat. Avery told Nick that she wouldn't crumple under pressure. She added, "This backfired, Nick, because now, there's no way I'm backing down from this case."

Neil tracked down Leslie in a suite at the Genoa City Athletic Club. Neil noted that Leslie's former superintendent had claimed that she'd moved out. Neil pushed his way inside the suite and spied a packed suitcase on the bed. As Leslie hastily folded her clothes and packed them away, she told Neil that she had to move away before her father was released from prison. Leslie cried that her father would track her down. Neil begged Leslie to stay in town, and he promised not to let anything happen to her.

Leslie told Neil that she'd testified in court against her father. For the past twelve years, Leslie added, her father had likely planned to seek revenge and posed a danger to her and anyone close to her. Neil said that Gus might not win his appeal. Leslie noted the men her father had turned against might also seek revenge by attacking her. Neil embraced Leslie and begged her to trust him. Leslie said she feared for Neil's safety. Neil gazed directly into Leslie's eyes and said she could trust him. Neil and Leslie began kissing and made love on the bed after Neil shoved the suitcase to the floor.

Later, Leslie calmly noted that she'd thought that her whole world had been caving in. Neil admitted that Leslie had a lot of rules and put up a lot of walls, but he understood why. Neil told Leslie that he hoped she would stay in town and let him help her stay safe. Leslie's phone rang, and she answered it. She listened for a moment, and then she tossed the phone away. Neil asked, "Who was it?" A stunned Leslie replied, "My father."

Neil reminded Leslie that her father was in prison. Leslie insisted she was certain that the voice she'd heard was her father's. The phone began ringing again. Neil offered to answer, but Leslie told him not to. With the look of terror in her eyes, Leslie said, "He's found me, and this time, he's not going to let me get away."

In Nikki's room at the hospital, Nurse Maureen was enchanted when Nikki and Abby explained that Victor had promised Nikki an unofficial wedding ceremony each day until the doctor discharged her. Abby said, "My dad is all about the grand gestures." Maureen noted that Victor was obviously in love with Nikki because he'd been hovering over her since the minute she'd been hospitalized. Abby stepped out to find Victor and offer assistance. Victor explained that the judge he'd enlisted to officiate at the ceremony was unavailable. Nurse Maureen, standing nearby updating charts, overheard Abby urging Victor to find a substitute.

Abby returned to Nikki's bedside and stalled breaking the disappointing news. Suddenly, the door opened. Victor appeared with Nurse Maureen and a woman he introduced as Justice of the Peace Clarice Collins. Clarice explained that her cousin, Maureen, had summoned her to the hospital after learning that Nikki and Victor needed "an officiant for their unofficial wedding." Clarice, Maureen, and Abby stepped out when Nikki said she was reluctant to impose on others. Victor insisted and said that the weddings had seemed to strengthen his bride. Maureen, Abby, and Clarice returned. Clarice announced, "Let's have a wedding!"

Abby stood nearby, holding a bouquet of daisies. Victor joined Maureen after she began humming "Amazing Grace." Nikki's face lit up when Clarice, near the conclusion of the brief ceremony said, "This is a tribute to the sanctity of love as you bind your hearts and hands. You may now kiss your bride." Victor hovered over Nikki's bed and kissed her lips. Maureen produced a tambourine from her handbag and began crooning a lively, jazzy version of "When the Saints Go Marching In." Victor and Nikki clapped in time with the music, and Victor joined Maureen and Clarice in belting out the chorus.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

At home, Victor was speaking on the phone with Dr. Costner to learn when Nikki would be able to return home. Despite Victor's pressure, the doctor could not say when Nikki would be released from the hospital. Victor noticed a gift on the coffee table. He unwrapped it and found a framed clipping from the newspaper from the day the body of Marcus' daughter had been found in the alley. The note with the gift read, "Just to keep you on your toes."

At the tack house, Nick walked downstairs just as Avery flung a file across the room in frustration. Avery complained that she couldn't find a transcript from Gus Rogan's case. Nick told Avery that the police had no leads on who'd cut the brakes to her car or trashed her apartment. Nick wanted Avery to drop the case, but she announced that she would not be intimidated. Nick declared if she wouldn't take his advice, he would make sure to protect her.

Dylan walked into his hotel room, carrying the box with his father's personal effects. When Dylan opened the box, he saw the Chicago Cubs baseball cap that he'd bought his father just the day before. Dylan saw some photos of himself with his father, then held up the religious medal that had been on the hospital night table. Dylan sat back on the bed and began to cry over his father's death.

Lily walked into the living room and asked why Cane he'd let her to sleep so late. Cane said that he thought Lily needed some rest, and he was being a good husband. Cane was at work on Jabot business, and Lily volunteered to help. Lily saw that Cane had a file of Chelsea's designs. Cane noticed that Lily wasn't happy.

Later, Cane offered Lily a cup of tea and conceded that he was aware that she had issues with him working with Chelsea. Lily admitted that she was jealous, although she wished she wasn't. Cane understood because he had problems with Tyler. Cane said that he'd decided to stop working with Chelsea. Cane explained that he'd helped Chelsea get an opportunity, but she could work with Neil, Tyler, or someone else at Jabot.

At Crimson Lights, Chloe asked Chelsea about Adam's reaction to the news that Chelsea was pregnant. Chelsea confessed that she hadn't been able to bring herself to tell him. Chloe was glad because she wanted Chelsea to claim that another man had fathered the baby. Chelsea worried that Adam would suspect her of lying and demand a paternity test. Chloe's mind was spinning with ideas and advised Chelsea to begin dating a lot of hot guys.

Chloe assured Chelsea that she could lie about having sex with the guys if she didn't want to sleep around. Chelsea asked Chloe to calm down. Chelsea greeted Cane when he walked into the coffeehouse. Chelsea bombarded Cane with ideas for her line. Cane told her she'd need to run them all by Neil from that point on. Chelsea understood that Cane's involvement with Chelsea had hurt his relationship with Lily.

Neil found Leslie asleep on the couch in her hotel room. Leslie said that she'd dreamed that her father had called her. Neil said it was true, and Leslie became overcome with fear that her father was after her. Neil tried to calm her, but Leslie was flipping out. Leslie believed that Marcus had given Gus her phone number. Neil offered to speak with Avery for Leslie. When Leslie asked him not to do that, Neil suggested that Leslie confront her father in prison.

Just as Neil said goodbye to Leslie, Tyler arrived and said that he'd overheard Neil's idea that Leslie visit Gus in prison. Tyler was dead set against Leslie going to Milwaukee to see Gus. Tyler was surprised that Gus had been able to call Leslie. Tyler agreed with his sister that it must have been Marcus who'd tipped off their father.

At the Jabot office, Lily bumped into Neil, and he asked if she was all right. Lily explained that she'd slept late and was just catching up with work. Lily hinted to Neil that Cane had something important to speak with him about. Neil was intrigued. Later, Lily appeared at the coffeehouse and found Chelsea with Cane.

Lily told Chelsea that she'd seen Chelsea's fashion designs and thought she was very talented. Lily wished her great success. As Lily and Cane left together, Chloe realized that Chelsea was attracted to Cane. Chloe admitted that she'd once had it bad for Cane. Chelsea said she would never hurt Lily by passing off Cane as the baby daddy.

At the Athletic Club, Nick confronted Marcus and demanded to know if he was responsible for the attacks on Avery. Marcus resented Nick's question, but Nick would not back off. Marcus denied being involved with Avery in any way. Nick noted that Marcus wanted Avery to lose the Rogan case. Marcus believed that Gus belonged in prison. Nick threatened to make Marcus pay if anything happened to Avery.

In the foyer, Leslie and Tyler stopped Marcus and she asked if he would speak with her privately. Upstairs, Leslie told Marcus that Gus had tried to call her. Marcus denied giving Gus her cell phone number. Marcus said that he was not afraid of Gus, but Leslie said that she was.

When Leslie said she was going to Milwaukee to see Gus, Marcus approved. Marcus spoke fondly about Belinda, Leslie's mother. Marcus recalled that Belinda had been a wonderful woman and a great asset to his campaign. After Marcus left, Tyler returned and said that he was certain that Marcus was a liar. Leslie agreed and told her brother she'd just lied to Marcus about going to see Gus.

Leslie wondered why Marcus had lied to her about his involvement with Gus. Leslie admitted to Tyler that she had serious doubts about their father's guilt. Tyler reminded Leslie that Gus was a bad man who belonged in prison. Leslie thought it was time to face the past and discover the truth of their mother's murder.

As Avery was unlocking to door to her apartment, Dylan gently tapped on her shoulder. Avery jumped and scolded Dylan for sneaking up on her. Dylan apologized for scaring her. Inside the apartment, Dylan noticed that that living room had been turned upside down. Avery acted as though the mess was hers, claiming that she just hadn't cleaned up.

Dylan made small talk before telling Avery that his father had died the night before. Avery comforted Dylan with a hug. Dylan explained that he'd taken his father from Chicago to Genoa City so the could spend more time together. Dylan said he'd only shared one day with his father before his father had passed away. Dylan said it was getting harder and harder for him to think about leaving Genoa City.

Dylan confessed to Avery that taking over his father's construction business was not his dream. Avery knew that Dylan still wanted to become an architect. Dylan didn't think that was possible any longer. When Avery urged him not to give up on his dream, Dylan wondered if Avery's passion for her work had put her in danger. Nick showed up at the door and was concerned that Avery had returned to the apartment.

Dylan declared that whoever had ransacked the apartment might have also cut the brakes on Avery's car. Nick said that he would be responsible for protecting Avery. Dylan wanted to help Avery, but she insisted that she didn't need their protection. Before leaving, Dylan asked Nick if Faith was all right. Nick said she was fine. After Dylan walked out, Avery informed Nick that Dylan's father had passed away.

Nick objected to Avery being in the apartment. Avery said she'd returned in order to search the place. Avery showed Nick that she'd found an American flag pin. Later, at Nick's, Avery and Nick both agreed the pin probably belonged to Marcus. Nick wondered what Marcus was hiding.

Avery speculated that perhaps Marcus had been involved in Belinda Rogan's death. Avery said that would explain his efforts to get Avery to drop Gus's case. Avery received a call from Leslie asking if they could meet. Later at the Athletic Club, Leslie told Avery that she wanted to see her father. Avery offered to accompany Leslie to the prison.

Neil went to the Newman ranch to ask Victor what he knew about Marcus. Victor said that Marcus was a politician, and Victor had contributed to his campaigns. Victor wondered why Neil was curious. Neil believed that Marcus was a secretive man. Neil was suspicious of Marcus.

Later, Nick arrived at the ranch and confronted Victor about Marcus. said that he'd promised to keep Marcus from attacking Avery. Nick was agitated as he told Victor that they had to find a way to stop Marcus. Nick showed Marcus' pin that Avery had found in her apartment to Victor. Victor told Nick that they had to wait for Marcus to make a mistake before they could take him down.

At home, Lily and Cane were making out on the couch. Lily announced that she'd decided not to work with Tyler any longer. Cane said that it wasn't necessary, but Lily wanted to do it for Cane. The Ashbys agreed that they had too much going together to let jealousy interfere with their love.

At the coffeehouse, Chelsea was working on her designs. Dylan appeared and said hello. Dylan noticed her work and admired her designs. Dylan said that he appreciated craftsmanship and had once thought of being an architect. Chelsea told him Genoa City was a good place to start over. Dylan told Chelsea that he was thinking of leaving town.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

At the Athletic Club, Chelsea opened the door to her room, and Adam walked in with purpose. Adam told her he'd figured out why she'd been dropping in to see him for the past few weeks. Adam realized that Chelsea was pregnant. Chelsea said that it was true, prompting Adam to demand that Chelsea move back to the house. Chelsea didn't want to live with Adam and Sharon. Adam threatened to sue Chelsea for full custody.

Chelsea woke with a start, realizing that she'd been having a nightmare. Later, Chelsea was working on her designs when there was a knock on the door. Anita was there to see her daughter. Anita asked why Chelsea hadn't been in touch with her. Chelsea explained that she was busy with the start-up. Anita glanced at Chelsea's sketches.

Chelsea became nauseous from the scent of Anita's perfume. Anita noticed that Chelsea was designing baby clothes. Anita said that perfume had made her nauseous when she was pregnant with Chelsea. With sudden realization, Anita asked Chelsea if she was pregnant. Chelsea admitted it was true. Chelsea made Anita promise to keep the pregnancy a secret.

Marcus met with a hired henchman and explained that he needed to eliminate his problems sooner rather than later. The henchman complained about the logistics of going after so many targets. Marcus suggested that he could put all his enemies in one place at the same time. The henchman liked it when Marcus suggested he could get everyone together at a wedding.

At the ranch, Nick told Victor that he was frustrated with Victor's reluctance to go after Marcus directly. Victor advised Nick that they had to bait a trap in order to get to Marcus. Later, at the tack house, Noah informed Nick that there'd been a leak at the bar, but he'd taken care of it. Nick told Noah how glad he was that he had hired his son. Noah wanted to talk with Nick about the job, but Nick was distracted with a message from Avery.

Nick explained to his son that Avery was in Milwaukee on the Innocence Foundation case, and while she was there, Nick wasn't able to protect her. Nick was afraid that Avery was still in danger. Noah reminded Nick that he was a Newman and had the power to do something more than follow Avery around Milwaukee.

Noah encouraged his father to use his influence and the Newman name to get information about Avery's safety. Nick appreciated Noah's suggestion and decided to take the advice. Later, Nick reported back to Noah that he'd contacted the Genoa City Police investigators. The forensic team had discovered detailed information about how Avery's car brakes had been cut.

At the Athletic Club, Victor sat down at Marcus' table and informed him about the attacks on Avery. Victor mentioned that in addition to the brakes on her car being tampered with, someone had ransacked her apartment. Marcus said he was shocked. Victor told Marcus that an American flag pin had been found in Avery's apartment, the same kind of pin Victor recalled seeing on Marcus' lapel.

As Victor and Marcus spoke, Adam sat nearby and eavesdropped on the conversation. Marcus doubted if Victor really wanted to take him on as an adversary. Victor said he didn't care if Marcus went to the press about Victor hiring Stephanie the night she had died in Jack's house. Marcus said he'd call Victor's bluff about Marcus' involvement with Avery. Marcus dared Victor to prove that the flag pin was his. Victor assured Marcus he'd find the connection.

After Marcus walked out of the dining room, Adam approached Victor and said he'd noticed Victor and Marcus locked in another heated conversation. Victor told Adam to spend more time running Newman Enterprises rather than harassing Victor. Adam said it was only when they jousted that they had real father-son time. Victor laughed at the notion they had any father-son relationship at all.

At Sharon's house, Sharon discussed the renovations with Dylan. She noticed that Dylan was distracted. Sharon asked if Dylan wanted to leave to visit his dad. Dylan explained that his father had passed away the day before. Sharon sympathized with Dylan and said he should have stayed home instead of working. Dylan said that he was anxious to finish the job because he was thinking of moving away from Genoa City.

At the Athletic Club, Carmine stopped Lauren as she was walking through the lobby. Lauren said she had checked out and was returning home to Michael. Carmine confessed that he didn't want to see their relationship end. Lauren denied they shared anything more than a one-night stand. Carmine disagreed and offered to be there for Lauren if she ever needed him.

At the bar, Abby saw Carmine practicing his card tricks and teased him. She ordered a white wine, and Carmine wondered why Abby wasn't with her new boyfriend. Abby didn't want to talk about Alex because was more interested in Carmine's mystery lady. Abby suspected that Carmine had had a fling with Lauren Fenmore. Carmine got upset and denied the allegation.

Abby blasted Carmine for getting involved with Lauren, who she reminded him, was married to Michael. Abby reiterated that Carmine had already gotten in trouble with Michael when he kidnapped Abby. Carmine screamed back at Abby, and when Alex walked in, he told them both to chill.

Later, Abby had a drink with Alex and admitted that she and Carmine had once been a couple. Alex was shocked to learn that Carmine had dumped Abby. Alex explained to Abby that he still hadn't found a job. Victor interrupted, and Abby introduced him to Alex. Victor asked Abby if she had prepared another wedding. Abby said she had a special plan that she was sure Nikki would love.

Michael arrived home with flowers. He set up the living room for a romantic welcome home for Lauren. Later, Michael was overjoyed when Lauren appeared. Michael was ready to do anything to make their marriage work and asked if Lauren wanted to go to counseling together or separately. Lauren wasn't interested in any marriage counseling.

Lauren admitted that it felt strange being with Michael. Lauren felt awkward, as though they were on a first date. Michael offered to court Lauren again, but Lauren felt that Michael was suffocating her. Michael agreed to slow down. Lauren wished he'd just be satisfied that she was home.

At Jabot, Phyllis told Jack that his marketing plans had been enacted. Phyllis was in a hurry to leave the office, but Jack told her that he knew what she was up to. Phyllis denied doing anything unusual. Jack said that Phyllis was playing dumb. When she didn't lash out in return, Jack knew she was trying to control her emotions. He told Phyllis to stop treating him like he'd break if she said something wrong.

Jack realized that Phyllis was afraid that she might be a trigger to make him return to drugs. Jack told her that wasn't going to happen. Phyllis agreed that she and Jack deserved a second chance at love. Jack confessed that he was falling in love with Phyllis again. Phyllis acted surprised, but when she smiled, Jack knew that she was pleased with the idea.

Phyllis admitted to Jack that her job at Jabot had saved her life, and she was grateful to him. Jack wanted more and asked Phyllis to take a chance on their love. Jack wanted to see if they could work "this time." Phyllis was tempted. Later, at Crimson Lights, Phyllis bumped into Lauren and poured her heart out about possibly having a new romance with Jack. Phyllis was falling in love with Jack again.

While Phyllis talked about her deep attraction for Jack, Lauren saw that Carmine was text messaging her. Lauren was distracted by Carmine's messages. Finally, Phyllis asked Lauren for romance advice. Lauren suddenly blurted out that she'd made a big mistake. Lauren said that she'd acted on impulse and done something awful that she couldn't take back.

Phyllis advised Lauren to tell Michael what she'd done. Lauren shook her head. Phyllis was certain that Michael would forgive Lauren anything. Lauren didn't want to say what she'd done, but Phyllis said in her experience, bad deeds didn't disappear -- they had to be dealt with.

Later, Lauren went home, and Michael told her that he knew he'd been too aggressive before. Michael promised to not smother her. Lauren received another text from Carmine, and when she saw it was a joker from a deck of cards, she smiled. Michael noticed the smile and wondered why their problems couldn't be resolved. Michael asked Lauren if there was something she needed to tell him.

Adam went home and found Sharon waiting for him. Sharon explained that her house repairs would be finished the next day, and she'd be moving out. Adam was despondent, and Sharon wondered what was bothering him. Adam reluctantly told Sharon about what had happened on New Year's Eve with Stephanie and Jack. Adam explained that he'd covered up the fact that Stephanie had died in Jack's house by dumping her body in an alley.

Adam added that Victor had hired Stephanie in order to blackmail Jack and get Newman Enterprises back. Sharon was stunned that Adam had covered up the crime for Jack. Adam revealed that the prostitute had been Marcus Wheeler's daughter. Sharon was shocked that the story had not been in the newspapers.

Adam said that Marcus and Victor were keeping it out of the press, but Adam didn't know why. Adam told Sharon that he'd witnessed Victor and Marcus in a heated fight at the Athletic Club. Adam was curious what was going on between the two men and was concerned about Victor.

Adam said that Marcus was a dangerous man and could hurt Victor. Sharon was surprised that Adam cared, but Adam reminded Sharon that Victor was still his father. Sharon assured Adam that Victor could take care of himself. Sharon advised Adam to stop trying to win his father's love because it would never happen.

Later, Marcus went to Adam's house. Adam said that he wanted to make a donation to Marcus' reelection campaign. Adam wanted to match his father's donation. Marcus was anxious for the money, but when Adam proposed a dinner with Victor to discuss how best to serve the campaign, Marcus said no.

Adam wondered why Marcus didn't want to have a meeting with Victor, since his father was one of Marcus' biggest contributors. Marcus realized that Adam was conning him. Marcus said that he admired Adam's machinations and thought Adam should consider a career in politics. Marcus walked out.

At the Athletic Club bar, Dylan was drinking alone. Chelsea walked over and said hello to him. Chelsea was glad he hadn't left town yet. Dylan said he had a job to finish before he could go. Chelsea reminded Dylan that he'd helped her when she was crying and sad. She offered to listen if Dylan needed to talk to someone.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

At Crimson Lights, Chloe went through her unpaid bills, and Alex commented that it was a bad idea to get behind on payments. She snapped that it was none of his business, but he reminded her that she and Kevin had stolen his money. Chloe wondered why Alex hadn't returned to New York, and he divulged that he'd been fired after he'd recovered the money from his sister. Chloe realized that he was Adriana's brother, and he pointed out that Chloe wouldn't have figured that out if Chloe hadn't stolen the money. Alex suggested that they start fresh, and he gallantly introduced himself. Chloe tentatively shook his hand.

Chloe bragged about Delia's knowledge of baseball statistics. She asked Alex if he had kids, but he said that being a cop had been his life. She questioned whether it could still be, and he replied that he had applied to the Genoa City Police Department, but he hadn't heard anything. Chloe realized that he missed his job, and Alex commented that it meant a lot to give something back by helping people. She called him a modern-day Robin Hood.

Lauren looked at the text message from Carmine, and she grappled with whether or not to tell Michael the truth. Michael urged her to get everything out in the open, but she turned away and struggled for words. Michael wondered if what Lauren had to tell him was truly that awful, and Lauren replied that she felt put on the spot, but he noted that she'd broached the topic. She steeled herself to be honest, but she simply said that she was glad that they were working things out.

Michael doubted that was Lauren's big revelation, but she claimed that it was difficult for her to admit, because recently she had been adamantly against a reunion. Michael conceded that he had a lot to make up for, and she said that they both did. A frazzled Lauren made an excuse to hurry off to the office, and Michael seemed suspicious. Outside in the hall, she made a call and asked to meet with someone.

Lauren entered the Athletic Club and spotted Carmine behind the bar, but Paul approached her. Paul apologized that he hadn't been able to honor her request to meet somewhere else, but she appreciated that he'd made time for her after his workout. He was glad that she had moved back home and had given Michael a second chance. Lauren said that she loved Michael very much, but she felt that Michael just couldn't apologize enough. Paul inquired whether Michael was trying too hard, and Lauren admitted that she knew how sorry Michael was, but it didn't fix or erase what had happened. Paul noticed that she kept glancing at the bartender, and he asked if she wanted a drink, but she declined.

Later, Michael arrived at the Athletic Club and approached Paul, who said that Lauren had just been there. Michael was surprised that she hadn't gone to the office, but Paul explained that Lauren had wanted to tell him that she'd moved back home. Michael wondered if he had expected too much to think that things would be the same as before she had left, and he confided that Lauren's constantly changing attitude was driving him crazy. Paul advised him to give it time.

Michael mentioned that the mayor had called him about offering Paul the position as chief of police, and he encouraged Paul to take it. Paul said that he was leaning toward accepting the job, and Michael went to the bar to get some celebratory drinks. Carmine's cell phone lay unattended on the bar. Meanwhile, Lauren returned home and called out for Michael. Carmine's phone lit up with a text message from Lauren as Michael stood nearby.

Carmine's phone went dark before Michael could spot Lauren's message, and Paul said that they had to postpone the celebration because he had to meet with the mayor. On his way out, Paul stopped Alex in the foyer, and he introduced himself as the new chief of police. Paul remarked that Alex's résumé had been marked for approval, and he complimented Alex on an impressive career. Alex regretted that his last job hadn't ended well, but Paul said that endings meant new beginnings, and he welcomed Alex to the Genoa City Police Department.

At home, Michael told Lauren that Paul would make a wonderful chief of police, and she agreed. She asked whether Michael intended to return to private practice, but he wanted to take a break from the law to spend time with her and Fen. He quickly added that he didn't want to make her uncomfortable, and she apologized for how she'd been acting. Lauren admitted that being home was harder than she had anticipated, and Michael offered to find ways to make himself scarce, because he would do whatever it took to make things work.

At the Athletic Club bar, Dylan ordered another beer, and he offered to buy Chelsea a drink. She ordered a club soda and assumed that he had decided to take her up on her offer to listen. He pointed out that not many people would make the effort, and he acknowledged that he could use a friend. She pulled up a stool and sat down.

Dylan told Chelsea that he'd been discharged from the Army, and he had popped up in Genoa City because of sins of the past. Chelsea said that she'd arrived in town for the same reason, but she'd tried to start over. He asked how it had been going, and she admitted that she'd had some good times, but her life was currently a mess. He asked where she was from, and she responded, "Everywhere and nowhere." He joked that his family had vacationed there in the summer.

Dylan pondered heading back into the world to get his head together. Chelsea said that she had considered taking off, and he inquired whether she had been looking for something or running away. She responded both. Later, Dylan thanked Chelsea for giving him a ride home after he'd had a bit too much to drink. She was happy to be of service, and he expressed gratitude that she'd made him feel better. As they approached the door to his room, she said that they seemed to have that effect on each other. She wished him luck, and he suddenly pulled her into a kiss.

At Jabot, Jack and Kyle looked over perfume advertising material, and Jack wanted to get Phyllis' opinion. Kyle asked how things were going with Jack and Phyllis, and Jack revealed that he had booked them a villa in Waikiki. Kyle thought that she would prefer somewhere more exotic. Phyllis entered, and Kyle left to make a call. Jack asked if she'd had chance to think, and she said that their relationship scared her for many reasons, but it scared her more to consider life without him. They hugged.

Jack wanted to celebrate with dinner and dancing, but Phyllis clarified that she wanted to pace things slowly, and he agreed. She received a text message regarding her e-ticket to Hawaii, and he grumbled that his assistant was too efficient. He promised that it was just a long weekend, but he had to rush off to meet with a Junior Achievement group, and he said that they would finish their conversation later. He left, and Kyle returned and asked Phyllis whether everything was okay. She disclosed that Jack wanted to go away with her, and Kyle wondered whether that was a problem.

Phyllis worried to Kyle that going away with Jack could lead to problems, and she wasn't sure "which Phyllis" would show up. She was concerned that she could drive Jack back to the pills if she undermined him, and she recognized that Jack should focus on his sobriety and not on a relationship with someone toxic, like her. Kyle argued that if she were toxic, she wouldn't have helped Jack kick his habit. Kyle added that it was in her nature not to follow the rules, and he contended that she was exactly what Jack needed. Phyllis called Kyle sweet, and she tenderly touched his face as Summer appeared in the doorway.

Summer greeted Phyllis and Kyle, and Phyllis gushed that she was glad they would be working together. Summer credited Kyle with inspiring her. Jack returned and welcomed Summer, who eagerly suggested that she spend the day with Kyle to get the Abbott perspective. Kyle started to protest, but Jack agreed to Summer's request. Summer and Kyle left, and Jack assured Phyllis that Summer would find someone her own age.

Phyllis turned the topic back to the trip Jack had planned. Jack contended that Phyllis deserved to be pampered, and he thought that they deserved a long weekend getaway with no pressure or commitments. He volunteered to stay in a separate room, but he wanted the chance to find out what they could be together. He said that he'd booked a villa in Waikiki, but he offered to change their plans to Maui or Istanbul instead. She perked up at the idea of a Turkish vacation, and she kissed him.

Kyle informed Summer about the history of Jabot, and she loved that John had named Jabot's first fragrance after Dina. Kyle introduced Summer to Ben, another intern, and he asked Ben to complete Summer's grand tour. Kyle hurried off, and Ben opined that Kyle obviously liked Summer, because usually Kyle never talked to interns.

Kyle walked in on Jack and Phyllis kissing, and Jack informed him that they were celebrating their upcoming trip to Istanbul. Kyle caught Jack's eye and remarked that Istanbul was an awesome idea. Summer entered and declared that she was ready for her first assignment. Phyllis said that the first thing on the agenda was to go shopping, and she led Summer out. Jack suspected that Kyle wanted credit for the travel idea, but Kyle just said that he was happy for Jack.

At the hospital, Nikki informed Victor that she'd taken a two-hour nap and that she was ready for their next wedding ceremony. He mentioned that Abby had arranged it all by herself, and Nikki contemplated what they were in for. Abby entered and wished them a happy wedding day. Nikki wondered if Abby had the standard "something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue" in her shopping bag, but Abby remarked that she never followed tradition. Abby introduced Hare, a yogi she'd met at a retreat.

Abby noted that Hare's teachings made sense and had grounded her, and Victor was grateful for what Hare had done for Abby, but he groused that he wasn't "susceptible to metaphysical mumbo-jumbo." A surly Victor asked if they had to chant, and Hare replied only if they wanted to. Nikki thought the ceremony would be fun, and Abby handed Victor and Nikki mala beads. Hare explained that they were a tool for clearing the mind. Victor hesitated to wear the beads, but Abby reminded him that the weddings were to prove that nothing would stop him from marrying Nikki. Victor gave in, but he demanded that no one take pictures. Hare began the ceremony.

Hare professed that life and marriage were wondrous journeys, and he urged Nikki and Victor to seize the opportunity to discover themselves and one another. He continued that the one constant was change, and he encouraged them to embrace it. In lieu of vows, Hare handed Victor and Nikki some Hindu blessings to read, and they complied. Hare took their hands and declared, "Today well-lived makes every yesterday a dream of happiness and every tomorrow a vision of hope." Nikki and Victor kissed, and Abby excitedly hugged them.

Nikki raved that Abby's spiritual teacher had been the perfect person to marry Nikki and Victor, and she commended Abby's recent choices. Nikki thanked Abby for her kindness, but Abby found it refreshing to see people in love, and she praised Victor for his grand gestures. Nikki said that she was feeling stronger, thanks to Victor's efforts. Dr. Costner entered with Nikki's test results, and he reported that they were encouraging. The doctor wanted Nikki to start on medication and a holistic diet, and he said that he would email her the protocol as soon as he signed her release papers. Victor and Nikki kissed.

Nikki and Victor arrived home, and he recommended that she rest, but she insisted that she would only get into bed if he joined her. She proposed that they start their honeymoon, but he wanted to wait until she had her strength back. She replied that the ceremonies had given her all the strength she needed. He swore that he would marry her every day as long as she got better, and she told him to remind her of that the next time they fought. They declared their love, and she said that she couldn't wait for their big wedding. Victor suggested that they have the ceremony the next day.

At the Athletic Club, Abby ordered champagne from Carmine, and she informed him that it was party time, but he wasn't invited. She returned to Alex's table, and he was thrilled that he'd been hired. She said that she felt safer being in the company of a police officer, and she impulsively kissed him. Alex said that he felt pretty good himself.

Abby's phone rang, and she learned of Victor and Nikki's wedding the next day. She asked Alex to escort her, and he declared that he'd hoped their second date would be at a bowling alley, not a family wedding. She teased him for being scared, but he said that he wasn't afraid of anything, except clowns. Abby dared Alex to prove it, and he promised that he wouldn't head for the hills, even if she caught the bouquet.

Victor told Nikki that their children were thrilled, and Nikki stated that she was, too. They kissed, and he left to alert the staff and contact the guests. Nikki wanted to call Katherine, but she felt a sudden pain in her hand when she reached for her phone. Nikki vowed that nothing would stop the wedding.

Friday, March 15, 2013

At the prison in Milwaukee, Avery asked how Leslie was feeling, and Neil assured Leslie that she would be safe. Avery stepped out to take a call, and she gently reprimanded Nick for calling every two minutes until she answered, but he was glad to hear that she was alive. He couldn't believe that she had left for Milwaukee without him, but she insisted that she needed to be there. Avery was determined to make Leslie realize that Gus was innocent before the hearing. Nick respected Avery's commitment, but he didn't think it was worth dying for.

Nick wanted to be there for Avery, but she told him to focus on Nikki. Nick reported that Nikki was out of the hospital and that his parents' wedding was the next day. Avery assured him that she would be there, and she implored him not to be angry with her. She returned to Leslie, who reconsidered her decision to confront Gus. Avery maintained that Leslie needed to know the truth.

Leslie contended that her memory of her father standing over her mother's body was the truth, but Avery reminded her that mistakes had been made during the investigation and that Gus could be innocent. Neil reasoned that Leslie wouldn't be satisfied until she knew the whole story, but Leslie suspected that Gus wouldn't be honest. Avery pointed out that Gus had spent twelve years in prison, and she believed that clearing the air was important to him. Leslie called Gus a criminal and a bully, and she thought that she would be able to tell whether or not he was lying. There was a knock on the door.

Avery asked if Leslie was ready, and Neil offered to stay, but Leslie wanted to meet with Gus on her own. Neil kissed Leslie and stepped outside. Leslie sat down next to Avery, and Gus entered. He smiled and stared lovingly at Leslie. Gus couldn't thank Avery enough, and Avery left them alone to talk. "Hello, Valerie," Gus murmured.

Gus recalled that Belinda had gone to summer camp when she had been young, and she had adored a counselor there named Valerie, so that's how Belinda had decided to name her daughter. Leslie stated that she had changed her name, and she demanded to know how Gus had tracked her down. He said that someone had left him her name and number, and he had just wanted to talk to her. She asked why he wanted to try to convince her that he hadn't killed her mother, when she had witnessed him standing over Belinda's body. Gus reached for Leslie's hand, but she jerked it away and ran out.

Leslie cried that it had been too much to be in the same room with Gus, but Avery proclaimed that Gus was in prison for a crime he hadn't committed. Leslie said that Avery's assertion was based on feelings, not facts, but Avery begged Leslie to hear Gus out, because his conviction had been based on circumstantial evidence and a botched investigation. Avery pondered whether Leslie's judgment was clouded by the fact that Gus was Leslie's father. Neil reminded Leslie that she had wanted to prove that she wasn't afraid of Gus anymore, and Leslie agreed to give it another try. She returned to the room, and Gus said that he was sorry. She flatly asked why he'd killed her mother.

Gus insisted that Belinda's death hadn't happened the way Leslie thought, but Leslie recounted that she had heard her parents fighting about Belinda's affair, and Gus had been livid. He agreed that was true, and Leslie accused him of killing her mother in a jealous rage. He admitted that he hadn't been able to accept the thought of Belinda with another man because he had loved her, but Leslie spat that his kind of love was toxic. Leslie reminded Gus that he had been horrible to Belinda, and she recalled that he had often returned home drunk and had bullied Belinda.

Gus conceded that he should have treated Belinda better, and his eyes filled with tears. Leslie contended that she had seen Gus kneeling over Belinda's body, but he insisted that he had been trying to save her, but he hadn't been able to. He called Belinda the best thing that had ever happened to him, and he considered his conviction to be his punishment for throwing away the gift God had given him. He sobbed that he would have given his own life to save Belinda, and he swore on everything sacred that he hadn't killed her.

An emotional Leslie yelled that she couldn't listen anymore, and she ran out. She told Neil and Avery that she'd realized that Gus hadn't murdered her mother, and she was horrified by what she had done. Avery visited Gus, and he thanked her for convincing Leslie to see him and for everything Avery had done. Avery informed him that the appeal had been set for the following week, and he begged her to get him out of there.

At the Newman ranch, Victoria hugged Nikki, and they excitedly looked forward to the official wedding the next day. Nikki declared that it would be the last time she and Victor walked down the aisle together. Nikki said that she felt pretty wonderful, and Victoria remarked that was how a bride should feel. Victoria assembled the numbers and addresses that she needed to make the arrangements, and Nikki worried that a last-minute ceremony would be problematic, but Victoria promised that Nikki's big day would be perfect.

Nick stopped by the ranch, and he complained to Victoria that Avery shouldn't have gone to Milwaukee alone. He asked where Victor had gone, but Victoria didn't know. Victoria focused on preparing for a wedding in less than a day, and she told him that she had arranged a surprise. Nikki entered and hugged Nick, and he mentioned that Victoria had a surprise in mind. Nikki suggested that they scale back so Victoria wasn't overburdened, but Victoria refused to let anything get in the way of a perfect wedding.

Victor arrived on Adam's doorstep, and Adam asked to what he owed the honor. Victor returned the wedding gift Adam had sent, and Adam read the headline about Stephanie's death aloud. Adam called it a sentimental gift for a guy who had everything, and he glibly questioned whether someone else had sent the same thing. Victor warned him to watch out, or Adam could end up with nothing.

Adam understood why Victor wouldn't want the article hanging in his house, since it would raise eyebrows if people found out that the dead hooker had a daddy whose congressional seat Victor had paid for. Victor was surprised that Adam would risk turning the spotlight on himself, since Adam had dropped Stephanie's body in an alley. Adam suggested that Victor find something to back up the accusation, and Victor implied that he already had. Adam realized that if Victor had proof, he would have used it already. Victor conceded that Adam was right in that Victor wouldn't hesitate to use it -- after the wedding. Victor departed, and Adam called someone and made a request.

At the Athletic Club, Nick and Victoria discussed wedding details. Nick balked at dealing with the caterer, and Victoria offered to handle the food if he took care of the phone calls. Nick remarked that Nikki would be blown away by Victoria's surprise. Nick watched Marcus meet with Bob, the hired henchman. Marcus confirmed that Bob had obtained certain key information, and he reminded Bob of the endgame. Bob mentioned Victor's name, and Marcus said that he was counting on Bob.

Nick and Victoria divvied up duties, and she expected that everyone would deliver, given the bonus she and Nick had offered. She noticed that he seemed distracted, and she wished that he would tell her what was on his mind. He voiced his suspicion that Marcus and Victor were up to something, and he had been trying to piece together what it was. Nick sensed bad blood between the men, but Victoria argued that they had been friends for years and that Victor had given a lot of money to Marcus' campaign.

Nick disclosed that Marcus was involved in the appeal Avery had been working on and that Marcus had testified against Gus at the original trial. Victoria recognized that the last thing a politician needed was to look bad, but Nick believed that Marcus had pressured Victor to get Avery to drop the case, and he theorized that Marcus had something incriminating on Victor. Adam eavesdropped as Victoria mentioned Marcus' dead daughter.

Nick asked what Stephanie had to do with Avery's case, but Victoria spotted Adam and fell silent. Nick coldly asked what Adam wanted, and Adam claimed that they hadn't spent any quality time together at the rehearsal dinner. Adam continued that he hated family functions, so it was fortunate that he hadn't been invited to any. Victoria assumed that Adam had heard about the rescheduled wedding and planned to cause trouble. Nick warned that Nikki was in a vulnerable place, and he threatened to make Adam pay if he ruined the event. Adam sarcastically inquired whether they took personal checks.

Adam sat next to a woman at the bar and offered to buy her a drink. He recited a cheesy pickup line as a cover, but she revealed that he had been right, and Victor had critical information. She said that Victor had found a witness who had seen Adam dump Stephanie's body in the alley. Adam mentioned that Victor had acted smug, and he expected Victor to make a move after the wedding to try to force Adam out of Newman Enterprises.

Victor fed Nikki some strawberries, and she reflected back upon fond memories when they'd done the same thing before. He said that he wouldn't want to go back, because he felt closer to her than the first time they had been married. She thought that their bond would help them to get through whatever the future held, starting with the wedding. He called her beautiful and radiant, and she said it was because of him and the wonderful things he had done. He credited her for nurturing his romantic side.

Nikki divulged that Victoria was trying to outdo Victor in the surprise department, and he marveled that the next day would be the last time he and Nikki said, "I do." She decided that only family and friends should attend the ceremony, and he announced that he had another surprise. Victor presented Nikki with a beautiful pair of earrings. She gasped in delight, and he said that they were the perfect match for the necklace he'd given her previously. He wanted her to wear them at the wedding. She exclaimed that she couldn't wait, and she kissed him.

Chelsea and Dylan kissed passionately and began to undress. He took off his shirt, and she pulled him onto the bed. After Chelsea and Dylan had sex, he stammered that the encounter had been unexpected. He insisted that he'd only planned on getting a drink, and she wondered if he regretted their romp. Dylan said that it hadn't been his intention to sleep with Chelsea, but he had clearly wanted to. They agreed that they were both satisfied. She commented that they both knew what it had meant and what it hadn't.

Dylan and Chelsea nervously got dressed, and he asked if she was okay. She said that she was great, but she usually didn't do that type of thing, and they laughed about the awkwardness of the situation. They contemplated the best way to act toward one another, but neither of them had an answer. Dylan suggested that they simply keep being honest with one another, because they had just happened to be in the right place at the right time for one another. She revealed that she'd just gone through a horrible breakup, and they agreed that they'd had a nice time and had cheered one another up. She leaned in and gently kissed him, and she left.

Later, Dylan and Chelsea ran into one another at Crimson Lights, and she remarked that it was ten times more awkward than before. She explained that she had a meeting there, and he noted that the place had the best coffee in town. Chelsea jokingly stated that she would be suspicious if he showed up at her next destination, but Dylan replied that it could only happen in Chicago. He continued that things hadn't worked out as he had hoped, and he wanted to wrap up some loose ends and perhaps earn a degree.

Chelsea encouraged Dylan to keep working toward his dream of becoming an architect. He humorously invited her to call him whenever she wanted to feel awkward. She called him a really good guy, and she hoped he did well, wherever he ended up. He wished the same for her, and he proclaimed that the guy who had ended it with her was an idiot. Dylan left, and Chloe noticed Chelsea grinning broadly. Chloe guessed that Chelsea had had sex.

Chelsea called Chloe's allegation outrageous, but Chloe pointed out that Chelsea was blushing. Chloe saw a gleam in Chelsea's eye, and she begged Chelsea to tell her that it hadn't been Adam. Chelsea adamantly denied that she'd hooked up with Adam again, and Chloe squealed that Chelsea had been with someone. Chloe pushed for details and tried to guess who Chelsea's mate had been, but Chelsea chided Chloe for making it sound cheap.

Chloe acknowledged that Chelsea had needed a "mindless steam session," and Chelsea tried to turn the topic to work, but Chloe wanted to hear every detail about the guy who had made Chelsea smile. Chelsea refused to discuss it, and she told Chloe to just be happy that Chelsea had taken Chloe's advice and had had a nice time. Chloe declared that Chelsea had found her baby's daddy.

Dylan returned to his room and looked at his rumpled sheets. He went through his pockets and a box of his packed belongings, but he couldn't find what he was looking for.

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