The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of March 25, 2013 on Y&R
Adam lapsed into a coma after he had taken a bullet meant for Victor. Billy dismantled a bomb at the ranch. Victoria overheard Chelsea reveal her pregnancy. Alex linked Stephanie to Jack. Nick prepared to propose to Avery. Dylan was arrested.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of March 25, 2013 on Y&R
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Monday, March 25, 2013

At the ranch, Bob, Congressman Wheeler's collaborator, rigged an explosive device before he attempted a hasty exit from Victor and Nikki's wedding reception. Nick stopped Bob and insisted he'd seen him somewhere before. Bob said that Nick hadn't, but when Nick blocked the man's exit, Bob withdrew a pistol from the back waistband of his pants. Alex gathered the women near the fireplace and shielded them as they screamed in terror. Nick distracted the gunman, and Billy rushed forward and attempted to knock the weapon out of Bob's hand.

Victor entered the room. Bob aimed the pistol at him and pulled the trigger. Adam ran toward Victor and blocked the bullet as both men fell to the floor. Alex, Billy, and Nick managed to wrestle the pistol away from Bob. Alex handcuffed the assailant while Abby phoned the police. Believing that Victor had been injured, Abby cried, "There's been a gunshot at the Newman ranch. It's my father. Send an ambulance." Victor called out to an unconscious Adam, but he didn't respond. Victor rolled Adam over and found a bullet wound.

Victor told Adam to lie still until help arrived. Adam winced. On the other side of the room, Billy and Alex stood guard over Bob. Nick grabbed Bob's shirt, shook him, and demanded to know how the man knew Victor. Victoria echoed Nick's question. Victor said he'd never seen the man before. Nick pressed his face close to Bob's and yelled, "I've seen you before -- where?" Bob replied, "Doesn't matter now. I'm a dead man, and so are all of you."

Down in the basement, natural gas hissed as it escaped from the water heater's opened valve. An explosive device adhered to the tank counted down steadily, with less than five minutes left before ignition. Back in the sitting room, Alex recited the Miranda warning to Bob. Victor's family and guests were unaware of the danger that had been set in motion below them. Alex quizzed Bob, but he refused to explain why he'd claimed that everyone was about to die.

Alex phoned Paul, who was drinking coffee at the Genoa City Athletic Club. Alex explained that one man was in custody at the Newman ranch after the attempted murder of Victor. Another man, Alex added, was awaiting emergency assistance after being shot. Congressman Wheeler approached Paul and asked if there was a problem at Victor's ranch. Paul, hurrying toward the exit, ignored Marcus' question and brushed off the arrogant man. Congressman Wheeler appeared pleased that his plan seemed to be playing out as planned.

After phoning Paul, Alex and Billy continued to question Bob about his cryptic statements. Alex asked Bob if a buddy was involved. Bob chuckled. Billy said, "The detective just asked you a question, so if you hope to get out of this in one piece, you should answer him." Bob laughed and replied, "One piece? Try a million -- some here and some out there." Billy replied, "Who talks like this? It's like you've been smelling fumes." Billy suddenly smelled gas and asked Bob if his plan was to blow up the house. Alex ordered everyone to leave immediately. Billy rushed down to the basement.

Avery approached Bob and angrily demanded to know who'd put him up to his scheme. Victor insisted that everyone leave at once. Nikki refused to leave without Victor. Nick warned Victor that Billy might not be able to shut off the gas in time. Victor said he had to stay with Adam to prevent his son from bleeding to death. Sirens wailed in the distance, but Nikki refused to evacuate without Victor. Nick pleaded with Victor to take Nikki out. Victor never moved an inch as he kneeled over Adam and kept pressure on his son's wound.

Nikki began to feel faint and nearly collapsed. Nick traded places with his dad, so Victor could escort Nikki outside. Victoria rushed back inside and called out to Billy. In the basement, Billy turned off the gas and panicked when he saw the explosive device. With less than a minute to spare, Billy cut a red wire that connected the device to a battery pack. Billy sighed when he successfully disarmed the explosive. After Adam was rushed to the hospital, Paul arrived and ushered the guests back inside the house.

Victoria rushed into Billy's arms. Nikki and Victor walked in together, and Victor expressed his concern about Adam. Alex and Paul jerked Bob by the arm and demanded information from him. Victor approached Bob and yelled, "You come into my home and try to blow up my family?" Victor shoved Bob and pointed his finger, coated with Adam's blood, at the would-be killer. Paul pulled Victor away. Victor warned Bob that even police wouldn't be able to protect him if Adam died.

After Nikki and Victor went to the hospital to check on Adam, Paul and Alex questioned Bob. Paul warned Bob that the rich and powerful Victor often held grudges. Bob refused to cooperate. Paul said, "You're out here in the middle of nowhere, and there are no regulations here at the ranch." Bob scoffed and noted that Paul had operated by the rules when he pulled Victor off him. Alex warned, "There are no eyewitnesses here." Paul advised Bob that he took very personally an attack on his dear friend, Nikki.

At the tack house, Noah returned after the reception and was surprised to find his mother there. Sharon explained that she'd stopped by to pick up Faith's doll because the tot had refused to fall asleep for the sitter without it. Noah mentioned the wedding, and Sharon asked if her son had taken a date. Noah explained that he'd met with Adriana briefly at the tack house after the reception, later dropping her off at work. Noah asked, "Did you see us? How did you know?"

Sharon cleared her throat, and her face flushed slightly. Noah's face reddened when Sharon bent over the sofa and used the tip of an ink pen to pick up a pair of lacy, fuchsia panties. Sharon said, "Quite an evening, huh?" Noah grabbed the underpants and said, "It's not like I'm celibate." Sharon reminded Noah that Adriana had hurt him deeply in the past. Noah maintained that Adriana had changed. Sharon scoffed. Noah reminded his mom that she'd fallen in love with Adam Newman, a man who'd hurt her repeatedly.

In Jack's office at Jabot, Phyllis covered a topless Summer with a coat, returned the borrowed jacket to Kyle, and asked to speak to Kyle in the hallway. A livid Phyllis reminded Kyle that she'd just warned him not to encourage Summer's feelings for him. Kyle maintained that he wasn't interested in Summer but added that he couldn't control Summer's actions. Phyllis explained that she could easily become ballistic against Kyle if he wasn't careful. Kyle explained that after Summer spilled coffee on her blouse, he'd merely lent her his jacket.

Phyllis calmed her anger and admitted to Kyle that she was being an overly protective mother after finding her daughter in a compromising position with a guy. Phyllis told Kyle that Summer would continue flirting with him. Concerned that Summer might end up with a broken heart, Phyllis ordered Kyle to keep his distance. Kyle agreed to comply with Phyllis' directive and insisted that he wasn't interested in Summer. Kyle bumped into a glass doorway as he nervously backed away from Phyllis.

After Kyle left, Phyllis phoned Nick. Summer stepped out and overheard her mother leaving a plaintive message. Phyllis told Nick that she needed parental help and instructed him to call her after the wedding. Summer, defiant, stepped forward and said, "That's right -- just rat me out to Dad -- so much for our new bond, Mom." Back in Jack's office, Summer yelled at her mother and said, "Do you think Kyle and I got down and dirty on Jack's rug?" Phyllis cringed and told her daughter not to speak so frankly.

Summer asked her mom if Phyllis knew what other girls Summer's age were doing. Phyllis said she certainly knew that Summer's strategy with Kyle hadn't unfolded like she'd played it out in her head. Phyllis said that Summer didn't need to use tricks or play games to get a guy to like her. Summer replied, "Was it worth it to sleep with Ronan to get to Dad?" Phyllis said that she'd already admitted that it wasn't and added that she'd done many things she'd later regretted.

Phyllis encouraged Summer to wait until she found the right person, so her "first time" could be special. Summer asked if Kyle wasn't special. Phyllis replied, "He's the son of the man I'm seeing. There are plenty of guys your age." Summer claimed that her mother had treated Daniel differently about dating. Phyllis explained that making love for the first time was different for girls than it was for boys. Phyllis added that Summer was setting herself up to get hurt if she pursued Kyle to have sex with him.

Phyllis placed her arm around Summer and said, "Kyle sees you as a friend, and that's all it's going to be. Kyle knows what he wants, and it's not you. Can you please let go?" Summer rolled her eyes and sighed. Phyllis calmly laid down the law to her surly daughter.

Phyllis advised Summer to do nothing that she'd later regret, to choose a special guy to love, and to ensure that the guy cared about her as much as she cared about him. Summer glibly requested a cool souvenir from Istanbul before walking away. Phyllis hastily phoned Jack to cancel their trip to Turkey. Summer sent a text message to Kyle, apologizing for her mom's outburst.

Summoned by a text message from Abby, Kyle rushed to the Genoa City Athletic Club. He found Abby sitting at the bar. Abby, shaking, explained that she was too afraid to be alone. Congressman Wheeler listened nearby. Abby told Kyle that something awful had happened after the wedding. Abby sobbed and said, "There was all this blood." Kyle comforted Abby. Marcus appeared to gloat, and he took a sip of whiskey.

Nick brought Avery to the tack house. Nick told Avery that he'd change clothes before meeting his parents at the hospital to check on Adam. Avery told Nick that she'd head home, but Nick discouraged her from leaving. Avery agreed to stay at the tack house, which offered more security than her condo. Nick called out to his kids. Sharon walked downstairs. Noting that she was the only one there, Sharon explained that she'd stopped by to pick up clothes for Faith. Sharon's jaw dropped when Nick announced that Adam had been shot.

At the hospital, Nikki assured Victor that Adam was strong like his dad. Nikki refused to return home, and she offered to help Victor clean the blood off of his hands. Victor gazed at his hands and said, "This is Adam's blood from a bullet meant for me." Sharon, breathless, rushed into the waiting room and asked Victor and Nikki about Adam. Victor explained that Adam had been injured when he stepped in front of Victor to save Victor's life.

Dr. Costner entered the waiting room and explained to Victor, Nikki, and Sharon that the bullet had created damaging bone fragments after hitting Adam's rib. In addition, the doctor noted, Adam's lung would need to be repaired. Victor ordered the doctor to do whatever was necessary to save his son. Sharon paced nervously before Adam was wheeled to the operating room. Nikki consoled an anxious Victor. When an orderly wheeled Adam out of his room, Sharon gently whispered into Adam's ear. Victor sighed and lowered his head in despair.

Alex went to the Genoa City Athletic Club to check on Abby. She asked who'd been behind the plot to kill her father and blow up her family. Alex said that Bob might be willing to talk after spending time in a holding cell. Congressman Wheeler listened to the discussion. Alex added that he didn't have any information about Adam's condition. Abby cried, "This is insane. Someone wants my father and maybe even my family dead, and we don't even know why." Alex assured Abby that detectives would force the shooter to talk. Marcus seemed apprehensive.

Summer had coffee with Noah at Crimson Lights. Summer noted that her mother had been snapping at her all day. Summer complained that Noah and their dad had been dishing out unwanted advice for too long. Noah reiterated that he and their dad had advised her to keep away from guys like Kyle because Noah and Nick loved her. Summer, noting that she loved her brother, cautioned him about Adriana. Noah said that his mother had also told him to stay away from Adriana. Noah claimed that his mom was making the same mistake by sticking with Adam. Summer and Noah both noted that their mothers hoped their children wouldn't repeat their parents' mistakes.

At the tack house, Nick spoke to Victor on the phone and learned about Adam's condition. Nick told Avery that Adam would need surgery. Avery balked when Nick pleaded with her to end her involvement with the Rogan case. Nick explained that he'd seen the shooter somewhere before. Avery refused to discuss the matter further.

Nick reminded Avery that she'd caught his mother's bridal bouquet. Avery's eyes sparkled. Nick told Avery to assume it was their last day on earth. Nick asked Avery what answer she'd give if he were to propose. Avery laughed nervously and haltingly replied, "It isn't our last day. It wasn't a real proposal, was it?" Nick shrugged.

Billy and Victoria went home. Victoria praised Billy for helping her father and for saving her family. Billy admitted that he had been terrified when forced to choose the correct wire to cut. Victoria rested her head on Billy's shoulder said, "You saved us, and Adam saved Dad." Billy added, "And all he had to do to get Victor to like him was to take a bullet. Glad I never thought of that."

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Billy and Victoria were on their phones trying to find out information about the shooter at the wedding reception and the status of Adam's medical condition. Victoria told Billy that Adam had been wheeled into surgery. Billy explained that the police had no information on why Bob had set the bomb at the ranch because he wasn't talking. Reflecting on what had happened, Victoria thanked Billy for disarming the bomb and saving her family.

Victoria still couldn't get over the fact that they all might have died. Billy said he'd been afraid, too, and had gotten a better understanding of why couples took separate airline flights just in case something were to happen. Victoria was worried about Adam's condition and said that the shooting at the reception had been a wake-up call.

Victoria realized she might have lost her father, that Adam was fighting for his life, and Nikki was facing MS. Victoria wanted more than just memories to remember her family. Victoria wanted to cherish the people in her life while she still had the chance. Billy assumed Victoria wanted to help Victor fight for Newman Enterprises. Victoria wanted more than that and proposed that she and Billy have a child of their own.

Victoria's statement surprised Billy because they hadn't talked about babies in a while. Victoria said she wanted to undergo fertility treatments. Billy was concerned because he knew it would be a lot of work for Victoria with the doctors and the treatments. Victoria conceded that Billy was right, but as much she adored their mish-mash family, Victoria wanted Billy's child. Billy said he was behind her one hundred percent.

At the hospital, Victor was in the waiting room, on the phone with his private detective. Victor demanded that the P.I. find out who was responsible for plotting the assassination attempt at the reception. Sharon walked into the room and asked Victor about Adam's status. Victor said that Adam was still in surgery. Privately, Sharon said a prayer for Adam before calling Chelsea to tell her of Adam having been shot.

Chelsea went to the hospital, and Sharon filled her in on what had happened at the wedding reception. Sharon explained that Adam had lost a lot of blood, and he was not out of danger yet. Chelsea was surprised that someone wanted to kill Victor that badly. Sharon pointed out that Victor had many enemies. Chelsea wondered why Adam had taken a bullet for Victor.

When Victor reappeared, Chelsea lashed out at him for being an absentee parent all of Adam's lie. Victor said that Adam had grown up without him as a father because that had been Hope's wish. Chelsea believed that Adam had never gotten over the void left by not having Victor as a father. Sharon pointed out that Victor should understand because he'd grown up without a father.

Victor was unapologetic for the way he'd treated Adam, pointing out to Sharon and Chelsea that Adam had moved to Genoa City and wreaked havoc on the Newman family. Victor declared that Adam had always wanted to steal Newman Enterprises from Victor. Chelsea said that Adam's only connection to Victor was through Newman Enterprises.

Chelsea told Victor that her marriage to Adam had fallen apart because of Adam's allegiance to Victor and the business. Chelsea believed that Adam had clung to the company to remain in Victor's life. Victor warned Chelsea to watch what she said to him, but she was highly emotional. Chelsea grabbed for her purse, and her pre-natal vitamin bottle was exposed. Chelsea feared that Sharon had seen the bottle.

At the tack house, Avery assured Nick that he was definitely in her future, but she wasn't thinking about getting married again. Nick said that the thought had crossed his mind, especially when Avery caught the bridal bouquet. Avery didn't believe in that old tradition. Thinking about the reception, Avery wondered who had wanted them all dead. Nick believed whoever was after them wanted more than just for Avery to drop Gus Rogan's case.

Outside the front door, Dylan tried to leave a package, but Nick surprised him by opening the door. Dylan explained that he was leaving a gift for Faith. Nick suggested Dylan give the present to Faith the following day, but Dylan explained he'd be gone by then. Avery was surprised to hear he was leaving. Dylan said that his work at Sharon's house was done, so he was moving on.

Avery asked Dylan if he planned to return to college. Dylan said he wasn't sure. He was returning to Chicago to settle his father's estate. Avery offered to help him find an attorney if he needed one. Nick left to return to the hospital to see his father.

After Nick left, Avery told Dylan that she didn't want him to leave, but her feelings had changed. Avery recalled how she'd felt when Dylan had been MIA in Afghanistan. Dylan knew his appearance in Genoa City had upset Avery. Dylan regretted the way he had handled his return, but he had needed to see how Avery had moved on before approaching her.

Avery didn't really want Dylan to walk out of her life again. Avery wondered if they could be friends, but Dylan said no. Dylan said that didn't want to be the other man in Avery's life again. Avery understood, but she wanted to remain in Dylan's life. Dylan urged her to be happy with Nick. Avery wished Dylan happiness, too. Dylan embraced Avery before leaving the house. Avery was in tears.

Back at the hospital, Chelsea got to her purse before Sharon saw the vitamin bottle. Victor told them both that he wanted nothing more than to see Adam survive. Sharon asked if Victor planned to acknowledge that Adam had risked his life for Victor. Nick arrived in the hallway outside the waiting room and heard Victor speaking with Chelsea and Sharon about his feelings for Adam.

Chelsea didn't think the Newman family cared about Adam and questioned why only Victor was there. Nick walked into the waiting room, saying that he felt compelled to be at the hospital for his father and Adam. Victor warned Chelsea to stop disparaging the Newman family or else she'd face his wrath. Nick suggested that Victor calm down.

After Victor left, Sharon and Nick talked about the family. They were grateful that Faith and Noah had left the reception before the gunman appeared. Nick assured Sharon that Faith was at home and in bed, sleeping and oblivious to the danger they'd all faced.

The doctor went to the waiting room and told Victor, Chelsea, Sharon, and Nick about Adam's prognosis. The surgeon said that Adam's operation had gone as well as could be expected, but he'd lost a lot of blood and suffered internal injuries. The doctor believed Adam would face a long road back. Adam was being taken to recovery where only next of kin were allowed to visit.

Chelsea said she was Adam's wife, while Victor said he was Adam's father, as they both asserted their claim to see Adam. Victor thanked Nick for being at the hospital and said he appreciated having him as a son. After Nick left, Victor asked Chelsea if she really intended to fight him about seeing Adam.

Chelsea felt that Sharon should be the person to see Adam first because that was whom Adam would want to see. Victor received a text message that Nikki wasn't doing well. Victor announced that he had to return to the penthouse, but would return to the hospital later to see Adam.

Sharon told Chelsea that she should visit Adam because she was still his wife. Chelsea disagreed because she knew that when he opened his eyes, Adam would want to see Sharon's face. Sharon understood and said that she'd go to Adam's side. Chelsea thanked Sharon for keeping her informed.

Later, Nick returned home and told Avery about Adam's status. When Nick asked about Dylan, Avery explained that she'd said goodbye to him. Nick declared that his future was wrapped up in Avery. Nick told Avery that he wouldn't let anything get in the way of their happiness.

Lauren went home and was alone in the living room. She looked at her reflection in a mirror and realized that her lovemaking with Carmine had left a love bite on her neck. Lauren tried to cover it with makeup. Michael walked into the room and asked Lauren where she'd been.

Lauren said she'd gone for a walk to clear her head. Michael asked Lauren to open up to him and stop avoiding their problems. Lauren told Michael to stop pressuring her. Michael asked Lauren to see a relationship therapist with him. Lauren rejected that idea because she didn't want an outsider involved in their life. Lauren accused Michael of expecting her to live up to his standards.

Michael told Lauren he would not continue their marriage the way they were. Michael believed that they needed help if they were going to learn how to communicate again. Michael felt that Fen had been affected, too, and the entire family needed therapy.

Michael said that he'd researched a list of qualified therapists, and he wanted all of them to begin sessions together. Lauren fought Michael at every turn. Michael believed that Lauren had not been honest with him. Lauren denied that she was being dishonest.

Michael asked Lauren what had happened to them. Michael said he was listening, but Lauren refused to tell him the truth. Lauren threw it in Michael's face that he'd mistrusted Fen in the Jamie situation. Michael asked Lauren to tell him what she wanted from him.

Lauren said she didn't know what she wanted or what Michael could do to make things right. Michael asked her to put some effort into saving their marriage. Michael pleaded with Lauren to join the fight. When Michael asked her point-blank if she still loved him, Lauren didn't answer.

Michael begged Lauren to stop punishing him. Lauren didn't think she was doing that, but Michael felt different. Michael demanded that Lauren tell him what was really going on with her. Instead of answering, Lauren tried to leave the apartment. Michael stopped her, put on his jacket, and walked out instead.

At Crimson Lights, Chelsea bumped into Dylan. Chelsea thought he'd left town, but Dylan said he was just getting ready to hit the road. Chelsea reached into her purse and handed Dylan his St. Christopher medal. She'd found it after their brief encounter. Dylan was very grateful because the medal had been his father's.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

At On the Boulevard, Marcus looked at a newspaper headline about the events at the Newman ranch, and Neil called the shooting terrible news. Neil mentioned that he had been at the wedding among Victor's family and friends, and Marcus inquired whether only Adam had been injured. Marcus imagined that Victor had been shaken, and Neil observed that Marcus seemed to be on edge. Marcus replied that he was a good friend of Victor's. Neil wondered why Marcus wasn't at Gus's hearing.

Marcus questioned why Neil wasn't at the appeal, and Neil stated that Leslie hadn't wanted any distractions from what she had to do that day. Marcus feigned concern for Leslie, but Neil suspected that he hoped that Leslie couldn't sway the judge. Marcus declared that he had confidence in the justice system, and he felt that Leslie should worry if the verdict was overturned. Neil speculated that Marcus had known Belinda as more than just a volunteer.

Marcus was insulted by Neil's insinuation, and Neil inquired whether Marcus was denying that he'd had an affair with Belinda, but Marcus simply called the idea absurd. Neil pointed out that an affair would explain Marcus' interest in Gus's appeal as well as the pressure Marcus had put on Avery to drop the case. Neil theorized that Marcus would rather have an innocent man stay in prison than have the truth made public. Marcus called Neil's allegations slander, but Neil remarked that it would only be slander if it weren't true.

At the police station, Alex reported to Paul that even a posh deal hadn't enticed Bob to talk. Paul realized that someone had paid Bob a lot of money to keep his mouth shut. Alex referred to Bob's remark that Bob had been just as dead as the rest of the wedding guests, but he recalled the disappointed look on Bob's face after Billy had saved everyone. Paul thought that they were putting pressure on the wrong guy.

Marcus stopped by the police station to congratulate Paul on his new role as police chief, and Paul was surprised that the busy congressman had time to make an appearance. Marcus crowed that he was a big supporter of law enforcement, and Paul mentioned Marcus' reputation for being tough on crime. Marcus encouraged Paul to resolve the incident at the Newman ranch quickly, and he asked if the police were closing in on a suspect. Paul excused himself to deal with Alex and Bob.

Marcus welcomed Alex to the force. Alex quipped that Genoa City was a nice, quiet place where no one ever got shot, and he glared at Bob. Marcus told Paul that crime had repercussions throughout the district and that Victor was a friend, but Paul maintained that they didn't have any solid information yet. Marcus sternly reminded Paul that Paul had an appointed position and that the mayor was a friend of Marcus'. Marcus asked Paul to keep his office updated on his progress on the Newman case.

Alex reported to Paul that he'd had no luck with Bob, even after bribing him with Packers tickets. Paul suspected that Bob wasn't a local, and he wondered whether Avery's car accident and the incident at the Newman ranch were linked in any way. Alex reported that Marcus had been a witness at Avery's client's original trial. Alex added that Bob had claimed to know nothing about Avery's brakes. Paul considered how they could get Bob to talk about Marcus.

At Jabot, Phyllis looked at the newspaper headline, and Jack asked his assistant to keep him updated about Adam's condition. Phyllis remarked that she couldn't believe what had happened, and Jack noted that a catastrophe made for great press, but they were both thankful that their family members had survived the ordeal. Phyllis had trouble picturing Adam as a hero. Jack commented that "the Mustache" had finally crossed someone who had wanted to follow through.

Jack spoke with Ashley on the phone, and he informed her that he had no news about Adam. Phyllis marveled at all the people who suddenly seemed to care about Adam. Jack called Adam's actions heroic but stupid, and he wondered how Victor felt toward Adam. Phyllis stated that parent-child relationships were never simple, and she recalled a time when her arguments with Summer had been far less significant. She revealed that she had canceled their trip because she had seen Summer half-naked with Kyle.

Phyllis chuckled over the idea that Summer had accidentally spilled coffee on herself, and Jack commented that it hadn't been the worst thing that had happened the day before. Jack said that they couldn't always protect the people they cared about, and he wasn't surprised that a daughter of Phyllis' would exhibit such behavior. Phyllis defended that there were benefits to being her daughter, and Jack agreed, but he was glad that he wasn't Phyllis or Nick. Jack offered to talk to Kyle, and he asked about Phyllis' plan for Summer. Phyllis replied that she had an idea, but Summer wouldn't like it.

Neil stopped by Jack's office, and Phyllis announced a staffing change to move Summer to work in the fashion division. Neil balked, and Jack mentioned the potential line-crossing situation with Summer and Kyle. Phyllis explained that it was just a crush, and a sympathetic Neil recalled that Lily and Daniel's relationship had started the same way. Jack offered to tell Summer about the change, and Neil said to send Summer over. Neil left, and Phyllis volunteered to be the one to inform Summer.

Jack remained quiet, and he said that after his family had lost Colleen, he couldn't imagine that God would take another loved one from them. He wasn't sure whether he was angrier at Billy or God for putting Billy in danger. Phyllis said that Billy had been brave and that everyone was safe, but Jack snarled that "this time," Adam had been the innocent person who had paid the price because Victor had gotten on someone's bad side. Jack left to confront someone.

Leslie visited Gus before the hearing, and she reiterated that she would tell the judge the truth about exactly what she remembered. Leslie promised that Gus would be okay, because Avery had enough evidence to prove that the first trial had been unfair. Gus worried that there was no proof of his innocence, but Leslie argued that he had the truth on his side. Gus was dismayed that Tyler didn't believe him, and Leslie assured Gus that he'd have time to convince Tyler once Gus was a free man.

Gus told Leslie not to blame herself if things didn't go well at the trial, and she wished that she hadn't testified against him previously. She apologized for not believing him, but he understood that she had been young and that she'd had plenty of reasons not to believe him. Leslie promised that she'd make it right, and Gus said that she already had and that he was proud of her. She said she'd see him in court, and she departed. Tyler approached Leslie in hallway, and she happily assumed that he was there to show support for Gus, but Tyler snapped that he was going to testify for the prosecution.

Leslie argued that Tyler hadn't been present when their mother had died. Tyler barked that he had seen the way that Gus had treated Belinda, but Leslie contended that Gus wasn't a murderer. Tyler became angry when Leslie referred to Gus as "Dad," because he only viewed Gus as the man who had killed his mom. Tyler said that the only reason Belinda had stayed with Gus was to protect her children from him. Leslie said that Gus regretted his actions, but Tyler was glad that Belinda had found someone who had made her happy before she had died.

Leslie chased after Tyler, and she reminded him that they'd always stuck together. He claimed that she was tearing them apart, and he refused to let a killer out of prison based on a technicality. She begged him to stop punishing Gus for something he hadn't done, and she insisted that Gus's story made sense. Leslie told Tyler that she'd seen the truth in Gus's eyes, and she was sure that Tyler would, too. Tyler divulged that he'd already spoken to Gus, and he realized that Gus hadn't told her. A guard led Gus into the hallway, and Tyler informed Gus that he was there to make sure Gus stayed in prison.

After the hearing, Tyler sarcastically complimented Leslie for lighting up the stand and making Gus sound human. Tyler added that she hadn't sung Gus's praises when she had been a scared kid hiding from her father. Tyler called Gus a bully and a drunk, and Leslie agreed that Gus had been a lousy husband and father, but the trial had been about the truth. Gus interrupted their argument and said that it wasn't what their mother would want. Tyler warned Gus not to mention Belinda's name.

Tyler said that Belinda would have wanted Gus to stay locked up, and he thought that was the least Gus owed Belinda and his children. Tyler stormed off, and Gus wondered if Tyler was right. Leslie maintained that Gus hadn't committed murder, but Gus blamed himself for destroying their family. Neil called Leslie, and she informed him that the hearing was over. She added that the verdict wasn't in yet, but either way, she was going to lose someone.

At the ranch, Nikki wondered if she and Victor were right to return home so soon after the shooting, but Victor refused to be chased out of his own home. Nikki noticed that everything had been cleaned up, but Victor said that it wouldn't erase what had happened. He asked if she wanted to return to the penthouse, but she only wanted to be with him. They hugged, and he lamented that he had envisioned their first day as husband and wife differently. She stated that it was better than the prior day, and he credited Adam.

Victor reported that there was still no word about Adam's condition, and Nikki urged him to go to hospital to show that he cared. Victor recognized that Adam had almost lost his life because of Victor, but Nikki thought Adam's actions had displayed his love for Victor. Victor recounted that Hope had taken Adam to Kansas to protect her son and to raise him with her values, and Hope had only wanted Victor to look out for Adam once she was gone. Nikki defended that someone had broken in to hurt them, and she pondered who it could have been. Victor believed that someone had hired the shooter, and Nikki mentioned that Nick had recognized the gunman. She contemplated why someone would pay a shooter to go after their family, and Victor hoped the police would find out.

Victor left a message for Paul. Nikki assured Victor that Adam was young and strong, and she recalled that Adam had crashed the wedding because it had been the only way he could get attention from Victor. Victor pointed out that Adam had taunted him and had tried to best him, and Nikki replied that it had finally worked when Adam had taken the company. Victor thought that Adam's intent had been to spoil the wedding but that Adam's plan had backfired when he had taken a bullet instead.

Nikki also couldn't get through to Paul, and she hoped that maybe he was making headway with the gunman. Victor mentioned that Adam believed that of all Victor's children, Adam was the most like Victor. Victor incredulously stated that Adam had been willing to die for him, and Nikki noted that Victor would have done the same thing for Adam. She acknowledged that the men had a complicated relationship, but she thought that Adam had proved how much Victor meant to him.

Later, Jack confronted Victor at the ranch and asked when the lying would stop. Jack blasted that Victor hadn't cared about Colleen and that Billy and Abby could have been killed at the wedding. Victor defended that his own son had been shot, and he retorted that the situation was as much Jack's fault as anyone else's.

At the hospital, Sharon sat by an unconscious Adam's bedside. She reached for his hand, and she felt it twitch. She called his name, and his eyes slowly fluttered open. Sharon softly told Adam that he had been shot and was in the hospital. She told him not to talk, but he asked for his dad. She informed him that Victor was fine, because Adam had saved his life. Sharon said that she knew Adam loved Victor and that Victor loved Adam, too.

Adam flashed back to knocking Victor out of the line of fire. Sharon wondered what he had been thinking when he had stepped in front of the gun, and she became tearful that he could have died. "Too mean," he croaked. She realized that was what he wanted everyone to think, but she swore that everyone knew that he was a hero, and they owed him for saving Victor's life. Sharon understood that the Newmans would never appreciate Adam, but she proclaimed that she did. He started to ask her a question.

Sharon implored Adam to save his strength, but he was fiercely determined to talk about business. She assured him that Victor wouldn't take advantage of the situation, but Adam doubted Victor's gratitude would last long. Sharon reasoned that someone was trying to kill Victor, so Victor had more on his mind than Newman Enterprises.

Sharon cautioned Adam to relax and not to worry about the company, but he asked her to promise that she wouldn't let Victor take it back. She scoffed at the idea that Victor would stoop that low, but Adam was adamant that she promise, and she obliged. He instructed her to run Newman Enterprises. Suddenly, his monitor began beeping uncontrollably, and he lost consciousness. Medical staff ran in, and a panicked Sharon watched helplessly.

Dr. Costner informed Sharon that Adam had slipped into a coma. She mentioned that Adam had been awake and talking, but the doctor explained that a blood clot had moved to Adam's brain. She tearfully asked whether Adam would be okay, but Dr. Costner couldn't make any promises. Sharon sobbed as she gazed in on Adam.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Cane called Katherine from On the Boulevard, and he wondered if she'd stood him up for lunch. She claimed that she was just running late and would be there shortly, but she had clearly forgotten their plans. Later, Katherine arrived at the restaurant and apologized to Cane for making him wait, and she rambled that she had been distracted by the events at Victor and Nikki's wedding. She repeated that she was sorry for being late, and Cane asked if everything was all right. She tried to cover her scattered thoughts by perusing the menu.

Katherine inquired about the twins, and Cane presented her with homemade picture frames that the kids had made. She gushed that she'd be honored to prominently display them. She asked if the twins had made them in school, and Cane replied that they'd created them at home, but the kids had been inspired by pre-kindergarten. He asked about Chancellor Industries, and Katherine groaned that Jill had insisted upon reacquiring a particular company. Cane mentioned that he and Jill had discussed that it wasn't a good business decision, but Katherine simply called Jill pig-headed.

Katherine turned the topic back to Cane's family, and he was puzzled when she inquired whether the twins had started kindergarten yet. Cane tested Katherine by praising her input on Jabot's new fashion line. She said that she had been happy to do it, but he pointed out that she hadn't consulted with him on the line. He gently inquired whether something was going on. Katherine reprimanded Cane for tricking her, but he said that it was obvious that she was forgetting things, and he assured her that she wasn't alone.

Katherine explained that at first, she had thought that her memory lapses had occurred because she'd had so many things on her mind, and everyone had absent-minded moments. Katherine confessed that the lapses had been happening more often, but she was determined that no one else find out. Cane asked if she'd seen a doctor, and she proclaimed that she had no intention of doing so. He rationalized that hiding her condition wouldn't make it go away, and the Katherine Chancellor he knew would never back down from a fight. She stated that she already knew what was wrong.

Lauren received a text message from Carmine, who invited her to join him for champagne at On the Boulevard. She quickly put her phone away when Michael returned home. Michael informed Lauren that he'd stayed at the Athletic Club the night before and that he was only home to get a suit, since he intended to return to his practice. She mentioned his plans to take a break to focus on their family, but he thought that he couldn't do that by himself, and she had given no indication that they'd do it together. Michael urged her to tell him whether something had changed, because he would gladly stay home if he had reason to do so.

Lauren berated Michael for issuing an ultimatum, but he asked her just to meet him halfway. She said that she wasn't ready, and he offered to draw up some paperwork. A shocked Lauren asked if he wanted a divorce, and she begged him to give her time, because she never said that their marriage was over. He argued that she wasn't interested in therapy or sharing her feelings, and until she did something that showed that she wanted things to work, he didn't feel that they had a marriage.

Lauren regretted that she was putting Michael through so much pain, but she was struggling and needed more time. Lauren cried that she didn't want to lose him, and she questioned whether he had given up. Michael said that he loved her with everything he had and that he didn't want a divorce, but he had given her time, and he wanted to think about what he needed. He thought that they both had to face that something was broken and that neither of them could fix it. He suggested that they make their separation formal until they could agree to work on their marriage together. Lauren wept as Michael walked out.

Chloe called Kevin from the Chancellor mansion and griped that Adriana was there. Kevin informed her that he had contacted the power company to explain that he would make payment soon, and Chloe flatly stated that he had fibbed. He asked if she had a better idea, since they had no money after they'd paid off the house. She assured him that they'd figure something out. Chloe noticed Esther gathering valuables into a box, and Esther explained that she was assembling a donation for a silent auction to help needy families. Chloe picked up a trinket and imagined that it was worth thousands.

Kevin was surprised when Chloe showed up at Crimson Lights, and Chloe said that it had sounded like Kevin had needed her. He conceded that it hadn't been the best day, and he was sick of claiming that their power hadn't been restored due to damage from the storm. She didn't think that people bought the story anymore, but they had no choice but to pretend. Kevin lamented that there was no way out of their financial problems. Michael entered, and Chloe left to let them talk.

Kevin asked Michael how things were going with Lauren, and Michael replied that he felt as if they were going around in circles. Kevin suggested counseling, but Michael relayed that she had refused. Michael explained that Lauren supposedly wanted to work things out, but she couldn't stand to be in the same room with Michael. Kevin didn't think it could be that bad, but Michael said that after spending the night alone at the Athletic Club and then fighting with Lauren that morning, he couldn't take any more.

Kevin advised Michael not to give up hope, because Michael and Lauren belonged together. Michael doubted that Lauren agreed, and he mentioned that he had proposed that they separate officially. Kevin called it a huge mistake, but Michael thought it was the only solution until Lauren was clear about what she wanted. Michael reasoned that if he filed for a separation, Lauren would be forced to react. Kevin encouraged Michael not to treat his family like a court case, and he warned Michael that issuing ultimatums and legal papers could backfire, especially since a separation was the opposite of what Michael wanted.

Later, Chloe presented Kevin with a box of items, and Kevin identified them as Katherine's belongings. Chloe said that the baubles were their way out of poverty.

Lauren showed up to see Carmine at On the Boulevard, and she informed him that Michael wanted a formal separation. Carmine was pleased, but Lauren declared that she loved her husband and that she didn't want her affair with Carmine to destroy her marriage. Lauren vowed to fight for her marriage, and she didn't want Carmine to get in the way. Carmine asked to speak to Lauren privately on his break, but she insisted that the idea of a formal separation scared her and that her family meant everything to her.

Lauren was grateful that Carmine had been an amazing friend and an escape from her problems, but she had to face reality. She regretted starting their affair, and she stated that it was over for good. Lauren ordered Carmine not to contact her again, and he said that he understood, but he reiterated that he would always be there for her. She clarified that she was telling him goodbye, but he replied that he couldn't let her go, and he grabbed her hand.

Lauren told Carmine that he had to let her go, but he swore that the time they'd shared had meant something, and he couldn't stand to see her walk away. She snatched her hand away and said that he had no choice. He hated the thought of never being able to run his hands through her hair again, and he requested one more night to have a proper goodbye. Meanwhile, Michael placed the separation papers next to a picture of his family.

At the police station, Alex reported to Paul that Bob hadn't responded to Alex's inquiries about Marcus. Alex complained that Bob had babbled incessantly about useless data since they'd booked him, but Bob hadn't disclosed anything about the case. Paul suspected that Bob was trying to be annoying so they'd stop listening. Alex grumbled that it was working, but he suddenly realized that it had meant something that Bob had clammed up when Alex had asked about Marcus.

Alex questioned why Marcus would want Victor dead, and Paul thought that there was more to the story. Alex said that it was wise to start by following the money when working a case involving the rich. Alex noted that Victor had made a big donation to Marcus' campaign, and he pondered whether Victor had pulled the plug on the funding. Paul contemplated whether Victor had information that could affect Marcus' political career. Alex suggested that they question Victor, but Paul didn't think that Victor would divulge anything unless he absolutely had to.

Marcus returned to the police station at Paul's request and inquired about new leads in the Newman case. Paul said that the shooting wasn't the purpose of the meeting, and Alex hoped that Marcus' friendship with the Newmans might help to shine light on something the police were missing. Alex asked whether Marcus and Victor were social friends, and Marcus conceded that he and his wife had shared tables at benefits with the Newmans. Marcus explained that his affiliation with Victor was cordial, but politicians didn't have many intimate friends.

Marcus acknowledged that Victor had been a generous contributor to Marcus' campaign, but Alex pushed for details about how close Marcus and Victor were. Marcus vaguely stated that Victor hadn't advised him about political matters, and he added that he tried to speak to as many constituents as possible. Marcus said that he had answered the question, and he hoped that Paul got a break in the case. After Marcus left, Paul called Marcus the quintessential politician, and he instructed Alex to dig into Marcus' past.

Later, Alex told Paul that he'd had no luck finding anything on Marcus. Alex retrieved a photo of Marcus and Stephanie at Marcus' swearing-in ceremony. Alex recalled that on his first New Year's Eve in Genoa City, he had had been lonely, and he had struck up conversations with several women at the Athletic Club. He recognized Stephanie as the one woman he'd met that evening who he'd suspected had been a "professional." Paul's jaw dropped at the prospect that Marcus' daughter was a prostitute. Alex revealed that he had seen Stephanie leave with Jack on New Year's Eve.

Jack contested Victor's assertion that Jack was partly to blame for Adam's shooting. Jack accused Victor of feeling guilty because Victor had been the target. Victor contended that Jack's addiction had led to Stephanie's death and the subsequent chain of events. Jack asked what Stephanie had to do with the shooting, and Victor said that Jack shouldn't have let her die while Jack had been high on drugs. Victor continued that the sabotaged wedding had been about retribution toward both Victor and Jack.

Jack spat that Victor's need for revenge had gotten them both into the mess, but he admitted that they were both responsible for Stephanie's death, and he believed that if Marcus was still out for blood, then everyone they cared about was still in danger. Jack refused to stand by and see the people he loved caught in the crossfire, but Victor pointed out that Jack couldn't go to the police and accuse a congressman of destroying their families with no evidence. Jack realized that he would be taking a risk, but he suspected that wasn't the only reason Victor wanted him to back off.

Victor implored Jack to consider whether Jack would react rationally if something happened to Kyle. Jack recalled that Marcus had seemed increasingly unhinged, and Victor believed that Marcus was capable of violence against them and their families because of Stephanie's death. Jack felt that they had no choice but to publicly disclose their roles in Stephanie's demise, but Victor insisted upon taking care of the matter himself. Jack refused to leave his fate in Victor's hands.

Victor cautioned Jack not to interfere, because Jack would botch it like he always did. Jack scoffed at Victor's insults, since Jack had taken Newman Enterprises away from Victor, and the men exchanged barbs. Jack snarled that he could do anything as well as Victor could, but Victor warned him not to rush into an ill-fated plan. Victor realized that neither of them would back off, and he proposed that they work together. Jack agreed, but only if Victor told him what was really going on. Victor said that he wouldn't disclose anything more than what Jack needed to know.

Marcus stopped by the ranch and feigned sympathy about the shooting. Victor pointed to the spot where Adam had lain, bleeding, while the rest of the Newmans had been afraid that they'd be blown to bits. Marcus mentioned that a suspect was in custody, but Victor called the shooter a pawn in a much larger game, and he didn't take kindly toward someone trying to kill him and his family in his new home. Jack stepped out from the shadows and confronted Marcus about sending the killer there. Marcus claimed that he had no idea what Jack was talking about, but Victor growled that Adam was fighting for his life because of Marcus.

Marcus denied that he was behind the murder attempt, but Jack remarked that it all made sense. Marcus defended that he would have nothing to gain from Victor's death, but Victor thought that Marcus' motives were painfully clear. Jack implored Marcus to stop the madness before more people got hurt. Marcus refused to listen to their accusations, and he bellowed that they had no proof that he had been involved. Victor roared that Marcus didn't know what Victor was capable of uncovering.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Billy and Victoria dined at On the Boulevard, and she commented that she was starving. He wondered whether she intended to start eating for two already, and she hoped that the fertility doctor could help with the rest, starting with their appointment that day. Victoria contemplated all the steps in the process, and Billy urged her to deal with one thing at a time. He realized that if all went well, they might not have many more nights alone together. She thought that they wouldn't need date nights if they had their own baby to bond over.

Billy told Victoria to enjoy wine while she could, and she called it a small sacrifice to make. She thought that pregnancy would be an amazing experience to go through together, and she couldn't wait for Johnny to have a sibling who lived with them. She regretted that she and Nick hadn't been close when they had been children, but she was grateful to have Nick in her life. Billy pointed out that siblings didn't always get along, and she agreed that she'd learned that the hard way with Adam, but she hoped that Adam pulled through.

Billy wondered how Johnny would get along with a little Victoria, and Victoria countered that it could be a little Victor. Billy chortled at the thought of naming their child Victor Abbott. Victoria worried that she'd become a raging lunatic during the fertility treatments, and Billy asked if she was sure she wanted to proceed, because she might go through the process for nothing. She admitted that she'd be disappointed if she couldn't have Billy's baby, but she was comforted knowing that she would always have Billy, Reed, Johnny, and Delia in her life.

Chelsea stood at Adam's bedside, and Chloe sneaked past the nurse in the ICU to check on Chelsea. Chelsea reported that the surgery had gone fine and that the doctor had seemed positive, but Adam had suddenly lapsed into a coma. Chelsea added that she hadn't known what to say to Adam, so she'd left Sharon to watch over him, but she had since realized that she had a million things to tell him, and she didn't know if she'd ever get the chance.

Outside Adam's room, Chelsea mentioned that she was still considered Adam's next of kin, so she was responsible for all his major health care decisions. Chloe inquired whether Adam had a will, but Chelsea didn't know. Chelsea chided Victor for only briefly stopping by, and she reported that Sharon was in the chapel. Chelsea recalled her disastrous conversation with Adam after Sharon had moved in, and she felt guilty that she had been so angry the last time she had seen him. Chloe contended that Chelsea had had every right to be mad, but Chelsea didn't think that it had been right to hide that she was pregnant or to consider passing off the baby as another man's child.

Chloe handed Chelsea some coffee, and Chelsea recounted that a few days before, she had been upset when her masseuse had been late, and she realized that her annoyance had been trivial. Chloe said that she'd had the same thoughts when Delia had been sick. Chelsea wished that she had told Adam about the baby when he had gotten out of surgery, and she worried that she might not have any more chances. Chloe insisted that Adam wouldn't die, but a shaken Chelsea couldn't help but think that he could die without knowing that she still loved him or that he was going to be a father.

Chelsea wondered if it would have made a difference if she had told Adam about the baby earlier, because maybe if she had, he wouldn't have crashed the wedding or been shot. Chloe reasoned that they would never know the answer, but she suggested that Chelsea confess everything to a comatose Adam. Chelsea didn't believe that he could hear her, but Chloe countered that it was worth a shot. Chloe observed that it was killing Chelsea not to be able to tell him, and Chloe urged Chelsea to do it for herself. Chloe added that it might even give Adam something to live for.

Billy and Victoria arrived at the hospital, and he asked if she wanted to check in on Adam, but she wanted Chelsea to have some time alone. Victoria noted that they had ten minutes until their appointment, and Billy began to pace. He envisioned the day when Victoria would look like she had swallowed a basketball, and she wondered if he was implying that she'd get fat. He called pregnant women sexy, and he gushed that she'd look gorgeous when she became pregnant. Victoria clarified that first they had to determine whether or not she could conceive a baby.

Victoria and Billy discussed potential baby names, but she acknowledged that they were only at her preliminary appointment and that they had a long way to go. Chloe ran into them and assumed that they were there to visit Adam. Billy said that he'd tried to reach Delia the night before, but Chloe explained that Delia had been tired after going to a snake exhibit. Billy asked to spend more time with his daughter, and Chloe had no objections, as long as no dive bars or poker games were involved. Chloe left to drop off dinner for Chelsea.

Chelsea prayed that Adam would hear her, and Chloe encouraged Chelsea to speak from her heart. Chelsea entered Adam's room and sat next to him. She told him that she'd had a "freak-out moment," and she imagined that Adam would tell her that cons shouldn't freak out. She said that she'd never let anything get to her because she'd never really had anything on the line, but nothing this important had ever been on the line before, and he needed to know about it.

Chelsea sobbed that she should have told Adam as soon as she had found out, because she had something beautiful and wonderful to share with him. She hoped that he would be as happy as she was, and she finally admitted that she was pregnant. As Chelsea gushed that Adam would soon be a dad, Victoria listened from outside the open door.

Katherine told a shocked Cane that she had Alzheimer's, and she realized that it was the first time she had said it out loud. He asked if she'd obtained a second opinion, and she declared that she hadn't gotten a first one, because she didn't need a bunch of tests to know that she was forgetting things. She continued that she'd read about all the signs, and confusion and memory loss were just the early stages. She tearfully disclosed that soon she'd have trouble reading and remembering names, and the saddest part was that eventually she wouldn't remember the people she loved most.

Katherine didn't think her ailment could be anything else, but Cane contended that stress and Lyme disease had similar symptoms. Katherine was doubtful, but Cane urged her to get checked out for the sake of the people who loved her. He understood that she was scared, but he rationalized that it wouldn't go away if she ignored it, and he promised that he'd be there with her every step of the way.

At the hospital, Katherine wanted to wait until the next day to see a doctor, but Cane wanted the tests performed right away. He informed her that he had to tell Lily what was going on, because they didn't keep secrets, but Katherine begged him not to tell anyone else. Katherine told Cane to go back to work, but he refused to leave her alone. She promised that she wouldn't run away, and she joked that she would call him later, if she remembered. He offered to pick her up when she was done, and he left. While she waited for the doctor, Katherine tested herself by stating her name and address, but she couldn't think of the name of the president of the United States.

At Jabot, Lily looked at marketing materials, and she asked for Tyler's opinion on bottle concepts for Jabot's new fragrance. She noticed that he seemed preoccupied, and he informed her that he'd just returned from Milwaukee, where he'd testified against his mother's murderer. Lily sympathized, and he said that it hadn't been easy, especially with Avery representing the defendant. Tyler confided that the killer was his father. He snarled that thanks to his dad, he'd lost his mother and maybe his sister, too.

Lily was saddened that Tyler had gone through such a rough childhood, and Tyler explained that he'd hoped no one would know about Gus, but everyone had, so he'd started tagging. She realized that he'd needed to get his anger out, and he said that graffiti had been a release that had turned into a career. She understood why his work seemed raw and emotional. Tyler recalled that Leslie had moved them to California, and they had gotten new names after Leslie had testified to protect them against Gus's lowlife associates. Tyler said that everything had been great until Avery had filed the appeal and had convinced Leslie to give Gus a chance.

Tyler couldn't believe that Leslie had switched sides and had even testified on Gus's behalf. Lily figured that Leslie had her reasons, but Tyler insisted that Gus was a murderer who deserved to be locked up. Lily wondered whether he was trying to convince her or himself of his father's guilt. Lily questioned whether Gus could be innocent, and Tyler became irate. Lily understood that he had to put blame somewhere, and he grumbled that he'd placed it where it belonged, because the evidence didn't exonerate Gus.

Tyler complained that Avery just wanted to raise her profile and that Leslie had taken the easy way out. Lily contemplated whether he was doing the same thing by not letting go of the story he'd held on to for so long. He barked that she didn't know what she was talking about. Lily said that Tyler's entire identity revolved around his dad's guilt, and if Gus weren't guilty, then Tyler would have to let the walls down and feel something other than hate. She questioned whether Tyler missed his dad.

Tyler replied that he didn't miss the man who had returned home drunk, and she asked what Tyler did miss. Tyler conceded that sometimes when Gus had been sober, Gus had looked at him with love, like Gus had earlier that day. Lily stated that Tyler had missed out on twelve years of love, and he'd done what he'd needed to do to survive, but he didn't have to keep protecting himself. She continued that he could tell the world who he was, starting with her. She asked for his real name, and he said that he was Davis Rogan.

Lily said that she had always wondered about Tyler's past, since he was talented and good-looking but seemingly had no one but his sister in his life. Tyler called himself pathetic, but Lily understood that he had been hurting for a long time. She pulled him into a hug, and Cane flew into a rage when he walked in on their embrace.

Dylan chugged a drink at a bar as he stared at his cell phone. The female bartender asked if he was going to call the woman he was thinking about. The bartender asked the woman's name, but Dylan claimed that he couldn't remember anymore. He pulled out some cash, but she said that the drink was on her.

An unruly patron called the bartender pretty, and he ordered a bourbon and her phone number. She poured him the drink and told him to pay, but he griped that he'd only gotten half his order. Dylan told the man to back off, but the bartender said that she could handle jerks. Dylan demanded that the customer give her the money, and the patron dared Dylan to make him.

Dylan didn't want to fight, and the customer assumed from Dylan's haircut that Dylan was a soldier. The man drunkenly contended that a soldier should never back down. Dylan warned that he'd had some bad days lately, but the patron taunted Dylan for sticking up for a tramp because Dylan didn't have a woman of his own.

Avery returned home to her apartment, where Nick popped open some champagne and welcomed her with a kiss. She thought he had to work that evening, but he declared that he wanted to celebrate in style. Avery asked if she'd forgotten a special occasion, and Nick declared that her hearing had gone well, but she pointed out that the judge hadn't ruled yet. Nick was confident that she would win, and she appreciated his confidence, but she thought it was premature to celebrate, especially since they still didn't know who had cut her brakes and trashed her apartment.

Avery considered what could have happened to everyone at the wedding, and Nick wanted to pay attention to the wake-up calls rather than go back to their normal routines. Avery toasted to a new routine, and he vowed to have one before the night ended. Avery noted that Nick was being cagey, and he said that he had a few surprises that evening, starting with dinner cooked by a caterer who would be there any minute. She left to change clothes, and he pulled out an engagement ring from his pocket.

Over dinner, Avery gushed that she loved the beef bourguignon, and Nick conceded that it didn't go with okra gumbo, but he hadn't wanted to leave out any of her favorites. He said that he had one more surprise, and he had his fingers crossed that she'd like it. Nick announced that he had made Avery a homemade dessert, and she jokingly complained that she was full. He presented her with a cake he had baked in her Easy-Bake Oven, and he assured her that even he couldn't mess it up. She tasted it and praised that it was the best thing she'd ever eaten.

Avery commented that something so simple made her so happy, and Nick said that they had to grab things while they could, like they had been talking about before Dylan had interrupted them the other day. Avery said that she liked talking about getting closer and moving forward, and Nick wanted to finish the conversation. Avery and Nick happily declared their love, and he mused that the discussion wouldn't be as hard as he'd thought.

Nick said that he didn't want to wait another second to ask Avery something. Avery's phone rang, and she thought it might be about the verdict from the hearing. She saw that the call was from Dylan's phone, but she was surprised when the bartender informed her that Dylan had been arrested.

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