The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of June 24, 2013 on Y&R
Chloe asked Kevin for a divorce. Victoria realized that she might be pregnant. Adam overheard Melanie reporting to Victor. Neil fired Tyler. Fen bought drugs. Chelsea accepted Dylan's invitation to move in. Abby walked in on Phyllis and Kyle kissing.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of June 24, 2013 on Y&R
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Monday, June 24, 2013

In a Chicago hotel room, Kyle conferred with Phyllis as they tweaked the questionnaire for Jabot's focus group. After Kyle went to his car to get color samples, his phone rang. Phyllis answered. Summer was surprised to hear her mother's voice, and Phyllis explained that she was in Kyle's hotel room. Jack ventured downstairs and overheard Summer's side of the conversation. Jack seemed puzzled.

Summer asked, "What are you doing in his hotel room so early in the morning?" Phyllis claimed that she planned to have a business meeting with Kyle as soon as he finished his shower. Summer replied, "So you just want to wait and see him walk out in a towel?" Phyllis said she'd never even considered such a plan and that Summer shouldn't, either. Phyllis promised to relay Summer's message to Kyle. Summer was upset.

When Kyle returned, he noticed that Phyllis was holding his phone, and he asked if he'd received a call. When Kyle reached for his phone, Phyllis claimed that Summer had turned off her phone because she was heading to a spa with her friend, Courtney. Phyllis directed Kyle's attention to the color samples he held in his hands. Phyllis announced that she'd arranged a pitch meeting with the Contemporary Shopping Channel. Kyle was impressed and asked Phyllis how she'd managed such a feat. Phyllis thrust her right hip forward and began erotically massaging her body from her neck down to her thighs.

Phyllis acted out for Kyle how she'd interacted with the station manager. In a sultry, sexy voice, Phyllis said, "I'd be happy to demonstrate the product for you, Mr. Keaton. Watch how smoothly it glides on and hugs the curves." Kyle's eyes widened, and he quipped that Phyllis should have received a marriage proposal. Kyle said he understood where Summer got her courage. Phyllis asked Kyle how he felt about Summer. Kyle said that he really liked Summer. He noted that though Summer was innocent in some ways, she was mature in other ways.

Phyllis told Kyle that Summer was too eager to engage in grown-up activities. Phyllis noted that her daughter might miss steps in between youth and young adulthood if she rushed to keep up with Kyle. Phyllis reminded Kyle that he'd once claimed to prefer older women. Kyle seemed a bit taken aback. Phyllis fluttered her eyelashes and suggestively said, "Once you've known an older woman, you never go back." When Kyle stepped away, Phyllis sighed disgustedly.

At the tack house, Sharon showed up early to pick up Faith for a play date. Faith was upstairs, so Sharon sat down and had coffee with Nick. Sharon noted that Nick looked tired, and she offered to be his sounding board. Sharon added, "It might do you some good to talk to someone who isn't connected to the problem, but who is still connected to you."

Avery tiptoed down the stairs and overheard Sharon tell Nick that they remained connected because they'd been through everything two people could endure. Nick replied, "Yet you're still talking to me, and you obviously still care. I guess that says a lot about us." Nick went upstairs to help Faith. Avery asked Sharon why she'd been sticking so close to Nick. Sharon explained that she and Nick shared a deep bond forged long before. Sharon advised Avery that Nick had a past, which would forever be part of his future.

Nick later stopped by Jack's and invited Summer to breakfast. Summer turned down her father's offer because she claimed she had plans to meet Courtney and needed time to get ready. After Summer went upstairs, Jack explained that Summer was miffed at her mother because she feared Phyllis would convince Kyle to end his romance with Summer. Nick replied, "I sure hope so."

Summer was quietly descending the stairs when she heard Jack tell Nick that it was futile to fight two people who wanted to be together. Jack mentioned Nick and Phyllis' romance. Nick recalled that he and Phyllis had caused a lot of pain. Jack noted that Summer and Kyle were commitment-free. Jack said that unless Nick had a good reason to keep Summer and Kyle apart, he didn't expect Nick to rehash the matter again.

Nick returned to the tack house and found Avery hard at work. Avery put her files aside. Avery mentioned that Sharon felt she was still an integral part of Nick's life. Avery added, "Now I know what you went through when Dylan came to town." Nick said he and Sharon would always share a bond because of their children. Avery noted that something was off with Sharon because she had become desperate and clingy. Nick explained that Sharon felt safe with him, and he insisted that Avery shouldn't be concerned.

Back in Kyle's suite, Phyllis heard Kyle's phone vibrating. He was distracted while ordering breakfast from room service. Phyllis covertly picked up the phone, noticed that Summer was calling, and "answered" the call before quickly replacing the phone on a table. Summer could hear voices on the line, and repeatedly said, "Hello?" Summer overheard her mother ask Kyle if women clad in bikinis might distract him if he decided to enjoy his breakfast by the pool. Kyle replied, "Let's just say I don't think we'd get a lot of work done down there."

Speaking loudly and distinctly, Phyllis told Kyle that he could flirt with the girls and encourage them to try out the eyeliner. Phyllis jovially added, "It could be a kick!" Summer hastily ended the call and rushed back to her bedroom in tears. Jack, unaware that Summer was upset, called out to her from downstairs and said he might return later for lunch. After Jack left, Summer appeared downstairs and summoned Courtney. Summer cried, "It's an emergency! My mom is trying to ruin my life again."

Phyllis phoned Nick and interrupted an intimate kiss between him and Avery. Phyllis explained that she didn't have much time to talk, and she asked Nick if he'd spoken to Summer. Nick said he had and that Summer thought there was more to the business trip than Phyllis had let on. Phyllis assured Nick that after she was finished with Kyle, Summer would be the last thing on his mind.

After the call ended, Avery asked about the call. Nick claimed it was about business. Avery warned Nick not to lie to her. Nick said he couldn't tell Avery what was going on, but he assured her that it didn't concern her. Avery mentioned Summer. Nick looked tormented and anxiously rubbed his furrowed brow.

At Crimson Lights, Billy asked Dylan why he was whistling an upbeat tune and learned that Dylan had proposed to Chelsea. Kevin interrupted and demanded to know if Billy was sleeping with Chloe. Billy insisted that he wasn't. Kevin asked why half the town believed the rumor. Billy claimed that Victoria, delusional and paranoid as a result of hormone treatments, had kicked him out of the house and spread the false reports. Billy added that he'd listened to and comforted Chloe because her husband had been too busy being a jerk.

Kevin instructed Billy to tell Victoria to keep her mouth shut, and he apologized to Dylan for being late to work. After Kevin went to wait on customers, Billy sat down and told Dylan that he and Victoria usually enjoyed the type of marriage that clicked along smoothly. Dylan said he understood because his parents had enjoyed the same kind of marital contentment. Dylan noted that his recently deceased father had planned to stand up for him at his wedding. Billy said that he, too, missed his father and the close relationship they'd shared. Dylan noted that he and Chelsea hadn't yet chosen a wedding date because Avery and Nick had also planned to tie the knot.

Billy went to On the Boulevard. He phoned Victoria and left a lengthy, gloomy message. Hoping she'd relented, Billy begged Victoria to let him return home. Billy said he feared he couldn't beat his gambling addiction without her help. He told Victoria he loved her and begged to hear her voice. After Billy ended the call, he picked up a deck of cards and tossed them into a wastebasket. Billy brooded and sighed as he awaited a response from Victoria.

Billy became bored, fished the playing cards out of the trash, and cut the deck. Chloe breezed in and discovered that Billy had been gambling again. Billy explained that Victoria believed he and Chloe were having an affair and that he was lying about gambling in order to cover his tracks. Chloe advised Billy to deal with his gambling problem before attempting to patch up his marriage. Chloe told Billy that she wouldn't allow Delia to be hurt by his addiction.

Chloe reminded Billy about Victoria's abduction and warned that the same could happen to Delia. Billy replied, "This stuff is penny ante. It's nickel-and-dime stuff. That's it." Chloe offered to help. Billy took Chloe's hand in his and asked her to tell Victoria that there was nothing going on between them. Kevin arrived and saw Billy clutching Chloe's hand. Kevin looked furious.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Chelsea told Chloe that Dylan had proposed. Chloe cheered for her friend and said, "That will put an end to Adam's snooping and meddling." Adam overhead and asked, "What will?" Chloe happily noted that Dylan and Chelsea planned to marry. Adam glared at Chelsea. Chloe told Adam to move along, so Chelsea could raise her baby in peace. Adam asked Chelsea if marrying Dylan was what she truly wanted. Chelsea replied, "I'm very happy." Chloe rudely butted in, so Chelsea requested time alone with Adam.

Adam took Chloe's unoccupied seat and said that he intended to carry on with his life as Chelsea had. Chelsea replied, "Can you?" Adam said it was "a hell of a lot better" than waiting for Chelsea to change her mind. Adam added that Chelsea had evidently become involved in a situation she couldn't back out of, so she seemed determined to stick with it. Chelsea said she loved Dylan when Adam questioned her feelings. Adam said that he'd back off and consider his last visit with her to the hospital to be his swan song.

Chelsea became emotional and tearfully thanked Adam for staying by her side the day she had collapsed. Adam promised Chelsea that her life would become much easier. Dylan returned. Adam rose from his seat, congratulated the couple on their engagement, and wished them a wonderful life together. As Adam headed out, Chelsea turned to watch him walk away. Chelsea bristled when she saw her mother stop to chat with Adam. Dylan said he thought Chelsea was trying to avoid stress.

Anita stopped to chat with Adam. He noted that Anita was likely relieved because Dylan had agreed to marry Chelsea. Anita said Dylan was fine enough, but she admitted that the "big, beautiful dollar sign in front" of Adam's name was immensely appealing. Anita mentioned the "little bambino." Adam replied, "What that little bambino needs most are both of its parents, who will put that child first and love it unconditionally." Anita asked Adam if he'd be that type of parent. Adam replied, "Guess we'll never know now, will we?" Anita told Adam not to be too sure.

Chelsea and Dylan approached, and Chelsea demanded that her mother stop wasting Adam's time. Adam left through the front door, and Anita went to find a table. Dylan asked Chelsea what was going on. Chelsea explained that her mother would rather she marry Adam's bank account. Chelsea added, "I just don't want her screwing things up." Dylan seemed concerned.

Dylan accompanied Chelsea to the Jabot fashion office and asked her what issue she'd been dancing around. Chelsea claimed she'd been dancing around choosing a date for their wedding. Dylan mentioned the baby's due date and said they should marry before the baby arrived. Dylan perused photos of Chelsea's fashions from the photo shoot. He claimed that Chelsea would likely become a famous designer soon. Tears welled in Chelsea's eyes, and she began sobbing.

Chelsea regained her composure and told Dylan that she just never thought her life would have worked out the way it had. Dylan asked Chelsea if she was having second thoughts. Chelsea assured Dylan that she wanted to build a life with him. She added that her life had once been a string of con jobs. Even after she met Adam, Chelsea noted, she had realized it wouldn't last. Chelsea said she felt as if she'd been happily transported to a different planet. Dylan kissed Chelsea. Anita walked in and shook her head disapprovingly.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon ordered a coffee drink at the bar. The gentlemen she'd recently encountered called out to Sharon, and she asked if she could join him. He stood and waited for Sharon to be seated. Sharon said, "Glad I ran into you, actually. It gives me a chance to apologize for being so rude the other night."

The well-dressed businessman said he presumed that the man who'd interrupted them was her husband. Sharon explained that the man was her ex-husband. The businessman asked why she appeared to feel guilty. Sharon noted that she always felt like she was doing something wrong. The man explained that he was due at a meeting, so he left his card with Sharon and invited her to have drinks later.

Adam entered the coffeehouse just before the businessman left. Adam caught Sharon's attention and said, "What are you doing?" Sharon looked surprised, and she claimed she and the man were involved in a business transaction. Adam challenged Sharon to identify the man's line of business without glancing at his card. Adam angered Sharon when he said, "What concerns me is the type of business transaction that's going on."

Sharon stood face-to-face with Adam and asked how he could say such a thing to her. Adam explained that one of his talents was the ability to spot trends and patterns. He noted that she'd been with two men in as many weeks, so her behavior had become a great concern to him. Sharon asked Adam if he'd been spying on her. Adam admitted that he'd just happened to see her ascend the stairs with yet another businessman who'd been passing through town. Adam added, "Numbing the pain is one thing, but doing it with no-strings-attached sex is another."

Sharon told Adam that he was no better than Nick was because he always stepped in to end her relationships with other men, too. Adam explained that Nick felt a sense of primal ownership. Adam told Sharon that he, on the other hand, was truly concerned about her. Sharon claimed that she'd been in love before and had never felt in love with Adam. Adam said that Sharon was trying to rekindle the past with Nick. Adam explained that Nick was as much in the past for Sharon as Chelsea was for him. Adam warned Sharon that she couldn't recapture what was already gone.

Hunting for Kevin, Chloe angrily marched into the patio entrance at the coffeehouse. Chloe berated Kevin for not following through with his promise to work at the local soup kitchen. Kevin said he didn't need to because Chloe was the reason their marriage had become unstable. Kevin accused Chloe of sleeping with Billy. Chloe vehemently denied the rumor. Before Chloe turned to leave, she added, "You're not interested in saving this marriage!"

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

At On the Boulevard, Kevin confronted Chloe when he spotted her with her hand on Billy's. Kevin accused them of flaunting their affair in public, and he inquired whether they'd acted like they couldn't get along as a cover. Kevin couldn't believe that he had intended to apologize to Chloe, and Billy left them alone to talk. Kevin asked whether Chloe had entered into an affair as payback for the things Kevin had done or if she had only been pretending to be angry to justify cheating on him. Chloe didn't want to fight, and she stated that their marriage had fallen apart.

Kevin barked that Chloe had been practically making out with Billy, and Chloe defended that she'd been patting Billy's hand because Billy had ruined his life again by gambling. She explained that she had told Billy to get his act together for Delia's sake, and Kevin questioned why she'd held Billy's hand instead of kicking his butt. Kevin wondered why Chloe could forgive Billy but not Kevin, and Chloe pointed out that Billy hadn't hurt anyone but himself, while Kevin had let Chloe take the fall for his crime. Kevin declared that he was happy with the person he was, and he wasn't sure that he wanted to change.

Kevin reminded Chloe that neither of them had walked a straight and narrow path, and they'd understood one another's quirks. He felt like she was pulling a bait-and-switch, but Chloe said that she wasn't fine with Delia stealing her friend's doll, and she was concerned that it didn't seem to bother Kevin. Kevin argued that he hadn't involved Delia in his stealing, but Chloe worried that her daughter would view Kevin as a role model. Chloe recounted that she'd made a million bargains with God when Delia had had leukemia, and she'd messed up by breaking the law, so she wouldn't do it again.

Chloe vowed to be the mom Delia deserved, and Kevin asserted that he'd only been trying to keep their heads above water. He pointed out that he'd tried TagNGrab and the coffeehouse, but they hadn't been enough. Chloe questioned whether those ventures hadn't been enough money or enough fun, and she wondered if he could resist stealing. Kevin admitted that given the opportunity, he'd probably steal again. Chloe told Kevin that he had lost her and Delia, and their marriage was over.

Chloe said that she and Delia would stay at Katherine's, and she'd get a lawyer. She assumed that he would use Michael as his attorney, but Kevin reminded her of his promise to always be part of Delia's life. She asked why he hadn't kept his word, and she stormed out. Later, at Crimson Lights, Kevin looked down at his wedding ring. He took the ring off and slammed it down on the counter.

Victoria sketched a man and a woman holding hands, and she sadly tore the picture in half. Billy arrived home and asked Victoria about Johnny, and she called their son perfect. Billy started to say something, but Victoria interrupted and said that she knew that he wasn't having an affair. He thanked God and stepped toward her, but she grimaced. He thought that she understood, but she clarified that she understood too much.

Billy admitted that he had lied to Victoria more than once, and he was sorry. She recalled that they'd argued about him buying the restaurant, but he had never really bought it. She said that Billy was sick, and he'd kept going back to gamble more, knowing what it would do but doing it anyway. She continued that he had let his addiction take over him, and Billy confessed that he was a gambling addict and that he needed help.

Victoria knew that Billy regretted what had happened to her in Miami, and she berated him for risking starting the cycle again. Billy swore that he wanted out of it and that he could do it, but not without her. She said that she was his wife, not a therapist, but he countered that he got the love and strength that he needed from her. Victoria argued that it hadn't been enough for Billy to stay straight, and she didn't think that it could be.

Victoria angrily recalled that Billy had kissed Johnny goodnight and had lied to her while he'd been on his way to gamble. She asked if Billy had gone to a dark, smoky room where he'd told himself that he'd just play a couple of hands, while she had been trying to make a baby. She snapped that he'd wanted poker more, and he called it a sickness. He thought that things were different since she knew the truth, because he knew what he had to lose. Victoria told Billy that it was over.

Victoria anticipated more gambling and more debts, and she worried that the next time, Johnny would be kidnapped but wouldn't be as lucky as she had been. Billy swore that there would be no more debts or gambling, and he'd do anything to fix what he'd done. Victoria told him to go, and Billy pleaded that they'd worked too hard to be together to give up. Victoria admitted that an affair would have been easier to handle than the fact that Billy had risked everything by gambling again. She said that she'd seen addiction enough to know that her love wouldn't save him, and he had to save himself. She reiterated that she and Johnny needed him to leave.

Billy told Victoria that he'd kissed Johnny, who was asleep. Victoria said that she wasn't trying to punish Billy, but Johnny needed his father to get his life together. Billy thought it felt wrong to walk out, but Victoria maintained that it was the only way. Billy slowly approached the door, picked up his suitcase, and left. Victoria broke down in tears.

At Crimson Lights, Adam told Sharon that the past was gone, and so was Nick. Sharon thought that Adam was lashing out at her because he had lost Chelsea, but Adam insisted that he had made peace with Chelsea and Dylan being together. He warned Sharon that her having sex with strangers was like putting a bandage over a broken bone. "How dare you," an appalled Sharon spat.

Sharon condemned Adam for judging her, but he contended that he was offering her genuine advice, because he knew her. She retorted that she knew him, too, and he was cold and black inside. She accused him of using humor to make himself seem like a real person, but it only made him colder. She added that he was a fool if he thought he'd moved on from Chelsea, and she walked out. Adam made a call and asked if someone was busy.

At the studio, Chelsea noticed that Anita was watching her and Dylan kissing, and she told Anita that it wasn't a good time. Dylan suggested that they get their cards on the table, and he declared that he loved Chelsea. Dylan explained that when he had met Chelsea, he had been ready to leave town, and he had stayed for the baby, but then he'd fallen in love with Chelsea's heart and humor. He continued to rattle off the things he loved about her, and Anita seemed affected by his sincerity. Dylan knew that Anita loved Chelsea, but he contended that money wasn't everything, and he swore to give Chelsea and their child all the love and security they would ever need.

Dylan remarked that Anita and his father wouldn't have had much in common except their grandchild and the fact that their kids loved one another. Chelsea said that he was about to make her knees buckle, but the only way to get to Anita was with dollar signs. Anita asked if Dylan and Chelsea really wanted to be together, and Chelsea insisted that they did. Anita warned Dylan that love wouldn't put a roof over their heads, but Dylan offered plenty of love as well as a home. Anita said that she had nothing left to say, other than for Dylan to take care of Chelsea.

Anita left, and a stunned Chelsea thought it would be a miracle if Anita stayed out of their lives, but Dylan hoped that wouldn't be the case. Dylan lamented that their kid was already shortchanged on grandparents, and Chelsea asked about his extended family. He replied that he had some distant aunts and uncles, and he'd had an Army buddy, Sully, who had been the best little brother a guy could have. He said that his military friends had been like family when they'd served together, but then they'd returned to their lives and made new families.

Chelsea suggested that she and Dylan find better grandparents than Jeffrey and Anita. She reiterated that only money mattered to Anita, but Dylan contended that blood counted more. Chelsea thought that blood could be overrated, but Dylan wondered if Anita and Jeffrey might be better grandparents than parents, because a family bond mattered, and it was the one thing in life that couldn't be undone.

Chelsea waited for Anita in the Athletic Club lobby, and Anita asked why Chelsea had called. Chelsea revealed that Dylan wanted grandparents for the baby, but if Anita tried to ruin things, Chelsea would say goodbye forever, and Anita would never see her grandchild. Anita said that she loved Chelsea and the baby, but she wouldn't knit booties, and the women hugged. Chelsea urged Anita to believe that Chelsea's life would be wonderful.

Dylan returned to Crimson Lights and opened his journal. He called Stitch, a military pal, and he mentioned that he'd thought about Stitch when he'd told someone about Sully. He added that he needed to talk to Stitch about something.

Melanie met Adam at the Athletic Club, and she volunteered to run back to the office for her files. He said that he'd called her to have dinner, and she assumed that it was a working dinner, because she had been less than brilliant when discussing his ex-wife. Adam remarked that his ex was about to be a new wife, and he wished Chelsea well. He mentioned that he'd told a friend earlier that moving on was the only answer.

Adam asked Melanie what kind of clique she'd belonged to in high school, but she replied that she didn't believe in putting labels on people, and he pointed out that he knew very little about her. She asked what he wanted to know, but she excused herself to run to the ladies room. After she left, Adam opened her briefcase and looked at her phone. Later, Adam stopped Melanie in the foyer and kissed her. Anita spied them.

Sharon visited Cassie's grave, and she hoped that Cassie didn't know what Sharon's life had become. Sharon said that it felt like she had kept walking further away from home ever since Cassie had died, and she wanted to find her way back, but she didn't know how. Sharon revealed that Noah had his own home and life, and Faith would have a new family soon, because Nick was getting remarried. She cried that Cassie's absence had left a hole in their hearts, and she realized that Nick couldn't stand the thought of Summer not being his. Sharon disclosed that she'd overheard Nick tell Cassie about the paternity test, so everything had changed.

Francis, the cemetery groundskeeper, presented Sharon with some flowers and told her to keep remembering the good times. Sharon returned to Cassie's grave and recalled reuniting as a family after they'd been apart. She recalled that Nick and Cassie had loved one another as much as Sharon had loved each of them, and that love had made them a family. Sharon sadly added that everyone had drifted away, and Sharon was alone again. Sharon missed being happy and having a place other than being outside, looking in, and she cryptically confessed that was why she'd done what she had.

Sharon said that she'd been lonely and looking for comfort, but she'd only ended up more alone. She referred to Adam as a new man, and only the bad "old Adam" had been in love with her. She wondered what it said about her that someone she cared about saw her as an annoyance. She faced that Adam had never really loved her, and that only one person had loved her, but it was all gone. She cried that she missed Cassie and the family they should have had together, and life had been cruel to take it all away.

At the tack house, Avery complained to Nick that he'd been holding something back for too long, and she guessed that it was about Summer. She observed that he'd left the room to talk to Phyllis, and she figured that he wouldn't have given the call that much attention if it hadn't been about Summer. Nick swore that Summer wasn't in any trouble, but Avery said that he was dodging the question. Avery wondered why she was even there if he didn't believe enough in her to confide what was bothering him.

Avery pointed out that she hadn't told Nick about her affair with Dylan and her miscarriage, and she had been haunted by her secrets, but Nick had helped her exorcise the ghosts by being loving and forgiving. Nick swore that he loved Avery for who she was, but Avery questioned whether he thought she wasn't as loving and forgiving. She said that she had shared everything with him, and he still loved her. She asked him if he thought that she was incapable of doing the same thing for him.

Nick explained that what Avery had done had only involved her, but his secret wasn't just about him, and it was only fair to tell the other people who his secret affected first. He swore that he would reveal everything, but he needed time, and they couldn't get married with it hanging over their heads. He promised that she'd know about it before the wedding, and she'd have to decide whether she still wanted to walk down the aisle. She was stunned that Nick considered his secret to be that bad.

Nick wasn't sure how Avery would react to his terrible news, and Avery said it was a real issue between them. He felt like there was an axe hanging over his neck, and he apologized for shutting her out, but it was all he could give. She implored him to make the ghosts go away by letting her in, but he refused. She said that she couldn't move forward with him.

Nick took Avery's hand and asked if she was giving his ring back, and she replied that she wanted to marry him, but she couldn't plan a wedding that might not happen. He hoped that wouldn't be the case, and she recalled that she'd tried to talk to him, but he wouldn't open up. He said that he needed time and her assistance to help him through it, but she didn't know how to help when she had no idea what was going on. He asked her to be patient and not let his secret get between them.

Sharon took Faith home from a play date, and they saw Nick and Avery hugging through the window. "Don't worry, Mommy. I still love you," Faith assured Sharon. Sharon reported to Nick and Avery that Faith and her friend had had fun with glitter. Avery asked Faith's favorite color of glitter, but Faith wouldn't respond.

Sharon remarked that Faith was just tired, and Nick offered to put Faith to bed, but Faith wanted her mommy, too. Avery awkwardly stated that she'd leave, and Faith demanded that Sharon and Nick take her upstairs. Avery forlornly watched them ascend the stairs.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

At the Underground, Tyler said that he was happy to see Noah, and Noah asked if Tyler wanted to help work the bar. Tyler hoped that Noah wouldn't have to work there much longer, because Tyler had shown Noah's photos to an editor friend, who had thought that Noah had talent and wanted to meet him. Noah offered to pour some coffee and hear more about the opportunity, but Tyler checked his phone and became livid.

Tyler complained that Devon had changed the entire media schedule for the rollout, and Devon would get away with it because Neil was his dad. Tyler mentioned his idea about pitching to a niche market first, and he griped that Devon had decided that Devon's way was better. Noah asked if Tyler could find a way to compromise, but Tyler retorted that the word wasn't in Devon's vocabulary, and Tyler was fed up with Devon. Noah told Tyler to go take care of it, and they could talk later.

At the Athletic Club, Neil called Leslie a beautiful sight, and she was glad to give him something good to look at, because the blogger's latest post hadn't been pretty. Neil read the blogger's words that Neil acted like he was perfect, but the blogger questioned what Neil's children and grandchildren would think if they knew what Neil was capable of. Leslie inquired whether Neil had thought of anything he'd done that could have set someone off, but he didn't have a clue.

Neil pointed out that Leslie's theory about a connection between the blogger and Rose hadn't panned out, but she argued that perhaps the blogger just hadn't taken the bait. Neil realized that Leslie wasn't going to give up on finding Rose, and she reported that Rose's former neighbor was willing to talk to her that day. Neil warned her that she couldn't close the door once she opened it, but she asserted that Gus had been thinking about Rose until the end, and she thought she owed Gus that much.

Tyler interrupted Neil and Leslie, and she informed Tyler that she was going to Chicago in search of Rose. She invited Tyler to join her, but he wanted to leave well enough alone, and he needed to talk to Neil about work. She offered Tyler her seat, and she departed. Tyler asked if Neil had seen the media schedule, and Neil revealed that he'd signed off on it. Tyler groused that it had been a 180-degree turn from what he and Lily had put together, but Neil remarked that Lily wasn't Tyler's partner anymore.

Tyler grumbled that his new partner had a habit of going behind his back, and Neil retorted that the same could be said about Tyler. Tyler reminded Neil that Neil had hired Tyler to head the launch because of his instincts and talent, but Neil contended that Tyler could be wrong once in a while. Tyler stated that he couldn't work like that, and he felt that Neil either believed in Tyler's vision, or he didn't. Neil said that it didn't make sense to keep going on being frustrated and counterproductive, and Tyler agreed.

Neil complimented Tyler's job on the campaign, and he announced that he was taking Tyler off the project to let Devon handle the rollout. Tyler asked if it was because Devon was Neil's son, but Neil asserted that Devon was professional, while Tyler only respected his own opinion. Neil continued that Tyler had questioned Neil's authority, and Tyler said that he'd done so only when Neil had been wrong. Neil declared that Tyler's attitude was putting the launch in jeopardy, and he wouldn't have it. Tyler retorted that Neil would also no longer have someone calling him out on his nepotism. Neil fired Tyler.

Traci thanked Jack for breakfast at the Abbott mansion, and they reminisced about the old days. He mentioned their previous conversation about her problems with Steve, but she didn't want to talk about it anymore, because she was tired of being sad. She wanted something happy to think about, and he told her to give Charlie and Matty his love at their birthday party. Traci asked if Jack was going to the office, but Jack had expected Phyllis to return home, and he wondered what was holding Phyllis up.

Lily decorated the Ashby home in preparation for the twins' birthday party, and Cane appeared, dressed in a superhero costume. He called himself "Superdaddy," and she thought that he should have gone as a cartoon character instead. He groaned that he would have had to wear a sponge, but Lily said that it didn't matter if he wore a cape, a sponge, or nothing, because he would always be her superhero. They kissed.

Devon arrived at the party, and Jill presented gifts from Katherine and Murphy, who were vacationing at the lake. Jill asked if Hilary had told Cane about a certain meeting, but Lily insisted that there be no shop talk. Charlie and Matty ran in, and they wanted to open their presents, but Devon distracted them. Jill tried to carve out a time with Cane to talk business, but Cane called it a family day, and he played with his children.

Traci arrived, and she gifted the twins with a game she had played with Colleen. Traci remarked that Colleen would have loved to be there, and Lily said that she talked to the kids about Colleen all the time. Lily added that she'd overheard Matty say that Colleen was her favorite godmother. Lily asked Cane to retrieve the gift they'd gotten for the kids, and he realized that it was at his office. He started to leave, but he found Hilary at the door, holding the gift.

Cane invited Hilary to stay, and Jill called Hilary a real find. Neil entered, and the kids ran to hug him. Lily prepared the cake, and Neil informed Devon that he'd had an impromptu meeting with Tyler. Devon understood if Neil wanted to revert back to the old schedule, but Neil gave complete control over the campaign to Devon, and he announced that he had fired Tyler.

"You did what?" Lily incredulously asked. Neil explained that Tyler had forced his hand, and he'd had no choice. Lily asked what Tyler had done to justify firing him before the launch, but Cane reiterated that they wouldn't discuss business that day.

Once the party had broken up, Neil said that Tyler had given him an ultimatum, but Lily accused Neil of taking the easy way out. Neil conceded that it had been difficult to give up Tyler's creativity, but the campaign was about management from then on, and Devon promised that he'd give it his all. Devon and Neil left, and Lily denounced Neil for not giving Tyler a second chance. Cane thought that the company would run more smoothly without the conflicts, but Lily thought it had been a huge mistake for her to leave the fashion division. Cane questioned what she was angry about.

Lily put the kids to bed, and she inquired whether Cane didn't think that she had a right to be angry. He recalled that she had quit her job for her family, and he was stunned that she regretted it. He pointed out that he'd never asked her to quit, and he requested that she be honest with both him and herself. She admitted that she had wanted to spend more time with her family, but she had quit because of Tyler.

Jill approached Hilary at Crimson Lights, and they made small talk about the party. Hilary declared that she was happy that Cane had asked her to stay, and Jill remarked that Hilary had saved the day. Jill noted that Hilary was becoming indispensable, and Hilary stated that she took pride in doing the best job she could. Jill fawned over the effort Hilary had made to deliver the gift, and she gushed that Lily practically worshiped Hilary for freeing up Cane's time. Hilary appreciated the praise, but she suspected that something more was going on.

Across the coffeehouse, Nick ordered coffee and flashed back to Jack asking Nick to give him a good reason why Kyle and Summer shouldn't be involved. Nick ran into Avery, and she apologized, but he replied that he was sorry for a lot of things. He said that he'd thought of her and their conversation all night, but she hadn't changed her mind about putting the wedding on hold, unless he was ready to tell her what he had been keeping from her.

Nick wished that he could share his secret with Avery, but he maintained that he couldn't until he told other people who would be directly affected by it. Avery thought that she was entitled to know what her fiancé was hiding from her, and he swore that he wasn't going behind her back, but she said that it felt like he was. She believed that they should be able to tell one another anything, and she insisted that she still wanted to marry him, but not at the expense of the truth. She said that he knew where to find her, and she left. Nick tried to reach Phyllis, but she didn't answer her phone.

Avery stopped by the Abbott home to find Summer, but Jack informed her that Summer wasn't there. He congratulated Avery on her upcoming wedding, but she glumly disclosed that she'd put things on hold. She realized that Jack had known Nick for practically Nick's whole life, and she asked if Nick was the type of person to keep secrets from those he loved. She asked for insight into whether there had been something in Nick's past that would cause him to be scared or worried about something. She wished that relationships didn't have to be so complicated.

Jack called himself the king of complicated relationships, but he had no great wisdom to impart. He recalled that he and Phyllis had gone back and forth over many years, and he still didn't feel like she was being completely open with him. Avery asked if Jack was okay with that, and he said that he was in love with Phyllis, even though she was a drama queen. He remarked that even at that moment, something seemed off, but he couldn't put his finger on it. He knew that Phyllis was concerned about Summer, and Avery said that Nick was, too, and she wondered if it was something more than just not being able to let go.

Jack contended that he would be worried about a daughter Summer's age, and Avery wondered if she'd made too much out of parental angst. Jack realized that it was hard for her to relate, since she wasn't a mother herself. Avery thanked Jack for letting her talk it out, and he hoped that her wedding plans got back on track. Avery left.

A shirtless Kyle opened his hotel room door to Phyllis, and he explained that he'd slept through his wakeup call. She told him that there was no need to rush, and she suggested that they push back their flight a couple more hours to celebrate his incredible performance the night before. He noted that it hadn't felt like things had been clicking, but then the vibe had turned around. Phyllis recalled that he'd turned on the charm with the women in the focus group, and she purred that he could do anything he set his mind to. She proposed that they kick off their celebration with some cocktails.

Phyllis and Kyle shared a laugh over drinks, and Kyle asked if business trips were always that fun. Phyllis replied that they were with her, when they were on the company's dime and there was alcohol involved, but she hoped he didn't apply that philosophy to Summer. Kyle defended that he and Summer never drank together, but they had fun doing other things. Phyllis haughtily stated that Summer's idea of fun was running up her credit card bill and gossiping with friends, but Kyle said that he had other interests. Phyllis questioned whether he resented having to put them aside to date an 18-year-old.

Phyllis hoped that Kyle felt comfortable talking about any subject, even Summer. He acknowledged that he and Summer had different interests, but they made it work. Phyllis asked if Summer liked his friends, and he replied that Summer hadn't met them. Phyllis inquired whether Kyle had met Summer's friends, and she imagined it hadn't exactly been stimulating conversation. Phyllis questioned how long it would be before Summer and Kyle ran out of things to talk about. Kyle understood that Phyllis was trying to protect her daughter, but he assured her that she had no reason to be worried.

Phyllis swore that she wasn't trying to drive a wedge between Kyle and Summer, and Kyle assured Phyllis that he could see past his differences with Summer. As she took off her jacket, Phyllis recalled that he'd mentioned that he was attracted to older women. He said that he didn't have a type, and he wouldn't drop Summer for someone older. Phyllis thought that he had a way of giving women with experience what they wanted, and she suggestively inquired whether he'd had a crush on an older woman before. He asked what she was driving at, but her phone rang.

Jack was glad when Phyllis picked up, and she said that she and Kyle would be leaving soon. Kyle said that he was almost done packing, and Jack told her to hurry home, because he missed her. Jack asked whether she'd accomplished everything she'd wanted on her trip, and she coyly replied that she'd made a good start.

Nick sat stone-faced at the Underground, and Noah noticed his father's gloomy demeanor. Noah assured Nick that he didn't have to cover, because Noah knew what was going on. Noah surmised that Nick had pre-wedding jitters, and he offered to help take some of the pressure off by serving as Nick's best man. Nick called him the best son a father could ask for, and Noah said that it wasn't hard when he had the best dad. Noah praised Nick for always being honest with him and his sisters, and he encouraged Nick to hang in there.

Tyler returned to the Underground, and he told Noah that Neil had fired him because he had fallen for Neil's daughter. Noah gasped in shock at the prospect of Tyler and Lily hooking up, and Tyler clarified that nothing had happened, but Neil didn't believe it. Tyler prepared to start looking for another gig, and Noah assured Tyler that he'd find something, but in the meantime, he had a bottle of scotch with Tyler's name on it.

Nick reflected back on Avery's words about him not allowing her to help him. He called Phyllis again and left a message saying that they needed to talk, because they weren't handling things right, and they had to tell the truth.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

At Crimson Lights, Jill advised Hilary to continue to be her usual efficient self while working for Cane, but Jill warned that he was dedicated to his work and sometimes got so overwhelmed that he forgot what was important. Jill suggested that Hilary keep freeing up Cane's nights and weekends by diverting deals and projects to Jill, so Cane could spend more time with Lily and the kids. Hilary inquired whether Jill loved Cane as much as she cared about running Chancellor Industries. Jill assured Hilary that Jill was good at her job, and she offered to double Hilary's salary if Hilary agreed to do double-duty for Jill.

Lily explained that she'd known that Cane had been concerned that Tyler had been interested in her. She recalled that she had tried to convince Cane that Tyler was just a flirt, but then Tyler had quit abruptly. Cane pointed out that Tyler's father had died, but Lily revealed that Tyler had left the campaign because of the situation with her. She disclosed that Tyler had wanted more than friendship, and they hadn't been able to work together, because things had gotten out of hand.

Lily revealed that Tyler had admitted how he felt about her on the day he'd resigned, and she'd felt bad that Tyler had left because of her, so she'd decided to leave instead. She explained that she'd become upset when she'd learned that Neil had fired Tyler because she thought that at least one of them should have seen the project through. Cane inquired how she had replied to Tyler's confession, and she hesitantly stated that she'd told Tyler that they could still work together, but she hadn't returned Tyler's feelings. Cane wondered if she had feelings for Tyler, even if she hadn't told him so.

Lily swore that she had told Tyler that they were just colleagues, and Cane questioned whether there was anything more he needed to know about Lily and Tyler. Lily flashed back to responding to Tyler's kiss, and she admitted that she'd known how Tyler had felt even before he'd confessed his feelings. She added that she'd enjoyed the attention from someone who loved her ideas, but she loved Cane and being a mom and a wife. Cane blamed himself for being so busy with work.

Cane conceded that it had been a long time since he'd shown that he appreciated Lily as a woman, and he didn't want to take her for granted. Cane said that Lily was beautiful even when she was tired with paint in her hair after doing a project with the kids, and she was smoking hot in the morning when she burned toast. Lily agreed that she needed to hear it once in a while, and they were surprised when the doorbell rang. Cane opened the door to Hilary.

Hilary spilled the details of Jill's proposal to Cane and Lily. Hilary planned to tell Jill in the morning what to do with her offer, and Cane appreciated her honesty. Hilary left, and Cane realized that Jill couldn't get over him being CEO. He said that he'd talk to Jill about it the next day, but that night was about him and Lily. He amorously asked Lily to remind him where they'd been. She offered to burn some toast, but he said that he didn't need the imagery, and he passionately kissed her. They made love.

Michael arrived home to blaring music, and Lauren reported that Fen had walked by her as if she didn't exist. Fen emerged from his room, and he said that he had only stopped by to shower and shave. Lauren asked how long Fen intended to punish her, but Fen retorted that not everything was about her, and he left. Michael pointed out that at least Fen was talking to her, and Lauren noted that a couple of weeks before, Michael had barely been able to be in the room with her. She was grateful that things had improved between them, and he indicated that he'd picked up takeout.

Lauren and Michael settled in with their Chinese food, and she was surprised that Michael had ordered orange beef, because he hated it, but he remarked that it was her favorite. She remembered that Michael had hated everything she had ordered on their first date, but he protested that he'd loved every minute of it. She remembered that they'd gone to a movie afterward, and he said that they had a therapy assignment to relive their happy memories. He suggested that they rent the movie that they had watched on their first date, but their cheerful mood dissolved when Lauren mentioned that the storyline involved a married woman falling in love with another man.

Lauren bemoaned that the exercise was supposed to enable her and Michael to become closer, but Michael thought that perhaps the point had been to show them that they couldn't go home again. Lauren worried that the 30 days were ticking down, and Michael suggested that they take advantage of the time they had. She said that there were other movies, and she fondly recalled that Michael had had tears of laughter streaming down his face when he'd watched Austin Powers. She admitted that it had been a long time since they'd laughed like that, and she asked whether they remembered how.

Michael and Lauren chortled as they watched a movie. He said that he'd forgotten how funny it was, and she thought that it was nice to watch it together. He agreed, and they shared a kiss.

At the police station, Alex mentioned to Kevin that he'd interrogated a guy who had arranged a hit on his partner over a coin worth $200,000. Kevin didn't react, and Alex threw the keys to the evidence room in a drawer. Alex inquired whether Kevin and Chloe had made up, but Kevin grumbled that Chloe had only made up her mind. Kevin said that he had something to take care of, and he walked out. Abby arrived, and she sympathized that Kevin's situation seemed hopeless. Alex called Kevin smart and talented, and Alex hoped that he could make a positive difference in guiding Kevin toward making the right choice.

Abby reminded Alex that they had a date, and she'd snagged a reservation at a trendy café. He had forgotten, and he'd picked up an extra shift. She asked him to find someone to cover for him, but he explained that he was covering for someone else. Abby accused Alex of intentionally blowing her off, but he argued that he needed the cash. She offered to lend him money, but he refused. She asserted that she had an obscene amount of money, but he replied that he liked to work for his cash. She was offended, and she surmised that he resented her for being rich.

Alex thought that Abby was making a big deal out of nothing, and he said that he wouldn't borrow from anyone. Abby huffed that she didn't appreciate him standing her up, but he argued that what he did was important. She thought that he was implying that her job meant nothing, and he asserted that protecting the town was more important than making sure women smelled good. He thought that Abby was trying to pick a fight, and she contended that she liked that they were different, but maybe they were too different for their relationship to work. She stormed off.

At On the Boulevard, Carmine wondered why Billy's dry cleaning had been delivered there instead of Billy's home. Billy remarked that he wasn't going home, and Carmine asked if Billy had a game later. Billy clarified that he wasn't welcome at home, and he admitted that he'd confessed his gambling habits to Victoria. Billy had thought that she might understand and help him, but instead, he was fighting for his marriage. Carmine handed Billy a business card of a guy who had stopped by, looking for action, and he pointed out that nothing was stopping Billy.

Tyler confronted Devon at the bar, and he accused Devon of going to Neil to have Tyler fired, but Devon argued that Tyler had gotten himself axed. Tyler barked that Devon had only been given the job to keep Lily and Tyler apart, and Devon accused Tyler of never caring about Jabot and only wanting to seduce Lily. Tyler contended that Lily was able to make her own decisions, and Devon assumed that Tyler thought that Lily would choose Tyler over Cane. Devon warned Tyler to watch what he said.

Tyler said that Lily didn't need Devon to speak for her, and Billy told the men to go outside if they were going to fight. Tyler and Devon calmed down, and Devon asked what Tyler planned to do. Tyler coldly replied that he'd find a job, but Devon warned him not to try to find a way to insinuate himself into Lily's life. Tyler said that his plans were his own business, and Devon stalked off.

Jill tracked down Billy at the restaurant, and she asked what he was doing about his problem. He said that he'd been busy finding a place to live, and he resolved that he had to prove to Victoria that he could quit gambling. Jill said that he had to prove it to himself first, but Billy worried that his marriage would be long gone by then. Jill reminded him that he'd fought his addiction and won the last time. He wasn't sure if he was strong enough, but she said that she believed in him, and she left. Billy made a phone call.

Over the phone, Billy stated that he was familiar with how Gamblers Anonymous worked, and he said that he was looking for a meeting. Abby interrupted, and she asked if he was talking to Chloe. Billy maintained that he wasn't having an affair, and Abby inquired whether he was working things out with Victoria. Billy confided that Victoria had kicked him out of the house.

At the bar, Abby asked Tyler to buy her a drink, but he groused that he was unemployed and should be conservative with his cash. She inquired about the fashion launch, but Tyler said that it was on Devon's head. Abby volunteered to buy Tyler a drink, and he accepted. She was pleased to find a man confident enough to let woman treat him. He asked about her cosmetics marketing program, and she was charmed that he was actually interested in what she did. She mentioned that she loved working with Lily.

Abby and Tyler realized that they had frequented some of the same clubs, and he remarked that he would have remembered her if they'd been there at the same time. Alex entered, and Abby coldly asked if he was working on a case. Alex divulged that he'd freed up his schedule so they could make their reservations. Abby pulled Alex aside and conceded that she'd picked a fight because he'd stood her up for work. She was impressed that he'd gone to the trouble just to see her, and she took his hand and told Tyler goodbye.

Fen demanded that Carmine stop sending him text messages about getting together to talk, because there was nothing to say. Carmine begged Fen to let him explain, but Fen didn't want to hear about Carmine's affair with Lauren. Carmine insisted that Lauren had been in a bad place, and she had been staying at the Athletic Club because Michael had had Fen arrested. Carmine added that Lauren had been unsure that she could forgive Michael, and Carmine was amazed that Fen had been able to do so.

Fen asked why Carmine had dredged up problems to justify the affair. Carmine encouraged Fen to cut Lauren some slack, because the only reason she'd reached out to Carmine was because she hadn't been able to stand her family being torn apart. Carmine insisted that he cared what happened to Fen, and he would do anything to help Fen out. "Go to hell," Fen snarled, and he ordered Carmine to stop sending text messages and to stay out of his life.

Chloe hesitated to send a text message to Kevin, reminding him that they'd agreed to talk to Delia together. She asked if Delia had made clothes for her dolls, and Delia said that her dolls were a bride and groom. Chloe surmised that Delia had been thinking of Chelsea and Dylan, but Delia insisted that the dolls represented Chloe and Kevin.

Kevin hugged Delia hello, and she proclaimed that her dolls were getting married. Chloe said that she and Kevin wanted to talk to Delia about something, and Delia excitedly asked if she and Chloe were going home, because she missed Kevin. Chloe explained that sometimes after grownups got married, they didn't get along anymore, and it was best to go their separate ways and remain friends. Chloe gently informed Delia that Chloe and Kevin were getting a divorce. Chloe pointed out the many perks of living at the Chancellor mansion, but Delia sadly inquired whether she'd ever see Kevin. Kevin promised Delia that everything would be okay.

Delia asked if Kevin and Chloe were divorcing because Delia had taken Brianna's doll, and Kevin and Chloe assured her that it wasn't her fault. Delia questioned whether they didn't love one another anymore, and Chloe said that she'd always care about Kevin, but things had changed. Delia wondered what would happen to Bobby, and Kevin promised to take good care of him. Kevin declared that nothing would ever change how much he and Chloe loved Delia. Kevin told Delia to call him whenever she needed him, and he kissed the girl's forehead and started to leave. Delia cried his name and raced after him to hug him.

Chloe and Delia stopped by On the Boulevard, and Billy offered to make Delia a fizzy drink. He and Chloe went to the bar, and Chloe informed him that Delia had taken the news hard. Billy recalled that he'd been too young to remember when his parents had broken up, but he'd heard it had been ugly. Chloe suspected that it was sad and frightening for Delia, because Delia really loved Kevin. Billy called Kevin a good guy who had made bad decisions, and he thought that they should include Kevin in Delia's upbringing.

As Billy told Delia that love would keep her strong, Lauren read her fortune cookie message: "Future looks bright." Carmine watched a video of Lauren on his phone. Billy continued that Delia might sometimes feel like she was alone or lost, but she was truly loved, so she could always find her way home. Meanwhile, Cane and Lily basked in the afterglow of their lovemaking, while Tyler left the bar alone. Fen scored drugs at the coffeehouse, and Kevin swiped the key to the evidence room at the police station.

Friday, June 28, 2013

At the Athletic Club, Adam greeted Melanie, who pointed out that she'd left her briefcase behind. Adam told her that he wanted to discuss the Fletcher contract, and she grappled for a response, but he revealed that he was kidding. Melanie mentioned that she had left her briefcase in her car just in case, and Adam said that he would have to work harder to fool her. He felt like he really hadn't gotten to know her, and she replied that her life wasn't very interesting, but he declared that he'd be the judge.

After breakfast, Adam said that he didn't know anything more about Melanie than he had before the meal, other than how she liked her eggs and bacon. He noticed that she seemed nervous, and she claimed that she was anxious when she wasn't working. He called her a woman after his own heart, and she remarked that her ex had complained that she had been too committed to her job. Adam declared that there was no such thing, and Melanie surmised that he had suggested a breakfast date so he could still get to the office before the market opened.

Adam contended that spending the morning with a beautiful woman started the day off right, and Melanie asked him to try a better pickup line. He suggested that they go upstairs for a solid hour of bliss, and she countered that she needed an hour and a half. Adam led Melanie to a suite, and they had sex. Afterward, Melanie noticed that Adam seemed preoccupied. He said that the stock market had opened without him, he'd missed an important meeting, and he hadn't checked his phone. Adam asked what that told her, and Melanie figured that he had made sure all the angles had been covered.

Adam said that it was good business to be surrounded by smart people, and Melanie assumed that Adam had learned from Victor. Melanie surmised that it was rewarding to work for someone as brilliant and successful as Victor. Adam advised her to research her facts better if she wanted to make partner, because he and Victor ran the company together. Adam bragged that he had made the company private again, and she called it an inspired move. Melanie added that with decisions like that, Victor would soon be working for Adam.

Adam was ready for another round of lovemaking, but he received an emergency message, and he learned that his assistant had rescheduled his meeting in one hour. Melanie said that she should get to work, because she didn't want trouble with her boss, and he joked that he'd put in a good word for her. Adam went to shower, and Melanie called Victor and informed him that she hadn't uncovered anything useful yet, but she and Adam were definitely getting closer. Meanwhile, Adam listened carefully at the bathroom door.

Phyllis kissed Jack and wished him a happy birthday. She offered to make him breakfast, but he cringed, and she agreed that it wouldn't be a good idea to poison him. He said that their kids had given him what he wanted most -- privacy. He noted that they had the house to themselves, and he began to kiss her neck, but the doorbell rang. Billy entered and wished his "much older brother" a happy birthday, and Phyllis said that Billy could keep Jack company until she returned with a surprise.

Billy hoped that he and Jack could catch up, and Jack guessed that Billy wanted to talk about his problems with Victoria. Billy confessed that he had won On the Boulevard in a poker game. Jack gasped in shock, and Billy admitted that he had started gambling again. Billy continued that he'd thought that he could just place a few bets and walk away, but Jack was aware that an addict couldn't stop. Jack asked how much Billy had lost, and Billy replied more than he'd thought possible.

Billy thought that it was in his and Jack's DNA to screw up, but Jack said that if so, it was from their mothers' sides. Billy suspected that John would have been disappointed in Billy. Jack noted that their demons would always be with them, and Billy questioned how to keep them at bay. Jack replied that it was a struggle every day, and he couldn't have done it on his own, but he'd had help from Phyllis and Neil. Billy lamented that Victoria was scared to be around him, but Jack promised that Billy would never be alone, as long as Jack was around.

Billy apologized for ruining Jack's birthday, and Jack said that he forgave Billy. Billy recognized that Jack always had, and he remembered getting into an accident on his 16th birthday while driving Jack's Porsche without permission. Billy had expected that Jack had wanted to kill him, but Jack's only concern had been that Billy had been all right. "Then and now," Jack said. Billy worried that he might crash and burn again, but Jack hugged him and said that he'd be there for Billy.

Abby presented Victoria with foods for fighting depression. Victoria asked who was depressed, and Abby quipped that Victoria's mirror was. Victoria stated that she hadn't slept, and Abby mentioned that she'd run into Billy, so she knew that Victoria had kicked him out. Abby couldn't believe that Billy had cheated on Victoria, and Victoria disclosed that he hadn't. Victoria added that she could survive a broken heart, but a bullet was another story.

Victoria revealed that Billy had been gambling and that he had won On the Boulevard in a poker game. Abby was stunned, and Victoria wondered if Billy's assertion that he'd wanted to escape the corporate rat race had just been a cover story. Abby insisted that Billy and Victoria loved one another, and Victoria couldn't deny it. Abby was optimistic that they could work it out, but Victoria recalled when she had been kidnapped, and all she had been able to think about had been the future she wouldn't have with Johnny and Reed. Victoria added that she couldn't do it again.

Victoria asserted that it took trust to keep people together, and Billy's gambling had exposed their family to danger. Abby knew that Billy felt terrible, but Victoria ranted that it hadn't stopped him from betting for months without saying a word that he'd put their family at risk. Abby pointed out that Victoria had known that Billy had an addiction when she'd met him, and Victoria snapped that he should have gotten help. Abby referred to the struggles Nikki and Jack had been through, and she implored Victoria not to ruin her marriage over Billy's mistake.

Abby realized that she shouldn't give advice when she'd never been in a serious relationship. Victoria asked about Alex, and Abby called him fun and cute, but she complained that she'd never be his top priority. Abby said that Alex wasn't "the one," like Billy was to Victoria. Victoria had to consider the kids, and she suddenly panicked. Victoria escorted Abby to the door, and after Abby left, Victoria put a hand on her stomach and looked at a calendar. Later, Victoria returned home with a pregnancy test.

In Chelsea's hotel room, Chelsea groaned when the alarm clock buzzed, and Dylan remarked that it had gone off three times. She wanted to wait for a fourth, but he urged her to shower before her meeting with Chloe. Chelsea suggested that they shower together, and she raved about the dual showerheads and temperature control. He conceded that it sounded tempting, but fancy wasn't his thing, and he was good with functional. He asked if she was ready to settle for that, because that's what she'd be doing if she married him.

Dylan said that he couldn't offer Chelsea what Adam had, but she said that she didn't miss living in luxury. Dylan noted that he liked living a simple life, and she swore that she would never ask him to change. He didn't want her to change, either, and she told him to stop listening to Anita. She conceded that the lake house had been beautiful and expensive, but it had been like living in a museum, and she was happier at the loft. Dylan promised that they'd make it a home, and he asked her to move in with him. She excitedly hugged him.

Dylan contemplated dealing with girl stuff in his shower, and Chelsea warned that she had baggage. He remarked that everyone did, and she marveled that she finally knew what happiness felt like. They kissed, but Chloe called and asked where Chelsea was. Chelsea said that she was on her way, but she giggled when Dylan kissed her, and Chloe realized that Chelsea and Dylan were still in bed. Chelsea said she'd be in soon, and she and Dylan continued to canoodle.

At the studio, Chloe told Delia's bride doll that husbands always turned out to be a disappointment. Chelsea chirped good morning, and Chloe grumbled that the hot guy Chelsea had spent the night with hadn't let Chelsea down yet. Chloe concluded that it was good that Delia had learned early that men were worthless bums, but Chelsea contended that not all men were. Chelsea announced that Dylan had asked her to move in with him, and Chloe said that it would be strange if they weren't living together. Chelsea hated the fact that the best relationship she'd ever had was based on a lie.

Chloe reasoned that Dylan and Chelsea loved each other and the baby, and the child was Dylan's in every way that mattered. Chelsea fretted that it would be harder to hide that she was further along than she should be, but Chloe didn't think guys knew what to expect. Chelsea thought that she was getting closer to losing Dylan, but Chloe said that Chelsea loved him, and he would be an amazing father. Chloe griped that marriage and kids changed everything, and she advised Chelsea to just enjoy things before life got in the way.

Chelsea returned to her hotel room to pack, and she stumbled across the baby blanket Adam had given her. She flashed back to opening it and reading the heartfelt letter he'd written to their baby. Chelsea placed the blanket in a box of giveaways, and she packed Dylan's teddy bear to take with her.

Billy arrived at the studio, and he presented Chloe with the groom doll that Delia had left at the restaurant. Chloe contemplating throwing it out, and she thanked Billy for making her feel better the day before. Billy was glad to know that someone needed him, and Chloe assured him that both she and Delia were there for him. He said that it wasn't her responsibility, and she acknowledged that they'd made a lousy married couple, but Delia was awesome.

Billy called Delia the best of both him and Chloe, and Chloe pointed out that Billy could have just walked away, especially when he'd started a family of his own, but he'd always made Delia a priority. Billy called himself selfish, because he couldn't survive without Delia. Chloe stated that she'd made a lot of bad choices in her life, but choosing him as Delia's dad had been a good one. He proclaimed that Chloe was stuck with him forever, and they hugged.

At Crimson Lights, Dylan struggled to fix the espresso machine, and he told a customer that he'd be right there, as soon as he either fixed or smashed the machine. The customer observed that Dylan was taking out his frustration on the machine, and Dylan was shocked to see Stitch. The men hugged, and Dylan mentioned that Stitch had never gotten back to him. Dylan said that Stitch hadn't changed a bit, and Stitch noticed that Dylan looked better than the last time they'd seen one another.

Dylan and Stitch reminisced, and Dylan disclosed that he had called because he was about to become a dad and was getting married. Stitch asked if Dylan's bride-to-be was the blonde in the picture Dylan had always carried. Dylan said no, and Stitch commented that a lot of relationships didn't survive deployment, but he was glad that Dylan was happy, because some guys never got past it. Dylan added that some soldiers never returned at all, and Stitch encouraged Dylan to honor those who had fallen by moving forward with the life he had.

Across the coffeehouse, Kyle asked Summer if she had forgiven him for breaking their date to go on a business trip, and she replied no. He flirtatiously said that he had some ideas about how to make it up to her, and he leaned in to kiss her, but Phyllis interrupted. Phyllis declared that she was surprised to see him up that early, since she'd had to drag him out of bed on their trip, and she blamed it on all the wine. Phyllis gushed how Kyle had worked his magic on the women in the focus group. Phyllis suggested that they go to Las Vegas next, and Kyle reacted enthusiastically, while Summer looked forlorn.

Kyle got a cup of coffee for Phyllis, and as an afterthought, he asked Summer if she needed a refill. Summer said that she was fine, and Phyllis stated that she thought that Bloody Marys were Kyle's drink of choice in the morning. He clarified that he only drank them when he was hung over, and Phyllis continued to blather about how much fun they'd had in Chicago. Summer said that she planned to spend the day with Kyle, but Phyllis asked for their help to plan a surprise party for Jack. Phyllis requested that Summer keep Jack busy, while Kyle helped Phyllis set up the house. Kyle said that he was happy to pitch in, and Summer reluctantly agreed.

Jack and Summer met at the Athletic Club, and he was surprised that Summer wasn't spending the day with Kyle. She fibbed that Kyle had needed to go to the office, and she asked Jack for advice about her modeling career. She wondered if Jack thought that she had a chance, because she didn't want to base her career on having connections. Jack assured her that nepotism had had nothing to do with her getting the Jabot gig, and Summer glanced at her phone. He noticed that she seemed distracted, and he inquired about what was really going on.

Summer maintained that she needed advice, but Jack said that living with two sisters had taught him to know when a woman was putting one over on him. Summer insisted that his "girl-dar" was off, and he concluded that Phyllis was putting something together for his birthday. Summer worried that Phyllis would kill her for tipping him off, and Jack practiced his "surprise face." Summer said that he looked like he'd seen a dead body, but he pledged to be the most surprised person in the room.

At the Abbott mansion, Phyllis rattled off the numerous tasks she had assigned to Jack's family members, and she asked Kyle if she should get more balloons, because she wanted the day to be special for Jack. Kyle admitted that he had been worried about her moving in, but he was glad she had. She echoed the sentiment.

Phyllis hung a happy birthday sign over the mantel, but she stumbled and fell into Kyle's arms. As the front door opened, Phyllis planted a steamy kiss on Kyle. Abby's jaw dropped when she walked in.

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