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Kyle ended his relationship with Summer, who disappeared. Adam forced Melanie to turn the tables on Victor. Nick confessed the truth about Summer's paternity to Avery. Abby and Alex broke up. Delia was hospitalized. Billy was tempted to join a card game.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of July 1, 2013 on Y&R
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Monday, July 1, 2013

From On the Boulevard, Billy phoned Victoria and pleaded with her to call him back. After Billy ended the call, he poured himself a double shot of bourbon and swallowed the booze in one gulp. Billy poured himself another drink. He picked up his phone and found a text message from Traci, asking where he was. Billy sighed heavily and said aloud to himself, "Jack's party! Nice going, Billy."

At Crimson Lights, Carmine watched one of the videos of Lauren he'd captured on his phone. When he looked up, he saw a woman who resembled Lauren ordering a cup of coffee at the bar. Carmine approached the woman. He said, "Lauren, I was just thinking..." The woman whirled around and replied, "Well, if you're looking for Lauren, I wish I was her." The woman told Carmine that her name was Marti. Carmine introduced himself and shook the woman's hand. Paul walked in and witnessed the conversation.

After Marti left, Paul stood close to Carmine and said, "You just can't let her go, can you?" Paul grabbed Carmine when he tried to step away. Carmine, growing angry, warned, "Unless you've got a warrant, hands off!" Paul followed Carmine to his table. Paul said, "I warned you before. You're messing with people I care about. Do something stupid, because I'd love to put you away." Carmine insisted he wouldn't break any laws.

Paul ordered Carmine to forget about Lauren. Carmine glared at Paul. In a threatening tone, Paul warned Carmine to stay away from Fen, too. Carmine became irate. He reminded Paul that Paul had killed his own son. Paul stiffened. Carmine yelled, "Now you're all up in my face, trying to play savior to Lauren's son? Go to hell!" Paul froze. Carmine calmly turned and walked out to the patio.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Summer and Jack discussed their family situations. Summer told Jack that she envied the close ties that bound members of the Abbott family together. Jack reminded Summer that she had the Newmans. Summer said that it wasn't the same, and Jack agreed. Jack admitted that the Abbott family had flaws, as well. After Summer received a text message letting her know that Jack's party was all set, she reminded Jack to act surprised. As Summer and Jack sauntered happily out the door together, Nick emerged from the fitness room after covertly watching them interact.

At the Abbott mansion, Phyllis and Kyle were still passionately kissing each other when Abby quietly arrived. Abby stepped back out of sight just as Traci walked in the door with a boxed cake and loudly greeted her niece. Kyle quickly put distance between himself and Phyllis, and Phyllis adeptly managed to descend from a stepladder. Traci quickly drafted Phyllis to help locate plates, cutlery, and napkins. Traci asked about Billy before she disappeared into the kitchen, but Kyle, somewhat in shock, said he hadn't been in touch with his uncle.

Abby pryingly confronted Kyle and noted that she'd seen him kissing Phyllis. Kyle denied Abby's claim and claimed he'd just been standing close to Phyllis. Abby asked how long Kyle and Phyllis had been romantically involved. Kyle sighed and said, "Oh, my God! It was a kiss!" Kyle insisted that he and Phyllis had never before kissed each other.

Phyllis and Traci returned and interrupted Kyle before he could respond after Abby demanded to know why he'd kissed Phyllis. Traci thanked Phyllis for planning the party and admitted that she'd been unable to pinpoint a shred of evidence indicating that Phyllis wasn't truly in love with Jack. Abby glared at Kyle, and he quietly pleaded with Abby not to "blow" his dad's party. Kyle directed everyone to hide after he received a text-message alert from Summer. The party guests quickly ducked out of sight.

Jack reacted with a start when the party guests stepped forward and yelled, "Surprise!" Jack beheld the festive décor and announced that he was the luckiest man in the world. Phyllis ran into Jack's arms, and he embraced her tightly. Summer and Traci looked on with wide smiles. Abby managed a fake grin, and Kyle looked troubled. Guests each lifted glasses of sparkling cider and toasted Jack's special day.

In a corner of the room, Summer asked Kyle if something was wrong. Kyle denied there was a problem, and he thanked Summer for her help with his dad's party. Abby sent Summer to the kitchen with Phyllis and Traci to get the birthday cake. After guests left the room, Kyle insisted to Abby that they should focus on his dad. Abby replied, "You should have remembered that before you stuck your tongue down his girlfriend's throat."

After Traci, Phyllis, and Summer returned with the cake, Billy arrived. Traci immediately noted that Billy was drunk. Jack asked his brother what was wrong. Billy handed Jack a crumpled napkin and said he hadn't had time to buy a card. Jack unfurled the paper napkin and read the scribbled message aloud. "Happy Birthday, Big Brother. You're the glue that keeps us together, the center that keeps us balanced, and the guy I most admire in the world." Jack was touched and became emotional. Jack embraced Billy and whispered, "It's going to be all right. You're going to get things together with Victoria." Jack led Billy to the front door, and they left.

Phyllis sent Summer, Traci, and Abby to the kitchen to put the cake away. Abby glared menacingly at Kyle as she exited the room. After Kyle and Phyllis were alone, Kyle apologized to Phyllis for kissing her. Phyllis moved in closer to Kyle and replied, "I'm not. It was a totally meaningless kiss and shouldn't happen again." Kyle replied, "Of course not." Phyllis added, "By the way, I kissed you, and I liked it. You're a really good kisser." Phyllis placed her index finger against Kyle's lips and reminded him not to mention the kiss to anyone.

After Phyllis left the room, Abby and Summer returned. Summer told Kyle she was disappointed because the party had not gone as planned. Sensing that Kyle wasn't himself, Summer asked him what was wrong. Kyle blurted out that he and Summer had sailed ahead too quickly with their relationship. He added that they should put the brakes on and slow things down. Summer, hurt by Kyle's words, ran out through the front door. Abby shook her head disapprovingly at Kyle. Phyllis entered and asked about Summer. Kyle quickly excused himself and left.

Jack took Billy to Crimson Lights and bought him coffee and cake to help sober him. Billy claimed that he hadn't mentioned his problems to Jack because he was jealous of his brother's ability to weather life's storms without faltering. Jack admitted he had demons to battle, and he insisted that Billy could also beat his demons. Billy said he couldn't even get Victoria to return his phone calls. Jack advised Billy to return home and demonstrate to Victoria that he could change.

Billy returned home and called out to Victoria. The house was quiet. Billy walked from room to room, talking aloud to Victoria. She didn't respond. Billy yelled, "I know you're here. I saw your car in the driveway. Please come and talk to me, Victoria!" Billy found the box that had contained the early-pregnancy test kit that Victoria had left on the table. Billy picked up the box and said, "Oh."

Kyle found Summer sitting alone in a booth at Crimson Lights. Kyle told Summer that her whole life would soon change after she headed off to college. Summer replied, "What if I like it exactly the way it is?" Summer reminded Kyle that they liked each other and always enjoyed being together. Summer demanded to know what had happened to change their budding relationship. Kyle insisted that Summer was overreacting. Summer became distraught and left abruptly.

After Jack returned home, Traci asked about Billy. Jack assured his sister that Billy had just needed reassurance. Jack noted that they could still enjoy birthday festivities. Jack asked where Summer and Kyle had gone. Abby glared at Phyllis and replied, "Something happened to upset Summer, and Kyle followed her. She rushed off, but I'm not exactly sure what happened, though." Abby left abruptly after Jack thanked Phyllis for being part of his life. Phyllis tucked her purse under her arm and said she needed to check on Summer.

Abby went to Crimson Lights and found Kyle. Abby warned, "You're playing a dangerous game." Abby said that surely Kyle wasn't crazy enough to date a mother and her daughter at the same time. Kyle noted that he'd just ended his relationship with Summer. Abby cried that Kyle couldn't think it was all right to date his father's girlfriend. Kyle shrugged. Abby demanded to know if Phyllis was encouraging the relationship, and she asked, "What the hell is going on?"

Summer returned to Jack's alone. Jack became concerned when he realized that Summer was sobbing pitifully. Jack asked Summer what was wrong. Summer mumbled something Jack didn't understand. He opened his arms to embrace Summer, and she ran to him and cried on his shoulder. Jack, concerned, consoled Summer. As Summer sobbed, Jack said, "It's okay. Let it out. You're safe with me. Just let it all out."

At the Underground, Avery overheard Nick yelling at one of his bartenders over a mistake someone else had made. The bartender insisted that he wasn't to blame for the mix-up, and he suggested that Nick get a hold of himself. After the bartender left, Avery listened as Nick made a phone call to Phyllis and left a message. Nick said, "Phyllis, you didn't return my last call. There's something you need to know. I can't keep doing this. I've got to tell Avery because she needs to know the whole story."

Nick became aware of Avery's presence when she spoke up and replied, "Yes! You do need to tell me the whole story." Avery told Nick that whatever he was dealing with was eating at him and causing him to act out in frustration. Avery asked Nick what Phyllis was holding over him. Nick didn't reply. Avery begged Nick to let her help him.

Avery asked Nick if he was concerned about Summer. Nick said he'd been thinking about Cassie. He recalled how he'd sunk into a dark place after Cassie died. Nick said that his life had turned around when Phyllis became pregnant. Nick struggled to continue the conversation. He said, "I can no longer keep quiet about this anymore. Everything I know to be true is a lie." Phyllis arrived and stood quietly while she listened. Nick cried, "Summer is not my daughter."

At the Baldwins' condo, Michael received a call from a client associated with his firm. Michael told Lauren that he didn't know what time he'd return home. Lauren asked if she knew the client. Michael explained that a woman named Eleanor Wells had shot and killed her cheating husband and the husband's girlfriend. Lauren gulped and averted her gaze.

Michael apologized for having to skip out on one of their marriage-therapy sessions. Lauren was noticeably disappointed when Michael kissed her on the cheek before he left. Lauren gazed at a photo of her and Michael and recalled him once remarking that he was still falling in love with her.

Paul went to his office at the police station. From his wallet, Paul removed a photo from its protective sleeve and gazed at the face of his deceased son, Ricky. Paul closed his eyes and relived the traumatic events that had led to his son's death. Paul recalled yelling, "Drop the knife, now!" An ear-jolting gunshot and shattering glass filled Paul's head.

Michael knocked on Paul's door. Noting Paul's distress, Michael asked Paul if he had a headache. Michael shut the door as he entered Paul's office and took a seat. Paul claimed that he'd just had a rough day. Michael said that he'd taken on the Wells case and was about to interview the accused woman. Paul noted that he was concerned about Michael defending a woman who'd been accused of murdering her philandering husband. Michael noted that the woman had a right to be defended. Paul replied, "She found out her husband was fooling around, and she snapped!"

In an interrogation room, Michael interviewed Eleanor. Struggling to maintain her composure, Eleanor recalled a time when she first realized that she was in love with her husband, Thomas. Eleanor added, "When he was first with her..." Eleanor's voice trailed off. Michael finished Eleanor's sentence. He said, "You didn't know." Eleanor cried, "You know when someone has taken your place, don't you?" Michael paused.

Eleanor broke down and admitted that the image of her husband with his girlfriend had sparked rage. Becoming agitated, Eleanor noted that she couldn't remember confronting her husband and his girlfriend or pulling the trigger. Michael asked Eleanor what she did remember. Using her hands to illustrate her emotions, Eleanor cried, "Blinding fury, so intense and all-consuming, followed by a blank space in my memory." Eleanor said that a police officer later woke her and told her what had happened. Eleanor admitted that she had no regrets.

After Michael's interview with Eleanor ended, he returned to Paul's office and said he felt like he'd been listening to his own thoughts. Paul said he doubted that Michael had ever considered hurting Lauren. Michael agreed and added, "I could certainly deal with Carmine." Paul said he'd picked up on that, too, but he knew that Michael wasn't a killer. Michael said he could be if he put his mind to it.

Michael said that poor Eleanor couldn't even remember the crime she'd committed. No one, Michael explained, could foresee himself snapping and having his world turned upside-down. Paul insisted that the way in which people dealt with the good and bad parts of life was a choice. Michael replied, "Is it?"

Paul visited Ricky's gravesite. Talking aloud to his deceased son, Paul told Ricky that even after a year, he still heard Ricky's voice and could see his smile. Paul admitted that he continually replayed the accident in his head, and he recalled seeing the look of a vicious animal in his son's eyes. Paul said he wished every day that he could have done something to change the course of his son's young life.

Paul sobbed and said that the one thing he had learned from his tragedy was that there were some twists of fate that no one could control. Paul told Ricky that he was ready to let go of the guilt and pain and move on without his son being foremost in his thoughts. Regaining his composure, Paul said, "Goodbye, Ricky."

After Michael returned home, he told Lauren that he had to turn down the Wells case. He explained that the betrayal and murder involved a journey he was unable to handle. Michael added, "I never want to feel that kind of rage ever again." Michael insisted that he wanted to conquer his pain, pass through it, and reconcile his family. Michael tightly embraced Lauren, and she seemed overjoyed to be able to hold her husband in her arms.

Carmine returned to his suite at the Genoa City Athletic Club and set on a table a bottle of pricey wine. In a flashback, Carmine recalled the day he'd seduced Lauren after she'd attempted to back out of her agreement to spend one last night with him. Carmine recalled how Lauren had seemed to lose her resistance after he slipped a full glass of wine into her hand. Carmine answered a knock at his door. It was Marti.

Carmine, shirtless, repeated the lines he'd said to Lauren about not standing in the hallway having a conversation with a shirtless guy. Marti laughed as she entered Carmine's suite.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Billy discovered the pregnancy test box, and he yelled for Victoria. She hurried down the stairs and warned him not to wake up Johnny. Billy asked why she hadn't told him, and she suspected that he'd been drinking. "You're drunk," she said with disgust. "You're pregnant," he replied.

Billy exclaimed that he and Victoria were having a baby, but she spat that she wasn't pregnant, and she was glad. He refused to believe that she wasn't disappointed, because they'd worked hard to conceive, but she snapped that she'd done all the work. Billy reminded Victoria that he'd never asked her to pursue fertility treatments, and she argued that she'd thought that he'd wanted to have another child as much as she had. She admonished him for gambling with her and Johnny's lives.

Billy admitted that he had screwed up, but he insisted that he loved Victoria and Johnny and that he wanted a baby. Victoria said that she would be terrified to have a new baby enter into the nightmare, and Billy reported that he'd contacted Gamblers Anonymous in an effort to kick his habit. She asked if he'd stopped gambling, and he replied that he'd been trying, but it wasn't easy. She realized that she could give him all the time in the world, but he wouldn't stop, because he didn't want to.

Victoria said that Billy had to be willing to make sacrifices, but he was still gambling and drinking. She contended that she'd walked away from Newman Enterprises for him and their family, and Billy stated that it had been the best thing for her. She chided him for telling her what was best when he couldn't figure it out for himself. Billy asserted that they'd both broken free from their corporate entanglements and were free to make family the most important thing in their lives. Victoria declared that Billy was moving backward, and she decided to take Johnny and go to her parents' house to guarantee that they'd be safe.

Nikki and Victor returned to the ranch, and Nikki gushed that their vacation had been fabulous, but it felt good to be home. She urged him to go to the office, because she knew that he couldn't wait to get there. Victor maintained that Newman Enterprises had been in safe hands with Adam at the helm, and Nikki sarcastically questioned what could have gone wrong in a week. Nikki worried about whether she'd chosen the right engagement gift for Avery, and Victor offered to fly back to Italy to exchange it.

Nikki marveled at the sound of silence after all the hustle of traveling. Victoria entered with Johnny, and she commented that she hadn't known that Victor and Nikki were back. Nikki took Johnny and asked what was wrong, and Victoria asked to talk to Nikki in private. Victor questioned whether he and Victoria had grown that far apart, and he was shocked that she wouldn't confide in him. Victoria expected Victor to say "I told you so," and Victor demanded to know what Billy had done.

Victoria disclosed that Billy had betrayed her, and Nikki assumed that he had had an affair, but Victoria confessed that Billy had been gambling. Victor angrily asserted that Billy had put Victoria and Johnny in danger again, and Victoria said that was why she was there. Victor promised that they would be safe, and he pressured Victoria to admit that marrying Billy had been the biggest mistake of her life. Victoria said that it was just the opposite, and she had known that if she had stayed at home, she only would have been able to think about how much she loved Billy.

Nikki was glad that Victoria had returned home, and she offered to let Victoria and Johnny stay there as long as they needed. Victor proposed that Victoria proceed with a divorce, but Victoria wanted time to think, and she planned to go to Washington, DC, to visit Reed. Victor hugged Victoria, and he pledged to always be there for her. Victoria retreated upstairs, and Victor prepared to leave to straighten things out with Billy. Nikki warned Victor not to interfere, because horrible things seemed to happen when he did. Victor threw his keys down and agreed not to do anything that night.

At Crimson Lights, Abby told Kyle that the only explanation for him kissing Phyllis was that he'd lost his mind. He downplayed the buss, but Abby pointed out that it had been with his girlfriend's mother. Kyle clarified that he had broken things off with Summer, and Abby threatened to tell Jack about the kiss. Kyle urged Abby to think about what it would do to Jack, who loved Phyllis. Abby quipped that the trait ran in the family, but Kyle swore that he wasn't into Phyllis.

Abby realized that Phyllis had initiated the kiss, and she was disgusted but not surprised. Kyle replied that Phyllis didn't deserve all the blame, because he'd always thought that Phyllis was hot, so maybe he'd given Phyllis the wrong idea. Abby declared that she wanted to throw up, but Kyle defended that he and Phyllis worked well together and that Phyllis was funny and smart. He admitted that he had been into Summer, but one kiss had changed everything.

Kyle explained that the kiss had made him realize that he couldn't stay with Summer because he couldn't commit to only one woman. Abby thought that Kyle would feel different if he found the right one, but he said that he didn't want to be tied down, and he knew that Summer wanted more. Abby thought it was stupid of Kyle to break up with Summer only to avoid hurting Summer later.

Kyle recounted that Abby had given him grief for being a player, but she was also hassling him for doing the right thing. He pointed out that she had objected to him dating Summer in the first place, and Summer would have ended up being hurt in the long run if he hadn't ended it. He insisted that he couldn't be monogamous, and Abby countered that neither could Phyllis, so she thought that Jack should know. Kyle asked if two broken hearts weren't enough already. "Two?" Abby questioned.

Sharon flipped through a family photo album, and she gazed at pictures of Cassie, Nick, and herself in happier times. Faith ran downstairs after she'd prepared for bed, and Sharon noticed that she was holding a book. Sharon mentioned that it was one of her favorites, and they cuddled on couch as Sharon read a story about a dashing king and a beautiful queen who loved one another. Sharon glanced over at a honeymoon photo of herself and Nick.

Sharon read to Faith about how the king and queen had everything their hearts desired, but their greatest treasure was their children, a young prince and two beautiful princesses, who filled their lives with joy and laughter. Faith added that they lived happily ever after, and Sharon remarked that it wasn't the end of the story, but Faith yawned. Sharon agreed to finish the rest of the book another night to see if the king and queen had a happy ending. Sharon looked again at the honeymoon photo and hoped so.

Summer pulled away from Jack's hug and said that she was fine, but Jack pressed her to tell him who had upset her. She replied that she couldn't talk to him about it, and he concluded that it had to do with Kyle. She confirmed that Kyle had dumped her, and Jack said that he was sorry. She realized that her parents would be thrilled, and she tearfully hoped that Nick and Phyllis were happy.

Jack assured Summer that her parents loved her and didn't want her to be unhappy, but she whined that she was miserable without Kyle. Jack sympathized that nothing hurt worse than broken heart, and Summer complained that the breakup didn't make sense, because everything had been going well. Jack was sure that Kyle hadn't meant to hurt her, and Summer pieced together that things had changed when Kyle had gone to Chicago. Summer wondered if Phyllis had convinced Kyle to break up with Summer.

Summer stopped by Sharon's house to see Faith, and the sisters hugged. Faith ran upstairs to retrieve her new doll, and Sharon thanked Summer for staying in Faith's life. Faith returned with the doll, and Summer suggested that the doll keep Faith company when Faith was feeling lonely. Summer gifted Faith with a bracelet that was engraved with the words "lil sis," and she showed off her matching bracelet that said "big sis." Summer proclaimed that they would be connected forever, no matter what happened.

Summer said that she might not see Faith for a while, but Faith would have lots of familiar faces around, like Sharon, Nick, and Avery. Faith griped that she didn't like Avery, and Summer remembered when her own parents had split up. Summer recalled being sad and scared, but she'd realized that she had room in her heart to love the people in her parents' lives. Summer remarked that Faith's heart was as big as the moon, and she asked if Faith could find room to love Avery. Faith hesitated, but she eventually nodded. Summer told Faith to remember that their bracelets would always connect them, and she said that it would be like Summer was giving Faith a hug each time Faith held the trinket tight.

At the Underground, Nick confessed to Avery that Summer wasn't his daughter, but Phyllis burst in and objected to him breaking their agreement. Phyllis reminded Nick that it had been his idea to keep mum, but he contended that he had been wrong. Phyllis said that she and Nick needed to talk alone, but he was adamant that he wouldn't change his mind. Phyllis argued that Summer wasn't ready for the truth, and Phyllis had put everything on the line to take care of everything that they had been worried about.

Avery requested an explanation, and Phyllis barked that it was none of Avery's business, but Nick revealed that Summer's original paternity test had been corrupted. Avery assumed that there had been another test, and Phyllis freaked out at the idea of Avery knowing the truth. Avery asked when the second test had been performed, and Nick admitted that he'd just gotten the results two weeks before. He confirmed that Summer wasn't his daughter, and Avery stared accusingly at Phyllis.

Nick said that Summer wasn't the only one who didn't know the truth, and Avery realized why Nick had been so upset. He said that it had been hard to keep it bottled up, and Avery sympathized. Phyllis blasted them for thinking only of themselves, and she asked what she was supposed to do. Avery berated Phyllis for not thinking about Summer, and Phyllis retorted that Summer had been her only concern. Avery spat that Phyllis should have thought about Summer when Phyllis had lied about Summer's paternity, and Phyllis seethed.

Avery told Phyllis not to make excuses, because Phyllis had pulled the same thing with Danny and Daniel. Phyllis swore that wasn't what had happened, but Avery ranted that the first time, Phyllis had only broken up lovers, but this time, Phyllis' actions had destroyed two families. Avery accused Phyllis of playing God, and she worried what the truth would do to Summer. Avery continued to lash out, but Nick yelled that he had been the one who had kept the secret.

Phyllis blasted Avery for always blaming Phyllis for everyone else's problems, but she had bigger things to worry about, like how to justify keeping the information from Jack. Phyllis criticized Nick for forcing her to keep his secret, while he'd told Avery. Nick wanted to fix his mistakes, but Phyllis cried that he had no idea what she'd done, and it had been for nothing. Avery realized that Kyle and Summer were siblings, and Nick reasoned that was why the truth had to be revealed right away. Phyllis begged Nick not to tell anyone else before she told Jack. He told Phyllis to let him know once it was done, and Phyllis cursed at him and stormed out.

Nick explained that the odds hadn't been great that Jack was Summer's father, so he'd told himself that Jack couldn't be the dad. Nick added that he'd known in his heart that the baby had been his, but Avery pointed out that it hadn't been. Nick couldn't believe that God would take another daughter from him after Cassie's death, and Avery knew that Nick hadn't meant to hurt anyone, but she anticipated that lives would be turned upside down. She wondered how people would react, and Nick asked whether it changed things between them.

Nick observed that Avery had found withholding the truth unforgivable when she'd thought that Phyllis had been the culprit, and he acknowledged that what he'd done had been wrong, but he promised that he'd done it for the right reason. He expected that Jack, Summer, Noah, and Sharon would hate him for it, but he hoped that Avery would be on his side. His phone rang, and Sharon informed him that Summer had just been there to see Faith. Nick was glad, but Sharon expressed concern that Summer had sounded like she had been saying goodbye.

A drunken Billy called out for Jack at the Abbott mansion. Billy bellowed that he was celebrating Jack's birthday again, and Jack worried that Billy had driven, but Billy slurred that he'd taken a cab. Billy rambled that Victoria hadn't wanted to work things out, and she had already decided to take Johnny to the Newman compound, because she was afraid for their son's life. Jack couldn't blame her after the Miami debacle, and he implored Billy to deal with his addiction. Jack offered to take Billy home to sleep it off, but Billy didn't want to go back to an empty house, and Jack invited him to stay.

Jack handed Billy some coffee, and Billy grumbled that Victoria hated Billy for choosing gambling over their family. Jack wondered why Billy had started gambling again, and Billy said that he had been on "Newman overload." Billy recounted that he had been angry with Victoria for going back to Newman Enterprises, and he had felt that the company was her addiction that she'd chosen over him. Billy recalled that he and Victoria had fought, and he had gone to a bar and had run into an old poker buddy. Billy noted that Jack had stayed away from pills and booze, but nothing had rocked Jack's world enough to entice Jack to go back to them.

Jack conceded that having no major upheaval in his life had helped him to stay on track, and Billy hoped it stayed that way. Phyllis entered and urgently called out for Jack, and Jack asked if she was okay. She stammered that she hadn't found Summer, but she needed to talk to Jack about something. Billy headed up to bed, and Jack informed Phyllis that Billy and Victoria were having problems, so he'd offered to let Billy stay there. Phyllis struggled not to fall apart, and Jack asked what was wrong.

Phyllis turned away, and Jack started to get scared. Phyllis struggled for words, and Jack assured her that she could tell him anything. She steeled herself to tell the truth, but Kyle interrupted. Kyle announced that he had received a text message from Summer, and she was gone.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Lauren surprised Michael with a romantic dinner for two. Michael was pleased, and they seemed to be recapturing some of the happy times as they snuggled in each other's arms on the couch. Michael said that he did not want to squander their quality time together. Lauren replied that it felt like they were falling in love all over again.

Michael murmured that he had never stopped loving Lauren. Lauren and Michael shared a heated kiss, but when Lauren tried to take their passion further, Michael pulled away. Lauren demanded to know what was going on with Michael because he seemed to want her, and not want her at the same time. Michael told Lauren that her reasons for being upset were valid. Michael said that Rome was not built in a day or even thirty. Lauren said that she lived in fear that time would run out and Michael would walk away.

Michael told Lauren that they were making progress, and things were better between them, but he could not make a promise that on day 31 everything would magically be okay. Michael confessed that he could only take one step at a time, one day at a time. Michael added that he truly believed that he would find his way back to Lauren if she would let him. Lauren was tearful when she told Michael that she would be waiting for him to find his way.

Carmine shared his bed with a Lauren look-alike named Marti, who, at first thought that being called, "Lauren" was sexy, but when Carmine offered to order champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries because they were Lauren's favorites, Marti decided that it was a little creepy and called it a night. Before leaving, Marti told Carmine that Lauren did not know what a good time she was missing.

After Marti's departure, Carmine played a video that he had recorded without Lauren's knowledge. As Carmine watched the video of himself and Lauren having sex, he remembered the camera he had hidden in a potted plant that had secretly record recorded his encounter with Lauren.

Dylan and Chelsea were in a lighthearted mood as they waited for Dylan's Army friend, Stitch, to arrive at Crimson lightsLights. When Stitch got there, Chelsea was eager to hear all about Lt.ieutenant Dylan McAvoy. Chelsea laughed when she learned that Dylan had given Stitch his nickname when then medic Stitch had sewn up Dylan's chin after Dylan had accidentally fallen from a camel. Chelsea was enchanted and wanted to her all of the "Dylan" stories.

The threesome share shared several laughs before Chelsea asked about Stitch's family. Stitch proudly showed photos of his three-year year-old son, who, along with Stitch's wife, was visiting the grandparents while dad Stitch checked in with Dylan. When Chelsea asked if Stitch had been on hand for his son's birth, Stitch said that he had arrived home a few days after, but added that he should have stayed in Afghanistan with his unit.

Dylan noticed Avery enter the coffee house and introduced Avery to Stitch. Avery was surprised when Stitch said that he would be back later in the summer to participate in Dylan's wedding, because she had not been informed that Chelsea and Dylan were engaged. Chelsea noticed the look that momentarily passed over Stitch's face as Avery had been introduced. Chelsea asked about it after Avery had left to take a phone called and Dylan had followed when he noticed that the call had upset Avery.

Stitch told Chelsea that men on the battlefield shared confidences and that while Dylan had talked about Avery, Avery was Dylan's past, and Chelsea was his future. Stitch said that from where he sat, it looked like Dylan had it all.

Dylan followed Avery to the terrace and offered Avery his support after she received an unsettling call from Nick. Dylan asked if there was anything that he could do, but Avery said that she was not directly involved. Dylan told Avery that Nick was a nice guy and that everything would work out for Avery and Nick. Dylan said that nothing was ever easy. He told Avery that if she wanted to hold on to love, she would have to fight for it.

Dylan rejoined Chelsea and Stitch, who said that he wanted to turn in early so that he could phone his son. Dylan walked Stitch to the door. Stitch remarked that Dylan had not told Chelsea about his past. Dylan said that he wanted to keep the past in the past. Stitch said that not a day went by that he did not think about what had happened to their unit and feel regret for not being there to help. Dylan told Stitch that what had happened was not Stitch's fault. Stitch said that it was not Dylan's fault, either.

Chelsea asked Dylan if Stitch's visit had stirred up old memories. Dylan asked if Chelsea wanted to know what had happened in his past. Chelsea said that she only wanted Dylan to know that when he was ready to talk, she would be there to listen.

Before Phyllis could tell Jack that he was Summer's father, Nick arrived at the Abbot home and delivered the news that Summer had disappeared. Kyle joined them and shared the contents of a text message that Summer had sent to Kyle. Nick blamed Kyle for Summer's absence because he had chosen to pursue Summer instead of leaving her alone as Nick had asked Kyle to do. Jack defended Kyle.

Jack told Nick and Phyllis to stop trying to figure out why Summer had run away, but instead to focus on finding her. Phyllis called Courtney, who denied knowing anything about Summer's whereabouts, but promised to get in touch if Summer contacted her. Nick called Avery to find out if Summer had contacted her. Nick cautioned Avery not to disclose anything to Summer if she did contact Avery. Avery agreed and, before hanging up, asked if there was anything that she could do to help out before hanging up.

Nick was reluctant to call his parents because he was afraid that the news would exacerbate Nikki's illness or move Victor to call out the National Guard if Victor knew that Summer was missing. Nick said that Jack was right when he had asserted that Summer was an adult and needed some time alone to think. Kyle checked Summer's room for clues.

Noah was tending bar at The the Underground when Mason walked in with a beautiful girl on his arm. Mason told Noah to get used to it because soon Mason and Summer would be on billboards everywhere. Mason stepped away to take a call. Nick called Noah and told him that Summer was missing and that it was very important to find her. Nick asked for Noah's help to locate Summer. Noah made a call.

When Mason got back, he told Noah and his date that Devon had decided to take the campaign in a new direction and that Summer was about to become a solo star and the only model that Jabot would be using in the immediate future. Mason's date walked out on him when she learned that Mason no longer had a job. When Noah asked about Mason's back backup plan, Mason reluctantly admitted that he should have been saving his money instead of spending it. Noah told Mason not to despair and offered him a job tending bar at The the Underground.

Courtney arrived in response to Noah's call. Noah tried several times to get Courtney to give up Summer's whereabouts, but Courtney deftly dodged the questions. Finally, Noah used his knowledge of Courtney's crush on him to get Courtney's co-operation. Noah told Courtney that she would be helping to guarantee that Summer did not get hurt and that Courtney would be doing a personal favor for Noah if Courtney divulged Summer's whereabouts.

Back at the AbbotsAbbots', Jack asked what Phyllis had been about to reveal when Nick had burst in. Phyllis said that she had intended to discuss Kyle and Summer. Kyle rejoined them and said that nothing was missing from Summer's room. Jack said that maybe the fact that nothing was missing was a good sign. As Phyllis and Nick prepared to leave, Jack told Phyllis to have faith because everything would work out. When Jack hugged Phyllis, Nick noticed the look that passed between Kyle and Phyllis.

After Phyllis and Nick left the Abbot home, Jack searched Summer's laptop, but found nothing. Kyle was so worried that he blurted out that if anything happened to Summer, it would be his fault. Jack asked Kyle what had happened to cool Kyle's ardor towards Summer so quickly. Jack said that Summer had confided in him that Nick and Phyllis had somehow gotten to Kyle. Jack asked if Phyllis had influenced Kyle. Kyle told Jack that he regretted what had happened.

Back at Nick' s place, Nick confronted Phyllis about the look that had passed between Phyllis and Kyle. Phyllis put it back on Nick and said that they had been so worried that Summer would freak out if she learned that Jack was her father that they had not considered what breaking Kyle and Summer apart would do to Summer. Nick said they had to find Summer and tell the truth to Summer, Jack, and Kyle.

Phyllis was freaking out and was still very angry that Nick had told Avery about Summer's paternity before Summer and Jack were had been told. Avery got to Nick's place in time to hear Phyllis, but did not argue with her. Avery went to Nick and said that she was there to help in any way she could. Nick hugged her, and she hugged him back. Phyllis was near panic as she noted that all they had were dead ends.

Noah's timely arrival saved the day. He told Nick that Summer had gone to Chicago. Phyllis and Nick left hurriedly together without any thought to Avery, whom they left stunned and alone with Noah in Nick's home. At The the Underground, Courtney sent a text message to Summer warning her that Noah was on his way.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Someone prepared an online post on a laptop computer. The headline indicated that Neil was leaving for a top spot at Chancellor Industries. The person minimized the window, and a picture of Rose appeared on the screen.

At On the Boulevard, Leslie gazed at a photo of Rose, and Neil declared that he was glad that Leslie was back. Tyler appeared, and he grumbled that he'd thought that he and Leslie were meeting alone. Neil said that it wasn't the time or place to discuss his and Tyler's issues, and Leslie asked what Neil meant. Tyler announced that Neil had fired him because Neil had been worried about Lily's marriage. Neil argued that it had been about Tyler's work ethic, because Tyler had constantly butted heads with Devon.

Tyler retorted that he'd created the campaign, but Devon had gotten the last word on everything because he was Neil's son. Neil urged Tyler to move on, and Tyler huffed that Neil was pretending the situation had nothing to do with Lily. Neil admitted that he had been protective of his daughter, and Tyler chided Neil for being way too deep into his kids' business. Neil refused to apologize for looking out for his children and Jabot, and he pointed out that Lily was happily married. Leslie agreed that Neil had done the right thing, and she encouraged Tyler to use his talent and ambition somewhere else.

Leslie stated that she had invited both men there because she had news. She revealed that she had found Rose Turner, but Rose had died from a stroke six years earlier. Tyler realized that was why Rose's letters had stopped, and Neil said that he was sorry that Leslie couldn't get answers. Leslie contended that her search hadn't ended, and she divulged that Rose had been a widow, but Rose had had a daughter, Anne, who had left the United States when Rose had died. Leslie added that she hadn't had any luck tracking Anne down.

Neil and Tyler expected Leslie to abandon the search, but Leslie was determined to give Anne the letters and to find out if Anne had known about the relationship between Rose and Gus. Tyler warned that although the letters meant something to Leslie, Anne might not feel the same way. Leslie fretted that she kept finding more questions with no answers, but she conceded that she had been wrong about Rose's connection to the blogger. Tyler, Leslie, and Neil's phones all received a message, and they discovered another post from the blogger.

Jill stopped by to see Cane at home, and he offered her something to drink. She asked if she had to worry about whether it was laced with poison, because she knew that Hilary had ratted Jill out. Cane said that Hilary had told him about Jill's bribe, and Jill regretted trusting his assistant. Cane wondered if he should consider Jill's actions a declaration of war.

Cane questioned whether Jill was that angry that Katherine had put him in charge. Jill claimed that she'd only wanted him to make time for Lily and the twins, because he'd been unwilling to ease up on his work responsibilities. Jill continued that Lily had made concessions to be with Cane, and someone would be willing to step in if Cane wasn't. Cane asserted that Tyler wasn't an issue in his marriage, and Jill asked what had changed since they'd last talked.

Cane stated that the situation was under control, and Jill pressed for details, but he suspected that she would use the information to try to oust him. Jill swore that she loved him like a son, and Cane hesitantly revealed that Tyler had confessed his feelings to Lily, so Lily had quit. Jill berated Tyler, but Cane insisted that Lily had made it clear that she wasn't interested, and he didn't want to talk about it any further. The doorbell rang, and Cane expected that it was Hilary. He cautioned Jill to be nice, and he answered the door.

Hilary handed Cane an envelope, and she tentatively greeted Jill, who snapped that Hilary had bothered Cane over nothing. Hilary said that it was her job to look after Cane's interests, and Jill remarked that she and Hilary had something in common. Cane went over the paperwork and complimented Hilary's revisions. Cane signed the contracts, and Jill told him to get back to his family.

Cane received a call, but he insisted that it wasn't work-related, and he stepped out to speak with a friend. Jill huffed that it was time for Hilary to run along, and she told Hilary that she wanted what was best for Cane, but she warned that she'd slammed the door on many opportunists in the past. Hilary wished Jill a good night and walked out, while Cane looked on.

At Crimson Lights, Chloe talked to Delia about the junk food feast they'd indulge in for the Fourth of July, but Delia remained glum. An exasperated Chloe suggested that Delia consume a cup full of sugar, and Delia suddenly smiled broadly. Delia ran into Kevin's arms, and he held her close. Kevin tried to cheer Delia up by talking about Independence Day festivities, but Delia still seemed sad. Kevin gave her some money to buy cookies, and after the girl was out of earshot, Kevin asked Chloe if Delia was doing okay.

Chloe remarked that there wasn't much for Delia to be happy about. Delia returned with a cookie, and Kevin offered to share it with her, but she said that she wasn't hungry. Chloe and Kevin assured Delia that they both loved her. Kevin said that he had to get to the police station, and he told Delia that when she saw big, red fireworks, they were from him, sending her his love. Kevin left, and Chloe realized that Delia had a fever.

At the police station, Alex pulled out the key from the desk drawer, and Kevin said that he'd known it had been bait when Alex had crowed about the coin's worth. Alex was proud that Kevin had resisted the urge, but Kevin confessed that he'd grabbed the key the first chance he'd had. Alex had anticipated that Kevin would snatch the key and then put it back, and Kevin speculated that perhaps he'd stolen the coin and planned to leave town. Kevin bragged that he could have wiped out the security cameras and gotten in and out without a trace, and Alex realized that Kevin still believed that the key was to the evidence room. Alex informed Kevin that the key was to a men's room in New York City.

Alex wondered why Kevin hadn't tried to break into the evidence room. Kevin replied that after he'd lost his business and his wife, he'd had an epiphany, and he was ready to be righteous. Kevin mentioned that Alex had only audio evidence from the guy who had put the hit out on his partner, and Alex lamented that the recording had been erased, but Kevin revealed that he'd recovered it. Alex wondered about Kevin's motivations, and Kevin hoped to get out of community service early, but Alex theorized that Kevin was tired of being a screwup.

Alex didn't understand why Kevin would want to suffer through community service rather than accept Alex's job offer, but Kevin couldn't see himself working for the cops. Alex said that Kevin could be a tech specialist, and the position would help pay the bills and keep Kevin out of jail. Alex volunteered to talk to Paul about it, and Kevin agreed. Alex remarked that perhaps Chloe would cut Kevin a break, but Kevin complained that she only wanted to cut Kevin out of her life.

At the Athletic Club, Adam welcomed Victor back from his honeymoon, and he admitted that he was stunned that Victor hadn't checked in during the entire trip. Victor asked why he'd be worried, since he'd left Newman Enterprises in capable hands. Adam questioned whether Victor had wondered whether Adam would commit nefarious deeds in Victor's absence, and Victor inquired whether Adam had anything to tell him. Adam disclosed that there was a report waiting at the office for Victor.

Adam mentioned that profits were up, but Victor already knew, because he had seen a business broadcast about the company's performance. Victor presented Adam with a gift of appreciation, and Adam discovered a pocketknife inside. Victor explained that the blade had been crafted in a small town north of Tuscany. Victor remarked that he appreciated loyalty, and Adam returned the sentiment. Melanie approached and hoped that she wasn't interrupting. Adam stated that she'd walked into a tribute to trust and loyalty.

Adam called the knife elegant yet functional, and he noted that it was the right size to fit between someone's shoulder blades. Melanie recalled a superstition that if someone gave a knife as a gift, the recipient had to reciprocate, or the relationship would be severed. Adam quipped that he'd already conceded his office and half the company, and Victor scoffed at the idea of superstition. Victor departed to go to the office, and Adam commended Melanie for keeping everything businesslike in front of Victor. Adam called discretion an aphrodisiac, and she suggested that she reserve a suite for them, but Adam wanted to talk business.

Adam told Melanie that Newman Enterprises needed another bold move, and he instructed her to look into the legal holdings of Broderick Group. She said that they had considered and rejected the idea of acquiring the entity, but Adam argued that despite Victor's doubts, he believed that it was a good acquisition. Melanie asked if she should copy Victor on the correspondence, but Adam ordered her to say nothing to his father.

At the Newman ranch, Nikki coolly greeted Billy, and he assumed that Victoria had sent Nikki to deal with him. Billy wanted to talk to Victoria and see his son before Victor's goons kicked him out, but Nikki warned that Victor would do it himself. Nikki said that Victoria and Johnny had been there, but they had left. A disbelieving Billy yelled that it was fine if Victoria wouldn't see him, and he threatened to wait outside, holding a boom box over his head until she would. Nikki informed him that Victoria and Johnny had left town.

Nikki explained that Victoria and Johnny had gone to see Reed, and Nikki was going to join them for a family visit. Billy complained that he hadn't gotten to say goodbye to his son, and he demanded to know when they'd be back. Nikki curtly replied that they'd return once the holiday was over, and Billy reiterated that he needed to talk to Victoria, but Nikki urged Billy to give Victoria time and space. Billy concluded that Nikki didn't want Billy and Victoria to work things out.

Nikki swore that she wasn't turning against Billy, but she dealt with addiction every day, and she knew what it was like to not have it under control. Billy promised to get help once he worked things out with Victoria. Nikki understood that support was important, but Victoria wasn't a crutch, and Victoria was worried about Johnny. Billy maintained that he loved his family, and he wouldn't let anyone hurt them. Nikki knew that Billy struggled with loving gambling even more, and she prayed that Billy would conquer it. Nikki vowed that she wouldn't let Victoria suffer again because of Billy's addiction.

Billy appealed to Nikki to help him, and he asked what her favorite drink was. She argued that their addictions weren't the same, but he informed her that his favorite bet was a trifecta, and the odds of winning were miniscule. He recalled the beautiful, euphoric feeling he'd had when he'd won, but Nikki asked about the flip side, and Billy recalled being full of regret and shame every time he'd made a bad bet and lost. He pledged to go to Gamblers Anonymous, and he begged Nikki to tell Victoria to give him another chance. "The hell she will," Victor barked from the doorway.

Victor ordered Billy out, but Nikki warned Victor not to get physical. Victor refused to let Billy near Victoria again, but Billy said that was up to Victoria. Victor called Billy an addict and a loser, and he growled that it was all Billy would ever be. Nikki suggested that Billy go, and Billy again asked Nikki to call Victoria for him. Billy left, and Victor continued to trash Billy. Nikki repeated Victor's words that Billy was a worthless addict, and she tearfully questioned what that made her.

Victor clarified that his comments about Billy had nothing to do with Nikki. She recounted that she'd relapsed many times, but Victor insisted that she was strong and resilient and that she and Billy had nothing in common. Nikki contended that she and Billy both loved Victoria and had an addiction, but Victor said that the point was that Billy wasn't good enough for Victoria, and Billy was a loser because he'd never put Victoria first in his life. Nikki sobbed, and Victor held her.

From the Athletic Club foyer, Melanie phoned Victor and told him that she had news, but he said that he was busy. She insisted that he'd want to hear it, and she asked him to call her back. Meanwhile, Adam eavesdropped from around the corner.

At the hospital, Delia whined that she wanted to see fireworks, and Chloe assured her that they still had time. The doctor examined Delia and wanted to run some tests, but he hesitated to say anything more until he got the results. Chloe made an excuse to step outside the room, and she called Billy and left a message about Delia being in the hospital. Chloe whimpered that Delia had to be fine, and she asked Billy to get there right away.

Billy arrived at the hospital, and Chloe informed him that Delia had a fever. Chloe steeled herself to be a strong mom, because she couldn't let Delia see her scared. Billy hugged Chloe, and he assured her that Delia was in remission and would stay that way. Chloe blamed herself for not seeing earlier that Delia had been sad and tired, but Billy maintained that everything would be fine.

Later, Billy entered Delia's room with a shopping bag, and he remarked that he'd heard that she wanted to see fireworks. Billy said that they might not be able to watch the boring fireworks outside, but he had something better. Billy asked Chloe to provide some patriotic music, and she reluctantly began to hum. Billy put on a red, white, and blue wig, and he pulled out light-up toys. Delia giggled as Billy tossed glitter around the room to simulate fireworks.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Lily and Cane prepared to attend the Fourth of July fireworks show with the twins. They discussed Jill's attempt to bribe Hilary, and Cane revealed that Jill had claimed to be concerned about the Ashbys' marriage. Cane thought that maybe Jill had picked up a vibe, and Lily wondered if Cane still had worries about their relationship. He replied that he was glad that Lily had been honest and that Tyler hadn't been dumb enough to act on his feelings. Cane joked that Tyler couldn't compete with Lily's superhero husband, and he went to get the kids ready. Lily looked perplexed.

Cane reported that he had used his superpowers on the twins, and Lily asked if his x-ray vision had allowed him to see the clutter on Charlie's bedroom floor. Cane replied that he was using his superpowers at that moment, and he amorously eyed her. They kissed, but she told him to save it for later. Cane commented that patience wasn't a superpower, but Lily called him the master of tiring the kids out, and she'd show him why x-ray vision was overrated later.

After the fireworks show, Cane and Lily returned home with the twins, and he told the kids to put on their pajamas. Charlie complained that he wasn't tired, but Cane said that superheroes needed their sleep. Lily went to tuck the kids in, while Cane opened some wine and lit candles. Later, Lily reentered the living room and found Cane asleep on the couch. She softly inquired whether he was awake, and he groggily moaned. He apologized for being tired, and he said that he loved her. She snuggled up next to him and replied that she loved him, too.

At the Newman ranch, Melanie informed Victor that Adam wanted to acquire the Broderick Group. Victor declared that the acquisition was old news, because they'd already decided it was a bad investment, and he told her not to waste his time. Melanie clarified that Adam had just spoken with her about it that day and that Adam had asked her to look into a possible takeover. She added that Adam had mentioned that Victor had objected to the investment, but Adam had disagreed with Victor's assessment.

Victor asked Melanie to provide the information that Adam had requested, but he was confident that Adam would decide not to move ahead with the acquisition. Melanie noted that the men clearly had different opinions, but Victor told her to do as Victor said, and he'd take care of Adam. Victor proclaimed that Adam wouldn't turn against him, because Adam was looking for approval, and Adam wouldn't risk being kicked out of the family he'd tried so hard to get into.

At the Athletic Club, Chelsea stumbled as she carried a box downstairs. The contents of the box spilled out, and Adam caught Chelsea as Dylan walked in. Dylan gently scolded her for carrying the box herself, and she explained that the box wasn't heavy and that it contained old clothes for charity. Adam noticed the baby blanket that he'd given Chelsea among the giveaways, and Chelsea tried to explain, but Adam said that he understood that she was moving on. Dylan and Chelsea expressed their appreciation to Adam for not letting Chelsea fall, and they left. Adam struggled to cover his emotions.

Adam sat at a table and flashed back to confronting Chelsea about the baby's due date and swearing to stay away until a time when they could share their dreams again. Melanie snapped him out of his daydream, and she inquired what he had been thinking about. He coldly replied that he'd been imagining the look on Victor's face when Melanie had told him that Adam was interested in acquiring Broderick. Melanie played dumb, but Adam remarked that Melanie wouldn't be of much use to Victor if she wasn't relaying information.

Adam hoped that Melanie had left out the details of their sex life in her daily reports, and he knew that Victor wouldn't have left town without someone keeping tabs on Adam. Adam continued that she had been the perfect candidate, and she realized that Adam had set her up. Adam ordered Melanie to keep up the act to make Victor think that Victor was still in control, and she questioned what the consequences would be if she didn't. Adam said that she was smart, and her experience at Newman Enterprises could get her on track to make partner at a law firm, but getting fired could ruin her reputation.

Melanie realized that she didn't have a choice. Adam asked if they understood one another, and she confirmed that they did. He said that he'd see her in the morning, and she leaned in and kissed him. She claimed that she was just keeping up appearances, and he said that wasn't all he wanted. Melanie reminded Adam that she was a smart girl, and she left.

At the loft, Chelsea told Dylan that the unpacking would go faster if he would let her help, but he replied that she'd had no business carrying a box down the stairs. He knew that she thought that he was overreacting, but he wanted to avoid another trip to the emergency room. Dylan admitted that he'd been through a lot of scary things, and he couldn't fathom something happening to her or the baby. Chelsea promised that nothing would.

Chelsea and Dylan slept, and he dreamed of being in Afghanistan with Sully. Dylan had guided an injured Sully toward his weapon, and he had told Sully to keep his head down. Gunfire rang out, and Dylan awakened with a start. Chelsea said that the noise had only been firecrackers, and she assured Dylan that no one would hurt him.

Chelsea handed Dylan some water, and he apologized for scaring her. He said that he hadn't had a nightmare in months, since there had been too many good things in life to focus on. She asked if the firecrackers had caused his reaction, and he commented that sounds could trigger memories, but he thought it had more to do with seeing Stitch. Chelsea offered to talk about it, but Dylan wanted to go back to sleep. He crawled into bed, and she put her arm around him.

At the hospital, Chloe hovered over Delia, and she wished that they were outside, watching the fireworks. Chloe thanked Billy for putting on a show to celebrate the holiday, and Billy said that they'd haul out the real sparklers when Delia was feeling better. Chloe tried to convince herself that Delia's health would improve, and Billy swore that they'd get through it together.

Sheryl was surprised that Alex was catching up with paperwork on a holiday, and he explained that he'd be paid time and a half. She said that she'd give anything to be at a barbecue instead, and she asked why Kevin was at the station. Kevin sullenly stated that he had no place else to be, since he and Chloe weren't taking Delia to see the fireworks that year. Sheryl remarked that the show hadn't started yet, but Kevin grumbled that holidays were for families, and he, Delia, and Chloe weren't one.

Abby arrived at the police station, and Alex worried that he'd missed another date. She suggested that they catch the fireworks at Navy Pier in Chicago, because she had friends who had a boat on the lake. Abby gushed about how festive it would be to hang out with her high-class friends, and Alex half-heartedly agreed that it sounded great. She begged him to say yes, but he pointed out that there was no way they'd make it in time. She informed him that there was a chopper waiting for them at the Newman helipad.

Alex suggested that he and Abby have a barbecue like normal people, but she declared that she wasn't normal. He commented that private jets weren't his style, but she wanted to do something different and fun. He reminded her that they'd just gone to a new club because it had been important to her, and she asked what he wanted to do. Alex suggested that they grill hot dogs on the rooftop, and Abby scornfully inquired whether she was a pigeon. Abby chided Alex for preferring to watch fireworks at his desk, and he snapped that he didn't have a rich dad, so he had to work for a living.

Later, Abby stopped by the ranch, hoping to see Victoria, but Victor disclosed that Victoria, Johnny, and Nikki had gone to visit Reed. Victor planned to have his lawyer draw up divorce papers for Victoria to sign when she got back, and he griped that Victoria had been foolish to tie the knot without a prenuptial agreement. Abby realized that Victor had gone behind Victoria's back, and Victor stated that it was time for Victoria to cut her losses. Abby contended that Victoria still loved Billy, but Victor replied that Billy didn't deserve Victoria's love.

Abby said that Victor couldn't run his kids' lives, and Victor replied that when his children made better decisions, he wouldn't have to. Victor recognized that Abby had been making better ones, but she wished that other people didn't see her as a shallow, spoiled rich girl. Victor insisted that she wasn't shallow, as evidenced by her efforts to arrange for Victor and Nikki's faux weddings. He added that she had a very generous heart, and he didn't want her to give it to just anyone. Victor urged Abby to find someone who cherished her.

Abby returned to the police station, and Alex apologized for his behavior. She realized that things shouldn't be that hard, especially that early in their relationship. She started to say that they could try to make it work, but he wondered why they'd want to prolong the agony. Alex said that he thought that Abby was great, and they'd had good times. She agreed, but she pointed out that they often annoyed one another or got into misunderstandings, and she didn't see it changing. She asked if they could be friends, and they shared a hug and parted amicably.

Sheryl said that Kevin didn't have to drop out of Delia's life, but he contended that Delia had a father, and Sheryl remarked that people could never have too many friends. Kevin reached for his phone and called Chloe, and he asked if they could meet to watch the fireworks with Delia. Chloe replied that they couldn't, and she tearfully revealed that Delia was in the hospital with a high fever. Kevin said that he was on the way. Chloe began to sob, and Billy pulled her into his arms.

Chloe apologized for breaking down, but Billy said that she was entitled. They talked about how Victor had manipulated Billy into secretly providing bone marrow when Delia had been diagnosed with leukemia. Chloe recalled that Kevin had gotten her through the ordeal, and Billy added that Kevin had been a friend to all of them by defying Victor's orders. Chloe sat by Delia's bedside, and Billy assured her that the doctor could give them good news at any moment.

Chloe hoped that she didn't cause more problems with Victoria. Billy said that things couldn't get much worse, since Victoria had asked him to move out and had been keeping him from Johnny. Billy pledged that he would never let anything happen to his kids, but Chloe remarked that he couldn't protect them from everything, or Delia wouldn't be there. Delia awakened and said that she was thirsty, and Kevin appeared in the doorway with frozen lemonade.

Billy observed that Delia looked a lot better, and she asked to go to the fireworks. Kevin cheered her up by offering to take her on a big roller coaster that she'd wanted to ride. Billy pulled out a puzzle book to distract Delia, while Chloe and Kevin stepped outside. Chloe informed Kevin that the doctor hadn't told them anything yet, and Kevin asked how long they'd been there. Chloe replied that they'd arrived at the hospital that morning, and he wondered why Chloe hadn't called him.

Chloe reasoned that she'd probably overreacted, but Kevin worried that the fever could be cause for alarm. Chloe said that she and Billy had agreed that it could be nothing, but Kevin blasted her for treating Kevin like an outsider. Chloe insisted that Delia knew that Kevin was more than just a random guy. She recalled that Kevin had been there every second when Delia had been sick, and Kevin reminded Chloe that she had proposed to him because they had become a family. Kevin couldn't believe that Chloe hadn't even thought to call him, and Chloe claimed that she had, but Delia had needed her.

Kevin wondered if he'd still be in the dark if he hadn't called about the fireworks, and Chloe promised that he would always be in Delia's life. He asked her to put it in writing, and Chloe acknowledged that Delia would be hurt if Kevin stopped spending time with her. Kevin said that he wanted to be with Delia all the time, and his voice broke when he stated that he missed their family. As he fought back tears, Kevin asked Chloe to call him with the test results and to tell Delia that he loved her and would see her soon.

Kevin returned to the police station, and he told Sheryl that he'd seen Delia. He added that he wanted his family back, but it wouldn't happen, since he'd screwed up again. Sheryl informed him that Alex had made an arrest in a case because Kevin had recovered the audio track from the surveillance footage. She credited Kevin with not only saving the case but also keeping a murderer from finishing the job. Kevin grumbled that Alex got to be a hero because Kevin had broken the rules. Sheryl suggested that if Kevin spent half as much time fighting for his family as he did feeling sorry for himself, then he might have them back already.

Billy could tell that Chloe was upset, and she informed him that Kevin wanted their family back. Billy understood the feeling, since he'd give anything to work things out, but he didn't know how. Chloe encouraged Billy to start by going to a meeting. The doctor entered with the results, and he reported that the tests had been negative for leukemia. He continued that the fever was likely just a bug, but he wanted to keep Delia overnight to make sure her temperature stayed down.

Chloe and Billy hugged in relief, and she thanked him for being there. Chloe wanted to call Kevin, and she implored Billy to try to reach Victoria again. Billy stepped outside and phoned Victoria, and he relayed that Delia just had a fever. He said that he knew that Victoria needed space and time, but he asked her to return home so they could talk. Victoria hung up.

Chloe told Billy to get some sleep or go to a meeting, and Billy volunteered to stop by with breakfast in the morning. He kissed Delia goodbye and left. In the corridor, Billy's phone rang, and as Victor looked on, Billy grappled with whether or not to accept an invitation to a card game.

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