The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of July 29, 2013 on Y&R
Michael rescued Lauren from Carmine, but Carmine escaped. Phyllis lapsed into a coma, and her family sent her to a rehab clinic in Georgia. Noah suspected that Sharon had gone off her medication. Chelsea went into labor. Adam was arrested for raping Melanie.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of July 29, 2013 on Y&R
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Monday, July 29, 2013

At Crimson Lights, Tyler bragged to Leslie that his freelance job with a New York company allowed him the flexibility to plan his own work schedule. Leslie added that Tyler really meant that his evenings could be reserved for socializing. Tyler mentioned that the mystery blogger had targeted Lily after claiming that Cane and a woman had jetted off together. Leslie replied, "Cane is stepping out? I highly doubt it, but either way, you better not be thinking this means you have a chance with Lily!" Tyler seemed disappointed.

At On the Boulevard, Lily assured Neil that Cane and his assistant had traveled together to New York on behalf of Chancellor Industries. Lily insisted that she wouldn't allow the blogger to upset her. Neil told Lily that it was up to him to find the person who'd been digging into his past and keeping track of his family's present-day activities in order to stir up trouble. Lily assured her father that her family hadn't been harmed, but Neil warned that once a crack had been opened in a foundation, it wouldn't take much for a third party to take advantage.

After Leslie left, Abby walked through the patio entrance and was thrilled to find Tyler. Abby shared her good news about Phyllis' expected recovery. Abby kissed Tyler on the lips, and he gladly reciprocated. Lily arrived at the coffeehouse for her scheduled meeting with Abby. Lily was surprised to see Tyler and Abby kissing. Lily greeted them and told Abby that she was ready to get to work. Abby demanded a little extra free time. Lily looked disappointed.

After Tyler left, Lily told Abby that Neil was quite pleased with their marketing plan for the new product line. Abby declared that they were cosmetic geniuses and added that they were also ahead of schedule. Abby suggested that Lily take a few days off to surprise Cane in New York. Lily insisted that she wasn't concerned about Cane traveling with his assistant. Abby noted that Lily was the one who'd mentioned the trust aspect. Lily assured Abby that she wasn't jealous of Hilary and had no intentions of showing up and acting territorial. Lily again assured Abby that she didn't care about the blogger's post.

Leslie joined Neil at On the Boulevard. They discussed the mystery blogger. Neil was angry because the writer made it seem as if Cane was cheating on Lily. Leslie noted that because the mystery person was obviously watching and gathering information firsthand, authorities could get close enough to nail "him." Neil became lost in his thoughts, and Leslie asked what he'd been thinking. Neil replied, "A bad time in my past. The blogger's right. It's all catching up to me."

Neil explained that during a dark time in his life, he'd crossed paths with the same woman named Rose that Leslie's father had mentioned. Neil held the photo of Rose that had belonged to Gus. In a flashback, Neil remembered what had taken place six years before. Neil recalled drinking in a bar in Evanston, the same city where Rose had later died. Neil remembered glancing at a newspaper article reporting that that his wife was presumed dead.

As the memory continued to surface, Neil recalled that Rose had approached him and introduced herself. Neil told Leslie that his memory was sketchy, but he admitted to binge drinking each time he had gone on a business trip. Neil made plans to travel to Evanston in hopes of finding his connection to Rose.

At the police station, Paul told Kevin and Sheryl that plainclothes officers, parked outside the Baldwins' condo, hadn't seen Carmine or Michael. Kevin quickly offered to check his home and attempted to walk out. Paul stopped Kevin and noted that Kevin was responsible for allowing his brother to escape. Paul warned that Carmine had crossed the line if he'd kidnapped Lauren and would be more desperate and dangerous. Paul added that Carmine, not afraid to break the law, would certainly incite Michael's hot temper if Lauren were threatened.

Kevin angered Sheryl when he claimed that Michael could deal with Carmine better than a rookie cop. Kevin insisted that the police would surely let Carmine slip away. Radiating pride for his brother's abilities, Kevin assured Sheryl and Paul that Michael would handily triumph over Carmine. An irate Paul explained that Lauren and Fen would suffer if Michael ended up in prison for life. Kevin didn't respond when Paul asked how Kevin would reconcile such a scenario with his conscience.

At the cabin, Lauren's hands were tied above her head and fastened to a headboard. Her ankles were bound together tightly. Carmine taunted Lauren and challenged her to scream for help because no one would be able to hear her. Carmine placed his hand between Lauren's thighs. Lauren recoiled and protested as loudly as she could through the gag Carmine had tied around her mouth.

Michael suddenly burst through the door. He punched Carmine in the stomach, and Carmine fell to the floor, groaning in pain. Carmine retaliated and punched Michael in the face. Michael fell on the floor and didn't immediately get up on his feet. Lauren cried out to Michael. Carmine chastised Lauren for expressing concern for Michael's well-being.

Carmine closed the door, approached Lauren, and said, "Now, where were we?" Michael hit Carmine in the back with a fireplace poker. Carmine wheeled around, and Michael punched him. Carmine hit his head against the stone fireplace and collapsed. Michael rolled Carmine over, but Carmine, his face bloodied, remained unconscious.

Michael quickly untied Lauren and told her that Carmine couldn't hurt her anymore. Paul burst in, brandishing his service weapon. Michael yelled that they were okay. After Michael took Lauren by the hand, he looked at Paul and said, "You throw his ass in a cell and make sure he never gets out." Paul, confused, replied, "Who?" Lauren gasped when she saw that Carmine had disappeared.

Paul escorted Michael and Lauren to the police station, and Kevin greeted them. Sheryl threatened to lock Michael up immediately. Lauren clung to Michael, and he instructed Kevin to drive Lauren home. Sheryl threatened to lock Kevin up with Michael. Paul said that Kevin should take Lauren home. Sheryl protested, but Paul again instructed Kevin to drive Lauren home. Michael told Kevin that Carmine had escaped.

At the tack house, Avery expressed concern about her sister's condition. Avery wondered aloud if she'd ever be able to make amends for tormenting Phyllis. Nick replied, "Now that Phyllis is awake, you guys can make it right. The best thing is that you can do it together." Nick frowned when Avery joked about asking Phyllis to be her maid of honor. Nick said he doubted that Summer would agree be a member of the wedding party. Avery suggested putting a hold on their wedding plans because so many changes had taken place.

Avery suggested she and Nick postpone their nuptials to allow those with emotional wounds to heal. Nick said if they waited that long, he and Avery would be rolling down the aisle in wheelchairs. Nick said he didn't want to wait to become Avery's husband. Avery said she was concerned about making so many decisions within a short period of time. Nick agreed to postpone the wedding, but he made Avery promise that they'd have a ceremony soon and invite guests to witness their vows. Nick and Avery began kissing.

At Phyllis' penthouse, Noah stopped by to visit Summer. He noted that he'd left thirty-two messages and that she'd ignored them all. Summer admitted that she hadn't wanted to talk to anyone. Summer happily noted that her mother had awakened and that the doctor believed Phyllis would recover. Noah assured Summer that no matter the results of a DNA test, he would always be... Summer cut him off when she lunged forward and embraced Noah tightly.

Summer and Noah sat on the sofa together and talked. Summer fought back tears and explained that she'd fallen in love with a man she had later learned was her brother. She cried, "Those feelings I have for Kyle, they have to go away. They have to get out of my brain somehow because I loved him." Noah assured Summer that she'd find the right guy someday. Summer noted that her mother and father would soon become a family. Summer expressed concern that everyone would consider her some type of "sicko."

Noah assured Summer that everyone wanted to make things right for her so she could be happy. He encouraged Summer to go out with friends and begin dating. Summer questioned Noah about the intimate details of his love life, but he promptly ended the discussion. Summer noted that she wasn't a little kid. Noah replied, "No, you're not. You're my little sister!" Noah pleaded with Summer to forgive Nick, but she said that everything would have to wait until her mother recovered. After Noah left, Jack phoned Summer and told her that Phyllis had become agitated before losing consciousness again.

Noah ran into Tyler at Crimson Lights and said he hadn't seen his friend in a while. Noah said he'd been dealing with family issues. Tyler said he had a date in mind for Noah. Tyler mentioned young women of different types with various careers. Noah said he just wanted a girl who was smart, sweet, and funny. Tyler glanced at Lily, seated out on the patio, and said he'd once honed in on one person. Tyler proclaimed that his life was easier because he'd since envisioned new possibilities. Tyler shifted his focus and watched Abby as she and Lily discussed business.

At the hospital, Phyllis struggled to talk to Jack. Straining to form her words, Phyllis repeatedly said, "Nick." Jack, believing he knew what Phyllis was trying to say, mentioned that Nick and Avery had indeed visited earlier. He added that everyone had been to the hospital because family and friends were concerned. Phyllis said, "No, no, no." Jack replied, "It's okay. Are you in pain?" Phyllis looked distressed.

Phyllis stared at Jack intently, willing her eyes to blurt out what she so desperately wanted to say. Jack told Phyllis that she'd accepted his proposal, and it would be fine with him if he "got nothing else out of her." Phyllis thought to herself, "Yes, I love you. Yes, I'll marry you, but first I've got to tell you the truth. You, Nick, and Summer. I've got to get it out!" Jack interjected, "We'll be a family."

Phyllis tried with all her might to speak, but the words were trapped in her mind. She thought, "Come on, Phyllis, damn it! You have to tell him about..." Phyllis uttered aloud the last word, "Summer." Jack noted that Summer had been at the hospital earlier. He added that Summer had stepped up to reassure him and Nick. Phyllis began to breathe heavier, and she became increasingly agitated. Jack said, "I've got a lot to learn about being a father to her." Phyllis' eyes widened, and she thought, "She's not your daughter. Nick is her father, and he has to know. I have to tell him. Say the words, Phyllis."

Jack tried to calm Phyllis and assured her that everything would be okay. Jack went to get water for Phyllis, and she spotted Sharon peering in through the window in the door. Jack placed a straw between Phyllis' lips, but her eyes remained fixed on Sharon's face in the window. Phyllis extended her index finger and attempted to point toward Sharon. Jack tried to calm Phyllis and told her she didn't have to take on the world. Phyllis thought, "Take on the world? I'm going to rip Sharon's face off! She screwed up the paternity test. She lied. You all have to know!" Phyllis began writhing and twitching violently. The doctor rushed in and sent Jack out.

In the hallway, Sharon approached Jack and asked about Phyllis. Jack was distraught. Sharon awkwardly embraced Jack and said she was sorry. Jack insisted that Phyllis would be fine. Jack said, "She just wanted to say something. She was so frustrated. She had something to say!" Jack rubbed his forehead with his fingers. Sharon suggested that Phyllis wanted to tell Jack that she loved him. Jack replied, "No. It seems like she had a message, something she wanted me to understand."

Summer arrived, and Jack told her that doctors were running some tests. Jack said that Phyllis had mentioned Summer and Nick. Sharon quickly interjected that Phyllis was probably just ensuring that they were okay. Nick and Avery arrived, and Jack explained that Phyllis had suffered a convulsion after becoming extremely agitated. Summer began sobbing. Jack concluded that it had been a normal reaction to extreme physical stress.

Nick checked on Summer, but she sought comfort from Avery. Sharon approached Nick and asked how he was. Sharon offered to comfort Nick. After Phyllis' tests were completed, everyone stood by her bedside while Dr. Costner explained that Phyllis had suffered a contrecoup injury, which meant that her frontal lobes were bruised. Dr. Costner said that though some bruises healed, he couldn't determine how long it might take for Phyllis' brain to heal. Phyllis appeared to be sleeping peacefully. Dr. Costner admitted that Phyllis might not fully recover. Sharon intently studied Phyllis' face.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Lily hurried over to Tyler's apartment to confront him about the latest post from the GC Buzz blogger. Tyler, wearing only a towel, admitted her. Before Lily could speak, Abby knocked on the door and barged in when Tyler opened it. Abby had also read the latest post, which said that Tyler and Lily were playing around while Cane was out of town because Lily was jealous of Abby. Tyler said that it was no wonder that Lily and Abby were upset, but he had had nothing to do with the posting.

Lily accused Tyler of trying to mess up her marriage by deliberately referring to their relationship. Abby wanted to know what relationship they were talking about. Tyler again denied that he was the blogger. Lily said that Tyler had already caused enough problems in her marriage before angrily storming out.

Abby wanted to know what had happened between Tyler and Lily. Tyler said that nothing had happened. Abby wanted it spelled out. Tyler told Abby that he and Lily had become friends and that at one point he had hoped for more. Tyler said that although Lily would deny it, Tyler thought that Lily had felt the attraction also.

Tyler explained that Lily had reminded him of an old flame who had left Tyler with a broken heart. Tyler thought that perhaps that was a big part of the attraction and why nothing had ever happened between Tyler and Lily. Tyler said that the past did not matter anymore because he had met Abby.

Tyler said that the old Tyler would have lied. Abby said that the old Abby was insecure and would have hopped in bed to stake her claim. Tyler said that it sounded like the old Tyler and the old Abby would be tearing off their clothes instead of taking it slowly like their newer, more mature and enlightened versions. Abby agreed and drew closer to Tyler, who said that the longer they waited, the better it would be. Abby said no more waiting, and they began kissing passionately.

Abby and Tyler fell to the couch after shedding some of their clothes. They were kissing when Abby called a halt. Tyler was frustrated but prepared to wait longer, but Abby said that she did not want to stop, she just wanted to be someplace besides a dirty lumpy couch. Gleefully, Tyler swooped Abby up in his arms and headed for his bedroom.

Lily went to Crimson Lights, where she called Cane. Lily told Cane that she loved him and then asked if he had seen the blogger's ridiculous posts.

Neil and Leslie went to Evanston in search of the bar where Neil remembered meeting Rose. When they reached the Evanston Pub, Neil recognized the coaster. As Neil looked around, he remembered that Rose had walked over to his booth and had asked to sit down. Neil had allowed it, and Rose had told Neil that even though his lips were smiling, he had sadness in his eyes, a sadness that she recognized from her own mirror. When Rose had asked why Neil was sad, Neil had replied that he had lost someone. Rose had said that she had lost someone, too. Leslie speculated that Rose might have been talking about Gus.

Neal left Leslie at the bar while he sat in the booth. A man tried to pick Leslie up. Leslie told him that she was not interested, but the masher would not take no for an answer. The barfly ignored the bartender's concern, but Neil grabbed the guy and hustled him out into the street. The bartender recognized a photo of Rose. He also recognized Neil, because Neil had stopped a purse-snatcher in the bar the same way that he had stopped Leslie's masher.

Both Leslie and Neil were amazed that Neil had no recollection of his heroic act. Neil sat in the booth and had a memory of drinking with Rose and talking about their kids. Neil remembered that Rose's daughter was named Ann. Neil asked the bartender if he had seen Rose again after that evening. The barman said that the last time he had seen either Rose or Neil was when Neil and Rose had left the bar together that night.

Neil could not recall what had happened after he had left the bar with Rose. Leslie suggested hypnosis, but Neil was reluctant. Neil told Leslie that as much as he wanted to remember, he hoped that he was not opening a whole new can of worms.

Melanie met with Billy at On the Boulevard to tell him that a friend at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) had pushed Melanie's sexual harassment complaint against Adam to the top of the list. Both were gleeful. Billy anticipated Adam's downfall at Newman and Victoria's installation in his place.

Melanie said that if the case against Adam held up, she would get compensatory damages and punitive damages, Adam would have to undergo counseling, and Melanie would have grounds to file a civil suit. Billy asked if a civil suit was going too far, but Melanie said that Adam owed her.

Adam visited Jack at home to offer support and get an update on Phyllis. Jack tried to remain positive, but Jack was not encouraged by the many doctors who had looked at Phyllis' scan and had given the same diagnosis as Dr. Costner, that there was no telling when or if Phyllis would wake up again. Jack said that he would not give up and would figure out how to help Phyllis recover. Adam told Jack not to take comfort in the dark side.

Jack was adamant that he would never break his promise to Phyllis and use pills. Adam told Jack he was there for him if Jack needed to lean on someone. Billy burst through the front door and said that Jack did not need Adam because Billy was there. Jack left Adam and Billy alone and went upstairs to pack some things for Phyllis.

Billy told Adam to leave because Jack could get support from Billy and the Abbot family, who would give Jack support long after Adam was gone. Adam was curious about what Billy meant. Billy said that Adam was there for Jack then, but if Victor snapped his fingers, Adam would go running back to his father and Newman. Adam calmly replied that he should be shocked by Billy's ignorance, but, in fact, he never ceased to be amazed by it.

Oblivious to the undercurrent, Jack asked for help locating the book Phyllis had been reading. Billy told Jack that he really wanted to help and would move in. Jack said there was no need to sacrifice on his account. Adam noted that it was not much of a sacrifice, since Victoria had kicked Billy out.

Avery sat by Phyllis' bedside and willed Phyllis to be strong and heal. Avery was very supportive and told Phyllis how much she loved and admired her. Outside the room, Summer watched through the door. When Summer turned, she saw Daniel and immediately hugged him. Daniel said that he had been talking to the doctors about Phyllis.

Daniel asked about Summer. Summer said that she was very glad to see Daniel because their relationship had not changed. He was still her brother. Avery left Phyllis and greeted Daniel. Avery said that she was sure that Phyllis was glad that Daniel had arrived and knew that he was there. Daniel was not so sure.

Daniel went in to visit with Phyllis alone. He remembered an argument he had had with Phyllis about moving away with Lucy, but he also remembered making up and the promise that Phyllis had made to plan a long visit to Daniel and his daughter. Daniel remembered a time when he had been younger and had tried to get Phyllis to let him play hooky from school, but she had know that Daniel was trying to avoid a test. Phyllis had told Daniel to take the test that day, and they would play hooky the day after. Daniel smiled at his fond memories.

Daniel told Phyllis that he knew what he would do, since Phyllis had not left an advance directive. Daniel said he would do what he knew Phyllis would want him to do. Daniel went into the hall to see Summer and Avery. Avery said that it was good that the three of them were there together as a family.

Avery said that she had put off calling other family members. They discussed whether or not to notify Phyllis and Avery's mom about Phyllis. Daniel quipped that if nothing else worked to wake Phyllis, then the threat of Phyllis' mom visiting would do the trick. Daniel said that he needed air and left. Once outside, Daniel made a telephone call and told the person on the other end of the line that he was ready to proceed with the plan that they had discussed.

Avery thought that she and Summer should spruce up Phyllis' room and make it homier. Summer went to the gift shop. Adam dropped by and said that he was very sorry. Adam said that even though he had had his differences with Phyllis, he was not completely unfeeling. Adam said that Avery and Jack cared about Phyllis, and Adam cared about Avery and Jack.

Daniel greeted Jack. They exchanged pleasantries, and then Daniel said that they had to talk about what happened next. Jack said that next he was going to visit his beautiful fiancée. Jack entered Phyllis' room. Jack read a chapter out loud from the book that Phyllis had been reading. He then read her "To Do" list, which Phyllis had scribbled on the bookmark. When Jack got to the one that said "Pick up surprise for Jack," Jack told Phyllis that the only thing he wanted was for her to wake up and smile at him.

Jack told Phyllis that no matter what, he would be by her side every day until she recovered. Daniel spoke from the doorway and said that Jack would only be there metaphorically because Daniel was moving Phyllis to a cutting edge facility off the coast of Georgia, near where Daniel lived. Avery overheard and said that Daniel could not move Phyllis. Daniel replied that it was not Avery's decision to make.

Billy returned to his restaurant, and Melanie noted that he was less happy than when he had left earlier. Billy said that his brother, Jack, was experiencing some hard times. Melanie said that by the end of the day, Adam would be served. Billy cautioned that Adam was a sociopath who could care less about who got hurt.

Melanie ran into Adam as she left. Adam said that they seemed to be meeting often. Melanie said it would not be so in the future. Adam asked if Melanie was leaving town, but Melanie walked away without answering. Adam continued on to the bar. Billy asked if Adam had missed him. Adam said he patronized the bar despite Billy. Billy suggested that there were other watering holes. Adam said that on the Boulevard was more convenient for him.

A stranger walked up and asked if Adam were Adam Newman. When Adam said he was, the stranger handed Adam a large envelope and told Adam that he had been served. Adam opened the envelope and read the allegations of sexual harassment. Billy had a sly grin on his face.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

At the Genoa City Police Station, Paul told Lauren, Michael, and Kevin that Carmine was still on the loose. He told Michael and Lauren that he understood their frustration but that the police were doing everything possible to locate and incarcerate Carmine. He promised Lauren that she would be safe.

Lauren scoffed because Carmine was free and Michael was locked up. Paul said that there had been a curious development in the case. Paul looked at Kevin as he told Lauren that the surveillance video of Michael holding a gun on Carmine had been mysteriously erased, along with the surveillance of Michael's escape from jail. Paul said that Michael was free to go. Michael thanked Paul for his support.

Paul said that no tapes would be erased again and looked to Kevin for agreement. Kevin gave a glib agreement, but Paul took a hard line when he told Kevin that rules had to be followed. Paul allowed that Michael's case had been an extreme exception. Paul again asked Kevin if he understood. Kevin agreed that he did, and he would never take extreme action again.

Lauren wanted to go see Phyllis, but Michael wanted to go home first. Fen appeared and was genuinely glad that Michael was going home with Lauren. Fen hugged Michael. Lauren said that she and Fen had had a long talk. She apologized for the toll that bad decisions, made by her and Michael, were taking on Fen.

Fen said that he had spoken with his drug counselor and that he would no longer ignore calls or texts, and his GPS would stay active. Michael and Lauren headed home while Kevin and Fen went to the hospital.

Tempers flared at the hospital when Daniel announced to Summer, Jack, and Avery that he was moving Phyllis to a facility off the coast of Georgia. When Avery objected to his decision, Daniel told her that it was not her decision to make because Avery and Phyllis were not close. Daniel said that he was making the decision that he knew that Phyllis would want him to make.

Nick arrived in time to defend Avery, but Daniel angrily told Nick to turn around and leave because Nick was no longer husband to Phyllis or father to Summer. Nick asked Daniel for a private word. Once alone, Daniel asked Nick what he had been thinking when he covered up Summer's paternity. Nick said that he would not defend himself but that he would explain. Daniel asked if Nick was talking about losing Cassie.

Nick said that Daniel did not know what losing Cassie had cost him and asked Daniel to imagine what he would feel if he lost his daughter, Lucy. Daniel said that Nick was using Cassie's death as an excuse. Daniel reminded Nick that Nick had provided proof that Daniel was not responsible for Cassie's death because it had been the right thing to do. Daniel said that Nick had done the right thing even though Nick had been hurting and blamed Daniel.

Daniel said that the situation with Summer had been no different and that Nick had deliberately withheld the truth and hurt a lot of people, including Phyllis. Nick said that he would never hurt Summer, but Daniel pointed out that Nick had already hurt Summer. Daniel was very angry that he was getting flack for trying to do what was best for his mother.

Summer, Avery, and Jack were upset by Daniel's pronouncement. Avery said that she would do whatever it took to keep Phyllis in Genoa City. Jack was the voice of reason. He was convinced that he could get Daniel to change his mind. Summer was hopeful, but Avery did not want Phyllis to end up in an experimental facility, surrounded by strangers. Avery said that she would go to court and sue Daniel for custodianship because Phyllis had not left an advance directive.

Nick joined the group and took Avery home for some rest. Daniel went to Phyllis' room, and Kevin joined him. Jack told Summer that he thought that Daniel was trying to do what was best for Phyllis. Jack added that he thought that the right thing was for Phyllis to stay where she was, surrounded by people who loved her.

As Daniel and Kevin stood beside Phyllis, Daniel said that he would give anything for Phyllis to wake up and get on his case about something. He thanked Kevin for responding to his call so quickly. Kevin said that he had already been on his way. Kevin told Phyllis that Lauren and Michael would be with her very soon. Daniel asked about Chloe, but Kevin said his problems were minor compared to Daniel's.

Daniel said that everything would be fine as soon as Jack and Avery quit fighting him and let him take Phyllis to Georgia. Kevin asked if Daniel was sure about his decision. Daniel said that he was and told Kevin about an artist friend whose brother had recovered from a two-year coma after only a few weeks of treatment in the Georgia facility. Kevin asked about Summer's feelings, but Daniel thought that getting away from all the drama in Genoa City would be in Summer's best interest as well as Phyllis' best interest.

Jack went in to see Phyllis as Fen arrived to see Summer. Summer asked Fen how he was doing. Fen replied that he had made a big mistake that he would not make again. Fen asked about Summer. Summer said that her mother was in a coma, and everyone was fighting about what to do. Fen told Summer that she was smart and loved her mom, and Summer would figure out what was best. Fen advised Summer to drown out all the noise, look in her own heart, and follow what she felt.

Summer felt some relief. She kissed Fen, thanked him, and told Fen that she had to leave. Alone, Fen received a text message reminding him that all his friends had seen the video of his mother and Carmine. Fen stood still and stared at bottles of pills, which were sitting unattended on a med cart.

Kevin left when Jack entered Phyllis' room. Daniel told Jack that he had already heard enough from Avery and Nick. Jack merely said that Phyllis looked peaceful, and he understood Daniel's need to control the situation because of Daniel's love for Phyllis. Jack explained that he loved Phyllis, also, and that he wanted a full future with her. Jack told Daniel that he had proposed during the brief moments that Phyllis had been awake.

Jack told Daniel that if Daniel would trust Jack, Jack would get the best care for Phyllis and would make her room a second home. Jack promised to do everything humanly possible to return Phyllis to them. Daniel was adamant that he had already made his decision. Jack said that he had looked into the proposed facility and that it was experimental in nature. Jack told Daniel that he would not let Phyllis become the subject of a science experiment.

Avery was still incensed about Daniel's decision when she and Nick reached Nick's place. Avery noted that Nick was very quiet. Nick said that Daniel did not trust him, and it was understandable. Nick suggested that families should pull together in times of crisis, and perhaps Avery's challenge to Daniel was making the situation worse.

Avery said that she was trying to establish legal rights for her sister. Nick asked if Daniel had said anything about the Georgia facility. Avery said that Daniel had walked in and delivered his edict without thought to what she, Jack, or Summer felt. Avery asked how Nick would feel if Phyllis died in that far away facility. Jack said that if Phyllis died, he did not want to be anywhere.

Avery asked if Daniel had said harsh things. Nick admitted that Daniel had, but he said that it was not what Daniel had said but how he had said it. Nick told Avery that Daniel blamed Nick for everything that had happened, including Phyllis' fall. Avery told Nick not to blame himself because there was no way that he could be responsible for the fall that Phyllis had taken. Nick was not so sure. He said that people like Phyllis, who were brimming with life, did not fall down stairs.

Avery said that sometimes things happened for no reason. She told Nick that they had to hope for the best and prepare for the worst. Avery added that in a crisis, people did what they did best. Avery told Nick that he took responsibility, even when he was not at fault, as in this case. Avery said that she was going to do what she did best, which was to bake a boatload of cupcakes and research the law. Avery vowed that Daniel would not take Phyllis without a fight.

Avery told Nick that it was the moment where he said that he was behind her 100%. Nick said he was behind Avery doing what she thought was right 100%. Avery said she would take that. She again told Nick that he was not to blame. After Avery left, Nick was recalling his earlier conversations with both Avery and Daniel when Summer knocked on his door. Summer told Nick that she needed his help.

Sharon phoned the hospital, but no one would give her information about Phyllis. Cassie appeared and told Sharon that she looked worried. Sharon was worried that Phyllis would recover and also worried that she would not. Sharon did not want Phyllis to die, but neither did she want Phyllis to tell what she had overheard because Sharon would go to jail. That would cause Sharon to lose custody of Faith, lose Noah's love, and be cut off from Nick forever.

Cassie advised Sharon to call Nick to find out what was going on, but Sharon said that she could not call Nick, because Nick would recognize the fear in Sharon's voice, get suspicious of Sharon's motives, and ferret out the truth.

Lauren and Michael went home. Michael asked how Lauren was holding up. Lauren said that she was fine, although she was worried about them. Lauren said that they had been in a good place until Fen had overdosed and Carmine had kidnapped her. Lauren said that she was terrified that they would not get their family back.

Michael smiled, hugged her, and said that they were together at that moment. They kissed passionately. Michael pulled back and said that perhaps they were moving too fast. Lauren said that they had lost too much time already. She begged Michael to show her that they were real. Michael and Lauren made love. Michael told Lauren that he loved her, and Lauren responded that she loved Michael, too. They made love again.

In a lonely room, Carmine looked at his phone, which displayed a photo of Lauren in his bed. As he stared at the photo, Carmine said that he would never let Lauren go.

At Crimson Lights, Lily was on the phone to Cane, asking why Cane was worried about the post concerning her and Tyler, which was no worse than the post about Cane and his assistant, Hilary. Cane said that they needed to talk in person and surprised Lily when he appeared in the doorway. Hilary followed close behind and said that she was also very upset.

Lily explained that the mystery blogger was targeting Lily's family. Hilary said that she could stop the blogger by quitting her job with Chancellor. Cane and Lily talked Hilary out of quitting. Lily said that it was not fair for Hilary to sacrifice her job when she had done nothing wrong. Hilary was grateful and said that she felt like pulverizing the jerk blogger. Hilary told Lily and Cane that what they had together was special. Hilary then said that she would leave Cane and Lily alone and meet Cane back at the office.

Cane asked if Lily was still mad about his trip to New York with Hilary. Lily admitted that she was upset because Cane had failed to tell her that Hilary was going to New York with him. Cane said that Lily knew that nothing was going on between him and Hilary, unlike the situation between Tyler and Lily. Lily wanted to know why Cane was mentioning Tyler, and Cane wanted to know why Lily was defensive. Cane said that he had seen the jealous look on Lily's face when she saw Tyler with Abby.

Lily denied feelings for Tyler and said that she would never risk what she had with Cane, or the happiness of their children, for another man. Lily said that they should not let the blogger get under their skin. Lily added that it was not how she had intended to welcome Cane home. He suggested that they start over.

Cane walked out and then walked back in again. He and Lily smiled and hugged each other lovingly. A faint smile crossed Hilary's face as she watched them.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

At On the Boulevard, Adam found Avery scouring law books, and he advised her that throwing herself into work wouldn't help her forget her problems. She informed him that she was trying to find a precedent to stop Daniel from moving Phyllis to a rehab facility in Georgia. Adam stepped aside to take a call, and he told the caller that the accusations were baseless. Avery noted that Adam had problems of his own, and he replied that he could handle them.

Avery revealed that Jack was also opposed to Daniel moving Phyllis away, and Avery had to prove that she and Jack should be the ones making decisions on Phyllis' behalf. Adam thought it would be easy to discredit Daniel, but Avery was determined to find a more substantive argument. Avery bemoaned that Jack, Phyllis, and Summer could have been a family, and Adam declared that a knock on the head wouldn't keep Phyllis down. Adam added that he was sure that Summer wanted to keep Phyllis close, and Avery said that she, Summer, and Jack couldn't lose as long as all three of them stuck together.

Adam asked Avery if a son would trump a sister in court, and Avery admitted that she and Phyllis had been estranged for years, but there was nothing closer than sharing the same DNA. Adam remarked that sometimes that was all families shared, but Avery vowed to find every possible legal resource to keep Phyllis in Genoa City, so Phyllis would be around the people she loved. Adam was amazed that Phyllis and Avery were sisters, and Avery stated that she had her own faults, but Adam observed that Avery kept them hidden.

Adam approached Melanie, and he sarcastically asked if she'd heard the one where a man walked into a bar and sat next to a bitter, vindictive liar. She got up to walk away; he said that his joke wasn't funny, but the punch line was a killer. Adam proclaimed that he was disappointed that Melanie had turned out to be a second-rate lawyer, and he hoped that she was as good in the courtroom as she was in the bedroom.

Adam announced that he wouldn't deny that he and Melanie had slept together, because there were a dozen hotel employees who had seen her all over him. He boasted that he knew people who knew judges, and she called him a "real bastard." Adam pointed out that he hadn't destroyed Melanie's career yet, and she barked that he couldn't if he tried. He pointed out that she had been the one to file false charges, and he warned her not to start a battle that she couldn't win. She stalked off.

Billy and Victoria played with Johnny at their house, and Billy quipped that their son never knew when to quit, just like Billy. Billy mentioned that he had been going to meetings and that his sponsor was first on his speed dial. Victoria replied that she thought that she was number one, and Billy assured her that his sponsor was no competition, but Billy had to focus on the mess he'd made of his life. Billy acknowledged that he'd turned their lives upside down, and he suggested that Victoria and Johnny move back in to get things back on track.

After Billy put Johnny to sleep, Victoria remarked that playing with Johnny had been exhausting. Billy thought that Johnny liked being back in his own bed, and Victoria conceded that both she and Johnny had missed being there, but it wasn't right to move back in. Billy clarified that he intended to stay with Jack to step up during the crisis with Phyllis, and Victoria said that Billy was making it hard to be mad at him. He playfully tossed her a stuffed animal and replied that he wanted to make it impossible. She teased him for not being fair, and he swore that he'd make everything right.

Victoria said that Billy made it sound easy to fix things, but he replied that nothing about addiction was simple. She wondered if gambling was the only thing on his mind, and he said that he thought about his family a lot, but the "gambling devil" always haunted him. He added that it would be easier for him if he knew that she believed in him. Nikki arrived, and Victoria explained that Johnny had spent time with Billy. Nikki commented that it was nice to see Billy and Victoria together.

Billy prepared to leave to check in at work and then head to the hospital, and Nikki said to give Jack her best. Billy asked if Victoria intended to accept his offer, and she said yes. Billy left, and Victoria asserted to Nikki that she and Billy weren't getting back together. Victoria turned the topic to Victor's reaction to the sexual harassment lawsuit against Adam.

Victoria couldn't believe that Victor hadn't said anything, but Nikki contended that usually such suits had no merit. Victoria thought that there was more to the charges, and Nikki wondered if Victoria was hoping that Victor would disown Adam so Victoria could take Adam's place. Nikki stated that the lawsuit should be the last thing on their minds with all the problems their family was facing.

Nikki opined that the lawsuit was insignificant in comparison to the situation with Phyllis, and Victoria asked if it was wrong to care about the company. Victoria defended that she was still a shareholder, and Nikki replied that it had nothing to do with dividends. Victoria worried that the suit could hurt Newman Enterprises and Victor, but Nikki declared that battles over the business always ended in heartbreak for someone.

Billy asked Adam if there were no other bars in the entire city, but Adam said that he liked the ambience and banter at On the Boulevard. Billy imagined that it was a nice change from talk about the sexual harassment suit, but Adam retorted that a simple guy like Billy wouldn't understand what it was like to have a scorned ex drum up bogus charges. Billy bet that all harassers said the same thing, and Adam cautioned that using the word "bet" could get Billy into trouble.

Billy assumed that Victor had blown a gasket when Adam had dragged the Newman name through the mud, but Adam said that their family name would survive, and he stepped out. Melanie returned, and Adam eavesdropped as she told Billy that she might have overestimated Adam, but there was another way to take him down.

At the tack house, Summer apologized for barging in, but Nick said that it was her home, and he was glad that she felt she could go there. She thought that he might not feel that way once he heard what she had to say, but Nick pledged that he would do anything for her. Summer disclosed that she'd decided to side with Daniel regarding Phyllis' care. Nick mentioned that Avery was in the process of getting a court order to prevent Daniel from moving Phyllis to the rehab center, and he asked if Summer wanted him to stop Avery.

Summer said that she loved Avery, but she thought that Avery was wrong, and she believed that Summer and Daniel should make the decisions regarding Phyllis. Nick suggested that Summer let the adults handle it, but she condemned him for talking to her like she was his little girl. Summer defended that she'd listened to everything the doctors had said, and she'd researched the rehab facility. Nick mentioned that Avery had, too. Summer understood that there was no guarantee, but the rehab center's success rates had been higher than anywhere else, and she wanted to give Phyllis the best chance to get better.

Nick realized that Summer had made up her mind, and Summer asserted that her vote should count. Nick agreed, but he sided with Jack and Avery. Nick argued that Daniel was reacting emotionally, but Summer countered that Avery and Jack were letting their emotions rule their decisions, too, because love wouldn't magically make Phyllis better. Nick asked how Summer would feel about Phyllis being far away, and Summer said that she'd miss Phyllis a lot, but the most important thing was to give Phyllis the best shot of waking up. Nick warned that Phyllis might never wake up, but Summer maintained that they had to do more than just wish for it to happen.

Summer said that she needed Nick to help her do what was best, and she asked what he'd do if Summer were in Phyllis' situation. Nick said that he didn't have to imagine seeing his daughter fighting for her life, because he'd seen both Cassie and Summer do it. Summer recounted that he and Phyllis had gone to extremes by taking Summer to Europe for help. Summer questioned whether Phyllis deserved any less, and she thought that Nick owed both Phyllis and Summer that much.

Summer reiterated that Phyllis' best chance was rehab, and she asked Nick to talk to Avery. Nick promised that he would, but he wasn't sure if Avery would listen. Avery burst in and cheerfully greeted Summer, who started to leave. Avery vowed that everything would work out, and Summer hoped so. Summer pointedly glanced at Nick and departed. Avery was glad that Summer had stopped by to see Nick, but he said they needed to talk.

Avery surmised that Summer was worried that Daniel would take Phyllis to Georgia, but Nick informed her that Summer agreed with Daniel. Avery was shocked that Summer thought it was best for Phyllis to be a thousand miles away, and she remarked that both Summer and Daniel would be disappointed, because Avery had found a legal precedent that would end the debate. Avery excitedly pulled out her research, but Nick said that he didn't need to see it, because he thought that Summer was right.

Avery was stupefied that Nick wanted Phyllis to be away from her loved ones and to be treated like a guinea pig. Nick understood that everyone wouldn't agree, but he thought that the rehab center was the best option. Avery accused him of taking Summer's side to help win Summer back.

Lauren and Michael basked in the afterglow of their lovemaking, and she commented that she felt guilty being happy, because Phyllis was in the hospital. Michael said that Phyllis was recovering and that Phyllis would want him to make Lauren his priority. Lauren expressed relief that the nightmare with Carmine was over, but Michael couldn't be sure until Carmine was in jail. Michael received a text message, and he revealed that Phyllis had lapsed into a coma.

Daniel looked at a photo of him and Phyllis on his phone, and he peeked into Phyllis' hospital room. Inside, Jack apologized to a comatose Phyllis for fighting with Daniel, and he said that some people searched their entire lives to have what he and Phyllis had and never found it. Jack flashed back to surprising Phyllis with a candlelight dinner, and she had toasted to him for pulling out all the stops and knowing which ones to pull. Jack then recalled his first marriage proposal to Phyllis, and he begged her to return to him.

Lauren and Michael arrived at the hospital and hugged Daniel. Lauren asked if she could see Phyllis, and Daniel suggested that she join Jack in Phyllis' room, but he requested that Michael stay behind. Daniel asked Michael to do something for Phyllis. Daniel told Michael about the opposition to his plan to take Phyllis to Georgia, and Michael suggested a compromise, but Daniel said that a compromise wouldn't be what was best for Phyllis.

Michael stated that Phyllis wouldn't want to see her family fighting, but Daniel remarked that Phyllis loved a good fight. Daniel appealed to Michael to serve as Phyllis' best friend and to do what was best for her. Daniel answered a call from Heather, and Michael flashed back to Phyllis sobbing that she had no friends. Michael had pulled Phyllis into a comforting hug. Daniel asked if Michael would be Phyllis' advocate.

Lauren found it disturbing to see Phyllis so quiet, but Jack swore that Phyllis wouldn't be for long. Lauren quipped that four-inch heels couldn't take Phyllis down, and Jack joked that Phyllis was only allowed to wear flats from then on. Lauren wondered if Phyllis could hear them, and Jack was certain that their voices would inspire Phyllis to wake up.

Kyle showed up with a sandwich for Jack, and Jack recalled a picnic that he'd set up at a farm, because he had been determined to prove that the romance wasn't over after he and Phyllis had been married. Phyllis had seen wildflowers in a nearby pasture, and Jack had climbed the fence and had plucked some flowers, but he had soon spotted a bull staring at him. The bull had angrily headed straight for Jack, who had bolted over the fence and had landed in a pile of manure, but he had managed to hold on to the flowers. Jack recalled that Phyllis had laughed, and his voice broke as he recounted that she had said that she'd never forget the picnic as long as she lived. Kyle assured Jack that she hadn't forgotten.

Later, Michael and Lauren sat with Phyllis, and he informed Phyllis that he and Lauren were back on track. He suggested that the news was worth waking up for, and he started to break down as he said that it was time for Phyllis to wake up and beg him to get her out of an impossible situation. Lauren recalled that Phyllis had always done the craziest things, and she flashed back to Phyllis revealing that she was pregnant, despite doctors telling her that she couldn't conceive. Lauren called it a miracle, and Michael wished for another one.

Daniel thanked Michael and Lauren, and he said that Phyllis would appreciate it if she knew they were on Daniel's side. Daniel was sure that Phyllis would find a way back, and Michael said not to count her out. Daniel said that he was accustomed to fighting with Phyllis, and he flashed back to various arguments they'd had. Daniel wished that he could fight with her again.

Daniel told Michael and Lauren that he was thankful they were on his side. Jack overheard Michael and Lauren confirm their support of Daniel's stance, and Jack was incredulous. Michael offered to represent Daniel, and Jack scoffed at the thought that the Baldwins were Phyllis' friends. Daniel excused himself to see Phyllis, and Paul called Michael to report that Fen had been arrested for stealing drugs.

Daniel sat at Phyllis' bedside, and Jack walked in and quietly refused to fight with Daniel in front of Phyllis. Daniel agreed not to argue, and Jack kissed Phyllis' forehead. Daniel inquired whether Michael had changed Jack's mind, but Jack said no. Daniel suggested that they let a judge decide, and Jack realized that they had no other choice.

At Crimson Lights, Summer glumly sipped coffee as Kyle walked in. He offered to stay out of her way, but she said that she wanted to see him.

Friday, August 2, 2013

At Crimson Lights, Summer asked Kyle for a favor. She explained that Daniel had found a clinic in Georgia for coma patients, and she thought that Phyllis should be there. Summer reasoned that Phyllis wouldn't get better if they just held her hand and hoped for a miracle, and she wanted Kyle to convince Jack to let Phyllis go. Summer understood that Jack wanted to be close to Phyllis, but Summer thought that the best chance of recovery was for Phyllis to get treatment. Kyle didn't think that Jack would agree, and he was sure that Avery wouldn't.

Summer disclosed that she had asked Nick to talk to Avery. Summer recognized that it wasn't fair to ask Kyle to get in the middle, but she felt that she'd caused Jack enough pain. Kyle urged Summer not to blame herself for Nick's actions, but Summer thought that Jack would hate her for asking him to allow Phyllis' transfer. Kyle insisted that Jack could never hate his daughter, but Summer believed that Jack would accept the suggestion better from Kyle. Kyle contended that Jack needed to hear it from Summer, since Summer loved Phyllis as much as Jack did.

Nick insisted to Avery that the rehab center was in Phyllis' best interests. Avery argued that Phyllis should be with family for love and support, and Nick pointed out that Daniel and Lucy would be nearby in Georgia. Avery complained that Daniel and Lucy lived hours away from the facility, and Nick said that he and Avery could visit every other weekend. Avery snapped that it wasn't enough, and she barked that Nick hadn't considered Phyllis' best interests when he'd lied for years about Summer's paternity. Avery accused Nick of assuaging his guilt by sending Phyllis away.

Nick encouraged Avery to lash out at him if it helped her, but he stated that neither he nor Daniel was the enemy. Nick continued that Avery could tie it up in courts and that she might even be able to prevent the transfer, but he questioned what good that would do for Phyllis. Avery reiterated that Phyllis needed to be with her family, and Nick pointed out that Daniel was being proactive, like Phyllis would have been. Avery wailed that Phyllis' life was at stake, but Nick argued that it was no life to be unable to respond, and he thought it was worth the risk to take the chance.

Noah stopped by Sharon's house to drop off a doll that Faith had left in his car. Sharon said that Faith was spending the night with a friend, and she asked if Noah had talked to Nick about Phyllis. Noah reported that Phyllis might not wake up, and an aghast Sharon turned away to hide her horror. Sharon flashed back to her struggle with Phyllis on the stairs. Noah called Sharon's name and inquired whether she was okay, and she replied that she felt guilty. Noah wondered why.

Sharon said that she had treated Phyllis terribly for a long time, and Noah replied that it was obvious why Sharon wouldn't want to be friends with Phyllis. Sharon agreed, but she insisted that she hadn't wanted anything bad to happen to Phyllis, and she wished that she could help. Noah hated the fact that Summer was going through Phyllis' situation on top of everything else, and he pointedly commented that everyone had a breaking point.

At the hospital, Daniel told a comatose Phyllis how Lucy had grown, and Jack lamented that he'd missed out on Summer's childhood. Jack was unsure of how to move forward until Phyllis was better, because he had planned to marry Phyllis and to be a father to Summer, and he had wanted to spend his life with his two girls. Daniel pointed out that Jack could still do that, but he felt that Jack couldn't just stick his head in the sand and hope that it would happen. Jack allowed for the possibility that Phyllis wouldn't wake up, but it was killing him.

With Kyle's encouragement, Summer stepped into Phyllis' room. Jack informed her that Daniel was probably with Michael, discussing the "ridiculous" idea of moving Phyllis to Georgia. Summer wondered if Daniel was right, but Jack flatly stated that Daniel wasn't. Summer asserted that even the doctors didn't know, but Jack vowed to be by Phyllis' side when she woke up.

Summer questioned why Jack was willing to wait when treatment was available right away, and Jack argued that Phyllis needed them. Summer countered that they needed Phyllis more, and Jack conceded that he didn't know where he'd be without Phyllis. Summer assured Jack that he'd be able to stay clean, because he wasn't alone -- he had Kyle, his family, and Summer. They hugged.

Daniel thanked Kyle for being there for Summer, and Kyle remarked that she was his sister, too. Kyle said that he and Summer had been friends first, and he still wanted to be one to her. Nick and Avery arrived, and Kyle went to take a walk. Daniel assumed that Avery had gotten a court order, and he threatened to have Michael fight it, but Avery replied that he didn't have to. She agreed to let Phyllis go to the rehab facility, because after she'd given it a lot of thought, she'd realized that was what Phyllis would want. Daniel hugged her and thanked her, but she said to thank Nick for making her understand that some risks were worth taking.

Nick said that he didn't expect forgiveness, and he vowed that he wouldn't ever stop trying to make it up to Summer. Summer overheard and said that Nick didn't have to prove anything, because she knew how much Nick loved her. Summer reported that Jack had approved of Phyllis going to Georgia after Summer had told him how she felt. The group went to process the paperwork, and Sharon arrived and entered Phyllis' room. Sharon whimpered that she'd never meant for Phyllis to get hurt. Sharon hoped that Phyllis would wake up, but she also realized that she couldn't let Phyllis tell Nick about the paternity test.

Sharon insisted that she needed to be the one to tell Nick the truth, and she convinced herself that Phyllis wouldn't have fallen if Phyllis hadn't been impatient. Sharon thought that maybe things could still be the way they were supposed to be, and she wandered out into the corridor and ran into Noah, who asked what she was doing there. Sharon explained that she'd felt helpless after Noah had left, so she'd stopped by the hospital to see if she could do anything for Jack or Summer. Noah didn't think that was the reason, and he gently inquired whether Sharon was off her medication.

Summer entered Phyllis' room, and she implored Phyllis not to worry about her, because Phyllis needed to focus her energy on getting out of the coma. Summer said that there were plenty of people looking out for Summer in Genoa City, and she promised not to get into too much trouble. Summer proposed that Phyllis take one day to worry and that Summer take one day to cry, and then they'd put those feelings into a box and lock the box away. Summer declared that they had a deal, and she tearfully said that she loved Phyllis to infinity.

Nick visited Phyllis and said that he wasn't ready to say goodbye after all the times they'd broken up and started over again. He noted that no one could ever say that they were boring, and he flashed back to various passionate encounters and arguments with her. Nick said that there had never been a goodbye between them, because their paths had always crossed again. He took her hand and stated that he wouldn't say goodbye then, because he expected her to return someday.

Nick stepped out of the room, and Dr. Costner said that it was time. Jack asked for a moment alone, and he went into Phyllis' room and proclaimed that they had to make it official. He slid the engagement ring onto her finger and murmured that she'd make a beautiful bride. He pledged that he would wait for her, no matter how long it took.

At On the Boulevard, Dylan arrived in response to a message from Billy. Billy hoped that Dylan was still interested in construction work, because Billy needed help fixing his marriage. Billy explained that the fire at the Newman ranch had destroyed all the furniture in the house, including a bookcase that had been in Victoria's old room. Billy continued that Nikki and Victoria had picked out books from the shelf before bed, and Victoria had wanted the bookcase for her own little girl's room.

Billy thought a replacement bookcase might be a step on the long road to fix his marriage. He showed Dylan a picture of a bookcase that looked like Victoria's, and Dylan examined it and said that he could use the extra cash. Billy commented that Dylan's life would change forever once the baby arrived, and Dylan replied that he was counting on it.

At the coffeehouse, Chelsea sent a text message to inquire where Dylan was. Victoria approached with Johnny, and she hoped that Chelsea's message had cautioned Chloe to stay away from Billy. Chelsea ranted that she was tired of Victoria's demands, and she warned Victoria to stop threatening to tell Adam the truth about baby. Adam walked in and spotted them.

Adam asked if Victoria was bothering Chelsea, but Chelsea said that they had just been talking. Adam dryly inquired whether they had been sharing ideas about divorce, and Victoria retorted that she wasn't getting divorced. Adam observed that Victoria didn't seem happy, and Victoria countered that he had no idea what being happy meant. Adam said that he knew more than Victoria thought he did.

Adam noted that Victoria and Chelsea had been hanging out a lot, and Victoria huffed that the charges against him were an enjoyable topic, but Chelsea hadn't heard about them. Adam called it an erroneous allegation, but Victoria was sure that Victor wasn't happy about it. Adam said that Victor didn't buy into baseless accusations from a woman who hadn't been able to cut it at work. Adam added that people had tried to target him, but Victoria's attempts had been unsuccessful, and Melanie's would be, too.

Victoria found it hilarious that Adam's girlfriend had filed charges against him, and Adam clarified that Melanie hadn't been his girlfriend. Victoria mentioned that Melanie had attended a family function with Adam, but Adam explained that he had invited Melanie because she had helped with taking the company private. Victoria asserted that a lawyer wouldn't have gone to the EEOC without a case, and Adam told her to tell Billy to do his worst. Victoria wondered how Billy was involved, and Adam recalled that he'd seen Billy and Melanie in a very deep conversation over drinks.

After Victoria left, Adam and Chelsea made small talk about Phyllis and Jack. Chelsea mentioned that she wanted to drop off an advance copy of Summer's first ad layout to lift Summer's spirits. Adam thought that it would be a welcome distraction from Nick's lies of omission, and he commented that lies like those were always inevitably exposed. Adam passed by Dylan on his way out, and Chelsea assured Dylan that Adam hadn't given her a hard time. Dylan mentioned that he'd met with Billy about a furniture project for Victoria, and Chelsea seemed displeased.

Chelsea felt a contraction, but she concluded that it was a false one. Dylan asked if she was sure, and she said that it was gone. She asked more about his new project, and she rambled that Dylan already had a lot going on at the coffeehouse and the loft. Dylan said that it would only take a couple of weekends at Victoria's house, but Chelsea was opposed to him spending time away from her. Chelsea grabbed her belly and cried that she was in labor.

Melanie stopped by the police station to see Paul, and she asked him to arrest Adam for raping her. She claimed that it had occurred on the Fourth of July, and Paul wondered why she'd waited to say anything. She said that she had been afraid, because Adam had threatened to blacklist her, but she couldn't live with herself if he did it to someone else. Paul said that he could question Adam, but he would have to let Adam go without any physical proof. Melanie handed over some clothing and said that she had enough evidence to stand up in court.

Melanie told Paul that she'd met Adam at the Athletic Club to discuss business, and afterward, they'd decided to get a suite. She confirmed that she'd gone willingly and that they'd slept together before. She said that everything had been fine at first, and they had been kissing, but then things had suddenly changed. She alleged that Adam had confronted her about spying for Victor, and she had admitted that she'd been feeding Victor information. Melanie continued that Adam had been furious, and Adam had hissed that there was a price for betrayal. She tearfully claimed that she'd kept saying no, but Adam hadn't stopped.

Victoria stopped by On the Boulevard, and she told Billy that she'd dropped off Johnny with Nikki. Billy maintained that he wanted her and Johnny to move back in, but she replied that she wasn't there to discuss living arrangements. She revealed that she'd talked to Adam, and Billy quickly excused himself to tend bar. She noticed the bookcase sketch on the bar, and Billy said that he'd planned to build it as a surprise. She marveled that it looked like the bookcase from her old room, and Billy said that the point was to make a copy of it. Victoria was suspicious of the timing of the gesture.

Victoria recalled that she'd searched for a similar bookcase after the fire, but she hadn't been able to find one. Billy revealed that he'd hired Dylan to remake it, and she wondered why Billy had waited until then to do so. She surmised that Billy was giving up on their marriage, and Billy cautiously inquired whether Victoria was still on hormones. He assured her that the bookcase was intended as a sign of commitment to show how much he adored his wife. She asked if he wanted to back out, and he adamantly swore that he was doing all he could to get back in.

Victoria apologized for the misunderstanding, and Billy acknowledged that it had been a rocky road, but he hoped that they could revisit the prior plans they'd made. Adam arrived, and he exchanged snide comments with Victoria and Billy. Paul arrived and placed Adam under arrest for rape, while Melanie peered in from the entryway.

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