The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of November 11, 2013 on Y&R
Nikki hosted a Veterans Day charity benefit at the Underground. Avery and Dylan shared a kiss. Billy and Victoria attended a group therapy session. Kyle asked Victor for a job. The prison warden wanted Fen to become an informant.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of November 11, 2013 on Y&R
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Monday, November 11, 2013

At the Newman ranch, Victor cautioned Nikki not to jeopardize her health while organizing a benefit for veterans. Victor reminded Nikki that she was also involved with other charities. He asked why Nikki seemed particularly drawn to help veterans. Nikki said she'd been inspired by Dr. Rayburn, who had relied on the GI Bill to complete medical school. Victor agreed that Nikki was supporting a noble cause. Nikki explained that she wanted to be personally involved. Victor said he'd meet up with Nikki later at the Underground.

After Nikki left, Victor received a call from the investigator he'd hired. Victor was surprised to learn that someone had witnessed the hit-and-run accident that had killed Delia. The investigator later met with Victor at the ranch. The private investigator explained that the eyewitness had some legal problems, so he'd been hesitant to approach the police. The investigator noted that the witness had identified the exact model of SUV and recalled that "G" was the first letter on the vehicle's license plate. Victor instructed the investigator to quickly locate the person who'd been involved in the hit-and-run.

At Chancellor Park, Dylan and Stitch tossed a football back and forth and fondly remembered their fallen comrade, Sully. Stitch asked Dylan if he planned to participate in Genoa City's Veterans Day Parade and afterward attend Nikki's benefit. Dylan shook his head and said he needed to attend to payroll. Stitch hurled the football at a stone wall. Dylan said, "What the hell was that?" Stitch replied, "It was your life passing you by."

Dylan said he was working through his problems with the help of a therapist. Stitch noted that many veterans needed help. Stitch encouraged Dylan to offer his support to his fellow veterans. Dylan insisted that he was unfit to be of help to his fellow soldiers. Stitch said, "Do it for Sully and all the guys we lost over there."

At Crimson Lights, Avery drew the wrong conclusion when she witnessed Nick returning a misplaced bracelet to Sharon. Avery heard Nick tell Sharon the he'd found the bracelet in his blanket. After Sharon walked away, Avery confronted Nick. Avery said, "So, you and Sharon?" Nick replied, "Sharon what?" Befuddled, Avery said, "You don't owe me an explanation." Nick agreed that he didn't owe Avery an explanation, and he hastily left.

Sharon approached Avery. Sharon said that she and Nick weren't sleeping together. Sharon added that she and Nick spent time together only for Faith's benefit. Avery seemed unconvinced. Sharon admitted that she'd made poor choices and hoped not to behave improperly in the future. Avery, doubting Sharon's sincerity, left abruptly to take a phone call.

Dylan approached Sharon and asked if she planned to attend Nikki's benefit. Sharon noted that Nikki and Victor weren't fond of her. Sharon said that she'd made a donation in Sullivan's honor because she feared Dylan might not approve if she'd given a donation in his honor. Dylan replied, "And you were right. How is it that you get me?"

Sharon caressed Dylan's hand and said, "We all have things to get past. Nobody's life is a clean slate." Sharon mentioned her own battle with mental issues and said that she'd been attending weekly therapy sessions that helped her face her emotions head-on. Dylan agreed that facing one's problems was the only way to "get to the other side." Sharon said, "You really do deserve to be happy."

After Sharon left, Avery returned from the patio and asked Dylan how he was doing. Dylan replied, "It's Veterans Day. I'd be doing a hell of a lot better if people stopped asking me how I'm doing." Dylan said he couldn't face seeing people at the benefit because most of them knew what had happened with Connor. Avery said that most to the attendees were vets or friends of vets and would definitely understand why he'd run away with Connor. Dylan said he didn't wish to be on display as a prime example of a former combat solder suffering from posttraumatic stress. Avery offered to accompany Dylan and support him.

At Adam's penthouse, Chelsea was anxious for Adam to receive word from the "contacts" he'd hired to privately investigate Delia's accident. Chelsea noted that the least they could do was help find the person who had struck Delia before driving away. Chelsea said that she and Adam were indebted to Chloe and Billy because they'd generously agreed to donate Delia's corneas to Connor. Chelsea noted that Billy, wanting nothing in return, only hoped that Connor could enjoy a full life. Chelsea added, "Perhaps you and Billy might even become friends." Adam replied, "I can assure you that will not be the outcome."

At Billy and Victoria's, Billy sat on the floor in the dark living room, staring at his laptop screen. Billy fixed his gaze on Delia's photo. The photo of a Delia, smiling broadly, was displayed on a website offering support to parents who had lost a child to a violent crime. Victoria said she planned to meet the sitter and Johnny at the park and would later stop by her mother's benefit. Before Victoria stepped out the door, Billy thanked her for not pushing him to attend the festive parade. Victoria nodded and left.

After Victoria left, Billy typed a message and posted it on the website. He wrote, "My little girl was taken from me by a hit-and-run driver. How do I get the justice I need? How do I make sure the person pays?" An anonymous commenter explained that he'd dreamed about exacting his own justice by taking the life of the person who'd killed his little boy. Billy read the message repeatedly. Billy retrieved a black case from the top of a closet, set the case on a table, and removed a handgun. Later, at an indoor firing range, Billy loaded the handgun with ammunition and fired multiple times at a target.

Chelsea, pushing baby Connor in a stroller, met with Victoria in the park. Victoria explained that Johnny and his nanny had chosen to visit the petting zoo over attending the parade. Chelsea and Victoria discussed how Chloe and Billy were dealing with the loss of Delia. Victoria noted that nothing seemed to be helping Billy. Victoria said that Billy was torn up inside, knowing that the killer was still on the loose. Chelsea said, "Not for long."

Victoria, puzzled by Chelsea's comment, replied, "You know something, don't you?" Chelsea said, "Adam reached out to some of his old contacts. He offered a lot of money to the person who could track down the hit-and-run driver." Victoria, surprised, asked why Adam had become involved. Chelsea shrugged and replied, "Why would Adam do anything? Maybe I shouldn't have said anything to you, but if anybody can find the man responsible for this, it's Adam." Victoria seemed encouraged.

Victoria stopped by Adam's penthouse. When Adam opened the door, Victoria walked in and said, "I'm onto you." Victoria added, "Could it be that you're not as heartless as you'd like us all to think?" Victoria said she knew that Adam was helping track down the person who had struck Delia. Adam sighed and said, "Chelsea shouldn't have said anything to you." Victoria noted that Chelsea hadn't intended to say anything, but perhaps she felt it might help Billy if he knew someone was helping with the search.

Victoria said that Billy refused to leave the house and had focused his energy on reading message boards and chatting online with other parents trying to cope with the loss of a child. Victoria added, "When I think about how Billy's entire world stopped when he found Dee Dee by the side of the road and realize that the person who ran her down is still going on with life -- where is the justice in that?" After Victoria left, Adam found the online support page and read Billy's post. Adam read, "My little girl was taken from me by a hit-and-run driver. How do I get the justice I need? How do I make sure the person pays?" Adam looked away from the screen, but each time he glanced back, the word "justice" stood out.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Devon joined Jill and Jack. Jill told Devon that she and Jack were plotting to thwart Victor's plan to merge Newman Enterprises and Chancellor Industries. Jill added that Devon, while being mentored by Victor, could carefully observe and report how Victor conducted business and with whom he collaborated. Jack noted that he didn't agree with Jill about using Devon in such a way. Devon asked Jill if she was recruiting him to spy on Victor. Jill claimed that she was merely asking him to keenly observe Victor. Jill added that Devon would be fulfilling Katherine's final wishes.

Both Devon and Jack questioned Jill and asked why she believed Katherine had decreed such a plan. Katherine had hoped, Jill surmised, that she could prove herself by gaining control of Chancellor Industries. Jill said that if her plan proved successful, it would mean that she was qualified to lead the company into the future. Devon didn't hide his anger when Hilary approached and said, "Hello, everyone! Reporting for duty."

Jack noted that Neil had recommended hiring Hilary. Jill explained that she'd chosen Devon after Hilary proposed planting a mole at Victor's company. Devon rose from his chair and said, "Un-enlist me because I'm not about to spy on a man who has done nothing but support me and who also happens to be a longtime friend of my father's." After Devon left, Jack said, "Should I bother to say, 'I told you so?'" Jill said Devon would change his mind after he became more involved with and got to know Victor. Jack left.

Hilary took a seat. Jill said, "Well, that's the last time I listen to you." Hilary said that Jill had chosen the wrong person to enlist as a mole. Hilary warned that Devon might expose their plan to Victor and ruin their opportunity to infiltrate Victor's company. Hilary said that she knew Jill's sordid history. Hilary added that she was aware that Jill had been given many second chances. Hilary said she, too, deserved a second chance.

Nikki helped Nick decorate the Underground for the Veterans Day event. Nikki told Nick that Ben Rayburn, one of Dylan's friends, would be an honoree. Nick said, "Don't worry, Mom. I'm not going to do anything to ruin this day for you. I will steer clear of Dylan."

Victor arrived and greeted Cane. Victor told Cane that he had a place at Newman-Chancellor if he wanted it. Abby and Tyler arrived and greeted Victor. After Abby, Tyler, and Cane stepped away, Nick greeted his father. Victor told Nick that Noah possessed an enormous talent for business. Victor added, "I hope he sticks around."

At the bar, Nikki told Stitch that she was pleased with the great turnout, and she asked if Dylan might show up. Stitch shrugged and said that Dylan was stubborn. Victor greeted Neil and Leslie. Nikki joined them, and Neil praised Nikki for organizing an amazing event. Nikki asked Victor to introduce Cane and Neil to the honored guests gathered on the other side of the bar.

After the men walked away, Leslie asked Nikki if she'd told Dylan that he was her son. Nikki replied, "Will you please keep your voice down? I haven't said anything to him." Leslie said, "It's not my secret to reveal, so you're safe, for now."

Jack and Kyle arrived. Kyle told his dad that it was nice of Nikki to throw a party for him. Jack replied, "Yeah, right." Kyle said that his dad deserved to be honored just as much as the other veterans. Jack noted that people had reacted differently to Vietnam veterans.

Jack seemed concerned when he noticed Devon and Victor carrying on a private discussion across the room. Neil approached Jack and said he hoped Devon would take their advice and steer clear of Victor. Jack said, "As far as I'm concerned, there's not a good enough reason to get involved with that man." Neil and Jack watched Devon pat Victor on the shoulder as the two men parted. Neil and Jack seemed wary of Devon's association with Victor.

Victor approached the podium and said he had an announcement. Nikki, concerned, asked Victor what he was doing. Victor kissed Nikki's cheek and said, "Don't worry." Victor told the guests that Nikki had invested much time organizing the event. He added, "This is not just a worthy cause that we're supporting tonight. This is a very personal one." Victoria arrived as Victor noted that he might be catching his wife off-guard with his announcement. Nikki seemed worried about what Victor might say.

Victor invited all veterans present to apply for positions at Newman-Chancellor Industries. Victor told the men and women present that they deserved an opportunity to apply for a good job because they were more than qualified. Victor added that the nation was a land of opportunity, thanks to the thousands of men and women in uniform who had bravely defended the country. Guests applauded Victor's announcement.

Devon approached Jack and said, "Wow. Even you're applauding Victor. He must be doing something right." Devon noted that Victor was doing good things. Devon added that he was certain Katherine would approve, and he pleaded with Jack to stop fighting with Victor.

Victoria greeted her mother with an embrace. Nikki laughed and said she could always count on Victor for surprises. Victoria replied, "He's not the only one. Wait until you hear who wants to help us out." Nikki seemed eager for Victoria to elaborate.

Tyler invited Abby to begin her birthday celebration a day early. Abby told Kyle that she and Tyler were leaving. Nikki took her place behind the podium and addressed her guests. She announced that her battle with multiple sclerosis had taught her that it wasn't easy to bravely face adversity every day. Nikki saw Avery and Dylan enter. Nick glared at Dylan. Nikki said, "Your courage is born out of love -- love for your country and its ideals, love for your friends, your neighbors, and your family. You truly are my heroes."

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

At Nikki's Veterans Day fundraiser, Victor grumbled to Victoria that Dylan had a lot of nerve to show up with Nick's fiancée. Victoria clarified that Avery was Nick's ex-fiancée, and she contended that Dylan shouldn't have to explain why he was there. Victoria asserted that nothing would have kept Nick and Avery apart if they had been meant to be together and that Dylan had been a good friend when Billy had needed one.

Nikki mingled with the guests, but she kept a close eye on Dylan. Paul arrived and declared that he didn't express enough how much he appreciated the service of veterans, and he handed her a contribution. Nikki revealed that she'd raised over $100,000 already, but Paul spotted Dylan, and he imagined that Nikki was looking to do more than just help a good cause. She hoped that getting people together for a charitable reason might ease tensions.

Avery implored Dylan to try to relax, and he said that he felt lost in a room full of people. Avery assured him that there were people who wanted him there, but Dylan contended that he'd made an appearance, and he started to head to the door. Avery wouldn't let him leave, because he'd fought for his country, and the community wanted to acknowledge him. Stitch said that he was glad Dylan had made it, and Avery asked Stitch to help convince Dylan to stay.

Avery went to get drinks, and she literally ran into Nick. She explained that she'd thought it was important for Dylan to attend, and Nick agreed that Dylan should be there. She looked away for a moment as she praised Nick for hosting the event, but when she turned around, he was no longer there. Leslie noted that Avery and Dylan had made quite the entrance, and Avery commented that certain people weren't pleased, but it was important that Dylan be there. Leslie asked if that was because Dylan was a vet or because of whose son he was.

Dylan introduced Stitch to Victoria, who said that her mother had mentioned Stitch. Stitch called Nikki a special lady, and Victoria reported that Nikki had said nothing but nice things about Stitch. Stitch excused himself to say hello to someone, and Victoria assured Dylan that he was welcome there, despite Nick and Victor's cold attitudes. Dylan asked how she and Billy were doing, and she replied that she was hanging in, but her voice trailed off when she mentioned Billy.

Jack greeted Victor, who thought that Jack would be off licking his wounds. Jack asserted that Victor overestimated the amount of thought Jack gave to Victor, but Victor doubted it. Jack declared that he was there to honor his fellow vets and to support Victor's wife, and he ordered Victor to show some respect. Victor refused to kowtow to Jack.

Stitch introduced Dylan to Gene Scarborough, who had been deployed in Iraq. Gene recounted that he'd been messed up after he returned home, and he'd ended up living on the streets with anger issues and a drinking problem. Gene continued that he'd lost everything, but he'd eventually pulled himself together and reached out, and he'd worked ever since to get vets the help they needed and to raise awareness. Meanwhile, Paul observed that Nikki was staring at Dylan. She admitted that she was worried about Dylan, because it was obvious he was going through something tough, and Paul commented that Dylan wasn't alone.

Dylan commended Gene for rebuilding his life after he'd lost everything, and he considered Gene to be a true hero. Dylan praised Gene for making guys like Dylan admit that they needed help before everything spun out of control, and he was grateful that there were people like Gene who were there to assist when things went off the rails. Dylan realized that the crowd had grown silent as they listened to his words. Dylan declared that there was no shame in needing help, and he'd once felt like he'd had no support, but in that very room, he'd found people who were willing to lend a hand.

Nikki told Dylan that she knew that he hadn't meant for the entire room to overhear him, but everyone thought that he was incredibly brave, and she was proud of him. Nikki pulled Dylan into a hug as Nick, Avery, and Victor all separately watched the exchange. Nikki walked away, and Jack approached Dylan and thanked him for his service. Dylan returned the sentiment, and Kyle told Jack that seeing the soldiers who'd given it their all had made him consider enlisting. Jack joked that Kyle might have to cut his hair, and Kyle replied that if Jack could do it, then Kyle could, too.

Victor watched Nikki talk to Paul, and Stitch said that it was good to see Victor. Victor inquired whether Nikki's emotional reaction to Dylan's speech could have been an indication that the event was too upsetting for her, but Stitch simply stated that Nikki was an amazing woman, and he was honored to be one of her doctors. Victor urged Stitch to treat her as if she were part of his own family, and Stitch agreed. Meanwhile, Cane harassed Mason at the bar, but Neil intervened and argued that Cane had been given a second chance or two in life, too.

Devon told Nikki that it was a great event, and he handed her a donation. She gasped at his generosity, and he stated that it was a worthy cause. Mason remarked that it sounded like Devon was doing great things with his inheritance, and Devon recalled that Mason had advised him to buy fancy toys. Mason mentioned that he'd seen Devon's car outside, and it looked like Devon had been doing a bit of both. Devon ordered a beer and handed Mason a credit card to open a tab. Mason stared at the card.

Mason asked Nick what had happened with the freezer, and Nick reported that it had been fixed. Mason imagined that it had been a challenge for Nick to be trapped in there with Sharon, but Nick directed him to take care of the customers. Victor overheard and asked Nick how Sharon had been involved, but Nick insisted that it had been nothing.

Avery told Dylan that his speech had been moving, and he replied that it was the last one he'd ever make in his life. Nick watched them as they departed together. Victoria surmised that it bugged Nick to see Dylan with Avery, and he admitted that it was killing him, but there was nothing he could do. He wondered what was up with Nikki and Dylan's dramatic hug, and Victor joined them and said that Nikki had simply been swept up in her emotions.

Later, at the ranch, Nikki wanted nothing more than a hot tub and Victor to scrub her back. Victor made her promise not to do anything stressful for the rest of the week, and she said that it had been good to see Victoria. Nikki relayed that Victoria had told her about the advice Victor had given regarding Billy. Victor said that he didn't always agree with Victoria's choices, but he loved his daughter, and nothing was more important than his family's happiness.

Victor informed Nikki that he'd drawn a bath for her upstairs, and she thanked him for everything he'd done that day. She said that his plea for companies to hire veterans had touched her, and he remarked that he had spoken to several soldiers, including Stitch. Nikki surmised that Victor had tried to pick Stitch's brain about her health, and she warned him not to go behind her back. Victor contended that he loved her, so he was curious about her condition. He asked if there was anything else she was holding back.

At Crimson Lights, Avery acknowledged that it had been a difficult day for Dylan, but Dylan noted that Nikki had gone out of her way to be nice, and Avery hesitantly agreed. Dylan wondered what he was missing, and Avery said that the event had stirred up memories of her wondering if he'd been safe. She confided that she'd written emails to him to say that she'd regretted ending their relationship, but she'd never sent them. She added that she'd never known how deeply she could love someone or what real terror felt like until she had been alone and missing him. He leaned in and kissed her, and she responded. Dylan apologized, but she told him not to.

Summer visited Fen in prison, and he was clearly happy to see her. She remarked that she'd had to stop by as his friend, but it wasn't the only reason, because it just as easily could have been her in there. Summer shuddered at the creepy way the prisoners had eyed her on her way in, and Fen advised her not to let them see that she was afraid. Summer asked if Fen had seen Michael, and he recounted that Michael had told him how to act. She tearfully inquired whether Fen would be okay, and he assured her that he would be.

Fen questioned what Summer had meant when she'd said that she could have been the one in prison, and Summer acknowledged that she'd been headed down a bad path with the bullying and acting out, but she'd gotten through it, while his life had spiraled out of control. Fen insisted that it wasn't her fault, but she didn't understand why he'd gotten mixed up with drugs after he'd been through rehab. Fen explained that it wasn't fair that Michael was in jail for murdering Carmine when Michael had only confessed to protect Fen.

Fen said that the night of the shooting was kind of hazy in his mind, and he remembered pulling the trigger but not what had led up to it. Summer wished that she'd been there for him, but he said that he'd screwed up on his own with help from some friends in the wrong crowd. He warned her that he'd learned that Courtney was heavy into pills, but Summer argued that she would have known if Courtney had been taking drugs. Fen hoped that it was just a rumor, but he urged Summer to check. She thanked him for letting her know, and she promised to be a better friend.

Summer stopped by the Underground and was surprised that the party was over, and she told Nick that she'd lost track of time while visiting Fen. Jack asked her about Fen, and she revealed that Fen had dealt drugs and had claimed that he'd shot Carmine. Summer explained that Fen was trying to help Michael, but Fen was only making things worse. Summer couldn't believe that Michael would go to prison for ten years for something he hadn't done, but Nick and Jack agreed that Michael's actions made sense.

Nick explained that something changed when people had kids, and Jack added that children became the center of a parent's universe. Summer couldn't believe that Michael would lie to a judge about killing someone, but Nick and Jack both understood Michael's choice to be separated from his family rather than to see his son do hard time.

At the Athletic Club, Lauren wailed to Jill that Michael was in solitary confinement and that Fen had refused to see her. Jill thought that Lauren could take solace in having dear friends in high places, and she stated that Paul and Christine would never let Lauren down. Lauren thanked Jill for her support, especially with everything else going on with Jill's family. Jill lamented that Billy was in his own world, and she wondered how she and Lauren would get through their problems. Lauren remarked that she was glad they had one another.

Jill offered to take some pressure off Lauren by helping at Fenmore's, but Lauren said that she would go nuts without her work. Lauren added that she had to keep her mind off of thinking about all she couldn't do for Michael and Fen, and Jill hated that they both felt helpless because they couldn't help their loved ones. Lauren appreciated that Jill had made a concrete offer to help, and Jill suggested that they just needed to dive in and do something.

After Jill left, Paul arrived, and Lauren asked if Christine had been able to transfer Fen, but Paul reported that the higher-ups weren't cooperating. Lauren complained that she couldn't sleep, because she kept thinking of the horrible things that could happen in prison. She mentioned that a recent phone hang-up had made her want to crawl out of her skin, and Paul didn't want to add to the strain, but he needed to talk to her about some additional evidence from the shooting. He informed her that forensics had found an Athletic Club napkin in the alley, and the napkin had contained traces of Lauren's DNA.

Lauren said that the napkin made no sense, because she hadn't even eaten at the banquet. Paul reported that there had been lipstick on the napkin, and he wondered if she could have taken it with her when she'd left the club. She theorized that perhaps she had blotted her lips and that Carmine had picked up the napkin as a sick memento. Paul conceded that it could have happened, but he also knew that Michael hadn't committed murder and that Michael was covering for either Fen or Lauren. Lauren pointed out that Carmine had other enemies, but Paul said that there was nothing he could do if she wouldn't tell the truth. He begged her to at least get one of her men out of prison.

Lauren maintained that she had nothing more to say, and Paul warned that things would only get worse for the Baldwin family. She begged Paul to have Christine transfer Fen to a safer block for a month, but Paul pointed out that Fen would likely be convicted of new charges. Lauren declared that they'd cross that bridge when they had to, and Paul realized that she wouldn't give an inch. Paul told her to call him or Christine if she just wanted to talk, but he vowed not to stop pursuing the evidence until he got the truth. He left, and Lauren's phone rang, but no one responded when she answered.

Billy returned home and called out for Victoria and Hannah. When he didn't receive a response, he took out his gun and gazed at it. He locked it in its case and put it on a shelf in the closet. Billy looked at his online post about how to get justice for Delia's death.

Jill stopped by to see Billy with some food for his entire family. She informed him that she'd spoken to his restaurant manager to make sure that things were running smoothly, and he thanked her. Jill promised that she wouldn't ask how Billy was doing or offer any advice, because she couldn't take his pain away, but she wanted to do what she could. He said that he'd found his own ways to cope, but she intended to keep doing things for him, and she hoped that in time he'd open up. Jill knew that everyone dealt with grief differently, and she didn't know how to reach Billy, but she prayed that someone would.

Later, Billy demanded to speak to a supervisor on the phone, and Victoria arrived home with Johnny. Billy slammed down the phone, and he growled that the cable company had messed up the bill again. He intended to call back to try to get someone human, and Victoria sympathized. Victoria tried to get him to take Johnny, but Billy grumbled that he didn't want to play. Victoria contended that Johnny loved him and wanted to cheer him up, and Billy stared at his son.

Victoria told Johnny to say goodnight to his daddy, and she said that Johnny wanted Billy to hold him. Billy placed Johnny on his lap, and Victoria murmured that Johnny had missed him. Billy told Johnny that he was sorry that he hadn't been around for Johnny, but he would try to do better, and he hugged the boy.

After Victoria put Johnny down to sleep, she descended the stairs and called Billy's name. With a trembling voice, Billy admitted that she was right, and he needed help. He broke down and sobbed in her arms.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Abby and Traci dropped in on Jack to tell him that Billy had turned a corner and had agreed to go to grief counseling with Victoria. Kyle arrived home with pastries for Abby. The Abbotts celebrated Abby's birthday, ate the sweets, and were thankful that Billy was better. Abby thanked everyone for the impromptu celebration, but Jack said that he had a special birthday dinner planned for the whole family.

Abby was touched but regretfully told Jack that she had made other plans. Jack made a casual reference about a tea party, and the happy mood was momentarily broken as they all thought about Delia. As Kyle walked Abby to the door, Traci stayed behind with Jack. She told him that they were all reeling from Delia's loss. Jack shared that if it had not been for Neil, he might have fallen off the wagon.

Jack also shared that Neil's support made him feel bad about trying to recruit Devon to be a mole in Victor's company. Jack told Traci that he could not stand a bully but assured her that he would not start a fight with Victor. Kyle overheard. Jack noticed Kyle and said that he needed to gather some things for a meeting and left the room.

Kyle told Traci that he had freaked out when he heard how close Jack had been to taking a drink. Traci said that Jack had proven that he had a support system and had shown tremendous strength of character. Kyle felt that Phyllis had helped Jack and surmised that Jack missed her support. Traci told Kyle not to worry. She said that they could all help by minimizing the stress that Jack felt. Jack returned. He and Kyle left for their meeting.

At the Athletic Club, Tyler told Noah that he had something special planned for Abby. Noah joked about how Tyler had become a one-woman man since he had met Abby. Tyler said that he had never met anyone like Abby, but he was glad that he had. Victor joined them. He said he had big plans for Abby. Tyler was very respectful when he told Victor that he did not want to interfere, but he had made special plans for Abby's birthday.

Victor complimented Tyler, and Tyler returned the sentiments. Victor said it was good to know that Tyler was taking care of Abby. Tyler replied that Abby was lucky to have a family that cared so much. Victor told Noah and Tyler to remember that family always came first. Abby arrived.

Victor presented his gift, which was a silver nameplate denoting Abby as chief executive of the lifestyle division. Victor offered Abby a job working with Victor, Noah, and Victoria at the new Newman-Chancellor combine. Abby politely refused, despite Victor's attempts to sway her. Abby said that she was happy at Jabot and proud of her accomplishments. Victor understood. She left with Tyler after Victor wished her a happy birthday.

Noah told Victor that he was proud of how Victor had handled Abby's rejection. Victor replied that he still had his grandson. Noah joked that if Victor offered him a chief executive position on his birthday, Noah would not turn it down. Victor laughed, and Noah greeted Jack as Noah left the club.

Jack acknowledged Victor, who said everything was going as planned. Jack noticed the nameplate with Abby's name on it and jumped to the conclusion that Victor had stolen Abby away from Jabot. Victor let Jack believe it, but Jack realized that Abby had turned Victor down and taunted Victor, whom he called a megalomaniac.

As Kyle listened, Victor warned Jack not to try to retaliate. Victor told Jack that the stress of going after Victor could easily stress Jack so much that Jack would be pressured into old habits. Jack joined Kyle at another table. Jack told Kyle that despite what Jack had said to Traci, he intended to go after Victor. Kyle volunteered to go to work for Victor and be Jack's mole.

Tyler took Abby to the park, where a dining table, laid out with silver and white linen, awaited them. Abby was delighted with Tyler's thoughtful gift. They each admitted how much they cared for the other. Eventually Abby said that she was cold. Tyler kidded her and asked what had happened to the girl who loved the outdoors. Abby told him that had been before November turned to January.

Tyler said he could warm Abby up, and they kissed for a while. Eventually Abby declared that she needed hot chocolate. As they got up to leave, Tyler dropped his phone. When he picked it up, it showed several missed calls from Tyler's ex, Mariah.

Cane and Lily were alone in the club steam room, where they hoped to sweat out the future for their family. Cane said that after seeing the tension between Jack and Victor, he was very glad that he had turned down Victor's offer, which Lily felt had been an insult anyway, after Katherine had specifically named Cane as CEO of Chancellor.

As they tried to narrow down what kind of business that they could create, Cane said that he wanted to work with his beautiful wife and have the freedom to live life to the fullest and enjoy his children. Lily said that she did not know if she was more turned on by what Cane had said or by his gorgeous physique.

They started kissing, and Lily said that they should leave, but Cane locked the steam room door instead. Later, they laughed about how hot and sweaty they were. They were chagrinned when another patron walked in, and Cane realized that he had not locked the door.

Michael finally got to see the warden. He told the warden that he would become an informer if Fen were given a reduced sentence. Fen, meanwhile, was approached by a con named Womack, who had helped Fen out earlier and was offering Fen advice. Fen said that he was keeping to himself. Womack said that the punks were cutting Fen out of the herd and wanted him alone. Fen said that he had not needed Womack's help in the cafeteria earlier.

Womack said that had only been a test and that the punks would be after Fen as soon as he was in an unguarded place, like the laundry room or shower. Fen asked what Womack wanted. Womack asked what Fen was offering. Fen asked why Womack was in prison and was told, "Bad luck." Womack advised Fen not to ask questions. Fen shot back that he was in prison for murder.

Christine arrived to see the warden and Michael. She showed them Womack's file and said that her office would like information on him. The warden left to think over Michael's proposition. Christine was livid that Michael continued to lie. She accused him of covering for Fen, but Michael said that she did not have children and did not understand. Christine said that she understood that Fen needed to take responsibility for his own actions.

Michael insisted that Fen would not survive and needed help. Christine asked who would help Michael. Michael begged Christine to help get Fen out and back to rehab. The warden returned and said that he liked Michael's plan, but since Michael was known to be the former D.A., the warden did not think that Michael would be able to get close enough to find out what was needed. Instead, said the warden, Fen was already getting close to Womack, so Fen, not Michael, would become the informant.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Neil returned home and found lit candles everywhere, and an apron-clad Leslie greeted him. He thought that she'd be working late, but she reported that the police had turned up new evidence to prove her client innocent, so she was all his. Neil considered taking a dozen doughnuts to the station the next day, and Leslie remarked that it would be a nice change from the grief the police had gotten for not solving Delia's case. She recalled that it had taken over a decade to find her mom's murderer, and Neil hoped that it wouldn't take that long to find the person responsible for Delia's death.

Leslie said that Tyler had inspired her when he'd called to get one of their mother's recipes to make for Abby, and Leslie had decided to make her mom's meatloaf. Neil assumed that Tyler had it bad for Abby, and Leslie admitted that she hadn't seen Tyler that happy in a long time. Neil expressed relief that Tyler had stopped pursuing Lily, and Leslie explained that Tyler had played it safe to avoid commitment after his breakup with his fiancée. She noted that it had always been hard for both her and Tyler to open up to people, and Neil implored Leslie to let go of her guilt and get on with her life. Leslie replied that since Hilary had forgiven Neil, he could do the same thing.

The smoke alarm went off, and Leslie ran to the kitchen and pulled the burned meatloaf out of the oven. She wailed that it wasn't good, but Neil suggested that they just cover it in ketchup or steak sauce. She warned that he might break a tooth, and she dumped the meatloaf on the table, where it fell with an audible thud. He admitted that it sounded like a brick, and they laughed. She hoped that Tyler was having a better night.

In the park, Tyler said that it was supposed to be a clear night, and Abby wondered if the overcast skies had caused his quiet mood. He apologized, and he said that he'd been thinking about how seriously happy he was. She declared that it was the best birthday present he could give her, and he jokingly asked if he could take back the gift he'd bought for her. She replied that he couldn't, but she might, because she was notoriously hard to shop for. He said that he wasn't worried, and they kissed.

Abby suggested that she and Tyler go someplace warmer, and she purred that her place was private and empty, so they could start a fire and take off their clothes. Tyler said that there was something he wanted to show her first, because he had a surprise for her. She squealed that she loved surprises, but he told her that she had to wait. She playfully grabbed him in an effort to get him to tell her, and something fell out of his pocket. She picked up his phone, and she saw a string of calls from Mariah.

Abby said that she couldn't blame Mariah, and Tyler was surprised that Abby wasn't mad. Abby pointed out that he hadn't answered the calls, and Tyler maintained that Abby was the only woman for him. He said that he loved Abby, and he reached into the picnic basket and pulled out some peach cobbler that he'd made for her. She gushed that it was her favorite, and he said it was a special birthday cobbler, so she had to make a wish. He lit a single candle on the cobbler, and she thought for a moment before she blew it out.

Abby called it amazing, and Tyler again remarked that he'd thought the sky would be clear. She clarified that she'd been talking about the cobbler, and he disclosed that it had been his mother's recipe. He asked what Abby had wished for, but his phone rang. He said that he wasn't interested in what Mariah had to say, and he didn't want Mariah to ruin Abby's birthday. Abby considered it a gift if Tyler took care of it, and she stated that it was possible to make someone's wish happen without ever knowing what it was. Abby wandered off to give him some privacy.

Tyler called Mariah, and he reiterated that they weren't getting back together. Abby returned as Tyler admitted that he loved someone else a lot, and he demanded that Mariah stop calling. He hung up, and Abby kissed him. He asked if Abby was happy, she said that it was the best birthday ever. He said that he had one more gift, and it might be just about the right time to give it to her. Abby begged him to tell her what it was, and he hinted that it was shiny, sparkly, and one of a kind.

Tyler set up a telescope, and he explained that Abby should be able to see her gift if the clouds cut them some slack. He pointed out a cluster of stars, and he highlighted the bright one in the middle. He proclaimed that it was hers, and he handed her a paper scroll and said that it had been the one thing he could think of that she didn't have. She repeated that it was the best birthday ever, and they kissed. He remarked that while it was her star, it was also a gift for him, because when they weren't together, he just had to look up and find the star, and he'd be home. Tyler softly added that was what she was to him, and a touched Abby hugged him tightly.

At the Abbott mansion, Kyle confronted Jack about bolting during their earlier conversation. Jack claimed that he'd had a budget meeting, and Kyle asked if Jack had given any thought to their discussion. Jack turned the topic to Jabot's financial performance, but Kyle reiterated that he wanted to be on the inside at Newman-Chancellor. Kyle added that Victor trusted Kyle, and he wondered why Jack didn't.

Jack insisted that he trusted Kyle, but he grumbled that it was bad enough that Summer was caught in the war between Jack and Victor. Jack asserted that Kyle shouldn't have to choose between the men, but Kyle said that there was no choice, because he was an Abbott. Kyle pleaded with Jack to let him help hurt Victor, but Jack warned that it could be dangerous, and he referred to what Victor had done to Adam for simply allowing Jack to invest. Kyle said that they were different situations, but Jack contemplated how Victor would react to a direct betrayal. Kyle swore that Victor wouldn't find out, but Jack refused to let Kyle work for Victor.

Hilary dropped off contracts for Jack to sign, and she apologized for interrupting when she saw that he was with Kyle. Jack signed the documents, and he introduced Kyle as his son. Kyle hoped that Hilary was up for the job, and Jack bragged that she spoke three languages and had multiple degrees. Jack left to take a phone call, and Kyle complimented Hilary's résumé, since Jack needed a competent assistant. She pledged to take as much pressure off Jack as possible, and Kyle commented that they should both do everything they could to make things easier for Jack.

Jack reentered and was surprised that Hilary was still there. She informed him that she and Kyle had been making a list of the Chancellor employees who might be willing to be the inside source, and Jack tersely instructed Kyle to prepare for a research meeting. Kyle left, and Hilary apologized if she'd overstepped, but she had assumed that Kyle was in on the plan. Jack revealed that Kyle wanted to be involved, but Jack wouldn't use kids to fight his battles the way Victor had.

Adam started his car, and a radio announcer berated the person who'd plowed down a kid and kept going. The broadcaster commented that most people would stop for an animal, and she wondered if the driver had thought for a second what Delia's parents were going through.

Victor and Sharon ran into one another in the Athletic Club foyer, and he huffed that her plan wouldn't work. She stated that she was only there to pick up dinner, but Victor accused her of using Faith to con Nick back into bed. Victor surmised that Sharon had arranged to be caught in the freezer with Nick, but she argued that it would have been insane to risk freezing to death to get Nick back, and Victor pointed out that Sharon had used an insanity defense to avoid punishment for burning his house down. Sharon retorted that she didn't care what Victor thought, and Victor spat that she didn't deserve to be a parent. Adam intervened and questioned whether Victor did.

Victor scoffed at the idea that his grandchildren would be better off with Sharon, but Adam contended that anyone would make a better parent than Victor. Adam pointed out that he hadn't been raised a Newman and that he wasn't part of the family dynasty, but Victor countered that people didn't get to choose their families. Adam dryly noted that he could choose to cut someone out of his life, and he ordered Victor to stop trying to buy Connor's love. Victor barked that Adam could turn his back on his family, but Connor would always be a Newman. Victor added that Sharon would never be a Newman again, and he stalked out.

Sharon thanked Adam for sticking up for her, and Adam called Victor a bully. Sharon conceded that she was hardly the perfect parent, and Adam quipped that he'd like to meet one. She mentioned Hope, and Adam noted that Hope had made mistakes, but she'd loved him unconditionally. Sharon said that was the greatest gift a parent could give a child, and she was impressed by how Adam had stood up to Victor. She added that she'd love to cut Victor out of her children's lives, too, but Nick wouldn't have it.

Adam chided Nick for still trying to please Victor, but Sharon pointed out that if that were true, then Nick would have nothing to do with her. Adam asked what was going on between Sharon and Nick, but she insisted that they were just friends, and her priority was trying to get her life on track. Adam said to let him know if he could help, but she thought that it was time that she helped herself. Sharon went to the bar, where she took out her prescription medication from her purse and swallowed one of her pills.

Neil and Leslie arrived at the Athletic Club, and she inquired whether it was her reward for burning dinner. He promised that the night would be special like she'd planned, and she commented that chivalry wasn't dead. He mentioned that she'd had her heart set on meatloaf, and he pulled out her mother's recipe card. She asked if he intended to whip one up himself, but he revealed that he'd already asked the club's chef to make her mom's meatloaf. Leslie marveled that Neil was something else, and they kissed.

Over dinner, Neil asked Leslie how the meatloaf was, and she wistfully replied that it tasted just like her mother's. She confided that she'd thought that the dish would remind her of what had been good in the past, but she just didn't see any good, and she thought that maybe it was better to forget it all. Neil took her hands in his and stated that there were parts of his life that he'd like to forget, but it was the sum of everything that had gotten him to that moment. He continued that he would travel the same road over again if it led him there. Leslie's eyes filled with tears, and she said that he was smooth. He asked if he'd made her feel better, and she replied that he always did.

Hilary went to the bar to pick up her food order, and the server informed her that they were backed up. Neil approached and asked how things were going at Jabot, and she raved that the job and her boss were unbelievable. Hilary credited Neil with giving her a second chance, and he said that he knew what it was like to lose the person he'd loved most in the world. She wished that everyone had been as understanding, and he encouraged her to just give them time. He said that he was glad Hilary was doing well, and he said hello to Sharon on his way back to his table. Sharon told Hilary that Neil was wrong, because people in Genoa City never let others forget their mistakes.

Hilary asked if Sharon hung out at bars, giving unsolicited advice, and Sharon swore that she hadn't meant to eavesdrop, but it had sounded like Hilary was in the same position Sharon had been after she'd regretted doing something. Sharon advised that trying to get people to forgive was a waste of time, because she'd realized that she didn't need someone else to say that she was okay, and all that mattered was what she thought of herself. Sharon wished Hilary luck.

Jack stopped by Adam's penthouse and divulged his plan to plant someone on the inside of Newman-Chancellor, and Adam cautioned that Victor was good at ferreting out spies. Jack was determined to find the right person, but he insisted that Adam focus on Connor's recovery. Adam reported that Connor was doing fine, and Jack wondered what that meant for Adam and Chelsea. Adam announced that Chelsea had decided to continue living there, since she thought they would be more effective parents if they lived together. Adam worried about being a miserable father because he had Victor's blood, but Jack contended that Adam wasn't Victor and that Adam would be a much better father than Victor ever could be.

As Adam walked Jack out, Adam said that he appreciated Jack's vote of confidence. Jack remarked that they'd all done things they'd regretted, but that was what second chances were for. Jack asserted that Connor was Adam's second chance to do things right and to make up for all the wrongs Adam had ever done. Adam wished that were true, but he believed that there were some things he couldn't make up for.

At the ranch, Kyle arrived to see Victor, who assumed that Kyle wanted to speak on Jack's behalf, but Kyle said that he was there to ask for a job. A surprised Victor pointed out that Jack detested Victor, and Kyle admitted that he loved his father, but he couldn't work with Jack anymore. Victor asked what had changed, and Kyle replied that the problem was that nothing had, because Jack saw Kyle as a kid and not a respected employee. Kyle added that Victor had made him feel valued at Newman before, and he'd appreciate the opportunity to contribute to Newman-Chancellor.

Victor was concerned that things became personal when mixing family with business, and he suspected that Kyle had an ulterior motive. Kyle claimed that while he truly wanted to get in on the ground floor of the merger, he was also sick of being Jack Abbott's son. Kyle continued that he wanted to be his own man and make a name for himself, and Victor understood. Victor asked Kyle to let him think about it, and he asked Kyle to meet him at Victor's office the next day.

Later, Victor asked his investigator if he'd tracked down the SUV that had hit Delia. The investigator said that he'd accessed DMV records, but there were no black SUVs registered in the area with a license plate starting with the letter "G." The investigator mentioned that the witness had only gotten a glimpse of the plate, and Victor wondered if perhaps the witness had mistaken the number six for a "G." Victor asked the investigator to run another search for plates beginning with the number six.

Friday, November 15, 2013

At the Athletic Club, Leslie and Avery went over case files, but Leslie noticed that Avery was distracted. Leslie wondered if Avery's mind was on everyone's reaction when Avery and Dylan had arrived at the benefit together, but Avery confided that it was the kiss she'd shared with Dylan after the benefit that she couldn't stop thinking about. Leslie thought that it was wonderful news, but Avery couldn't even think about rekindling her relationship with Dylan when she was keeping a huge secret from him. Leslie pointed out that Avery was only keeping it because she was bound by attorney-client privilege, but Avery fretted that Dylan and Nick were brothers, and she didn't know what they would do if they found out.

Leslie questioned whether Avery intended to give up on Dylan, and Avery pointed out that Chelsea's secrets had destroyed Dylan's life. Leslie argued that Chelsea had selfishly lied by choice, but she thought that Dylan would understand that Avery had been required to keep mum to uphold the law. Avery refused to hurt Dylan again, and Leslie hoped that Nikki would take Leslie's advice and tell the truth. Avery scolded that Leslie shouldn't even know about Dylan, but Leslie contended that the worst thing for Nikki and the Newman family would be to keep the secret hidden.

Leslie contended that Nikki had to be honest if Nikki wanted a real relationship with Dylan, and she complained that it drove her nuts to see people withholding the truth after what secrets had done to her own family. Leslie thought that Nikki would spill everything if Avery reinforced Leslie's words of wisdom, but Avery pointed out that Nikki was scared about Dylan and Victor's reactions. Leslie believed that it was even more reason to open up, because the longer Nikki waited, the more everyone would be hurt when the truth surfaced.

Dylan jogged through the park, and he ran into Chelsea and Connor. Dylan couldn't believe how big Connor had gotten, and she said that Connor had outgrown most of the clothes they'd bought for him. She accidentally dropped a blanket, and Dylan picked it up. She recalled that Dylan had purchased it the day after Connor had been born, and she remarked that it was still Connor's favorite. Dylan sarcastically stated that Adam was probably too busy seeking full custody to notice, and Chelsea announced that she and Adam had agreed to raise Connor together.

Dylan surmised that moving in had placated Adam, so Chelsea could finally get out, but she revealed that she'd decided to stay. Dylan incredulously wondered whether she was falling for Adam again, but she clarified that it wouldn't be right to uproot Connor right after his surgery. Dylan understood that Chelsea wanted what was best for her son, and she said that she'd thought about Dylan on Veterans Day. He admitted that it had been a tough day at first, but it had turned out okay, thanks to a friend.

Nick stopped by to pick up Sharon and Faith for an art show at Faith's school. Sharon asked about Nikki's Veterans Day event, and he replied that Nikki had raised a lot of money. Sharon suspected from the look on his face that something else had happened, and Nick revealed that Dylan had shown up with Avery. Sharon asked what Nick had done, and he replied that he'd done nothing, because he needed to get over it. She wished that Victor could get over things, too, and she informed Nick that Victor had accused her of getting locked in the freezer with Nick on purpose.

Nick argued that Victor should have been glad that Nick and Sharon hadn't died, but Sharon added that Adam had jumped to her defense. Nick ranted that Sharon didn't need Adam in her life anymore, because Adam had destroyed her and everything else Adam touched. Sharon said that she'd been through some dark days, but she saw things clearly where Adam was concerned, and she couldn't blame Adam for everything. She thought that fatherhood had changed Adam, and she pointed out that Nick knew what having a family could mean to a person. Faith ran in, and Nick hugged his daughter and considered himself lucky.

Later, at Crimson Lights, Nick complimented Faith's drawings from the art show, and he asked if she was sure she wanted to stay there instead of going to her favorite cupcake spot. Faith declared that she wanted Dylan's frosted pumpkin cookies, and Dylan said that they were in the right place. As Nick and Faith got a table, Sharon ordered hot chocolate from Dylan, and he indicated that he was surprised to see Nick there. Sharon explained that it had been Faith's choice, and Dylan commented that two out of three happy customers wasn't bad.

Sharon mentioned that she'd heard that Dylan had gone to the benefit, and she imagined that it hadn't been easy. He was glad that he had shown support for the other soldiers, and he vaguely stated that the night had ended on a positive note. He thanked her for the contribution in Sully's name, and he wanted to return the favor, but she insisted that there were no strings attached. Meanwhile, Nick and Faith discussed her desire for a dollhouse for Christmas, and he said that time was running short. He stressed that sometimes they had to wait to get what they wanted.

Nick told Faith that she was supposed to eat her treat, not wear it, and she went to the counter to get napkins. Sharon thanked Nick for putting himself out for Faith, and she was certain that Faith had no idea that Nick didn't want to be there. Dylan helped Faith clean up, and he asked if she'd enjoyed her cookie, but she replied that she'd like a new dollhouse even more. Faith returned to the table, and Avery entered and greeted Sharon, Nick, and Faith. Nick coolly told her that Dylan was in his office, and Avery awkwardly told them to enjoy their time together.

Dylan said that he hadn't expected to see Avery, and she remarked that she had to get accustomed to running into Nick. Dylan stated that he had something to show her, but he wanted to hold off. She joked that he was leaving her hanging, and he said that he'd been thinking of a ploy to get her to spend more time at the coffeehouse. Later, Avery noticed Dylan sketching plans for a building. He explained that he had been looking for a way to repay an act of kindness, and he'd found it.

Avery commented that if Dylan was planning to build a house for her, then she wanted an open floor plan with a big kitchen. He confirmed that it wasn't for her, but he would build her whatever she wanted as a labor of love. She said that she was glad that he was using his sketchbook again, and she wondered if his secret was that he was getting back into architecture. He revealed that he was making a dollhouse for Faith as a surprise, and Avery assumed that he hadn't told Nick about it. Dylan saw no harm in just doing something nice, but Avery caught Nick's disapproving gaze.

As Adam dozed on the couch, he dreamed of Delia shielding her eyes from the glare of headlights, and he awakened with a start. He looked at Billy's online post about making sure that the person who killed Delia paid for it. Chelsea arrived home and told Adam that Connor was worn out and would sleep for a while, and she suggested that Adam take a nap. He told her not to worry, but she replied that she worried about everyone, and she asked if his contacts had found any leads. He said that he hadn't heard anything, and she ranted that every minute that passed was another minute that Delia's killer was free.

Chelsea lamented that every day, it became more likely that Delia's death would go unpunished, and Adam barked for her to stop. He recognized that Billy and Chloe were devastated, but he snapped that bugging him every few minutes wouldn't resolve anything. Chelsea apologized, and Adam explained that things had been getting to him. Chelsea understood that he was worried about their child's future, but Adam pointed out that Delia had no future. He mused that he had been looking for answers, but he couldn't find anything, because Delia shouldn't be dead.

Chelsea said that all they could do was stay strong and fight to get justice, but Adam didn't think that was possible. Chelsea contemplated the worst that could happen, and Adam said that he'd realized life was fragile and that everything could be gone in an instant. He admitted that he found himself constantly worrying about Connor, and he wanted to protect Connor from everything, but he recognized that he couldn't. Chelsea assured him that he wasn't alone, because she thought the same thing all the time, but they just had to try their best and do it together.

Chelsea reported that Connor was smiling in his sleep, and she was glad he wasn't old enough to know what was going on. She mentioned that Victoria had told her that Johnny had been having nightmares, because even though he was too young to understand, he sensed the grief around him. Adam was truly sorry to hear it, and Chelsea wished that she could help ease everyone's pain and allow Delia to rest in peace, but she couldn't imagine that was possible when the person who had left Delia to die was still out there.

Chloe arrived at the police station with takeout from Crimson Lights for Kevin. She explained that she wanted to hold up her end of their mutual support bargain, and he invited her to join him. As they set up the food, some files dropped from his desk, and she assumed that the police had only encountered dead ends in Delia's case. Kevin admitted that they hadn't found the vehicle involved in the hit-and-run, but he promised that they'd find the driver and make him answer for what he'd done.

Chloe showed Kevin pictures of Connor on her phone, and she observed that the baby seemed to be staring right at the camera. She marveled that thanks to Delia, Connor could become a fighter pilot or something else important. Kevin wondered if Chloe found it difficult to be near Connor, but she asserted that Connor reminded her that Delia's death hadn't been in total vain. Kevin urged Chloe to take care of herself rather than accommodate Chelsea's maternity leave, but Chloe was insistent that she needed to work.

Chloe wished she had been more protective of Delia, and she couldn't remember if she'd hugged or kissed Delia goodbye when she'd left Delia with Billy. Kevin remembered that the last thing Chloe had said was that she loved Delia, and he assured Chloe that she had been like a mother lion, but even the fiercest parent couldn't control every second. He implored her to focus on the things she'd done right, because Delia had never doubted that she'd had the greatest mom in the world, and Chloe shouldn't, either.

Kevin thanked Chloe for lunch, and she said that their talk had helped. They hugged and promised to catch one another later. As she left, she called Chelsea and offered to stop by the penthouse, but Chelsea opted to meet at the office. Chelsea asked Adam if he needed anything while she was out, but he simply told her to drive safely. She gently pushed him to try to get some sleep.

Billy and Victoria attended a support group meeting, and a woman named Kelly wondered why she bothered getting up or getting dressed every day. Kelly admitted that she didn't want to be there, but she'd promised a friend that she'd attend. The counselor asked what Kelly wanted them to know about her son, and Kelly replied that her son's name had been Sam and that he'd been seven years old when she'd lost him. Billy mused to Victoria that Sam had been the same age as Delia, and the counselor inquired whether Billy wanted to add something, since he'd experienced a similar loss.

Victoria prompted Billy to say something, but he said that he wasn't ready. Victoria introduced herself to the group as Billy's wife and Delia's stepmom, and she assumed that most of the people there had heard about Delia's death on the news. Victoria recounted the events that had led up to Delia's accident, and she reasoned that things would have been different if she hadn't picked up the phone and asked Billy to stop for ice cream. Victoria tearfully wondered how she and Billy were supposed to go on, and she begged the group for any advice to help them.

Kelly said that the anniversary of Sam's death had caused memories to flood back to her. She explained that Sam had been hit while riding his bicycle, but he had been in the driver's blind spot, and since no drugs or alcohol had been involved, the driver had just walked away. Kelly had needed someone to blame, and she and her husband had ended up blaming each other.

The counselor noted that it was a common reaction for couples to become estranged after a child died, and Kelly revealed that she had been divorced for two months. Kelly tearfully stated that she'd thought that she'd have her husband and Sam for the rest of her life, and she understood that she was paying for the mistakes she'd made with her husband, but she questioned who was paying for Sam's death. Victoria wiped away tears.

Billy and Victoria returned home, and Victoria recounted that one man had shared that he still maintained the tradition of making pancakes on Sunday to remember a loved one. She acknowledged that it hadn't been easy for Billy to join the support group, but she thought he was incredibly brave. He called her the brave one for speaking up, because he hadn't been able to do it. Victoria said that there was no timetable, but she was really glad he'd attended. He promised to keep going to try to stay more open, and she replied that as long as he was open with her, the rest would follow.

Victoria asked what Billy had thought of the counselor's suggestion to share memories, and he wasn't sure that he was up for it, but he understood that he had to communicate what he was thinking about. Victoria said that she was there to listen, no matter what he was feeling, but they didn't have to spend every minute talking. She liked the idea of doing something routine as a reminder that they had a reason go on, and Billy remarked that he had two great reasons, even though he hadn't shown it to her and Johnny in a while. Billy acknowledged that he couldn't make it without them, and Victoria replied that he wouldn't have to.

Billy recalled that Delia had told him that he could read her mind, but it hadn't been too tough, because she'd leave a picture or note about what she'd wanted. He added that she'd once placed a hint for a Christmas gift under his pillow in August, and Victoria remembered opening the fridge and finding a picture of a play kitchen. Billy noted that there would be no pictures that year, but Victoria suggested that they could put up their own based on what Delia might have liked, if he could handle it. He asked if Victoria could, and she said that if she had him, she could handle anything. They hugged.

Victoria said that Johnny wouldn't be home for a few hours, and she thought it was the perfect chance for Billy to get some rest. Billy figured that he wouldn't be able to sleep, but she suggested that they go upstairs, and he could just hold her. She said that she'd missed that and that she'd missed him, and he replied that he'd missed her, too. They tentatively kissed, and she tried to lead him upstairs, but he said that he needed to take care of a few things first.

Billy took out his gun, and then he locked it in its case and hid it behind some boxes in the closet. He sat down at his computer and looked at his online post. Meanwhile, Adam typed, "Maybe the person is paying." Adam anonymously posted the reply to the site, and Billy saw it. "Like hell he is, but he's going to," Billy pledged.

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