The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of November 18, 2013 on Y&R
Roxy broke up with Devon. Victor hired Kyle, but he suspected that Kyle had an ulterior motive. Victor's investigator compiled a list of vehicle owners, including Adam, who might have hit Delia. Nick and Dylan exchanged punches, and Nikki blurted out that Dylan was her son.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of November 18, 2013 on Y&R
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Monday, November 18, 2013

At Billy and Victoria's, Billy was fixated on the screen of his laptop while he interacted with an anonymous member of an online chat room. Billy was completely unaware that Adam was the anonymous member posting replies and comments. Adam posted another message to an ongoing thread that stated, "Maybe the person is paying." Billy replied, "You know who's paying? The ones who loved my girl." Adam replied, "Guilt is a kind of suffering, too."

Billy, seething, wrote back, "The guilty party should confess, but wouldn't because he didn't give a damn." As Adam ready Billy's words, he said aloud to himself, "You have no idea." Billy reminded the anonymous chat-room user that his daughter was dead. Adam replied, "With angels. The driver is living in hell. Maybe his suffering can be your solace, so you can move on." Billy sighed heavily.

Up in the bedroom, Victoria turned down the bed and seemed hurt that Billy had tarried downstairs. Victoria paused, picked up her wedding photo, and voiced a prayer. Aloud, Victoria prayed, "He's healing little by little. I know that he'll always mourn Delia and will always be hurting, but I think he's finding his way back to the world and to his family and to me. Thank you, God." Victoria went downstairs to check on Billy and was distressed to find him wallowing in anguish. Victoria said, "Billy, come on." Billy closed his laptop and rested his chin in his hands.

Victoria told Billy that he needed rest and that she missed hearing him breathing beside her in their bed. Billy said, "I'm coming up." Victoria cried that she couldn't see an end to Billy's unrelenting decent into grief and self-punishment. Victoria said, "I'm praying every day that you find a way to come to terms with Dee Dee's death. You want to vent in an online chat room? Maybe I need admit that my dad was right."

Billy turned to face Victoria and replied, "Your dad was right about what?" Victoria said that her dad had advised her to give Billy some space. Billy walked away. Victoria, sobbing, pleaded with Billy to look her in the eye. She cried, "I'm here. I'm right here. That's why I didn't want to take any advice from him."

Victoria told Billy that she thought he was returning to his family. Victoria said that she and Johnny desperately needed Billy. Victoria expressed her fear that Billy, too consumed by anger, had become obsessed with the online chat room. Victoria pleaded with Billy to seek comfort and direction from her, instead. Victoria said that perhaps she should step back and leave Billy alone. Billy replied, "I'm lost here. I need you." Billy clutched Victoria's hands and praised her for pulling him out of the hole he'd become stuck in.

Billy told Victoria that he wished he could emerge from his darkness and grief soon. Victoria threw her arms around Billy and embraced him. Victoria said, "You have to heal. Dee Dee would want you to heal." Victoria begged for Billy to go to bed. Billy asked for two minutes to lock up.

Billy later climbed into bed with Victoria and apologized to her. Victoria said, "I missed you so much." Victoria kissed Billy and nuzzled with him, indicating that she yearned to make love, but Billy was unable to respond. Victoria was hurt when Billy said, "I can't. I'm sorry." Victoria rested her head on Billy's chest, and she asked if it was all right to do so. Billy replied, "It's perfect."

At Adam's penthouse, Adam set his laptop on a table when he went to answer a knock at the door. Kevin rushed in even though Adam noted that it was late. Kevin asked to speak to Chelsea, but Adam explained that Chelsea and Connor had gone to visit Chloe. Kevin said, "I'll wait. You need to hear this, too." Kevin told Adam that it wasn't good for Chloe to be around Connor because the baby was a constant reminder that someone had run down her little girl, and, as a result, another child was alive and well. Kevin added that he was grateful that Connor could see.

Addressing Kevin's concern, Adam asked how he should go about keeping Chelsea and Connor away from Chloe. Kevin replied, "I don't know. I know that Chloe is searching for a reason as to why her little girl is gone. She wants an answer, and there isn't one." Adam listened intently, but he didn't reply.

Kevin said that Chloe longed to look the maniac in the eye and ask, "Why? Why didn't you stop? Why didn't you help?" Adam replied, "Maybe he didn't see her. It was pitch-black on that stretch of road." Kevin referred to the investigator's report and noted that the driver had pulled off the road briefly before leaving the scene. Adam winced.

Kevin walked near Adam's open laptop and explained that the driver had to be aware of the accident because part of a light cover on his vehicle had been broken. Kevin angrily cried, "He left Delia on the side of the road and didn't even help her." Adam became anxious when Kevin ventured near the laptop, which was still logged in to the chat room. Adam casually moved toward the laptop and pressed down on the screen to close it. Kevin didn't seem to notice that Adam had been uneasy about his computer.

Kevin asked Adam to talk to Chelsea. He told Adam to convince Chelsea to hire a nanny for Connor, so she could work at the office more often. Adam agreed to do what he could. Kevin said he wasn't allowed to work on the hit-and-run investigation, but he vowed to find the guy, with or without the department's permission. After Kevin left, Adam checked the chat room and discovered that Billy's last message read, "Delia's killer hasn't even begun to suffer."

At Crimson Lights, Nick glared at Dylan just before he escorted Sharon and Faith out the back door. Avery was seated at the counter, giving Dylan feedback while he sketched plans to build a dollhouse for Faith. Dylan said that perhaps Faith might enjoy helping him construct the dollhouse. Avery noted that the young girl would be thrilled if he invited her to help. Dylan noted that he wished to thank Sharon, his good friend, for making a generous donation in Sully's memory.

Dylan handed Avery a chunk of bark-covered wood that had been cut away from the trunk of a tree on his parents' property. Dylan's and Avery's initials had been deeply carved into the trunk, and a heart enclosed the scrawled initials. Avery recalled how much she'd hoped to impress Dylan's parents upon meeting them for the first time. Dylan recalled how he'd wanted his parents' blessings when he announced that he and his pregnant girlfriend were happily planning a life together. Avery sadly replied, "And then, it was all gone."

Dylan placed his hands on Avery's and added, "That was a good weekend, and life could be good again." Dylan told Avery that it had been tough boxing up all of his parents' belongings after they passed away. Avery said, "I think that after a parent dies, you learn a lot about them." Dylan said he was comforted to know that his parents were exactly who he thought they were. Avery uneasily nodded her head in agreement.

At the police station, Nikki met privately with Paul in his office. Nikki said she was ready to announce that she was Dylan's mother. Nikki confessed that she could no longer handle the stress of lying to her family and friends. Paul noted that revealing the truth would affect many people.

Nikki cried that the tension between Nick and Dylan had to end. Paul said, "You can't control how people feel." Nikki recalled the Veterans Day Benefit when she hugged Dylan and had yearned to say, "I'm so proud of you, son!" Nikki added, "He needs to know who I was when I gave him away and who I am now."

Nikki said she had intended to tell the rest of her family the truth before approaching Dylan. Nikki expressed hope that Victor, Nick, and Victoria would accept the idea that Dylan was part of their family. Paul cautioned that Nick had been through a lot already with Summer, Phyllis, and Avery. In time, Paul added, perhaps Nick would be able to accept Dylan. Paul admitted that he was more concerned about Victor's reaction. Nikki replied, "I know. He's asked me for the truth a dozen times. Well, now he's about to get it."

Nikki asked Paul how she could ever explain to Dylan her reasons for giving up her firstborn baby. Paul replied, "No one can blame you. We didn't know we were walking into a cult. Ian Ward was a predator and a sociopath." Paul added that Ian, the cult leader, had known that Nikki was lost and vulnerable. Paul assured Nikki that she'd done the best thing for Dylan at the time. Nikki said she hoped her family would see it the same way because she needed to get to know her son. Paul said, "Tell your family, and everything else will fall into place."

At Sharon's, Nick sent Faith upstairs to brush her teeth. Sharon told Nick that it had to have been unsettling for him to see Avery and Dylan together at the coffeehouse. Nick claimed that he'd dodged a bullet after Avery failed to show up at their wedding when she stayed to help Dylan through a crisis. Sharon reminded Nick that Dylan had weathered many changes in his life and had evidently decided to stay put in Genoa City to start anew. Nick claimed that Dylan had arrived in town for Avery.

Sharon reminded Nick that Avery hadn't even known that Dylan was alive when she first moved to Genoa City. Nick said that Dylan's first move after he arrived had been to "drop that bomb on Avery." Nick recalled that Dylan had claimed he just wanted Avery to be happy. Nick complained that Dylan always found a reason not to leave town.

Sharon explained that people often did crazy things when trying to hold on to someone they loved. Sharon added that she'd clung to her family during trying times because family had been her only constant during her bipolar shifts and changes. Nick admitted that he'd relied on Sharon, as a friend, to always be truthful and supportive. Sharon nodded and said, "Friends. Absolutely."

Later, Faith rejoined her parents and thumbed through a toy catalog, looking at dollhouses. Nick said, "Don't worry. We're going to hook you up." Faith giggled, thanked her dad, and then went to another part of the room to browse through pictures of dollhouses. Sharon said that Faith was no longer insisting that her parents live in the same house.

Nick replied, "We never really lived like that as a family." Sharon said that Faith had seen other families and had wanted the same thing for herself. Nick recalled how strongly Faith had rebelled against his relationship with Avery. He suggested that it might have been Faith's intuition not to accept Avery.

After Nick left the room, Dylan rang the doorbell. Faith happily greeted Dylan, and he showed the tot the sketch he'd drawn of a dollhouse. Faith took the sketch upstairs to show it to her dolls. Nick returned, glared at Dylan, and said, "What the hell do you think you're doing?" Sharon quickly defended Dylan and explained that he wanted to express his gratitude for her donation to Nikki's fundraiser. Sharon added that Dylan was showing his appreciation by building Faith a dollhouse. Nick, angry, claimed that Dylan was trying to score points with Avery by using Faith.

Addressing Nick, Dylan noted that Avery was well aware that Sharon was his friend and that Faith was special to him. Nick said, "I want you to stay the hell away from me and my family. You got that?" After Dylan left, Nick apologized to Sharon and said he was relieved that Faith hadn't witnessed what had happened because he knew his daughter adored Dylan. Sharon assured Nick that he, as Faith's daddy, was the greatest man she'd ever know. Nick cried that Dylan seemed to be everywhere and had even hugged Nikki at the benefit. Nick warned that Dylan should stay away from him and his family.

At Chancellor Park, Avery tarried in a dark area while Nikki, facing the plaque honoring Katherine, poured out her heart. Nikki said, "Oh, Katherine, I know you thought this was the right thing to do, but this is very hard for me." Avery called out to Nikki and startled her. Nikki poked fun at herself for talking to a wall. Nikki said that she planned to talk to her family before announcing to Dylan that she was his mother. Avery asked Nikki if she was fully prepared to face everyone. Nikki cried, "I'm terrified."

Nikki said she knew that the world would change for everyone after the truth was revealed. Avery explained that though she resented being saddled with the secret, it had never been her intention to force Nikki to confront Dylan. Avery added that all Dylan had left of his parents were memories. Nikki asked, "You think I shouldn't tell him the truth?" Dylan showed up before Avery could respond. Nikki explained that being in the park helped her feel connected with her late friend, Katherine.

Dylan said he understood how Nikki felt. Dylan gazed at the plaque honoring Katherine and said that having a touchstone was comforting. After Nikki left, Dylan told Avery that he'd had an unpleasant encounter with Nick at Sharon's. Dylan added that Nick had warned him to stay away from his family. Before Nikki left the park, she stopped and made Friday dinner reservations at a restaurant for her family.

After Kevin returned to the police station, Paul told him that a profiler had been called in to work on Delia's case. Kevin complained about not being able to help with the investigation. Kevin said, "Chloe, Michael, Fen -- everybody I love is either in jail or emotionally torn up, and all I can do is sit on my hands." Paul insisted that investigators weren't letting up on the case. Paul added, "Most perps tell friends or family what they've done, and someone either rats them out, or they turn themselves in."

Kevin recalled a recent incident involving a man who'd confessed in a video posted online that he'd killed someone while driving drunk. Kevin theorized that Delia's killer might be bragging about getting away with his crime. Paul sighed and replied, "Yeah, anonymously." Kevin said, "If he's online, I will find him." Paul reminded Kevin not to become involved with the case. Kevin casually noted that the Internet was his hobby. Paul told Kevin to enjoy his time off.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

At the Athletic Club, Victor asked Kyle to refresh his memory about why Kyle had approached Victor for a job. Kyle reiterated that he was going nowhere at Jabot, and he wanted to be in an environment that encouraged him to grow as an executive. Victor wondered whether Jack was behind Kyle or mad at him, and Kyle said neither. Victor realized that Kyle hadn't told Jack.

Kyle explained that he hadn't wanted to say anything to Jack until he knew that he and Victor had a deal. Victor was skeptical that Kyle would blindside Jack with the news, but Kyle reasoned that there was no sense in breaking Jack's heart if Victor wouldn't give Kyle an opportunity. Victor pointed out that Kyle hadn't provided an answer about why he was abandoning Jabot, and Kyle grumbled that everyone there only looked at him as the boss's son. Victor questioned whether Kyle was trying to punish Jack.

Kyle asserted that he was frustrated working for Jack, and he added that Victor had been like a father to him. Victor noted that Kyle sounded convincing, but Kyle suspected that Victor wasn't convinced. Kyle handed over a file with ideas for Victor's lifestyles division, and Victor reviewed it and asked why Kyle's ideas hadn't been implemented at Jabot. Kyle referred to the last page, which was Jack's response to the file, saying that he'd decided to go in a different direction. Victor declared that only a fool wouldn't have considered Kyle's suggestions, and he congratulated Kyle. "You now work for me," Victor proclaimed, adding that he had a feeling that Kyle would be a real asset.

Across the dining room, Jill praised Lauren for gathering her employees together to explain the Baldwins' family situation. Lauren thought it was important that everyone know the truth rather than gossip, and she thanked Jill for standing up with her. Jill repeated her offer to help Lauren out at work, but Lauren maintained that work was her salvation. Jill imagined that there had to be some way out of the nightmare, but Lauren said that she'd exhausted all legal channels, and Jill suggested that Lauren pursue illegal ones.

Jill urged Lauren to explore all her choices, and Lauren wondered if Jill meant a prison break. Jill mentioned that she had a history with a criminal court judge, and she offered to seduce him in an effort to get Michael and Fen's cases reopened. Lauren fretted that Michael would have a fit if he found out and that a scandal would be bad for Paul and Christine. Jill remarked that Lauren's friends had too many scruples, and Lauren thanked Jill for being there for her. Jill spotted Victor and Kyle talking, and she worried that Victor was planning on breaking more than bread with Kyle.

Jill complained that Victor had had the audacity to offer her a job at Newman-Chancellor, but she had no intention of working for him when Chancellor should have rightfully been her company. Lauren asked about the underlying meaning of Katherine's will, and Jill called the trip to Switzerland a wild goose chase. Jill said that all she'd discovered was that the song the music box played was titled "Ballerina." Lauren still believed that there was a message buried in the trinket, and Jill recalled that Katherine had looked at life as series of challenges. Jill theorized that the final challenge Katherine had given her was to get Chancellor back from Victor.

Victor told Kyle that he'd tell human resources to expect Kyle the next day, and the men shook hands. Kyle headed for the door, and Jill chased after him. She observed that Kyle had met with Victor, and Kyle vaguely replied that they had been talking business. Kyle departed, and Jill confronted Victor and asked if he had done enough already. She accused Victor of being desperate enough for a son to follow in his footsteps that anyone's son would do.

Victor contended that he had been Kyle's guardian, and he thought that Kyle had naturally turned to him because Jack had fallen short. Victor advised Jill to ask Kyle how the meeting had happened, because she might learn something that would help her own career. He said that his door was always open to someone with her tenacity, but she told him to dream on. He warned her not to try to figure out father-son relationships, because they were too complex for her to understand.

At Jabot, Devon gave Jack a revised marketing budget, and Jack realized that Devon was still upset that Jill and Jack had approached him about spying on Victor. Devon acknowledged that he had been disappointed, and Jack recognized that he should have told Jill right away that Devon had too much integrity to be part of the scheme. Devon suspected that Jack wasn't giving up, and Jack replied that the battle lines had already been drawn. Devon wondered if Jack ever got tired of butting heads with Victor, but Jack refused to let Victor bully his way through life. Devon said that it wasn't his fight, and Jack said that he appreciated Devon sticking around when Devon was set for life.

Devon admitted that he'd thought about walking away, but if he did, he wanted to do something more meaningful. He promised to let Jack know as soon as he figured out what that was, and Jack replied that he'd miss Devon if he left. Devon's phone rang, and he learned that a large sum had been withdrawn from his bank account. Devon told Jack that a fraud alert had been set off because of a huge purchase he hadn't made. Jack instructed him to go deal with it, and Devon left.

Jack called Jill and left a message to inform her that Hilary had put together a list of Chancellor employees that Victor hadn't fired, and he wanted to discuss how to proceed. John appeared and asked when the war would end, and Jack replied that it would be over when Victor couldn't ruin any more lives. John accused Jack of escalating the hostilities, but Jack insisted that he hadn't pressured Devon into anything. Jack complained that John was scolding him after Victor had conned Jack out of millions, and he vowed to win the next battle. John said that no one would win, because there would be casualties on both sides.

Jack asserted that Victor had started the war, and Jack intended to finish it. John warned that it could be at the expense of family, and he urged Jack to refocus and to take care of matters in his own back yard. John continued that Billy and Summer needed Jack's support, and it wouldn't do any good to egg Jill on. Jack admitted that Jill was in over her head, and John pointed out that Billy needed Jill, too. John implored Jack to forget about Victor, because family always meant more than revenge. Jack agreed to back off, but he doubted that Jill would.

Jack flashed back to refusing to make Kyle his inside man at Newman-Chancellor. Kyle entered and asked if he was interrupting, but Jack said that Kyle's timing was perfect. Jack stated that he had been thinking about Kyle and the rest of the family, and Kyle replied that he'd been thinking about that, too. Jill burst in and asked how Kyle could say that when he'd been working with the enemy. Kyle announced that he'd convinced Victor to hire him.

Kyle explained that he'd wanted to help their family, but Jack questioned how Kyle's actions had helped anyone but Victor. Jack wished that Kyle hadn't gotten involved, but Kyle victoriously replied that it was too late, because he was in. Jill groused that Kyle had made the decision for them, and Kyle excitedly planned to learn everything from the inside and to find weak spots in the company that they could exploit. Jack suspected that Victor knew exactly what Kyle was up to.

Victor made a call and made arrangements for Kyle to have total clearance. The person on the line asked if Victor trusted Kyle, and Victor replied, "Who said anything about trusting him?"

Over breakfast at On the Boulevard, Cane announced to Lily that he had big plans that day. She pushed for details, but he wouldn't divulge anything more. Lily tried to guess what Cane's agenda was, and she groaned that she'd die from curiosity, but he kept mum. Roxy approached, and she and Lily hugged. Lily complimented Roxy's bracelet, and Roxy gushed that Devon had been spoiling her rotten. Cane remarked that Devon had been having a hard time spending his money, and Roxy replied that she had a lot of ideas about what to do with it.

Cane departed, and Roxy disclosed that she had a big surprise of her own. Lily whined that both Roxy and Cane were keeping her in suspense, and Devon entered and requested to speak in private with Roxy. They stepped aside, and Roxy asked what was wrong. Devon coldly stated that when he'd given her a debit card and told her to buy whatever she wanted, he hadn't thought that she'd go crazy. He demanded to know if she was still interested in him or just his money.

Roxy asked how Devon had found out, and he concluded that she hadn't wanted him to know how much she'd been spending. She said that she'd intended to surprise him with a condo that was perfect for them to live in together, and she'd had to put down earnest money. He testily pointed out that they'd been together for six years, and she'd never mentioned living together until he'd become a billionaire. Roxy's eyes filled with tears, and she raced out. Lily approached Devon and incredulously asked why he would make his girlfriend cry in public.

Devon scoffed at the idea of someone buying a condo as a surprise, but Lily countered that couples with billion-dollar bank accounts could afford to do so. Lily pointed out that Devon had given Roxy unlimited spending power, and Roxy had shown that what she wanted most was him, but Devon had insulted Roxy by practically calling her a gold digger. Lily said that Devon and Roxy had been together a long time, but money could change everything, and it was only natural for Roxy to want commitment. Devon vowed to make things right, and Lily returned to her table as Roxy emerged from the bathroom. He said that he was sorry, and Roxy told him not to be, because she'd already called the Realtor and canceled the deal.

Devon defended that Roxy had caught him off-guard and that he'd said dumb things without thinking. Roxy recalled that when he'd considered moving to London, he hadn't asked how she'd felt, and he'd just done what he'd wanted. She understood why he thought that she loved his money more than him, but it was clear to her that their relationship was one-sided. He admitted that he'd been stupid to think that she'd ever take advantage of him, and he thought that the money was making him paranoid.

Devon asserted that he'd love nothing more than to check out the condo with Roxy, if she would forgive him, but she huffed that he'd shown her exactly where she stood with him. Cane returned and asked Lily what was going on between Devon and Roxy, and Lily explained that they'd had a blowup. Lily wondered if Cane's plans had fallen through, but he said just the opposite. She whined about all the mystery, but he wanted to show her instead of telling her where he'd been. He offered to take her somewhere that could change their lives.

In the prison yard, Fen faced away from Michael on the opposite side of the fence, and he commented that Michael had been in solitary confinement. While pretending to read, Michael asked if everything was okay, and Fen reported that he'd found a way to fix things. Fen revealed that he'd cut a deal with the warden, and Michael hoped that Fen hadn't acted on it yet. Fen confirmed that he hadn't, but he was determined to get Womack to talk. Michael warned him not to do it, because it could get Fen killed.

Michael ordered Fen to back out of the deal, but Fen replied that the warden would protect him. Michael hissed that no one in prison -- including the warden -- was nice unless they wanted something, and he questioned how the warden could protect Fen from a man who had killed before. Fen reported that Womack wouldn't be in prison for long, but Michael revealed that the police hadn't been able to nail Womack for his big crimes. Michael pointed out that the warden hadn't yet approached Christine to make a deal for Fen's freedom, but Fen clarified that he was doing it to set Michael free.

Fen insisted that he had killed Carmine and that he should be the one serving a ten-year sentence, not Michael. Michael recounted that he'd been raised by two men who'd had no business being around kids, and Michael hadn't wanted his own children for a long time, but Fen had changed everything. Michael contended that his job was to keep Fen safe, and he begged Fen to listen to him. Michael told Fen to forget about making deals and chatting up inmates, because Fen's goal should be to do his time and get out as quickly as possible. Michael added that he was the only person Fen could trust.

Lauren visited Michael and asked if Fen was okay, and he said that despite everything Fen had done, he was proud of their son. Michael informed Lauren about what Fen was willing to do for him, and he said that he'd nearly lost it, but he'd made sure that no one had seen his reaction. Michael gave her his word that he'd do whatever it took to protect Fen. Meanwhile, Fen chased after a basketball, and he ran into Womack, who said that he wanted Fen at his table when they ate that night. Fen agreed.

In his office, Paul threw paperwork aside in frustration, and Christine dropped by to wish him good morning and drop off coffee. He thanked her for not being mad at him, and she replied that she'd missed him the prior night, but she understood his determination to prove that Michael hadn't killed Carmine. She asked if Paul had found anything, and he said that his brain had turned to mush. She plopped down on his lap and offered to give him a jumpstart, and they kissed.

Christine suggested that Paul take a break, and he replied that he'd rest after he got his pal out of prison. She implored him to go out for breakfast or a walk, and he promised that he'd be all hers once he found evidence in Carmine's case and tracked down Delia's killer. Christine called her assistant and asked him to clear her schedule that morning, because she had something more important to do. She locked the door to Paul's office.

Christine informed Paul that she wasn't suggesting that they get down and dirty with handcuffs, and she laughed at the look on his face. She said that he'd been working on the case alone for days, and she volunteered to look at the evidence together and bounce around some ideas. He told her to prepare to be frustrated, because from every angle, it looked like a Baldwin had pulled the trigger. Christine said that Michael was willing to become an informant to get Fen out of prison, and Paul remarked that despite Michael making the case difficult, he admired Michael as a father.

Paul and Christine looked through Womack's file, and she was tempted to take Michael up on his offer. She wondered who Womack was working for, because the answer could clean up a lot of unsolved cases, but she wouldn't risk Michael's life to figure it out. Paul proclaimed that he'd had a brainstorm, and he rushed out. Paul returned with a file and said that he thought that he might have a way to get Michael out of prison.

Christine read through the list of evidence from the murder scene, and she mentioned the lipstick blot on the napkin. Paul said that it had traces of Lauren's DNA, and it hadn't seemed significant. Christine pointed out that Lauren hadn't been a suspect, but Paul noted that the evidence suggested otherwise. Christine realized that she might be able to get Michael released while they reopened the case.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

At Crimson Lights, Chloe ran into Kevin, who was on his way to her office with lunch. Kevin was worried about Chloe when she told him that she was going to work at Chelsea's place instead. Chloe huffed that Kevin did not trust her. Kevin said that it was not a lack of trust. Kevin was trying to spare her pain. Chloe said that was impossible. Chloe added that it helped her to be around Connor.

When Kevin suggested that Chloe get professional help or join a support group, Chloe lost it. She told Kevin that she did not want to be around strangers and that she did not need him or anyone else telling her that she was not okay. Chloe took the lunch that Kevin had purchased and stormed off.

At home, Adam viewed Billy's online post. Adam typed an admission that he was the driver and that he was suffering but erased it instead of hitting the send button. Chelsea descended the stairs and asked what he was doing. Adam told her that he was working on a project. When Chelsea told Adam that she and Chloe would be working at the penthouse, Adam mentioned his conversation with Kevin, who believed that it hurt Chloe to see Connor.

Concerned about her friend, Chelsea tried to reschedule the meeting for the office but failed. When Chloe arrived, Adam left immediately on business. Chloe said that Adam could not avoid her forever. Chelsea suggested that they work at the office or have lunch in the park. When Chloe questioned Chelsea, Chelsea said that she did not want to be insensitive by forcing Chloe to be around Connor.

Chloe said that nothing would take away the pain, but it helped her to be around Connor because it made her feel closer to Delia. After checking on Connor, Chelsea and Chloe got down to business. Just as Chloe opened Adam's computer because she had forgotten her own, her phone rang, and she walked away before the screen saver went off to reveal the chat room conversation. The call was from Victoria, who asked Chloe to drop by.

Chloe left after telling Chelsea that it really helped Chloe to see Connor and that she would let Chelsea know if that changed. Chelsea walked over to Adam's laptop. She was touched by his screensaver, which was a photo of Chelsea holding Connor. She closed the laptop without seeing the chat room conversation.

Billy finally got some rest. Victoria had coffee waiting for him. She told Billy that it had felt good to have his arms around her. Billy said that he was feeling better and was going into the restaurant. Victoria was encouraged until Billy saw a box containing items that belonged to Delia. Billy was outraged that Victoria was removing objects and clothing that had belonged to Delia. Victoria explained that Chloe had asked for Delia's things. Billy said that Victoria had no right to give them to Chloe because he had purchased those things for Delia.

Billy said that he and Chloe were Delia's parents. He told Victoria to stay out of it and let Billy and Chloe handle the situation. Victoria said that she had loved Delia also. Billy said that Victoria did not know what it was like to lose someone. Victoria said that the closest feeling she had to that was the feeling that she was losing Billy. Billy said he was trying his best. Victoria said she was sorry, but Billy told her not to apologize.

Victoria said that she felt helpless. She told Billy that even Adam was trying to help by using his shady contacts to track down information. Billy said that he had to go and left their home. Victoria called Chloe, who arrived after Billy left. Chloe was grateful to Victoria for collecting Delia's things. When Chloe saw that Victoria was crying, she understood that Victoria had also loved Delia.

Chloe said that Billy was lucky to have Victoria to lean on. Victoria said that she could not imagine what Chloe and Billy were going through. Chloe told her that even though Delia was not Victoria's little girl, it did not mean that Victoria could not miss Delia or had to be strong 24/7. Chloe said that she did not know how she could get out of bed every day, but at least Billy had a reason, because Billy had a living child to care for. Chloe left after telling Victoria to take care of herself and to call if she needed to talk.

Adam walked into On the Boulevard to meet Billy. At first, Adam was wary, but Billy thanked Adam for using his shady contacts to help find Delia's killer. Adam accepted the thanks, but told Billy that nothing useful had turned up. Kelly, whom Billy had met at the support group, joined them. She said that she had wanted to speak with Billy after the meeting, but he had left before she could. Adam went to a nearby table to finish his drink.

Kelly told Billy that she understood how hard it was for him to share his story with strangers, but she had learned that talking with people who understood did help. Billy said ruefully that there were not a lot of those. Kelly said that when Billy was ready to open up, the pain and rage would still be there. Billy and Kelly had drinks together and started talking.

Elsewhere in On the Boulevard, Devon tried to make it up to Roxy by giving her a condo, but she was hurt and not having any of it. She told Devon that they had been dating for six years, and if he did not realize that she loved him and would not take advantage of him by that time, then there was nothing left for them. Devon was devastated when Roxy returned the diamond bracelet that he had given her and walked out.

Cane took Lily to a rundown, debris-strewn building and told her that it was a surprise for her. Lily did not understand. Cane said it could be their dream and that Lily could make it anything she wanted to make it. Lily did not think of anything. Cane asked what Charlie or Mattie would do. Lily said that Charlie would build a soccer field and Mattie would make it a ballet studio. In their imagination, Cane and Lily, dressed in vintage ballroom attire, shared a romantic waltz together and a kiss.

Lily said that she was not feeling the dance studio, just as they noticed movement under a tarp. When Cane pulled it away, a homeless woman with a baseball bat menaced them. Cane was very conciliatory as he put money on the floor and apologized for intruding and disturbing her. The woman relaxed and told them that she hoped that they found what they were looking for. Lily was thoughtful.

Devon got coffee at Crimson Lights. When the server said that he would get change for Devon's hundred-dollar bill, Devon told him to keep it and then threw a huge stack of bills on the counter. Devon told the server to keep all the money because it had ruined his life and then walked out the door.

Kevin went into a tirade about being asked to train someone else and not being allowed to help on Delia's case when Paul asked about Kevin's social networking ideas. Paul said that all he wanted to know was if Kevin had found out anything. Kevin was mollified. He told Paul that he had not found out anything so far. Paul said that if Kevin did, he should tell Alex or Paul so that the tip did not appear to be from Kevin and thus potentially damage the case. Kevin understood the logic of that.

Paul also told Kevin that he was working on a plan to get Michael released, but he told Kevin that he could not share the details. Kevin found the chat room. He identified Billy's avatar for Paul. As they read Adam's last post, Paul wondered out loud about what kind of person would defend a murderer.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

At Crimson Lights, Mason flashed back to Devon handing over his credit card to run a tab at the Underground. Mason pulled Devon's card out of his pocket and looked at it. Hilary approached and asked how Mason was doing, and he coldly reported that he'd been fired from Jabot. Mason spat that he knew how she was doing, since she was on Jack's payroll. She admitted that she'd gotten lucky, and he asked what she intended to take from Jack.

Hilary conceded that she'd been wrong to seek revenge on Neil, and she recognized that she had been wasting her life by living on hate. Mason surmised that Jack had bought her reformed act, but she swore that it wasn't an act, and she planned to make the most of the job and to make a real life for herself. Mason sullenly contrasted it with her life with him, but Hilary insisted that she had cared about Mason. He accused her of using him to benefit from his connections, and she said that she was sorry she'd dragged him into her scheme. He told her to save the tears, because he had plans, too, and he'd bounce back. She wished him the best of luck.

Neil and Devon went over some business at Neil's apartment, but Neil noticed that Devon was obviously distracted and exhausted. Neil said that he'd chosen to meet privately in the hope that Devon would open up, but he promised not to push. Devon revealed that Roxy had broken up with him because she thought that his wealth had changed him. Neil said that money complicated things, and Devon commented that he'd lost things when he'd become rich.

Neil pointed out that Katherine had worked hard her whole life to earn her wealth, and Devon grumbled that he'd done nothing for it. Neil argued that Katherine had loved Devon and had thought otherwise, and he believed that Katherine had trusted Devon to do the right thing. Neil added that he and Lily trusted Devon, too, and they would always be on Devon's side. Devon thanked Neil for reminding him how blessed he was. Neil answered the door to Hilary, and Devon angrily demanded to know what she wanted.

Hilary turned over the flash drive and family photos that she'd stolen, and Devon barked that she was lucky that Neil hadn't pressed charges. Neil believed that Hilary's apology had been sincere, and he advised that Devon would lead a lonely life if he never trusted anyone who'd made a mistake. Devon stalked out, and Hilary wasn't sure that Devon would ever forgive her. She said that part of her felt that she didn't deserve forgiveness, but a stranger had recently said something that had hit home. Hilary realized that she needed to forgive herself and learn to like herself, but it wasn't easy when she'd hurt that many people.

Hilary looked through Neil's photos, and she regretted that her personal warpath had hurt Neil's family and other people. Neil asked who else she'd hurt, and she mentioned that she'd seen Mason earlier. She recounted that she and Mason had shared good times in London, but she had made a mess of his life once she'd learned about his Genoa City connections. Neil said that people had to take responsibility for their own actions and lives, but Hilary couldn't help but think that she'd leached her poison onto Mason. Neil said that from what he knew, Mason was very resourceful.

Mason unsuccessfully tried to hit on the barista as he eyed the cash register. He ran into Devon, who said that Mason had been like his shadow. Mason called it a fluke that they'd shown up in the same places, and he noticed that it looked like Devon was having a rough morning. Mason offered to buy Devon some coffee, and Devon said that he appreciated the offer, but he needed something stronger. Mason thought that Devon shouldn't drink alone in his state of mind, and the men left to get drinks elsewhere.

Across the coffeehouse, Sharon apologized to Dylan for his altercation with Nick over the dollhouse. Dylan pointed out that Nick had been looking for a fight, but he hoped it worked out for Faith's sake. Sharon insisted that no repayment was necessary for her donation in Sully's name, but Dylan also wanted to show his appreciation for her friendship. She said that the feeling was mutual, and he asked what he could do to thank her. She had an idea.

Sharon remarked that Avery was free to be with Dylan, but it was understandable that it was tough for Nick to be around Dylan. Sharon advised Dylan to keep his distance, and Dylan contended that he hadn't expected to run into Nick at Sharon's house, but he gladly offered to stay away from Nick and his family. Sharon thanked him, and Stitch entered as she exited. Dylan explained that Sharon was Nick's ex-wife and that he and Nick had gotten into another heated argument. Dylan mentioned that Nick had gotten worked up over a dollhouse that Dylan had planned to build for Nick's daughter, and Stitch commented that Dylan wasn't exactly innocent.

Dylan said that the dollhouse wasn't about Nick, and Stitch surmised that it was to impress Avery, but Dylan denied it. Stitch recalled that Dylan had carried Avery's picture around Afghanistan, and everything had always been about her in Dylan's mind. Dylan revealed that he and Avery were making their way back to one another, and Stitch was glad, but he thought that Dylan had to see why Nick wouldn't be happy about it. Dylan asserted that he hadn't taken Avery away from Nick, but Stitch countered that Dylan hadn't gotten out of the way, either. Dylan said that he'd promised to stay away from Nick.

Dylan wanted to focus on the second chance he had with an amazing woman, and Stitch pressed for details about how things had been progressing with Avery. Dylan jokingly questioned whether they were in a locker room, and Stitch said that it had been a while since he'd engaged in any guy talk. Dylan asked when Stitch's wife and son were joining him, and Stitch vaguely stated that they still had to sell their house. Dylan sensed that Stitch wasn't telling him something, and he said that he'd be there when Stitch was ready to talk. Stitch turned the topic back to Avery, and Dylan said that they were having their first date that night.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack looked at a photo of himself and Phyllis, and Abby burst in and asked if Mrs. Martinez planned to make her old-fashioned Thanksgiving dinner that year. Abby babbled about her holiday plans with Tyler, but she spotted the picture Jack had been gazing at, and she clammed up. Jack recognized that Abby was in love and happy, but Abby understood that he was sad about Phyllis. Kyle entered, sporting a short haircut and new suit, and Abby wondered if he'd won a makeover. Jack announced that Kyle was going to work for Victor, and Kyle mentioned that Victor had offered him an opportunity.

Abby couldn't believe that Kyle was leaving Jabot to work for Victor, and she asked if Jack was okay with it. Kyle asserted that it had been his decision, and Jack agreed. Abby forced Kyle to turn around for her to take a look at him, and she pronounced him dapper enough to climb his way to the top of the corporate ladder. Kyle asked Jack to walk him out, and Jack cautioned that Victor probably already knew what Kyle was up to, but Kyle remarked that neither Jack nor Victor knew that Kyle was pretty smart himself. After Kyle left, Jack worried about what could go wrong.

Abby pointed out that it was Jack's first Thanksgiving with his daughter, and Jack said that he would like nothing more than to spend it with Summer. Abby urged Jack to invite Summer, because the holidays were about families being together, and she'd give anything for Ashley to be there. Jack hesitated, since Summer was still adapting, and he didn't want to force Summer to choose between families. Abby reasoned that Abby made the choice all the time and that Kyle didn't seem to have a problem making it, either.

Noah gave a presentation to Victor at Newman Enterprises, but Nick interrupted. Noah testily assumed that Nick was checking up on him, but Nick asserted that he was there for another reason. Victor told Noah to go to human resources to show around a new hire, and Noah left. Victor said that he intended to treat Noah like any other employee, and Nick replied that he took no comfort in that. Victor asked if Nick had received Nikki's invitation for dinner, but Nick said that wasn't why he was there.

Nick ordered Victor to back off of Sharon, and he asserted that the broken freezer lock had been his own fault. Victor called Sharon a manipulator, and Nick accused Victor of writing Sharon off as a bad person because of her mental disorder. Victor said that he was beginning to think that Nick was the delusional one, but Nick countered that Sharon was making an effort to get well, and he was proud of her. Victor warned him not to forget what she'd done to their family, but Nick insisted that Sharon had been there for him when he'd been off his game. Victor thought that Avery had made Nick vulnerable to Sharon's machinations, but Nick said that he'd made peace with their breakup, and he and Dylan had agreed not to be around one another ever again.

Noah was surprised that Kyle was the company's new hire, and he observed that Kyle had gotten a new suit and haircut to look the part. Noah pointed out that it wasn't like Victor didn't know Kyle, and he wondered why Kyle had quit his job to get on board with the enemy. Kyle said that Noah's question showed how much Noah knew about business.

Kyle and Noah entered Victor's office, and Nick left. Victor noticed Kyle's new haircut, and Kyle thanked him for the opportunity. Noah wanted to finish his pitch, but Victor asked him to put it in writing instead. Noah stepped out and ran into Nick by the elevator. Nick cautioned Noah about how Victor treated people, but Noah countered that he'd only been bothered by Nick barging in and ruining Noah's presentation. Noah vowed to prove himself to Victor, and Nick asked at what cost.

Victor surmised that Noah had been helpful with showing Kyle around, but Kyle suspected that he and Noah might be vying for the same position. Victor pointed out that a company of that size needed a lot of talent, and he believed that competition made everyone perform better. Kyle declared his determination to do a good job, and Victor said that Kyle had nothing to worry about if he was motivated. Kyle asked if Victor still thought that Kyle had an ulterior motive, and he mentioned that Jack believed that Victor had one for hiring Kyle.

Kyle wondered what Victor might be using Kyle for, and Victor replied that Kyle would have to discover the answer on his own. Kyle assumed that Victor was testing him, and Victor remarked that problem-solving was part of business. Victor added that if Kyle managed to solve that problem, it might keep Kyle around longer.

At the Athletic Club gym, Courtney remarked that Summer seemed to be working out some aggression, but Summer stated that she had to be in shape for the campaign, and she had a shoot that night. Courtney noted that most models popped pills to stay thin, and Summer remarked that it was like a pharmacy behind the scenes. Summer apologized for Fen's allegation that Courtney used drugs, and Courtney replied that she didn't do drugs any more than Summer did.

Summer said that drugs were easy to score, but they weren't her thing. Courtney joked that Summer was stuck getting sweaty and stinky with her, and Summer took off. Courtney kicked the punching bag, and Noah arrived and spotted her. He flashed back to massaging her ankle in the park after she'd faked twisting it, and she had said that she was a much better liar with her parents. Noah snapped out of it when Courtney called to him.

Noah took his frustration out on the punching bag, and Courtney purred that her endorphins were stimulated just by watching him. He explained that Nick had walked in on his big pitch, and then Noah had found out that Victor had hired Kyle, so things seemed to be going downhill at work. Noah stated that while Victor wanted his kids and grandkids to be part of the company, Victor tested them to see if they were worthy and loyal. Noah felt like Victor was staging a competition between Noah and Kyle, and Courtney asked if Noah was afraid of a little competition. She challenged him to a pushup contest, and the loser had to buy dinner.

Noah eventually gave up, and Courtney accused him of losing on purpose. He said that he got to buy her dinner and was more than happy to do it, and he marveled that she was more than just a pretty face. She replied that he had no idea, and he was excited to find out more about her. He moved in to kiss her, but she complained that she was all sweaty. He said that she was full of surprises, and he planned to do something equally surprising for her that night.

Abby excitedly rambled about how wonderful Thanksgiving would be, but Jack had the feeling that she was plotting something. Summer called out from the foyer, and Abby happily greeted her. Summer said that she'd received Abby's text message, and Abby announced that it was the perfect time to discuss Summer's plans for the holidays. Abby thought that Jack and Summer should be together as a father and daughter who were both hurting over Phyllis. Abby added that the family talk was making her emotional, and she went to call Ashley.

Jack apologized and said that he'd told Abby not to put Summer in a position where she had to choose, but Summer was grateful that he hadn't done it. Jack assured Summer that she didn't have to commit to anything, and he confided that he wasn't in a festive mood, because the only person he'd wanted to spend Thanksgiving with was Phyllis. Summer said that she felt the same way, and she suggested that they spend Thanksgiving by going to visit Phyllis together.

Jack said that the last thing he wanted was for Summer to feel pressured, and she promised that she didn't. He wondered if she expected to go their separate ways once they got to Georgia, but Summer swore that she wouldn't leave him again. Summer said that even though Phyllis couldn't see or talk to them, she thought that Phyllis would know that they were there together. With a trembling voice, she begged Jack to go with her, and he proclaimed that he couldn't think of a better way to spend the day. They hugged.

At Sharon's house, Faith pouted and said that she wanted Dylan's dollhouse, and Sharon assured her that Santa would give her another one. Sharon let Nick in, and he said that he needed to talk to Sharon, but he wanted a hug from Faith first. Faith ignored him and ran upstairs, and he guessed that Faith was upset about the dollhouse. Nick chided Dylan for making promises without talking to them first, and Sharon noted that Faith would get over it, but she wondered whether Nick could.

Nick said that he and Dylan had agreed to stay away from one another, and Sharon disclosed that she'd asked Dylan to give Nick a wide berth, because Nick didn't need to deal with Dylan. Nick divulged that he'd told Victor that Sharon didn't need to deal with Victor's accusations, and Sharon thought that Nick had wasted his breath. Nick worried about Noah working closely with Victor.

Nick refused to let Victor insult Sharon anymore, and she asked how Nick could stop Victor. Nick promised that he'd make sure Victor got the message at their family dinner that night at the Athletic Club. Meanwhile, Dylan informed Stitch that he'd made a reservation for a quiet dinner with Avery that evening at the same location.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Michael worried about the dark circles under Fen's eyes, and Fen explained that he always had one eye open. Michael understood, because he hadn't been sleeping either. An inmate addressed Fen as "Mouse" and reminded him that he was on laundry duty later. Fen explained to Michael that Womack had started the nickname to put Fen in his place, and Michael wished that Fen would stay away from Womack. Fen said that it wouldn't happen anytime soon, and Michael hoped that he'd convinced Fen not to cozy up to Womack, because if the plan backfired, Fen would be on his own with no one to save him.

Fen promised that he wouldn't do anything, because he had enough problems without letting the warden use him. A guard said that Michael had a visitor, and Michael coached Fen to keep his head down and get through serving his month of time. Michael entered the visiting room, and Gloria observed that he'd lost weight. She said that he needed one of her home-cooked meals, and he chuckled and questioned when she'd ever cooked.

Gloria worriedly asked Michael to tell her that he was okay, and he said that he was holding up and that Fen was staying strong. Gloria wished that she could see Fen, but he was still refusing visitors. Michael explained that it was too difficult and emotional for Fen, and Gloria asked what she could do. Michael said that she was already doing it, and he assured her that Fen knew that Lauren and Gloria adored him. Gloria said that she loved Michael and would do anything for him, and Michael said that he wouldn't be able to get through his incarceration without his family.

Michael apologized that he couldn't be there for Thanksgiving, and Gloria reported that she and Jeffrey were going on a cruise. Michael thought that she'd spend the holiday with Kevin or Lauren, but Gloria assumed that Kevin would be with Chloe and that Lauren would be with Jill. She offered to cancel her plans, but Michael told her to go and enjoy herself. She said that she would be thinking of Michael and Fen the whole time, and she would see Michael when she got back. She told Michael to take care of himself, and she headed out. Paul entered and announced that he had some good news.

Michael assumed that Fen would be moved out of the general population, and Paul understood that Michael was scared, but he indicated that Christine hadn't been able to secure a transfer for Fen. Paul confirmed that he had news about Michael's case, because there were enough holes to request a reversal. Michael bellowed that it was the worst thing that could happen. Michael told Paul to forget about having him released, because Fen was barely getting by, and Michael was Fen's only support.

Womack asked where Fen was running to, and he asked if he should refer to Fen as "Killer," since Fen had said that he was in there for killing someone. Womack hissed that he knew that Fen had gotten busted for stealing dope, and he warned Fen not to try to deny it. Womack said that Fen wouldn't have to worry about stealing it anymore, but Fen said that he was clean. Womack noted that Fen's body was showing signs that he was aching to get high, and he suggested that it would be nice to take the edge off. Fen thanked him but turned him down, and Womack stated that he could get Fen anything he wanted.

At the ranch, Nikki checked in with the Athletic Club to make sure that everything was ready for the special dinner she'd arranged that evening. After she hung up, she was startled to see that Nick had arrived. She said that she wanted their dinner to be perfect, and he asked what he could do to help. She replied that the club would take care of everything, and he requested that she tell him what that night was all about.

Nikki questioned what was wrong with spending time as a family, but Nick was concerned that she was about to announce bad news, like she had with her multiple sclerosis. She assured him that her health was fine, but he didn't want to spend the day worrying and wondering. She called him a wonderful person and son, and she said that he always had been since the day he'd been born. She added that she loved him, and he returned the sentiment, but he pressed her to give him the scoop. She revealed that there was something she wanted her family to all hear at once, and she left to run an errand before she met them at the club.

At the police station, Nikki told Paul that she planned to tell Victor and her children the truth that night, and once they absorbed it, she would approach Dylan. Paul supported her desire to tell the truth, but he thought that it would be difficult for her family to hear something life-changing in public. She reasoned that Victor would be upset, and he would be less likely to get worked up with people around. Nikki worried that her family wouldn't accept Dylan.

Victor testily asked his investigator how long it took to match a license plate, and the investigator explained that he had to move slowly to keep his search under the radar. The investigator promised that he'd have a list soon, and Victor swore to get justice for Delia. Victor returned home and was surprised to see Nick there. Nick explained that he hadn't been able to wait until that evening, and he asked if Victor had any theories about why Nikki had invited them to dinner.

Victor said that he was in the dark, but he hoped that Nikki had decided that she'd take it easier. Victor said that they would soon find out what Nikki had to tell them, and Nick questioned whether Victor would be supportive if it was something Victor didn't like. Victor assumed that Nick was still defending Sharon, and Nick repeated his warning to leave Sharon alone. Nick also cautioned Victor against trapping Noah in corporate games, but Victor barked not to tell him how to deal with his family, because he'd do as he saw fit.

Avery worked out at the gym, and she flashed back to arguing with Nikki about whether or not Nikki should tell Dylan the truth. Dylan greeted Avery, and she mentioned that she was working off some nervous energy, since it had been a long time since they'd been on a date. He fondly recalled a weekend when he'd attempted to make her breakfast in bed, and she teased him for setting the cabin on fire. He recounted that he'd looked like a giant marshmallow when she'd sprayed him with the fire extinguisher. Chelsea arrived and spotted the couple laughing.

Dylan remembered that Avery had hosed him down outside, and he remarked that it had been fun. Avery saw Chelsea, who awkwardly began to leave, but Dylan raced over to Chelsea and said that she didn't have to go. He noted that they were bound to run into one another, but she claimed that she had to get home to feed Connor, and she departed. Dylan returned to Avery's side and said that he hadn't wanted Chelsea to feel uncomfortable, and Avery wondered if he had the same compassion for Nick.

Dylan said to leave it to him to be nervous, and Avery suggested that they do something simple, like watch a movie or listen to music. He thought that she was reverting to the past, when they'd had to hide, but he proclaimed that they could go out in public and not worry about anyone. She pointed out that he was sensitive about Chelsea's feelings, and Avery didn't want to make things more difficult with Nick, but Dylan contended that they had accommodated other people for long enough. He added that it was their time, and he wanted that night to be special.

Connor cried, and Adam picked him up and said that his mother would be there soon. Victoria stopped by, and Adam sarcastically inquired whether she was there to invite him to a family gathering. She clarified that she was there about her family with Billy, and she demanded some answers. Adam quipped that Victoria had to pose a question first, and she revealed that Billy was grateful that Adam was trying to find the driver. She wondered if Adam had made any progress, and he replied that he would have shared it with her if he had.

Adam pointed out that he was just one man, and Victoria was glad that he was helping when she couldn't do anything to help Billy. Adam remarked that he could only do so much, and he placed Connor in the crib and said that he needed to heat up a bottle. Victoria was surprised that Adam was that involved in the infant's care, and she said that it was nice to see that side of Adam. She imagined that Chelsea was happy with Adam being a hands-on father, and Adam wondered if Victor had put Victoria up to digging for details about his personal life. Victoria swore that Victor had nothing to do with her visit, and she hoped that Adam and Chelsea reconciled, because he'd been a better person when they'd been married.

Adam said that Victoria made him sound redeemable, and Victoria asserted that Chelsea and Connor needed a man who was committed to doing anything to keep his family together. Adam replied that he did what he could, but some things were out of their control. Victoria said that there had to be a way to overcome the impossible, and she adamantly declared that love could do that. Adam inquired whether she believed it was possible for her and Billy to get through Delia's death, and she said that she and Johnny could help pave the way. Chelsea arrived home, and Victoria hurried out.

Chelsea marveled that Adam had gotten Connor changed, fed, and put to bed, but he contended that those efforts alone didn't qualify him as a great father. Chelsea said that it didn't mean he couldn't become one, and she asked why Victoria had been there. Adam revealed that Billy was in bad shape and that Victoria had been looking for information that could give Billy closure, but Adam hadn't had any. Chelsea said that she was sorry that everyone was pushing Adam, and he asked why she wasn't at the gym. She divulged that she'd seen Dylan there.

Chelsea explained that that the picture in her head of what life was supposed to look like had changed. She continued that no matter how much she wanted to do things over, she couldn't take back her lies and the harm she'd caused, and Adam grumbled that it was the story of his life. She said that she could beat herself up, but it wouldn't help the people she'd hurt. She didn't want Connor to miss out on life the way she and Adam had, and having Connor had made her reevaluate what was important in life, because there was more to lose by making the wrong choice.

Adam picked up Connor and said that he knew what he had to lose, because it was all he thought about. Chelsea advised him not to let it paralyze him, because things happened that were out of their control. Adam understood that he had to accept that, but he wondered if Victoria and Billy could accept it if they never found out who the driver had been. Adam said that it was time they all moved on.

Nikki and Victor met Nick at the Athletic Club, and she suggested that they order drinks while they waited for Victoria. Victor stated that it was wonderful to be together, but Nick referred to Nikki's mysterious ulterior motive. Victoria arrived and asked what she had missed, and Nick replied that Nikki was continuing to stall. Victoria declared that it was time to spill the beans, and Victor asked what Nikki had to tell them.

Nikki said that it was no secret that her life had changed when she'd received her MS diagnosis, and she'd asked herself a million questions about how she'd lived her life. She revealed that her mind had gone to places it hadn't been in years, and Katherine had sensed that Nikki had been holding back, so Nikki had eventually confided in her. Nikki said that Katherine had sent her on a journey that Nikki hadn't been brave enough to go on alone, but she'd had to honor Katherine's last request, and she was ready to share it with them. Nikki divulged that in a million years, she never would have guessed what she'd eventually found out.

Nikki started to reveal her incredible news, but Victor's phone rang, and Nikki insisted that he take the call while she got a glass of water. Victor stepped aside, and his investigator informed him that he'd found nine license plates in his search. Victor instructed the investigator to leave the results on his desk at the office. Adam's name was highlighted on the list.

Victoria remarked that they weren't the only ones having a big night out, and Nikki noticed a romantic table setting nearby. Avery and Dylan appeared in the doorway, and Nick coldly bet that he knew who the setup was for. Victor returned to the table, and Avery and Dylan looked uncomfortable as the Newmans gazed at them. Dylan went to request a more private table, and Victor huffed that Dylan had some nerve, but Nick contended that Dylan and Avery could do whatever they wanted, because the night was about Nikki. Nikki proposed that they take the conversation to the ranch, but Victor insisted that they stay right there.

Dylan informed Avery that their table would be ready soon, but Avery preferred to leave. He said that he didn't want anything to spoil the evening, and she stepped out to take a call that she'd been waiting for all day. He offered to make a reservation elsewhere, and Nick approached Dylan over Nikki's objections. Dylan swore that it was an unfortunate coincidence that they were both there, and he said that he and Avery would go someplace else to enjoy their important night.

Nick accused Dylan of maneuvering to get Avery back since Dylan had arrived in town, and he spat that Dylan had stolen Nick's life because Dylan's was a train wreck. Dylan countered that he'd started fresh, and he suggested that Nick do the same. Nick admonished Dylan for flaunting his relationship with Avery, and he told Dylan to stay away from him. Dylan retorted that he'd be happy to, and he ordered Nick to get out of his face.

Nikki jumped to her feet and worried that Dylan and Nick's confrontation would escalate. Victor told her to let them be, and he refused to let her run interference between two men fighting. Dylan thought that he and Nick had settled things in the park and again at Sharon's house, and he maintained that he hadn't intended to run into Nick at the club. Nick didn't believe him, and he chided Dylan for making everyone think that Dylan was a stand-up guy.

Dylan warned that Nick had crossed the line, and a furious Nick accused Dylan of stealing Avery. Dylan retorted that a man who'd lost his fiancée didn't have a right to lecture, and the men exchanged punches. Nikki raced over and pulled Nick away from Dylan, and Nick yelled that it had nothing to do with her. Nikki cried that it had everything to do with her, and she blurted out that Dylan was her son.

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