The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of March 24, 2014 on Y&R
Neil and Hilary bonded when they were forced to share a motel room. Sharon experienced memory loss after she underwent electroconvulsive therapy. Jack gave Kelly a white rose in an effort to declare a truce. Abby spotted Victoria and Stitch leaving the Underground together.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of March 24, 2014 on Y&R
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Monday, March 24, 2014

At Crimson Lights, Avery and Dylan discussed a recent visit from Willa, Ian Ward's former wife. Willa had claimed she had some important information to share with Dylan. Avery believed that Willa's only aim was to bilk money, but Dylan recalled that Willa seemed adamant that he should hear what she had to say. Dylan added, "I'm afraid that Willa will just go find someone that does have money." Dylan became frustrated when he tried to phone Nikki. He left a message instructing Nikki to contact him as soon as possible.

In Victor's office at Newman Enterprises, Nikki stopped by to visit Victor on their anniversary. Nikki gave Victor a gift from Faith. Using crayons, Faith had drawn every member of her family, including Dylan. Victor pressed the drawing close to his chest and said he would cherish it forever. Victor surprised Nikki with a vacation trip to Europe, including a cruise along the Mediterranean. Nikki, cautious, told Victor that grand surprises usually were offered with ulterior motives.

Victor admitted that he'd taken to heart Nikki's concern about him orchestrating his family members' lives. Victor promised to remain cognizant of those tendencies. Nikki was touched when Victor agreed to accept Dylan as part of her family. Nikki cried tears of joy. The couple embraced and expressed their love for each other. Nikki proudly beamed as she tightly hugged her beloved spouse.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Leslie literally ran into Neil in the lobby. Neil said he was on his way to the airport. Leslie noticed a floral-brocade valise and asked Neil if he was taking a trip with a woman. Neil attempted to explain, but Leslie cut him off and noted that he was free to travel with anyone he pleased. Neil, reserved, replied, "You got that right." After Leslie walked away, Hilary arrived downstairs and tucked a small bag into one of her suitcases before she and Neil headed off to Los Angeles.

Avery met with her business partner, Leslie, in the dining room at the Genoa City Athletic Club. Avery told Leslie about Willa's offer to share crucial information with Dylan about Ian for a price. Avery suggested that Willa might be working with Ian. Leslie nodded and admitted that Avery's hunch was well within the realm of possibilities. Leslie agreed to keep Ian in check for Avery because Dylan and Nikki had already been through enough. Leslie said she'd warn Ian not to attempt to extort money by using his ex-wife as a go-between because doing so would worsen the case against him.

The subject of Avery and Leslie's conversation changed when Avery happened to discover that Leslie had registered at an online dating service. Leslie said that Neil had already moved on because she'd discovered that he'd embarked on a vacation with a woman. Referring to the dating service, Avery encouraged Leslie to do whatever was necessary to gain control of her own life. Avery added, "You'll find love again. You'll see." Leslie seemed uneasy.

During the flight to Los Angeles, Hilary updated Neil about Forrester Creations' "Hope for the Future" fashion line. Neil stared off into space, and Hilary realized that his mind was not on work. Neil admitted that Leslie had mistakenly believed that he was about to take a romantic trip with another woman. Neil added, "I should have handled it better. As a matter of fact, I hoped that this trip to enjoy warm weather and palm trees would help me forget that Leslie didn't want to marry me." Neil admitted that he missed Leslie every day.

Hilary shook her head when Neil said that he and Leslie had planned to enjoy the March Madness basketball playoff games together. Hilary admitted that she didn't understand what all the fuss was about. Neil handed his electronic tablet to Hilary and challenged her to fill out her own game brackets. Hilary later handed the tablet back to Neil and explained that she'd quickly made her selections based on the teams' mascots. Neil scoffed, but he offered to buy dinner for Leslie if her team picks won out over his. Leslie agreed to attend a basketball game with Neil if her teams lost.

Nikki stopped by Crimson Lights to talk to Dylan. She explained that she'd been detained by a visit with Victor at his office. Nikki said that she and Victor had even talked about Dylan. Nikki added that Victor was progressing in baby steps where Dylan was concerned. Dylan nodded and said he hoped Victor hadn't given her a hard time. Nikki said Victor had been in a celebratory mood because it was their anniversary.

Dylan wished Nikki a happy anniversary. Nikki cheerily noted that she and Victor planned to fly to Chicago to dine at a fabulous restaurant. Dylan warned Nikki about Willa. Nikki said that Willa would regret her actions if she showed up at the ranch. Nikki added that Willa wouldn't be the first person who'd attempted to get her hands on some of the Newman money.

Nikki began discussing her past. She asked Dylan if he'd delved into the life history. Dylan said he had, and he asked Nikki to share more about her past, beginning with her childhood. Dylan added that Nikki's history was his history, too. After Nikki shared the story of her mother's early death and her father's abuse, she added that she had only seen herself as something to be objectified and used for others' pleasure. Dylan seemed saddened by Nikki's story.

Nikki explained that Victor had saved her by showing her genuine love and respect. Nikki told Dylan that she'd given him up for adoption because she'd been unequipped to become a mother. Dylan told Nikki that he knew she'd done what she had felt was right for him at the time. Dylan thanked Nikki for allowing him to have a good life with loving parents. Tears welled in Nikki's eyes. She replied, "Thank you for telling me that."

At the police station, Mark, a detective, told Paul that a man had shown up claiming he had information about Adam Newman. Mark escorted the homeless man, Chick, into Paul's office. Chick said that he'd already spoken to a rich man and a pretty woman about what he'd seen at the accident site. Paul noted that the people Chick had referred to were Victor Newman and Adam's wife, Chelsea. Chick said that he'd told Victor and Chelsea that another man, whose clothes had been on fire, had made it out of the vehicle the night of the accident. Chick added, "Adam's alive -- there's no doubt about it."

At Chancellor Park, Billy was stunned when Chelsea believed that someone who'd called but remained silent might be Adam. Billy took the phone from Chelsea and said, "Who the hell is this?" Chelsea was upset after the caller hung up. Chelsea told Billy that she'd earlier received a similar call. Billy asked Chelsea if she'd been withholding evidence from the police. Chelsea said she was basing her belief on the testimony of an eyewitness at the accident site who'd seen someone escape before the vehicle had exploded. Billy discounted the testimony of the homeless man, but Chelsea noted that the same man had correctly described Billy.

Scoffing, Billy asked Chelsea how she'd found the homeless man. Chelsea replied, "I put some feelers out." Billy badgered Chelsea until she admitted that Victor had tracked down the homeless man. Billy said, "That's it! You're going to call off this investigation of yours right now." Chelsea said that she was working with Victor just until Adam was found.

Billy reminded Chelsea that police had seen a man in the vehicle just before it exploded. Billy insisted that Adam couldn't be alive. Chelsea was devastated. Billy said, "Chelsea, I'm just trying to protect you from more pain. Going down the road that leads nowhere is not the solution, and neither is tying yourself to Victor." Chelsea explained that both she and Connor deserved answers, so she wouldn't give up and end her search.

Billy stopped by Paul's office to talk about Victor and Chelsea's search for Adam. Billy said that Chelsea had told him about the homeless man who'd claimed that Adam had survived. Billy said he'd initially thought that Chelsea was holding out false hope. He asked Paul what he'd determined from the evidence. Paul told Billy not to jump to conclusions because there was no definitive proof to support Victor and Chelsea's assumptions. Billy replied, "Case is closed, and Victor will just have to accept that."

After Billy left, Paul rushed out to question Chick again. This time, Chick mentioned that the man who'd escaped with his clothes on fire had later taken a shower at a shelter. Mark looked at Chick like he was crazy when the homeless man claimed he needed to catch a taxi, so he wouldn't miss his 6:00 p.m. dinner reservations. After Chick left, Mark told Paul that questioning the homeless man had been a waste of time. Paul replied, "Not necessarily. Until we find a body, we have to investigate every single lead, no matter how unlikely it may seem."

Chelsea stopped by Victor's office to tell him about the second phone call. Chelsea excitedly noted that though the caller hadn't said anything, she was certain it was Adam. She asked if Victor might be able to have the call traced. Victor said he'd assign his people to investigate. Chelsea told Victor about Billy's reaction to the call. She added that Billy had insisted that she drop the investigation because Adam definitely couldn't have survived. Victor invited Chelsea to have a seat and share every detail of her encounter with Billy.

Chelsea noted that Billy had been pleasant up until she'd received the phone call. Chelsea said that perhaps Billy had gained closure from the belief that his daughter's killer was dead. Chelsea added that her insistence that Adam was still alive had robbed Billy of his sense of closure. Victor propped his chin on his hand and thought deeply about what Chelsea had just told him. Chelsea cried, "What else could it be?"

Billy showed up at Newman Enterprises and told Chelsea and Victor that even Paul was certain that Adam was dead. Chelsea cried, "Well, I'm not!" Billy said that he hoped Victor might listen to reason because there wasn't a single shred of evidence to suggest that Adam had survived. Angrily, Victor replied, "You don't barge into my office and tell me what the hell to do! Got it?" Victor asked if Billy hoped to locate Adam in order to finish the job he'd begun the night of the crash. Billy claimed that Victor was misleading Chelsea in order to gain access to Connor. Billy reminded Victor that Adam had named Jack as Connor's guardian to ensure that Victor would have very limited access to the child.

Billy turned to Chelsea and warned her that Victor would never back away once he'd made inroads. Even as Victor was angrily ordering Billy out of his office, Billy warned Chelsea not to trust Victor. After Billy left, Chelsea told Victor that he was the best shot she had at finding Adam. Victor replied, "You'll do well not to question my honesty and faith." Chelsea nodded and told Victor to let her know what he learned about the phone call.

After Chelsea left, Victor phoned his investigator. Victor instructed his investigator to check Chelsea's phone records and find out who'd been calling her. Victor also instructed the man to find out as much as possible about Billy Abbott. Victor added, "Find out what Billy knew about Adam's death." After Victor hung up the phone, he seemed lost in thought.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

At the hospital, Nick exited Sharon's room, and Noah arrived and asked how his mother was doing. Nick reported that Sharon was asleep, but no one would tell him anything. Nick added that he'd gone home to spend time with an upset Faith, but he had called the hospital and had learned that Sharon had undergone a procedure, and he was waiting to hear from Dr. Meade to find out what was going on. Sharon stirred in her sleep.

Noah reported that Sharon was still out of it, and he wondered what the doctors had done to her. Nick said that he'd paged Dr. Meade, and Noah realized that Nick was worried. Nick remarked that Sharon was Noah's mom, but Noah thought that Sharon meant more than that to Nick, and Nick pointed out that he and Sharon had known one another since high school and had been married with kids. Noah softly replied that they'd also lost one, and Nick recognized that the loss had torn him and Sharon apart but that it had also bound them together forever.

Nick offered to give Noah a call if there was any news, and Noah reluctantly left. Dr. Meade approached, and Nick asked what procedure had been performed on Sharon. Dr. Meade hesitantly revealed that Sharon had consented to electroconvulsive therapy to try to eliminate her hallucinations of Cassie. Nick asked if there could be side effects, and the doctor said that she'd discussed them with Sharon, but Sharon had wanted to proceed with the treatment.

Sharon dreamed that Cassie was in her room, and she said that Cassie wasn't supposed to be there. Sharon asked what Cassie had meant when she'd said that she'd just been doing her job, and Cassie ordered Sharon to stop pretending, but Sharon couldn't remember anything except that she loved Cassie. Cassie urged Sharon to remember the rest before it was too late, and Cassie suddenly disappeared. Nick entered Sharon's room and realized that she was dreaming, and he assured her that she had nothing to be afraid of.

Nick wondered if he'd pushed Sharon into making love before she'd been ready, and he said that he was sorry. Sharon called Cassie's name in her sleep, and Nick begged her to wake up. He said that he'd never meant to hurt her and that he loved her, and she opened her eyes. He worriedly asked if she was okay, and he explained that she was in the hospital but that she would be fine. "What about her?" Sharon dazedly asked, and she said that she'd just seen "her."

Nick said that Dr. Meade was outside, but Sharon insisted that she'd seen Cassie standing by the door. Nick told her that it hadn't been real, and Sharon tried to convince herself that her visions had never been real, but she drifted off again. Nick promised that he would be there when she woke up and that everything would be fine. Later, Sharon awakened and asked what had happened. He informed her that she was at the hospital to get the help she needed, and she was surprised when he told her that she'd been there for a couple of days. She complained that she probably looked awful, but Nick smiled and said that he thought she looked beautiful.

Nick asked about the last thing Sharon remembered, and she recalled being with him in bed after they'd made love. She stammered that it hardly seemed real, and Nick joked that most guys would be offended if she hadn't remembered the last time they'd been together. She explained that it almost didn't seem possible, and he assured her that it had happened and that it had been great. He fretted that perhaps it had happened too soon, but Sharon insisted that it hadn't.

Sharon said that everything seemed foggy, and it was hard to know what was real and what wasn't. Nick asked if she'd heard him talking, and she wondered what he'd said, but he replied that it hadn't been important. She asked if she'd said anything, and Nick informed her that she'd been dreaming about Cassie, but he stressed that Cassie hadn't really been there. Sharon matter-of-factly declared that of course Cassie hadn't been there because Cassie was dead.

Cassie's look-alike boarded a plane, and she called the hospital to check on Sharon, but she couldn't obtain any information because she wasn't a relative. She got off the plane.

Courtney found Noah slumped over on a park bench, and she asked what was wrong. He informed her that Sharon was in the hospital after having a breakdown, and Courtney suggested that they talk about it over coffee, but Noah opted to wait for an update from Nick. Courtney insisted upon waiting with him, and Noah wished that Sharon had her own personal police force, but Courtney pointed out that Sharon had Nick. Noah lamented that he'd once thought that having someone who cared was enough, and Courtney replied that it was everything. A man approached and demanded to know who Noah was.

Noah snapped that he and Courtney had been having a private conversation, and the man said that Courtney had asked him to meet her there. Courtney apologetically pulled the man aside, and he grumbled that Noah looked like a narc. Courtney calmed the man down and said that she needed to make a big buy. She asked if she could talk to the man's supplier, and he warned her not to screw with him, or someone might get hurt. The man stalked off, and Noah apologized for almost blowing it, but she said that she was the one who was sorry.

Courtney regretted lying and putting Noah in danger, and he admitted that he hated it, but he understood that it was part of her job. He added that he was proud of her for getting losers off the street, and she said that she'd been afraid that he'd get hurt. Noah joked that he was a black belt, and he pretended to perform some karate moves. Courtney laughed and said that he couldn't ever hurt anyone, but it was hot that he wanted to protect her. She revealed that sometimes she wished that he'd make her choose between him and her job, and he asked what she would say if he did.

Noah said that he'd never ask Courtney to leave her job, but he worried about her dangerous undercover work. He asked if she could do something else that wouldn't require her to be in constant danger, but she didn't think she could settle for something less risky, since the excitement got her adrenaline going. Noah amorously stated that he could do that, too, and he kissed her.

At Crimson Lights, Summer asked if Faith's drawing was for Sharon, and she commented that she liked the flower Faith had colored. Summer understood that Faith was upset that no one had told her that her mother was in the hospital, but she knew how Faith was feeling, since her own mom was in the hospital, too. Summer said that she missed Phyllis just like Faith missed Sharon, and Faith innocently inquired whether Sharon would stay in the hospital forever, like Phyllis.

Faith finished her get well card, but she noticed Summer's forlorn expression and asked if Summer didn't like it. Summer forced a smile and said that she loved it, and she was sure that it would make Sharon feel better. Summer assured Faith that Sharon would be home soon, and Faith hoped that Summer's mom got to return home soon, too.

Jack burst into Victor's office and demanded to know why Victor had been checking on Phyllis. Victor huffed that he had nothing to say, and he ordered Jack to remove himself, but Jack refused to go anywhere until Victor revealed what he was up to. Victor flashed back to Cassie's look-alike telling him that Phyllis knew Sharon's secret, and he claimed that he'd made the call for Summer's sake. Victor contended that he didn't want Summer to hold out for something hopeless, and Phyllis was no closer to waking up than when she'd fallen. Jack barked that Victor didn't know what he was talking about because the doctors and nurses hadn't given up, and neither had Jack.

Victor argued that giving Summer false hope was cruel, and Jack retorted that he didn't need a lesson about hope or honesty from Victor. Victor sarcastically called Jack the paragon of honesty, and he questioned why Jack was spreading lies about him. Victor handed Jack a newspaper with a headline about how Viva Surge had been manufactured by a subsidiary of Newman-Chancellor, and he accused Jack of planting the story. Jack said that he'd like to be able to take credit, but he'd settle for seeing Victor answer for almost costing Summer her life. Victor threatened to tell the FDA that Jack had set him up, but Jack pointed out that he was a recovering addict who would never be stupid enough to do something like that.

Later, Jack stared at a photo of Phyllis in his office, and Summer entered and said that an intern was helping Faith to scan copies of her get well card. Summer informed Jack that Nick had taken Sharon to the hospital after she'd suffered a breakdown, and Jack was sorry to hear it, but he was glad that Faith had Summer to see her through it. Summer lamented that she knew what it was like, and Jack said that Phyllis was always on his mind. He added that Victor had also been interested in Phyllis' condition, and he hoped that Summer knew why.

Summer griped that she didn't want to be in the middle, but Jack said that he was just curious, since Victor had never cared for Phyllis. Summer concluded that Victor had made the inquiry on her behalf, and Jack relayed that Victor had said the same thing. She suggested that Jack take Victor at his word, and Jack said that he would have considered doing so, but Victor had made a comment about giving Summer false hope that Phyllis would ever get better. Summer asked if Jack believed that was true, and Jack pointed out that Victor often said things to be cruel, but other times, Victor simply said things that no one else was willing to say.

Summer recalled Faith's statement about Phyllis being in the hospital forever, and she begged Jack to promise that he wouldn't give up on Phyllis. Jack pulled her into a hug and pledged not to give up, and he said that Victor only saw what was and not what was possible. Summer queried whether Jack thought that Phyllis would wake up, but Faith ran in and declared that she wanted everyone to feel better. She handed them both a copy of her card, and Jack and Summer agreed that it was just what they'd needed.

At the Athletic Club, Abby told Lily that she had been working on cross-promotions for the fashion show, and Lily asked if the online rumors about Abby and Tyler getting engaged were true. Abby complained that people were posting lies about her again, and she called the idea of her and Tyler getting married crazy. Abby asserted that just because Lily and Cane had the perfect marriage didn't mean that anyone else would be that lucky. Lily said that no one had the perfect marriage, but Abby maintained that she didn't want to get married, since she and Tyler were still getting to know one another.

Lily reported that Forrester Creations was on board and that Neil was meeting with them in Los Angeles. Abby was thrilled that partnering with Forrester would help give Chelsea's line credibility, and Lily proposed that they plan a wedding-themed giveaway, since Forrester's showstopper was usually a wedding gown. Abby groaned that Lily wouldn't give up, and she argued that Tyler had to get to know her family better before they considered marriage. Lily wondered if Victor was the problem, and Abby admitted that Victor didn't exactly warm up to people right away.

Lily recalled that Neil hadn't been fond of Cane at first, either, but Abby contended that Victor was in a league of his own. Abby said that she'd once flaunted her boyfriends in front of Victor to get a reaction, but she didn't want to do that with Tyler. Lily realized that Abby was serious about Tyler, and Abby replied that she wanted Victor to see Tyler for the good, decent man he was. Lily commented that she'd known that the right woman would make Tyler an even better person, and Abby compared it to how Lily had changed Cane.

Across the dining room, Cane poured Colin's coffee, and Colin remarked that he hadn't realized that serving coffee was part of Cane's job. Cane saw various documents strewn across the table, and he skeptically asked if Colin had become a history buff. Colin defended that he wasn't always up to something, and he claimed that he was merely pursuing a hobby, like how Cane was into researching biotech companies. Colin suspected that Cane's interest in Bonaventure Industries had reignited a passion in him, and he thought that it was only natural that his son would want to jump back into the corporate world.

Colin disclosed that he'd seen the compilation of links and articles that Cane had put together about Bonaventure. Colin theorized that Cane wanted to show the digital trail that had led him to acquire the company to prove that Cane hadn't had anything to do with the illegal drugs and to entice Victor to rehire him as head of Chancellor. Cane insisted that, as usual, Colin was wrong about him, and he claimed that he had no interest in getting his old job back. Colin warned that cozying up to Victor could be dangerous, but Cane said that clearing Katherine's name was his only motivation. Cane revealed that someone had manipulated him into buying Bonaventure, and Colin speculated that Victor had set Cane up to take the fall.

Victor stopped by Lily and Abby's table, and he surmised that Abby had read the lies about him. Lily assured him that he could rest easy, knowing that Cane was helping to solve the problem. Victor said that he was happy that Cane was on board, and Lily clarified that Cane planned to get back to the job he loved after he resolved Victor's issues. Victor anticipated that Cane would be tempted by a more challenging opportunity, and he commented that he hadn't been the only Newman who had been the subject of rumors.

Abby swore that there was no truth to the posts about her getting married, and Victor advised her not to pursue something she wasn't ready for. Victor walked away, and Lily pointed out that Abby would eventually have to tell Victor that her relationship with Tyler was serious. Abby referred to the awful things that Victor had done to Billy and Sharon, and she wouldn't take the chance that Victor would lash out at Tyler.

Colin declared that he wasn't afraid to confront Victor, and he approached Victor's table. Cane looked on as Colin introduced himself, and Victor grumbled that Katherine had told him all about Colin. Colin defended that Katherine's disapproval of his relationship with Jill had been a one-sided opinion, but Victor said that Katherine had been a close friend, and he trusted that what she'd said about Colin had been true. Colin remarked that they'd all done things they hadn't proud of, including Victor. Colin wondered if Victor expected Cane to take the fall for what had happened at Bonaventure.

Victor stated that he'd offered Cane a job, and he tried to brush Colin off. Colin pointed out that it was the position that Victor had forced Cane to resign from, even though Cane was a competent CEO who Katherine had hired. Victor said that he believed that Cane was a man of integrity who could be trusted, although the qualities had apparently skipped a generation. Colin retorted that Victor's sons hadn't exactly followed in his footsteps, and Cane intervened. Lily glared as Victor invited Cane to join him.

Lily voiced concern that Victor would convince Cane to go back and run Chancellor, and Abby acknowledged that Victor could be very convincing, but she asked what Cane had to say about it. Lily said that Cane had insisted that he loved working at the club, and Abby chirped that Lily had nothing to worry about. Lily said that she'd agree if Victor weren't involved.

Cane presented Victor with a file of information that proved that someone had intentionally led Cane to acquire Bonaventure. Cane asserted that there was enough of a paper trail for Victor's IT department to catch the culprit, and he commented that sometimes one had to think like a crook to catch one. Cane mentioned that Colin thought that Victor had lured Cane into buying Bonaventure so that Cane could serve as a scapegoat if the illegal drug scheme went belly-up, and Victor conceded that it would have been a clever plan. Cane asked if it was true.

Victor asked if Cane thought that Colin was right, but Cane replied that the file would lead Victor to the person who had set them both up. Victor confirmed that if it did then Chancellor would be Cane's to run, and Cane returned to Lily and Abby's table. Abby left to get a refill, and Colin set down a bottle of champagne in front of Cane and Lily as a peace offering for making false assumptions about Cane. Colin explained that he'd thought Cane could be seduced by money and power, but Cane preferred to spend his days working there rather than taking his rightful place as a high roller in the corporate world. Colin added that he couldn't fault Cane for playing it safe.

Victor invited Abby to sit down, and he suggested that they have dinner that night. She replied that she'd had the same idea, but she wanted to include Tyler.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Nikki was looking at the plaque in Chancellor Park when Paul, who had been playing basketball nearby, caught up with her. Nikki said that she had been thinking about Katherine and the quest that Katherine had sent Nikki on. Nikki admitted that although she had been fearful of the outcome when Nikki and Paul had started the search for Nikki's son, she was very happy about how the situation had ultimately resolved itself.

Paul got ice cream cones from a vendor, and the two old friends sat on a bench and reminisced about their shared past. They laughed and recalled a youthful adventure in a gymnasium shower. Paul said that he would change a few things if he could and that he would have been a good father, just like Nikki was a good mother. Nikki thanked Paul and then Nikki told Paul about Willa Ward.

Nikki said that Dylan had a given her a heads-up. Paul guessed that Willa wanted a payoff. Nikki said that it had felt really good when Dylan had been concerned for her and had been interested in learning about Nikki's past. Nikki added that for the first time, she felt like she and Dylan were family.

Neil and Hilary shared lunch on an outdoor patio in sunny Los Angeles as they prepared for their meeting with Forrester. They discussed the latest Internet gossip about Devon, who had apparently purchased a $500,000 car for Esmerelda. Hilary feigned disinterest, but Neil said that he had warned Devon about Esmerelda. Neil called Devon but got no answer.

Neil stepped away, and his phone rang. Hilary answered Devon's call and mentioned that he was in the news. Devon tried to get a reaction out of Hilary, but she said that how Devon spent his money was none of her business. Hilary handed the phone to Neil, who was curious about Devon's actions. Devon said it was all about publicity for the fashion show, which had been mentioned three times in the news article. Neil was not convinced, but he let it go and hung up.

Neil told Hilary that they still had time for sightseeing. He asked what she wanted to do. Hilary revealed that she was a big fan of The Price is Right. Neil managed to get tickets, and Hilary got picked from the audience. Hilary won enough prize money to get into the playoff round but did not get to play for the grand prize. Despite that, it was Hilary's "dream come true."

Noah met with Courtney at the police station. She apologized for putting him in danger, but Noah said that he understood. Noah said that she was a police officer, and it was her job; he was the one who had to learn to deal with it. Courtney briefly thought about giving up her job for Noah, but Noah said that he would never put her in that position. Courtney hugged Noah. He left.

Courtney saw Paul in his office. He warned that going back out on the street after being undercover might be dangerous for Courtney. Courtney said that she would be careful and watch her back. Christine met Courtney on her way out. Christine had news for Paul about Ian Ward. Christine said that Ian had played it cool, and she suspected that Paul had been correct that Ian had been blowing smoke when he had told Paul that there was more to the story.

Nikki met Noah at Crimson Lights. They discussed Sharon's hospitalization and Nick's growing attachment to Sharon. Noah said that he trusted his father. Nikki replied that she supported Nick's effort to keep his family together. They decided to go to the hospital together.

At a nearby table, Michael and Kevin shared turkey sandwiches and talked. Kevin was defensive about his marriage to Chloe. Kevin insisted that everything would work out for Kevin and Chloe just like it had for Michael and Lauren. Michael pointed out that Lauren and Michael shared a mutual love, while Kevin's love for Chloe was one-sided. Kevin did not want to listen and instead decided to go see Chloe immediately.

Chloe met with Lily, Lauren, and Chelsea at the Athletic Club to discuss arrangements and coordinate the fashion show that would launch Fenmore's new boutique and showcase Chelsea's fashion line. Devon put in an appearance, and Lily ribbed him about an article about his extravagant spending that had appeared on GC Buzz. Devon replied that he had merely been promoting the fashion show and that he had succeeded in diverting attention from the shooting in the Athletic Club ballroom, as well. Devon smiled and strolled off to call Esmerelda for a dinner date.

As the foursome got down to business and coordinated tasks and duties, things were tense between Chloe and Chelsea, but Chelsea tried to be gracious when she deferred Lauren's production question to Chloe. Chloe, however, replied with a snippy remark about trustworthiness.

Lauren took Chloe aside to talk about how important the fashion event was to Fenmore's and Jabot. Lauren asked if Chloe needed more time off to recover. Chloe said that she did not. Then Lauren asked if Chloe was going to be able to separate her business affairs from her personal life, and Chloe replied that she could. Lauren advised Chloe to rely on Kevin. Chloe replied that Kevin understood that she was not ready for a serious relationship.

Lily talked to Chelsea, who acknowledged the importance of the fashion show. Lily said that Chelsea and Chloe had been friends and could be again with Adam out of the picture. Chelsea said that she could not help but have trust issues with Chloe after Chloe had taken Connor and fled to Paris. Lauren and Chloe overheard when Chelsea said that she feared another "psycho" action.

Lauren and Lily suggested that they reschedule the meeting, but Chloe wanted a private word with Chelsea. Chloe said that she knew that what she had done was unforgivable, because she had not supported Chelsea when Chelsea had lost Adam, plus Chloe had kidnapped Connor. Chelsea said that if they were going to be able to work together then some topics had to be off-limits, specifically Adam and Connor.

Chloe pouted as Chelsea tried to explain things from her perspective. Kevin burst in and presented Chloe with a wedding ring. Kevin put the ring on Chloe's finger while Michael, Lauren, Lily, and Chelsea looked on. Chloe hugged Kevin. He was elated, but Chloe seemed grateful.

Nick was by Sharon's hospital bed when she awoke. Sharon said that her head felt cloudy, and she did not remember why she was in the hospital. She also seemed to have forgotten that she and Nick had slept together because she did not understand why Nick was at the hospital with her. Sharon had no memories that she had hallucinated Cassie. It appeared that the electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) had succeeded in removing Sharon's memories of Cassie and the secret that she had been keeping from Nick. The doctor entered the room.

Sharon told her symptoms to the doctor, and as the doctor questioned Sharon, Sharon remembered that she had been ill and had resorted to ECT as a last-ditch effort. The doctor told Sharon that Sharon needed rest and would continue to improve. Nick took the doctor outside the room.

Sharon's doctor told Nick that Sharon had retrograde amnesia, which was normal, and that Sharon's memory would return over time. The doctor said ECT had effectively removed the cause of Sharon's hallucinations and that Sharon's loss of memory might be the best thing for Sharon because it had removed the problem.

Noah and Nikki arrived to support Nick. While Noah visited with Sharon, Nikki talked with Nick. Nikki said that even though she did not like Sharon, she would not interfere with Nick or his growing attachment to Sharon. Nikki thought that Sharon had shown bravery by getting ECT treatments. Nikki said that sometimes a person had to take drastic measures. Nick said that he hoped that it was a new beginning for his family. Nikki left when Nick went back to Sharon.

Noah sat with Sharon. They chatted. Noah told Sharon that he loved her and was proud of her. When Nick returned, Noah left Nick and Sharon alone after Noah told Sharon that he would be back later. Sharon told Nick that she felt like she had forgotten something very important that she needed to tell Nick, but she could not remember what it was. Nick said that if it was important, it was very likely that Sharon would remember it some time in the future.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Dylan wrapped his arms around Avery as she made food in her kitchen, and she wished him a good evening, but he said that it would have been better if they hadn't gotten out of bed. He asked what she was making, and she replied that she was making a mess because he was distracting her. Avery hoped that he could stay for crepes with strawberries and whipped cream before he had to return to work, and Dylan said that the boss could be late. He added that it wasn't the kind of dessert he'd had in mind, and they kissed.

Avery advised Dylan that they shouldn't skip dessert, since it was the most important meal of the day, and he had to get his nutrients and energy. He amorously replied that he had plenty, but there was a knock at the door. Avery reluctantly answered it, and Summer apologized for interrupting. Dylan insisted that it was okay, and he told Avery to save some whipped cream for him. He left to go back to work, and Avery said that she was glad Summer had stopped by, since it had been forever since they'd talked.

Summer noted that she and Avery hadn't spoken since Avery's botched wedding to Nick, and Avery said that in hindsight, it had been the best thing for everyone. Summer mentioned that Nick had barely left Sharon's side at the hospital, and Avery was surprised to hear about Sharon's episode. Summer empathized with Faith, and Avery asked if Summer wanted to talk about Phyllis. Summer said that Phyllis had been at the clinic for a long time, and she didn't know when or if her mom would wake up, but she just needed to know if there was still reason to hope.

Summer and Avery agreed that neither of them was ready to give up. Summer said that it felt strange to act normal, but life had gone on, and she revealed that she'd quit modeling to become a college student at Genoa City University. Summer said that she was glad to be moving forward, but she didn't want anyone to think that she was giving up on Phyllis. Avery promised never to give up, and she was sure that Phyllis wouldn't give up, either, since Phyllis had too much to live for.

At Crimson Lights, Victoria ran into Stitch while Reed ran up to the counter. She said that all Reed had talked about on the way home had been the cinnamon rolls at the coffeehouse, and Stitch was surprised that Reed was her son. She explained that Reed was her oldest child who was visiting over spring break, and Reed whined that the place was out of cinnamon rolls. Stitch mentioned that he'd bought the last one, and he offered it to Reed. Billy spotted them and coolly asked if Victoria had planned to tell him that she was back in town.

Reed excitedly ran into Billy's arms, and Billy said that he'd missed the boy. Reed suggested that Billy return home, but Victoria stated that it wasn't that simple. Reed asked if Billy still loved Victoria, and Billy assured Reed that he would always love Victoria, Reed, and Johnny. Victoria instructed Reed to grab a box for his roll, and Billy griped that Victoria had called Stitch but hadn't alerted Billy about her return. Stitch said that they'd just run into one another, but Victoria flatly stated that they didn't owe Billy an explanation. Stitch said that he didn't want any misunderstandings, and Billy admitted that he'd overreacted.

Billy asked for a moment with Victoria, and he mentioned that he'd expected her to remain in Washington, DC, but she revealed that she'd wanted Reed to spend time with her parents. Billy suspected that Victoria had missed him as much as he'd missed her, but she said that she needed more time to figure things out. She told Reed to say goodbye, and Reed sadly anticipated that he and Billy wouldn't get to have their video game rematch. Reed complained that he only got to see Billy a few times a year, and if Billy and Victoria got divorced then Reed wouldn't see Billy at all. Victoria conceded that Billy could join them at home for a rematch, and she reiterated that she would never keep them from seeing each other.

Victoria, Billy, and Reed passed by Dylan on their way out, and Dylan saw Stitch's reaction and warned that what Stitch was thinking was a bad idea. Dylan understood that Stitch wanted his family back together, but he advised Stitch not to use Victoria as a substitute. Stitch claimed that he was glad that Victoria and Billy were trying to work things out, and he wished that his ex would give him another chance, but Jenna had already made up her mind. Dylan asked if Stitch was ready to talk about what had happened, and Stitch hesitantly revealed that he hadn't been completely honest about something.

Dylan recalled Stitch's remark that sometimes people were better off not knowing certain things, and Stitch reasoned that he would have been better off if the truth had never surfaced, since he'd still have his family. Dylan suspected that Stitch was still hiding something, and he counseled that relationships couldn't work without all the cards on the table. Avery arrived and asked whether Dylan had been keeping something from her. Dylan insisted that he had no secrets, and Avery asked him to explain how she'd won the recipe contest when she hadn't entered it.

Avery excitedly explained to Stitch that her recipe had been featured on the homepage of one of her favorite websites, and she proudly displayed it on her phone. Dylan confessed that he'd submitted the recipe and written a short biography about her for the site, and she read his glowing words out loud and joked that he wasn't biased at all. Stitch said that just looking at the pie made him want to hit the gym, and he left. Dylan lamented that the downside was that everyone could make Avery's dessert, but she pledged that he'd be the only one she'd feed it to. She asked if he could sneak back to her place, and he asked about the whipped cream. She seductively informed him that she had a whole bowl.

At Avery's apartment, Avery and Dylan kissed on the couch, and she thanked him for sending in her recipe and for the nice things he'd written. He said that they were all true, and she asked how he was with a video camera. He gave her a flirtatious look, but she explained that the cooking site had requested that she shoot an instructional video. He grabbed his phone and said that he could handle it, and he began to kiss her neck as he took video footage. She giggled and said that it wasn't the type of video the site had in mind.

Billy and Reed played a video game, and Billy remarked that it wouldn't be long until Johnny could challenge Reed, who asked if Johnny would still live there. Reed reasoned that he'd moved to DC with his father after his parents had gotten divorced, but Billy contended that he and Victoria were still married. Reed countered that Billy no longer lived there, and Billy explained that he and Victoria needed some space, but it would always be Johnny's home. Reed declared that he was glad because he didn't want his mom to be alone, and Billy swore that he wouldn't let that happen. An uncomfortable Victoria overheard the exchange.

Victoria asked how the rematch was going, and Billy reported that Reed was killing both him and the undead on every level. Victoria asked Reed to get his overnight bag packed, since he'd be spending the night at the ranch. Reed asked if he and Billy could play again the next day, and Billy pleaded that he needed time to practice. Reed noted that Billy would have to stop by a lot to do so, and he ran upstairs. Billy asked Victoria if Johnny was still napping, and she mentioned that traveling had thrown off the tot's schedule. Billy hoped that meant Victoria wouldn't take more trips anytime soon.

Billy added that he'd missed just hanging out at the house, playing with the kids, and he begged to return home for good. Victoria recalled a prior conversation that had started off the same way, and she had believed Billy and had taken him back, but she felt like they were in a constant loop where nothing would ever change. Billy argued that he'd hurt her because of something they never could have possibly anticipated, but Victoria said that she'd just keep wondering when he'd hurt her again.

Billy promised that there wouldn't be a next time, but Victoria said that she didn't want to go around in circles being miserable any longer, and Billy agreed and professed his love. Victoria replied that she loved him, too, and he wondered why they weren't together. She reiterated that she needed time to decide if she couldn't live life without him, and he offered to give her all the time she needed. She said that she needed more than just his word, and she presented him with separation papers.

A stunned Billy inquired whether the request for time had just been a smokescreen, but Victoria argued that she wasn't ending their marriage. Billy contended that people didn't draw up papers unless they wanted out, but she explained that it was a legal shield to help her stay strong and to not get back together until she was ready. She continued that she needed protection from both him and herself, and she couldn't allow him to hurt her again. Billy realized that he had only one choice, and he silently signed the papers and walked out.

Jack found Kelly working late in her office, and he asked how things were going. She curtly asked what he needed, and he announced that the Forresters had agreed to preview a piece from their line at Jabot's fashion show, so he wanted to confirm that there would be enough space around the stage for extra press. Kelly said that she would send him an updated flow plan, and she tersely wished him a good night. He wanted to take a look at the space, and she testily offered to give him a tour, but she told him to keep his checkbook to himself.

Jack assumed that collaborating on the project would be a problem, and Kelly pointed out that she'd tried to keep things professional, but she argued that Jack had known what he had been doing when he'd given her the check. He conceded that his behavior had been misguided, and she snapped that he had been rude and degrading. He defended that he'd apologized and tried to make it up to her, and he insisted that they didn't have to be enemies, but she retorted that they wouldn't be friends. Jack noted that it was too bad because she could obviously use one.

Kelly said that Jack had made it clear that he wanted her out of Billy's life, and Jack asserted that he'd only been protecting his brother. Kelly replied that she'd lost her family and that she'd never wanted to inflict that kind of pain and loneliness on anyone. She divulged that she'd thought about leaving town even before Jack's bribe, and he asked why she'd stayed. She explained that she was making a life for herself, and she loved having a home that wasn't haunted with memories and a job that didn't remind her of the gaping hole where her heart had once been. She quickly clammed up and suggested that they get the tour over with.

Over dinner at the Athletic Club, Abby proposed a toast, and Victor hoped that the engagement rumors still weren't true. Tyler insisted that if they had been then Victor would have been the first to know, since Tyler was the kind of guy who believed in asking for permission first. Abby defended that she didn't need it, since she was a grown woman capable of making her own decisions, but she praised Tyler for being respectful. Victor agreed that it was a refreshing quality, but he contended that Abby and Tyler didn't need his permission because the couple didn't know one another well enough to make that kind of commitment.

Abby recounted that Victor had complimented Tyler for making his own way, and she demanded to know what had changed. Victor said that nothing had, but he couldn't offer his blessing when he didn't know Tyler. Abby said that was the point of the dinner, and she asserted that Tyler and Victor had a lot in common, like both being self-made men. Victor and Tyler discussed how Tyler had gone from graffiti art to middle management, and Abby remarked that Tyler was a fast learner. Victor recognized that Tyler worked for Jabot, and he thought that Neil was a good guy, but Jack was a different story. Victor said that Jack flew by the seat of his pants, but Victor gave people a chance to prove themselves.

Abby mentioned that Victor owned an art gallery, and Tyler guessed that Victor's style was more traditional than his own. Victor replied that he had a modern art collection and a lot of other interests, but he always enjoyed going to the gym after a day of hard work. Victor and Tyler talked about their workout preferences, and Tyler invited Victor to have a sparring session sometime. Abby objected, but Victor suggested that they do it after dinner. Tyler accepted, and Victor stepped aside to take a call. Tyler promised Abby that he'd go easy on Victor, and Abby caressed Tyler's cheek and said that she was memorizing his face before Victor rearranged it.

Abby tried to persuade Victor and Tyler to order coffee or dessert in lieu of their sparring match, but Victor said that it could wait until he and Tyler returned from the gym. Abby spotted Jack and Kelly together and hissed that Jack had given Kelly the benefit of the doubt, even though Kelly had ruined Billy's marriage. Abby huffed that Jack might be in Kelly's corner, but Abby couldn't forgive the fact that Kelly had slept with Victoria's husband. Victor said that Jack always supported losers and that it wasn't worth worrying about. Abby offered to watch Victor and Tyler spar, but Victor insisted that she stay there, and she nervously sat down as the men left.

Victor and Tyler warmed up at the gym, and Victor gave Tyler pointers about his jabs. Tyler said that he didn't want to hurt Victor, but Stitch intervened and offered to help demonstrate what Victor meant. Victor complimented that Stitch knew what he was doing, and Tyler tried to follow Victor's instructions again. Victor slugged an unsuspecting Tyler and advised him to protect himself at all times, or he'd get "knocked on [his] ass."

Tyler groaned that someone else had taken the boxing ring, but Victor thought that it was for the best, since he didn't think Tyler was ready, and he thought that Tyler could get hurt badly. Tyler pointed out that he hadn't even had the chance to throw any punches, and Victor called Stitch over again to spar. Victor praised Stitch's boxing skills, and he offered Tyler some rules of advice. Victor called Tyler a nice kid, but he warned Tyler not to hurt his daughter, or Victor would go after Tyler.

Summer arrived at the club, and Jack introduced her to Kelly, who returned to her office with a glaring Abby on her heels. Summer informed Jack that she wanted to talk to him about her college courses, but she observed the concerned look on his face. He mentioned that Abby had followed Kelly, and he worried that Abby would make a bad situation worse. Jack said that there was more to Kelly than being the woman who Billy had cheated on Victoria with, and he commented that he wouldn't want to be judged by his worst transgression. Jack thought that Kelly deserved a second chance, and he hoped that Abby would be careful not to blow anything up.

Abby knocked on Kelly's office door and then closed it behind her. Abby snarled that she wanted to get a few things straight, and she stated that Billy loved Victoria, so Kelly would be sorely disappointed if she was hoping for more. Kelly countered that it wasn't the time or place, but Abby commanded Kelly to give up because Victoria was a better woman than Kelly would ever be, and she ordered Kelly to stop trying to use Jack to get close to Billy. Kelly angrily asked if Abby was done.

Abby asked if Kelly was done making advances toward Billy or if she'd moved on to his brother, and Kelly retorted that she was tired of the whole town beating her up. Kelly acknowledged that Victoria had a right to be mad at her, but Abby didn't get to judge. Abby tried to speak, but Kelly cut her off and growled that she'd made a mistake that she regretted, and she'd apologized to the injured party. Kelly added that it was all she could do, and if Victoria couldn't forgive Billy and go on with their lives then Victoria's failed marriage was all on her. Kelly ordered a speechless Abby to get out of her office.

Abby returned to the dining room and complained to Jack that his theory about Kelly had been a crock, since Kelly had put the blame on Victoria for not trying to work things out. Jack thought there was some truth to the assertion, since Billy had done everything he could, and what happened next was entirely up to Victoria.

Victoria sat alone, staring glumly at the signed separation papers. Meanwhile, Billy walked through the park, and he found an upset Kelly sitting on a bench. Their eyes locked.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Dylan prepared to film a video of Avery on his phone, and she seductively exposed her shoulders and then took off her shirt and tossed it to him. She asked what else he wanted to see, and he called her a natural, but she fell over on a chair as she tried to strike a sexy pose. He wanted to keep the video to show their grandkids one day, and she nervously asked if the camera was still on. He promised that he'd turn it off, but he got distracted when they started to make out.

Avery noticed that the camera was still running, and she teased Dylan for not knowing how to use his phone. She insisted that he delete the video immediately, but his phone rang. She saw that the call was from Crimson Lights, and Dylan learned from Gregory that there was an emergency with the espresso machine. Dylan said that he'd be right there, and Avery remembered that she was supposed to meet Jack. She reached for the phone and quickly deleted the video, and she declared the problem solved.

Victoria called out to Reed and asked if he had his bag packed, and she gazed at the separation papers. Reed asked where Billy had gone, and he worried that she and Billy might get a divorce, just like she and J.T. had. Victoria compared her and Billy's situation to a timeout, and Reed commented that it sounded like they were being punished. Reed argued that Victoria and Billy loved each other, and Victoria said that she loved Reed more than anything in the world. She heard Hannah's car pull up outside, and she told Reed to fetch his bag. She stared at the separation papers again.

In the park, Billy asked Kelly what was wrong, and she tearfully stammered that she had to leave. He repeated the question, but she reminded him that they couldn't talk or be in the same place together. He grumbled that it didn't matter if anyone saw them, and he explained that Victoria had drawn up paperwork for a legal separation. Kelly urged him to give it time, but he revealed that he'd signed the papers. Billy recognized that he'd hurt Victoria many times, and the only way to stop being the guy who broke Victoria's heart was to leave his wife alone. He feared that he'd lost everything.

Billy took sole responsibility for the state of his marriage, since he had turned to someone other than his wife. Kelly pointed out that it had only happened one time with a friend, and she realized that the evening they'd slept together had started with her crying in that exact spot. Billy remarked that he hadn't done Kelly any favors, and he assumed that the reason he'd found her crying again was because of that night. Kelly resolved to move on, and Billy handed her a handkerchief as an unseen Victoria spotted them.

Victoria ducked away, and Kelly commented that she'd never taken Billy for a handkerchief kind of guy. Billy recalled that his father had always carried one, and while Billy might have screwed up every aspect of his life, at least he didn't have to worry about blowing his nose. Kelly said that it was time for her to get back to work, and she asked Billy if he'd be okay. He stated that he wasn't her problem, and she countered that she wasn't his, either. He said that he'd see her around, and she told him to take care of himself and kissed his cheek before she walked away.

At Crimson Lights, Dylan was on the phone with Gregory about the part that they needed for the espresso machine. Dylan offered to take a photo of the part, and he snapped the picture with his phone. He thought that he'd figured out how to forward the photo, but he didn't notice that his phone displayed the message "video sent." Later, Dylan's phone rang, and he asked if Gregory had gotten the part. He asked why Gregory was laughing, and he was stunned to find out that he'd sent Gregory the video that he'd thought Avery had deleted.

Dylan stared at his phone and realized that it was true, and he sternly said that it was a matter of life and death to erase the file. Dylan demanded that Gregory stop laughing, and he called himself a dead man. Billy overheard and asked about the video, and Dylan joked that he might have to go to back to Afghanistan to hide, but at least he could still delete the video. Billy pointedly commented that it was hard to undo something once it had already happened.

Billy said that he'd taken Dylan's advice to be honest with Victoria, but she'd wanted to file for a separation. Dylan apologetically said that he hadn't realized that would happen, and Billy replied that it was his own fault for pushing Victoria away and turning to Kelly. Billy confessed that he'd seen Kelly that night, crying on a park bench the same way she had been on the night they'd slept together, but he'd thought to himself that he only wanted Victoria. Billy divulged that he'd signed the papers to save his marriage.

Dylan called Billy's strategy an interesting maneuver, and Billy explained that he'd had to respect Victoria's decision. Dylan supported the move if Billy thought it was the best chance to keep Victoria, and Billy said that he just needed to convince Victoria that he wouldn't have anything to do with Kelly. Dylan hoped for the best, and Billy suggested that Dylan nudge the odds in Billy's favor by talking Stitch into staying far away from Victoria.

Dylan asserted that Stitch wouldn't mess with a marriage when Stitch was trying to salvage his own, and Billy testily inquired whether Stitch was doing it by locking lips with Victoria. Dylan pointed out that Victoria had kissed Stitch to get back at Billy, but he hoped that signing the papers had shown Victoria that Billy was willing to do whatever it took. Billy said that it wouldn't work if Stitch didn't back off.

Hilary and Neil arrived at a motel after their plane had been grounded in Oklahoma due to mechanical problems. Neil complained that there had only been one room available, but Hilary pointed out that people were bunking in the terminal, so she felt like they were living large, unless he snored. He speculated that perhaps she was the one who snored, and she laughed and said that he'd have to deal with it.

At the Athletic Club, Abby chided Jack for defending Kelly, but Jack maintained that Kelly and Billy had made a mistake out of loneliness and grief, and he believed that Kelly regretted it. He added that they'd all made mistakes, and he pointed out that Abby wouldn't be happy with Tyler if her blunders had followed her around for the rest of her life. Abby fretted that Victor had taken Tyler to the boxing ring, and Jack wished Tyler luck with getting Victor's approval. Abby hoped that Victor wouldn't touch Tyler's face, and she hurried off as Devon entered.

Devon asked Jack if Abby would be at the fashion show, since it would help to have a socialite sitting in the front row, and Jack sarcastically suggested that Devon buy her a car to ensure her attendance. Devon suspected that Jack was busting his chops on Neil's behalf, and he said that he didn't need a babysitter. Jack said that Neil hadn't asked him to check up on Devon, but he teased Devon about the GC Buzz's post that Devon had purchased a car that had matched the color of his girlfriend's eyes. Devon was surprised that Jack had read that trash, and Jack reported that Neil's meeting with Forrester Creations had gone well and that Neil and Hilary would be back in town soon.

Devon mentioned that he'd heard that Jack had also dated models at one time, and Jack remarked that blowing money on women and cars wasn't a new concept. Jack called Devon's efforts to slide in a mention of the Athletic Club and the fashion show an expensive PR move. Devon griped that Neil hadn't seen the worth of the stunt, and Jack recognized Devon as a bright young man who was proving himself, but he explained that Neil saw Devon as a son who needed protection. Esmerelda appeared and asked what Devon needed protection from.

Jack said that Devon might need a bodyguard after all the coverage from the blogs, but Esmerelda purred that Devon could handle the attention. Avery arrived, and Esmerelda asked if Avery was doing the "one-earring thing." A flustered Avery claimed that she'd lost the other one between meetings, and Jack received a call from Neil, who reported that his and Hilary's plane had been grounded, but Hilary would provide Jack with a full report the next day. Jack told them to take the night off, and after he hung up, he said that Neil hadn't asked about Devon. Devon and Esmerelda left to go for a drive.

Jack remarked to Avery that it felt like they were Phyllis' board of directors, and Avery told him that it was good for Summer to know that he hadn't stopped thinking about Phyllis. Jack hated that Victor was in the mix, and he mentioned that Victor had called the rehab facility. Jack huffed that it hadn't been Victor's place to say that Phyllis' recovery was wishful thinking, and Avery said that Daniel hadn't mentioned any progress. Jack conceded that there hadn't been any since Phyllis had reacted to her favorite music, but he asserted that it was a marathon and not a sprint. Avery added that she'd never stop having hope, but she thought they needed to discuss what to do about Phyllis.

Jack wondered if Avery wanted to take Phyllis off the machines, but Avery said no, since Phyllis still had brain activity and was still in there. Avery mentioned that she'd talked to Daniel about legal and accounting details, since he was next of kin, but she thought it was only fair for her and Jack to help Daniel with certain issues, like making sure Phyllis got the best care and deciding what to do if Phyllis' health deteriorated. Avery acknowledged that she didn't like to think about it, but as a lawyer, she'd learned that the things people didn't want to think about were the things they needed to think about first.

Jack noticed Kelly enter the club and quickly bolt upstairs, and he agreed that some things were better dealt with sooner rather than later. Kelly entered her office, and Jack followed close behind her, waving his handkerchief to symbolize a white flag. She asked what was up with Abbott men and handkerchiefs, and he asked what had happened with Billy. Kelly revealed that she'd accidentally run into Billy in the park, and she asked if Jack wanted to hear the sordid details. Jack suggested that she drop the sarcasm and just talk to him, and Kelly said that she'd been crying after Abby had ripped into her for being a home-wrecker.

Kelly continued that Billy had dried her tears with his handkerchief, and he had also been upset because he had just signed separation papers. Jack was surprised, and Kelly blamed herself, but Jack maintained that Billy and Kelly had made a mistake. Jack informed Kelly that he'd told Abby that it was up to Victoria to decide what to do and that Abby couldn't blame Kelly for any of it. Kelly answered a phone call, and she said that she needed to sign for a package downstairs. She suggested that Jack get back to his meeting, and after she left, Jack called someone and asked for help with a special request.

Jack returned to the dining room and told Avery that he'd done damage control for a friend. Avery said that she hadn't realized that Jack and Kelly were friends, but she asserted that only the two people in a marriage really knew what went on in it, and she hoped Billy and Victoria worked it out. Jack grew emotional as he proclaimed that people shouldn't let go when they found someone who made them better and stronger, and Avery realized that he was thinking about Phyllis. He softly stated that he missed Phyllis, and Avery assured him that they weren't giving up. His eyes filled with tears as he swore that "Red" would return, and he would be waiting for her.

Kelly found a white rose on her desk with a note that it was to replace a white flag and to declare a truce. She threw the flower in the trash, but she thought for a moment, and she picked up the rose again and smiled as she smelled it.

Neil realized that he should have asked Jack about Devon, and he groused that Katherine hadn't left Devon her fortune to spend on silly stuff. Hilary declared that she knew exactly what she wanted to do that evening, and Neil said that a convention had booked up all the restaurants in town, but Hilary contended that there were plenty of ways to have fun without spending lots of money. Later, Hilary elegantly presented Neil with an assortment of chicken wings and nachos, and she suggested that he pair the meal with either a regular or a diet soda. Neil said that Hilary could have had a beer, but she stated that drinking in a motel room reminded her of her mother.

Hilary said that it wasn't a pity party, but she was ready for some bad television. She and Neil light-heartedly bickered over the remote, and she whipped out a cleaning wipe from her purse to disinfect it. Neil asked if her brain got tired from always being prepared, and he questioned whether there was anything that she didn't know. She replied that she didn't understand how a smart woman like Leslie had walked away from a man like him, and he said that he was just as baffled, since he was quite a catch. He turned on the NCAA basketball tournament.

Hilary maintained that a team's mascot determined whether they'd win, and Neil's team's mascot was a sad pretend creature while her team's was burly and strong. Neil argued that statistics didn't lie, but she countered that they were wrong 87 percent of the time. Neil marveled that she really knew everything, and she said that the night had turned out way better than she'd hoped. The game ended, and she crowed that she'd won.

Abby entered the gym and discovered Stitch bandaging Tyler's face. She freaked out and demanded to know how many rounds Tyler and Victor had gone, but Tyler informed her that her dad had taken mercy on him and had sparred with Stitch instead. Abby asked about the bandage, and Tyler explained that he'd slipped in the shower, but Victor had been a class act, even though Victor had warned Tyler against hurting her. Stitch stepped aside to take a call, and he learned that his divorce was final. Stitch suddenly became irate, and he refused to let Jenna move out of the country with his son.

At the Underground, Abby asked if Tyler needed ice for his face, but Tyler declined. Tyler complimented Victor for having a sense of humor, and he was surprised that a guy as powerful as Victor was also cool. Abby had a hard time thinking of Victor that way, and Tyler suggested that she ask Stitch, who was chugging shots at the bar. Abby pressed Tyler to tell her about his fall in the shower, and he replied that she should have been there to save him. Meanwhile, Stitch ordered another shot, and Victoria charged in and said to make it two.

Abby said that Tyler was either in love or mentally unstable for taking on Victor, and she thought Tyler deserved a reward. He amorously asked if he could get it in public, and she playfully asked if that was all he could think about. Meanwhile, Victoria slammed back a shot, and Stitch warned her to pace herself. She slurred that it wasn't an emergency room, so she didn't need his advice.

Victoria showed Stitch the separation papers, and she explained that she'd needed to make copies of them, but she hadn't wanted to risk running into Victor at Newman-Chancellor, so she'd gone for a walk instead. She continued that she'd seen Billy with Kelly, and Stitch questioned what Billy had been thinking. Victoria spat that it hadn't been about her, and she vowed not to think about Billy. She asked for a pen, and she added her signature to the papers.

Victoria ranted that she'd walked away from marriages for less than what Billy had pulled, and Stitch revealed that his divorce had been finalized that day. She realized that was why he was drinking heavily, and she understood that knowing that it was going to happen hadn't made it any easier. He griped that it didn't help that his ex-wife planned to take his son out of the country, and Victoria questioned whether that was legal. Stitch accepted that it would happen and that there was nothing he could do to change Jenna's mind.

Stitch cautioned that Victoria would have a monster hangover, but she countered that it would be nothing compared to drinking her weight in rum and ending up with a husband. He offered to call them a cab, and she called him practical and responsible, unlike some people she knew. Stitch caught Victoria as she stumbled off her barstool, and he suggested that they get some fresh air. Abby spotted them leaving together.

This episode contained the song "Ready For A Lifetime" by Keaton Simons and Rie Sinclair.

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