The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of March 31, 2014 on Y&R
Ian told Leslie his secret. Lauren thought that she might be pregnant. Abby accepted Tyler's marriage proposal. Sharon and Nick declared their love. Victoria and Stitch had sex in her car. An unseen person paid off someone to plant evidence that Adam had died.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of March 31, 2014 on Y&R
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Monday, March 31, 2014

In Lily's office at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Lauren was impressed when Lily revealed Chelsea's latest designs. Both women were amazed and agreed that Chelsea appeared to be dealing with stress by channeling nervous energy into her work. Lauren, sounding concerned, said she wished Chloe could do the same. Lauren added that the tension between Chloe and Chelsea made it difficult for them all to work together.

Lily noted that it was necessary to work as a team for the new fashion line to succeed. Lauren congratulated Lily and Cane's new adventure and praised their efforts to revitalize the Genoa City Athletic Club. Lily said she thought Cane missed being part of the corporate world, especially after Victor had approached Cane and offered him new opportunities.

At the Underground, Abby expressed her concern about Victoria after she and Tyler witnessed a drunk Victoria stumble out the door with Stitch not far behind her. Tyler assured Abby that Victoria was in good hands with Stitch. Lauren arrived and congratulated Tyler and Abby on their engagement. Abby explained that the gossip magazines had fabricated announcements of the couple's engagement. Lauren said she knew what it was like to be scrutinized by the press.

After Lauren walked away, Abby seemed disheartened and frustrated, though she assured Tyler that she enjoyed spending time with him "with or without a ring." Tyler said only he and Abby would know when the time was right for them to consider marriage. Tyler got down on one knee, clasped Abby's hand, and asked her to marry him. Abby elatedly accepted, and the couple shared a kiss. The couple smiled at each other and seemed happy to have taken a giant step forward.

Across the room at the Underground, Kevin said he was grateful that Chloe had agreed to go out with him and enjoy being with friends. Kevin moved in close to kiss Chloe, but she rushed away to greet Michael when he arrived. Lauren joined Kevin, Chloe, and Michael, and the men left to place drink orders at the bar. Chloe was shocked to discover that Chelsea had submitted new designs without consulting her business partner. Chloe cried that it was a slap in the face for Chelsea to conduct business without her partner. Lauren suggested that Chelsea hadn't wanted to disturb Chloe so late in the evening because she and Kevin were newlyweds. Chloe accused Lauren of defending Chelsea.

At the bar, Kevin apologized to Michael for having been so obstinate about remarrying Chloe. Kevin admitted that his and Chloe's interactions were "still kind of weird." Michael advised his brother to give Chloe time. Kevin said that he loved Chloe and hoped that their marriage might last forever. Kevin added, "Marrying Chloe was the right thing to do. She needs stability in her life, and that's what I can give her." Michael forced a smile. Kevin insisted that it had been Chloe's idea to enjoy an evening out and resume what had been her normal activities.

Chloe was still reeling from Lauren's startling revelation when Michael and Kevin returned with drinks. Kevin's mood was dampened when he saw the stunned expression on Lauren's face. Kevin knew at once that all was not well. Chloe attempted to cheer Kevin with her assurance that her husband and her work had kept her out of the psychiatric ward. Kevin remained lost in thought even after Chloe joyfully entreated the gathered members of her family to enjoy their evening.

Changing the subject, Chloe asked Michael if he was working on any interesting cases. Chloe's tactic failed to avert the tense situation. Kevin, hoping to resume a semblance of normalcy, pulled Chloe to a private corner. Kevin insisted that Chloe return home with him. Chloe agreed, but she insisted on sleeping in the guest bedroom. Kevin said that Chloe could have their bed. Kevin sternly added, "When you're ready, we'll share our bed again."

In the parking lot, Victoria mumbled that her automatic key fob wouldn't unlock the door to her vehicle. Stitch insisted that Victoria wait for the taxi he'd summoned. Victoria continued fidgeting with the key fob and claimed she wanted only to sit in her car and think about her next move after she signed separation papers. Stitch placed his hand around Victoria's and attempted to help her. Victoria's eyes met Stitch's, and the two became aware of overwhelming sexual tension.

Victoria said that though she felt tipsy, her head seemed clearer than it had been for months. Stitch noted that Victoria had every reason to feel hurt, angry, and sad over the separation. Stitch tossed Victoria's keys inside her vehicle, and she climbed in to hunt for them. Stitch hopped inside the vehicle, too. The couple began kissing. Victoria unbuttoned Stitch's shirt. The couple resumed kissing, and reclined together across the front seat. Afterward, Victoria lovingly stroked Stitch's face and assured him that she had no regrets for what they'd done.

Stitch escorted Victoria home. Victoria made it clear that Stitch wasn't interfering in her marriage because she and Billy were separated. Stitch confessed that ever since they'd first kissed at the gym, he'd tried to convince himself that it had been a fluke because he'd just happened to be present when she'd needed someone. Stitch added, "Every day since that kiss, I've thought about being with you." Stitch assured Victoria that he wouldn't push too hard. Before Stitch left to catch the waiting taxi, he told Victoria that whatever happened next would be up to her. After Stitch left, Victoria slowly pulled off her wedding ring. When she saw the tattooed wedding band that encircled her finger, she slid the ring back on.

At the Newman ranch, Nikki and Victor entertained Reed while baby Johnny slept upstairs. Reed seemed intrigued as Victor instructed him on the finer points of playing chess. After Cane arrived, Nikki and Reed went to the kitchen to prepare refreshments. In a hushed conversation, Cane said he was very close to determining who'd set them both up. Cane added, "What I need is for you and your lawyers to buy me more time."

Victor peered over Cane's shoulder to ensure that no one was present to overhear. Cane explained that when he'd considered expanding Chancellor Industries' biotech division, he'd met with his colleagues in research and development. He said that he'd asked about additional companies Chancellor should consider acquiring. Cane added, "After the illegal online-drug-selling debacle, I went back over my notes to see if any of the people I'd met with might have steered me in the direction of Bonaventure." Victor said he wasn't surprised when Cane noted that one guy's name had stood out. The man, Cane explained, could no longer be contacted and seemed to have disappeared.

Victor nodded when Cane said that he hoped to locate the person who'd planted the information. Victor suggested that someone else might have fed the information to the man Cane couldn't locate, so "the man would put Bonaventure on Cane's radar." Cane added, "In doing so, he planted a time bomb set up to go off when you inherited Katherine's company." Victor suggested that Cane might assume the position of CEO of Chancellor Industries after he located the mystery person. Cane claimed that he hadn't expressed interest in becoming CEO. Victor replied, "You don't seem disinterested, do you?" Cane left after wishing Victor a safe trip.

Reed and Nikki later returned, and Reed picked up the game of chess he'd been playing with Victor. After Victor received a phone call, he stepped away. The caller evidently delivered surprising news because Victor replied, "I'll be damned!" After Victor's call ended, Nikki returned from upstairs and reported that Reed had gone to bed. Nikki relayed a message from Reed and told Victor that Reed had said he'd enjoyed playing chess with his grandfather. Nikki added that Reed had proclaimed the chess game to be almost as fun as killing zombies on a video game.

Victor laughed when Nikki told him what Reed had said. Victor said he loved his grandchildren and wished they'd never get older. Victor noted that Nick and Victoria were out on their own, Adam was gone, and Abby had become involved with a man she knew little about. Nikki advised Victor to show his love to his children instead of just telling them he loved them. Victor held Nikki in his arms and said he was grateful to have her in his world. Nikki promised to help Victor mend fences with his children after he returned from his trip.

At Crimson Lights, Chelsea visited with Billy. Chelsea noted that Billy was fidgeting with his wedding band and appeared to be distressed about his relationship with Victoria. Billy explained that his marriage seemed doomed to fail. He asked Chelsea why she seemed drained. Chelsea said that she'd been sketching designs nonstop.

Billy asked Chelsea about the prolonged search for Adam that she and Victor had begun after the crash. Billy reiterated that besides the mentally unstable homeless man's claims, there was no credible evidence to support her insistence that Adam was still alive. Chelsea changed the subject and queried Billy about his marriage. Billy admitted that he and Victoria were legally separated. Billy said he hoped time might help but admitted he'd lately worried that the rift in his marriage had worsened.

Chelsea told Billy that Victoria needed time to think. Chelsea added, "I think it's a good sign, Billy." Victor phoned Chelsea and told her that his investigator had traced the last mysterious call she'd received. Chelsea interrupted and cried, "You found Adam?" Billy, intrigued, followed Chelsea to the patio as she questioned Victor about what he'd learned. Victor said, "Apparently, the call pinged off a cell tower in New Orleans." Victor cautioned Chelsea to wait until the detective uncovered more before getting her hopes up.

After Chelsea's call to Victor ended, Billy badgered her to share what she'd learned. Billy said, "If Adam's alive, I need to know. I have a right to know!" Chelsea warned Billy not to jump ahead. She added that Billy's obsession had almost cost him and Adam their lives. Later, Chelsea recalled the trials of her and Adam's stormy relationship. Chelsea tried to assure Billy that if it was meant to be, then he and Victoria would reconcile.

Cane stopped by Lily's office after Lauren left. Lily asked Cane about his meeting with Victor. Cane noted that he'd shared some new information with Victor. Cane added, "Victor has to go to Washington to answer some questions." Cane began kissing Lily on the lips. While their lips barely parted, the couple disrobed. Cane shoved items off Lily's desk and hoisted her onto it.

After the couple made love, Lily asked if Cane's intention was to distract her. Lily verbalized her concerns about Victor's investigation of Bonaventure. Cane pulled Lily close and lovingly nuzzled her. Not dismayed from her desire to know the truth, Lily asked Cane if he truly wanted to work for Victor at Newman-Chancellor. Cane said he did.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

At the prison, Leslie asked Ian if he'd used his ex-wife to try to extort money from Dylan, but Ian contended that Willa had done it on her own. Leslie warned that the D.A. would have a stronger case against him if he were lying, and he replied that he didn't like his odds, so he wanted to cut a deal. Leslie explained that he needed to have something to offer, and he confidently asserted that he had information that would get him out of there.

Leslie was astounded by Ian's revelation, and Ian believed that it was valuable information that D.A. Williams would be interested in hearing. Leslie cautioned Ian not to try to manipulate her, but Ian swore that what he'd said was true, and he pointed out that it would be easy to prove. Leslie said that it was her job to give him the best defense she could, and she had to get to a deposition. He reminded her that what he'd said had been confidential, even from her partner, and he chuckled as she left.

Hilary and Neil returned to the Athletic Club, decked out in attire bearing the Oklahoma Cowboys' logo. She groaned that she looked terrible in orange, and Devon asked what was up with their matching sweatshirts. Neil explained that their plane had been grounded in Tulsa, and Hilary added that they'd run out of clean clothes. Neil commented that their room hadn't exactly had laundry services, and a stunned Devon inquired whether they'd shared a room.

Hilary and Neil nervously recounted that they'd had to share a shoddy motel room, but they'd amused themselves with cable television and junk food. Hilary said that Devon would never guess who they'd seen in Los Angeles, and she excitedly revealed that she'd met Drew Carey when she'd gone on The Price is Right. She gushed that it had been a dream of hers since she'd been a kid, and she showed Devon a photo of her and Drew on her phone. Devon asked if Neil and Hilary had gotten any work done, and Neil reported that they'd had a successful meeting at Forrester Creations, regarding the fashion show. Neil stepped aside to check in with the office, and Hilary started to leave, but Devon declared that he had something he wanted to say.

Devon thanked Hilary for taking Neil's mind off of Leslie, but Hilary refused to take credit for the plane's mechanical problems, although she was glad if she'd helped Neil. She called Neil a good person who'd done more for her than she could ever repay, and Devon said that he appreciated it. She said that she should change, since it wasn't a proper look for someone working in fashion, and she commented that Esmerelda wouldn't be caught dead in the outfit. Devon remarked that he thought Hilary looked pretty cute, and he offered to help her upstairs with her luggage, but she said that she could handle it. He watched her ascend the stairs.

Across the dining room, Summer complained that she wasn't looking forward to the deposition, and Jack assured her that he would be there the whole time. Abby approached and announced that she had good news to share, if Victor didn't rip Tyler's head off. Summer said that she'd already read the news online, but Abby explained that her engagement to Tyler had just been a rumor, but it had since become true. Jack said that it was great news, and their family finally had something to celebrate. Abby apologetically pointed out that Jack was supposed to have been the next Abbott to get married, but Jack countered that Abby deserved to be happy.

Neil approached their table, and Jack noticed Neil's outfit and asked if Neil had lost a bet. Neil replied that it was the fallout from taking a commercial flight, and he requested that Jack make sure that the Jabot jet was available for the next trip. Neil congratulated Abby, who hoped that Tyler would still be in one piece after a visit with his future father-in-law, and Jack assured her that Victor would be supportive once he realized that Abby was going to marry Tyler with or without Victor's approval. Jack and Summer left for their appointment, and Abby surmised that Neil was thinking that they should be planning a double wedding. She sympathized about his broken engagement, but Neil said that she shouldn't worry about other people, and he encouraged her not to let anyone keep her from being happy.

Devon noted that Neil was in a better mood than when he'd left, and Neil remarked that the trip had been fun and that he hadn't had fun in a long time. Neil marveled that Hilary had excelled both in their meeting and on a game show, and he wished that things had worked out for Hilary and Devon, but he assumed that ship had sailed. Hilary returned in business clothes, and Neil said that he had to change before a meeting. Devon dared Neil to show up in the sweatshirt, and he mentioned that Neil had refused to go without a tie a year before. Neil and Hilary left for work.

Tyler knocked on Victor's office door, and Victor invited him in and said that he had a few minutes before he had to leave for Washington. Tyler revealed that he'd asked Abby to marry him, and he hoped to get Victor's blessing. Victor recalled that Tyler had said that he believed in asking permission before proposing, and Tyler explained that it had happened spontaneously. Tyler continued that marriage hadn't been on the radar, but after he and Abby had talked about it, they'd realized that they wanted to get married.

Victor wondered if Tyler knew what it meant to be part of the Newman family, and Tyler argued that he wouldn't have the Newman name. Victor contended that Tyler hadn't thought it through, and he questioned whether Tyler was ready to devote the rest of his life to a marriage with Victor's daughter. Tyler suspected that Victor was testing him to see if he was worthy of Abby, and Tyler conceded that he and Victor hadn't spent much time together, but he had been through a lot and was proud of the man he'd become.

Tyler proclaimed that he loved Abby more than he'd ever loved anyone, and he invited Victor to question and test all he wanted, but it wouldn't change the way Tyler felt that day or 50 years from then. Tyler added that his answer would always the same, and he was willing to devote himself to Abby for the rest of his life. Victor silently pondered Tyler's response, and he said that he wanted the couple to have a long engagement. Tyler asked if it meant that Victor was giving him and Abby his blessing, and Victor shook Tyler's hand and welcomed him to the family.

At the prison, Summer told Jack that giving her deposition had made her realize that she had unfinished business, and Ian entered and asked if it was with him. Ian said that he hadn't meant her any harm and that he'd only wanted to help. Ian claimed that he was truly sorry if Summer had misunderstood his intentions, and she snapped that she wasn't interested in what he had to say, but there was something she had to tell him. She stated that Ian might not have hurt her like he'd hurt Nikki, but he'd taken advantage of her, and she was there to thank him.

Summer said that Ian had offered to help her find her path, and Ian replied that he'd meant it. She accused him of looking for a person who he'd wanted to control, but instead, she'd found that she was stronger than she'd ever known, and the only person she could place her trust in was herself. Summer added that if she ever doubted herself, she'd never turn to "a sick stranger who didn't give a damn," but rather, she'd reach out to her family because they wanted what was best for her and loved her for who she was. Jack smiled proudly.

Ian thought that he and Summer were sure to cross paths again one day, but Summer doubted it, since his was leading him to prison. Jack asked if she was ready to go, and she replied that she'd said what she'd wanted to say. Jack promised that she'd never have to see Ian again, and he and Summer left. Ian smirked and shook his head.

At Crimson Lights, Avery informed Dylan that she'd uploaded the video he'd made of her, and he nervously insisted that he'd deleted it and that no one had seen it. She clarified that she'd meant the video of her making her key lime pie, and she used her phone to look it up on a cooking website. She fretted that she looked too together and that she should have appeared hot and sweaty instead, but Dylan said that she looked beautiful, and they kissed.

Avery read through complimentary posts on the website about her and her pie, and one person had written that the oven had been on too high because Avery had looked hot in the kitchen. Dylan wasn't sure that he liked people commenting about her, and she defended that they'd said nice things, but she found a complaint about her pie recipe being too citrusy. Dylan asked for the guy's address, and Avery reasoned that she couldn't expect all the posts to be positive, but Dylan grabbed the phone and replied to the poster.

Avery shook her head as she continued to read the posts, and she complained that people could be judgmental about things they knew nothing about. Abby entered, looking for Tyler, and she spotted him on the patio. She asked how his conversation with Victor had gone, and he feigned disappointment, but he eventually grinned and announced that they had her father's blessing. She joked that she didn't know whether to slug him or kiss him, and he moved in for a kiss.

Dylan told Avery that she couldn't let the things people had written get to her, but Avery informed him that she had only been checking her email, since she was expecting an important message from Leslie. Avery mentioned that Leslie had gone to see Ian, and she had asked Leslie to find out if Ian had been behind Willa's extortion attempt. Avery added that she hadn't told Dylan earlier because she hadn't wanted to upset him when things had been going well, and he hoped to never hear from Willa or Ian again.

Abby and Tyler told Leslie about their engagement, and Leslie said that she was happy for both of them. Leslie insisted that the news called for a celebration with cupcakes, and she said she'd be right back. Leslie hesitated to approach the counter when she saw Dylan and Avery, but Avery spotted her and asked how the meeting with Ian had gone. Leslie relayed that she'd made it clear that Ian needed to stop making trouble, and Dylan asked if Ian had gotten the message.

Leslie vaguely stated that it had been hard to tell if she'd gotten through to Ian, and Avery and Dylan expressed their appreciation that Leslie had tried. Leslie asked for cupcakes to celebrate Abby and Tyler's engagement, and Avery asked if Leslie was okay with the news. Leslie insisted that she was fine, and Avery told her that the cupcakes were on the house, in part to thank her for talking to Ian. Leslie struggled to hide her discomfort.

Abby was thrilled that the news of her engagement to Tyler had gone over well so far, since she hadn't been sure how people would react. Tyler said that a lot of people they knew had had their hearts broken, but Abby said that the fact that everyone had been happy for them made her even happier. Tyler replied that there was one problem -- he hadn't told her how much he loved her that day. She said that she loved him, too, and they kissed.

At the hospital, Sharon awakened and spotted Nick, who'd slept in a chair. She was surprised that he'd been there all night, and he informed her that Noah had taken care of Faith. Sharon suspected that Faith was worried, and Nick was sure that Sharon could go home soon. Sharon hoped that she could leave that day, and she declared that she was feeling better and stronger, but although her memory was returning, it felt like there was something she was missing.

Nick offered to pick up croissants and lattes while he and Sharon waited for Dr. Meade, but Sharon thought that he had better things to do other than babysit her. She pointed out that he hadn't left her side, and she urged him to go to work and to take care of himself. He agreed, but he told her to call him if she needed anything, and he kissed her forehead before he departed.

Dr. Meade reported that she was happy with Sharon's test results and that Sharon's condition had stabilized. Sharon asked whether she'd need more treatments, but Dr. Meade wanted to see how Sharon did for a few weeks. Sharon confided that the gaps in her memory still worried her, and she hoped that Dr. Meade could fill them in. Dr. Meade mentioned that Sharon had been dealing with several stressful issues, and she wanted Sharon to remember them on her own. Dr. Meade urged Sharon not to force anything, and she believed that Sharon had already accomplished a lot. Dr. Meade agreed to release Sharon that day under one condition.

At the Underground, Cassie's look-alike watched Nick arrive at the club. Victor greeted Nick, who wondered if Victor was there to say that Sharon had gotten what she'd deserved. As "Cassie" eavesdropped, Nick reminded Victor of the terrible things Victor had done to Sharon. Victor admitted that he'd made mistakes, and Nick blasted Victor for once being Sharon's champion and then turning his back on her. Victor sincerely hoped that Sharon made a full recovery, and Nick asked if that was what Victor had stopped by to say.

Victor announced that Abby was engaged, and he thought that it was an occasion to celebrate as a family. Nick questioned Victor's ulterior motives, and he suspected that Victor wanted to try to make Nick and Victoria forget that he'd withheld the truth that Adam had killed Delia. Victor barked that he'd had enough of Nick's righteousness, and he thought Nick should understand the lengths that a father would go to in order to protect his own child. Nick assumed that Victor was talking about Summer's DNA test, and Victor insisted that he wasn't passing judgment.

As "Cassie" continued to listen, Nick defended that he hadn't run a second test because he'd been desperate to keep his family together. Nick said that it didn't make what either he or Victor had done right, and Victor contended that sometimes it wasn't a question of right or wrong but of what was best. Sharon called Nick with the news that she'd been released, and he offered to pick her up. Victor told Nick that he'd decided to let bygones be bygones where Sharon was concerned, and Nick hoped that he meant it. After Nick left, Victor approached "Cassie" and demanded to know what she was doing in Nick's club after Victor had told her to get out of town.

"Cassie" explained that she'd wanted to make sure Sharon was all right, and the hospital wouldn't tell her anything over the phone. Victor asked why she cared, and "Cassie" said that she felt bad that she had been partly to blame for Sharon's breakdown. "Cassie" revealed that she'd heard Victor talking to Nick, and it seemed like Victor had regrets, too. Victor growled that she should have followed his instructions to get out of town, and she asked if he was threatening her. He glowered ominously at her and said that she didn't understand who she was dealing with.

"Cassie" asked what Victor intended to do to her, and Victor said that he'd do what she should have done herself. She argued that he couldn't force her to leave, but he warned her not to try him, and he said that he never wanted to see her face again. She remarked that it was the face of his granddaughter, and he conceded that she might look like Cassie, but she was nothing like the sweet girl Cassie had been. Victor declared that as far as he was concerned, Cassie's look-alike had never existed, and he stalked out.

Nick returned to the hospital, and Sharon informed him that she could leave if she hired a nurse, since Dr. Meade didn't want her to be alone until they determined that the electroconvulsive therapy had worked. Nick assured Sharon that she wouldn't be alone because he'd stay with her. Sharon said that she couldn't accept Nick's offer, since it would be confusing to Faith if he moved in. Nick countered that they could tell Faith the truth, which was that he'd sleep on the couch until Sharon felt better. Sharon hesitantly agreed to let him stay one night, and then they'd see how they felt about it in the morning.

Nick declared that he already knew how he'd feel because he always wanted to be there for Sharon, and the way he felt about her would never change. Sharon admitted that her memories were returning in bits and pieces, and she couldn't be sure if a certain one had been real or a dream. Nick gently pressed her to tell him about it, and she remembered Nick saying that he loved her. He confirmed that it hadn't been a dream.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Cane responded to an urgent call from Lily to meet in her office. When Cane arrived, Lily began engaging in titillating talk about the marital benefits of working together. Cane shut the door to Lily's office in the Athletic Club as Lily stripped down to her lingerie, but though Cane began kissing her passionately, he did not admit that he preferred working with her rather than being CEO of Newman-Chancellor.

Lily lost the mood, backed away, and put on her dress. Cane said that he loved working with Lily, but that since he had organized the books and put the club on the right track, there was nothing interesting for him to do that Lily or Devon could not do just as well.

Lily understood. She remembered that their dream of working together had been fueled by a cancer scare that was no longer relevant. Lily said that she understood the need for a challenge, and she also remembered how much she enjoyed meeting Cane for amorous activities after work. As he slowly removed Lily's dress, Cane said that as long as he was still working at the club, they might as well enjoy the benefits.

As Sharon prepared to depart the hospital, she told Nick that her doctor had advised her to get a nurse so that Sharon would not be alone. Nick said that Sharon would not be alone because he would be there for her, and he would sleep on the couch. Sharon said that there was no reason for Nick to do that. Nick said that there was a reason, but he had hoped to not complicate Sharon's recovery.

Sharon admitted that she thought she had dreamed that Nick had said that he loved her. Nick confirmed that he had said it and that he meant it. Sharon thought he was feeling sorry for her, but Nick said his feelings had been growing for some time. Sharon said that she loved Nick but needed to take it slowly for Faith's sake. Nick felt the same way. Sharon agreed to let Nick sleep on the couch. They shared a very passionate kiss.

Noah and Faith decorated Sharon's home with a large welcome home poster. Faith ran upstairs for stickers, and Noah heard a sharp rap on the door, followed by Courtney yelling, "Police. Open up," which Noah did with a big smile on his face. Courtney stopped by after her first day on the beat to show off her uniform and to let Noah know that she was no longer acting as an undercover officer.

Noah was relieved but feared that it was because of him. Courtney said it was, but it was not because Noah had pressured her but rather because he had not. Courtney said that she had made up her own mind that being with Noah was more important than being undercover. Noah invited her to stay for Sharon's party, but Courtney said that she would be back after she changed out of her uniform.

Lauren went to Jabot with a dress that she wanted to show Neil but found Hilary instead. Lauren told Hilary to try on the dress. Lauren looked at her calendar and seemed agitated. She excused herself and called Michael.

A chatty Michael ran into Neil at Crimson Lights. Neil delivered the sad news that he had broken up with Leslie. Michael offered hope, but Neil said that that ship had sailed.

Michael moved away to sit at a table while Neil spoke with Summer about modeling in the fashion show. Summer said that she enjoyed being an ordinary woman who could enjoy a candy bar, not some rail-thin model. A light seemed to go off. Neil told Summer that she had just given him a terrific idea and excused himself.

Summer was seated at a table when Fen walked in and sat down with her. They exchanged news. Fen talked about how good it was that both of them were on the right track at the same time and both were drug free. Fen noticed Courtney, whom both Fen and Summer believed was a drug user, lurking about, and tried to prevent Courtney from talking to Summer, but Summer said that since Courtney was dating Noah, she would talk to her. Fen left to sit on the patio with Michael.

Courtney told Summer that she had told Noah the whole truth and that she intended to do the same with Summer. Courtney showed Summer her badge and said that she had never laughed at Summer and had always considered Summer a friend. Courtney regretted that her undercover job had forced her to lie to Summer, but Courtney believed that she had helped take dealers off the street and had made a difference. Summer thought about it and forgave Courtney, who said that she was happy to have her best friend back.

Fen told Michael that he was looking at colleges. Michael supported Fen's desire to show his independence by going to school out of state. Fen was surprised, Michael was surprised to find that Fen was registering for pre-law courses. Fen was again surprised that his mother, Lauren, had kept the secret. Fen explained that he had realized how much Michael had made a difference, and Fen wanted to follow in his father's footsteps. Michael was touched.

Father and son were interrupted when Lauren called. Michael teased Lauren about keeping a secret. Lauren was confused until Michael explained that it was Fen's secret. Lauren told Michael that she needed to meet him in the park immediately.

Hilary looked stunning in the dress, which Neil noticed when he arrived for the meeting with Lauren. Neil told Hilary and Lauren about his idea. Both approved. Lauren excused herself and met Michael in the park. She was nostalgic about Fen's childhood while Michael extolled the virtues of having a child leave the nest. Lauren started crying. Michael could not understand what Lauren was trying to tell him until Lauren blurted out that she thought that she was pregnant.

Nick and Sharon arrived home and found Faith and Noah waiting. Sharon was glad to be home and pleased by the poster that Faith had made. Sharon and Nick assured Faith that Sharon was no longer sick and was not in danger. Nick said that he would be staying and sleeping on the couch to watch over both Sharon and Faith. Faith was very relieved.

As Faith colored another picture, Sharon and Nick told Noah that they were growing closer and wanted to see where it led before getting Faith's hopes up. The doorbell rang, and Faith answered it to Summer, who said that she had dropped by to let Faith know that she would be out of town, visiting Phyllis in Georgia. Sharon said that her memory had more gaps than she knew because she did not know why Phyllis was in Georgia.

Neil and Hilary caught up with Lily and Cane in the Athletic Club bar. Neil said that they had an inspired idea for the fashion show. When Hilary supported Neil enthusiastically, Lily immediately put her down. Hilary quickly pointed out that the idea was Neil's, and Lily backed down. Neil said that the idea had actually been inspired by Summer. Neil said that he wanted to have a segment in the fashion show that used real people on the runway.

Neil said that he wanted to recruit women from everyday life, like teachers, clerks, stay-at-home moms, executives, and women in all sectors. Lily thought it was a great idea and started preening when Neil suggested that Lily be a model. A pout appeared when Lily learned that Neil had asked Hilary to participate as well. When Lily told Neil that he had to be kidding, Hilary commented, "Welcome to the real models of Genoa City,"

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Nick called after Noah, Summer, and Faith and told them to keep their hands off his onion rings. As Nick closed the door, Sharon asked why he'd sent the kids across town to pick up dinner. Nick remarked that he was starving, but Sharon said that she'd seen the looks they'd exchanged when Sharon had indicated that she didn't remember Phyllis being in Georgia. Nick explained that Phyllis had fallen down a flight of stairs on the night of Nikki's multiple sclerosis benefit, but Sharon insisted that Phyllis hadn't fallen.

Sharon recounted that she had been at the top of the stairs, but Summer had been the person who had fallen. Nick mentioned that Summer's tumble had been on a different day in another place, but he thought that it was good that Sharon remembered finding Summer. Sharon wished that she hadn't recalled the memory, but Nick credited Sharon with getting help for Summer. Sharon was dumbfounded that the same thing had happened to Phyllis, and Nick revealed that Phyllis had been in a coma ever since and that she might never wake up.

Nick informed Sharon that Jack and Summer had taken Phyllis to a clinic in Georgia, and Summer had focused on modeling. Nick praised Sharon for being a godsend to Summer, both professionally and personally. Sharon recalled that she'd gotten her job at Jabot after an incident in the park, and Nick remarked that Sharon had saved Jack Abbott's daughter. A baffled Sharon asked when Jack had had a daughter, and Nick disclosed that a DNA test had shown that Summer was Jack's biological daughter, not Nick's. Sharon insisted that it couldn't be right.

Sharon worried about what else she couldn't remember, and Nick mentioned that Dr. Meade had said that all the memories were in there, but some would surface faster than others. He offered to fill in the blanks, and he noted that he'd loved her for over half of her life, so there couldn't be much that he didn't know about her. They embraced.

Nick asked if Sharon remembered that he'd bought a club, and she rattled off details about the disastrous opening night. He teased her for showing off, and he inquired whether she recalled getting locked in the freezer. Sharon had a vague memory of the night, and Nick asked if she knew what had happened before they had been rescued. He gave her a hint by kissing her.

Billy arrived at the Newman ranch and asked Nikki if he could play with Johnny and Reed, since it would be easier to do there. Nikki replied that she was sure that the boys would love it, but she suspected that Billy had also stopped by to request that she help him get Victoria back. Billy conceded that it sounded like something he'd do, but he accepted responsibility for losing Victoria, and he knew that he needed to win his wife back on his own. Nikki pointed out that he'd need to use more than his charms to accomplish his goal, and Billy revealed that he'd agreed to give Victoria space and that he'd signed the separation papers.

Nikki was surprised that Victoria had drawn up paperwork, and Billy relayed that Victoria was protecting herself from being hurt again, so he wasn't going to push her. Billy asserted that Victoria and Johnny were his life, and he vowed that he would do everything to prove it to Victoria. Nikki supportively patted Billy's shoulder and directed him to the stables to find Reed.

Victoria cleaned up her living room, and she gazed at a photo of her and Billy. She found Stitch at her door, and he acknowledged that he'd said that the next move was hers, but he'd had to see her.

Stitch inquired whether Victoria was feeling near death from a hangover, and she groaned not to ask. He remarked that tequila always seemed like a good idea until the next morning, and Victoria concluded that he was there to find out if she had any regrets about having sex with him. She assured him that she had no regrets, and she asked whether he did.

Stitch confessed that he'd thought about making love to Victoria, but he'd never imagined it happening while they'd been drunk in the back seat of a car, and he wished that their first time had been more special. He quickly clarified that he wasn't assuming that there would be a second time, and he promised that he wouldn't push, but he wanted her to be comfortable with whatever was going on between them. She swore that she was, and she asked what else he'd regretted. He replied that it hadn't felt right to leave her alone, but when he'd walked her to her door, he'd realized that it was her home with her family.

Stitch awkwardly said that he should go, and Victoria followed him to the door and thanked him for checking up on her. Victoria planted a kiss on Stitch as Nikki arrived, and Victoria jumped when she spotted her mother. Victoria asked if everything was okay with the boys, and Nikki said that things were perfectly fine, but she wanted to have a quiet visit alone with her daughter. Stitch hurried off, and Victoria claimed that Stitch had just been there for a few minutes to say hello and that she'd given him an innocent kiss goodbye. Nikki contended that it hadn't looked that way, and she was concerned and surprised that Victoria would be playing the field like that. Nikki questioned how what Victoria was doing was any different than what Billy had done to Victoria.

Victoria defended that she wasn't lying or sneaking around, and even if there were something going on, it wouldn't be cheating, since she'd filed separation papers. Nikki reported that Billy had told her about the separation when he'd stopped by the ranch to spend time with the boys, and Victoria expected that Billy had asked Nikki to plead his case. Nikki divulged that Billy was aware that Victoria needed space, and she recognized that Billy adored and missed Victoria and Johnny. Victoria spitefully wondered if he'd been talking to Kelly about it in the park when she'd spied them the prior night. Victoria recalled that Billy had repeatedly promised to stay away from Kelly, and she spat that he didn't have to worry about keeping his promises anymore, not that he ever had.

Nikki asked if Victoria believed that Billy had serious feelings for Kelly, and Victoria wasn't sure, but she recognized that Kelly wasn't the ultimate problem. Nikki empathized that the man Victoria loved had cheated, since Nikki had been in the same position with Victor. Nikki said that Victor could be difficult, but loving him wasn't just something she felt, but it was also part of who she was. Nikki continued that most people weren't blessed enough to experience a love like that, and it was worth it. Victoria noted that Victor and Nikki had spent time apart, and that was what she needed from Billy to make sure that she was strong enough not to let him hurt her again. Nikki hugged Victoria.

Nikki supported Victoria's desire to get strong and clear-minded, but she warned that jumping into another relationship wasn't the answer. Victoria insisted that she wasn't, but even if she were, Stitch seemed to be a terrific guy. Nikki pointed out that he would still be wonderful in six months or a year, and she advised Victoria to take the time she needed, or Victoria would be in more pain than she already was.

At Crimson Lights, Avery incredulously informed Dylan that her cooking video had received more hits than any other video ever posted on the website, and a television producer had called to request that she fly to New York to discuss appearing on a cooking show. Dylan exclaimed that Avery could get her own show, but he wondered why she didn't seem as excited as he was, and she reminded him that she had a career that she loved. He pointed out that the website had been looking for a real person who made real food, and she said that cooking was creative and relaxing for her, unlike the pressure of the courtroom. She kissed him and left to pack for her trip.

In the park, Michael repeated Lauren's statement that she thought she could be pregnant, and she told him that she was three weeks late and clearly hormonal, but she hadn't taken a test yet. Michael pointed out that it could be a false alarm, and she confided that she'd hoped he might be happy about the possibility. He explained that he hadn't imagined it happening after they'd worked hard to find their way back to a solid place, and he'd assumed that they'd have all the time in the world to relax and enjoy themselves. She asked if he was saying that he didn't want the child if she were pregnant.

Michael suggested that he and Lauren find out whether there was a baby before they discussed it further, but she questioned which way he wanted it to turn out. Michael grappled for an answer, and she noted that she wasn't exactly mother of the year. Lauren moaned that she had no business having another child, but Michael assured her that she was an incredible mom, and he knew that her sons wouldn't trade her for any other mother in the world. Michael added that after the year they'd been through, dirty diapers and night feedings would be a breeze, but no matter what they found out, they'd get through it together.

Lauren theorized that a baby could be her and Michael's reward for surviving the past year, but he reiterated that they should find out whether or not she was pregnant first. He suggested that they go home for her to take a pregnancy test, and she said that she had a meeting, but she'd pick up a test and meet him there later. She gushed that she was excited, and he replied that he couldn't begin to describe what he was feeling. She kissed him goodbye, and he looked torn as he watched her leave.

At the Athletic Club, Kelly approached Jack's table and conceded that with all his apologies and peace offerings, it was difficult for a girl to stay mad at him, and she thanked him for the flower. Jill overheard and testily inquired whether Jack would give Kelly a trip to Aruba if Billy and Victoria got divorced. Jack asked if Jill had taken eavesdropping lessons from her husband, and Jill chided Jack for being seen in public with a trollop. Jill ranted that the whole town knew "that hussy" had slept with Jill's son, and Kelly pointed out that she could hear Jill.

Jack made a point of introducing Jill using all of her former last names, and Kelly said that they had already met. Kelly explained to Jill that the flower had only been an apology, and Jack added that he'd tried to bribe Kelly to leave town, but she'd turned him down. Jill asked if there hadn't been enough zeroes in the amount, but Kelly asserted that she earned her own living by working at the club. Jill accused Kelly of sticking around to prevent Billy from putting his marriage back together.

Kelly refused to grovel, and she contended that she and Billy had been friends whose grief had overwhelmed them one night. Kelly admitted that both she and Billy had made an impulsive mistake that would never happen again, and no one wanted Victoria and Billy to patch things up more than Kelly did. Kelly thanked Jack again for the flower, and she excused herself to get back to work. Kelly sauntered off, and Jack pointed out that Jill was in no position to throw stones, since Jill had had a fling with Jack while she'd been married to John. Jill thought that Billy couldn't stand to lose Victoria on top of everything else he'd already suffered, and she wanted to find a way to get rid of Kelly, but Jack counseled Jill to back off and get a firm grasp on her own life before dispensing advice.

Jack reiterated that Billy was a big boy who didn't need his mommy to fix his problems, but Jill asked what would happen if Billy couldn't fix things. Jack suggested that they be there for Billy, but he ordered Jill to leave Kelly alone. Lauren approached as Jack stormed off, and Jill explained that Jack had taken issue with her contempt for Kelly. Lauren sided with Jack, since she'd learned first-hand that no outsider could jeopardize a marriage without permission. Lauren explained that she'd had to take responsibility before Michael could forgive her, and Jill realized that Victoria and Billy's problems had nothing to do with Kelly, but she still hated Kelly.

Jack stopped by Kelly's office and insisted that he was there in peace, and she groaned that she couldn't handle more conflict. He apologized for Jill's behavior, and Kelly asked if he was his family's apologist. She joked that he'd be very busy if all the Newmans and Abbotts chimed in about the terrible person Kelly was, but Jack countered that there wasn't an Abbott or a Newman in town who had room to condemn Kelly, since most of them had done much worse. Jack declared that he was upgrading his lunch invitation to dinner after what Jill had said, and Kelly agreed to join him under one condition -- he had to take her to the most popular and expensive restaurant in Genoa City, since she wouldn't dream of disappointing all the people who thought she was a sleazy, gold-digging tramp.

Billy kissed Jill's cheek, and she said that he smelled like a horse. He explained that he'd joined Reed for a riding lesson, and he asked why she'd urgently summoned him. Jill said that they had to talk about his marriage, and he chuckled and told her to stay out of it. She mentioned that Jack and Lauren had said the same thing, and she promised not to interfere if Billy reassured her that he was doing everything in his power to save his marriage. Billy declared that there was nothing more important to him, and Jill inquired about what he'd done to take action.

Billy revealed his plan to give Victoria space, and Jill bellowed that it was the lamest thing she'd ever heard. Billy asked what was lame about respecting Victoria's wishes, and Jill scoffed at the idea of Billy waiting for Victoria to invite her lying, cheating husband back home. Billy requested that Jill share her secret, since she'd gotten back together with Colin. Jill suggested that Billy seriously work on himself to change into a responsible adult, or he didn't stand a chance of saving his marriage.

Avery spotted Michael looking distraught in the park, and she asked if something was wrong with Fen. Michael reported that Fen was doing great, but Avery could tell that something was going on, and she encouraged Michael to open up under the protection of attorney-client privilege. He asked if she had ever gotten through a rough time and had finally felt like life was safe and familiar again, but then something had happened that had blindsided her. Avery said that she could relate, and Michael quipped, "Man plans, and God laughs."

Michael said that he'd been meaning to take a step back and spend time alone with his wife, and Avery replied that he'd earned it, but he said that he might have to put it all on hold for a while. Avery asked if he would consider covering her caseload while she was out of town for a few days, and he welcomed the chance to focus on situations that he could do something about. Meanwhile, Lauren ran into a frazzled mother struggling with a stroller and shopping bags in the Athletic Club foyer.

At the coffeehouse, Dylan told Stitch about Avery's meeting with the television producer, but Stitch was clearly distracted. Dylan asked what was going on, and Stitch explained that he'd learned the day before that Jenna was moving to Australia with their son. Dylan protested that Stitch had rights, and he suggested that Stitch take Jenna to court, but Stitch refused to drag Max through a custody battle or tear his son away from his mother. Dylan wished that Stitch had called him because Stitch shouldn't have been alone, and Stitch flashed back to having sex with Victoria in the car. Stitch admitted that he hadn't been alone.

Stitch said that a lot of tequila had been involved, and he'd ended up drinking with Victoria. Dylan said that he was glad to hear it, since Victoria had also been going through a rough time, and he felt helpless as a brother, so he appreciated Stitch being there for her. Dylan added that he'd told Billy that Stitch wasn't the type of person who'd sleep with someone else's wife. Stitch looked uncomfortable, and Dylan asked if Stitch had crossed the line by sleeping with Victoria.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Abby and Victoria returned to Victoria's home after they'd dropped off Reed at the airport. Abby hesitantly said that she had something to tell Victoria, but she thought that it wasn't the best time in light of Victoria's separation from Billy. Abby announced that she and Tyler had gotten engaged, and Victoria gushed that she was happy for them. The women hugged, and Victoria said that she was sorry that Abby had felt like she couldn't say anything. Victoria added that life went on, and it helped having her family's support. Abby remarked that it also helped to have friends like Stitch.

Abby asked what Victoria thought of Stitch, and Victoria replied that he was nice. Abby contended that he was also hot, and she'd witnessed some intense flirting between him and Ashley. Victoria asked if anything had happened because of it, and Abby suspected that something would have if Stitch and Ashley had spent more time together. Abby noticed that Victoria seemed quiet and pale, and she wondered if Victoria had gone out drinking again. Abby mentioned that she'd seen Victoria leaving the Underground with Stitch a couple of nights before.

Victoria asked why Abby hadn't said hello at the club, and Abby contended that she'd been distracted by the most gorgeous man in the world, so she'd only seen Victoria and Stitch as they had been leaving. Abby asked what was going on, since it wasn't like Victoria to hang out at bars. Victoria defended that the alcohol had dulled the pain, and Abby implored her to call someone the next time rather than getting wasted alone. Abby commented that she was glad that Victoria had been in good hands, but Victoria abruptly stated that she had an appointment, and she ordered Abby to get to work.

At Jabot, Billy stopped by Jack's office, dressed in a new suit, and Jack joked that he'd been expecting his brother. Billy handed Jack an envelope with his résumé, and he asked if Jack was hiring. Jack pointed out that Billy owned a restaurant, and Billy explained that he could no longer greet people with a smile plastered on his face, since he'd imagined running the place with Delia one day. Billy continued that just walking into the restaurant felt wrong because he'd won it in a poker game, so he'd put the word out, and he might have a buyer. Jack encouraged Billy to do what he needed to do to set his life straight, but he wasn't sure a job at Jabot should be part of it.

Billy admitted that he'd been inspired by Jill's advice to commit to becoming the strong, stand-up guy Victoria wanted him to be. Jack said that he was proud of Billy for wanting to prove himself to Victoria, and Billy vowed to do whatever it took. Billy asked when he could start at Jabot, but Jack noted that Billy's last few stints at the company hadn't been successful. Billy argued that he'd grown up a lot since he'd gone to Hong Kong, but Jack questioned whether Billy's heart would be in his work. Jack warned that if things didn't work out, Billy would be right back where he'd started.

Billy maintained that he really wanted a job, and after he'd lost Delia, he'd thought a lot about what he should do. He said that the only thing he'd thought of was making the most of the time he spent with his loved ones, and he couldn't think of anything that would mean more than working with his brother in the business that their father had founded. A touched Jack welcomed Billy back, and they hugged. Jack mentioned that a position in research and development had been open since June, and Billy realized that Jack was referring to Phyllis' job. Billy said that he'd have no trouble finding another spot when she returned, and Jack remarked that he thought the arrangement would work out for both of them.

Abby entered and was surprised to see Billy in a suit, and she mentioned that she and Victoria had just taken Reed to the airport. Abby reported that Victoria hadn't been acting like herself and that she'd seen Victoria stumbling out of the Underground. Billy fretted that Abby had let Victoria leave drunk and alone, but Abby revealed that Stitch had been helping Victoria. Billy cursed and snarled that he'd told "that bastard" to stay away from his wife.

Abby asked if Stitch had hit on Victoria, and Billy inquired whether Victoria had said anything about the night in question. Abby said that Victoria had just acted weird about it, and all Victoria had said was that Stitch had helped her to get home safely. Jack assured Billy that there hadn't been anything more to it, and Billy left to start prepping for his first day of work. Jack admonished Abby for talking about Victoria and another man in front of Billy.

Abby asserted that Billy had had a right to know what Victoria had been up to, and she added that she'd want to know if Tyler had been out drinking with another woman. Jack worried that speculating could cause a lot of damage, and Jack received a call from Kelly, who rescheduled their dinner for the following evening. After he hung up, Abby incredulously asked if he was seriously going to take a "home-wrecking hoochie mama" out to dinner. He said that Abby's insults reminded him that he was taking Kelly out because of the atrocious way his family had treated Kelly. Abby stated that if she really wanted to stir up trouble, she'd just tell everyone that Jack was dating the woman who had broken up his brother's marriage.

Dylan and Stitch walked through the park after they'd played basketball, and Dylan asked if Stitch wanted to grab something at the coffeehouse. Stitch opted to go for a run, but Dylan suspected that Stitch was bowing out to escape another interrogation. Dylan acknowledged that whatever had happened between Stitch and Victoria was between them, but she was Dylan's sister, and he didn't want her or Billy to get hurt. Dylan remarked that Victoria didn't need anything to complicate her life even more, and Stitch replied that he couldn't tell Dylan what he wanted to hear, so Dylan should stop asking. Dylan realized that Stitch had slept with Victoria.

Dylan questioned how Stitch could have interfered in someone else's marriage after Stitch's own marriage had fallen apart, and Stitch swore that it had just happened. Stitch explained that he'd been doing shots after he'd learned that Jenna was going to take Max out of the country, and Victoria had stopped by the bar after she'd had separation papers drawn up. Stitch said that he and Victoria had both had a lot of drinks, and all he'd wanted had been to make sure she got home okay, but he'd never intended for things to go further. Stitch suspected that Dylan thought that Stitch had taken advantage of a vulnerable Victoria, but Stitch insisted that he honestly believed that they both had known what they had been doing.

Dylan asked if Stitch and Victoria's encounter had been a one-time thing, and Stitch replied that he'd put the decision in Victoria's hands, but he recognized that she deserved better than him. Dylan asked if Stitch was referring to the mysterious reason why Jenna had left Stitch, but Stitch asserted that Dylan had gotten enough out of him for one day. Stitch remarked that there was no changing what had happened in the past, and Dylan thanked Stitch for being honest. Dylan said that he had to get back to work, and after he left, Victoria jogged through the park and ran into Stitch.

Victoria said that she hadn't expected to run into Stitch, but he pointed out that they'd run into one another in that spot before, and she knew that he couldn't resist the hot dogs. She asked if he was accusing her of stalking, and he replied that there was no one else he'd rather have stalking him. She mentioned that she'd seen Dylan walking away, and she asked how Dylan was doing. Stitch divulged that Dylan had figured out what had happened between Stitch and Victoria, and her eyes widened in panic.

Victoria asked if Dylan saw her as a cheating slut or just a woman trying to figure out her life, and Stitch divulged that Dylan had advised him to take a step back. Victoria countered that fate hadn't agreed, or she and Stitch wouldn't have bumped into one another. Stitch assured her that she didn't have to worry about Dylan saying anything, and Victoria was relieved because she didn't want to hurt Billy the same way he'd hurt her when she'd found out that he'd slept with Kelly. Stitch thought that spreading the news would be premature, since he and Victoria weren't even dating yet.

Billy stumbled upon Victoria and Stitch, and he mumbled that something had told him to take the long way through the park. Victoria asked why Billy was in a suit, and he said that they needed to talk. Billy ordered Stitch to leave, and Victoria told Stitch to have a good run. After Stitch left, Billy mentioned that he'd heard that Reed had taken off, and Victoria said that Reed had had fun with Billy and her parents. Billy asked what Victoria had done with her time alone, and he coldly stated that he'd love to hear all about her night at the Underground.

Victoria surmised that Billy had spoken to Abby, and Billy said that he'd heard that Stitch had rescued Victoria after she'd had too many drinks. Victoria conceded that Stitch hadn't wanted her to drive, and Billy growled that Stitch was a real prince. Billy asked what Victoria and Stitch had done next, and she balked, but Billy demanded to know what she'd done with the space he'd given her. Billy asked point-blank if Victoria had slept with Stitch.

At the police station, Kevin handed Paul an arrest report and started to return to his desk, but Paul noted that they hadn't had a chance to talk about Kevin's marriage to Chloe. Kevin recognized that he and Chloe hadn't been acting like newlyweds, but Paul thought that could change once Chloe processed how generous Kevin's gesture to marry her had been. Victor appeared in the doorway and grumbled that he was surprised that the court had agreed to such an arrangement, since kidnapping was a serious crime. Victor warned Kevin to keep Chloe away from his grandson, and Kevin replied that Chelsea had already handled it.

Victor assumed that Kevin was talking about the restraining order, and he doubted that it would keep Chloe away. Kevin argued that Chloe had admitted that what she'd done had been wrong and that she wouldn't do it again, and Victor told Kevin to see to it that she didn't. Paul instructed Kevin to get back to work, and he thanked Victor for stopping by. Paul mentioned that Victor had just returned from Washington, DC, after talking to the FDA about Bonaventure Industries, and Victor called the meeting a waste of time, since he'd had no idea what had been going on. Paul said that he had something closer to home that he wanted to talk about -- Adam.

Paul revealed that he'd had a conversation with Billy, who had confirmed that Victor was launching an investigation into Adam's death. Victor reasoned that his son's body hadn't been found, and he asserted that any father in the same situation would investigate. Paul insisted that Victor share any information he uncovered with the police, and he pointed out that Victor hadn't shared anything when Victor had discovered that Adam had been culpable in Delia's accident. Victor noted that there was no proof that he'd known anything before anyone else had, and Paul cautioned that Victor could face numerous charges if he had. Victor smirked and asked if that was a threat, and Paul told him to consider it a friendly warning, since Adam was still a wanted man.

In his office, Victor flashed back to Chelsea begging him to investigate what had really happened to Adam, and Chelsea had tempted him with access to Connor in exchange for his help. Victor's phone rang, and an investigator reported that he had information about Adam.

At Crimson Lights, Chelsea worked on a sketch, and Chloe asked what she was drawing. Chelsea quickly closed her sketchpad and claimed that she'd just been doodling, but Chloe noted that it had looked like a pretty complete doodle. Chloe remembered a time when Chelsea had asked for Chloe's opinion, since Chloe had been Chelsea's toughest critic and closest collaborator. Chelsea promised that she would show Chloe her new design when it was complete, and she got up to leave, but Chloe snapped that she knew exactly what Chelsea had been up to.

Chloe accused Chelsea of submitting designs for their fashion show behind Chloe's back, and Chelsea swore that she'd planned to mention them, but Chloe testily questioned whether Chelsea had intended to do so when the models were walking down the runway. Chelsea contended that she'd had some last-minute inspiration while under a time crunch, but Chloe was certain that Chelsea was trying to cut Chloe out. Chloe pointed out that she'd heard Chelsea call her a psycho, and she barked that Chelsea didn't care that Chloe was that way because Chelsea's husband had killed Chloe's daughter.

Chelsea said that she and Chloe had agreed not to talk about Adam, and Chloe countered that they'd also agreed to work with each other, but maybe she was just acting psycho. Chelsea admitted that she'd overreacted, and Chloe asked if Chelsea had been overreacting when she'd refused to show Chloe her sketches. Chloe demanded that Chelsea not make any more excuses, and Chelsea confessed that she'd gone behind Chloe's back to deliver her new designs. Chloe asked if Chelsea didn't trust her with the designs any more than Chelsea trusted Chloe with Connor, and Chelsea argued that things had been difficult and painful for both of them. Chloe guessed that Victor had put Chelsea up to shutting Chloe out.

Chelsea said that Victor had been worried that Chloe wasn't emotionally ready to return to work, and Chloe spat that she wouldn't be surprised if he had lawyers dissolving their partnership. Chloe suspected that the restraining order had been his idea, and she questioned whether his next step would be to frame her for a crime she hadn't committed. Chelsea said that Chloe was acting paranoid, and Dylan intervened and asked if everything was okay. As Kevin arrived, Chloe ranted that Chelsea had glommed onto Victor because Chelsea needed someone to tell her what to do with her life. Chelsea declared that Victor wasn't to blame for the women's rift -- Chloe was.

Kevin said that Chloe didn't need Chelsea or anyone else berating her, and he reminded Chelsea that Chloe had lost a child. Chelsea defended that she didn't have to take Chloe's misplaced anger, especially after Chloe had stolen Chelsea's son and hadn't intended to return. Chelsea admitted that it was hard to work with Chloe, and she needed to be productive to find some hope. Chloe inquired when she herself could feel hope again, and she accused Chelsea of not caring as Kevin led Chloe away. Chelsea apologized to Dylan, and he empathized that it wasn't easy to have trouble with one's best friend. Victor called Chelsea and summoned her to his office right away.

Stitch found Chelsea's sketchpad at the coffeehouse, and Dylan realized that Chelsea had left it behind. Dylan explained that she'd been going through a rough time and that he'd overheard an argument she'd had with Chloe. Dylan added that Chelsea had left after she'd received a phone call, and he pondered whether to drop the sketchpad off to Chelsea. Stitch repeated Dylan's advice to take a step back. Meanwhile, Kevin told Chloe that things would get back to normal once Chelsea saw that Chloe was making better decisions, but Chloe was certain that Chelsea was pushing Chloe out of her life.

Chelsea arrived to see Victor and excitedly asked if the investigator had found Adam alive, and Victor invited her to have a seat. With difficulty, Victor revealed that a body had been found two counties away from the accident site, and the police were treating the human remains as a John Doe. Chelsea argued that it couldn't possibly be Adam, but Victor divulged that the dental records had been a match with Adam's. Victor apologetically stated that they knew for sure that her husband was gone, and he took a tearful Chelsea into his arms and said that he was sorry.

In an undisclosed location, a man informed someone that he'd paid off the right people, and he accepted an envelope full of cash. The man said that it wouldn't sit well with Victor if Victor found out what the person had paid him to do.

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