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Malcolm returned and forced Neil to admit he was scared of being blind forever. Nikki got drunk at a bar with a stranger named Maureen, who turned out to be Kelly and Stitch's mother. Sharon accepted Nick's proposal. Phyllis bolted upright in bed and screamed, “No!”
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of September 8, 2014 on Y&R
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Monday, September 8, 2014

At the Underground, Austin stood silent while Summer and Mariah argued about their confusing family backgrounds. Mariah noted that she and Summer weren't likely to bond as sisters. Mariah added, "We wouldn't have had that anyway because Nick isn't your real dad." Summer replied, "Or yours, either, but the only difference is that Nick actually raised me and still considers me his daughter." Mariah noted that she, like Summer had, hoped to learn that her connection to the Newman family was a lie.

Summer said Mariah was fortunate because Sharon and Nick had offered to welcome Mariah into their home. Mariah angrily replied that she wanted no part of Nick and Sharon's extravagant lifestyle and had no intention of accepting Sharon as her mom. Mariah pointed at Austin and said, "I don't fit into their world any more than you do!" Austin insisted that he fit in just fine with Summer. Mariah cautioned Austin that he'd soon tire of pretending to be someone he wasn't.

After Mariah went to clean out her locker, Abby arrived. Abby was shocked when Summer explained that the reason Mariah looked identical to Cassie was because they were twins. Abby shook her head in disbelief when Summer explained that the doctor who'd delivered Sharon's twins had confirmed that Ian had taken Mariah at birth. Summer cried that after all Mariah had been through, she should consider herself fortunate to have Sharon in her life. Summer added, "I would give anything to have my mom back."

In the locker room, Austin was shocked when Mariah told him that the man she'd considered to be her father had drugged her before forcing her to marry him. Mariah berated herself for not realizing that Ian was a liar and a pervert. After Austin returned to the bar, Abby began ranting about Mariah's many missteps. Austin noted that Mariah could use a friend. Summer asked Austin why he was defending Mariah. Austin replied, "She just found out that who she thought was her mother isn't and that someone else is. I feel like you, more than anyone, would understand what that feels like."

Before Mariah left, Summer changed her demeanor toward Mariah and showed kindness. Mariah accused Austin of having blabbed the details of her personal life to Abby and Summer. After Mariah stormed out, Summer asked Austin what Mariah had told him, but he refused to betray Mariah's confidence. After Austin walked away, Abby warned Summer to be wary of Mariah around Austin. Abby added that Tyler had also fallen for Mariah's "poor me" act.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack awoke with a start when he dreamed that Phyllis had awakened him with an early morning massage. When Jack opened his eyes and saw Kelly slumbering beside him, he sprang up and gasped for breath. Kelly awoke and asked what was wrong. Jack said he just wasn't used to sleeping in. Kelly encouraged Jack to handle business at his office if he so desired, but Jack noted that he could delegate work to subordinates because he was the boss.

Later, Jack taped up the last box of Phyllis' belongings before the movers arrived to transfer the boxes to a storage facility. Kelly told Jack that he didn't have to rush forward with the difficult task. Kelly recalled having experienced the pain of boxing up her father's belongings after he died. Kelly paused and apologized, acknowledging the fact that Phyllis was still alive. Jack took Kelly's hands and replied, "Yes, she is, but she's not coming back. I've made peace with the fact that Phyllis is not coming back. I wish Summer could accept that."

Jack admitted to Kelly that he feared Summer only saw him as a betrayer. Kelly assured Jack that Summer would soon appreciate having him in her life. Kelly told Jack to search through Phyllis' belongings to find keepsakes related to the milestones of Summer's life. Jack embraced Kelly and said he didn't need those things because he had Summer. Jack smiled contentedly and clung to Kelly.

Kelly decided to shop for groceries, so she could cook a special dinner. Before she left, Kelly promised not to burn down Jack's house. After Kelly left, Jack experienced a flashback about the day Phyllis had caught the kitchen on fire when she'd tried to cook dinner. As Jack and Phyllis had later enjoyed Chinese takeout, Phyllis had told Jack that she'd never venture into the kitchen again. Phyllis had also noted that the kitchen wasn't her favorite room before moving in close and kissing Jack on the lips. The vivid memory of Phyllis seemed distressing to Jack.

At the clinic in Georgia, Nurse Hathaway was eager for Dr. Cutler to share news of Phyllis' improvement with Summer and Jack. Dr. Cutler said it was best not to discuss Phyllis' condition with anyone until he could determine the level of her cognitive abilities. Nurse Hathaway gazed at Phyllis, who was staring ahead blankly, and agreed to not contact the family. After Dr. Cutler left, Nurse Hathaway checked Phyllis' blood pressure. The nurse cheerfully informed Phyllis that her health was improving.

Nurse Hathaway sat beside her patient and said that if Phyllis continued to improve, she'd be able to return home. The nurse talked about Phyllis' family members. She picked up a photo of Jack and held it up near Phyllis. Nurse Hathaway noted that Phyllis' handsome fiancé, Jack, had sat by his loved one's bedside for hours, holding her hand. The nurse pleaded with Phyllis to keep improving. After the nurse slid Jack's engagement ring back onto Phyllis' finger, Phyllis moved her hand. Nurse Hathaway placed a phone call to Jack.

At the police station, Paul told Avery and Dylan that someone matching Ian's description had been seen near the Canadian border. Avery said she believed that Ian would return to Genoa City because he hadn't gotten the ransom he wanted and might attempt to extort money from others. Paul insisted that he would keep Nikki safe. Avery and Dylan were disappointed when an officer delivered news that the man detained at the Canadian border wasn't Ian. Paul noticed a seeping bandage wrapped around Dylan's right hand and asked what had happened. Dylan replied, "I just cut myself repairing something at the coffeehouse." Paul noted that it seem like something was always breaking at the coffeehouse. Dylan replied, "And only one guy to fix it."

After Avery returned with Dylan to Crimson Lights, she queried him about his cut hand. Avery said, "When I walked in here yesterday, you had so much blood on your shirt, you had to throw it away." Dylan replied, "It must have happened after I spoke to Nikki on the phone. My only focus was getting out to the ranch and helping her." Avery said that Dylan seemed too calm and would ordinarily be upset about Ian being on the loose. Dylan told Avery not to worry because he'd learned a lesson from going after Austin. Avery seemed distressed when Dylan said, "I have a feeling we're never going to see Ian Ward again."

At the Newman Ranch, Nikki quickly moved away from the liquor cart when Victor returned home. Victor was taken aback by the number of police officers surrounding the estate. Nikki explained that Paul had sent the officers to protect her from Ian. She noted that Dylan had earlier thwarted Ian's plan to harm her. Victor asked why Nikki hadn't summoned him for help. Nikki said that she'd left numerous messages. Victor was confused and noted that Nikki had assured him that everything was all right in her messages. Nikki replied, "By then Ian was gone. There was no reason to upset you when you'd missed the worst of it. Where were you?"

Victor claimed that he'd been on a business trip. Nikki berated Victor for failing to adequately assist Nick in the search for Mariah. Victor said that Mariah wasn't entirely trustworthy. Nikki, angry, replied, "How dare you say that!" Victor explained that Ian Ward wouldn't have been able to kidnap Mariah and force her into marriage had she cut ties with him. Victor added, "She trusted that loathsome bastard." Nikki explained that Mariah had been conditioned from the time she was a baby to trust Ian. Victor replied, "She didn't want to see the truth."

Nikki was disgusted by Victor's lack of empathy. Victor ordered his security team to tightly monitor and protect Nikki. She asked why Victor hadn't been home to protect her when Ian had shown up. Victor lashed out and noted that Nikki had turned to Paul Williams instead of her own husband. Victor told Nikki that she should have been honest with him when she'd embarked on the search for her son instead of enlisting Paul's help. Nikki cried, "You're always away on some family business. Paul is here! I can count on him when I need him -- not like you!"

Nikki grabbed her handbag and left without telling Victor where she was going. Victor later questioned the head of his security staff after Nikki manage to slip away from the ranch unnoticed. Victor later phoned Paul and told him to remove his police officers from the Newman property. Paul refused and said he would continue to protect Nikki. Victor yelled, "No, you will not, Paul! I will protect Nikki!"

Victor phoned Dr. Cutler and asked about Phyllis. Dr. Cutler explained that there had been no further improvement after Phyllis had opened her eyes. The doctor explained that Phyllis having opened her eyes after languishing in a coma for a year was considered a great success. Victor replied, "Success will be achieved when Phyllis tells me what's on her mind." Dr. Cutler cautioned Victor not to expect too much too soon during the recovery process.

Victor threatened to alert the Swiss medical board of directors. Victor added that he'd report Dr. Cutler's decision to treat Phyllis in exchange for Victor's generous donation to the doctor's foundation. Dr. Cutler replied, "There was no connection between the two incidents." The doctor seemed taken aback by Victor's hostile accusations. Victor threatened to thwart the doctor's research if he didn't immediately accelerate Phyllis' recovery.

In Paul's office, a detective gave Paul a folder containing a distressing update about what had taken place at the Newman ranch. The detective noted that blood and two sets of footprints had been found leading away from the driveway at the Newman ranch. Paul instructed the detective to let him know immediately if tests identified a DNA match to the blood found at the scene. The detective said he would. Paul closed the file folder and seemed worried.

At a seedy lounge, Nikki sat at the bar and ordered vodka. A woman with short, blonde hair approached and said, "Whoa. Never expected to see you here." Nikki and the woman, Maureen, chatted. Maureen asked why Nikki has stopped by the dive bar. Nikki claimed that her car had broken down. Maureen explained that she'd stopped by for a drink to calm her nerves before meeting with some people she hadn't seen for a while.

Maureen asked about the Genoa City Athletic Club. Nikki said that it was on the other side of town. Maureen noted that she was new to Genoa City. Nikki lifted her glass to toast Maureen's new adventures. Nikki took a sip of her vodka and sighed contentedly.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

At the Athletic Club, Abby complained to Traci about Mariah, and Traci advised her to take a kinder approach, since Mariah had just survived being kidnapped only to find out she'd been stolen at birth. Abby didn't think she could muster up any sympathy after everything Mariah had pulled, but Traci countered that Abby was considerate and loving, and Mariah was alone in the world. Traci declared that she had faith in Abby to find a bit of compassion, and Abby said that Traci always saw the best in people. Traci suggested they stay for coffee, but Abby grumbled that she had to deal with another criminal.

At the Dive Bar, Victoria greeted a shirtless Stitch, and she commented that they kept bumping into one another. He brusquely replied that he'd see her later, and she asked what was going on between him and her sister. He wondered why Victoria cared, and Victoria swore that she didn't, but Stitch pointed out that she'd already grilled him about Abby. Victoria contended that she wanted to protect her younger sister, but he was being obstinate about it. She suddenly grabbed her belly and began to laugh, and she said the baby was joining their conversation.

Victoria noted that Stitch had never directly answered her question, and he assured her that she had nothing to worry about, since he could barely tolerate Abby. Victoria revealed that she'd seen them downstairs in a heated moment, and she wondered why they'd even been sitting together. Stitch announced that he and Abby were working together, since Ashley had hired him as a chemist at Jabot to perfect some revolutionary new product. Abby approached and hit him, and she snapped that he was going to get himself fired.

Stitch griped that he hadn't signed on to be Abby's whipping boy, and she presented him with a contract and said that he didn't know the first thing about his new job. He divulged that he'd just been telling Victoria about it, and Abby warned that he would be fired if he couldn't live up to the confidentiality clause in his employment agreement. Abby explained that Victoria worked for one of Jabot's biggest competitors, and Stitch had been about to blurt out trade secrets to the enemy. Abby apologized to Victoria for calling her the enemy, and Victoria said that she would have done the same thing in Abby's position. Victoria left, and Abby insisted that she and Stitch needed to lay down some ground rules.

Stitch defended that he'd had plenty of practice with confidentiality as a doctor, but he wasn't as cynical as Abby, and not everyone had a hidden agenda. She referred to his murderous past, and he told her to ease up, since they'd be working together every day. Abby conceded that it was hard to believe, since he didn't look like a murderer, and he questioned what one looked like. She said that she hadn't expected it to be someone who saved lives for a living and who claimed to love her sister, and she admitted that she felt gypped for liking him. She recounted that she'd been mad at her dad before, but she never could have done something that reprehensible to her own flesh and blood. Stitch set down the contract and stormed off.

Nurse Hathaway called Jack from Phyllis' room, and Kelly burst into the mansion with shopping bags, rambling about how he was about to experience culinary bliss. Jack said that he couldn't hear the nurse, and he worriedly inquired whether something had happened to Phyllis. The call was cut off, and Jack tried to call back and left a voicemail to ask Nurse Hathaway to call him right away with any information she had about Phyllis. Kelly pointed out that maybe nothing was wrong, and she urged him to call the clinic directly and find out what was going on.

Jack got in touch with Dr. Cutler, who said that he was familiar with Phyllis' case. Jack mentioned that Nurse Hathaway had tried to call him, and the doctor claimed that she was busy with another patient, but she had made the call in error due to some confusion on the floor. Dr. Cutler reported that there had been no change with Phyllis, and Jack asked to speak with Dr. Burnett. Dr. Cutler understood Jack's desire to get confirmation from someone he knew, and he said that Dr. Burnett wasn't there, but the men had been working closely together.

Dr. Cutler gave his word that Phyllis was doing as well as could be expected, and Jack thanked him. After Jack hung up, Kelly asked if he felt better, but Jack felt that something about the chain of events didn't add up. Jack fretted that Daniel was out of the country, so no one was regularly checking on Phyllis anymore, and Kelly thought it sounded like he wanted to go back to Georgia. She encouraged him to do what he had to do, but she wanted to know what he hoped to find. Meanwhile, Dr. Cutler examined Phyllis, who tried to speak, but she was incoherent.

Jack said that he was concerned about the confusion the doctor had mentioned, and Kelly suggested that he talk to Avery. Jack recognized that he was being insensitive, but Kelly said that he was simply feeling what he felt, and she'd lived with grief long enough to know it had no expiration date. Traci walked in as they hugged, and she asked if anything was wrong. Kelly said that it might make things easier if Jack talked to Traci, and she made up an excuse about having something to do at work. After Kelly left, Jack explained that Kelly had rushed out to give him time to think about going to see Phyllis again. Traci realized that he was having trouble letting go.

Jack said that he'd accepted that Phyllis wouldn't ever be back, but he couldn't ignore the odd call out of the blue. Traci was surprised that one aborted call had unsettled him, and Jack mentioned the dream he'd had about Phyllis. Traci theorized that Kelly's recent move had prompted it, and she hoped he hadn't shared the dream with Kelly. Jack confided that he hadn't dreamed about Phyllis in a long time, and he'd done everything he could to reassure Kelly, but the call was gnawing at him.

Traci suspected that something was keeping Jack from seeing Phyllis, and he said that he was too in love with Kelly to go running off to Phyllis. Traci advised that it was a natural reaction to cling to Phyllis on some level, but Jack contended that it wasn't healthy, and he'd made his decision to move on. He reasoned that the clinic would notify Avery or Summer if something was going on.

Victoria arrived at Newman-Chancellor and greeted Victor, and she informed him that Ashley was back in town and working for Jabot. Victoria added that she'd found out Jabot was developing a new product that they were keeping under wraps, and she thought that maybe they needed to rethink their own cosmetic rollout. Victor gushed that it warmed his heart to see Victoria fighting to keep their family business on top, and she replied that it was a welcome distraction. She announced that Stitch had let it slip that Jabot had hired him as a chemist to help develop the new product, and Victor suggested that Victoria use Stitch to get the inside track.

Victor said that Stitch had hidden a crime far worse than corporate espionage from Victoria, but she pointed out that there was a chance she and Stitch might raise a baby together. She agreed to keep her eyes and ears open about Ashley's project, and she hoped that Victor wouldn't gloat too much about her other news. Victoria revealed that she was officially divorced from Billy, and Victor crossed the room and took her in his arms. He murmured that he was sorry she'd had to go through it, but he thought she'd made the right decision. The phone rang, and Victor told Victoria that he had to take a call from Dr. Cutler. Victoria asked who Dr. Cutler was.

Victor said that Dr. Cutler was working on some fascinating research, and everyone would hear about it if the doctor got the results Victor expected. After Victoria stepped out, he picked up the phone and asked if Dr. Cutler had good news. The doctor reported that he'd needed to do damage control, since a nurse had attempted to alert Jack about Phyllis' progress. Victor reiterated that Jack was not to know about it under any circumstances, and Dr. Cutler promised to handle the nurse.

Dr. Cutler added that Phyllis was trying to verbalize, which was a major step in the right direction. Victor pressed him to push ahead with the treatment, but Dr. Cutler warned of side effects and diminishing returns, and he cautioned that Phyllis might not be the same as she had been before. Victor proclaimed that Phyllis was a risk-taker, and she would want the doctor to increase the treatment to help her recover as soon as possible. Victor ordered Dr. Cutler to do it, "risk be damned."

Dr. Cutler followed Nurse Hathaway into Phyllis' room, and he sternly said that he'd made it clear that she was not to set foot in that wing again. She explained that she'd wanted to say goodbye to Phyllis, but the doctor suggested that she not get attached to her patients, and he warned her never to call a patient's family without a physician's authorization. The nurse left, and with great effort, Phyllis managed to say the word "call." Dr. Cutler checked her monitor and declared it remarkable that she understood what she was saying. He marveled that her mental faculties were starting to return.

Victoria returned to Victor's office, and Abby tracked her down in order to smooth things over. Victoria said that Abby was welcome to hire whoever she wanted, and things were over between Victoria and Stitch. Abby recalled the way Stitch had looked at Victoria, and she believed that Stitch had taken the job to stick around Genoa City. Abby asked if Victoria was sure she wasn't uncomfortable, and Victoria pried for information about whether Stitch would be working with hazardous materials. Abby declared that the project was staying top secret, and she'd warned Stitch to stay far away from Victoria.

At an unknown bar, Nikki closed her eyes as she relished a swallow of her vodka. The woman she'd just met commented that Nikki looked like she'd really needed it, and Nikki explained that it had been a tough day. Nikki quickly added that she didn't normally drink at that hour or even at all, and she asked if the woman was drinking because of the people she had to meet that day. The woman said that Nikki had been lucky to be near a bar when her car had broken down, and Nikki half-heartedly repeated that she was very lucky. The woman introduced herself as Maureen, and Nikki lied that her name was Sherry.

Over drinks, Nikki said that she felt great, like she had no cares whatsoever. Maureen remarked that the more she drank, the more she saw that she didn't have anything to worry about. Nikki gushed that a great conversation in a cozy bar was a fabulous escape, and Maureen asked what she was escaping from. Nikki got up to use the ladies' room, but she left her phone on the bar, and it rang. Maureen offered to invite the caller to join them.

Nikki nervously ordered Maureen not to answer the phone, and she saw that the call was from Victor. Nikki claimed that she didn't want to be bothered after the day she'd had, and as she headed to the bathroom, Maureen called after her and asked if she wanted another drink. Meanwhile, Victor left a message for Nikki to call him back, since he didn't like how they'd left things. He asked his assistant to order two dozen red roses to be delivered to the ranch before Nikki got back.

Nikki returned, and Maureen suggested that perhaps it was time to call it quits and get back to the real world, but Nikki offered to buy the next round. Nikki babbled about having nowhere to go when her car had conked out, but Maureen imagined that a woman like Nikki had hot guys she could to call to fix her car. Nikki said that she was married, and Maureen admired Nikki's expensive wedding ring and wondered why Nikki hadn't called her husband. Nikki revealed that she was furious with him at the moment, and Maureen empathized. Nikki asked if Maureen was married, and Maureen replied that she wasn't anymore.

Nikki said that her husband was a complicated man, and she explained that he had blamed her for not getting in touch when she'd needed him, but he had been unavailable. Maureen called it twisted logic, and she asked if Nikki's husband had let her walk out. Nikki said that there had been no point in trying to win the argument, and Maureen mused that relationships were tricky. Nikki asked if Maureen was talking about the people she was in town to meet, and Maureen reconsidered going to see them. Nikki pointed out that Maureen was very close, but Maureen worried that it could stir up a lot of trouble.

Nikki became increasingly inebriated over another round of drinks, and she encouraged Maureen to face down her demons. Maureen said that it was easy for Nikki to say, but Nikki called Maureen a strong woman who was ready to take on anything life gave her. Maureen declared that they were cut from the same cloth, since Nikki hadn't taken her husband's call and hadn't gone running back to him. Maureen loudly implored Nikki not to take any garbage from him, and the women crowed that they were sisters and exchanged a high-five.

Nikki decided she'd had enough liquor, and Maureen suggested that they order some coffee. Nikki chugged what was left of her vodka, and Maureen quipped that Nikki was just getting the most for her money. Maureen thanked "Sherry" for the pep talk and inspiration, and she said it had been just what she'd needed to stick to her plan to face the people she was there to see. Nikki thought it was a wise choice, and she stared at her empty glass.

Maureen said that it had been nice talking to Nikki, and she asked if Nikki was ready to tell her husband how mad she was. Nikki replied that she had no alternative, and Maureen wondered if Nikki needed more liquid courage, but Nikki received a text message, informing her that her cab was there. The women agreed that their conversation would stay between them, and Nikki departed.

Stitch found Kelly in her office at the club and asked if she was busy, and she grumbled that she was freer than she wanted to be. He informed her that he'd gotten a job but not at a hospital, and she said that it was still a paycheck. He disclosed that he'd be working at Jabot, and a surprised Kelly asked if Jack had hired him. Stitch explained that Ashley had given him a job because of his chemistry lab experience, and Kelly was glad that someone had looked beyond his past. He conceded that Ashley was okay with it, but not everyone in Genoa City was as forgiving, and he never knew when the past would take a bite out of his life.

As Stitch and Kelly entered the dining room, he said that the biggest pitfall of his new job was that Victoria worked for the competition. Kelly advised that the only competition Stitch had to worry about was Billy, and Maureen entered and pondered what the odds had been to find them both there at the same time. "Mom?" a stunned Kelly said.

Nikki returned home and popped a breath mint into her mouth. She spotted a vase of roses on the table, and she sighed deeply. She reached for the card, and read aloud Victor's words about her determination and willingness to speak the truth no matter what. "If only he knew," she mumbled to herself, and she bent over to smell the flowers, but she drunkenly knocked them off the table. Victor entered and startled Nikki as she clumsily tried to clean up the mess.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Paul was on the phone in his office, telling someone that he was proud to be awarded "this incredible honor." Christine entered, and having heard the tail end of the conversation, wondered what it was about. Paul excitedly told her that the governor's office had chosen him to receive the Distinguished Citizen's Award. She hugged and congratulated him then said that Paul's award called for a special celebration. Paul asked her not to make plans for a celebration. Christine agreed.

Paul said that considering all the hours he had spent trying to track down Ian Ward, the best celebration Christine could give him would be some romantic time together. Paul said that his team had found some new evidence at the ranch, and he was headed there to talk with Nikki and Victor.

At Crimson Lights, Dylan was reading the newspaper article about Nikki's journal and Ian Ward. Avery stopped by, saw what he was reading, and pulled the newspaper away from him. She told him to read the sports section instead. She had been studying football so that she could discuss the sport with him -- and hopefully take his mind off of things. Dylan said that he appreciated the gesture, but his main priority was Ian's location. Avery said that she was sure that Paul would call them with any news about Ian. Dylan told Avery that he didn't want to return to Paul's office to discuss Ian again.

Avery wondered why Dylan wouldn't go back to Paul's office. Dylan said that he had been there once that day to try to get information -- he was not going to continue to pester Paul about Ian. Avery wondered if it was really because Paul was Dylan's father, and he hadn't yet accepted that. Dylan admitted that wasn't a bad theory.

Christine went to the coffeehouse and ran into Avery. She asked Avery how Dylan was handling the news about "Ian's latest outrage." Dylan entered from the back room and overheard the women's conversation. Avery said that Dylan was handling it better than she had expected, considering how much Dylan hated Ian. Dylan walked up to Avery and Christine, telling them that if he had learned anything the past few months, it was self-restraint.

Christine invited Avery and Dylan to a surprise party she was having for Paul to celebrate his winning the Distinguished Citizen's Award. Christine admitted that Paul had asked her not to make a fuss, but she had decided to anyway -- Paul would be especially happy if Dylan attended the party. Avery said that they wouldn't miss it, but Dylan looked uncomfortable. Christine told Dylan that, in the meantime, they needed to clear the air.

Dylan was unaware that he and Christine had a problem. Christine said that they didn't -- she said that she and Dylan hadn't had a chance to speak since Paul had learned that Dylan was his son. She said that she was happy that Paul and Dylan had found each other, and she wanted to make the father-son relationship as smooth as possible. Dylan said that Paul seemed to have a lot of expectations. Christine said that she knew that Paul was trying to rush things with Dylan. Dylan said it sounded like he and Christine were on the same page. Christine said she didn't feel as if she and Dylan could call each other family yet -- but they could at least be friends. Dylan said that he liked that idea.

As Christine prepared to leave, Avery and Dylan both thanked her for inviting them to Paul's surprise party. After she was gone, Dylan admitted to Avery that he felt more comfortable about attending the party.

At the Newman ranch, a tipsy Nikki was trying to pick up a vase of roses that she had knocked to the ground. Victor entered and wondered what was going on. Nikki said that she had just stumbled against the table. Victor said, "I know what's really happening." Nikki said that Victor hadn't been at the ranch enough to know anything.

When Victor said that he was concerned about Nikki's health, Nikki said that if she heard the letters "MS" again, she would scream. Victor insisted that Nikki was under a lot of stress. He said that he would take her to the doctor the following day. Nikki acquiesced and continued to try to pick up the roses. When Victor offered his assistance, she yelled, "I don't need your help." Upset, Victor wondered aloud what Nikki's problem was.

Nikki picked up the vase and placed it gingerly on the table to show Victor that she wasn't an invalid -- she was just tired and needed to rest. Before she had a chance to go upstairs, Paul showed up. In the living room, Nikki quickly popped a breath mint into her mouth. Paul and Victor entered the living room, where Paul told Nikki that he had been concerned about her.

Nikki said that she was fine, but Paul said that clearly she wasn't fine. After all, Ian was still out there. Victor said that Ian shouldn't be on the loose any more -- that Paul and the Genoa City Police should have apprehended Ian. Paul said that his forensic team had found traces of blood and an overturned planter in the Newmans' driveway. Nikki wondered whose blood it was. Victor wondered if Paul was suggesting that Ian and Dylan had had some sort of altercation.

Paul told the Newmans that he had spoken to Dylan earlier and there was no reason to doubt his story that he had chased Ian out of the house but hadn't been able to catch him. As for the blood, Paul said it was possible that Ian had injured himself. Paul was having the blood tested. Nikki was glad to hear that Dylan wasn't in trouble. Paul said she needed to stop worrying about Dylan and start taking care of herself. Victor appeared annoyed with the attention Paul was paying to Nikki.

Paul left the house to work with his forensic team. Nikki gave Victor grief about his attitude toward Paul. Victor said he was not happy that the police had not found Ian. Nikki started to break down, telling Victor that she needed Ian behind bars so that she could get her life back and enjoy being with her family. Victor told Nikki that Victoria needed her -- their daughter's divorce from Billy had become final. Nikki, realizing how devastating that would be for Victoria, headed upstairs to call her. As she walked toward the staircase, Victor noticed that she was unsure of her footing.

After Nikki went upstairs, she headed to the bathroom and threw up. Sobbing, she said to herself, "Oh, my God. What am I doing?"

Paul returned to the house and informed Victor that his team had finished gathering evidence at the ranch and would no longer be blocking his driveway. Victor asked Paul if, just between the two of them, Paul thought that Ian and Dylan had had a physical altercation. Paul said that he was trying to put all the pieces together so that he could find Ian. He asked Victor to say goodbye to Nikki for him, and he left.

In the Athletic Club dining room, Stitch and Kelly were shocked to see their mother, Maureen. Maureen gave Stitch a big hug as a suspicious Kelly looked on. Maureen had realized that her arrival in Genoa City would be surprising, but after Stitch had phoned her and mentioned that he and Kelly were both in Genoa City, Maureen hadn't been able to resist a visit. Kelly wondered what Maureen was really looking for.

Kelly said that she hadn't seen her mother since Sam's funeral. Maureen said that showing up in town to see Stitch and Kelly wasn't easy for her. The tension between mother and daughter was palpable.

Maureen finally answered Kelly's question, saying that she was there because Stitch had called her and told her that someone might approach Maureen to question her about Stitch's past. That phone call had obviously piqued Maureen's interest. Maureen was shocked to learn that Stitch had gone from being a doctor to "mixing lipstick colors." Stitch said that he was happy to be employed doing scientific work, and he was lucky because he had thought he wouldn't be able to find a job in Genoa City. When Maureen asked him why he wanted to stay there at all, he said that he might have a baby on the way.

Maureen became excited at the prospect of being a grandmother again -- then realized that she had been insensitive to Kelly with all her talk of children and grandchildren. Kelly said that she had moved on from mourning Sam -- she had her work and a new man in her life. Maureen was happy that Stitch and Kelly had reconciled and all the "ugliness" from the past had been forgotten. Kelly said that her father's death -- and the fact that Maureen had rushed to Stitch's defense rather than caring about Maureen's own husband's murder -- had most definitely not been forgotten.

The two women starting arguing, but Stitch intervened. Maureen said that all she wanted was for the three of them to stay together as a family. Maureen implored Kelly to try to meet her halfway -- after all, Maureen had made the first step. Kelly reluctantly said that they could probably meet for coffee or something.

Stitch said that Kelly needed to return to work. Kelly wondered where Maureen was planning to stay. Maureen said that the club but a bit pricey for her, so she would stay at a motel. Kelly smiled and said that she worked at the club -- she was sure she could get Maureen a break on a room.

Kelly handed Maureen a room key and returned to work. Stitch left, and Maureen walked up to the bar and ordered a club soda. While browsing through the newspaper, she eyed a picture of "Sherry," the woman she had met earlier, and was stunned to learn that "Sherry" was really Mrs. Victor Newman.

Cane was hurrying out of his Athletic Club office when Devon walked in. Devon wondered what was going on, and Cane said that he was doing something for Neil, and it looked as if it was going to "blow up" in Cane's face. Cane ran out of the office. Devon followed him.

At Neil and Hilary's, Lily was reading an online newspaper aloud to Neil. Hilary walked in with a coffeepot and some cups. Neil said that he smelled coffee. Hilary told him that a cup was in front of him at "two o'clock." Hilary hesitantly began discussing computer programs and apps that could help Neil cope with his vision loss.

Ignoring Hilary, Neil said that the coffee was too hot. Hilary pushed on, continuing to tell him about voice-recognition software. Neil said he could tell that Hilary had been talking to the social worker. He began getting angry and told Hilary to leave him alone about his vision loss. Lily, surprisingly agreeing with Hilary, said, "You know what, dad? Maybe you should stop. She's only trying to help you."

Neil said that he was getting sick of everyone trying to help him. He stood up and began shouting at Lily and Hilary that it bothered him that he wasn't able to do everything like he used to. Neil heard people entering the apartment and asked who it was. Cane and Devon announced themselves. An irritated Neil said that he didn't want any company and starting shooing everyone out. Malcolm stepped into the apartment and said, "Even me?" Neil asked if it was Malcolm. Malcolm walked up to Neil and replied, "Yeah, it's me. Hey, big brother, I'm back."

Lily was thrilled to see Malcolm, who said that it was good to be home. He embraced Neil and was astonished to see that Lily was "all grown up." Malcolm then teased Devon about Devon's newfound wealth. Devon laughed and told Malcolm how good it was to see him. Malcolm approached Hilary and asked who she was. She graciously extended her hand and began to introduce herself, but, with a harsh tone in his voice, Neil said, "That's my wife. That's Hilary."

Neil learned that Cane had engineered Malcolm's return to Genoa City. Malcolm explained that he had been working in Rio when Cane had gotten in touch with him about Neil's accident. Malcolm had finished the Rio job and had a free week, so he'd decided he would visit his family. Hilary said that it would be a pleasure to get acquainted with Malcolm, and Devon added that Malcolm had been out of town too long. Neil bitterly said that Malcolm sent an occasional email to let the family know that he was still alive.

Malcolm called Neil a buzz kill and said that Neil was making it sound like a bad thing that Malcolm was still alive. Angrily, Neil said, "The prodigal brother returns." He told Malcolm that if he had returned to Genoa City because of Neil's accident, then he was wasting his time. Neil didn't need Malcolm's pity. Malcolm said that he wasn't there to pity Neil -- that he wanted the best for his big brother.

Hilary suggested that they all leave so that Neil and Malcolm could talk. Before she left, Hilary asked Malcolm to join her and Neil for dinner, which pleased Malcolm. After everyone was gone, Neil more pointedly asked Malcolm what he was doing in Genoa City. Malcolm said that he was there because he cared about Neil. Neil, still bitter, said that Malcolm had stayed away for years, but was suddenly playing the concerned brother. Neil guessed that Malcolm had something "big" to unload on Neil. Malcolm said, "Wow. Maybe my blind brother can see after all."

Malcolm said that he was there to make peace -- he wasn't proud of how he had behaved after learning that Neil was Moses' father. Neil said that he hated how Malcolm had left, but he understood that Malcolm had been furious with him for sleeping with Malcolm's ex-wife, Sofia. Malcolm admitted finally knowing how much he had hurt Neil when Malcolm had slept with Neil's ex-wife, Drucilla.

Malcolm said that they could rehash the past or put it behind them and move forward. Neil said that he was impressed that his little brother was all grown up. Malcolm asked Neil when Neil was planning on growing up -- Malcolm had seen Neil being a brat when he'd first walked into Neil's apartment. He reminded Neil that there were people in his life who wanted to help him. Becoming defensive once again, Neil said that he didn't need anyone's help.

Malcolm accused Neil of not having changed -- still arrogant and egotistical. Neil yelled that it was Malcolm who hadn't changed, and Neil expected that, as usual, Malcolm was on his way out of the apartment. Malcolm said that he wasn't going anywhere -- that he was there for Neil. Malcolm reminded Neil that all they had was one other. Malcolm said that he loved Neil -- Neil could fight it, but he was going to continue to love Neil, even if Neil made it hurt.

Malcolm took Neil an iced tea and joined him on the couch. He asked Neil what it was like to be blind. Neil emphasized that his vision loss was temporary but that he had good days and bad days. When Malcolm asked Neil how he was handling the vision loss, Neil realized that his brother was concerned that Neil might start drinking again. Neil said that what was getting him through his blindness was knowing that he was going to see again. Malcolm asked Neil what would happen if Neil never regained his sight. Neil stood up and replied that he didn't believe in "never" -- and that he was the luckiest man alive.

Malcolm couldn't understand how Neil could call himself lucky. Neil said that the surge of electricity could have killed him, and when he regained his sight, he was going to have the same great life he'd had prior to the accident -- his great job and his loving kids and grandkids. Last, but not least, Neil would have his amazing wife, Hilary. Malcolm admitted that Hilary was beautiful -- but she wasn't quite what he had expected. Neil wondered what Malcolm meant.

Malcolm said that Hilary was a bit young for Neil. Neil insisted that the age difference didn't matter and wondered why Malcolm was so concerned. Malcolm said that Hilary had her entire life ahead of her and that Neil was a middle-aged man. Malcolm asked Neil if he thought that Hilary would stay with him if it turned out that Neil's blindness was permanent. Neil remained silent.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

In New York, Chelsea dreamed about Billy joining her in a steamy shower, but a figure hovered outside the shower door. She screamed Adam's name and woke up with a start.

At Jabot, Billy pulled out his final divorce papers and sadly gazed at them. Hilary entered and guessed that the documents were related to a legal matter, and he said that it was something a newlywed wouldn't understand -- the end of a marriage. Billy told Hilary to remind Neil that there was no rush to return to work, but Hilary noted that Neil loved it there. Billy acknowledged that work was sometimes a relief, but when he went home, he hoped to have someone who was happy to see him. Hilary sympathized that he no longer had that, and Billy suggested that they talk about work over lunch, but she said that she had a meeting to attend.

After Hilary left, Billy stared at the divorce papers again, but he smiled when his phone rang. He answered a call from Chelsea and said that he'd thought he was on her no-call list, and she conceded that she'd promised herself that she wouldn't call him, but there had been extenuating circumstances. Billy surmised that Connor had been fussy on the plane, but she reported that Connor was fine with Anita, and Billy wished he were there. Chelsea said that she wished the same thing, and he said that it didn't sound like she was keeping her distance.

Chelsea asserted that being in New York was the definition of staying away, even if her subconscious had other ideas, and she confided that she'd dreamed about Billy. He asked for details, and he perked up when she mentioned that her dream had involved a shower. She said it had been a pretty good dream until the part where Adam had shown up and had acted like she'd cheated on him, and she'd screamed. Billy theorized that if Chelsea had been dreaming about Billy, she knew deep inside that she couldn't cut him out of her life. He revealed that he and Victoria were officially divorced, and Chelsea pretended that Anita and Connor had returned and abruptly hung up.

Chelsea called Billy back, and he asked if Connor was okay. Chelsea confessed that she'd lied and that Anita and Connor weren't there, but she'd panicked when she'd hung up on Billy. He asked if she was freaked out that he was divorced, and she replied that it didn't mean he'd stopped loving Victoria. Billy said he would always love Victoria, but they weren't married anymore and didn't have a future. He added that he missed Chelsea.

Billy asked how Connor liked New York, and Chelsea replied that the tot loved the subway and the hot pretzels. She gushed that her son was experiencing the city for the first time with his beautiful eyes, and she quickly apologized. Billy imagined the eyes, and he murmured that Delia was a part of Connor and that it was reassuring. Chelsea realized that she had to check on Connor and get to another show, and Billy asked what would happen when fashion week was over. She said that it was always fashion week somewhere, and she hurriedly ended the call.

Sharon explained to Faith that Mariah had never had a family before, so they had to be patient. Sharon instructed Faith to get her bag for her first day of school, and she asked who Nick had been on the phone with. Nick reported that Mariah had picked up her stuff and had ditched her shift at the Underground, and Sharon panicked that Mariah had left town, but Nick was certain that Mariah was still in Genoa City.

Sharon fretted that Ian could track Mariah down, but Nick assured her that Ian wasn't stupid and that the police were still on his tail. Sharon didn't like the idea of Mariah being alone, and Nick promised to find Mariah while Sharon took Faith to school. Sharon told Nick to let her know once Mariah was home, and Nick said that he could find Mariah, but he couldn't make Mariah return with him.

At the Athletic Club, Devon contemplated calling Hilary, and Lily approached him and asked whether he thought it had been a bad idea for Cane to call Malcolm. Devon imagined that the brothers wanted to punch one another, but Lily believed that Malcolm was their best shot to make things clear to Neil. Devon countered that no one would get through until Neil was ready.

In the dining room, Hilary met with Sharon, who anxiously checked her phone. Hilary offered to reschedule, but Sharon insisted that work would be a great distraction. Hilary suggested they talk, and Sharon gushed that she'd be happy to talk about the daughter she'd never known she'd had. Sharon pledged to be everything Mariah needed if Mariah let her, and Hilary mused that sometimes people didn't know what they needed, so they didn't know how to say yes. Sharon realized that she was talking about Neil, and Hilary explained that many people wanted to help Neil, but men got weird about the idea of accepting assistance.

Hilary mentioned Malcolm's visit, and Sharon remarked that the brothers shared quite a history, but family always put things in perspective. Sharon said that Hilary had picked a good family to be part of, and she urged Hilary to make time for herself, despite everything Neil was going through. Hilary replied that she did, and her husband was her life. Hilary gazed at Devon in the foyer, and Sharon asked if Devon had been making things harder, but Hilary denied it. Devon and Lily approached the ladies' table separately, and Lily informed Sharon that she was finishing some paperwork for her.

Hilary told Devon and Lily that Malcolm had visited Neil the night before and that morning, and Devon anticipated that Malcolm would be honest about how difficult the situation was. Hilary said that she just wanted to make things easier for her husband, and Lily surprised Hilary by thanking her. Lily admitted that she'd thought Hilary had only been capable of hurting Neil, but she conceded that Hilary had been patient and kind, and it was obvious Hilary loved Neil. Lily added that it was hard for her to say, but she was really glad Neil had Hilary to count on.

Malcolm led Neil through Chancellor Park, and he said that Katherine had been a great lady who he'd thought would outlive them all. Malcolm guided Neil to a chair, and Neil remarked that a lot had happened since the last time Malcolm had been in town. Malcolm referred to Delia's death and Phyllis' coma, and he mentioned everything that Neil was going through. Neil insisted that his blindness was temporary, but Malcolm tried to get him to admit that he had a problem. Neil said that he was a grown man who was dealing with it, but Malcolm questioned whether Neil had really dealt with the biggest loss of his life -- Dru.

Neil swore that he'd made peace in the seven years since Dru's death, and Malcolm asked how often Neil talked to her. Neil said that he and Dru had shared a spiritual connection, and he thought of her at least once a day. Malcolm pointed out that Neil had rushed into several serious relationships out of desperation to rekindle the magic he'd shared with Dru, but he worried that Neil had set himself up to fail. Neil contended that it wasn't the case with Hilary, but Malcolm countered that Neil had proposed after only a couple of dates.

Neil argued that Malcolm didn't know Hilary, but Malcolm said that he knew Neil, and the situation had turned into something Hilary hadn't signed up for. Neil agreed that his blindness was a big deal, but he was certain he'd get his vision back. Malcolm warned that Hilary might not be there by the time Neil recovered, since Neil was making everyone miserable by putting up walls. Malcolm encouraged Neil to let his loved ones help him adjust, but Neil bitterly realized that Malcolm wanted him to accept his blindness. Malcolm said that Neil needed to face the truth, and Neil announced that he was going home.

Neil and Malcolm returned home, and Malcolm called Neil "stubborn as hell." Neil said that he was too stubborn to give up, and Malcolm clarified that he didn't expect Neil to give up, but he implored Neil to live the rest of his life. Neil said that he'd thought about all the angles, and Malcolm chided Neil for trying to outthink his problems. Neil countered that Malcolm's way was to outmuscle things, and he dared Malcolm to pin him to the floor. Malcolm refused to wrestle a blind man, and he said that everyone respected Neil for being strong and brave, but part of being strong was being able to admit fear.

Malcolm swore that no one would think less of Neil if he admitted he was scared, and Neil ranted that Malcolm didn't know what his world was like. Neil described it as a black hole, and he woke up every morning with no sunshine in his life, with his wife watching his every move. Neil continued that he hadn't seen Moses since the accident, and he was afraid he'd never be able to look back at his young son's beautiful face. Neil declared that he didn't want to be a burden on his family or a nuisance at work, and he didn't want to cheat his wife out of the wonderful future he'd promised. Neil asked if that was what Malcolm had wanted to hear him say, and Malcolm said that Neil had needed to say it for his family's sake. Neil began to sob, and he confessed that he was scared that he'd be blind forever.

Neil asked if Malcolm was proud that Neil had broken down, and Malcolm recognized that Neil had a long road in front of him. Neil wanted to be miserable for a minute, but Malcolm said that it wasn't like his big brother to wallow, and he recounted how Neil had immediately taken action by learning sign language after Devon had lost his hearing. Malcolm implored Neil to do the same thing for himself by learning Braille and computer programs, and he counseled Neil to lean on the people who loved him. Neil pledged to overcome his obstacles with Malcolm and others walking on the road with him. Neil said that he loved Malcolm, and Malcolm replied that his brother was all he had. They hugged.

Neil and Malcolm listened to a jazz album, and Neil called out for Hilary when the front door opened. Devon and Lily also announced their presence, and Malcolm informed them that he and Neil had gotten things squared away. Neil joked that Malcolm knew how to shut up once in a while if the music was right, and he revealed that Malcolm had shown him that he'd pushed everyone away by trying to do everything on his own. Hilary said that no one blamed Neil, who vowed to look them all in the eye one day and let them know how much they meant to him.

Neil thanked Malcolm for the album, and Malcolm recognized that Neil wouldn't thank him for what really mattered, so he'd leave it at "you're welcome." The brothers embraced, and Lily and Devon looked at one another knowingly. Hilary thanked Malcolm for visiting, and she observed that Neil seemed better and freer. Malcolm said that his brother was tough, but Neil had let Hilary in, and he informed Neil that he was hugging Neil's wife. Neil confidently stated that Malcolm was walking out, but Hilary was staying forever.

Lily hugged Malcolm goodbye and begged him to stay in touch, and he made her promise to keep sending pictures of the twins in exchange for pictures from his photo shoots. Malcolm asked Devon what he thought of Hilary, and Devon replied that she was a great woman who wanted to do right by Neil. Malcolm told his family that he couldn't be there every week to make things all right, but the "old man" had a long way to go and needed help, and Neil was too hard-headed to ask for it. Malcolm instructed Hilary to take care of his big brother, and he told Devon that he was proud of him. He added that Lily meant the world to him, and he surveyed the room and said, "Love you guys." With a wave of his hand, Malcolm departed.

Mariah arrived at Crimson Lights, and Kevin asked if she was ready to leave town on his bike. She told him to shut up and requested some aspirin, and he retrieved some that he'd stashed when he'd owned the coffeehouse. He inquired whether she had a hangover, and she testily asked if he was a cop. She ordered him to stop asking questions, and he wondered if she'd slept under a bridge, but she implied that she hadn't slept at all. She queried whether he could still get her out of town.

Kevin pointed out that Mariah had stood him up the last time they'd planned to leave, and she griped that the one person she'd trusted had tried to brainwash and marry her. She lamented that she hadn't seen what had been right in front of her face the whole time, and Kevin recalled that Nick and Sharon had warned her about Ian. Mariah asked if Kevin blamed her because he was still in town, and he informed her that he'd chosen to stay to accomplish some things. She suspected that his plans involved dirty dealing, and she asked what he was reading online. She reached for his laptop, but he quickly closed it. Nick entered and asked when Mariah planned to return home, and she spat never.

Nick lectured that Mariah's mother had been worried sick about her, but Mariah rolled her eyes at the thought of calling Sharon her mother. Nick mentioned that Faith had been worried, too, but Mariah grumbled that a new doll would make Faith forget all about it. Mariah pointed out that she hadn't said she'd stay with them, and Nick acknowledged that Mariah was an adult, but he urged her to return home. Mariah scoffed at the idea of owing her mommy undying love, and she warned Nick not to play daddy. Nick cautioned that Ian could track her down again, and even if Mariah didn't care what happened to her, Sharon did. Mariah taunted that Sharon wouldn't marry Nick, and she advised him to stop acting like Sharon was the center of the world.

Kevin delivered coffee to Nick and Mariah as a distraction, and he asked if Mariah was okay. She insisted that she was fine, and Nick observed that she'd made a friend. Mariah indicated that Kevin didn't pity her or tell her what to do, and Nick recognized that it seemed like she had no one to trust, but he encouraged her to trust Sharon. Mariah said that Sharon was simply someone she owed money to, and Nick suggested that Mariah pay her back by earning tips and sleeping in a safe bed that was free of charge. On his way out, Nick told Kevin that Mariah needed a friend, and it appeared to be Kevin.

Kevin told Mariah that she could do worse than Nick as a dad, but she declared that Nick wasn't her father and that he'd only adopted a girl who'd looked like her. She added that Nick wasn't even married to Sharon, and she considered him to be a guy who owned the bar where Mariah poured drinks. Kevin inquired whether Mariah intended to keep her job, and she replied that she had no choice. Kevin pointed out that she'd talked him into leaving town, and they could still leave if she wanted to.

Mariah asked if that was Kevin's way of making her an offer, and he asked if she wanted to leave. She wondered if he had an extra helmet, and he said yes and inquired whether she was ready to go. She clarified that she only wanted him to drive her to work so she could pay off her debt, and he could then split town by himself. He contemplated how she'd get home, and he jokingly complained about being stuck as her taxi driver. They left together.

After school, Faith reported to Sharon that a new boy had joined her class, and Sharon cried that she loved hearing all about Faith's first day of school. Nick returned and relayed that he'd found Mariah at Crimson Lights, and Sharon nervously asked if Mariah would be home. Nick reported that Mariah had agreed to continue working at the Underground, and he would be surprised if she didn't sleep in her own bed that night. Sharon thanked him, and she suggested that the three of them celebrate Faith's first day of school together, but Nick proclaimed that it wasn't going to happen.

Nick said that he couldn't spend the rest of day with Sharon and Faith, but he wouldn't say any more. Faith said that she needed school supplies, and she handed Sharon a list. Sharon asked Nick to join them, but he vaguely replied that he couldn't, and Sharon noted that he was being mysterious. Faith and Sharon left, and Nick made a call to request a favor. He added that it was the most important thing he'd ever asked for, and it had to happen that day.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Sharon and Faith returned home from shopping for school supplies, and Nick declared that his girls were back. He told Faith that he and her mommy had to go somewhere, and he instructed Sharon to put the bags down so they could get out of there. Noah entered and announced that the babysitter was accounted for, and Sharon asked what was going on. Nick pulled out a blindfold, and he implored Sharon to go with him.

Later, Noah thanked Summer for relieving him of his babysitting duties, and he offered to hang out with his sisters before he left for work. Faith chirped that he had another sister, and she told Summer that they needed to get Mariah a sister bracelet. Noah suggested that Faith fetch her own bracelet, and she whispered something in Summer's ear and ran upstairs. Summer divulged that Faith had said not to tell Mariah, but Summer was still her favorite sister.

Summer looked at family photos on the mantel, and Noah said that Faith had her priorities straight. Summer pointed out that Faith had known Summer her whole life, and Noah asked if Summer was afraid that Faith would become close with Mariah. Summer noted that Faith and Mariah were blood relatives, but Summer wasn't. She thought it seemed like Cassie had returned to life, but Noah advised that it would only be a competition if Summer made it one. Summer admitted that she was really confused, and she didn't know if she'd ever be able to really accept that she wasn't Nick's daughter.

Summer wished she had been able to resist getting overprotective when people had horned in on her territory, and she recognized that she hadn't taken the news that Kelly had moved in with Jack well. Summer realized that it had been wrong for her to expect Jack to give up the rest of his life by waiting for something that might not happen, and she conceded that Kelly was good for Jack. Summer questioned why she couldn't just accept the situation, and Noah sympathized that she'd had a lot taken away from her, but he noted that she'd opened her heart to Austin, so it wasn't always bad to let people in. Summer said that maybe he was right, and she thought she knew where to start.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack asked where Kelly was headed, and she informed him that she had plans to meet her mother for coffee. Jack was surprised that her mom was in town, and Kelly explained that her mother had shown up out of the blue and that Kelly was still trying to process it herself. Jack said that he would love to meet her mother, and he suggested that he join them. "Oh, God, no!" Kelly exclaimed.

Kelly clarified that she'd love for Jack to meet her mom, but it wasn't the best time. Jack understood that the women hadn't always gotten along, and Kelly confided that she'd always felt distant from her mother, who had always seemed like she'd wanted to be someplace else. Kelly couldn't imagine where she would have ended up without her dad, and after he'd died, her relationship with her mom had gotten worse. She recalled that she and her mom had fought about what Stitch had done, and she didn't want Jack to be stuck in the middle. Jack pointed out that he'd handled a lot of negotiations with good results, and he assured Kelly that she wasn't alone.

In Maureen's hotel room, Stitch observed that the place was better than what he could have offered, but Maureen fretted that Kelly hadn't forgiven her, and she wished that Kelly had softened a bit over time. Maureen added that she'd never been able to connect with Kelly, who had always been daddy's little girl. Stitch recognized that Maureen was visiting because she was worried about him, and he admitted that it had been rough to have his past exposed, but he assured her he was handling it. She asked if he was trying to get rid of her, and he said that he didn't want her to feel obligated to stay. She confessed that she'd almost turned around and gone home, but she'd gotten some advice from a nice lady.

Maureen explained that the woman had made her believe that she was strong enough to face her demons, and Stitch agreed. Maureen said that she'd needed to be reminded that she could be a supportive mother, so she was staying, and the first order of business was Stitch's baby situation. She asserted that he needed a DNA test to avoid a paternity suit if he wasn't the father, but Stitch was confident that Victoria wouldn't sue him. Maureen repeated Victoria's name, and Stitch confirmed that she was Victor and Nikki Newman's daughter. Maureen realized that he really cared for Victoria, but she guessed that Victoria didn't feel the same way.

Maureen noted that there was obviously another man in the picture if the baby's paternity was in question, and Stitch informed her that Victoria wanted him to be part of the baby's life if it was his child. Maureen understood that having another child would mean a lot to him after Jenna had taken Max, and she wished things were different. There was a knock at the door, and Maureen opened it to Kelly and Jack. Maureen stammered that she hadn't known anyone else would be joining them, and Kelly introduced the man in her life. Jack apologized for intruding, and he said that he hadn't been able to wait to meet the mother of the woman he'd fallen in love with.

Stitch commented that their lives seemed to be in sync, since he was working for Ashley, and Jack disclosed that Ashley had neglected to tell him that she'd hired Stitch. Maureen insisted that Stitch could do the job, and Jack stood behind Ashley's decision, but he pointed out that he'd effectively be Stitch's boss at Jabot. Maureen recognized the company's name, and she remarked that Kelly was fortunate to have found a very clever man to be with. Jack stated that he was fortunate to have Kelly in his life.

Kelly and Jack returned home to the mansion, and she asked if he was sure he still wanted to live with her. Jack said that Maureen had been trying, and Kelly agreed that her mother had attempted to make a good impression on him. Kelly noticed some flowers on the table, and she read the card, which said, "Welcome home. Love, Summer." Kelly wondered about the reason for Summer's change of heart, but Jack was glad it had happened. Kelly murmured that she never knew about some people, and Jack declared that he was sure about Kelly. They kissed.

At the clinic in Georgia, Phyllis' arms and legs flailed as she tried to move, and she yammered nonsensically as she became increasingly agitated.

At Crimson Lights, Avery presented Dylan with a card for them to sign and give to Paul to commemorate his distinguished citizen award. Avery added that she'd included a gift card from the coffeehouse, since she thought Paul would appreciate the opportunity to spend time with Dylan. Dylan informed her that he'd made Paul something, and he showed her some hand-crafted fishing lures. Avery gushed that Paul would love them, and she purred that Dylan was incredibly talented with his hands. She asked if he felt better about his relationship with Paul after talking to Christine, but her phone rang, and she answered a call from a judge.

Avery ended her call, and Dylan urged her to take care of things, but she wanted to finish their conversation about Paul. Dylan said that he wasn't lying about his feelings, but Avery suspected that going to the party and making a gift indicated that Dylan was taking steps toward accepting Paul. Dylan revealed that he wasn't ready to be Paul's son, but he had no objection to being Paul's friend. Avery observed that Dylan seemed more settled and less angry, and he steered her toward the door, since they couldn't be there during an important event. She noticed that the patio had been decorated, but he rushed her out.

Victor returned home to take Nikki to Paul's party, but she declared that she didn't think they should go because of Victor's harsh treatment of Paul during the police investigation. Victor contended that it was the police's job to find Ian, but he didn't need them trampling all over his property. Nikki countered that Paul had simply been trying to find a man they all wanted to see caught, and Victor huffed that she was in jeopardy as long as Ian was at large. Victor asked what would make her feel better, and Nikki requested that he stop going on business trips and stay home with her.

Victor kissed Nikki's forehead and inquired whether that would keep her from being afraid, and she insisted that she needed him. He promised to be by her side from that moment on, and he pledged that he wouldn't argue with Paul. Nikki groused that she couldn't guarantee the same with Christine, but Victor doubted that Christine would do anything to upset Paul. Victor suggested that it would be good to get out and be around other people, and he and Nikki hugged.

At the police station, Paul put a rush on a report from forensics, and Michael greeted him. Paul said that he'd found blood on the Newmans' driveway, and Michael asked if the evidence was connected to Ian. Paul griped that he didn't know because forensics was backlogged, and Michael reminded Paul about his dinner with Christine. Paul said that he would have to cancel if he didn't get the lab results soon, since the evidence was crucial to the case.

Michael argued that Paul was reachable by cell phone, and Christine would be upset if Paul backed out. Paul thought that she would understand, and he took off after he received an email from forensics. Paul announced to a group of officers that the blood had matched Ian's DNA, and Jeffrey arrived and complained to Michael that he'd received a parking ticket. Paul instructed his team to canvas the area near a racetrack where Ian's car had been found, and Michael tried to stop Paul, to no avail.

Michael checked his phone, and Jeffrey demanded some help. Michael refused to pay the parking ticket, but Jeffrey hoped that Michael could make it disappear, especially since Jeffrey could give him something in return. Jeffrey mentioned that he'd heard Paul say that Ian's car had been found at the racetrack, and Michael realized that Jeffrey was always there. Jeffrey reported that Dylan had been there the day before and that he'd seemed upset, and he surmised that Dylan had lost his shirt on the ponies.

At the Athletic Club, Lauren asked Christine what she thought of the party arrangements, and Christine said that she wanted to keep things low-key. Lauren realized that it would be jarring for Paul when he walked in and saw all of his friends, but Christine asserted that they should share in the ups as well as the downs, and she was sure that Paul would think it was a nice surprise once the shock wore off. Lauren handed Christine a drink, and she said that Michael would get Paul there on time. Christine thought it wouldn't be easy, since Paul had been working hard, but the doctor had said that he could resume normal activities.

Christine mused that Paul hadn't been the only one who'd gotten a new lease on life, and Lauren asked if they'd stepped up their plans to have a baby. Christine said that she didn't want to pressure Paul, and she recalled that Lauren had been sad when she'd learned that she and Michael hadn't been expecting another baby. Lauren proclaimed that it definitely wasn't happening, and Christine asked if everything was okay. Lauren insisted that she and Michael were fine, and she chugged her drink.

Victor and Nikki entered the club, and he greeted Lauren and Christine. Christine coolly welcomed Nikki, who handed over a gift from Fenmore's for Paul. Avery and Dylan arrived, and Victor thanked Dylan for protecting Nikki from Ian. Dylan queried how Nikki was doing, and she proclaimed that she was ready to move on. Lauren declared that it was a party, and she suggested that they all put their worries on hold for the rest of the day. Victor ordered a drink, and Nikki struggled against temptation.

Dylan handed Avery a martini and Nikki a club soda, and Nikki commented that it was nice to see him smiling again. Nikki said that she was proud of him for chasing Ian away and getting on with his life, and Avery added she was proud, too. Lauren worried that Michael should have already called to inform them that Paul was on his way, and Christine suspected that Paul would skip dinner if he had a lead on Ian. Victor assured her that Paul would be there, but Christine noted that Paul hadn't been excited about the idea of a party. Victor reasoned that a man would do anything for the family he loved.

Christine apologized to the guests for Paul's absence, and Lauren approached Avery and asked about the new law firm. Avery reported that it was an easier transition than she'd expected, and her caseload had already lightened up. A surprised Lauren mentioned that Michael had been getting home late due to work, and Avery rambled off a list of things that could suddenly pop up in a lawyer's line of work, but Lauren seemed suspicious.

Paul arrived and wondered what was going on, and Christine weakly said, "Surprise." Christine asked if Paul was mad at her, and he said that the party was a bigger deal than what he'd wanted, but he answered her question with a kiss. He wondered what Christine had promised the guests to get them to show up, and Lauren insisted that they'd wanted to be there. Victor and Nikki told Paul they were proud of him, and Dylan remarked that he was glad Paul was around to accept the award.

Michael entered and pulled Paul aside, and he revealed that Dylan had been spotted at the time and place Ian had disappeared. Christine asked the guests to each grab a glass to make a toast, and Paul informed Dylan that he had to take Dylan to the station for questioning about Ian's disappearance.

Nikki stirred her drink at the bar, and Victor asked if she wanted a refill. She replied that she was fine, and she got up to use the powder room. Maureen warmly greeted "Sherry" in the foyer, and Victor overheard and asked why Maureen would call Nikki that.

Nick led a blindfolded Sharon into the coffeehouse, and he removed the blindfold and announced that he didn't have a DeLorean, but they were going back in time. She surveyed the patio and remembered their college dance, and he handed her a smoothie and remarked that she'd always drunk them after class. She marveled that he'd been crowned king of the Polynesian-themed dance, and he called her his queen. He toasted to their long reign, and she praised everything he'd done, but she asked what was really going on.

Nick claimed that he'd wanted to take a few moments to appreciate what they had, and Sharon said that she appreciated it even more after everything they'd been through. She added that she knew what it was like to be lost and to wake up with a pit in her stomach because she'd hurt the people she loved, and she'd been afraid that they wouldn't love her back again. Nick professed that he'd fallen in love with Sharon in that very room, and there hadn't been a moment since when he hadn't felt the same way. He swore that he loved her and always would, and they happily embraced.

Nick contemplated what it would have been like to know back then what they did at that moment, and Sharon asked if he would have changed anything. He replied that he would go back and change some things if he could, but he wouldn't change others for the world, like buying the coffeehouse and starting their lives together. He mused that they'd had everything going for them when they'd tracked down Cassie, and he'd popped the question that Sharon had been avoiding for the previous few months. Sharon reasoned that it had made sense to say yes back then, and she flashed back to Nick's original proposal. Nick agreed that it had made sense for her to marry him back then, adding, "And it makes sense now."

Nick said that he and Sharon had made a lot of memories, both good and bad, and it was time to face the new ones. He continued that he couldn't promise their life would be as sweet as being king and queen at the dance, and he admitted that he'd bailed the last time there had been trouble, but he promised that it would never happen again. Nick declared his love for Sharon, and he explained that in sports, it wasn't about the name on the back but the name on the front. He said that he'd learned what that meant, and he and Sharon were a team.

Nick asked if Sharon wanted to make it real and forever, and he inquired, "Sharon Collins Newman, will you be on my team again?" Sharon grinned and blurted out, "Yes!" Meanwhile, Phyllis suddenly sat upright in bed and piercingly screamed, "No!"

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