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Victor and Joe secretly worked together on the redevelopment project. It was considered a Christmas miracle when the electricity remained on at Crimson Lights during a power outage. Constance asked Adam to make Victor suffer for Gabriel's father's death.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of December 22, 2014 on Y&R
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Monday, December 22, 2014

At the Abbott mansion, Jack became furious with Adam when the two men argued. Jack insisted that Adam should turn himself in for causing Delia's death. Adam said he wanted to watch his son grow up. Adam warned that if Billy learned the truth, he'd end up in prison for killing Adam as retribution for Delia's death. Adam added, "His kids and my son would all become fatherless."

Adam warned Jack that Billy might be permanently traumatized if he discovered that his daughter's killer was still alive. Billy arrived unexpectedly and asked to be introduced to Jack's visitor. Adam extended his hand to shake Billy's. Adam introduced himself as Gabriel Bingham, one of Jack's former business associates. Billy said the name didn't sound familiar. Adam asked Jack if they had a deal. Jack, visibly shaken, firmly replied, "Not yet."

After Adam left, Billy said, "Well, he's gone. You want to tell me what that was all about? You were drilling that guy with a look you usually save for Victor." Jack shook his head. Billy changed the subject and displayed a photo of Katie on his phone for Jack to admire. Billy said that Chelsea had accompanied him when he'd gone to visit Katie. Jack asked if Victoria minded that Chelsea had tagged along. Billy replied, "We're all getting along."

Jack seemed surprised when Billy said he was even learning to accept Ben. Jack said he was relieved to see Billy more at peace. Billy said he'd visited Delia's memorial. Billy added that he'd been able to realize that he was a lucky guy to be able to spend time with Katie, Johnny, and Connor. After Billy left the room, Jack opened a drawer and removed a legal document Adam had drawn up to petition for guardianship of Connor.

At the roadside memorial for Delia, Adam knelt near an array of snow-covered plush animals surrounding a framed photo of Delia. He said, "Delia, I am so sorry." Sobbing, Adam cried, "I came her once before, and I told you that I had to pay for what I did to you. I feel like I have. I lost my wife and my son." Struggling to maintain his composure, Adam said he hoped Delia hadn't suffered. Adam talked about Connor and said he just wanted to live his life.

At Crimson Lights, Dylan and Avery were encouraged by the media's interest in their crusade to save the old warehouse district. They shared their promising news with Paul, who agreed that Dylan had made an impact. Paul wished Dylan and Avery luck with their plan to have the area housing Crimson Lights and other local businesses declared a protected landmark. Dylan noted that some people didn't appreciate what they had until it was too late. Paul agreed.

Avery said she and Dylan might have an opportunity to meet with the mayor. She hoped the mayor might petition the landmark commission on their behalf. Paul offered to contact the mayor. Dylan was initially reluctant, but Paul insisted. Not long after Paul left, the mayor phoned Dylan and agreed to meet with him and Avery.

At the tack house, Sharon was panic-stricken when Nick told her that Faith had run away. Nick explained that Paul, dressed as Santa, had told Faith he couldn't reunite her family to fulfill her Christmas wish. Sharon cried, "She can't be out there in the cold and the snow. Anything could happen to her." Paul arrived. He instructed a uniformed officer to check all of the outbuildings and grounds. Paul was concerned that Faith had run away because of what he'd said to her earlier.

Sharon explained to Paul and Nick that Faith had run away before over concern about her mother. Sharon told Nick he was hurting their child, who feared she was losing her mother. Nick replied, "If Faith heard that I was going for full custody, she didn't hear about it from me." Sharon said, "Faith and I know that you are using her to get back at me like you have too many times before." Nick claimed that Sharon was using Faith as a human shield.

Nick, reacting to Sharon's accusations, cried, "You did this to all of us! You don't know how to put your kids first." Sharon began yelling and threatened to tell the judge that Faith had disappeared while in the care of her father. Paul intervened and reminded the couple that they should focus on finding their daughter. Paul suggested phoning everyone who knew Faith. He added, "Little feet usually don't travel very far."

Paul later reported to Nick and Sharon that bike tracks had been discovered that led to the main road. Paul said the search area would be expanded. After Paul left, Sharon mentioned Delia and cried that bad things happened on the road at night. Nick assured Sharon that Faith would return home. In a flashback, Sharon remembered the day Faith had returned after being lost and said, "She came home." Sharon cried that she couldn't lose another child. Nick sat beside Sharon on the sofa and comforted her with an embrace.

At the Underground, Phyllis interrupted a kiss between Summer and Austin when Phyllis asked to have a private conversation with her daughter. Phyllis urged Summer to consider finding a job or attending college. Summer laughed when Phyllis began doling out marital advice. Summer said she planned to stay married, and she asked Phyllis about the state of her relationship with Jack. Phyllis said Jack had admitted he should have told her about his relationship with Kelly. Nick phoned Summer and told her that Faith might have run away.

After hearing the news about Faith, Summer became distraught and blamed Sharon. Phyllis assured Summer that Faith would be found. Austin winced when Phyllis recalled that Summer had once run away to Chicago after "the Kyle mess." After Phyllis left, Summer and Austin mentioned Faith's favorite places. Austin and Summer left to search for Faith.

Summer and Austin later returned to the Underground without having located Faith. Summer was distraught. She said that Faith had left home because she couldn't bear her parents' discord. Summer made Austin promise not to ever divorce her. Summer cried, "Please promise me that we'd never put our kids through something like this." Austin promised that the same thing would never happen to them.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Chelsea confronted Sage and accused Sage of following her. Sage claimed that she'd inadvertently run into Chelsea at Delia's roadside memorial. Sage explained that she had reason to be at the club because she was a registered guest. Chelsea warned that she could detect a con. Sage defended herself when Chelsea accused her of spying. Sage's phone rang. She answered and rushed out the door.

Avery ran into Chelsea at the Genoa City Athletic Club. Chelsea asked Avery to examine some documents related to Adam's estate. Chelsea noted that Avery had been one of Adam's few friends. Chelsea asked about the battle to protect the warehouse district. Avery asked for Chelsea's support during the upcoming rally to fight the redevelopment plan.

Chelsea noticed Avery's engagement ring. Avery said that she and Dylan were very happy. Chelsea shrugged and said, "Feels like we're all getting a fresh start." After Chelsea left, Dylan joined Avery, who said she'd been handling a matter pertaining to Adam's estate. Avery told Dylan that she was fortunate to be reunited with Dylan after believing that he'd died.

Dylan asked Avery if she thought Chelsea might often think of Adam even though she was with Billy. Avery said she didn't know, but she was glad Chelsea was happy. Avery said that everyone deserved a second chance. Dylan vowed to intensify his efforts after the mayor phoned and canceled the meeting to discuss preservation of the warehouse district. Dylan said he refused to lose anything he cared about to Joe Clark.

Phyllis returned home and told Jack that Faith was missing. Jack was concerned. Phyllis took the documents Jack was holding. Jack explained Adam had feared Victor might attempt to get access to Connor. Jack said, "I don't know that Adam ever really had a chance, tied to Victor the way he was." Phyllis asked, "Why pull those papers out now?" Phyllis told Jack that Adam wasn't returning.

At Chelsea's penthouse, Adam walked inside and saw Connor's toys and blankets strewn about the room. He picked up Connor's blanket and smelled it. He examined the Christmas tree and saw the ornament commemorating Connor's first Christmas. When he heard Chelsea unlock the door, Adam hid and watched Chelsea place gifts beneath the tree.

Billy entered the front door, carrying a wrapped gift. Chelsea asked to hold the gift, but Billy teasingly refused. Billy asked if they were alone, and Chelsea said they were. Chelsea, laughing because Billy was tickling her, invited Billy upstairs to make love. Adam emerged from his hiding place and seemed angered by Billy's presence. Sage phoned and mentioned that Constance was experiencing a serious health issue. She pleaded with Adam to return home. Adam replied, "I am home."

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Dylan found Faith's bike outside the coffeehouse, and he worried that something wasn't right. Avery offered to call the staff to see if anyone had seen Faith, but Dylan discovered Faith hiding behind the counter. Dylan softly asked what Faith was doing there, and Faith replied that she'd had to get away from her dad.

Nick and Sharon frantically checked for Faith at the cottage, and Nick said they had to stay positive. Sharon tried to convince herself that Faith would return home safe, and Nick prepared to go back out to continue the search. Sharon's phone rang, and Dylan reported that Faith was at Crimson Lights. Sharon and Nick hurried out.

Faith explained to Dylan that everything had been perfect, but her daddy had ruined it. She continued that her mommy was sad, even though Sharon had been pretending not to be, and Dylan sympathized that adult relationships were sometimes complicated. Faith whined that she'd wanted Nick to talk to Sharon, and Dylan asked if that was why she'd run away. Nick and Sharon rushed in, and Dylan pulled Nick aside and voiced concern about how Faith was handling the situation. Nick was glad Faith had trusted Dylan, and he confided that it killed him to see one of his kids in pain.

After Nick and Sharon left with Faith, Avery imagined it had been terrifying for Nick and Sharon to think about losing another child, and Dylan noted that Sharon was facing that prospect. He referred to how the custody battle was affecting Faith already, and Avery asked if he'd ever thought about what they would have been like as parents if their baby had lived. Dylan admitted that he'd tried not to, since it had been too hard, but he reached for her hand and said they would have been great parents to an amazing kid. Avery received a text message and groaned that she had bad news.

Avery revealed that her application to have the warehouse district designated as historical landmark had been denied, and Dylan bemoaned that it had been their one sure way of saving the buildings from demolition. Avery pointed out that it wasn't a guarantee the redevelopment would move forward, since Joe's partners still had to get construction permits, and it would give her and Dylan time to form another strategy. Dylan thought she was really thinking the same thing he was -- a person with power was getting to everyone who could help them. Dylan worried that it was a bigger battle than he'd thought.

At the cottage, Sharon lectured that she was relieved Faith was okay, but she commanded Faith never to run off again. Sharon urged her daughter to talk to one of her parents if she felt angry or confused, but Faith whined that if Nick had made up with Sharon like Faith had asked, Faith wouldn't have run away. Sharon scolded that Faith hadn't been fair to Nick, and Nick recognized that Faith was hurting, but he stressed that the important thing was that nothing would change his and Sharon's love for Faith. Faith complained that he'd lied about being a real family again, and she ranted that it was all Nick's fault that it would be the worst Christmas ever. Faith ran upstairs, and Sharon told Nick that they couldn't go on like that.

Nick pledged to try to make it a happy Christmas for Faith, and Sharon said the only thing that would do that would be for them to get back together. They agreed it wouldn't happen, but Sharon pointed out that Faith was a little girl who still believed Santa could make miracles happen. Nick hoped they weren't giving Faith false hope, and Sharon countered that perhaps Faith was trying to tell them that even if they couldn't be a family, the least they could do was not fight. Nick refused to let Faith's behavior stop him from doing what was best, and Sharon doubted a tug-of-war was best, but Nick was determined to work harder to have Faith accept reality.

Later, Sharon explained to Faith that she and Nick knew Faith was disappointed things hadn't turned out like they'd thought they would, and Faith wailed that she didn't want to be a family that lived apart. Sharon said Faith still had two parents who loved her more than anything, and Faith would have two amazing Christmases. Nick promised lots of gifts and love, and he pointed out that Faith had friends whose parents didn't live together. Faith pleaded that she wouldn't ask for anything ever again, but Nick said he was sorry he couldn't give it to her. Sharon assured Faith everything would be okay, but Faith cried it wouldn't, and she dashed upstairs.

Nick maintained that he was doing what he thought was best for Faith, and Sharon believed he thought he was, even though she didn't agree with his methods. He wished things were different, and she asserted that even though they hadn't been able to put the pieces of their family back together, it didn't mean they couldn't make a wonderful Christmas for Faith.

In the park, Victor learned over the phone that Faith was fine, but he told the caller he was about to go into a meeting. Victor sternly hoped that Tobias had had a good reason to ask him to meet there, and he asked what Ashley was developing. Tobias handed Victor a flash drive with photographs of files from the lab, and he suggested that Victor have the formulas analyzed to find what he was looking for. Tobias acknowledged that Victor had demanded answers by the end of the year, and he swore that he was doing the best he could, but Victor ordered Tobias to get Ashley to confide in him.

At the Athletic Club, Joe perused an online article about small business owners uniting against the developers, and Cane commented that Joe couldn't have expected them to roll over. Cane imagined that Joe would win over some movers and shakers at the cocktail party, and Colin overheard and hoped he was on the guest list, but Jill added that it would be without a plus one. Joe was surprised that a forward-thinking woman like Jill wasn't on the right side of progress, and Jill snarled that she didn't like where things were progressing, but she enjoyed a good fight. Joe implied that it was one she couldn't win, and Jill suspected that Joe's confidence indicated that he knew something everyone else didn't.

Joe bragged that he'd never backed a losing venture, and the redevelopment deal wouldn't be the first. Jill said she usually found confidence attractive in a man, but it only intensified her desire to ruin his perfect record. Joe said he didn't understand Jill's opposition, and Jill explained that the city was a living, breathing thing, so the people who had been born there would do everything possible to protect it. Joe was surprised she was that sentimental, and Cane warned Joe not to let her soft heart fool him. Joe was curious how a cunning businesswoman like Jill had lost control of Chancellor Industries, and Jill glared across the dining room at Victor.

Cane asked Victor if Nikki would be joining him, and Victor replied that he was waiting for someone else. Cane instructed a waiter to fetch Victor a drink, and he inquired whether Victor intended to attend the cocktail party. Victor said he'd be there, but he was adamant that no one use his name to try to gain support for the redevelopment efforts.

Joe surmised that Jill was still upset Katherine had bequeathed the company to Victor, and Jill spat that Victor had conned Katherine. Joe remarked that he'd read that Katherine had thought Victor had been better suited to continue her legacy, but Colin turned the topic back to the redevelopment project. Colin announced that he had cash to invest in a profitable enterprise, and Joe said he would be in touch if he needed additional funding. Joe excused himself, and Jill griped that Colin wouldn't have had his latest windfall if she hadn't stopped him from paying off Kurtz. Colin said he was grateful, but she admonished him for backing something she was opposed to.

Joe approached Victor and Cane, and Cane introduced Joe as a representative of the project's investors. Cane added that Victor had agreed to attend the cocktail party, and Victor reiterated that he wouldn't be used to draw in more investors. Victor curtly wished Joe a nice day, and Joe walked off. Victor asked Cane if Joe was just a friend, and Cane revealed that Joe was a former business acquaintance, but he stressed that he had no interest in going back to the corporate world. Cane divulged that he'd kept track of what had happened at Chancellor after the Bonaventure debacle, and Victor vowed to one day find out who'd been behind it, but he had things in the pipeline that would more than make up for the losses.

Colin acknowledged that Jill stood with the people of Genoa City to preserve history, but he was a "carpet-bagging bastard" who wanted to make millions on progress. He quipped that Jill made them look good, but he made them money, and Cane offered to get them a table. Jill asked about Cane's powwow with Victor, and Cane reported that Victor would be at Joe's party. Jill growled that Victor was destroying Katherine's legacy and tearing up the fabric of the city, and Colin said he didn't understand how they could have let Victor take Chancellor Industries. Cane contended that there was nothing they could have done about Katherine leaving the company to Victor in her will, but Jill seemed skeptical.

Later, Joe hovered near Victor and mused under his breath that everything was going according to plan.

At the penthouse, Adam told Sage over the phone that he couldn't talk, but she pleaded for him to make time because Constance was sick. Adam grumbled that Constance was an old lady, but Sage tearfully stated that Constance might be dying, and Constance had asked for her grandson. Adam reluctantly said he was on the way, and he spotted Victoria exiting the elevator with Katie. He commented that the baby was cute, and a clueless Victoria thanked him. As Adam boarded the elevator, Billy answered the door, and Victoria said she needed his help.

Victoria informed Billy that Dylan had found Faith, and she thanked Billy for looking after Katie while she'd helped search for Faith. Victoria wanted to go over some possible dates for the christening, and she asked if Chelsea could join them to discuss the plans. Billy disclosed that Chelsea was in the shower, and Victoria marveled that just days before, it had seemed impossible to imagine that they could all get along. Billy remarked that Katie had healed a lot of wounds, and he said any date Victoria picked would be fine. Victoria added that she also wanted to make her daughter's name official -- Katherine Rose Newman.

Billy incredulously asked if Victoria didn't want Katie to have his name, and Victoria explained that she'd thought of Katie as hers for months. Billy asserted that they'd since learned the girl was also his, and he'd be spending just as much time with Katie as he did with Johnny. Victoria swore that she wouldn't cut Billy off from his daughter, and he theorized that she was doing it to get back at him for blowing up their marriage. Victoria conceded that she wasn't being fair, and she suggested they name their daughter Katherine Rose Abbott-Newman. Billy half-heartedly said he could live with it, and he walked her to the door, but he was clearly disappointed.

At the Jabot lab, Stitch was dismayed that the adjustments to his notes hadn't given him the scent he'd been looking for, and Ashley assured him it took time to perfect a fragrance. He grumbled that it was frustrating to have nothing to show for all the hours they'd put in, and Ashley planned to work longer after he left. He noted that she practically lived there, but she said she didn't mind putting in late nights when she was passionate about something. Ashley flashed back to her encounter with Stitch in the shower, and Stitch said he would send her his latest calculations. Ashley pointed out that it was ridiculous for them to act like everything was normal between them.

Ashley recalled that she and Stitch had decided to forget about the shower experience and not let it affect their professional relationship, but they agreed it wasn't working. Stitch said it had felt weird to tell her that he and Victoria were back together, but Ashley reiterated that he didn't owe her anything after the one night they'd spent together. She suggested they go back to being friends, but Abby burst in and announced that Faith had been found. Abby plopped a party hat on her head and said she'd planned to spend the night helping with the search, but she was excited to be the life of the office Christmas party instead. Abby contemplated what would happen when the suits and lab coats mixed it up, and she sensed that something was going on between Ashley and Stitch.

Ashley swore that nothing was going on, but Abby asked why both Ashley and Stitch had indicated a weird reaction to the party. Ashley explained that neither of them intended to go, and Stitch said he was on his way to Victoria's. Stitch wished the women a merry Christmas and headed out, and Abby reiterated that she felt something was off. Tobias entered and asked if Ashley had anything else for him to work on, but Ashley encouraged him to go to the company party and have fun. Ashley added that she appreciated his dedication and that she planned to give him more responsibilities after Christmas. Ashley pointedly told him to keep doing what he had been, and he'd get exactly what he deserved.

Billy arrived at the lab and informed Ashley and Abby about Victoria's decision regarding Katie's name, and Ashley couldn't imagine he was completely shocked. He said he was pretty ticked, and Abby suggested he hire an attorney to fight it. He said he didn't want to fight, but he believed Katie should have his name, and he suspected that Victor had gotten inside Victoria's head. Ashley was sure that Victoria wouldn't let Victor poison Katie's mind against Billy, and she urged him to trust Victoria. Abby encouraged him to forget about it at the office party, but he didn't feel up to going. Abby sauntered off to the party, and Ashley asked Billy to tell her the truth about why the name thing really bothered him.

Ashley suspected Billy was upset because it meant things were over for Billy and Victoria for good, and Billy conceded it was scary how well Ashley knew him. He recounted that his life had been on a happy trajectory before Delia had died, but then he'd been blown off-track. Billy said Katie had restored joy in their lives, and Ashley asked if that could help put him and Victoria back on the right path. Billy said he and Victoria were friends and co-parents, but he didn't think they could get the rest back. He added that he was happy with Chelsea.

Stitch stopped by Victoria's house with bags of gifts for her children, and he admitted he was trying to impress the kids' mom. She said she'd expected him to be there on Christmas, and he recalled that he hadn't had a real Christmas since he'd been with Jenna and Max. Victoria asked if he'd let Jenna know what had really happened with his father, and Stitch relayed that his ex wasn't taking his calls. He hoped that at least Jenna would give Max the gifts he'd sent, and Victoria said he didn't deserve to be cut off from his son, especially around the holidays. Stitch said he was grateful to have Victoria, and they hugged. She promised to make sure he had a happy Christmas.

Stitch asked if Victoria wanted anything from Burger Beat, but she said she had a few Christmas details to take care of, and she looked forward to spending the holiday together. He contemplated how close he'd been to losing her, and she proclaimed that it was all behind them. They kissed, and she insisted he leave so that she could get his gift. After he departed, she made a call and said she needed to speak to someone about Christmas.

At Constance's house, Sage told Adam that Constance had taken a bad spill when she'd tried to get out of her wheelchair on her own, and it had put a strain on her heart. Adam recommended that Sage take Constance to a hospital, but Sage divulged that Constance wanted to die there. Adam understood that Sage loved Constance, and Sage begged Adam to give Constance what she wanted -- her grandson's love. Adam sat next to Constance, and he took her hand and pretended to be Gabriel. Constance insisted that she had to tell him something she'd kept from him too long, and she said he needed to know about his father.

Constance was determined to tell "Gabriel" the truth, since his father had built everything by himself out of love for Gabriel. Under Sage's watchful gaze, Adam said he'd loved his father, too, and Constance revealed that everything Gabriel's father had worked hard for had been stolen from him. Adam referred to the hostile takeover, and Constance revealed that Gabriel's father had committed suicide after it had happened. Sage gasped, and Constance said she'd wanted to protect "Gabriel," but her time was running out. Constance divulged that the company had been taken over by Newman Enterprises, and she weakly declared, "Victor Newman killed your father."

Adam asked if Gabriel's father had killed himself over a deal with Victor, and Constance condemned Victor for not caring about destroying her son. Adam snarled that Victor would destroy his own son to get what he wanted, and Constance asked "Gabriel" to promise to make Victor pay for what he'd done to Gabriel's father. "I promise you, Victor Newman will suffer for everything he's done," Adam earnestly swore.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

It was Christmas Eve in Genoa City.

At the Genoa City Police Station, a smiling Courtney told Noah that she had both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day off from work. Noah thanked her for accompanying him to the ranch -- he told her that Sharon could really use the Christmas cheer. As they started to leave, they noticed Kevin wandering around the station. Noah reminded him that it was Christmas Eve and wondered why he was still there. Kevin said that Detective Harding had asked him to undertake a crucial task. Courtney wondered why Harding had chosen Kevin -- after all, the detective and Kevin weren't exactly best friends. Kevin told her that he and Harding had a "complicated relationship" and walked off.

At the cottage, Sharon placed gifts under the tree as Mariah and a very sad Faith looked on. Sharon tried to cheer Faith up by reminding her that Santa would be stopping by, but the little girl lamented that Kris Kringle wasn't going to give her what she wanted and left the living room.

Dylan stopped by to drop off gifts for Sharon and Faith. He wondered how Faith was faring, and Mariah snidely commented, "Great. She hasn't run away in hours." Sharon told Dylan that Faith was trying to adjust to all the changes. Outside the house, someone was shouting a hearty "Ho ho ho..."

Suddenly smiling, Faith ran back into the living room to see who was outside. The group laughed when Sharon opened the door, and Nick, dressed in Santa Claus garb, walked in. Faith sat on his lap and said, "You're not Santa... you're daddy." Faith hugged Nick and told him how happy she was that he had decided to spend the evening at the cottage. When Nick told her that he was there just for a few minutes to drop off some presents, Faith stopped smiling and said, "Please daddy -- can't we all try to get along -- just for tonight?" Nick acquiesced and said that he would stay -- if it was okay with Sharon. Clearly pleased, Sharon said she had no problem with that. Faith joyfully declared that Nick and Sharon were "the best."

Dylan said goodbye to all as Sharon handed him his present. Nick walked his brother to the door and quietly thanked Dylan for having helped out when Faith had run away. Dylan said that he was happy he had been able to help -- then reminded Nick that was what family was for. Dylan opened the door, and as he left, Noah and Courtney showed up.

After Sharon left the room to get eggnog, Noah told his father how happy he was to see Nick at the cottage. Nick said that he was staying to make Faith happy -- but he was afraid that she might get the wrong message. Noah said that Nick putting his anger aside for his daughter's happiness was definitely not a bad message. Mariah received a phone call and left

At the Newman ranch, Victor, with some Gerolamo paperwork in hand, spoke to Joe on the phone. He asked Joe what he could do to counter Dylan's protest movement. Victor quickly hung up as Nikki returned from shopping for some last-minute Christmas gifts. He asked Nikki how her shopping had gone. Nikki, clearly upset, said, "Never mind that. How can you do this to my son?"

Victor quickly folded up the paperwork he was holding and put it in a pocket. Nikki said that Kelly had called her, asking how many people would be sitting at the table that Victor had reserved for Joe Clark's cocktail party. Nikki asked him why he would support a project that would mean the demolition of the warehouse district -- and the demise of Dylan's business. Nikki calmed down when Victor lied and told her that he was going just to gather information and ask the investors some questions. She asked Victor if he could speak to the sellers of the property. Victor told her it was Christmas Eve and asked if they could change the subject. Nikki ignored him and began speaking vehemently against the project when they heard the doorbell.

Nikki opened the door and was touched to see Dylan. Victor said a quick hello and told them that he needed to leave for a while. After Victor walked off, Nikki told Dylan that she and Victor had just been discussing the redevelopment project -- and the "evil bean counters" who didn't care who they hurt. Putting on his coat nearby, Victor overheard Nikki.

Dylan told Nikki that he was doing everything he could to fight the redevelopment plan -- but he needed to be realistic about his chances of winning. Nikki rambled on until Dylan handed her a gift and said he didn't want to squander the evening away, discussing the redevelopment. Nikki smiled and said there was a gift for him under the Newman tree.

Dylan told Nikki to open her gift first. She removed the cover from the gift box, and her eyes widened -- Dylan had given her a cornucopia of memorabilia from his youth -- some photographs, a baseball trophy, and several other items. Nikki told him it was the best gift she had ever received. They reminisced about the obstacles they had overcome while they got to know each other. Nikki's eyes welled up with tears when Dylan said, "Merry Christmas, Mom." Mother and son hugged.

Back at the cottage, the group joked around while exchanging gifts. Mariah received a phone call from Kevin, who begged her to meet him at the police station. He said he desperately needed her help and, without giving her a chance to respond to his plea, hung up his phone.

Mariah went to the station and found Kevin on his hands and knees in Paul's office. She wondered if he had lost a contact lens. Kevin whispered, "Roscoe got out of his cage." Mariah thought that Kevin had allowed a criminal to escape, but Kevin explained that Roscoe was Detective Harding's pet -- Kevin was supposed to watch Roscoe while Harding was out of town.

Kevin held up a small empty cage and told Mariah that he had latched it incorrectly. Mariah had two questions -- she wondered what type of animal Roscoe was -- and why she and Kevin were whispering. He informed her that Roscoe was a rabbit -- and they were whispering because he didn't want them to scare Roscoe away. Mariah began laughing, and Kevin took offense.

Still chuckling a bit, she said she would help Kevin find "this poor little bunny rabbit." Both of them got on their hands and knees and began calling for Roscoe. Kevin thought he saw Roscoe under a desk but couldn't reach the rabbit. Mariah crawled over to assist him -- when she and Kevin were in close proximity, they turned their heads and gazed into each other's eyes.

The mood quickly changed when Kevin's phone rang -- it was Harding calling to see how Roscoe was doing. Kevin lied and said that all was well with Roscoe. After the call ended, Kevin said, "I'm a dead man." Mariah suggested a Roscoe look-alike, but Kevin nixed the idea. Mariah heard a noise from under a desk. Kevin, quite relieved, found Roscoe. Mariah motioned for Kevin to join her on the other side of the desk -- she found a litter of baby rabbits. They chuckled as Kevin said, "I guess Roscoe is a... Roxie"

After moving the bunnies to a safe place, Mariah told Kevin that she was glad that he had called her -- the rabbit hunt had been fun. They wished each other a merry Christmas and hugged.

Back at the cottage, Victor knocked at the door, and Sharon answered, shocked to see him. He said he had a gift for Faith but grew upset when he peered over Sharon's shoulder and saw Nick in the Santa outfit.

Nick joined Victor outside the cottage. Victor wondered how Nick could stand to be in the same room with Sharon. Nick said that he was there because he cared about Faith. Sharon joined them and told Victor not to ruin the night for Faith. Victor accused Sharon of manipulating Nick. When Nick told Victor that it was Christmas Eve, Victor said he couldn't believe that Nick was standing up for Sharon. Sharon said that Nick wasn't standing up for her -- he was standing up for Faith.

Victor, Sharon, and Nick returned to the cottage. Victor gave Faith a present, and as Nick and Sharon looked on, Faith hugged Victor and said, "I love you, grandpa." Victor stood up, preparing to leave. He and Nick wished each other a merry Christmas. While walking out, Victor crossed paths with Mariah, returning from the police station. Mariah wondered what she had just seen. As Nick and Sharon looked at each other, Noah said, "Just your run-of-the-mill Christmas miracle."

Moses spent Christmas Eve at Neil and Hilary's. On the sofa, Neil hugged the little boy and asked Charlie and Matty to join them. Lily and Hilary watched the happy scene -- Hilary said there was nothing Neil liked more than having the kids around. Lily smiled and said, "...and you." Lily and her kids followed Hilary into the kitchen to help prepare dinner. When the doorbell rang, Cane offered to answer, but after hearing some dishes breaking, Neil, carrying Moses, laughed and said that Cane would probably be needed in the kitchen.

Devon was at the door and wished Neil and Moses a merry Christmas. Neil wondered if Gwen was with Devon. As Hilary looked on, Devon told his father that Gwen wasn't with him. Neil, sounding disappointed, began questioning Devon about Gwen's absence but was interrupted by the doorbell. Devon and Hilary exchanged smiles as Neil let in Jill and Colin. After the Atkinsons exchanged pleasantries with Neil, Colin stared at Hilary and Devon and, in a sinister tone, said to Neil, "Your first Christmas together as husband and wife. It must be a lovely time."

Jill, Colin, and Neil exchanged small talk. Jill told Neil that they would have to leave early because they were planning to join Lauren and Michael for coffee and dessert. Out of earshot, Hilary told Devon that he was supposed to have taken Gwen. Devon said that he hadn't taken Gwen because he'd thought it would bother Hilary and wouldn't be fair to Gwen. Hilary said that she couldn't change the way she felt about Devon, but since Neil was on the verge of drinking again, she and Devon couldn't continue their affair. Devon remained speechless as Hilary walked off to serve drinks to Jill and Colin.

Colin continued to make snarky remarks to Hilary -- veiled references to her affair with Devon. When Hilary announced that dinner was ready, Neil smiled and told the group that before the evening was over, he was going to "have a surprise."

After dinner, a pro- Cane and an anti- Jill debated the merits of the warehouse redevelopment project. Neil and Colin implored them to stop, and Cane and Jill agreed to disagree. Colin asked Jill what time they were expected at Michael and Lauren's, and Jill realized that they were running late. Jill apologized for having to eat and run. Hilary and Jill were able to speak privately for a moment. Jill apologized for questioning Hilary's motive for marrying Neil -- Jill was able to see that Hilary made Neil very happy.

Colin and Devon were also able to have a private conversation. Colin said that thanks to the money Devon had given him, Colin had been able to buy some very nice Christmas presents. Devon sternly told Colin not to ask him for any more money -- Devon wasn't going to hand over another dime. Colin smiled, wished Devon a merry Christmas, and walked away.

Lily showed Colin and Jill out. On the sofa, Neil asked Cane to keep a secret -- Neil had been accepted into a program that specialized in treating his particular type of blindness. Neil said that he would give anything to see what he was missing. Cane glanced at Devon and Hilary, who were whispering conspiratorially in the dining room.

Lauren, Michael, and Fen sat around the dinner table in the condo. Smiling, Michael told Lauren that she had outdone herself -- the lasagna looked great. Lauren chuckled and told the guys not to panic -- she had gotten the lasagna at the Athletic Club. Michael and Fen looked heavenward and breathed a faux sigh of relief. Lauren asked Fen to say grace, but the young man protested, telling Lauren that saying grace wasn't "his thing." When Michael told his son to speak from the heart and give thanks for food, family, and good health, Lauren and Fen became sullen and silent.

The mood was tense and the conversation forced as the family ate. Michael slammed his hands on the table and said, "That's it. No more walking on eggshells. It's time we talked about what's really going on." Lauren and Fen were frozen in fearful anticipation as Michael declared that the lasagna was dry -- not enough sauce or cheese. The tension dissipated as the three of them began joking. After the laughter stopped, Michael said that they all knew what he was dealing with. Lauren held his hand and said, "What we are dealing with." Michael held Fen's hand and said, "It has a name -- cancer."

Fen and Lauren appeared frightened again, but Michael put them at ease as he began singing a made-up song about cancer. Michael pulled them out of their chairs and the three of them began dancing around the room chanting, "Cancer! Cancer!" After they calmed down, Michael said he wanted to make a pact that they would not let "this disease that I have" rob them of what they were as a family -- or their capacity for joy.

As Lauren and Fen were agreeing to the pact, Colin and Jill rushed in. Jill asked if they were all right -- she could hear them screaming down the hall. As a bewildered Jill and Colin looked on, the Baldwins nearly doubled over with laughter.

When Colin and Jill learned that the Baldwins had been singing, Colin joked that it had sounded more like the screech of fingernails against a blackboard. A round of teasing began. Michael announced that he wanted to have dessert and open a Christmas Eve present. Fen led Colin and Jill to the kitchen to pour some champagne. Still in the living room, Lauren presented Michael with a gift that made him weepy -- two tickets to Wagner's Ring Cycle, being performed in New York the following October. Colin and Jill didn't grasp the significance of Lauren giving Michael tickets to an event occurring ten months in the future.

At Neil and Hilary's, Lily lit a special Christmas candle. Through a shroud of darkness, Neil was able to see the flame. Lily handed Devon a gift from Neil and Hilary. Devon removed the wrapping paper and found a fruitcake. Devon smiled and said it was perfect -- then reciprocated and gave Neil and Hilary the gift he had brought for them -- a beautiful crystal bowl. Neil suddenly asked everyone but Lily to leave the room. After they cleared out, Neil whispered something into a smiling Lily's ear.

In the dining room, Devon asked Hilary if he could meet with her on Christmas Day. She declined his invitation, but he said that he just wanted to talk to her for five minutes. Before she could answer, Neil called everyone back into the living room -- he said he had a surprise for them. Lily handed him a Braille copy of A Visit from St. Nicholas. As his family gathered round, he began, "'Twas the night before Christmas...."

Kevin showed up at Michael and Lauren's. The brothers hugged as Michael poured Kevin a glass of champagne. Victor returned to the ranch as Dylan was leaving. Nick and Sharon looked on as Courtney, Noah, and Faith watched Mariah unwrap her gift from Sharon.

Neil finished the poem: "...But I heard him exclaim, 'ere he drove out of sight, 'Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!'"

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Hilary asked Devon why he'd wanted to meet her in the park, where she felt his grandmother's spirit was looming over them. Devon declared that Katherine would have approved of his love for Hilary, but Hilary turned away and remarked that it was colder than she'd thought outside. He asked her to look at him, and she lamented that it might be months before they could tell Neil the truth. Hilary whimpered that she wanted to touch Devon, but she couldn't, and he offered her a chestnut from a paper bag.

Devon asked where the rest of the family thought Hilary was, and she said she'd told them she was going out for walk to see the tree. He revealed that his cover story was that he was with Gwen, since he'd had to figure out a way to see Hilary. She said she should get back home, and he acknowledged that things had changed since Neil had been tempted to drink. Hilary reiterated that they couldn't be together until they could do so openly, and Devon tempted her with the chestnuts again. She pulled a ring from the bag.

Hilary noted that she was already wearing Neil's ring, but Devon hoped to be lucky enough to put his ring on her finger one day. She wondered if that day would ever happen, and she identified the ring as an eternity band. Devon said it meant he'd love her forever, and she imagined it had cost a fortune. As he gazed at her, he mused that he was looking at his fortune, and he asked if she wanted him to take it back. Hilary said she loved both him and the ring, and she vowed to keep the ring safe and hidden until she could wear it, even if it took a miracle. The lights flickered out, and Devon suggested they take advantage of the opportunity, since no one could see them in the dark. He kissed her.

Devon said he was tempted to put the ring on Hilary's finger to be sure it fit, but she didn't want to jinx it. She reiterated that she had to get back to Neil and that Devon had to be patient, and Devon pointed out he had been. She quipped that an eternity was worth waiting for, and they stood up and wished one another a merry Christmas. He watched her walk away.

At the penthouse, Billy told Chelsea that he'd always been into Christmas, but it was even better seeing the holiday through a child's eyes, especially Connor's. Chelsea mused that the gift Billy had given to Connor would last forever, and Billy noted that the year had started with much sadness, but it had been filled with miracles. Chelsea mentioned Katie, and Billy added, "And us." They kissed.

Chelsea preserved the wrapping paper, and Billy teased that they could afford new paper and ribbons. She explained that she wanted to reuse the paper to remind her of her first Christmas with him, since after the way she'd grown up, she cherished the holiday more every year. She declared that Billy's Christmas wasn't yet complete, and she urged him to visit Katie and Johnny. He thanked her for being okay with everything, and she suggested they meet back there later. Billy asked if she was going somewhere, and she replied that she and Connor needed to make a Christmas visit themselves. Billy departed, and Chelsea remarked to Connor that it wasn't always easy to share.

At the ranch, Victor presented Faith with a new snow globe with an angel inside. She asked if it was magic, and Nikki replied that it was if Faith wanted it to be. Nick told Nikki he should leave soon, since Faith wasn't happy with him, and the girl would have more fun if he wasn't there. Nikki offered to drop Faith off at the tack house later, but Nick thought his daughter wanted to be with her mom, so he'd arranged for Sharon to pick Faith up. Faith named her angel Katherine, and she wished she had a gift just as pretty to give to her grandparents, but Nikki assured her that all that mattered was that they were together.

Faith asked Victor for pointers about how to play soccer, and Nick prepared to leave, but Nikki protested that he shouldn't be alone on Christmas. Nick swore he would be fine, and he displayed a picture Faith had drawn of him as a cowboy. Faith grumbled that she'd had to do it as a project for school, so it was no big deal, but Nick stressed that it was a big deal for him. Faith turned back to Victor to play more, and Nikki balked at them playing ball in the house, but Victor contended that they could do it once a year. Nick hugged Nikki and Victor goodbye.

At the Underground, Nick looked at Faith's drawing and toasted to the cowboy as he chugged a drink. He surmised aloud that Faith had drawn it when she'd still considered him to be one of the good guys. Nikki overheard as she arrived and said she thought he was one of them, and he warned her to enter at her own risk, since he no longer had to pretend to be jolly without Faith around. Nikki assured him that he didn't have to fake anything for her, since she understood the Christmas blues. He sympathized that she'd had a rough year, and she clarified that she'd been talking about him, but he wondered if there was something she wanted to tell him.

Nikki said that she'd always managed to overcome her demons, and she was confident Nick would, too. He seemed skeptical, but she imagined that his wounds would heal, and he'd move on because he drew strength from the same source she did -- their family. She pointed out that Victor was still her anchor, and her children and grandchildren were her compass. Nikki reached for Nick's hand, and she encouraged him to let his family be that for him, too. The lights flickered out, and Nick conceded that he might need a compass.

Victor was happily surprised when Chelsea dropped by with Connor, and Faith volunteered to help Connor find his gift under the tree. As the kids played, Chelsea said she should have stopped by sooner, and Victor assumed that Billy had kept her busy. She pointed out that Billy would always be father to Victor's granddaughter, and she reasoned that the more time Billy spent with Chelsea, the less time he'd be with Victoria. She contended that her being with Billy was like a Christmas gift for Victor, and an amused Victor said it made sense. The electricity went out, and Faith asked what was wrong. Chelsea suggested that Rudolph's red nose had blown a fuse.

Victoria stood in front of her Christmas tree with Katie, and she murmured that it had been a perfect day, complete with video-chatting with Reed, opening presents with Johnny, and holding her miracle baby in her arms. She added that she liked what was still under the tree, where Stitch sat, putting together Johnny's new toys. Stitch replied that he felt blessed himself, since it had been the kind of thing he'd once looked forward to doing with Max. Victoria whispered to Katie that they couldn't tell Stitch about their surprise.

Victoria observed that Johnny loved his new train set, and Stitch joked that it would have been easier to assemble a real railroad. Stitch said Santa had left Victoria something else, and he handed her a gift. She found a locket inside, and he explained that it had three compartments, one for each of her children. He helped her put it on, and she suspected Santa had had a little help from him. Stitch ignored his ringing phone, but Victoria was adamant that he answer it. He could barely hear who was on the line at first, but then he excitedly relayed to Victoria that it was his son.

Stitch quizzed Max about the gifts he'd sent, and he asked his son to send some pictures with his new boogie board. Stitch thanked Jenna for the surprise call, and after he hung up, he credited Victoria with setting up the call. Victoria divulged that she'd told Jenna that Stitch had been covering for Maureen and that he hadn't killed anyone, and she'd convinced Jenna that he shouldn't be kept away from his son. Stitch said it had been the best possible gift Victoria could have given him, and she handed Katie to him while she answered a knock at the door. Stitch cuddled with the baby and told her that his boy could be part of their big family, and he looked up and saw Billy.

Billy presented Johnny with a football autographed by Aaron Rodgers, and he said they'd throw it around when it was less icy. Billy admired the train, and Victoria applauded Stitch for putting it together. Stitch remarked that Johnny wanted to show his daddy how it worked, and Billy handed Victoria a present for Katie. Victoria discovered a stuffed lamb inside, and she thought it would be Katie's playmate for a long time. Billy placed it in Katie's bassinet and told her to snuggle with it when her daddy couldn't be there. He turned to play with Johnny and the train, but the lights went out.

At the Abbott mansion, Phyllis commented that Christmas had crept up fast after she'd spent a year unconscious, and she could hardly believe she was there, alone with Jack. He told her to believe it, and they began to kiss passionately, but Summer and Austin burst in with Christmas greetings. Phyllis pointed out that they had exchanged gifts the day before, but Austin explained that one thing hadn't been ready at the time. Phyllis said the best gift was enjoying Christmas with her family, and Jack pulled Austin aside and said he couldn't thank Austin enough. Austin simply wanted his mother-in-law's acceptance, and Phyllis asked what the men were whispering about.

Jack declared that he and Austin had been discussing Phyllis' gift from all of them, and Summer chirped that Austin had made it happen. Austin plugged a flash drive into a laptop computer, and Summer appeared in a video on the screen. In the video, Summer said they knew Phyllis had missed a lot, so it was time to catch her up on the important things that had happened, like Summer and Austin's wedding and Katherine's memorial. Summer invited Phyllis to sit back, relax, and catch up on what she'd missed while she'd been sleeping.

Later, an emotional Phyllis shut off the video, and Summer wondered what was wrong. Phyllis explained that the biggest world events had been less important than what had happened right there, and she reeled from the aftermath of Adam's death. Phyllis excused herself, and Jack went after her. Austin suggested he and Summer leave to finish the rest of their Christmas together, and she said she'd known he had another gift for her. He replied that he knew she had one, too, and he proclaimed that being married to her was best thing to ever happen to him.

Phyllis and Jack returned, and she apologized for her reaction to the video and wished Summer and Austin a merry Christmas. The young couple departed, and Phyllis turned back to the video, explaining to Jack that it contained the information she'd been craving. Jack promised that Phyllis would never miss anything ever again, and he picked up a video camera and began to film her. He proclaimed that everything was starting new that very minute, and the lights went out.

Jack thanked someone over the phone, and he informed Phyllis that they weren't the only ones in the dark. He lit some candles and sympathetically stated that she'd been looking forward to her first Christmas back home, but she good-naturedly replied that he didn't hear her complaining. Phyllis proclaimed that she was grateful for every minute with him, and she found the candles romantic. He warned that things could get chilly quickly, and he amorously suggested they find a way to keep one another warm. They kissed by the fire.

At Crimson Lights, Dylan was determined to keep the coffeehouse closed that day, no matter who stopped by. Avery observed that the closed sign was posted in the window, and Dylan recounted that their last Christmas had been special because they'd fed people who'd had nowhere else to go. He wanted that year to be just as memorable but with just him and his fiancée, and Avery marveled that she loved the sound of it. He acknowledged that it would have been easier and nicer to have had dinner at her place, but she understood why he wanted to be there, since he was afraid the coffeehouse might not be there the following year.

Dylan presented Avery with Champagne and pulled her into his arms to dance. He pledged to make the most of every minute they had in the place, and she planned to spend the next Christmas celebrating right there at Crimson Lights. They raised their glasses to the idea, and he remarked that it was crazy how much the coffeehouse meant to him. He remembered he'd first walked in when Kevin and Chloe had been running the place, and Avery asked if he had any regrets. Dylan replied that the good outweighed the bad, and he'd thought of the place like a gift from his dad, since he'd used his inheritance from his father to buy it.

Dylan reminisced about getting to know Nikki and hashing things out with Paul inside those walls, and Avery recalled they'd shared their first kiss there after she and Nick had broken up. She stated that Crimson Lights felt like home, and Dylan replied that home was wherever she was. As they kissed, they heard someone enter, and Dylan called out that they were closed. Paul sternly identified himself as the police, and Avery agreed to make an exception.

Paul apologized for interrupting what had obviously been a Christmas for two, and he explained that Christine had been queasy all day, but she'd had a craving for Crimson Lights' muffins. Avery chirped that there were some things people could only get there, and Dylan hoped others realized that before it was too late. Summer and Austin entered, and they recognized that the coffeehouse was closed, but they'd noticed all the lights in town were out except there. Paul made a call to find out what was going on, and he reported that there was a widespread power outage.

Paul ordered all cops to remain on standby, and he asked someone to have officers check to make sure the traffic signals were blinking red. Paul revealed that an ice storm had knocked out a power station, and it could be hours before electricity was restored, so he didn't want anyone going anywhere until he had the signals checked. Austin apologized to Avery for being stuck there, but Avery was glad he and Summer were safe. Nick entered with Nikki and announced that the coffeehouse was the only location with power for miles, and Dylan offered them some coffee.

Austin gifted Summer with tickets to a sold-out concert, and she pointed out that he was always scolding her about spending too much money on things, but he said he'd saved up for something special. She squealed that she loved it and the idea of going to the event together, and she told him to remember how much he loved her when he opened his gift. He found a scarf inside the gift box, and he called it beautiful, but he asked if he should sit down before she told him how much she'd spent. She proudly revealed that she'd made it, since she'd learned her lesson about overspending, and she'd secretly taken up knitting to make him a gift. He gushed that he loved it.

Nikki apologized for spoiling Dylan's plans, but Dylan said everyone was welcome to share what he had. Nick volunteered to put some tables together, and others pitched in to help. Avery told Dylan she had everything she wanted for Christmas, and he agreed.

Nikki was surprised when Victor entered, and he said he'd been on his way to the Underground to pick her up when he'd seen the lights on at the coffeehouse. Victor remarked that they were lucky to spend both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with Dylan, and Avery called Crimson Lights a place where people could always go during good times and bad. Victor countered that change was inevitable, and Avery quipped that power outages also were, but they'd all ended up there. Victoria, Billy, and Stitch entered with the kids, and Billy reunited with Chelsea. Nick approached Faith, who asked why the lights were still on there, and he surmised that Dylan had a backup generator.

Victor told Nikki he had one more Christmas gift for her, and he told her to close her eyes. She held out her hands, and he placed a small box in them and told her to open her eyes. She clucked that she had more jewelry than she could ever wear, and he told her to open it. She found a strawberry inside, and she flashed back to Victor giving her strawberries in the middle of the night when they'd first gotten together because he'd learned she loved them. He had called her every man's fantasy, and she had said he wasn't "so bad" himself. Victor told Nikki that she was still his fantasy, and they kissed.

Nick remarked that the day hadn't turned out like they'd planned, and Jack and Phyllis arrived and asked if there was any food left. Jack and Victor glared at one another, and Austin handed Phyllis a cup of coffee. She thanked Austin by name for the video and called the gesture wonderfully thoughtful, and Summer noted that her mother seemed to be in the Christmas spirit. Phyllis said she was trying, and Austin and Summer agreed it was the best Christmas either one of them had ever had. Billy told Chelsea that their first Christmas hadn't gone like they'd thought, but she observed that the kids were having a blast, and he said he wouldn't change a thing as they kissed.

Stitch praised Victoria for giving him the best Christmas ever, and Paul announced that the power company should have the lights on at any moment. Nick proposed a toast to Dylan, who'd had the foresight to have an emergency generator on hand to give everyone a haven and home out of the dark and cold, but Dylan revealed that he didn't have a generator. Nikki wondered how they could explain the lights being on, and Faith gazed down at her snow globe angel.

Friday, December 26, 2014

At the Jabot lab, Ashley told Jack that she had been watching a Christmas movie with Traci and Abby when the lights had gone out the night before, and Jack mentioned that he'd been at Crimson Lights with Phyllis and half the town, including Victor. Ashley informed Jack that Victor thought he'd pulled something over on them, since she'd caught Tobias taking photos of her files. Jack panicked that Victor would get the jump on them, but Ashley ordered him to stop, since her future as co-CEO of Jabot was at stake, and she vowed not to let anything get in her way.

Jack griped that Ashley had already given Victor an inroad and that Victor might have Jabot's formula, but she told him to calm down. Jack ranted that he'd thought his life finally made sense after a "year of hell," and he asked what Ashley had told her minion before she'd fired him. Ashley declared that she hadn't fired Tobias because she didn't need to, and the only files he'd taken had been bogus. She asked if Jack felt better, and he conceded that he should have known she'd never put the company at risk. He urged her to keep her guard up, since he was sure Victor wouldn't let it end there.

Ashley said she knew what Victor was capable of, and she expected him to match her move, since he loved the game too much. Jack noted that she was a worthy adversary, and she declared that she was ready for Victor, even if she had to stand guard at the lab. She suggested that Jack fill in for her on New Year's Eve, and they discussed their plans to ring in 2015. Jack wanted to spend a quiet evening at home with Phyllis, and Ashley said she had a date with her television, but Jack encouraged her to go out and spend time with people outside the walls of the lab.

Tobias stopped by the ranch, and Victor complained he was late. Tobias hoped the formula he'd stolen had been useful, and Victor replied that it had been. Victor revealed that he'd had the formulas analyzed, and Ashley had been working on a product with ethyl alcohol compounds. Tobias remarked that it could have a million uses, and Victor continued that the formula contained a few impurities from a Mexican plant.

Tobias asked what the plant was used for, and Victor divulged that it was a component of tequila. Victor snarled that Ashley had either found out what Victor's drink of choice was or she was playing him for a fool, and he said that Tobias wasn't the first man to lose to Ashley in a battle of wits. Tobias offered to turn in his resignation, but Victor wanted Ashley to feel in control, and he instructed Tobias to continue working at the lab, pretending to be an idiot.

At the Athletic Club, Joe wished Michael a merry Christmas, and Michael said the holiday had been meaningful that year. Joe reported that he'd worked, but he'd rest once they got the green light on the redevelopment project. Michael told Joe that he needed to find someone else to help him, and he quit as Joe's attorney. Joe suspected that Dylan and his supporters had gotten to Michael and Lauren, but Michael swore that had nothing to do with his decision. Joe offered to increase Michael's rate, but Michael insisted that it wasn't about the money. Joe contended that a project with such huge potential could secure Michael's entire future, but Michael simply wished him luck. The men shook hands, and Michael exited.

At Crimson Lights, Nick thanked Avery and Dylan for welcoming everyone during the power outage. Dylan hoped opening the coffeehouse to family and friends would help people realize what the place meant, and Avery announced that the press was calling it a Christmas miracle. Nick remarked that the place had always been special, and Avery relayed that a reporter had written that the lights staying on had been a sign from God that the coffeehouse shouldn't be closed. Dylan had no clue how it had happened, but he was grateful for the good publicity.

Dylan displayed t-shirts he'd had printed with a slogan about the lights always being on, and he intended to get the word out that the place was magical. Nick grumbled that his last big moment there -- his proposal to Sharon -- hadn't turned out well, and Dylan commended Nick for doing a nice thing by showing up at Sharon's, dressed as Santa. Dylan added that it had meant a lot to Faith that Nick had stayed, but Nick thought he had a long way to go before Faith accepted that he wasn't getting back together with Sharon.

Avery announced that there wouldn't be a custody hearing, since the judge had just mandated that Sharon and Nick seek mediation instead. Avery explained that it wasn't uncommon when both sides were that far apart, and the judge hoped the exercise would temper their emotions. She added that the mediation was scheduled for the following week, and Nick looked forward to moving on with their lives. Dylan advised Nick to remember how he and Sharon had worked together over the holidays, but Nick reiterated that he was fighting for what was best for Faith by attempting to get full custody.

Michael stopped by Crimson Lights and told Avery and Dylan that he'd had to see the place where miracles had happened. Michael ordered some coffee and said he wanted whatever was in the water, and he assured them that people had taken notice and that they were on Dylan's side. Dylan worried about getting the planning commission on his side, and Michael divulged that he no longer had a conflict of interest, since he'd dropped Joe as a client. Dylan declared that it was more good news, and he was glad Michael wouldn't be arguing against him. Michael mused that he didn't need the karma, especially right then, and Avery asked what was going on.

Dylan questioned what had happened for Michael to think he didn't need karma in his life, and Michael said when he'd seen the joy on Lauren and Fen's faces over Christmas, he'd realized he'd almost let his family slip between his fingers. Michael continued that he wanted to make the most of what he had while he had it, since it could all be gone in an instant. He referred to Phyllis' accident, and he proclaimed that the important things in life didn't include representing people and causes he didn't believe in. Michael believed he was put on earth to do something more than earn a salary or help people like Joe rob Dylan of something he'd put his heart into, and Dylan and Avery thanked him.

As Avery moved close to hug Michael, he noticed her engagement ring, and he congratulated the couple. Dylan said it proved people should never give up, and Michael wished them a long and happy life together. Michael said he'd see Avery at the office, but she informed him she had a meeting at the Athletic Club, so she'd call him later. Michael went to get cream for his coffee, and Avery marveled to Dylan that everyone was excited for them. Dylan warned that things would only get crazier from there, and she suggested they have a quiet dinner for two that evening. She promised to get home early, and she rushed off.

Dylan flashed back to proposing to Avery in the park, and he approached Michael with a request. Dylan explained that he and Avery could use some time away, and they'd never been on a real trip together, so he wanted to take Avery on an extended vacation after the resolution of the redevelopment deal. Dylan asked if Michael could handle the workload if he whisked Avery away for a month, and Michael reasoned that the worst that could happen was getting home too late to see the news. Michael told Dylan to have a honeymoon to remember, and Dylan mentioned that he and Avery hadn't set a wedding date yet, since they were waiting for things to slow down. Michael advised that the best they could do was dodge the things the universe threw at them, and he recommended that Dylan grab every good moment he could.

Joe visited Victor and informed him about Michael bailing on the project, and Victor commented that there were other lawyers to take Michael's place. Victor mentioned that the building hadn't been declared a landmark, and he wondered what was holding up the sale. Joe explained that he was waiting for city permits, and he theorized that the mayor had been reluctant to assist because of community pressure, especially after the media coverage about the Christmas miracle at the coffeehouse. Victor refused to allow an electrical surge to prevent him from selling the property, and Joe asked what would happen when Victor's family found out he'd sold the property to cost Dylan his business.

Victor stated that it was none of Joe's concern, and he disclosed that no one knew he owned property downtown, so his family wouldn't find out unless someone told them. Joe promised nobody would hear it from him, and he crowed that he hadn't gotten where he was by breaking confidences. Victor dismissively wished him a nice day, and Joe left.

Later, Victor told someone on the phone to listen carefully, and he revealed that Ashley was aware her new lab assistant was spying for him. He plotted to have Ashley continue to feed Tobias misinformation while the person on the phone had the chance to get the real formula and deliver it to Victor.

Ashley entered the Athletic Club, and Joe looked up from his coffee and stared at her. She caught him looking at her, and she approached him and asked if he had been checking her out. Joe replied that he couldn't help himself when he saw a beautiful woman, and she smiled and said he hadn't changed at all. They hugged hello, and Joe remarked that Ashley was just as stunning as the day they'd said goodbye.

Ashley commented that she and Joe would always have New York, and he asked why she was in Genoa City. She said she'd made her move permanent because she had family there, and he explained that he was working with a group of investors to redevelop the warehouse district. She realized that he was in the middle of the controversial project, and he turned the topic to why she'd disappeared when they'd had a good thing going. She vaguely replied that things happened in life, and he considered it luck that she was sitting right across from him again.

Joe suggested that he and Ashley go out and do something fun if she was available, and she said the only relationship she was committed to was the one with her lab. He considered her response a yes, and she asked what he was doing on New Year's Eve. He hoped to spend it with her, and she called it a date as Avery looked on.

In the park, Sage and Adam returned from meeting with an attorney, and she thought Constance would be relieved to know her will was in order. Adam asked if Sage had really been in the dark about Victor's link to Gabriel's father, and Sage swore she'd been shocked that Gabriel's dad had committed suicide. She thought it had been a good thing that Constance had protected Gabriel from the truth, and Adam groused that Victor was toxic to every life he touched. Sage said she was glad Adam wasn't Gabriel, since Gabriel wouldn't have had it in him to do what Constance had asked, but Adam was very capable of it. Adam replied that it would be his pleasure.

Adam huffed that Victor thought he could toy with people's lives without repercussions, and Sage asked if anyone had ever stood up to Victor before. Adam said people had tried and failed, but things would be different that time, since Victor had his weaknesses, and Adam knew them better than anyone. Sage hoped it happened before Constance died, and he asked what Sage wanted out of it. He recalled that Sage had been calm when the attorneys had said he'd inherit the bulk of Constance's estate, but Sage pointed out that she wouldn't be left with nothing. Adam recognized that Sage had spent most of her life taking care of the old lady, and Sage warned him to stick to the deal they'd made, since she could reveal his identity at any time.

Sage asked who else Adam had in his corner, since even Gabriel's dog didn't trust him. He said the worst mistake made by powerful people was overestimating their importance, and he told her to find her own way home, since he was taking the car. She protested as he walked off, and Nick approached and asked if she was okay. Nick apologized for startling Sage, and she said she'd figured they'd cross paths again. He asked who she'd been with, and she claimed she'd had a disagreement with a friend.

Nick observed that Sage seemed shaken, and she explained that someone close to her was dying. She groaned that she didn't mean to dump her problems on him, and he recalled that he'd done it to her the other day. Nick asserted that his two great skills were listening and pretending to listen, and she asked which one she got. He dared her to give it a shot to find out, and he offered to buy her a hot chocolate. She thanked him by name, and he realized he didn't know hers. She introduced herself, and he took off to get the drinks.

Sage confided that the person dying was her guardian, who had taken her in and raised her after her parents had died. Nick couldn't imagine what it was like to face having to say goodbye to the one person in her life who'd never left her, and she said she needed more marshmallows. Nick quietly stated that Sage obviously loved her guardian very much, and Sage explained that Constance had been a mother to her in some ways but not in others, since blood mattered. Sage became choked up when she thought about the end being near, and Nick wished her friend had been more supportive. Sage reasoned that her friend had also been upset, since the dying woman was his grandmother, but they expressed things in different ways.

Sage finished her hot chocolate and declared that the drink and the talk had hit the spot, and Nick said it had been the least he could have done. She said she had to get back to her guardian, and Nick hoped the end was peaceful. Sage quizzed him about her guardian's name, and when Nick replied correctly, Sage teased that she had just been seeing if he'd been listening or pretending to listen. He said she knew where to find him, and he began to leave. Her phone rang, and she was visibly distressed by some news.

Sage called Adam and left a message to inform him that Constance had taken a turn for the worse, so they needed to get home. She begged him to call back right away, and she told Nick that she had no idea where her friend was. Nick volunteered to give Sage a ride, and she accepted.

Jack arrived home, and Adam met him at the front door and said he'd been waiting. Jack led him inside, and Adam assured Jack that he'd checked to make sure no one was home. Jack testily asked what Adam had been thinking to drop a bomb and disappear, and Adam insisted that Jack call him Gabriel Bingham. Adam said he'd had to be sure Jack wouldn't reveal his true identity, and Jack replied that after a lot of thought, he'd reached a decision.

Jack said he'd tried to put himself in Adam's position, but he thought he had to tell the authorities that Adam was alive. Adam told Jack to slow down and give it a couple of days to recover from the shock, but Jack swore he wouldn't change his mind. Jack blasted Adam for not telling anyone about his role in Delia's accident, and he recounted that Billy had searched for Delia's killer for months. Jack contended that Adam's actions had driven Billy and Victoria apart and had landed Chloe in an institution, and Adam defended that he was also suffering, since he was riddled with guilt and suffering from nightmares. Adam acknowledged that there weren't enough apologies in the world to make it right, but he argued that his actions had cost him everything, too.

Adam begged Jack to allow him the second chance to add something positive to the world and be part of Chelsea's life, but Jack snapped that Adam hadn't earned his happily ever after. Jack added that he was happy Adam was alive, but he wished Adam hadn't dumped everything on him, and Adam said Jack was the only one he could trust. Adam pointed out that Jack had called him when Stephanie had overdosed, and Adam had done everything possible to help Jack out. Adam argued that Jack hadn't gone to prison for what he'd done, since even though it had been horrible, it had been an accident. Adam reiterated that he'd had Jack's back, and he'd stood by Jack's side when Jack could barely hold his life together.

Jack conceded that he'd always be indebted to Adam for standing by him, and Adam proposed that Jack prove it by reintroducing him to Chelsea as Gabriel, but Jack objected that it was asking too much. Adam insisted that he had to be with his family, but Jack considered his own family, and he couldn't live with himself if Adam walked free. Adam questioned whether Jack could live with himself if he sent Adam to prison, but Jack maintained that he had no choice but to turn Adam in.

Adam pleaded with Jack not to call the police, but Jack swore there was nothing Adam could say to change his mind. Adam blurted out that if he went to prison, Billy would go there, too.

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