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Chelsea declared that she was done with Adam. Paul suffered a minor heart attack. Neil hired Colin to make it appear as if Devon had slept with a prostitute, and Colin captured incriminating footage on tape. Jack confessed to Phyllis that there had been two Jack Abbotts.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of July 27, 2015 on Y&R
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Nick Reconciles with Sage Nick Reconciles with Sage
Monday, July 27, 2015

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Nick confronted Adam, who with his altered appearance still masqueraded as Nick's boarding-school friend, Gabe Bingham. Nick said that Sage's DNA test had determined he was her unborn baby's father. Adam replied, "I don't put much store in paternity tests, considering your history with them." Stunned, Nick walked closer and replied, "How did you know that?" Adam claimed that he'd overheard the tale about Nick having lied in the past about conducting a second DNA test after the first had been compromised. Adam added, "Who's to say you wouldn't do it again and claim that this baby is yours just because you want it to be?"

Chelsea entered and overheard Adam warn Nick that Sage was in need of money and might be attempting to trap him. Chelsea approached and told Nick not to listen to Adam. Adam said that some people could lie as easily as they breathed. Chelsea glared at Adam and replied, "Yes, they do." Chelsea explained that Adam's suggestion that Sage was trying to trap Nick couldn't be true because a doctor had told Sage that she'd never be able to conceive. Chelsea told Nick that Sage was truly in love with him. Fed up with Adam, Nick left.

Adam, lowering his voice, asked Chelsea why she'd defended Sage. Chelsea replied, "The question is why are you dumping all over Sage after all she's done for you? She lied to Nick and everyone else about your identity." Chelsea pointed out that Sage had kept Adam's identity a secret even after she'd excluded herself from the inheritance. Adam told Chelsea that Sage had lied to Nick for a year. Chelsea asked why Adam was trying to break up Nick and Sage only after the couple was expecting a child. Adam said, "I'm not sure the baby is his." Chelsea suddenly realized what Adam meant by his statement and said, "You son of a bitch."

Adam claimed that his fling with Sage had meant nothing to him. Chelsea said he could give no valid excuse for having cheated on the family he supposedly loved. Chelsea cried, "You had sex with her, and now she's carrying your kid?" Chelsea told Adam that everything about him was a lie. Adam told Chelsea he'd slept with Sage while trying to cope with Chelsea and Billy's plans to marry. Adam said that he and Sage had instantly regretted what they'd done.

Chelsea asked Adam why he'd blackmailed his father to gain control of his company, why he'd once pretended to be blind, and why he'd covered up what had happened to Delia. Chelsea told Adam that most people learned from their mistakes. Adam insisted that he had. Chelsea told Adam that claiming he might have fathered Sage's baby was nothing more than an attempt to be "top dog." Chelsea said she refused to be part of Adam's dysfunctional life ever again, and she walked away.

Adam showed up at Chelsea's apartment. He apologized for not behaving like the new man he'd claimed he was. Chelsea said, "It's Nick and Sage that deserve the apology." Adam thanked Chelsea for making sacrifices in order to conceal his true identity. Chelsea replied, "I did that for Connor, not for you." Adam asked to visit with his son to tell him he wasn't leaving town. Chelsea refused and said that both she and Connor were better off without Adam. Chelsea closed the door, collapsed to the floor, and sobbed. Adam beat on the door and called out to Chelsea.

At Genoa City Memorial Hospital, Sharon and Dylan discussed their excitement about Sharon's prenatal ultrasound test. When Ben happened by, Sharon congratulated him on his reinstatement as a physician intern. After Sharon walked away, she ran into Sage, who explained that she had a consultation appointment with her obstetrician. Sharon said she did, too. Sage explained that Nick hadn't accompanied her and that she was unsure about the status of their relationship. Sharon offered to intercede, but Sage declined the offer.

Sharon seemed sympathetic when Sage said, "I lied to Nick about this baby. I told Nick that I never slept with Gabe, and I did once. I'm paying for it." Sage said that a paternity test had determined that the baby was Nick's. Sharon offered to remain with Sage for emotional support, but Sage said she'd have to get used to being alone. Sharon seemed upset and concerned about Sage.

In an exam room, a medical worker placed an ultrasound transducer onto Sharon's abdomen. As a round image appeared on the screen, Sharon said, "That's our baby!" Dylan kissed Sharon. Sharon told the medical worker not to reveal the baby's gender. Tears of joy welled in Sharon's eyes when the device amplified the unborn baby's heartbeat. Dylan seemed overjoyed.

Dylan and Sharon went to Crimson Lights. Dylan was ecstatic about showing off the ultrasound image of his unborn baby. Sharon, with tears in her eyes, recalled that Nick had turned his back on Sage and her baby. Sharon said, "If you're going to walk out on me, do me a favor and just go now." Dylan replied, "I'm not going anywhere. I want this baby more than anything. You understand?" Sharon said, "I understand that the reason you're staying is because of the baby." Dylan told Sharon that he wanted a future with her and their baby. Sharon said, "If you won't walk away, I will." Dylan told Sharon that he loved her.

In Marisa's suite at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Noah arrived with a dome-covered platter of hamburger sliders made with Wisconsin beef and cheese. Marisa apologized for not divulging the truth about Marco. Noah replied, "Forget about him. The guy's at the bottom of the lake. He got his punishment." Marisa asked if she, too, deserved punishment. Noah assured Marisa that she wasn't responsible for Courtney's or anyone else's death.

At the Underground, Mariah and Kevin discussed plans to travel to the lake after Noah arrived to relieve Mariah. Kevin had a pair of flipper fins and said other needed items had been packed into his vehicle. Abby showed up and asked what the pair had planned to do at the lake. In unison, Mariah and Kevin uttered different answers, which made Abby suspicious. Kevin admitted that Marco Annicelli might have murdered Austin and Courtney.

After Kevin explained to Abby that Marco was believed to have drowned, Mariah added that she and Kevin hoped to find out if the rumor was true. Abby insisted on reporting the discovery directly to police. Mariah said that Noah didn't want the police involved because he was protecting someone. Kevin explained that the person Noah wanted to protect was his new waitress, Marisa Sierras, who'd been Marco Annicelli's former girlfriend. Mariah added that Kevin had discovered Marisa's true identity and forced the newcomer to admit her past affiliation with the notorious drug lord.

Abby told Mariah and Kevin that too much about Marisa remained unexplained. Kevin agreed. Noah and Marisa arrived. Abby said Marisa couldn't be trusted. Marisa insisted that she'd had nothing to do with Marco before he'd arrived in Genoa City and later forced her into a car. Abby agreed to keep Marisa's association with Marco a secret for the time being. After Abby left, Marisa thanked Kevin and Mariah for keeping her secret. Kevin and Mariah exchanged glances.

Marisa and Noah were tidying up at the Underground when Nick arrived and immediately poured and quickly downed two shots of whiskey. Noah said he thought Nick might have accompanied Sage to her doctor's appointment. Noah asked about Sage. Nick said, "I can't trust her any more than I can the dude she slept with." Nick said Sage had admitted sleeping with Gabe one time.

Nick told Noah that a DNA test had proven that Gabe wasn't the father of Sage's child. Noah asked his dad if he was angry because Sage had cheated. Nick explained that Sage's encounter had occurred after he and she had briefly broken up. Nick said he was troubled because Sage had told him the baby was his before she'd ordered the paternity test. Marisa piped up and told Nick that perhaps Sage had kept the matter secret in order to protect him. Sage entered the bar, and Noah and Marisa stepped out.

Nick asked Sage about her checkup. Sage said Nick would've known firsthand had he shown up at the hospital. She added that because Nick had stayed away, she knew what she should do next. Sage said she'd move out of Nick's place and leave her job. Sage apologized and said she'd wanted very badly to make their relationship last. Nick told Sage that he'd been wrong to blame her for what had transpired after he'd pushed her away. Nick told Sage that he wanted to make a life with her.

Abby met Ben at the Genoa City Athletic Club. Abby, still wearing smart business attire, noted that Victor had resumed control of the company and kept her on as COO. Ben said his work schedule might soon become hectic. Abby happily noted that her life might no longer be threatened. Ben asked if there had been a break in the case. Abby took Ben by the hand and led him upstairs.

Outside Abby's suite, she confessed to Ben that Kevin and Mariah intended to investigate and determine whether or not the person implicated in the murders might be dead. Ben asked Abby if she planned to become involved in another dangerous mission. Abby said she wouldn't, but she reminded Ben that they'd grown closer during the time he'd acted as her personal bodyguard. The couple flirted and quickly located the key card to enter the room. Inside the room, the couple disrobed. Ben said they'd need to stay on guard. Abby said, "Just until we find the killer." The two fell onto the sofa together.

Kevin and Mariah parked near the lake. Kevin, wearing swim trunks, opened the side door of the van they'd driven to the lake and unloaded diving equipment. Later, Kevin and Mariah returned to the Underground to confront Marisa. Noah said, "So much for your promise to stay out of this and forget about Marco." Mariah explained that though they'd located the car in the lake, they'd found no traces of Marco.

Happiness: An Illusion That Doesn't Exist Happiness: An Illusion That Doesn't Exist
Tuesday, July 28, 2015

From the hallway outside the closed door to Chelsea's penthouse, Adam begged Chelsea not to shut him out, since he needed her and Connor, and Connor needed a dad. He swore that everything he'd done had been for them, and his life wasn't worth living without her. On the other side of the door, Chelsea ordered him to leave, or she'd call the police and tell them everything. A defeated Adam stalked off.

Chelsea sadly told Connor that she'd really thought his daddy could change and that things could be different. Anita arrived, and she babbled on about what had happened between Victor and Jack, but she saw Chelsea's expression and asked if something was wrong with Connor. Chelsea confirmed that her son was physically fine, and Anita gushed that Connor lived in a fancy penthouse with people who loved him. Anita crowed that Gabriel was not only hot but also a super dad, and Chelsea recalled that Anita had always been a cheerleader for the men Chelsea had been involved with. Anita insisted that she wanted Chelsea to be happy, but Chelsea groaned that she would never be happy.

Chelsea returned from putting Connor down to sleep, and she remarked that she hated for him to see her upset. Anita asked why Chelsea thought she'd never be happy, and Chelsea called happiness an illusion that didn't exist for her. Anita wondered if something had happened with Chelsea and Gabriel, and she urged Chelsea not to let the press get to her, since Gabriel wasn't the man the media was making him out to be. Chelsea said Anita didn't know the man he was, either, but Anita argued that he'd gone to great lengths to be with Chelsea, and she'd never seen a man more determined or committed. Chelsea replied that Anita didn't know Gabriel at all.

Billy and Phyllis helped Jack home from the hospital, and he thoughtfully looked around the living room and mused that it was good to be home. Jack added that he hadn't been sure he would make it, and Billy warned that Jack might not make it the next time if he kept tempting fate. Jack contended that it hadn't been his idea to have a building fall on him or to take a bullet, but Billy remarked that the totaled Ferrari was all on Jack. Jack looked bewildered for a moment, but he quickly covered by accepting the blame. Jack gazed at the photo of Marco, clad in a bright green golf vest, and he ridiculed the attire. Billy said it was time Jack told them everything that had been going on with him.

Jack conceded that he hadn't been himself for a while, and Billy said he could deal with the Ferraris and the sweater vests as long as Jack stopped calling him "Billy Boy." Jack claimed that he hadn't realized he'd done it, and Billy said he could handle it, but he couldn't handle Jack lying to his family about Gabriel. Jack defended that he'd needed a strong ally to fight Victor, but Billy wondered why Jack hadn't turned to Billy or Kyle instead. Billy thought it had made no sense for Jack to team up with Gabriel to take down Victor only to end up running the company with Victor, and he considered some of Jack's recent decisions to be insane and out of character.

Jack insisted that he wanted to do what was best for his family and the company, so he needed to put the bad blood with Victor behind him, and he emphatically stated that he was back. Jack acknowledged that things had gotten complicated since he'd returned from his honeymoon, and Billy said it had felt like he'd lost Jack. Billy asked how Gabriel fit into Jack's plans, since he had wanted to put a fist through Gabriel's face for sleeping with Chelsea, and Jack knowingly said he understood how Billy felt. Jack vowed to get Jabot back into the Abbott family's hands, but they had to be patient. Phyllis insisted that Jack get some rest, and Billy welcomed Jack home and headed out.

Jack told John's photo that he'd made it, and Phyllis reflected back on the last time Jack had been there and how it had felt to be in his arms again. Jack hoped it had felt like it always had, and she mentioned that things had seemed different since their wedding, but she felt connected to him again. Jack promised he was home to stay, and she recalled that before the shooting, he had been about to tell her something that might help make sense of the past few months. Jack replied that he didn't want to talk about it, since he wanted to go upstairs and be with her. They kissed, and they headed to the bedroom, where they tenderly made love.

Billy ran into "Gabriel" in the park, and he coolly asked if Gabriel had lost something, like his family and his job. Adam pointed out that Billy had gotten what he'd wanted, but Billy thought there was something Gabriel was still hiding, and he vowed to find out what it was. Billy accused Gabriel of lying about what had happened in the park and hiding the gun, and Adam swore that he'd been trying to help Jack. Billy spat that Gabriel had only wanted control over Newman-Abbott, and a few years behind bars for obstruction of justice wasn't enough. Billy threatened to uncover every dirty secret Gabriel had, and Adam warned Billy to leave it alone, or it would be "just as much hell" for Billy as it would be for him.

Billy asked what Gabriel meant, but Adam contended that he'd soon be out of Billy's life, so it should be enough that he wouldn't be able to hurt Billy or anyone Billy cared about again. Adam started to leave, but Billy physically stopped him and asked what Gabriel had done to hurt someone. Adam ordered him to drop it, but Billy refused to let Gabriel walk away without paying. Adam asserted that it wouldn't make Billy feel any better, and he urged Billy to be with his children and to tell Victoria that he loved her. Adam demanded that Billy stop trying to make him suffer, since he was suffering plenty.

At the police station, Paul told Christine that he'd been going over the evidence all night, and something wasn't right. She pointed out that Jack's statement had corroborated Victor's story, and a frustrated Paul realized that she intended to drop the charges. Christine replied that she had no choice, but Paul thought it had all been too convenient, and his gut told him that Victor and Jack hadn't told the whole story. Christine noted that there was still one person she could make a case against.

At Newman-Abbott, Victoria impatiently asked if Victor was sure Abby was aware he'd wanted to meet, and Abby burst in. Victoria indignantly hoped they hadn't pulled Abby away from anything important, and Abby replied that work was a priority. Victor said he wanted to discuss the future of the company, and he announced that he and Jack would be running the company together. Victoria suspected that he wanted them to make nice with the Abbotts, but Victor clarified that he also wanted peace amongst themselves.

Abby declared that she had no problem working with Victoria, but Victoria grumbled that she worked for Abby. Victoria griped that she'd had to earn her title when she'd started working there, and the COO position wasn't a place for on-the-job training. Abby bragged that she'd only had success, and Victoria chalked it up to beginner's luck. Victor stressed that Gabriel was gone, and there was no reason why Victor and Jack couldn't work together for the benefit of both families and the company. Paul arrived and announced that he was there on official police business.

Paul proclaimed that Victor was a free man, since Christine had decided not to take the case to trial. Victoria wondered if the Abbott and Newman families really could peacefully coexist, and Victor asked if there was enough evidence to arrest Gabriel. Paul snapped that he knew how to do his job, but Victor argued that Gabriel had lied, while Victor and Jack had both told the truth. Paul found it amazing how Victor and Jack's stories had "seamlessly dovetailed" together.

After Paul left, Abby found it weird how everything had worked out, and Victoria commented that Paul thought things had lined up too neatly, so perhaps he wasn't done investigating. Victor huffed that it would be a waste of taxpayers' money if Paul kept digging, and Victoria asked if there would be no more secrets or lies. Victor agreed that there wouldn't be, and Victoria suggested that Victor start by telling the truth about what had really happened in the park. Victor said he was glad Jack had survived, and the man who deserved to be punished would be.

Victoria agreed that Gabriel was a jerk, but she pointed out that he hadn't acted alone, since Victor had given Gabriel the co-COO title. Victor remarked that he kept his friends close and his enemies closer, but Victoria countered that Gabriel had been close enough to frame Victor for attempted murder. Abby questioned why Jack hadn't backed up Gabriel's story if Jack and Victor had wanted to kill one another, and Victor claimed that Jack was a different person after the shooting. Victoria inquired whether Victor was also different, and Victor stated that he'd become a changed person after his problems with Nikki and all the other events that had occurred recently.

Victoria wondered how the shooting had renewed Jack and Victor's alliance, and Victor claimed that the tragedy had made the men realize that it was best for both families if they got along. Abby recalled that Victor had said the same thing after the Underground collapse, but Victor maintained that he and Jack had made peace. Abby wondered how long it would take for Jack to admit he'd only pretended to call a truce, but Victor said Jack needed him. Victoria suspected that Victor needed Jack even more.

Paul stopped by Chelsea's penthouse with a warrant for Gabriel's arrest, and he observed that Chelsea didn't seem surprised. He inquired whether she'd known Gabriel had planned on running, since Gabriel's personal belongings were missing from his residence. Paul warned that Chelsea could be in just as much trouble if she was covering for Gabriel, and he encouraged her to think about her son. Chelsea was adamant that she didn't know where Gabriel was, and Paul exited. Anita scolded Chelsea for losing her touch, since Paul had known Chelsea had lied. Chelsea asked Anita to watch Connor, and she hurried out.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack softly called to Phyllis, but she was asleep. He got out of bed and crept downstairs, and there was a sudden rap at the door. Chelsea burst in and demanded to know where Adam was, and Jack cautioned that Phyllis was sleeping upstairs. Chelsea imagined that Jack didn't want Phyllis to find out he'd been lying about Gabriel's real identity, and Jack pointed out that Billy stood to be arrested for shooting Adam if the truth surfaced. Chelsea revealed that the police had a warrant for Gabriel's arrest, and the charade would be over once he was fingerprinted.

Jack assured Chelsea that he could get the charges dropped, but she informed him that Adam had run, so he was a wanted man. Jack insisted that he hadn't seen Adam, and Chelsea wasn't sure why she'd even stopped by. Jack suggested that maybe it was better that Adam was gone, since they'd risked a lot to keep his secret, and they both knew Adam belonged in prison for killing Delia. Meanwhile, Adam eavesdropped as he lurked inside the house.

Chelsea recognized that Adam had been responsible for Delia's tragic accident, but he'd had no malicious intent, and he hadn't even known he'd hit the girl. Jack argued that Adam should have stepped forward when he'd realized it, and Chelsea believed that things would have turned out a lot differently if Adam had gone to the police. Jack countered that they wouldn't have been different for Delia, and Chelsea reasoned that Adam had been afraid that no one would believe him, since he'd always thought of himself as a black sheep who wasn't good enough. She thought a big part of Adam would always want his father's approval, and she'd convinced herself that he'd gotten past it, but she'd been fooling herself.

Chelsea believed that Adam was still a broken, damaged boy who would do anything for his dad's approval, and she couldn't be with that kind of man. Jack pointed out that she'd just answered her own question, and he thought she was there because she'd had to make sure Adam was gone. Chelsea opined that it was best if Adam remained dead in everyone's minds, including her son's. They heard the creak of a floorboard, and Jack investigated the spot where Adam had been standing, but no one was there.

Phyllis awakened and flashed back to having passionate sex on her wedding night, and she thought about how her husband had been insatiable when they'd returned from their honeymoon. She turned over in bed and wondered what had changed. Jack crawled back into bed with Phyllis, and he asked if she was awake. She didn't respond, but after he turned away, she opened her eyes.

Adam showed up at Chelsea's penthouse, and Anita explained that Chelsea had taken off after Paul had been there, looking for Gabriel. Adam complained that it hadn't taken long for Victor to set him up perfectly, and Anita encouraged him to explain to Chelsea that he wasn't guilty. Adam said he couldn't stay, but he was there because he'd wanted to say goodbye to Chelsea and Connor. Anita sympathetically wished he didn't have to do it, and she went upstairs to get Connor. A short time later, Adam drove away with Connor strapped in a car seat. "Just you and me now, little man. Just you and me," Adam murmured.

Chelsea returned home, and she found Anita passed out on the couch. Anita didn't wake up when Chelsea called to her, and Chelsea spotted a coffee cup on the floor. Chelsea sniffed the cup and yelled for Anita to wake up, and Anita stirred and guessed that she'd drifted off when Gabriel had been visiting Connor. Chelsea raced up the stairs as she bellowed Gabriel's name, but she quickly returned and instructed Anita to call 9-1-1. Chelsea hurried toward the door, but she found Adam with Connor in his arms.

Chelsea thanked God and took Connor from Adam, and Adam apologized for worrying her. Anita took the boy upstairs, and Chelsea incredulously asked if Adam had tried to steal her son. He pointed out that Connor was their son, but he'd returned when he'd realized it had been a mistake. Chelsea demanded to know how he could even consider taking Connor from her, but he questioned how it would have been any different from her threatening to shut him out of his son's life. Adam confessed that he'd heard her talking to Jack about how it was better if Adam stayed dead, with Connor never knowing who he was.

Adam admitted that it had been wrong to take Connor, and he invited Chelsea to call the police, but she said that, for Connor's sake, she wouldn't do that. Chelsea ordered Adam to get out, and he pleaded for the chance to make it up to her, but she firmly stated, "I am so done." She added that she was sick of waiting for Adam to change when he never would, and she wanted him out of her life. She yelled that she couldn't set herself up to be disappointed by him again, and she told him to just go. Adam walked to the door, looked back forlornly at Chelsea, and left.

In his office, Paul groused that the case was becoming more frustrating by the minute, and something slipped through the cracks every time he backed down. Christine implored him to calm down, but Paul informed her that Gabriel had left town, and Chelsea was covering for him. Paul thought it didn't make sense, since Gabriel could have gotten a suspended sentence, and Billy entered and speculated that Gabriel had done more than obstruct justice. Billy insisted that Gabriel had run because he was hiding something, and Paul said he had an APB out to haul Gabriel in as quickly as possible. Billy urged Paul to do it soon, or someone would get hurt.

Paul ranted that he was tired of people telling him how to do his job, and he had things under control. Billy griped that Gabriel should be behind bars, and Paul ordered Billy out of his office. Billy accused Paul of throwing innocent guys in jail while letting the dirt bags run free, and he threatened to find Gabriel himself. Paul vehemently protested as he lunged to stop Billy, but he suddenly grabbed his arm and grimaced in pain. Paul collapsed to the floor, and Christine yelled for Billy to get help.

Hair of the Dog Hair of the Dog
Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Adam arrived at the police station and informed Detective Harding that he was there to see Paul. Harding taunted "Gabriel" for being unable to commit to fleeing the jurisdiction, and he mentioned that Paul was away on a medical situation. Harding began to read Gabriel his rights, embellishing that people would cheer when anything Gabriel said would be used against him and that Gabriel was entitled to an attorney if he found one who didn't want to kick him in the head. Adam asked if they could just get it over with.

Harding imagined how humiliating it had been for Gabriel when Jack had woken up and called Gabriel a liar. Adam coldly guessed that Harding didn't have a lot of friends, but Harding countered that he had more than Gabriel did. Harding looked forward to scanning Gabriel's fingerprints, and he said searching for hits in the police database was like Christmas for cops. Harding noted that Gabriel seemed tense when they started the fingerprinting process, but a call interrupted them, and Harding seemed shocked and disappointed by what the caller said.

At the Abbott mansion, Billy told Jack that the biggest problem at work was the fallout over Gabriel's resignation, and the business press was having a field day between the shootings and the executive turnover. Billy questioned when Jack would return to work, but Jack hesitated to commit to a specific date. Billy warned that Victor would become more bloated the longer Jack stayed away, and he urged Jack to stick a pin in the guy. Jack replied that work wasn't a priority, and Phyllis overheard and wanted to know what had changed.

Jack asked if Phyllis was trying to get rid of him, but she worried that he wasn't feeling well. He replied that he was just fine, but he stood by his decision to take time off. Billy departed, and Jack asked if a distracted Phyllis was all right. She admitted that she hadn't slept very well, but she was thrilled he was home, since things didn't feel right when he wasn't with her. Jack felt the same way, and he suggested that they go for a walk or see a movie that day. Phyllis thought it sounded very "first date," but she supposed that was fitting, since it suddenly felt like they were strangers.

Jack commented that there was always something more to learn about one another, but Phyllis thought they also knew when something was off. Adam arrived, and a clearly irritated Phyllis went upstairs. Adam informed Jack that he'd almost been fingerprinted at the police station, but he was a free man after the police had received a call. Adam confronted Jack about telling Chelsea that it was better if Adam took off or ended up in jail, and Jack incredulously realized that Adam had been in his house. Jack hissed that Adam had stood by and benefited from a monster taking over Jack's life, but Adam countered that he had nothing thanks to Jack, so he also had nothing to lose.

Adam admitted that he had almost confessed the whole story, but Jack ordered Adam to stop pretending that he was ready to blow the whole thing open when he still had a shot with Chelsea and Connor. Adam revealed that he'd panicked and tried to take Connor, and Jack chided him for doing something stupid and unforgivable. Adam contended that it had been unforgivable for Jack to side with Victor and throw Adam under the bus, but Jack asserted that the only important thing to him was making sure that Phyllis never knew what had really happened to her. Adam wondered if Jack had meant his vow to take down Victor once and for all. "After what he did to my wife, what do you think?" Jack asked.

Later, Phyllis told Jack not to explain why Gabriel had been there, since she expected it would only leave her with more questions. Jack said he didn't want her to feel shut out, and she replied that she wanted to concentrate on him being home. He remarked that home was wherever she was, and he hadn't been able to wait to get back to her when he'd been trapped inside his brain. He asked her to go away with him on their honeymoon.

Phyllis pointed out that they'd had a honeymoon, but Jack thought they needed a fresh start, and he wanted to do it right. He explained that he'd spent a lot of time worrying that he'd lose her, and he'd heard her say in the hospital that she didn't want to lose him. Jack proclaimed that Istanbul was waiting, and he suggested that they get the same room and maybe even get rained in again. Phyllis asked if he really thought they could get that lucky, and he replied that they were as lucky as they could be to still be together after everything they'd been through. They embraced, but Phyllis looked unsure.

At the hospital, Stitch reported that Paul's vitals were better, but Christine questioned whether they could just ignore that Paul had suffered a minor heart attack. Stitch said the attack could have been caused by stress, and Christine insisted that Paul take a leave of absence. Paul protested that he couldn't leave his job, and Dylan walked in. Paul requested that Dylan back him up by telling Christine that she had nothing to worry about. Dylan reasoned that a heart attack was a good excuse to sit on the sofa and watch television, but Paul argued that it was his life and his call.

Stitch stepped out of the room, and he saw a patient react abrasively when a nurse touched him. The nurse started to call security, but Stitch said he'd handle it. Stitch asked where the man had served, and the patient named a province in Afghanistan. Stitch said he'd never made it that far south, but he'd heard rough stories about the area. Stitch asked for the man's name, but the patient snapped that he didn't like doctors, since they'd just shuffled him around and forgotten he'd existed. "Not this one," Stitch assured him, and he said he had the man's back. The man introduced himself as James, and Stitch took him to an exam room.

Dylan and Christine pressed Paul to take some time away from work, and Paul agreed to rest, but he said they were aggravating his condition. Dylan and Christine stepped out, and she thanked Dylan for backing her up, even if Paul had refused to listen. Dylan acknowledged that Christine hadn't been thrilled with the news that he was Paul and Nikki's son, but he was grateful to be part of both families. Christine admitted that she'd resented the connection because she'd been focused on having her own family, but she'd realized she had something real in front of her.

Christine left to get some coffee, and Stitch ran into Dylan and asked if Paul was resting. Dylan joked that he was glad he hadn't inherited Paul's stubborn gene, and Stitch stressed that Paul had to look after himself. Dylan remarked that it was good that Paul had Christine, and Stitch mentioned that he'd just been with a veteran who had been alone and freaked out. Dylan guessed that the encounter had taken Stitch back, and Stitch replied that he'd had to remind himself that he was there, doing what he was meant to do. Dylan pointed out that Stitch also had Abby, and being happy wasn't the worst thing to happen.

Harding informed Paul of the call he'd received from the judge's office, instructing him to let Gabriel go without pressing any charges. Paul asked Harding to use his contacts to obtain a call log from the judge's office, and the men covered by talking about baseball when Dylan walked in, but Dylan knew they'd been discussing work. In the corridor, Dylan told Harding that Paul had to forget about being a cop while recovering from a heart attack, and a shocked Harding relayed that Paul had told him it had been nothing major. Dylan voiced his concern that Paul had convinced himself that his health problems would go away, but he worried that they would only get worse.

Dylan reentered Paul's room, and Paul insisted that he had a job to do. Dylan acknowledged that it wasn't just a job, but it was part of who Paul was, and all they could do was watch Paul live his life on his own terms. Paul swore that the stress wouldn't kill him, and he would be there for everyone who wanted him around. Dylan softly said he'd lost one father, and he didn't want to do it again anytime soon. Dylan reminded Paul that he had a grandchild on the way, and Dylan didn't want his child to only know Paul through stories and photos.

At the Athletic Club, Victor marveled to Nikki that his children had returned to the company, and Nikki conceded that his kids always rallied when there was a threat, but things would be different once it was gone. Victor imagined that she was referring to Gabriel leaving Newman-Abbott, but he was grateful that Gabriel had promoted Abby and inspired Victoria and Nick to fight for the company. Victor hoped that Nick had remembered what it meant to be a Newman, and Nikki questioned whether it meant being rich and successful. Victor contended that Newmans never gave up, and they never lost in the end.

At Newman-Abbott, Abby said she appreciated Victoria's suggestions, but she thought the ideas were from a 1998 perspective. Victoria suggested that Abby tell Victor that they shouldn't do things like they had in olden times, and Billy walked in and wondered what had happened to the affection between the sisters. Billy informed them that Jack was recuperating with Phyllis, and Victoria and Abby bickered over Jack's decision to spend time with his wife. Abby snapped that she understood the concept of love, but Billy said there were different kinds of love, and when there was a deep connection, nothing else mattered. He gazed at Victoria.

Adam walked in and reported that all the charges had been dropped, but Billy growled that Gabriel had no business being outside a jail cell or in the office. Billy ordered Gabriel to get out, but Victor appeared in the doorway and declared that Gabriel wasn't going anywhere. Victor asserted that Jack was all right with Gabriel remaining at the company, so everyone else should be, too. Billy accused Victor of pouring gasoline on the fire to torch the company, and Victor invited Billy to resign.

Victoria said she and Billy had to tend to something, and they walked out. Abby assured Victor that she and Gabriel worked well together, and she asked what was first on the agenda. Victor requested that she sit in on a meeting about acquisitions, and he mentioned that he'd left the research materials on her desk. She departed, and Adam closed the door and guessed that Victor wanted to keep an eye on him. Victor noted that Gabriel seemed determined to make Victor regret his generosity.

Victor reminded Gabriel that he was only there because Jack had pulled some strings, and Adam noted that Jack had also been looking out for Victor, or Jack would have told the police he'd been unarmed. Victor wondered why Gabriel had admitted to hiding the gun, and Adam vaguely stated that he'd said things that had been useful in the moment. Victor questioned whether Jack had something on Gabriel, and Adam said Victor had driven the idea that knowledge was power into his offspring. Victor replied that they were talking about Gabriel, not Victor's children.

Adam declared that he wasn't a Newman clone, but he knew Victor adored his children and would do anything for Nick, Abby, and Victoria. Victor accused Gabriel of avoiding the question about why he'd changed his story, but Adam simply asked how it felt for Victor to be back in his chair. Victor said Gabriel had everything, and he advised Gabriel to stop sniveling and be grateful. Adam disdainfully replied that he didn't have a "damn thing" he wanted, and he stalked out.

Stitch found Abby on the Athletic Club rooftop with a stack of paperwork, and she remarked that her job was exciting with lots of drama. She guessed that Stitch had just gotten off a shift, and she asked if everything was okay. He told her about assisting the veteran, and he said he'd been able to see everything that had happened to the vet when he'd looked into the man's eyes. Stitch recalled how it had felt to be stateside when Dylan and everyone else had been ambushed, and Abby reminded him that he'd had no way of knowing it would happen.

Stitch lamented that the men had been his brothers, even if the only thing they'd had in common had been being in the same unit, since that had meant everything. Abby flippantly compared it to her and Gabriel sticking together after everything he'd done to her family, and Stitch stared at her speechlessly for a moment before he said he had he get back to the hospital. She continued rambling as she packed her briefcase, but when she looked up, Stitch had already walked away.

In the park, Billy and Victoria considered why Victor had kept Gabriel on, and Billy snarled that Gabriel should be in jail and out of a job, not the other way around. Victoria wondered if Billy's extreme hatred for Gabriel had anything to do with Chelsea, and Billy said his feelings toward Gabriel burned like acid in his gut. Billy added that he wanted to "beat the hell" out of Gabriel, and he wondered when Gabriel would finally pay.

On the Athletic Club rooftop, Colin presented Cane with a Bloody Mary as the hair of the dog that had bitten him, but Cane groaned that it felt more like it had been a saber-toothed tiger. Colin was glad he'd been able to serve as Cane's wingman the night before, since Jill was in Hong Kong to open a new Chancellor office, and he noted that Cane had repeatedly mentioned custody. Cane snapped that Lily didn't deserve to have custody after she'd broken up their family, but there was a sudden clang of dishes in the background, and Cane grabbed his head.

In the dining room, Lily told Devon and Hilary that their wedding planner had been fine with Lily butting in, and Hilary gushed that she loved Lily's ideas. Lily recognized that they were humoring her to help her keep her mind off her marriage, but she wanted to focus on the couple's big day. Neil eavesdropped as Lily said it was the beginning of Devon and Hilary's new life together, and she was determined to make sure everything was perfect.

Lily envisioned Hilary and Devon's wedding as something that would be uniquely theirs, and she inquired whether there was a song or a location that was special to them. Hilary used her phone to send Lily some files, and Devon asked what he could do. Lily told him just to love his bride, since no one else mattered but Devon and Hilary on their wedding day. Meanwhile, Neil pictured Devon and Hilary turning to say their vows to one another, but they both had duct tape covering their mouths.

Lily reported that the wedding planner had limited venues, and Devon mentioned that he was open to the park because of Katherine, but Hilary pointed out that it had been where she and Neil had gotten married. Nikki found Neil listening to the conversation, and she dragged him away. Lily suggested Devon and Hilary have the ceremony at the club, and Hilary noted that it felt like home. Devon recognized that he couldn't ask Neil to be there, but Lily encouraged the men to talk about it. Cane stumbled in and scoffed at the idea of Lily giving wedding advice, and he asked if she'd recommended that they leave the part about fidelity out of the vows.

Colin tried to lead Cane away, but Cane wondered if Lily would rewrite the vows to promise to be faithful until they found an excuse to cheat. Lily barked that Cane had no right to ruin Devon and Hilary's wedding plans, but Cane accused Lily of punishing him and pushing him away for lying about the couple's affair. Cane reminded Lily that Hilary had drugged him and taken photos to make it look as if they'd slept together, but Lily hadn't held a grudge for that. Devon warned Cane to back off and leave Lily alone, and Cane referred to them as the "three adulterers."

Cane asked if it hadn't been enough for Devon to marry his father's wife, so Devon had gotten Neil's daughter to plan the wedding. Lily demanded that Cane stop attacking everyone in her life, and Cane ridiculed her for being so sympathetic to Hilary and Devon's affair that she'd had to break her own vows. Lily reminded Cane that there was a long list of things she'd forgiven him for, but he speculated that she'd never forgiven him, and she'd just been waiting for payback by cheating on him with his friend. Lily spat that the man she'd married would be disgusted with himself.

In the park, Neil asked if Nikki had been afraid he'd make a scene because his son was planning a wedding to Neil's wife, and Nikki clarified that Hilary was Neil's ex-wife. She thought Neil hadn't been doing himself any favors by eavesdropping on Devon and Hilary's happiness, and Neil grumbled that they were happy at his expense. Nikki conceded that he'd gotten a raw deal, but he couldn't do anything about it. He admitted that seeing Devon and Hilary happily making plans made him want revenge, and the thoughts of crushing their dreams and leaving them in darkness were his drink of choice.

Neil and Nikki returned to the club, and she warned that his ugly thoughts were poisoning him. Neil said he couldn't shut them out, since not long before, he'd fallen in love with Hilary and offered her a family and a future. He added that it was a slap in the face that Hilary and Devon were pledging to love one another forever.

At the bar, Colin told Cane that he'd made his point, but Lily confronted Cane and spat that he didn't get to ruin everyone else's lives because he'd turned bitter and nasty. Cane argued that just months earlier, Lily had hated Hilary enough to push her in the pool, but Lily countered that she and Hilary had both apologized enough, and it wasn't their fault if people couldn't get over themselves. Meanwhile, Neil glared at Devon and Hilary as he walked by.

Living Well is the Best Revenge Living Well is the Best Revenge
Thursday, July 30, 2015

At the Athletic Club, Nikki told Neil that she was glad he'd told her how he felt about Hilary and Devon's relationship, but she was concerned about his fantasies of finding ways to punish them. Neil explained that it had hit him hard when he'd overheard the couple discussing the possibility of having their wedding in the park -- the same place where Hilary had professed her undying love to Neil. Neil confided that it had made him want to take away all the happiness Hilary and Devon could ever have in their lives.

Nikki wanted to be sure that Neil wouldn't act on his fantasies, and Neil claimed that his thoughts were just his way of processing what had happened. Nikki thought it wasn't healthy, and she encouraged him to find a more positive way to deal with it instead of dwelling on revenge. He agreed to work on it, and Nikki pointed out that there was nothing Neil could do to keep Devon and Hilary from becoming husband and wife.

Nikki advised Neil against looking in the wrong places for answers, but he insisted that wasn't what he was doing. She cautioned him against handling things on his own or seeking help from a bottle, and he assured her he hadn't been drinking. She urged him to talk to a sponsor or a therapist, but he vowed not to let Devon and Hilary's wedding plans get to him anymore. Nikki thought it wouldn't happen magically, and Neil needed help, but he pointed out that he was talking to her.

Michael was surprised to run into Lauren at the police station, and she explained that she'd just been visiting Paul at the hospital. She reported that Paul was doing well, but Christine hadn't wanted to leave his side, so Lauren was at the station to drop something off on Christine's behalf. Lauren commented that a good wife stuck by her husband no matter how hard he tried to push her away, and Michael conceded that a good husband should appreciate the support and not push his wife away. Michael reached out to Lauren, but she claimed she had an appointment and rushed off.

Detective Harding thought Michael should look happier, since the charges against Victor had been dropped. Michael remarked that the case was closed, but nothing had been settled, since whatever had caused Victor and Jack's showdown in the park hadn't just gone away.

In Devon's hotel suite, Hilary fretted to Devon that there were a million things to do with less than a week until their wedding. Devon replied that they just needed to show up and say "I do," but Hilary rattled off a list of details that they needed to handle, and Devon pointed out that he'd never been married before. He quickly apologized, but she recognized that they couldn't act like her wedding to Neil had never happened. Devon promised that his marriage to Hilary would last, and she proclaimed that she was 100 percent sure she was marrying the man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with. They kissed.

Devon wanted to celebrate that they were finally making wedding plans, and he seductively kissed Hilary's neck, but she said it would have to wait. She answered a knock at the door, and Lauren wheeled in a rack of wedding dresses in garment bags. Lauren reminded Devon that it was considered bad luck for the groom to see the bride in her dress before the wedding, and Hilary led Devon to the door and promised to send him a text message when she was done. After Devon left, Lauren said she was very happy for the couple, and a beaming Hilary replied that she was happy for them, too.

Hilary apologized for putting Lauren through the trouble, but none of the dresses seemed just right. Lauren asked what was missing, but Hilary wasn't sure what she was looking for. Lauren counseled that Hilary would know when she saw it, and there was no harm in wanting everything to be perfect when she married the love of her life. Lauren flashed back to reciting her vows to Michael on their wedding day, and she fought back tears and enthusiastically presented Hilary with a simple frock. "I can't do this," Hilary blurted out as a look of horror crossed her face.

Hilary explained that the dress looked identical to the one she'd worn at her wedding to Neil, and she felt cursed, knowing she'd hurt Neil badly. Lauren said everyone deserved to be happy, but sometimes they hurt other people along the way. Hilary guessed she was talking about Michael, and Lauren said her affair had devastated Michael. Lauren declared that she didn't believe in curses, since marriages fell apart for lots of reasons, but hers had survived infidelity. Hilary assumed that Michael had fallen out of love, but Lauren replied that he'd loved her too much, and it had taken her a long time to accept and understand that.

Hilary suggested they talk about Cane and Lily, who had seemed like the perfect couple, and she wondered if Lauren thought the Ashbys would get back together. Lauren said it remained to be seen, but all that counted was whether they wanted to be together and do the work to make it happen. Lauren advised Hilary to concentrate on the present rather than worry about the past haunting her, and Hilary thanked her for the pep talk. Hilary hoped for a problem-free wedding and a strong, long marriage.

Later, there was a knock at Hilary's door, and Hilary called out to Lauren that it was open. Hilary babbled about finding the perfect dress, but she turned and faced Neil. Hilary stammered that Devon had planned to talk to Neil about their wedding, and Neil replied that he'd heard about it, so he wanted to have a talk to put her mind at ease. Neil assured her that he wouldn't do anything to ruin their wedding, since he was letting go and freeing her of any emotional ties to him. She suggested that it would mean a lot to Devon for his father to be there, but Neil pointed out that his presence at the wedding would be awkward for all of them, and that was the last thing he wanted.

On the Athletic Club rooftop, Cane ordered a scotch at the bar, and Lily griped that for someone who wanted custody, he wasn't setting a good example. He retorted that perhaps Joe would be a better role model, and she pointed out that Cane was in no condition to handle an emergency with his kids. Cane argued that he was drinking because she had broken her vows, and Lily countered that his own lack of judgment had put their family at risk. Joe intervened and suggested that Cane sleep it off, and Cane tried to pick a fight, but Lily told Cane to stop it. Cane chided her for defending the guy who supposedly meant nothing to her.

Colin suggested that he and Cane grab a drink elsewhere, and Lily wondered if that was a good idea, since Cane was still hung over from the night before. Devon arrived, and Colin advised him to reconsider bachelorhood before he stuck his head in a noose. Colin declared that Devon needed a bachelor party that night, but Devon doubted Cane was up for it. Cane apologized for going off on Devon for Lily's behavior, and Devon noted that Hilary had banished him anyway. Colin led Devon out, and Cane followed.

Joe asked if Lily was all right, and she replied that she was fine, but Cane had been a jealous idiot. Joe said Cane had been off base, and Lily complained that she was tired of telling her husband that sleeping with Joe had been a mistake. Joe agreed that it had meant nothing, and he contended that it still would mean nothing if she had dinner with him. "Why not?" she responded.

At the Underground, Noah searched the Internet for any reports of Marco turning up. Kevin pointed out that there hadn't been any sign of Marco in the crashed car in the lake, and Noah reported that no bodies had been found. Kevin hoped they figured out what had happened to Marco before one of them became a corpse, and Mariah admonished Marisa for possibly leading a killer straight to their doorstep. Kevin asked if Marisa had seen Marco's body in the car, and she explained that she'd been trying to save her own life, but she had stayed by the lake and would have seen him emerge from the water if he'd been alive.

Mariah countered that she and Kevin would have seen Marco in the water if Marco had stayed in the lake, and she wanted to go to the cops. Noah imagined that Marco had taken off, but Mariah worried that Marco would return to kill them, just like he'd murdered their friends. Noah refused to let Mariah sell Marisa out, and Kevin suggested that he and Mariah go for a walk to think. On their way out, Mariah groused to Kevin that a walk was the last thing she needed, but he informed her that they were taking a walk to the police station.

Marisa thought that Mariah might be right, and Marco would return, but Noah thought a wanted man would use the opportunity to allow everyone to think he was dead. Marisa thought that Noah was too good and kind to think like Marco, but Noah pointed out that Marisa was also good and kind. She called herself stupid for not leaving town, and Noah inquired whether she'd been lying when she'd told him things had been over between her and Marco. Marisa admitted that it hadn't been an accident that the car had ended up in the lake, since she had grabbed the wheel and forced the vehicle off the road.

Marisa explained that she'd been sure Marco had planned to kill her because she knew too many of his secrets. Noah stressed that running wasn't the answer, and he wondered where else she would go. He encouraged her to let him help her by protecting her until they made sure Marco was either dead or in jail. Noah assured her that his family had resources, and after the life she'd led, she deserved to have friends and a home if that was what she wanted. Marisa said she didn't know whether to stay or go, but Noah had made her feel welcome. They hugged.

At the police station, Kevin told Michael that he had some work to finish before the next day, and Mariah said she was keeping Kevin company. After Michael departed, Harding said he didn't buy that Kevin was there to work, and Mariah said they needed to speak to Paul. Harding divulged that Paul was in the hospital after suffering a minor heart attack, and he was in charge while Paul recovered. Mariah spilled that they knew who had killed Austin and Courtney, and Harding huffed that the case was closed. Kevin insisted that the police look into it, but Harding griped that the "Scooby gang" had sent them on the wrong trail more than once.

Kevin mimicked Harding saying that they had to leave the investigating up to the police, and he contended that was what they were doing, since the killer might be ready to claim another victim. After Kevin and Mariah told their story about Marco being in town at the time of the murders, Harding thought their theory was far-fetched, but Kevin argued that the DNA match had been no coincidence. Harding wondered what Marco's motive had been, and Kevin reasoned that Marco had traveled under the radar for years, but perhaps Austin and Courtney had figured out his identity. Harding wanted to talk to Marisa.

Harding walked into the Underground with Kevin and Mariah, and Noah introduced the detective to Marisa. Harding said he'd heard about Marisa's connection to Marco, but Noah intervened and said they believed Marco had died in the water, so that was the end of the story. Marisa said she could speak for herself, and Harding replied that he had a lot of questions for her. Noah blasted Kevin and Mariah for going to the cops, but Kevin argued that he'd been smart to involve the police in something they couldn't handle by themselves.

Later, Harding reported that Marisa had been very cooperative, and he said they'd start a police search for Marco. Marisa told Noah not to be mad at his friends, since she was relieved the police were involved. Kevin privately thanked Harding, who confided that he didn't trust Marisa, but he hadn't wanted her to be on guard. Harding asked Kevin to keep an eye on things and let him know if anything seemed off. Kevin fibbed to Mariah that he and Harding had been discussing that they were glad to be on the same page.

Michael rushed to a hotel room in response to Colin's request for a lawyer, but he was shocked to find a bachelor party in progress. Colin left to arrange a few things, and Michael asked if Cane was still considering a divorce. Cane questioned whether he had any other option, and Michael regretted his part in Cane and Lily's problems. Cane wondered if Michael had really been able to forgive Lauren for having an affair, and Michael explained that marriage was an ongoing process, but they'd cared enough about themselves, their child, and their marriage to try to make it work. Michael suggested that Cane find a way to forgive Lily for a one-time indiscretion.

Colin returned with several scantily clad women and announced that the party could begin, but Devon protested that he was engaged, and Michael said he was disinclined. Cane declared that it wasn't what he wanted, but Colin countered that he was giving Cane what he needed. Cane and Michael both made quick exits, and Devon surmised that the party was over. One of the women objected to letting the Champagne go to waste, and Colin proposed a toast to Devon. While another woman flirted with Devon, Colin drugged Devon's drink.

As a drugged Devon danced with the woman, he became light-headed, and he plopped down on the couch. He asked if anyone else was hot, and two of the women helped him unbutton his shirt. A third woman asked what she could do for Colin, and he asked her to join him for a drink. Colin toasted to living well being the best revenge, and he downed Champagne as the other women pawed Devon's chest. Devon groggily said he had to go to bed, and Colin smiled wickedly as he videotaped Devon stumbling into the bedroom with one of the women.

Over dinner, Joe bet that Lily had been a "Miss Goody Two Shoes" growing up, and she replied that she'd once gotten into trouble in Italy for painting graffiti. He called her an international wild child, and he remarked that he had a lot to learn about her. They simultaneously reached for the wine bottle, and their hands touched. She looked uncomfortable and wondered whether spending time with him had been a mistake, but he countered that it had been just what she'd needed.

Joe asserted that there was nothing wrong with a nice dinner and some laughs, and Lily admitted that she could use a friend. He said he understood what the night they'd shared had been and what it hadn't been, and she wished Cane could understand. Joe said he didn't like the way Cane had been treating her, and Lily pointed out that Joe had gotten past what Avery had done to him. Joe reasoned that he'd known he'd had no future with Avery, and Lily recounted that Cane had repeatedly said they no longer had a future, either. She added that Cane wanted custody of the kids, and Joe inquired whether she still hoped for a future with Cane, despite everything that had happened.

Michael and Cane entered the club, and Michael urged Cane not to throw away the most important relationship in his life. Michael added that love was worth "moving heaven and hell" to keep, and Cane marched up the stairs. Lauren passed by Michael with a wedding veil on her head, and she explained that she was helping Hilary with wedding dresses. Michael mused that seeing Lauren like that reminded him of one of the best days of his life, and she asked if he remembered when he'd said he hadn't thought she could ever forgive him. She added that she was ready to try, and he smiled as she walked away.

Lauren told Hilary that she'd found a gown she thought Hilary would love, and Hilary excitedly mentioned that Neil had been there to tell her that he'd steer clear of the wedding. Hilary agreed that there were no such things as curses, and she could finally breathe easier and believe she could have the wedding of her dreams.

On the rooftop, Lily said there had been moments when she'd thought that she and Cane could work things out, but then he'd done or said something that had made it seem impossible. Joe didn't think she should hold out for Cane's forgiveness, and he called her a strong, beautiful woman who should move on. Joe leaned in to kiss her just as Cane arrived on the rooftop, but Cane quickly ducked away. Lily pulled away and said Joe shouldn't have done that.

Nikki ran into Neil in the foyer, and he informed her that he'd gone to see Hilary to tell her he was ready for closure. Nikki was glad to hear that he was moving on, and they hugged. Nikki stepped away, and Neil received a text message with the video of Devon entering a bedroom with another woman.

Doing the Walk of Shame Doing the Walk of Shame
Friday, July 31, 2015

At Newman-Abbott, Victor was happy to find Nick waiting for him, but Nick said he wouldn't be there long, since he was leaving the company because it wasn't a good fit. Victor thought Nick had matured, and Nick replied that Victor had proven Nick's point that they'd lost their ability to communicate. Nick asserted that Victor never told him anything, and Victor asked what he wanted to know. Nick explained that no one understood why Victor and Jack were continuing to work together when they were obviously lying, and he preferred to walk away and salvage the relationship he and Victor had left. Victor offered to answer Nick's questions.

Victor pointed out that it was the first time all his children were working at the company at the same time, and it had felt good when Nick had stepped in when Victor hadn't been able to be there. Nick said he'd been glad to lend a hand, but he was hoping for an explanation rather than a distracting speech. Victor admitted that he hadn't been entirely forthcoming, and he confided that Jack had fired the first shot, although it hadn't happened in the park. Victor revealed that he'd found out months earlier that Jack had been seriously trying to take both Victor and his company down, so Victor had worked tirelessly to prevent it from happening.

Victor asserted that Jack was a threat to Victor's business and everything Victor had worked for, and he was doing everything in his power to protect his family and his company. Nick said he didn't need to get sucked into Victor's never-ending feud with Jack, and Victor invited Nick to walk away, but he didn't think Nick realized the value he gave to the company. Victor contended that Nick knew how to unite people, and they needed that quality more than ever, since Nick's sisters didn't get along in the workplace. Victor was confident that they'd survive the bump in the road, but he wanted more than just to survive -- he wanted everyone to thrive.

Victor said he respected Nick and needed him there, and Nick replied that there would have to be some ground rules. Nick refused to be a pawn in Victor's game with Jack or to allow Victor to try to run his life in any way. Victor agreed to Nick's terms, especially since Sharon was no longer in Nick's life, and he asked how impending fatherhood was going. Nick said everything was great, but Victor pointed out that Sage had conspired with Gabriel to lie about being married. Victor questioned whether Nick could trust Sage, and Nick grumbled that it had almost been a full minute before Victor had broken the rules.

Victor argued that it was normal for a father to be concerned about his children's well-being, and he hadn't meant to cross a line. Victor said Nick was free to live his life however he pleased, and Nick responded that he hadn't been asking for permission, since he loved Sage and was committed to her and the baby. Nick demanded that his family accept her, or they would answer to him. Victor proudly stated that it was what it meant to be a Newman, since they defended those they loved at all costs.

At the casino hotel, Devon stumbled out of the bedroom with India, the prostitute, and she said he owed her for the night before. He wondered what she meant, but Colin stepped in to take care of it. Colin escorted India to the door, and she questioned whether she still got the full amount they'd agreed on even though she and Devon hadn't had sex. Colin handed over an envelope of cash, and he thanked her for an entertaining evening.

Devon asked what exactly had happened the prior night, and Colin crowed that Devon had said goodbye to bachelorhood in fine style, since it had sounded like Devon had enjoyed every second of it. A shaken Devon asked if Colin was telling him that he'd cheated on Hilary, and he insisted that there was no way he'd had sex with a prostitute. Colin asked if he remembered sitting on the sofa with India in his lap, and Devon said that was about all he remembered, but Colin said Devon and India had gone into the bedroom together. Devon vaguely recalled staggering to bed, but the rest of the night was a blank, even though he'd barely had anything to drink.

Colin maintained that it had sounded like Devon and India had been having "a hell of a time," and he thought there was no reason for Devon to be ashamed. Devon wondered how he would look his fiancée in the eye, and he asked if Jill considered it normal when Colin indulged in such activities. Colin revealed that he'd had a few laughs and drinks, but he'd never cheat on Jill, and the difference was that he was married, unlike Devon. Colin assured Devon that it had been okay to have some fun before the ring was on his finger, but he conceded that women didn't look at things the same way, and he promised it would be their little secret.

Devon explained that he and Hilary had dreamed of a life together for a long time, and he would hate himself if he started their marriage with a lie. Colin suspected that Devon would hate himself more if he told Hilary the truth, and he implored Devon to think about what he stood to lose. Colin contended that what Hilary didn't know wouldn't hurt her, but Devon balked at keeping a secret. Colin pointed out that it hadn't been an issue when Devon had been sleeping with his father's wife, but Devon bemoaned that Colin had no idea what it had been like to keep a secret from his family, and he couldn't do it again.

At the Athletic Club, Hilary greeted Lily at the bar, and she excitedly announced that Lauren had found a wedding dress for her. Hilary rambled that she was lucky for everything to be falling into place with the wedding only a week away, but she acknowledged that it hadn't been easy on Lily to help with the planning. Hilary said she and Devon prayed every night that Lily and Cane would work it out, and Lily reflected back on how happy she'd been at her own wedding. Lily thought it was hard to believe how things had ended up, and Cane overheard and wondered why it was hard to believe, since she'd jumped into bed with the man he'd seen her kissing the night before.

Lily asserted that if Cane had stuck around, he would have seen her push Joe away, but Cane was skeptical. She accused Cane of jumping to conclusions the way she had with Lauren, but Cane pointed out that he hadn't slept with Lauren. Lily conceded that Cane had a right to be upset, but she begged him not to make their children pay for what she'd done. Cane argued that he wasn't enjoying seeing the kids hurt, and Lily countered that tearing them away from her by seeking sole custody wasn't the best thing for them. Cane spat that Lily hadn't thought about their relationship when she'd thrown it away, and Neil approached and warned Cane not to dare talk to Lily that way.

Neil ordered Cane to show some class and respect by dealing with their personal issues outside Lily's place of business, and Cane questioned whether he should follow the example Neil had set when he had caught his wife cheating on him. Cane snapped that Neil could pretend he'd gotten over it, but he knew Neil hadn't, and he stalked off. Lily lamented that it was her own fault that her life was a mess, and Neil expressed sympathy. Lily whimpered that she was ashamed, but she was amazed by her father's kindness and understanding. Neil mused that she would always be his baby girl, and he hurt when she hurt, so he just wanted to take her pain away. They hugged.

In Devon's hotel suite, Hilary tried on her veil and smiled at her reflection in the mirror. She flashed back to Neil telling Devon to run for his life, since Hilary would decimate Devon's life just like she'd destroyed Neil's. Hilary had insisted she loved Devon, but Neil had wished them both pain and unhappiness. Hilary struggled to regain her composure, but she remained unnerved.

Devon and Colin returned to the Athletic Club, and Neil asked if they were doing the walk of shame. Colin said he normally would have invited Neil to Devon's bachelor party, and Neil inquired whether they'd had a good time. Colin reported that Devon needed a few tips at poker, and Devon mumbled that it hadn't been his night. After Devon left, Colin asked if Neil had received the video, and Neil replied that it was exactly what he'd needed. Neil said he'd posted the money to Colin's account, and Colin bragged that the previous 24 hours had been quite lucrative. Colin questioned when Neil planned to turn the video loose, and Neil said it would be up to Devon.

Colin explained that Devon didn't remember having sex because he hadn't, but Colin had convinced Devon that he had, and all Neil needed was for Devon to believe he'd betrayed Hilary. Neil asked if Colin had talked Devon into keeping it to himself, and Colin relayed that Devon was burdened with guilt, so he might need to unburden himself. Neil was sure that Hilary would find out sooner or later, but the longer it took, the worse the fallout would be. Colin said he'd thought Neil had accepted that Devon and Hilary were together, but Neil sternly stated that he would never accept what the couple had done to "this blind man." He added that they had taken away his joy and happiness, and he was going to return the favor.

Neil and Colin agreed that it had been a pleasure doing business, and Colin joined Cane at the bar and wished Cane had stuck around the party. Cane reiterated that the last thing he'd needed had been to have sex with a prostitute, but he'd returned to the club and seen Joe kissing Lily. Colin asked if Lily had humiliated Cane enough, and Colin suggested they take off to Las Vegas or New York. Cane said he missed Lily and his family, and he hated the separation and the effect it was having on their kids. Colin asked what Cane was going to do about it, and Cane turned around and locked eyes with Lily.

Later, Lily completed some paperwork at the bar, and Cane softly greeted her. She asked if he was back to berate her more, but he replied that he was tired of fighting, and he couldn't go on that way. With hope in her voice, she asked if he wanted to work things out, since she didn't want a divorce. Cane maintained that he didn't know if he could forgive her, but he didn't want that to get in the way of the kids, since she was a good mom. He suggested that they find a way to put their animosity aside and work out shared custody. Lily reluctantly agreed.

Devon returned to his suite, but Hilary ordered him to close his eyes, and he obliged. She explained that she'd found her wedding dress, and she quickly put it away. She told him to open his eyes, and she expressed relief that bad luck had been averted, but she observed that he looked exhausted. She asked if he'd had fun at his bachelor party, and he replied that it wasn't the word he'd use to describe what had happened. Hilary asked what else Devon had done besides drink too much, and he said the night hadn't been what he'd expected it to be.

Hilary revealed that she'd received a surprise of her own when Neil had stopped by to tell her that he was ready to let go of his anger, and he'd promised that he wouldn't mess with their big day. She added that she thought Neil was finally starting to forgive them, and she was sure everything would be perfect. Hilary and Devon professed their love, and he said she meant everything to him. Later, Devon and Hilary cuddled in bed after making love, and he looked over at the veil across the room. She stirred when he got out of bed, but he told her to rest while he got something to eat.

On the club rooftop, Devon sipped a drink at the bar, and he flashed back to Hilary worrying about what chance they had if Cane and Lily couldn't hold it together, and Devon had assured her that they'd already been through their hard times. Neil approached, and he asked if Devon hadn't gotten enough alcohol the night before. Devon wondered how Neil would know because he hadn't been there, and Neil pressed to find out if everything was okay. Hilary joined Devon, and Neil remarked that everything seemed to be fine, after all.

In Istanbul, Jack and Phyllis settled into their hotel room, and Phyllis wondered how he'd managed to get the same suite as they'd had the last time. She marveled that she couldn't have asked for a more perfect spot for their second honeymoon, and he declared that it was the first day of the rest of their lives. Phyllis recalled that during their last stay there, he'd wanted to live life one day at a time, and Jack credited her with saving him from a dark place and allowing him to find light again. He suggested that they concentrate only on the two of them, and they hugged.

Jack recalled the many wonderful experiences he and Phyllis had shared in Istanbul, and they talked about the places they wanted to go while they were there. He said he'd loved watching her haggle with the vendors at the bazaar, but she thought they'd had even more fun when the rain had kept them inside. Jack remembered that he'd been buttering her up to move in with him, and she proclaimed that she was looking forward to the next chapter. They kissed, and she said she was anxious to hit the shops again, but she amorously stated that there were other memories she wanted to recapture. They kissed more passionately and fell onto the bed.

Phyllis giggled in bed after she and Jack had made love, and he proclaimed that the trip was off to a great start. He wondered if they'd ever end up getting out of the room, and she compared it to their last honeymoon, when he'd been insatiable. An uncomfortable Jack suggested they order room service, and Phyllis asked if he would feed her grapes in bed, like he had in St. Barts. She recalled details of their time on the island, and she was surprised she remembered anything other than spending almost all their time in bed together. Jack snapped that he didn't want to talk about St. Barts, and he'd rather talk about anything else.

Phyllis was stunned by Jack's outburst, and he blamed his irritability on the time change. He said he hadn't meant to be cranky from the jet lag, since he was with the woman he adored in one of their favorite places on earth, but he wanted to look forward and not dwell on the past. He added that a lot had happened since their wedding, and he had been a different person then. She replied that she wasn't sure who he was anymore.

Jack insisted that he wanted to build a new future with Phyllis, and nothing else mattered, but Phyllis struggled to get a handle on how he was feeling. He said he felt happy and loved, but she noted that he'd been all over the map for the last few months. She remarked that the man she'd exchanged vows with hadn't been the same man she'd returned home with from St. Barts, and she never knew if she'd get the sweet, gentle man who could cuddle for hours or the spontaneous, mischievous one who challenged her. She recalled going skinny-dipping under a full moon on their honeymoon, and she wasn't sure whether it had been the most embarrassing or exhilarating thing she'd ever done. Jack asked whether that was the man she preferred.

Phyllis insisted that she loved all of Jack, but he noticed the sparkle in her eye when she talked about the spontaneous, passionate side of him. She was bewildered as to why he was acting like he wasn't that person, and he changed the subject by suggesting they walk around outside the hotel. Phyllis demanded answers, and she refused to leave until he explained what was going on. She pointed out that his entire family had been scratching their heads over his behavior, and they'd all agreed something wasn't right. She could tell he was keeping something from her, and she pleaded with him to tell her the truth.

Jack contended that Phyllis thought she wanted the truth, but he swore that she didn't. Phyllis contemplated what he could possibly say that she wouldn't want to hear, since it was obviously eating away at him, and there was nothing on the planet they couldn't handle together. She begged him not to shut her out, and he revealed that there had been a reason she'd been feeling so confused. He understood that she felt like she'd been dealing with two different men, since she had been. "There were two of me. Two Jack Abbotts," Jack confessed.

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