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Sage accepted Nick's marriage proposal. Noah and Marisa had sex. Phyllis bashed Marco over the head. Victor accused Ashley of being behind the Paragon Project. Kevin overheard Detective Harding secretly planning to meet someone.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of August 3, 2015 on Y&R
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Phyllis Learns the Ugly Truth Phyllis Learns the Ugly Truth
Monday, August 3, 2015

At their hotel suite in Istanbul, Jack told Phyllis that his look-alike impostor had taken his place during their honeymoon. Phyllis was stunned and asked who could've managed to get away with such a ruse. Jack replied, "With the help of a son of a bitch who put this whole thing in motion." Jack explained that Victor believed that a scheme called the Paragon Project was a plan to oust him from the company. Jack added that Victor had mistakenly assumed Jack was behind the effort.

Jack said Victor had struck the first blow, had him kidnapped, and replaced him with a double. Phyllis broke down in tears when Jack told her that the man who'd masqueraded as him for months had switched places while Phyllis had been enjoying the spa. Phyllis said, "He and I? Oh, my God! He looked like you and sounded like you. How did Victor pull you out of that hotel room without me hearing it?" Jack explained that two ruffians dressed like bellmen had used chloroform to snatch him.

Jack told Phyllis that when he'd awakened, he'd discovered that he'd been chained to a bed. Kelly Andrews had been standing guard over him. Phyllis cried, "Dead Kelly?" Jack said that the morgue photo had been a fake. Jack recalled that Kelly had dosed him daily with pills and convinced him that Phyllis had been dead. Phyllis was astounded when Jack explained that Kelly had shown him documentation of Phyllis' death and had hoped he'd move on and accept her as his next wife.

Phyllis reflected for a moment and said she finally understood why Jack hadn't been wearing his wedding band when he'd shown up at the hospital. She added that Jack had tried to tell her about Marco when he'd scribbled the numeral "2" on a notepad. Jack explained that Marco Annicelli was a notorious drug lord who'd had nothing to lose by stepping out of his own life. Appearing fearful, Phyllis said, "Where is he?" Jack said that Marco was dead. Phyllis asked if Jack had killed the man. Jack explained that Victor had shot him before he'd had a chance to.

Phyllis, livid, said, "Again, Victor is in control. He's pulling all the strings and the trigger. Marco may be dead, but Victor isn't -- not yet." Jack explained that the night he'd been shot, Victor had believed Jack had been Marco, who was frequently armed. Phyllis was insistent about turning Victor over to the authorities. Jack remained hesitant and explained that in his haste to return home, he might have murdered Kelly. Phyllis replied, "Good."

Jack told Phyllis that he'd been under the influence of drugs and couldn't recall details. However, when he'd awakened beside Kelly, she'd been fatally stabbed. Phyllis said police would agree that Jack had acted in self-defense because Kelly had been drugging him and holding him against his will. Jack added that to escape the island, he'd stowed away on a cargo ship loaded with cocaine. The ship's captain, Jack explained, had been Marco's archrival, who had beaten him and refused to believe he wasn't Marco Annicelli. Jack broke down when he recalled having lit a fire, resulting in an explosion that had killed others aboard the ship.

Jack explained that Marisa had helped him escape and was still on his side. Phyllis said Jack shouldn't let Victor hold what had happened over his head. Jack warned that they'd have to keep quiet or else Victor would have him put away for life. Phyllis said, "What about me? You are asking me to let Victor get away with this." Jack seemed frustrated because Phyllis was fixated on exacting revenge against Victor.

Phyllis began tossing clothing into her suitcase. Jack pleaded with her to work along with him to even the score with Victor. Phyllis refused and said she didn't blame Jack. She added, "There is one person who needs to answer to me for this, and I'm going to see to it that he does." Jack seemed exasperated as Phyllis continued flinging clothing into a suitcase.

At Chancellor Park, Victor met with Marisa after she summoned him. Marisa explained that Kevin and Mariah had discovered the crashed car at the bottom of Lake Delaney and knew Marco had fled. Victor didn't react to the announcement and calmly fiddled with his cell phone. Marisa cried, "My God! You knew?" Victor glanced at Marisa and winked. Marisa appeared flustered.

Victor asked Marisa why he should care about what had happened to Marco. Marisa reminded Victor that Marco could testify that Victor had schemed to seize Jack's company. She added, "Somehow, I don't think you'd want a potential threat like that on the loose." Marisa grew angrier when she realized that Victor had known for a long time that Marco was still a threat to her safety. She told Victor that members of his family were also in danger. Victor said he'd hired security guards to protect his family.

Kevin peeked around a wall and watched Victor and Marisa. Victor told Marisa that a security guard was also tailing her. Marisa replied, "I see. I'm bait. I've got news for you, Mr. Newman. You're not the only one hunting Marco." Marisa explained that the Genoa City Police Department had joined the search after Kevin and Mariah had tipped them off about what hadn't been found at the crash site. Marisa assured Victor that she hadn't implicated him or revealed that Marco looked exactly like Jack Abbott. Victor threatened Marisa and warned her not to say a word, and he promised she'd be all right if she followed his instructions.

At the police station, Kevin told Detective Harding that he'd seen Marisa and Victor having an intense discussion at the park. Kevin said he hadn't been able to hear what they had been talking about. Kevin was pressuring the detective to question Marisa when she walked in and asked why she'd been summoned. Detective Harding said he needed a physical description of Marco Annicelli. While Marisa worked with a sketch artist, Kevin asked Harding if he planned to ask Marisa about her meeting with Victor. Harding said he first wanted to see the sketch of Marco.

When Harding and Kevin saw the sketch of a bald man with piercing eyes, a broadly flared nose, and a sparse goatee, Kevin said, "So that's Marco Annicelli." Kevin noted that the man's appearance might not stand out in a crowd. Harding quickly produced copies of the sketch to display all over town, hoping someone might locate the wanted man. Kevin said he was concerned about his friends. Harding assured Kevin that his friends would remain safe.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club's rooftop pool, Mariah told Abby and Summer that she and Kevin had told police that Marco hadn't died when his car had plunged into the lake. Noah overhead when Mariah explained that Kevin had searched the lake bottom. Abby asked if Marisa had lied about Marco's fate. Noah joined the ladies and said that Marisa had also been surprised to learn that Marco had survived. The group jumped with fear when the bartender accidentally dropped a heavy object.

Mariah noticed a man wearing dark sunglasses who'd been watching them closely. Noah questioned the man and learned that he was a police officer. After Abby left, Summer asked if Marisa was still on their side. Noah replied, "Without a doubt." Kevin arrived with a copy of the police artist's sketch of Marco. Noah said he hoped Kevin could trust Marisa, knowing that she'd cooperated with police. Kevin said he wanted to know why Marisa had met privately with Victor at Chancellor Park.

After Noah left, Kevin said Noah had seemed shaken up when he'd learned that Marisa had met with Victor. Kevin said he wondered how much Victor knew about the murders and about Marco. Indignant, Summer firmly insisted that her grandfather knew nothing about the murders or about Marco and shouldn't be regarded with suspicion. Mariah said, "Don't say we didn't warn you." Summer rose to leave and said she'd continue to hunt for the real killer. After Summer walked away, Mariah glanced at the police sketch and asked Kevin if he thought it looked like Marco Annicelli. Kevin replied, "Absolutely not."

At the Underground, Billy stopped by and asked Sage if she knew where Chelsea had gone. Billy said he'd received a vague message from Chelsea about needing time away. Sage replied, "You're still concerned about her even though she cheated on you with Gabe?" Billy admitted that he still cared for Chelsea and loved Connor. Sage said that Billy was a great father, even though Connor wasn't his own.

At Newman-Abbott, Ashley feared that Nick's decision to stay at the company might be part of Victor's plan to force Jack out while Jack was visiting Istanbul. Nick said his only goal was to stop the infighting. Ashley said, "There's only one way we're going to make changes around here. Get rid of the cancer at the top!" Ashley stepped out, but she lingered outside the doorway and overheard Victoria when she said, "I know the perfect person to pull this off -- very discreet and doesn't come cheap, but she'll never know what hit her."

Abby arrived after Nick and Victoria left. Ashley told Abby what she'd overheard. Both women believed that they were being targeted. Abby said, "Victoria has made it more than clear that she wants me out as COO." Ashley replied, "Nick and Victoria are being very cagey and very secretive." Victor arrived and assured Ashley and Abby that the Newmans weren't keeping any secrets. Ashley said she'd love to know why Jack had initially claimed to be unarmed when Victor had shot him before later absolving Victor. Victor suggested that Ashley and Phyllis had likely misinterpreted Jack's yes-or-no responses via hand squeezes.

Ashley noted that Victor had for years repeatedly destroyed people's lives. Abby piped up and asked her parents to stop bickering. Victor said that if he and Jack could work together, Ashley should be able to do the same. After Victor left, Ashley told Abby that Victor, still hiding something, was playing them just like he always had. Abby seemed frustrated by her mother's unwavering loathing of Victor.

Abby said she believed her dad still loved and respected Ashley. Ashley noted that she felt no love or respect for Victor and added, "I've seen too much. I know who that man really is." Abby replied, "Just like I know who Ben really is, and he would never do anything like that." Ashley said, "Honey, nobody's perfect -- not even Ben." After Ashley left, Abby seemed troubled by her mother's words.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Nick and Victoria met with an unidentified man. As the man was leaving, Billy arrived and asked who the man was. Nick glanced at his watch and said he had to leave. After Nick left, Billy asked what Nick was planning. Victoria assured Billy that it wasn't a corporate backdoor maneuver. Billy said he knew a better way to spend the afternoon if Victoria wanted to join him. Victoria smiled.

When Marisa arrived for her shift at the Underground, she was surprised to find no one but Sage. Sage explained that Nick had closed the bar for a private party and had given the staff the night off with pay. Sage told Marisa that a man had called and left her a message. Marisa seemed worried when Sage explained that the caller had refused to provide his name and had said he'd catch up with Marisa sooner or later. Nick arrived just as Marisa quickly exited.

Sage asked Nick about the private party. Nick explained that he'd planned the party for them. Nick lit candles, played music, and danced with Sage, holding her close. Sage said all she'd ever wanted after her parents had died was to feel safe. Sage added that even after Constance had taken her in, she'd still felt like an outsider. Nick said he'd also felt like an outsider.

He joked about having been caught in a bear trap so he could be rescued by a beautiful woman. Nick knelt down on one knee. Sage gasped, and tears welled in her eyes. Nick presented an engagement ring. He said, "Sage Warner, will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?" Sage was taken aback. Nick said that they both had wanted to find a place to belong, so perhaps they belonged with each other. Through tears of joy, Sage said, "Yes!"

At Chancellor Park, Johnny blew bubbles while Billy and Victoria, seated together on a nearby bench, watched. Billy told Victoria that it was nice to see her smiling again. Victoria said relaxation was what she'd needed, and she asked Billy why he'd talked her into spending time with their son at the park. Billy replied, "Guess it's what I needed, too." Victoria smiled contentedly.

In her suite at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Marisa grabbed a hefty candlestick when she heard a knock at her door. When she learned Noah was at the door, she gladly let him inside. Noah said, "Were you expecting someone else?" Marisa replied, "Marco, of course." Noah said, "Or my grandfather, maybe?" Marisa feigned ignorance, but Noah asked if she planned to deny having met with Victor. Marisa sighed and said that Victor had told her to stay away from Noah.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club's bar, Victor was seated next to a member of his security team when Detective Harding dropped off the wanted flyer featuring the sketch of Marco Annicelli. Victor told Harding he hoped police might catch the villain soon. After Harding left, Victor studied the sketch. The security guard glanced at the sketch and said he'd believed Annicelli looked like Jack Abbott. Victor explained that the falsified sketch would allow more time for his security team to catch Marco before police did. Victor noted that he'd handle Marco Annicelli himself after the man was captured.

Drunk, Delusional, Or Both Drunk, Delusional, Or Both
Tuesday, August 4, 2015

After Nick and Sage made love, she gushed that she really liked being engaged. He realized that he was late to pick up Faith, and Sage suggested that they hold off on telling Faith about the engagement. Nick thought Faith had warmed up to Sage because of the baby, but Sage worried that it was a much bigger step to become Faith's stepmother. Nick questioned whether Sage had second thoughts about marrying him, and she insisted that she wanted it more than anything, but she reasoned that he'd broken up with her before because of Faith, so he might do it again.

Sage understood that Faith would always be Nick's priority, and she recognized that Faith might not be happy about the engagement. Nick assured Sage that they all would be happy, and Sage asked what she'd done to deserve him after she'd lied about Gabriel. Nick asserted that Gabriel wasn't the baby's father and that Nick was, and they had nothing but clear skies ahead. There was a clap of thunder outside, and Sage remarked that no one had told Nick about the storm that was about to hit.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon wondered why Faith wasn't eating her favorite cake, and Faith replied that she wanted to save it for her daddy, who needed cheering up. Sharon gently pressed Faith for details, and Faith said she thought her father and Sage were breaking up, since she'd overheard Sage talking about a test she'd taken. As Dylan listened, Sharon inquired whether the test had been about the baby, and Faith declared that Sage's baby might not be Nick's.

Dylan asked whether Faith didn't like the cake, and Faith explained that she was saving it for Nick. Dylan offered to give her an extra piece to take home, but Sharon continued to question Faith about how she'd learned that Sage wasn't sure who the baby's father was. Faith said she'd overheard Sage talking on the phone, and Dylan sent Faith to the counter to fetch the cake. Dylan scolded Sharon for trying to get information about Nick's personal life out of her daughter.

Sharon contended that Dylan had misheard if he thought she'd been pumping Faith for information, since Faith had mentioned the problems between Nick and Sage. Dylan was sure the couple would figure things out together, but Sharon thought things sounded shaky if Sage had ordered a paternity test. Dylan wondered why Sharon was really interested, but Nick and Sage arrived, and Nick announced that they had news that Sharon and Dylan should hear. Sharon mentioned that Faith was aware of what was going on, but a bewildered Nick wondered how Faith had known, since he'd just proposed.

Sharon was stunned that Nick and Sage were engaged, and Nick asked what Sharon had been talking about. Dylan stated that it had been a misunderstanding, and he congratulated Nick and Sage. Sharon requested to speak privately with Nick about how to handle telling Faith, and once they were alone, Sharon said she was worried about him, since Faith had overheard Sage talking about a paternity test. Nick revealed that the test had proven that the baby was his, and Sharon remarked that they both knew such tests could be manipulated. Nick replied that Sage would never do anything so cruel, and Sharon thought he meant that Sage could never be as devious as Sharon.

Sharon huffed that it would be nice if Nick held Sage and Sharon to the same standards, but Nick countered that Sage had never done anything as hurtful as Sharon had. Sharon pointed out that Sage had lied about sleeping with Gabriel, and she expressed concern that Nick was rushing into the engagement. Nick asserted that he and Sage were committed to one another, but Sharon urged him to ease off on the judgment when they'd all lied, including Sage. At the counter, Faith emerged from the back room with a piece of cake, and she noticed the ring on Sage's finger. Faith asked if it was an engagement ring, and Sage nervously admitted it was. Faith yelled out for her mommy, and Sharon prepared to do damage control, but Faith excitedly squealed that her daddy was engaged.

After Nick and Sage left with Faith, Dylan offered to stop by Nick's house to drop off a stuffed animal that Faith had left behind, but Sharon pointedly remarked that Faith had two of everything. Dylan thought Faith had been adjusting after Nick and Sharon's split, and Sharon agreed that Faith was getting accustomed to not being the family the girl had hoped for. Dylan asked if Sharon had adjusted, and she questioned whether he really thought she wanted Nick back. Dylan recalled how affected Sharon had been by the news of Nick and Sage's engagement, and he implored her to tell him if she was having doubts about her relationship with Dylan.

Sharon insisted that she wasn't secretly hoping to reunite with Nick, and she wanted a life with Dylan and their baby. Dylan asked if she was okay with Nick starting a family with Sage, and Sharon swore that she was only worried about Faith, but she wished Nick and Sage happiness. Dylan asked what Sharon wished for the two of them, and she replied that she wanted to create something that neither of them had ever had before -- a love that could weather the storm. They kissed as the storm picked up outside.

At the Underground, Sage retrieved a duplicate of Faith's stuffed animal from behind the bar, and Nick suggested that they wait to leave until the storm died down. Faith ran off to a booth with her toy, and Nick apologized to Sage because Faith had talked to Sharon about Sage's personal life. Nick delivered a Shirley Temple to his daughter, and he recognized that she hadn't meant to eavesdrop on Sage's call, but he urged Faith to ask questions to avoid any misunderstandings. Faith apologized to Sage, who said she knew Faith had just been worried about her dad. Sage promised that she'd never do anything to hurt Faith or the baby.

Later, Faith slept in a booth, and Sage lovingly watched Nick tend to the girl. Sage imagined him covering their baby with a blanket one day, and Nick pledged to keep "Jabberwocky" safe. Sage thanked him, but he said it was what husbands and dads were supposed to do. She clarified that she had thanked him for loving her, and they joked about whether or not it was a burden. They kissed.

At the Abbott mansion, Phyllis rejected Jack's efforts to get her to eat or sleep, since she was determined to find Victor. Jack wished he could make Marco pay, but Phyllis pointed out that they could make Victor pay, and that was what she intended to do. She gasped when she spotted the newspaper headline that Marco was alive, but Jack noted that the sketch pictured was really the captain of the cargo ship. Phyllis surmised that Victor had been behind it, but Jack argued that Victor couldn't have known what the captain had looked like, but he knew someone who did.

Phyllis griped that Jack had no idea what she'd gone through, and she cringed when she thought about Marco touching her. Jack said it was over, but Phyllis contended that Marco might still be out there, pretending to be Jack. Jack reassured her that the authorities were searching for Marco, but he suggested that they establish a password to ensure that Marco could never fool her again. Phyllis proposed that they use "duplicitous jackass," but Jack preferred that their password be Topkapi, a royal palace they'd visited in Istanbul.

Phyllis wanted to go to Paul with the truth to punish Victor, and Jack agreed that he wanted to rip Victor's heart out, but he couldn't do it yet. Phyllis recognized that Jack felt responsible for the deaths of Kelly and the people on the cargo ship, but she insisted that Victor had ultimately been to blame for everything. Jack wanted to be absolutely sure that Victor would pay, and he planned to get answers from someone who knew Marco better than anyone else.

Noah approached Victor and Nikki in the Athletic Club dining room, and he ordered Victor to leave Marisa alone, since Noah would be with her if he wanted to be. Nikki asked what Victor had done, and Victor replied that he'd done what he'd had to do. Noah dared Victor to deny that he'd confronted Marisa, and Nikki asked who Marisa was. Victor mentioned that Nikki had seen Marisa at the police station, and Nikki recalled that Victor had claimed Marisa had been a reporter. Victor grumbled that Marisa had a shady past, and he imagined that Marisa had used Noah's generosity to con her way into getting a job at the Underground.

Noah retorted that Victor was short on facts, since Marisa had been scared and alone when she'd arrived in town, and she'd needed help to hide from her ex-boyfriend. Noah guessed that Victor had summoned Marisa to the park to tell her to stay away from Noah, and Victor haughtily asked if that had been what Marisa had told him. Noah scoffed at the idea that it had been Marisa's idea to meet Victor, and he asserted that Victor had no right to tell him who he could be with.

Nikki pointed out that it hadn't been long since Noah had lost Courtney, but Noah said he deserved a friend after everything he'd been through, and he didn't need anyone's approval. Noah left, and Victor worried that Noah was determined to stand by Marisa. Nikki argued that Noah was fighting for someone he cared about, and it reminded her of another Newman man. Victor said he admired Noah's loyalty, but he was concerned that Marisa was involved with dangerous people, including Marco, so he didn't want Marisa around his family.

Jack and Phyllis arrived at the club, and he stopped Phyllis from approaching Victor. Phyllis huffed that Victor was the only other one who knew about Marco, but Jack thought that perhaps Marisa had given the police the wrong description of Marco, and he wanted to find out why. He insisted on going alone, since Marisa would be more inclined to open up if Phyllis wasn't with him, and Phyllis agreed to wait at the bar. Jack went upstairs, and Phyllis made a beeline for Victor, who warmly greeted her and expressed surprise that she was already back from her second honeymoon.

Nikki hoped the trip hadn't been disappointing, but Phyllis replied that it had been the opposite, since Jack had opened her eyes to many things while they'd been away. Victor invited Phyllis to join them, but Phyllis said she wouldn't dream of interrupting their romantic evening, since she knew how fleeting happiness could be when tragedy could happen in an instant. Nikki commented about Jack's quick recovery, and Phyllis noted that she wasn't the only person who had benefited from it, since Jack had been able to back up Victor's story. Victor was glad Jack had cleared up the terrible misunderstanding, and Nikki expressed relief that there could finally be peace between the families.

Victor stepped aside to take a call, and Phyllis started to leave, but Nikki implored her to stay for a few minutes. Nikki imagined that Phyllis had been through a rough couple of months, but she thought they were both lucky women, since both of their husbands had survived the building collapse, and they had a chance to start fresh. Phyllis snapped that Nikki was drunk, delusional, or both. Meanwhile, Victor ordered someone over the phone to find Marco, since if it became known that Marco was a dead ringer for Jack, "all hell" would break loose.

Nikki said she was truly sorry for everything Phyllis had been through, but Phyllis replied that Nikki had no idea what she'd been through, and she wondered how Nikki could defend Victor. Nikki pointed out that Phyllis had defended her own husband during the merger, and Phyllis had stood by and watched while Jack had bought sports cars and carried on like a teenager in heat. Nikki added that Phyllis had done nothing when Jack had framed Victor for embezzlement, but Phyllis retorted that Jack had never tried to kill someone. Nikki argued that Jack had taken a gun to the park, and Phyllis blurted out that it hadn't been Jack, but she quickly clarified that it hadn't been the Jack she knew.

Nikki said Victor wanted to make up for what he'd done, and she encouraged Phyllis to forgive him and to look forward to her future with Jack. Phyllis coldly stated that she and Jack were fine in spite of Victor, and she acknowledged that it was Nikki's choice to defend Victor, but she thought it made Nikki look incredibly foolish. Phyllis stormed off, and Victor returned to the table and asked what else he'd done wrong. Nikki relayed that Phyllis wasn't ready or willing to forgive and forget, and she repeated Phyllis' comment that Nikki would be a fool to trust him. Nikki asked if Phyllis had been right.

Marisa's phone rang, and she tentatively answered, but no one responded. She demanded that the caller say something, and she asked if Marco was on the line. Marisa opened her hotel room door to leave, but she found Jack there, and she rushed into his arms and said it was good to see him. She sensed his cold reaction, and she pulled away and anxiously asked if it was him.

Jack recounted that he'd started a fire on the ship with a battery and steel wool, and Marisa was convinced it was really him, but she observed that his eyes looked different, since he seemed angry. He questioned how she could afford the expensive hotel, and she replied that she'd met new friends who had helped her get on her feet. She added that Noah Newman was nothing like his father, and Jack asked where she had been going. He picked up a copy of the newspaper with the headline about Marco, and he inquired whether she was still protecting her lover or if Victor was paying her.

Marisa explained that Noah's friends had gone to the cops after they'd found out that she and Marco had been involved, and she'd given a false description of Marco because she'd realized that Jack hadn't told the whole truth. Jack asked if Marco was alive, and Marisa reported that Marco's body hadn't turned up in the lake, so Victor and the police were looking for him. Jack reasoned that there was no proof that Victor had kidnapped Jack if Victor had gotten rid of Marco's body, but Marisa revealed that Victor had sought her out for information because he'd been worried that Marco was still out there. Marisa warned that it would be easy for Marco to pretend to be Jack, and Jack solemnly stated that everyone he knew would be in danger if Marco was still alive. Meanwhile, lightning flashed outside the window.

Victor and Nikki resolved to enjoy the rest of their evening together, but Jack glowered at them from across the room as the lights fizzled out. Victor proposed that they have dinner by candlelight, and he stepped away to take care of the arrangements. In the foyer, Jack asked if Victor had seen Phyllis, and Victor reported that she'd disappeared after she'd seemed upset to see Victor. Victor reminded Jack that they had an agreement, and Jack hissed that he was keeping Victor's dirty little secret, but he might change his mind if Victor wasn't being honest with him.

Jack voiced his suspicion that Victor had gotten to Marco first, and he demanded to know where Marco was. Nikki spied Victor talking to Jack, and she walked off. Victor warned Jack that Marco could be in Genoa City, and Marco would like nothing more than to step back into Jack's shoes.

Marisa called out to ask who was at her door, and she was relieved when Noah responded. He informed her that he'd had a conversation with Victor, and he refused to let his grandfather control his life. Noah declared that he hadn't thought it was possible for him to have feelings for someone else after what had happened, but everything had changed the moment he'd laid eyes on Marisa. They kissed, and Marisa said he was the reason she'd ended up there. They kissed more passionately and headed toward the bed.

After Noah and Marisa made love, she noted that he seemed to be a million miles away. Noah replied that he was right there, but Marisa assured him that she didn't expect him to forget Courtney. He thought Courtney would have been the last person who would have wanted him to stay in the past, and Marisa swore she didn't want to rush him. Noah said he planned on taking it very slowly, and they tenderly kissed.

Phyllis returned home as the storm raged outside. She spotted the photo of her with Marco in the green golf vest, and she smashed it on the mantel as thunder clapped overhead. Later, Phyllis beamed a flashlight over the room and called out for Jack, who said he'd just walked in. She promised that she would clean up the mess in the morning, and she griped that she hated the photo she'd thrown. He questioned what was wrong with it, and a suspicious Phyllis claimed that her smile looked strained.

Jack replied that Phyllis' smile was always fantastic, and she said she'd get another frame. Phyllis added that she'd just been looking at photos, wracking her brain to remember the name of the palace they'd visited. She asked if he recalled its name, but he replied that he didn't remember it, either. Phyllis struggled to hide her horror as she realized she was with Marco.

Stay Calm and Ride It Out Stay Calm and Ride It Out
Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Kevin and Mariah made their way through the park during the storm, and he remarked that the rain had stopped, even though the blackout hadn't ended. Mariah thought she saw a guy following them, but Kevin was sure it was just a plainclothes officer that Harding had put on them. They ran into Summer, and Mariah asked what Summer was doing in the park in the middle of a blackout. Summer reported that there was a guy right behind her, but Kevin took a look at the man and didn't recognize him as a cop. Summer revealed that the man following her wasn't a cop.

Summer explained that Noah had informed her that Victor had hired bodyguards for them again, since Victor was worried about Marco. Kevin said he didn't understand the connection, but Summer was glad to have a bodyguard when there was a killer on the loose. Mariah wondered about the timing of Victor hiring extra security, and Kevin noted that although Marco's sketch had hit the news, there had been nothing in the press about Marco's link to Austin and Courtney's murders. Mariah suggested that Summer talk to Victor to find out what information Victor had and how he'd obtained it.

At the police station, Detective Harding was swamped with calls during the blackout, and he became irritated when Kevin and Mariah asked for a moment. Kevin said it was about Victor and Marco, since Victor had a bodyguard on Summer, and he and Mariah suspected that they were being tailed, too. Kevin thought Victor knew about the connection between Marco and the murders, and he wondered how Victor had gotten the information. Harding realized that one of his own officers could have been a leak.

Harding theorized that the leak had been an officer assigned to guard Victor when he'd been locked up, and Kevin said he'd find out after the blackout. Kevin reasoned that it would be helpful for him to know what the guard might have told Victor, but the lights flickered on, and Harding ordered Kevin to get to work on the computer. Later, Harding examined a list of officers who had been on duty when Victor had been held at the station, and Kevin privately told Mariah that he was determined to find out where Marco might be.

At the Abbott mansion, Phyllis figured out that she was with Marco when he was unable to recall the name of the palace she and Jack had visited in Istanbul, since she and Jack had established "Topkapi" as their password earlier. Marco offered to get some candlelight to pass the time until the power was back on, but Phyllis protested, and he inquired whether the honeymoon was over. "You stay the hell away from me, Marco," she snarled as she beamed her flashlight in his face. Marco feigned ignorance, and he guessed that Phyllis wanted to play a role-playing game. He said making love was an important part of marriage, and they were very good at it.

Phyllis demanded to know if Marco got his kicks by inflicting himself on unsuspecting women, and the thought of it made her physically ill. Marco replied that they had connected on a deep level, and he taunted that there were many times when she hadn't given a thought to the old Jack. Marco insinuated that Phyllis had enjoyed their time together as much as he had, and she spat that Marco was a drug dealer, but Marco crowed that his operation was much bigger than that. She called Marco a punk who'd done Victor's bidding, and she hissed that he had no idea who he was messing with. Marco guessed that she felt guilty because she'd liked being with him, and they scuffled. She smashed him over the head and knocked him out.

At the Athletic Club, Cane spoke with Devon on the phone and confirmed that Lily was home with the kids. Cane added that he was happy to help hold down the fort at the club during the blackout, and he volunteered to check on Hilary. After he hung up, Nikki asked what she could do to help, and Cane asked her to help spread the calm. An alarm sounded, and Cane realized that some guests were trapped in the elevator. Meanwhile, Hilary pounded on the door from inside the elevator, but Neil ominously stated that they might be stuck indefinitely, and he thought the universe was playing a cruel joke on her.

Hilary began to panic that no one had responded to the alarm, but Neil thought Hilary was accustomed to being stuck in elevators, since she and Devon had once been trapped together. Neil guessed that Hilary's encounter with Devon hadn't been an accident, and he thought that even a blind man should have been able to see it. He recalled that the incident had happened on the day Jack had thrown a wedding celebration for Neil and Hilary, but Hilary preferred not to talk about it. She suggested that they just stay calm and ride it out, but Neil recounted that Hilary had told a very convincing cover story.

Hilary wondered why Neil wanted to dwell on it when he'd told her he'd gotten past it, but Neil called it idle chitchat between former married people to pass the time. Hilary tried to make a call on her cell phone, but she had no signal. Neil asked if she was scared of the dark, and the emergency phone in the elevator rang. Neil informed Cane that he and Hilary were stuck between floors, but they would "stay calm and ride it out." Neil remarked to Hilary that they could be there all night long.

Cane assured Nikki that they would get Neil and Hilary out as soon as possible, but he imagined that they were probably just ignoring one another. Nikki insisted on talking to Neil, and she contacted him on the emergency phone. Neil asked how Nikki was holding up, but she replied that she wasn't the one stuck in an elevator with an ex who was a trigger. Neil flatly stated that he had no flask or open bar, but Nikki said she was worried because of his talk about getting revenge. Neil told her there was no reason to worry, and everything was under control.

Hilary noticed that there was a hatch on the ceiling of the elevator, and she thought she could fit through it. Neil questioned whether she was a stuntwoman or a superhero, and he said there was a lot he hadn't known about her. She asked him to give her a boost, and he chuckled until he realized she was serious. He squatted down and cupped his hands to lift her up, but the elevator light suddenly went out. Neil said being in the dark put him at an advantage.

Neil remarked that the funny thing about darkness was that he'd become used to it, since there was less distraction from what had been right in front of his face. Hilary asked if they had to hash things out then, and Neil assured her it was in the past, but he commented that at least she knew what a bad marriage looked like. He hoped she'd have a good one with his son, and he commented that a marriage based on honesty and trust would last. Neil added that an entire relationship built on lies and deceit made it hard to trust.

Neil recognized that it would be awkward for Hilary to be his daughter-in-law, but he had a feeling they could make it work as long as they were honest with one another. Neil assumed that Hilary and Devon had been honest with each other, since suspicious minds and lies could rip love apart. The light turned on, and the elevator began moving. Hilary was visibly relieved. As they stepped off elevator, Neil told Nikki she'd had no reason to be worried, since revenge had been the furthest thing from his mind.

Hilary thanked Cane for getting them out, and he offered to escort her back to her suite. After they walked off, Nikki expressed doubt that Neil was perfectly calm when his ex-wife was about to marry his son, and he stated that he'd been the perfect gentleman. Nikki remarked that the calmer he was, the more nervous it made her, and she asked what Neil and Hilary had talked about. Neil replied that they'd discussed trust, truth, and suspicious minds that ruined true love.

In Marisa's hotel room, Noah and Marisa cuddled in bed, and he asked what she was thinking about. She mused that there were some things people couldn't have no matter how much they wanted them, like food. She pointed out that it was the first time he'd been in her room without food, and he jokingly offered to look for a sandwich in his pants. They ruled out room service because of the power outage, and Noah declared that they would have to starve, since they weren't leaving the room. They kissed.

Marisa gushed that she was happy, and Noah replied that she should be happy every day, but she doubted that she deserved it. Noah said he'd thought he shouldn't be happy because he hadn't been able to protect Courtney, but everything had changed when Marisa had walked into the Underground. Marisa marveled that he'd taken care of her even though she'd lied to him, but he said she'd fought him every step of the way. Marisa confided that she'd let him think she'd been fighting, but she'd been relieved in her heart to stop running, and it felt good to be with him. She admitted that she was still thinking about food, and Noah offered to scrounge something up downstairs.

In the club foyer, Jack grumbled that Victor's concern for his safety was touching, but it hadn't applied when a deranged woman had chained Jack to a bed. Victor stressed that Marco was the danger, but Jack questioned why Marco would risk being identified by returning to Genoa City. Victor reasoned that Marco had enjoyed pretending to be Jack, and Marco had done a "hell of a job." Jack imagined that Victor enjoyed reminding him that Marco had taken over Jack's life, but Victor implored Jack to put his hurt feelings aside and focus on the real issue.

Jack acknowledged that Marco was out there somewhere, and Victor warned that Marco had assumed Jack's life before. Jack thought things were different because Marisa and Gabriel knew about Marco, as did Phyllis. Victor chided Jack for being selfish and stupid enough to clue Phyllis in, but Jack contended that Phyllis had had every right to know, especially if Marco might resurface. Victor cautioned that if Marco knew Phyllis could blow his cover, she would become Marco's target.

Victor suspected that Marco wanted to replace Jack permanently, but he pledged that he wouldn't let it happen. Jack accused Victor of only looking out for his own skin, and Victor guessed that Marco thought he had the upper hand. A frantic Phyllis called Jack and relayed that Marco was there, and she'd bashed him over the head, but he was still breathing. Jack ordered her to get out of there, but she wanted to hit Marco again if he woke up, and she told Jack to get home right away. Phyllis nervously returned to the spot where she'd hit Marco, but she found no sign of him.

Jack rushed home, and Phyllis pointed out Marco's blood on the floor. Jack instructed her to get into the car and lock it, but Phyllis observed that the trail of blood led to the door, and she wanted to make sure Marco didn't get away. Phyllis reported that Marco had pretended to be Jack, but she'd been suspicious from the second Marco had opened his mouth, and he hadn't known the password. Phyllis worried that Marco had loved living Jack's life, and she thought Marco wasn't done trying to get it back.

Phyllis searched the house but didn't find Marco, and Jack concluded that Marco had taken off in a stolen car, since the trail of blood had stopped at the driveway. He added that Marisa hadn't seen Marco, and he swore that Marco would never take Phyllis from him again. Phyllis wanted to call the police, but Jack reiterated that everything he'd done would be exposed if the police found Marco before he did. Phyllis barked that she wanted it to be over, but Jack urged her to leave it to him and Victor. Phyllis growled that Victor had put the slime ball into their lives, and the person they had to trust to deal with the nightmare was the person who'd created it.

Summer approached Victor in the club foyer, and he offered to have someone escort her back to the ranch. Summer said she knew he'd put a security detail on her, and Victor explained that he felt better with someone watching over her when he couldn't. Noah descended the stairs and expressed concern that Summer was there during the blackout. Summer mentioned that Victor had hired a bodyguard with a crime boss on the loose, but she wondered why Victor thought Marco wanted to go after her.

Victor said he was concerned about all of them, but Noah pointed out that Summer hadn't had anything to do with Marco. Victor argued that a guy like Marco was capable of all kinds of things, and he expected his family members to tolerate someone following them at all times. Victor stepped aside to find Nikki, but he answered a call from Jack, who reported that Marco had gotten away. Jack added that Marco was bleeding from a head wound, so he wouldn't get far. Later, Victor reassigned Summer's bodyguard to make it his priority to look for Marco.

Marisa excitedly rushed to her door, expecting Noah with food, but she found Victor there. She coolly asked what he wanted, and he spotted Noah's watch on the table. She suggested that she'd stolen it because that was the kind of woman she was, but Victor was sure she hadn't swiped it, since he'd just seen Noah downstairs. Victor recalled Marisa's words that she and Noah were friends and that Noah was grieving the loss of his fiancée, but Marisa flatly demanded to know what he wanted. Victor declared that he was there to find out what else she'd been lying about.

Marisa said she didn't want to talk or think about Marco, since he wanted her dead, and she felt the same way about him. Victor offered her the chance to tell him that Marco had returned to town, since Marco had shown up at Jack's house. Marisa worriedly asked if Jack was okay, and Victor replied that Jack had taken care of himself, but he sternly ordered her to let him know if Marco contacted her. Marisa maintained that she wanted nothing more to do with Marco, but Victor warned that her own life might be in danger if she took things into her own hands.

Meanwhile, Summer sensed that something wasn't right, and Noah suspected that there was more to the story with Marco, but he expected no answers from Victor. Summer asked what Noah was carrying, and he stammered that it was food for Marisa. He admitted that things had happened, and Summer understood because she'd turned to Kyle, but she pointed out that she'd known Kyle for years. Noah insisted that he knew Marisa, but Summer noted that Marisa's ex might have killed Summer's husband and Noah's fiancée, and she questioned whether Noah was sure Marisa was the right person to be with.

Noah defended that Marco, not Marisa, had hurt the people they'd loved, but Summer countered that Marisa had loved Marco. Noah scoffed at the thought that Marisa was a killer by association, but Summer advised Noah that fixing someone's problems wasn't the same as love. Noah said he wasn't in love, but Summer replied that he wasn't yet, and she encouraged him to get to know Marisa outside the bedroom and to make sure he could accept everything about her.

Noah returned to Marisa's room and said it looked like things had been eventful there. Marisa seemed flustered, and he pointed out that the lights were back on. He started to put his watch on, but she amorously suggested he not put it on and take other things off instead. He gently rebuffed her advances and proposed that they talk about her while they ate.

Jack didn't want Phyllis to be more than three feet away until they found Marco, and Phyllis recognized that Marco had messed with her head, but she was concerned that Marco wanted to erase Jack completely. Jack thought it had been irrational for Marco to return there, so there was no telling what Marco would do next, and the power turned back on. Jack noted that Phyllis had had the chance to observe Marco, but she clarified that she'd seen him as Jack acting out of character, and she didn't know the real Marco. Phyllis realized that Marisa did, and she suggested that Jack go back to Marisa and talk to her -- as Marco.

Jack refused to pretend to be Marco, but Phyllis asserted that Marisa was more likely to say something to Marco than to Jack. Jack balked at the idea of tricking Marisa after she'd saved his life, but Phyllis wondered whether there was another reason why Jack was so quick to defend Marisa.

Marco entered the Abbott cabin, and he snickered as he touched the blood on his head. He made a call, and he reported that things hadn't gone as planned, so he needed the person's help again.

Sex With an Ex Sex With an Ex
Thursday, August 6, 2015

At Newman-Abbott, Victoria answered a call from Victor, who wanted to ensure she'd survived the blackout, and she reported that she and the kids were fine. She added that everything was running smoothly at the office, but Gabriel seemed to have vanished. She questioned why Victor had asked Gabriel to return to the company after what he'd pulled, and Victor replied that he'd had his reasons. Victor requested that Victoria let him know when she heard from Gabriel, but she hoped Gabriel stayed gone. As she hung up, Billy walked in and mentioned that he had a good idea where Gabriel was, and he intended to hunt Gabriel down and drag him back by his fingernails.

Billy played a voicemail that Chelsea had left to tell him that she and Connor had needed a break. Billy guessed that Chelsea had left town without a word to get away from Gabriel, and he refused to let Gabriel continue to harass her. Billy thought it was insane that Victor had allowed Gabriel to continue working there, and he surmised that Gabriel had something on Victor. Victoria wondered if Billy was looking for ammunition to use against her father, but Billy insisted that he wanted the truth, since something about Gabriel was off. Billy threatened to do whatever it took to break Gabriel, and Victoria yelled at him to stop it.

Victoria said she worried about the way Billy flipped out at the mention of Gabriel's name, and she thought Billy had the same look in his eye that he'd had when he'd gone after Adam with a gun. Billy apologized and assured her that he was cool, but she was skeptical. Billy pointed out that Gabriel had probably followed Chelsea and Connor out of town, and Victoria acknowledged that Billy wanted to kill Gabriel, but that was why Billy shouldn't look for him. Billy agreed that he might do something crazy, since he had been fixated on Gabriel, but drinking and gambling were out as distractions. Victoria was relieved to hear it, and Billy asked if she had any non-destructive ideas about ways he could amuse himself.

Billy played with Johnny at Victoria's house, and he recalled playing with his father when he'd been young. Victoria said she often showed Johnny photos of John, and Billy called John a great man. Victoria remarked that Billy was great, too, and Billy said he was still trying to measure up, but he thought Johnny would take after John. Billy mused that he had to learn what counted and what wasn't worth fighting for -- and what was.

Later, Billy said it had been good to spend time with the kids, and Victoria asked if he wasn't angry anymore. He replied that spending time with his children had reminded him of what counted in life, and he thanked her. She gave credit to their little angels, who had no idea what power they had, and Billy commented that their mom had some pretty impressive powers of her own. Billy marveled that Victoria always knew what he needed even before he did, and she murmured that it had always been like that for both of them. They edged toward one another and kissed.

After Billy and Victoria made love, she asked what their lovemaking had meant, and Billy said he didn't know, but it had meant a lot to be with her again and to feel that close. She thought it felt like more than just sex with an ex, and he agreed that it had been a lot more, but he sensed that it was something less than miraculously getting back together. She pointed out that it wouldn't be that much of a miracle, since it had felt like they'd been inching toward a reconciliation for weeks, but she wondered where they went from there. Billy suggested that they take it easy, and she suggested that he ease his way into spending the night.

In a hotel room in Paris, Chelsea told Connor that he'd get to have authentic French toast when he woke up, and she assured him that everything would be just fine. The hotel phone rang, and Chelsea cheerfully answered in French, but she panicked when Adam said hello. She asked how he'd found her, and he replied that he'd been highly motivated. She snapped that she didn't want to talk to him, but he pleaded that he couldn't stand the thought of disappearing from her life, and he asked her to give him the chance to prove it to her.

Adam admitted that he'd been in denial about things that Chelsea had forced him to see through fresh eyes, but she spat that she wanted nothing to do with him, and she hung up. She groaned to Connor that she loved his daddy, and she hesitantly answered when the phone rang again. Adam asked why she was in Paris, staying in a hotel on the same street they'd planned to live on for the rest of their lives. She claimed that it had nothing to do with him, and he said he wanted to see her and Connor, but she adamantly said no. She added that she'd needed to get away, and he owed her that.

Adam reluctantly agreed to back off, and Chelsea told him not to call again, but after she hung up, she said to herself that it had been way too easy. As Chelsea packed, she told Connor that his daddy was stubborn and pushy, and she imagined that Adam was probably boarding a plane at that moment. There was a knock at the door, and she hoped to pay the bill and get out of there, but she found Adam at the door.

Chelsea put Connor down to sleep and said it had been a long day for the tot, and she stressed that Adam wasn't welcome there, but she should have known that he wouldn't be considerate enough not to show up. She told him to go, but he hoped to enjoy some time with her and have breakfast with his son. Adam said he wasn't going anywhere, and she shouldn't, either. Chelsea refused to stay in the room with him, but Adam contended that it would be the answer to all their problems to stay there and have the life they'd always dreamed of.

Chelsea was incredulous that Adam expected her to live in Paris with him, but Adam countered that they'd made the plans before to move there, and he suggested that they leave the ugliness behind and forget about Genoa City. She wondered how he could have an idealistic vision of the future after everything he'd done, and she refused to uproot her whole life for a future with him when she couldn't even trust him. Adam conceded that Chelsea had a lot of reasons to give up on him, and she replied that he'd given them to her. He asked for another chance, but she told him to leave.

Adam urged Chelsea to leave their secrets behind, since she could call him by his real name there, but she lamented that the past would still be there. Adam asserted that they could leave behind everything she hated about him, and that time would be different, but she huffed that it never was. Chelsea was sure that the thing that had stopped them before would inevitably stop them again -- his desire for getting revenge on Victor.

Adam contended that they were already far away from his vendetta, and he was ready to put down permanent roots with Chelsea. He volunteered to burn his passport, and she couldn't help but chuckle. He swore that they could have their happily ever after, but she said such a thing didn't exist. Adam insisted that they could have it there, and he hated to put it all on Chelsea, but he thought she could save them by giving him another chance.

In Marisa's hotel room, Marisa cooed to Noah that they could talk later, but he pulled back from her kiss and insisted that he wanted to get to know her. He implored her to tell him about her life before Genoa City, but she replied that she already had. Noah asked her to tell him something she hadn't told him before, and she wondered why it felt like an interrogation. She demanded to know why Noah suddenly didn't trust her anymore.

Marisa realized that Noah had spoken to a family member or a friend when he'd gone downstairs, and she wished they would stop interfering. Noah asserted that he made up his own mind about people, but there was still no justice for Austin and Courtney's murders. He sat despondently on the bed, and Marisa recognized that he'd lost someone he'd loved. He murmured that he and Courtney were supposed to have had forever, and Marisa offered to reveal something she'd never told him about herself -- she understood that kind of loss, and she swore to him that she'd had nothing to do with Courtney's death or anything like it. Noah said he believed her, and she promised that if Marco had been the killer, she would help find him and get the justice Noah deserved.

Noah said he didn't believe that Marisa had been involved with the murders, and he wouldn't still be there if he wasn't sure. They kissed, but his phone vibrated, and he remembered that he'd promised to meet Nick at the Underground before it closed. She told him to hurry back, and he rushed out, but a cop stopped him in the hallway. Noah assumed that the officer was part of Victor's security detail, but the cop informed Noah that he needed to go to the police station immediately.

At the police station, Detective Harding asked Noah how his new girlfriend was, and Noah replied that both he and Marisa had told the police everything they knew. Harding referred to the sketch of Marco based on Marisa's description, and he announced that they'd found the guy. Harding handed over a photo, and Noah realized that it matched the sketch. Harding revealed that the man wasn't Marco -- the man Marisa had described had been the captain of a ship that had blown up off the coast of South America, and Marisa had boarded that ship two months earlier.

Harding pointed out that the evidence proved Marisa had lied, but Noah grappled for other explanations. Harding guessed that Noah was sleeping with her. Harding asked Noah to press Marisa for information in order to catch Marco, but Noah maintained that Marisa had told him everything she knew. Harding asked if Noah was willing to bet his life, and he lectured that it was about more people than just Noah. Harding insisted that they needed to honor Courtney's memory by putting her killer away, and Noah said he wanted that more than anything. Harding ordered him to find out what Marisa knew.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack swore to Phyllis that nothing romantic had happened between him and Marisa, and Phyllis continued to question why Jack wouldn't pose as Marco to get information from Marisa. Jack contended that it wouldn't be fair to Marisa, and Phyllis groused that his loyalty to a stranger trumped his family's safety. Jack insisted that Marisa hadn't been responsible for everything that had happened, and he wanted to see Marco punished. Phyllis pushed Jack to pretend to be Marco, but Jack argued that he wouldn't know how, since he'd never met the man. Phyllis replied that she had.

Jack admitted that he was uncomfortable with the idea of learning about Marco from Phyllis, but she pointed out that she'd lived with Marco for months. Jack countered that Marco had been pretending to be him, but Phyllis said there had been differences. Jack blurted out that they hadn't been enough for her to notice it hadn't really been him, but he quickly apologized. Phyllis blamed herself for not realizing that Marco hadn't been Jack, but she was able to clearly see major differences when she looked back at things.

Phyllis explained that Marco had pushed the envelope, and he'd been bolder and more forceful than Jack. Jack seemed offended, but Phyllis clarified that Jack was also those things, but he wasn't scary. Jack pulled her close and said he hated that Marco had gotten near her, and Phyllis begged Jack to find out why Marco had risked returning to the house. Jack agreed to see what "bold, forceful Marco" could accomplish.

As Phyllis and Jack entered the Athletic Club, she instructed him to swagger like he knew he looked good, and she banned him from kissing Marisa. He replied that it wasn't a hard promise to keep when he'd go home to Phyllis, and she coached him to swagger as he walked upstairs. Phyllis spotted Victor at the bar, and she asked where Nikki was, since she didn't want his wife to hear the things she was about to say to him. Victor countered that he wouldn't want anyone to hear what he had to say to Phyllis.

Phyllis asked where Victor got off being angry with her, and he reminded her that she'd intimated something to his wife. Phyllis pointed out that she could have simply told Nikki that Victor had sunk to a new level of depravity by kidnapping Jack and replacing him with a criminal, but Victor contended that Kelly had kept Jack prisoner. Phyllis noted that Victor had a history of using others to do his dirty work, and she understood why he'd gone after Jack, but she blasted him for letting Marco violate her. Phyllis growled that Victor had made her part of his plan in the most degrading way possible, and she wondered how his precious family would feel if they found out what he'd done.

Victor maintained that he hadn't been responsible for what had happened to Phyllis, and he told her to keep her beliefs to herself. He wondered if Jack had instructed her to do the same thing, and she coldly replied that she'd been debriefed about their alliance to keep Jack from being punished for what he'd done to escape. Phyllis accused Victor of putting the plan in motion by hiring Marco, but Victor continued to deny it. Victor questioned what Phyllis would do to save the lives of her children, and she replied anything. Victor said he would, too.

Victor reiterated that he was sorry for what Phyllis had suffered at Marco's hands, but Phyllis said she knew Victor's motivation had been business, since Jack had told her that someone had been out to destroy Victor with the Paragon Project. She insisted that Jack hadn't been behind it, and someone else was trying to take Victor down. She ordered Victor to stop going after Jack and to find out who was really behind it, but if he didn't, she'd love to see Victor go down hard.

Marisa invited Jack in and asked what was going on, but he replied that he wasn't Jack, and she'd better not be disappointed by that news. Posing as Marco, Jack hoped that Marisa hadn't thought he'd abandoned her, and she noted that walking away wasn't his style. He remarked that it was nice to see that she was doing well, and she replied that she'd thought he'd drowned in the lake. He said he needed to get up to speed to be a step ahead of everyone else, but she brandished a knife and threatened to gut him if he moved toward her.

Jack told Marisa to put the knife down, but she recalled that Marco had been planning to kill her on the night their car had plunged into the lake. She demanded to know what his plans were, and Jack conceded that he was really Jack. Marisa refused to believe him, but Jack told her to look into his eyes like she'd done when he'd been there earlier. She guessed that Marco had eavesdropped on her previous conversation with Jack, and she told him to stop lying, since he deserved to pay for torturing good people. She added that the only way for her to live and to keep people safe was for Marco to die.

Jack recalled that he'd had one hand shackled when he'd been on the ship, and he had a scar. Marisa accused him of trying to trick her, but he recounted when she'd kissed him when they'd first met. She realized it really was Jack, and he thanked her for not stabbing him. She demanded to know why he'd tried to fool her, and he explained that they had needed to know she wasn't working with Marco.

Jack continued that Phyllis had been terrified when Marco had shown up at their house, but Marco had gotten away. Marisa understood why Phyllis would have doubts, but she argued that she'd put her life on the line to save Jack. Jack said he was asking even more of her, since Marco was still out there, and he wondered if there was any way to track Marco down to find out where he intended to strike next.

Meanwhile, Phyllis refused to let Victor brush her aside, and she vowed to see him get what he deserved. Jack approached and asked what was going on, but Phyllis snapped that it had been more of the same thing, and she walked off. Victor blasted Jack for telling Phyllis everything, but Jack defended that knowing Jack had a double might have saved Phyllis' life when Marco had shown up. Victor maintained that spilling the beans had put Phyllis in greater jeopardy.

Noah returned to Marisa's room, and she rushed over to hug him, but he pushed her away and asked "what the hell" the sketch had been. He barked that she'd never described Marco, and he ordered her to tell him whether she was protecting the man who had killed Noah's fiancée. Marisa swore that she'd honestly thought providing a false description had been the best thing to do, and she'd never done anything to hurt Noah and never would. She added that if he didn't believe it, they truly had nothing, and she stormed out.

My Money Is On You My Money Is On You
Friday, August 7, 2015

At the cottage, Mariah and Sharon tried to assemble a crib, but they were baffled by the instructions. Faith and Nick walked in, and Sharon explained that Mariah was helping her to put together a crib before Dylan returned from his run. Mariah complained that the directions were in Swahili, but Faith declared that it was easy to put the parts together. Nick gave it a try, but he shook his head when the crib fell apart. Sharon asked if Nick knew what the situation reminded her of, and Nick thought about Noah's crib.

Faith asked if her parents had put together her big brother's crib, and Sharon explained that Nikki had arranged to have one waiting when they'd taken a premature Noah home from the hospital. Sharon recalled holding a tiny Noah in that room, thinking her prayers had been answered because he'd survived, and she'd never forget it as long as she lived. Mariah left to meet Kevin, and Faith tried to put together the pieces of the crib herself. Nick and Sharon stepped in at the same time to help, and their hands touched.

Dylan spotted Sage on a park bench during his jog, and he asked how she was doing, but she suddenly broke down in tears. Sage explained that her pregnancy had taken a toll on her, and she wondered how Sharon was managing. Dylan confided that he'd seen Sharon burst into tears a few times the same way Sage had, but she thought Sharon was a pro compared to her. Sage admitted that she felt completely unprepared, since she'd thought she'd never be able to have a child, and Dylan replied that he'd never thought he'd be a father, either. Sage mused that they'd both been given a chance.

Sage recounted that she'd put her life on hold for a long time, but she finally had everything she wanted. Dylan suspected that she was waiting for the other shoe to drop, and she wondered why she did that to herself. He urged her to stay positive and to imagine a happy outcome, and Mariah walked by and remarked that they were enjoying the sunshine while others were working. Mariah mentioned that Sharon and Nick were obviously in need of help putting a crib together.

Meanwhile, Sharon and Nick playfully bantered about which one of them would finish the project, and Faith happily encouraged them to work together. Nick sent Faith upstairs to get more washers from his toolbox, and Sharon said they needed to talk about what had just happened. Nick thought Faith was just excited about both pregnancies and Nick and Sage's engagement, so everything was good. Sharon stressed that she didn't want Faith getting the wrong idea, and Nick acknowledged that Sharon should be putting together the crib with Dylan.

Sharon remarked that people could have history without feeling trapped or doomed to repeat it, and Nick said he was getting a fresh start without leaving his other family behind. Sharon asked if she was his "other family," and Nick pointed out that she was with Dylan, so Nick was her "other family," too. Nick wished Sharon luck with putting the crib together, and she teased him for bailing on her. He insisted that Faith had it under control, and they embraced as Dylan and Sage walked in.

Dylan explained that he'd run into Sage during his jog, and Mariah had told them that Nick and Sharon had needed help with the crib. Sharon revealed that she'd wanted it to be a surprise, but she'd made a mess, and Faith returned with the washers and asked if everyone intended to help. Nick suggested that he and Sage take off and let Sharon and Dylan finish, but Faith looked disappointed. Dylan proposed that they all work on it together to get it done faster, and he looked at Nick and offered to show "Butterfingers" how it was done. The group turned it into a friendly competition to see which couple could assemble one side of the crib faster.

Everyone exchanged high-fives when they completed the crib, and Faith ran off to play on the computer. Sharon pulled Sage aside to show her a mobile, and Nick and Dylan admired their handiwork. Dylan retracted his "Butterfingers" comment, and Nick remarked that they were all a family in Faith's eyes. Meanwhile, Sharon inquired about Sage taking up running, and Sage admitted that she'd been mostly resting and crying. Sharon advised that the precious moments would go by fast, and she told Sage not to let her fears spoil it for her.

Nick and Sage strolled through the park, and he inquired when she wanted to start on their own nursery. Sage hesitantly admitted that she'd thought about it a lot, but it felt like tempting fate if they got too far ahead of themselves. He suggested that they hire a decorator, but she protested that it would be no fun, and she agreed to check out a baby furniture store nearby. Nick insisted on only getting things that were already assembled, and they hugged.

Dylan stood over the crib, and Sharon wondered if it had stirred up memories. He replied that he was thinking about the new memories they'd make, and he'd been imagining their child in the crib, looking up at him. He envisioned the baby's first look of wonder and first smile, and Sharon said nothing else in life was even close. He put his arm around her and murmured that he'd never been that happy.

At Victoria's home, Victoria offered Billy some coffee, and she commented that it had been nice to wake up together. He wondered if they should tell the kids, but she replied that there was nothing to tell, since they'd agreed to take their time. She realized she was late for work, and Billy said it could wait, but she pointed out that she was competing with her little sister. They kissed goodbye.

At Newman-Abbott, Abby presented Victor with figures from the central warehouse to show that morale and productivity were way up. He declared that he'd had no doubt she would succeed, and he asked if she was ready for her next assignment -- a conference that day in Milwaukee about surfactants. He gave her materials to acquaint herself with the topic, and he said she'd be filling in for the senior vice president of engineering, who'd had a family problem. Victor stated that she'd leave as soon as Victoria arrived, since he wanted them both to attend, but he noted that it was unusual for Victoria to be late.

Abby reviewed the material and excitedly prepared for the conference, and she intended to remind the attendees about Victor's humble beginning of selling things out of his car. She gushed that she was proud of her dad and his accomplishments, and Victor said he was also very proud of her, but she'd needed a chance to prove herself. She said it helped when the most important man in her life believed in her, too, and Victoria burst in with apologies for being late. Victor informed Victoria that she and Abby were going to a conference in Milwaukee to give a speech.

Victoria griped that she was the one who knew the product line and surfactant chemistry backward and forward, but Victor maintained that people would be happy to see both beautiful ladies representing the company. Billy entered and said he knew what Victor was doing and why, and he guessed that Victor was trying to keep Abby and Victoria safe from Marco. Victor conceded that he was glad his daughters would be out of harm's way, and he'd arranged for a limousine and extra security, but it was an important conference.

Abby wanted to stop by the hospital to tell Stitch she'd be out of town, and she departed. Victoria complained about teaming up with Abby, but Victor suggested that Victoria start working on her speech. Billy assured Victoria that she'd be great, and she sauntered off. Billy presented Victor with some research he'd wanted, but Victor barked that he knew what "Billy Boy" was doing, and he didn't like it one bit.

At the hospital, Ashley observed the concerned look on Stitch's face and said she was glad it wasn't her chart he was reviewing. He asked how her appointment with the neurologist had gone, and she reported that her recovery was on track. He confided that he was worried about a patient he was treating, and he explained that the patient was a vet who had put off seeing a doctor because he had posttraumatic stress disorder and couldn't stand people touching him. Ashley imagined that it was a reminder to Stitch of what he'd been through, and he recalled that he'd seen pain when he'd been a medic, but he'd missed the ambush his fellow soldiers had faced because he'd been on leave to be with his new baby.

Ashley understood Stitch's feelings of guilt over not having been there, but she pointed out that it had given him the opportunity to find his true calling. Stitch realized that he'd "come full circle," and he recognized that he'd also needed help, like when Ashley had given him a job. She replied that he'd deserved it, but she was happy that he was back doing what he should be doing. A nurse informed Stitch that the patient's fever had spiked, and he thanked Ashley for listening before he hurried into James's room.

Stitch administered medication to James, who mumbled that he'd screwed up. Stitch told James not to blame himself for wanting to steer clear of doctors, but James grabbed Stitch's arm and wished he'd done more for his men, since he'd lost too many of them while he'd been able to return home. Stitch maintained that it hadn't been James's fault that he had lived, but it would be James's fault if he didn't make the most of it. James drifted off to sleep, and an emotional Stitch exited the room.

Abby cheerfully greeted Stitch with a kiss, and she said she was there to say goodbye before her big trip to an important conference. She rambled on about her presentation and the extra security Victor had hired, but Stitch admitted he was distracted. She asked if everything was okay, and he explained that he was worried about a patient who had served near where Stitch had been stationed. Abby asked Stitch to wish her luck, and she kissed him goodbye and flitted off.

Later, Stitch checked on James, and he told the nurse to page him if there was any change. The nurse handed Stitch a Medal of Honor that she'd found in James's pocket, and Stitch remarked that James had seen a lot of action in a hostile environment, but James had done a lot of good there. Stitch pinned the medal to James's pillowcase, and the monitor began beeping. Stitch realized that James was in cardiac arrest, and he yelled for a crash team. Stitch started chest compressions, and he panicked that he was losing James.

At Newman-Abbott, Victor ordered Billy never to enter his office unannounced, and he growled that Billy was getting too close to Victoria, but Billy retorted that Victor didn't get a vote. Victor refused to allow his daughter to be dragged down into Billy's dysfunctional world, but Billy spat that he didn't control people in the name of protecting them. Ashley rushed in and said she had heard them yelling, and Victor ordered Billy out. Billy huffed that Victoria didn't need Victor, and Victor countered that she certainly didn't need Billy.

After Billy left, Victor scoffed at the idea that his sensitive, beautiful daughter would fall for a reprobate like Billy, and Ashley warned him not to talk about her brother that way. She asked where everyone else was, and Victor mentioned the conference. Ashley was miffed that she wasn't going to the event, and Victor declared that he'd wanted to talk to her alone about the Paragon Project. Victor added that he didn't think Jack had wanted to destroy him -- he thought Ashley had been behind it.

Ashley claimed she'd never heard of the Paragon Project, and Victor explained that it was a highly sophisticated scheme to topple him and his company. He continued that all the bad blood that had culminated in his meeting with Jack in the park traced back to Paragon, and Ashley suggested that Victor talk to Jack. Victor relayed that Phyllis had told him that Jack knew nothing about the scheme, which threw suspicion on the rest of the Abbotts. "My money is on you," Victor told Ashley.

Elsewhere at the office, Victoria wanted to rehearse her presentation, but Abby clarified that it was theirs, and she dared Victoria to admit that she didn't want to work with Abby. Victoria conceded that she wasn't thrilled that Abby was tagging along on the trip, and Abby countered that they had to cool off for the good of the company, or they'd make fools of themselves. Abby guessed that Victoria and Billy were back together, and Victoria divulged that they were taking things slowly. Victoria worried that he sometimes went back to the dark place he'd gone after Delia had died, and Gabriel triggered that side of Billy. Victoria voiced her concern that Billy's need to hate was stronger than his love for her.

Abby thought Billy had lost Victoria too many times to make the same mistake again, and she envied that Billy and Victoria were perfect together. Victoria asked about Abby and Stitch, and Abby explained that she'd fallen for Stitch because he'd been keeping her safe, but since he'd returned to the hospital, he'd been all about his patients. Victoria noted that Stitch had always had a passion for helping people, but Abby didn't want to change who she was, especially since she was climbing up the corporate ladder. Abby wondered how she could be a high-powered Newman executive and still find true love.

Billy entered Victoria's home, and he found his phone in between the couch cushions. He flashed back to making love with Victoria, and he called her. Victoria hesitated to answer, but Abby insisted that she take the call. Billy said he knew Victoria was busy, but he'd wanted to let her know he was thinking about her. She said she was thinking about him, too, and Abby smiled knowingly.

At Crimson Lights, Paul perused a newspaper headline about Marco still being at large, and Christine approached and pulled the paper out of Paul's hands. She disallowed any stress or police business during his leave of absence, and she presented him with some herbal tea. She asked if he was ready for his first couples' yoga class, but he grumbled that there had to be a better way to relax than to contort his body. Christine questioned whether he wanted to be around to take his grandchild to baseball games, and she said she didn't want to lose him. She received a text message, and she promised she would be back as soon as possible.

At the police station, Christine warned Harding against feeding Paul any information, since her husband was desperate to get back in the game. Harding admitted that it had been difficult to ignore Paul's requests, but it had been for Paul's own good. Christine said she was counting on Harding to run things and to leave Paul out of it, and Harding promised to run the department just like Paul would.

At the coffeehouse, Kevin greeted Paul, who ordered Kevin to fill him in about exactly what was going on. Kevin revealed that Marisa had placed Marco in town at the time of the murders, and Marco had threatened to kill her before their car had plunged into the lake. Paul guessed that Noah had rescued Marisa after Noah hadn't been able to save Courtney, and he was sure Marisa hadn't been disappointed that Noah was a Newman. Paul asked about the body, but Kevin replied that there hadn't been one, since he'd rented diving gear to check it out himself. Paul chided Kevin for never learning, but Kevin insisted that everything was going through the proper channels, and the police divers had confirmed his findings.

Kevin added that Detective Harding had told him to keep an eye on Marisa, and he'd seen her meeting Victor in the park. Kevin voiced his suspicion that Victor was somehow connected to Marco, and Paul huffed that Victor knew more than he was saying -- again. Paul hated being sidelined with a killer out there, and Kevin complained that Harding had been giving him busy work to keep him from getting involved in the investigation. Paul urged Kevin to do what Harding asked.

Mariah arrived and asked if a body had floated up yet, and Paul scolded Kevin for dragging her into his efforts to play cop. Mariah insisted that she'd wanted to find Marco and make him pay, and Paul insisted that Harding knew what he was doing. Kevin said that was what he was afraid of, since he thought Harding was up to something, and he hoped Paul wouldn't blindly trust Harding.

Paul defended that Harding had worked for him for years, but Kevin trusted his own instincts, and Mariah backed Kevin up. Paul refused to question Harding's character because of Kevin's gut feeling, but Kevin warned that, at a minimum, Harding wanted Paul's job. Paul quickly changed the topic to his lack of caffeine intake when Christine walked in, and Kevin and Mariah covered. Privately, Kevin vowed to get proof to support his suspicions.

Kevin and Mariah arrived at the police station, and Kevin hovered outside Harding's open door. Kevin overheard Harding tell someone on the phone that they would meet in the same place they'd always met.

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