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Marisa covered up Noah's role in Billy's accident. Adam worked as a double agent to take the Santoris down. Jenna was killed in a car accident, and Max blamed Abby for his mother's death. Billy's condition deteriorated.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of January 4, 2016 on Y&R
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A Worried Marisa Protects Noah A Worried Marisa Protects Noah
Monday, January 4, 2016

In Paul's office at the police station, Paul questioned Marisa about Billy. Before Marisa responded, she privately recalled what had happened in a flashback. She remembered chasing after Noah in the parking garage. After Noah had backed up before driving forward to exit a partially blocked parking spot, Marisa remembered discovering Billy lying unconscious. Paul called out to Marisa when she failed to immediately respond to his question.

Marisa didn't tell Paul what she'd seen. Paul assured Marisa that he could protect her and guarantee anonymity. Marisa recalled that the garage had been dark. Paul told Marisa that Billy was fighting for his life and couldn't tell them what had happened. Marisa insisted that she hadn't heard or seen anyone. Disappointed and frustrated, Paul nodded. Marisa had nothing more to add.

At Crimson Lights, Mariah asked Kevin if he was still troubled about their disappointing kiss on New Year's Eve. Kevin explained that he'd just returned from visits to the hospital and the police station. Mariah said, "You worried about your deal with Billy?" Kevin insisted that he was more worried about Billy than the business deal. Mariah nodded and agreed.

Mariah and Kevin joined Noah in the dining area and asked about Billy. Noah said he regretted his decision to leave the party early because he might've been able to help Billy. Kevin said he'd read the police report and had discovered that someone had beaten Billy before a vehicle had struck him. Kevin suggested that Billy might've received a beating after "placing a bet to the get the money, and it went wrong." Noah asked why Billy had needed money. Kevin said he'd been quietly developing a project that Billy had hoped to help finance. Mariah said she felt bad about encouraging Kevin to double the amount Billy had been required to invest.

Noah told Mariah and Kevin that the only person to blame was the driver who'd struck Billy with a car. Kevin refused to disclose the project he was developing. Mariah explained that Billy hadn't approached his family for a loan because Victor had sunk "his bloodsucking fangs into the Abbott family fortune." Marisa joined Noah, Kevin, and Mariah and said she'd just left the police station after answering questions about what had happened to Billy. Kevin noted that if Marisa had not summoned an ambulance when she had, Billy could've died. Mariah and Kevin left.

Noah seemed confused when Marisa said, "I know you had a good reason for not coming forward." Noah was shocked when Marisa said she'd witnessed him striking Billy with his car, so she'd lied to police to protect him. Noah thought back and recalled having sensed bumping something. Noah said he'd thought he'd hit a curb or parking block. Marisa noted that she'd raced to the garage after Noah had suddenly left and had witnessed the accident. Noah became upset and stammered, "Billy was on the ground. Why was he on the ground? Oh, my God! I didn't see him."

Noah told Marisa that he'd tell the police what had happened. Marisa pleaded with Noah to keep quiet because investigators might draw the wrong conclusion after what had transpired between the Abbotts and Newmans. Noah replied, "The Abbotts can think what they want." Marisa replied, "I don't want you to go to prison, Noah. I don't want to lose you." Noah said he couldn't lie. Marisa said Noah should just keep quiet. Noah replied, "Is that what your husband would do? I'm sorry. I can't do that." Noah rushed out the door.

Kevin and Mariah entered Paul's office. Kevin asked if Paul had any leads in Billy's case. Paul explained that there were no security cameras in the garage at Newman Enterprises because of the recent fire. Paul added that Marisa Sierras was the only witness. Mariah sarcastically noted that "the girlfriend of a former gangster" had likely claimed she hadn't seen anything.

Mariah shot Kevin a sideways glance when he said that Billy probably owed his bookie a sizable debt. Paul asked Kevin how he knew about the debt. Mariah spoke up and said Billy's gambling problem was common knowledge. Paul locked eyes with Kevin and said, "Sounds like more specific knowledge." Paul urged Kevin to disclose everything he knew.

In the laboratory at Jabot, Ashley tried to concentrate on work. She told Dr. Neville that doctors had reported no improvement in Billy's condition. Dr. Neville urged Ashley to contact Abby. Ashley insisted that Abby deserved to enjoy her honeymoon. Dr. Neville asked Ashley how the news might affect Abby if the worst happened or if she learned about it from reading the news online. Ashley agreed that she should tell Abby about Billy.

After Ben and Abby talked to Ashley, Ben told Abby that they could catch the next flight home. Abby decided not to return home, so they could enjoy their honeymoon. Abby seemed uncertain, and Ben comforted her. Ben phoned Dr. Shelby and put the call on speaker so Abby could hear, too. Dr. Shelby said, "Billy's in a coma. He's got multiple, worrisome areas of trauma. Injuries to his cervical spine may cause paralysis, and there's direct trauma to his skull." Ben thanked Dr. Shelby and ended the call. Abby asked Ben if Billy was dying. Ben said Billy's condition was critical. Abby decided to travel back home.

In Victor's office at Newman Enterprises, Nikki stopped by and told Victor he should be at the hospital, comforting Victoria, instead of working. Victor recalled that Billy had nearly destroyed Newman Enterprises, which was his family's legacy and Victoria's livelihood. Nikki replied, "Well, he was grieving his daughter's death." Victor replied, "He's up to his neck in debt. A bookie came and beat the crap out of him! It's about time that Victoria sees what that man is all about!" Nikki was shocked and horrified by Victor's news.

At Genoa City Memorial Hospital, Billy remained unconscious. Though Billy couldn't respond, Victoria and Jill watched over him. Victoria told Billy that Johnny had been asking about his daddy. Jill told Billy that his children would be taken in to visit as soon as he awakened. After Victoria stepped out, Jill sobbed and said that the doctors and other family members seemed to have given up. Jill pleaded with Billy to wake up and prove he had the strength "to kick death in the face."

Outside Billy's room, Phyllis blamed Jack for having harshly judged Billy and refusing to give him a loan for a business investment. Jack said he doubted the loan would've been invested. Phyllis defended Billy and said that at least he'd had the guts to admit when he'd failed. Victoria overheard Phyllis berating Jack and interrupted. Victoria asked, "Does anyone want to bother to ask me how I'm doing?" Victoria explained that she'd done to herself exactly what Phyllis was doing to Jack. Victoria said she'd made herself feel responsible for what had happened to Billy.

Jack reached out to comfort Victoria, but she cried that Billy alone was to blame for his fate because he'd chosen to drink and gamble. Phyllis noted that Billy hadn't been driving the car that had struck him and had only placed one bet, so he could fund a business investment. Jack defended himself and said Billy had no need to prove himself with a grand scheme. Phyllis told Victoria that Billy had tried to turn his life around. Phyllis blamed both Jack and Victoria for having pushed Billy to the brink. Victoria noted that Billy had made one bad decision after another.

Nikki and Victor arrived. Jill stepped out of Billy's room. Addressing Victor, Jill cried, "What the hell are you doing here?" Victor noted that he'd gone there to support Victoria. Nikki and Victoria calmly told Jill that during uncertain times, all the family members should stand by each other. Phyllis invited Jill to get coffee, and they walked away. Victoria said she hoped authorities could locate the person who'd injured Billy. Victor said his own investigators and Paul's detectives were searching for the culprit. Jack walked away after he and Victor exchanged harsh words.

Ashley and Dr. Neville arrived. Dr. Neville located Billy's medical chart and snapped photos of it with his phone. Ashley, Jack, and Phyllis were standing nearby when Jill returned and asked Dr. Neville about Billy's condition. Dr. Neville quickly rattled off medical jargon Jill couldn't comprehend. Dr. Neville explained that Billy was in need of medication to treat swelling in his brain.

Dr. Neville was advocating the administration of anti-seizure medication when Dr. Barton Shelby quickly took away Billy's chart and told Jill that "Mr. Neville" was no longer allowed to practice at the hospital. Dr. Barton angrily noted that "Mr. Neville" had "played Frankenstein" with Hilary Hamilton. Jill recalled that Hilary had recovered. Ashley vouched for her business partner, but Dr. Shelby insisted that "Mr. Neville's practices" were "unproven and dangerous." Dr. Neville left.

Victoria remained near Billy's room and sought comfort in her father's arms. Victoria suggested that her father's presence was upsetting to the Abbotts. Victor said he didn't care because he had a right to support his daughter. Nikki suggested they both leave. Nikki agreed to stay if Victor left.

Noah arrived and told Victoria he had something to tell her about Billy's accident. Marisa ran after Noah and tried to shush him. Victor had turned to leave, but he walked back and asked Noah what he could know about Billy's accident. Marissa insisted that Noah thoughtfully consider whether or not his information would even be helpful. Marisa asked Victor to support her in convincing Noah to keep quiet.

Victoria rushed toward Billy's room when she heard emergency alarms sounding. Victoria summoned a doctor, and Dr. Shelby rushed in to treat Billy. Ashley, Phyllis, Jill, and Jack arrived just after Dr. Shelby rushed to Billy's aid. While everyone else was standing close to Billy's room, Victor took Noah aside and ordered him not to say anything. Victor insisted that whatever Noah had planned to say couldn't save Billy.

Back at Jabot's lab, Dr. Neville paced nervously as he waited near a printer. Dr. Neville printed the pages of Billy's medical chart he'd photographed at the hospital. The doctor sighed as he read through the pages. Dr. Neville seemed anxious as he considered Billy's grave condition and the treatment regime noted in the chart. Dr. Neville thought for a moment before he said aloud to himself, "They're going to kill him."

Billy Fights for His Life Billy Fights for His Life
Tuesday, January 5, 2016

At the penthouse, Adam ended a call and informed Chelsea that there was no update on Billy's condition. She reported that Katie was sleeping and that Johnny was playing with Connor upstairs, and Adam admired Chelsea for stepping up to take care of the kids. Chelsea commended Adam for being supportive in spite of his history with Billy, and Adam replied that Billy hadn't deserved what had happened. Chelsea reflected back on how Billy had been a great dad to Katie and Johnny, and Adam acknowledged that Billy had also been wonderful with Connor.

Chelsea regretted the way things had ended between her and Billy, but she thought she was meant to be with Adam, just like Billy was meant to be with Victoria. She recalled that Victoria had been disappointed that Billy hadn't shown up for the wedding, unaware that he had been left for dead in the garage, and she worried that Billy and Victoria wouldn't get another chance to be together and happy. Adam grabbed Chelsea's coat and offered to take care of the kids while she went to the hospital, and she thanked him for understanding her need to go there.

At the police station, Paul asked if Kevin had made any connection to the driver who'd hit Billy, but Kevin had nothing to report. Paul mentioned Kevin's theory that Billy was in the hospital because of a gambling debt gone bad, and he suspected that Kevin had an inside track. Paul noted that the security cameras in the garage had been inoperative since the fire, and they only had Marisa's unhelpful account of what had happened. Kevin queried whether Paul thought she was lying, and Paul wondered if she hadn't been completely forthcoming. Kevin suddenly fixated on his computer screen and announced that he had something.

Paul summoned Gil to his office and inquired whether Gil knew Billy. Gil vaguely replied that he knew a lot of people, and Paul revealed that he had a list of the text messages sent to and from Billy's cell phone about large gambling debts. Paul insinuated that the guy on the other end would be implicated in Billy's assault and hit-and-run, but the problem was that the person had used a burner phone, which was nearly impossible to trace. Gil thought it sounded like a dead end, but Kevin sent a text message, and Gil's phone buzzed. Kevin proclaimed that Gil was busted.

Gil insisted that Paul had the wrong guy, but Paul ominously stated that Billy might not make it, so Gil's only choices were the truth or jail. Gil admitted that he'd had an exchange with Billy, but he hadn't used Billy as a speed bump. Paul asked Kevin about the dollar amounts mentioned in the text messages, and Kevin replied that Billy had owed Gil $200,000. Paul doubted that Gil had just walked away when Billy had owed that much money, but Gil maintained that he hadn't caused any damage with his vehicle, and he offered to surrender his car for inspection.

Later, Paul informed Kevin that while Gil wasn't off the hook on all the charges, Paul had confirmed that there had been no damage to Gil's car, and Gil's tires definitely hadn't been a match with the tread marks in the garage. Paul instructed Kevin to look for makes and models that matched the treads, and he vowed to nail the scum who'd hit Billy.

At the hospital, Billy's monitors began beeping, and Victoria begged for someone to help him. Barton ordered her out of Billy's room, and she yelled for Billy to stay with her. Billy flatlined, and Barton grabbed the defibrillator paddles as Victoria screamed Billy's name. Billy's family gathered around the window as Barton tried to resuscitate Billy. Victoria attempted to reenter the room, but a nurse shut the door. Victoria tearfully turned and hugged Nikki.

In the waiting area, Noah admitted to Victor that it was his fault that Billy might die, since Noah had been behind the wheel of the car that had hit Billy. Noah explained that he hadn't been paying attention when he'd backed up his car and taken off, and he hadn't realized that Billy had been behind him. Victor warned Noah not to say another word, and he labeled Billy as a gambler and alcoholic who'd owed people money. Victor anticipated that the cops would think that the same people who had tried to collect Billy's debt had also run him over, so there was no need for Noah to take responsibility. Noah questioned how he could say nothing when Victoria had the right to know, but Victor was adamant that she couldn't know the truth.

Victor contended that a confession wouldn't help Victoria when she was already under stress, but Noah countered that he hadn't been raised to lie or to run from the things he'd done. Victor assured Noah that he was a good person, but he argued that there was a larger picture than what Noah was going through, and there would be enormous repercussions if Noah told the truth. Nikki approached and announced that Billy was in trouble, but the doctors were working on him. She noticed Noah's stricken expression and asked if he was all right.

Victor claimed that Noah was worried about Billy and Victoria, but they were all there as a family to protect their loved ones from as much pain as possible. Nikki suggested that they join Victoria, and she was shocked when Victor insisted that Noah return to work with him instead. Noah said he'd be back when things calmed down, and he asked Nikki to tell Victoria that he was thinking about her. Nikki hugged Noah and asked if he was sure he was all right, and he insisted he was. Nikki left, and Victor praised Noah for doing the right thing, since no one else needed to know about his involvement. Noah revealed that it was too late, since Marisa had seen the whole thing.

At Newman Enterprises, Luca found Marisa pacing in the corridor, and she recalled finding an unconscious Billy. Luca credited her with keeping Billy alive by calling 9-1-1, but she worried that it might not have been enough. She vowed that Billy had to make it, and Luca wondered why she was that emotional about what happened to Billy. Marisa noted that Billy was a father with two children who were younger than Ava, and Luca hoped Billy had a speedy recovery.

Marisa recounted that New Year's Eve had otherwise been a beautiful day full of love and hope at the wedding, and Luca considered it to be a reminder that they needed to live life every day they had. He suggested that they talk about the new year and their future, but she was uncertain of the future if Adam was involved. Luca was sure she'd think differently once she heard about his and Adam's plan, and he confided that he and Adam were going to dethrone their fathers and take over as CEOs. Marisa remained nervous that Adam would betray them all.

Marisa said Jack had told her all about Adam before she'd even arrived in town, and she thought Luca was playing with fire. Luca was confident that he could take the heat, and he was eager to make things right after what his father had done to him and Marisa. Marisa worried that Adam would take Luca down first, but Luca maintained that he could make it work. Adam walked in and asked for a private word with Luca, and the men retreated to Victor's office.

Moments later, Victor approached Marisa and mentioned that he knew what had happened at the garage, and he was aware that she did, too. He warned that she'd have to deal with him if she used the information to hurt his grandson, but Marisa replied that she'd lied to the police to protect Noah. Victor advised her to tread carefully.

In Victor's office, Adam inquired whether Luca was ready to move forward, and Luca replied that he needed time to get more information to guarantee his father's arrest. Luca wondered whether Adam had enough dirt to take down Victor, and Adam bragged that he knew all of Victor's skeletons. Luca dared Adam to make the first move by pulling the trigger on Victor, but Adam recounted their deal to fire at the same time. Luca said he'd let Adam know when he had enough information to move forward, and Victor overheard and asked what they were moving forward with.

Adam referred to some ideas Luca had about acquisitions in South America, and Victor said Luca had known nothing about that segment of the business when they'd spoken earlier, but Luca guaranteed that Victor would be impressed with his research. Victor huffed that they were in his office, and he ordered Adam to conduct his business elsewhere. Luca stepped out, and Adam told Victor that things with Luca were going better than he'd expected. Adam anticipated that Luca and the Santoris would be out of their lives before they knew it, and he pointedly added that Newman would soon be in the hands of the man who deserved to run it.

In the corridor, Marisa expressed relief to Noah that Victor had convinced him to do the right thing, but Noah grumbled that there had been nothing right about it. Marisa insisted that it had been the only choice, but Noah clarified that he was only willing to keep quiet for Victoria's sake. Marisa cautioned that Paul was determined to find the driver, and she advised Noah to cover his tracks. Marisa suggested that Noah swap out his tires, and she assured him that she knew he was a good man, so she was willing to do whatever it took to get him through it. Marisa and Noah embraced as Luca looked on.

Victoria softly told herself that Billy had to make it, and Jill despondently leaned up against the wall outside Billy's room. Traci rushed in, having turned back from her trip home to New York when she'd gotten the news about Billy. Jack hugged Traci and told her that it looked like Billy had been beaten up and hit by a car. Phyllis declared that Billy was a fighter, and Ashley added that he'd pull through it. Traci suggested that they pray until he did, but Jill growled that their show of support was a little late, since none of them had given "a damn" whether Billy had lived or died until he'd ended up fighting for his life.

Jack urged Jill not to turn on anyone when they were all on edge, but Jill asserted that Billy's life had been messy, and she accused everyone else of waiting for Billy to fail and expecting the worst of him. She imagined that Billy had lowered himself to meet everyone's expectations, and Nikki defended that Jill wasn't being fair. Jill referred to the way Victor had hurt and humiliated Billy while Nikki had faithfully stood by her husband when she hadn't been slamming vodka on the sly. Victoria intervened, but Jill chided Victoria for professing her love for Billy but kicking him out when there had been trouble.

Jill called Victoria a daddy's girl who had always sided with Victor over the man she'd claimed to love, and she spat that Victoria had only loved Billy when it had been convenient. Jill admonished Victoria for divorcing Billy while he'd been grieving for Delia, but Jack countered that the situation had been more complicated than that. Jill wailed that Billy had admired and trusted Jack, but Jack hadn't bothered to tell Billy that Adam had returned to town. Jack insisted that he'd been trying to protect Billy, but Jill ranted that Jack had chosen the man who'd killed Billy's daughter over his own brother.

Traci tried to embrace Jill and swore that they all loved Billy, but Jill angrily questioned where Traci had been when Jack had fired Billy. Jill snapped that the Abbott siblings had given Billy nothing but sanctimonious tough love to justify turning their backs on him, and she blamed them for his condition. Nikki sternly stated that Billy was there because he'd owed a bookie a lot of money, and Jill sarcastically thanked everyone for taking the time to wring their hands over a man who they hadn't accepted for who he was.

Phyllis clasped her hands around Jill's face and acknowledged that Billy had made wrong choices, but she declared that they loved him and that they knew how much he loved Victoria and his children. Phyllis continued that they all knew Billy's heart and his struggles, and they were all there for him and always would be. Jill sobbed that she hated the situation, and she wanted to hurt or blame someone. Jill broke down as Phyllis and Ashley comforted her. Barton emerged from Billy's room, and the group stared at him expectantly.

Barton reported that Billy's heart had returned to a normal rhythm, but Billy was still unconscious and not out of the woods. Nikki started to leave to make some calls, but Jack stopped her and asked why she'd thought Billy's bookie had been behind the attack. Jack was stunned when Nikki said one of Victor's sources had confirmed it. Barton approached Victoria as Billy's next of kin to get approval to proceed with surgery, but Jill interrupted and coldly stated that Victoria had given up her right to make decisions about Billy's care. Barton led Jill away to sign the forms, and Victoria sank down on a chair and buried her head in her hands. Chelsea arrived and comforted a weeping Victoria.

Victoria said she'd thought Billy had forgiven Adam and that the worst had been over, but Billy had gone to a dark place again after Adam had been released. Victoria wished she'd seen it and done something, but Chelsea told Victoria not to blame herself, and she shared the responsibility for all the hits Billy had taken. Victoria questioned what happened when the people who loved someone couldn't help that person, and Chelsea pointed out that a lot of people loved Billy, especially Victoria. Victoria hoped Billy recovered so they could forgive one another.

Ashley sat at Billy's bedside and implored him to fight for his children. She said he'd missed a beautiful wedding, and she called Abby an amazing young woman, but she was afraid Abby couldn't handle it if Ashley didn't make it. Ashley imagined that Jack would be wonderful, but she thought Abby needed Billy's big heart and perspective on life because he understood its ups and downs. Ashley cried that everyone in their family needed Billy, and it wasn't right because she was the one who was supposed to die, not him. Traci appeared in the doorway and demanded to know why Ashley had said that.

Ashley covered by saying that their little brother wasn't supposed to be the one to go first, and Traci said she didn't want to lose either of her siblings. Traci choked up as she commented that sometimes the youngest went first, and she added that she woke up every day and couldn't believe her little girl was gone. Traci swore that Billy would be just fine, since there were a lot of people counting on him, and she didn't just mean Katie and Johnny.

There was a knock at the door, and Jack and Phyllis requested a moment with Billy. Ashley and Traci kissed Billy's cheek and stepped out, and Jack sat at Billy's side and said he was sorry for judging Billy instead of granting Billy's request for help. Jack recognized that all Billy had wanted had been a chance to prove himself, and he regretted that he'd let Billy down in every possible way. Jack swore that he believed in Billy's strength and spirit, and he vowed to stand by Billy's side if Billy returned to them.

Phyllis informed Victoria that Billy was hanging in there, and Jill returned and numbly revealed that she'd just talked to Barton. Jill explained that the doctors needed to relieve the pressure in Billy's brain, but he needed to be stable first. Jill added that she'd asked Barton to be straight with her, and he'd told her that Billy had a 50/50 chance of surviving the surgery. Victoria ran into Billy's room and pleaded with him to stay with them, and she cried that he'd beaten the odds before and could do it again. She said they'd both made mistakes, but all that mattered was that their children needed him. She moved in close to Billy and whispered, "It's you and me, Billy, forever and ever."

Later, Victoria stopped by the penthouse, and Chelsea led Johnny down the stairs. Victoria held her son close, and she kissed him and said the kiss was from his dad. Victoria promised that Johnny would see Billy soon, and she said she loved the boy.

The Abbotts joined hands outside Billy's room as Jack prepared to say a prayer. Jack conceded that he hadn't checked in with God as often as he should have, but he needed help. He said that Billy had fought hard in life against his grief, guilt, and demons, and Billy had fought for love, understanding, and forgiveness. Jack continued that Billy had lost a lot in his life, but Billy also had much to live for, and he had people who loved him and needed him. Jack envisioned putting their arms around Billy and wrapping him in their love.

Stitch receives an unexpected visitor Stitch receives an unexpected visitor
Wednesday, January 6, 2016
by Mike

At the police station, Kevin and Mariah lingered outside Paul's office, listening as Paul discussed Billy's case with Jack and Phyllis. Jack explained that Billy had started gambling again in an effort to gain money for a business venture he had been really excited about. Phyllis added that Billy had never revealed who he had been working with.

"It was me," Kevin admitted as he burst into Paul's office, ignoring Mariah's attempt to stop him. Kevin stressed that Billy had never mentioned that he had planned to resort to gambling to obtain the needed money to fund the business venture. Paul excused himself, and after he left, Jack asked Kevin for more details about the business venture.

Kevin kept things vague, explaining only that it involved a revolutionary -- and highly confidential -- new technological advancement. Mariah made it clear that Kevin hadn't sought Billy out as an investor. Kevin apologized for pressuring Billy to secure the needed money in a hurry, stressing that he had never expected such dire consequences. "You're not the only one with regrets," Jack replied before leaving with Phyllis.

At Adam and Chelsea's penthouse, Chelsea happily informed Adam that social media was buzzing with rave reviews about the wedding dress she had designed for Abby. Chelsea was excited about the possibility of capitalizing on that buzz with a bridal line, but she was worried about the finer details of such an endeavor, like refinancing and hiring more employees.

Adam assured Chelsea that he could help her with that stuff. Chelsea eagerly accepted the offer but decided to postpone the planning for the time being, since she and Adam had been about to discuss having another baby earlier. Adam said that could wait, reasoning that it was more important to finish discussing Chelsea's plans for a bridal line because she needed to strike while the iron was hot.

At Newman Enterprises, Victor summoned Noah into his office, and Marisa followed. Victor tried to object to Marisa's presence, but Noah pointed out that she already knew about what he and Victor would be discussing, anyway. "Whether you like it or not, Victor, we're in this together," Marisa added. Nodding, Victor warned that the police had found some tire marks and were trying to match them to the vehicle that had struck Billy. Noah revealed that Marisa had already helped him handle that particular problem. Marisa assured Victor that she had been discreet.

Noah stepped out of the office to take a phone call from one of the company's warehouses, and Victor asked Marisa to stay behind, wondering why she was really helping Noah. Marisa insisted that she wasn't interested in Victor's money, adding that she only wanted what was best for Noah. Victor warned that Marisa was playing a very dangerous game, and he predicted that if Luca found out that she was helping Noah, Luca would try to ruin not only Noah's life but also hers. Marisa promised that she wouldn't let that happen, but Victor didn't find her assurances particularly comforting.

Luca cornered Noah in the hallway and wondered if he knew why Marisa had been returning to her room late and leaving early recently. "Uh, listen, Luca, I do have other things that I need to do besides keeping tabs on your wife," Noah replied. Luca started to ask if Noah knew where Marisa was at that precise moment, but before Noah could respond, Marisa emerged from Victor's office. "There you go -- mystery solved," Noah said before abruptly excusing himself. After Noah left, Marisa explained to Luca that Victor had just wanted to make sure she was pulling her weight at the company.

Marisa assured Luca that Victor hadn't said anything that had implied that he knew what Luca and Adam were up to. Marisa warned, however, that Luca still needed to be careful -- especially about trusting Adam. Meanwhile, Adam approached with Chelsea and wondered if everything was okay. Luca replied that Marisa had just been telling him that Victor was being particularly difficult that day. Complaining that Victor was always like that, Adam started to share an example from his childhood, but Chelsea stopped him and dragged him into Victor's office with her.

After telling Victor about her plan to start a bridal line, Chelsea explained that, while reviewing the fine print of the paperwork that had released her from Newman Enterprises, she had realized that Victor had given her creative and executive control of Chelsea 2.0 but was still receiving part of the company's profits. Victor refused to sever his financial tie to Chelsea 2.0, pointing out that the terms of that arrangement had been in the fine print of the contract all along, and her signature on that contract had led him to believe that she had been fine with those terms.

Victor reasoned that the arrangement was mutually beneficial, allowing him to provide the infrastructure for the company while giving her the freedom to devote all her time and energy to her designs. "I don't get [why you can't see that now, but] in time, you will realize there's an enormous advantage to being with Newman, rather than aligning yourself with the Abbotts, whose company is going down the drain as we speak," Victor added.

Chelsea pointed out that Jabot was only in trouble because Victor had demanded an "outrageous" payout from them, but Victor insisted that had simply been compensation for Billy's actions. Chelsea conceded that Billy had made some mistakes but added that he had just been trying to prove himself and turn his life around. "Really? By gambling and getting himself beat up?" Victor asked skeptically. Chelsea clarified that, according to Victoria, there had been more to the story than that.

In the hallway, Luca urged Marisa to help him and Adam take down their respective fathers, pointing out that she knew more about the Santori family's illegal dealings than he did because of her past involvement with Marco. "Just how much did my family fund Marco's crimes?" Luca wondered. Sighing, Marisa revealed that the Santori family had been Marco's sole source of funding. Marisa added that Marco had used an alias for all his business transactions with the Santori family and had hidden all his illicit activities behind legitimate businesses. Luca promised that his family would never find out that he had received that information from Marisa.

A short time later, Noah found Chelsea and Marisa talking about Chelsea's plans to start a bridal line. Chelsea offered Noah and Marisa the opportunity to help her, and although Noah declined because he was already swamped with work, Marisa eagerly accepted. Meanwhile, after talking privately about Marisa's new role as Luca's informant, Luca and Adam joined Chelsea and Marisa. Luca and Marisa quickly excused themselves, and after they left, Chelsea curiously mused that it was odd that Victor had agreed to keep them around instead of finding a way to oust them from Newman Enterprises.

Adam abruptly changed the subject, preferring to continue discussing Chelsea's bridal line. Chelsea excitedly informed Adam that Marisa had agreed to help her. Adam insisted that Chelsea shouldn't have extended that offer to Marisa. Confused, Chelsea pointed out that Adam was the one who had convinced Abby to extend an olive branch to Luca and Marisa. "I didn't mean that you should," Adam clarified. Chelsea's suspicions were aroused, but when she tried to find out what Adam was up to, he told her to just trust him -- and stay away from Luca and Marisa, who would both soon be gone.

At the hospital, Ashley and Victoria listened as Neville argued with Billy's new doctor, Dr. Dellafield, about the best course of treatment for Billy. Neville insisted that he could relieve the pressure on Billy's brain without surgery, but Dellafield countered that if Billy's family decided to go with Neville's drug protocol treatment, they would be putting Billy's life in the hands of a "quack."

Abby and Stitch soon arrived, and, after quickly explaining why she had chosen to cut her honeymoon short, Abby suggested that Stitch could be the deciding vote. Ashley and Victoria both agreed that they valued Stitch's opinion, so he headed off to take a look at Billy's medical chart, with Neville and Dellafield in tow. Neville took offense when Dellafield said that Neville's methods were unorthodox and posed a great threat. "I saved Hilary Hamilton's life! And now with Ashley, I --" Neville began to object before stopping himself.

Neville promised that he could get results without the potential dangers of a neurosurgical procedure, but Stitch sided with Dellafield, reasoning that it would be too risky to waste time waiting for an unproven drug protocol to hopefully work its magic on Billy. Shaking his head in disappointment, Neville hoped that Stitch wouldn't live to regret that decision.

Neville started to walk away, but Stitch stopped him and asked about his earlier slip of the tongue. Neville claimed that he had simply been alluding to the research that he and Ashley were doing at Jabot. "I'm sure you'll hear about it. It involves saving people like Billy without cutting them open," Neville added before storming off.

Dellafield informed Ashley, Victoria, and Abby that the surgery would be proceeding as planned. Ashley wondered where Neville was, and Dellafield replied with a shrug that Neville -- who hadn't been very happy about the decision -- had probably already left the hospital. Victoria wanted to spend some time with Billy before the surgery, so Dellafield escorted her to Billy's room. Ashley started to complain about Abby's decision to cut her honeymoon short, but Abby insisted that she couldn't have possibly stayed away during a family crisis -- and Stitch had fully supported her choice.

Changing the subject, Abby wondered why Ashley looked worn out. "Oh, thank you. What a nice compliment," Ashley dryly muttered. Abby explained that she was simply worried about Ashley, especially since Ashley had fainted during the wedding. Ashley blamed that on low blood sugar and added that, since then, she had spent all her time at the hospital, which was why she looked the way she did. Abby made Ashley promise to take care of herself, insisting that only one family member was allowed to be admitted to the hospital at a time.

Stitch lingered in the doorway of the break room, watching as Ashley and Abby embraced. After making his presence known, Stitch assured Ashley and Abby that surgery was Billy's best option. Ashley trusted Stitch but guessed that Neville was disappointed that Stitch had sided with Dellafield. Abby observed that it seemed like Ashley and Neville had gotten pretty close recently. Stitch agreed, realizing that Ashley really believed in Neville. "He gives people hope when there doesn't seem to be any. A successful business could be built on far less than that," Ashley reasoned. Ashley excused herself and headed off to track down Neville.

Abby could tell that Stitch didn't like Neville at all, but she was grateful that he hadn't made his feelings about Neville clear to Ashley. Stitch wondered what was going on between Ashley and Neville. Shrugging, Abby admitted that, while she didn't really understand why Ashley believed in Neville, she couldn't really complain because Ashley was obviously happy about working with him -- and passionate about the work that they were doing together. Abby added, however, that she couldn't help wondering if Ashley was developing more than just a working relationship with Neville. Stitch said he had gotten the same impression.

Jack and Phyllis soon arrived and received an update from Dellafield, who informed them that Billy's surgery would begin shortly. Jack was worried about Billy's odds for survival, but Phyllis pointed out that she was living proof that even seemingly impossible odds could be beaten. A short time later, Abby and Stitch tracked Jack, Phyllis, and Victoria down in a break room and explained that Paul had asked to see Stitch at the police station.

Ashley found Neville in her office at Jabot, fuming over what had happened at the hospital earlier. Ashley assured Neville that she was still willing to put her life in his hands, and she hoped that would count for something. "It counts for a very great deal," Neville confirmed. Neville added that he appreciated Ashley -- as a friend and as a colleague. "And as your one and only patient?" Ashley added. Chuckling, Neville pointed out that he and Ashley had not yet decided when they were going to start her treatment. "How about now?" Ashley suggested with a shrug. Neville nodded and gave Ashley a hug.

Victor went to see Victoria at the hospital. Victoria appreciated Victor's support but pointed out that he could have called to check on her instead, since he knew that the Abbotts didn't really want him around. Victor insisted that he didn't care about what the Abbotts wanted, and he reasoned that there was nothing wrong with paying his daughter a quick visit to make sure she was all right.

Victor soon began questioning Victoria about Chelsea's earlier implication that there had been a specific reason for Billy's latest return to gambling. Victoria explained that Billy had wanted to invest in some sort of business venture but hadn't been able to obtain the needed money from gambling -- or from Jack. Victor casually wondered if Jack had since changed his mind about investing in the business venture.

"Oh, my God, Dad. You want to swoop in on this investment. That's why you're really here, isn't it?" Victoria guessed. Victor insisted that he had only visited Victoria because he was concerned about her. Elsewhere, Jack informed Phyllis that he had decided to invest in Kevin's business venture on Billy's behalf.

At Crimson Lights, Mariah warned that Kevin couldn't reveal the details of his business venture to Jack -- or anyone else -- because doing so could result in someone swooping in and stealing the investment opportunity from Billy, whom it had meant a lot to. Realizing that Mariah was right, Kevin agreed and said he would try to convince Natalie to hold off on looking for other investors.

When Stitch arrived at the police station with Abby, he was shocked to find Max waiting for him. Stitch was thrilled to see Max but wondered what he was doing in Genoa City -- and where his mother was. "Maybe I should explain that," Paul began. "Mom is dead! You killed her!" Max interrupted, glaring at Abby.

Abby Becomes the Wicked Stepmother Abby Becomes the Wicked Stepmother
Thursday, January 7, 2016

At the Athletic Club, Nick received a text message from Sharon, and Sage asked if everything was okay. Nick relayed that Sharon wanted him to drop off Faith at Mariah's surprise birthday party, but he'd offered to stay with Victoria while Billy was in surgery. Sage volunteered to take Faith to the party, and she reached for his hand and declared that it was part of being together.

Sharon and Dylan prepared for Mariah's birthday party at their home, and Dylan asked whether Sully thought their family never stopped partying. Sully happily gurgled, and Sharon commented that there was nothing wrong with Sully thinking that life was full of joy and celebration. There was a knock at the door, and Dr. Anderson apologized for dropping by unannounced, but she wanted to share some good news. Dr. Anderson declared that Sharon had made such significant progress that she wanted to reduce Sharon's medication, but Sharon and Dylan wondered why they should try to fix something that wasn't broken.

Sharon worried about backsliding, but Dr. Anderson believed that the higher dose was more of a barrier than a help, and reducing the dosage would result in less of a filter between the world and Sharon's feelings. Dr. Anderson mentioned Sharon's concerns about Nick and Sage, and Sharon admitted that she'd felt guilty for being happy about her beautiful boy when Nick and Sage's child had died, but she thought Sage had been doing better. Sharon recounted that Sage had been more at ease holding Sully over the holidays, and she mentioned that Sage and Nick had moved back in together.

Faith burst in, followed by Sage, and Sharon realized that she still had party details to tend to. Sage offered to take Sully while Sharon and Faith wrapped the gifts, and Dr. Anderson looked on disapprovingly as Sharon handed Sully to Sage. After Sharon and Faith scurried off, Sage noticed the doctor staring at her and asked if something was wrong. Dr. Anderson said she'd stopped by to share some good news with Sharon, but Sage found it unusual for a therapist to be involved in a patient's personal life.

Dr. Anderson compared Sharon's situation to Sage's, and she noted that Sharon and Sage were like mirror opposites. Dr. Anderson guessed that was why her relationship with Sharon upset Sage, and Sage replied that it didn't upset her, but it seemed to be a professional conflict of interest. Sharon and Faith returned and took Sully upstairs to change him, and Dr. Anderson credited Sharon for putting in the time and hard work to stay well. The doctor observed that Sage also seemed to be doing well, but she wondered why Sage was forcing herself to interact with another woman's child. Dr. Anderson suggested that even the baby had been able to sense it.

Sage defended that the baby had simply needed to be changed, and she insisted that she had been doing much better, since there was no longer a wall between her and Nick. Dr. Anderson voiced concern that Sage was still in a fragile state, and she mentioned that she'd advised Nick not to force his relationship with Sage. Sage snapped that it was none of the doctor's business, and Dr. Anderson swore that she only wanted what was best for everyone involved. After Dr. Anderson left, Sage told Sharon that she really didn't like the doctor inserting herself into Nick and Sage's marriage. Sharon guessed that Dr. Anderson had just wanted to make sure Sharon was stable in all aspects of her life, but Sage thought there was more to it.

At the hospital, Victoria scolded Victor for taking advantage of Billy's accident by trying to get an inside track on Billy's pending business deal, but Victor huffed that Billy's injuries had been no accident. Victor doubted that Billy's plan was even worth stealing, since the Abbotts were on the brink of collapsing, and everything they touched turned to garbage. Phyllis and Jack overheard, and Jack admonished Victor for not having the compassion to stay away while Billy was in surgery.

Victoria insisted that Billy had been trying to make up for his mistakes, but Victor guessed that Billy's investment opportunity had been a fantasy, since even Billy's own brother hadn't been willing to finance it. Victor taunted that the Abbotts were in no position to be making an investment, and Jack retorted that the opportunity should be of no significance to Victor because Billy had been involved. Billy's doctor walked in and reported that the surgery was progressing as expected, and he led Victoria and Jack aside.

Phyllis glared at Victor and voiced her suspicion that he was actually very intrigued by Kevin's idea. Phyllis accused Victor of only being interested because Jack was also interested, but Victor barked that he didn't "give a damn" what Jack did. Victor insisted that he was only there for his daughter's sake, but he admitted that he didn't mind watching Jack squirm. Phyllis told Victor to "go to hell," and he replied that the feeling was mutual.

Nick arrived at the hospital, and Victoria hugged him and said Billy would still be in surgery for a few more hours, although things seemed to be going well. Nick asked how she was doing, and she griped that she had to defer to Jill and Jack about the decisions regarding Billy's care, even though Victoria knew Billy better than anyone. Nick excused himself to call Mariah for her birthday, and Victoria tracked down Jack and Phyllis in the waiting area.

Phyllis suggested that they talk about what would happen once Billy was well again, and Victoria pledged to be there for him. Jack added that they all would be, and he promised to get the money Billy needed to close the business deal. Phyllis pushed Jack to move on it right away, so he could let Billy know as soon as Billy woke up after the surgery. Victoria agreed that Billy would like knowing that Jack was on his side again.

The surgeon emerged from the operating room and announced that there had been a complication. He reported that he'd stopped the bleeding, but Billy had suffered cardiac arrest, so the doctor had needed to close. Victoria surmised that it had happened before the doctor had fixed the swelling, and the doctor explained that he hadn't wanted to lose Billy on the table. The doctor added that the damage was severe, and Billy had very little brain activity.

Nick left Mariah a voicemail, and he ran into Dr. Anderson as he hung up. Dr. Anderson mentioned that she'd just seen Sage at Sharon's house, but the situation had taken an alarming turn when Sage had insisted on holding the baby. Nick was surprised, and the doctor sympathized that he wanted his wife and marriage to be the way they once had been, but she warned that willfully ignoring Sage's mental state was dangerous. Nick incredulously asked if the doctor thought Sage could be a danger to the baby.

Dr. Anderson cautioned that Sage spending time around an infant could lead to misplaced feelings about Christian, even though Sharon had dealt graciously with an agitated Sage. The doctor claimed that her concern was about anything that affected her patient, and she'd wanted to try to make Nick more aware of what had been going on. Sage arrived as Nick and Dr. Anderson parted ways, and Sage huffed that she wasn't surprised that the doctor had continued intruding on their lives. Nick reported that Dr. Anderson was just concerned about Sage, but Sage thought it was only an act, and she implored Nick not to listen to anything the doctor said.

At Crimson Lights, Kevin informed Mariah that he'd spoken with Natalie, who had agreed not to move forward with looking for other investors until Billy was out of surgery. Mariah commended Kevin for being a good person, but she thought waiting for Billy was risky, since Natalie might choose to work with someone else. Kevin bragged that he and Natalie shared a "mind meld" that was almost better than sex. He maintained that he wanted Billy to be involved, and he added that he also wanted Mariah to have something. Kevin slid a wrapped gift across the table and wished her a happy birthday.

Mariah pushed the gift away and grumbled about people's need to celebrate birthdays, and Kevin countered that it was a ritual for the people who cared about her to take a moment to consider the possibilities in the year ahead. He pressed her to humor him, and she found a toy Ferrari inside the box. He explained that it was a placeholder until she got a life-size one after they struck it rich. They clasped hands and appeared to be edging toward a kiss, but she suddenly thanked him and pulled back. Kevin vowed to make sure that their massive business deal became a reality, and she grinned at the toy.

Victor approached and asked to talk to Kevin about the idea Kevin had been working on with Billy, but Kevin refused to disclose any details. Victor contended that there were many eager entrepreneurs who thought they had the next big thing, but they needed financial backing for it to become a reality. Mariah inquired whether Victor thought he was the person to fund the project, and Victor replied that it certainly wasn't Billy. Kevin maintained that the project was on hold until Billy was healthy, but Victor revealed that Billy might not make it, and he didn't want to see Kevin's dream go up in smoke.

Victor pushed for details about Kevin's concept, and Kevin stated that it was a revolution in Internet security that would prevent another Paragon virus. Victor insinuated that he was interested in investing if he found out more about the business plan, and he wondered who would be running the operation. Kevin vaguely replied that they'd figure it out eventually, and Victor told Kevin to give him a call when Kevin was ready. Victor departed, and Kevin wondered how Victor had found out about their plans. Mariah noted that while Victor was a tyrant, he could make their dream a reality.

Mariah thought Victor had made a good point in that an idea was only a tiny part of what made a project successful. Kevin wondered what to do about Billy, but Mariah replied that it was just business. Mariah received a text message from Sharon, who'd summoned Mariah home due to a small emergency, and she and Kevin headed out together. Jack stopped Kevin with the urgent need to talk to him, and Mariah left alone. Jack declared his intent to invest in Kevin's project on Billy's behalf.

Kevin balked at the idea of Jack stepping in, but Jack reiterated that he was doing it for Billy. Kevin recalled that Billy had wanted to do it on his own, but Jack pointed out that he was aware that Kevin had known that Billy had approached Jack about getting funding. As Victor watched from across the coffeehouse, Jack demanded to know if Kevin had another offer on the table.

Mariah entered Sharon's house, and she found the living room festively decorated. She couldn't help but smile when Sharon and Faith jumped out and yelled, "Surprise!"

At the police station, Stitch was stunned to see Max, who cried that his mom was dead because Abby had killed her. Aghast, Abby questioned why the boy would say something like that, since she'd never even met Jenna. Paul explained that Jenna had gotten into a terrible car accident while she'd been on the phone, and Max said he'd heard his mother talking to Abby. Abby gently explained that she'd wanted to do something nice for Stitch by asking Jenna to allow Max to attend the wedding.

Stitch asked why he hadn't been notified about Jenna's death right away, and Paul mentioned that the wires between social services in Australia and Genoa City had gotten crossed. Abby realized that she'd simply thought Jenna had hung up on her when she'd asked if Max could go to the wedding, and she said she was sorry. Max sullenly stated that Abby didn't have to say that, and Paul said he had to take Max back to the social worker. Max stomped off, and Paul sympathized to Abby and Stitch that it was a lot for all of them to process. Abby comforted Stitch.

Abby lamented that Max was blaming her for the death of Stitch's ex, but Stitch argued that the only world Max had known had been ripped away from him. Abby defended that she'd only been trying to do something nice by inviting Max to the wedding, but Jenna hadn't allowed it. Stitch regretted that he barely had a relationship with his son, and Abby countered that Jenna had been determined not to let Stitch and Max have one. Abby acknowledged that Stitch had loved Jenna at one time, and she offered her condolences.

Stitch hugged Abby and urged her not to blame herself, but she noted that his son did. Stitch said he had a lot to figure out regarding Max, and Abby realized that they had to take the boy home with them. She declared that she and Stitch were in it together, and she thought it was finally his chance to have a relationship with his son, despite the terrible circumstances. Paul returned and reported that Max was with the social worker, and he pressed the couple to make some quick decisions. Stitch announced that he was taking his son home.

In another room, Stitch explained to Max that he hadn't been around because of mistakes that both he and Jenna had made, but he promised to take care of Max and wanted to take him home. Max shook his head and spat that he didn't want to live with Stitch and "her," but Stitch stressed that Abby wanted Max to live with them, too. Max said Abby wouldn't be his mother, and Stitch assured him that no one would take the place of his mom. Stitch reiterated that they just wanted give Max a good home, and Abby hadn't been to blame for what had happened. Stitch added that he missed Jenna, too, and Max sobbed that he was scared. Stitch lovingly stated that he was there and that he wasn't going anywhere, and Max hugged him tightly.

Meanwhile, Abby privately confided to Paul that she hadn't expected to become a mom that way, and she groaned that she hadn't even been married a week. She panicked at the thought of suddenly having an eight-year-old son, and Paul acknowledged that blended families could be complicated. Paul reflected back to the period of adjustment he and Dylan had needed in spite of their biological bond, and Abby noted that Christine hadn't had a bond like that with Dylan. Paul conceded that such situations were tough on stepparents, and Abby fretted that Max hated her. Paul implored her to be patient and to give a scared little boy time to accept her. Abby replied that Max wasn't the only one who was scared.

Dylan arrived at the station and referred to things happening that turned life upside down, and Abby remarked that everything had changed for her in the hour before. Dylan clarified that he'd been talking about Max, and Abby wondered if Max would think of her as his evil stepmom forever. Dylan guessed that Max was dealing with the shock of losing his mom and didn't want to feel like he was betraying Jenna. Abby realized that it might help Max to hate Abby. Paul and Dylan urged her to give it time, and Stitch and Max joined them. Stitch wanted to take Max out for burgers, and Abby hesitantly followed them to the elevator.

Paul informed Dylan that he had assigned beat cops to look for witnesses and to go to junkyards to find tires with treads that matched the ones from the garage. Paul figured the driver had dumped the tires, and he pulled out a schematic diagram of the garage and indicated the final position of Billy's body after he'd been hit. Dylan noted that it might have been easier for the driver to back into such a tight space, and Paul realized that Billy might have already been on the ground when the driver had backed up. Dylan theorized that the driver hadn't known they'd hit Billy by accident, but Paul thought the person should have figured it out by then.

At the Athletic Club, Abby rambled about how much Max would love it at their house, and she looked forward to getting him settled in. Stitch mentioned that Max wanted to stay with him at the hotel for a few days, and an upset Abby excused herself. Stitch chased after her, and she whined that she and Stitch were supposed to do things together as a married couple, but she agreed to give Max as much time as he needed. Abby and Stitch returned to the table, but Max had disappeared. Stitch frantically yelled his son's name.

A Double Agent is Revealed A Double Agent is Revealed
Friday, January 8, 2016

At the Athletic Club, Stitch became increasingly concerned when he couldn't find Max. Abby fretted that they never should have looked away, and they frantically searched the club, but no one had seen the boy. Stitch worried that Max could be anywhere, and his son didn't know anyone in town or anything about the city. Abby promised that they would find Max.

At the police station, Paul told Dylan that even if the driver who had hit Billy hadn't been aware of the accident, the driver should have noticed damage to the car. Dylan added that the story had been plastered all over the news, and he remarked that keeping mum would make an innocent driver not all that innocent. Paul imagined what kind of driver might have been too busy to notice -- like someone on their honeymoon. Dylan incredulously asked if Paul thought Abby and Stitch had run Billy down, and Paul pointed out that the couple had left the wedding reception early, so their departure had been within the time frame when Billy had been hit.

Dylan insisted that there was no way Stitch would have ever left the scene of an accident, but Paul thought they had to consider all possibilities, and he imagined that two people who had been excited to go on a honeymoon might not have put two and two together. Paul referred to a file to check to see what type of vehicle Abby and Stitch had been driving, and he learned that they'd taken a stretch limousine from the reception. Paul answered a phone call from Abby, who begged him to help find Max.

At Crimson Lights, Kevin reluctantly admitted to Jack that he had discussed the technology idea with someone else. Jack chided Kevin for pitching it to other investors, but Kevin swore that he hadn't gone looking for a bidder. Jack demanded to know who the other investor was, and Victor approached and smugly announced that he was the other investor. Jack admonished Kevin for turning to Victor the moment Billy's body had been thrown into an ambulance, but Victor revealed that he'd heard about Kevin's project from Phyllis.

Jack accused Victor of sniffing around for an opportunity to prey on other people's vulnerabilities, and he guessed that Victor hadn't been able to wait to rip the deal out of Billy's hands. Victor clarified that Billy and Kevin hadn't officially made a deal, and Kevin would be better off aligning himself with Newman. Jack appealed to Kevin to consider how much the project meant to Billy, but Victor barked that Jack had refused to give Billy a dime. Victor haughtily questioned who had been responsible for dashing Billy's hopes and dreams.

Kevin proclaimed that it was his project, and it wasn't for sale to either Jack or Victor. Victor huffed that Kevin had to decide whether to make a foolish or a wise choice, but Jack contended that there was nothing foolish about following one's gut. Jack offered to invest in Billy's name until Billy was back on his feet, but Victor noted that Jack had already turned the project down before. Victor stated that success took vision and intelligence, not sentiment and guilt, but Jack countered that all it took was a soul and enough human decency to stick to one's word.

Phyllis called Jack and urged him to get to the hospital right away. Jack told Kevin to talk to him before making any decisions, and he hurried out. Kevin refused to change his mind despite Victor's "infamous death stare," and he declared that Billy was his partner, so he was holding out for Billy's full recovery. Victor recognized that Billy might walk out of the hospital and accept money from Jack, but he questioned how long it would be until Billy gambled it away. Victor said it was Kevin's choice between intelligence and sentimentality, but he'd always thought Kevin was rather bright, and he hoped Kevin didn't disappoint him.

Paul and Dylan arrived at the Athletic Club, and Abby cried that she was a failure as a stepmom. Stitch returned from pursuing a lead outside, but there still had been no sign of Max. Paul assured Abby that it took years to be a great mom, but they had to focus on finding Max. Paul asked what Max had liked to do in Australia, and Stitch glumly realized that he didn't even know his own kid. Abby said it hadn't been Stitch's fault, but Stitch thought if he'd fought to get to know his son, Max wouldn't have run away from him.

Paul asked about the outfit Max had been wearing, and he prepared to get a description out to his officers. Paul called Kevin and requested that he check all recent surveillance feeds around the Athletic Club, since Stitch's son had gone missing. Kevin spotted Max enter the coffeehouse, and he asked whether the boy Paul was looking for had blond hair and a red jacket. Paul told a relieved Stitch and Abby that Max was safe with Kevin, and Stitch swore to never let Max go again. Stitch said he'd meet Abby once he picked up Max, but she wanted to go with him. Stitch replied that he needed to do it alone.

Abby assumed that Stitch didn't want her to accompany him because Max hated her, but Stitch explained that Max was overwhelmed by his mother's death and traveling across the world to live with virtual strangers. Stitch was sure that Max would learn to love Abby as much as Stitch did, but he thought he first had to convince Max that everything would be all right. Stitch kissed Abby and said he loved her, and he headed out. Dylan asked Abby if she was all right, and she guessed that Stitch regretted marrying her. Dylan insisted that Stitch loved her, but Abby worried that it wasn't enough.

Abby understood that Stitch had to put Max first, but she worried that Max had run away because he couldn't stand her. Dylan said Max was afraid and confused, and Abby countered that she was, too, since she'd proven that she knew nothing about kids. Dylan assured her that she'd learn in time, and he joked that the bright side for her was that there were no diapers to deal with. Dylan encouraged her to give Max time to grieve and adjust, and he was confident that Stitch would fight to hold onto both Abby and Max.

At the coffeehouse, Kevin greeted Max and asked if the boy knew how to get past a certain level on a video game, and Max declared that anyone could do it. Kevin pretended not to be good with computers, and he asked for help. Max plopped down and showed Kevin how to play the game, and Max cheered when he won. Stitch appeared in the doorway, and Kevin remarked that Stitch had a smart kid. Kevin added that Max's dad was an awesome guy, and Stitch thanked Kevin and hugged Max.

Stitch confirmed that Max was okay, and he asked the boy to promise that he wouldn't run off again. Stitch wondered why Max had taken off, and Max whined that he wanted to go home to his mom. Stitch recalled that he'd looked for a home for a long time, and he'd eventually learned that home was the place where people loved him. Stitch continued that he and Abby were Max's family, so Max was home, and all Max had to do was give them a chance. Max reluctantly agreed to try, and they embraced.

At Newman Enterprises, Noah said he'd have some analysis done within a couple of days, but Luca snapped that he didn't have the time to wait. Adam entered and asked where Victor was, and Luca guessed that Victor was checking on Billy. Noah anxiously asked if there had been any update, and Adam reported that Billy was still in surgery. Marisa assured Noah that everyone was hoping for Billy to pull through.

As a suspicious Luca looked on, Noah mumbled to Marisa that Victoria and her kids needed Billy, and he questioned what would happen if Billy didn't make it. Adam said there was nothing they could do, so he suggested that they get back to work. Adam added that he had a few things to discuss with Luca privately, and Noah and Marisa stepped out. Adam cautioned Luca against eyeballing every move Noah and Marisa made, since acting like a lovesick puppy might ruin their whole plan. Luca announced that he'd been tracking some promising leads about his father's dealings, but he needed Adam's help with Marco.

Luca claimed that Marco was the key to ruining his father, and Adam surmised that Marisa had tipped Luca off to that effect. Luca said he'd had a short conversation with Marco, but he needed to have a longer one, and he assumed that Adam knew where Victor had stashed Marco. Adam cautioned that they had to tread carefully or they'd risk blowing up the entire plan, but Luca reiterated that he needed Marco's exact location. Luca revealed that his family had secretly been Marco's sole backer, and the information was critical if they wanted to take down both of their fathers. Adam agreed to find out where Marco was.

In the corridor, Noah worried that Billy only had a 50/50 chance to make it, and Marisa encouraged Noah to believe that Billy would be one of the lucky ones. Victor overheard as he arrived and ordered Noah to stick to his story. Noah agreed to keep quiet to avoid making things worse, but he realized that he'd be a murderer if Billy died. Victor stressed that it had been an accident and that a confession wouldn't help, but Noah didn't think he could live a lie the way Adam had after he'd killed someone. Victor told Marisa to talk sense into Noah, and he entered his office and scolded Adam and Luca for being there again. Adam argued that Victor had scheduled a meeting there, and it wasn't their fault that Victor was late.

Adam asked for a moment to discuss some family business with Victor, and Luca stepped out, but he left the door ajar. Luca listened as Adam told Victor that he needed to know where Marco was. Victor asked why Adam cared about Marco's whereabouts, and Adam noted that Marco was the one person who could take Victor down, so he wanted to make sure the threat was contained. Adam mentioned that Luca had just had a conversation with Marco, and Victor agreed to give Adam the information. Victor handed Adam a paper with Marco's location and told him to give it to Luca.

Luca stepped away from the door, and he overheard Noah telling Marisa that his life would never be the same if Billy died. Marisa noticed Luca hovering, and she asked if the meeting was back on. Luca opted to have dinner with his wife instead, and he and Marisa departed.

Meanwhile, Adam pointed out that he and Victor were alone and could speak freely, and Victor inquired whether Luca was still in the dark. Adam bragged that he and Victor had put on a good show of hating one another, and he asked what the deal was with the information about Marco. Victor called it the key to their success, and Adam realized that it was rope for Luca to hang himself. Victor handed Adam a drink and crowed that "the peacock" would go up in flames before he found out that Adam was a double agent. Victor and Adam clinked their glasses together.

At Top of the Tower, Marisa gushed that Luca had been thoughtful, and he said he'd wanted a romantic dinner because they'd been really busy. Marisa exclaimed that she was excited about working with Chelsea, but Luca noted that Noah had been taking up all of Marisa's time. Marisa defended that she and Noah just worked together, but Luca queried when it had become part of her job to cover up the boss's grandson's crimes. Luca sarcastically asked if she'd get a bonus for aiding and abetting vehicular assault.

Marisa lied that Noah hadn't had anything to do with Billy's accident, but Luca claimed that he'd followed her to the garage and had seen everything. Luca groaned that he'd finally thought he and Marisa were being honest in their relationship, and Marisa defended that Noah hadn't even known that he'd hit Billy. Luca sat back and smirked, and Marisa realized that he hadn't known anything until then. She insisted that it had been an accident, but Luca wondered whether Billy's family would feel that way. Marisa threatened to leave Luca for good if he turned Noah in.

At the hospital, Dr. Delafield informed Victoria and Phyllis that Billy had little brain activity, and Jill rushed in and eagerly asked how Billy was doing. Jill panicked when everyone remained silent, and Victoria assured Jill that Billy was still alive. Phyllis explained that Billy had suffered cardiac arrest during surgery, and Jill begged to know if Billy could still beat it and return to them. Victoria hugged Jill.

Dr. Delafield divulged that the machines were keeping Billy alive, and all they could do was hope for improvement. He rushed off when he received a page, and Victoria contemplated whether Dr. Neville's protocol had been a better alternative than the surgery. Jill regretted that she hadn't been there during the procedure, but Phyllis asserted that Jill couldn't have done anything in the operating room. Jill thought that Billy would have felt her presence, and Phyllis was sure that he was feeling it right then. Jill wailed that she hated the waiting, and Victoria forlornly stated that she'd believed that Billy would make it through.

Phyllis said she'd called Jack, Traci, and Ashley, and Jill said they all needed to be there. Victoria insisted that Billy wouldn't die, but Jill reasoned that Billy needed all the love and support he could get. Jack arrived and hugged Phyllis, and he mentioned that he'd spoken to the doctor on the drive over, so he knew everything. Jack thought they needed to talk about the difficult decisions they might have to face, but Jill adamantly refused to ever give up on her son. Jack swore that no one was giving up, but he thought they had to consider what Billy would want.

Jill referred to Billy's 50/50 chance of survival, and she thought Billy would take those odds. Phyllis pointed out that those had been the odds before the latest setback, and Jill said they had to pray harder that Billy would beat the odds like he always had. Jack recognized that it was possible that Billy wouldn't win, and he didn't think it would be fair to consign Billy to a life that wasn't worth living. Jill angrily asked if they expected her to buy a plot and a headstone, and Jack said it was the last thing he wanted to be talking about, but the doctors might force them to make the call.

Victoria piped up that Billy had already made the decision when Phyllis had been in a coma, and he'd told Victoria that he wouldn't want to live like that if something similar ever happened to him. Jill berated Victoria for presuming to speak for Billy after Victoria had kicked him out and divorced him. Jill added that as his mother, she was entitled to make the decision about whether Billy lived or died, and she wasn't giving up. Victoria stressed that it wasn't what she wanted, but she had only relayed what Billy had said. Jill reasoned that Billy had said it in the moment, but she was sure he'd felt different once Phyllis had woken up.

Jill demanded to know why she was the only one fighting for Billy, and she argued that Jack and Phyllis wouldn't even be there if people had given up on them when they'd languished in comas. Jack said he shouldn't have approached the subject, and he hoped it ended up being a moot conversation. Dr. Delafield returned and reported that Billy's condition had deteriorated, and if Billy continued to fail at the same rate, they might have to consider taking him off life support.

Jill maintained that Billy had a chance, since he was young and strong, and Victoria said she just wanted to see him. Dr. Delafield warned that Billy was bandaged up after surgery and that a ventilator was breathing for him. Victoria stepped into Billy's room, followed by Jack and Phyllis. Jill sobbed Billy's name as she clung to her son. Jill remained inconsolable, and Jack gently pulled her out of the room.

Victoria sat at Billy's side and told him not to even think about dying on her, since that would be a coward's way out, and he wasn't a coward. She added that he owed her, and if he loved her as much as he'd said he did, he'd wake up. Victoria took his hand and begged God to let Billy wake up for her, Johnny, and Katie. She broke down in tears as Noah peered in.

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