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Sage and Nick hatched a plot to expose Dr. Anderson's true intentions. Simon and Ashley shared a kiss. Jack tried to rally the Abbotts to rebuild Jabot. Phyllis revealed herself to Natalie as the other investor in the technology project, and they agreed to work together.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of January 25, 2016 on Y&R
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Adam's Kidnapper Sets Him Free Adam's Kidnapper Sets Him Free
Monday, January 25, 2016

At Crimson Lights, Sage told Nick she was relieved to learn that he didn't trust Dr. Sandy Anderson. Nick asked Sage what she'd discovered about the mysterious psychologist. Sage explained that "Anderson" was actually the name the doctor had acquired from her ex-husband. Sage said she'd been unable to find records showing the doctor's maiden name. Nick nodded in agreement when Sage said she suspected that Dr. Anderson had inserted herself into their private lives for specific reasons.

Nick told Sage that he might be able draw additional information from Dr. Anderson because she was obviously interested in him. Sage agreed. Nick said, "The doctor seems hellbent on digging up the deep, dark secrets of our past. I want to know why." Nick asked Sage to pick up Faith and drop her off at Sharon's while he met with Dr. Anderson. Sage said she was eager to learn more about Dr. Anderson's plans.

At Sharon's house, Dylan was prepared to help with recovering Adam at the mock fashion show. Sharon became belligerent and ordered Dylan to stay away from Newman Enterprises' Top of the Tower. She suggested that Dylan could avoid danger by assisting remotely from a nearby police command center. Dylan said, "Have you ever known me to hang out on the sidelines? It's my plan. I've got to make sure nobody gets hurt, including Adam and the girl." Dylan kissed baby Sully and assured Sharon that he'd be all right.

After Dylan left, Sharon phoned Dr. Anderson and begged her to stop by right away. Dr. Anderson arrived and calmly told Sharon that Dylan loved his family and wasn't likely to take unnecessary risks while carrying out his duties. Sharon said that the rational side of her agreed, but she'd been unable to cope with the unrelenting anxiety on her own. Dr. Anderson refused to prescribe medication and explained that drugs would only temporarily cover the root of Sharon's fears. Dr. Anderson pressed Sharon to discuss her feelings.

Dr. Anderson listened intently as Sharon admitted that she most feared being left alone. Sharon cried that Nick had left her repeatedly, so her life had been marked by a series of broken relationships. Dr. Anderson encouraged Sharon to summon her whenever she needed to talk. Sharon happened to see the screen of Dr. Anderson's phone when Nick sent a text message inviting the doctor to meet him at the Genoa City Athletic Club. Sharon said, "You're going to see Nick later?" Dr. Anderson said that Nick had been struggling with Sage's problems.

Sharon seemed surprised to learn that Sage wasn't doing well. Sharon said Sage seemed fine and had enjoyed being around Faith and Sully. Dr. Anderson glanced nervously at Sully's portable crib, where the baby was asleep. Dr. Anderson said that Sage was in a fragile, volatile state and might become too attached to Sully as she struggled to deal with her own loss. Sharon was taken aback when Dr. Anderson warned Sharon to stay away from Sage.

Sage arrived at Sharon's to drop off Faith. Sage was eager to follow Faith upstairs to see Sully. After Faith bounded up the stairs, Sharon explained that Sully was asleep. Sage promised not to wake the baby, but Sharon refused to let Sage enter the nursery. Sage asked why Sharon seemed to be rushing her to leave. Sage asked, "Do you not want me to see Sully? I thought we were friends."

Sage's eyes widened when Sharon admitted that she'd received advice from Dr. Anderson. Sage replied, "That woman is out of control. She's trying to mess with my marriage. She has a thing for Nick and wants to be with him." Sage added that Dr. Anderson had continually warned Nick and had said, "Sage is angry, unstable, and shouldn't be around children."

Sharon asked Sage if she was still angry about losing Christian. Sage became agitated and admitted she felt sad about the injustice of losing her baby, but she couldn't understand why Dr. Anderson talked badly about her all the time. Sharon said she didn't think Dr. Anderson had spoken disrespectfully about Sage. Sharon seemed taken aback when Sage began pacing around the room, yelling about Dr. Anderson's false and spiteful claims. Sharon defended Dr. Anderson and suggested that Sage might not be fully aware of her own problems. Sage cried, "I'm not the problem! Dr. Anderson is the problem here!"

Faith returned and expressed concern about having overheard someone yelling. Faith said Sully had awakened and had been making funny faces. Faith invited Sage upstairs to see the baby. Sharon emphatically said, "Not right now. Sage was just leaving." Faith was disappointed and begged Sage to stay. Sage hugged Faith and promised to see her again soon. After Sage left, Faith cried, "That was weird. What's going on with Sage?"

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Nick noted that Dr. Anderson wasn't on duty so late in the day, and he offered to buy her a drink. Dr. Anderson declined. She asked Nick why he'd wanted to meet with her after he'd earlier accused her of having ulterior motives. Nick claimed he'd changed his mind because he needed the doctor's help. Nick admitted that Sage hadn't been herself, though he wasn't referring to her grief or the attachment to Sharon's baby. Dr. Anderson prodded Nick to disclose more information by noting that she was sworn to uphold confidentiality.

Nick told Dr. Anderson that Sage had become paranoid and had conducted Internet searches to learn about Dr. Anderson's past. Nick said he believed that after losing Christian, Sage feared she might also lose him. Nick suggested that Sage considered Dr. Anderson to be a threat. The doctor warned that Sage, headed for a breakdown, was in danger of hurting herself. Nick said, "What do I do?" Dr. Anderson replied, "I think you should have Sage committed."

At Chelsea's penthouse, Abby and Summer arrived and praised Chelsea's great idea to host a bridal show. Summer and Abby insisted on taking part in the production. Chelsea, stammering, replied, "That is so sweet, but it's completely unnecessary. I already have the models lined up." Abby and Summer said their notoriety would bolster interest. Marisa arrived. Before she spotted Summer and Abby, Marisa said, "Reporting for fashion duty!"

After Abby and Summer went upstairs to dress, Marisa asked Chelsea why she didn't seem excited about the show. Chelsea nervously shuffled dresses hanging on a rack and claimed that her show, a last-minute affair, had to be perfectly timed. Marisa said she knew Adam had been kidnapped. Marisa explained that she'd learned of the exchange plan when Victor had attempted to trade her for Adam. Chelsea was shocked and said, "What did Victor do?" Marisa explained that Victor had abducted her because he'd mistakenly believed she was "the girl" the kidnappers wanted in exchange for Adam.

Marisa insisted on helping Chelsea. Chelsea stressed the importance of everyone acting naturally. Marisa advised Chelsea not to tell Abby and Summer, but Chelsea didn't heed the advice and advised Summer and Abby that they'd be placing themselves in harm's way. Chelsea noted the danger involved and said, "Adam was taken solely as leverage because he's related to Victor, so others might also be threatened if anything goes wrong." Summer and Abby assured Chelsea they could participate without tipping off the kidnappers. Chelsea cried that if anything went wrong, she'd never see Adam again.

At the police station, Kevin pleaded with Paul to let him protect Natalie during Chelsea's mock fashion show. Kevin said he didn't trust Adam's kidnappers or Victor Newman. Kevin provided a dainty bracelet fitted with a tracking device that would allow him to remotely monitor Natalie's movements. Paul agreed to place the bracelet on Natalie, but he insisted that Kevin monitor the tracking device from the police station. Paul insisted that Kevin stay away from the Top of the Tower.

In Victor's office at Newman Enterprises, Natalie paced nervously and insisted that Victor rehearse the logistics of the hostage exchange once again. Victor assured Natalie that she'd be safe. Natalie became nauseated and rushed to the restroom. Victor motioned to his bodyguard to accompany Natalie. Nikki had just arrived and was surprised when a gagging Natalie, tailed by a guard, quickly skirted around her. Nikki asked Victor about the nervous girl. Victor claimed she was a panicky, inexperienced fashion model.

Victor, sipping a glass of scotch, told Nikki that he didn't blame the girl for being nervous because Chelsea had thrown together the fashion show, which Victor advised Nikki not to attend. Nikki said she believed Victor was hiding the truth. Victor replied, "I'm surprised you were able to pry yourself away from your good friend Neil." Nikki replied, "This has nothing to do with Neil. This has to do with you trying to shut me out." Nikki became frustrated and left, slamming the door closed. Victor grinned and seemed amazed that his ruse had persuaded Nikki so quickly and effectively.

Natalie had already changed into a bridal gown and veil when Paul and Dylan arrived at Victor's office. Paul gave Natalie the bracelet fitted with the tracking device, which, he noted, Kevin had provided. Dylan explained that the backup tracking device would ensure Natalie's safety, and he instructed her to accompany "the person who came to get her" during the show. Paul assured Natalie that the kidnapper wouldn't be able to leave the building. Victor insisted on helping Paul and Dylan. Before he left, Victor instructed his bodyguard to keep a close eye on Natalie and ensure she showed up on cue.

In Victor's office, the bodyguard remained stoic while Chelsea added the final touches to her collection of bridal gowns. Summer, Marisa, Abby, and Lily waited for the show to begin. Lily approached Natalie and asked if it was her first time to model. Natalie nodded. Lily instructed Natalie to ignore the stares from the audience and just "do [her] thing." Dylan arrived to escort everyone upstairs.

At the Top of the Tower, Phyllis and Jack arrived before the start of Chelsea's fashion show. Jack said he was surprised that Chelsea had been able to pull the show together because she'd been desperately worried about Adam. Nikki arrived and overheard Lily inform Jack and Phyllis that she would be one of the models in the show. Jack mentioned Adam's disappearance to Nikki and sadly noted that a black cloud was hovering over the Newman family. Nikki, stunned, replied that Victor hadn't "said a thing about it!" Victor arrived, and Nikki said she'd just learned about Adam.

Jack expressed disbelief that Nikki hadn't been informed. Victor rolled his eyes. Chelsea took the stage and greeted the guests. Chelsea took a deep breath and said, "Welcome to the Chelsea 2.0 Pop-up Bridal Event. I can't tell you how important this night is for me." Victor quietly instructed Paul to keep Nikki safe.

Dylan joined Paul as Chelsea told the audience how special a wedding gown was to a bride. A photographer snapped photos. Victor watched from the back of the room. Nikki sat at the bar with Jack and Phyllis. Police officers wearing business suits scanned the audience.

Victor was stunned when Abby entered the stage, wearing her own wedding gown. Chelsea noted that Abby's gown had inspired her entire collection. Victor did a double take when Summer entered the stage, wearing a gown with a gathered tulle skirt. Phyllis seemed nervous as she watched from the bar. Marisa appeared wearing a simple, contemporary-styled gown. When Lily emerged from behind the curtain, Chelsea explained that the gown was elegance personified. Victor looked on with a scowl on his face and his arms folded defiantly at his waist.

Dylan seemed tense when Natalie appeared. Chelsea lauded the gown as her fun and flirty design. Adam, escorted by a bald man shorter than he was, entered through a side door. Chelsea stammered, but she quickly regained her composure and suggested that a bride could alter the look of the gown with the addition of a colorful sash or even obtain a casual look by wearing cowboy boots. Adam flashed a smile at Chelsea. Chelsea was unaware that the man who'd escorted Adam was holding a handgun.

The man with the gun motioned with his head to Natalie and indicated that she should walk toward him. Adam walked away from the man. Adam passed Natalie as the exchange took place. Paul, Dylan, and other police officers rushed toward the side door after Natalie and the armed man exited. Paul ordered his officers to seal off all exits. The plain-clothes officers took off in various directions.

Chelsea rushed toward Adam and tightly embraced him. She made him promise never to leave again. Adam asked about Connor. Chelsea cried that he'd missed his father. Victor asked Summer and Abby why Chelsea had drawn them into danger. Both admitted that Chelsea had tried to discourage them. Abby said, "In times of crises, Newmans stand together." Nikki noted that she'd been kept in the dark. Victor insisted that his only aim had been to keep both Nikki and Adam safe.

Victor and Jack checked on Adam. Victor apologized for the delay and insisted he'd done everything he could to facilitate Adam's safe return. Adam said, "I shouldn't have doubted you for a minute. Thanks." Victor told Summer, Abby, Marisa, and Lily to return home. Victor instructed his bodyguard to escort the women out of the building.

Nikki approached Jack and asked why he seemed concerned. Jack scanned the room and said he had no idea where Phyllis was. Paul questioned Adam and learned that the man who'd taken him to Newman Tower was nothing more than a "hired gun." Adam said he was certain about his assumption and added, "I heard him talking to his boss on the phone." Paul asked Adam of he'd overheard anything that might be helpful. Adam said he'd learned that his kidnapper was a woman. Victor, standing nearby, overheard Adam's comment.

Near the elevators, the armed man grasped Natalie's arm tightly as they entered the area outside Victor's office. Natalie suddenly punched the man in the ribs with her elbow and continued to strike him until Dylan appeared. Natalie ran away as Dylan attempted to subdue the kidnapper. Dylan punched the man, and he fell to the floor. Dylan yelled, "You're under arrest!"

A uniformed officer handcuffed the kidnapper and kept watched over him. Dylan phoned Kevin at the police station and asked him to locate Natalie, using the software tied to the tracking bracelet. Kevin said Natalie was just outside Victor's office. Dylan scanned the area and spotted Natalie's discarded bracelet at the base of a potted plant. Dylan picked up the bracelet and realized that Natalie had escaped.

In her suite at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Natalie quickly gathered her packed belongings. Natalie opened the door to leave. When Natalie realized she'd forgotten an item, she walked back inside to collect it. Phyllis entered through the opened door. Phyllis said, "You vanished once on me already. That's not going to happen again." Natalie froze in place. Phyllis blocked the doorway and smiled at Natalie.

Phyllis and Natalie Strike a Deal Phyllis and Natalie Strike a Deal
Tuesday, January 26, 2016

At the Athletic Club, Nick was stunned by Dr. Anderson's recommendation to have Sage committed, and the doctor said it would be an act of caring on his part. Nick recalled that he'd had Sharon committed before, and he hesitated to go through it again with Sage. Dr. Anderson insisted that Sage was paranoid and irrational, and she pointed out that Sharon was worried about Sage being near Sully. Dr. Anderson pushed Nick to get Sage the help she needed. Sage walked in and became irate upon seeing Nick and Dr. Anderson together. "Stay away from my husband, you evil, twisted bitch!" Sage hissed.

Nick tried to get Sage to back off, but she ranted that it looked like Nick was on a dinner date when she'd thought he believed in her. Sage accused Dr. Anderson of badmouthing her to everyone, and she assumed that had been why Sharon hadn't let Sage see the baby. Dr. Anderson claimed that she was only concerned about Sage and Sully, and it wasn't normal for Sage to be fixated on Sharon's baby. Sage spat that Dr. Anderson had weaseled her way into their lives, and she wondered why Nick was suddenly on the doctor's side. Nick attempted to get Sage to leave, but Sage yelled that he was a traitor, and she slapped him across the face.

Sage apologized, and Dr. Anderson noted that Sage was experiencing tremendous anger and confusion. Sage ordered the doctor not to act like she was Sage's shrink, since Dr. Anderson had caused Sage and Nick's fight. Dr. Anderson said Sage's agitation was spiraling, and Sage scoffed at the idea that the doctor could fix her. Nick mentioned that Dr. Anderson thought Sage should go in for observation, and Sage incredulously realized that Dr. Anderson had recommended that she be committed to Fairview. Sage slugged Dr. Anderson.

Nick tried to get Sage to calm down, but Sage demanded to know why he was taking Dr. Anderson's side. Dr. Anderson stressed that both she and Nick were on Sage's side, and she revealed that she'd called the police and suggested that Sage be put on a 72-hour hold. Dr. Anderson threatened to press charges if Nick didn't get help for Sage, and Sage tearfully told herself that it wasn't happening.

Later, Nick told a cop that it had been a misunderstanding, but Sage snapped that Dr. Anderson's interest in Nick had been transparent ever since Sage and Nick's child had died. Dr. Anderson gave Sage the choice of getting help or going to jail, but Sage refused to go to a place where people like Dr. Anderson would treat her. Sage held out her hands and dared the cop to arrest her, and she locked eyes with Nick.

At Top of the Tower, Chelsea asked if EMTs were available to check Adam out, but Adam insisted that he wasn't injured. Victor pointed out that the exchange had been made and that the kidnapper was in custody. Adam clarified that the police had caught the man who'd held him, but the woman behind the kidnapping was still out there. Jack guessed that the woman was somewhere in Europe, and Chelsea realized that Adam had been kidnapped to try to force Victor out of the Internet security deal. Adam incredulously asked if that was true.

Adam was surprised that Victor had arranged to swap him for a computer geek, and Jack explained that Natalie had billion-dollar software that could change the Internet. Adam recognized that making the exchange might have cost Victor the investment, but Victor said he hadn't been willing to lose a family member. Victor added that the most important thing was that Adam was safe, but Jack grumbled that Adam would never be safe with Victor. Adam wondered why the kidnapper had chosen to grab him rather than one of Victor's other children, and Victor suspected that the woman behind it had known that Victor and Adam's relationship had changed, so she might be right there in Genoa City.

Elsewhere at Newman Towers, Dylan asked if Adam's captor had enjoyed taking a swing at him, since the thug was about to be charged with assaulting an officer, resisting arrest, and kidnapping. Dylan warned that the man had better start talking, and Paul noted that they knew the captor hadn't masterminded the kidnapping. Paul asked who had hired the man, and the guy replied that he had been paid in cash and had only dealt with the person over the phone. Dylan flatly stated that the thug would go down for the kidnapping on his own, and he started to haul the man away. The captor blurted out that a woman had hired him, and she'd instructed him not to hurt Adam. The man added that she'd used a burner phone to call him, and his phone was in his motel room.

Paul ordered police officers to retrieve the captor's phone and to search the motel room. Dylan pondered why the kidnapper hadn't wanted Adam to be hurt, and Adam, Chelsea, Victor, and Nikki joined them. Victor inquired whether the police had learned the identity of the kidnapper, and Dylan reported that all they knew was that it had been a woman. Adam offered to do anything he could to help find the woman behind his abduction, and he left with Chelsea. Paul informed Victor that he'd put out an APB on Natalie. Nikki tended to the bruises on Dylan's face, and she was sure Sharon wouldn't be happy to see his injuries.

At the penthouse, Adam said he hadn't been able to stop worrying about Chelsea and Connor when he'd been held hostage, and it had reminded him of when he'd been trapped at Constance's home. Chelsea assured Adam that he was safe at home with her, and it couldn't have ended that way after everything they'd been through together. She envisioned that they'd grow old together with millions of inside jokes and memories. Adam said that Chelsea had gotten him through the tough times, and he swore that they would always be together. They retreated to the bedroom, where they made love.

After sex, Chelsea said nothing bad could ever happen if they never left the room, but Adam noted that they could starve, and Connor would have to get a job. Adam vowed to find out who the kidnapper had been, but Chelsea objected to talking about it, since all that mattered was that Adam was home. She pledged her love, and he murmured that she was perfect. They kissed.

At the hospital, Victoria fussed over Billy's linens, and he amorously invited her to join him in bed. She said they'd have plenty of time when they got home, and he griped that he should have been released the day before. Billy suggested that they get out of there, but Victoria didn't want to rush their second chance. She told him to forget about Internet deals and bookies, since all that mattered was that she and Billy were together. He urged her to check out the fashion show, but she thought it was probably over.

Billy promised that he wouldn't take off, and he encouraged Victoria to catch the rest of the show so she could find a proper wedding dress. Jack entered and announced that the show had ended sooner than expected, and he revealed that Adam had been abducted by one of Victor's business rivals. Billy told Victoria to be with her family, and Victoria hurried out. Billy asked who'd been behind the kidnapping, and Jack pointed out that Billy might have dodged a bullet by being excluded from the technology project. Billy thought the business rival might be his "kind of guy."

Jack explained that Natalie had sold a version of the software with bugs in it, and the buyer had arranged for Adam to be kidnapped in order to trade him for Natalie. Jack guessed that Natalie had probably left town, and he only had Kevin's word that the project was feasible. Billy contended that Kevin's entire ego was tied up in the software, but Jack thought Victor would happily burn two million dollars just to rub their faces in the ashes. Billy recalled that Phyllis had been there to tell him not to lose hope, and she'd seemed pretty confident that Billy hadn't been out of the game yet.

At the cottage, Mariah noticed that Sharon kept checking the baby monitor, and Sharon said she was nervous about Dylan. Mariah suspected that something else was on Sharon's mind, and Sharon mentioned that she hadn't allowed Sage to see Sully earlier, since Sage had been tense and angry when she'd accused Dr. Anderson of attacking her. Mariah inquired whether the doctor had done so, and Sharon relayed that Dr. Anderson had observed that Sage had become out of control. Sharon refused to let Sage near Sully until Sage got help.

Sharon said she recognized paranoia, and Sage thought the whole world was against her. Mariah questioned why Dr. Anderson was still involved in their lives, and she found it bizarre that the doctor always seemed to be around Sharon, Nick, and Sage. Sharon guessed that Dr. Anderson felt compelled to help when she saw someone in pain, and Sage was in trouble. Mariah's phone rang, and she affectionately called Kevin a dork for putting an alert on her phone. Mariah relayed that something might be going down at Newman Towers, and Sharon raced out to find her husband.

Sharon burst into the police station and asked if Dylan was still at the restaurant. Kevin reported that both Adam and Dylan were safe. Sharon fretted that Dylan hadn't been returning her text messages, and Mariah asked about Natalie. Kevin replied that he'd put a tracker on Natalie, but she'd taken it off. Mariah assumed that Natalie was making a break from Victor, but Kevin worried that Natalie had been kidnapped for real.

Dylan arrived at the station and hugged Sharon, and she doubted that she was cut out to be a detective's wife. Paul ordered Kevin and Mariah into his office, and Kevin said there had been nothing showing Natalie on the surveillance footage. Paul relayed that a woman had hired the thug to kidnap Adam, and Kevin suspected that the woman had also kidnapped Natalie. Mariah guessed that Natalie was in Fiji, spending everyone's money, and Paul questioned whether Natalie had collected funds each time she'd agreed to sell the software to a different party. Mariah theorized that the security program had just been a ruse, but Kevin insisted that the software could work, and he was sure the kidnapper knew it, too.

A police officer hauled Sage into the station, and Sage barked that she'd rather sit in a cell for the rest of her life than let "that witch" stick her in Fairview. The officer led Sage away, and Nick rushed in and told Dylan that he should have seen that Sage had been unraveling. Sharon mentioned her earlier encounter with Sage at the cottage, and she pointed out that Dr. Anderson had foreseen that Sage needed help. Nick remarked that Sage might not have a choice, since she was being charged with assault, and he hadn't been able to talk Dr. Anderson down. Nick begged Dylan to do what he could to help him get Sage out of there.

Later, Paul explained that Sage would be released after her arraignment. Dr. Anderson approached Nick and asked how he was doing, and he replied that he hadn't wanted to see it, but Sage's problems had been there the whole time. Dr. Anderson promised that she and Nick would work together as a team to get Sage through it. A cop led Sage out, and she and Nick stared at one another for a moment before she headed to a holding cell.

In Natalie's hotel room, Phyllis ordered Natalie to put her bag down and stay. Natalie demanded to know who Phyllis was and what she wanted, and Phyllis said she'd thought they had a connection, since a new investor had appeared like an angel out of heaven when Kevin had been stalling. Natalie realized that Phyllis was the investor, and Phyllis huffed that the bugs in the system hadn't been what she'd paid for. Phyllis acknowledged that Natalie was a genius with code, but she condemned Natalie's lack of business ethics. Natalie swore that she hadn't double-crossed Phyllis, and she explained that she'd gone to Victor for protection after Phyllis had kidnapped someone. Phyllis admitted to kidnapping Adam, and she insisted that it had just been business.

Phyllis instructed Natalie to show herself in public and to tell everyone that she'd laid low because she'd been nervous that the other investor had still been after her. Phyllis anticipated that Victor would be glad that Adam was back, and Victor would invest a lot of money in the security project. Natalie inquired whether Phyllis wanted her to fix the program and give it to Victor, but Phyllis said Victor would get a dummy program that didn't work. Natalie protested that Victor would kill her when he figured out that Phyllis had the real software, but Phyllis swore that she was trying to help Natalie make a name for herself. Natalie realized that Phyllis wanted a war with Victor, and she asked what else Phyllis had against him.

Phyllis explained that Billy was her brother-in-law and also her friend, and the deal had been very important to him, but Natalie had already given the software to Victor when Billy had woken up. Phyllis said the project was still important to her and to Billy, and she expected Natalie to follow through with their agreement by pretending to work for Victor. Natalie volunteered to give back Phyllis' money instead, but Phyllis anticipated that Victor would use Natalie as a pawn and then ruin Natalie's life. Phyllis advised Natalie to own her ideas and to make her own decisions without selling her soul. Phyllis promised to take Natalie's Internet idea to the world, and she questioned whether Natalie wanted to proceed with her or with Victor.

Mariah reluctantly accompanied Kevin to the Athletic Club, but she was certain that Natalie hadn't returned. Kevin insisted that Natalie wouldn't have left her laptop behind, and they found Natalie in her hotel room. Natalie said it had taken him long enough, and Mariah sarcastically thanked her for letting them know she was okay. Mariah pointed out that Kevin still cared, even though Natalie had cut him out of the deal, but Natalie swore that she and Kevin were still partners, even if they each got a smaller cut.

Mariah cautioned that there was no reason to trust Natalie, and Natalie asked whether Kevin trusted her. Kevin reasoned that he had nothing to lose, but Mariah said Kevin had nothing, since Natalie had turned the program over to Victor. Natalie asserted that Victor didn't have to know, since she could fix the code and light the world on fire, and she wouldn't let Victor jerk her around. Kevin declared that he was in, and Natalie assured him that she wasn't going anywhere. Kevin and Mariah stepped out, and she warned that Natalie was playing them. Kevin decided that it was worth taking a shot.

In Natalie's room, Phyllis emerged from hiding and called Natalie cold for stringing Kevin along. Natalie stressed that Kevin was a partner, since it was her idea, and she had a say unless Phyllis could fix the bugs herself. Phyllis said she wanted to do it for Billy, and she recognized that Natalie wanted to do it for Kevin. Phyllis asked whether she and Natalie were doing it together, and she extended her hand. Natalie shook it and said yes.

Victoria arrived at Newman and conveyed her surprise that the fashion show had been a cover for a kidnapping. Nikki testily commented that no one had filled them in about it, and Victor reasoned that it had been safer for fewer people to be in the loop. Victoria mentioned that Billy was upset about losing out on the technology deal, but she was happy that he hadn't gotten in any deeper. Nikki hoped Natalie had taken her drama and left town, but Victor argued that his investment was worthless without Natalie. Nikki pointed out that Victor hadn't minded losing money to save Adam.

Victor suggested that he and Nikki talk about everything at home later, and Nikki huffed that Victor had his son and his program, so he had everything he wanted. Victoria opined that any deal that caused that much trouble wasn't worth it, but Natalie appeared in the doorway and declared that her boss knew better. Victor asked Victoria to take Nikki home, but Nikki demanded that Natalie explain what she'd been up to. Victor said he'd be home in a little while, and Nikki griped about his priorities. A seething Nikki stalked out, and Victoria followed her.

At the hospital, Jack told Billy to get some rest, and Billy hoped to dream about crushing Victor. Jack urged Billy to let it go, but Billy thought that if Phyllis believed he had a chance to take Victor down, he should take it. Jack stepped out, and Billy closed his eyes. Billy heard the door reopen, and he was surprised to see Phyllis. She said she'd made sure Jack hadn't seen her, since he wouldn't have approved. She announced that the hacker with the billion-dollar idea worked for her, but she quickly corrected that Natalie worked for them. "We're back in the game, Billy, and this time, we're going to win," Phyllis crowed.

Nick and Sage continue their ruse Nick and Sage continue their ruse>
Wednesday, January 27, 2016
by Mike

As Stitch, Abby, and Max entered Crimson Lights, they laughed about the fall Stitch had taken while they had been ice-skating earlier. Stitch claimed that it hadn't hurt at all, but after Max went to order three cups of hot chocolate, Stitch admitted to Abby that he was probably going to have a bruise the size of Toledo the following morning. The fall had made Max and Abby smile, though, so Stitch thought it had been worth the pain.

As Stitch and Abby began talking about their shared belief that Max was finally starting to warm up to Abby, the boy returned and wondered if they could go back to the park to have a snowball fight after they finished drinking their hot chocolate. "Sounds like a blast," Stitch wearily replied, prompting Abby to suggest that they could instead go back to the Athletic Club, order room service, and play Max's new video game. "'Cause, you know, I am just so exhausted after all that ice-skating," Abby explained.

"No one said you have to come," Max replied. After scolding Max and making him apologize to Abby, Stitch suggested a compromise -- going to the new video arcade at the mall then grabbing pizza afterward -- but Max didn't like that idea, either. Abby suggested going to see a movie -- Renegade Penguins 3, which she claimed she had been dying to see because the previous film in the franchise had left her with many unanswered questions -- but Max just rolled his eyes as Stitch laughed at the remark.

Before the group could reach a decision, Stitch was summoned to the hospital to check on a patient. "So much for spending the day together," Max sullenly muttered. Abby offered to take Max to the movie theater herself, and Stitch wondered if Max would be okay with that. "Does it matter?" Max asked. Abby assured Max that she wouldn't force him to do anything he didn't want to do. "Fine," Max said with a sigh.

After Stitch left, Max told Abby that she could go ahead and admit that she wasn't the least bit interested in watching a "stupid" children's film. Abby insisted that she loved cartoons -- and was particularly interested in seeing Renegade Penguins 3 because it was playing in 3-D -- but Max said he had changed his mind and no longer wanted to watch a movie. Abby tried to go back to Max's original idea, but he said he was no longer in the mood for a snowball fight, either. Max also rejected Abby's offer to take him shopping as well as her offer to take him to the museum.

As Abby struggled to think of more ideas, Max stood to leave, telling her he didn't need a babysitter because he was old enough to take care of himself. Abby blocked Max's path and insisted that he wasn't going anywhere without her.

At Jabot, Dr. Neville drew some of Ashley's blood while complaining that it wasn't easy to monitor a patient who was never around. Ashley sarcastically apologized, reminding Neville that she had been unavailable lately because she had been spending time with her family at the hospital, waiting to see if Billy would recover. Neville said he was glad to hear that Billy was doing better, especially since the brain surgery Billy had undergone could have killed him -- or worse.

Ashley told Neville that she had hated seeing Jack struggle with the burden of deciding whether to take Billy off life support -- and she had realized that if Neville's treatment didn't work on her, the Abbotts would soon have to go through that terrible process all over again. Ashley wanted Neville to assure her that, if necessary, he would end her life himself so her family wouldn't have to bear that responsibility, but he insisted that his treatment would work. Neville also reminded Ashley that what she was asking him to do was somewhat illegal, but she dismissively countered that he had a history of bending the rules for the sake of his patients.

Maintaining that he was going to successfully treat Ashley's illness, Neville suggested that it would be best to stop talking about her imminent demise and get back to focusing on making her better. Ashley agreed to drop the subject, and as Neville began administering the next dose of the treatment, she fell asleep and had a dream about the night that Stitch had declared his love for her while trapped with her at Newman Towers.

When Ashley awoke with a start, Neville guessed that she had been having a bad dream. Ashley confirmed the suspicion and began telling Neville about the night of the fire. When Ashley revealed that she hadn't been alone that night, Neville quickly surmised that she had been trapped with "Patches" -- the army medic who considered himself a doctor. As Ashley corrected Neville's recollection of Stitch's name, Neville knowingly observed that the dream hadn't been as bad as Ashley had initially suggested. Ashley protested that Stitch was her daughter's husband, but Neville was certain that, regardless of that fact, Ashley was interested in Stitch.

As Ashley tried to assure Neville that, if anything, he was just picking up on signs of "a little thing" she'd had with Stitch in the distant past, Abby entered the lab and loudly wondered if anyone was around. Neville quickly helped Ashley hide the evidence of her treatment then followed her out of her office to greet Abby, who was with Max. Neville agreed to give Max a tour of the lab, and Ashley headed back into her office with Abby, who explained that she was watching Max because Stitch had been called to the hospital. Abby fretted that Max hated her -- and if that didn't change soon, it might ruin her marriage to Stitch.

Ashley was confident that Abby would be a wonderful stepmother, and she advised Abby to just give Max some time to realize that. Abby wondered if Ashley had experienced the same problems with Victoria while married to Victor years earlier. "Are you kidding me? Victoria used to call me 'the Wicked Witch.' Nikki put her up to that. Fun, huh?" Ashley replied. Ashley added, however, that Abby's situation was completely different and wouldn't pose the same obstacles that Ashley had faced during her marriage to Victor. Ashley maintained that Abby just needed to keep her chin up and be patient.

After thanking Ashley for the advice, Abby returned to the lab, where Neville was in the process of showing Max how to make "goo" out of commonly found household products. Abby apologetically informed Max that he would have to finish learning the recipe some other time because they had to get back to the Athletic Club to meet Stitch for lunch. Max grumbled in protest as he reluctantly followed Abby out of the lab.

Ashley observed that Neville had been really good with Max, but Neville quickly changed the subject, excusing himself so he could finish looking over the results of Ashley's most recent tests. Ashley nervously waited for Neville to give her the results, impatiently wishing he could be both smart and fast. Neville feigned disappointment as he showed Ashley the results. "It's working? The treatment's working?" Ashley asked after looking over the results. When Neville gave Ashley a nod of confirmation, she grabbed him and planted her lips on his. Neville's eyes widened in shock as Ashley held her position.

At the police station, a guard took Sage to see Nick, who hugged her and wondered if she was all right. Sage confirmed that she was but added that she wasn't the least bit interested in going back to the jail cell in which she had just spent the night. "Getting arrested wasn't part of the plan," Sage reminded Nick, who gave her a subtle shake of the head then asked the guard for some privacy.

Once the coast was clear, Nick pointed out that the plan hadn't involved Sage taking a swing at Anderson, either. Nick admitted, however, that he had found that part kind of hot. Chuckling, Sage explained that she had simply lost her temper when she had seen Anderson getting cozy with Nick. Sage tried to apologize, but Nick assured her that they could probably use her outburst to their advantage, since it would help explain why he had suddenly changed his mind and decided that Anderson had been right all along about Sage being mentally unstable.

Nick warned that continuing the ruse would mean pretending that he was getting closer to Anderson, but Sage assured him that she could handle that as long as she knew that he was really on her side, not Anderson's. Nodding, Nick contacted Anderson and asked her to meet him at the police station, explaining that he needed her help with something. When Anderson arrived a short time later, she maintained that Sage needed professional help. Nick explained that Sage was still insisting that she would rather rot in a jail cell, and Anderson said that was just further evidence of Sage's mental instability.

"You're Sage's husband. If she's not of sound mind, you have the ability to make decisions for her," Anderson pointed out, producing legal documents for Nick to sign if he wanted to forcibly commit Sage to his choice of nearby mental facilities for a three-day observation. Nick wondered which facility Anderson would recommend, and she replied that Memorial had a first-rate psychiatric unit and would offer Sage the best possible care. With a heavy sigh, Nick asked Anderson for a pen then proceeded to sign the documents.

As Adam arrived with Chelsea to answer some additional questions about his kidnapping, Sage emerged from Paul's office and started lashing out at Anderson. Sage turned her fury toward Nick when Anderson revealed that Nick had agreed to have Sage committed. Dylan soon arrived with the cop who had been tasked with escorting Sage to the hospital, and she angrily voiced her objections as she was dragged away, with Anderson close behind. Adam insisted that Sage had recently lost a child and needed compassion instead of a straitjacket, but Nick told him to mind his own business.

Dylan intervened and escorted Adam and Chelsea into Paul's office, but Adam was no longer interested in doing the follow-up interview because his thoughts were on Sage's ordeal instead of his own. Adam began arguing with Dylan about the matter, asserting that he knew more about helping a person deal with mental illness than both Nick and Dylan because he was the one who had helped Sharon when she had first started showing symptoms of her own mental illness. Complaining that it was disgusting that Nick was abandoning Sage the same way he had previously abandoned Sharon, Adam ended the interview and stormed out of the office, muttering that he had other places to be.

Sharon took Sully to the hospital for a checkup and ran into Stitch while there. Sharon wondered if Stitch had heard about Sage's arrest, and he confirmed that he had. After briefly discussing the matter with Stitch, Sharon changed the subject, wondering how Max was doing. Stitch smiled as he replied that, while things had been rough at first, it seemed like Abby was finally starting to make some headway with Max.

Later, Sharon ran into Nick, who informed her that Sage had just been admitted. Sharon feared that she had pushed Sage over the edge when she had refused to let Sage see Sully. Nick assured Sharon that he knew that she had simply been trying to protect her son. Nick stressed, however, that Sage wasn't a threat to Sully. Sharon understood Nick's position but insisted that she trusted Anderson and needed to do what was best for Sully. Meanwhile, Anderson emerged from Sage's room, and after Sharon excused herself, Anderson agreed to let Nick see Sage for a few minutes.

Anderson followed Nick into the room to announce his presence to Sage, who pretended that she didn't want to see him. Nick requested some privacy, and after Anderson left, Sage dropped the act and asked Nick if Anderson was buying their ruse. Nick believed that Anderson was, but he also feared that he and Sage had made a terrible mistake, since they had also managed to convince Adam, Chelsea, Dylan, and Sharon. Nick was particularly concerned because Sage was the one who was taking all the risk in their plan, but she assured him that she was willing to do whatever it took to find out what Anderson was hiding.

When Nick emerged from Sage's room, Anderson offered to treat him to a cup of coffee. Nick accepted the invitation, and as he and Anderson walked away, Adam arrived with Chelsea and told a nurse that his sister-in-law, Sage Newman, had just been admitted. The nurse quickly pointed Adam and Chelsea toward Sage's room.

When Adam and Chelsea greeted Sage, she began ranting about Anderson being out to get her. Chelsea left the room to give Adam a few minutes alone with Sage, and when he tried to get Sage to calm down, she complained that even he was starting to believe Anderson's lies. Concerned, Adam assured Sage that he was going to get her out of the hospital right away.

Adam started to leave, but Sage stopped him and insisted that trying to fight Nick's decision would only make matters worse. Adam began criticizing Nick, prompting Sage to stress that Nick loved her and was only trying to protect her. Sage thanked Adam for his concern and assured him that everything was going to be okay. Adam nodded and said goodbye to Sage after letting her know that she could call him if she ever needed anything. When Adam rejoined Chelsea, she wondered if Sage was okay. "Hell, no, she's not okay -- and as far as I'm concerned, this is all Nick's fault," Adam angrily replied.

Dylan ran into Stitch at the Athletic Club and showed off his new badge. Dylan admitted that, while he loved doing police work, he was worried about how his new job might affect Sharon. Stitch advised that Dylan couldn't just worry about Sharon and Sully all the time -- he needed to also make his own happiness a priority.

A short time later, Abby arrived with Max. Stitch got upset when he learned that Abby had taken Max to see Neville, whom Stitch didn't trust. Stitch pulled Abby aside and insisted that, in the future, she needed to check in with him before letting Max be around people like Neville. Abby dismissively protested that she had taken Max to her family's company, not a nuclear power plant. "You're not listening. This is my son. I need to be kept in the loop when it comes to him. Understand?" Stitch stressed. "Well, then, maybe you shouldn't have run off to work and left him with me," Abby countered. Nearby, Max watched as Stitch and Abby argued.

Dylan went home to see Sharon and Sully for a moment before returning to work, and while he was there, Sharon told him about her earlier encounter with Nick. Sharon admitted that, while it was heartbreaking to watch Nick and Sage struggle to deal with the loss of their child, it also made her even more grateful for Sully. Smiling, Dylan told Sharon that he felt the same way.

At Crimson Lights, Anderson assured Nick that having Sage committed had been the right thing to do. Nick argued that, despite her professional experience with such things, Anderson couldn't truly understand what Sage was going through. "You think I don't know what it feels like to lose something that I wanted more than anything? To have all of my hopes and dreams smashed in an instant? Well, I do! I know all about the frustration, the anger, and the disappointment," Anderson insisted.

Nick wondered what had happened to Anderson. Shaking her head, Anderson apologized and excused herself, explaining that the past few days had just been difficult for her. "And next time, you're gonna tell me all about it," Nick muttered after Anderson left.

Risky Business Risky Business
Thursday, January 28, 2016

At the hospital, Billy was anxious to be released, and Victoria offered to find out what the holdup was after she tended to a work email. Billy flashed back to Phyllis telling him that Natalie worked for them, and Victoria observed that it seemed like there was someplace else Billy needed to be. Victoria assured Billy that his home would be there whenever the doctors signed his release paperwork, but Billy complained that the kids would be in college by the time he got out. Victoria promised that he'd be there for every milestone and memory, and she looked forward to permanent togetherness, since things never worked when they were apart.

Billy wished Victoria and the kids had never needed to say goodbye to him, and Victoria pointed out that he'd stayed with them, so the rest was in the past. She reluctantly trusted him to stay in bed while she went to work, and she handed him a cell phone and Johnny's toy car to keep him busy. Billy asked what was going on at Newman, and she griped about Natalie's double-dealings. Victoria was thankful that Billy wasn't involved with Natalie or the program, since no amount of money was worth the trouble that Natalie had caused.

At Top of the Tower, Victor asked Natalie to explain the glitch in her program, and she rambled on about the different methodologies she'd used in her code. He admitted that he had no idea what she meant, and he wondered when they'd have a working product. Dylan interrupted and requested that Natalie help him figure out who had been deep enough into the technology deal to kidnap Adam, since the mysterious investor was still out there. Phyllis watched the conversation from across the room, and Jack approached her and asked how she intended to explain.

Jack questioned why Phyllis had wanted to meet there, and she claimed that a Jabot vendor had been intrigued by the drama at the building. Victor approached and suggested that the couple get crackers from the vending machine instead, given the Abbotts' budget. The only thing Jack wanted to hear from Victor was whether the police were any closer to finding out the identity of Adam's kidnapper, and Victor warned Jack to stay away from his son and the technology project. Victor taunted that the Abbott family had tried to destroy his empire, but they'd ended up with barely enough money to order crackers. Victor stalked off, and Jack acknowledged that Victor was right, but Phyllis insisted that Jabot wasn't dead. Phyllis received a text message from Billy, saying they needed to talk.

Jack and Phyllis visited Billy, and Jack declared that he wanted Billy to return to work at Jabot. Jack recognized that he should have backed Billy's investment, but Billy acknowledged that his bad decisions had cost the company millions of dollars. Jack countered that Billy's intentions had also mattered, and he understood that Billy had wanted to use Paragon to wipe the smug look off Victor's face. Jack envisioned rebuilding their father's company together, and Billy said it meant the world to him that Jack was asking, but he needed some time to think about it. Jack promised that whenever Billy was ready, his office would be there for him.

In Victor's office, Natalie swore that she had nothing else to tell Dylan, but he pushed for information about the female investor. Natalie feigned surprise that the investor was a woman, since all of her contact with the person had been web-based, and she'd never heard a voice. Dylan figured that Natalie was scared to talk, but he promised that the police would protect her while they put the pieces together. Dylan noted that it was impossible to completely erase things in cyberspace, and he urged her to reveal what she knew or face going down with the rest of those involved.

Natalie pointed out that the investor might not have known that she was female, either, but Dylan mentioned that the ransom demand had asked for "the girl." Natalie maintained that she knew nothing about the investor except that the investor hadn't taken rejection well when Natalie had decided to work for Victor instead. Victoria entered, and Dylan explained that Victor had given them his office to talk. Victoria escorted Dylan out to the hallway, and she hoped that the police were building a case against Natalie. Dylan agreed that Natalie's behavior had been shady, but there was nothing to indicate that she'd been involved in illegal activities. Victoria was sure that Natalie was working another angle, and Dylan replied that it was his job to find out what that angle was.

Victoria returned to the office and huffed that she didn't like doing business with people like Natalie, and Natalie haughtily questioned whether Victoria meant people who were smarter than Victoria. Victoria cited Natalie's lack of ethics, but Natalie replied that despite Victoria's opinion, Natalie needed to do her job. Victoria told her to cut the nerd act, but Natalie wondered what part of writing code and having a social life on hacker message boards was an act. Victoria spat that she could see through Natalie's victimized genius routine, and she called Natalie a con artist who had done nothing but cause trouble. Victor entered, and Victoria noted that he owned Natalie's code, so they could hire someone else to finish the project.

Victor thought the return on the investment would be substantial once Natalie worked out the bugs, and he insisted that she see it through until the end. He offered Natalie the use of an office, but she preferred to work in her hotel room. Victoria snapped that all employees worked at Newman Towers, but Victor allowed Natalie to work wherever she wished. Natalie left, and Victoria contemplated how much more chaos Natalie would cause before the project was done. Victoria got a call about a meeting to go over Billy's aftercare, and Victor instructed her to tell "Billy Boy" that Billy wasn't part of the deal.

At the penthouse, Chelsea pondered how she and Adam hadn't seen that Sage had been losing control, and Adam insisted that Sage hadn't been. Adam answered a knock at the door, and Luca said he and Adam needed to talk about the next stage of their plan. Adam stated that it wasn't a good time, but Chelsea asked what their plan was about. Luca claimed that he and Adam were working on a business acquisition, but Adam pointedly stated that the timing wasn't good. Chelsea recognized that if she stayed, Adam would spin a cover story that she'd have to call him out on, so she opted to make things easy and leave.

Adam tried to stop Chelsea, but she was certain that he was keeping something from Victor, and she admonished him for forging an alliance with a dangerous family, especially after he'd just been kidnapped. Adam swore that he wasn't putting anyone at risk, but Chelsea was convinced that he'd reverted back to his old self, and she stormed off. Adam blasted Luca for showing up, but Luca replied that secrecy would be a moot point soon. Luca handed over a file with proof of his father's illegal business practices that he'd obtained from Marisa.

Luca clucked that the clock was ticking, and Adam defended that he'd been taped to a chair all week. Luca declared that it was time for Adam to hold up his end, and Adam said they had to be methodical, since they'd end up as road kill if they hit anything less than a home run. Luca berated Victor for kidnapping Marisa because Victor had suspected the Santoris of abducting Adam, and Adam advised Luca not to make things personal. Adam insisted that he just needed more time to get proof of Victor's illegal activity, and he bragged that their lives would change forever once they moved in for the kill.

At Crimson Lights, Noah couldn't fathom how someone could kidnap a person and not give it a second thought, and Marisa commented that Victor was who he was. Noah complained that his grandfather got away with things like that all the time, and Abby overheard and defended Victor. Noah chided Abby for taking Victor's side, and he snapped that she was COO because she'd say yes to the boss to the very end. He added that all it made Abby was the world's most glorified lapdog. Abby received a phone call, and she pointedly told Noah that it was the senior vice president of marketing, who reported to her.

Abby stepped away to answer the call, and Marisa warned that people would wonder what had happened to Noah because he was acting angry. Noah groused that Abby didn't "give a damn" about what had happened to Marisa, but he did. He added that he'd been willing to do anything to get Marisa back, since her being married to Luca didn't change how he felt about her. Noah was livid at the thought of Victor getting away with it, but Marisa firmly stated that Victor would pay for everything.

Noah asked what Marisa knew, but she simply replied that no one could run away from karma. Noah guessed that Luca and his family were planning a move against Newman, but Marisa disclosed that the threat was from the inside. Chelsea approached and pulled Marisa out to the patio, and she demanded to know what was going on between Luca and Adam. Marisa claimed that she didn't know, and Chelsea vowed to find out some other way, even if it meant exposing both of their husbands. Marisa agreed to tell her everything.

Chelsea was dumbfounded when Marisa informed her that Adam and Luca were going after their fathers' companies, and Marisa clarified that she was telling Chelsea to get her to stop asking questions, since someone could get hurt if either of the men got caught. Chelsea anticipated that someone would definitely get hurt, and she was infuriated because Adam had promised that he was done going after Victor. Marisa cautioned that it might be too late to stop their husbands.

Abby returned to Noah's table and babbled that the executive had called because he trusted her judgment, and she asserted that everyone knew that she was good at her job. She continued that she'd had huge successes despite having to deal with Max and Stitch, and she received a text message and proclaimed that she was important. She saw that the message was from Jack, and she hurried out.

Noah asked Marisa what had been going on with Chelsea, and Marisa fibbed that they'd been talking about work. Noah realized that Adam was the inside threat to Newman that Marisa had mentioned earlier, and he guessed that Luca was working with Adam. Luca appeared and tried to steer Marisa out the door, but Noah threatened to blow Luca's plan sky-high with one call to Victor. Marisa revealed that Noah had figured it out, and Luca dared Noah to make the call. Noah was glad that Luca hadn't even denied it, since Noah wanted in.

Abby greeted Jack at Top of the Tower, and he revealed that he'd asked Billy to return to Jabot. Abby stressed that it would have to be as a contributing member and not just as a consolation prize, and Jack recognized that he never should have cut Billy loose. Jack added that every Abbott had something to contribute, and he wanted Abby to return to rebuild the company, too. Abby pointed out that she had a job, but Jack contended that Jabot offered a future with a meaning and purpose with all of them working together.

Victor stopped by the penthouse and was impressed by Luca's file, and Adam proclaimed that they would burn the Santori business to the ground. Victor noted that Chelsea had been worried when Adam had been kidnapped, and Adam was determined to find out who had taken him and why. Victor swore that it wouldn't happen again, since the kidnapper and the Santoris would soon learn the same lesson. Victor envisioned revolutionizing the world with the Internet security software, and Adam would be by his side when it happened. Chelsea returned and overheard the end of Victor's statement, and she stated that it sounded amazing for Adam to work with Victor.

Chelsea noted that Adam's desire to work with Victor had been why they hadn't stayed in Paris, and Victor called it an exciting new venture. Victor encouraged Adam to spend some time with his family, and Chelsea noted that family meant a lot to both Victor and Adam. Victor departed, and Chelsea revealed that she knew all about Adam's plan with Luca to take down their fathers. She accused Adam of lying to her face like he'd always done, but Adam insisted that he and Victor were working together to get the Santoris out of Newman.

Adam explained that the Santoris wouldn't be quietly bought out, so they had to be forced out. Chelsea inquired whether Victor knew, and Adam informed her that Victor had orchestrated the plan. She asked if Marisa had been wrong, and Adam said Luca and Marisa believed what Adam wanted them to think. Chelsea found the idea of a master plan with Victor to be troubling, and she thought Adam didn't even see what Victor was doing to him.

Abby arrived to see Victor at his office, and she announced that Jack had offered her a job at Jabot, but Victor said she already had one. Abby conceded that she had a title, but Adam shoved her aside whenever the big deals and contracts were concerned, and she hadn't even known about the hostage exchange. Victor defended that, to keep them safe, those not directly involved hadn't been informed. Abby asserted that if she wasn't valued enough to be consulted and informed, she'd go somewhere where she was. She decided that she was going to Jabot.

At the police station, Dylan went over details of the kidnapping case with Kevin, and he wondered if someone other than Natalie's investor had snatched Adam, since Victor had other enemies. Kevin guessed that it had been someone who had known Victor would cave if Adam was in danger, and Dylan said they had to narrow down the list of suspects. Dylan and Kevin considered the kidnapper's motives and opportunity, and Kevin suggested that the woman had been a go-between. Dylan said the thug who'd held Adam had indicated that the woman had called the shots, and he pulled out a list of suspects.

Kevin noted that Ashley wouldn't have been concerned about not hurting Adam, and she'd been at the hospital with Billy. Dylan thought it made the perfect cover story, and he moved on to Jack and Phyllis. Dylan reasoned that Jack would never put Adam in danger, but Kevin countered that Adam had never actually been in danger. Kevin mentioned Nikki, and Dylan found the idea ridiculous, but Kevin thought it would be great to see her pull one over on Victor. Dylan pointed out that the one person on the list who'd wanted to stick it to both Victor and Adam was the one person who couldn't have done it -- Billy.

Kevin suggested that they recreate the scene or subpoena phone records, and Dylan thought that the mystery went back to Geneva, where the other investor had first contacted Natalie. Dylan prepared to retrace Kevin and Natalie's steps.

At the hospital, Phyllis informed Billy that Natalie was playing things perfectly, since Victor was eating up Natalie's awkward geek routine. Phyllis imagined that the payoff would be spectacular when Victor realized he'd been screwed, and she crowed that they'd earned it. Billy balked, and she questioned whether he was having second thoughts.

Billy took responsibility for Jabot being in the toilet, and he said he'd wanted to be the reason behind sending the company into the stratosphere. Phyllis pointed out that Billy almost had everything he'd ever need, but he worried that it was a lot for her to risk. She thought she'd risk her dignity and self-respect if she didn't do it, and she refused to back away. Phyllis vowed to take Victor down on her own, and it would still be fantastic for Billy to watch and cheer if the timing wasn't right for him. He doubted there would be a better chance to stick it to Victor. "Let's take him down," Billy declared.

Phyllis said the result would be the same with or without Billy, but he refused to sit on the sidelines. Phyllis remarked that she felt like a bad influence, and Billy marveled that they'd progressed since they'd almost killed one another at Restless Style. She said he'd been the reason she'd kept the deal warm, but she warned that it wasn't without risk for him, either. He quipped that it wouldn't be any fun if there wasn't some risk involved.

Billy thought a little danger would be good for them, and Natalie suddenly burst in. "So you're him," she blurted out. "So you're her," Billy replied, and he asked if he was everything she'd ever dreamed of and more. Natalie explained that Phyllis had done crazy things to get him back in the deal, and she'd wanted to see why. Billy noted that Phyllis hadn't just done it for him, and Natalie stared at Phyllis. Victoria walked in. "What the hell is going on here?" Victoria demanded to know.

Hilary Refuses to Sign Divorce Papers Hilary Refuses to Sign Divorce Papers
Friday, January 29, 2016

At the penthouse, Chelsea complained that Adam was doing Victor's dirty work, and lying to her was just business as usual. Adam insisted that he'd been trying to protect her, but Chelsea snapped that she was looking at Adam and hearing Victor. Adam hoped she understood why he'd kept her in the dark, and she wondered if he expected her to lie, too. He asked her to convince Marisa that she was on board with Adam and Luca's plan. She griped that he'd ripped another page out of Victor's playbook, and Adam questioned what was wrong with that.

Adam called it a chance to take Newman in a less predatory direction, and he wanted to make it a more responsible company. Adam swore that he and Victor were on the same side, but Chelsea thought Adam would be out if Adam tried to run things his own way. Adam recounted Victor's concerned reaction to the kidnapping, but Chelsea worried that Victor's glimmers of humanity never lasted. Adam thought that time felt different, and he wanted Chelsea to be happy for him. She recognized that it was important to him, but she pointed out that Victor rewarded him for lying and being ruthless, and that was what their father-son relationship was based on.

At Newman Enterprises, Abby implored Victor to value her as a smart, savvy businesswoman -- or he'd lose her to Jack. Victor pointed out that Jabot was circling the drain, while Newman was soaring to new heights. Abby said she wanted to work as part of a team and not to be under his and Adam's wings. Victor insisted that she was an important part of the company, and Abby told him to prove it by letting her in on his and Adam's secret project.

Victor thought Abby was being oversensitive just because he'd assigned a dangerous project to Adam, but she asserted that she wasn't afraid of a dicey business venture. Victor suggested that she take over a division or acquire a new company, but Abby groused that he was treating her like a kid at Christmas. Victor swore that his working on a project with Adam didn't mean that he questioned her abilities, but she didn't like what she saw in her future at Newman. Abby said she loved Victor, but she thought it was time she did what was best for her, even if what he thought was best for Newman wasn't the same thing. She kissed his cheek and left.

In the Jabot lab, Simon listened to Ashley's heart, and he muttered the words gorgeous and elegant. She inquired whether his complimentary adjectives had been about data, and he said he needed something to show to their business partners. He added that he hadn't just been talking about the data, and he wished the investors would go away. Neil overheard as he walked in, and he suggested that he and Devon take Devon's money with them. Simon insisted that they'd been making wonderful progress, but Devon appeared and said the research indicated otherwise.

Ashley defended that it would take time, but Neil lectured that Devon had invested millions in the project. Devon barked that Neil didn't need to look out for him, and the men bickered. Jack entered and asked if it was a bad time, and Ashley explained that they'd been having a healthy difference of opinion. Jack led her into the office to speak privately. Neil asked how Devon was doing, and Devon flatly told him to drop the act. Neil recognized that Devon had been through a lot, but nothing changed the fact that Neil loved him.

Devon conceded that he'd slept with Neil's wife, but Neil had done the same thing to Devon on top of letting Devon think that Hilary might have died. Simon bluntly stated that Gwen had quit because of their twisted love lives, and he urged them to focus, or the rest of the world would figure out who had really been behind Hilary's abduction. Neil suggested that it was what Devon wanted, but Devon retorted that all he wanted was not to have to deal with Neil, and he stalked off. Simon said he didn't know which of the men was more culpable, but he stressed that Devon was Neil's son.

Jack informed Ashley that he'd made job offers to Billy and Abby, and he also wanted to extend one to Ashley. Ashley replied that she had a job, but Jack argued that it would take all of them to rebuild Jabot. Jack recounted that their father had built the company out of strength and courage, and he wanted the Abbotts to build a future together. Ashley said she loved Jabot, but her place was on the research project. Jack noted that Devon had provided the funding and that Simon didn't need her to do research, and he wondered why she was really still there.

Ashley insisted that the work she was doing could save lives, and Jack realized that he couldn't object to making the world a better place. They hugged, and Abby entered and asked if Jack had been making the rounds with job offers. Jack reported that Ashley was happy where she was, but he hoped Abby would accept. Abby explained that she'd done a lot of soul-searching, and she hesitated to spend her life choosing between two feuding sides, so she politely declined. Jack admitted that he was disappointed, but he respected their decisions. Abby announced that she wanted more than just a paycheck, and she wanted to make a difference by working for Ashley.

Abby looked forward to being appreciated and relevant, and she gushed that there would be no more secrets. Simon welcomed her aboard, and he handed her some files with the details of his research. Abby excitedly headed out to review the information, and Simon guessed that Ashley wasn't as thrilled. Ashley worried that Abby would figure out that Ashley was dying, but Simon assured Ashley that he was working on her case. Ashley decided to focus on the positive, and Simon wondered if they were ever going to talk about their kiss. "Probably not," Ashley replied.

At the hospital, Victoria was irate when she found Natalie in Billy's room. Billy joked that word was out that the pudding cups were awesome, but Victoria demanded to know what Natalie was doing there. Billy covered by saying that Natalie had popped in to apologize, and Phyllis prompted Natalie to leave. Victoria wondered why Natalie had really been there, since nothing Natalie did was on the level. Phyllis blamed Natalie for Adam's kidnapping, and she said she was glad Natalie had left before upsetting Billy further. Phyllis left, and Victoria ranted that Natalie only looked out for herself.

In the corridor, Phyllis warned Natalie to stay away from Victoria and Billy, since Victoria would eventually figure out what was going on if Natalie spun too many lies. Natalie was surprised that Victoria and Billy were a couple, since Billy was letting Natalie play Victoria to steal a program out from under the Newman family. Phyllis told Natalie not to think she could hold it over Billy's head, and Natalie remarked that she didn't understand people.

Phyllis explained that people like her and Billy loved fiercely, and Billy loved Victoria. Natalie questioned whether Billy had no problem lying to the woman he loved, and Phyllis commented that sometimes the people they loved didn't understand the things they did. Natalie said she felt bad for "Mr. Phyllis." Phyllis contended that Billy needed Victoria more than he needed the deal, and she instructed Natalie to keep her distance and do her job, while Phyllis and Billy did theirs.

Billy guessed that Victor only cared that Natalie would make him money, but Victoria worried that Natalie would screw Victor over first. Billy told her to let Victor worry about it, and Victoria thought Billy was definitely feeling better. He insisted that she spend some time at the office while she could, since he planned to keep her busy once he was released. They kissed, and she couldn't believe he was encouraging her to go to Newman. "Instead of blowing it up?" he quipped, and she departed.

Phyllis reentered and panicked that Billy had just told Victoria the truth. Billy admitted that he'd been tempted to tell Victoria, but he hadn't and wouldn't. Phyllis cautioned that they'd gone past the point of no return, and Billy said he couldn't lose his happily ever after. He thanked Phyllis for having his back, and she pointed out that he'd also had hers. She assured him that the plan would work, and she told him to get some rest, since they'd need every brain cell they had to pull it off.

Phyllis stepped out and saw Jack in the corridor, and he forlornly informed her that Ashley and Abby had turned down his job offers. Jack fretted that Billy would decline, too, and he wasn't sure if he had the heart to pull it off by himself. Phyllis said Jack had the biggest heart she knew, but he wasn't sure what Jabot would be without family behind it. She proclaimed that she signed her checks Phyllis Abbott, and she wasn't going anywhere. They held one another close.

Jack and Phyllis entered Billy's room, and Jack said he'd agreed to give Billy time, but he didn't have a lot of it, since Jabot's future was at stake. He hoped Billy had made a decision about rejoining the company, and he envisioned the three of them saving Jabot. "I'm in," Billy proclaimed, and the men shook hands as Phyllis smiled.

Adam arrived at Newman, and Victor noted that Chelsea had seemed tense earlier. Adam revealed that she knew about their plan, and Victor reminded him that Chelsea had told the world about Adam's true identity when he'd been posing as Gabriel. Adam reasoned that she'd exposed him because he'd lied to her, so the best policy was complete honesty. Victor warned that the risk had gone up exponentially, and he thought they should finish their plan and move on. Adam agreed, and he announced that he'd brainstormed their next move, but Victor needed to trust him.

Adam suggested that Victor go away on a little vacation so that Luca would let his guard down, and it would seem like the perfect opportunity for Adam and Luca to strike against their fathers. Victor agreed to let Adam take over, and Adam promised not to let him down. Victor hoped Adam truly wanted to be part of the company and that he wasn't only staying because of the secret about Christian's paternity. Victoria interrupted, and she griped that Victor had to keep his new acquisition on a shorter leash. Adam told Victor to enjoy his trip, and he headed out.

Victor informed Victoria that he was going away for a while, but he wanted her to keep an eye on Natalie. Victoria said she didn't have time, between Billy's homecoming and the new launch of Brash & Sassy, but Victor insisted that she was the only one he could trust. Victoria thought Abby would be perfect for the job, but Victor relayed that Abby had just requested a leave of absence. He declared that Victoria was the backbone of the company, and he wanted her to take over while he was gone. She agreed to keep an eye on things.

Victoria arrived at Natalie's hotel room and said they needed to talk. Natalie said she'd already promised to stay away from Billy, but Victoria doubted that Natalie was capable of keeping her word. Natalie said she would do her job, so Victoria could go, but Victoria revealed that she was overseeing the project. Victoria threatened to watch Natalie like a hawk, and she warned that Natalie better not try to screw with her family.

At the Athletic Club, Hilary approached Nikki and acknowledged that Nikki and Neil had been friends for years, but she'd appreciate it if Nikki gave him space to have a personal life. Nikki asserted that she was part of that life, but Hilary stressed that Neil loved Hilary, so Nikki shouldn't be monopolizing his time. Nikki said she enjoyed his company, so she saw no reason to stay out of his life. Hilary ordered Nikki to stay out of his bed.

Nikki huffed that what she did with Neil was none of Hilary's concern. Hilary snarled that Nikki might be a Newman, but Nikki had once been a stripper, and the only thing that had changed was the price tag. Nikki found it sad that Hilary was desperate for a man she couldn't have, and she bragged that her affair with Neil had been glorious. Hilary thought Neil was using Nikki to get his mind off Hilary, and she advised Nikki to go back to her husband. Nikki pointed out that she wasn't the only married woman there, and Hilary replied that she didn't love Devon.

Nikki blasted Hilary for throwing herself at the husband she'd cheated on, and she spat that there were worse things than being an ex-stripper. Nikki ran into Neil on her way out, and she was sure Hilary would be thrilled to tell him about their conversation. Nikki left, and Hilary wailed to Neil that she'd made a fool of herself by telling Nikki to leave Neil alone. Hilary begged Neil to tell her that he loved her and that everything would be okay, and she threw herself into his arms as Devon walked in.

Devon asked the bartender to set him up, and Neil said he'd call Hilary later. Neil joined Devon at the bar, and Devon asked what part of "stay the hell away" Neil didn't understand. Devon pulled out divorce papers, and he signed them and coldly requested that Neil to give them to Hilary. Neil protested that Devon was making a mistake, but Devon countered that he was correcting one. After Devon took off, Neil made a reservation for a romantic table for two.

At Top of the Tower, Neil told Hilary that he'd hurt her deeply, and he hadn't been fair to either one of them. He continued that he'd felt guilty about being with her, since it had hurt his son, but things had changed. Neil divulged that Devon had signed the divorce papers, and he handed them to her and said all she had to do was add her signature. She stared at the document.

Neil rambled on about moving back in together and getting married, and he urged Hilary to sign the papers. She grabbed the pen, but she wondered if it was just a ploy to push her back to Devon. Neil explained that he wanted her to understand what she'd be giving up, and he believed that if she looked deep inside, she'd find that she still loved Devon. Neil thought Hilary's guilt had pushed her toward him, but they couldn't rekindle what they'd had. Hilary realized that Neil would never love her again, and he firmly responded, "No, I won't." She grabbed the unsigned papers and left.

Hilary set the divorce papers down next to Devon at the Athletic Club bar. He flatly stated that he'd accepted that she didn't love him anymore and that she never would, and he told her to sign the document and be done with him. She replied that she couldn't.

Nikki stopped by the penthouse and thanked Chelsea for donating gowns for a charity auction. Nikki anticipated that they might be spending more time with one another because Adam and Victor were working closely together, and Chelsea asked how Nikki dealt with it. Nikki suspected that Chelsea was feeling the strain of dealing with a husband who was obsessed with work and money. Chelsea wondered if she was overreacting, and Nikki warned her to prepare for late nights and excuses. Nikki compared it to competing with a mistress, except there wasn't another woman to slap in the face. Nikki advised that nothing would work out the way Chelsea wanted it to, but all Chelsea needed to do was love Adam. Nikki added that she was still trying to figure it out herself.

Over the phone, Victor rescheduled a meeting for when he got back from his trip. Nikki overheard, and she testily asked when he'd planned on informing her about it. He surmised that Neil would keep her social calendar busy, and she confessed that their alleged affair had just been a ruse to try to drive Hilary back to Devon. Nikki added that she'd gone along with it to make Victor jealous, since she loved him and wanted his attention. Victor pulled her into a passionate kiss.

Victor asked why Nikki had thought she'd had to play games, and she acknowledged that it had been a silly thing to do. She said she felt like he spent more time on business deals than with her, and she wanted more than to just be on the fringes of his life. Victor told her to pack her bags, since they were going on their second honeymoon, and there would be no business involved. They embraced.

Adam returned to the penthouse and enthusiastically reported that Victor had loved his plan. Chelsea stated that all would be well in the world until there was another plan and another enemy, and she wondered if they'd continue the Newman tradition of fighting, divorcing, and remarrying. She mentioned that Nikki had been there earlier, and she whined that she didn't want to keep losing him over and over.

Adam ranted that he didn't know what else to do, since he was trying to make the best decisions he could when he was being forced to work with Victor. Chelsea recalled that Adam had sworn that it had been his choice to stay, but she realized that he'd had no choice. She demanded to know what Victor was holding over his head.

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