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Nikki drunkenly stumbled in front of a car. Hilary threatened to expose Neil as her kidnapper if she didn't maintain her board seat. Various witnesses lied in their PassKey depositions. Summer kissed Luca. Victoria agreed to drop the lawsuit if Jack fired Billy.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of April 11, 2016 on Y&R
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Dylan Vows to Protect Victor Dylan Vows to Protect Victor
Monday, April 11, 2016

In the lounge area of the Genoa City Athletic Club, Lauren praised Chelsea's latest collection of fashion designs. Lauren noticed that Chelsea seemed distracted and aloof. Lauren apologized for Michael's role in Victor's sabotaged trial. Chelsea said she didn't blame Michael and had been in solidarity with members of the Newman family who wanted Victor to be punished. Lauren asked if Chelsea had since changed her mind.

Chelsea replied, "Well, let's just say even with Victor in prison, we're all still feeling his reach." Chelsea noted that Adam had gone straightaway to the hospital after Victor had been stabbed, so she was keenly aware that Victor was still manipulating Adam. Lauren explained that spouses and partners of Victor's children had all experienced the same feelings Chelsea described. Lauren also reminded Chelsea that Victor would always be part of Adam's life.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club's bar, Michael handed Jack a subpoena. Michael explained that Jack would be deposed in preparation for the PassKey lawsuit. Jack noted that both he and Phyllis had been summoned to be deposed. Jack berated Michael for having accepted a position at Newman Enterprises. Michael said he was trying to right a wrong. Michael added that Billy and Phyllis had started the conflict with their unscrupulous actions.

After Jack left, Lauren joined Michael. Michael said Jack had made him feel like a traitor for helping Victoria retaliate against the Abbotts. Michael explained that working against friends and his own brother was taking an emotional toll. Lauren promised to remain in Michael's corner.

At Adam's penthouse, Sage stopped by to see Chelsea. Adam explained that Chelsea was at the Genoa City Athletic Club. After Sage picked up a plush toy and stroked it, Adam asked how she was doing after the adoption hadn't worked out. Sage initially claimed she was fine, but Adam said he didn't think she was all right. Sage cried that she was reeling after losing another baby on the heels of losing Christian. Sage said she feared the hole in her heart might never heal. Adam urged Sage to take her time to grieve.

Touched by Adam's kindness, Sage asked him what he drew on to be so understanding. In a flashback, Adam remembered sharing his grief over the loss of Christian with Chelsea. Through tears, Adam recalled telling Chelsea he was grateful he could tell her about his beautiful, perfect son. Sage noticed that Adam seemed lost in thought and asked if she'd upset him. Adam said he wished he could say something to help Sage. She thanked Adam for being a good friend and said he'd helped by listening.

At Sharon's ranch house, Dylan rocked Sully and teased the baby about not letting his mother sleep. Dylan offered to look after Sully so Sharon could rest. Sharon invited herself to tag along with Dylan and Sully after Dylan said he had business at Crimson Lights. Dylan asked Sharon if she was afraid to sleep for fear of having more nightmares about Sully's birth. Sharon said she yearned to move past her frightening nightmares so she could spend quality time with their son. Dylan kissed Sharon and thanked her for giving him everything he'd ever wanted.

At Crimson Lights, Dylan and Sharon, cradling Sully, entered and greeted Adam. Adam took Sully from Sharon and thanked her for being nice to Sage. Dylan pointed out that Nick had also suffered a loss. Adam agreed it was a tough situation for the couple. Sharon took Sully so Dylan and Adam could talk. Adam told Dylan he was worried that Victor might die in prison. Adam added that Victor considered Ian Ward to be a threat.

Dylan told Adam there were probably plenty of inmates that might target Victor. Adam said Victor would either be killed, kill the person who might attack him, or both. Adam leaned in close to Dylan. Adam explained that Victor expected him to avenge his father's death if he was killed in prison. Adam pleaded with Dylan to help Victor. Dylan said he would try his best to keep Victor safe.

Sharon and the baby returned, and Adam left. Sharon warned Dylan about getting involved with the Newman family's problems. Dylan noted that he was already involved.

Adam returned home and greeted Chelsea. Adam said he'd told Dylan all about Victor, and Dylan had agreed to help. Chelsea asked Adam if he was content with handing the matter over to Dylan. Adam said he was. Adam explained that he'd helped his father in a way that had allowed him to extract himself from the situation. Chelsea was concerned that Victor might find out that Adam had confided in the police. Adam said that Victor would see it as another betrayal.

Chelsea noted that Victor would never let Adam walk away. Adam said he would do what was best for his marriage and his family, no matter what Victor wanted. Chelsea said she knew Adam would never be fulfilled until he felt like he was truly a member of the Newman family. Adam insisted that his place was with Chelsea and their family. Chelsea seemed guardedly relieved.

At Sharon's ranch house, Sage stopped by to visit with Sharon and Sully. Sage and Sully were in the other room when Nick arrived and asked Sharon about Sage. Sharon said that Sage had calmed down since her arrival. Sage entered carrying Sully. Nick asked Sage if she was okay. Sage, captivated by Sully, said, "I am now." Sharon seemed concerned by Sage's fascination with Sully.

At Victoria's office in Newman Towers, Nikki stopped by and told Victoria and Nick that she avoided being at home because Victor wasn't there. Victoria said she wished she could've visited her father while he'd been receiving treatment at the hospital. Nikki noted that Victor had refused to let anyone offer comfort. Nikki cried that ever since Victor's attack, she jumped each time the phone rang because she feared for Victor's life. Nick said Victor had proven countless times that he was a survivor.

Nikki cried that she'd pushed Victor too far and feared he no longer loved her. Nick and Victoria noted that, in time, Victor had always reconciled with all his family members. Nikki said she felt better and planned to enjoy a massage at the Genoa City Athletic Club to help her relax.

After Nikki left, Victoria told Nick that Victor's situation was worse than they had imagined. Victoria explained that their father had confided about his fears to Adam. Nick refused to believe that their father had resigned himself to dying in prison. Victoria cried that their father wasn't invincible and likely couldn't avoid being attacked again. Nick said Adam was after something and couldn't be trusted. Victoria insisted that Adam was worried about Victor and the future of the company.

Jack stopped by Victoria's office. Jack pleaded with Victoria to reconsider the compromise regarding the lawsuit. Victoria refused to back down, and Nick agreed with his sister. Jack recalled that Victoria had claimed she wanted to end the feud between the families, and he suggested her goal was to get back at Billy. Victoria denied that her decision had anything to do with Billy. Jack suggested that Victoria had, like her father, become obsessed with revenge and winning at all costs. Jack advised Victoria to consider where her father had ended up. Victoria asked Jack to leave.

Nick stepped out in the hallway with Jack. Nick berated Jack for insulting Victoria. Jack advised Nick to change Victoria's mind. Jack warned that continuing with the lawsuit would make things worse, especially for Abby and Summer. After Jack left, Nick asked Victoria to drop the lawsuit. Victoria refused and said they should concentrate on protecting their dad and the family company. Nick warned Victoria to watch out for Adam because he'd eventually make a play for the company.

Nikki entered the Genoa City Athletic Club and spotted a glass of whiskey someone had left behind. She took the glass, turned her back to the dining room's patrons, and drank. Nikki then approached Sage and Chelsea. Nikki sat down beside Sage and began blathering, offering apologies for the failed adoption. Chelsea was stunned by Nikki's condition.

Nikki snapped her fingers and said she could pay to make an adoption take place quickly. Sage, angered, replied, "No, you can't, Nikki! This is a child, not an accessory." As Chelsea whisked Sage away, Nikki repeatedly cried, "I'm sorry."

Michael and Lauren approached Nikki and offered to help. Nikki fiddled with her phone. Lauren looked concerned. Nikki mumbled that Victor and Sage hated her because she did everything wrong. Lauren tried to comfort Nikki. Nikki said she couldn't talk and stumbled toward the exit. Michael and Lauren appeared worried as they watched Nikki struggle.

At the hospital, Jack arrived to check on an injured Nikki. Jack asked Nikki what had happened. Nikki mumbled that she felt horrified about what had happened. Jack said he knew Nikki had been drinking. Nikki explained that when she'd rushed out of the Genoa City Athletic Club, she'd had an accident. Nikki ignored a phone call from Victoria. Nikki explained that she didn't want her family to know. Nikki begged Jack to keep quiet. Jack seemed displeased with Nikki.

At the prison, Ian visited Victor. Ian inquired about Victor's condition after the horrific stabbing. Victor insisted he was as strong as ever. Ian scoffed. Victor grabbed Ian by the collar and said, "You want to find out? Want to play games, Ian Ward?" Ian insisted he was on Victor's side. Victor refused to believe Ian.

Warden Pulman approached Victor as Ian walked away. The warden asked Victor about the attack. Victor said he'd already said all he cared to share. The warden explained that he was trying to help Victor. Before Victor walked away, he said, "I appreciate that."

Later, Victor summoned Ian to his cell. Victor asked Ian what he knew about the warden. Ian, noting that he excelled at reading people, said he sincerely believed that Warden Pulman cared about the inmates. Ian said he knew that Victor had been plotting to escape and reunite with his family. Victor told Ian he was wrong. Ian replied, "I look at you, and I don't see rage. I see overwhelming fear, love for your family, your wife, and your kids."

Ian admitted he was jealous of Victor for having a devoted family. Ian vowed that he would get out of prison. After Ian left, Victor rested his head and remembered dancing with Nikki in their home. From the shadows, a man with a deep voice said, "You're a dead man, Newman! A dead man!" The unseen man laughed after delivering the ominous threat.

Dylan phoned Warden Pulman and reported that Ian Ward was Victor's enemy. Dylan said Ian might be responsible for the attack on Victor. Warden Pulman assured Dylan he'd keep an eye on the situation. The warden reported that Ian had shown no signs of suspicious behavior. Dylan noted that security cameras around Victor's cell hadn't been operational the night of Victor's attack.

Warden Pulman admitted he'd had some trouble with a few guards and insisted he was rectifying the problems. The warden vowed to find the person responsible. Dylan said, "One thing is certain. Victor's life is at stake."

Billy and Phyllis give their depositions Billy and Phyllis give their depositions
Tuesday, April 12, 2016

At Crimson Lights, Kevin, Mariah, and Natalie discovered that all the assets related to PassKey had been frozen. Natalie fretted that she couldn't be around Kevin, and he assumed it was because she'd trusted him with her program. Natalie explained that she hated that she'd screwed him over by selling the program to Phyllis, since he'd been the one person who hadn't been out to make an easy buck. Mariah pointed out that the depositions hadn't even started yet, and she suggested that they calm down. Summer passed by, and Mariah noted that Summer might be able to save them.

Mariah pointed out that she and Natalie had already both tried to get through to Summer, so it was Kevin's turn. Kevin reluctantly agreed, and he approached Summer and Luca on the patio. Kevin recalled that it hadn't been the first time that he and Summer had been in a rough situation where they didn't know who they could trust, but she asserted that lying had only caused more harm in the past. Kevin recognized that she was scared about contradicting Phyllis, but he argued that committing perjury was also scary, and he suggested a way out.

Kevin mentioned that Jack had offered to cut Newman in on the PassKey profits, but Victoria had allowed her bad breakup with Billy to get in the way of making good business decisions. Kevin contended that innocent people had been caught in the crossfire, and Luca remarked that peace was worth the effort to avoid the battle. Summer doubted that Victoria would listen to her, but Kevin theorized that Victoria wished she'd stood by Victor the way Summer had. Kevin urged Summer to talk to Victoria about making a smart business decision to avoid future regret.

Across the coffeehouse, Mariah assured Natalie that Kevin would get through to Summer. Kevin returned to the table and relayed that Luca had convinced Summer to talk to Victoria, and Mariah griped that Luca would probably want a brokerage fee. Natalie groaned when she looked up PassKey sales online, and she revealed that they each would have hundreds of thousands of dollars if their assets hadn't been frozen, but they might never see the money. Kevin suggested that they just visualize it, and he imagined putting a down payment on a Ferrari after he bought a foosball table.

Mariah pictured getting a first-class ticket to an island paradise, and she teased that a daydreaming Natalie was probably thinking about hard drives and mainframes. Natalie excitedly envisioned having eye surgery so that she'd never have to wear glasses again, and she contemplated chopping her hair and dyeing it blonde. Natalie squealed at the thought of having a closet full of little black dresses and learning to salsa and tango. Kevin seemed amused as Natalie fantasized about getting a car that would leave Kevin's vehicle smoking in the dust.

At Newman Enterprises, Victoria expressed her appreciation to Leslie for stepping in to handle the depositions. Michael offered advice about how to deal with the witnesses, but Leslie confidently assured him that she knew the players and the game. Victoria contended that Jabot was profiting from Newman's program, and Leslie planned to get PassKey back for her. Victoria insisted on sitting in on Billy and Phyllis' depositions to see for herself if they had the brass to lie.

In the hallway, Phyllis left a message for Jack to let him know that the depositions were about to start, and Billy sourly questioned why Jack wasn't there. Phyllis was sure that Jack would show up, but Billy remarked that Jack thought PassKey was the enemy, and Jack believed that they were about to fall victim to the "deadly PassKey curse." Billy contemplated what would happen if Jack told the truth in his statement, but he clammed up when Michael walked in. Michael announced that Leslie was ready to depose Billy, who entered the office. Phyllis coldly asked Michael how it felt to fulfill the urge for revenge, and he suggested that she tell him.

Billy stared intently at Victoria as he swore to tell the truth in his deposition. He stated that he hadn't known about Natalie's involvement with PassKey when Kevin had approached him about the project, but he'd wanted to be part of it to provide security and independence for his family and children. Billy continued that Newman had flattened Jabot because of him, and he'd felt that he'd needed to redeem himself by financing the project. Leslie pointed out that Billy had tried to get the funds through illegal gambling, and Billy referred to the accident that had that had left him in a coma. Billy recounted that while his family and friends had been saying goodbye, Victor had convinced Kevin to work for him, and Natalie had become a Newman employee.

Victoria spat that Billy had said that she and the kids had been all that had mattered, and she accused him of lying about how he'd woken up from his coma because he'd seen them grieving for him. Leslie asked Billy to tell her about the circumstances surrounding Natalie's termination from Newman and her subsequent hiring at Jabot, but Billy replied that Leslie would have to ask Victor. Leslie inquired whether Billy had communicated with Natalie about her progress with PassKey, and Billy said his understanding had been that Victor hadn't been patient enough to deal with the project's roadblocks.

Billy continued that he'd believed in Natalie, and he pointedly stated that he hadn't lost hope just because something hadn't been perfect. Billy added that anything worth having was worth taking a risk, and Victoria accused him of choosing a security program over his own family. Billy flatly replied that he'd simply hired an available programmer, and Victoria had fired him from her life because of it. Victoria ordered him out.

As Phyllis paced, Summer arrived with Luca and announced her intention to talk Victoria into accepting Jack's offer to share the profits. Phyllis thought it would be useless, but Summer felt it was wrong that their families were being torn up over a business deal. Phyllis cautioned that it wouldn't be easy to change Victoria's mind or heart, but Luca asserted that Summer was stronger than Phyllis was giving her credit for. Phyllis insisted that she knew how strong her daughter was, but she also knew that Victoria wanted to punish Billy. Luca had faith that Summer would convince Victoria not to take her problems with Billy out on the rest of the world.

Phyllis warned Summer that Victoria was taking a page from Victor's book, so there was only one way for them to win. Phyllis pleaded that she had to know that Summer was on her side, but Summer protested that she couldn't lie. Phyllis said everyone could do things they didn't think were possible if they acted out of love, but Luca defended that Summer had to do what was right. Michael emerged from the office, and Summer burst in to talk to Victoria, followed by Luca.

Billy appeared, and Phyllis noted that she hadn't heard screaming. Billy replied that he'd been silently dying inside, but he hadn't let the deposition get to him, even when Victoria had reminded him of his broken promises. Phyllis consoled him with a hug, and she told Billy that Summer wanted to try to persuade Victoria to take Jack's deal, since Summer wouldn't be able to live with herself if she lied. Phyllis noted that any of the witnesses could crack, but Billy was sure that Kevin, Mariah, and Natalie were on board to keep their stake in PassKey, and he guessed that Summer wouldn't risk hurting Phyllis. Phyllis was conflicted about forcing her daughter to commit perjury, but Billy insisted that it would work if they stuck to the plan.

Meanwhile, Summer insisted to Victoria that things didn't have to be that way, but Victoria asserted that Billy had conspired to steal intellectual property. Summer argued that the situation was making people do things they didn't want to do, and Victoria wondered what she meant. Luca supported Summer's desire for her families to end the war, and he added that all it took was saying yes. Moments later, a defeated Summer left with Luca, and Victoria asked if Phyllis was ready.

In her deposition, Phyllis stated that she'd told Jack to give Billy the money for the project, but Billy had ended up in a coma after Jack had refused. Leslie mentioned that Billy had pursued PassKey as a path to redemption because of Paragon, and the point had been to seek revenge against Victor. Phyllis contended that PassKey had simply been a method to turn a profit after Victor had blackmailed Jack into handing over 500 million dollars because she hadn't been ready to tell the world she'd been sleeping with a stranger. Leslie stressed that it had been Phyllis and Billy's plan to punish Newman, but Phyllis replied that Victor's idiotic decision to fire Natalie hadn't made Phyllis and Billy criminals.

Victoria warned Phyllis to watch it, but Phyllis ranted that Victor had screwed up, so Victoria felt the need to defend his honor because Victoria had helped to get him convicted. Phyllis added that Victoria had to prove that she was still "daddy's special princess," and she flatly queried whether they were done. Leslie said she reserved the right to call Phyllis back in, but Victoria stopped Phyllis from leaving. Victoria declared that she had one question off the record about Phyllis and Billy.

Alone with Phyllis, Victoria said she'd never expected Billy to tell the truth, but she was surprised that Phyllis had refused to listen to Jack, who wanted to do the right thing. Victoria wondered how Phyllis could claim to love Jack but disregard his feelings, and Phyllis countered that it had become Victoria's vendetta because Victoria hadn't been able to make Billy her puppet. Phyllis called Billy the strongest man Victoria knew, including Victor, and she thought Victoria should be grateful, but Victoria was playing boss in her daddy's chair instead. Phyllis spat that Victoria didn't deserve Billy and probably never had, and she stormed out.

Luca and Summer returned to Crimson Lights, and he applauded her efforts. Summer griped that it had been useless, and she'd have to lie like everyone else. Luca said she didn't have to do anything she didn't want to do, but she couldn't imagine ruining everything for Kevin, Mariah, and Natalie or breaking her mom's heart. Luca cautioned that she'd break her own heart if she went against her beliefs, and he advised her to tell the truth.

At the hospital, Nikki said she'd called Jack because she trusted him, and she begged him not to prove her wrong by telling anyone else what had happened. Jack lectured that she couldn't wish away being hit by a car, but she argued that she'd only add more misery to her family if they found out that she'd been careless. Jack clarified that she'd been drunk, and she admitted that she needed help and pleaded with him to be someone she could count on.

Nikki concocted a story to keep her family from finding out the truth about the accident, but Jack sternly reprimanded her for lying and keeping secrets, and he reminded her that they both knew the pathology. She questioned whether he blamed her for slipping after her husband had almost died, and Jack warned her not to make excuses. He suspected that she'd called him because she'd known that he wouldn't look the other way, and she replied that she had faith in their friendship and his support. She requested his help to get sober, but he said he resented that she'd asked him to cover her mistakes.

Jack implored Nikki to own the fact that she'd slipped, and he promised that he'd be there for her. Nikki hesitated to admit to her family that she'd failed again, but Jack refused to lie for her. She swore that she'd tell them once she got sober, but Jack balked at trusting the word of a drunk. She argued that she could have gone to the closest bar instead of calling him, and she wondered if she'd been wrong to reach out to him. He agreed to let her tell her family on her own time -- on one condition.

Later, Jack took Nikki to her hotel room after they'd attended an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, and she mentioned that she'd gone to the meeting in exchange for his silence. She said she was exhausted, but she hadn't been able go home because someone on staff would have seen her injuries. Jack checked his phone, and she urged him to go while she got some sleep. He stared at her knowingly, and she invited him to clear out the mini-bar. He collected the bottles and offered to have some tea sent up, and she thanked him for being her friend.

Nikki dreamed that a pajama-clad Victor entered her room, and she marveled that he'd broken out of prison. He questioned whether she'd thought he'd rot in a prison cell when he had a company to run, and she disappointedly surmised that he'd escaped for his company. He lovingly called her a fool, since he was there because he'd missed her, and he'd been thinking about her all the time. They kissed, but Nikki awakened when there was a knock at the door. She called out for Victor, but her face fell when she found a room service waiter at her door.

Downstairs at the Athletic Club, Billy confronted Jack about letting Phyllis deal with the deposition alone. Jack snapped that Billy was her new revenge buddy, and Billy defended that PassKey had been an opportunity to save Jabot. Billy asserted that he'd protected their father's company, but Jack admonished Billy for lying under oath. Billy recalled that Jack had done the same thing when he'd had Adam fake Victor's journal, and he accused Jack of abandoning his wife and family. Jack proclaimed that he was siding with the truth to save Billy and Phyllis from themselves.

Billy retorted that he and Phyllis didn't need Jack to save them, and he barked that Victor had beaten Jack when Jack had become pious about doing the right thing. Billy added that Victor had had the last laugh and every dime out of their pockets, and he guessed that Jack hadn't given Billy the money for PassKey because Jack loved watching him lose. Jack protested that Billy hadn't told him what the money had been for, and Billy recalled that their dad had taught them to trust family. Jack growled that John would have been appalled by the deal, and Billy ranted that Jack had done nothing to protect Phyllis, so Jack might as well be back in the cabin on the island because he was useless to her. Speechless, Jack walked off.

At the prison, Ian asked if Victor needed help, and Victor demanded to know how Ian had gotten out of his cell. Ian bragged that he was the most resourceful of men, and he recommended that Victor learn to do the same thing "sooner rather than deader." Victor huffed that he didn't need Ian's advice, but Ian remarked that a clever man absorbed knowledge wherever he found it, and his knowledge was ripe for the taking. Victor groused that he'd never known anyone as full of it as Ian was, and he recounted that Ian had said that it had all been an act.

Ian maintained that he'd had nothing to do with the attack on Victor, but he was very resourceful. Victor guessed that Ian had bribed a guard to let him out, and he snapped that anyone could do that. Ian cautioned that Victor could end up in solitary if he approached the wrong person, and he encouraged Victor to follow his lead. Victor wondered if Ian had a plan to get out of there, and Ian commented that the walls could never hold a wandering spirit. The warden approached and demanded to know what Ian was doing out of his cell.

Ian claimed that he'd been on his way to report a glitch in the security system to the guard, and the warden ordered him back to his cell. Ian scurried off, and the warden reported that he had some information about the attempt on Victor's life. The warden said it was hard enough to run the place on a limited budget without the negative press, and Victor was there to fulfill a debt and not to get knifed in the dark. The warden revealed that a guard had attacked Victor, and Victor guessed that Ian had bribed the guard to do it.

The warden explained that the guard hadn't given a motive for the stabbing, but the situation had been handled. Victor asked if that was all the warden was going to do, and he clutched his side. The warden asked if Victor was okay, and Victor shuffled back to his bed and grimaced in pain.

Nikki decides to visit Victor in prison Nikki decides to visit Victor in prison
Wednesday, April 13, 2016
by Mike

At Crimson Lights, Lily greeted Abby, who had arranged a play date for Max and Charlie because the kids had the day off from school. Max wasn't particularly excited about the idea but reluctantly followed Charlie to the patio so they could play Charlie's new video game.

Mortified, Abby apologetically assured Lily that Max's bad attitude hadn't really had anything to do with Charlie at all. "[Max just] hates me and everything that I suggest or even look at," Abby explained. Lily doubted that, but Abby insisted that she wasn't exaggerating. Abby added that Max loved Ashley and acted like a completely different person around her. "Maybe I'm just not mother material," Abby mused.

Lily stressed that being a parent wasn't easy, but Abby thought she should have at least started to get the hang of it at that point. "I wake up every day terrified about how I'm gonna fail again that day," Abby admitted. Lily suggested that things would get easier once the baby was born, since it would create a new bond between Abby and Max.

As Lily and Abby continued talking, the coffeehouse's fire alarm suddenly began blaring. Esther started to usher everyone outside via the patio exit, but they all stopped when they found Max and Charlie standing next to the fire alarm, which had clearly been set off manually. "Max dared me to do it," Charlie revealed when Lily demanded to know who had pulled the alarm.

Lily pulled Charlie aside and patiently reminded him that fire alarms weren't toys. Charlie confirmed that he understood, and when Lily wondered what he thought his punishment needed to be, he offered up his video game, which she accepted. Meanwhile, Max -- who really had dared Charlie to pull the fire alarm -- tried to convince Abby that he was innocent, but she saw no reason to believe his claim, given his past stunts.

Neville carried a bouquet of flowers into the Jabot lab and started to thank Ashley for sending them, but when she simultaneously began to thank him for her own bouquet, they quickly realized that Abby had set the whole thing up. Ashley and Neville awkwardly laughed off the idea that they could ever be more than just colleagues, and Neville abruptly excused himself, leaving the flowers behind to brighten the workplace.

Meanwhile, in the adjacent office, Hilary turned down Devon's offer to take her to a baseball game, dismissively insisting that she couldn't "change the world" while catching foul balls and drinking beer. Devon said he wasn't interested in changing the world; he just wanted to spend time with his wife, since they were finally able to do so without any obstacles standing in their way. "You want to waste that, or what?" Devon wondered.

Hilary kissed Devon in response, but Ashley soon interrupted to see if Hilary was ready to move out of the office yet. Hilary protested that it was still her office, prompting Ashley to clarify that it had simply been on loan to Hilary all along. Hilary turned to Devon for support, but he agreed that it was time for Ashley to take back her title and her office. "Fine. I've had enough of this room for a lifetime," Hilary spat before storming off.

Devon started to apologize to Ashley, but she insisted that wasn't necessary. Ashley added that she could fight her own battles and didn't want to cause a rift between Devon and Hilary. Devon dismissed the concern, pointing out that the office really was rightfully Ashley's and had only been relinquished due to blackmail. "If our marriage can't handle the facts, then that's on us and not you," Devon reasoned.

Neville tracked Stitch down at the hospital and started complaining about the stunt Abby had pulled with the flowers. Neville theorized that Abby was trying to pair him with Ashley out of fear that Ashley still had feelings for Stitch. Neville suspected that Stitch might share those feelings, but Stitch insisted that wasn't true. Neville advised Stitch to go home and give Abby the same assurances.

Stitch stressed that his marriage was great, and Neville sarcastically agreed. Stitch added that Neville was "a wuss" who was using his job at Jabot as a way of staying close to Ashley while remaining a safe distance away from her. "You saved her life, but you don't have the guts to make her happy. Ashley deserves more than a coward like you," Stitch concluded.

Before Neville could respond, Abby arrived with Max, who expressed disappointment when Abby refused to let him accompany Neville to the Jabot lab to make a fresh batch of goo. After Neville left, Max preemptively tried to blame the earlier incident on Charlie, before Abby even had a chance to reveal that there had been an incident. Abby set the record straight then abruptly excused herself, reasoning that it would be better for Stitch to deal with the matter on his own.

"Abby flipped out over nothing! Charlie's mom was cool. Why can't Abby be more like that?" Max complained after Abby left. Stitch pointed out that Lily had been a mother for much longer than Abby, who was still learning what to do. "Abby wants to help you, but you have to help you. You've got to step up! Show her what a great kid you are and that you want this to work for all of us," Stitch advised. Max nodded and gave Stitch a hug but seemed unmoved.

Abby went to the Jabot lab and told Ashley about what had happened with Max. Abby thought she was getting what she deserved because she had been a brat herself after she had learned the truth about her paternity years earlier, but Ashley reasoned that no one would have been able to handle that particular situation very well.

Abby predicted that her unborn child was going to be "a demon seed." Ashley protested that the baby wouldn't be an angel or a demon; it would just be a perfectly beautiful little person. Abby expressed frustration when Ashley excused Max's behavior with a reminder that he was just a kid, but Ashley insisted that was the reality of the situation. Ashley was certain that Abby's relationship with Max would improve once he realized that Abby would always be there for him. Ashley continued that Abby was going to be a great parent to Max and her unborn child. Abby hugged Ashley and thanked her for the advice but still seemed worried.

Changing the subject, Ashley made it clear that she didn't want Abby to play matchmaker anymore. "The only thing [Neville and I] share is a passion for our project. There's no romance, there's no love, [and] no little cards [or] flowers [are] gonna change that," Ashley insisted, unaware that Neville was standing in the hallway and could hear what she was saying. After Neville walked away, Abby declared that she didn't believe Ashley.

Jack went to see Nikki at the Athletic Club and was disappointed to discover that she was in bed with a hangover. Jack regretted leaving Nikki alone the previous night, but she insisted that he had done everything he could have done to stop her from drinking. Jack wondered what had caused Nikki to turn to alcohol again. "I realized something about today: it's my anniversary," Nikki revealed.

As Jack forced Nikki to drink some coffee, she explained that before he had arrived, she had been having a wonderful dream about her first wedding to Victor. Nikki wanted to visit Victor, but Jack insisted that wasn't a good idea because Victor was her trigger. Nikki argued that she was only drinking because of what she had done to Victor. "I may as well have stuck the knife in him [myself]," Nikki mused.

Nikki begged Jack to pull some strings and get her a visit with Victor, insisting that she needed Victor's forgiveness. Jack pointed out that Victor might not even want to see Nikki, but she refused to believe that he would be able to turn her away, especially on the anniversary of their wedding. "With all due respect...your first wedding," Jack clarified. Nikki remained determined to see Victor, so Jack reluctantly arranged the meeting. "[Just] remember this: where Victor's concerned, be careful what you wish for," Jack warned.

Later, Hilary found Jack at the bar, reading an article about the PassKey drama. Hilary advised Jack to ignore the gossip, adding that the world would be a much better place if everyone were as devoted to family as he was. Hilary cited Ashley as a prime example, pointing out that Jack had allowed her to take control of Neville's research project and had given her a seat on the board of his and Neil's new foundation.

"Okay, I wondered where this was headed. So Ashley is back at work, and you don't like sharing," Jack guessed. Hilary conceded that Jack knew her too well. Hilary stressed, however, that she was fine -- and, in fact, had even offered to give back Ashley's office as a sign of her willingness to compromise in the name of progress. "[And] in the spirit of cooperation [as well as] the sacrifice that I made today, I think it is time that you put me on the board of your foundation...right next to Ashley," Hilary added. Hilary made her pitch to Jack and was pleasantly surprised when he welcomed her aboard.

At Crimson Lights, Devon told Lily about what had happened with Hilary. Devon wished Hilary could see that she could get everything she wanted without having to step on people in the process. "She likes stepping on people. Can you live with that?" Lily wondered. Devon replied that he wasn't ready to quit on Hilary, especially after everything he had gone through to be with her. "Then there's your answer. You say that Hilary's been honest with you? Well, you need to be honest with her. If you love her, tell her -- or better yet, show her," Lily advised.

Victor awoke in the prison infirmary after having a dream about his first wedding to Nikki. A nurse explained that Victor was in the infirmary because his stitches had ripped open the previous night. The nurse asked about the woman whose name Victor had muttered in his sleep, guessing that she was probably someone who was very close to Victor. "She was. She no longer is...and never will be again," Victor clarified.

The nurse understood what Victor meant, since she had read about what his family had done to him. The nurse argued that Victor was the one who had put up the bars that surrounded him, and he was also the only one who could take them down. Victor deflected, guessing that the nurse had to be running from something, since she had chosen to put her medical degree to work in a prison infirmary, of all places. "My patients here matter. Sometimes the outside world forgets that; sometimes even my patients in here forget that. But everybody deserves care and attention, and everyone deserves a chance at redemption -- even you," the nurse replied.

Later, as Victor sat in his cell, thinking about his first wedding to Nikki, a guard informed her that Victor had refused to see her. After the guard left, Nikki began to sob.

Selling souls to the devil Selling souls to the devil
Thursday, April 14, 2016

At Crimson Lights, Summer questioned how she could live with herself if her deposition caused something to happen to Phyllis and Billy. Luca encouraged Summer to be honest, but Phyllis arrived and huffed that he was hardly an expert on doing the right thing. Phyllis requested a moment alone with her daughter, and Luca stepped aside. Phyllis warned Summer against listening to Luca, but Summer wailed that he was the only person who hadn't pushed her to choose sides or break the law. Phyllis wondered why Luca cared about which half of the family Summer sided with.

Phyllis suspected that Luca was using Summer to blow up their family, but Summer contended that the situation was about what Phyllis had done. Phyllis said she'd already told the lawyer that she'd committed no crime, and Summer guessed that Phyllis expected her to be a good daughter and lie. Phyllis recalled that Summer had been a good granddaughter to Victor when she'd blindly defended him despite his guilt, so there was no reason why Summer shouldn't be a good daughter to Phyllis. Phyllis asserted that she was only trying to undo Victor's crimes, but Summer asked how Phyllis was any better than Victor.

Summer recalled that Phyllis had ranted about Victor kidnapping Jack, but Phyllis had abducted Adam. Phyllis acknowledged that she'd crossed the line, but she argued that Victor had driven her to it, and she'd had to fight back. Summer admonished Phyllis for making Chelsea think that her husband might have died, and Phyllis regretted that she'd hurt innocent people, but she gave her word that all the fighting and backstabbing would end if they got through the depositions. Summer realized that it would only happen if she lied, and Phyllis promised that the feud would be over for good if Summer made it happen.

At Billy's home, Billy, Kevin, Mariah, and Natalie coordinated their stories about there never being a plot to dupe Newman or Victor. Kevin expressed his relief that Michael had been called to face the bar association about his disbarment, so his brother wouldn't be present when Kevin lied during the deposition. Billy crowed that they'd be golden if they stuck together, but Kevin suspected that Summer might tank them. Billy answered a knock at the door, and Victoria noted that he obviously hadn't expected to see her. Victoria guessed that Billy was teaching all of his tricks about how to lie and get away with crimes, and she warned everyone else to be careful, or they'd wind up just like him.

Kevin, Mariah, and Natalie made excuses to leave and hurried out, and Victoria clucked that they hadn't been convincing. Billy asserted that they were in the middle of the PassKey rollout, but Victoria observed that the trio of young adults had seemed guilty as sin. Billy declared that he had nothing to hide, and Victoria suggested that they talk about Johnny's school play. Billy refused to let her stop him from seeing his kid, but she pulled out a ticket from her purse and said he wouldn't be able to get into the play without it.

Billy marveled that the ticket was for a front-row seat, and Victoria assumed that he'd want to be front and center with his camcorder. Billy imagined capturing every nuance of Johnny's performance, but Victoria pointed out that their son was just playing an acorn. Billy recognized that he'd jumped to the wrong conclusion when she'd simply made the sweet gesture of dropping off the ticket, and he imagined that she hoped the acorn fell far from his tree. Victoria insisted that he was a great father, and they agreed not to let the lawsuit get in the way of making their kids feel loved and safe. Billy and Victoria shook hands, but she became uncomfortable and rushed out.

At the Athletic Club, Neil inquired why Jack had copied Hilary on a foundation email, and Jack announced that he'd asked her to be on the board. Neil reminded Jack that they were partners, and Jack acknowledged that it might be difficult for Neil to work with his ex, but he believed Hilary had enthusiasm and access to funds. Neil argued that she also had a history of blackmail, and he divulged that Hilary had forced Ashley to step down at the lab. Ashley approached, and Jack demanded to know why she hadn't told him about Hilary's blackmail. Ashley replied that she hadn't known how to tell her brother that she'd thought she'd been dying.

Neil mentioned that Devon had told him about Ashley's recovery, and Ashley expected that it would soon make headlines. Neil departed, and Jack wondered if he'd been the last to know about Ashley's illness. Ashley informed him that he was the first family member except Abby to find out, and she guessed that he didn't think Simon was a quack anymore. Jack scolded her for not telling him the truth, and she reasoned that their family had gone through enough, so she hadn't wanted to add to it. Ashley assured Jack that she'd be around to annoy him for a long time, and he tenderly stated that he'd cherish every second of it, but he advised her to never experience anything like that alone again.

Jack was furious that Hilary had used Ashley's condition to oust Ashley, but Ashley suggested that they concentrate on the things that mattered. He hoped Ashley would return to Jabot, and she left open the possibility of rejoining the company in the future. Jack revealed that he and Billy had fought, since he hadn't been able to get through to Billy about what it meant to be in the family, and he felt like he was losing their brother. Ashley imagined that their father would advise Jack to be true to himself, and Jack mentioned that he was being deposed that day. Ashley warned that lying would only make things worse, and Phyllis overheard and wondered what Jack was going to do, since Summer stood to go down, too.

After Jack left, Ashley wasn't sure whether or not to congratulate Phyllis on PassKey, and Phyllis surmised that Jack had filled Ashley in on his side of the story. Ashley asserted that the only side was the one with the truth on it, but Phyllis remarked that the truth was very complicated. Ashley suspected that Phyllis had pushed Jack to do something that he didn't want to do, and Phyllis stated that one Abbott brother was firmly on her side, but Ashley noted that it wasn't Phyllis' husband. Ashley warned Phyllis not to drag either one of the brothers down with her.

At Newman, Leslie took turns deposing Mariah, Kevin, and Natalie, and all three told the same story about Natalie creating PassKey and not having contact with Billy until after Victor had fired her. Leslie attempted to unnerve Natalie by suggesting that Natalie might be deported, but Natalie replied that she'd love to return home to Switzerland. Leslie referred to Kevin's history of legal problems, but he contended that he'd learned from his mistakes, and he swore that he was telling the truth. Leslie startled Mariah by mentioning Tyler, but Mariah simply said she still thought about her ex sometimes.

Luca and Summer arrived outside the office, and he wondered if Phyllis had convinced her to lie. Summer queried why he cared when he no longer worked for either side, and he insisted that he only cared about Summer. Luca claimed that he didn't want to see her hurt by the war between her families, and it would break his heart if she was convicted of perjury. Mariah exited the office, and Leslie ushered Summer inside. Mariah chided Luca for working the "puppy dog bedroom eyes," but Luca said he was there to support a friend. Mariah expected Summer to give them up, but Luca contended that "Snowflake" was tougher than Mariah thought, and he suggested that they wait and see.

Leslie referred to Summer's admission to Victoria that Natalie had been in direct communication with Phyllis and Billy while under contract at Newman. Summer claimed that she'd misunderstood the situation and that she'd made a mistake when she'd talked to Victoria, since Summer had never seen any text messages. Leslie cautioned that giving a sworn deposition was the same thing as being on the stand, and Summer confirmed that she understood. Leslie dismissed Summer, who brushed past Jack on her way out and ran into Luca's arms. Meanwhile, Leslie looked forward to finally getting some honesty with Jack, and he pledged to give her nothing less.

After Leslie deposed Jack, Victoria entered as he headed out, and she hoped he'd told the truth. He stated that he'd said what had needed to be said, and Leslie shook her head. Victoria snapped that Jack was about as trustworthy as Victor was, but at least Victor hadn't pretended to be someone he wasn't. Jack walked out, and Leslie reported that the depositions had been a solid wall of Abbotts and Abbott supporters. Leslie added that they had no evidence or witnesses, and she recommended that Victoria cut her losses and drop the case. Victoria hated the idea of letting Billy win.

At the lab, Devon asked Hilary if they were good, and she exclaimed that they were better than good, since she was officially on the board of the Abbott-Winters Foundation. He incredulously asked how she'd made it happen, and she blasted him for thinking that she'd had to resort to tricks to get a board seat. Hilary added that she needed Devon to believe in her, and he swore that he did, but she barked that he'd listened to everyone else except his wife. He asserted that he was proud that she'd gone after what she'd wanted and that she'd gotten it without having to step on anyone.

Neil entered the office as Hilary rambled about the foundation's strategy, and she asked if he was there to celebrate. Neil guessed that she was referring to the possibility of her being part of the board, and Hilary crowed that it was a fact. Neil asked if Devon was good with it, and Devon said Jack had thought Hilary was qualified. Hilary bragged that Jack loved her ideas and energy, but Neil implied that Hilary might be relieved of duties before she'd even started, since Jack was aware that Hilary had blackmailed Ashley out of her position.

Hilary snarled that her arrangement with Ashley had been private, but Neil argued that it had been a matter of time before Ashley had told the truth. Devon condemned Neil for being the one to tell Jack, and Hilary accused Neil of doing anything to humiliate her. Neil pointed out that the foundation's mission was to help people based on trust and honesty, and he asserted that Hilary had sabotaged herself. Neil stalked out, and Devon stopped Hilary from throwing things off the desk and urged her not to forget what was most important -- starting their lives together. He offered to remind her about what mattered the most, and they kissed.

After making love, Devon sympathized that Hilary was disappointed about stepping down at the lab and that she was worried that Jack might remove her from the board, but he swore that he believed in her. Devon pledged to do whatever he could to support Hilary, and he wanted her to remember how strong she was and how much she'd survived to get there. Hilary mused that she'd survived way too much to let anyone keep her down.

Ashley stopped by to see Billy at home, and he guessed that Jack had sent her to lecture him about truth and justice. Ashley wondered if Billy was trying to make a point by living in Katherine's old house, but Billy insisted that his living arrangements had nothing to do with Jack. She swore that Jack hadn't sent her, but Billy wondered when Jack had become a coward who was too afraid to fight and lose. Ashley questioned whether Billy was winning, and she thought he was lucky to be alive. She ordered him to stop the stupidity and do something with his life that mattered, and she revealed that she'd had a brain tumor and had almost died. They embraced.

Ashley promised that she wouldn't keep any more secrets, and Billy admitted that he would have been ticked if he hadn't had a chance to say goodbye, but he understood that it had been her health and her call. He pointed out that she was alive and ready to call him out when he needed it, and she replied that she was calling him out then, since he had to stop the stupid fighting. She noted that they both had a second chance at life, and she implored him to do something with his. He swore that he would if she would do the same thing.

At Crimson Lights, Mariah asked if Summer had screwed everyone over, but Summer didn't respond. Luca tried to intervene, but Summer confirmed that she'd lied, and she hoped Mariah, Kevin, and Natalie were happy. Mariah ecstatically kissed Summer platonically on the mouth, and Kevin said it meant a lot that Summer had landed on the right side. Summer grumbled that it hadn't felt like she'd had a choice, and Natalie asked if it meant they could celebrate. Kevin, Mariah, and Natalie excitedly contemplated their funds being unfrozen, and Mariah offered to buy coffee for everyone. Summer whined that she'd screwed over half her family, and she told Luca that she needed some time alone.

Kevin marveled that coffee tasted better when he was almost a zillionaire, and Mariah imagined renting an entire island for herself. He wondered where Natalie had gone, and Mariah replied that Natalie was probably celebrating with her hard drives. Mariah babbled that she couldn't believe it was happening, and she owed it all to Kevin, but Kevin credited Natalie with their success. Mariah recalled that the universe had yanked things out from under her every time she'd let herself believe something, but that time was different.

Mariah tearfully declared that people had never believed in her, but Kevin had made her part of the project, and she was happy for the first time. Natalie sashayed in, looking stunning in a sleek black dress with her hair down. Kevin admired Natalie and guessed that Mariah wasn't the only one willing to believe, and Natalie stumbled when she tried to twirl around. Natalie joked that she still needed her glasses, and Kevin steadied Natalie as a jealous Mariah looked on.

Victoria thoughtfully examined her ticket to Johnny's play, but she heard someone in the hallway. Summer nervously thought that maybe she shouldn't be there, and Victoria asked if it was because Summer's deposition had contradicted what Summer had told Victoria earlier. Summer apologized for the misunderstanding, and Victoria recognized that it had been a difficult choice for Summer. Summer grappled for a response, and Victoria understood that Summer loved Phyllis and hadn't been able to say no. Victoria gently pushed to find out if Phyllis had forced Summer to lie for her.

Summer insisted that she'd made her own decision, and she just wanted the fighting to end. Victoria said she was sorry that Summer had been caught between the families again, and Summer pleaded with her to rethink making a deal with Jabot, since too many people would be hurt if Victoria went through with the lawsuit. Victoria huffed that Billy had started it, and Summer questioned what would happen to the couple's kids if they kept fighting. Victoria relayed that she and Billy had agreed not to let it affect their children, but Summer thought that was impossible. Summer recognized that Victoria was mad at Billy, but she encouraged her aunt to choose Billy and their family.

Jack joined Phyllis at the Athletic Club bar, and she inquired whether he'd chosen his ideals or his wife at the deposition. He griped that he'd had no choice but to back up Summer's lie, and Phyllis thanked him. Jack berated Phyllis for turning an honest woman into a liar so Phyllis could save her own skin, but Phyllis argued that they'd saved Billy and the company. Jack admitted that he'd sold his soul to the devil that day, but he barked that Phyllis had sold her daughter's. Phyllis stalked off. Later, Ashley asked a glum Jack if Jabot had lost the lawsuit, and Jack replied that it looked like they'd hold onto their millions, but they'd lost something more valuable.

Billy stared at a photo of Johnny and Katie, and there was a knock at the door. He found Phyllis there, and he wordlessly took her into his arms.

First kisses and compromising positions First kisses and compromising positions
Friday, April 15, 2016

At Crimson Lights, Luca assured Summer that telling Victoria the truth had been the right thing to do. Summer groaned that she felt sick to her stomach about admitting that she'd lied in her deposition, since Victoria had the ammunition to take down everyone who'd told a fake story. Luca pointed out that each person had made the decision to lie, and he thought Summer shouldn't feel guilty about being honest. She questioned how she could live with selling out her mom, her stepdad, and her friends.

Luca insisted that Summer had done nothing wrong, and he thought Phyllis had put her in an impossible situation by asking her to lie. Summer appreciated him trying to make her feel better, but she refused to blame anyone else for the choice she'd made. Luca stated that the bright side was that Victor would be grateful for Summer's loyalty to Newman, but she found it hard to be happy when helping one side of her family had hurt the other. She rambled that she didn't want to talk or think about it anymore, and he suggested that they go someplace to take her mind off the lawsuit.

In Luca's hotel suite, Luca poured some wine, and Summer jokingly asked if he was trying to get her drunk. He replied that he just wanted her to relax, but she didn't know if that was possible. He said he understood what it was like to be caught between what he wanted and what someone else wanted, since his dad had had a specific idea of the man he'd envisioned Luca to be. He added that he'd learned when to catch himself before the feelings got to be too much, and he implored Summer to refocus her anger and anxiety by doing something that released the tension. He offered to show her an example.

Later, Summer and Luca sat on the bed with sketchpads, and she insisted that he show her what he'd drawn first. She feigned annoyance that his sketch of a creek was actually good, and he explained that his mom had insisted that he be well rounded. He revealed that the location was on his parents' estate in Spain, and it was one of his favorite places on earth. Luca prompted Summer to show off her picture, and she reluctantly displayed a drawing of an animal. She asked if he knew what it was, and he guessed that it was a cow. She said it was a horse, and he teased that he'd just been looking at it from the wrong angle. She playfully tossed a pillow at him.

Luca walked Summer to the door, and she thanked him for turning the day around and making her feel better. He promised to be there for her anytime she needed him, and she insisted on doing something he wasn't good at the next time. He said there was no such thing, and she called him a funny guy. He replied that she was a beautiful girl, and she gently kissed him on the lips before she left.

Abby typed on her laptop at the lab, and she jumped when Max suddenly yelled, "Surprise!" Stitch chuckled, and he announced that Max had something he wanted to say. Max apologized to Abby, and he admitted that he'd been wrong for daring Charlie to pull the fire alarm and for getting mad at Abby. Abby said she was sorry for losing her temper, and they agreed to forgive one another.

Abby acknowledged that family stuff could be hard to deal with, and Stitch noted that they were all new to it. Stitch said he was proud of Max for insisting on seeing Abby, and Abby suggested that she and Max hug it out. The boy hugged her and promised to try harder, and she returned the sentiment. Stitch invited Abby to join them for lunch, but she said she had to finish a report. Max and Stitch begged her to go, and Abby decided that the baby also wanted lunch. They happily departed.

Lily approached Neil at the Athletic Club bar and sensed that something was wrong. He griped that Hilary had convinced Jack to put her on the foundation's board, but he'd taken care of it by telling Jack that Hilary had blackmailed Ashley. Lily worried that it would create tension between Devon and Hilary, and she thought they should support Devon's efforts to make his marriage work. Lily lamented that it felt like their family had been broken, and she wanted everyone else to be as happy as she and Cane were. Neil refused to let Hilary manipulate their friends and family. Hilary eyed them from the foyer.

Lily showed Hilary photos of Charlie and Matty, and Hilary remarked that Matty's Easter dress had been to die for. Lily mentioned that Neil had bought it for the girl, and Hilary complimented his taste, but he mumbled that he hadn't always shown good taste. Lily invited Hilary to stop by to see the twins, and she returned to work. Hilary commented that the exchange had been nice, but Neil told her not to get used to it. Hilary suggested that he try being civil, but he saw no reason to pretend. He started to leave, but Hilary said they had some unfinished business to deal with.

Hilary told Neil that she had ideas about the foundation's marketing and business plans, and Neil asked if she was delusional, since Jack knew that she'd blackmailed Ashley. Hilary asserted she hadn't heard from Jack, so she was still on the board. Neil suggested that she write down her brilliant ideas so they could use them after she was tossed out, but she proclaimed that she wasn't going anywhere. She added that Neil would make sure of it because if he didn't, she might let it slip that he'd been the one who'd kidnapped her.

Neil called Hilary's bluff, since she'd had a million chances to turn him in, but she hadn't. Hilary recalled that she'd been madly in love with him, but that wasn't the case anymore. Neil warned that she'd expose herself as a liar and a fraud, and he imagined how Devon would react. Hilary said Devon had wanted Neil to confess, and she thought Devon's feelings of anger and betrayal were still lurking. She anticipated that the public and the police would be very forgiving of her, since she'd been the victim in the situation. Neil argued that Hilary would have died if it hadn't been for him, but she contended that he'd kept her from her family and life for months.

Hilary spun a story about it being too difficult to live with the trauma, and she thought the public would sympathize with her, but Neil's life would be ruined. Neil hissed that Hilary had confirmed that there was no depth to which she wouldn't sink, and he advised that if she was going to play cards with the big boys, she should make sure she had the right hand. She implied that it would be a win-win situation if Neil convinced Jack to keep her on the board, and she asked if he'd do what was best for both of them. She took his silence as a yes, and he walked off.

Abby nearly tripped as she entered the club, and she blamed her clumsiness on the rug. Stitch referred to her high heels and was surprised that she could even walk in them. Lily approached them, and Max apologized for the incident at the coffeehouse. Max asked if Charlie wanted to play with him again, and Lily offered to ask him. Max requested the best table available, and Lily suggested that he pick one out. Max scampered off, and Lily noted that it looked like the family had turned a corner.

Over lunch, Stitch suggested that he and Max see a movie on Saturday, and Abby said she had errands to run that weekend. Max inquired whether they had to do with baby stuff, and he observed that Stitch and Abby never talked about the baby. Stitch insisted that they weren't trying to hide things, and Abby explained that they were being sensitive because Max was going through a tough time. Max declared that he wasn't anymore, and he chirped that it was his little brother or sister in Abby's belly.

Max went to the bathroom, and Abby and Stitch marveled that the boy's change of heart had been incredible. Abby gushed that it was everything she'd wanted since Max had gotten there, but she was skeptical about such an abrupt difference in behavior. Stitch attributed it to their father-son talk, and he thought Max understood that he had to meet them halfway if he wanted to be happy. Stitch believed Max was adjusting and that things were moving in the right direction for the three of them. Abby clucked that he was forgetting someone, and he touched her stomach and corrected that he'd meant all four of them.

Max approached Lily in the foyer and mentioned that his dad and Abby had been talking about the new baby. Max suggested that they throw a surprise "baby bath" with presents, and Lily thought that a shower was a great idea. Max said he couldn't pay for it, but he was sure Stitch would, and he wanted it to be special. Stitch joined them and asked what was going on, and Lily revealed that she and Max had a secret to tell.

Stitch loved the idea of a baby shower, and Lily credited Max for thinking of it. Stitch said it meant a lot that Max wanted to do that for Abby, and he asked what he could do to help. Lily requested his credit card, and she offered to go over details with Abby, but Max insisted that it be a surprise. Stitch said he could book a room and tell Abby that it was a "babymoon," and Lily brainstormed ways to trick Abby into showing up downstairs for the shower. Abby crossed over and overheard them talking about their perfect plan.

Abby squealed in delight at the thought of an overnight getaway, and Stitch reasoned that they could use some time to themselves with a baby on the way. Abby asked if Max was okay with it, and Lily invited the boy to spend the night with the twins at their house. Abby excitedly said it was sweet of all of them, and she and Stitch headed toward the exit. Max hesitated and stared at the stairway for a moment before he smirked and followed them out the door.

At Newman Enterprises, Jack was curious about why Victoria had summoned him there, and she assured him that she didn't want to rehash his lies to protect his wife and brother. She mentioned that Summer deeply regretted what she'd done, and she was sure that Summer wouldn't be able to do it again if she was called as a witness for Newman. Victoria pointed out that they could avoid a trial if she and Jack could reach an agreement. Victoria revealed that she'd reminded Summer that nothing good ever happened from lying, and Jack snapped that hypocrisy didn't look good on Victoria.

Victoria swore that she didn't want to see Summer suffer, and she wondered what had happened to Jack's talk of making peace when he'd lied to protect Jabot's investment. Jack defended that the situation wasn't black and white, and he recalled that he'd offered a reasonable compromise, but Victoria had refused because she'd been hellbent on pursuing the lawsuit. Victoria agreed to drop the lawsuit and accept Jack's offer to let Newman share in the PassKey profits on one condition -- he had to fire Billy. Jack protested that Jabot was a family company, but Victoria insisted on teaching Billy a lesson that he desperately needed to learn.

Jack thought Victoria's words sounded eerily familiar, since she'd wanted Victor to see the error of his ways, but he suspected that she had second thoughts about putting her father behind bars. Jack pointed out that Victoria's plan had backfired, but he realized that Victoria wanted something entirely different with Billy. Victoria mentioned that she'd seen Billy earlier that day, and everything had felt right for a moment. Jack thought that was the way it could be if Victoria didn't insist on punishing Billy, but Victoria argued that Summer had driven the point home that their children would always be affected by the battles between their families.

Victoria reasoned that there would be no more battles if Billy was no longer at Jabot, but Jack predicted that their problems would just be different. Victoria wished that things would go back to how they'd been when Billy had awakened from his coma, and the most important thing to him had been family and not an Internet deal. Victoria hated the project and the fact that Phyllis had reminded Billy that Victor had stolen it from him, but Jack said they couldn't pin it all on Phyllis. Victoria recognized that Billy had always had fire in him, and Jack conceded that Phyllis had fueled the flames. Victoria thought that firing Billy was the only way to put them out.

Jack empathized because he'd also tried and failed to save Billy from himself, and he thought it was obvious that Victoria still loved Billy. She admitted that she did, but Jack thought her plot to take Jabot and PassKey away in the hope of reconciling seemed convoluted. She conceded that the whole thing could backfire, but she didn't think things could get any worse. She found it ironic that PassKey's purpose was creating security, but it was tearing them apart.

Jack inquired whether it was truly the way Victoria wanted to handle it, and she said she didn't know what else to do to stop things from spiraling out of control. She believed that it might be the last chance for her and Billy, but she also thought it was a chance at a new beginning for all of them. Later, Victoria left a message for Leslie to inform her that the Jabot lawsuit might go away, since she hoped she'd reached a compromise with Jack.

At Billy's home, Phyllis lamented to Billy that everything was "going to hell." Billy assumed that either Jack or Summer had caved, and he guessed that Jack had wanted to teach them a lesson. Phyllis reported that their loyal, loving family had stuck to the story that she and Billy had done nothing wrong, and Billy declared that they'd won. Phyllis explained that Summer hadn't wanted to lie, but she'd pressured Summer into doing it, so Jack had lied to protect Summer. Phyllis bemoaned that Summer was a mess and that Jack hated her, and she wondered if she'd lost both her husband and her daughter.

Billy was sure that Phyllis wouldn't lose Summer or Jack because they loved her, but Phyllis thought love had its limits, and she'd pushed them too far. Phyllis whimpered that she'd forced her own daughter to go against her instinct to be truthful, but Billy called Phyllis a survivor and a fighter. He contended that Victor had stolen PassKey from them and that Victor had taken a lot more from Phyllis, and he understood that she hadn't been able to walk away from the fight because she deserved more than just having Victor serve time in prison. Phyllis asked if he really believed that she deserved to win the fight, and he caressed her face and said he did.

Phyllis pulled away and reiterated that she couldn't keep leaning on Billy, but he maintained that it was okay for her to have a friend, and it looked like she needed one. She sobbed that she was a disaster, and she didn't know what she was going to do. She recognized that she should go home and face Jack, but she wasn't ready to see the look in his eyes again. She said she wanted to drown out the deafening noise, since it felt like her head was about to explode, but she didn't know how to make it stop. "I do," Billy replied.

Billy dressed up in motorcycle gear, and he explained that he'd purchased a bike to clear his head after his breakup with Victoria. Phyllis asked if he'd been able to let everything go on the open road, and he suggested that they take a spin. She insisted on driving. Later, Billy and Phyllis returned to his house, splattered in mud. He said the ride had been terrifying, since she'd almost killed them when she'd taken a curve too fast through a swamp. He suggested that she get cleaned up upstairs while he threw her clothes in the laundry, and he prepared to go to the garage to change clothes. She thanked him for giving her exactly what she'd needed.

Jack entered Billy's home and called out for his brother. He yelled that he'd seen Billy's car out front, and they needed to talk. Phyllis descended the stairs, clad in one of Billy's shirts, and she asked what Jack was doing there. Jack's jaw dropped when a shirtless Billy appeared.

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