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Summer decided to walk away from Newman in order to be with Luca. Cane and Jill acquired Brash & Sassy in a hostile takeover. Adam was sentenced to 30 years in prison. Victor's family testified on his behalf at his appeal hearing. Phyllis interrupted the hearing.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of July 18, 2016 on Y&R
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Adam takes a plea bargain Adam takes a plea bargain
Monday, July 18, 2016

At the cottage, Sharon found Dylan downstairs and was surprised that he hadn't awakened her, but he replied that she'd been sound asleep. She thought she should have been after their romantic evening, and he said the night before had been just what he'd needed. He couldn't help thinking that he got to go home to her and Sully, but Adam soon wouldn't be able to return to Chelsea and Connor, since things weren't looking good. Sharon insisted that Adam wasn't guilty, but Dylan lamented that there were way too many questions and not enough answers.

Mariah walked in on Sharon and Dylan kissing, and she apologized for her lousy timing. Dylan departed, and Mariah suggested that they use a signal to avoid future interruptions. Mariah observed that things seemed good with Sharon, and she pointed out that Kevin had kept his word not to tell Dylan that Sharon had gone off her medication. Sharon said she was sorry for getting upset, but she had everything under control.

Sharon thought Mariah should be with her friends instead of worrying about Sharon, and she noted that Mariah had given up everything to bury herself there. Mariah insisted that there had been nothing to give up, but Sharon voiced concern that Mariah hadn't been taking any time for herself, and she thought it was time for Mariah to get back to her own life. Mariah questioned whether Sharon didn't want her to live there anymore. Sharon swore that she wanted Mariah to live there, but Mariah thought she'd walked in on Sharon and Dylan too often.

Sharon praised Mariah for being supportive and protective, but she asserted that Mariah didn't need to take care of her anymore. Mariah suspected that without her there, it would be easier for Sharon to tell herself that she was a normal mom who was raising a kid with her husband, but Mariah was a reminder of the truth about Sully. Sharon insisted that she didn't want Mariah to leave, but Mariah argued that the secret would go away with her. Sully cried over the baby monitor, and Sharon went upstairs to tend to him.

At Crimson Lights, Kevin and Natalie showed Michael the footage of the mystery woman in a wig, but Michael noted that it wasn't enough to get Adam's case thrown out. Kevin wondered if Michael could get a continuance to buy time, but Michael explained that there had already been an extended recess because of the shooting, and they were due in court that morning. Michael reported that Adam was going to take a plea, since the plea deal beat life in prison, and Kevin swore to keep digging. After Michael left, Kevin hunched over his computer and contemplated who Dorothy Gale really was.

Kevin groaned that he had nothing when people were counting on him, but Natalie pointed out that they had a wig. Kevin answered a call from Mariah, who asked if he'd really kept her room waiting because she needed it. He asked if everything was okay, and she replied that it would be once she had breathing room. He agreed to whatever she needed, and he hung up and reluctantly informed Natalie that Mariah was moving back in.

Meanwhile, Sharon returned downstairs after changing Sully's diaper, and she credited Mariah with helping her through everything. Mariah called herself a constant reminder of the terrible thing that could blow up Sharon's life, and Sharon explained that she was trying to gain a sense of normalcy, but she was worried Dylan might pick up on something. Sharon stressed that she loved having Mariah at home, but they just had to be careful. Sharon encouraged Mariah to stay, but Mariah asserted that Kevin had a room waiting for her. Sharon envisioned their lives going back to the way they had been before Sage's accident, and she hugged Mariah.

Adam and Chelsea cuddled in bed at the penthouse, and she imagined staying like that forever if they didn't move or think. Adam thought Connor would have something to say about it, and Chelsea wailed that it wasn't how things were supposed to be, since they deserved a happy ending. Adam noted that the plea was his best hope, and Chelsea blasted Victor for breaking his promise. Adam swore that it wasn't the end of the story but just a new chapter, and he knew the evidence to prove his innocence was still out there. Chelsea vowed to find it, and they kissed.

Downstairs, Adam cradled Connor in his arms and said they had to have a man-to-man talk. Chelsea overheard as Adam told Connor that his daddy was leaving for a while, and he hoped Connor could take care of his mommy by giving her extra hugs and kisses. Adam asked Connor to let Chelsea win at hide-and-seek every once in a while to make her feel good, and the boy nodded in agreement. Adam told himself that he'd be fine if he knew that Connor was walking through life with his mom, and he looked up and saw Chelsea on the stairs. She tearfully asked how they'd do it, and Adam replied that they'd do it together.

Adam and Chelsea embraced, and Michael arrived. She questioned whether there was really nothing else Michael could do, and he said he was sorry. Adam told Connor to remember what they'd talked about, and he instructed the boy to take care of his mom. Adam kissed his son and said he'd hold onto it, since it had to last him a long time. Adam requested that Chelsea take Connor upstairs, since he didn't want Connor's last memory of his father to be Adam walking out the door. Adam and Chelsea professed their love and kissed, and she went upstairs with Connor. Adam struggled to regain his composure, and he headed out with Michael and a guard to the elevator.

In a motel room, Chloe listened to a news broadcast about Adam's trial resuming, and she gazed at a photo of Delia and said it was a big day for them. Chloe picked up the journal pages and a lighter, and she lit the flame and contemplated igniting the paper. Chloe snapped the lighter closed and tucked the pages into a Bible in the nightstand drawer. She looked over an assortment of wigs, and she pondered who she'd be that day.

Paul greeted Christine in the courtroom, and she remarked that she'd thought she'd been dreaming when Michael had called to tell her that Adam had accepted the plea bargain. Paul noted that it was a nightmare for Adam and Chelsea, but Christine thought it had been a wise choice. Paul thought that Victor might have framed Adam, but Christine pointed out that Dylan's investigation had found nothing to indicate a setup. Paul countered that it didn't mean Victor hadn't done it.

The guard escorted Adam into the courtroom, and Michael greeted Paul and Christine, who said Adam had made the right decision. Michael maintained that Adam was innocent, and he took his place next to Adam. Adam requested confirmation that he didn't have to admit he was guilty, and Michael explained that while Adam didn't have to admit guilt, he had to indicate that he thought a guilty plea was in his best interests. Adam griped that he had to say the word even though he wasn't guilty, and Michael sympathized that it was difficult, but it didn't have to be the end. Adam resolved to get it over with.

Chelsea encountered Dylan in the corridor and panicked that Adam was about to go to prison, so Dylan had to prove Adam was innocent. Dylan noted that it was hard to prove when the people he was trying to help left out bits and pieces of information, and she divulged that Victor had the real pages of Sage's journal. Chelsea told Dylan about the deal Adam and Victor had made, and he wondered if Victor had backed out. Chelsea relayed that Victor had refused to speak to Michael, but she thought Victor might talk to Dylan. Dylan thought it wasn't like Victor to bury Adam after defending him on the stand, and Chelsea begged Dylan to find out what had happened. Dylan promised to do what he could, and he raced out.

In Victor's hospital room, Nikki wished Victor didn't have to go back to prison, but she anticipated that he'd be released after his appeal. She proclaimed that she believed in him with all her heart, and she and the children would fight for him, but he had to believe in himself and not give up hope. Victor pledged to do everything he could to get out of that "hellhole." Nikki asked if Victor was worried about his appeal, and he replied that there were no guarantees in life, so they had to be prepared.

Nikki recalled that Victor had run to his family's rescue many times, so it was their turn to help him. Victor doubted the rest of the family would be as eager as Nikki was to help him, but she was optimistic that Adam would step up. Victor thought Adam was too focused on his own problems, but Nikki noted that Adam had Chelsea by his side, just like Victor had Nikki. Nikki confidently stated that Victor was going to win the appeal, and he would be free after his sentence was reduced to time served. She added that they'd do it the same way they'd built their lives and a family -- together.

Dylan stopped by to talk to Victor about Adam's case, and he asked Nikki to excuse them, but she declared that she needed to hear whatever they had to say. Dylan mentioned that Victor had reneged on his deal with Adam, and Victor noted that Michael had made the same accusation, but he thought Dylan was too smart to buy into it. Victor stated that he only had a few minutes left with his wife before he would be taken back to his cell, and Dylan reported that Adam was about to take a deal, so it was the time to save Adam if Victor had any desire to do so.

Victor guessed that Adam and Chelsea had spun the story because they'd been desperate to avoid the charges against Adam. Dylan asked if it was true, but Victor swore that there was nothing he could do to help Adam. Dylan considered it plausible that Adam had been set up, but Nikki argued that it would have been almost impossible for Victor to frame Adam from prison. Dylan suspected that Victor had thought Adam had needed to be taught a lesson, but Nikki insisted that Victor loved his son and didn't want to see Adam ripped away from his wife and child. Victor confirmed that everything she had said was true, and Dylan realized it was as much truth as he was going to get. Dylan stepped into the hallway, and he sent a text message.

At the courthouse, Chelsea read Dylan's message and informed Michael and Adam that Victor was sticking to his story of not knowing anything about the journal pages. The judge began the proceedings, and he referred to the agreement the prosecution and the defense had reached. The judge said he was required to ask if Adam considered it in his best interests to enter a guilty plea, and Adam replied that he did. The judge inquired whether Adam understood that he would be treated as guilty whether or not he admitted guilt, and Adam hesitated before confirming that he did.

Adam pleaded guilty to second-degree intentional homicide, but he added that he hadn't done it. The judge said Adam's statement would be noted on record, and he announced that the plea bargain was in effect. The judge sentenced Adam to 30 years in prison, and a distraught Chelsea followed Adam as the guard led him into the corridor. The press swarmed around them, and a wigged Chloe smirked as she looked on. A reporter pestered Chelsea, who blurted out that her husband was innocent, and she vowed to find evidence to clear his name so he could return home to his son.

At the coffeehouse, Kevin reasoned that Mariah had had his back more times than he could count, but Natalie planted kisses on him and warned that Mariah would be on the other side of the wall when Natalie did things like that to him. Kevin was sure that geniuses like him and Natalie would figure it out, and his phone beeped with a report of Adam's prison sentence. Dylan entered and said they had to ramp up the investigation, but Kevin informed him that he hadn't tracked down the person who'd made the anonymous tip. Dylan was certain that the real journal pages were out there, and Kevin revealed that he was already on it, since he'd agreed to track them down for Adam and Chelsea.

Dylan demanded that he and Kevin not have any secrets if they were going to work together, and he requested that Kevin pull up bus station footage to see who had accessed the locker that had contained the empty envelope. Natalie guessed that they'd find the woman in the wig, and Dylan asked what was going on. Natalie divulged that a woman in a wig had visited Victor in prison, and Dylan scolded that hacking into the prison's surveillance footage had been illegal. Kevin countered that it was no more illegal than framing someone for murder, and he questioned which criminal Dylan would rather see punished.

Dylan thought it would be huge to tie the mystery woman to the bus station locker, but Kevin performed a quick search and learned there were no cameras that covered the locker area. Dylan assigned Kevin to review the surveillance videos at the bus station, and he started to leave to get a warrant. Dylan ran into a flustered Mariah and asked what was going on, and she stammered that everything was fine. He said he'd see her at the house, but she informed him that she was moving out.

Kevin thought it could take a long time to go through what might be weeks of surveillance footage, and Natalie volunteered to go with him. He thought it would be a waste of her time, but she cooed that with all those tapes, they might have to stay in a hotel for a few nights. She seductively asked if that sounded like a waste of time, and they kissed.

Mariah thanked Kevin for letting her move back in, and he tossed her the keys and said she'd have the place to herself for a few days, since he and Natalie were going away on business. Natalie pointedly added that it was also for pleasure, and Kevin told Mariah to make herself at home, since everything was the same as it had been. Natalie led Kevin out, and Mariah glumly plopped down in a chair.

Dylan returned home, and Sharon wondered if he was back to finish their good morning. He said he wanted to talk to her about Mariah moving out, and Sharon claimed that Mariah wanted to live life as a single girl. Dylan mentioned that Mariah had seemed upset, but Sharon remarked that Mariah had seemed fine earlier. Sharon wondered what had happened in court, and Dylan revealed that Adam had taken the plea and was probably in a cell. Sharon felt terrible for Chelsea and Connor, and Dylan bemoaned that Adam didn't belong in prison. Meanwhile, Adam sat behind bars, reflecting back on kissing Connor goodbye.

At the hospital, Nikki imagined that Victor was tired, and she offered to leave so he could rest. He grimaced in pain when he tried to move, and he anticipated that there would be a long road ahead, but he thought they would get there. She swore that they would, since they had forever, and she promised she'd be back before his transport. She received a text message about Adam taking the plea, and Victor repeated that he would have saved Adam if he could have. Victor insisted that he didn't know where the journal pages were, and Nikki looked into his eyes and said she believed him. They kissed.

Chelsea arrived at the hospital, and she opened a drawer on a supply cart and found a scalpel, which she slipped into her pocket. She continued down the hall and ran into Nikki, who expressed condolences about Adam's sentence. Chelsea swore that Adam was innocent, and Nikki assumed that Chelsea was there to confront Victor, but she was certain that he'd had nothing to do with it. Nikki refused to let Chelsea upset Victor, but Chelsea claimed she was there to apologize for projecting her fear and anger onto Victor.

Chelsea added that she knew Victor wouldn't take Connor's daddy away, since that would make Victor a monster, and she had to let her anger go for her son's sake. Chelsea hoped for a few minutes to make amends with Victor, and Nikki thought it would be good for Victor to hear Chelsea say those things. Chelsea fondled the scalpel inside her pocket and headed into Victor's room.

Adam surrenders Adam surrenders
Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Paul was at the Athletic Club when Nikki arrived. She said she knew Victor was about to be transferred to Walworth. He told Nikki that if she was there to ask him to pull some strings, he couldn't -- Victor would be in lockup with his son very soon. Paul said there wasn't anything he could do to stop that from happening. Nikki told Paul she just wanted to see Victor again. Paul felt the thing with Adam did not sit right with him. He was not convinced Adam deserved to be in prison, at least not for the Bingham death. Nikki said Victor had defended Adam in court and would not send his son to prison for a murder Adam had not committed.

Paul said there was a chance that was exactly what Victor had done. Nikki said even Chelsea had admitted Victor had done everything he possibly could to help Adam, and Chelsea had stopped at the hospital to make peace with Victor. Paul said Chelsea had good reason to suspect Victor. They all did. No one was arguing that Victor had done some terrible things in the past. She explained that was why she had taken the stand at Victor's trial. She had thought she was losing the wonderful, kind part of her husband, but she'd been wrong. They all knew that prison wasn't the answer.

Paul said getting Victor out of prison was all that concerned Nikki, who would forget about Adam and just save Victor. Nikki would always fight for Victor, and if the appeal didn't work, she would wait for him for as long as it took. Paul knew how much she loved Victor, but he hoped she wasn't making a mistake in trusting him. Paul left.

The warden stopped by Adam's cell and said it had to be a complicated transition for a man like Adam, a man who was used to controlling everything around him to the point where he could get inmates to testify on his behalf, both Newman and Ward -- but at least he already had friends in there. Adam said they were not his friends; they were frauds, but they'd told the truth. Adam said he was not a murderer and had not killed that woman. The warden knew Adam thought he was innocent and pure, just like everyone else in there.

The warden said it wasn't Adam's first time in prison, but it would be his last. Thirty years in prison could really age a man, and Adam shouldn't expect to see the outside ever again. Adam's name would not get him any special treatment, but it would put a target on his back. He told Adam to stay out of trouble, follow the rules, and do his time -- years and years of it.

The warden said he'd retire before Adam got out, but until that happened, he was going to be watching Adam "every damned day." Adam said it seemed he had no choice but to look forward to that. Later, Adam had a flashback to Connor and him camping out in the living room.

Chelsea closed the blinds in Victor's room and accused Victor of setting Adam up. She pointed a scalpel at Victor and demanded that he tell her where the pages from the journal were. Victor didn't have the pages nor did he know where they were. She accused him of lying. Victor said he'd do everything he could to save Adam, but at that moment, he couldn't. She said he was of no use to her or anybody else. She accused Victor of desecrating Constance's corpse with poison and desecrating Sage's memory and her private thoughts by forging her journal.

Victor said Chelsea didn't know that. She said he had convinced the police to accuse his son of murder, and even worse, in those last few hours, Adam had believed Victor would save him. Victor said all the allegations were unproven. Chelsea accused Victor of abandoning Adam and betraying him again. She wanted to know why Victor needed to punish him again. Victor said Adam had needed to be taught a lesson, but he hadn't want Adam to end up in prison.

Chelsea accused Victor of wanting to scare Adam into submission and force him to do things on Victor's terms. She asked who the woman Victor had been working with was. She knew the woman had been visiting him in prison. She wanted him to help her undo all the damage he had done. Victor said if he had both hands free, they would not be having that conversation. Chelsea said he needed to tell her where the journal pages were.

Victor didn't know where those pages were, and there was nothing he could do to help Adam. She said Connor needed his father, and she needed her husband. She knew he could help Adam. Chelsea said it was all Victor's doing that Adam had gotten thirty years for something he hadn't done. She wanted Victor to tell her who the woman was and what she knew. Victor warned Chelsea not to do anything stupid with the knife. He said he just had to yell, and the guard would enter.

Chelsea said maybe Victor wouldn't be able to yell. Victor asked her what she thought would happen to Connor if both parents were in prison. Victor asked if she wanted Connor to grow up without his parents. He was a helpless little boy.

Paul arrived. Chelsea hid the scalpel. Paul was there to see to Victor's transfer. Paul knew that Chelsea was there to make peace with Victor and how difficult that had to be. He saw the look at her face and asked if she was all right. She shook her head yes. Victor said he and Chelsea had discussed everything they needed to, and Chelsea realized he loved Adam and Connor.

Nikki arrived to say goodbye. Chelsea hid the scalpel in her pocket. Nikki asked for a few minutes alone with Victor. Paul and Chelsea left. Chelsea had tried to record Victor confessing to something and was disappointed he'd said nothing.

Nikki told Victor they would soon have the rest of their lives together. Nikki said everyone who had testified against him would testify to take back what they'd said, but she was concerned about the Adam situation. He said Adam was in his cell, and he knew Chelsea was very upset because Adam was innocent. Nikki was happy that Chelsea had gone there to make peace. Nikki thought she could get Chelsea to testify, but he said Chelsea wouldn't because she was too stressed. Paul said there wasn't anything he could do to stop that from happening.

Paul hoped Nikki, Victoria, and Nicholas would testify on Victor's behalf. Nikki said they would. She said they would beg that his sentence be reduced, and she couldn't see how a judge could deny that. Victor had risked his own life to save the people that he loved. She wanted him back with the family who loved him. Victor wanted everything back to normal, but Nikki needed to give him time.

Back in prison, Victor went to see Adam. Adam said that was where Victor wanted him, so Victor won with his revenge. Adam said Victor had done it all for payback. Victor admitted he had. He said it had been about teaching Adam a lesson. Adam asked what part Victor had enjoyed most, using Adam's tricks against him or dangling hope in front of him only to rip it away. Victor said he had wanted Adam to sweat a little for testifying against him -- no one got away with that -- but he hadn't wanted Adam to wind up in prison.

Adam asked if Victor's intention had been to set him up and then swoop in and be the hero, but someone hadn't held up their end of the bargain. Adam asked who it was. Victor said when he got out of prison, he would get Adam out as well. Adam knew Victor didn't "give a damn" and would never get him out of there. Victor said Adam hadn't learned a thing and didn't realize that family meant everything to Victor. Adam was part of his family, for better or worse.

Adam asked if that was the reason Victor had committed a dozen crimes to get him locked up. Adam sad he knew Victor had lost control of the situation then asked if that was what Victor had wanted. Adam said Chelsea wanted Adam out of prison as badly as Victor wanted him in there. Chelsea would figure out who Victor had been working with and get the proof to get Adam out. Victor had made a dangerous enemy in Chelsea, and it was far from over. Victor said Chelsea was angry but would get over it.

Mariah arrived at Sharon's with boxes and said Kevin had given her the new security code to get into his place so no one would think she was breaking in. Sharon said there was no rush for her to move out. Sharon wanted her to wait for Faith to say goodbye. Mariah said she would be around. Sharon said Faith was used to having her big sister around the house.

Mariah reminded Sharon that her living there had been temporary. Sharon could have her house back, and Mariah could be on her own again. The big happy family was not for her. It had been great being there, but it was time to get back to reality.

Sharon had a flashback of Mariah asking her if it was the part where Sharon told Mariah how much alike they ware. Sharon had told Mariah she would not walk away because Mariah was her daughter. Then Sharon had a flashback to Mariah telling Sharon there had been a lot of horrible stuff going on, and that was exactly were Mariah wanted to be. Mariah had thanked Sharon for letting her move back in and apologized for upsetting Sharon earlier. She had said she was happy Sharon could trust her with Sharon's secrets.

Sharon told Mariah that Faith didn't know Mariah was moving out. Mariah said Faith would be all right. Mariah was almost out the door when Sharon said, "Mariah, don't go." Mariah said it made sense for her to leave, but Sharon questioned why. She said Faith had gone through a lot of changes in her short life, and so had she and Mariah. Sharon said that Faith adored and looked up to Mariah. Mariah said she would explain it to Faith. Sharon asked if Mariah would say she had made a mistake when she'd panicked.

Mariah said she was a constant reminder of the secret she and Sharon were keeping about Sully. Sharon told her that was not all she was. She was someone Sharon could be completely honest with about her son, and she told Sharon when she was acting irrationally. They had no secrets. Mariah was afraid that if she stayed and they talked about Sully, Faith or Dylan might hear them. Sharon said she had missed out on too many years of Mariah's life and didn't want to miss any more. She couldn't let her go.

Mariah loved Sharon, but she couldn't stay. She was a grown woman and wanted to do her own thing. Sharon said Mariah had feelings for Kevin, and he was dating someone else, and that worried her. Mariah assured her it was fine. Mariah had needed to be with people who loved her, and the family could be really wonderful. Sharon said it was Mariah's home. She was needed and loved, and Sharon was not ready to let her go. Mariah assured her they would see her all the time, but it was too hard on Sharon having Mariah there.

Sharon admitted Mariah had been good to her by sharing the burden of Sully, and having Mariah there made it bearable. Sharon said if Mariah was moving for herself, then it was fine, but if she was doing it for Sharon, then she shouldn't go. They hugged.

Summer and Luca were on the rooftop. Victoria arrived and told them there was going to be a walkout and a protest over safety issues at the oil refinery. Summer thought they had addressed those issues. Victoria said they'd put it off until that day. Victoria asked Luca if that was how he supported Summer, by dragging her away from the office when she was needed the most. Summer said she was there because she wanted to be, and if Victoria wanted to blame someone about Newman going downhill, Victoria should look in the mirror. Luca smiled.

Summer had had enough of everyone going after Luca -- Victoria should be thanking him. Victoria asked if she should thank him for clinging to Summer and the company because he'd been fired from every other company. Summer said Luca cared more about the company than Victoria did. When the first spill had happened, Luca had been the first one to step up while Victoria had been with her new boyfriend. When the workers had planned a sick-out, Luca had offered advice on how to handle it, but Victoria had chosen to ignore it.

Summer accused Victoria of bragging she was CEO and in charge. If Newman Enterprises was screwed up, it was on her. Summer told Victoria to leave Luca alone. Victoria said Summer was right; Victoria was CEO, and she ran the office. She told Summer to get to the office and back to work immediately. Victoria left.

Luca was shocked at what Summer had done. Summer's heart was racing, but she couldn't let Victoria blame him for her mistakes. Summer asked how anything at Newman was his fault. Luca said Newman was being attacked from inside and outside, and Summer had every reason to question loyalties, since there was so much at stake. He reminded her that her last name was the company.

Summer said that for every crisis and every issue, Luca had stepped up and protected the company and Victoria in spite of the way Victoria treated him. She said Luca was the best thing that had happened to Newman and to her. She would not let anyone attack him. They kissed and left for work.

Victoria was on the phone when Summer and Luca arrived. She told Summer to take the press release and have it cleaned up. Summer asked Luca to do it. She needed to talk with Victoria. After Luca left, Summer apologized for what she'd said. She hadn't meant any of it, but she had done it for Luca's benefit. Nick had told her that he'd overheard a reporter bragging about an inside source at Newman. She'd heard Luca on a very suspicious call about the refinery.

Nick had told Summer to keep her ears open, and he'd been right. She might be able to find out what Luca's end game was. She had taken Luca into Newman, and it was her responsibility to nail Luca against the wall. Victoria wanted her to be careful because being cornered drew out people's true personalities.

After checking that no one was listening at the door, Victoria told Summer how much she meant to Victoria and Newman Enterprises. She knew it was not easy to learn the worst about someone a person cared about. Summer said that what hurt the most was that Luca had thought he could play her, and he'd been right. She admitted it had been the same with Austin when she'd found out about his betrayal after he'd died. Thankfully, she'd figured it out sooner with Luca.

Victoria smiled at Summer's performance on the rooftop and admitted that it had stung a bit, but she knew Luca was convinced. Eventually, he would show his hand, thinking Summer had his back. Summer asked how much longer she had to keep it up. Victoria thought there was a way to speed things up. Luca returned, and Victoria asked Summer how Summer had dared insult her in public about the way she ran the company. Luca interrupted and said they had a real crisis to deal with. Victoria said she had a crisis to deal with and fired Summer. Luca was stunned.

Victoria asked Nikki why she was worried about Victor's release. Nikki said she knew Victor would do everything to get their marriage back on track. He would try to forgive her for betraying him. She would forgive him for shutting her out and keeping secrets that had ended up hurting a lot of people. She said one minute they were fine, then they would drift until something like Ian happened, and then all she could think about was the love. That was when she had realized it had been a mistake to play out their problems in a courtroom.

Nikki needed to undo that damage and get Victor back where he belonged. Nikki was concerned that Victor's forgiveness would extend to the rest of the family. Victoria said they were all on Victor's side and had agreed that Victor deserved an early release, even if that meant lying in court. They hadn't testified against Victor out of spite, but he'd needed to be held accountable for what he had done to Phyllis and Jack.

Nikki said Victor understood, but he could be stubborn when he felt he had been misunderstood or attacked. Victoria asked if Nikki thought Victor had framed Adam. Nikki said no. Victoria asks if Victor had been behind the oil spills. Nikki said Victor would never damage his own company. Victoria reminded her that Victor had told Nick that he wanted to teach them all a lesson. Nikki said that would not involve hurting Newman. Victoria asked why Nikki was nervous about Victor's release.

Nikki hoped Victor appreciated that the family was banding together for his sake and that he was ready to accept and forgive them like they were ready to accept and forgive him. Nikki was sure Victor would be home soon. She hoped Victor was ready to pull the whole family together like they should be.

Back on the rooftop, Summer said she couldn't wait for Nick "to hear about this." Victoria had completely lost her mind. Luca said Victoria had seemed very sure of herself when she'd told him not to return. She said it was because Victoria knew they could see through her. Luca had protected Victoria when she had been off with her boyfriend. The boyfriend was gone, and Victoria wanted to get rid of whoever didn't bow down to her. He didn't like the way Victoria had treated Summer. Victoria had not recognized all Summer had done for the company.

Luca said Victoria was threatened by Summer. Luca said Summer was smart and talented with good instincts. Victoria knew that Summer had stepped up and saved the day when Victoria hadn't. Summer said he had, also, but Victoria would not give them credit for it. Luca said Victoria was failing, and the division heads had already been worried when she'd taken over. Victoria had proven them right by making one mistake after another, and they had no faith in her at all.

Summer asked if division heads had told Luca that. He said he heard things. They felt her leadership was too unpredictable. Victoria had always loved being in charge, but Luca was right; the focus was just not there. Victoria was not as calm and confident as she had been in the past. Luca said it was affecting the company and Summer's legacy.

Luca said Victoria needed to step down and let someone else take over, and he was not talking about Nick or Victoria. He said Summer had been more focused and proactive than Victoria. Luca told Summer to talk to Victor and get Victoria to walk away or be forced out by the board. She should ask Victor about taking over for Victoria with Luca by her side, supporting her.

Luca told Summer to imagine them together, making the decisions that needed to be made. He thought they could do it. Summer said there was too much responsibility. Luca said they needed to step up for their sake. Summer agreed and said she thought they could do it. Luca got a call and walked away. Summer was furious.

Chelsea returned home. Anita was babysitting. She said she was there for Chelsea after hearing about Adam's plea. Chelsea said Adam was in prison for thirty years for something he hadn't done. Chelsea said she needed to destroy Victor. Chelsea put her bag down. Anita asked what Chelsea was doing with a scalpel.

Chelsea said she had threatened Victor. She had needed him to admit he had set Adam up. She'd wanted Victor to admit something so she could take the recording to a judge. Anita said Adam had pleaded guilty. Chelsea said he'd agreed to it because he hadn't had a choice. She said she needed to fix it immediately, or Connor would grow up without his father, and he didn't deserve that. Anita asked what Chelsea deserved.

Anita said Adam had gotten thirty years, but Chelsea hadn't. Anita thought it was sweet the way Chelsea loved Adam, but thirty years was a long time. Chelsea told her to stop being negative. Anita said she was thinking about Chelsea and Connor, saying she didn't want that life for Chelsea. Chelsea asked Anita to leave. Anita took the scalpel and left. In frustration and anger, Chelsea knocked everything off the table and fell to her knees, sobbing.

Summer confronts Luca Summer confronts Luca
Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Luca entered Victoria's office and asked her to rehire Summer because she belonged at Newman. Victoria agreed. She asked him if he would hang around and whisper in Summer's ear the way he had before. He did not expect to be rehired as well. Victoria asked why she would believe him after the games he'd played and palms he had greased. He said Victoria had fired Summer because of him, and if she was rehired, he would step away.

Luca explained that he had taken on an informal role in the hope it would lead to bigger things. Victoria said he had played every angle. Luca said Summer was an incredible asset to the company, and Summer had stood up to Victoria because she'd felt Victoria had given him a raw deal. If Summer was rehired, Victoria knew Summer would talk to him about Newman business.

Luca admitted he had used Summer, but Summer loved her family, and since he stood between her and the Newmans, he would remove himself from the equation. He wanted Summer to have another chance and admitted she was the only reason he would stop fighting for the top job. He left.

At Crimson Lights, Nick told Summer he had dealt with the oil crisis and the employee revolt. He asked about Luca, and she said things had gone exactly as planned. As soon as she had been fired, Luca had immediately laid out plans to take over Victoria's job with him at her side. She said he was not the guy she had fallen for. He was a user. She was done being used and done with him.

Summer thanked Nick for showing her what Luca was all about. Nick admitted he'd had his suspicions about Luca, but he'd had no proof. He had known the reporter was getting inside information, and since all the tips had been undermining Victoria and the way she'd handled the crisis, Luca was the logical source. Summer had wanted to be wrong about Luca and had kept hoping, even when she'd set everything into motion.

Summer wondered why she was so dense. Nick said she saw the best in people, and he loved who she was. They had handled the situation with Luca. Summer said the decision had been made. She said it was her responsibility to handle it. She had welcomed Luca into her life, and it was up to her to boot him out.

At the Athletic Club, Abby and Ben made plans for the weekend. Abby gave him a brochure for a spa that was close to Max's facility. Ben thought that was a great idea, but he wanted to go home and be alone with her.

At home and after the loving, Ben told Abby that no matter what happened, they couldn't lose their connection. Abby agreed and suggested that the next time they made love, he could forget the protection to see where it led. Ben was caught by surprise and didn't realize she had been thinking about that. She pointed out how happy they had been before her miscarriage.

Ben said everything was confusing at that moment. Abby wanted it to be a healing process. Ben said they didn't even know if Max would recover. Abby was positive Max would. Ben said with all the uncertainty, they would talk about it some other time. Abby knew things had gone off track with them, but they were still together, and that was all that mattered. She told him she loved him, and Ben responded in kind. Ben suddenly remembered an appointment. He kissed her and left.

Billy was asleep on the couch. He dreamed about Phyllis and their weekend together. Jack arrived and interrupted his dream. Thinking it was Cane, Billy told him to go away. Jack asked if he was expecting Cane. Billy said no, nor had he been expecting Jack. Billy said Jill had exercised some previously hidden clause in the contract when she'd signed the house over to him. She'd taken the place back. Jill has pushed him aside but hadn't kicked him out. She had Cane overseeing the renovations.

Jack told Billy he owed him an apology. Billy had advised him to anticipate some trouble with Phyllis, but Jack had shot him down saying he and Phyllis were rock sold. He had been living in denial, and Phyllis was living at the Athletic Club. Jack knew she felt lost and needed time away from him to think. He wanted to give her the space she needed. Billy thought it was a good idea.

Jack said he hadn't supported Phyllis the way he should have during the whole Victor situation. Phyllis wanted revenge, and he'd just told her to calm down. Jack had lost her trust and didn't know how to get it back. Billy said Phyllis had asked Jack to stay away, and that was what he should do. Jack hoped that Phyllis wasn't thinking divorce. Billy said he was sorry and meant it. As Jack was about to leave, he thanked Billy for listening and said Billy was a good brother.

Phyllis entered Ashley's office. Ashley asked if Phyllis had received the Kravitz file she'd sent. Phyllis said if Ashley had sent it to her home, it was still there because she'd moved out. Ashley asked what had happened. Phyllis was vague and said things had not been right since Victor had put Marco in her bed. When Ashley pressed for more details, Phyllis claimed she had a killer headache and was going home. She would upload the Kravitz information and send it to Ashley later. Phyllis left.

Later, Ashley asked why Jack hadn't told her about him and Phyllis. He said he had planned to do it that day. He said it had felt good talking to Billy and getting his head wrapped around the situation on his own. Ashley said Phyllis had been very vague, and when Ashley had asked for details Phyllis had become upset and had left claiming she had a headache. Jack said he had called ahead and had been told Phyllis had left, otherwise he would not be there because he didn't want to crowd her.

Jack said Billy had agreed that he should leave Phyllis alone. Ashley asked if Jack was nuts, listening to Billy, who gave the worst advice. Jack said Billy actually had some good insights about Phyllis because he and Phyllis were friends. Jack said whatever Phyllis was going through, it seemed to be causing her physical pain. He thought Phyllis felt she was living in a pressure cooker.

Jack said Phyllis was unhappy about a lot of things, including herself, and he was a big part of it. Ashley admitted Phyllis seemed distracted and unsure of herself. Ashley said Jack needed to be proactive. Ashley said Phyllis needed to know that the man who loved her wanted to work things out. Jack had to keep telling Phyllis that until she got it. That was his only choice. Phyllis might not know how she felt, but Jack couldn't let her forget how he felt.

Phyllis entered her suite, and Billy walked in behind her. Phyllis asked why he was there. He said they both knew the answer to that, but the real question was when she had planned to tell him she had moved out of the house. Phyllis asked why he cared and if he needed a place to stay, since mamma had taken his house away. He said he should have been her first phone call when she'd decided to walk away. She didn't like the way he spoke to her. He didn't like it when the woman he wanted to be with and had been having an affair with had never told him she'd decided to leave her husband.

Phyllis reminded Billy that he had walked away. She hadn't left Jack; she only needed a break. Billy advised her that Jack had mentioned the "D" word. Phyllis said she'd never said that. Billy thought her move to the Athletic Club meant she was ready to make a choice: him or Jack. Phyllis said it was more complicated than that. Billy felt it was simple -- he was there, and so was she.

Phyllis pointed out that Billy had walked out and left her alone to struggle with her feelings. He'd never thought about her feelings. Billy asked if she thought he was done with her. He said they were just getting started. He was kissing her when Jack knocked on her door.

Phyllis asked why Jack was there. Jack said when she'd taken that room, he'd wanted to give her all the time and space she needed. He claimed he didn't want to crowd her, but he wanted her to know she was always in his thoughts, that he worried about her, and that he loved her. Phyllis said she would never forget something like that.

Jack asked if Phyllis was thinking about divorce. She said that was not her intention and apologized if she had given him that impression. She had gone there to find herself, and it was not about hurting him. She had been torn up thinking about everything they'd said to one another and wondered where it was all going. She needed time to herself to shut everything and everybody out so she could figure out what was next.

Jack wanted Phyllis to know he wasn't leaving because he wanted to but because he loved her. He loved her enough to give her what she wanted. After Jack left, Billy said some of that had sounded like it had been meant for him. Phyllis said all of it had been.

In Victoria's office, Nick told Victoria he'd wanted to be back in time for Victor's appeal, and he hoped they were doing the right thing. Victoria asked if he thought Victor hadn't changed. Nick said she had more faith in Victor than he did.

Nick told Victoria that Summer was being strong, and she was determined to deal with Luca herself. He was very proud of her. Victoria said Luca was very concerned about Summer. Victoria knew that Luca was always working her, but his feelings for Summer might be a different story. The way Luca felt about Summer was the least important thing to Nick at that moment.

Victoria asked if Nick thought Summer would break up with Luca. Nick believed she would and said Summer was very angry. Victoria said the way Summer felt about Luca couldn't be turned off like a light; feelings lingered. Nick asked if Victoria was talking about Summer or about herself.

Victoria said she had ended things with Travis, who had wanted to take her away. He was worried about what would happen to her if she stayed. Travis had wanted to pack the kids up and hit the water. She giggled and said Travis had wanted to sail around the world, but she hadn't been able to do that to Billy or J.T. Victoria received a text message that upset her. She told Nick she had to handle something and left.

At the Athletic Club, Abby told Ashley she and Ben had really connected, but then things had gone off the rails when she'd opened her big mouth. She felt Ben didn't want to have another baby with her. Ashley asked if Abby had talked about having another baby with everything that was going on with Max and if Abby was testing Ben. Abby hadn't thought he would completely reject the idea. She had felt that if he was somewhat open to the idea, it would have been like an affirmation, but it had driven them further apart, and it would always be that way, quiet and closed off.

Ashley said it was going to take months for Abby and Ben to feel like a solid couple. Abby asked when it would be a good time to bring it up again. Ashley asked why she would. Abby said she wanted to have a baby with Ben. He loved kids. Babies were cute and cuddly and made everything better. Ashley said with everything going on in their lives, that would become a major complication rather than a fix. Abby said they hadn't been able to discuss it further because Ben had needed to leave for an appointment at the hospital.

Ben was deep in thought at Crimson Lights.

On the rooftop, Summer told Luca she had something to say. Luca wanted to say something first before he lost his nerve. He admitted he had used and lied to her and that he had been running his own agenda since the oil spill. He'd made things up to undermine Victoria and the media, all to move up the ranks at Newman. He admitted he wanted the top job at Newman, and that included sleeping with her and convincing her he loved her.

Summer asked how Luca could have done that. He said he couldn't. Something had changed along the way. The feelings he'd pretended to have had become real, and it had hit him the day before when Summer had been caught in the crossfire between him and Victoria. His first instinct had been to use that to his advantage, but he hadn't been able to. He had stayed awake most of the night, watching her sleep, and had realized how deeply he had hurt her. He was ashamed and had gone to Victoria to try to fix things. He didn't know how successful he had been, but Victoria had listened.

Luca said it was not an apology because no matter how he said it, it wouldn't change things. He was determined to show her how sorry he was because she was the best thing that had ever happened to him. Summer was taken aback by his revelation and told him she'd already known about everything. She'd found out that he had been leaking information to reporters. She'd put on an act to set him up to confirm her suspicion. He said that was impossible. Summer told him Victoria had never fired her, and they had staged everything to see how he would react.

Summer said Luca had started making plans immediately on how to take over Newman Enterprises together. That had been her confirmation. Luca was stunned at how she had played him and said it had been well done. He was surprised she would do something like that. He was relieved that her job was secure, and he meant what he'd said about walking away. He told Summer that even if she forgave him and offered him an executive position, he wouldn't take it.

Summer didn't believe Luca. He assured her that he was being completely honest with her. He said the company had blinded him about what he and Summer could have. Luca asked if they still had a chance. She said her plan had been to confront him and dump him. She had expected him to stonewall and lie to her, but she'd instead gotten his unexpected declaration. He said it had been an honest declaration.

Summer asked how she was supposed to believe Luca after all the lies he'd told. She didn't trust him. He said he had been completely honest with her. He wanted her to take time to sort things out. In the meantime, he hoped she would forgive him, even if he didn't deserve it. He left.

On the rooftop, Phyllis asked Summer what had happened. Summer said her talk with Luca hadn't gone as expected. She said Luca had lied and used her. Phyllis was upset and was going to strangle Luca. Summer said he had admitted to everything, sworn he was sorry, and asked her to forgive him. She hadn't forgiven him yet, but she had loved him -- and maybe she still did.

Summer knew Phyllis would tell her to dump him and not to look back and waste time on someone she knew wasn't right for her. Phyllis said she was not the right person to talk to. Summer said Phyllis was in a perfect relationship with the perfect man. Phyllis said no couple was perfect. She and Jack were taking a break, and she was staying at the Athletic Club indefinitely.

At the bar, Nick asked Luca if he had seen Summer and asked if he needed the name of a good travel agent, since there was nothing keeping him in Genoa City. Luca said he would hold off on that because he and Summer had talked, and it wasn't over yet. Luca said they had not broken up yet, and as long as he had a shot, he would fight for her.

Billy arrived at home angry. Victoria was right behind him. She demanded to know what all the talk was about protecting Brash & Sassy. He had no idea what she was talking about. She accused him of selling Brash & Sassy. He said he hadn't sold it. Victoria showed him the press release about the sale. Her company was in the hands of strangers, thanks to Billy.

Jack was given the expense report for the company jet. He said there was a mistake because Phyllis had taken the jet on the 17th or 18th to go Montreal. His assistant said the report was correct. The jet had never left the tarmac. Jack was puzzled.

Summer chooses Luca over Newman Summer chooses Luca over Newman
Thursday, July 21, 2016

At the Athletic Club, Nick coldly stated that Summer wanted no part of Luca, but Luca contended that he and Summer had both confessed what they'd done. Luca added that he was willing to do anything for a job at Newman except hurt Summer, since he loved her, and Nick ordered him to prove it by leaving town. Luca clucked that he'd thought Nick had learned that he couldn't control Summer, and Luca thought she wouldn't let anyone keep them apart once she forgave him.

Nick asserted that Luca needed to do what was best for Summer if he truly cared about her, or Luca would drag her down with him. Luca noted that making threats wasn't Nick's style, but Nick mentioned that his father's appeal was the next day, and Victor wouldn't approve of Luca shacking up with Summer or undermining Victoria. Luca preferred to take his chances, but Nick cautioned that Victor would lose respect for Summer once he found out.

At the Dive Bar, Summer thought Phyllis and Jack's separation made no sense, but Phyllis replied that no one could understand except the people in the relationship, and things weren't how they appeared to be. Summer asked what Jack had done, but Phyllis cryptically stated that it was about what she had done. Phyllis reported that things between her and Jack had been strained for a long time, in large part because of Victor. Phyllis recognized that Summer loved her grandfather and planned to support him at the hearing, but she couldn't forget what had happened. Phyllis added that even when two people loved one another, sometimes it wasn't enough if they wanted different things.

Summer thought she wasn't equipped to give Phyllis relationship advice, but Phyllis commented that Summer was wiser than she was, and she hoped to learn from her daughter before it was too late. Phyllis ran off in tears, over Summer's protests, and Summer flashed back to Luca telling her that he'd pretended to gain her trust, but his feelings had become real. Luca arrived on the rooftop and told Summer that they needed to talk, but she said she needed more time to think. He replied that he'd done the thinking for both of them, and she was a Newman who was entitled to her birthright, so he was there to say goodbye.

Luca said it would be best for both him and Summer if he left town, but she argued that he couldn't leave if they had a chance to work things out. He refused to let Victor deny Summer what was rightfully hers because of her association with Luca, and she suspected that Nick had gotten to Luca. Luca thought Nick had been right, and Luca loved Summer too much to let it happen. He prepared to pack his things and stay at the club until he went back to Madrid, and he headed out. Summer chased after him, but Nick stopped her and told her to let Luca go.

Summer accused Nick of going behind her back by telling Luca to leave town, but Nick refused to apologize for asking Luca to do the honorable thing. Nick reminded Summer that Luca had proven that he was only out for himself when he'd played with her feelings, and Luca had just been using her to get into the company. Summer pointed out that Luca had never denied doing so, but he was willing to walk away from it all because he loved her, and she was ready to walk away, too. She added that she didn't need Victor or Nick's approval, since Luca's love was enough, and she thanked Nick for making that clear to her.

Later, Summer tracked down Luca at his hotel suite and begged him to take his stuff back to their place. He clarified that the apartment was hers, but she professed her love and suggested that they get new jobs outside of Newman, since they could have everything they wanted if he stayed and fought. Luca wondered if she was really prepared to give up everything for him. Summer asserted that she wasn't giving up anything, but she'd be getting the one thing she wanted most -- Luca.

Luca questioned what would happen if Victor returned, and Summer pointed out that she'd developed skills in the time she'd spent working at Newman, unless Luca had just been flattering her. Luca swore that she had talent, and she chirped that she could learn on the job wherever they ended up. She announced her intent to make her own way no matter what Victor did to stop her, and Luca said he wanted her to be happy. Summer insisted that she would be happy as long as she was with Luca, and she rushed into his arms.

At Jabot, Jack tried to get confirmation over the phone that Phyllis had gone to Canada for business meetings, but he found out that she'd never gotten on the corporate jet. Ashley entered as Jack hung up, and she hoped that he'd taken her advice to keep the lines of communication open with Phyllis. Jack confided that he thought Phyllis had been lying to him, and he relayed that Phyllis had never ordered the jet. He began to doubt whether the foreign investors had even existed, and he wondered what that said about his marriage.

Ashley sarcastically speculated that Phyllis had invented the trip to cover up a torrid affair, and she added that she was joking, but Jack said he wasn't. Ashley couldn't imagine Phyllis being unfaithful, and Jack agreed that he trusted his wife implicitly. Ashley thought he was just letting his imagination get the best of him, but Jack noted that Phyllis had moved out for a reason, and perhaps she was looking elsewhere. Ashley suggested that Jack be patient and not mention it to Phyllis, and Phyllis entered and wondered what they didn't want her to know.

Ashley fibbed that she and Jack had been discussing a focus group, and she hurried out. Phyllis remarked that Ashley had never been a good liar, and Jack revealed that his assistant had asked him to review the corporate jet's flight log, but Phyllis' flight to Montreal had been missing. Phyllis realized that he thought she'd lied, and Jack said it felt like she wasn't telling him something. Phyllis claimed that she'd flown commercial to save money, and Jack apologized and asked her to forgive him for doubting her. She lamented that they no longer had trust between them, and he begged her to trust him enough to tell him why she'd left. She hesitated, and he walked out.

A clearly distraught Phyllis flashed back to Billy saying he wanted to be with her, and she'd professed her love for him. Phyllis tried to focus on work, but she gazed at a photo of her with Jack, and she remembered when Jack had refused to let her walk out of his life again and had slipped her engagement ring back on her finger. Phyllis crumpled to the floor in tears.

In Hilary's hospital room, Devon and Hilary chuckled over a celebrity news article about a jilted husband dumping his wife's shoe collection into a pool. Hilary remarked that the woman hadn't appreciated the good man she'd had, and there was an awkward silence until Simon interrupted to check on Hilary. Devon huffed that Hilary was no longer Simon's responsibility, and she had a new doctor who didn't experiment on his patients. Simon recognized that Hilary didn't want to continue with his treatment, but he warned that he might be the only chance to save her. Hilary refused to give Simon another opportunity to finish her off.

Devon ordered Simon to get out, but Simon swore that he'd never do anything intentional to harm Hilary. Simon reminded Hilary that she'd been unconscious when he'd met her, and all he'd done had been to try to restore her health. She testily questioned whether she looked healthy after what his medical miracle had done to her, and he conceded that she'd had a negative reaction, but he wanted to adjust the protocol. Barton entered and asserted that Simon wasn't going to treat Hilary or any other patient, since Simon had no privileges at the hospital. Barton gave Simon the choice to walk out the door or be thrown out, and Simon departed.

In the corridor, Simon told Ashley that he'd been determined to find out why Hilary hadn't been responding to the treatment, but Barton wouldn't let him near Hilary. Ashley implored Simon not to back down, but he regretted that he didn't have a choice, since it was Barton's job to look out for the hospital's interests. Ashley countered that it was Simon's job to save lives, but he lamented that he wouldn't be able to do so.

Barton informed Hilary and Devon that she'd get the proper care with a more traditional approach, but Ashley walked in and surmised that Barton's primary concern was that the hospital wouldn't be liable if something happened to Hilary. Ashley passionately declared that Hilary wouldn't even be there if Simon hadn't pulled her out of a coma, and he'd saved Ashley's life, too. Ashley proclaimed that the hospital should be supporting Simon and his work, but Barton retorted that Simon had put every patient in the trial at risk. Ashley wondered if Hilary really intended to punish Simon for trying to do everything he could to find a cure. Devon calmly said that it would be best if Ashley left, and she sauntered out.

Later, Simon informed Ashley that he'd called the FDA to confess that he'd been the one who'd altered the test results, since he hadn't been able to let Ashley go down for something she hadn't done. She was touched that he'd done that for her, and she hugged him.

Barton announced that Hilary's latest test results had indicated that she was healthy enough to be released, but they'd continue to monitor her progress. Barton left to process the paperwork, and Hilary remarked that everything could go back to normal. Devon wondered if that meant they'd be back at one another's throats, and she wished it didn't have to be that way. Devon softly said it didn't, and he wanted to take her back to their home at the penthouse, but he understood if she wanted to go back to her own room. She lovingly told him to stop being "so damn understanding" and to take her home.

In the Athletic Club foyer, Cane wrapped his arms around Lily, and she wished things could stay like that forever. He acknowledged that she was worried that Hilary would take over the club and fire her, and Lily relayed that Devon hadn't been able to change Hilary's mind. Cane suspected that Hilary might have a change of heart after all the time Devon had spent time at the hospital, and Lily thought the idea was romantic but unrealistic. Cane said he had to get to work. He alluded to a surprise that he had for her later, but he wanted to keep her in suspense.

At Billy's home, Billy swore to Victoria that he hadn't sold Brash & Sassy, but she was convinced that he'd decided to cut his losses and drop the company that had meant more to her than anything. Billy insisted that it had been a hostile takeover if it had truly happened, and he knew exactly who had been behind it. Victoria blamed him for taking his eye off the ball, and she snapped that it was too late to do anything. He countered that it was never too late.

Victoria spat that she wasn't interested in Billy's bogus story, and she theorized that Billy was taking out his anger on her because she intended to speak to the judge to help set Victor free. Victoria bellowed that she felt sorry for Billy if that was the case, and she angrily headed to the door, but she ran into Cane on her way out. Cane admired the samples of paint on the walls, and he remarked that it looked like things were moving along. Billy accused Cane of stealing the company out from under him, and he slugged Cane. Cane returned the punch as Victoria looked on.

Billy dared Cane to admit he'd stolen the company, and Cane declared that Billy had no one to blame but himself for leaving Brash & Sassy ripe for the picking. Billy contended that he'd needed capital to build the brand, but Cane chided Billy for taking out too many loans, and Billy guessed that Cane had bought the debt. Billy called Cane an errand boy who was overseeing things for his mommy, and Cane retorted that it hadn't been the first time Jill had replaced Billy with Cane. Cane walked out, and Victoria stopped Billy from going after him. Victoria agreed that only Billy was to blame.

Victoria blasted Billy for making it possible for Jill and Cane to take over Brash & Sassy because Billy had been distracted instead of focusing on the brand. Victoria wondered why Jill had made a play for the company, and Billy offered to call his mother, but Victoria spat that they could both "go to hell" for all she cared. Victoria stalked out, and Billy left a message for Jill, threatening to burn her beloved house to the ground if she didn't call him back.

Cane returned to the club and told Lily about his altercation with Billy, and he announced that his surprise was that he was heading up a new line at Chancellor. Lily gushed that it was amazing that Cane would be running a major division, and she wondered why he hadn't told her about the acquisition earlier. He excitedly talked about his ideas for marketing the line, and he marveled that he hadn't felt that great in years, despite exchanging punches with Billy. Jack overheard and was stunned to hear that the men had hit one another, and Cane proclaimed that he'd won Brass & Sassy fair and square, but he understood if Jack wanted to hit him, too. Jack grumbled that if he had to knock any sense into someone, it was his brother.

Lily and Cane went to the Dive Bar to celebrate, and Lily teased him for having a girly drink, but he said he was afraid booze might sting his lip. She apologized for not realizing that he'd needed more of a challenge, and she supported his desire to be happy by going after his dreams. He assured her that she and the kids made him happy, and she pulled him into a kiss.

At Newman, Nick reported to Victoria that he thought he'd gotten through to Summer for a fleeting moment, but he'd only made her realize that she wanted Luca. Victoria griped that she'd had the situation under control until Nick had returned, and he hoped Summer woke up and kicked Luca to the curb. Victoria noted that Summer had done it before, and she encouraged Nick to have faith that it would happen again. Victoria added that Nick wasn't the only one having a frustrating day, since she'd just learned that Billy had let Jill and Cane pick Brash & Sassy out of his pocket. Nick thought Victor would be itching for a fight when he got back.

Victoria vowed to defend the business, regardless of whether or not Victor got out of prison, and she thought nothing could stop her and Nick as long as they were together. She wondered if Nick thought she was full of it, but he proudly stated that she was exactly what their family needed, and he was up to the fight if she was.

Billy instructed someone over the phone to do whatever was necessary to get Brash & Sassy back, and Jack walked in and suggested that Billy put ice on his jaw. Jack asked if Jill and Cane had really conspired to take the company away from Billy, and Billy expected Jack to lecture him for taking on the debt. Jack said he'd heard Billy talking on the phone, and Billy had sounded like a man who was willing to fight for what he believed in. Jack suggested that Billy return to work for Jabot with Phyllis.

Billy recognized that Jack meant well, but he declined the offer. Jack insisted that Billy and Phyllis were a great team, and it would give Jack comfort to know he had someone he could count on by his side, especially when Phyllis needed time away from Jack. Billy said Phyllis valued her independence, and the punch had been a wakeup call to fight to get his company back. Billy remarked that a person never knew what they'd lost until it was gone, and Jack murmured that he was learning that all over again with Phyllis. Jack mentioned the trip that she'd taken to Montreal on the company jet, but it had turned out that she'd never boarded the plane.

Billy inquired how Phyllis had explained it, and Jack replied that she'd flown commercial. Jack wished he'd considered that instead of thinking that she'd never left town and that she'd hidden away with some guy in secret. Jack thought that after everything they'd been through, Phyllis would tell him if she'd even been tempted. Billy assured Jack that he had no reason to be worried, since Phyllis loved Jack and would never mean to hurt him. Jack thanked Billy for telling him what he'd needed to hear.

Phyllis interrupts Victor's appeal hearing Phyllis interrupts Victor's appeal hearing
Friday, July 22, 2016

At the state penitentiary, Victor changed into a suit and tie, and Adam dryly questioned whether his father was headed to prom. Victor said his appeal hearing was that day, and Adam surmised that Victor was feeling good about his chances. Victor expected that he would be out of there in no time, but Adam wouldn't say goodbye just yet. Victor contended that he had a wife and other children who would support him, but Adam suspected that Victor intended to use his loving family to get him released, and there would be "hell to pay" once Victor got out.

Adam added that he was glad he wouldn't be around to see the Newmans crawling at Victor's feet and apologizing while Victor shoved a knife in their backs. Victor noted that Adam sounded like a man on the outside, and he advised Adam to watch his tone. Victor suggested that Adam pray that Victor won the appeal, since it was the only way Adam would ever get out. Adam scoffed at the idea that Victor would spend his time on the outside worrying about getting Adam released. Victor declared that he loved his family, and Adam was part of it. A guard led Victor away.

At the Athletic Club, Nikki thanked Victoria and Nick for meeting with her before they walked into the courtroom. Nick refused to recant his testimony, and Victoria said they didn't expect him to lie. Nikki was determined to build a strong case on Victor's behalf, and Victoria hoped her father's sentence would be reduced. Phyllis approached and barked that it was the united Newman front, banding together to ensure justice wasn't done.

Nikki recounted that Victor had helped her and Phyllis escape Ian at the cabin, but Phyllis countered that it hadn't erased the other atrocities Victor had committed. Victoria clarified that they weren't rescinding their earlier testimony, but they'd taken things too far at Victor's trial. Phyllis huffed that nothing Victor had said or done would make up for what she'd gone through, and she wasn't surprised that Nikki and Victoria had fallen back in line, but she'd expected more from Nick. Jack looked on as Phyllis ranted that Victor was only six months into his prison sentence, and she couldn't believe that the Newmans thought that had been punishment enough.

Nick said he hated what Victor had done to Phyllis, but he had a lot to take into account, including how Summer felt about her grandfather. Nick mentioned that Summer couldn't make it to the hearing because she wasn't feeling well, and Phyllis grumbled that it was probably their daughter's conscience. Nick pointed out that Victor had been shot and stabbed since he'd gone to prison, and Victor would die if he stayed there. Phyllis snapped that Victor was a criminal, and she could have died any night Marco had been in her bed.

Jack approached, and Phyllis wondered if he was there to get on the "pro-Victor bandwagon." Jack asserted that he was there to keep peace, and Nikki stated that the conversation was getting them nowhere, so they should leave. Nick wished he could make Phyllis understand, but she replied that she didn't think that was possible, and the Newmans departed. Phyllis thanked Jack for not taking their side, and he insisted that he'd always be on her side no matter what. She inquired whether he still would be behind her if she went to the courthouse and crucified Victor.

Jack declared that he had no intention of going near the courtroom, and he suggested that Phyllis also stay away. She accepted that he was able to turn the other cheek, but she couldn't. Jack clarified that he hadn't forgiven anything, but they had a choice to either live life mired in fantasies of revenge or to be happy and not let Victor win. Phyllis wanted to make Victor suffer, and Jack was stunned that they were that far apart on the issue, since he'd thought she'd moved on. Phyllis explained that she'd thought there had been some semblance of justice, but Victor was about to walk, and he'd pick up where he left off as if nothing had ever happened. She didn't know if she could live with that.

Jack commented that prison was only one form of justice, and he believed that Victor had felt a great deal of pain when his family had turned against him. Phyllis figured that Jack understood because he felt she'd turned against him, but he wondered when she'd stop misinterpreting what he said. She wished he'd pick a side, since one day it was them against the world, and the next he wanted her to kiss and make up. Jack said despite all of their misunderstandings, he wanted to make clear that life without her was "hell," and he missed her every minute. He swore that he'd always be on her side, whether they agreed or not, and he requested that she stay away from the courtroom for everyone's sake, including her own.

Abby and Stitch woke up on opposite sides of the bed, and he noted that Victor's appeal was that day. Abby mused that she'd been thinking about something else -- the conversation she and Stitch had never finished about having another baby. She stressed that she really wanted one, and she asked him to level with her about whether he'd ever want another child. Stitch suggested that it wasn't the time to talk about it, but Abby wanted him to know how she felt. She conceded that things had been hard since the miscarriage, but getting pregnant with her daughter had been the best surprise of her life, and she'd never been happier.

Abby continued that she and Stitch had been left with reminders, like the baby things they'd never used, and she thought about how wonderful it could have been if things had gone differently. Stitch said there was no point in looking back, but Abby wanted to look forward to a future with Stitch, Max, and a little brother or sister. She understood if it was too soon, but she pressed to know if it would ever be the right time. Stitch warned that she'd be late for court, but she told him not to shut her out. He insisted on tabling the discussion until later.

Chelsea picked up coffee at Crimson Lights, and Dylan and Sharon tracked her down after they hadn't found her at the penthouse. Chelsea asked if there had been any update in Adam's case, but Dylan informed her that they'd just wanted to see how she was doing. Chelsea replied that things were terrible, and Sharon offered to handle things at work for as long as necessary. Chelsea said she was focused on clearing Adam's name, and she hoped that Dylan was still searching for the missing journal pages.

Dylan assured Chelsea that he was looking for the diary pages and the woman who'd visited Victor, but Chelsea observed that he was grabbing coffee with his wife when he could be investigating. Sharon defended that Dylan had sacrificed a lot for Chelsea's family, so she thought Chelsea should be thanking him rather than attacking him. Chelsea snapped that it was easy for Sharon to say when she was with her husband, whereas Chelsea's spouse was serving 30 years for a crime he hadn't committed because he had a vindictive father. Chelsea added that she could be vindictive, too, and Victor had better watch his back. Chelsea walked out.

Abby and Stitch arrived at the coffeehouse, and Sharon asked Abby to help her with something work-related. The women stepped out to the patio, and Sharon admitted that she'd wanted to speak to Abby alone to ask if things were in a better place with Stitch. Abby confided that they had been until she'd mentioned the prospect of having another baby, and Sharon guessed that Stitch didn't want to try right away, but Abby groused that he'd made it sound like the idea was off the table forever. Sharon empathized with losing a child, and she shared that having another baby had helped her immensely, since both Faith and Sully had filled a void. Sharon added that having a baby could change many things, and Abby muttered to tell it to her husband.

Abby told Stitch that she had to get going, and she invited him to join her at the hearing. He declined, since he couldn't support Victor after everything that had happened with Kelly, and Abby commented that he wasn't the only one conflicted about the appeal. Abby kissed Stitch goodbye and left, and Dylan asked Stitch how they were doing. Stitch reluctantly admitted that his happy family had "gone to hell," since he'd barely had time to grieve, but Abby wanted to put the unopened gifts from the baby shower to use. Stitch admitted that he wasn't ready, but he hadn't had the words to tell Abby that, so he'd kept telling her that they'd talk about it later.

Dylan advised Stitch not to shut the door on the idea of having another child, since doing so wouldn't mean that Stitch loved his son any less. Stitch was unsure that he was cut out to be dad at all, and Dylan recalled that he'd felt the same way after losing Connor. Sharon listened as Dylan said he hadn't been able to imagine loving anyone the way he'd loved Connor, but Sully had been a bright light who'd pulled Dylan out of a place of darkness. Sharon joined the men, and Dylan proclaimed that having Sully had made him love Sharon even more. Stitch called Dylan a lucky guy, and Dylan replied that Stitch could be lucky, too.

After Stitch left, Sharon said she felt bad for Abby and Stitch, and Dylan sympathized that between Max and the miscarriage, the couple had essentially lost two kids in one year. Dylan thought that kind of pain was enough to break anyone, and he wondered if Sharon was thinking about Cassie. Sharon confirmed that she carried the fear of losing another child with her every day, but she had to hope God would never be that cruel.

Dylan made it a rule not to have negative thoughts when things were going well for their family, and Sharon said losing Cassie had been the worst moment of her life, but she'd survived. Dylan pointed out that she had two amazing sons and two incredible daughters, and he swore they wouldn't lose any of them. He promised the worst was over, and they hugged. Meanwhile, Stitch boxed up the baby gifts, and he flashed back to the joyous moment when he'd told Abby she was pregnant.

Nikki, Victoria, and Nick ran into Chelsea outside the courtroom, and Chelsea announced that she was there to remind the judge of every heinous stunt Victor had ever pulled. Nikki acknowledged that Chelsea was going through a difficult time, but she assured Chelsea that they were all family, so they would get her and Connor through it. Chelsea testily wondered where the show of support had been when Adam had been on trial for a murder he hadn't committed, and Victoria questioned whether Chelsea was sure of Adam's innocence. Chelsea swore that Adam was innocent, but his father was guilty as sin. Chelsea glared at Victor as he stepped off the elevator.

Victor requested a moment to speak with his family, and Chelsea asked if the guard was on his payroll. Victor replied that if the guard was, he'd give instructions to protect Adam. Victor hoped that Adam wouldn't spend too many years behind bars, since Victor would do everything in his power to free Adam. Chelsea questioned why she should believe it when Victor had promised that before, but Victoria contended that Victor might be Adam's only chance at freedom.

Victor understood Chelsea's frustrations, and Chelsea threatened that if Victor didn't live up to his promise, she'd make him wish he was back behind bars. Chelsea stalked off, and Victoria was relieved that one obstacle was out of the way, but Nick questioned how many more were ahead. Abby arrived and remarked that Victor looked great, and she proclaimed that they'd "kick some ass in there." Victor hoped the outcome would be different that time, and he had a feeling that everything would be all right with his family's support. The bailiff declared that court was in session.

Judge Gates recognized that Victor was seeking a reduction of his sentence, and he inquired whether there was any new evidence. Victor's lawyer reported that there was nothing physical, but the evidence had all been circumstantial, and Victor's family wanted to speak on Victor's behalf by clarifying their original testimony. Victoria explained that the family had taken the stand in a place of anger, since they'd been desperate to teach Victor a lesson. Victoria added that their words had been harsher and crueler than they should have been, and she regretted the effect their testimony had had on the jury's decision. Victoria continued that she'd realized that her father's intention had been to protect his family, and she proclaimed that Victor had done everything out of love.

Abby testified that her father didn't show weakness, since he'd had to learn early on that it put a target on his back, and he could appear cold and unfeeling, but nothing was further from the truth. She thought Victor felt guilt and remorse, but he also felt love, and she wouldn't have survived half of what she had without him. Abby recalled that she'd spoken about him acting in self-defense at the original trial, but it had always been about family.

Nick recognized that his relationship with Victor had been rocky at best, and he was sure that their major fallouts had affected his prior testimony. Nick admitted that he'd wanted his father to be stopped, but things had changed when he'd walked outside the courtroom and seen Victor on the ground, having been shot while trying to protect Nikki. Nick said he'd seen the man he loved and respected, and he repeated Jack's advice never to give up on his dad. Nick thought all fathers and sons had battles, but they should be settled at home and not played out in court. Nick asked that the judge let them settle the battle once and for all.

Nikki said it was no secret that she'd been drinking when she'd lashed out at Victor's trial. She recounted that she'd testified that she hadn't really known her husband, but she knew him better than anyone, and he was proud and loyal to a fault. She thought that she'd turned on him because he'd been a mirror into her soul, and she hadn't been interested in looking at her own issues, so she'd blamed him instead. She wished that she'd taken a closer look at his actions, since she would have seen that he'd gone to extremes to defend his family, just like he'd defended her and Phyllis when Ian had held them at gunpoint. Nikki pointed out that Victor had risked his life to rescue two women who had sent him to jail, and he easily could have attempted to run, but he'd decided to stay and take his punishment.

Nikki begged the judge to give her back her husband and her children's father, since both Victor's family and the system had punished Victor enough. Judge Gates thought Victor's heart should be warmed by his family's support, and Victor replied that it meant a lot to him. The judge inquired whether anyone else was speaking on Victor's behalf, and he asked if the A.D.A. had any testimony from the victims. Phyllis burst in and proclaimed that she definitely had something to say.

Chelsea visited Adam in prison, and she promised herself that she wouldn't get emotional. Adam assured her that it wasn't as bad as it looked, and he joked that the prison should hire her as a fashion consultant to improve the uniforms. She smiled through her tears, and they professed their love. He mentioned that Victor had rubbed his face in the appeal hearing that day, and Chelsea wished she hadn't let up. Adam worried about what she'd done, and she confessed that she'd gone a little extreme.

Chelsea told Adam about how she'd threatened Victor in an effort to record his confession, but she'd failed. Adam thought it had been borderline insane but brave, and she vowed to do whatever it took to get Adam out of prison. Chelsea planned to hound Victor for the missing journal pages if he went free, but Adam cautioned her against wielding any more weapons, since Connor was already down one parent. Chelsea insisted that Connor still had Adam, and she intended to take Connor along on her next visit. Adam adamantly opposed.

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