The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of October 3, 2016 on Y&R
Victoria and Travis professed their love. Victoria was livid when Travis confessed that he'd had an affair with his former boss's wife. Billy and Travis were jailed together after a bar fight. Patty threatened to tell the truth about Sully unless Sharon got her out of Stonevale.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of October 3, 2016 on Y&R
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Patty's Calls Alert Suspicion Patty's Calls Alert Suspicion
Monday, October 3, 2016

In a cramped, grim office, Phyllis collected an armful of files. Phyllis carried the stack of folders down a hallway and approached Jack. Phyllis complained that Jack had purposely overloaded her with work. Jack said he was certain Phyllis could handle the work on her own. Phyllis said she and Jack should work together because a collaboration would benefit Jabot. Jack replied, "We have to end this joke of a marriage. We're not going to work together, ever."

Jack explained to Phyllis that he'd given her the job she'd asked for, but it didn't mean that he appreciated her contributions or had forgiven her. Phyllis cried that Jack should regard her as a real person and offer to help her look over the files. Jack replied, "That is not going to happen. All of that died. You can't erase the past, no matter how much you try." Phyllis said Jack couldn't just erase the love they'd shared in the past.

In an elevator at Jabot, Ashley and Travis became stuck when the car malfunctioned. Ashley remembered Travis and said she'd met him at a party she'd attended in the Hamptons. Ashley asked Travis why he'd left his up-and-coming position at the Hazelton and Crestwood firm in New York. Travis said he'd moved to Genoa City to embrace a new life. Ashley seemed intrigued. Travis explained that the lifestyle he'd lived while working on Wall Street hadn't suited him.

Ashley asked Travis how he'd ended up in Genoa City. Travis explained that he'd first bought a bar, later left, and then returned to reunite with Victoria. Ashley noted that Victoria was her former sister-in-law. Ashley suggested that fate might intervene and cause Billy and Victoria to become trapped in the elevator together. Travis said he didn't believe in fate because he trusted honesty, hard work, and his relationship with Victoria.

In the lab at Jabot, Victoria and Billy quarreled over the details of their respective relationships. Victoria insisted that she and Travis enjoyed a trusting and honest relationship, which, unlike Billy's fling with Phyllis, wasn't hurtful to others. Billy noted that Travis was working for Victor. Billy asked Victoria to consider what could go wrong with that scenario. Victoria insisted that no one controlled Travis, who'd walked away from his job on Wall Street.

Victoria admitted that she was in love with Travis. Billy was taken aback. Billy recalled that he and Victoria had once shared a real and lasting love. Victoria said that after two divorces, she was no longer sure. Billy admitted that he'd made mistakes, but he blamed Victor for interfering. Victoria said she knew what she wanted and had asked Travis to move in with her. Victoria added that Phyllis hadn't realized what she'd wanted until it had been too late.

Victoria was waiting for the elevator. The malfunctioning elevator doors finally opened to allow Travis and Ashley to step out. Victoria learned that Ashley and Travis had crossed paths in the past. After Ashley walked away, Travis asked Victoria if he was supposed to hate Ashley just because her last name was Abbott. Victoria replied, "Why? Because you have to kiss up to my father?" Travis said Victoria was the only Newman he wanted to kiss, and he kissed her.

After Travis and Victoria went home, Travis poured drinks. Victoria asked Travis what he and Ashley had discussed while they'd been trapped in the elevator. Travis explained that he and Ashley had once played mixed-doubles tennis matches. Travis said he couldn't remember the details of his past. Victoria said she didn't know much about Travis' life before she'd met him.

Victoria asked Travis how many women he'd been in love with. Travis replied, "Just one. I'm not even sure that's what it was. Maybe it's just something I told myself." Travis admitted that he'd just drifted after the relationship had ended. Travis drew Victoria near and said he never wanted to lose his relationship with her because he loved her. Victoria said, "I love you, Travis."

After Phyllis returned to her office, Billy stopped by. Billy noticed Phyllis' revealing dress and said she didn't seem appropriately attired for work. Phyllis reminded Billy that while they'd been together, they'd pretended that they'd shared a real relationship. Billy replied, "No. That was real."

Billy asked Phyllis if she believed her job at Jack's company might help mend her relationship with Jack. Phyllis glared at Billy when he suggested Phyllis was merely pretending and wouldn't be successful in her ploy. Billy said he wouldn't wish Phyllis luck in her endeavor because he'd lost her and was a sore loser. Phyllis replied, "I don't need luck. I need to do what I came here to do."

After Billy left, Michael stopped by. Michael compared Phyllis' office to a crate in which he'd once kept a pet dog. Phyllis insisted that Jack's attempts to scare her off wouldn't work. Michael pleaded with Phyllis to change her mind about the terms of the divorce settlement. Phyllis explained that she was content because she could spend her days near Jack. Phyllis added that she would prove to Jack how much she loved him because she was certain he still loved her.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Ashley attempted to talk some sense into Jack. She berated Jack for allowing Phyllis to work at Jabot. Jack pointed out that he was living just fine without Phyllis. Billy showed up. Jack said he and Ashley were just discussing Phyllis and her return to Jabot. Billy said he'd just visited with Phyllis. Jack told Billy that Billy and Phyllis could carry on with their relationship because nothing stood in their way. As Jack walked away, Billy said that Phyllis only wanted Jack.

Ashley told Billy that she'd encountered Travis on an elevator. Ashley added that she'd realized why Victoria was no longer interested in Billy. Billy replied, "Everybody loves this guy!" Billy told Ashley that Travis had accepted a job from Victor. Billy added that though Travis seemed like a straight-shooter, there was a lot Travis hadn't mentioned.

At the police station, Paul told Michael that police had determined that Phyllis' fall had been accidental, so Jack wouldn't face domestic assault charges. Michael pointed out that Phyllis had survived a terrible year, had made a terrible mistake, and would pay dearly for it. Michael added that Phyllis wouldn't fight her divorce because she intended to change Jack's mind and win him back. Paul chuckled and said he wouldn't bet against anyone who'd taken on Victor Newman and had lived to tell the tale.

When Paul and Michael stepped out of Paul's office, they found Dylan still working after his shift had ended. Dylan had been researching Chloe's name on the police department's database, but he quickly closed the program when Paul approached. Dylan claimed he'd been doing research to help Kevin. Michael acknowledged that Kevin was spending more time with Chloe and Bella. Paul asked Dylan about his investigation. Dylan assured Paul that the investigation didn't involve Victor. Dylan left. Michael noted that Dylan hadn't mentioned which case he'd been investigating.

At Sharon's house, Sharon spoke on the phone with Patty. Sharon said Patty shouldn't have sent a birthday gift to Faith. Patty laughed and said, "She's my nephew's stepdaughter. We're family now. The gift is for you, too. The dolly is so sweet. It's almost like the real thing." Sharon explained that Faith had taken the doll to bed. Patty replied, "Every baby needs a home and love."

Sharon asked Patty to explain her actions. Patty said she hadn't forgotten. After Sharon hung up the phone, she gave Sully a bottle. The phone rang, but Sharon didn't answer the call. Instead, Sharon unplugged the phone and told Sully that no one would bother them again.

After Dylan returned home, he was surprised to find Sully awake. Dylan asked if another hang-up phone call had awakened the baby, and he offered to trace the call. Sharon assured Dylan that Sully had awakened because of a bad dream. After Dylan carried Sully upstairs, Sharon checked to make sure the phone was still unplugged. Sharon carefully set the cord close to the phone, so the cord appeared to be connected.

Upstairs in the bedroom, Dylan and Sharon played with Sully. Dylan said he regretted missing part of Sully's first year of life. Sharon said that Dylan's love was all she and Sully needed. Dylan noted how fortunate he was. Sharon became flustered when Dylan expressed concern for Nick's and Chelsea's losses. Sharon sighed, so Dylan dropped the subject. Dylan said, "Nobody's going to take anything from us."

At the Stonevale Psychiatric Facility, Patty recalled confronting Dr. Sandy Anderson. The memory of the scene flashed before Patty's eyes. Patty remembered accusing Dr. Anderson of taking Sage and Nick's baby and giving the infant to Sharon. After Patty had threatened to reveal the truth, Dr. Anderson had attempted to inject Patty with drugs. After a struggle, Patty recalled grabbing a letter opener and using it to attack Dr. Anderson.

After Dylan fell asleep, Sharon went downstairs and reconnected the phone line. Her cell phone rang. When Sharon answered, she angrily demanded that Patty leave her alone. Patty, saddened, said, "But we're family, Sharon. You know what it's like to be locked up away from the people you care about." Sharon explained that she couldn't help Patty because Patty needed specialized care. Patty replied, "Dr. Sandy isn't going to tattle on you. You're welcome." Patty threatened to reveal Sharon's secret via a phone call. Patty added that Sharon's baby wasn't Sharon's and never would be. Sharon became distraught and yelled for Patty to leave her alone.

Dylan suddenly appeared, grabbed the phone from Sharon, and said, "Is it him again?" Dylan demanded that the caller identify "himself" and state "his" reason for calling. After the call dropped, Dylan told Sharon that calls to both the landline phone and cell phone were harassment and should be investigated. Dylan added, "I'm going to find out who's calling you and why." After Dylan went upstairs, Sharon panicked.

Patty threatens to tell Dylan about Sully Patty threatens to tell Dylan about Sully
Tuesday, October 4, 2016

At Newman Enterprises, Summer discovered that Travis' name had been added to the company's distribution list. Summer grumbled that she'd be worried if she counted on the place for job security, since Travis was on the fastest track possible. Abby guessed that Summer didn't like him, and Summer found it suspicious that Travis was getting Victoria's old office. Stitch called Abby and asked if she'd forgotten that they had an appointment with a fertility doctor that day, but Abby claimed that things were insane at work, so she had to cancel. A disappointed Stitch offered to reschedule.

After Abby hung up, Summer inquired how Abby was fixing her problems with her husband by lying to him. Abby groaned that she kept guessing wrong, since she'd thought she and Stitch had agreed to work on their marriage before becoming parents, but he'd scheduled an appointment with a fertility specialist. Summer urged her to talk to Stitch and not to stop talking and listening until they figured things out -- including whether they'd do it together or alone.

Abby tracked down Stitch in the hospital break room, and he excitedly hoped that the fertility doctor could still fit them in. She suggested that they talk first, and she asked him to close the door. Abby thought she and Stitch owed one another honesty as husband and wife, and Stitch asked if she thought that he hadn't been honest with her. Abby clarified that she was the one who needed to apologize, since she'd acted like things had been getting better between them, but they hadn't been, and she thought he felt it, too.

Abby griped that the work she and Stitch had supposedly been doing on their marriage had been superficial, and she could no longer pretend that things were getting better. Stitch suggested that they address it after the doctor's appointment, but Abby blurted out that she didn't need to see a fertility doctor, since she'd still been using her birth control. Stitch turned away, and Abby recognized that he had every right to be angry. He asked why she'd misled him, and she explained that he'd been intent on believing it was the right time to have another baby. He thought it was what she'd wanted, and she whined that she hadn't had the courage to tell him, but she was sure about one thing.

A female employee entered the break room and sat down, but she sensed the tension and walked back out. Stitch locked the door, and Abby continued that she was sure she loved him and always would, but she didn't know if that was enough to get them past everything they'd been through. She complained that they never had deep conversations, and they pretended that they'd been healing, but all it had gotten them was an appointment that she didn't need. Abby demanded that the denial stop for both of them, and she asked Stitch if that was possible.

Stitch said he couldn't do it, and Abby assumed that he meant he couldn't forgive her. He recognized that they were really lousy at understanding one another, and he stated that he couldn't be angry about what she'd done, since he hadn't been honest with himself, either. He said he'd wanted to believe that they'd been doing better than they really had been, and they had to stop pretending. Stitch declared that he knew one thing for sure, and Abby guessed that it was that he loved her. He remarked that they never knew what the other was thinking, but he knew for sure that it was worth trying, since he loved Abby more each day, and he begged her to tell him it wasn't too late. She replied that it wasn't, and they kissed.

At the cottage, Dylan was on the phone, requesting Kevin's help with figuring out who had been calling Sharon. Kevin complained that he was slammed with work, and Sharon objected to getting Kevin involved. Dylan insisted that Kevin owed Dylan, and Kevin agreed to try to spend a few hours on it later that day. Dylan prepared to go to the police station, and Sharon acknowledged that he was worried, but she didn't want to get other people involved. He insisted that stalking was a police matter, but she thought he was blowing things out of proportion.

Sharon speculated that someone had obtained both her home and cell phone numbers from her business card, but Dylan was concerned that the caller's behavior might escalate, and he didn't want her to feel unsafe. Sharon swore that he made her feel safe, and Mariah entered and asked what was going on. Dylan announced that Sharon had a stalker, and Mariah demanded that Dylan take the guy down. Sharon was sure there was nothing to worry about, since the caller had hung up when Dylan had gotten on the phone and identified himself as a cop. Mariah sided with Dylan to stay on the case until the creep was locked up.

Dylan thought Sharon should be more concerned, and he advised the women to keep the doors and windows locked while he headed to the station to see what Kevin had dug up. After Dylan departed, Sharon informed Mariah that Patty had been the caller, and the situation was a disaster. Sharon recounted the anonymous gift that had shown up for Faith and the hang-up calls to the house and her cell phone, and Mariah thought they should have known that Patty would never drop it. Sharon divulged that Patty had taunted her by reminding her that Patty knew Sharon hadn't been pregnant, but all Dylan had heard on the phone had been breathing.

Sharon knew that Dylan wouldn't quit until he figured out who had been making the calls, but Mariah pointed out that Patty was certifiably nuts. Sharon found it scary that Patty had sounded lucid, and Mariah argued that Sharon knew Sully was Nick's son, but Patty's claims would sound insane to anyone else. Sharon thought she had to do more than just hope Patty went away, and she encouraged Mariah to hang out with Kevin to see what she could find out and send a text message if Dylan was getting close to the truth. Mariah asked what Sharon intended to do, and Sharon called Paul and invited him to spend some quality time with his grandson.

Nick and Chelsea enjoyed an afternoon with Connor in Chancellor Park, and he offered to fix Connor's toy truck. Chelsea told him not to worry about it, but Nick asserted that a promise was a promise. She thanked him for joining them, and she recalled that she and Adam had taken their son to the park all the time. Nick turned away, and Chelsea asked what was wrong. Nick insisted that he was fine, and he claimed that he'd gotten sand in his eye. Chelsea teased that it was the lamest excuse she'd ever heard, and Nick joked that he could list 50 more that were even worse.

Chelsea wondered what had happened to the straight-talking guy who said how he felt, and she thought that she and Nick had to be able to talk if he intended to keep his promise to be there for her and Connor. Nick recalled that Noah had had a toy truck just like Connor's, and it had reminded him how much he'd been looking forward to having another son and how much he missed Christian. Nick figured that Chelsea thought he was crazy, but she assured him that things like that happened to her all the time at the strangest moments. She mentioned that she'd pulled out two coffee mugs that morning, and she'd almost poured the second one.

Chelsea understood the pain that Nick was feeling, and she knew what it was like to feel normal for a while but suddenly be back in the moment when she'd lost Adam, reliving the terror and loss. Nick admitted that he'd been embarrassed to tell her what was bothering him, since it had been months since Christian and Sage had died, so he felt that he shouldn't get torn up in front of Chelsea. Chelsea smiled and swore that there was nothing to be embarrassed about except the fact that Nick still hadn't fixed the truck, and she grabbed the toy to do it herself.

Chelsea and Nick happily played with Connor, and she marveled at the boy's energy. She wondered if being around a toddler was too much for Nick, but Nick replied that it actually helped. Nick liked to think that Adam was in heaven, taking care of Nick's little boy, and it was like they'd switched places. Chelsea considered the thought really sweet, and Nick noted that Christian would have been about a year old. He imagined that they would have celebrated Christian's first birthday in the park, and he envisioned playing baseball with his son. Chelsea placed a comforting hand on Nick's shoulder.

Chelsea invited Nick to get some coffee, and they spied Sharon with Sully. Chelsea grumbled that it was their matchmaker, and Nick said he'd already told Sharon that her actions had been inappropriate. Chelsea approached Sharon and reiterated that it had been wrong of Sharon to encourage Faith to try to get Chelsea and Nick together, and Sharon apologized for overstepping. Sharon swore that her heart had been in the right place, and she asked how she could make it right. Nick suggested that Sharon promise not to do it again, and Sharon agreed.

Nick asked if he could hold Sully, and Sharon became uncomfortable. Nick picked the baby up and remarked that Sully reminded him of Noah at that age, and Sharon reluctantly conceded that there were some similarities. Sharon turned the topic back to her apology, and she asked if she still had a job. Chelsea replied that Sharon did as long as Chelsea could trust her, and she wheeled Connor away in his stroller. Nick handed Sully back to Sharon and followed Chelsea.

At Crimson Lights, Chelsea admitted that it bothered her that Sharon hadn't recognized that Chelsea and Nick were still grieving. Nick figured that things had turned around for Sharon after all the problems she'd had, so she was trying to spread the joy, and she wanted everyone to be as happy as she was. Summer joined them and asked if they were just hanging out or if Sharon had hooked them up. Summer clarified that she wasn't slamming Sharon, since Summer had tried getting Jack and Phyllis together, too, but it hadn't worked yet. Nick couldn't imagine Jack taking Phyllis back, and Chelsea suggested that Summer put Sharon on the case.

Summer wondered why Sharon had gotten into Nick and Chelsea's business, and Chelsea said Nick thought Sharon wanted to spread joy in the world. Chelsea thought there was more to it than peace and goodwill, and they'd eventually figure it out. Chelsea thanked Nick for everything, and she left with Connor. Summer thought it was nice of Nick to step up for Connor with Adam gone, and Nick replied that Connor was a great kid who made it easy. Summer imagined that the best part about being a parent was watching one's child grow up, and Nick confirmed that she was right.

At the police station, Paul asked if Kevin had been speaking with Dylan, and Kevin reported that Dylan had requested a favor to add to the many other things Kevin was juggling. Paul wondered if it had anything to do with Victor, and he reminded Kevin that Victor had filed a restraining order against Dylan. Kevin assured Paul that Dylan's call hadn't been related to Victor, and Paul was relieved that his trust in Dylan was justified. Paul instructed Kevin to make sure Dylan got what he needed.

Later, Dylan tempted Kevin with doughnuts to entice him to get answers, and Kevin reported that he'd found out the calls had originated from a cell phone, but he needed time to trace the number. Dylan rewarded Kevin with one doughnut and said Kevin could have the rest when he got Dylan something. Kevin said he was getting closer to triangulating a signal, but he also had other work to do. Dylan stressed that the guy was going after his wife, and Mariah entered and asked if she could stick around to find out if they made any progress. Dylan relayed that the caller had used a cell phone.

Mariah promised that she wouldn't be a distraction, but she considered the thought of someone watching Sharon to be scary. Kevin invited Mariah to stay, and Dylan went to get coffee. Mariah was surprised that Kevin wasn't still mad about what she'd said about Chloe, but he pointed out that Mariah had no idea what Chloe was supposedly lying about. Mariah urged him to focus on finding the stalker, and Kevin said he wasn't sure if they were dealing with a loser or a dangerous person, so the stakes were high. Mariah knowingly agreed, and she sent Sharon a text message to let her know that Dylan knew the calls had been made from a mobile phone.

Paul met Sharon and Sully in the park, and he fawned over the baby. Sharon gushed that Dylan was overjoyed by everything Sully did, but she didn't want to brag. She inquired about Paul and Christine. Paul mentioned that Christine had just won a big embezzling case, and they'd made a pact to fly to a beach after the first snowfall. Sharon asked how Patty was doing, and Paul reported that his sister was doing as well as could be expected, but she was in her own world most of the time.

Sharon imagined that it had been tough on Paul when Patty had been transferred to a high-security facility, but Paul recognized that Patty was a danger to herself and to others. He lamented that even if Patty was declared competent one day, she'd stand trial for murder. Sharon questioned whether Paul had seen Patty lately, and he replied that he hadn't visited in a while, since the doctors had told him that he was more of a distraction than a help. He added that the doctors were trying art therapy to help Patty express herself through painting, but she'd been pretty unresponsive, and there was no telling what she was thinking and feeling.

Meanwhile, Dylan returned with coffee, and he asked Mariah if Sharon had mentioned going out that day, since he'd just overheard that Paul had left to meet his daughter-in-law. Mariah pointed out that it was natural for Paul to want to spend time with his grandson, and she reasoned that Sharon had just forgotten to update Dylan about her schedule with all the commotion about the calls. Dylan anxiously asked if Kevin had discovered anything, and Kevin inquired whether Dylan wanted it done fast or right. Sharon sent a text message to Mariah, saying that she was going to visit Patty. Kevin announced that he had something.

Kevin crowed that he'd hacked into all the nearby cell towers, and he promised to let Dylan know when he found out the phone number. Dylan instructed Kevin to pull up phone bills to see who else the person had been calling, and Mariah asked what she could do to help. As Kevin prepared to pinpoint the phone's location, Mariah tried to phone Sharon, but the call went to voicemail. Mariah hung up without leaving a message.

At the psychiatric facility, Patty worked on a painting, and an orderly asked if she needed more supplies. Patty didn't respond, and he said he'd be back to check on her. She smirked. Later, Sharon waited behind a glass barrier in the visitors' area, and Patty smiled as she sat down opposite Sharon. They both reached for the phones to talk, and Sharon greeted Patty, who said she'd wondered when Sharon would get there.

Sharon said she knew Patty had a cell phone, and she asked if Patty had stolen it. Patty clucked that it would have been naughty to do so, and Sharon demanded to know how Patty had gotten the phone, but Patty questioned whether it mattered. Sharon threatened to tell the facility that Patty had a phone in order to end the lunacy, and Patty contemplated the end of the lunacy at a home for dangerous lunatics. Sharon sternly stated that she wanted the calls to end, but Patty insisted that they had a lot more to talk about.

Patty imagined that her nephew was anxious to look into the calls, and Sharon hissed to leave Dylan out of it. Patty taunted that Dylan had seemed upset on the phone, and she mimicked his voice. Patty wondered how long it would take him to track the phone there, and she hoped he got there soon to "end the lunacy." Sharon swore that Patty didn't need to say anything, but Patty replied that she had a lot to tell Dylan when he got there -- especially about the boy who he thought was his son but wasn't.

Travis received flowers from a mystery woman Travis received flowers from a mystery woman
Wednesday, October 5, 2016
by Nel

At the police station, Mariah tried to contact Sharon but had to leave a message saying that Dylan and Kevin had tracked down the phone and Dylan was on his way. Mariah added that the walls were closing in, and Sharon needed to get in touch as soon as possible. Kevin approached and asked if Mariah had been checking up on Sharon -- Mariah confirmed she had.

Dylan arrived at the Athletic Club and found Vince was under the bar, making repairs. Dylan asked if Vince had been calling Sharon. Vince didn't know who Sharon was and confessed that he'd lost his phone a few weeks before. Vince hadn't realized he'd lost it until a few days later and had no idea where he'd lost it, because he'd worked at eight different places in two days. Dylan took Vince to the station to clear matters up.

At the police station, Dylan asked Vince to wait in Paul's office. Dylan told Kevin that Vince had lost his phone. Kevin said he'd been able to access Vince's phone bill and asked when Vince had lost his phone. Dylan said that Vince had realized the phone was missing a few weeks earlier. Dylan realized that the bill showed Vince's calls on his new phone, but Kevin noticed there had been two calls made from Vince's old phone, one to Dylan's home and the other to Sharon's cell phone. Dylan asked Kevin to call Vince's boss and find out where Vince had been working those two days.

Mariah had been listening and sent a text to Sharon "They are tracking the phone down now. Get it from Patty." Kevin gave Dylan a list of the eight locations Vince had worked when he'd lost his phone. Dylan hoped something on the list would help Vince recall something. Mariah asked to see the list and said it would be difficult to track down where the phone had been lost. Kevin assured her it wouldn't be. Mariah left.

At Stonevale Psychiatric Facility, Sharon told Patty that she hadn't alerted anyone about the phone calls that Patty had made because she didn't want to jeopardize Patty's stay at Stonevale. Patty could have gotten into big trouble if anyone learned that Patty had a phone. Patty said Sharon hadn't said anything because Sharon knew Patty had been telling the truth. Sharon knew she hadn't been pregnant -- the baby wasn't Sharon's, and soon everyone would know.

Patty said that when she'd been at Fairview, Dr. Anderson had told Patty everything. Sharon tried to convince Patty that she'd misunderstood Dr. Anderson because Dr. Anderson had been out of her mind. Patty said she knew what was real and what wasn't, and that was the reason she'd confronted Dr. Anderson about her twisted plan. Dr. Anderson had had Sharon hopped up on pills and wearing a pillow under her shirt. Patty accused Sharon of knowing that she'd been Dr. Anderson's puppet.

Sharon said Patty was confused, and Sharon knew how a place like Stonevale could do a number on patients. Sharon warned that if Patty kept talking that way, the doctors would never believe that Patty would get better and leave Stonevale. Patty steadfastly believed that Sharon hadn't been pregnant. Sharon disagreed and confirmed she'd been pregnant and had a son who meant the world to her.

Patty said that Dr. Anderson had wanted to hurt Nick the way Nick had hurt her. Sharon wanted to know why Patty had mentioned Nick. Patty said Sharon had been raising Nick's son Christian. Nick had taken away Dr. Anderson's dreams, so Dr. Anderson had taken away his baby boy. Patty wondered what would happen when Nick found out that Sully was his. Patty taunted Sharon, saying she had a cell phone with unlimited minutes.

Sharon asked what Patty wanted. Patty wanted to be free and knew that Sharon could help her. Patty said that in exchange for Patty's silence, Sharon would get her out of Stonevale. She said Sharon was resourceful enough to make it happen. After all, Sharon had been able to raise another woman's baby without anyone knowing it -- "until now." Just then, Sharon received the text from Mariah saying that Dylan and Kevin had tracked the phone and that Sharon had to get the phone away from Patty as soon as possible.

Sharon demanded that Patty surrender the phone immediately if Patty wanted to see the light of day. Patty asked how and pointed at the glass wall between them. Sharon said to find a way to get the phone to her because Dylan already knew where the calls had originated. Patty assured Sharon that the calls wouldn't be traced back to her. Sharon said it was only a matter of time before Dylan made the connection. Dylan would then question Patty, and she'd lose any chance of ever being released from Stonevale.

Sharon said she didn't think Patty would blow up her entire plan just to stick it to Sharon. Sharon told Patty that in exchange for Sharon getting Patty out of Stonevale, Patty had to give Sharon the phone and remain silent. Sharon said it wouldn't happen overnight, but once Sharon had a plan together, she'd be in touch. Patty asked why she should trust Sharon. Sharon said because she was the one who had everything to lose. Patty said she'd known Sharon would go to see her, jumped up, told Sharon she was going to tell them that Sharon was ready, and ran out of the room.

Sharon sat alone in the visitors' room, not knowing what to do, when a guard arrived with something wrapped in brown paper. He advised Sharon it was a gift from Patty.

Phyllis arrived in Jack's office and gave him her report. She noticed that Jack wasn't wearing his wedding ring. Phyllis told him he had time to review the report before his meeting. Jack advised her that the meeting had been moved to the following week. Phyllis asked why Jack hadn't told her about the change. Jack said he didn't owe her a heads-up about a schedule change or anything else, and he reminded her that she worked for him.

Later, when Jack returned to his office, Phyllis was waiting for him. She said she understood that Jack wanted to punish her, but only a few days before, she'd been senior vice president -- an intricate part of the executive team and Jabot's future. She reminded him that he had called her indispensable. Jack said it was amazing how the world could change in a few days. Phyllis wanted Jack to put her to work. Jack said he'd been forced to keep her employed as part of their divorce settlement, and as a result, he decided in what capacity she'd be employed. Phyllis reminded him that she knew Jabot better than anyone and asked why Jack wasn't utilizing her expertise. Jack reminded Phyllis that she'd asked him for a job, he'd given her a job, and if she wasn't happy with her situation, she was free to quit.

At that moment, Ashley arrived and said that Phyllis had made a miscalculation in her plan, but knowing Jack, Ashley was sure that Jack would still be willing to provide Phyllis with a very generous settlement. Ashley advised Phyllis to take the money and run far away. Phyllis said it didn't concern Ashley. Ashley corrected Phyllis and said it absolutely did because Jabot was a family-owned business, and Phyllis was no longer part of the family and didn't belong there anymore. Phyllis reminded Jack she'd put her blood, sweat, and tears into Jabot and knew Jabot inside and out. Jack wasn't interested in her blood, sweat, or tears, and said if Phyllis knew Jabot so well, then she'd have no problem finding her way back to the file room.

After Phyllis left, Ashley commented that it appeared as if Jack had enjoyed that. Jack said his goal was to get Phyllis out of the company and as far away from his family as possible. Ashley asked if Jack wanted to bury Phyllis in busy work until she quit. Jack felt it was a good plan. Ashley agreed it was a good plan if he were talking about anyone but Phyllis, who was the most stubborn person on the planet.

Ashley knew it had been killing Jack, having Phyllis at Jabot. She said the fun of torturing Phyllis would wear off, and he would dread going to work. Ashley said the company needed him there. Jack assured Ashley that nothing Phyllis did or said would change that. Jabot would remain a force to be reckoned with.

At Brash & Sassy, Billy made suggestions about their campaign, but Victoria was distracted with texting. Billy accused her of not listening. Victoria agreed and put down her phone. She admitted she'd been texting Travis because it was his first day at work, and she was curious how things were going. She hoped everything went well for Travis. Billy suggested that Victoria go to Newman Enterprises, check up on Travis, and have lunch with him. Victoria jumped at the opportunity and left.

At Newman Enterprises, Summer had given Travis a tour and said she'd been impressed that Travis knew everything about the company, including staff names and their backgrounds. Summer asked if there were any aspect of the company that Travis hadn't researched. Travis didn't think so.

Victor was in his office and had given instructions to one of his investigators that even though there were no specific threats, he wanted security to be on alert. The investigator questioned if there hadn't been a threat. Victor assured him he wouldn't be sitting behind that desk if he hadn't been suspicious over the years. As the investigator was leaving, Summer and Travis arrived. Travis and the investigator exchanged pleasantries. Travis advised Victor that Summer had been an excellent tour guide. Summer sang Travis' praises, which pleased Victor. Victor asked if Travis was ready to start work. Travis said he was and told Victor he wanted Adam's old office, not Victoria's. Summer left to prepare for a meeting.

Victor said that Travis knew how Victor felt about Adam because Travis had been at Adam's memorial and had heard what Victor had said. Travis said he'd meant no disrespect, but it was only an office and had nothing to do with Adam; it was just a bigger space. Travis admitted he wanted to make an impression; it was perception. Travis didn't want to seem like he'd slept his way to the top. Victor said that was exactly what Travis had done. Travis said he hadn't planned it and reminded Victor that Victoria had walked into Travis' bar with a fake name and fake job. Newman Enterprises hadn't been on Travis' radar.

Victor advised that he hadn't suggested that Travis had become involved with Victoria to further his career; Travis had done that. Victor agreed it could be misconstrued no matter what office Travis occupied. Travis said he didn't want to invade his girlfriend's old turf. Travis knew what Adam had meant to Victor and assured Victor he wasn't trying to fill Adam's shoes. He wanted his own office and a fair shot. Victor agreed, and the meeting ended when Victor's phone rang.

Outside Victor's office, Summer told Abby that Travis had done a lot of research. She said that when she and Travis had started a casual conversation, Travis would name everyone in that division and give a detailed analysis. Summer thought Travis was a sweet, smart, and genuine guy.

Summer asked if Abby and Ben had had a talk. Abby admitted they'd had a good talk, and Ben understood Abby's point of view and also felt the distance. He wanted to work on their marriage. Summer asked why Abby seemed down. Abby felt that the weight should have been lifted from her shoulders and she should be happier, but for some reason, nothing had changed.

Travis stepped out of Victor's office, and Summer introduced him to Abby. He knew Abby was Victoria's sister and had heard a lot about her. Abby mentioned her penchant for riding naked on horses. Travis said he'd been referring to her work in operations, and he liked the way she'd handled a specific deal, but the horse story sounded interesting too.

Travis was happy to see Victoria when she arrived. Victoria asked how his day had gone. Summer said she'd given Travis the tour, but Travis had taught Summer everything. Travis said he'd worked in the trenches longer than Summer had, and one day, they would probably wind up working for Summer. Summer announced that she loved Travis.

Travis told Victoria that he'd be moving into Adam's office and that it had been his idea. Victor had approved. Victoria invited Travis for lunch, but he had a meeting to get to. Victoria watched Travis, Abby, and Summer leave while Victor watched Victoria from his office door.

In Victor's office, Victoria told Victor she'd visited to see how things were going for Travis and noted that Travis seemed to fit in. Victor said things were going well. Travis was strong, intelligent, and determined and knew what he wanted. Travis wanted to prove he'd secured the job on his own merit, which was the reason he'd wanted to take Adam's office. Travis didn't want it to appear that he'd been replacing Victoria.

Victoria felt Newman Enterprises was a good fit for Travis. Victor suggested that Victoria and Travis have dinner with him and Nikki. Victoria asked if it was Victor's way of offering her her old job back. Victor said he just wanted to see her. Victoria agreed to dinner. Before she left, Victor asked how things were with Billy. Victoria assured him things were wonderful.

After the meeting, Summer told Travis that he'd nailed it. Everyone loved him. Abby admitted that Travis had charmed everyone from each floor of the building. Abby noticed the flowers and told Travis they were for him. Travis opened the card, and it read, "Back in the saddle, I see. Best Wishes, Michelle." The note seemed to upset Travis.

In Victor's office, Abby and Summer told Victor how Travis had everyone eating out of his hand. It was like watching a magician at work. Victor told them not to judge a man until they'd seen him work under a lot of pressure.

Phyllis bumped into Billy at the park. He asked if she'd had problems at work. Phyllis said that for the moment, it was enough that she was at Jabot. She said Jack couldn't stay furious with her forever. She was happy being in close proximity to Jack so she could remind him what they'd had and what they could still have. Billy asked why she wanted to be back with Jack. She said because Jack was her husband.

Billy asked if Phyllis had given any thought to what would make her happy. Phyllis admitted she might not have known what she wanted, but she knew she didn't want Billy. Billy warned her that Jack wouldn't wake up one day and magically forgive and forget. Phyllis wasn't going to listen to someone who stood on the sidelines and watched while Victoria went full steam ahead with her life. Phyllis said she didn't do sidelines, and that was why she'd fight for Jack until she won.

Mariah was relieved when Sharon arrived at home with Patty's phone, but Patty hadn't made it easy. Sharon said Patty had put the phone behind a canvas she'd painted, and the guard had had it practically wrapped in a bow when he'd given it to Sharon. Sharon had destroyed the painting after retrieving the phone. Sharon put the phone down on the coffee table. Mariah suggested that they needed to move very fast, since the police were searching for the phone at the various locations on the list. Mariah said one of the locations was Stonevale, and she knew Dylan would go there. Sharon said that Dylan wouldn't go to Stonevale if he found the phone somewhere else.

Dylan arrived home and told Sharon he had some news. Mariah sat on the coffee table, picked up Patty's phone, and hid it in her purse while Dylan disclosed they'd found the phone's owner, who had lost his phone a few weeks before. Dylan assured her they had a list of all the locations where the Vince could have lost it, and it was just a matter of time before they tracked down the person who had made the calls. Mariah said that the reality of unemployment was setting in, and she had to follow up on some leads. Sharon told Mariah to go and do what she needed to. Mariah left with Patty's phone in her purse.

Dylan showed Sharon all the places Vince had worked when he'd lost his phone. Dylan looked at the list and recognized the address of Stonevale, where Patty was.

Billy arrived at the Athletic Club and saw Victoria sitting alone at a table. He guessed that Travis had appreciated her surprise and was in the back room grabbing the best bottle of bubbly he could find. Victoria told Billy that Travis was in the thick of things at Newman Enterprises with meetings. Billy said he hoped Victoria didn't mind if he joined her so they could go over the numbers for Brash & Sassy. He sat down.

Victoria pointed out that they could do that the next day, but Billy said he couldn't be the only one who hated eating alone. Victoria said she enjoyed eating alone and asked Billy to leave, but Billy asked if Travis had turned into a mini Victor. Victoria accused Billy of being a child and said that Travis was doing an incredible job. Travis had had a huge first day. Victor loved Travis, Victoria and the kids loved him -- everybody loved Travis. That response angered Billy, and he left.

Jack studied something on his computer, but when Phyllis arrived, he slammed the lid shut. Phyllis asked if Jack had been working on the new product line. She wanted to have a look and help him with the layout. Jack said he wouldn't do that with her. Phyllis reminded Jack that he knew she had an eye for that kind of stuff, and she'd been trying to be a productive coworker. Jack said he wasn't looking for a coworker and certainly not in her. She said if Jack didn't want to see her, she could give him her opinions via email, conference call, or carrier pigeon. She just wanted to help. Phyllis reached over to turn the computer around, but Jack stopped her and said he'd made himself very clear -- "no."

Jack told Phyllis to go home and rest. Phyllis insisted she wanted and needed to do more. Jack said he wasn't concerned about her needs or her health. He wanted her to go home because he didn't want to pay her overtime. Phyllis said she'd see him the next day and left. Jack returned to his computer and read about the Newman Enterprises oil spills.

In the park, Ashley asked Travis why he'd asked her to meet him. Travis asked Ashley why she'd sent him flowers.

Mariah arrived at a pool hall, sat down, wiped Patty's cell phone clean, and threw it on the floor.

Travis tells Victoria about his past Travis tells Victoria about his past
Thursday, October 6, 2016

In Chancellor Park, Ashley wondered why Travis thought that she'd sent him flowers. He informed her that the card had indicated that the blooms had been from Michelle, and he suspected that Ashley had been trying to mess with him. Ashley revealed that she'd called Michelle after she'd run into Travis, and she found it odd that Travis hadn't told her that he was working at Newman Enterprises when they'd been trapped in the elevator. He asked why it mattered, and she pointed out that he was living with her niece and nephew. Travis swore that he'd been up-front about everything, and Ashley questioned whether he'd been honest about the real reason he'd left New York and his Wall Street career.

Travis maintained that he'd hated the person he'd become, and Ashley dryly asked whether he meant a person who'd slept with the boss's wife. He was shocked that Michelle had told her, and Ashley revealed that she knew Travis had been fired and blackballed when Michelle's husband had found out. Ashley noted that Travis hadn't left but had been forced out, and she wondered if he'd found a way back in by using Victoria.

Travis swore that he would never use Victoria for anything, but Ashley clucked that his history suggested otherwise. Travis defended that he hadn't used Michelle for business reasons, but Ashley pointed out that he'd slept with the boss's wife, and he was sleeping with his new boss's daughter. Travis stated that Victor had approached him, and he had learned his lesson and had a chance to start over with Victoria. Travis asked if Ashley intended to hold it over his head to get him to spy on Victor for her, since everyone knew about the famous war between the Abbotts and the Newmans, but he wanted no part of it. Ashley warned that he might not have a choice because he was working for Victor, and she walked away.

At the Athletic Club, Nikki asked if Victoria was saving a seat for Travis, but Victoria reported that he had his nose to the grindstone. Victoria mentioned that she'd stopped by the office, and Travis had seemed to be in his element. Victoria added that Victor and Travis were getting along well, and Victor had even given Adam's old office to Travis. Nikki thought Victoria should seem happier, but Victoria was wary because no one she'd ever been with had been good enough for Victor, and she wanted to make sure her father had no other agenda.

Victoria suspected that Victor's master plan was to lure her back to Newman. Nikki pointed out that Victoria had said wonderful things about Travis, and she urged Victoria to consider how a guy like Travis would appear to a prospective employer. Nikki considered it possible that Victor had simply met a bright guy who was willing to say what he thought, and he had figured that Travis would be an excellent addition to the team. Nikki thought it was just icing on the cake that Victor had extended the opportunity to a guy who made Victoria happy. Victoria conceded that Nikki made a compelling case, but she remained uneasy about the sudden camaraderie between the men.

Victoria was sure that Nikki hadn't stopped by to get an earful about Victor, but Nikki was glad that Victoria had talked to her. Nikki admitted that she'd also been surprised when Victor had accepted Travis that quickly, and she suggested that they all have dinner together that night in order to determine whether Victor was sincere.

At Newman, Victor instructed Abby to follow up on a deal, but she was clearly distracted. He asked what was going on, and she inquired how he and Nikki still made their relationship work after all the years. Victor was surprised that Abby was asking him for advice about marriage, and he thought the more important question was why she was asking. Abby confided that things weren't where they should be with her and Stitch, and Victor sympathized that losing a baby and dealing with Max's issues had been tough.

Abby had expected her marriage to be in a better place by then, and she pointed out that Victor and Nikki had always found their way back together, even when it had seemed impossible. She questioned how they had gotten through the hard stuff, and Victor replied that he and Nikki fought a lot. Victor figured that a relationship got too comfortable if there wasn't any conflict, and just maintaining the status quo covered up a lot of deep problems. He advised Abby to ask herself if it was worthwhile to delve into her and Stitch's problems to try to solve them.

Victor told Abby that the wonderful stories in romance novels about love conquering all weren't real, and he encouraged her to remind herself of why she'd fallen in love with and married Stitch. He continued that couples had to learn to accept one another, weaknesses and all. Nikki called Victor and invited him to dinner with Victoria and Travis, and they arranged to meet at Top of the Tower. Victor hung up and noted that even he knew how to compromise, and he called it another key to a successful marriage. Victor implored Abby to try her hardest to make things work out, but if she found that her problems with Stitch were insurmountable, then she had to look out for herself. Abby thanked him and hugged him goodbye, and he promised that things always worked out in the end.

At Top of the Tower, Stitch met Abby and looked forward to a glass of wine after the day he'd had. They spotted Nikki and Victor with Victoria and Travis across the restaurant, and Stitch suggested that they say hello, but Abby preferred to have the night be about just the two of them. Stitch said Abby had been on his mind all day, and he'd been thinking about how to get things back to the way they'd been. He compared the situation to triage, and he thought they needed to identify and treat the most pressing problems first. Abby flatly replied that she didn't think it would work.

Abby explained that Stitch's approach at the hospital required him to put his emotions on hold, but they had to be able to talk about their feelings to solve their problems. She proposed that they go back to the beginning, and she inquired whether he remembered the moment when he'd realized that they were meant to be together. He immediately recalled that he'd been watching her sleep when he'd been acting as her bodyguard, and the wave of emotion had taken his breath away. He remembered that she'd awakened with a beautiful smile and given him an incredible kiss. He asked when Abby had known that she felt the same way, and she claimed that it had been at the same moment.

Victoria spied Abby and Stitch, and she suggested inviting the couple to join their table, but Victor thought it was important for Abby to spend time with her busy husband. Nikki announced that Travis' first day on the job was an occasion to celebrate, and Victor toasted to his newest executive. Victoria dropped her napkin to covertly ask Travis if he was okay, and he insisted that he was fine. Nikki inquired whether Travis' first day had been a success, and Victor crowed that he thought Travis would do very well at the company.

Victoria noted that her father had never had such high praise for a new hire, and Victor swore that he meant it. Victor added that he also hoped Victoria did well at Brash & Sassy, and Nikki inquired about what Travis was concentrating on. Travis replied that he was learning about all the company's parts, and he wanted to discuss how to protect Newman from external threats, especially Jabot. Victor contended that Jack would never pose a threat that they couldn't deal with, but Travis warned him not to underestimate Jack. Victor encouraged Travis to handle it.

Nikki pressed Travis to provide details about his life, and Travis revealed that he was from a working-class family with a father who'd sold boats and a mother who'd been an elementary school teacher. Victoria surmised that was why Travis enjoyed sailing, and Travis explained that he'd found out that he was good with numbers when his dad had taught him bookkeeping. Travis continued that he'd put himself through school and done okay on Wall Street, but Victor bragged that Travis had risen through the ranks in no time. Nikki asked why Travis had left it all behind, and Travis reiterated that the corporate world had taken a toll on him, so he'd lost his taste for it. Victor anticipated that Travis would have it all back, and the sky was the limit.

After dinner, Victor and Nikki departed, and Travis remarked that the evening had been nice. Victoria sensed that something was bothering him, and he informed her that he'd had a tricky conversation with Ashley earlier that day. Victoria guessed that had been why he'd presented Jabot as an imminent threat, but Travis revealed that Ashley had found out something about him, and he wanted Victoria to hear it from him rather than risk having Ashley use it against him. Victoria promised that they'd face it together, and Travis admitted that he hadn't been completely honest with her.

Travis confided that there was more to the story about him leaving his career behind in New York, and he confessed that he'd been fired and blackballed after he'd had an affair with his boss's wife. He continued that it had forced him to take a long look at himself, and he hadn't even been able to look in the mirror, so he'd had to make a change. Travis regretted getting involved with a married woman, especially since her husband had been his friend and mentor. Victoria was stunned that he'd tanked his life and career because he hadn't been able to stay away from a married woman. Travis said he'd thought they'd had a real shot at something, but the woman had chosen to stay with her husband. Victoria realized that he was talking about the only other woman he'd ever loved.

Meanwhile, Stitch considered it amazing that he and Abby had felt the same way about one another at the same moment, but he received a text message and groaned that he had had to go back to the hospital. He thought they'd taken a good first step, and he wanted to talk more that night. He kissed her goodbye and departed as Ashley arrived. Ashley joined Abby and remarked that Stitch had seemed to be in a good mood, and Abby replied that they'd been working on their problems and their marriage in general. Ashley wondered why Abby didn't seem happy about it.

Ashley was shocked to hear that Abby had turned to Victor for advice, and Abby said something he'd said had stuck with her. Abby recounted that she'd asked Stitch to tell her about the moment he'd known that they were meant to be together, and he'd described every detail of how much it had meant to him. Ashley inquired about Abby's moment, and Abby admitted that she'd lied by saying it had been the same one, but she'd realized that she'd never experienced a moment like that with Stitch.

At the Athletic Club, Nikki commented that Travis was a good match for Victoria, and Victor agreed that Travis had some good qualities. Nikki thanked Victor for agreeing to leave work to join them for dinner, and she mentioned that Victoria had concerns that he had something up his sleeve, like hiring Travis as a way to get Victoria back at Newman. Nikki asked if Victoria had been right, but Victor simply smiled and sipped his coffee.

At Hank's Bar, Mariah tossed the plumber's stolen cell phone on the floor, and she headed toward the door. The bartender called after her and handed her back the phone, and Mariah feigned gratitude. Mariah bumped into Kevin on her way out, and he asked why she was there and why she looked nervous. Mariah stammered that she wasn't nervous, but Kevin observed that her eyes were darting everywhere, and there was sweat on her forehead. She claimed that she was supposed to meet a guy there, but she noted that the bar wasn't Kevin's usual scene.

Kevin divulged that he was trying to track down the plumber's stolen cell phone, and she questioned whether the police were really going to check every location on the list. Kevin explained that it was the only way to find the stalker unless the creep turned the phone on, and he vowed not to stop until they found the guy. Mariah started to leave, but Kevin asked about her date, and Mariah blamed her mood on being stood up. After Mariah walked out, Kevin asked the bartender whether she'd found the plumber's lost cell phone, and the bartender replied that she'd returned a phone to the girl who'd just left, but she hadn't seen any others.

Mariah strolled through the park and spied a garbage can. She cautiously looked around before dumping the phone in the trash, and she hurried away.

At the cottage, Dylan considered it strange that the plumber's phone had passed through the psychiatric facility where Patty was staying. Sharon reasoned that the plumber worked on a lot of properties, and she picked up the list of locations where the workman might have lost his phone. Dylan noticed that her hands were shaking, and he assumed that the calls had bothered her more than she'd been willing to admit. Sharon contemplated what would happen if the caller showed up there when she was alone or with the kids. Dylan promised to put an end to it as soon as possible, and they embraced.

Dylan made Cassie's favorite macaroni-and-cheese recipe to cheer Sharon up, and he joked that it was one of the few things besides toast that he could make well. She protested that he hadn't needed to go to the trouble, but he insisted that she had to eat, and he fed her a spoonful. She apologized for worrying him by being jittery, and she swore that she hadn't gone off her meds. He gave her his word that he'd find the stalker and that he would do whatever it took to protect their family.

Mariah arrived home and asked if there had been any news about the caller. Dylan wished he could say yes, and Sharon said she got comfort by knowing he was doing everything he could to stop the person. Dylan left for the police station, and Mariah reported that she'd dumped the phone and made sure it would be found, so no one would ever know the truth about what had happened. Mariah revealed that she'd turned on the phone and left it in a trash bin in the park, and she thought the police would just think the jerk had abandoned the phone. Sharon worried that the nightmare wasn't over, since she still had to figure out what to do about Patty's demands.

Sharon informed Mariah that Patty wanted Sharon to get her out in exchange for keeping the secret about Sully, but Mariah scoffed at the thought of busting Patty out of a mental facility. Sharon assumed that Patty wanted Sharon to intervene and perhaps get Patty released under Paul's care, and Mariah questioned whether Sharon would actually try to do it. Sharon pledged to do anything Patty wanted in order to keep her baby boy and her husband.

At the police station, Kevin informed Dylan that visits to six of the eight locations had turned up nothing. Kevin logged onto his computer and discovered a triangulating signal, which meant the stalker had turned on the phone. Kevin traced the phone to Chancellor Park, and he and Dylan rushed out.

Dylan nearly tackled Stitch in the park, but he apologized and explained that he'd thought Stitch had been someone else. Stitch departed for work, and Kevin called out that he'd found the phone. Dylan yelled not to touch it, and he put on a plastic glove before he picked the phone up. Kevin and Dylan both suspected that someone had wanted them to find the phone.

At the psychiatric facility, an orderly gave Patty another chance to express whatever was on her mind, and he was sure there was more she wanted to get out. He left her with an empty canvas and paints, and Patty gazed thoughtfully at the paintbrush. Patty sang "Hush Little Baby" to herself as she painted. Later, Patty smiled at her painting of a woman with her arms stretched out toward the sun and a cat at her side.

Billy and Travis are jailed together Billy and Travis are jailed together
Friday, October 7, 2016

At Top of the Tower, Victoria hissed that Travis was just a guy who'd slept with his boss's wife and gotten fired for it, but Travis countered that he'd told her the truth. She pointed out that he'd only told her because someone else would have, and he had still lied to her. Travis reminded Victoria that he'd told her he'd been in love before, but Victoria barked that he'd left out important details. She thought he'd spun a story to look like a hero who'd walked away because of his higher moral standards, and he reiterated that he hadn't liked the person he'd become.

Travis admitted that he'd made a mistake, but he'd learned his lesson, and he noted that Victoria had lied about being Tori. Victoria argued that they had since planned a future together, and she couldn't believe he hadn't told about his past before then. He defended that he'd been embarrassed by the bad decisions he'd made, but she figured that a man who had slept with the boss's wife would also sleep with the boss's daughter to get back in the game. Travis swore that he loved Victoria, and he begged her not to mess up the great thing they had by making it a bigger thing than it was. She scoffed at the idea that he had been the one who'd lied, but she was the one messing things up.

Victoria started to leave, but Travis urged her to think about what mattered. She incredulously asked if he meant honesty, integrity, and trust, since she'd thought she could trust him, but he'd only pretended to be someone who she could believe in. Travis swore that they could get past it, and Jill approached and reminded Victoria that she was late for her Brash & Sassy interview. Victoria rushed off over Travis' protests, and Jill remarked that the couple's first big blowup had been bound to happen eventually.

Travis insisted that he and Victoria hadn't had a blowup, but Jill observed that Victoria had been royally ticked off. Travis snapped that it was none of her business, and Jill chalked it up to the planets being out of alignment. Travis revealed that Victoria had found out why he'd left Wall Street -- he'd been blackballed after he'd slept with his boss's wife. Jill asked why Travis had confessed to her, and he explained that he didn't want any dirt to be used against him.

Jill guessed that Travis' boss had caught him in the act, and Travis grumbled that he hadn't even been able to get a job as a janitor. Jill accused him of hiding from his "sad little fling," but he insisted that it hadn't been sad, and it felt good to have the truth out. Jill bet that Victoria hadn't taken the news well, and Travis vowed to handle it. He stood up to leave, but Jill realized that it was no wonder Victoria was attracted to Travis -- he was just a pale imitation of Billy. Travis walked out.

At Brash & Sassy, Cane told Billy that they needed to show a united front to get good publicity, but Billy grumbled that it was GC Buzz. Cane clarified that it was the new GC Buzz, but Billy argued that Hilary didn't have a reputation for playing fair. Cane suggested that he and Victoria handle it without Billy's help, and Billy anticipated that Cane would take all the credit when Victoria didn't show up. Devon and Hilary arrived, and he asked where Victoria was. Cane replied that she was on her way, but they were ready to go without her. Hilary insisted that they needed a Newman on camera.

Billy questioned why Hilary needed a Newman when she had an Abbott and "one of him," and he gestured toward Cane. Hilary argued that the Newman name would give the story juice, and Billy wondered what sort of gossipy questions they should be prepared for. Hilary swore that it wasn't what GC Buzz was about anymore, and she requested that the men find Victoria. Billy sourly figured that Victoria was preoccupied with her significant other working for her father, who wanted to turn Travis into a "mini-me."

Hilary stated that they were going for a lighter tone in the interview, and Billy suggested that she not ask him about Victor. Hilary noted that they could always edit it out, and Billy chided her for putting whatever she didn't like on the cutting room floor. Hilary stepped aside, and Devon recognized that they could get ratings by asking about Billy's affair with Phyllis, but they wouldn't. Billy thought that Hilary's intent was to protect Jack, not him.

Cane and Billy bickered as Victoria arrived, and Billy inquired whether she seemed grumpy because Travis had been too busy kissing up to Victor. Cane told them to control themselves, or the interview would be a train wreck. The interview began, and Hilary remarked that it was an exciting time for Brash & Sassy. Victoria gushed that the company was near and dear to her heart, and Billy said he'd seen its potential when it had been put on the market. Victoria countered that the brand had already been a success, but Billy took credit for saving it.

Cane indicated that Billy had mismanaged the company, but Hilary intervened and suggested that they start at the beginning, when Victoria had made Brash & Sassy a huge success at Newman. Victoria declared that she was proud of what she'd accomplished, but Billy and Cane tried to highlight the new vision of the company. Hilary asked Victoria what it was like to share a title with Cane and her ex-husband, and Victoria asserted that the three-way power structure made the company stronger because they bounced around ideas and had respect for one another. Billy insisted that they be honest, and he admitted that their brainstorming sessions had turned into cage fights.

Hilary changed the topic to Brash & Sassy's new commercial, and Billy and Cane bantered about the advertisement. Victoria hoped the show would be kind in editing, but Billy taunted that the footage would end up on the cutting room floor because Hilary wanted a sugar-coated puff piece. Billy ranted that they couldn't all be "yes men" like Newman's latest executive, and Cane requested that Victoria keep her ex in line. Hilary swore that she was trying to put a positive spin on how exes could work together, and Billy flatly replied that it worked the same way his and Victoria's marriage had -- they argued, and he stormed out. Billy headed for the door.

Victoria apologized for Billy's behavior, and Hilary offered to give it another shot. After they began filming again, Cane rattled off his credentials and remarked that he and Victoria had different approaches to the business, but Hilary continued to press Victoria about how she worked alongside her ex. Victoria replied that she had to put the company first and focus on work. Victoria rambled that honesty was crucial, since once the trust was gone, there was no getting it back.

Hilary wrapped up the interview, and Cane tried to add some things, but Hilary firmly stated that they had everything they needed. Hilary requested a tour from Victoria, and the women stepped out. Cane asked Devon why Hilary had tried to cut him out of the interview, since every question had been directed at Victoria. Devon defended that Hilary was new at it, and he thought she'd done well with what Cane and Victoria had given her to work with. Cane griped that the interview had seemed like a promotion for Victoria's fan club, but Devon argued that the old GC Buzz would have already made Billy's tirade go viral.

At Hank's Bar, Billy ordered a whiskey and sat down next to Travis, who said there was only one way to settle things. The men played pool, and they agreed that they were both having a rough night. A tough-looking patron complained that it was the longest pool game ever, and he urged the "ladies" to take their tea party to a booth.

Travis asserted that he and Billy had paid for the game, and he told the guy to be patient. Billy asked if the patron knew what the word meant, and the man became incensed. Travis suggested that the guy go for a walk or get a drink, but Billy recommended that the man play in traffic. The man warned Billy to get off the table or he'd regret it, and Travis pointed out that neither he nor Billy needed trouble. Billy continued to goad the guy, who decked him.

Meanwhile, Victoria presented Hilary with a bag of samples after their tour. Victoria figured that Hilary had gotten more candor from Billy than she'd wanted, but Hilary related to what Victoria had said about focusing on what was important and putting the past behind her. Victoria excused herself to answer her phone, and Devon said he was proud of Hilary for pulling the interview back from the brink and keeping it positive. "Both of them?" Victoria incredulously asked someone over the phone. Meanwhile, Billy and Travis sat in a holding cell.

At Jabot, Summer began writing a note in Jack's office, but she was intrigued by something she saw on Jack's laptop. Jack entered and closed the computer, and she inquired why he was researching Newman Enterprises. Jack claimed that it was administrative cleanup from the defunct merger, and he insisted that it was just business. Summer said she'd been looking for her mom, and Jack reported that he'd let Phyllis go home early. Summer assumed that Phyllis had been exhausted after pulling an all-nighter to prove herself to him, and she complained that Phyllis' office was literally a closet. Jack replied that he and Phyllis knew where they stood, and nothing would change it. Summer asked him not to punish her mother for too long.

At the Athletic Club, Victor confirmed that he wouldn't mind having Victoria back at Newman, but he insisted that he supported the choice she'd made. Nikki was glad to see their daughter happy with Travis, and she believed Victor liked Travis, too. Victor spotted Phyllis at the bar, and Nikki ordered him not to stir things up. Victor approached Phyllis and asked if it had been a tough day at the office. Victor said he was sorry for what Phyllis was going through, but she snapped, "The hell you are."

Victor noted that the press could be invasive, and Phyllis retorted that Marco had been invasive, but she could handle the reporters. Victor recalled that he'd just talked to Abby about the importance of separating one's personal and professional lives, and Phyllis questioned whether he was giving her advice after he'd blackmailed and fired his own children. Victor wondered if Phyllis and the Abbotts had found a way to get along to keep things running smoothly at the office, but Phyllis snarled that nothing had been the same for either of their families since Victor had inserted Marco into their lives.

Victor huffed that he was sick of the Abbotts' righteousness after they'd unleashed a virus on his company, and Phyllis warned that he stood to take both families down if he didn't stop the battles. She added that they'd talked about peace, but no one's hands were clean. Victor questioned how dirty Jack's hands were, since Jack had threatened him. Phyllis accused Victor of feigning concern to get inside information on Jack, and she claimed that Jack was scouring the globe to find a man who looked just like Victor. She was thankful that Jack hadn't put others at risk like Victor had, and she swore that she'd never tell Victor even if Jack was hatching a grand scheme against him.

Summer joined Phyllis and Victor, and he invited Summer to stop by the ranch to go horseback riding. Victor departed, and Summer asked what had happened. Phyllis referred to Victor's unbridled paranoia after Jack had thrown out empty threats, and she worried that Victor was ready for a war. Summer suspected that Jack might really be out for revenge, and she relayed that Jack had claimed that he'd had Newman documents on his computer because of the merger, but that had been over for a long time. Phyllis figured that Jack had no reason to lie, and Summer questioned whether Phyllis intended to stop Jack or help him. Phyllis assured her that there was no reason to worry.

In the car, Victor announced that he was going back to the office, and Nikki lectured that he was blowing things out of proportion. Victor argued that Jack blamed him for Phyllis' affair, but Nikki pointed out that Jack had been in a rage after he'd found out the truth. Victor contended that he was taking Jack's threat seriously, and Nikki scolded Victor for talking to Phyllis. Victor recalled that things had spun out of control the last time he and Jack had gone to war, and he wanted to make sure it didn't happen again. Nikki thought it was already a runaway train, and it scared her that Victor actually wanted Jack to pick a fight. Victor called the idea ridiculous, but Nikki thought both Victor and Jack were itching for a battle.

Victor and Nikki arrived at Newman, and he advised security to be on full alert for a possible breach. Nikki thought he was overreacting, but Victor was certain that Jack was trying to go after Newman, and he had to protect what was his. Victor groused that he was tired of Nikki always giving Jack the benefit of the doubt, but she insisted that Jack was a good man. Victor pledged to take Jack down if Jack went after Newman again, but Nikki said Victor had no proof of Jack's intentions, so there was no war unless Victor started one. Victor stressed that Jack had already initiated it, and Nikki admonished him for using any excuse to blow both families up.

Nikki sauntered out, and Victor heard someone enter his office a few moments later. Without looking up, Victor said he didn't want to fight, and Jill asked what he'd rather do instead. Jill announced that she was there about Travis, and Victor assumed that she was upset that Travis had turned down her job offer and accepted Victor's. Jill vaguely stated that sometimes things weren't as they appeared, and she anticipated that Victor would soon send Travis packing. Jill taunted that Travis wasn't the squeaky clean son-in-law Victor was hoping for, and she proclaimed that Travis was a lot like Billy.

Jill divulged that Travis had been banished from Wall Street in disgrace after bedding his boss's wife, and she asked if that type of man was suitable for Victor's company or daughter. Victor warned Jill not to throw stones at the glass houses that she'd had affairs in, and he recognized that some people learned from their mistakes. Jill encouraged him to consider what other deeper, darker secrets Travis might have, and she advised Victor to cut Travis loose before he did any real damage. Victor told her to leave Travis to him and to "stay the hell out of it."

Jack reviewed a list of Newman board members, and he called Curtis Fielding and suggested that they get together to catch up. Jack invited him to play tennis, but Curtis declined, and Jack said he understood. Jack slammed down the phone and flashed back to Phyllis warning him to step away from it all, but he'd refused to do it as long as someone was plotting to ruin their happiness. Phyllis hovered outside the door.

Jack became infuriated as he reviewed Newman's record profits, and Phyllis sneaked off when Nikki arrived. Nikki reprimanded Jack for threatening Victor, and she cautioned that Victor would retaliate at the first sign of war. Nikki revealed that Victor was eager to fight Jack, but Jack dismissively said he had a lot of work to do. Phyllis eavesdropped as Nikki worried that Victor and Jack would take down their companies and the people they loved. Jack instructed Nikki to direct her questions to Victor, and she understood that Jack was devastated and running on rage, but she questioned whether he really blamed Victor for Phyllis' betrayal.

Jack promised Nikki that she had nothing to worry about, but she couldn't forget how upset he'd been at the ranch. Jack wrote it off as a moment of rage, and he swore that he was just trying to get on with his life, so Victor was the last thing on his mind. Nikki thanked him for hearing her out, since she was scared that their families wouldn't survive another clash of the titans. He volunteered to walk her to her car, and Phyllis ducked out of sight as they left. After the elevator doors closed, Phyllis returned to Jack's office and opened his laptop. She saw Newman documents on the screen, and she was horrified to realize that he was going after Victor.

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