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Hilary hired Mariah at GC Buzz. Victor threatened to sue Devon and Hilary. Chloe and Kevin made love. Patty freaked out when she realized that her transfer wasn't part of Sharon's escape plan. Phyllis and Jack's divorce was finalized. Abby witnessed Phyllis swap briefcases with the mole.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of October 24, 2016 on Y&R
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Victor Threatens Legal Repercussions Victor Threatens Legal Repercussions
Monday, October 24, 2016

In Phyllis' office, Victor showed up and offered to help Phyllis. Victor explained that Jack was in trouble for stealing private financial information from Newman Enterprises. Victor noted that Phyllis had likely acted as the mastermind behind the attack because she hoped to make amends to Jack. Victor explained that Phyllis could save Jack by alerting Victor if Jack planned another attack. Phyllis asked Victor why he thought she'd team up with him. Victor recalled that Phyllis had enlisted his help to save Summer from Luca Santori. Phyllis explained that Victor wouldn't have hurt Summer, but she was certain that he didn't "give a damn about Jack." After Victor left, Phyllis went straight to Jack's office, but he wasn't there.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Hilary approached Ashley and asked for feedback about the scoop aired on GC Buzz about Newman Enterprises' substantial financial setback. Ashley said she had no comment. Hilary replied, "I was just wondering, is this Jack's idea of payback?" Ashley berated Hilary for dropping a bombshell about Newman Enterprises without confirming that her source was reliable. Hilary said that Jack had a motive to destroy Victor and his company. Hilary added that she believed Phyllis was behind the leak. Hilary asked Ashley to confirm her suspicions. Devon approached. Ashley asked Devon if he was pleased with Hilary's cheap and disgusting use of GC Buzz as a hammer to bash people.

After Ashley walked away, she ran into Victor. Victor threatened to retaliate against Jack. Victor ordered Ashley to put a stop to Jack's attacks. Ashley left as Michael arrived. Victor announced his intentions to file a lawsuit. Michael asked why Victor would want to hire him as representation after everything that had happened. Victor, citing that Michael owed him, replied, "This case could get dirty, and who better than you to get into the muck." Victor said he intended to sue Mr. and Mrs. Devon Hamilton.

Michael accompanied Victor when he approached Hilary and Devon. Hilary aimed her video recorder at Victor. Victor said, "I want you to record every word I say. It might come in handy when I slap you with a lawsuit." Victor directed his full attention to Devon and demanded that he set things right. Hilary noted that she'd been pursuing a news story, and she asked Victor to address her directly instead of asking Devon to control her actions.

Victor told Hilary that her source had given her fabricated documents. Victor insisted that Hilary reveal the name of her source. Hilary explained that someone had sent the packet of information anonymously. Victor addressed Devon and said that Devon's grandmother would be appalled to know that Devon had allowed his wife Hilary to "cast aspersions" on the Newmans and on Newman Enterprises. Devon defended his wife and said she could speak for herself. Devon also told Victor that if he intended to sue, he should sue.

After Hilary and Devon left, Michael told Victor that libel was difficult to prove in a court of law. Victor welcomed scrutiny from a team of experts. Victor insisted that an extensive audit would corroborate his claims that someone had falsified the damning information. Michael warned that experts could find whatever was lurking deep in the recesses of a computer system. Victor maintained that the documents were fake.

Hilary and Devon went to their office. Hilary kissed Devon and said she'd found him to be sexy when he'd defended her against Victor's threats. Hilary immediately began editing her videotaped encounter with Victor. Devon told Hilary that she couldn't air the video she'd recorded of Victor. Hilary insisted that she wasn't afraid of Victor. Devon replied, "This isn't about fear. It's about sense. You made unsubstantiated claims about Newman Enterprises. You can't cite the source, and you didn't get the information verified." Devon warned Hilary that if she couldn't verify the information, Victor would make them pay.

At Sharon's house, Dylan returned to town earlier than expected. Nick quickly grabbed his bag and headed for the door. Dylan said, "Hang on a second. I want to hear about everything I missed while I was gone." Joking as if they were revealing a startling surprise, Sharon and Nick said they'd taken the family to visit a pumpkin patch. Mariah carried Sully downstairs, and Dylan scooped up the child. Nick agreed to stay for refreshments.

After Mariah, Sharon, and Sully stepped out, Dylan spoke about the bump on the head Nick had sustained after Kevin had mistaken Nick for the person supposedly stalking Sharon. Nick seemed reluctant to explain, but Dylan wouldn't back down. Nick said he was aware that both Mariah and Sharon believed that Patty was the stalker. Dylan noted that Sharon had never told him she suspected Patty, but Paul had. Nick said Sharon hadn't wanted to worry Dylan.

After Sharon, Mariah, and Sully returned, Sully reached out to Nick. Nick experienced a flashback memory of baby Christian lying in an incubator. Nick recalled willing his tiny baby to survive. Sharon and Mariah exchanged nervous glances. Nick thanked Dylan for allowing him to spend time with Sully. Nick seemed hesitant to leave Sully.

After Nick left and Sharon went upstairs with Sully, Dylan questioned Mariah about her visit to Stonevale. Mariah said she recalled that Patty had escaped from Fairview the last Halloween. Mariah added that she'd traveled to Stonevale to ask Patty about Sharon's mysterious phone calls. Dylan asked what Patty had said, but Mariah noted that Patty wasn't able to communicate clearly and should be relocated to a more secure facility. Sharon returned and learned that Dylan knew about everything that had transpired during his absence, including Mariah's visit to Stonevale.

Dylan told Sharon that the only thing he couldn't figure out was why Patty had painted a picture depicting a pregnant Sharon. Dylan asked Sharon why Patty was obsessed with Sharon and Sully. Mariah interrupted and said, "If the doctors can't decipher what's in Patty's head, how can Sharon?" Dylan wasn't dissuaded and said there had to be an explanation. Sharon became agitated and explained that Patty had been obsessed with her while the two had been patients at Fairview.

Sharon panicked and cried that she wanted to forget that time in her life. Dylan said he felt as though he'd been kept in the dark. Dylan asked Sharon why she suspected that Patty was the mystery caller. Sharon swore to Dylan that she wasn't hiding anything from him. Sharon's phone rang. Sharon and Mariah seemed nervous.

At Chelsea's design studio, Kevin, handsomely dressed in a coat and tie, arrived to pick up Chloe for a date. Chloe seemed reluctant to label the outing as a romantic date. Chloe claimed that Kevin's stylish appearance made her feel underdressed. Chelsea encouraged Chloe to enjoy her evening with Kevin. After Kevin escorted Chloe into the elevator, Chelsea told Conner that Chloe was no longer sad and lonely because she had someone to hold her hand and dine with her.

Nick stopped by to visit Chelsea. Nick told Chelsea that his memories of and longing for Christian were intensified when spent time with Sully. Chelsea assured Nick that his feelings were normal, and she recounted her own experiences when she often felt Adam's presence. Nick admitted that holding Sully seemed to diminish his feelings of loss and made him feel whole again. Nick recalled his past experiences with Sharon and said he was aware that Sharon was hiding something from him.

At Top of the Tower, Kevin and Chloe enjoyed a candlelit dinner. The couple reminisced about their shared past. Chloe said she was glad to have her life back and joked that she was relatively sane and free to make her own choices. Kevin seemed happy for Chloe's recovery. Chloe said she was mostly grateful to be with Bella. Kevin blushed when Chloe noted how happy she was to be on a date with him.

Chloe expressed concern for Chelsea because Chelsea was grieving the loss of Adam and needed someone to help her move on. Kevin told Chloe that only time and fate could help Chelsea. After Kevin and Chloe left the restaurant, they went to Chelsea's penthouse. Chelsea wasn't home. Kevin and Chloe kissed passionately and began disrobing as they ascended the stairs and entered a bedroom.

Jack phoned his mysterious corporate spy and set up another meeting. Jack later met with the man in a deserted alley. Jack asked the man if the information he'd provided was true. The man replied, "It's from the Newman system -- everything watermarked." Jack asked about Victor's deletion of incriminating emails. The man said missing data would arouse suspicion. Jack said he was ready to step up his attack on Victor.

Phyllis was waiting outside Jack's office when Jack returned. Phyllis told Jack about her encounter with Victor. Phyllis insisted that Jack couldn't take down Victor on his own. Jack said he'd share his plan with Phyllis as long as she didn't try to talk him out of any part of it. Jack told Phyllis his plans in private. Phyllis seemed uneasy after she heard what Jack had in store for Victor.

Sharon learns about Patty's upcoming transfer Sharon learns about Patty's upcoming transfer
Tuesday, October 25, 2016

At the Athletic Club, Neil and Lily walked in with the twins, who were dressed in their Halloween costumes after performing in their school play. Lily suggested that they have brownie sundaes to celebrate, but Charlie glumly asked why his dad hadn't been at the play. Lily said Cane had needed to work, but Matty wondered why he was at the club. Lily spotted Cane at a table in the dining room.

Cane told the woman he was with that getting last-minute tables was his specialty, and Lily approached and expressed surprise to see him there. He introduced Lily to Renee, a buyer for a chain of department stores. Lily pulled Cane aside and said she'd thought he was working that night, and he confirmed that he was trying to set up a deal. Lily complained that he hadn't scheduled the meeting around the twins' play, which he'd promised to attend, and he apologized. Meanwhile, Neil cheered the kids up by talking about taking them bowling.

Lily crossed over to Neil and the kids, and Matty asked if her daddy would be joining them. Lily explained that Cane was in the middle of an important meeting, and Neil added that Cane wouldn't be able to buy toys if he didn't work. The kids remained sullen, and Lily sent them off to wash up before the ice cream arrived. Neil praised Lily for handling the situation well, but she grumbled that it was the new normal, since Cane rarely got home before the twins were in bed. She acknowledged that Cane was working hard, but she groused that he'd missed the play that the kids had talked about for weeks, and she didn't know how to fix things.

Cane informed Renee about Brash & Sassy's upcoming plans, and she was impressed. He asked if they had a deal, but she was distracted by Charlie and Matty chasing one another around in the foyer. Renee huffed that she couldn't believe such an exclusive place allowed such rude behavior, and she questioned whether the parents knew what kind of children they were raising. Cane replied that he knew exactly what kind of kids he was raising, since he was their father, and he was happy to hear them laughing after he'd missed out on their play because he'd opted to be there to seal the deal. He added that his kids were his heart and soul.

Lily reprimanded the twins for disturbing the other guests, and she reminded them that their dad was trying to work. Matty whined that it was all he ever did, but Lily called Cane a superhero for working hard to give them a good life. Cane approached and declared that the only superhero in the family was Lily for being the glue that held them together, and he insisted on getting a big hug from the kids and hearing all about the play.

Cane watched a video of the Halloween play, and he gushed about the twins' costumes. Renee interrupted, and Cane was surprised that she hadn't gone back to the hotel. She informed him that she would place an order first thing in the morning, and he was shocked that he hadn't blown the deal. Renee remarked that he was the kind of person she wanted to be in business with, and she told the twins that their dad was quite a guy. Renee departed, and Lily congratulated Cane.

In Chloe's bedroom, Kevin and Chloe cuddled in bed after making love. He recalled that he hadn't been sure how the night would go, and they joked about missing out on dessert. He admitted that he'd been afraid of scaring her away, so he'd been willing to take things "glacier slow." She remarked that glaciers moved at faster paces those days, and he agreed to go at whatever pace was okay with her. Chloe suggested that they finish the bottle of wine they'd left downstairs, and he crept out naked to retrieve it. Chelsea returned home, and he hurriedly covered up his private parts with a pink baby blanket and blurted out that he and Chloe had skipped dessert.

A flustered Kevin apologized, but Chelsea quipped that no one could say that nothing fun ever happened in her home. Chloe descended the stairs in Kevin's shirt, and she joked that not everyone could pull off Kevin's look. He retreated up the stairs as Chloe giggled, and she informed Chelsea that date night had gone really well. Chelsea mentioned that she'd heard the couple had skipped dessert, and the women laughed.

Chelsea offered to clean up in the living room while Chloe and Kevin finished their date night. Kevin returned downstairs, wearing one of Chloe's shirts that he'd found in a drawer. Chelsea said he didn't have to hurry off, but she recommended that they put a tie on the door the next time. Chloe invited Kevin to stay, and he was tempted, but he didn't want to screw things up. He called Chloe amazing and gorgeous, but he insisted on saying goodnight. Chloe pointed out that she still had on his shirt, but he countered that it was an excuse for him to return. They kissed, and he headed out.

Chelsea hoped she and Connor hadn't crashed Chloe and Kevin's party, but Chloe figured it was probably for the best that Kevin had left. Chelsea noted that the couple was no longer taking things slowly, and she wondered if she was allowed to say that Kevin and Chloe were officially dating. The women clinked their glasses of wine together, and Chloe confided that she'd wanted to make sure she had real feelings rather than just falling back into something familiar. Chelsea asked if things were becoming serious, but Chloe preferred to take things one step at a time. Chelsea observed that it seemed very casual to Chloe, but she bet that Kevin didn't think of it that way, and she didn't want to see him get hurt.

Chelsea cautioned that Kevin was really hopeful, and Chloe thought it was a good thing to hope that things would get better. Chloe suggested that maybe Chelsea would find hope soon, but Chelsea forlornly stated that it would only happen if Adam walked through the door. Chloe insisted that Chelsea and Connor had a future ahead of them that wasn't stuck in a picture frame, and Chelsea testily wondered if Chloe thought Chelsea should get rid of her photos and jump on a dating website. Chloe clarified that she didn't want to see Chelsea alone forever, and she lectured that it was important to start a new future eventually. Chelsea demanded to know why it was important for her to forget about Adam.

Chloe apologized and recognized that Chelsea wasn't ready, and she clarified that she hadn't meant that Chelsea needed to erase everything she'd shared with Adam. Chloe recalled that she'd been fine with it being just her and Bella for a while, but she'd realized that their world was better and happier with Kevin in it. Chloe continued that she wanted Chelsea and Connor to find someone who knew how amazing they both were, but she was sorry if she'd pushed too hard. Chelsea acknowledged that she knew Chloe wanted them to be happy, but she needed Chloe to understand that Adam had been everything to Chelsea, and that would never change.

At the cottage, Dylan moved to answer Sharon's ringing phone, but Sharon insisted on picking up the call. "Hey, Kitten, miss me?" Patty asked. Sharon pretended that it was someone offering a free roofing estimate, and Patty realized that Sharon wasn't alone, but she ominously stated that they had a lot to talk about. Patty reminded Sharon of her promise to get Patty out of Stonevale in exchange for Patty keeping Sharon's secret. Dylan asked for the phone, and Patty dared Sharon to pass it along so Patty could give him an earful. Sharon claimed that the caller had hung up.

Patty quickly hung up the phone in her doctor's office and slumped in a chair. The doctor entered the room, followed by Paul. Patty mumbled his name, and he referred to their conversation the last time he'd been there. Paul asked if Patty remembered Mariah's visit, but Patty responded by requesting chocolate pudding. Paul explained that Sharon had been getting prank phone calls, and Mariah had thought that Patty had been the one making them. He asked if Patty had done it, and Patty pretended to hold a phone to her ear and called out "Hello."

Patty giggled maniacally and claimed that nobody was there, and Paul turned the topic to her paintings. Patty replied that she didn't paint anymore, and Paul said her artwork had reminded him of her time at Fairview. He mentioned her painting of Dr. Anderson and another of a pregnant lady who he thought was Sharon, since Patty and Sharon had been at Fairview at the same time. Paul wondered if the women had become friends, and Patty whispered that she had a secret. He pressed her to tell him about it, and she said she had painted her secrets.

Paul assured Patty that she didn't have to tell him her secrets, but he wanted to talk about the time she and Sharon had spent together. Patty picked up a pencil and began drawing a picture of a pregnant woman, and she stated that she and Sharon had helped one another a lot. Paul asked how, but Patty became agitated and growled that Dr. Anderson had been very bad. Patty started humming to herself, and she frantically crossed out her drawing. Paul questioned what Dr. Anderson had done to upset her, and he reached out to comfort Patty, who screamed not to touch her. Patty begged him to get her out of there, and Paul yelled for an orderly.

Patty wailed that she couldn't do it, since she needed to be free, and an orderly led her away. The doctor told Paul that Patty's mood swings had become more unpredictable, and Paul thought that Fairview and Sharon were triggers for Patty's outbursts. The doctor reported that Patty's paintings indicated serious psychological trauma, and she wanted Paul to review her new treatment plan with an open mind. She handed him some paperwork, and he was shocked.

The orderly led a sedated Patty back in, and Paul apologized for upsetting her, but he thought Patty would like the doctor's new treatment suggestion. Patty refused to do more art therapy, but Paul explained that they wanted to move her to a new facility that was closer to home. Patty inquired how she'd get there, since she hadn't liked the bus with the bars. Paul offered to pull some strings to arrange for one of his deputies to transport her. Patty turned away and hid a smile as she murmured that she didn't know, and Paul recognized that she didn't like her routine disturbed, but he wanted her to get better. Patty agreed to do it if Paul thought it was okay.

Meanwhile, Dylan prepared to block the number on Sharon's phone, but Sharon claimed that the battery was dying, and she snatched it away to charge it. Mariah asked Dylan about his trip and the trial, but he was more concerned about Sharon's frantic reaction to the phone call. Mariah reasoned that no one liked getting sales calls, and Sharon assured him that there was nothing to worry about. Sharon suggested that Dylan fetch an extra blanket for Sully, and Dylan agreed, but he insisted that the conversation was far from over.

After Dylan went upstairs, Mariah guessed that Patty had been on the line, and Sharon relayed that Patty had wanted to know about the plan to get her out. Sharon worried that Patty might get another phone and call Dylan, and she panicked that she would lose her son once Paul and Dylan put the pieces together. Mariah begged Sharon to keep her voice down, since Dylan would get more suspicious if Sharon continued to freak out over an alleged telemarketing call. Mariah ordered Sharon to pull herself together.

Sharon sipped wine to help her calm down, and Mariah was confident that Patty wouldn't spill the secret and break their deal, since all Patty wanted was her freedom. Sharon thanked Mariah for talking her down, and she hoped everything would be all right once Patty was sent far away. Dylan returned and reported that Sully was sleeping like a baby, but he noted that the tot was almost too old to call him a baby anymore, since Sully was almost one year old. Mariah claimed that she had to meet a friend, but Dylan pushed to find out how Mariah had made the leap from thinking there was an anonymous caller to it being a woman who was locked in a psychiatric hospital.

Sharon handed Dylan a glass of wine and suggested that they talk about it later, but Dylan remained determined to press Mariah for details. Sharon calmly stated that it had just been a theory that Patty had been the caller, and she had no clue why Patty had painted a picture of her, but she pointed out that Patty had had a dead cat as a pet. Dylan agreed to end the interrogation, and Sharon amorously implied that they had a lot of other important things to discuss. Mariah took it as her cue to leave, and Dylan thanked her for everything she'd done. Mariah replied that she'd do anything for her mom, and she left. Sharon enjoyed listening to the silence for a moment with the kids sleeping upstairs, and she welcomed Dylan home. He declared that he was officially off duty.

Kevin ran into Mariah at Crimson Lights, and he inquired how Nick was doing. She reported that Nick was fine except for the lump on his head, and Kevin was glad that there had been no stalker. Mariah mentioned that a telemarketing call had frazzled Sharon, and Kevin volunteered to look into the call. Mariah protested, but he thought it would be fun to track Sharon's phone records, and he insisted on tracing the call. Mariah feigned disappointment when he hit a brick wall because Dylan's warrant had expired.

Kevin cheerfully offered to treat Mariah to a cookie or some apple pie, and she asked if he hadn't eaten dinner. He happily confirmed that he had, and she questioned whether he'd skipped dessert. He squirmed and claimed that he just felt good because fall was in the air, but she inquired about his new sense of fashion, since his shirt was kind of girly. He admitted that the shirt was Chloe's, and Mariah wondered if he'd spilled wine on his, but she quickly realized that something had happened between Kevin and Chloe.

Kevin marveled that he hadn't expected it to happen, but he and Chloe had really been starting to connect again in a different way. Mariah said she should get going, but Kevin pointed out that she'd be interrupting Sharon and Dylan's reunion, and she agreed to stay for some hot chocolate. Mariah added that she was truly happy for Kevin and Chloe, and he stepped to the counter to place his order. He called Chloe to say goodnight.

Paul stopped by the cottage to tell Dylan and Sharon that Patty was being moved from Stonevale. Sharon feigned surprise at first, but she was stunned when Paul revealed that Patty was being transferred to Rivercrest, a closer facility. Sharon inquired whether security would be an issue, but Paul was sure that it wouldn't be a problem. Paul mentioned that Patty had said she and Sharon had helped one another, and he asked if that meant anything to Sharon. Sharon claimed that Patty had been a bit obsessed with her, and she suggested that it was part of a fantasy in Patty's head.

Paul conceded that it was possible, but he believed that Patty thought she'd protected Sharon from Dr. Anderson. Dylan understood that Patty had complicated feelings about Dr. Anderson, but he couldn't imagine why Patty had thought Sharon had needed protection from her own doctor. Sharon insisted that Dr. Anderson had helped her, and Dylan guessed that Patty had created a story in her head in order to deal with her guilt. Dylan walked Paul out, and he asked if Sharon was okay. She remarked that it wasn't the homecoming she'd had in mind, but Dylan kissed her to remind her of exactly where they'd left off.

Alone at Stonevale, Patty flashed back to confronting Dr. Anderson about taking an innocent baby, and she recalled stabbing the doctor with a letter opener. Patty began to sing "Hush Little Baby" to herself.

Discovering What Lies Beneath Discovering What Lies Beneath
Wednesday, October 26, 2016
by Nel

In his office, Jack put cash into a briefcase. Phyllis arrived and asked what the next step was. Billy pushed past Dave and burst into Jack's office. He wanted to stop Jack from going down the same path Billy had and ruining himself in the process. Billy confronted Jack about his strike against Victor and warned Jack that Victor would retaliate.

Jack yelled, wanting to know why Billy was there. Billy admitted he didn't want Jack to drag Phyllis down with him. Jack informed Billy that he wasn't an employee -- or an Abbott, or Jack's brother -- so Billy's opinion didn't matter, and Billy didn't matter. If Billy was there to save Phyllis, Jack advised him to do it behind Jack's back and ordered Billy out of his office.

Alone with Jack, Phyllis said she was afraid Billy might cause problems because she was sure he knew she was working with Jack. Jack was livid and said he didn't care what Billy said or did because Billy was out of Jack's life. Jack's assistant Pamela delivered an envelope to Jack. Jack thought it was from Victor's lawyers, but it was their divorce papers. Jack wanted them to sign them and get it over with. He reminded Phyllis that that was their deal. Jack told Phyllis to leave the documents with Pamela and asked Phyllis to leave.

Exiting Jack's office, Phyllis threw the documents on Pamela's desk and went to her office. She sat at her desk and tried to work, but in a fit of anger, swept everything off her desk with her arm, scattering her work.

Alone, Jack had flashbacks to his times with Phyllis and his failed marriage. He recalled saying that love was a funny thing -- one couldn't touch it, couldn't see it, couldn't lock it up or steal it, but when two people shared it, it was strong and powerful, and if one of them didn't screw it up, it was forever. Jack recalled Phyllis saying that they knew how to roll with the bad times, and they especially knew how to crawl back to the good ones.

Jack recalled how destroyed he'd felt after Phyllis had told him she'd slept with Billy and Phyllis admitting she'd loved him and Billy, but in the end she'd chosen Jack. Jack said, "In the end -- this was the end. Anything they'd ever had or could have been, Phyllis destroyed it." In his memory, Phyllis admitted she did stupid and crazy things, and if Jack didn't know that, then he'd better tell her who he'd fallen in love with. Jack answered he'd fallen in love with her, all her stubbornness and her headstrong and intense, misguided passion.

Jack was on the phone, assuring his source that he would provide him with the money as soon as Jack had a sledgehammer big enough to shatter Victor's world.

At Brash & Sassy, Lauren confronted Jill and Victoria about making deals with other buyers when she had exclusivity to carry Bare by Brash & Sassy, but her shelves were empty, and they'd reneged. Lauren accused Jill of screwing her over. Jill assured Lauren that she hadn't authorized any new deals and advised her that they were honoring the deal they'd made. Cane arrived and admitted that he'd made the deals. Cane said Lauren had exclusivity only for the first few weeks after the launch, and he was setting up future deals for once Lauren's exclusivity ended.

Lauren argued that she'd assumed she'd be given the opportunity to extend the exclusivity, given her history with the brand and given the fact that Jill was part owner of Fenmore's. They'd left her in the lurch. Victoria assured Lauren that she had hired a new manufacturer, and Lauren would have her stock by the end of the week. Jill also offered to extend Lauren's exclusivity to make up for the time that Lauren's shelves had been empty. Lauren agreed.

Jill advised that they would reword the next contract, giving Fenmore's exclusivity after the initial rollout for as long as Lauren wanted it, unless Lauren waived it in writing. Jill apologized for Cane's overzealousness. After Lauren left, Victoria asked Jill to go easy on Cane because he'd been trying to be proactive. Jill confronted Cane, accusing him of having all sorts of ideas on how to run the business. She said he had forgotten that she was in charge, and she left.

Billy arrived and told Dave he could go, but Dave told Billy not to test him and stood outside the door. Billy told Victoria that he'd paid a visit to Jack and Phyllis, and Jack had said that Billy was dead to him. Victoria wondered why Billy had gone up there when Jack had so much contempt for him. Billy said he'd had his reasons. Victoria updated Billy on Cane making deals behind everyone's back with other retailers and how unhappy Lauren was.

When Jill returned, she was happy to see Billy because she'd wanted to talk about the timing of their next product rollout. Billy suggested Jill ask Cane because he had all the ideas, and Billy was just a foot soldier who took orders. Jill asked if the reason he was in a lousy mood was because he'd seen Victoria. Billy assured Jill that he and Victoria were done. Victoria was seriously involved with the new golden boy, and Billy was the town pariah.

Jill wanted to know if Billy had been planning on going up against Victor. Billy assured her he'd been the voice of reason on that subject with Jack earlier. Jill said she was proud of him because Billy knew Jack would've been hostile, but Billy had known it had been the right thing to do. It proved Billy was willing to change. Billy admitted he'd done for it for Phyllis because he didn't want Jack taking Phyllis down with him. Jill became exasperated and told Billy that Phyllis was bad for him, and she thought Billy had closed that door. Billy assured her he'd always care for Phyllis.

Later Jill discussed her instructions with Cane so he wouldn't go off half-cocked and make unilateral decisions. Cane defended his actions. He said Lauren's exclusivity had been ending, and he had been setting up a new buyer because that was his job. Jill reminded him that it was also his job to keep her informed, that he was part of a team, and that the reason she'd made him, Billy, and Victor equals was so they could all bring their particular talents to the table.

Cane only saw the setup as a matchmaking exercise, and he was the third wheel. He wanted to prove to Jill that he was the right person to run the division. He pointed out all the work he'd done for their new product from inception to rollout. As a result, he'd missed time with his kids because he'd been trying to close a deal that Jill wanted him to renegotiate. He said Jill had tested him since day one, and he'd delivered, and that was the bottom line. Jill advised that that was not the bottom line.

Jill assured Cane that when she had taken Cane away from Fenmore's, she'd known he was a hard worker and very talented, but he couldn't be running things on his own. Cane had two very capable partners with special skill sets. Jill insisted that Cane go home every night to his family. Cane asked who'd run the company if he did that, insisting that Billy and Victoria were too involved with their personal problems. He said the company was going in the right direction because of him, not Billy and Victoria, who weren't committed to the company the way he was. Jill knew Cane was passionate and committed but feared he'd burn out. Cane assured Jill that he would maintain a balance.

At Newman Enterprises, Victor dealt with a couple of shareholders who wanted the truth about the financials;Travis watched. The shareholders were concerned about the rumors that the FBI might get involved. Victor insisted those were just rumors. The person who had spread the lies had hoped the lies would take on a life of their own, create distrust, and take Victor and the company down. The attack had been personal. Victor asked them to reassure the board of directors that he had everything under control. The shareholders were appeased and left.

Travis confronted Victor about the leaked documents, which he deemed accurate. Victor assured Travis that he intended to find out who'd sent the information to Jack. Travis advised that he had narrowed down the list. Victor advised him to cross off any members of Victor's family because they wouldn't intentionally sabotage the company. Victor said the reason he'd launched a lawsuit against the Hamiltons was to find out who had sent the information to Jack.

Later, Victor walked into Brash & Sassy and asked Billy to tell Jack that he'd been doing some sleuthing and would soon find out who was responsible for the leak. Victoria grabbed Victor's hand to usher him out for their lunch date.

At the Athletic Club, Lauren was livid and told Michael that Cane had been negotiating all over town without consulting anyone. Cane had been willing to ditch Fenmore's without dealing with the out-of-stock issue, but Jill and Victoria had reassured her. Lauren was upset because she'd thought Cane was a close friend, but that went out the window when there was a buck to be made. Lauren recalled that Cane had turned to her when he'd been sick of playing second fiddle to Jill, but he'd gone back to Jill, who'd called him out in front of Victoria.

Lauren advised Michael that she wasn't going to sue Jill, so Michael was free to pursue Victor's lawsuit. Lauren didn't understand why Victor would turn to Michael for legal help or why Michael had decided to take the case. He said Victor felt Michael owed him for throwing his defense, and this was Michael's penance. Michael admitted his professional judgment had been affected by his friendship with Phyllis and his outrage at how Victor had treated Phyllis and Jack. He said he had crossed lines that he shouldn't have and had learned his lesson. He hoped Phyllis had as well.

Michael received a text from Phyllis, advising him that she and Jack had signed the divorce papers, so their divorce was final. Lauren wished they had taken more time to work through their pain and anger and emerge on the other side. Lauren and Michael were living proof that it was possible. Michael knew the divorce didn't matter to Phyllis because she would never give up on Jack.

Over lunch, Victoria and Victor discuss the documents GC Buzz had reported on. Victor maintained that the documents were fake, and he was suing the Hamiltons. The leak had Jack Abbott written all over it. Victor said that Jack had been spinning out of control ever since Jack had discovered that Billy had been having an affair with Phyllis. The attack on Newman was a desperate act by Jack. Victor said Jack had manufactured the evidence and put the company and Victor in a bad light.

Victor didn't care which agency investigated him; his books were clean. Victoria knew how bad things had become after the oil spill, but she also knew that Victor couldn't turn the company around that fast. Victor reminded her he'd built the company from the ground up and asked if she didn't think he could do it again. Victoria didn't think he could do it in a matter of hours. She'd been CEO for a short period of time and knew the state of the company. Victor accused Jack of being out to get him, using someone from inside the company to get very sensitive information. Victor assured Victoria that he didn't suspect Travis, but he warned her that Travis was hiding something.

Travis asked Natalie to research everyone on the board of directors. He wanted information on everyone's financial picture, bank accounts, stocks, bonds, and phone records. He wanted her to look for anything out of the ordinary, such as unusual patterns or large purchases. Natalie knew how to find and analyze personal data. Travis asked why Natalie wasn't saying she'd do it for him. Natalie reminded him that most of the board members were Newmans. She asked if Victor knew what Travis was doing. Travis felt that someone in Victor's inner circle had leaked information to GC Buzz, and it was a mistake to rule anyone out.

Travis gave Natalie a list of everyone he wanted investigated as well as people close to those on the list who could have access -- people who owed money or held a grudge against Victor. Natalie said the last request would be a long list. She reminded Travis that the list included people who were close to him. Travis acknowledged it, but he wanted creative thinking. Natalie agreed and said that once she had the list compiled, she'd give it to Travis and Victor. Travis wanted her to keep it between them only for the moment.

Victoria found Travis with Natalie and asked why Natalie was there. Victoria was surprised that Natalie was Victor's new assistant. Victoria questioned why Natalie would waste her time playing secretary to Victor, given her specific skill set with computers. Natalie admitted her PassKey royalties were getting low, so she needed a job.

Victoria and Travis headed to his office. Victoria asked Travis why Natalie was really there, because Victor wouldn't hire someone with Natalie's skills just to cover the phones. She asked if Natalie's first assignment was to figure out who was behind the leak. Travis admitted they were looking at everyone, including board members. Victoria realized that she was a suspect as well. Victoria was not buying what Travis was selling. If Travis thought her family was behind the leak, then she was at the top of the list.

Victoria told Travis that the entire family had made amends with Victor when they'd gotten him out of prison. Victoria reminded him that she'd kept Newman Enterprises afloat when Victor had been in prison, even when she'd known she'd be tossed out once Victor was released. There was no way her family would turn their backs on Victor again. She asked if that was what Victor believed.

Victoria realized that Victor didn't know Travis was investigating the whole family. Travis admitted that Victor didn't know and explained that he'd been doing his due diligence. Victoria assured him that he wouldn't find anything because her family didn't need money. Travis asked if she'd considered that maybe it wasn't about money, and he walked away.

In the meantime, Natalie advised Victor that she'd strengthened the firewall and encrypted all the financial files, but it might not matter because Travis thought the leak might have been from inside Victor's family.

When Phyllis walked through the park, Billy asked her to stop. He apologized for barging into the Jack's office. He hadn't intended on upsetting her. Billy knew he'd blown up Phyllis' life and that Victor had been a big part of that. Their hate for Victor was what had drawn them together, and they'd wanted to make Victor pay. Billy saw the same thing happening to Jack.

Phyllis told Billy that her divorce was final. She acknowledged that Jack had said some horrible things about Billy not being his brother or even an Abbott. She assured Billy that it was Jack's anger talking, and he hadn't meant it. She knew Jack's words had bothered Billy. Billy knew Jack had meant every word because of what Billy had said, but he wouldn't take any of it back because of what he'd had with Phyllis. Billy still cared about her.

Phyllis asked if Billy thought they had a chance, since she was free. She said she loved Jack and that she and Jack belonged together. She said nothing was going to stop that, so if Billy wanted her to be happy, then Billy had to leave her alone. She walked away.

Patty demands to see Sharon Patty demands to see Sharon
Thursday, October 27, 2016

At the Athletic Club, Neil thanked Nikki for helping out with planning a charity luncheon for his foundation. He admitted that things had been rough without his partner, but she was sure that Jack would be back, and she volunteered to pitch in until that happened. Hilary approached and claimed that she wanted to make sure there were no hard feelings about the story that she'd aired. Nikki incredulously realized that Hilary was videotaping Nikki's reaction on her phone, and Hilary said she had thought Nikki would want to share her opinion on camera. Hilary asked how Nikki felt about Victor's alleged unethical business practices.

Nikki stated that her husband had been accused of many things, but that happened when someone was successful. Hilary pointed out that not all of the accusations had been unfounded, since Victor had recently spent time in prison, and it would be a shame if he had to go back again. Neil was sure that Devon hadn't signed off on Hilary accosting guests in his own club, and he told her to beat it. After Hilary walked away, Neil asked Nikki if she was all right, and Nikki replied that she wouldn't still be standing if she let it get to her every time her family appeared on GC Buzz.

At GC Buzz, Leslie scolded Devon for broadcasting a story without checking the facts, and she warned that his inheritance was vulnerable, since Victor was suing for every penny he could get. Leslie counseled that the easiest way to make the lawsuit disappear would be to track down the source and authenticate the documents, but Devon lamented that he had no idea who'd provided them. Leslie urged him to make peace with Victor by giving Victor something he wanted.

Later, Hilary arrived at the studio, and Devon confronted her about ambushing Nikki. Hilary countered that she'd given Nikki an opportunity to defend her husband, but Nikki hadn't done it. Leslie suggested that they avoid any future "opportunities" until the lawsuit was over, since harassment claims could destroy their defense. Hilary contended that her interview had been good journalism, since Nikki could have let something slip that would have thrown out the lawsuit. Devon ordered Hilary to stop making decisions behind his back, since he was trying to protect the business as well as everything he had, including his inheritance and Katherine's legacy. He headed out.

At the cottage, Dylan was on the phone with Paul, and Sharon informed Mariah that it had something to do with Paul using his pull to have Patty moved. Dylan expressed sympathy to Paul, and Paul promised to call on his way home. After they hung up, Dylan reported that Patty had been fine until they'd reached the doors of Rivercrest, but then she'd completely lost it, and no one had any idea why. Mariah asked if Paul had seen Patty, and Dylan relayed that his father was about to go in.

Dylan stepped away to answer a call from the police station, and Sharon panicked that there was nothing to stop Patty from telling Paul everything. Sharon contemplated staging a family emergency to get Paul away from the facility, but Mariah groused that they'd already been caught in many lies, so inventing another one might be the last straw. Mariah refused to do it anymore, since she couldn't keep track of the cover stories they'd already told, and looking Dylan in the eye was excruciating. Sharon pushed Mariah to think about the alternative, but Mariah reiterated that she couldn't be there, and she hurried out.

At Newman Enterprises, Victor was confident that his family hadn't been the source of the leak, but Natalie cautioned that he was too close to be objective with the people he cared about. He insisted that his family wouldn't try any destructive tactics after doing so had ended disastrously before, and he trusted them completely, as he did Natalie. She was surprised, and he recognized that giving him the information meant she was loyal. Victor instructed Natalie to continue to protect the servers but to leave some sensitive files vulnerable, just not to the public. She realized that he wanted to trace a breach to the traitor in order to turn over the culprit to the police, but Victor clarified that the mole would be delivered to him, and he'd deal with it.

Later, Mariah spotted Natalie at Crimson Lights, and she started to turn away, but Natalie threatened to hack Mariah's email if she didn't say hello. Mariah greeted "Swizzle Stick" and wondered when Natalie had gotten back. Natalie implied that she'd never left, and she figured that Mariah was dying to say that she'd been right about Kevin. Mariah swore that she'd honestly been trying to warn Natalie that there was no competing with Chloe. Natalie declared that she'd been moving on with her life, and she'd gotten a new job at Newman.

Mariah was stunned that Natalie was working for Victor after Natalie had double-crossed him, but Natalie called it water under the bridge. Mariah guessed that Natalie was developing a new security program for Newman, but Natalie said she was Victor's new assistant. Mariah thought that answering phones and sorting mail was a downgrade for a computer genius, but Natalie reasoned that she had bills to pay. Mariah suggested that Natalie use her PassKey fortune, but Natalie claimed that it was gone because she'd put the funds into a high-tech startup that had crashed and burned. Natalie left to return to the office, but Mariah seemed skeptical.

At GC Buzz, Hilary rolled her eyes as she watched her video footage of Nikki's statement, and Mariah entered and claimed that she had a tip. Hilary dismissed her until Mariah mentioned that it was about Newman, and Hilary suddenly became interested. Mariah requested a job in exchange for the information, but Hilary groused that Mariah had no experience. Mariah argued that she had as much experience as Hilary had had when she'd assumed her position there, and she announced that she had dirt on the guy who was suing the Hamiltons for all they were worth, so she thought a job was a small price to pay.

Hilary agreed to hire Mariah as a gopher, and she demanded the life-changing scoop. Mariah divulged that Natalie was Victor's new assistant, and she questioned why Victor would hire a computer genius to answer his phone. Hilary excitedly realized that it was a front, and it explained why Victor was willing to allow his servers to be inspected. Mariah confirmed that it would be easy for Natalie to wipe the machines clean, but Hilary was disappointed that they couldn't use any of it, since their lawyers wouldn't let them air anything unflattering without solid proof. Mariah thought there had to be a way around it, and Hilary smirked.

Devon arrived at Newman and invited Victor to lunch to have a civil discussion about their disagreement. Victor asked if Devon was willing to name his source, but Devon maintained that he didn't know who had delivered the documents. Devon announced that he had a proposition for Victor, and Victor was intrigued about what Devon intended to do to make up for the damage the GC Buzz report had caused. Devon argued that it had only been damaging if the information wasn't true.

Devon relayed that his attorney's advice had been to uncover the source, but he planned to take things a step further by hiring a team of private investigators to probe into Victor's personal and professional life to either validate the story or debunk it. Devon had no idea what his investigators might unearth accidentally, but he pointed out that there would be no need to investigate if Victor dropped the lawsuit. Victor huffed that it was never a good idea to threaten him.

Victor contemplated how Katherine would have felt if she'd known her grandson was turning against her old friend. Devon acknowledged that Katherine had never liked the tabloids, but that was why he was trying to make GC Buzz into something she would have been proud of. Devon admitted that he stressed out every day over living up to Katherine's expectations, and he was appealing to Victor as her friend to find a way to let the lawsuit go. Devon offered to make a full retraction, but he received a text message, and he apologized and rushed out. A flustered Natalie ran in, proclaiming that they'd all go to jail.

Devon stormed into GC Buzz and demanded to know "what the hell" Hilary thought she was doing. Hilary guessed that he'd seen their latest hot blind item, which had insinuated that a top businessman had hired a computer whiz to cover his cooking the books. Devon revealed that he'd been seconds away from finishing a negotiation with Victor, and Mariah took responsibility for the idea. Hilary said she'd just hired Mariah in a low-level position, and she'd chosen to run with Mariah's idea. Devon was livid that Hilary once again hadn't consulted with him, but Hilary pointed out that they hadn't named Victor or Newman, and she thought they were two steps away from proving that Victor was guilty as sin. Devon doubted that they'd ever get Victor to crack, but Hilary thought Natalie was another story.

At Rivercrest, a hysterical Patty rambled to Paul that something had gone very wrong, and he asked how she'd expected the transfer to happen. Patty inquired why she couldn't go back to Fairview, and Paul explained that she needed to be in a more secure facility after what had happened to Dr. Anderson. Paul reminded Patty that she'd been excited when he'd told her about the transfer, but Patty yelled that it had been before she'd known that she'd never get out of there. Paul stressed that it wasn't about getting out but getting better, and he wondered if she'd been planning to escape. Patty replied that she'd been thinking about exposing the dirty secrets once and for all.

Paul encouraged Patty to talk about the secrets in her paintings, but she said the secrets were in her head. He gently pressed her to tell him her secrets so he could help her, and he reiterated that she was there to get better. Patty spat that he was lying, since places like that wouldn't make her better, and they only wanted her not to exist. Paul swore that he had no ulterior motive, and he loved her. Patty raced for the door, but Paul held her close and begged her to stay with him. She gradually calmed down and insisted that she had to talk to Sharon.

Meanwhile, Dylan mentioned that the husband of a fellow detective was a baker who'd agreed to pull out all the stops for Sully's birthday cake. Sharon distractedly listened as she obsessively cleaned the cottage, and Dylan marveled that he couldn't believe their son was almost one, since it seemed like he'd just held Sully for the first time. Dylan added that his life had changed in that moment, and everything he'd ever wanted was under that roof because of Sharon. They hugged, but there was pounding at the door, and Dylan let Paul in. Paul revealed that Patty was insisting on seeing Sharon.

Sharon refused to go to Rivercrest, but Paul reported that Patty had been adamant. He elaborated that Patty had been delusional at first, going on about her lack of freedom and the conspiracy against her, but she'd seemed coherent when she'd asked to see Sharon. Sharon didn't see how it would do anyone any good, but Dylan encouraged her to go so that they could put it behind them. Dylan offered to see Patty and settle things himself.

In the park, Nikki suggested a walk-a-thon to raise money for the foundation, and Neil admired how she'd blocked out everything that had happened with Hilary. Nikki warned him not to lecture her about Victor, but Neil worried that Victor's actions were a trigger for her. Nikki assured him that she was in no danger of falling off the wagon, but Neil thought she didn't believe it any more than he did.

Over tea at the park café, Nikki told Neil that she knew his concern originated from a good place. He revealed that it was more personal than she knew, since he'd found his mother a couple of months earlier, just in time to make peace before she'd died. Nikki expressed her condolences, and Neil explained that the experience had totally changed him, so he wanted to make the most of his time and to leave an imprint behind. Neil questioned whether Nikki wanted her imprint to be defending Victor at all costs, but she thought he wasn't being fair. Paul joined them, and Neil asked if he cared to weigh in about Victor.

Nikki told Paul and Neil that she loved them, but they didn't need to worry, since she saw her husband for who he was, flaws and all. She asserted that her marriage and her sobriety were solid, and she was truly happy. Nikki suggested that the men direct their good intentions to someone who actually needed them, and she kissed them goodbye and left. Paul and Neil both noticed that she hadn't once mentioned that Victor was innocent.

At Newman, Natalie freaked out because everyone was talking about her, and she worried that she'd go down for wiping the servers clean. Victor reminded her that he'd never ordered her to do that, so no crime had been committed. Natalie wailed that her digital fingerprints were all over it, but Victor promised that he wouldn't let her take the fall because he rewarded loyalty. Nikki walked in, and Victor told Natalie not to worry about anything. Natalie hurried out, and Nikki assumed Victor was having Natalie help him with the scandal. Nikki swore that his secret was safe with her, and she and Victor embraced.

Sharon and Dylan arrived at Rivercrest, and Dylan offered to talk to Patty alone, but Sharon insisted that she could handle it. They stepped into Patty's room, and Patty became incensed and called Sharon a liar. Dylan forced Patty to the couch, and she held up her shackled hands to display her "fashionable accessories." Dylan said they were there to talk to Patty, and Sharon hadn't done anything to her. Patty acknowledged that Sharon hadn't done anything to her, but she implied that Sharon had done something to him.

Sharon reminded Patty that they'd been on the same side when they'd been at Fairview, so there was no need to invent reasons to be enemies. Patty chortled at the thought of being a magician or a scientist, and she babbled about seeing something or even holding it before it disappeared. Patty continued that Sharon was right about their days at Fairview being very special, since Dr. Anderson had taken such good care of them, and Sharon's baby boy had been a gift from the stork. Sharon pointedly stated that Sully was a gift that she and Dylan cherished, and Patty imagined that every parent cherished their flesh and blood.

Dylan sensed that Patty was dancing around something, and Patty cackled and said she loved to dance, but she couldn't with the cuffs on. Patty continued that all she could do was think about her life, Sharon's life, and all of their lives, and she'd been mulling the choices that had led them to that place. Dylan stepped out to check in with the doctor, and Sharon apologized to Patty and claimed that the transfer hadn't been part of the plan. Sharon begged Patty to be patient, and she promised that she would find a way to gain Patty's freedom. Dylan suspiciously peered in through the window.

Sharon pleaded with Patty not to crush Dylan's soul, since Sully was their child in every way that mattered. The doctor entered to check Patty's vitals, and he remarked that it was good to see her calm. Dylan wondered if it had been something Sharon had said, and Patty claimed that Sharon had reminded her that she had much more to gain by following the rules instead of fighting them. Patty thanked Dylan for taking Sharon there to visit her, and he and Sharon stepped out.

The doctor determined that Patty's pulse was steady and even, and she suggested that he check the pulse of the woman who had just left, since Patty bet it was racing. The doctor indicated that Patty's health seemed fine, but he wondered why she'd wanted to see Sharon when Patty clearly didn't like her. Patty called him a silly doctor, and she remarked that Sharon was her golden ticket out of there. She questioned how else he thought she'd get her cat back.

Sharon and Dylan returned home, and he imagined that her conversation with Patty had been intense. He asked what they'd talked about, and Sharon said she'd advised Patty to be careful about how she conducted herself and to stop creating trouble with her paintings. Dylan noted that Patty had seemed really calm when they'd left, whereas Sharon seemed on edge. Sharon ranted that she knew what it was like to be in that kind of place, and she expected to have nightmares about being trapped and drugged. Sharon became increasingly upset, and she refused to lose everything. Dylan wrapped his arms around her and comforted her.

Phyllis makes a cash drop for Jack Phyllis makes a cash drop for Jack
Friday, October 28, 2016

At Crimson Lights, Ashley ran into Stitch, and he asked what Ashley thought about his breakup with Abby. Ashley pointed out that he was the doctor, and she inquired whether he thought his marriage was worth saving. Stitch said he had a patient to check on, but Ashley insisted on telling him how sorry she was. Ashley mentioned that Abby had told her that Abby and Stitch still loved one another, but Stitch commented that love wasn't enough. Ashley suggested that he not give up hope, since there was always a chance if love was involved.

Stitch called in instructions for his patient, and he said he'd be there soon. Stitch told Ashley that there had never been any question that he loved Abby, but traumatic events had gotten in the way of them having a normal relationship. Stitch thought that Abby might never get over the pain of losing her baby, and Ashley acknowledged that both his wife and son had needed him, but he was just one man. Stitch remarked that he wasn't the man for Abby, but Ashley thought he might walk back into Abby's life again if the timing was right. Ashley recommended that he stay open to the possibility, since he and Abby needed one another, whether Abby knew it or not.

At Jabot, Jack stared at his divorce papers, and Phyllis entered and noted that he'd wanted to see her. He said they had a problem, and she guessed that Victor had proof that Jack had been behind the information leak. Jack confided that he was having doubts about the whole plan, but Phyllis couldn't think of a more elegant way to force Victor to his knees. Jack groaned that Victor always ended up on top, and he questioned why that time would be any different.

Jack groused that the Feds had yet to get involved, and he feared that Victor would use his connections to get out of it even after all the money Jack had spent to bribe a board member to give him dirt. Phyllis wondered why Jack doubted himself, and Jack replied that it was because Victor had gone to her. She figured that Victor had been desperate and scared, but Jack suspected that Victor was having them followed. Phyllis implored Jack to focus on his plan, and she asked if he had a drop to make. He opened a briefcase full of cash and informed her that it was in one hour. Jack added that he couldn't risk being seen with the mole, and Phyllis offered to make the drop.

Phyllis was certain that she wasn't being followed, and she inquired whether Jack was concerned about her safety in broad daylight. He grumbled that he wasn't worried that she wouldn't look out for herself. Ashley entered and asked if she was interrupting again. Jack suddenly blasted Phyllis for her sloppy work and told her to redo a proposal. Phyllis stepped out, and Jack griped that he'd had it with Phyllis' bad ideas. Ashley chuckled and said Jack's performance was the worst she'd ever seen.

Jack told Ashley to take her conspiracy theories elsewhere, but she thought it was obvious that he and Phyllis were up to something. He displayed the divorce papers and declared that it was over, but Ashley suspected that Jack and Phyllis were planning a fresh declaration of war against Victor. Jack swore that there was no plan, and his marriage was officially dead, so Ashley needed to stop obsessing about Phyllis. He headed to the door, and Ashley remarked that he'd forgotten his coat. Jack queried why she thought he was leaving the building, and she observed that he never took his briefcase with him for meetings within the office.

At Newman Enterprises, Natalie repeatedly told Travis that he couldn't see Victor that day. Travis understood that she was being extra cautious after the blind news item on GC Buzz, but he swore that they were on the same team. Abby walked by with two board members, and she assured them that there was nothing to worry about. One of the board members assumed that Natalie was the low-level assistant who was really a hacker, but Travis asserted that Natalie couldn't even figure out the coffee machine.

The board members left, and Abby announced that Victor had left her in charge while he was on a business trip. After Abby walked away, Travis wondered why Natalie hadn't just told him that Victor was out of town, but Natalie huffed that she couldn't even work the coffee machine. Travis asked whether she'd told Victor that Travis was investigating the Newman family, but Natalie denied that she had.

Later, Abby testily informed Travis that she didn't appreciate being summoned, since she had to find the mole. He was sure that she was doing a great job, since she'd earned Victor's trust, but he imagined that it was sometimes tough to be loyal. Travis noted that Victor shared information selectively, so not everyone knew everything, including Victor's family. He invited Abby to lunch to get to know her better.

At Top of the Tower, Travis ordered a bottle of Champagne, but Abby said she had a rule not to drink at lunch. He persuaded her to have just a splash for a toast, and he lifted his glass to friends and colleagues. He mentioned that he and Victoria had a rule not to discuss business, since it helped to keep their priorities straight. Abby commented that relationships were fragile, and Travis compared them to families. He thought it was only natural for Victor to wonder who was loyal and who wasn't, and Abby asserted that her father trusted her.

Travis recognized that it spoke volumes that Victor had left Abby in charge, unless Victor was thinking two moves ahead and looking for a scapegoat. Abby assumed that Travis was insinuating that Victor didn't trust her because the Abbotts were her family, too, and Travis inquired whether Victor ever clammed up when she walked into the office or left her name off memos. Travis added that he was still on probation after he'd proven himself, and he doubted that would ever change. She imagined that it made him feel resentful and unappreciated, and she downed more Champagne.

Travis noted that Jack was Abby's family, too, and Victor had made Jack's life "a living hell," so a little payback would balance the scales. Abby asked if Travis was suggesting that she'd betray her own dad, and Travis asked her to tell him. She giggled, and he inquired whether the bubbles were getting to her. She clarified that she wasn't laughing because of the Champagne but because of him, since Victor had warned that Travis would pull something like that.

Abby confirmed that Travis was right about her dad always thinking two moves ahead, and Victor had informed her that Travis thought a Newman was the mole and that Travis would try to pin it on her because Jack was her uncle. She declared that she wasn't the mole, and he contemplated how Victor had found out about his investigation. Stitch approached and became livid when he saw Abby having Champagne with another man. Stitch spat that Abby had a ring on her finger, and that meant something to him even if it didn't to Travis. Abby pulled Stitch away and told Travis to leave. Stitch hissed that it hadn't taken her long.

Stitch dryly suggested that he and Abby drink to old loves and new beginnings, but Abby argued that Travis was a work colleague who was living with Victoria. Stitch reminded her that Travis had wrecked his career over his boss's wife, and she questioned whether Stitch thought she'd moved on when things between them were still unresolved. Stitch thought they had been resolved after their last conversation, and he wondered if he'd been wrong. He realized that he'd made a fool of himself, but he still didn't like Travis. Stitch apologized for acting like a jerk, but she assured him that he wasn't a jerk -- he was the best. He forlornly stated that his best wasn't good enough, and he left for the hospital. Abby received a text message and headed out.

Travis blasted Natalie for telling Victor about Travis' investigation after he'd told her to keep it between them. Natalie pointed out that she worked for Victor, and she suggested that Travis can his arrogance and figure out the identity of the mole before Victor got back. Travis' phone rang, and he asked the caller if they were sure it was "him." Travis said he would take care of it.

Jack strolled through the park and sat down with his briefcase as Travis covertly watched him. Jack pulled out an envelope and dumped it in the trash. Travis picked the envelope out of the trash receptacle and found blank pages of paper inside. Jack approached and smugly asked if Travis was looking for something.

Phyllis entered the Athletic Club and set a briefcase next to her at the bar. She ordered a drink and anxiously looked around. A male member of the Newman board arrived and set his briefcase next to hers. He inquired whether the seat next to hers was taken, and she replied that it was. He picked up her briefcase and walked out then she paid her bill and left. Abby witnessed the swap.

At the cottage, Mariah chatted with Hilary over the phone about the great comments they'd generated from GC Buzz's blind item. Mariah was sure that Natalie would crack if they kept the pressure on, and she promised that Hilary wouldn't regret hiring her. Sharon overheard, and Mariah informed her that she'd gotten a new job at GC Buzz, so she'd be around a lot less. Sharon recognized that it had been rough to keep her secret, but she protested that it wasn't time to pull away.

Sharon pleaded that all Faith had talked about had been going trick-or-treating with her big sister, but Mariah said she wouldn't have time that year. Sharon lectured that Mariah owed Faith an apology, and Mariah curtly asked if Faith was going as a "big, huge guilt trip." Sharon whined that she needed Mariah more than ever, and Mariah surmised it was because Patty expected them to help her escape.

Mariah couldn't believe Sharon had visited Patty at Rivercrest, and Sharon complained about how stressful it had been when Patty had made veiled threats about telling the truth. Mariah said she'd also felt blind fear when Paul had questioned why she'd gone to Stonevale, and she insisted on distancing herself before she said or did something to make things worse. Sharon asserted that Mariah was still part of the family, so she didn't have to avoid them. Mariah maintained that she had a new job, and she had to start proving herself to her new boss.

At Chelsea's studio, Chloe excitedly rambled about Halloween, but she noticed that Chelsea seemed down, and she asked what had changed. Chelsea revealed that Connor had asked if his daddy would be home to take him trick-or-treating, and the boy kept inquiring about Adam, no matter how many times she'd explained things to him. Chelsea wondered how she could expect her son to accept that Adam was gone when she kept hoping Adam would walk through the door.

Chloe understood that holidays were the worst, and she recalled that she'd wanted to crawl into ball and cry after she'd lost Delia, but Bella had changed everything. Chloe thought Chelsea was lucky to have Connor, and she was sure Adam wouldn't have wanted Chelsea to be miserable. Chloe encouraged Chelsea to remember that there was life after Adam, but she volunteered to take Connor trick-or-treating if it was too hard for Chelsea to see all the families together. Chelsea mentioned that she'd made plans with Nick, and she didn't want to cancel, since it was the anniversary of Christian's death. Chelsea found it strange when Nick didn't answer his phone.

The elevator door opened, and Chelsea's mouth dropped open when a costumed Kevin appeared. He was surprised that the women didn't recognize Og the Powerful, the hero from the Kingdom Beyond fantasy series. Chloe teased Kevin for being secretive about his costume, but Chelsea remarked that she liked it more than what he'd been wearing at her house the other day. Chloe and Kevin made plans to meet at Crimson Lights later, and Chelsea left a voicemail for Nick. Mariah sent a text message to Kevin and urgently asked to see him.

Sharon was surprised when Chelsea showed up at the cottage, and she mentioned that she was waiting for Nick to take Faith trick-or-treating. Chelsea worried that he wasn't already there, and the women compared notes about not hearing from Nick. Chelsea imagined that it was hard for him to think about anything but what had happened to Christian, and Sharon guiltily turned away. Chelsea asked if she was okay, and Sharon said she had no right to cry after all Nick had been through.

Chelsea expected that Nick would put a positive spin on the holiday but that he would be thinking about Christian. Sharon wanted to make sure he was okay, and Chelsea speculated that he'd gone to the cemetery or to the site of Sage's accident. Sharon called Dylan and informed him that she and Chelsea hadn't seen or heard from Nick, and they were starting to worry. Dylan called back later to report that he'd had no luck finding Nick.

Chelsea theorized that Nick had gone to the Underground to distract himself, and she called the bar. She introduced herself as a friend of Nick's, and she asked the bartender if Nick was there. There was a crash at the bar, and the bartender said Nick was there, but he'd never seen Nick like that. There was the sound of breaking glass, and the bartender urged Chelsea to get there fast.

At Crimson Lights, Esther was dressed as a maid, and Kevin expected that Bella would be the cutest butterfly ever. Esther reported that Kevin's costume had freaked the girl out, and he suggested telling Bella that Og the Powerful only used his powers for good. He gasped when Chloe walked in, dressed as Zoe of the Aurora, and Kevin realized that she'd only pretended that she'd never heard of the Kingdom Beyond. Mariah walked in and immediately identified the couple's costumes, and Chloe guessed that Mariah was going as a troll. Mariah turned away, but Kevin insisted on hearing what she'd wanted to talk about. Mariah claimed that she was worried about Natalie.

Mariah and Kevin stepped to the patio, and she explained that she'd run into Natalie the day before. He was surprised that Natalie hadn't taken her cash and gone back to Geneva. Mariah revealed that the money was supposedly gone, so Natalie had taken a job with Victor. Mariah thought it would end badly if Natalie was working as Victor's "pet cyber genius." Kevin said he was glad Mariah had told him, since Victor had hurt enough people, and he didn't want Natalie to be next.

Chloe observed that Esther was staring, and she asked what was wrong. Esther marveled that absolutely nothing was wrong for once, and she'd always believed that Kevin and Chloe would be perfect together. Esther gushed that Bella finally had the chance to have a real family, but Chloe warned that her mother was getting ahead of herself. Kevin informed Chloe that Og had to rescue someone, but he'd be back in time for trick-or-treating.

Mariah and Chloe made small talk about Bella's costume, and Mariah was glad to see that some things hadn't changed, like kids enjoying Halloween. Chloe remarked that Kevin hadn't changed, either, since he still couldn't resist a damsel in distress. Mariah clarified that he was helping a friend, but Chloe suspected that Mariah was trying to stir up trouble. Mariah huffed that the difference between them was that she didn't do things for people based on what they did for her. Mariah added that she'd supported Kevin's choice to get back together with Chloe, and she had other prospects in the world.

Natalie laughed when Kevin arrived at Newman, and she quipped that he'd finally found his look. Kevin questioned why she was there of all places, and she replied that it was a living. She wondered how he'd known that she worked there, and she realized that Mariah had told him. Kevin swore that Mariah's concern about Natalie was sincere, but Natalie snapped that Mariah was only fishing for a story to parlay into a steady gig at GC Buzz, since only one source could have provided the tabloid's blind item about a hacker. Natalie proclaimed that she might have started as an executive assistant, but she intended to work her way up the ladder.

Kevin returned to the coffeehouse, and Mariah asked if Natalie had stuck to her bogus story or if she'd admitted to doing computer work for Victor. Kevin accused Mariah of setting him up in order to score points at her sleazy new job, and Chloe taunted that Mariah's new prospect was being a gopher for a gossip site. Kevin ordered Mariah not to use their friendship to curry favor at a job, or they'd have no friendship at all. Kevin and Chloe headed out to take Bella trick-or-treating.

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