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Sharon insisted on doing a live interview on GC Buzz. Faith declared that she wanted to live with Nick and Christian. Sharon threw Dylan out. Travis slept with Michelle after a fight with Victoria. Billy looked on as Travis proposed to Victoria in the park.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of November 14, 2016 on Y&R
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Travis and Michelle Rekindle Their Passion Travis and Michelle Rekindle Their Passion
Monday, November 14, 2016

At Victoria's house, Billy defended a drunken Travis. Victoria was angry at Travis for lashing out at Billy. Billy explained that being in a relationship with Victoria could be overwhelming at times. Billy added that Travis had been correct when he'd claimed that Billy had often made up excuses to drop by Victoria's house. Billy admitted that he'd interfered in Victoria's relationship to make Travis look bad. Victoria was taken aback when Billy said Victoria should give Travis a second chance, especially after Travis had returned to Genoa City to help Summer. Billy added that both Johnny and Katie had grown fond of Travis. Victoria thanked Billy for his guidance.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Travis stopped by the suite occupied by his former lover, Michelle. A drunken Travis found Michelle clad only in a towel. After Travis said he wanted to accept Michelle's offer to buy him a drink, she suggested he step into her suite instead. Michelle asked a disheveled Travis if he'd fought with Victoria. Travis ranted that Victoria's family, including ex-husband Billy, always sided with her during a disagreement.

After Travis and Michelle recalled their past involvement, Michelle dropped her towel and stood naked. Travis pulled Michelle close and began kissing her. After the couple made love, Travis said he had to leave. Travis apologized to Michelle, indicating he'd taken advantage of the situation. Michelle said she was aware that Travis loved Victoria.

Michelle assured Travis that their tryst would remain between them. Michelle promised not to interfere with the life Travis had built with Victoria. Michelle explained that she was about to leave town, and she again promised to keep quiet about her and Travis' afternoon of lovemaking. Travis seemed torn when Michelle said that Victoria was a lucky woman. Victoria phoned and begged Travis to return home.

Travis returned to Victoria's house. Victoria, waiting anxiously near the door, apologized as soon as Travis entered. Victoria promised not to criticize Travis again. Victoria stepped toward Travis and embraced him, told him she loved him, and said she was certain their relationship would work out. Victoria pleaded with Travis to forgive her. Travis seemed remorseful and rested his head on Victoria's shoulder.

In Jack's office at Jabot, Jack, in a surge of passion, kissed Phyllis on the lips. The couple wrapped their arms tightly around each other and continued kissing. Jack suddenly broke away, but Phyllis noted that Jack was the one who'd kissed her. Jack cried that he'd made a mistake he wouldn't repeat because Phyllis would be moving to New York. Phyllis insisted that the kiss had proven that Jack still wanted her. Phyllis said she'd move away only if Jack told her that he wanted her to leave. Jack refused, so Phyllis said she wouldn't leave Genoa City.

Jack recalled Phyllis' affair and said trusting her had been his biggest mistake. Jack became irate and said, "What the hell are you fighting for, anyway?" Phyllis turned down the job promotion in New York and challenged Jack to fire her. Phyllis warned that if Jack fired her, she'd assume ownership of half of Jabot. Jack said Phyllis could stay, but he warned that he wouldn't let his passions get carried away again. After Phyllis walked out, Jack thought about kissing Phyllis.

At Sharon's ranch house, Mariah stood by as Sharon packed away everything in the nursery. Sharon picked up a plush bunny and noted that Christian, then known as Sully, had cherished the toy whenever he'd felt ill. Reflecting on recent events, Sharon insisted that she'd never set out to do wrong and didn't deserve to have the public call her a monster. Noah entered the room just as Sharon cried that she missed her son. Mariah left.

Sharon had a talk with Noah. Sharon alluded to Hilary's press coverage about Sully really being Christian. Sharon recalled that Dr. Anderson had kept her drugged. Noah explained that he knew Dr. Anderson had kidnapped Christian to seek revenge against Nick. Sharon cried that family members had misunderstood her actions.

Noah pointed out that even after Sharon had learned the truth, she'd kept Nick away from his son. Sharon explained that she and Dylan had bonded to the baby, so even after she'd learned the truth, her feelings didn't just go away. Sharon admitted she'd been selfish to keep the baby in hopes of maintaining her marriage. Sharon said she knew it was best for Nick and for Christian to be reunited. Sharon planned a visit with Nick and said she refused to hide from Nick or anyone else.

At Nick's tack house, little Christian played while Nick unpacked clothing and toys he and Sage had purchased before their son's birth. Chelsea dropped by to check on Nick and Christian. Chelsea reminisced about Adam and Connor enjoying each other's company. Nick unpacked a box of baby items he'd stowed away after he'd believed Christian had died. One toy was a plush rabbit.

Sharon stopped by Nick's, carrying a box of Christian's belongings. Sharon excitedly pulled out the child's favorite bunny. Sharon set down the toy after she spied the bunny Nick already had for Christian. Sharon mentioned the birthday party Dylan had been planning. Nick replied, "A birthday party for Sully? Sully never existed." Sharon began sobbing and said she'd loved Sully and still loved him.

Nick accused Sharon of stopping by to insinuate herself into Christian's life. Sharon pleaded with Nick to reconsider and suggested the party might be a starting point for healing. Nick told Sharon to let go of Christian and move on with her life. Chelsea seemed crushed as she listened to Sharon note that Christian would miss the family he'd grown to know. Nick said young Christian would never even remember that Sharon had been part of his life. Sharon tearfully apologized, but Nick said that Sharon only regretted getting caught after Patty had backed her into a corner. After Sharon left, Chelsea told Nick that he had a right to be angry, but she subtly defended Sharon.

At GC Buzz, Hilary was anxious to keep viewers interested in her story about Sharon. Devon seemed uneasy about his wife's ruthless drive to produce sensational material. Hilary lamented having lost Mariah as her assistant. After Hilary stepped away, Mariah arrived for a conference with Devon. Devon sought to rehire Mariah to ensure that Hilary's stories were fair, balanced, and not sensationalized. Devon said he'd be the one to run interference with Hilary. After Hilary returned, Mariah said she wanted to help Hilary share Sharon's on-air stories responsibly. Hilary later told Devon that she knew he'd arranged Mariah's return.

Sharon stopped by to talk to Hilary. Sharon insisted that she be allowed to share her side of the story after Hilary had painted her as a monster. Sharon said she expected to be paid for her ratings-worthy story, and Hilary agreed. After Hilary stepped away, Mariah tried to talk her mother out of stepping into the media limelight. Sharon cried that she needed to mend relationships.

Mariah strongly advised Sharon to share her side of the story privately because she didn't need the money. Sharon said she intended to donate the money to charity. Sharon explained that she wanted to tell her side of the story. After Sharon entered the studio area with Hilary, Mariah phoned Dylan and left a message. Mariah said that Dylan should stop Sharon's "train wreck."

Sharon gives a live interview Sharon gives a live interview
Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Nick and Chelsea entered Crimson Lights with Christian, and they told Esther about how they'd dodged reporters at the ranch. Esther imagined that the press wanted to get a photo of the boy, and she gushed that it was a miracle that Nick had his son with him again. Nick announced that they were there to celebrate with cake, since he'd missed Christian's first birthday. Esther headed toward the back room to fetch some birthday candles, but she stopped short when she saw her computer screen. Chelsea pulled out her phone and was stunned by the latest news wire from GC Buzz.

At the ranch, Nikki turned off Victor's music and declared that GC Buzz was on. Victor preferred to listen to the music instead of tabloid nonsense, but Nikki informed him that the lead story was about Nick and Christian again, since Sharon had decided to air her side.

At the police station, Dylan listened to Mariah's voicemail about Sharon going on live television, and he raced out. Paul wondered what was going on. Christine had an idea of what it was.

Hilary welcomed her audience to her live broadcast about one of the biggest scandals to hit Genoa City in ages -- the baby swap that had deprived Nick of his son for a year. She announced that GC Buzz had an exclusive interview with Sharon, and there was more to the unfolding saga. Hilary asked if Sharon was ready to tell the story that had Genoa City buzzing, and Sharon stated that she was aware of what people were saying about her, but she wasn't crazy or a monster. Sharon declared that she'd known exactly what she'd been doing and why, and she would have kept the secret forever to protect her family.

Hilary implored Sharon not to hold anything back, and Sharon admitted that she'd done something terrible by keeping a baby after she'd learned it wasn't hers. Sharon was sure that everyone would judge her for trying to raise the child herself, even though she'd known he had belonged to another family, but she wanted people to realize that it had been a complicated situation. Sharon acknowledged that she couldn't undo the heartache she'd caused, but she hoped to make others understand why she'd done it. Nick ranted that Sharon had stolen his son and was trying to justify it on live television.

Hilary asked Sharon why she'd kept such a huge secret, and she speculated that Sharon had confided in someone. Sharon stared at Mariah for a moment, but she insisted that Patty had been the only other person who'd known the truth. Sharon explained that Patty had been blackmailing her by threatening to expose the secret unless Sharon helped her escape. Paul became livid that Sharon had dragged Patty into it, and he swore that Sharon wouldn't get away with it.

Sharon begged people to understand that she'd been a victim, too, and Hilary inquired about how Sharon had ended up being a patient at Fairview. Sharon replied that she had bipolar disorder, which was nothing to be ashamed of. Sharon added that she'd checked herself into the facility because she'd believed that she'd been pregnant at the time, and she'd wanted to be of healthy mind and body when she gave birth to her and Dylan's child. Sharon asserted that she hadn't realized that she'd been playing into Dr. Anderson's hands, and the doctor had been a vengeful person who'd carried a grudge against Nick. Sharon indicated that Dr. Anderson had seen an opportunity to punish Nick by stealing his child and giving the baby to Sharon.

Sharon disclosed that she'd had a miscarriage, but Dr. Anderson had pumped her full of drugs and convinced her that she'd carried a baby to full term. Sharon recalled that the doctor had placed a baby boy in her arms and told Sharon that he was hers, but it had really been Nick and Sage's little boy. Hilary asked if Dr. Anderson had brainwashed Sharon, and Sharon thought there were no other words to describe it, since Sharon had thought she'd given Dylan the greatest gift of his life by making him a father. Sharon saw Dylan enter the studio, and she mused that it had been her and Dylan's dream.

Sharon cried that the baby she and Dylan had named Sully had been like their own child by the time she'd found out the truth, and she hadn't been able to tear her whole family apart. Hilary queried what Sharon hoped to accomplish by being there, but Dylan interrupted and dragged Sharon out. Hilary concluded her broadcast by telling her audience that Detective McAvoy hadn't liked what his wife had had to say.

Nick slammed his computer shut, and bulbs from photographers' cameras began flashing from outside the coffeehouse window. Chelsea guessed that the press had found them, and Esther ushered them out the back. Nick had a place in mind to seek refuge.

Nikki called Sharon's performance shameless, and she thought whatever punishment Sharon got wouldn't be enough. She wondered why Victor was quiet, and he said he agreed with her, but he was thinking about Nick. Victor recalled that Nick hadn't wanted Sharon to be prosecuted, but he pointed out that Nick might not have a say. Nikki refused to leave it to chance.

Nikki called Paul and asked if he was aware that Sharon had confessed to a serious crime on television, and she wondered how soon Paul was going to arrest Sharon. Paul pointed out that citizens didn't give the police marching orders, but he assured her that the police would follow up. After he hung up, Christine realized that she no longer had any discretion about whether or not to press charges. She insisted that Paul haul Sharon in for questioning.

Dylan asked Sharon if she knew that she'd just confessed to a felony on-camera, but Sharon contended that she'd had no other option, since admitting herself to a psychiatric facility to avoid prosecution was no option at all. Dylan reiterated that it would be a chance to keep her out of prison, but Sharon intended to be a mom to her children, so she'd felt that she'd needed to defend herself. Dylan doubted that anyone would sympathize with what she'd done, but Sharon was willing to settle for people understanding that she had done it out of love for her own family and not to be cruel.

Hilary observed that Mariah seemed jumpier than usual, and Mariah blamed it on the studio's espresso. Hilary thought Mariah had looked relieved when Sharon had claimed that Patty had been the only one who'd known Sharon's secret, but she didn't buy it. Hilary asked what it had felt like when Mariah had first found out that her mom had been keeping such a huge secret, and she found it almost inconceivable that Mariah had had no idea.

Mariah claimed that she'd wished she had known so she could have helped her mom. Dylan and Sharon reentered the studio, and Hilary offered to put Sharon back on-camera. Dylan barked that they were done, and a police officer entered and announced that the chief had sent him there with orders. Hilary grabbed the camera, but Sharon begged her not to film anything. Hilary set the camera down, but she kept the tape rolling as the officer placed Sharon under arrest.

The police officer escorted a handcuffed Sharon to the police station, and Mariah followed closely behind them. Paul scolded that he hadn't told the officer to arrest Sharon, and he clarified that he just needed to question her. Paul informed Sharon that she had a right to an attorney, and Mariah offered to call Michael, but Sharon declined. Paul led Sharon into his office, and Christine insisted on having a chat with Dylan. Christine turned on her voice recorder, and Dylan conceded that what Sharon had done had been wrong, but he understood why she'd done it.

Christine said she was less interested in Dylan's opinion than the facts, and Dylan replied that he didn't have too many of them, since Sharon's story had been a shock to him. Dylan contended that his world had crashed down when Nick had walked away with Sully, and Christine asked if Dylan believed that what Sharon had done had been the act of a rational woman. Dylan believed that Sharon had been sane when she'd chosen not to step forward, and Christine asked about the time prior to that. Dylan responded that Dr. Anderson had preyed upon Sharon at Fairview, but he believed Sharon had known what she'd been doing when she'd learned the truth.

Dylan imagined that Sharon had been tortured by knowing that what she'd been doing had been wrong, but she'd convinced herself that it had been the right course of action for their family. Christine inquired whether Dylan thought Sharon had done the right thing, and Dylan confirmed that he thought Sharon had believed she'd done the right thing. Christine said she had no choice but to file charges against Sharon for kidnapping. Dylan called Michael and asked for his help.

Meanwhile, Paul told Sharon that he'd talked to Dylan about not letting things get that far, and Sharon said she appreciated Paul trying to help. He stated that she'd broken his son's heart, and he turned on a recorder and instructed her to start from the beginning. Sharon recounted that both she and Sage had been close to finding out the truth around the same time, and she'd thought a lot about what it had been like for Sage to realize that her son had been taken from her. Sharon sobbed that her greatest fear had been putting Dylan through the same kind of pain, and she swore that she hadn't wanted to tear apart the family that they'd built together. Sharon stressed that her only thought had been to protect her husband from the same thing he'd been through before with Chelsea, but she'd only ended up postponing it.

At Brash & Sassy, Billy was surprised to find Jill at the office. She had expected to find him and Victoria hard at work to compete with the Jabot app, and she complained that the place had been deserted during a crisis. She told him to rally his other colleagues, but he was certain that Victoria wouldn't pick up his call that night. Billy and Jill discussed Cane's torn ACL, and she wondered why Victoria wasn't picking up the slack with Cane out of commission. Billy reported that Victoria was working things out with Travis after the couple had had an argument, and he relayed that he'd told Victoria that Travis was a good guy who had deserved a second chance. Jill questioned how someone with her DNA could be that stupid.

Billy empathized with Travis' position, but Jill huffed that Billy was twice the man Travis was. Jill anticipated that Victor would eat Travis for lunch and that Travis would soon break Victoria's heart. Billy guessed that Jill expected him to be there to pick up the pieces, but she advised Billy to intervene and save Victoria from a world of hurt. Jill testily asked how Billy could support Victoria's relationship with a man who wasn't in Billy's league. Billy explained that he cared enough about Victoria to want to see her happy, and he accepted that Travis made her happy.

Victoria and Travis kissed, and she apologized for overreacting when he'd smelled of alcohol. He conceded that he shouldn't have been around the kids when he'd been drinking, and she asked if they could start over and have a calm discussion. She wondered where he'd gone, since she'd sensed that he hadn't been alone when he'd picked up her call. Travis said it didn't matter where he'd been, since he'd been out of line to attack Billy.

Victoria revealed that Billy had told her to go easy on Travis, and Billy had reminded her of how difficult it was to be a Newman outsider. Travis was surprised to get support from Billy, and Victoria admitted that it hadn't been fair of her to take out her frustration on Travis. They agreed to put it behind them, and they hugged. She noticed that he smelled nice, and she asked if he was wearing new cologne. He kissed her, and she amorously stated that he'd reminded her of the best part of making up.

Victoria and Travis made out on the couch, but he pulled back and pointed out that the kids might not be asleep yet. Victoria recognized that Katie was excited about her birthday, and Travis suggested that he and Victoria celebrate making up with a night on the town. Victoria was surprised by his sudden desire to go out, but he told her to put on her dancing shoes. She went upstairs to kiss the kids goodbye, and he looked guilty.

Travis and Victoria arrived at the Underground, and he insisted that it was better than hanging out at home. She seductively replied that she'd rather be alone with him, and they kissed. Nick, Chelsea, and Christian entered, and Chelsea mentioned that they'd outsmarted the paparazzi. Nick planned to kick everyone out to have privacy, and Victoria offered to help. Michelle entered the bar, and Travis looked on as Victoria informed her that the place was closed.

Michelle argued that the sign outside had indicated that the bar was open for few a more hours, and she didn't feel like being alone. Victoria explained that the owner was dealing with some personal stuff, and Michelle remarked that it was too bad, since it looked like a fun club. Victoria politely stated that they'd see Michelle again soon, and Michelle pointedly replied, "You just might." Michelle headed out, and Victoria commented to Travis that Michelle had looked like she'd wanted to stay all night.

After the other patrons had left, Nick explained that he and Chelsea had taken Christian out because they'd missed the boy's first birthday. Victoria mentioned that Katie's birthday party was the next day, and she suggested that they fold Christian's birthday into the celebration. Nick liked the idea, and Victoria asked Travis what he thought, but he was clearly distracted. Travis insisted that he and Victoria get going, and Victoria was puzzled, since it had been his idea to go out. Outside the bar, Victoria demanded to know what was wrong, but Travis swore that he just wanted to get her home to have her to himself.

Later, Nick cracked the door open, but he saw photographers' flashes, and he figured that he wouldn't be able to get Christian back to his crib anytime soon. Chelsea observed that the baby was fast asleep, and it made no difference to the tot where they were, but the noise from getting him to the car would wake him up. She expected that the reporters would eventually get tired and go home, and she prepared to stick it out there.

Travis and Victoria returned to her place, and he remarked that there was no place like home. Victoria pointed out that she would have been happy staying in all night. She stepped into the kitchen to pour some wine, and he pulled out his phone and gazed at Michelle's number. Later, Travis and Victoria made love on the couch, and she said it was where they belonged. They pledged their love to one another.

Hilary and Devon entered the Athletic Club, and she read online comments and crowed that everyone was talking about the interview. Devon cautioned against only focusing on one story, but Hilary thought he was protecting Mariah. Hilary noted that Sharon had looked right at Mariah when Hilary had asked if Sharon had confided in anyone. Victor approached and said he'd seen the Hamiltons' little production, and he condemned them for giving Sharon a soapbox to justify her actions. Nikki thought Devon and Hilary should be ashamed of the spectacle, but Hilary snapped that they weren't.

Hilary revealed that the next episode would feature footage of Sharon being hauled out by the police, and she thought catching Sharon's arrest on-camera should appease Victor and Nikki. Nikki groused that she hadn't heard anything about Nick's suffering, just Sharon's. Victor declared that he was happy that the police were finally doing their job, but the court of public opinion was another matter. Victor griped that the latest episode had been propaganda for Sharon, even though he'd told Devon what it would take to keep Victor's lawyers at bay. Hilary argued that Sharon's heart had been broken, too, but Victor warned Devon to make sure the story was told the right way.

Billy approached Michelle at the club's bar and inquired whether the seat next to her was taken. She told him to help himself, and he glanced over at Victor and grumbled that there were a few people he'd rather not see. Michelle volunteered to be Billy's cover, but he said all he needed was a scotch. She requested that he watch her things while she powdered her nose, and she stepped away. Billy spotted her phone on the bar, and he saw a text message from Travis, thanking her for not saying anything in front of Victoria earlier.

Dylan makes a surprising decision Dylan makes a surprising decision
Wednesday, November 16, 2016
by Nel

At the ranch, Nikki and Victor put out the finishing touches for Christian and Katie's birthday party. They discussed Sharon, and they both worried about Faith and Dylan. Victor said that Dylan should confess. Nikki asked why. Victor pointed out that Dylan was a detective and had to have known that Sharon hadn't been pregnant -- and the only victims were Nick and Christian. Nikki accused Victor of not being fair and said she wasn't going to throw one son over for the other. Victor stated that sometimes choices had to be made.

Nikki stated that Sharon was the criminal. Victor asked if Dylan was that delicate, since Sharon had kept up the lie to protect Dylan, and Nikki was also protecting him. Nikki argued that Sharon had lied to everyone for a long time, and that was why she was behind bars. Sharon was the only one responsible. Victor wanted to revisit the issue later because Travis and Victoria arrived with the kids. Victor stayed behind while everyone went with Nikki to feed the horses.

At the police station, Dylan wanted to know how long Sharon was going to be detained and why a bail hearing hadn't been set. Paul warned him that Sharon was a flight risk, and since they were related, Paul couldn't ask for leniency. Dylan said that locking Sharon up would accomplish nothing. Paul reminded Dylan that it was up to the judge. This situation involved the Newman family, and no one knew who was beholden to Victor. Paul was sure Victor would want his say, since Nick was the primary victim. Paul also warned that Sharon might not be home for a while. Dylan stormed out.

In the meantime, Christine and Sharon were in Paul's office. Christine reminded Sharon that Sharon was a flight risk. Sharon admitted she'd run the last time because she'd been innocent and had refused to go to prison for something she hadn't done. Christine asked if Sharon was willing to go to prison for something she had admitted to. Sharon said she hadn't said that, but she needed to get home to Faith. Christine said that was for a judge to decide and warned Sharon not to expect much after what she'd done.

Christine stepped out of Paul's office, and Paul advised her that Dylan was angry. Paul said he'd already lost a grandson and didn't want to lose a son as well.

Paul walked into his office and advised Sharon he was going to escort her to her cell. Sharon apologized to Paul for hurting his son and grandson. Paul said he'd never had a grandson. Sharon said she wished he had. She wasn't asking him to forgive her. She said that Dylan was a good man and didn't deserve to suffer that way. Paul received a text message advising him that Sharon's arraignment had been moved up. He suggested Sharon stay in his office until it was time to go.

At Chelsea's office, Chelsea asked Chloe to attend the party with her because Chelsea needed a backup. After a bit of cajoling from Chelsea, Chloe agreed to go. Chloe praised Chelsea for supporting Nick. Chelsea said all she'd done was try to convince Nick to stop wasting his energy being angry with Sharon. Chloe said most of the town was pissed at what Sharon had done. Chelsea said she'd be a hypocrite if she called Sharon out, since she'd done the same thing, and she hated that it had happened to Dylan again. Chelsea felt if they could focus on peace, then Dylan might heal sooner -- and perhaps Dylan could remain in Christian's life.

At the tack house, Nick and Faith got a bag ready for Christian, and Nick felt it would be a good day, even if things seemed confusing at the moment. Faith asked if Sharon and Dylan would be at the party. Nick said they wouldn't, but Faith felt that Dylan should be there, since he hadn't done anything wrong. Nick said that Dylan knew the baby was Christian, and Nick didn't think Dylan would want to attend. Faith said Dylan had been very excited planning Sully's first birthday. Nick suggested they would take things one step at a time.

Dylan arrived at Nick's, and after asking about the baby, Dylan asked Nick not to press charges against Sharon. Nick admitted he hadn't turned on the television or received any texts, so he hadn't known that Sharon had been arrested. Dylan said Sharon had spent the night at the station and was waiting for her arraignment. Nick wondered why no one had given him a heads-up. Dylan said Sharon had been arrested because of the interview she'd given on GC Buzz.

Dylan asked Nick to talk to Christine, and maybe the whole situation would disappear. Nick didn't think he could do or say anything that would help Sharon after she'd confessed on national television. Dylan said that Sharon had lost the baby and spent the night in jail, and after her interview, Dylan was sure that Sharon would probably lose everyone else. Nick asked if that included Dylan and if that was Dylan's last act of kindness before he left Sharon.

Dylan said it wasn't about his marriage -- it was about Sharon being locked up. He wouldn't have asked for Nick's help if he'd thought Sharon should be locked up. Dylan admitted he was angry, but he didn't want Sharon in jail. Dylan left when Chelsea arrived. Nick updated Chelsea about Dylan's visit.

Chelsea said what Sharon had done was terrible, and she had broken a lot of hearts, but Sharon's heart had been the first to break when she'd realized she'd never given birth. Sharon had lost too. Chelsea felt a lot of people would like to see Sharon behind bars but questioned what good that would do. Nick said he hadn't done it to Sharon -- she'd done it to herself when she'd given the interview. Chelsea suggested that Nick could end the legal aspect of Sharon's situation. Chelsea asked if he'd rather enjoy every second with Christian or spend his time nursing a grudge.

At the police station, Sharon said they couldn't start the arraignment yet because she didn't have an attorney. Dylan returned and said that Michael would meet them at the courthouse. Dylan asked who the presiding judge was. When Paul said it was Delinsky, Dylan warned Sharon they might have a problem because that was a by-the-book judge, and the judge wouldn't ignore that Sharon was a flight risk.

Nick arrived and told Christine and Paul that he wasn't going to press charges against Sharon. Paul asked if Victor felt the same way. Nick asked why that mattered, since Paul and Christine had never bowed to Newman pressure. Christine assured Nick they had a case with or without Nick's support. Nick advised that he would not testify against Sharon. Paul said the prosecution could have Nick subpoenaed. Nick stated that the baby's father would be treated as a hostile witness. That wouldn't go over really well with the judge and jury. He asked what they would do if he testified on Sharon's behalf.

Paul and Christine went into Paul's office to discuss what they should do. Sharon thanked Nick. Nick advised her not to do any more rogue interviews. He said he was missing his son's birthday party to be there for Sharon, and he'd lost too many days with Christian already. He wanted it over, and the sooner that happened, the sooner he could have a real life with his son. Christine and Paul returned, and Christine said she'd made a decision about the charges.

At Crimson Lights, Abby called Victoria and asked why Travis had answered Victoria's phone. Travis told Abby that Victoria was upstairs, getting Katie ready, but he could take the phone to Victoria. Abby declined and said she just wanted to know if Victoria needed anything for the party. Travis assured her that since Nikki and Victor were hosting the party, they would have everything covered. He suggested cupcakes, since Katie loved them.

After Abby hung up, Ashley asked why Abby had reacted when Travis had answered Victoria's phone. Abby had thought Victoria had thrown Travis out. Abby had spoken with Victoria the other night, and things had sounded really bad. Ashley thought it was a good thing they had worked things out because Ashley was a big fan of romance. Ashley left.

At the Athletic Club, Billy saw Michelle leave for a run and followed her.

Billy beat Michelle to Chancellor Park, and when she ran through, Billy pretended to accidentally bump into her and apologized. He introduced himself, and Michelle asked if he was related to Ashley. He confirmed that Ashley was his sister. Michelle admitted that she and Ashley were old friends. Billy asked if Michelle was in Genoa City for business or pleasure. Michelle asked why she couldn't be there for both. When Billy asked Michelle what she did, Michelle said they could save it for another time and left. Billy called Ashley and said they needed to talk.

Billy met Ashley at the Athletic Club and asked her about Michelle. Ashley said that Michelle was going through a divorce, but she wasn't sure why Michelle was in town. Billy wanted to know the connection between Michelle and Travis.

Ashley admitted that Michelle and Travis had had an affair when Michelle had been married and Travis hadn't. It had been very messy and ugly, but it was over. Billy said Michelle claimed she was in town on business and pleasure. Billy wanted to know which of those reasons had prompted Travis to send Michelle a text message. Ashley assured Billy that she'd made it very clear that Travis was seriously involved with someone. Billy said fidelity didn't seem to be a problem for Travis. Ashley assumed Michelle had learned her lesson. Billy hoped she had, because if Victoria was about to get hurt, Billy wasn't going to stand by and do nothing.

Ashley went to Michelle's suite and advised her that Travis was at a family function and wouldn't be stopping by. Ashley accused Michelle of contacting Travis right after she'd seen Ashley. Michelle said that Travis had been a big part of her life, and she'd wanted to catch up. Ashley knew Michelle had been going through an emotional time since her divorce, and it was natural for Michelle to try to recapture a happy time in her life, but that time was gone. Michelle accused Ashley of creating drama out of nothing.

Ashley told Michelle that Billy had picked up on something, and Billy and Ashley didn't want to see Victoria get hurt. Ashley advised her that Billy was Victoria's ex-husband and the father of their children. Michelle knew that Billy had been looking for information, and she thought he was after her.

Michelle advised Ashley that if Billy wanted his ex-wife back, then he was one step closer, and he should thank her. Michelle said that she and Travis had had something real and strong. Ashley asked if Michelle thought she could get it back and if Travis had been the reason she'd shown up in town. Michelle said that she and Travis had made love, and it had been better than it had ever been.

At the ranch, Victor opened the door to Chloe and told her the party was by invitation only. Chloe informed him that Chelsea had invited her and that Chelsea had taken Connor and Bella to the stables. Victor asked if Chelsea trusted Chloe with Connor. Chloe admitted they were one big family. Victor said that was only because Chelsea didn't know what Chloe had done to Adam.

Chloe asked if Victor accused all his guests of homicide. Victor reminded her that when his family was under attack, he went on the offensive. Victor said that if Chloe had given him Sage's journal pages, Adam would have been released from prison before he'd attacked the guard. Because of the chain of events, Adam was dead. Chloe reminded Victor that his grandson was in the barn, playing with a pony. Victor said Connor wasn't the issue. Chloe felt that "loss" was the issue. They had both lost their children, except hers had been young and innocent with her whole life ahead of her.

Victor stated that Chloe was living in Adam's house and that she and Chelsea were looking after each other's children. He asked if Chloe had told Chelsea what she'd done to Adam. Chloe said she hadn't told Chelsea how she'd helped Victor frame Adam, and Chelsea also didn't know how Victor had stuffed Adam into a jail cell. Victor accused Chloe of talking too much.

Chelsea and Connor arrived, and with a worried look, Chelsea asked why Chloe and Victor were alone. Victor asked Chelsea where Nick was. Chelsea assured him that Nick would be there shortly. Chloe thanked Victor for his warm welcome and left to check on Bella.

Chelsea asked Victor what he and Chloe had talked about. Victor said they had talked about her and Chloe's children and Chloe's living arrangements. Chelsea confirmed that it worked for both of them because they were single mothers. Victor thought it had to be tough on Chelsea, knowing Connor was Christian's half-brother. Chelsea said she tried not to think about it too much. Victor wished Adam were still alive to see his healthy, happy boy Christian.

Chelsea pointed out that Victor was the only one she could talk to about Christian. Victor wanted to know if Chelsea had said anything to Chloe. Chelsea loved Chloe, but she would never tell Chloe about that. Victor advised Chelsea that Chloe was not as mentally sound as she wanted everyone to believe.

Chloe and Victoria were chatting when Abby joined them and gushed over Bella. Chloe and Abby had an awkward moment when Chloe asked Abby how Abby enjoyed married life. Abby stuttered for a second then told Chloe that she and Stitch had separated. Chloe apologized. There was more awkwardness when Abby asked Chloe who Bella's father was and if she had joint custody with him. Chloe stood in silence. It was Abby's turn to apologize and say it wasn't any of her business.

Chloe told Abby the father was long gone, and Bella got a triple dose of love since Kevin was around. Chloe excused herself and went for another cupcake. Abby was frustrated with herself for being so nosy. Victoria felt Abby had every right to ask questions, since Chloe had just returned to town as a single mother after being in a psychiatric ward. Victoria was certain Chloe had been asked those questions many times before.

When Billy arrived, Victoria went to help him with the gifts. Billy kept looking at Travis. Victoria asked if something was wrong. Billy said he was worried that Victor had found out that Billy had bought Katie a dollhouse, so Victor had decided to buy her a condo. Victoria questioned the look on Billy's face. Billy informed her that that look always surfaced when he was within one hundred yards of Victor.

Chloe was ready to leave, and Chelsea asked her to take Connor home because Chelsea wanted to wait for Nick. She told Chloe that Nick was late for a very good reason.

When Victor announced that it was gift-giving time, Billy invited Travis for a drink. Travis thanked Billy for putting in a good word for him with Victoria. Travis admitted he'd been out of line. Billy hadn't needed to cut him a break, but he had, and Travis appreciated it. Travis said that he and Victoria had worked things out. Billy asked if that had happened before or after Travis had been with Michelle.

Victor's gift to Christian was a silver piggy bank with a silver coin minted the year Victor had been born. Victor welcomed Christian into the Newman family. As everyone toasted the newest grandchild, Nick arrived with Sharon and Dylan.

Ashley tells Billy that Travis cheated Ashley tells Billy that Travis cheated
Thursday, November 17, 2016

At the Athletic Club, Jack was on the phone to arrange for some publicity for Jabot Go. He stated that Phyllis would be in touch to work out the details, and he clarified that Phyllis was no longer his wife but his ex-wife. He flashed back to kissing Phyllis in his office.

At Jabot, Phyllis stepped off the elevator and was surprised to see Traci outside Jack's office. Traci explained that she was there to add her congratulations for the company's new makeup app and to spend the holidays with her family. Phyllis assumed that Traci intended to let her have it for driving a wedge between the Abbott brothers and for breaking Jack's heart. Phyllis recognized the pain she'd caused, and she mentioned that Ashley never missed the chance to remind her of the horrible person she was. Traci swore that she had no agenda, and she contended that whatever had happened between Phyllis and Jack was their business, not hers.

Phyllis commended Traci for being the only member of the family not to brand Phyllis with a scarlet letter. Traci noted that Phyllis and Jack had found a way to coexist, and it was working, since Jabot Go had put the company back on top. Traci thought it was good for the company that Phyllis was still working there, but she guessed that it wasn't that great for Phyllis. Phyllis confided that Jack hadn't made it easy, since he pretended that he didn't care, but she knew he still did, and that was why she wouldn't walk away. Jack entered and was happy to see Traci.

Phyllis stepped out, and Traci said she would have made the trip sooner, but she'd wanted to give Jack and Billy time to sort things out. Traci surmised that Jack had been behind the leak of Newman documents, and Jack vaguely remarked that the person who'd released the documents had known that Victor always landed on his feet. Traci asked how Jack had landed, and he reported that Jabot was doing well because he and Ashley made a good team. Traci noted that Phyllis was also part of that team, but Jack swore that it hadn't been his choice, and there was nothing between him and Phyllis. Traci called Jack a terrible liar.

Traci didn't buy Jack's story about keeping Phyllis at Jabot solely because of the divorce settlement. Jack said Phyllis considered every moment they spent together an opportunity, and he admitted that his resolve sometimes faltered. He revealed that he'd wanted to move Phyllis to the New York office, but she'd threatened to sue for half of his stake in the company. Traci admired Phyllis' toughness, and Jack wished that Traci had his back.

Traci assured Jack that she would always support him, and she prepared to leave to check into the Athletic Club. She asked if Jack was going to Katie's birthday party, but Jack intended to avoid it because Billy would be there. Traci hoped that the holidays would build a bridge between the brothers, but Jack proclaimed that the bridge had been burned and would never be rebuilt. She told him to never say never, and she left. Jack stared at his empty signature line on his divorce papers.

Later, Jack presented Phyllis with the signed papers, and she said she'd been touched by Traci's compassion and understanding. Phyllis pointed out that Traci hadn't seemed to mind that Phyllis still worked there, and Jack figured that it hadn't hurt Jabot. Phyllis hoped Traci's spirit of generosity was contagious, and she asked what Jack's next step was. He announced that he was heading up to the cabin alone to get ready to spend the holidays with his family. He added that Phyllis could do whatever she wanted, and he politely wished her a nice holiday.

In Michelle's hotel room, Ashley asked what Michelle had been thinking when she'd had sex with Travis, and Michelle replied that it had happened in the heat of the moment. Ashley lectured that Travis was living with a woman who had children and a history with Ashley's brother, and she insisted that Michelle do the right thing by walking away. Michelle protested that she couldn't, and Ashley realized that she'd been right about Michelle being in Genoa City to see Travis. Michelle confidently confirmed that the sparks were still there.

Ashley implored Michelle to think about the damage she was doing to Travis' relationship, but Michelle reasoned that if he was just going through the motions with his girlfriend, it was better that things ended sooner rather than later. Ashley divulged that Travis was trying to work things out with Victoria, and he was at Katie's birthday party instead of there with Michelle. Ashley asserted that Travis and Victoria's relationship was serious, and Travis was part of a family that included Ashley's brother's children. Ashley urged Michelle to go back to New York, and she was sure that men would line up to date Michelle. Michelle whined that she didn't just want any man, and she refused to leave town until she spoke with Travis, since he had a choice to make. Ashley said he already had, and she left.

At Katie's birthday party at the Newman ranch, Travis chugged some wine, but Billy warned that another drink wouldn't save Travis from having a conversation. Billy revealed that he knew Travis had been in contact with his married ex, and he remarked that there were no secrets in that town. Travis insisted that it hadn't been a secret, and Billy asked if Victoria knew. Billy surmised from Travis' silence that Victoria was clueless, and Travis barked that it was none of Billy's business.

Travis couldn't believe that he'd thanked Billy for having his back. Billy explained that he'd meant everything he'd said to Victoria because he'd thought Travis had been another one of Victor's victims, but it had been before he'd found out about Travis' lie of omission. Travis contended that there had been no point in upsetting Victoria for no reason, and he insisted that there was nothing going on between him and Michelle. Travis swore that he and Victoria were in a good place, and Billy grumbled that Travis would have to be an idiot to screw things up.

Victor huffed that Sharon and Dylan had some nerve crashing the party, but Nick pointed out that they'd all walked in together. Victor argued that it was his house, and he had sympathy for Dylan, but none for Sharon. Victoria said the day was about the kids, and Victor told her to tell it to their uninvited guests. Nikki stressed that Sharon's actions had been despicable, but she thought they had to respect Nick's wishes if he wanted Sharon to be there. Nick offered to move the party somewhere else, but Nikki firmly stated that it wasn't necessary. Sharon thanked Nikki, but Nikki said she was only letting Sharon stay for Dylan's sake.

Dylan stared at Christian, and Faith asked if Dylan wanted to wish the boy a happy birthday. Dylan pointed out that Faith was forgetting someone, and Faith asked Nick if it was okay if her mom joined them, too. Sharon insisted that Nick didn't have to let her near Christian, but Nick declared that they were all there to make the boy feel special. Faith led Dylan over to see Christian, and Dylan asked the baby if he was having fun. Sharon wished the tot a happy birthday from a distance.

Jill told Victor that she couldn't get her head around the months of Sharon's lying, and Nikki wondered what Katherine would have had to say about it. Jill imagined that Katherine would have said that where there was a child, there was hope. Jill crossed over to Billy and asked if he was having second thoughts about pushing Travis back to Victoria. Billy admitted that he was but not for the reason Jill thought. Jill wondered if he no longer thought Travis was the best thing for Victoria, and Billy confirmed that he didn't.

Chelsea and Abby carried in birthday cakes, and Faith led the singing of "Happy Birthday." Sharon became emotional and stepped away. Chelsea followed Sharon out and asked if she was all right, and Sharon recognized that no one wanted her there, including her own husband and daughter. Chelsea said it would take time for them to adjust to the new normal, and Sharon pointed out that it would for her, too. Chelsea asserted that she and Nick were both happy that Sharon was there, and she regretted her harsh words to Sharon earlier.

Chelsea acknowledged that Sharon had made a huge mistake, but she thought no one could deny that Sharon loved Christian. Sharon confided that she still saw the boy as Sully, and she still considered him to be her son, but she knew she would never be his mother again. "No, you won't," Victoria spat, and she added that she didn't think Sharon should be there after the heartache she'd caused Nick. Victoria called Sharon a coward, but Chelsea defended that Sharon was hurting, too. Sharon hurried out.

Faith pulled Victoria and Chelsea back into the party, and Billy rolled his eyes when Victor gifted Katie with a pearl necklace. Victoria imagined that Victor would add a pearl every year until Katie had a full string of them. Travis received a text message from an unknown number, telling him to meet at the club right away. Billy asked if everything was okay, and Travis fibbed to Victoria that he'd forgotten Katie's present at home. After Travis left, Jill remarked to Victoria that Travis simply could have given Katie the gift at home later.

Victor toasted to his grandchildren and to the people who couldn't be with them but would always be in their hearts. Dylan asked Chelsea if she knew where Sharon had gone, and Chelsea reported that Sharon had left because it had been too much for her. Dylan said he'd felt the same way when he'd first gotten there, but then he'd seen the baby. Dylan asked how the birthday boy was doing, and Nick mentioned that Christian had pointed to Dylan across the room.

Nick thought Christian wanted a hug, but Dylan hesitated. Nick handed the tot over, and Dylan told Christian that there would always be a special place in his heart for the boy. Dylan gave the baby back to Nick and thanked Nick for including him, but he had to go. Nikki stopped Dylan on his way out and praised him for showing true courage that day. He thanked her for sticking up for him, and he headed out.

Victor was glad to see Dylan leave, but Chelsea questioned whether it wasn't enough that Christian was being raised as Victor's grandson. Victor pointed out that the boy was his grandson, and Chelsea remarked that Victor had gotten what he'd wanted, since Nick was raising the boy. Victor recalled that Adam's last wish had been for Nick to look after her and Connor, and he suggested that she return the favor by looking after Nick and Christian.

Billy asked Victoria where Travis was, and she relayed Travis' excuse about Katie's gift, but she griped that Jill had made it sound like Travis hadn't been able to wait to get out of there. Victoria requested that Billy talk sense into Jill by letting her know that he approved of Travis, but Billy remained silent. Victoria asked what was wrong. Billy contemplated how many divorced parents got to spend their kid's birthday together as a family, and Victoria noted that she and Billy also worked together. He asked if they were crazy, and she thought they were, but it worked.

Victoria applauded Billy for putting aside his ego and encouraging her to be happy, even if it was with someone else. Billy reiterated that he always wanted her to be happy, and they embraced. Jill spotted them and apologized if she was interrupting something, and Victoria went to find the kids. Billy told Jill not to go there, and she pointedly replied that she wouldn't have to if he got there first.

Victoria thanked Nikki and Victor for the day, and Nikki offered to help load the presents into the car, but she noticed that Travis wasn't there. Victoria planned to meet him at her house later, and Nikki walked her out. Nick told Faith that he had to take her to her mom's, but Faith begged to stay for one more hour. Abby suggested that they stop by the stables to feed the horses, and Faith agreed. Chelsea gushed that Christian had made it through his first birthday party, and Victor looked on as Nick mused that they had a lifetime more to go.

After the guests left, Victor remarked that it had been a nice party, but Nikki lamented that it hadn't been for Dylan. Victor thought it was time for Dylan to accept that Christian wasn't his, and it was best to make a clean break. Nikki thought that Dylan couldn't erase his love for the boy overnight, and Victor was thankful that Dylan had a loving mother to help him through it.

Dylan went home, and he told Sharon that everyone had been worried when she'd left the party, but she figured that people had been relieved. She ranted that she was accustomed to being the town pariah, but she'd hated seeing him having to put up with the whispers and stares. Sharon insisted that she didn't care what anyone else thought except him, and she asked if he'd ever be able to forgive her. Dylan remained silent, and she thought they should have just grabbed Sully. Dylan corrected that the child's name was Christian, since Sully was gone, and he'd never been their son in the first place. She blamed Dr. Anderson, but Dylan snapped that the doctor had started it, but Sharon had finished it, so it was all Sharon's fault.

Dylan apologized, and he explained that seeing Christian as a Newman at the party had been like being in an alternate universe. Dylan realized that he'd had pent-up emotions that he'd taken out on Sharon, and he added that there was too much pain. Faith appeared in the doorway and asked if someone had been hurt, and Sharon said they were just sad from seeing Faith's brother and missing him. Sharon inquired whether Faith had had a good time at the party, and Faith replied that she hadn't wanted to leave. Faith asked if she could live with her dad and Christian.

At the tack house, Chelsea checked in over the phone to make sure everything was good with Connor, and Nick reported that Christian was asleep. He realized that they were acting like doting, responsible parents, and he wondered what had happened to the "hell-raisers" they once had been. Chelsea declared that they could "raise hell" if they felt like it, and he offered her a beer. She joked that they were really living on the edge by drinking straight from the bottle. Chelsea worried that she'd given him bad advice about inviting Dylan and Sharon, but Nick thought the more the couple saw Christian as part of the Newman family, the quicker they'd get over it. He wanted to focus on raising his son with help from his friends.

Travis entered the Athletic Club, and Ashley approached him and expressed surprise that he wasn't at Katie's birthday party. Travis claimed that he was there to pick something up, and Ashley revealed that she'd sent the text message. Ashley wondered if he'd go back to the party after he hooked up with Michelle, and she informed him that Michelle had over-shared. Travis admitted that he'd made a mistake, and he was there to tell Michelle that what had happened would never happen again.

Ashley told Travis that Michelle thought she and Travis belonged together, but he insisted that he was in love with Victoria. Ashley told him to do something about it, and Travis recounted that Billy had offered similar advice at the party. Ashley worried that Billy would step in to protect Victoria, and the kids would suffer if Billy and Victoria were at one another's throats. Travis figured that Michelle would be leaving town, but Ashley insisted that he tell Victoria everything -- or Ashley would.

Later, Ashley gasped when she spotted Traci across the club, and they hugged hello. Traci said she hadn't been able to wait to congratulate her sister on Jabot Go, and she mentioned that she'd just seen Jack, who'd seemed lost. Ashley grumbled that they needed to get Phyllis out of the company, but Traci relayed that Jack had made it seem like he had no choice.

Later, Billy joined Ashley at the Athletic Club bar, and he said Katie had missed her aunt at the party. Ashley promised to stop by later to say hello to his kids, and Billy hoped Travis would be gone by then. Billy recalled that he'd tried to be the bigger man by getting out of the way to let Victoria be happy, but he was terrified that she was about to get hurt. Ashley sipped her drink, and Billy expected her to tell him it was all in his head. Ashley replied that it wasn't, since Travis had cheated on Victoria.

At home, Victoria descended the stairs and found a brooding Travis sitting in the living room. She asked why he'd never made it back to the party, and she wondered if everything was okay. He said there was something he needed to tell her.

Travis proposes to Victoria Travis proposes to Victoria
Friday, November 18, 2016

At the hospital, Lily entered Cane's room with takeout food. He was in a bad mood because of the Jabot Go app's success, and he was irritated that he hadn't been able to get Billy or Victoria on the phone. Lily told Cane to take it easy, but he was angry that he was stuck in bed when he had work to do. Lily hoped he'd be released soon, but Cane revealed that his doctor had voiced concern about his recovery and wouldn't let him go home.

Lily lectured that the doctor was putting Cane's health first, and she warned that getting an infection would mean another surgery, which would result in even more time away from his family and work. Cane protested that he had too much work to do, but Lily ordered him to listen to the doctor. He insisted on making a call, and he pulled out his notes about his counterstrategy against Jabot's app. Lily grabbed the notepad and said she'd call Billy and Victoria on Cane's behalf, but Cane doubted she could read his scribble. She told him to relax while she took care of the notes, and he drifted off to sleep.

At home, Travis asked if Victoria wanted to sit down, but she anticipated bad news, and she preferred to take it standing. He announced that Michelle was in town, and Victoria wondered if he'd left Katie's party early to see his ex. He said no, but he admitted that he'd seen Michelle the day before, and they'd crossed paths again later the same night. Victoria pointed out that she and Travis had been together the prior evening, and he revealed that Michelle had been the woman they'd run into at the Underground. Travis conceded that he should have told Victoria right away, but he hadn't wanted to mess things up after they'd just had a fight. Victoria sensed that there was more, and he explained that other people knew about Michelle and would try to use it against them.

Travis mentioned that he and Billy had gotten into it at the party, and Victoria became incensed that he'd argued with Billy before she'd even known that Travis had seen Michelle. Victoria wondered if old feelings had surfaced for Travis, and Travis confirmed that there had been a connection when he'd run into Michelle in Chancellor Park. Victoria assumed he was leaving, but Travis assured her that he'd realized that Michelle didn't mean anything to him anymore, and he'd told his ex that he wasn't interested in getting back together because he loved Victoria. Travis added that Michelle was leaving town, and he inquired whether he and Victoria could put it all behind them.

Victoria forgave Travis for not saying anything earlier, and she thanked him for putting up with much more from her ex. Travis swore never to let anyone get between them again. They kissed, and she flirtatiously asked if he wanted to go upstairs, but the phone rang. Victoria answered Lily's call, and Lily thought it might calm Cane's nerves if Lily had a conference call with Victoria and Billy. Victoria offered to track Billy down and call Lily from the office. Victoria told Travis that she had to go, but it would be just the two of them when she got back.

At the Athletic Club bar, Billy was livid that he'd defended Travis and convinced Victoria to give her boyfriend another chance. He guessed that the jogger who'd slinked into town was Travis' ex, and he asked how Ashley had found out that Travis and Michelle had slept together. Ashley reported that Michelle had told her, and Billy hissed that he should kill "that son of a bitch." Ashley told Billy to stay out of it, and she informed him that she'd only told him because she was tired of their family suffering by keeping secrets. Billy insisted that Victoria needed to know the truth, but Ashley reminded him of the "hell" he'd put Victoria through.

Ashley figured that Travis hadn't expected Michelle to show up and take advantage of him during a difficult time, and Billy questioned why Ashley was defending Travis. Ashley argued that Travis had been very devoted to Victoria, and she thought he deserved one more chance. Ashley recommended that Billy exercise restraint for the first time in his life, and Billy received a text message from Victoria, who wanted to meet at the office. Ashley begged him not to make things worse.

After Billy left, Ashley saw Travis enter the club and head upstairs, and she raced after him. Ashley confronted Travis in the hallway and asked if he'd heard anything she'd said. Travis invited Ashley to stay, and he pounded on Michelle's hotel room door. Michelle smiled when she saw him and cooed that she'd thought he'd be back. Travis said he'd needed to see her one more time, and Michelle's expression soured when Ashley followed him in.

Travis ordered Michelle to pack up and go, and she replied that she would be leaving soon anyway. He refused to take her word for it, since she'd promised to keep what had happened between them a secret, but she'd told Ashley. Travis growled that if it was a game to Michelle, it was over, and he wanted her gone. Michelle figured that he wouldn't be overreacting if he didn't have feelings for her, but he flatly stated that he had no desire to see her again. Michelle argued that they'd just made love, but Travis spat that it had been the biggest mistake of his life, and he walked out.

Michelle nonchalantly applied makeup, but Ashley told her to stop stalling and start packing. Michelle confidently stated that it didn't matter how far away she was, since Travis' relationship was doomed, and he was fooling himself if he thought otherwise.

Billy arrived at Brash & Sassy and found Victoria on speakerphone with Lily. Lily relayed that Cane had researched apps to counter Jabot Go, but none had been as good, and Victoria added that her tech guys had had the same impression. Lily tried to decipher Cane's writing, and she interpreted that if they couldn't take technology to a new level, they had to do something distinctive in the opposite way. Lily suggested doing something "old school."

Victoria recognized that Jabot had a fantastic app, but it was just an app. Lily proclaimed that it wasn't the same as getting one's makeup done in person, and she proposed that Brash & Sassy provide free beauty consultations that left customers feeling like a million dollars. Billy instructed Lily to tell Cane they were on it, and they ended the call. Victoria scrawled some notes, but Billy told her to stop because there was something he needed to say. He revealed that he'd heard something about Travis, and Victoria informed him that Travis had already told her everything about Michelle.

Billy observed that Victoria was taking it really well, and he'd expected her to be more upset. Victoria said she'd been much more upset and jealous, but she'd told herself not to overreact by making a mountain out of a molehill. Billy was skeptical that she really felt that way, but Victoria questioned why she should be upset that Travis' ex was back in town when he no longer had any feelings for Michelle. Billy asked if Victoria was sure that the past was in the past, and Victoria saw no point in looking back. She insisted that she and Travis were finally in a really good place, and she was happy. She smiled when she received a text message from Travis, and she hurried out.

Victoria met Travis in the park, and she wondered why he'd wanted to see her there and not at home. He noted that it was beautiful there at that time of day, and it was almost as beautiful as she was. He referred to his dream to sail around the world with no cares or worries, and she inquired whether he missed the sea. Travis mused that he saw it in her eyes, and loving her was the most incredible thing that had ever happened to him. He added that he hadn't lost his dream -- he'd found it. Travis dropped to one knee and pulled out a ring, and he asked Victoria to marry him. Billy was stunned when he spotted them.

Lily cuddled with Cane in his hospital bed, and he woke up and reported that he felt no pain, so the meds had kicked in. He asked if she'd called Billy and Victoria, and Lily relayed that they'd loved his idea and would email him details later. She asked if he wanted her to make any other calls, and he quipped to call him lucky to have a beautiful wife who loved him and took care of him. She murmured that she was the lucky one.

At the cottage, Sharon was stunned that Faith wanted to live with her dad and her brother, and she suggested that they talk about it later. Dylan asked whether Faith had talked to Nick about it, and Faith assumed that her dad would say it was fine. Sharon wondered whether Victor or Nikki had mentioned the idea, but Faith was adamant that it was what she wanted. Sharon pleaded that she and Dylan had just said goodbye to Sully, and they couldn't lose Faith, too.

Sharon promised that Faith would have plenty of time with Christian, and Faith didn't have to live with her dad to do it. Faith maintained that she wanted to live with Nick, and Sharon said she was sorry that things had been difficult, but they would get through it together. Sharon insisted that all they had to do was keep talking about things, but Faith yelled that she didn't want to talk -- she wanted to live with her dad and Christian. Sharon stepped out to give Faith and Dylan a chance to talk about it together, and Faith asked if Dylan was mad at her. He swore that he wasn't, but he pointed out that she'd dropped a pretty big bomb on them. He urged her to help him understand what was going on.

Faith complained that what her mom had done had been mean, but Dylan defended that Sharon hadn't tried to hurt anyone. Faith insisted that lies always hurt, and she didn't understand how Sharon had kept lying about Christian. Dylan explained that Sharon had thought she'd been doing the right thing, but she'd gotten confused. He asked if Faith understood, and she responded by inquiring whether he did.

Dylan thought they could both try to understand if Faith stayed, and Faith said she loved him, but she didn't like it there anymore. Faith wailed that it was sad there all the time, and it could also be loud sometimes. Dylan promised that he and Sharon wouldn't argue anymore, but Faith anticipated that they'd still be sad, and she didn't want to be around Sharon right then. Dylan argued that he and Mariah were there, but Faith stressed that she needed her dad.

Later, Sharon called out for Faith and Dylan as Mariah returned home. Sharon rambled that Faith wanted to live with Nick, and she'd tried to talk the girl out of it, but Faith wouldn't listen. Sharon assumed that Dylan had taken Faith over to Nick's, and she panicked that she had to get her daughter back. Mariah cautioned that freaking out and storming over there wouldn't solve anything. Mariah encouraged Sharon to wait and see what Dylan had to say.

Sharon bemoaned that things kept getting worse, but Mariah countered that Sharon could be in jail, and Sharon conceded that things could be worse. They hugged, and Sharon thanked Mariah for being there when Sharon needed her the most. Mariah thanked Sharon for not ratting her out by telling the cops she'd known about Christian, and Sharon swore that she'd do anything to protect Mariah. Sharon hoped her other daughter realized how much Sharon loved her.

At the tack house, Chelsea prepared to leave, but Nick stated that he could use the company. Chelsea teased him for wanting someone to fawn over all of the photos he'd taken at Christian's party, and Nick thanked her for sticking around to relive the highlights. He wanted to forget about the weird tension that day, and they happily reviewed the photos together.

Nick thought that Sage would have loved the pictures, and he thought it was wrong that Christian's mom wasn't in any of them. Chelsea was certain that Sage had been there in spirit and always would be, and Nick vowed to make sure Christian never forgot about Sage. Chelsea intended to do the same thing by telling Connor about Adam. Nick found it daunting to think about being both a mom and a dad to Christian. Chelsea assured him that his son just needed a parent who loved him, and no one did that better than Nick did, so he and Christian would be fine on their own.

Nick thought Chelsea shared his feeling that the birthday party had been one giant reminder that life went on, and it was okay to laugh and have fun, even though they both deeply missed people they'd loved. She asked how he dealt with the guilt, and he said there were times he couldn't get away from it, but there were other times when he thought about what Sage would say. He imagined that Sage and Adam would say the same thing -- that they wanted Nick and Chelsea to keep living and to try to find happiness again.

Dylan and Faith arrived at the tack house, and Faith declared that she wanted to live there all the time. Chelsea took Faith upstairs, and Nick asked Dylan if he knew where the request had stemmed from. Dylan revealed that Faith had been struggling with what Sharon had done. Nick pointed out that they all were struggling with it, and he found it hard to believe that Sharon had signed off on it. Dylan divulged that Sharon hadn't, and she wasn't going to like that Dylan had taken Faith there. Nick indicated that he'd let Faith live there, and he asked if Dylan thought she should stay there, too.

Nick agreed to let Faith move in, but it wouldn't be permanent. Dylan worried that it would devastate Sharon, but Nick coldly replied that he didn't care how Sharon felt, since he was tired of going out of his way to make sure Sharon didn't get upset. Dylan contended that Sharon had made mistakes in bad situations, but Nick barked that she'd reached a new low when she hadn't told the truth about Christian. Nick asked what Dylan planned to tell Sharon about Faith, and Dylan said Sharon had to accept that Faith wanted to be with her little brother to feel secure. Nick questioned what it would do to Dylan to have Faith move out, and Dylan replied that he was trying to do the right thing. Dylan asked Nick to say goodbye to Faith for him, and he left.

In Faith's room, Chelsea understood why Faith was mad at her mom, and she revealed that she'd spent most of her adult life not speaking to her own mother until she'd become a mom herself. Chelsea added that she felt sorry for Sharon, but Faith argued that Sharon had lied to everyone. Chelsea credited Sharon for telling the truth in the end, and she asked if Sharon had said she was sorry. Faith nodded, and Chelsea reasoned that someone doing a terrible thing shouldn't wipe out all the good things they'd done. Chelsea insisted that Sharon loved Faith, but Faith sadly stated that it didn't change what Sharon had done. Faith and Chelsea hugged.

Nick told Faith that she didn't have to go back to her mom's for the time being, and Faith declared that she never wanted to go back, since she liked it there better. Chelsea said all that mattered was that Faith was there then, and it would give everyone a chance to breathe while they were adjusting. Faith asked if she could play video games until Christian woke up, and she thanked Nick for letting her stay.

Nick thanked Chelsea for helping with Faith, and Chelsea imagined that it hadn't been easy for Dylan to lose both kids. Nick wasn't sure how to handle the number of kids in the house doubling, and Chelsea pledged to be there for whatever he needed. He jokingly said she could clean up the empty beer bottles.

Dylan returned home, and Sharon's voice trailed off when she saw that he was alone. Dylan informed her that Faith was at Nick's, and Mariah asked when Faith would be home. Dylan opined that it was for the best if Faith stayed with Nick for a while, and Sharon blasted him for making the decision without her. Sharon proclaimed that she was Faith's mother, and she admonished Dylan for taking her children and handing them off to Nick.

Sharon condemned Dylan for first handing over Christian and then walking her daughter out the front door. Dylan demanded to know if Sharon thought it had been any less painful for him, and he argued that Nick was the children's father. Sharon retorted that they were her kids, too, but Dylan bellowed that Christian wasn't their child. Sharon screamed at him to get out, and Dylan obliged.

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