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Cane squirmed when Juliet accepted Victoria's job offer. Chelsea found Adam's wedding ring in Chloe's drawer. Chelsea confronted Chloe about Adam's death, and Chloe confessed that she'd caused the explosion. Nick tracked Chloe down and saw her meeting with Victor.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of April 3, 2017 on Y&R
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Nick hastens his investigation and alienates Chelsea Nick hastens his investigation and alienates Chelsea
Monday, April 3, 2017

In Paul's office at the Genoa City Police Station, Nick questioned Paul about the department's investigation of Adam's death. Paul recalled that a propane leak had caused the explosion at the cabin. Nick said that though he'd accepted the investigators' conclusions at the time, he still had questions and believed that Dylan had had questions, too. Paul said he was unable to contact Dylan. Paul agreed to work with Nick as he'd worked closely with Dylan. Paul said Nick would need solid evidence to reopen the investigation.

Nick began by pointing out to Paul that the cabin had exploded seconds after Nick, Chelsea, and Connor had pulled to a stop outside it. Nick said that had the explosion occurred a minute after it had, Chelsea and Connor would've been inside the cabin with Adam. Paul asked Nick if he was implying that someone had set off the explosion deliberately. Nick also suggested that someone might have used a wrench to tamper with the gas connections. Paul explained that the CSI team could detect alterations to the gas connectors, but such an investigation would require Nick to prove that someone had had a motive. Paul asked Nick to name the person he believed was responsible. Nick wouldn't disclose the name.

Paul reminded Nick that there might be repercussions for Victor if police reopened the investigation. Nick said his father would want to know what had happened to Adam. Paul said, "So I can infer from that that you don't suspect [Victor]?" Nick assured Paul that Victor hadn't been involved. Paul said he realized that Nick was concerned about an aggressive investigation possibly scaring away the suspect.

Nick admitted that after so many months, he feared that investigators' chances of proving guilt were slipping away. Nick added, "Don't turn your back on Adam. I know I can't." Paul asked for physical evidence or a confession. Nick said, "Like on tape?" Paul said he'd take anything he could work with. Nick left.

At Crimson Lights, Michael learned from Kevin that Kevin and Chloe's wedding had been bumped up. Michael said, "Tomorrow? Your wedding's tomorrow?" Kevin said he and Chloe couldn't wait and had embraced spontaneity. Michael replied, "Which one of you brought up fast-tracking this, you or Chloe?" Kevin admitted that Chloe had moved up the date and had also planned a two-week honeymoon in Tahiti. Michael said he supported Kevin's decision.

Kevin said he was grateful that Chloe loved him despite his flaws. Michael gently mentioned that many people believed that Chloe's flaws outnumbered Kevin's. Sharon overheard the conversation and asked about Kevin's plans to marry Chloe. Sharon offered a congratulatory hug to Kevin, but she had a shocked look on her face. Michael urged Kevin to contact Gloria. Michael agreed to help Kevin choose rings and attire.

After Michael and Kevin left to shop, Sharon phoned Nick and left a message. Later, Michael and Kevin returned with shopping bags. Kevin received notification via text message that his accommodations in Tahiti had been booked due to someone else's cancellation. Michael asked Kevin about having arranged short-notice vacation time. Kevin suddenly realized that he hadn't requested vacation time from work.

Before Kevin left to talk to Paul, he asked Sharon to pose with Chloe's ring so he could send a photo of it to Chloe. Michael wore Kevin's ring, and Sharon placed her hand next to Michael's so Kevin could snap a photo. Afterward, Sharon kissed Kevin on the cheek and told him she hoped everything would be perfect.

At Jill's mansion, Esther and Chloe were celebrating when Chelsea arrived and learned that Chloe had moved up her wedding. Chelsea noted that she hadn't finished sewing the wedding gown. Chelsea asked Chloe why she was in such a hurry to marry. Chloe claimed that a dream had inspired her to marry right away. Chloe added that she was eager for Kevin to begin adoption proceedings, as well. Chelsea promised to finish the gown in time for the ceremony.

Caught up in the excitement, Chelsea sketched designs for decorations while Esther handled other arrangements. Chelsea excitedly told Chloe that she'd already made a dress for Bella. Chelsea and Chloe became emotional while discussing their friendship. Chloe said that Chelsea was her guardian angel. Chloe called Chelsea her one true friend. The women shared a warm embrace. After Chelsea and Esther left, Chloe received a picture and a text message from Kevin. Chloe seemed uneasy as she looked at the photo of the wedding bands.

After Michael and Kevin left Crimson Lights, Sharon again tried to phone Nick. Chloe entered the coffeehouse, and a nervous Sharon dropped her phone. Sharon asked why Chloe had stopped by. Chloe noted that Sharon should know because she'd just modeled the wedding band. Sharon, a bit overwhelmed, noted that a lot had changed since Chloe and Bella had settled in Genoa City. Chloe invited Sharon to the wedding. Sharon explained that school and work had impacted her schedule, and she declined the invitation.

Sharon reminded Chloe that she'd recently expressed concern about "blowing it" with Kevin. Sharon added, "What made you say that?" Chloe alluded to her mental illness and asked Sharon if she also feared that she might suffer a setback. Sharon said she did every now and then. Chloe explained that she tended to doubt herself and worried that she might mess up when things were going well. Sharon said, "I want to be happy for you, Chloe. I really do."

Kevin stopped by Paul's office at the police station. Paul was reading the case file on the explosion at the cabin. Kevin told Paul about the wedding and requested two weeks off. Kevin noted that Paul was invited to the wedding. Paul declined because he was due in court. Paul said, "So, tomorrow night you're getting married, and you're leaving the country. My question is -- are you ever coming back?" Kevin was taken aback by Paul's question. Paul said he was joking, and he wished Chloe his best.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Nick joined Chelsea and learned that Kevin and Chloe would soon marry and fly to Tahiti for two weeks. Nick was surprised by the news. Chelsea said she'd had a talk with Chloe about the phone records. Chelsea said she'd told Chloe that the records had indicated she'd been near the cabin the night of the explosion. Chelsea said that Chloe had assured her that the phone records were inaccurate because she'd never left Chelsea's apartment the night Adam had died.

Chelsea added that a discussion about her friendship with Chloe had moved her to tears, so she truly believed her friend. Nick said it was his turn to have a discussion with Chloe. Chelsea asked Nick what he planned to say. Nick instead said he'd help with Chloe's bachelorette party and offered the Underground as a venue. Nick told Chelsea he hoped the party would be as unforgettable to Chloe as her wedding. While Chelsea was on the phone with Chloe, Nick phoned someone and instructed the person to meet him at the Underground. Nick said, "Things have changed."

In Victoria's office, Victoria sensed Cane's apprehension when she suggested offering Juliet a position at Brash & Sassy's Genoa City office. Cane told Victoria to do whatever she thought would work best. Victoria replied, "For a minute there, I thought you didn't want Juliet here." Cane was relieved at one point when Victoria checked the marketing budget and determined that the hiring would be cost-prohibitive. Recalling Cane's stellar review of Juliet's work, Victoria revised the budget and said she could offer Juliet a position in marketing.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Lily approached Juliet. Juliet misunderstood when Lily opened the conversation. Lily stated that though some might feel it was inappropriate, she and Cane had a close relationship, so he'd told her "everything." Juliet replied, "I want to clarify. I didn't force Cane to do anything." Juliet seemed confused when Lily insisted that what Cane had told her hadn't been upsetting. Juliet said that Lily had gotten the wrong impression about her. Lily said she hoped Victoria would hire Juliet. Victoria phoned Juliet and announced that she'd found another position for her.

Juliet entered Victoria's office at Brash & Sassy. Victoria offered Juliet a position as a marketing executive in Genoa City. Juliet expressed mild disappointment because the job assignment wasn't in Japan. Juliet asked if she and Cane would work together. Victoria said they would if the arrangement wouldn't be a deal-breaker. Juliet said it wouldn't.

Juliet stepped out of Victoria's office and thanked Cane for recommending her. Juliet said she hadn't yet formally accepted the offer. Cane suggested that Juliet might not wish to relocate from Japan to accept a marketing job with lower pay and lower status. Juliet said Cane didn't seem to want her working in the office with him. Cane said he was worried that Juliet might have buyer's remorse if she accepted a position that wasn't ideal. Juliet replied, "Is that what you have even though you can't remember the shopping spree?"

Cane admitted that it might become uncomfortable if he and Juliet had to see each other every day. Juliet said she and Cane should move past what had happened because she didn't intend to make trouble for him or for Lily. Later, Lily dropped by to visit Cane at work. Lily said she'd had coffee with Victoria. Lily explained that if Juliet accepted the position, they would be working together. Lily said she was thrilled because she'd become more involved with Brash & Sassy. Lily added that she and Juliet could become great friends. Victoria returned and told Cane and Lily that Juliet had accepted the job and would start work right away.

Nick attempts to get Chloe to confess Nick attempts to get Chloe to confess
Tuesday, April 4, 2017

At Jabot, an exasperated Gloria hung up the phone, and Phyllis asked if there was a problem. Gloria grumbled that she'd found out via email that Kevin and his "twit" bride had moved up their wedding date to the following day, and he wasn't returning her calls. Gloria prepared to call Lauren for help with finding a dress on short notice, and Phyllis started to say that Lauren wasn't home because of the bachelor party. Phyllis attempted to cover, but Gloria huffed that she knew a bachelor party when she smelled one.

Ashley wrapped up a meeting about the men's line, and she requested that Ravi stick around. She showed him an article on GC Buzz's website about them being on a date at the opera, and he suggested that they demand a retraction. Ravi swore that he hadn't spoken to the tabloid, and he called it slanderous that the website had labeled their outing a date. Ashley insisted that it had been natural to assume that her escort had been her date, and he was surprised that she wasn't angry. She stated that there were worse things for her reputation than being seen with a young, handsome opera lover.

Ravi was shocked that Ashley had described him as handsome, and she asked if he'd seen himself in a tux. She praised him for making her enjoy the opera enough to get two tickets for the next one, and she thanked him for staying late. Ashley headed out to meet Abby for dinner, and Phyllis walked in. Ravi inquired whether a woman telling someone that she was getting tickets to something meant she was asking that person on a date.

Ravi explained that Ashley had said she was getting tickets to the opera, and he asked Phyllis if there was any subtext to the statement. Phyllis recalled that he'd recently walked out of Ashley's office, heartbroken, but he reported that things had changed, since GC Buzz had reported that he and Ashley were dating. Phyllis scoffed at the idea of it being true, and she snatched away his phone to look at the article. She was amazed by how sophisticated he looked in the photo compared to the look he usually opted for.

Ravi wondered what the difference was, and Phyllis informed him that it had been why Ashley had taken notice of him on the night of the opera. Ravi inquired how he could get Ashley to notice him again, and Phyllis replied that just like he had to dress for the job he wanted, he also had to dress for the woman he wanted. Phyllis pointed out that Ashley was elegant, whereas Ravi's look wasn't. He prepared to go shopping in Fenmore's virtual dressing room, but Phyllis insisted that he put himself in her hands.

At a clothing store, Phyllis handed Ravi a pile of clothes to try on. He emerged from the dressing room in several different outfits, and she laughed out loud at some of them. She suddenly perked up when he stepped out in a suit, and she admired how he looked and took off his glasses. Ravi protested that he needed to see, but Phyllis observed that he hadn't worn them at the opera. He groused that contacts were uncomfortable, but she argued that sometimes they had to suffer for what they wanted.

Phyllis crowed that Ravi looked "fab," but he worried that Ashley would consider him shallow if he thought new clothes would impress her. Phyllis insisted that it was a new attitude, and she thought it was the only way to see if Ashley would sit up and take notice. She asked if he was still in, and he confirmed he was.

Over dinner at the Athletic Club, Abby informed Ashley that she was exploring options to find a way to move forward with the idea that Victor had shot down. Ashley encouraged her to pursue what she was passionate about, and Abby wondered what Ashley was passionate about. Ashley mentioned an upcoming press conference in New York, but Abby said she wasn't talking about work. Abby pulled out the article about Ashley and Ravi, and she asked when they'd started dating and when Ravi had become hot.

Ashley maintained that she and Ravi were just friends, and she swore that she never would have invited Ravi if Jack hadn't stood her up. Abby pointed out that Ashley hated opera, but Ashley indicated she'd learned to appreciate it that night. Abby teased that it had been while on a date with a secretly hot guy who'd been following Ashley around like a puppy. Ashley defended that Ravi was a man who had interests and opinions, but he understood that they were just friends. Abby remarked that she didn't look at her friends the way Ravi and Ashley were gazing at one another in the photo, and she thought Ravi had opened doors that Ashley had never thought of.

Abby questioned why Ashley should stop when Ravi might have more surprises, and she thought there was clearly something between the two. Abby urged Ashley to see where it went, since Ravi obviously made her happy. Ashley asked why it mattered to Abby, and Abby lamented that it was no fun being alone and that Ashley hadn't had anyone in her life for a long time. Abby thought Ashley deserved someone to make her happy, and there was nothing stopping Ashley if Ravi did that.

At the Baldwin home, Kevin, Michael, Scott, and Paul played poker at Kevin's bachelor party. Michael and Paul gave Kevin advice about pleasing one's wife, but Kevin insisted that he knew exactly what he was getting into, so there would be no surprises. Michael warned that the worst enemy to a marriage was secrets, since they always hurt both people. The doorbell rang, and Paul deadpanned that he hoped it wasn't the cops. Mariah sashayed in with a six-pack of beer and told them to deal her in.

Scott won the hand, and Mariah suggested taking a break before she was out of money. Paul privately told Michael that Nick had visited the police station, and he hoped Michael could share insight about why Nick suddenly suspected that Adam's death hadn't been an accident. Michael suggested that Nick had started thinking about Adam's death after he'd gotten the check from Constance's estate, and Paul noted that Nick and Chelsea seemed to be getting closer. Michael anticipated that they might be at Nick's bachelor party the following year.

Kevin inquired whether Mariah had any relationship advice, but she quipped that she had nothing to offer from her short-lived marriage to a cult leader. Kevin thought he should get advice from a writer about what to say in his vows, and Scott counseled Kevin to speak from the heart. Kevin thought it would take too long to mention all the reasons why he loved Chloe, but Gloria burst in and ranted that it would take twice as long to list all the ways Chloe would ruin his life. Gloria admonished Kevin for not even calling to tell her that the wedding had been moved up, and she wondered whether the rush was that Chloe was pregnant with someone else's child again.

Gloria huffed that she'd only found out about the party through the grapevine, and Michael pointed out that it wasn't for her. Gloria argued that Mariah was there, and Kevin countered that Mariah supported his marriage. Kevin contended that if Gloria didn't support or accept his marriage to Chloe then she didn't want him to be happy. Gloria insisted that she did, and she asked if she could stay. Scott invited Gloria to pull up a chair, but Gloria pulled aside Mariah for some girl talk first. Gloria pressed Mariah to seduce Kevin that night.

Scott won another hand, and Kevin groused that he had a wedding to pay for. Gloria implored Mariah to be Kevin's friend, but Mariah was aghast at the suggestion of having sex with him before his wedding. Mariah argued that she and Kevin didn't want one another and that she was seeing someone. Mariah added that Kevin wanted a life with Chloe, and she refused to be the one to ruin it. Michael proposed a toast to his brother for winning his heart's desire, and everyone clinked glasses as Gloria glowered. Gloria muttered to herself that it was up to her to keep the wedding from happening.

At the Chancellor mansion, Chloe named Esther as the designated driver for the evening, but Chelsea protested that it was unacceptable. A car honked outside, and Chelsea announced that she'd gotten them a limousine. Esther wished she'd thrown a formal bridal shower for Chloe, but Chloe asserted that they needed hard alcohol and music. Chelsea pulled out a veil and pinned it to Chloe's hair, and Chloe became emotional. Chloe cried that she'd be married by that time the next day and that she'd never thought she could be that happy again.

At the Underground, Sharon was shocked to discover that Nick was throwing a bachelorette party for Chloe. Nick reported that Paul had said he needed something concrete to reopen the case. He declared his intent to get Chloe to confess and requested Sharon's help to do it. Sharon objected to trying to pry a confession out of Chloe at a party that was supposed to be in Chloe's honor, but Nick was determined to get proof that Chloe had had something to do with his brother's death. Nick referred to how much Sharon had cared about Adam, but she scolded him for trying to guilt her into helping him.

Nick maintained that he needed to know how Adam had died, and he informed Sharon about the bag with the tranquilizer gun and wrench that he'd seen Chloe toss into a Dumpster. He suspected that Chloe had used the wrench to tamper with the propane tank to cause the explosion, but Sharon argued that she also owned a wrench, so that would make her a suspect, too. Nick pointed out that Sharon hadn't tossed a wrench into a Dumpster, and he pleaded for her help to get to the truth. Sharon wondered what he needed her to do.

Nick instructed Sharon to get Chloe to take a break in his office so he could talk to her, since Scott had said Chloe got loose-lipped after a few drinks. Sharon doubted that Chloe would get drunk enough to confess to murder, but Nick wanted to give it a shot, since Chloe was about to leave the country for her honeymoon the next day. Sharon worried about Kevin, but Nick figured that it would be better to learn the truth before Kevin and Chloe were married. Nick added that Sharon had to distract Chelsea while he confronted Chloe with proof that she couldn't talk her way out of.

Sharon thought the police should be handling the situation, but Nick reiterated that Paul couldn't reopen the case without solid proof that tied Chloe to the explosion. Sharon cautioned that Chelsea would be furious if Nick turned out to be wrong, and he'd be caught in the fallout as the messenger if he ended up being right. Nick asserted that Chelsea deserved the truth and that Adam deserved justice, but Sharon warned that Chloe might spin out if she was capable of murder. The bridal party arrived, and Chelsea proclaimed that they were ready to get the party started.

Chloe thanked Nick for hosting the party, and Nick presented the ladies with a pitcher of "Bridemopolitans," a special drink for the evening. Sharon proposed that the guest of honor test it out, and Chloe chugged a glass of the mixture. Sharon encouraged Chloe to have another. Chelsea kissed Nick to thank him for everything he was doing for Chloe, and she was glad that everything was good with the three of them, since it meant a lot to her that they were getting along.

In a booth, Sharon called the sudden wedding wonderful and dramatic, but she wondered whether Chloe was worried that she might regret it. Chloe swore that she'd never regret marrying Kevin, but Sharon clarified that she'd meant having a longer engagement. Chloe reasoned that they never should have gotten divorced, so there would be nothing but good things ahead. Sharon toasted to the following day, but Esther warned Chloe to slow down to avoid a headache. Sharon figured that Chloe would be so happy that she wouldn't feel a thing, and Chloe poured another drink and added, "Nothing but joy."

Chelsea presented Chloe with a gift, and Chloe pulled out sexy lingerie. Esther stammered that it was lovely, and Chloe praised her mom for putting up with her being a brat all those years. Chloe declared that she was lucky to have Esther, and Esther said she'd always loved Chloe and always would. Esther gushed that having Chloe home with Bella and seeing Chloe happy with Kevin was all a mother could want. Chloe choked back tears, but she insisted they were happy ones. Chloe added that she'd messed up a lot in her life, but she was going to make it up to all of them by getting it right that time. They toasted, and Nick looked on as Sharon refilled Chloe's drink again.

Esther suggested that they get some food to soak up the alcohol, and Sharon offered to order appetizers. Esther stepped aside to take a call from the baker, and Sharon asked how Chloe was feeling after all the booze. Chloe started to say that it was the first time she'd been able to relax in a long time, but she clammed up. Sharon recommended that they go for a walk, and she led a tipsy Chloe to Nick's office. Meanwhile, Chelsea offered to take over at the bar while Nick had fun with the boys at Michael's, but he replied that he still had things to take care of. He glanced over at the office.

In Nick's office, Chloe drunkenly complained that she'd thought they'd been going outside, but Sharon urged her to lie down for a few minutes so that Esther couldn't say they had to take Chloe home. Chloe slurred that Sharon was a good friend, and she plopped down on the couch. Nick knocked on the door, and Chloe hoped it was a stripper. Nick said he'd hung up his bowtie years earlier, and Sharon stepped out to get some water.

Nick asked how Chloe was feeling, and she murmured that the sofa was comfortable. She rambled that he was good for Chelsea because he was thoughtful and considerate. Nick pulled out a toy dart gun and said he was thinking about putting it in the bar for customers, and he fired it at a dartboard across the room and commented that it couldn't hurt a fly. He pulled out Chloe's tranquilizer gun and compared it to the toy, and he asked if she'd ever seen anything like it.

Chelsea asked where everyone had gone, and Esther mentioned that she'd been checking in with the baker and the florist. Esther hoped Chloe hadn't gotten sick from drinking too much, but Chelsea was sure she would have seen Chloe head to the restroom. Sharon joined them and tried to make small talk, but Chelsea demanded to know what had happened to the blushing bride. Sharon mentioned that Chloe had gone to lie down in the office for a minute, and she claimed that Chloe had begged her not to tell anyone because Chloe was afraid they'd take her home.

Sharon insisted that Chloe just needed a minute to pull herself together, and Chelsea suggested that Esther contact the caterer. After Esther stepped away, Chelsea asked what Sharon hadn't wanted Esther to hear. Sharon said Chloe was drunk and didn't need a lecture from her mom, but Chelsea figured that Chloe wouldn't be embarrassed if Chelsea checked on her. Sharon pushed Chelsea to give Chloe more time.

Meanwhile, Nick explained that it was a tranquilizer gun used to take down wild animals. Nick recalled that he'd walked into a bear trap with no way out, and the intense panic had been worse than the pain. Chloe questioned where Sharon was with the water, but Nick continued that the worst part had been the regret of thinking he'd made mistakes that he'd never have a chance to fix. Chloe forlornly asked if there would be no stripper, but Nick ignored her and recounted that Sage had found him and gotten Adam to help. Nick commended Adam for saving his life, and he pointed out that although Adam had done a lot of horrible things, there had been good in him.

Chloe mumbled that Adam was no longer around, so it didn't matter, but Nick argued that it mattered to Connor and Chelsea. Chloe countered that Chelsea never would have ended up with Nick if Adam were still around. Nick said it didn't mean he wanted Adam dead, and he set down the gun and picked up the wrench. Nick growled that Chelsea loved Chloe and had defended her and taken her in when no one else had. He hissed that Chelsea deserved to know the truth about how Adam had died, but he quickly hid the wrench when Chelsea burst in.

Chelsea asked what was going on, and Nick asked if Chloe wanted to tell her or if he should. Chloe appeared to be passed out, and Nick claimed that he'd been trying to wake Chloe up in order to get her home. Chelsea stepped out to find Esther, and Nick followed. Chloe's eyes opened as she overheard Chelsea gush that the next day would be the biggest one of Chloe's life.

Phyllis accuses Ashley of sending Ravi mixed signals Phyllis accuses Ashley of sending Ravi mixed signals> Phyllis accuses Ashley of sending Ravi mixed signals Phyllis accuses Ashley of sending Ravi mixed signals
Wednesday, April 5, 2017
by Nel

Kevin sat deep in thought at Michael's. Michael arrived. Kevin thanked him for hosting the bachelor party. Kevin told Michael that Chloe had had too much to drink at her bachelorette party and had passed out in Nick's office at the Underground. Michael found it odd that Chloe wanted to get married in record time but drank herself into oblivion the night before her wedding. Michael asked Kevin what that was about. Kevin said that Chloe had been out to have some fun, she was a lightweight, and she'd overdone it. Michael asked if Chloe had gotten hammered because she was having second thoughts about the wedding. Kevin denied it.

Kevin told Michael that he was psyched to marry Chloe, but he'd had a premonition that he couldn't shake. He felt something was going to prevent the wedding from happening. Kevin was worried that Gloria would somehow sabotage the wedding. Michael promised he would be on red alert, and if there was any hint of a problem, he'd drag Gloria off the premises. He assured Kevin that Gloria would behave because she knew she had to keep her personal feelings to herself. He told Kevin to stop worrying because by the end of the day, Kevin would be a very married man.

At the Underground Nick stared at the tranquilizer gun and wrench. He recalled his conversation with Chloe and had a flash image of the night before when he'd told Chloe that Chelsea deserved the truth about how Adam had died -- they all did. He recalled that Chelsea had entered his office and had asked what was going on. Nick had asked if Chloe wanted to tell Chelsea or if he should, but Chloe had fallen asleep. He had told Chelsea he'd been about to take Chloe home, but Chelsea had covered Chloe and said Chloe needed all the rest she could get. Frustrated, Nick put the tranquillizer gun and wrench into a locker.

Nick stared at his laptop and in anger slammed the lid down. He received a text message from Chelsea. "I need to speak to you RIGHT NOW!"

Chloe woke up in her old room at the Chancellor mansion. Chelsea walked in and gave Chloe some aspirin and water. Chelsea said that Chloe had been quite funny, and she told Chloe that while Chelsea and Esther had helped Chloe to her room, Chloe had sung a cartoon theme song. Chelsea asked Chloe how much she recalled from the night before. Chloe recalled arriving at the Underground, and she recalled that Sharon had taken her to Nick's office. Chelsea said that Nick had kept Chloe company until she'd drifted off. Chloe had a flash image of her conversation with Nick. He'd shown her the tranquilizer gun and the wrench.

Chloe said she recalled Nick asking more questions than talking to her. Chelsea asked Chloe if Nick had asked about the wedding and honeymoon.

Chloe had another flash image of Nick saying that Adam had saved Nick's life. Nick had admitted that Adam had done some horrible things, but Adam had had some good in him. Chloe had questioned if Adam saving Nick's life had balanced out everything that Adam had done. Nick had said that Adam hadn't been pure evil. Chloe had said Adam wasn't around anymore, so it didn't matter. Nick had stated that it mattered to Connor and Chelsea because they'd loved him. Chloe had said that Chelsea was with Nick, and that wouldn't have happened if Adam was still around. Nick had stated that it didn't mean he wanted Adam dead. Nick had said that Chelsea deserved the truth about how Adam had died.

Chelsea asked if Nick had talked about Adam and the cabin. Chloe admitted that Nick had and that she'd been confused and had wondered why he'd been talking to her about that. She noted that Nick had offered to throw her a bachelorette party and had seemed genuinely nice about it, unless he still had suspicions about her. Chelsea assured Chloe he didn't and that Nick knew that Chloe had put Chelsea's suspicions to rest. Chloe said perhaps Nick had had too much to drink and had needed to talk about his brother. Chloe didn't want to make a big deal out of it.

Chelsea told Chloe that she had some errands to run and would be back in time to get Chloe ready for her wedding. At that moment, Esther carried Bella in. Chloe complimented Esther for getting the wedding together in record time. After Esther left, Chloe told Bella that she wouldn't let anyone ruin her wedding. She said they were going to be a family and away from the people who didn't want Chloe to be happy. Chloe added they might make it a very long honeymoon. Chloe and Bella had a video chat with Kevin. Kevin told Bella he'd be her daddy soon. Kevin and Chloe declared their love for each other, and Chloe added that "this time," it would be forever.

At the Underground, Chelsea burst into Nick's office, and a heated confrontation ensued. She was furious that Nick had tried to entrap Chloe and asked how he could do that to her. Chelsea said she knew all she needed to about Chloe, and she believed Chloe. Nick didn't deny anything Chelsea had accused him of. He showed Chelsea the tranquillizer gun and wrench Chloe had thrown into the Dumpster and gave an explanation of what they were. He asked if Chelsea saw what he did. Chelsea didn't believe anything Nick had said and told Nick not to ruin Chloe's wedding. She stormed out.

In Jack's office, Ashley was on the phone, making reservation for her upcoming conference, when Ravi entered dressed in a suit and tie. He told Ashley he wanted to discuss the changes she'd wanted on Jabot Go. He also wanted to talk about the evening at the opera. Ashley didn't look up at Ravi and said she was too busy and had too much to do before the conference. As Ravi left, Ashley cocked her head when she noted his attire.

In the hallway, Phyllis asked how "operation new impressions" had gone. Ravi stormed by Phyllis without responding.

Billy arrived at Brash & Sassy after a successful trip and told Victoria that the vote for their product had been unanimous. His presentation had been solid because he believed in the product. Billy had needed to make sure they'd known it wasn't a random deal and that it was always about hockey. Victoria was proud of him, and he'd proven that he was as committed to the company as she was. Victoria advised Billy that she'd hired a new division manager for the Far East and that she'd hired Juliet as their marketing executive. Billy was pleased.

Billy wanted to talk with Victoria about the kiss they'd shared before he'd left on his trip. He stated he hadn't been able to stop thinking about it and felt that Victoria couldn't either. Victoria said it had been a darn good kiss, but they'd been caught up in the moment -- they'd just put Jack in his place and had been excited about Billy's trip. She said they needed to get back to work, but Billy said he wasn't done. He showed Victoria the gifts he'd bought and suggested they skip work and take the kids out for some fun. Victoria agreed.

Victoria and Billy bumped into Phyllis on the elevator. They gushed about their plans. When the elevator reached the parking garage, Victoria stepped out, and Billy held the door open for Phyllis. Phyllis lied and stated she'd forgotten something upstairs, and she stayed behind. Phyllis looked deflated.

Phyllis paid Ravi a visit. He told her about his epic failure with Ashley. Ashley hadn't noticed him and hadn't reacted to the new him. He appreciated everything Phyllis had done, but it had been a colossal waste of time. Phyllis disagreed and told him he looked fantastic. Ravi said that one minute, Ashley had been complementary about the photo from the opera, but then it had been business as usual.

Phyllis asked if Ashley had been working when Ravi had gone to see her. Ravi admitted that Ashley had been working on her computer. Phyllis assured him that when Ashley worked, she was completely focused on what she was doing. Ravi said Phyllis was wrong, and Ashley wasn't into him.

Phyllis went to see Ashley and asked what the deal was between Ashley and Ravi -- one minute, Ashley was chatting him up, and the next, she treated him like he wasn't worth her time. Ashley stated they were colleagues and friends. Phyllis pointed out that Ashley had been sending Ravi mixed signals that had confused him. Phyllis suggested that Ashley pick a signal and stick to it.

Ashley said she didn't appreciate Phyllis hounding her, and she didn't like it. Phyllis reminded Ashley that Ravi worshiped the ground Ashley walked on. Phyllis admitted she'd helped Ravi pick out a whole new wardrobe just to impress Ashley. Phyllis said she was there to help Ashley and said if Ashley was afraid of trying anything new, she was missing out. Phyllis left Ashley pondering.

Ravi returned to his office in his casual clothes and found Ashley waiting for him. She hoped he'd kept his other clothes because he'd need them when he joined her at the conference in New York. Ravi grinned with pleasure when Ashley told him she had two tickets for them to go to the Met.

At Newman Enterprises, Victor questioned Scott about his interview with Abby. Scott said he wasn't comfortable discussing other interviews. When Victor asked why, Scott said that Victor wanted him to be objective, so sharing other interviews would be unprofessional. Scott wanted to know more about Adam. Scott had done some research on Adam, and it was obvious that Adam and Victor's past had been complicated. Victor admitted that he'd been criticized for his treatment of Adam, but they didn't know half the story.

Scott wanted to dig deeper and tell the story that no one had heard before. Victor said that his relationship with Adam could fill a book. Scott mentioned Hope and noted that Adam had been raised in Kansas with her. Adam had been a grown man when he'd learned that Victor was his father. Victor explained that Hope had told Adam that Victor was his father when she'd been on her deathbed. Victor admitted that it had been her decision to take Adam out of Genoa City. Victor said he hadn't liked the idea but had gone along with it for Hope's sake.

Victor said that Adam had done well in school and had graduated from Harvard. When Adam had arrived in Genoa City, Victor had been very proud of him and had wanted Adam to be part of the family. It hadn't worked out. Scott noted that Victor's relationship with Adam had been filled with a lot of conflict and extremes right to the end. Scott asked why. Victor said that it had had a lot to do with the fact that Adam had grown up thinking his father had abandoned him. Adam had been very angry about that, but in the end, Adam had realized that Victor had loved him.

Scott understood that Victor would have loved more time with Adam. Victor agreed that he would have. Scott asked if Victor accepted the years Victor had had with Adam for what they had been or if he wished he could go back and change things. Victor said he would have undone some things. He said Adam had felt he'd had to compete for Victor's love and hadn't realized that he'd already had it. Victor said his children would tell Scott that Victor had pitted one against the other and had made them all compete for his respect. Victor admitted that it had been a mistake. He should have just told them he loved them, but it was too late.

Scott said that Victor had given him insight into a whole other story. Victor felt that they had done enough and walked out of his office.

Victor asked Nick to stop by. He advised Nick that Scott was writing Victor's autobiography and that Victoria and Nikki had already criticized him for it. He told Nick that Scott would be interviewing him, and he wanted Nick to tell Scott how he felt about the father/son relationship, the family -- the whole thing. Nick agreed to do it. Victor couldn't believe that Nick hadn't chastised Victor and pointed out that it was a mistake to tarnish his legacy. Nick advised that he wasn't up for a fight at that moment. He told Victor that he and Chelsea had had their first big blowup.

Nick admitted he'd done something he'd known Chelsea wouldn't approve of, but he'd felt strongly about it and had done it anyway, thinking he'd change Chelsea's mind later. Nick realized he'd been wrong. Victor offered to hear Nick out, but Nick felt he'd already said too much. Victor asked if Nick felt it had been right and justified. Nick admitted it was right, but after what he'd done, he might have lost Chelsea.

Michael arrived at home with his and Kevin's suits. Kevin placed Michael in charge of the wedding rings and said that Michael was officially the best man. Scott arrived, and Kevin asked Scott for his opinion on the vows Kevin had written. Scott said he wouldn't change a thing because it was from the heart. Kevin was bursting with pride.

Chelsea returned after she'd run her errands. She told Chloe she'd get dressed and return to help Chloe get ready. Chloe thanked Chelsea not only for the dress but also for being her best friend. They hugged.

Chelsea returned to Chloe's room after changing into her wedding attire and immediately noticed part of her hem was down. Chelsea asked Chloe for a safety pin. Esther called for Chloe, and Chloe left. Alone, Chelsea began her search for a safety pin. She opened one of Chloe's drawers and found a pair of black gloves. Then she was shocked when she found a wedding ring with the inscription, "I love you today, tomorrow, now and forever." It was Adam's wedding ring. Chelsea was devastated and realized that Nick had been right all along -- Chloe had killed Adam.

Chelsea confronts Chloe about Adam's death Chelsea confronts Chloe about Adam's death
Thursday, April 6, 2017

At Victoria's house, Billy reported that the kids had settled in with books once the adrenalin rush from the arcade had worn off. Billy insisted that the motorcycle game had been rigged, but he thought Victoria was glad they'd played hooky. He stepped in close to remove some confetti from her hair. Reed walked in and proclaimed that the adults were "so busted." Victoria became flustered, and Reed jokingly promised not to tell Billy's boss that he was cutting work. Billy announced that he'd scored a major deal, and Victoria mentioned that they'd taken the kids to the arcade to celebrate.

Reed pretended to be offended that he hadn't been included, and Billy offered to take him the next day. Reed preferred to spend his sixteenth birthday getting his driver's license, and Billy commented that all Reed needed was a set of wheels. Reed recognized that everyone expected a kid like him to get a car, but he wasn't asking for one. Billy and Victoria wondered who had gotten Reed thinking that way. Reed replied that Tessa had made him realize that he had it good, and he considered her to be really talented and smart.

Reed expressed gratitude for having a nice house, school, and family, and Victoria thanked him for saying that. Reed congratulated Billy on the new deal, and he headed upstairs to do his homework. Billy awkwardly kissed Victoria's cheek goodbye, and she invited him to return later to say goodnight to the kids. Later, Reed returned downstairs, and Victoria asked what he wanted for his birthday. He replied that he just wanted them to get along, and he hoped Billy and Victoria stayed friends, since she seemed less stressed out when they were on good terms.

At Crimson Lights, a glum Phyllis watched a couple kissing. Ravi joined her and apologized for being late, and she sarcastically remarked that it wasn't like it was nauseating watching young love bloom in the spring. She said she was sorry Ashley hadn't appreciated Ravi's new look, but he reported that it had worked, and he had Phyllis to thank for it. Ravi explained that Ashley had apologized and had told him to keep everything for when they went to New York.

Phyllis was pleased that Ashley had stepped up, and Ravi revealed that although Ashley needed technical help at the trade show, she'd also purchased tickets for them to attend an opera. Ravi suspected that Ashley wanted to be sure she wouldn't be embarrassed being seen in public with him, but Phyllis thought it sounded like Ashley wanted him in her life. Phyllis gazed forlornly at the happy couple across the coffeehouse. Ravi assured Phyllis that she was a beautiful, intelligent woman who would find someone when she was ready.

Later, Phyllis sat alone, and she flashed back to having sex with Billy. She spotted Billy across the coffeehouse, and she willed him to go away, but he approached her. He asked if she was hard at work, and she explained that she'd been emailing Summer, who'd taken the semester off to travel. Billy remarked that it never felt right to have one's kids far away, and Phyllis referred to him celebrating with his children that day. She added that it was how it should be, and he observed that she didn't seem happy about something.

Billy suggested that Phyllis check her dating app for more prospects, and she informed him that she'd set up a date earlier. He offered to stick around to make sure the guy wasn't a jerk, and he remarked that it took time to find the right one. Phyllis stated that he'd found the right person years before, and she was glad he was working his way back to Victoria, since what they had was solid and real. Billy thought it sounded like Phyllis regretted what he and Phyllis had shared. He admitted that he regretted the damage it had done to her life, but he didn't regret what they'd had, and he hoped she didn't, either.

Across the coffeehouse, Paul hugged Father Todd, and he was happy that his brother had been able to make time for Kevin and Chloe's wedding on short notice. Paul hated that he couldn't attend because of a court date, but he promised he would be there in spirit. Father Todd asked if Paul and Kevin had become close, and Paul indicated that Kevin had grown out of his worst impulses. Paul added that Kevin and Chloe were good for one another, and Father Todd was glad he'd be the one to perform the ceremony.

Nick stopped by the cottage to see Sharon, and he reported that she'd been right about his plan to get Chloe to confess blowing up in his face. He recounted that he'd gotten close, but Chelsea had walked in, and Chloe had supposedly passed out. Sharon doubted that Chloe would remember what had happened, but Nick informed her that Chloe had already painted herself as the victim to Chelsea. Nick fretted that Chloe had her guard up and that Chelsea wouldn't talk to him. He added that Chelsea refused to see the evidence that was right in front of her face.

Nick was dismayed that Chelsea still believed Chloe hadn't caused Adam's death, and Sharon reasoned that Chelsea couldn't accept that her best friend had killed Chelsea's husband then held her hand while she'd grieved. Nick hissed that Chloe was guilty, and he referred to the look on her face when he'd pulled out the tranquilizer gun. Nick accused Chloe of playing drunk and clueless, but Sharon countered that Chloe had been very drunk. Nick considered it chilling that Chloe thought she'd gotten away with it and that nothing could stop her.

Sharon advised Nick not to assume the worst, since Chelsea would cool down. Nick regretted hurting Chelsea by obsessing over Adam's death, and he was determined to get more to convince the police that he was right. He worried that Chloe was onto him, but Sharon thought Chloe wouldn't be getting married if she was panicking. Nick lamented that Kevin was a good man who had no idea what Chloe was capable of, and he growled that Chloe had gone on living her life even though she'd taken someone else's.

Sharon thought Chloe would eventually slip up and that everything would crash in on her. She encouraged Nick to fix things with Chelsea right away, since Chelsea would need him once the truth was out. Nick balked at the thought of doing nothing about Chloe, but Sharon urged him to go to the wedding and show Chelsea that she meant more to him than proving Chloe guilty. Sharon added that Chloe was a lost cause, but Nick and Chelsea could still be saved.

At the Chancellor mansion, Esther happily greeted Kevin and Michael and admired how handsome they looked. Michael replied that she was glowing, and Kevin joked that he should get married every day. Kevin rattled off a list of things that needed to happen for the nuptials to take place, and he hoped Michael didn't pretend not to have the rings. The doorbell rang, and Esther declared that family and friends were there to witness the couple's joy. Esther opened the door to Gloria, who told Kevin that she'd left the car running, so it wasn't too late to make a break for it.

Michael scolded Gloria, who defended that she'd just been giving Kevin options. Gloria admitted that she'd been kidding about the car still running, but she would keep her keys handy. Michael warned that things would change between her and Kevin if she couldn't be happy for her younger son, and Gloria agreed to be on her best behavior. Lauren and Scott arrived, and Gloria purred that she hadn't had much of a chance to talk to Scott at the bachelor party. Lauren mentioned Scott's new project, and Scott reported that he'd be staying in Genoa City for the time being. Gloria hoped he found a reason to keep him there permanently.

Kevin worried that Father Todd wasn't there yet, and he crossed the room and anxiously peered out the window. Gloria grumbled that the priest had probably had a crisis of conscience when he'd realized who the bride was, and Michael called her a dark cloud of misery. Michael implored Gloria to look at Kevin happily mingling with the guests, and he reminded her that Kevin had suffered the worst possible childhood. Michael questioned whether she really wanted to mess with Kevin's happiness, and Gloria promised that she wouldn't be the one to take Kevin's beautiful smile away.

Devon and Mariah arrived, and she acknowledged that it was a weird third date. Devon assured her that he always liked being at his grandmother's home, especially when it was to make more good memories. Mariah approached Gloria and cautioned her against playing any games, and Gloria haughtily asked what game Mariah was playing. Gloria remarked that Mariah had had a billion reasons not to sleep with Kevin, and Mariah sarcastically called herself a "stone cold gold digger," just like Gloria. Gloria swore that she wasn't judging.

Devon joined the women, and Gloria said Devon and Mariah made a cute couple. Gloria added that Mariah was a big improvement over Hilary, and she inquired about Devon's charming father. Mariah looked around for some Champagne. Father Todd entered and suggested that they get started. Gloria grumbled to herself that the farce was really happening.

Upstairs, Chelsea stared at Adam's wedding band after she'd found it in Chloe's drawer. Chelsea flashed back to sliding the ring onto Adam's finger, and Chloe burst in and excitedly announced that Kevin was there. Chloe couldn't believe that she was wearing an original gown on her wedding day, and she gushed that it was what pure joy felt like. Chelsea seethed as Chloe looked at herself in the mirror and marveled that the gown was perfect, since it had been literally made for her. Through gritted teeth, Chelsea said it had needed to be just right, since she'd wanted it to reflect exactly who Chloe was.

Chloe obliviously fawned over her dress, and Chelsea questioned whether they really ever knew someone else's innermost thoughts. Chloe thought it happened with husbands and best friends, and she chirped that she was lucky to have both. Esther interrupted so that Bella could see the bride, and she reported that she'd just explained wedding traditions to the tot. Chloe figured she should start following the rules, and Esther noted that Chloe had always done everything her own way and that Chloe had a life for her and Bella to show for it. Chloe recognized that she hadn't done it alone, and she vowed not to blow it or waste one second of it. Chelsea tearfully stared out the window.

Esther considered the mansion to be something old, and she presented Chloe with earrings as something new. Chelsea flashed back to numerous times when Chloe had insisted that she'd been ready to let go of her rage and find forgiveness. Esther provided Chloe with a bracelet that Katherine had given Esther as something borrowed, and she declared that Bella was something blue, since the girl was wearing a blue dress. Chloe proclaimed that it was the day their perfect little family would become official.

Esther said it was time if Chloe was ready. Esther led Bella out, and Chloe gazed at herself in the mirror one more time. Chloe exclaimed that it was showtime, but Chelsea told her to wait. Chloe observed Chelsea's emotional state and thought she knew what Chelsea was about to say. Chloe swore that she loved Chelsea and was grateful to her, and she promised that nothing would change for them, since she would do everything for Chelsea the way Chelsea had done for her. Chelsea heard Esther in the hallway, and she handed Chloe her bouquet and wished her everything that she deserved. "Let's do this!" Chloe squealed, and Chelsea hesitantly followed Chloe out.

Esther led Bella down the aisle and praised her for doing a great job as the flower girl. Chelsea descended the stairs and forced herself to walk down the aisle. Chelsea gazed down at Adam's wedding band in the ring box in her hand. Kevin grinned as Chloe appeared at the bottom of the stairs, and he stepped out to meet her. They approached Father Todd together, and the priest declared that they were there to share a very important day in Kevin and Chloe's lives.

Father Todd asked Kevin to say his vows to Chloe. Kevin said there was a reason he and Chloe kept ending up together, and their one constant had been love. He recalled that they'd started as best friends, and that had never changed. He acknowledged that the past few years hadn't been easy, but every moment they'd shared had led them to that one. He continued that life wasn't perfect, but neither were they. Kevin said Chloe made him want to be a better man and father, and he pledged to give her and Bella the life they deserved.

Father Todd prompted Chloe to speak, and she recognized that she hadn't made life easy for Kevin. She thought any other man would have given up, but he'd been loving, patient, and all the things she'd never thought she'd deserved. She recounted that there had been moments when she'd thought she'd never be happy again, but everything had suddenly changed, and she could finally be the wife he deserved. Chloe thanked Kevin for loving her and Bella and making them a family, and she couldn't wait to start a life together. Father Todd requested the rings, and Kevin placed a wedding band on Chloe's finger as Gloria scowled.

Chelsea handed Chloe the groom's ring, and Chloe froze when she saw it. Chloe flashed back to being at the cabin, telling Adam that she was going to watch him die. Chloe gasped, and her eyes filled with tears as she looked at Chelsea. Kevin called Chloe's name, and the ring fell out of her hand and clattered on the floor. Chloe ran out, and Chelsea calmly insisted that she be the one to talk to Chloe.

Father Todd instructed Kevin to take a breath, since it wasn't the first time a bride or groom had needed a moment. Michael anticipated that they'd laugh about it one day, and Lauren was certain that Chloe had just been overwhelmed by the heartfelt vows. Kevin reasoned that he'd waited that long, so a few more minutes couldn't hurt. Gloria eavesdropped as Mariah griped to Devon that Chloe was a drama queen who was torturing Kevin.

Upstairs, Chloe hyperventilated and paced in her room. Chelsea burst in, and Chloe asked why Chelsea had done that to her. Chloe insisted that whatever Chelsea was thinking was wrong, and Chelsea demanded to know how Adam's ring had gotten into Chloe's drawer. Chloe cried that she only knew that the band wasn't Kevin's, but Chelsea snarled that she'd put the ring on her husband's finger and that Chloe had taken it off. Chelsea yelled that she'd listened to Chloe because she'd thought Chloe would never hurt her or lie to her, and she hadn't imagined that Chloe could be such an "evil, murdering bitch."

Chelsea bellowed that Chloe was the reason Adam was dead, and Chloe whimpered that it had been an accident. Chelsea spat that she'd been holding Adam's ring, yet Chloe still had the nerve to lie. Chelsea revealed that she'd seen the wrench and the tranquilizer gun, and she blasted Chloe for shooting Adam like he had been some kind of animal. Chelsea envisioned Chloe letting him lie there when she'd sabotaged the propane tank, and she accused Chloe of setting it up so that Chelsea and Connor had watched Adam die. Chelsea excoriated Chloe for taking the ring and keeping it in a drawer like a trophy to prove she'd won, and she called Chloe psychotic.

Chloe begged Chelsea not to say that, and she reiterated that she loved Chelsea. Chloe babbled that Adam hadn't made Chelsea happy and that it had just been a lie Chelsea had told herself after he'd died. Chloe hissed that Adam had been sick and vicious, whereas Nick was good and decent. Chelsea snapped that Nick knew Chloe was a killer, and Chloe blurted out that Adam had never paid for killing a child and covering it up.

Chloe asserted that justice had finally been served, and everyone was happy with Adam gone. Chloe pleaded with Chelsea to let them all be happy, but Chelsea demanded that Chloe say the words. Chloe confessed that she'd blown up the cabin because she'd needed Adam to die. Chelsea smacked Chloe across the face and lunged at her.

Meanwhile, Gloria suggested that they let Father Todd go because there was nothing more for him to do, and Lauren lectured that Gloria should have the decency to try to hide her glee. Kevin groaned that it felt like it had been six hours, but Michael brightly pointed out that Kevin liked that Chloe was unpredictable. Father Todd offered to have a word with Chloe, since he'd handled things like that before. Mariah unsuccessfully tried to stop Kevin from following the priest. Scott found the wedding band on the floor and noted that it wasn't Kevin's.

Upstairs, Father Todd knocked on the door and called out to Chloe. He opened the door, and Kevin appeared behind him. They found Chelsea motionless on the floor.

Nick catches Chloe meeting with Victor Nick catches Chloe meeting with Victor
Friday, April 7, 2017

At the Newman ranch, Victor informed Nikki that his day at the office had been busy but not overwhelming. Faith entered to show off her science project of identifying species of trees in Chancellor Park. Victor proposed that they take a walk through the park so she could tell him the names of the trees, and they made plans to play chess that weekend. Faith ran upstairs, and Nikki admired Victor's rapport with the girl. Victor mused that Faith reminded him of Victoria, but Nikki sensed that something was wrong. Victor reported that Nick and Chelsea were having problems.

Victor was surprised by how deep Nick's feelings for Chelsea had grown, and Nikki recognized that Nick had always fallen hard. The doorbell rang, and Abby arrived with some work documents for Victor. Faith returned downstairs and excitedly hugged Abby. Abby handed over the files, and Nikki mentioned that Victor had been constantly singing Abby's praises. Nikki referred to Abby's innovative ideas, and Victor stated that one of them had been for an incubator at Newman Towers. Faith inquired whether they meant for babies, and the adults laughed.

Victor explained that some people had ideas for businesses and new products but no money, and Abby's idea had been to provide free rent in exchange for a share of the profits if the ventures became successful. Nikki found it intriguing, but Victor said Victoria had reminded them that startups often failed, so he'd decided not to take the risk. Faith offered to show Abby her science project, and she led Abby away. Nikki hoped Victor didn't have to go back to the office that night, but he announced that he had other plans for the evening.

Nikki loved to see how Victor was mentoring Abby, and he credited Abby for allowing him to spend more time with his "baby." Nikki was thrilled because she'd thought she'd never live to see the day that happened, and she suggested that they have another family dinner that evening. Victor stressed that he had plans that night, and Nikki wondered if it was a surprise. He proposed that they have an old-fashioned candlelit dinner after Faith went to bed, and they kissed. Victor's phone rang, and Nikki begged him not to answer it. Victor ignored the call.

Nikki wondered if black tie was optional that evening, and she suspected that Victor might wheel in a rack of gowns like he had before. He revealed that a courier from Fenmore's was on the way over with a beautiful gown and accessories, and he flashed back to having an elaborate dinner where he'd presented Nikki with a pearl ring inside an oyster. His phone rang again, and he glanced at it briefly and suggested that Nikki take a bubble bath. She was more interested in what was on the menu, and they discussed the decadent dishes they might have. He received a text message, and he said there was something he had to take care of right away. Nikki protested, but Victor promised that he'd be back before she knew it.

Later, Faith compared her grandparents' dinner plans to going to a fancy restaurant, and Abby remarked that Victor and Nikki were making time for what was important. Nikki praised Abby for her devotion to running things at Newman because it had led to Victor trusting her to take on more responsibility, and Abby was happy that it meant Victor got to spend more romantic evenings with his wife. Nikki admitted that she was little nervous about what surprises Victor might have up his sleeve, and Abby offered to take Faith for a sleepover at her place that night.

At the cottage, Sharon gave Nick some aspirin after she noticed him pinching the bridge of his nose, since that meant he had a headache. He contemplated whether to take her advice to go to the wedding despite Chelsea ordering him to stay away, and Sharon reminded him that Chelsea had only done so because he wouldn't leave the thing with Chloe alone. Nick asserted that Chloe had killed his brother, and Sharon noted that Nick had never referred to Adam that way until after Adam had died. Sharon swore that Nick and Chelsea shared something special, but she thought Chelsea had a right to her own opinion.

Sharon argued that Nick had touched the evidence and that he hadn't had a warrant to get Chloe's phone records, so he had nothing that would serve as proof. She thought he'd hit a wall, and he questioned whether Chloe should get to skip out on punishment. Sharon encouraged Nick to keep his mouth shut and his eyes open, but she was adamant that he needed to patch things up so that he'd be there to protect Chelsea and Connor if Chloe was dangerous. Nick agreed to put on a smile at the wedding and ignore what he knew, and he departed.

At the Chancellor mansion, Gloria huffed that it was obvious that Chloe had gotten cold feet but hadn't had the decency to tell Kevin to his face. Esther was appalled by Gloria's statement, and Lauren pointed out that they didn't know anything yet. Esther thought there had to be a reasonable explanation, and Mariah suggested that they hope for the best and expect the worst. Esther wondered why everyone was being so negative, and Gloria proclaimed that she couldn't have asked for a better outcome for her son's sake. Lauren inspected the ring that Chloe had dropped and realized that it wasn't the one that Kevin had bought at Fenmore's.

Upstairs, Kevin begged Chelsea to wake up. She moaned as Kevin and Father Todd helped her to her feet, and she asked where Chloe was. Father Todd picked up a lamp from the floor and assumed someone had hit Chelsea over the head with it. Chelsea revealed that Chloe had clocked her because Chelsea had found out the truth. Kevin demanded to know why Chloe had run out on her wedding.

Chelsea insisted that they had to find Chloe, and she refused to let Chloe get away with it. Kevin protested that Chelsea wasn't making sense, and Father Todd asked for specifics. Chelsea rambled that there was no time, and she thought Chloe owed it to Kevin to have him hear the truth directly from her. Chelsea rushed out, and Kevin spotted a handwritten note with his name on it.

Chelsea ran downstairs and asked where Chloe was. Chelsea demanded that they find Esther's crazy daughter, and she pushed Esther to reveal the hiding spots on the estate. Esther objected to the way Chelsea was talking about Chloe, and Chelsea retorted that Esther would like it even less once she knew the whole story. Chelsea revealed that Chloe had bashed her over the head and tried to escape. Father Todd pulled Michael aside and urged him to be with his brother, since there wouldn't be a wedding. Mariah recounted that Chloe had once hit her over the head with a bottle, and she remarked that maybe Kevin had dodged a bullet.

Upstairs, Michael told Kevin that Chelsea was frantic about Chloe, and he asked what had happened. Kevin numbly replied that Chloe was gone, and Michael pressed to know where she'd gone and why. Kevin read aloud from her note that she'd had to leave because she was in trouble, and she hadn't wanted to drag him into her mess. Chloe had requested that Kevin tell her mom to take care of Bella, and she'd asked him not to try to find her.

Chloe had written that Kevin really had "brought out the best" in her, but her best wasn't all that good. She'd concluded the letter by saying that he'd always be the love of her life. Kevin struggled against tears, and Michael inquired whether he knew what Chloe had been talking about. Kevin said he didn't know what any of it meant, but it was clear that things were over between them. Michael comforted Kevin.

Meanwhile, Gloria groused that Chloe had dumped Kevin at the altar and attacked her best friend, and she wondered if anyone cared why Chloe had done it. Father Todd said it was up to Kevin to share, and Michael and Kevin returned to the room. Michael announced that there wouldn't be a wedding that night, and Kevin added that there wouldn't be one at all. Mariah asked if Kevin needed anything, and Gloria asserted that she knew what her son needed.

Gloria recognized that Kevin was devastated because he'd loved Chloe with all his heart, and she vowed to help him get through it. Esther and Chelsea reported that they'd checked everywhere and that Chloe's car was gone. Chelsea ranted that her "vicious, pathetic excuse for a friend" could be anywhere, and Esther became irate that Chelsea was talking as if Chloe were a criminal. Chelsea bellowed that it was time Esther woke up, since Chloe was a criminal. "That lying, psychotic bitch killed Adam," Chelsea spat.

Chelsea explained that Chloe had made the explosion look like an accident, but Scott scoffed at the idea that Chloe had fooled an entire forensics team. Chelsea swore that Chloe had confessed in her own words, and she wondered why everyone was acting surprised when they all knew Chloe had hated Adam and had never forgiven him for Delia's death. Lauren argued that Chloe had gotten help, and Chelsea imagined that Chloe had only gone through the motions. Kevin protested that it wasn't true, but Chelsea pointed out that Chloe wouldn't have left if she were innocent. Kevin accused Chelsea of pushing Chloe to the point of having a breakdown, and Chelsea asked if he could explain why Adam's wedding ring had been in Chloe's bedroom.

Father Todd retreated to the foyer and called Paul to tell him to get there right away. Later, Paul asked Chelsea about Chloe's exact words, and Chelsea repeated Chloe's admission to blowing up the cabin because she'd wanted Adam to die. Chelsea insisted that the police find Chloe and lock her up for good, but Kevin yelled that Chloe hadn't killed anyone. Kevin noted that Chelsea had once conned people for a living, but Chelsea questioned why she would lie about someone she loved killing her son's father. Chelsea mentioned that Nick had suspected Chloe's involvement in the explosion for some time, but she hadn't wanted to believe that her best friend would do something that vile. She added that Nick had gone to Paul about it, and Kevin wondered why Paul hadn't said anything.

Chelsea divulged that Nick had seen Chloe dump a bag containing a tranquilizer gun and a wrench in a Dumpster and that he'd tracked down cell phone records that had shown that Chloe had been by the cabin at the time of the explosion. Kevin recalled that he'd been with Chloe at the penthouse at that time, but Chelsea guessed that Chloe had gone upstairs to be alone at one point and that she'd left through the passageway in the closet. Kevin flashed back to insisting on staying with Chloe and Bella that night, and he'd urged Chloe to go to bed while he'd stayed on the sofa. Chelsea figured that Chloe had used Kevin for an alibi. Paul agreed to put out an APB, and he asked if anyone had ideas about where Chloe might have gone.

On the stairs, Esther told Father Todd that Chloe had never gotten over losing Delia, even though Esther had thought Chloe had finally found peace. Father Todd said they never really knew what was going on in someone else's mind, but Esther thought she should have seen what had been happening with her daughter. Father Todd assured Esther that she was a good mother, and he told her not to blame herself for Chloe's actions. Esther asked him to pray with her, and he took her hand.

Devon asked Mariah if they should take off or if she wanted to stick around for Kevin. Mariah worried about appearing ruthless, but she pointed out that it was a newsworthy story. She swore that she had scruples, but being there gave her the inside scoop, and the story was going to hit the media sooner or later. Devon noted that she could control the spin of the story, and Mariah figured it was better for her to do it than Hilary. Scott overheard and blasted Mariah for milking her friendship with Kevin to get ratings.

Mariah reasoned that a story about a manhunt wouldn't stay under wraps for long, and she wanted to get in front of it because Kevin was one of her best friends. Scott argued that she had no facts, since Chloe's confession was hearsay, and any evidence Nick had found had been tainted. Scott warned that Mariah would do more harm than good by branding Chloe as a killer, and he pointed out that Mariah wasn't a trained journalist. Mariah thanked him for the advice, and Scott asked if she'd sit on it until she had more information. Devon instructed Mariah not to answer, since he suspected that Scott was looking for a scoop about Adam's death for Victor's biography.

Kevin tucked Chloe's note into his pocket, and Chelsea apologized for being harsh. She reiterated that she hadn't wanted to believe Nick's theory, and she'd fought it with every ounce of hope. Kevin remarked that evidence wasn't proof, and he thought there had to be another explanation. Chelsea said she'd also tried to rationalize it, but she'd heard the words from Chloe's mouth.

Chelsea lamented that she'd trusted Chloe with everything, and Chloe had lived in her home and had tucked Connor into bed, knowing she'd taken his father from him. Chelsea contended that only someone who had been with Adam on the night he'd died could have taken his ring off his finger, and she was glad the truth had gotten out before Kevin had married Chloe. Kevin said Chelsea should go. Chelsea agreed, but she wanted her husband's ring back. Kevin handed it to her, and she left.

Esther fretted about what to say to Bella when the girl asked for her mother. She questioned how she could explain things to a child when she didn't understand them herself, and Kevin revealed that Chloe had left a note and that she wanted Esther to take care of Bella. Esther said she'd do anything for her granddaughter, including taking care of her until Chloe got back and straightened out the horrible misunderstanding. Esther stepped away to dismiss the caterers.

Gloria reminded Kevin that she'd made him tea when he'd been upset as a little boy. She asked if he wanted a cup, and he thanked her but declined. Gloria acknowledged that Chloe wasn't her favorite person, and Kevin wondered if everything had been a lie from the moment Chloe had stepped back into his life. Gloria recognized that she'd fought the relationship, but she didn't believe Chloe had lied when she'd said she loved him -- Chloe just wasn't well, and she needed help.

Lauren told Scott that Chloe had done some alarming things, but she couldn't imagine Chloe covering up a murder and pretending everything was fine. Scott said he'd dealt with sociopaths in his line of work and that he'd always sensed that something had been off with them, but Chloe had seemed normal. Scott thought Kevin needed to hear the truth from Chloe in order to accept what was going on. Paul reported that there had been no sign of Chloe, and Kevin swore that she wasn't dangerous because she'd only wanted to hurt the person who'd taken Delia from her. Paul promised to take every precaution to ensure Chloe was handled safely.

Father Todd bemoaned to Paul that it hadn't been the day they'd hoped for, and Paul guessed that his brother was heading home. Father Todd asked if they were good, and Paul insisted that they were. Paul encouraged him to stop by more often, and Father Todd said to give his best to Christine. The siblings said they loved one another, and Father Todd departed.

Scott privately told Paul that Chloe didn't strike him as the type to blow up buildings, and he wondered if he was missing something about her past. Paul confirmed that there was nothing like the explosion in her history, and Scott found it unlikely that she'd had the knowledge or the money to set it up by herself. Scott speculated that she'd had help, and Paul intended to find out.

Tears rolled down Chloe's face as she drove away in her car. She flashed back to Kevin saying his wedding vows. As Nick drove, he saw a blinking light on his GPS, and he flashed back to planting a tracker on Chloe's car. He was puzzled as to why she wasn't at her wedding, and he wondered where she was going.

Someone rang Sharon's doorbell and pounded incessantly on the door. Sharon hurried to answer it, and Chelsea burst in and asked if Nick was there, since he hadn't been answering his phone. Sharon indicated that he'd gone to the wedding to be with Chelsea, who said he'd never shown up. Chelsea revealed that the wedding had never happened, since Nick had been right all along -- Chloe was as twisted as he'd said she was.

Nick tracked down Chloe at a deserted area near an airport. "Finally," an irritated Chloe groaned as a male figure approached. Chloe complained that she'd been waiting forever, and the man escorted her into a building. A hidden Nick looked on and was stunned when he realized the man was Victor.

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