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Dina sold Mergeron Enterprises to Neil and Devon. Nick fibbed to Victor by claiming that Chelsea had given up her search for Chloe. Cane bribed a cameraman to edit footage to make Billy look bad. Victoria caught Phyllis in Billy's hotel room.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of May 15, 2017 on Y&R
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Lily is thrown into the Hollywood spotlight Lily is thrown into the Hollywood spotlight
Monday, May 15, 2017

At a Los Angeles hotel, Victoria checked in her Brash & Sassy employees. Victoria gave keycards to Billy and to Juliet. Victoria praised Billy for setting up filming of the Dare advertisement so quickly. Victoria said perhaps they might also find time to relax. Billy nixed the idea. Billy insisted to Victoria that their schedule would be a busy one.

On the hotel's rooftop deck, Cane, Lily, and Jordan surveyed the Los Angeles skyline. Lily gasped when she noticed a billboard plastered with her photo for a Dare cologne ad. Lily told Cane that it didn't feel real. Lily praised Cane for reining in his animosity toward Billy. As Cane embraced Lily, he glared at Billy as Billy, Victoria, and Juliet entered the deck area.

Jordan photographed Lily on the rooftop deck. Lily thought it might be overkill for her to be photographed within view of her billboard. Jordan said it wasn't, because Lily enjoyed being part of the campaign. Lily seemed to revel in her newfound fame. Jordan took advantage of Lily's confidence and snapped photos of her striking various poses as the wind blew her hair away from her face.

In the hotel's bar downstairs, Billy, Cane, Victoria, and Juliet met with Callie, a stylist. After Callie shared her well-received ideas, she left. Cane offered to manage the behind-the-scenes video content, a job that had been assigned to Juliet. Victoria and Juliet approved. Billy reluctantly agreed.

While Lily and Juliet enjoyed iced tea on the rooftop lounge, Jordan shot candid photos of the two. Billy examined a few photos on the screen of Jordan's camera and insisted they be included on Brash & Sassy's website. Across the way, Cane sat beside Victoria. Cane told Victoria he'd found a cameraman that could also edit the video footage. Cane suggested that Victoria also engage with the cameraman during the shoot. Cane added that the video could, as Juliet had suggested, be edited into a brief documentary. Victoria said she was surprised that Cane was allowing Billy to bask in the spotlight. Cane said it was time for Billy to enjoy some attention.

Victoria and Billy spent time alone together on the rooftop deck. Victoria seemed pleased that the project had gone together so well. Billy apologized for earlier rebuffing Victoria's offer to enjoy leisure time. Billy checked his schedule and said they could enjoy dinner together. Victoria left to reserve a table.

Hilary entered the hotel where the Brash & Sassy crew members were staying. Hilary instructed someone over the phone to set up meetings with major television executives. Hilary said, "I want this trip to put me on the map." Jordan entered the lobby just after Hilary checked in. Hilary showed Jordan their room key. Jordan offered to escort Hilary to their room.

Later, Hilary went to the rooftop deck and noticed Lily's billboard. Lily approached Hilary and said, "What the hell are you doing here?" Hilary said she would be conducting celebrity interviews. Jordan joined in, placed his arm around Hilary, and said he and Hilary planned to work and have some fun. Lily insisted that Hilary not be present when Lily filmed her commercial.

Cane talked privately with his cameraman on the phone and instructed him to shadow Billy Abbott. Across the way, Billy stepped away from Victoria to phone Phyllis. Phyllis asked if Billy had carved out time to enjoy California. Billy said he was standing on the rooftop deck, enjoying the sunshine and wishing Phyllis could be by his side. Victoria approached and said she'd reserved a table with a beautiful view. Phyllis overheard. After Victoria stepped away, Billy said he had to go, but he promised to phone Phyllis as soon as he could. Phyllis said, "Yeah, miss you." Billy replied, "Same."

At the Newman ranch, Noah stopped by to visit Tessa. Nikki answered the door and told Noah that Tessa was still sleeping. Noah told Nikki that a man had accosted Tessa at the Underground. Noah recalled that Tessa had easily handled the man. Noah added that when he'd happened upon the pair, the man had been lying on the floor, and Tessa had been standing above him, shaking. Tessa appeared in a doorway and listened as Noah told Nikki that Tessa had seemed traumatized. Noah explained that he'd stopped by to check on Tessa.

Tessa entered Nikki's living room and made her presence known. Tessa apologized to Nikki and said she was ready to work. Nikki said Tessa had needed her rest after what had happened. Tessa acknowledged her awareness that Noah had told Nikki what had transpired. Nikki went to the kitchen to get breakfast for Tessa.

Noah told Tessa that he wanted to make sure she was okay. Tessa admitted that she shouldn't have reacted like she had when the man had encroached on her personal space. Tessa clasped Noah's hand and thanked him. Noah asked Tessa if she was free for their date, and she said she was. Nikki returned with breakfast set on a tray. Noah left.

Tessa admitted to Nikki that she was uncomfortable having others doing things for her. Nikki said that though she hadn't known Tessa very long, she sensed that Tessa was hiding a lot of pain. Nikki said she, too, had had experience with the fight-or-flight instinct kicking in. Nikki added that she'd learned early on to depend on herself and felt that Tessa had been forced to depend on herself for a long time.

Nikki admitted that she'd spotted Tessa outside the coffeehouse and knew that she'd been living in her car. Tessa became upset and asked if Nikki considered her a charity case. Tessa insisted she didn't need anyone to pity her. Nikki said she didn't pity Tessa. Nikki said she admired Tessa and only wanted her to enjoy a safe life. Tessa began sobbing. Nikki took Tessa's hand and said she deserved safety and comfort.

At Jabot, Ashley was working in Jack's office when Phyllis entered. Ashley mentioned Phyllis' renewed romance with Billy. Ashley suggested that because she'd heard the news from Jack and not Billy, perhaps Billy wasn't proud of his relationship with Phyllis. Phyllis noted that she and Billy together had informed Jack, so perhaps Billy had avoided Ashley because he didn't want another lecture. Ashley admitted she didn't approve of Billy and Phyllis' relationship. Ashley added that no matter what Jack might have said, he wasn't okay with the relationship. Ashley said that Phyllis likely didn't care how her relationship with Billy would affect Jack, Victoria, Johnny, and Katie.

Phyllis seemed stunned when Ashley claimed that Phyllis had pursued happiness for herself at everyone else's expense. Phyllis recalled that when she and Jack had married, he'd been the love of her life, and she had expected to spend her life being devoted to him. Growing angry, Phyllis noted that Victor had destroyed their relationship. Phyllis added that Jack had given her permission to move on, so she had, and she and Jack were seeking their futures elsewhere. Ashley asked Phyllis if she truly believed her future was with Billy.

Phyllis put Ashley on the defensive. Phyllis asked when Ashley had last felt an intimate connection to someone or had taken a risk to be with someone she believed could make her happy. Ashley claimed that Phyllis was chasing an imagined reality she thought she could make real by wishing it to be. Ashley noted that Billy had traveled to Los Angeles with his ex-wife. Phyllis replied, "When this shoot is over, Billy's coming home to me."

After Phyllis stepped out of the office, she remembered past encounters with Billy. Phyllis remembered when Billy had pursued her even though she'd initially feared that Billy might be using her to win back Victoria. Phyllis also recalled a passionate encounter with Billy, and later she remembered catching Victoria embracing Billy at Brash & Sassy. Ashley's words and the memories seemed to shatter Phyllis' confidence in her relationship with Billy.

Abby stopped by Jabot to visit with Ashley. Abby confessed that she'd phoned her grandmother. Ashley said, "Why would you do something like that?" Abby apologized for phoning Dina behind Ashley's back and admitted that she'd had hopes of forming a business alliance and healing her family all in one phone call. Abby reported that Dina had sworn she'd never do business with Victor or with Newman Enterprises.

Ashley said she'd never attempted to engage Abby with Dina because she feared Abby would end up heartbroken. Abby explained that her grandmother had never been aware that she'd been talking to her granddaughter. Ashley told Abby that Dina had been in touch with Hamilton-Winters regarding the sale of Mergeron Enterprises. Ashley said Dina was completely untrustworthy.

At Devon's penthouse, Devon and Neil learned from Michael that Dina Mergeron had accepted the offer to purchase her company. Michael explained that even though Devon and Neil were buying Mergeron Enterprises, Madame Mergeron didn't intend to step away from the company. Michael noted that with Dina serving on the Mergeron board of directors, she could pose a problem. Devon decided to accept Dina's terms because he considered her continued association to be an asset. Neil cited his misgivings, but he agreed with Devon that Dina wouldn't have any real control. Neil said purchase of Mergeron Enterprises marked the beginning of their own family dynasty.

Abby stopped by, and Michael left. Abby said she'd heard that Hamilton-Winters had placed a bid for Mergeron Enterprises. Devon insisted that when he'd first sought to purchase the company, he'd been unaware of its connection to the Abbott family. Abby wanted to know if Dina had asked about her family. Devon said Dina had mostly talked about her past with Katherine Chancellor because the two had been close friends.

Abby said she hoped the negative comments she'd heard about Dina weren't all true. Abby recalled that her grandfather had once loved Dina enough to bear three children with her. Abby said she'd never even met Dina, and she begged Devon to tell her about her grandmother. Devon described Dina as an elegant, powerful woman with tremendous grace. Abby pleaded with Devon to share his unedited appraisal of her grandmother. Devon said that Dina was tough, intolerant of nonsense, and intimidating.

At the Abbott mansion, Ashley entered and called out to Jack. Ashley was surprised to find Dina standing in the living room. Dina said, "Ashley, it's been far too long." Ashley placed her hands on her hips and glared at Dina. Dina, half smiling, remained in place and seemed to be admiring Ashley.

A surprise visit from her mother brings back painful memories for Ashley A surprise visit from her mother brings back painful memories for Ashley
Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Sharon greeted Scott and Christine at the police station, and he asked how Sharon's shift had gone. Scott revealed that Sharon had been working at the crisis hotline, and Sharon reported that it had been intense but that she'd loved it. Christine recalled that she'd also volunteered for the hotline before, and Sharon marveled that taking the calls had made her realize that she didn't have any problems compared to other people. Sharon inquired whether Scott was ready to go, but Christine insisted on talking to him privately for a moment. After Sharon stepped out, Christine asked what was going on with Scott and Sharon.

Scott groused that he didn't have to explain his personal life to Christine, and he suspected that her real intention was to push him to take more undercover assignments. He stressed that he wasn't interested and that he was working for Victor at Newman. Christine hoped Scott would change his mind after he saw some photos on her tablet computer, and he found them to be gruesome. Christine bemoaned that the young women in them were the lucky ones, since the problem with sex trafficking was getting worse, but it was impossible to build a case without more evidence. Scott wished her the best, but he maintained that he was the wrong man for the job, and he walked out.

Noah took Tessa to the Athletic Club for their date, and she remarked that she would have been fine with a drive-through window. She wondered if the club might throw someone like her out, and he deadpanned that they'd do it politely and expect a tip afterward. He insisted that she deserved to go to a nice place, and she thought he sounded like Nikki. Noah escorted Tessa to a table.

Over dinner, Tessa quipped that she didn't know whether to eat or wear such a fancy salad, and she promised not to embarrass Noah by taking a picture or asking which utensil to use. She picked up a spoon, but she assured him she was just kidding. She figured that it was his kind of scene, but he insisted that he was more of a dive-bar type. Tessa guessed that he'd also taken his last date to the club, and Noah confirmed that he had -- right before they'd broken off their engagement. Tessa regretted that she'd killed the mood, but Noah told her not to worry about it.

Noah thought Tessa seemed worried, and she instructed him to follow her gaze. He looked across the room and saw Sharon and Scott on a date. Noah swore that he was glad his mother was having a good time, and he suggested that he and Tessa not let it get in the way of theirs. Noah explained that Marisa was with her little girl in Spain, and he pressed Tessa to tell him about where she was from.

Tessa revealed that she'd been born in Chicago and that her family had moved around a lot before she'd left home at the age of 17 and never turned back. Noah asked how she'd ended up there, and she claimed that she'd run out of money on her way to L.A. Tessa called Nikki the fairy godmother who'd saved her, and Noah inquired whether Tessa stayed in contact with anyone in her family. She mentioned a younger sister, and he toasted to kid sisters. Tessa looked uncomfortable.

Scott informed Sharon that Noah and his date had been awkwardly looking over, and Sharon confessed that she'd seen them, but she'd decided not to embarrass Noah. She noted that Scott had been quiet on the drive over, and she wondered if he was upset because of his conversation with Christine. Scott claimed that Christine had wanted to pick his brain about a case, and he turned the topic to the crisis hotline. Sharon expressed her relief that she'd had the training to be able to find the right words to give people, and Scott said he'd known she'd be good at it, since he'd been able to sense her compassion from the first time they'd met.

Sharon hoped that one day she could change people's lives the way Scott had. Scott admitted that he'd made his fair share of mistakes by trusting his instincts when he shouldn't have, and he debated whether or not to share something with her. Sharon surmised that his secret had something to do with Christine. Scott revealed that he'd once made a career out of lying, although every word he'd written had been true. He continued that he'd lived a double life at times, and he wanted to tell Sharon about it because he cared about her.

Scott explained that he'd been based in London, and Sharon questioned how he'd ended up in the Middle East. He divulged that it had been part of his other career, since he'd been recruited to do intelligence work for the government, and the journalism had been a cover. Sharon thought it sounded dangerous, and Scott ordered another round of drinks.

At the Abbott mansion, Dina said it was lovely to see Ashley. Dina reached out to hug her daughter, but Ashley stepped away and coolly asked why Dina was there unannounced. Ashley wondered if Jack had let Dina in, but Dina indicated that the housekeeper had answered the door. Ashley grumbled that Mrs. Martinez wouldn't have let Dina in if Dina had introduced herself as the Abbott siblings' mother, and she snapped that it was no secret how the Abbotts felt about Dina.

Dina asked if Ashley had been well, and she imagined that there had to be a special man in Ashley's life. Ashley stated that she wasn't in a serious relationship and that she was fine with friendships, but Dina doubted that was enough for Ashley. Ashley turned the topic to Dina selling Mergeron Enterprises, and she dryly congratulated her mother for convincing the wealthiest person in town to buy it. Dina indicated that Devon and Neil had impressed her, so she was in Genoa City to finalize the deal. Ashley barked that Dina couldn't fly back to Paris soon enough.

Ashley offered Dina a farewell glass of wine, but Dina declined. Ashley poured herself a glass, and Dina declared her plan to stay in town catch up with Ashley and Jack. Ashley spat that they were too busy to socialize, and Dina complimented them on doing an admirable job at Jabot. Ashley was surprised that her mother had kept tabs on them, and Dina remarked that she was sure John would have been very proud of them both.

Ashley found Dina's comment interesting, since Dina had never given "a damn" about what John had thought before. Dina chided Ashley for holding onto Dina's failings as a wife and mother. Ashley retorted that she didn't think much about Dina at all, other than to avoid repeating her mother's mistakes. Ashley recalled telling John the same thing when he'd been dying -- something else Dina had been conveniently absent for. Dina wished Ashley well and sent her love to Jack and Traci, and she headed out. Ashley struggled against tears.

At Jabot, Gloria went over Jack's schedule for the day, and she asked if there was anything else he needed before she left. He jokingly asked if she was in a rush for a hot date, and she huffed that it was none of his business. Jack wondered what was going on with her, and Gloria pointed out that they hadn't been together for weeks. She thought it was obvious that he no longer wanted to continue their friendship because it had become public knowledge. Gloria surmised from Jack's silence that she was right.

Gloria assumed that Jack was embarrassed to be seen with her with their secret out, and he admitted that he'd been mortified when he'd woken up after their first drunken evening together. Gloria confided that as time had gone on, she'd discovered there was more to him than just his smile, and she'd hoped he had discovered the same thing about her. Jack clarified that he wasn't embarrassed by her or their arrangement, and he apologized if he'd given her the wrong impression or hurt her. She implied that if he really wanted to make it up to her, he'd meet her at the club. He guessed that meant she had no hot date that night, and she seductively replied, "Depends on you, lover boy."

Gloria ordered her usual at the Athletic Club bar. In the foyer, Graham informed Dina that their suite was ready, and she instructed him to go to the bar while she took a call. He sat next to Gloria, who cooed that he had to be new in town, since she would have spotted him before then if he lived there. Graham confirmed that he was visiting from Paris, and Dina joined him. Jack entered the club, and he was stunned when he spied Dina. He approached his mother, and Dina hugged him as Gloria looked on.

Jack stammered that he hadn't been sure he'd see Dina when she was in town, and she informed him that she'd stopped by the house to see him and found Ashley instead. She introduced Graham as her companion, and Jack mumbled that she was nothing if not consistent. Jack introduced Gloria, who extended her hand, and Dina realized that Gloria had been married to John. Jack explained that Gloria had been loyal to John and still worked for Jack at Jabot. Gloria apologized for not recognizing Dina sooner, and Dina haughtily replied that women always noticed Graham first. Gloria excused herself and rushed off.

Jack assumed that Dina would head back to France once the contracts were signed, but she informed him that she wanted to spend a few days in Genoa City to visit family. Jack grumbled that she hadn't been able to get out of town fast enough the last time she'd been there, but she hoped he could find time to catch up. He suggested then, but she begged off because she was still on Paris time and needed sleep. Dina wished him a lovely evening, and she and Graham headed upstairs. Jack received a text message from Gloria, asking where he was because her bed was getting cold. He replied to request a rain check, and he sullenly sipped his drink.

On the hotel roof in Hollywood, Cane remarked that it was a beautiful day -- almost as beautiful as Lily. They made plans to go out for dinner. Across the rooftop, Victoria asked Billy if he wanted more wine, but he said he shouldn't. He recognized that it was out of character, and she guessed that he was nervous about the shoot. She assured him that they'd done plenty of commercials, and she believed in his concepts and his abilities. Billy imagined that he'd be able to relax once the commercial was in post-production, but Victoria encouraged him to enjoy the moment and appreciate how lucky they were to be there. Cane and Lily wished Billy and Victoria a good night before heading out.

Victoria recalled an incredible meal she and Billy had shared when they'd been in L.A. to try to sell Restless Style. Billy remembered getting in trouble for going for a dip in a pool, and he claimed to have had no idea that it hadn't been connected to their hotel. Victoria scoffed at the thought that he hadn't seen the private property sign, and he remarked that he could always count on her to remind him of the rules. She looked dismayed.

In the lobby, Hilary made plans over the phone to call someone the next day, and she hung up as Jordan stepped off the elevator. She announced that her celebrity interviews were set, thanks to Howard Green, the producer who'd sold GC Buzz to Devon. Hilary mentioned that she'd hired Howard as the producer for her L.A. segment, and she gushed that he appreciated her talent and that he could see a place for her in L.A. Jordan wondered if she was thinking about sticking around after taping her show, and she asked if it would bother him if she did.

Hilary asked if Jordan would miss her if she moved to L.A., and he replied that he would, but he knew how well she'd do there. He hoped she wouldn't forget the little people once she got her own network show, and she pretended not to remember who he was. He kissed her and asked if she remembered him then, but she said she couldn't remember much of anything after a kiss like that. Jordan recognized that a lot of people got intoxicated by the glitz of Hollywood, but he only saw determination and not stars in her eyes. She admitted that she'd joined him on the trip to take her tiny show to the next level.

Phyllis tapped her nails on the front desk of the hotel, and she called out to ask if anyone was there. A clerk appeared, and she sourly remarked that she'd thought everyone had been taking a nap. He informed her that he'd been on a call, and she sarcastically recommended that he use the hold button when he had live, paying customers. The clerk asked if she had a reservation, and she claimed that her room was in her husband's name. She requested a key to Billy's room, but the clerk informed her that it was against hotel policy. Phyllis fibbed that she was there to surprise her husband for their anniversary, but the clerk refused to give her access to the room without Billy's approval.

Phyllis apologized and chalked up her rude behavior to jet lag. She checked out the clerk's nametag and addressed him as Anthony, and she praised him for being amazing at what he did. He reiterated that he wouldn't give her a key, and she showed him a business card to show that her last name was Abbott. Phyllis saw Juliet enter the lobby, and she quickly unfolded a large tourist map to hide her face. Anthony asked why Phyllis was hiding, and Phyllis claimed that it would spoil the surprise for her husband if one of his colleagues saw her. Anthony realized that Phyllis wouldn't give up, and he caved in and gave her Billy's room number.

Juliet joined Jordan and Hilary, and she groaned that the day had been hectic. Jordan mentioned that he'd posted the photo of Juliet and Lily on the website, and Juliet found it online and reported that it was already getting good feedback. Hilary observed that it looked like Juliet and Lily had been having a blast, and Juliet praised Lily for being warm and welcoming. Hilary remarked that it appeared as if Juliet and Cane got along, and Juliet explained that they'd bonded in Tokyo. Hilary wondered what Juliet had done to impress him, and Juliet figured that she'd just been good at her job.

Lily and Cane raved about their dinner on the drive back to their hotel. Cane insisted on savoring her success, and she asked if she'd told him lately how much she loved him. She hoped the commercial was a hit, but she swore that Cane and the twins would always be first with her. He said he'd never doubted it, and he proclaimed that whatever happened on the trip, he wanted her to know he was proud of her. They kissed.

Lily and Cane returned to the hotel, and she suggested that they have a nightcap, but she reconsidered when they ran into Hilary and Jordan. Jordan hated that two of his favorite people couldn't get along, but he asked if the women could at least be civil. Hilary declared that she wanted that, and she wished Lily and Cane nothing but the best the following day. Hilary recounted that Juliet had been talking about how much she loved working with them, and Cane said he was happy that they could all make a contribution.

Phyllis lurked in the hallway, and she ducked out of sight when a maid stepped out of Billy's room. Phyllis slipped into the room when the maid wasn't looking.

After dinner, Billy suggested that he and Victoria share a dessert, but she wanted to call it a night. He asked if she was okay, since they'd been having fun at first, but she'd been quiet at dinner. She wished that he didn't think she always had to follow the rules, but he insisted that he admired that she was organized and practical. He reasoned that she didn't have the luxury of being spontaneous with the kids or with Brash & Sassy, and she opined that she kept him focused while he helped her show her fun side. Victoria argued that an uptight person wouldn't have gotten drunk and married him, and she said she wouldn't change a thing if she had to do it all over again. Billy agreed that he wouldn't, either.

In the hotel corridor, Billy offered to walk Victoria to her room, but she said she'd be fine to get down the hall. They made small talk about the great time they'd had that evening, and she confessed that she'd already booked a trip to San Diego for them and the kids in case their schedules cleared up. Billy was enthusiastic about going, and he thanked her for everything. Victoria walked away, and Billy entered his room. He was stunned to find a naked Phyllis in his bed. "Surprise," Phyllis purred with a smile.

Hilary finally scores an interview with her role model, Julie Chen Hilary finally scores an interview with her role model, Julie Chen> Hilary finally scores an interview with her role model, Julie Chen Hilary finally scores an interview with her role model, Julie Chen
Wednesday, May 17, 2017
by Nel

Backstage at the shoot, Cane asked if Juliet had seen Billy because the director wanted to talk to him. Cane asked her to call Billy to make sure he was on his way. Juliet advised that they still had an hour before rehearsal. Cane said that that meant they, not Billy, had to do the troubleshooting. Cane greeted Jessie, the videographer, and instructed him to capture what went on behind-the-scenes. Lily told Cane that she was nervous. Jordan and Cane remind her how talented she was and said she'd be fine.

In his suite, Billy rushed to get dressed and warned Phyllis not to let Victoria see her.

In the lobby, Victoria met Billy at the elevator. He told her that he'd slept in. Victoria told Billy how excited she was to have the kids there with her and Billy.

Victoria and Billy arrived at the shoot and greeted a couple of hockey players who were introduced to Cane and Juliet. Juliet took them to meet Lily. Billy asked why Cane had allowed a PA to escort the hockey players in. Cane said he'd had to because Billy hadn't been there to take care of it. Victoria asked Cane if things were on schedule. Cane griped that he'd handled everything, since Billy hadn't shown up.

Juliet informed Victoria and Billy that the league had requested to see the behind-the-scenes footage of the players. They wanted final approval before it was posted on the website. Victoria and Billy agreed. Cane advised Victoria that that was under control as well.

Victoria was pleased that the rehearsal had gone well. Cane complimented the hockey players on a job well done. Billy started a conversation with the players. The athletes talked about Lily being hot and joked with Billy about betting on their game -- all of which was caught on video. Cane told Lily she'd been spectacular. Lily wanted to go for drinks with Cane, but Cane explained that he had to edit Jessie's behind-the-scenes footage and left Lily feeling disappointed.

Victoria thanked Billy and Lily for the fantastic work and invited Billy for a drink. Billy claimed that it had been a long day and that he was tired. Victoria thanked him for making the deal and putting it together, and she wanted Billy to think about the millions of dollars that the hockey deal would make for Brash & Sassy. Billy agreed to meet Victoria on the rooftop, but he wanted to freshen up first.

In the meantime, Cane was editing the behind-the-scenes shots with Jessie. Cane gave specific instructions to Jessie on the editing. Jessie asked if Cane was sure because it would sound out of context. Cane confirmed that was what he needed and gave Jessie a large sum of money.

On the rooftop, Hilary told Howard Green, her producer, that she might not be a household name yet, but she promised that one day, she would be on a billboard bigger than Lily's. Hilary became star-struck when she spotted her journalism hero, Julie Chen. She told Howard she would not allow that opportunity to pass her by. Hilary approached Julie and introduced herself as Hilary Curtis from The Hilary Hour based in Genoa City. Julie admitted she hadn't heard of it. Hilary said they were constantly gaining viewers, and that was partially thanks to Julie.

Hilary claimed she'd followed Julie's career and had patterned much of The Hilary Hour on Julie and her show. She gushed that Julie was an incredible role model. Julie got up to leave for the set of The Talk. Hilary rushed in and told Julie that she'd only be in Los Angeles for a couple of days and wanted to do a piece with Julie. Julie was flattered, but Hilary's request had to go through the proper channels. Hilary said she realized it wasn't the standard approach to securing an interview, but she just wanted a couple of minutes to chat with Julie on-camera. Julie said it wouldn't be possible.

Julie started to walk away but saw that Hilary looked heartbroken. Julie invited Hilary to The Talk. Hilary was elated and thanked her. Hilary told Howard she was determined to get an interview with Julie. Howard pointed out that Hilary couldn't just walk up to a high-profile celebrity like Julie Chen and score an interview.

At the Abbotts', when Ashley arrived, Jack was staring at a picture of himself with Dina when he'd been a little boy. She told Jack that Dina had paid her a visit. Jack said he'd seen Dina at the club. Ashley hoped Jack had sent Dina packing. Jack stated that he hadn't expected to find Dina at the club with her new companion. Jack told Ashley that Dina had met Gloria, but Gloria had had enough sense to leave.

Jack wanted to call Traci to let her know Dina was in Genoa City. Ashley felt there was no point because Dina would sign the contract then she'd be gone. Jack said Dina wanted to visit with family. Ashley wanted to know what Dina considered as family. Jack was sure Dina would be delighted to meet Abby. Ashley asked if Dina had asked about Traci. Jack retorted that what he and Dina had had didn't qualify as a conversation. Jack wanted Ashley to be reasonable and not to pack Dina off and out of their lives. Ashley reminded him that Dina had been out of their lives for decades.

Dina arrived at Devon's penthouse. She was pleased that Devon and Neil had agreed to her terms and kept her on the board. Devon felt there was nothing holding them back from making it official, since Dina was ready to sign the documents. He called Michael. Devon wanted to throw a party, but Dina said no because some people might not approve. Family was her main concern.

Devon assumed that Dina would want to see her family. Dina admitted she'd met with Ashley, and it hadn't gone well. Devon said that he and Neil knew the Abbotts very well -- Abby was one of his best friends, and Neil and Jack were close. Devon stated that the Abbotts were good people, and he hoped Dina wouldn't give up on them. Dina asked if Devon had always been so optimistic. Neil said that Devon had always seen the glass as half full.

Dina didn't want to cheat Devon out of his moment with a party, but she was afraid her family would take it the wrong way. Devon had an idea of how they could still make their announcement so that it wouldn't be open to misinterpretation and so he and Neil could still make their grand entrance into the business world.

Devon and Neil took Dina to GC Buzz and introduced her to Mariah. Dina admitted that Devon had told her about the talk show and that they sometimes spoke directly to their audience. Mariah said they had a fun and easy approach. Dina noted it was unstructured. Devon said that Mariah encouraged people to speak their minds. Mariah said they tried to keep things real, and it was up to the people if they wanted to get personal.

Neil informed Dina that Jack was good friends with the show's owner. Devon added that everyone in town talked about the show. Dina asked if her children and granddaughter watched. Devon assured her that Abby was an avid watcher and that Jack tuned in from time to time. Dina was adamant that she wouldn't be manipulated on-air. Mariah assured her it wouldn't happen. Devon told Dina that Mariah had an amazing heart, and it showed through on-camera. He told Dina that on the Thanksgiving show, Mariah had helped a woman reunite with her estranged family.

Mariah felt it hadn't been a big deal, but Neil said that it had been a big deal for the woman and her family. Dina told Mariah never to dismiss her achievements. Dina agreed to do the interview, but she didn't want it to be about her -- it was to be about Hamilton-Winters, and she insisted that Devon appear with her.

Mariah and Devon met in a quiet corner. Mariah told Devon she was very appreciative of Devon handing her the big opportunity, but they had one major hurdle to leap over before they went on-air. Mariah pointed to the banner for The Hilary Hour.

Hilary spotted Phyllis on the rooftop and asked why she was there. Phyllis claimed she needed a little rest and relaxation. Hilary was suspicious because Phyllis just happened to be in the same hotel as Billy. Hilary asked if Phyllis and Billy had reunited. Phyllis asked Hilary to forget she'd seen her. Hilary said that Phyllis would owe her. Phyllis agreed.

Phyllis told Hilary that she'd gone there to surprise Billy, and if Victoria knew, she wouldn't be too happy about it. Phyllis said that Victoria and Jack knew that she and Billy were together again. Hilary promised to keep Phyllis' secret then bragged that she had scored an interview with Julie Chen.

Hilary received a call from Mariah, who advised that she'd scored a major coup. Dina Mergeron wanted to announce the sale of her massive corporation on their show. Hilary was delighted and told Mariah to put it into Hilary's calendar, and she'd do the interview as soon as she returned. Mariah said that Dina had been a hard sell, and they had to go live because Dina would be returning to Paris at any moment. Hilary was annoyed and wanted to know how Mariah had snagged such a big deal. Mariah reminded her that the Hamilton-Winters had purchased Mergeron Enterprises. Hilary griped that it was all about Mariah's new boyfriend.

At the Abbotts', Ashley accused Jack of defending Dina, but Jack felt there was no need to make Dina feel unwelcome. Ashley was adamant that that was exactly how they should make Dina feel. Jack wondered why Dina had chosen the Hamilton-Winters Group out of all the well-established international businesses. Ashley thought it had been personal greed. Jack said that Dina wasn't a complete monster. At that moment, Jack received a text message from Gloria advising him to turn on GC Buzz.

On air at GC Buzz, Mariah stated that she had an exclusive breaking news story. She said that Devon Hamilton, former owner of GC Buzz, had moved on to bigger things. She explained that he'd started a new company with his father, Neil -- the Hamilton-Winters Group. The company had plans to be a major force in the business world. Devon stated he was extremely fortunate to be there with the brilliant Dina Mergeron. He stated that Dina's company had withstood the test of time, and it still stood on the cutting edge of many new groundbreaking technologies. Dina had managed to maintain both the company's structure and its growth, which hadn't been an easy task.

Devon was honored to announce Hamilton-Winters' first acquisition -- they were proud owners of Mergeron Enterprises. Mariah pointed out that even though the viewers were familiar with Mergeron Enterprises, most would be surprised to learn that Mergeron Enterprises had dabbled in everything from ship building to microchips to music streaming -- a wide and varied portfolio.

Dina was very proud of what they'd done and their broad scope. Mariah asked why Dina had agreed to sell her late husband's amazing life's work. Dina said that at some point in her life, she'd become conscious of her legacy. Her motivation for the changes she'd made was family.

Mariah asked why Dina had sold Mergeron Enterprises to Hamilton-Winters. Dina said because they'd offered her a lot of money -- and the fact that her dear departed friend Katherine Chancellor had turned out to be Devon's grandmother. Dina said that Katherine had been a remarkable woman, and she'd been fortunate to find Devon so late in her life. Dina stated that anything was possible and that mistakes could be corrected. It was never too late to reestablish a relationship with family.

At the Abbotts', Ashley wondered what Dina was up to. Jack advised that it had been a very shrewd business move on Devon's part. Ashley clapped and stated sarcastically that Dina had done well. She turned off the television.

Hilary and Howard arrived on the empty set of The Talk. Hilary looked dejected and warned Howard not to say he'd told her so. Hilary said she'd been so close, but Howard said that she'd wanted to believe she'd been that close.

Hilary saw Julie Chen walk onto the empty set. Hilary approached Julie and reminded her that they'd spoken at the hotel earlier. Hilary introduced her producer, Howard Green. Hilary thanked Julie for the invitation to the show and said that it had been an incredible experience for her.

Howard mentioned that there was nothing that Julie and the ladies at the table wouldn't say. Julie admitted that that was the point. Julie wished Hilary luck with her show, but before being dismissed, Hilary asked for an interview. Julie thought she'd made herself clear that she had to prepare for the next day's show.

Hilary charged ahead, stating that Julie knew all the challenges and how hard it had been to get into the business and to be taken seriously. Hilary knew Julie had been an intern, working insane hours for the morning news, and that she'd been an assignment reporter for stories from Dayton and New York. Julie had faced challenges, and those challenges had never daunted her. They had empowered her to do things that Hilary could only imagine. Hilary asked for ten minutes of Julie's time. Julie agreed to five.

Hilary knew Julie had been repeatedly told "no" throughout her career and wanted to know what had motivated Julie to keep going. Julie admitted that the more "noes" she'd gotten, the harder she had worked to prove everyone wrong. Hilary asked how Julie's show The Talk had evolved. Julie admitted that in the past, she'd been just the news lady and moderator. She hadn't intended to give her opinion on any of the topics. Julie mentioned that in news, one wasn't supposed to give an opinion, but she'd slowly learned how to give her opinion while delivering the headlines.

Hilary mentioned that on The Talk, the ladies appeared to have a blast. Julie said they did, and they loved each other. Hilary stated that she had a co-host who was more like a sidekick, and sometimes she could be a little difficult. Hilary wondered if the ladies' of The Talk bared their claws after the show ended. Julie stated that what people saw on-camera was how they were with each other off-camera. They were really good friends in real life. Sometimes they didn't see eye to eye on a certain topic or on how they should do something on the show, but they always wanted to build each other up as women, and they felt they owed it to each other to do that.

Julie stated that she and her co-hosts never wanted to tear each other down. The chemistry people saw on-camera couldn't be faked. Hilary said that she'd tried to keep it real with her co-host, but sometimes it got too real. Julie advised Hilary not to treat her co-host as a sidekick but to make her more a co-host and include her in the process. The problem would be resolved. Hilary looked into the camera and spoke directly to Mariah, saying there might be hope for them yet.

Hilary thanked Julie for the interview. Julie spoke from experience when she said that Hilary had a bright future in the business. Hilary had what it took. Julie asked Hilary to let her know when the interview would air because she wanted to see it. Julie left.

Howard was amazed. He wanted to go back to the hotel and review the footage, but Hilary wanted one more video. Hilary sat in Julie Chen's chair and welcomed everyone to The Hilary Hour.

On the rooftop, Phyllis sipped Champagne when Victoria arrived.

Chelsea is relentless in her search for Chloe Chelsea is relentless in her search for Chloe
Thursday, May 18, 2017
by Nel

Backstage at the commercial shoot, Lily and Juliet talked about how adorable the hockey players were. Jokingly, Juliet told Lily to stop matchmaking. Cane arrived. Juliet said she needed to get the behind-the-scenes footage to the league representative for approval. Cane told Juliet that Jessie was putting it onto a flash drive.

Lily told Cane that she hoped she hadn't played to the camera too much. Juliet suggested that they take a quick peek, but Cane refused, citing that the league representative wanted to see it first, and he hoped it would be approved soon.

Lily was disappointed because Jordan had shown her the photos he'd planned to use, so if she couldn't see the video, it left her in the dark. Cane reassured her everything would be fine and suggested that they make the most of their spare time.

Billy arrived in his suite, looking for Phyllis. He sent her a text message, hoping that Phyllis had been lying low.

Phyllis was on the rooftop, working on her computer, when Victoria arrived. Phyllis became aware of Victoria's presence when Hilary called out to Victoria. Hilary told Victoria that she found the hockey players ruggedly handsome. Victoria admitted they were easy on the eyes and a delight to work with. Hilary told Victoria that she'd scored a major coup herself -- an interview with Julie Chen. Victoria received a text at that moment, and while she read it, Hilary motioned for Phyllis to leave.

Victoria suggested that Hilary take the hockey players to The Hilary Hour and run the behind-the-scenes footage. She said it would be a world premier and a fun opportunity for GC Buzz. Hilary said that that was the kind of interview she could put together in Genoa City. Hilary wanted to get stories she could only get in Los Angeles.

Howard had seen Hilary with Victoria and eavesdropped on their conversation. He heard Victoria offer Hilary exclusive footage of the hockey players, who would be hotter than Cane and Jordan had been during the Dare segment. Victoria mentioned that Lily had been part of that segment. She reminded Hilary that Hilary's ratings had spiked with that segment. Victoria added that she'd include an interview with Lily.

Howard stepped forward and agreed with Victoria's idea. He suggested that they live-stream from the lobby and asked Victoria to get her people ready. When Victoria left, Hilary asked Howard "what the hell" he thought he was doing. Howard said he'd been doing the job she'd hired him to do.

Howard said that Hilary had been ready to walk away from an exclusive interview. He added that Hilary had been lucky with her interview with Julie Chen. He asked if Hilary wanted to follow Julie Chen's interview with a five-minute talk about what she'd had for breakfast or if she'd rather have an interview with a stunning model whose face had been plastered on a billboard in Los Angeles and footage of pro athletes. He told Hilary that they needed the jocks and Lily.

Hilary grumbled that they were doing Lily a favor by putting her on-air and told Howard not to forget that. Hilary complained that she couldn't get away from that witch.

Back in his suite, Billy had been pacing when Phyllis arrived. Billy reminded Phyllis that she was supposed to stay in the room and work. Phyllis told him that she'd been working on the rooftop. She assured him that Victoria hadn't seen her. Billy told Phyllis that the shoot had been a home run, but he'd update her later because he had a meeting with Victoria. He reminded Phyllis to stay in the room, and he left.

Billy met Victoria on the rooftop, and Victoria told him that Hilary wanted to do a live interview with Lily in the lobby as soon as they could put it together. They would also show the behind-the-scenes video. Billy reminded Victoria that the league had to sign off on the footage before they could show it. Victoria asked Billy to use his charm and speak to the league representative.

Billy located Juliet and asked about the behind-the-scenes footage. Juliet assured him that the league had it. Juliet called the representative to check on the status. Juliet was advised that they were in the process of watching it, and so far, it looked good. Juliet handed the flash drive to Billy.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon served Nick a treat and asked what had Nick so down. Nick admitted that he'd hit a rough patch with Chelsea because of Chloe. Nick said that he'd asked Chelsea to stop her search for Chloe and let the police do their job. Sharon was surprised because a month before, Nick had asked Sharon to help him get a confession from Chloe, yet suddenly he wanted to drop it. She wanted to know what had changed.

Sharon said that Chelsea had given Chloe a place to live, a job, friendship, and love. Chelsea realized she'd given aid and comfort to the person who'd murdered her husband. Sharon said if that had that been Dillon, she'd have gone to the end of the earth to make his killer face justice. Nick didn't want Chelsea to obsess about something that would lead to a dead end. Sharon asked how Nick knew it would lead to a dead end.

Sharon reminded Nick that Chloe's daughter and Kevin were still in Genoa City. Chloe might slip up and forget to cover her tracks. Nick reminded Sharon that Chloe had evaded the police for a long time, so there was no way that Chelsea would find her. Sharon reminded Nick about his earlier determination to prove Chloe's guilt and how he'd refused to let it go even after Sharon had warned him to leave it alone. Sharon said that after Chloe left town, Nick's attitude had changed, and that was when Nick had moved Faith out of the main house.

Nick told Sharon that he'd been thinking about Adam's murder and realized how unpredictable life could be. In an instant, Connor had lost his father, and Nick had lost his brother. Nick hadn't been willing to spend another night without Faith. Sharon knew Nick was hiding something. Nick admitted he was fed up with Victor pulling his usual stunts like buying Reed a car that Victoria had needed to return. Nick caustically warned Sharon to be careful because Victor might buy a jet for Faith.

Sharon realized that Nick wasn't going to open up to her, and she wasn't going to push. Sharon advised Nick to stand by Chelsea because Chelsea needed to feel that she'd done everything she possibly could to hold Chloe accountable for Adam's death. Sharon warned Nick that Chelsea might never let it go.

On the patio of Crimson Lights, Abby met with Zack, an entrepreneur, who'd created a dating app. Abby was impressed that his app arranged the time and location for a meeting. All the user had to do was show up, but Abby wondered if that would happen. Abby saw the potential in Zack's app. Zack asked what Abby wanted in return for the free space. Abby told him that she'd get a piece of his company, a small price to pay for covering his overhead.

When Sharon entered the patio to freshen Abby and Zack's coffee, Abby asked Sharon about the dating app. Sharon said that she wasn't into online dating because it made no sense to her. In real life, a person met someone and got to know them. With the dating app, it was the opposite. The people found out everything they could before they even met. That seemed backwards to her. Sharon also pointed out that people could easily lie and that there were a lot of frauds out there.

After Sharon left, Abby said that Sharon had had a legitimate concern. They had to make sure that people weren't using fake profiles. Zack assured Abby he was working on it because he didn't want any scammers. Abby admitted that she liked Zack and his idea. If they could reach an agreement, the warehouse was ready for him and his staff. All Abby needed was a small piece of his company. Zack felt that was fair. Abby agreed to have the paperwork drawn up, and then they would see if they could make a deal.

In Victor's office, Scott wanted to go over the digital media companies with Victor, but Victor wanted to know if Scott had discovered anything unusual about Abby's business dealings. Abby arrived at that moment and provided Victor with a list of prospective digital media acquisitions. Abby told Victor that she'd narrowed the list down to what was best suited to the company's needs. She'd listed the most useful attributes of each company as well as the least useful.

Victor felt Abby and Scott worked well together. He asked how Abby felt about their partnership. Abby appreciated Scott's outsider perspective and said he brought something different to the table.

After Abby left, Victor asked if Scott had learned anything about Abby. Scott admitted that he hadn't seen Abby do anything unusual. Scott asked Victor to be more specific about what he wanted Scott to look for. Victor explained that when Abby had been acting interim CEO, Newman had received a large check from an unknown source -- a company Victor had never heard of. Victor seriously doubted that Abby hadn't known anything about it.

Chelsea was pacing outside Victor's office. She stared at the fake passports Victor had provided when she and Adam had planned to leave Genoa City.

When Scott left Victor's office, Chelsea went in and showed Victor the passports. She wanted to know if Chloe could have used the same person who'd made Chelsea and Adam's passports for Victor. Victor asked why Chelsea thought that Chloe would've used his source. Chelsea said there weren't many people who could create a passport that could get past the CSA. They knew that Chloe had left the United States, but she wasn't in either country that she'd sent the letters from. It meant that Chloe had to have a fake ID. Victor agreed with Chelsea, and he agreed to check with his source. Victor said he needed privacy for the call. Chelsea understood and waited outside Victor's office.

Chelsea was eavesdropping outside Victor's office when Scott rounded the corner and said that Victor didn't take kindly to eavesdropping. Chelsea told Scott that Victor was doing something for her. Chelsea thought that Scott could help her. She told him she'd been trying to track Chloe down through a passport. Chelsea asked Scott how many people had the skill set to create a passport so good that it passed the CSA. Scott felt Chelsea had started in the right place. Chelsea asked Scott if Kevin had mentioned whether Chloe had contacted him. Scott said not to his knowledge. Chelsea said Chloe might be crazy, but she hadn't forgotten about Bella.

Victor called Chelsea back into his office and told her that his source had not seen anyone fitting Chloe's description in the past six months. Victor assured Chelsea that they would find Chloe and bring her to justice. Victor also wanted Chelsea to inform him if she discovered anything.

Outside Victor's office, Chelsea told Scott that Chloe had had to get an ID somewhere. Scott added that Chloe also had to have enough cash to get away. Chelsea didn't think anyone in town would've willingly allowed Chloe to get away with murder. Scott felt someone had helped Chloe get out of the mental facility. Chelsea mentioned that Chloe had sworn that the doctors had worked on her, she'd done the work, and she'd been released from the facility. Scott wondered who had put Chloe on a homicidal path. Chelsea said that she'd continue her search, and once she found the accomplice, she'd find Chloe.

Cane and Lily were celebrating Lily's success on the rooftop. As they were making plans for dinner, Juliet arrived and asked them why they weren't in the lobby for the interview. Lily and Cane informed Juliet that they knew nothing about it. Juliet said they were going to do an interview for The Hilary Hour. Cane and Lily groaned. Juliet said that Lily was camera-ready and hustled them downstairs.

In the hotel lobby, Hilary griped about live-streaming hometown folks in Los Angeles. Howard reminded her that Lily's last appearance on Hilary's show had given Hilary great ratings. Hilary complained that she'd just done an interview with Julie Chen and would follow it by turning the camera on Lily. Hilary said that it made no sense to interview Lily in Los Angeles when they could do it in Genoa City. Howard understood that Hilary didn't like Lily, but he warned Hilary that if she wanted to be a pro in the industry, she'd have to suck it up.

Cane and Lily arrived. Jordan offered to take some stills during the interview.

In Billy's suite, Phyllis finished her meal. She intended to carry her tray to the hallway, but when she opened the door, she heard Victoria and quickly ducked back into the suite. Victoria knocked on the door and called out to Billy. Phyllis remained silent behind the door. A short time later, Billy returned and told Phyllis she'd have to cut her trip short. Hannah was flying out with the kids, and he and Victoria were going to take them to the zoo in San Diego. Before Phyllis left, she and Billy made love.

In the lobby, Victoria took Billy aside and said she thought someone had been in his suite. Billy said it had probably been housekeeping. He told Victoria that he had the flash drive with the behind-the-scenes footage. Victoria crowed that everything was falling together because of Billy's hard work. She noted that Billy had stepped up and had made everything happen. Victoria said that Billy had proven he was trustworthy and responsible. Billy admitted he'd wanted to earn Victoria's trust back.

Billy handed Hilary the flash drive. Moments later, Hilary began her interview with Lily and suggested that they talk hockey. Lily said that the hockey deal had been Billy's idea. Hilary asked about the hunky players. Lily admitted they were hunky, talented, and professional. Hilary announced that she had a special treat, and she had some behind-the-scenes footage that she wanted to share. Lily described each scene and told a funny story about the hockey players making short work of the bagels from the snack table.

Cane asked Juliet what they were doing -- the footage hadn't been approved by the league. Juliet said she thought it had been. Hilary ran the video. Billy was heard making a bet with the hockey players for ten grand. Billy froze in shock. Victoria, Cane, and Juliet were stunned. Hilary said she hadn't heard a thing because she'd been too busy trying to figure out who had eaten all the bagels and asked Lily who the guilty party had been.

Victoria was furious. Billy assured Victoria that wasn't how it had happened. Victoria received a call from the league. Billy claimed they could fix it, but Victoria said there was no fixing it -- the hockey deal was dead. Everything they'd done had been for nothing.

Victor paid Nick a visit at the Underground. Victor said that Chelsea had gone to see him and had wanted to know if Chloe had used one of Victor's contacts to get a passport. Victor asked if Nick had told Chelsea to stop looking for Chloe. Nick said that Chelsea had a mind of her own. Nick wasn't surprised that Victor was confused by that concept because Victor had tried to control Nikki from the day they'd met. Victor claimed he'd been trying to protect his family, as Nick should have been protecting his.

Nick scoffed at Victor protecting his family when Victor had had a dangerous woman released from a mental facility and had put her on a collision course with Adam. Victor expected Nick to tell him what progress Chelsea made in locating Chloe. Nick asked if Victor wanted him to spy on Chelsea. Victor said yes.

Billy scrambles to defend himself in the face of a scandal Billy scrambles to defend himself in the face of a scandal
Friday, May 19, 2017

Jack stopped by the Newman ranch to drop off a book about classical music composers for Nikki. Nikki said she'd been worried about him after she'd seen Dina on Hilary's show, and Jack reported that he'd had a run-in with his mother. Nikki recalled that Dina was a complicated woman, and Jack indicated that his mom hadn't changed. He continued that a stupid part of him wanted to keep a connection with Dina, while the other part wanted to cut her loose for good. Nikki empathized that it was hard to walk away from someone whose love he still desperately wanted.

Jack mentioned Dina's comment during her interview about it never being too late to connect with family, and Nikki imagined that it had resonated with him. Jack wanted to believe that his mother was in town for more than just a business deal, and Nikki noted that Jack hadn't closed his heart to Dina. Nikki acknowledged how hard it was to truly forgive, and she thought Jack was the only one to determine if he was ready to do it. Nikki mused that some people had done things that were unforgivable, but she didn't consider Dina to be one of them.

Jack was shocked that Nikki was giving Dina a pass, and Nikki explained that she believed Dina would change things if she could. Jack lamented that no one had a chance to change the past, but Nikki advised him not to let it affect his future. She added that he shouldn't let anyone talk him out of having a relationship with his mother if that was what he wanted, since Dina wouldn't be around forever. She questioned whether the only way he wanted to remember Dina was from the hurt he'd felt as a young boy.

At Newman Enterprises, Scott informed Victor that he hadn't turned up much information about the company that had sent the mysterious payment. Victor questioned what Abby's connection was to it, and he barked that he'd hired Scott for his investigative abilities, so he wanted results. Scott swore that Abby had given him no reason to be suspicious, and he showed Victor some research about accounting errors in Fortune 500 companies. Victor thought the large deposit that had been made while he had been away had raised a red flag, and he smelled a rat. Victor was adamant that Scott find out what it had been about.

Scott stepped out and ran into Abby in the hallway, and he revealed that he and Victor had been talking about her. Scott showed Abby the financial ledgers and claimed that Victor was impatient because Scott wasn't up to speed on business matters. Scott added that he needed a crash course in accounting to understand how Newman got paid and for what, and he needed someone to be his tutor and tour guide. Abby huffed that people went to business school for years to learn those things, and she scoffed at the idea that Scott expected to do it in one day.

Scott questioned whether Abby had gone to a top business school or if her dad had just handed her a job, and he said Victor had sparked the idea of her teaching Scott the ropes. Abby burst into Victor's office and confronted her father, and Victor instructed her to make training Scott a priority. After Victor stepped out, Scott quipped that Abby had probably assumed that he'd coasted through life on his charm and looks, but his brain was above average, and he wouldn't let her down. She fumed.

At Jabot, Jack gazed at a photo of John. Abby entered and declared that there was nothing suspicious about her visiting her favorite uncle. She announced that she'd found their first tech startup for the incubator -- a new dating app. Jack said he was too old to use one, but he was sold if she thought it was a winner. Abby remarked that he had no idea how good it felt to be trusted for a change.

Abby told Jack about how Victor wanted her to teach Scott about how Newman earned and spent money, and she admitted that she'd had paranoid flashes about Scott digging for answers about the warehouse check. Jack assured her that no one could trace it back to him. Jack asked if she was sure she could handle Scott, and she confidently stated that Scott was no match for her. Meanwhile, Scott pulled up an image of the check on his computer.

Nick stopped by to see Chelsea. He recognized that he should have called, but he hadn't known if she'd answer. She mentioned that she'd gone to see Victor earlier to ask him about the passports he'd had made for her and Adam, since Chloe might have used the same expert to help her get out of the country. Chelsea reported that Victor had dropped everything to help, but it had been a dead end. She guessed that Nick was there to tell her to let it go, but he asserted that he was there to prove to her that he would listen. He implored her to tell him how she felt about everything.

Chelsea said Nick's support meant a lot to her, and he assured her that he'd always been on her side. She recalled that he had been until she'd told him that she wouldn't rest until she got justice for Adam, and then things had unraveled between them. Nick recognized that she needed to do it, and Chelsea asked if it meant he wanted Chloe to be found, too. He argued that it wasn't a yes or no answer, but she countered that he was either with her or not, and she demanded to know which one it was.

Chelsea observed that Nick couldn't look at her, and she surmised that she had her answer. Nick urged her to do whatever it took to find Chloe because Chelsea needed to do it, but he explained that he couldn't do it with her because of the pain Chloe had caused his family. He promised that he wouldn't try to stop Chelsea or hold her back from getting closure. They hugged.

Chelsea showed Nick out, and he expressed regret that things hadn't worked out with Victor and the passport. She mentioned that it had led her in another direction, since she'd bumped into Scott, who had suggested that she focus on the time Chloe had spent in the mental hospital. Nick suggested that they keep the search between them to avoid potentially tipping off Chloe or whoever Chloe had been working with.

At the ranch, Nikki was appalled when Victor informed her that he'd asked Nick to spy on Chelsea. Nikki groused that it might be a new low for Victor, but Victor argued that it would be a disaster if Chelsea ended up on Chloe's trail, so he needed Nikki and Nick to keep him informed. Nikki scoffed at the idea that Victor still wanted to order them around, but Victor countered that it had been how she'd wanted it. "Victor, I never wanted this," she replied.

Victor was sure that there were still feelings between him and Nikki, since he could see it in her eyes. Nick arrived, and Nikki informed him that Victor had told her about what he'd asked Nick to do. Nick said he was there to report in, even though he felt like he was caught in a trap. Victor inquired about Chelsea's next move, and Nick indicated that she wouldn't pursue the matter any further. Meanwhile, Chelsea booked a flight to San Francisco.

In Los Angeles, Hilary and Lily bantered in the hotel lobby after wrapping up their live interview. Hilary conceded that the interview had gone pretty well, but she warned that viewers might think that Lily was being overexposed. Lily thought the ad campaign was nothing compared to Hilary's syndicated shrine to herself streaming live on the Internet. Hilary huffed that she'd soon be doing interviews with real celebrities and not a spokesmodel who was shilling her husband's company.

In Billy's hotel room, Phyllis dressed in sexy lingerie and fussed over her makeup. She checked her phone and was dismayed that Billy hadn't responded to her text message. She sent another message, stating that The Hilary Show was over, but another show was about to start right there.

Downstairs, Billy tried to downplay the seriousness of the behind-the-scenes footage, but Victoria announced that the hockey league was calling an emergency meeting because they were livid that an unauthorized video of players talking about gambling was all over the web. Billy insisted that he and the players had just been joking, but Cane accused Billy of airing the footage before receiving approval. Billy contended that he'd been there when Juliet had received the go-ahead from the league, and Juliet uncertainly stated that she'd thought she had.

Victoria urged everyone to calm down and think about what had happened when the behind-the-scenes footage had been filmed. Billy assumed that she was trying to assign blame, but Victoria wanted to take things one step at a time. Billy read Phyllis' text message, and Victoria instructed Cane to find Hilary. Lily overheard and asked Cane why Victoria wanted to talk to Hilary, and Cane suggested that perhaps they were coordinating another interview. Lily sensed that Cane was distracted, and he claimed that he was exhausted and wanted to get home to the kids.

Later, Victoria asked Hilary if the footage had worked out okay, and Hilary enthused that it had been great. Billy inquired whether anyone had edited it, but Hilary pointed out that they'd only had a few minutes of prep time before the segment had gone live, so they'd gone on air with the footage they'd been given. Hilary thought it seemed like they were fishing for something, but Victoria merely thanked her for getting the piece online that quickly. Hilary stepped away, and Victoria bemoaned that they were no closer to figuring things out.

Billy maintained that he and the players had been joking, but Victoria ranted that any mention of betting on their own sport meant something very serious to the league. She questioned why they'd aired the footage when the league had said they hadn't finished reviewing it before the live stream had gone online. Billy recalled that Juliet had said it was good to go, and Juliet stammered that they'd been rushing to be ready when Hilary had gone live. Victoria realized that they hadn't actually received confirmation that the league had seen and approved all the footage, so they had no defense.

An upset Juliet rushed off, and Billy defended that the fragment about gambling had been taken out of context. Billy suggested that they call Jesse back there so that they could review the rest of the footage, and everyone could see that it had been a misunderstanding. Cane griped that it was obvious that Billy wanted to pin the debacle on Jesse, but Victoria insisted that they talk to the cameraman right away.

A man called to Hilary, and she recognized Barry, the agent who she'd used to manipulate Devon. Barry noted that she'd gotten what she'd wanted, since he'd heard she was sole owner of her show. Hilary bragged about her amazing interview with Julie Chen, and she thought Barry could help her build momentum if they worked together. Barry told her to give him a call, and he mentioned that he'd seen her live stream with Lily. He inquired whether Lily was still in the lounge, and he expressed interest in working with her. Hilary begrudgingly revealed that Lily was at the rooftop bar.

At the rooftop bar, Lily sipped a drink as she gazed out at her image on a billboard. Hilary approached with Barry, who gushed that word on the street was that Lily's Dare commercial was dynamite. Lily pointed out that it hadn't even been edited yet, but Barry remarked that good news traveled quickly when new talent was involved. He referred to the billboard, and Hilary snidely commented that it hadn't been vandalized by delinquents yet. Barry dismissively asked Hilary for a moment alone with Lily, and Hilary departed. Barry called Lily a breath of fresh air, and he offered to "turbocharge" her career.

Barry showed Lily photos of some of his clients who had started as models and had gone on to do amazing things. Lily informed him that she had an exclusive contract with Brash & Sassy, but Barry imagined that she'd be out once their marketing strategy changed. Lily pointed out that she couldn't move to L.A. because she had a family in Genoa City, but Barry was optimistic about making it work if the demand was there, and he believed it would be. Lily told him that she and her husband made decisions together, but she agreed to talk to Cane about it.

Hilary stopped a frazzled Juliet and asked what had happened. Juliet wailed that things were a mess because the hockey league was freaking out, and it had been her job to get full approval before the footage had aired. Lily approached and asked if they'd seen Cane, since they were going to celebrate how great things had gone.

Later, Victoria thanked Jesse for returning to the hotel, and he hoped she was happy with what he'd shot. Victoria informed him that they needed to review everything he'd taped, and Billy asked if Jesse had edited the footage in any way. Jesse fibbed that he'd only taken out the dead air between clips, and Cane called the review a waste of time. Victoria insisted on watching the footage, and Jesse pulled it up on his tablet. Billy anticipated watching the moment they hadn't seen earlier.

After the footage ended, Victoria noted that nothing had shown that the betting conversation had been a joke. Billy contended that the tape had stopped in the middle, and he demanded to know why Jesse had done it. Jesse figured that he'd been changing the memory card. Billy pressed Jesse to confirm that Billy and the players had been kidding around, but Jesse said he hadn't been listening. Billy insisted that the hockey league needed to hear the real story, but Cane blasted Billy for trashing their campaign by engaging in conversation with professional players about betting on a game.

Billy chased after Victoria and suggested that he and the players take a lie detector test. Cane announced that the sports blogs had already picked up the story, and there were fears that the championship had been compromised. Victoria took some of the responsibility because she'd rushed to get the segment with Hilary done, and she insisted that they had to fix it no matter who had been at fault. Billy offered to go to Toronto to meet with his contacts, and he left to pack. Cane voiced concern to Victoria that Billy had no credibility, since Billy's gambling had almost cost them the endorsement from the beginning. Cane urged her to go to Toronto alone to save the campaign.

Cane secretly met with Jesse, who said all he'd known had been that Cane had told him to delete ten seconds of footage, but it had turned into a major emergency. Cane swore that Jesse was off the hook and that Billy was the one in the hot seat, but Jesse implied that Cane might easily join Billy if Jesse mentioned what Cane had instructed him to do. Jesse imagined that the truth would be worth a lot to Billy, and he wondered how much it was worth to Cane to make the original footage disappear. Cane pulled out more money, and Jesse said it had been a pleasure doing business with him.

Phyllis sprayed perfume all over her body as she waited impatiently. She checked her phone again and was exasperated to see no response from Billy. She decided that she was done with it, and she was packing when Billy burst in. She surmised that he'd been out celebrating, but he informed her that he had to go to Toronto to try to fix things, since he was at risk of losing everything. Victoria pounded on the door and called out to Billy.

After Phyllis hid, Victoria informed Billy that she'd be the one going to Toronto to fix things and that she'd already canceled their trip with the kids. Billy surmised that she didn't trust a gambling addict to handle it, and she scolded him for showing an incredible lack of judgment. She added that she didn't know if she could undo the damage, but she had to try, and she headed for the door.

Victoria suddenly stopped and declared, "You can come out now, Phyllis." Phyllis stepped out of the bathroom and admitted that it had been her idea to surprise Billy in L.A. Victoria advised Phyllis to wear less perfume, since Victoria had smelled it from the moment she'd walked into the room. Phyllis explained that she hadn't wanted to make things any worse for Billy. Victoria growled that it would be pretty much impossible to do so, and she stalked out.

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