The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of October 30, 2017 on Y&R
Victoria decided to sell Brash & Sassy to Victor. Dina accidentally started a fire at the Underground with Mattie, Charlie, and Reed inside. Billy rushed into the burning building and was trapped inside. Jack and Billy reconciled. Victoria fired Billy when she found out he had caused the face mask debacle.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of October 30, 2017 on Y&R
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Jack turns the tables on Graham Jack turns the tables on Graham
Monday, October 30, 2017

In Florida, Ashley informed Jack that the pilot was standing by, since Dina had clearly chosen Graham over them. Dina approached and gushed that she was glad they were there for a visit, and she raved about the hotel. Jack expressed surprise that Dina was in such a good mood, and Ashley added that they'd gotten the impression that Dina didn't want them there. Dina chalked it up to a long day, and she hoped they'd forgive her if she'd been out of sorts.

Ashley wondered how Dina had ended up in Florida with Graham, of all people, and Dina questioned who else she'd be traveling with, since she counted on Graham for a lot. Dina exclaimed that she'd made lovely new friends there, but she was late to meet one of them. Dina hoped that Ashley had found a place of honor for the wonderful award she'd won, and she walked away. Ashley and Jack realized that it was like Dina had no memory of everything bad that had gone down at the celebratory dinner.

As Jack finished a phone call, Ashley reported that she'd fished for information from the hotel staff and learned that Dina had been acting a little fragile but otherwise normal. Jack indicated that he'd asked Michael to find out something for him, and he contemplated how Dina had gone from cutting Graham out of her will to completely trusting him. Ashley guessed that the stroke had affected Dina's memory, and Jack thought it was critical to get Dina away from Graham. Ashley proposed that they simply tell Dina that it was time to go home, and Jack figured that they could fill Dina in on what Graham had done once they had her alone.

Jack sympathized that it was a frustrating situation for Ashley after she'd been victimized. She conceded that it was part of the reason she'd been trying to leave ever since they'd arrived, but she couldn't go home without their mother. He received a text message, and he asked Ashley to find Dina and convince her to go with them. Ashley took off, and Graham entered the hotel and spotted Jack. Graham voiced surprise that Jack was still there when it was clear Jack had lost. Jack taunted that a chance to see Graham led away in handcuffs had been too much to pass up.

Jack announced that Graham had made a tactical blunder, since Graham's healthcare power of attorney only had value in the state in which it had been signed, and it was worthless in Florida. Jack blasted Graham for abusing his temporary power by spiriting Dina away before she'd recovered to keep her away from her family and to prevent her from changing her will. Jack called it elder abuse and fraud, and he revealed that the local D.A. had been Michael's college roommate. Graham dryly congratulated Jack for having him over a barrel, and he opted not to stick around for the authorities. Jack warned that Graham would regret it if he showed up in Wisconsin, and he advised Graham to look for a new revenue stream. Graham wished Jack the best of luck with Dina, adding that Jack would need it.

Meanwhile, Ashley swore that she needed Dina's expertise with everything they had in the pipeline at Jabot. Dina believed her, but she wondered if she had to leave that minute. Ashley indicated that the jet was ready to go, but Dina protested that she'd gone to Florida to slow down. Ashley said she knew Dina wasn't happy unless she had something productive going on, and she added that it would mean a lot to her if Dina returned. Jack joined them and stressed that they needed Dina back, and Dina asked how much time she had to get her things together.

Later, Jack and Ashley led Dina out, and Dina inquired about Graham. Jack replied that he'd spoken to Graham and that they'd catch up later, but Dina hesitated to leave Graham behind and wanted to wait. Ashley claimed that a storm front was moving in, so they had to get going. Dina agreed, and she declared that she was going home where she belonged.

At the Ashby home, Charlie mentioned that he was working on some last-minute Halloween plans, and Cane offered to kick some ideas around. Cane recalled that he and Lily had loved making costumes for the twins, but Charlie accepted that those days were over. Cane pledged to keep fighting to keep his family together, and they hugged. Mattie entered and reported that she'd found Cane's phone in the den, and she'd spied a text message from Juliet with a question about how to connect the printer to the Wi-Fi at the Chancellor house. Cane remained silent, and Mattie accused him of not planning to tell them that he was living with Juliet.

Cane explained that Juliet had been having problems with her pregnancy, so she was staying with him, but he insisted that it was platonic. Cane continued that he wouldn't be able to forgive himself if something happened to the baby and he didn't help out. Charlie thought that made sense, but Mattie pointed out that Cane or Juliet could have paid someone to look after Juliet so Cane wouldn't have to be involved. Cane asserted that he'd made his decision, and he informed the twins that their mom knew about it and that he'd been looking for the right time to tell them. Cane was determined to make things work for the three of them while Lily was gone, and he stepped out. Charlie suggested that Mattie cut Cane some slack because their dad was trying.

Mattie searched for something to make a costume with, and she found a lace collar and squealed that she could go as Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Charlie didn't know who she was talking about, and he taunted that no one would know who Mattie was supposed to be. Mattie was dismayed that Reed had needed to cancel the Halloween party he'd planned, and she suggested that they have it there. Charlie doubted that Cane would be okay with it, but Mattie clucked that her brother lacked her secret powers of persuasion.

Cane planned how much Halloween candy to get, and Mattie commented that it would be fine if it was only for the people in the neighborhood. He asked who else it would be for, and she told him to never mind, but he pushed to know. Mattie disclosed that Reed had needed to cancel his Halloween party because his mom had gotten sick, and she thought it would be cool if they stepped up to host it there, but she knew Cane would say no. Cane anticipated that Lily would freak out, but Mattie pointed out that Victoria hadn't seemed too worried when she'd said yes. Cane argued that it was a different situation, and Mattie agreed that it would be different if Cane wasn't going to be there the whole time.

Cane and Mattie negotiated how many guests were allowed, and he agreed to tend to the decorations and the food. Cane insisted that he wanted the twins to have fun, and it was his way of thanking them for keeping the event to a dull roar. After Cane stepped out, Charlie congratulated Mattie on pulling it off.

Victoria woke up with a start in the hospital, and she called out for Billy and her dad. She detached herself from the monitoring equipment, got out of bed, and started to get dressed.

Over the phone at Brash & Sassy, Billy reiterated that the company stood behind all its products and that everything on the shelves was safe. He refused to address the uninformed online chatter after Victoria's television appearance, and he firmly stated that he had no further comment before he slammed down the phone. He was stunned when Victoria walked in, and she indicated that she'd told the doctors she was taking off. Victoria insisted that she hadn't been able to lie there and do nothing, and she wanted a full report on where things stood.

Billy recounted that he'd been doing damage control, but the media smelled blood, and social media was blowing up. Victoria asserted that they couldn't issue a full statement until they had the facts, so they had to figure out what had made the masks toxic and fix it. Billy referred to their worst enemy with a vested interest in seeing them fail, and Victoria realized that he suspected that Jack had done it. Billy recalled that Gloria had prior experience with tainted face creams, but she'd denied poisoning Brash & Sassy's products when he had confronted her about it.

Victoria agreed that the pieces fit, and she wondered if Billy could use Phyllis' computer to get proof. Billy reported that Phyllis had gone after him hard when she'd found out he'd accessed her laptop, so that was no longer an option. Victoria surmised that Phyllis and Jack had been onto them the whole time, and she envisioned things getting worse if Jabot went after them for corporate espionage. Billy noted that there was no easy way to find out what Jack was up to, and he revealed that he'd spoken to Victor about what to do.

Billy wished that Victoria had waited to leave the hospital until the doctors had signed off on her release, but he admitted that he was relieved that she was there to help him make decisions. Victoria was tempted to march upstairs and tell Jack that he wouldn't get away with it, but Billy informed her that Jack and Ashley were out of town to deal with Dina. Victoria swore that she'd go after Jack so hard that he'd wish her father was doing it instead, and there was nothing she wouldn't do to retaliate. She plotted to start rumors about how far Jabot was willing to go to take down its business rivals.

Victoria and Billy discussed which reporters to call to start the rumors, and she hoped it would put them back in business. She answered a call and complained that something was completely unfair. After she hung up, she informed Billy that the FDA wanted to test all of their products to see if there was any cross-contamination. She wailed that it would force them to take everything off the shelves, and they'd officially be a company without any products to sell.

Victoria panicked about what to do, but Billy assured her that the problem had been contained, since she had been the only victim. He expected that their other products would pass the testing and that it would all blow over, but she yelled at him to shut up, since it was wishful thinking on his part. Victoria ranted that the Feds had every reason to take their time, and it was more than a financial hit -- it was about their reputation. She thought they had to face that it was a deathblow to the company.

At Crimson Lights, a mask-wearing Sharon approached Scott, who inquired whether it was her new look. She explained that she was trying to take his mind off things, since he'd been awake all night. Scott admitted that he hadn't been able to sleep once he'd realized that Zack was using Design Date as a front for hookers, and he was still deciding what to do with the information. Sharon thought it was obvious that Zack had framed Scott for Natalia's murder, and she urged Scott to go to Paul to clear his name. Scott spotted Abby and Zack kissing on the patio, and he grumbled that it wouldn't be that simple.

Sharon looked forward to telling Zack that he was in a world of trouble, but Scott protested that she couldn't. Scott reasoned that Zack was dangerous and that they didn't have enough on him to go to the cops, and Scott didn't want to tip Zack off. Sharon worried that if they waited too long, Zack would get away, and Scott would be left on the hook for what had happened to Natalia. Scott promised that Sharon wouldn't lose him.

Scott imagined that Abby would be devastated when she found out the truth. He thought the smart approach was to keep an eye on Zack and go on as if nothing had changed. Sharon invited Scott to help her decorate for the party the coffeehouse was hosting, but he expressed disdain for Halloween. Sharon countered that everyone loved Halloween, and she jokingly wondered how she'd ended up with the one man who detested it. He claimed that he'd had a traumatic experience as a child, when he'd gotten into a tiff over costumes with a girl who he'd had a crush on. Sharon declared that it was time for him to get over it, and she intended to reacquaint him with the holiday.

Sharon said Faith was counting the minutes until the party, and she thought it was time Scott and Faith met. Scott was unsure about the timing, but Sharon refused to let Zack and sleazy traffickers control her decisions. Sharon proclaimed that it was long overdue for Faith to meet the man in her mom's life, and Scott confessed that kids tended not to like him. Sharon teased that he'd been in warzones and held for ransom, but the idea of meeting her daughter had him breaking out in a sweat. She was confident that Scott and Faith would love one another and that he would rediscover the magic of Halloween all in one night.

Meanwhile, Zack sensed that Abby was glad he hadn't left town, and Abby marveled that they'd finally had the talk that they'd needed to get off the treadmill they'd been stuck on. He amorously stated that they'd gone to good places, and she happily agreed. Abby approached Scott and coldly observed that he wasn't at the office again, and Scott replied that he was working on his story in the field. Abby indicated that there had been gossip going around about Scott, a motel room, and a prostitute.

Abby was stunned when Scott confirmed that the rumors were true and that the incident had happened after he'd hung out with Zack. Zack mentioned that the police had asked questions, and Scott admitted that he'd woken up with a dead woman next to him in bed, but he hadn't killed her. He added that there were people who wanted the police to believe he had, and he asserted that there was no doubt in his mind that he'd been framed. Zack inquired whether it had anything to do with Scott's sex ring investigation. Scott stated that the cops had had to arrest him, but he was confident the real killer would be caught soon.

After Abby and Zack returned to the patio, Sharon couldn't believe that Scott had talked about his arrest in front of Zack. Scott explained that he'd wanted to see Zack's reaction, and he considered Zack to be one scary dude because he'd shown nothing.

Abby criticized Scott for chasing assignments with no regard for the impact on Newman, but Zack figured that Scott was accustomed to being in dangerous situations. Abby noted that Scott had seemed confident that he was close to breaking the story, but Zack countered that Scott would have foreseen what had happened if that were true. Zack's phone rang, and he claimed it was about the app. Abby suggested that he put the call on speaker, but he insisted that it was just boring technical stuff. He stepped away.

Scott joined Abby and recognized that she'd been thrown when he'd confirmed the rumor was true. She preferred to stick with Design Date over investigative reporting, but Scott questioned whether she was sure she'd made a good choice. She asserted that the app and her relationship with Zack were great, and she wondered if Scott was jealous. Scott contended that he liked his life just fine, but he was worried about hers. She demanded to know "what the hell" he was talking about.

Scott opined that Abby could do better, but Abby questioned what he knew about Zack. Abby pointed out that the men had gone out for friendly drinks, but Scott groused that times had changed. She huffed that one thing that hadn't changed was how little she cared about his opinion, and she sauntered out. Zack returned, and Scott pointed out that he'd been trying to reach Zack ever since Scott had woken up in the motel. Zack claimed that his phone had been acting up and that he'd told the cops what little he knew. Scott speculated that Zack knew a lot about what had happened because he was the one who'd set Scott up.

Scott asserted that it all fit, since he'd told Zack about his research, but he'd made the mistake of mentioning that he needed to talk to Natalia. Scott recalled that he'd woken up with a dead Natalia and that Zack had told the cops that Scott had been wasted. Zack insisted that Scott had been, but Scott revealed that he'd found Natalia on Design Date. Scott accused Zack of running the site as a front for a prostitution ring while Abby had no idea.

Zack figured that Scott had suffered a couple of terrible days and was looking for answers, but he reasoned that prostitutes posted their profiles everywhere. Zack hoped Scott got everything sorted out, but he firmly stated that Scott was sadly mistaken if he thought Zack had had anything to do with what had happened. Zack exited, and Scott lamented to Sharon that he'd made a big mistake.

Billy accuses Jack of sabotage Billy accuses Jack of sabotage
Tuesday, October 31, 2017

At Brash & Sassy, Victoria angrily threw around boxes of product and paced. Victor appeared in the doorway as she dumped the boxes into the trash, and he asked if she wanted to go for a walk. She replied that she couldn't, since she'd let things pile up when she'd been in the hospital, and she had a meeting that afternoon. Victor insisted that it was time to go for a walk, and he held up her coat.

At Crimson Lights, Victoria wondered why Victor had taken her there when she had an important meeting to prepare for. Victor asked if she'd seen the decorations, and he requested that she stop by later with Johnny and Katie in their costumes. Victoria reported that Hannah had the Halloween festivities covered, but Victor warned that her time with her children wouldn't last forever, and he expected her to take time off to spend with her kids. Victoria snapped that work couldn't wait, since the FDA was expanding their inquiry to look into all of Brash & Sassy's products.

Victoria revealed that she'd put her own money into the company, and she was facing the reality that she could lose everything. Victor took her hands in his and noted that she made it sound like she was alone, but he assured her that she wasn't. He wondered why she hadn't reached out to him, and she doubted that he'd ever asked anyone for help. He recognized that he'd raised a strong, independent girl, but he wanted to be sure she was safe. He added that he suffered along with her when she suffered, and she called him her hero.

Victoria confided that what scared her the most was disappointing Victor, since she was afraid he'd stop loving her. He was adamant that it would never happen, and she asked if he'd stopped loving Nick. Victor thought it was different, and he mused that he could have lost her. Victoria promised to make her children a priority, and Victor assured her that she hadn't failed at business. He pointed out that Brash & Sassy would be able to manage things if it was part of a bigger company, and he suggested that Newman Enterprises buy Brash & Sassy back.

Victoria asked if Victor thought Jack had sabotaged her company, and Victor said he had his people finding out. Victoria reminded her father that she wanted to be independent, and while his offer meant a lot to her, she had ideas about how to get Brash & Sassy back on its feet. She added that he'd reminded her of what was important, and she swore that the night would be all about the kids. They hugged.

Across the coffeehouse, Tessa wished Sharon a happy Halloween, and Sharon struggled to hide her discomfort. Tessa assumed that Sharon was worried because she thought Tessa and Noah were moving too fast by living together, but Tessa swore that she wouldn't hurt him. Sharon said she needed to talk about how well Tessa had known Zack in Chicago, and Tessa was taken aback because she'd thought Sharon had accepted her. Sharon swore that she had, but she was curious about Zack because he'd been at the coffeehouse a lot, yet she really didn't know anything about him.

Tessa figured that Sharon meant that she didn't know much about Tessa, and Sharon confided that she and Scott had found out that Zack was running Design Date as a front for the sex ring that had been controlling Tessa's sister. Sharon added that they had to find everything they could about Zack before they went to the police. Tessa wanted to confront Zack herself, but Sharon protested that she couldn't. Sharon mentioned that Natalia had been found dead and that Scott was being framed for her murder to keep him from writing his exposé. Tessa recalled that she'd believed Zack when he'd told her that his life had changed, and Sharon inquired about what Zack's life had been like before.

Tessa revealed that Zack had owned a couple of intimate massage parlors in a sketchy part of Chicago, and she'd worked for him because she'd been desperate for cash to try to protect her sister. Tessa admitted that she'd worn skimpy outfits and given massages, but she'd never had sex with any of the men. Sharon inquired whether Zack had pressured her to do so, and Tessa recounted that he'd threatened her, so she'd quit after a couple of weeks. Tessa swore that she'd never been a prostitute, and Sharon believed her.

Tessa realized that Zack had lured Crystal into the business and had lied to Tessa about it, and she hissed that she wanted to hurt him the way he'd hurt Crystal and the other girls. Sharon informed her that Scott was working with the police to take Zack's operation down, but they couldn't get in the way, so they had to keep their conversation a secret. Tessa didn't know if she could do that.

On the patio, Zack invited Scott to take a look at what he was working on, since Scott thought he was the evil mastermind behind the sex ring. Scott sourly replied that he wasn't looking to get into it there, but Zack preferred to clear up any other ludicrous theories Scott had. Scott insisted that there was no need, and he agreed that there was nothing to see. Zack maintained that he'd had nothing to do with Scott's arrest, and he suggested that they try to avoid one another. Abby overheard and thought it was an excellent idea.

Zack and Abby kissed, and she revealed that Scott didn't think Zack was good enough for her. Abby surmised that Scott was motivated by jealousy, since Design Date's success had hugely overshadowed Scott's project, and she wondered what had happened to his exposé. Scott indicated that he was still working on it, and Zack advised him not to jump to erroneous conclusions in his research. Scott stepped away, and Abby told Zack that she had to visit her grandmother, who was back in town. Zack offered to tag along, but she explained that Dina's visitors were limited to family after her stroke. Zack recognized that it didn't include him -- yet.

After Abby left, Zack stared at his computer, and Victor approached and referred to the rent-free space that Abby had arranged for Zack to work in. Zack commented that he sometimes needed a change of scenery, and he asked how Scott's exposé was going. Victor was surprised that Scott had talked to Zack about it, and Zack reported that Abby had made it sound like a worthwhile endeavor. Zack sensed that he'd done something wrong in Victor's eyes, but he couldn't imagine what he'd done to upset Victor.

Victor revealed that he'd seen Zack's car parked outside Abby's home overnight. Zack admitted that they'd grown closer, but he admired her and respected her closeness with her family. Zack swore that he would never do anything to get in the way, and Victor inquired whether Zack's feelings were genuine. Zack conceded that he hadn't expected to fall for Abby, but she was a special girl. Victor said he and Zack wouldn't have an issue as long as Zack treated her well, but Zack would regret it if he hurt her.

Meanwhile, Sharon pleaded with Tessa not to tip Zack off, since he would run and take the poor young women where the police couldn't find them. Zack approached and ordered a turnover and more coffee. Sharon stepped away to get his order, and Tessa remained silent. Zack wondered if something was wrong, and Tessa abruptly said she had to go and rushed off. Sharon claimed that their girl talk had gotten a little involved, but she became frazzled and spilled his coffee. A suspicious Zack claimed that he was late for a meeting and walked away.

Scott chugged a drink at the Athletic Club bar. Zack approached and taunted that Scott was turning into a journalistic cliché by spending more time drinking than writing. Zack inquired whether Scott had told Sharon and Tessa about his ridiculous suspicions, since Tessa hadn't even said hello to him, and Sharon had been acting very nervous. Scott chalked it up to Halloween spooking people, but Zack warned Scott to stop spreading vicious rumors. Zack ominously added that if he saw Scott's lies in print, it would be the last thing Scott ever wrote.

In the Athletic Club foyer, Neil and Devon prepared for their meeting with Victoria. Devon anticipated that Brash & Sassy wouldn't be able to recover from their toxic face mask debacle, so they wouldn't be able to pay back their loan. Devon recognized that Neil and Victoria were friends, but he lectured that it was exactly why they shouldn't have gone into business with her. Neil pointed out that people had given Devon a break when he'd been trying to find his place in the world, and he urged Devon to listen to what Victoria had to say before making a decision.

Victoria arrived, and she assured Neil and Devon that she had completely recovered. She recognized that the bridge loan was due to be paid back in full very soon, and she wouldn't pretend that her company hadn't taken a hit. She revealed that she'd personally invested in Brash & Sassy because she believed in it. Devon assumed that she wanted more time to repay the loan, but Victoria requested an additional loan because it could be a profitable strategy for Hamilton-Winters. Devon was skeptical.

Devon conceded that Victoria had made a compelling pitch, but he thought buyers would be scared off by the toxic masks and would have doubts about the rest of Brash & Sassy's products, so he didn't see the benefit in giving her more money. Neil wanted to talk about it, but Devon demanded that the full amount be paid by the due date. Victoria recognized that Hamilton-Winters would have a stake in her company if the loan wasn't repaid on time, but she figured that there were no other people who she'd rather be forced into a partnership with. Devon declared that he had no interest in owning a cosmetics company, so he'd find a buyer and accept the best offer he got, no matter who made it.

After Victoria left, Neil scolded that Devon could have been more diplomatic, but Devon pointed out that he ultimately made the final decisions if they didn't agree. Neil declared that one of his greatest joys was working with Devon, and the last thing he wanted was to be at odds. Devon echoed the sentiment.

At Jabot, Gloria told Billy that he wasn't allowed in the office, and she threatened to call security. Billy taunted that Jack was worried about him enough to have security on speed-dial, but Gloria insisted that Jack wasn't a coward. Billy retorted that he wasn't, either, and he burst into Jack's office. Billy gave Gloria the option of summoning Jack there, or he would go to the Abbott family home. He didn't think Dina wanted to know that her saint of a son had poisoned the face masks and put Victoria in the hospital, and he slammed the door in her face.

At the Abbott mansion, Ashley asked how Dina had slept, and Jack offered his mother some breakfast. Dina hoped one of them would take her over to the Athletic Club, where she was sure Graham was waiting for her. Jack suggested that Dina consider moving into the mansion permanently, but Ashley pulled him aside and chided him for not talking to her first. Dina thanked them for the kind offer, but she asserted that she had fully recovered and was capable of living on her own. Jack contended that he didn't want her getting lonely, and she chirped that it was why she had Graham around.

Abby and Dina happily reunited, and Abby said she'd been worried about Dina and Ashley. Dina insisted that they were both fine, and Abby asked her about Florida. Dina gushed that she and Graham had had a wonderful vacation, but she was sure he was worried about her. A confused Abby voiced surprise that Dina wasn't still angry with Graham, and Ashley intervened and explained that some of the details were fuzzy for Dina. Dina accused Ashley of being jealous of Dina's relationship with Graham.

Abby took Dina upstairs to rest, and Jack scolded Ashley for upsetting Dina. Jack intended to find a new doctor to determine whether Dina's ailment was physical or psychological, and Ashley insisted that it was their responsibility to do what was right for Dina.

Later, Dina pressed Abby to talk about herself, and Abby reported that work was going well. Dina inquired about Abby's love life, and Abby teased her for being nosy, but she indicated that things with Zack were progressing. Dina observed that Abby was glowing, and she asked if he was good between the sheets. Embarrassed, Abby called Zack romantic and smart, and she marveled that she'd never thought she could feel that happy with someone again.

Jack and Ashley arrived at Jabot, and Gloria testily asked what had taken them that long. Billy accused Jack of poisoning the face masks, and Jack and Ashley were appalled. Billy recognized that Ashley hadn't had anything to do with it, and Jack pulled Billy into his office. Gloria couldn't believe that Ashley had left the men alone, and Ashley asked if Gloria had tampered with the masks. Gloria resented Ashley and Billy for dredging up the past when Gloria had become a better person. Ashley found it difficult to believe that Gloria was innocent, but she imagined that it had been Jack's idea.

Gloria insisted that she hadn't been involved, but Ashley insinuated that Gloria had done it if Jack had asked for a favor. Ashley threatened to call the cops, but Gloria begged her not to. Gloria confessed that Jack had wanted to see the mask after it had already been manufactured, so she'd dallied with a lab assistant to sweet-talk him into giving her a sample. Gloria added that Jack had left town before she'd been able to give the mask to him, and she pulled the product out of her purse. Ashley intended to run some tests and hopefully get them all out of trouble.

Meanwhile, Jack adamantly denied poisoning the masks, and Billy demanded to know who had. Jack spat that Billy had a talent for ticking people off, so he could make a list. Billy asked if Jack had paid someone to do it, but Jack scoffed at the thought that he'd had spare time while caring for his ailing mother. Billy implied that Gloria would do anything for Jack and that poisoning cosmetics was her specialty, and Jack blasted him for looking for a scapegoat instead of admitting that he'd screwed up. Jack dared Billy to admit that he was a spy who'd used Jack's mother and the woman Billy claimed he loved to screw Jack and Jabot.

Billy defended that he'd done it because Jack had kept going after them, and he asked if Jack treated other competitors that way. Jack conceded that it wasn't personal with other companies, and Billy argued that people relied on Brash & Sassy for their jobs. Billy wondered how much longer Jack intended to punish him because Phyllis had chosen Billy over Jack. Jack bellowed that Phyllis had settled for Billy, and he admonished Billy for not showing some respect by keeping his hands off Jack's wife. Billy countered that Jack had slept with Diane on the day he was supposed to marry Patty, yet Jack kept slamming Billy for not being the man their father had been.

Billy called Jack a "sanctimonious ass" for blaming his little brother for destroying his life when they should be talking about what Jack had done to him. Jack growled that he'd paid off bookies and given Billy a job, but Billy snarled that Jack had put Victoria in the hospital to get back at him. Jack repeated that he hadn't poisoned the masks and that Billy had done far worse than he had. Billy pointed out that both he and Jack had lied, cheated, and stolen, so they had more in common than either of them had had with their father because they were brothers. "Not anymore," Jack barked, and he ordered Billy to get out of his life. "With pleasure," Billy retorted as he headed out the door.

Jack and Ashley returned home, and Dina insisted that he take her back to the club, since she couldn't keep Graham waiting any longer. Ashley acknowledged how important Graham was to Dina, but she pushed Dina to stay there so they could take care of her. Dina reiterated that she wanted Graham, and Jack informed her that Graham wasn't at the club. Dina assumed that Graham had been detained, but Jack told a devastated Dina that Graham would never be back because he didn't want to see her again.

Billy returned to Brash & Sassy and informed Victoria that Jack had lied when Billy had confronted him about poisoning the face masks. Billy vowed to prove that Jack had been behind it, but Victoria thought it might not be enough to help. She planned to pay off the bridge loan with her personal funds to avoid Devon selling Hamilton-Winters' share of the company to the highest bidder. Billy suggested that he buy into the company instead.

Billy was stunned to learn that suppliers and distributors had started pulling out of deals, and Victoria lamented that their customers were returning everything. She thought his offer was too late, since Brash & Sassy had become more toxic than whatever was in the face mask. She wailed that everything she'd fought for and the dreams she'd had for her company were gone.

A fire breaks out at the Underground A fire breaks out at the Underground> A fire breaks out at the Underground A fire breaks out at the Underground
Wednesday, November 1, 2017

At the ranch, Sharon thought it was time for Scott and Faith to finally meet. Faith showed off her glittery Halloween costume; she was a "disco queen." Scott praised her selection and then rattled off the origin story of how disco came to be -- it was a movement inspired by the resentment of the prevalence of rock music and a criticism of the dance music of the day. Faith stared blankly at Scott, and Sharon was frozen in place.

Sharon quickly stepped in to break the awkwardness, telling Faith that Scott was a writer. Faith asked Scott what type of writer he was, and Scott again answered in a manner worthy of an encyclopedia entry. When he was done explaining, Faith chipperly replied that Scott was a digital media journalist. Scott gave Sharon a glance, indicating that he was surprised by the depth of the young girl's knowledge.

Faith then turned the tables a bit, asking Scott how he'd met her mother. Scott explained that when he'd moved back to Genoa City and started working for Victor, he'd found himself working at the coffeeshop. According to Scott, Sharon had asked him for help on a homework project. Sharon interrupted and offered a different take on how they'd met. Sharon said that Scott had offered to help her with her homework and that she had helped him with writer's block.

Either way, Scott replied, Sharon had gotten an "A" on her homework, and he'd landed free refills. "Everyone gets free refills," Faith added with a giggle before asking Scott if he was Sharon's boyfriend. Scott seemed unsure of how to respond, offering a meek, "I guess I am." Both Scott and Faith turned to Sharon to get her take. "He most definitely is," Sharon replied.

As Faith put the finishing touches on a painted-on butterfly on Scott's cheek, Chelsea and Nick arrived with the kids. Nick pulled Sharon aside and told her that he did not approve of Scott being around Faith -- especially after Scott had been arrested for soliciting a prostitute. Sharon told Nick that it wasn't his decision to make. Unaware of Nick's feelings, Faith suggested that they all travel together to the Halloween party at Crimson Lights.

At the Abbott house, Jack and Ashley disagreed over how to best handle Dina. Ashley assured Jack that they were in it together, and she noted that she also had his back at work. She explained that Billy was convinced that Jack was responsible for sabotaging the face masks. Jack chalked up Billy's complaints to the "rantings of a bitter man." Ashley asked her brother to look her in the eyes and tell her that he was not involved in any way.

Jack bristled at the insinuation and asked Ashley if she really thought that he would be capable of industrial espionage and poisoning people. Ashley said that she had every reason to question Jack's judgment. Jack asked if it really mattered what he'd say; Ashley was going to believe whatever she wanted to believe. Before she could respond, Ashley got a phone call telling her that the results were in on the tests she'd ordered on the facial masks.

Ashley headed off to work, and Jack was left alone with his thoughts. He walked over to the record player and smiled as he looked at the record jacket for "Moon and Back." He put the record on the phonograph and poured himself a drink. When he stepped out of the room, Dina sneaked down the stairs, took the record off the record player, slipped it into its jacket, and then walked out the front door. Jack returned a short time later and noticed that the record was missing.

At Brash & Sassy, Victor suggested to Billy that Jack might have had a hand in poisoning the face masks. Billy was glad that he and Victor saw eye-to-eye on the matter and wanted to talk strategy. Billy made it clear that he wanted Jack to pay dearly, but Victor warned Billy that Brash & Sassy did not have the financial resources to be able to take Jack on in court. Victoria entered the office, and both men quickly became silent, leading her to believe that she'd interrupted something.

Billy told Victoria that he remained willing to take the money that he'd planned to use to buy 33% of Brash & Sassy and instead give it to Victoria for operational costs. Victor advised his daughter that "whatever piddly amount Billy boy has in his bank account ain't gonna be enough." Victor said that Victoria needed someone with "deep pockets" and business know-how in order to get out of their bind. Billy countered that they did not need Victor's help.

The Ashby house was fully decked out for Halloween, but Mattie still felt that the party was dead on arrival. Reed smiled, saying that things weren't too bad because at least they were together. They then took turns tossing popcorn into the air and into each other's mouths. Cane dipped into the room and scolded Mattie for throwing food, saying that Lily would freak out if there were any stains on the rug. "Could this party get any worse?" Mattie asked Reed.

Reed raced over to Cane and told him that if they were cramping his style, they would be more than happy to go to the party at Crimson Lights. Cane assured Reed that he was fine with the party and disappeared back into his room. Mattie told Reed that he could leave and go to the other party if he wanted. Reed shook his head and suggested that they all take the party on the road.

Later, Cane strolled back out to the living room and found that everyone was gone. He looked at his phone and saw that Mattie had sent him a text announcing that they'd all headed to Crimson Lights and that she would be home by 10 p.m. Cane shrugged and flopped on the sofa to watch a scary movie.

While Noah and Devon talked business, Mariah and Tessa had some time alone to catch up. Mariah told Tessa that she looked amazing. For her part, Tessa said that Mariah's costume was "bonkers -- [but] in a really good way." Mariah noted that she and Tessa had not had any "girl time in forever" and wondered if Tessa might want to catch up sometime in the following few days. Tessa explained that it was not the best time for her because she had to try to write some new material and that she and Noah were going away to some exotic location where the hotel was in a tree.

Reed, Charlie, Mattie, and their friends arrived at the coffeehouse. Reed walked over to Mariah and Tessa and asked if they knew were Noah might be. He'd left his guitar at the Underground, and he really wanted to go get it so that he could play some of his new music for his friends. Tessa told Reed to follow her so that they could fix that problem. She walked Reed over to Noah, and Reed asked Noah if he could borrow the key to get into the Underground so that he could retrieve his guitar. Noah was reluctant to agree, but Tessa urged him to reconsider. Ultimately Noah agreed, but he told Reed to make sure that he was "in and out." Reed thanked him, and Reed, Mattie, Charlie, and the rest of the gang headed on their way to the Underground.

Nick, Chelsea, Sharon, Scott, and the kids were the next to arrive at the party. As Chelsea and Sharon took photos of the children, Nick told Scott that he wanted Scott to stay away from his daughter. Scott countered that Faith was Sharon's daughter, too. "I haven't liked you for a long time," Nick growled in response, adding, "You may have everyone else fooled, but not me." Faith called out to Scott and told him that she wanted to take a selfie with him and his butterfly-painted cheek.

As Nick stewed, he looked across the coffeehouse and saw Victor. The two exchanged glares for a few moments before Victor took it upon himself to walk over to his son. Victor praised Nick on a "hell of a deal" he had with a liquor distributor to buy alcohol at below-market prices. Nick smiled and said that he'd always been a good customer and had been able to negotiate a good deal. That, however, would not be continuing, according to Victor. Newman Enterprises had recently purchased the distributor, and the special pricing would no longer be offered. Victor assured Nick that it was "just business, nothing personal."

A furious Nick marched over to Chelsea, and Chelsea immediately caught that Nick was scowling in the direction of Scott. Chelsea tried to convince Nick that Scott wasn't a horrible guy, but Nick seemed unwilling to change his opinion. Nick then brought up that he and Victor were once again at odds. Nick explained that Victor wanted nothing more than to wrest the Underground away from him. "I would rather torch the place than to let that happen," Nick snarled. He then told Chelsea that he was going to leave so as not to ruin everyone's holiday fun.

Victoria arrived, and Victor quickly apologized to her for suggesting that he buy Brash & Sassy. Victoria understood that both Victor and Billy only wanted what was best for the company. She added that she had a lot of things to think about and offered her father a hug.

Ashley showed up at the party and told Billy that she'd had her lab run tests on the facial masks. The results, she said, were shocking. The level of toxicity was off the charts, and she revealed that Victoria's condition should have been a lot worse than it was. As for how the masks had become toxic, she said that it was typically something that was seen when companies turned to sketchy foreign manufacturers to try to get products made cheaply in a short amount of time. "So what kind of person would even contemplate this kind of a reckless act," Ashley asked.

Scott pulled Sharon aside and told her that he thought it best that he not spend any more time with Sharon and Faith. He worried that Zack would see Sharon and Faith as important things in Scott's life and then try to harm them as a way to stick it to Scott. Sharon looked concerned but wrapped her arms around Scott tightly.

Reed, Mattie, and Charlie entered the Underground, and Reed immediately pitched the idea of using the club for their own private party. Mattie argued that they would be trespassing. "Take a doughnut break from policing," Charlie snapped. "This is probably the coolest thing you've ever done in your nerdtastic life. You should be all in." Mattie took a moment before agreeing that Reed and Charlie were right. Mattie told Charlie to text the others, who were hiding in the alley, and to tell them to join them inside the club. Before he could do that, a noise sounded at the door, and the kids scurried off to hide.

Nick entered the Underground and lit a candle inside a jack o'lantern. He popped open a bottle of beer before sitting at the bar, lighting matches and blowing them out as he reflected on all of the things that had happened since his bank account had been wiped out. As he stared into the flame of a final match, he heard himself saying that he'd rather torch the place than to let Victor get his hands on it. He blew out the match, tossed his bottle in the trash, and then left.

Back in the storeroom, Reed decided that it was time to see if the coast was clear. He went out to the bar, looked around, and realized that they were once again on their own. As the three teens prepared to leave, they again heard a noise and raced back to the hiding spot.

Dina wandered into the bar, took a seat at the bar, and looked longingly at the record. She produced an old, wrinkled photo of Brent Davis and stroked it gently. She wanted to get a better look at it, so she attempted to light one of the oil lamps stationed at the corner of the bar. She accidentally knocked it over, sending fuel spilling all over the bar. She then resorted to simply lighting a match to get a better look at the photo. She put the photo and smoldering match down on the bar, grabbed the record, and left.

Dina returned home, replaced the record on the record player, and headed up to her room. On the phone with Traci, Jack returned to the room and told Traci that Dina was upstairs resting and could not talk. When he hung up the phone, he noticed that the record had been returned to the turntable.

Back in the storeroom, Mattie feared that she'd be grounded for life if anyone found them hiding. Her dad, she said, would kill her. "He'd kill me," Reed added with a chuckle. "We'd all be dead," Charlie said.

In the bar area, the match Dina had lit came in contact with the spilled oil, and within seconds, the bar was fully engulfed in flame.

Billy puts himself in danger to save the teens Billy puts himself in danger to save the teens
Thursday, November 2, 2017

Sharon was surprised to find Mariah at the cottage, sitting on the couch with a large bowl of candy. Mariah claimed that she was all partied out, and she excused herself to let Sharon, Faith, and Scott sort through the candy. Sharon reported that Faith was at Nick's and that Scott wouldn't be there, so Mariah didn't have to run off. Sharon asked how Mariah was feeling, since she'd witnessed Mariah bail on Devon and tell Tessa that she was feeling ill, yet Mariah was holding the bowl of candy like it was a life preserver. Mariah said it felt that way, and Sharon pressed her to talk about what was going on.

Mariah claimed that she just wanted to watch television and eat candy, but Sharon pointed out that while she might not know what Mariah was going through, she'd had plenty of experience with relationship troubles. Mariah noted that she hadn't said she was having any, but Sharon observed that Mariah was eating candy like her heart had been broken. Sharon advised that relationships went through phases, with an electric rush in the beginning and not being able to spend a day apart. Sharon recalled that things had been like that between her and Nick when they'd first met, but she recognized that things changed as people got older.

Sharon reasoned that losing the drama didn't mean losing the relationship, but Mariah insisted that it wasn't what was happening. Sharon acknowledged that Mariah and Devon had gone through a rough patch after Mariah had dropped the "L-word," and she guessed that Mariah thought she would lose the excitement and love if she was in a stable, calm relationship. Mariah shook her head no, and she sobbed that Devon was everything she could ever want in a man. Sharon comforted her.

Sharon noted that Mariah wasn't acting like herself, and Mariah chalked it up to a sugar crash or catching the flu. Sharon wondered if Mariah felt like she couldn't talk to Sharon, but Mariah insisted that there was nothing to tell. Sharon lectured that there had been a time when Mariah had been able to lie to her, but they had since gotten to know one another much better. Mariah confided that she'd never felt like she could talk about anything important or real, since no one had been interested in what she'd thought or felt when she'd grown up in a cult. Sharon countered that Mariah was the most honest and direct person she knew, and she loved Mariah for exactly who she was.

Mariah questioned how Sharon could say that when no one knew who Mariah was, and Sharon wondered if Mariah felt guilty about her past. Mariah revealed that she felt empty and left out, but Sharon assured Mariah that everyone around her knew that she was a loving, warm person. Mariah cried that no one around her had any idea who she really was, since she could see herself from the outside. Mariah recognized that she made jokes and talked crap, and she knew that she was walking comic relief, but she was tired of pretending that she was playing a part. Sharon suggested that Mariah stop pretending.

Sharon inquired about how Mariah really felt about Devon, and Mariah reiterated that all the good things she'd said about him were true. Mariah added that she'd never felt the way about Devon that Sharon had felt with Nick or even Dylan or Scott, and she confessed that she'd never had anything like that with anyone before. Sharon reasoned that Mariah was young and that someone else was out there for her. Sharon imagined that Mariah would go for it when she met him, and Mariah admitted that she had found someone. Sharon assumed that Mariah felt bad about it because of Devon, and Mariah confirmed that it was part of it. Sharon asked who "he" was, and Mariah replied, "She."

A stunned Sharon said she'd had no idea, and Mariah indicated that she hadn't, either. Sharon wondered if Mariah was upset because she'd thought Sharon would have a problem with Mariah being attracted to women, but Mariah clarified that it wasn't all women -- just one. Sharon imagined that the woman was very special, and she was happy for Mariah. Sharon wanted to meet the woman in Mariah's life, and she asked what the woman's name was. "Tessa," Mariah blurted out, and Sharon was shocked that Mariah was interested in Noah's girlfriend.

Sharon asked if Tessa had any idea about Mariah's feelings, and Mariah remarked that it had been pretty obvious when they'd kissed. Sharon struggled to be supportive, but she recalled that Noah had been burned many times before he'd finally opened up to Tessa. Mariah wailed that Noah was happy and in love, and she hadn't wanted things to be that way. Mariah recalled that she'd been happy during the weeks Tessa had lived down the hall, since Mariah had woken up every morning, knowing Tessa would be there. Mariah continued that she'd listened for the door to open, even when Tessa had been returning home from dates with Mariah's own brother.

Mariah insisted that she'd never wanted it, and she explained that she and Tessa had told one another that their kiss hadn't been a big deal, which had been a lie on Mariah's part. Mariah swore that Tessa was committed to Noah, but Sharon doubted that if Tessa had kissed Noah's sister. Mariah bemoaned that she had no other choice but to keep pretending, but Sharon softly stated, "Be who you really are, Mariah." Mariah tearfully asked how she could do that, and she cried that things were a mess. "Love usually is," Sharon replied, and she urged Mariah to tell Tessa how she felt.

At Crimson Lights, Tessa flipped through photos on her phone, and she stopped on one of Mariah. Mariah suddenly appeared in person, and Tessa asked if she was feeling better. Mariah stammered that she thought so, and Tessa wished Mariah had gone out dancing with her, since Mariah would have danced on the tables with her, unlike certain party poopers. Mariah asserted that she was there then, and there was something she needed to do. Mariah sat down and said she wanted them to try being honest with one another, and Tessa agreed to do that.

Mariah asked if Tessa had been afraid that she'd ask for something else, like another kiss or something more. Tessa declared that she wasn't afraid of anything, and Mariah inquired whether Tessa had thought about their kiss. Mariah admitted that she'd thought about it and what it meant, and Tessa contended that they'd already talked about it. Mariah corrected that they'd lied about it by telling themselves that it had simply happened in the excitement of the festival, but Tessa thought that was true. Mariah protested that it wasn't the whole truth -- at least not for her.

Mariah rambled that she had to tell Tessa everything she'd been feeling, or she would spin out. Mariah confided that sharing her emotions was something she wasn't comfortable doing, and the thought of telling someone her deepest, darkest secrets was usually enough to make her skin crawl, but she had to do it. Mariah insisted that something had happened that she didn't understand, and she was pretty sure she hadn't imagined it. Mariah prompted Tessa to help her out by telling her whether the kiss had meant something to Tessa, too. Tessa confessed that it had.

Mariah was relieved that she wasn't deranged or delusional, but she thought Tessa might just be saying something nice to shut her up. Tessa swore that she'd meant it, since their kiss hadn't been about anything except the two of them. Tessa murmured that it had been wonderful, but she thought things were too complicated. Tessa added that the moment had been perfect, but it had passed. Mariah said she didn't understand, and Tessa declared that Mariah was the best friend she'd ever had and that she loved Mariah. Tessa didn't know what would happen in the future, but she resolved to only be friends for the time being.

Mariah countered that she had friends, but she didn't feel the same way about them that she felt about Tessa. Tessa swore that the last thing she wanted was to hurt Mariah, and Mariah asked if it was about Noah. Tessa insisted that it was about her, since Mariah didn't really know her or her past. Mariah recalled that Tessa hadn't thought she could tell anyone about her sister, but Crystal was safe, and Mariah implored Tessa to tell her anything else there was to know. Tessa vaguely replied that she'd never tell Mariah because Tessa cared about her, and she begged Mariah not to ask anything from her.

Tessa stressed that she still needed Mariah in her life and that she wanted to be in Mariah's, but it was how things had to be. Mariah realized that Tessa wanted Mariah in her life but only on her terms, so Tessa wanted them both to keep pretending. Tessa denied that she was pretending, and she contended that just because things weren't how Mariah wanted them to be didn't mean it was a lie. Mariah whimpered that she wanted Tessa in her life, too, but not like that. Mariah walked away as Tessa broke down in tears.

Hilary turned away when she spotted Jordan at the Athletic Club bar, but he wondered where she was rushing off to without saying hello. He added that he hadn't forgotten about the date she owed him, but she bristled at the idea that she owed him anything. Jordan offered to call her, set up a date, and send flowers, since he was willing to wait. Hilary sat down next to him and asked if he would really wait for her, and he insisted that he would. She told him to get comfortable, since he'd be waiting "a hell of a long time." Jordan said she'd proven her point, and he asked why she was acting like that. Hilary refused to be anybody's second choice.

Hilary griped about Lily appearing on The Hilary Hour uninvited and bragging about how she'd "friend-zoned" Jordan. Jordan wondered why Hilary was dragging Lily into their business, and Hilary admonished him for sniffing around her like a dog the second Lily had cut him loose. Hilary huffed that he never would have approached her at the gym if he'd thought he'd still had a shot with Lily, but Jordan recounted that Hilary had been the one who'd opened up her towel to remind him of what he was missing. He conceded that he deserved having to work for another chance with her, but he told her not to pretend that she'd forgotten how good they were together, since they challenged one another as equals. Hilary clucked that she wasn't falling for it again.

Jordan chuckled because he thought Hilary was acting as if he'd committed a crime against her and her ego, and she barked that one of them was about to commit a crime if he didn't wipe the smile off his face. She asserted that she deserved better than being treated like a backup plan, but he pointed out that she'd hooked up with a son while married to his blind father. Jordan added that she'd made it clear that she was still into Devon, and he didn't mind a challenge, but she was the one who'd gotten crazy jealous over Lily.

Jordan wondered how someone with that much self-confidence could be so insecure, unless it was all a front. Hilary snarled that the second Lily had been single, Jordan had walked away from Hilary, but he'd slinked back to her as soon as Lily had been done with him. Jordan thought that Hilary always had to be in control, and he figured that she thought everyone else was there to make her look good and tell her how smart and sexy she was, but there was nothing real about her. Hilary guessed that he didn't know her at all, and Jordan grumbled that the sex wasn't worth the hassle.

Jordan started to leave, but Hilary bellowed that they weren't done until she said they were done. He realized that she'd bought into her own act by thinking that she was a big star with power, but her husband had given her a show to avoid dealing with her nonsense. Jordan called Hilary a joke who was all hairspray and nail tips, and she threw her drink at him. He calmly wished her a good evening and walked away.

The fire raged at the bar at the Underground. In the office, Mattie fretted that they needed to make sure Nick was gone so they could get out of there before Cane found out they'd broken in. Reed pointed out that he had a key, but Mattie whined that she couldn't afford to get into trouble. Reed and Charlie argued about how they'd get out of the mess, but Mattie panicked when she saw smoke seeping in from under the door.

At the Ashby home, Cane watched a scary movie. He sent a text message to the twins, hoping their night was great and reminding them about their curfew.

Billy flipped on the lights at Brash & Sassy and answered a call from Reed. Reed frantically stated that the lights had just gone out at the Underground, and he was there with Charlie and Mattie. Meanwhile, Mattie thanked a 9-1-1 operator for dispatching the fire department, and Charlie left an urgent message for Cane to call him back right away. Mattie gave directions about where they were and confirmed that no one was hurt, but the call was dropped. Charlie questioned whether they were just going to sit and wait for the place to go up, but Mattie warned him against opening the door.

Charlie insisted on getting out of there, but he discovered that the door was red-hot. Charlie reported that the door was stuck, and Mattie explained that the heat had expanded the door. Charlie realized that they were trapped. Charlie and Reed bickered about how they'd ended up there, but Mattie ordered them to conserve energy and oxygen. They heard sirens, but Mattie worried that it wasn't over yet.

Firemen arrived on the scene, and Cane rushed over to them and asked if his kids had gotten out. A firefighter indicated that a girl had called them for help, and Cane panicked that the twins were still inside the burning building. The fireman held Cane back and told him that they'd start searching once they got the fire under control, and Cane pleaded with him to go in there and get the teens out.

Billy entered the Underground and yelled out for the kids. Meanwhile, Mattie suggested that they soak towels or dishrags in water to cover their faces. Charlie looked in the mini-fridge and found no water but plenty of beer. Mattie's phone rang, and Mattie informed Cane that the door was stuck, so they couldn't get out.

Cane assured Mattie that the firefighters were going in, so they wouldn't be in there much longer. Mattie begged him to stay on the phone until they were rescued, and Cane offered to tell her his favorite story about how the twins had shared a bassinet when they'd been preemies because they hadn't been able to be away from one another. Mattie coughed and reported that the smoke was getting worse, and Cane frantically called her name when the line went dead. Firefighters held Cane back from running into the building.

As Billy searched for the teens, Reed wondered why help hadn't gotten there yet. Mattie worried that maybe it was too late, but they suddenly heard Billy yelling their names. Reed weakly called out for Billy, who knocked down the door. Charlie helped Mattie to her feet and dragged her out. Billy instructed Reed to leave and indicated that he'd be right behind them.

Meanwhile, Cane left a voicemail for Lily, asking her to call him as soon as possible because something had happened. Cane demanded to know why there had been no news about his kids, but the twins suddenly stumbled out into Cane's arms. Reed followed shortly thereafter, and Cane asked who had saved them. Charlie and Mattie credited Billy with saving their lives, and Cane asked where Billy was. Reed replied that Billy had been right behind him, and they turned around to look at the Underground just as there was a fiery explosion inside.

Jack risks his life to reconcile with Billy Jack risks his life to reconcile with Billy
Friday, November 3, 2017

Outside the Underground, Mattie assured Reed that the firefighters were working as fast as they could. Reed blamed himself for Billy still being in the burning building, but Charlie insisted that it had just been an accident and that Reed hadn't had anything to do with the place getting torched. Cane added that he'd seen Billy bounce back from the brink many times, and if anyone could survive, it was him.

Reed apologized to Nick for being inside the bar. Nick inquired whether everyone had made it out okay, and Reed reported that Billy was still inside. The fire chief announced that the building had suffered a major internal collapse, so it was unlikely anyone else had survived. A stricken Nick stared at what was left of his club.

Lily arrived at the scene, hugged the twins, and thanked God that they were all right. She mentioned that Cane had sent a text message, so she and Phyllis had rushed there from the airport. Phyllis asked where Billy was, and Nick replied that the firefighters hadn't located him after he'd gone into the building to pull the kids out. Phyllis reeled from the news. Meanwhile, debris fell inside the Underground as Billy slowly awakened. He gasped for breath and called out for help.

Reed lamented that going to the bar had been the dumbest thing he'd ever done, and he urged Nick not to hold back. Nick admitted that he was pissed that Reed had sneaked into the building to party, but he thought it wasn't the time for a lecture. Reed vehemently denied starting the fire, and he asked what had caused it. Nick was sure that the firefighters would figure it out, and he prepared to contact Victoria to tell her about Billy.

At Brash & Sassy, Victoria informed Victor that she'd gone to the warehouse to make sure that every last face mask had been destroyed, since she'd owed it to her customers to ensure that no one else got sick -- or worse. Victor worried about her health, but Victoria insisted that the toxins were almost completely out of her body, and she was more concerned about the fate of her company. She recognized that she had three choices: declare bankruptcy, bail out Brash & Sassy with her own money, or sell the company to him. Victor immediately ruled out using her own money, and he warned that declaring bankruptcy would taint her résumé, so that left only one alternative.

Victor recounted that Victoria had been adamantly against him bailing her out, but she understood that she had to be realistic. Victor inquired whether she really thought it was a good idea for them to work together again, and Victoria wondered if he was rescinding his offer to save her. He hoped that she could finally acknowledge that they were stronger together than apart, and he wanted her to be happy if he bailed out her company and not resent him for it. His phone rang, and Nick said he'd been trying to get in touch with Victoria, but she wasn't picking up. Victor handed Victoria the phone, and Nick informed her that Reed and the Ashby kids had been at the Underground when a fire had broken out. Nick added that everyone had gotten out -- except Billy.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack called Phyllis and complained that he hadn't been able to find her notes from the conference. She curtly stated that she couldn't deal with him then, and he noted that she seemed tense. She insisted that she was fine, but there was a situation with Billy. Jack ranted that it was always Billy, and he asked what his little brother had done to screw things up. Phyllis remained silent, and Jack asked where she was. She calmly informed him that there had been a serious fire at the Underground, that Billy was still in the building, and that he might not have survived.

Billy yelled for help and asked if anyone was there, since he couldn't move. A firefighter called out that he heard Billy, and he identified himself as Tom. Tom beamed a flashlight down on Billy and remarked that yelling was a good sign. Tom asked if Billy was okay, and Billy dryly replied that he'd never been better. Tom asked Billy to describe what it was like where he was, and Billy joked that the Halloween party sucked.

Tom figured that wisecracks were another good sign, and Billy inquired whether the kids had gotten out safely. Tom confirmed that all three teens were in excellent shape, thanks to Billy, which was why Tom had been trying hard to find him. Tom told Billy to hang tight while they got him out of there, and Billy hoped there was more than one person to help, since he was stuck. Tom pledged to get more help, and he advised Billy not to make any sudden moves because the place was unstable.

Charlie swore that he'd learned a lesson he'd never forget, and Mattie admitted that they should have stayed home with Cane. Cane pointed out that the police would want answers, since the nightclub had burned to the ground after the teens had broken in. Charlie revealed that they'd had a key, and Mattie confessed that Reed had gotten it. Tom emerged from the building and reported that Billy was alive but trapped, since the ceiling had fallen down on him. Phyllis asked Tom to give Billy the message that she needed to see him to finish the fight they'd been having. Phyllis told herself that Billy would be all right.

Victoria asked if Reed was sure that he didn't need to go to the hospital, and he assured her that he'd been checked out. Reed said he was really sorry about the whole night, and Victoria told him not to feel guilty because it had just been a freak accident. Lily insisted that Reed needed to apologize, and that was just for starters. Victoria snapped not to talk to her son that way, and she defended that he hadn't started the fire. Lily asserted that Reed was the reason the kids had been in there, and Cane added that it had been Reed's idea to break in and start his own party. Victoria turned to Reed, who swore that he hadn't meant for anything bad to happen. "Look how well that turned out," Lily huffed.

Victor speculated that Nick's building hadn't been up to fire code, and Nick implied that Victor was pleased with the results because he'd been behind the fire. Jack arrived and stopped the fire chief to get an update on Billy. The chief said Billy was pinned down by debris, so they had to use extreme caution going in because the building was in a precarious state. The chief warned that the way Billy had described his leg being pinned might require drastic action, with the worst case being that they might need to amputate Billy's leg to get him out.

Phyllis was aghast that the only way to get Billy out of the building might necessitate him losing a leg. The fire chief explained that they couldn't risk injury in the event of another collapse, so they had to consider the quickest way to get Billy out. Victor offered to provide resources or equipment, but Jack snapped that it wouldn't be necessary, since he'd see that his brother had the best resources on hand. The chief stressed the urgency of getting Billy out before the rest of the building fell down on top of him. Jack thanked Phyllis for letting him know, and she marveled that she, Jack, and Victoria had dropped their personal issues to all be there for Billy. Victoria hoped it did some good.

Nick recognized that it had been a classy move for Victor to offer to help Billy. Victor noted that times like that were a reminder of how much good money could do, so it shouldn't be thrown away on a whim. Nick admonished Victor for getting a dig in when they were in a life-or-death situation, and Victor retorted that Nick had accused him of arson. Nick pointed out that it had been the perfect night to torch the place because it should have been empty, and he spat that he wouldn't turn to Victor for help. Victor bellowed that he wouldn't give Nick a dime, and he suggested that Nick tell Paul about his cockamamie theory.

Nick asked the fire chief how the blaze had started, and the chief replied that it was too early to say, but it appeared to have started in the bar area. Jack pleaded that Billy was his only brother, so the firefighters had to let Jack in to see him. Jack accepted any risk he had to take to get his brother out, but the fire chief explained that he had a duty to get people out alive, and he might have to pull his own men out of there. Jack offered to write a donation check or sign a waiver, and he proclaimed that they'd have to restrain him physically to keep him away from his family.

Reed piped up that he'd thought Jack hated Billy. Jack conceded that they fought a lot, but when their family faced the unthinkable, they pulled together and faced it together. Jack choked back tears and vowed not to let Billy be alone. He inquired whether the chief would give him a helmet or if he was going in without one, and the chief reiterated the level of danger. Phyllis told Jack to be careful and to tell Billy to get his lazy butt out of there, and Victoria sent Billy her love. Jack turned to Victor for any last-minute taunts or insults, but Victor firmly stated that their battle wouldn't end like that. Jack said it would give him incentive to make it out alive.

Lily prepared to take the twins home, but Mattie wanted to be there for Reed. Lily insisted on calling it a night, but Mattie refused to let her mother stop her from saying goodbye. Charlie and Mattie both hugged Reed and hoped that Billy made it out safely. Mattie promised that she'd send good thoughts, and she requested that Reed send a text message if Billy got out. Lily sternly called to Mattie, and the Ashbys left together.

Victoria thanked Victor for offering to help, and she inquired whether her mother knew what was going on. Victor replied that he'd let Nikki know, but he didn't want Victoria to be stressed when she'd just been in the hospital. They embraced, and Victor promised that he would take care of everything if Victoria wanted to return to Newman Enterprises. He anticipated buying Brash & Sassy with no strings attached, paying off her loan, and making her company solid again. Victoria tearfully thanked him, and they held one another tightly.

Billy called out to ask if Tom was there, and Tom confirmed that he'd been working on an escape plan. Tom added that Billy had extra motivation to get out, since Tom had a message from a hot blonde named Phyllis. Billy asked how she'd looked, and Tom replied, "Like a walking fire hazard." Tom stressed that he needed to get Billy out as soon as possible, and loud noises sounded as Tom attempted to clear some debris. Billy told Tom to level with him about his chances of getting out and not to sugarcoat it. Tom cautioned that there was a good chance that the building could collapse on them at any moment.

Tom joked that the health department would "have Nick's ass," but he cried out as debris started to fall. Billy pleaded for Tom to talk to him, since Billy needed to get a message to the people he loved. Billy called out to ask if Tom could hear him, but Jack appeared instead and firmly stated that Billy wasn't going to die on them, since Billy had to deal with the people he loved face to face -- even the ones he didn't care about.

Jack announced that there was a whole gang of people who didn't want to lose Billy, but Billy urged Jack to get out of there before the building crashed down. Jack couldn't fathom facing Phyllis' wrath if he went out empty-handed, and he reported that Phyllis and Victoria were holding hands outside. Billy jokingly wondered if he was delirious from smoke inhalation, and Jack indicated that even Victor had volunteered to help. Billy recognized that Jack was the last person who he should ask a favor from, but he requested that Jack take care of Johnny and Katie if Billy didn't get out of there. Billy instructed Jack to remind the kids of how much he loved them and to teach them to be better than their old man. Jack promised to do it as long as Billy stopped talking that way.

Billy warned that the window was closing by the second, and he insisted that Jack get out of there, since Billy's life wasn't worth Jack risking his. Billy imagined that Jack's life would be easier without him in it, since Billy had been a disaster since he could walk, and it was even worse than Jack thought. Billy confessed that the toxic face masks had been his fault, since he'd cut corners at the factory and put Victoria in the hospital. Billy revealed that he'd intended to give the firefighters a message to send to his loved ones, and he'd been thinking about Jack the whole time.

Billy said he was sorry for the spying, lying, and accusations, but most of all for being with Phyllis while she had been married to Jack. As debris fell around him, Billy regretted that he'd done nothing to make it up to Jack. Jack recalled that he'd had a hard time learning forgiveness from John, even though their dad had forgiven the unforgivable. Jack agreed that the hate and anger between him and Billy had been completely wrong, and he couldn't wish a brother away. Jack swore that abandoning and barring Billy had made no sense, since Billy was his brother and always would be, and he wouldn't have it any other way.

Victoria worried that it had been too long, and Reed questioned how he could live with himself if Billy was dead. The firefighters suddenly emerged from the smoking building with Jack and Billy, and Billy hobbled over to Phyllis and hugged her as Victoria looked on. Phyllis inquired about Billy's leg, and he described the feeling as a thousand pins and needles as he got his circulation back. He said he'd heard there was a hottie named Phyllis out there, and it had made the pain go away. Billy added that he'd thought he'd blown things with her for good, and she replied that even though he'd almost died on her, he was still a bastard -- a "damn lucky" one.

Victoria told Victor that she'd made a decision, and she and Brash & Sassy were going back to Newman. Reed declared that Billy seemed like a total superhero, but Nick quipped that everyone knew superheroes didn't get trapped in buildings. Victoria requested a moment alone with Billy, and she thanked him for saving Reed's life. She swore that she'd never forget it.

Victoria asked how Billy was feeling, and he replied that he honestly felt great. Victoria smacked him across the face and growled that it was for causing the whole face mask fiasco, since her dad's investigator had found out that Billy had been behind it. "Another thing -- you're fired," she coldly added before she turned and left with Victor.

The Ashbys returned home, and Charlie wanted to go to bed. Lily stopped the twins and hugged them before wishing them a good night. After the teens stepped out, Cane thanked Lily for not letting him have it for letting everything go down while he'd been in charge. Lily insisted that it hadn't been his fault, since the twins had lied about being somewhere safe, and she thought he should be upset with her for not listening to him about Reed being a bad influence. Cane realized that they could have lost it all that night, and Lily mused that it put things in perspective.

A hopeful Cane agreed with what Lily had said about perspective, and he said realizing his family was safe had made him think about the situation in a different way. Lily noted that they could put the bitterness and petty issues behind them and pull together when they had to, and she thought it would make the divorce hearing that much easier. A crushed Cane hung his head.

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