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Hilary became the town pariah. J.T. worked undercover to find evidence to nail Victor. Phyllis and Sharon uncovered proof that Adam had fathered Christian. Chelsea knocked Sharon unconscious. Chelsea fled town with Connor but ultimately left Christian behind.
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Cane and Lily learn about Hilary's lies Cane and Lily learn about Hilary's lies
Monday, February 19, 2018

In an elevator at the Top of the Tower, Phyllis didn't believe Chelsea's claim that Adam, not Nick, was Christian's biological father. Chelsea, having admitted the fact in hopes that Phyllis might end her theft investigation, explained that Adam had divulged the secret about Christian's true parentage long before. Phyllis angrily replied, "If I go to Nick, and I tell him about this creepy claim of yours, and I get him to take a cheek swab, and it proves that he is Christian's dad, your butt will be on the street in about two seconds! He will never forgive you for using his son as a pawn!" Chelsea remained as determined to stand her ground as Phyllis was to tease out the truth. Neither woman relented.

Chelsea insisted she'd kept the secret to protect Nick, so Phyllis would be the one to break his heart if she didn't back off. When the elevator doors parted, Nick and Billy were waiting. Nick said, "Where did you two disappear to?" Chelsea complained that Phyllis was spewing more lies and accusations, which, Chelsea noted, could be dangerous. Before Nick entered the elevator with Chelsea, he implored Phyllis to let it go. After Nick and Chelsea left, Billy sarcastically said to Phyllis, "Aren't you the life of the party."

At home, Phyllis told Billy that she'd lost sleep, thinking about Chelsea's lies and her conniving. Phyllis told Billy that Chelsea had lied about Christian being Adam's son. Phyllis said, "Nick is that kid's father. I don't have any doubt in my mind." Billy asked Phyllis why she hadn't mentioned anything to Nick immediately after Chelsea had made the claim. Phyllis said she didn't believe it was true. Chelsea, Phyllis explained, had said that Adam had told Chelsea he was Christian's father. Phyllis, attempting to explain Adam's line of reasoning, added that Adam would've loved nothing more than to stick it to Nick. Phyllis explained that though she'd yet to tell Nick, she wouldn't remain quiet.

Billy asked about Phyllis' game plan. Phyllis said, "First I cover my bases, and then I pounce." Billy asked Phyllis to consider Nick and Christian. Billy explained that Nick would endure the pain of uncertainty while awaiting the results of a paternity test. If the test proved Nick wasn't Christian's father, Billy warned that Nick's world would be torn apart. Billy recalled that Lauren had recovered the money she'd lost, so Phyllis should leave Nick in blissful ignorance because Chelsea had learned her lesson. Phyllis insisted that Chelsea had to be stopped.

In Devon's office at the Hamilton-Winters Group, Devon removed the jump drive after he watched an archived video of Hilary persuading Juliet to lie that Cane had sexually harassed her. Hilary waltzed in. Devon was in shock, but Hilary began talking nonstop about possibly featuring Cane and Lily's renewal of their marriage vows after the couple had endured so many obstacles. Devon recalled that Lily and Cane had overcome vicious obstacles. Hilary shrugged her shoulders and replied, "Hmm." Devon glared at Hilary in disgust as she walked away.

At Lily and Cane's house, Devon stopped by and gave Lily the jump drive containing the video of Hilary and Juliet discussing the false accusations against Cane. Devon explained that while difficult to watch, the footage might give Lily closure. Devon explained that the video showed Hilary talking to Juliet. Devon invited Lily to call him after watching, if she needed to talk. Cane looked perplexed as Devon headed out the door.

After Cane and Lily viewed the video, Cane said it had likely been recorded before Juliet had accused him. Cane was disappointed that the video wouldn't be suitable for Sam to watch when he was older. Cane noted that he'd hoped to find video showing Juliet laughing, so Sam could know his mother's happier times. Lily explained that Devon had given them the video to prove that Juliet had lied about what had happened in Tokyo and that Hilary had known about the lies from the very beginning. Lily said she never wanted to hear Hilary speak Charlie's or Mattie's names ever again. Lily said she regretted her attempts to reconcile with Hilary.

At Crimson Lights, Nick asked Sharon if she was all right. Sharon said she'd miss Noah with him living so far away, though she admitted that a change of scenery and a new challenge might be helpful. Nick said, "Working at Newman in another country is still working at Newman." Nick said Noah should've taken time to think it over. Sharon mentioned that Nick had allowed Chelsea to talk him into eloping without him taking time to think it over. Sharon asked Nick if he would've considered marriage had Chelsea not pushed for it.

Sharon displayed a photo of herself and Nick on their wedding day. Nick teased Sharon about being jealous. Sharon explained that weddings were about family, love, friends, and a supportive community. Sharon asked Nick to consider who'd stand by him and Chelsea if they traveled to a wedding destination without family and friends to participate. Nick blew off the questions, but Sharon noted that Chelsea had reacted to Phyllis' fraud accusations by suddenly planning an elopement. Nick insisted that Chelsea had nothing to do with the phony website. Nick asked Sharon why she believed Phyllis' conspiracy theories. Sharon pleaded with Nick to heed her warnings about the elopement because he knew she was right.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Hilary called out to Chelsea, who was seated nearby. Hilary invited Chelsea to appear on The Hilary Hour to address accusations that Chelsea had masterminded the fake Chelsea 2.0 website. Chelsea insisted that the rumors were a joke. Hilary replied, "Not according to Phyllis." Chelsea explained that Phyllis had been confused and had dropped the matter. Chelsea encouraged Hilary to phone Phyllis. Chelsea explained that Phyllis would admit that she'd been way off base.

Jack approached Chelsea and Hilary and noticed the engagement ring on Chelsea's finger. Hilary took Chelsea's hand and said, "Well, Phyllis must be very wrong if Nick popped the question." Jack said, "What was Phyllis wrong about?" Chelsea replied, "It's a long story. It doesn't matter. It was just Phyllis being Phyllis." Chelsea collected her things and said she had to leave. After Chelsea left, Jack asked Hilary about Phyllis. Before Hilary could respond, she received a call from the fertility clinic informing her that she wasn't pregnant. After the call ended, Jack acknowledged Hilary's change in mood. Hilary told Jack that her IUI procedure had failed.

In Jack's office, Hilary insisted on discussing Jack's sponsorship of her show. Jack attempted to discuss hiring a spokesmodel, but Hilary was too distraught. Hilary cried that she'd been cocky to think she'd get exactly what she wanted when she wanted it to happen. Hilary pitied her plight and noted that she'd had to fight for everything in her life, so achieving a pregnancy wouldn't be easy. Hilary cried that it didn't seem fair that some easily became pregnant by accident.

Jack seemed at a loss for words as he attempted to comfort Hilary. Hilary recalled her unfortunate experience selecting donor sperm. Hilary said she'd learned not to rely on the honesty of donor profiles. Jack suggested that Hilary consider who'd fit the bill of a perfect father. Hilary said she should consider approaching someone she knew. Hilary described a number of stellar qualities, which Jack noted all applied to Devon. Hilary said it was too late for her and Devon to reconcile. Jack suggested that Hilary approach Devon to be a donor only. Jack's suggestion cheered Hilary.

When Devon returned to his office, Hilary had poured two glasses of Champagne, and she asked him to join her. Devon acknowledged that Hilary was consuming alcohol, indicating he knew she wasn't pregnant. Hilary said she'd asked the staff for privacy. Devon claimed he wasn't thirsty. Devon pushed aside his Champagne and insisted he had nothing to celebrate. Hilary acknowledged that she wasn't pregnant. Hilary admitted that she'd lied every time she'd claimed she was over Devon. Hilary said she believed Devon had been pretending to be over her, too.

Hilary picked up Devon's glass of Champagne and told him she thought about him all the time. Hilary said she and Devon should celebrate a new beginning to their relationship. Devon replied, "Like I said, I'm not thirsty." Hilary pleaded with Devon to agree that they should be together. Lily and Cane entered, but Hilary said it wasn't a good time. Lily tossed the jump drive to Hilary and said, "You lost something."

After Hilary viewed the video, Lily confronted Hilary about pushing Juliet to lie about the sexual harassment. Cane said, "You hooked her up with an attorney, knowing there was no case against me or Brash & Sassy." Hilary admitted what she'd done, but she claimed it was ancient history. Hilary noted that Cane and Lily were stronger than ever. Cane cried, "We almost got a divorce!" Lily said, "Wow! You really are soulless, aren't you?"

Hilary noted that had Lily watched the outtake footage sent long before, Lily would've known about Cane's one-night stand sooner. Cane added, "And there was no harassment! And Victoria wouldn't have lost Brash & Sassy. My kids wouldn't think that I'm some predator." Lily said Hilary deserved every awful thing she had heading her way because everything Hilary did was vicious and self-serving. Before Lily and Cane left, Lily said she didn't want to be in the same room with Hilary. Lily warned Hilary never to mention her children's names. Cane told Hilary she'd never be allowed near Sam again.

Devon phoned and asked his receptionist to ready his car. Hilary, not dissuaded, insisted that she and Devon could still reconnect. Devon said he'd stuck by Hilary only because her show was a financial concern to his company. Devon berated Hilary for continually attacking his family since the day she'd moved to town. Devon told Hilary she had a long way to go before she was suitable to become a parent. Devon requested that Hilary not be present when he returned.

At home, Chelsea had set up a display of various items she hoped would inspire Nick to choose a faraway wedding destination. Chelsea pointed to the various items, which she said represented Hawaii, Aspen, Las Vegas, and Australia. Chelsea asked Nick if he felt a pull to a particular place. Nick replied that he was thinking about getting married in Genoa City in July. Chelsea, annoyed, began collecting the items and putting them away. Nick explained that they should take their time and plan their wedding together. Nick recalled that Faith had become distraught after he and Chelsea had moved in together before telling Faith about their plans.

Chelsea excitedly embraced the idea of including the children. Nick reminded Chelsea that Noah would still be out of the country and that Summer and Nikki would want to be part of the celebration, too. Nick demanded to know why Chelsea wanted to marry so suddenly. Chelsea explained that the adoption process would be lengthy and complicated, so marriage was the simpler way for her and Nick to become legal parents to Connor and to Christian. Nick said that no one would contest the adoptions because Adam and Sage were gone.

Chelsea asked Nick to consider what might happen to Connor if she died suddenly. Chelsea warned that Victor might step in. Nick said he wanted them to take their time, so if Chelsea couldn't understand why, they might remain stuck. Chelsea agreed to put the wedding on hold and begin the adoption process, so they could soon become legal parents to both children. Nick embraced the plan and hurried up to share the news with Connor and Christian.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon and Phyllis discussed Chelsea. Phyllis enlisted Sharon's help to save Nick from his nightmare. Sharon warned that Nick and Chelsea were considering eloping immediately. Sharon admitted it was weird to be discussing Nick and Chelsea's marriage plans with Phyllis, especially because Chelsea wanted to marry the man she lived with. Phyllis said that Sharon was unaware of Chelsea's sick and cruel side.

Sharon's eyes widened in disbelief when Phyllis explained that she'd confronted Chelsea with proof of her involvement in the phony website. Phyllis said she'd agreed to keep the revelations quiet if Chelsea chose to walk away from Nick and end the relationship. Sharon was shocked when Phyllis recalled that Chelsea had threatened to reveal that Adam was Christian's real father. Sharon cried, "Nick and I went to war over Sully [Christian]. It was only recently that Nick could stand to be in the same room with me."

Sharon wondered aloud how long Chelsea had known about Christian. Phyllis asked Sharon to dig up "Sully's" medical records. Sharon asked Phyllis to consider the emotional pain involved if Christian was Adam's son. Phyllis pleaded with Sharon to help her determine the truth before "Chelsea the con [became] Christian's mommy." Phyllis asked about the DNA test proving that Sully was Christian. Sharon recalled that the test had only proven that Sage was the baby's mother, so an additional test would be necessary to prove paternity. Sharon agreed to help Phyllis.

Sharon and Phyllis team up to get answers Sharon and Phyllis team up to get answers
Tuesday, February 20, 2018

At Newman Enterprises, Victoria walked into her office and was surprised to find J.T. sitting behind her desk. He figured that he was head of security, so he'd known with professional certainty that she was the only person who would walk through the door. He invited her to lunch, but she groaned that she was swamped. J.T. pointed out that she was always busy, and he begged her to take a quick break. Victoria eventually agreed to tweak her schedule to meet him upstairs later, and he ran into Lily on his way out. Lily announced that she had news that might spoil Victoria's day.

Victoria was appalled to learn that Hilary had had proof on video that Juliet's sexual harassment claim had been a deliberate lie, but Hilary had sat on it through the entire lawsuit while egging Juliet on. Victoria realized that if Hilary had stepped forward, Victoria wouldn't have had to pay a settlement, Brash & Sassy's reputation would have stayed clean, and Billy wouldn't have tried to save a sinking company by using cut-rate ingredients. Lily referred to "the hell" Hilary had put Cane through, and Victoria sympathized with Lily and the twins, since Hilary could have prevented all of it.

Lily was surprised to find Cane in the Newman hallway. He divulged that he was there to ask his gorgeous wife to lunch, but he was prepared to take a rain check. Lily didn't see how she could say no, but Cane understood if she was busy. He gushed that it had been worth the drive to see her beautiful face, and he recognized how important it was to have her back in his life. She acknowledged that he had other commitments, but he vowed never to choose work over her and the kids again. He intended to plan as many romantic surprises as possible, since he was the luckiest man in the whole world.

At Crimson Lights, Phyllis approached Sharon and asked what was wrong. Sharon fretted that she'd been on edge all night long, and she'd hidden in the bathroom when Nick had stopped by to pick up Faith that morning. Sharon hated that she'd been forced to keep a horrible secret from Nick, but Phyllis argued that Sharon could help her prove that Nick was Christian's father, and they wouldn't have to lie about anything. Phyllis asked whether Sharon had Sully's medical records with her.

Sharon waved to Kevin as he entered the coffeehouse. Kevin ran into J.T., who mentioned that he'd moved back to Genoa City after a temporary forensic accounting gig had turned into a second chance with Victoria. Kevin asked who had been under investigation, and J.T. revealed that he'd been looking at Victor for embezzlement.

Mariah was skeptical when she found Sharon and Phyllis acting chummy, and she didn't buy their story that Fenmore's wanted Sharon to cater a party. Phyllis claimed that it had been her New Year's resolution to befriend anyone who was capable of spitting in her coffee, and Sharon added that Hilary's forgiveness fiesta had worked. Phyllis pointedly stated that she and Sharon had too much in common to ignore, and Mariah stalked off.

Sharon questioned why she should trust Phyllis, and Phyllis replied that they had to trust one another because they had one common goal as the mothers of Nick's kids. Sharon contemplated what would happen if they found out Nick wasn't Christian's father, and she wondered how they would get the DNA reports by themselves. Phyllis spotted Paul and remarked that the answer just walked in the door.

On the patio, Kevin questioned why a billionaire would need to embezzle money. J.T. replied that the investigation was over, but Victor was still in Newman Tower. J.T. dismissed the investigation as boring, but he thought Kevin had been up to some wild things over the years. J.T. wondered how an ex-con had ended up on the payroll for the police department, and Kevin called it a long, twisted tale that neither of them had time for. Kevin suggested that J.T. take over Kevin's former position, but J.T. declared that he had a job. J.T. added that if he went back to police work, it would be as a detective.

Kevin inquired whether J.T. had any plans to make that happen, but Mariah interrupted and warmly greeted Kevin. J.T. spotted Paul across the coffeehouse and said he had to run. After J.T. walked away, Mariah referred to how little had been going on in her life. Kevin offered to be her wingman, since there were plenty of amazing, hot women in town. Mariah noted that she was also attracted to hot men, and Kevin saw infinite possibilities for her.

Meanwhile, Phyllis requested that Paul settle a dispute, and Paul jokingly asked if he should call for backup. Phyllis claimed that she'd seen a news clip about how DNA could verify a dead person's identity if someone had died in an extreme way. Sharon referred to how Adam had been identified after the explosion, and Phyllis inquired about how it worked. Paul explained that forensics could gather trace amounts of DNA even if there wasn't a body, and in Adam's case, they'd been able to compare what they'd already had on file to determine that the DNA had been a match. Sharon cheerfully handed Paul his order, and he departed.

Phyllis crowed that Paul had just confirmed that the police had Adam's DNA profile on record, but Sharon realized that they needed to get into the police database to access it. Sharon pointed out that Kevin was back in town, and the women hurried to the patio. Mariah reported that Kevin had left, and Phyllis asked where he had gone. Mariah blamed Hilary for Phyllis and Sharon's bizarre new friendship, and Sharon promised that she'd explain later. Mariah indicated that Kevin had gone to pick up Bella from Gloria at Jabot, and Phyllis rushed off.

J.T. arrived at the police station, and Paul griped that a progress report was long overdue. J.T. argued that Paul knew how risky it was, and Paul countered that J.T. had known that when he'd signed on. J.T. remarked that he was right where Paul wanted him -- undercover with the Newmans. J.T. asserted that as Newman's head of security, he had access to everything, but it would take time. Paul groused that he'd already been waiting for two months, and he found it hard to believe that J.T. hadn't found anything to pin on Victor.

J.T. swore that he'd tried to find out if Victor had been involved in any illegal activities. He flashed back to Paul and Christine confronting him about covering up the fact that Nikki had stolen from Victor's account. Paul and Christine had proposed that J.T. continue the investigation on an undercover basis, with only the three of them knowing about it. In the present, J.T. assured Paul that he knew what the endgame was. Paul reminded J.T. of what was at stake, since it was high time that Victor paid for his crimes.

In a flashback, Christine had instructed J.T. to prove Victor's involvement in price-fixing practices, and she had thought J.T. was in the perfect position to get a job at Newman after he'd earned the family's trust by doing a favor for Nikki. J.T. had protested that he'd been scheduled to leave town that night, but Christine had pointed out that he'd already admitted to suppressing evidence in an investigation. Paul had insisted that no one wanted to prosecute Nikki or J.T., and Christine had offered to pay top dollar. J.T. had denied doing it for the money, and he had demanded that a couple of conditions be met. Paul and J.T. shook hands, and J.T. firmly stated that when he made a deal, he stuck to it.

Paul admitted that the lack of progress had made him wonder if J.T. had flipped on him again and was covering for the Newmans. J.T. swore that he would never lift a finger to help Victor do anything, but Paul pointed out that J.T. hadn't done anything to live up to his end of the bargain. J.T. reiterated that he was working on it, but he stressed that Victoria needed to have immunity from prosecution. Paul ordered J.T. to find the evidence they needed, and J.T. would have a job there. J.T. worried about what would happen if Victor found out that J.T. was taking him down, and he asked for a little reassurance, since his relationships with Victoria and Reed could blow up overnight.

Over lunch at Top of the Tower, Cane enticed Lily with a bite from his plate. She marveled that he was still the same man who she'd fallen in love with years earlier. Victoria waited alone at a table across the restaurant, and she sent a text message to ask J.T. where he was. Victoria approached Cane and Lily and told Cane that she'd made a mistake by believing that he'd sexually harassed Juliet. Cane countered that there was nothing Victoria could do to fix it.

Lily commented that it was better to make amends late than never, and Cane apologized for making horrible mistakes. Victoria excused herself, and Lily applauded Cane for handling the situation well. Cane understood that Victoria had treated him the way most CEOs would have, but he didn't get what had possessed Hilary to be so vicious. Hilary stepped off the elevator, spotted Cane and Lily, and turned to face Victoria.

At the restaurant bar, Victoria inquired whether Hilary was a genetic sociopath or if she just lacked basic human empathy. Hilary admitted that what she'd done had been wrong, and she wasn't making excuses and didn't want sympathy. She claimed that she had been disgusted by who she'd been and what she'd done, so she'd changed. Hilary referred to the changes in her show, and Victoria figured that rebranding had a way of drumming up excitement when things got tired. Victoria considered it to be the perfect camouflage for a twisted individual who got off on others' tragedies because it made Hilary feel better about her own empty life.

Hilary maintained that she was truly sorry that her actions had ruined Victoria's company, and Victoria lectured that real cases of sexual harassment made women's lives "hell." Hilary pledged to do everything she could to make up for what she'd done, but Victoria noted that it was a shame that the one person who Hilary really owed amends to wasn't with them anymore. Victoria called Juliet a bright, beautiful young woman who'd had her whole life ahead of her, but meeting Hilary had been the worst luck Juliet had ever had. Victoria walked away, and Hilary slumped at the bar and pulled out her phone.

Cane walked Lily back to Newman, and they gave themselves credit for showing maturity and restraint. Cane thought he'd taken the high road with Victoria, but he believed that Lily had wanted to climb over the table to throttle Hilary. Lily insisted that they were moving on and healing, and she wanted to forget about Hilary. Cane pledged to keep filling Lily's days with romance and surprises, and they kissed goodbye. Cane waited at the elevator, and he smiled when he received a text message from Lily, saying it was her turn to surprise him. She suggested that they play an adult version of hooky together, and she rejoined him.

J.T. returned to Newman, where Victoria snapped that she'd already eaten an hour earlier. He said he could explain, but she ranted that she'd sat at the restaurant with no call or text message, and she'd had no idea what had happened to him. She reminded him that he'd accused her of not being present, but he'd stood her up, and she didn't have time for an explanation about why he'd been inconsiderate and rude. Victoria pulled out proof that J.T. had driven out of the Newman garage after he'd insisted that they have lunch, and he was livid that she'd had her underlings track him. He barked that the whole company knew that she didn't trust him, and he wondered if she intended to check his odometer the way Mac once had.

Victoria demanded an answer after she'd blown off a day of work to spend time with J.T., and he blasted her for considering her time to be more important than his. He spat that the lesser function he performed didn't always grant him the luxury of rearranging his schedule, and he claimed that his office was supposed to have told her that there had been a malfunction in the alarm system at a Newman warehouse across town. Victoria stammered an apology, and J.T. acknowledged that it wasn't her fault that she hadn't known, but it made him feel like crap that she'd assumed that he'd blown her off just to be rude.

J.T. thought it was clear that Victoria didn't trust him, and she begged for his forgiveness. She promised that she would never jump to a negative conclusion about him again, and she recognized that she'd really screwed up. Victoria swore that she trusted J.T., and she pledged never to let her stupid insecurities get in the way of what they had.

At Jabot, Phyllis joined Kevin on the elevator, and he asked if she was following him. She stopped the elevator and offered him a hacking gig while he was in town. After hearing Phyllis out, Kevin protested that no amount of money was worth hacking into encrypted police files. She whined that it was just one piece of information that would only take him five minutes to find, but he refused to destroy his and Bella's lives, since the penalties for cybercrime were out of control. Phyllis insisted that it wasn't about her but for an innocent person to get out of a potential disaster.

Kevin urged Phyllis to go to Paul, but she pleaded that Kevin was the only person who could help her. Kevin threatened to press the alarm if she didn't start the elevator, but Phyllis blurted out that the one person who stood to lose big was the same one who had sabotaged his wedding. Phyllis confirmed that Chelsea had reprised her old swindling routine and that it stood to mess up people's lives, and the only way to stop it was for Phyllis to get her hands on Adam's DNA report. Kevin explained that he wanted to help her, but he couldn't risk losing Bella. Phyllis begrudgingly started the elevator.

Phyllis returned to the coffeehouse and reported that she'd run into another dead end, and she cringed at the thought of standing by while Chelsea got off scot-free. Sharon suggested that they get a sample of Nick's DNA to rush to a lab, but Phyllis was concerned that Chelsea would manipulate Nick into eloping while they were waiting for the results. Kevin joined them, and Phyllis begged him to tell her that he'd changed his mind. Kevin was adamant that he wanted no part of it, but he handed over the passwords to the police database and advised that they only worked from the police station's computers.

After Kevin left, Phyllis exclaimed to Sharon that they were back on track, but they had to get access to a police station computer. Sharon declared that she volunteered at the crisis center, and she held up her hand to high-five Phyllis, who stared at her in disbelief. Sharon asked why it was so hard to believe that she volunteered for college credit, and Phyllis flatly replied that Sharon was a walking crisis herself. Sharon agreed to see what she could dig up, but she needed a small favor from Phyllis.

A harried Phyllis tended to coffee orders as she answered Hilary's call. Hilary was relieved to hear a friendly voice, and she asked Phyllis to meet her for drinks. Hilary rambled that the whole town despised her because everyone had found out that she'd held back information about Juliet lying about Cane's sexual harassment. Phyllis received a text message from Sharon, informing her that the crisis center's computers couldn't access police files. Phyllis told Hilary that she couldn't talk then, but they'd hash it out later. Phyllis hung up and handed an order to a customer. She panicked when she read another message from Sharon, saying it was time for a Hail Mary.

Sharon entered the police station and nonchalantly sat down at a computer. She jumped when the machine beeped loudly, and she typed Adam's name into a search field. Paul exited his office, and Sharon quickly turned off the screen. Sharon nervously greeted Paul and explained that the crisis center's computer had frozen up, but she needed to print out the protocol for a new volunteer. Paul warned that it was a breach of security to use the police computers, but he told her to make it quick and to call IT the next time.

Sharon returned to Crimson Lights, and Phyllis remarked that she'd never dreamed that she'd be happy to see Sharon. Sharon handed over a document and hoped it was what Phyllis had been looking for. Phyllis mentioned that she'd worked at a DNA lab in New York, so she knew the genealogical markers to look for. Phyllis examined the DNA results side by side and gasped when she realized that there was a match. Phyllis confirmed that Chelsea had been telling the truth -- Christian was Adam's son.

Sharon finds herself in the line of danger Sharon finds herself in the line of danger
Wednesday, February 21, 2018
by Nel

Nick and Chelsea were on the patio at Crimson Lights. They had been planning their wedding, and Nick confirmed that he'd reserved the church and the minister for July. Chelsea said that she really wanted to get married sooner. Nick offered to check for cancellations and possibly get an earlier wedding date. Chelsea and Nick kissed. Nick made another call and was advised that there had been a cancellation. They could get married on March 26. Chelsea appeared alarmed when two police officers entered Crimson Lights through the patio doors. She told Nick she had things to do and left him to finish up with their wedding plans.

At the counter, Sharon watched Nick and Chelsea. She pulled out her phone and looked at a picture of Christian. Mariah arrived and asked Sharon why she was looking at a photo of Christian. Sharon assured her that she wasn't dwelling on the past. Mariah wondered if Sharon had been feeling nostalgic, but Sharon denied it. Sharon claimed she'd seen a woman with a baby, and it had reminded her of Sully/Christian. Mariah stated that if things had turned out differently and Sharon still had Sully/Christian, Sharon would be raising Christian with Nick.

At her condo, Phyllis told Billy that Adam was Christian's father and that Nick had no idea. Phyllis wondered how long Chelsea had known. Billy said it didn't matter, and Chelsea might have been sworn to secrecy. Phyllis felt that it was up to her to make the best decision for Nick. Billy asked if she intended to tell Nick.

Phyllis felt that there wasn't a good solution. She asked Billy about the benefit of keeping her mouth shut. Billy stated that Nick got to keep his son. Phyllis was miffed that Chelsea had been harboring a huge secret from Nick. She wanted Chelsea in jail. She said that it would take a phone call to Paul, and Chelsea would go down.

Tessa arrived at GC Buzz, handed Hilary an envelope, and advised Hilary that Devon had said it was important. Hilary asked if Devon was in the car. Tessa advised her that he wasn't coming. Tessa said that Devon had sent her to deliver Hilary's contract. Hilary said that Devon was so disappointed in what she'd done that he couldn't stand to look at her.

Hilary looked over the contract and told Tessa she knew Devon was angry, but he'd get over it. Tessa said that wouldn't happen this time. Hilary wanted to know what Devon had told her. Tessa relayed that Devon wanted any communication from Hilary to go through Tessa. Tessa asked if there was a message. Hilary said she had nothing to relay to Devon and told Tessa to leave.

At home, J.T. suggested a do-over for Valentine's Day. He made reservations at the Top of the Tower. Victoria wanted to make it up to J.T., and she admitted she'd been wrong for dancing with Billy. She hadn't considered how J.T. would feel. J.T. walked away and sent Paul a text message stating that he hoped to have something for him soon. Paul replied, "The sooner the better."

Billy arrived at Victoria's, and J.T. realized he hadn't sent a text to Billy to arrive later. Billy reminded J.T. that he was there to pick up his kids. J.T. said that the kids were ice-skating with Reed. He thanked Billy for taking the kids. J.T. said that he and Victoria needed some time alone. Victoria arrived downstairs. J.T. asked her to tell Billy how happy they were. After J.T. went upstairs to get dressed, Victoria asked Billy what she'd walked in on.

Victoria told Billy that things had been a little tense when she and J.T. had been at the Top of the Tower, but it had been mostly her fault. She'd forgotten it was Valentine's Day, and she shouldn't have danced with Billy. Billy asked if J.T. thought Billy had been wooing Victoria away from him. Victoria knew it had been an innocent conversation between them, but she should have realized how J.T. would've perceived it.

Victoria told Billy about Devon finding a thumb drive containing a video of Hilary and Juliet, and it proved that Cane hadn't sexually harassed Juliet. Billy was floored that Hilary had known the whole time, and she'd never stepped forward with the information. He called Hilary a piece of work. Victoria stated that Hilary's advice had cost her a lot of money to pay off Juliet, and it had cost Cane his job. Victoria said that Cane wasn't innocent. He'd been guilty of lying and cheating on Lily. Billy hoped Victoria didn't feel bad about how she'd handled the situation, given the information she'd had at the time.

At the Top of the Tower, Phyllis griped that Chelsea had summoned her; she told Chelsea that it was unacceptable. Chelsea wanted to know where they stood. Phyllis advised Chelsea that she and Sharon had discovered the truth -- that Christian was Adam's son. Chelsea was floored that Phyllis had shared the information with Sharon. Chelsea advised Phyllis to keep her mouth shut about the Chelsea 2.0 scam if she cared for Nick. Phyllis said she knew it would tear Nick and his family apart if they found out.

Chelsea told Phyllis that she didn't want to use the paternity card, but she would if she was pushed. Phyllis stated that the only thing stopping her from going to the police was that she didn't want to crush Nick, so she'd keep Chelsea's dirty little secret safe. Phyllis said that Chelsea would have to worry and wonder how long Phyllis would keep Chelsea's secret. Chelsea warned Phyllis not to back her into a corner. Phyllis warned Chelsea never to summon her again. She said she'd find a way to take Chelsea down without hurting Nick in the process.

At another table, Billy told Hilary that he knew about the thumb drive. He asked why she hadn't come forward. He believed that Cane had needed to suffer the consequences of his one-night stand but not a false sexual harassment claim. Hilary claimed that she'd never been rational about Lily -- perfect Lily with the perfect adoring father, brother, husband, and children. Lily had never had to fight for anything, whereas Hilary had had to fight for everything. When she'd heard that Cane had cheated, she'd wanted Lily to be a loser for once.

Billy asked how Hilary felt after she'd seen Lily get hurt and her downfall. Hilary responded that after all the hurtful things that Lily had said and done to her, she'd believed she'd bask in Lily's sorrow and revel in the destruction of Lily's perfect marriage, but it hadn't felt good. Hilary said that Victoria, Lily, Cane, and Devon hadn't wanted to hear that Hilary had grown and had changed. Billy advised her to stop telling them. She needed to show them, and she had the perfect platform for that.

Victoria and J.T. arrived. The host advised them that there was no reservation for them. J.T. insisted he'd made a reservation through a text message, but when he checked his phone, he realized that he hadn't hit "send." Victoria wanted them to leave and have fun elsewhere.

On the patio at Crimson Lights, Tessa thanked Nick for allowing her to rent an apartment and said how good it felt to sleep in her own bed. He said she was thanking the wrong person. Tessa told him that she and Mariah had taken steps to mend their friendship. Tessa promised not to hurt anyone in Nick's family again. Tessa was taken aback when Nick told her that Noah had taken a job in Mumbai.

Nick approached the counter and asked Sharon for a refill, but Sharon appeared spaced out. Mariah explained that Sharon had been memorizing medical terms. Sharon snapped out of it. Nick asked if Mariah had had a chance to see Noah before he'd left. Mariah admitted she had and that she should have been up front with Noah about the kiss between her and Tessa.

Nick said that there was nothing worse than being lied to by someone one trusted. There wasn't any reason to keep anything from someone a person cared about. Nick told Mariah and Sharon that he and Chelsea were getting married on March 26, and he asked for Sharon's help. He said that he wanted Faith to be the flower girl, Connor would be the ring bearer, and Christian's function hadn't been determined yet. He added that he and Chelsea were going to adopt the boys and had started the paperwork. It was important to Chelsea that things move as quickly as possible.

Nick was about to leave when Sharon stopped him and said she had something very important to tell him. At that moment, Phyllis arrived and interrupted their conversation. She told Nick she had some important business to discuss with Sharon about the hotline. After Nick left, Phyllis chastised Sharon. Sharon claimed she couldn't lie to Nick again. Phyllis said that Nick had to remain in the dark and made Sharon promise not to say anything to him. Sharon promised to keep quiet.

At the Hamilton-Winters office, Tessa told Devon that Hilary didn't appear bothered that Devon was angry with her. Devon informed Tessa that Hilary was acting and advised Tessa never to trust Hilary. Tessa claimed that everyone had probably been accusing her of acting in front of Noah, but she said that her feelings for Noah hadn't been an act. Devon stated that that was because Tessa wasn't Hilary.

Later, alone in his office, Devon watched The Hilary Hour as Hilary talked about lies and deceptions. She admitted that she'd done her fair share and told of how it had led to her own unhappiness because she'd hidden the truth.

Victoria and J.T. arrived home, and both felt that it had been a fun do-over night. Victoria was about to head upstairs when J.T. reminded her that they had the house to themselves and should take advantage of it. After they made love on the sofa, J.T. remarked that a branch of Newman had caught his eye because of the large decrease in productivity, and he wanted to check it out. Victoria claimed she didn't want him going overboard to prove himself to her and Victor.

J.T. claimed that he'd broken many bad habits because of Victoria. She'd given him a job worthy of his capabilities, and unlike Mac, Victoria believed in him. She'd given him a good home and life. They declared their love for each other and made love again.

At home, Billy asked Phyllis what had gone on with Nick and Sharon. Phyllis felt that it wouldn't do Nick any good to know that Christian was Adam's son. She said that she'd convinced Sharon to keep quiet and that she didn't want to think about Chelsea for the rest of the evening. They watched The Hilary Hour segment.

At the Top of the Tower, Chelsea became a little unnerved when Nick said that Sharon had wanted to tell him something, but Phyllis had interrupted their conversation. Chelsea felt that Sharon would probably talk to Mariah. Nick felt that Sharon needed to talk to someone.

On the air at GC Buzz, Hilary told her viewers that she'd focus on an issue that was deeply personal -- the destructive nature of lies, whether it was outright deception or withholding information, and why things ended badly, causing irreparable damage. She said she'd done her fair share of deceiving people, but she wouldn't name them. She offered a public apology to those who had recently been hurt by her dishonesty and deceit.

Hilary said that in addition to the lies people told about others, the worst lies were the ones they told themselves by justifying bad behavior -- qualifying it by stating that someone had deserved it or they'd had it coming to them or dismissing something awful that had happened in the past. They'd felt it had happened years before and that it would be better off forgotten. People convinced themselves that they weren't harming anyone by burying the undiscovered offenses, but secrets never stayed buried and never failed to cause pain.

Hilary said that saying sorry would never be enough. She quoted a verse from the Bible -- "The truth shall set you free." She claimed that it had taken her a long time to recognize the wisdom in that verse. No one could love or be loved until they'd committed fully to honesty -- not only existing and pretending. Without the truth, there could never be trust, which was the foundation for happiness.

Hilary admitted that she'd been the author of her own unhappiness, having kept secrets and keeping the truth hidden. She'd felt that she'd been doing the right thing -- protecting someone rather than trusting them to hear the truth and making their own decisions on how they'd react or respond.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon closed the coffee shop and watched The Hilary Hour. Hilary's words gave Sharon pause for thought. She decided to call Nick, and as she was about to reveal the truth about Christian, someone hit her over the head with a coffeepot and knocked her out. Sharon was left unconscious on the floor.

Chelsea tries to flee after assaulting Sharon Chelsea tries to flee after assaulting Sharon
Thursday, February 22, 2018

Over the phone, Nick asked if Sharon was still there after her end of the line had gone silent. At Crimson Lights, Sharon lay unconscious on the floor, and Chelsea stood over her, brandishing a coffee pitcher. Chelsea emptied the cash register as Nikki stepped onto the patio, rebuffing Arturo's advances over the phone. Chelsea crouched behind the counter as Nikki spotted Sharon on the floor. Nikki worriedly asked if Sharon could hear her, and she called 9-1-1 for an ambulance.

The EMTs tended to Sharon as Nick arrived, and he was surprised that Nikki wasn't with his kids. Nikki explained that she'd stopped by to pick up treats, but she'd found an unconscious Sharon on the floor. Meanwhile, Chelsea returned home and retrieved suitcases from the closet. Moments later, Chelsea set her packed bags by the door and grabbed a pen and paper. She began writing a letter to Nick.

At home, Phyllis and Billy watched Hilary finish her televised apology to all the people she'd wronged. Phyllis marveled that Hilary had spun an apology into ratings gold, and Billy revealed that he'd been the inspiration behind Hilary's on-air mea culpa. Phyllis wondered if he had a secret weighing on his mind, and she encouraged him to be open and honest. He explained that he'd simply put on his producer's hat from his Restless Style days and offered suggestions.

Billy asked if he'd given Phyllis any reason to think he was keeping secrets, and she apologized for being overly sensitive because of the whole thing with Chelsea. Billy complained that Phyllis had spent too much time trying to bust Chelsea, and the night was supposed to be about them. He added that they had to keep it family-friendly because Johnny and Katie were upstairs, and he and Phyllis kissed.

At GC Buzz, a stunned Mariah demanded to know what Hilary's speech had been about. Hilary claimed that it was part of the new direction she was taking the show into, but Mariah griped that Hilary had hijacked the show by changing the theme right before they had gone on the air. Hilary spat that it was her show, and Mariah could quit if she didn't like it. Mariah noticed Hilary checking her phone, and she questioned whether Hilary was expecting a call from the person she'd been groveling to. Mariah figured that she would find out who it was eventually, since she could count on one hand how many people Hilary didn't want to piss off, and she'd have fingers left over.

Hilary confided that she'd disappointed the one person who she'd vowed never to let down, and he was furious with her because of it. Mariah asked what Hilary had done to Devon that time. Mariah was shell-shocked to learn that Hilary had kept quiet about Juliet lying about the sexual harassment case. Mariah admonished Hilary for screwing over a lot of people by keeping it to herself, and she realized that Hilary had assigned her to cover the story so that it would have been Mariah's butt on the line if the truth had been revealed. Hilary swore that she never would have let it get that far, but Mariah thought Hilary wouldn't hesitate to throw her under the bus if it meant more viewers and social media trending.

Mariah recalled that Juliet's accusations had almost ruined Cane and Lily's marriage, but Hilary asserted that Lily had deserved to know that Cane had cheated. Mariah thought it was no surprise that Devon was angry at Hilary, but Hilary imagined that it wouldn't be for long, since he always forgave her. Hilary explained that she'd issued a public apology to make everyone see how sincere she was, and she pointed out that she'd been trying to do the right thing by encouraging Cane and Lily not to give up on one another and helping to take care of Sam. Mariah answered a call from Nick and looked stricken.

At Top of the Tower, Hilary called Devon's office and provided her whereabouts to Tessa in case Devon had been trying to reach her. Hilary pushed a drink across the table to Phyllis to make up for being seen with the town pariah, but Phyllis pointed out that she would have ghosted Hilary if she'd wanted to end their friendship. Phyllis recognized that what Hilary had done had been high on the despicable spectrum, but she thought it had taken courage for Hilary to apologize. Phyllis wondered if it had resulted in the desired effect. Hilary indicated that it had made her feel better about herself, but Devon hadn't weighed in.

Phyllis reasoned that Hilary had done Devon's sister wrong, so Hilary couldn't expect him to get over it in an hour, but Phyllis believed that Devon would eventually see that Hilary was being authentic. Hilary turned the topic from her own drama to Phyllis', and she inquired about the latest with Chelsea. Phyllis groaned that she'd been close to hammering the final nail in the con artist's coffin, but she'd decided not to bury Chelsea after following up on a lead. Phyllis admitted that Sharon had been her partner in crime, even though the woman still drove her nuts. Hilary revealed that Mariah had just gotten a call about Sharon being attacked.

After Phyllis took off, Hilary glumly checked her phone, and she noticed Devon enter the restaurant. He approached and asked if she had a minute, and she asked if he'd seen that day's episode. Devon sternly noted that Hilary had made the show about herself, and she argued that it was her show. He clarified that her name was on it, but it didn't mean that she could use it as a platform for her personal problems. She contended that she'd tried to own up to something she'd done that had hurt people, and she believed that it had been relatable because everyone messed up. Devon called the move self-indulgent, and he encouraged her to check out the overwhelmingly negative online response from the viewers.

Hilary checked her phone and defended that she'd put herself out there to apologize, so she deserved credit, not a slap on the wrist. She asked whether it had meant anything else to Devon, and he coldly informed her that she was in breach of her contract and that he couldn't let it slide. She incredulously asked if he was firing her, and he told her to consider it a warning. Devon barked that he spoke for everyone when he said no one was interested in hearing her apologize. He ordered her to stop wasting her time trying to get him to forgive her, and he insisted she just do her job. He crossed the restaurant to meet Simone at the bar, and Hilary reeled as they kissed.

Nick peered into Sharon's hospital room, and Nikki asked if he'd been able to get any information. Nick reported that the doctors hoped to have a better grasp of the situation once Sharon was stable, and Nikki pulled him aside to give the medical personnel room to work. Nick imagined that Sharon had fainted or fallen while they'd been on the phone, but Nikki informed him that it hadn't been an accident, since the paramedics had been able to tell from Sharon's position and the location of the wound that she'd been hit from behind. Nick was aghast that someone had wanted to hurt Sharon.

Nick called Paul to implore him to put his best guy on the case, since all signs pointed to foul play. Nick hung up when he saw that the doctors were moving Sharon, and he asked what was going on. The doctor informed him that they were taking Sharon for a CT scan, and Nick later relayed to Nikki that the doctors wanted to rule out several things, like swelling, bleeding, or a skull fracture. Nick was concerned that the doctor had mentioned brain damage, but Nikki figured that they always gave the worst-case scenario. Nick contemplated how to tell his kids that their mother might never be the same again.

Mariah raced to the hospital and tracked down Nick, who informed her that Sharon was getting a scan. Mariah demanded answers about her mother's condition, and Nick calmly assured her that the doctors would give them an update after the scan was complete. Mariah wondered how bad Sharon's injuries were, and Nick recounted that Sharon hadn't been moving and that they hadn't been able to wake her. Mariah panicked that Sharon might never wake up again. She figured that Nick and Nikki didn't care because he was Sharon's ex, but Nick insisted that they were all concerned. Mariah whimpered that it was different for her because Sharon was her mother, and she crumpled into tears.

Nikki consoled Mariah, who regretted that she'd refused to call Sharon her mother for the longest time. Nikki pointed out that there had been extenuating circumstances, but she believed that Mariah was definitely her mother's daughter. Nikki assured Mariah that no matter what Mariah called Sharon, it was clear that Mariah loved her very much, and Sharon knew that. Nick introduced Mariah to the doctor, who reported that the scan had shown no additional signs of trauma, but she suspected that Sharon had suffered a head injury.

Nick asked why Sharon was still unconscious, and the doctor anticipated that Sharon would wake up, but she couldn't estimate when. Nikki greeted Paul, who divulged that robbery seemed like the most likely scenario, since the cash register had been open and empty, and the security cameras had been disabled. Phyllis phoned Nick and mentioned that she'd heard that Sharon had been attacked. Nick recounted that he'd been on the phone with Sharon when it had happened, and she'd been about to tell him something important, but she'd never gotten the chance.

Phyllis inquired whether the perpetrator had been identified. Nick replied that they were waiting for Sharon to wake up, but the police thought it had been a robbery. Phyllis innocently asked if his better half was there to hold his hand, but Nick reported that Chelsea was working under a deadline. After they hung up, Phyllis scoffed at the idea that it had been a robbery.

Nikki told Paul about seeing a pitcher behind Sharon, and she noted that it could have been used as a weapon. Paul planned for forensics to test it for prints and blood residue, and Nikki mused that she much preferred talking to him like that rather than being interrogated. Paul inquired whether everything was still rainbows and roses with Victor, and Nikki stated that it was exactly what she'd signed up for.

Paul asked Nick to let him know when Sharon regained consciousness so he could question her. Mariah chased after Paul and thanked him for handling the case. Mariah was touched by how many people were willing to help her mom -- even those who weren't always on Sharon's team. Paul was certain that Nikki would never wish ill will on the mother of her grandkids, and Mariah promised that the next ten cups of coffee were on her at Crimson Lights, plus pastries if Paul caught the monster who'd done it. Paul promised to do his best, and he departed.

Nikki hesitated to leave, but she worried that Victor had been alone with the boys longer than expected. Nikki assured Mariah that Sharon would be up and perfect very soon, and she told Nick that she could watch the kids anytime. Nick vowed not to leave until Sharon opened her eyes.

Mariah entered Sharon's hospital room and sat at her bedside. Mariah softly stated that the doctor had said Sharon would wake up but didn't know when, and she joked that right then would be a good time. She mentioned that Paul was on the case and that Nick and Nikki had been there, and she credited Nikki with trying to keep her from freaking out. Mariah realized that it was the first time she'd really thought about her connection with Sharon and the fact that Mariah was a part of her.

Mariah recalled that it had taken her and Sharon a long time to get to that place, and it had taken her a long time to call Sharon by anything other than her first name. She repeated Nikki's words that it didn't matter what she called Sharon because Sharon knew that Mariah loved her. Mariah admitted that she was the world's biggest skeptic, and she needed to see something to believe it, so she needed Sharon to wake up. Sharon remained motionless.

Nick grasped Sharon's hand and recognized that something had been troubling her when she'd called him. He was glad that he was still someone she could confide in, since he didn't share that kind of trust with many people. He called her a good person and a great mother, and he swore that there were a lot of people who cared about her and needed her. Nick exclaimed that Sharon had squeezed his hand, and Mariah inquired whether Sharon could hear her. Sharon reached for Mariah's hand and confirmed that she'd heard them, and she complained that her head hurt. Nick asked if Sharon remembered what had happened or who had done it to her.

Chelsea left a letter for Nick and grabbed her bags, but she jumped when there was a loud knock at the door. From the hallway, Phyllis yelled that she knew what Chelsea had done to Sharon, and Chelsea wouldn't get away with it. Phyllis taunted that Sharon would tell Nick everything when she woke up, so it was time for Chelsea to step up because it would sound better for Nick to hear it from her rather than Sharon.

Phyllis summoned the building super and claimed that she'd heard a thud when she'd been on the phone with Chelsea. Phyllis fibbed that Chelsea suffered from vertigo, and she worried that Chelsea had gotten dizzy at the top of the stairs and had fallen. The super prepared to call Nick, but Phyllis said he was out of town. Phyllis wailed that Nick had asked her to keep an eye on Chelsea, but she'd let him down. Phyllis worked up some tears and cried that she couldn't forgive herself if something had happened, and the super opened the penthouse door. Phyllis rushed in and looked around as Chelsea sneaked out another way and boarded the elevator. Chelsea loaded her luggage into her car.

Phyllis returned home as a shirtless Billy descended the stairs and declared that bath time had turned into splash time. Phyllis hissed that she wouldn't let the scheming thief get away with it on her watch, but Billy thought she'd been done with the whole Chelsea thing. Phyllis remarked that she had been -- until Chelsea had added assault to her list of crimes. Billy was stunned to find out that Sharon was in the hospital, and he wondered if there was proof that Chelsea had been behind the attack.

Phyllis replied that her gut said Chelsea had done it, and she relayed that Sharon had been about to tell Nick something big over the phone when it had happened -- like the fact that he was raising his brother's son as his own. Billy thought it was a big leap, since Phyllis didn't know for sure that Chelsea had even been at the coffeehouse. Phyllis revealed that Nick had expected Chelsea to be at work, but Phyllis had called the studio, and Chelsea had never shown up. Phyllis added that she'd gone to the penthouse to get Chelsea to admit everything, and she'd heard Chelsea drop something inside, but Chelsea had been gone by the time the super had opened the door.

Billy wondered why it was so important for Phyllis to find Chelsea, and Phyllis explained that the only way Nick would believe Chelsea was guilty was if he heard the words from Chelsea's mouth. Billy pointed out the possibility that it really had been a robbery, but Phyllis grumbled that it was what Chelsea wanted everyone to think. Phyllis sensed that the walls were closing in and that Chelsea was desperate, so there was no telling what Chelsea would do.

At the Newman ranch, Victor helped Connor and Christian build a castle with blocks, and he pointedly noted how to protect it to keep the enemy from infiltrating their empire. Victor lovingly touched Christian's head and remarked that the boy looked more like his father every day, so there was no mistaking who Christian's dad was.

Nikki returned home and observed that it looked like Victor had been having fun with his grandsons. Victor noted that the boys' minds were like sponges, and he told her that she was taking over. She insisted that she had it, and she told the kids that it was bedtime.

Later, Nikki answered the door and was surprised to find Chelsea there. Chelsea announced that she was there to get Connor and Christian.

Chelsea has a surprising change of heart Chelsea has a surprising change of heart
Friday, February 23, 2018

At the Newman ranch, Nikki reported that she'd just put the boys to bed, and she voiced surprise that Chelsea suddenly wanted to cancel their sleepover. Chelsea claimed that she had to take the kids home right away because she and Nick had plans to take them to Cascade Mountain the next day to go sledding. Nikki couldn't believe that Nick wanted to go when he was still at the hospital with Sharon, and Chelsea explained that they'd decided to go on the trip because the random attack had shown how unpredictable life could be. Chelsea pressed to get the kids going.

Chelsea bundled Connor and Christian up in their coats, and Nikki reminded her to take the boys' toys. Chelsea thanked her for rolling with the change of plans, but she noticed the look on Nikki's face and asked if there was a problem. "I don't know. Is there?" Nikki responded, and Chelsea played dumb. Nikki admitted that she wasn't sure if Chelsea was telling the truth about why she was taking the boys away that night.

Nikki found it very odd that Chelsea was taking the boys because of a trip that she'd never mentioned before, and Chelsea innocently questioned what other reason there would be. Nikki suggested that Chelsea didn't want the boys to have a good relationship with their grandfather, since Nikki knew Nick didn't want the boys to be close to Victor. Chelsea referred to the bad blood between the men, but she swore that it had simply been a last-minute change of plans.

Chelsea assured Nikki that she'd been working on Nick to get him to ease up on his father, and she thought she'd been making headway. Nikki hoped to get a rain check on the sleepover, and Chelsea told the boys to say goodbye. Nikki hugged the kids and said she'd see them soon. Chelsea led Connor and Christian to the door, but Nikki called after them about their toys. Chelsea said to save them for the next time, and she and the children headed out.

Phyllis arrived at the hospital and requested information about a patient. Meanwhile, Nick urged Sharon to stay hydrated to help her headache, and Mariah spotted Phyllis in the corridor. Mariah stepped outside and asked what Phyllis was doing there, and Phyllis replied that she'd heard about Sharon. Mariah pointed out that Phyllis could have called, but she reported that Sharon was awake and would be okay. Phyllis insisted on speaking to Sharon, but Mariah prevented her from going into the room.

Nick asked if Sharon felt up to talking, and he wondered if she could remember what had happened. She murmured that it was a blur, but she recalled that she'd decided to close Crimson Lights early because it had been slow, and the last few customers had left. She thought she'd been cleaning something, but the next thing she remembered was ending up in the hospital. She felt like more was on the tip of her tongue, but she couldn't get to it.

Nick mentioned that he and Sharon had been on the phone when the attack had occurred, and she'd said she had something important to tell him before the call had dropped. Sharon seemed confused at first about why she'd called him, but she recalled that she'd wanted to finish the conversation they'd started before Phyllis had interrupted them. Sharon took Nick's hand and mused that she was glad he was there. He helped to prop her up in bed and told her not to push herself. She insisted that it was important, but he stressed that the important thing was that she was okay.

Nick promised that Sharon would get back on her feet and that they would figure out who'd attacked her. She asked if the police knew anything, and Nick relayed that Paul thought it had been a robbery. Nick asked if anyone had threatened her or held her up, but she didn't remember anything like that. She thought that she'd heard footsteps, but that had been it. Nick swore that the cops would find out who had done it.

Sharon apologized for dozing off, and Nick joked that he'd try not to take it personally. He started to leave so she could rest, but she begged him not to go because she needed to talk to him. A nurse entered, and Nick said he'd be back before Sharon knew it. He stepped outside the room and answered a call from Chelsea, who was driving in the car with Connor and Christian. Nick asked where she was, and Chelsea lied that she was at the studio. She added that she'd wanted to check in and hear his voice, since she was running behind schedule and had to pull an all-nighter.

Nick informed Chelsea that he was at the hospital, since someone had robbed the coffeehouse and knocked Sharon over the head. Chelsea feigned concern, and Nick reported that Sharon had been unconscious and was having a hard time remembering anything. Nick hoped that Paul found the "bastard" who'd done it, and Chelsea said she was sorry it had happened. One of the boys cried out from the back seat, and Chelsea claimed that she had on the TV. Nick looked forward to making plans for their wedding once they were back home, and Chelsea paused to regain her composure. Her voice shook as she said he had no idea how much she would love that. They exchanged "I love you's" and hung up, and she continued driving.

In the corridor, Phyllis asked why Mariah was being obstinate, and Mariah complained that Phyllis was being pushy. Nick joined them and reported that Sharon didn't remember much, and Mariah stepped away to fetch some coffee. Phyllis recognized that Nick didn't want to hear what she had to say, but she insisted that he listen. She theorized that Chelsea had knocked Sharon out and was making a run for it with the boys. Nick told Phyllis to go home because she didn't belong there, and he didn't want to hear her crap.

Phyllis wondered why Nick was arguing with her when Chelsea might be running away with his son, and she barked that he had to wake up. Nick blasted Phyllis for talking trash about Chelsea, and he pointed out that Chelsea had no reason to hurt Sharon. Phyllis revealed that she and Sharon were on the same page about a lot of things, and she guessed that Chelsea had overheard Sharon and Nick talking and had decided to shut Sharon up. Nick grumbled that Phyllis sounded like a nut job with her conspiracy theories, and he would laugh if it wasn't pathetic.

Phyllis recounted that she'd gone to confront Chelsea about what she'd done to Sharon, and she'd gotten the super to let her into the penthouse, but the place had been empty. Nick was appalled that Phyllis had broken into his home, but she defended that she'd done it to protect him and his kids. He maintained that she was wrong, since the boys were with his parents, and Chelsea was working at the studio. Nick ordered Phyllis to be gone by the time he got back, and he walked off.

Phyllis called Victor and asked if Christian and Connor were with him. Phyllis informed Victor that Chelsea knew that she was about to be exposed, and Phyllis believed that Chelsea had panicked and left town. Victor put her on hold and asked Nikki to check on their grandsons. Nikki informed him that Chelsea had picked up the boys earlier. Victor looked perplexed, but he told Phyllis to stay out of his family's business.

Phyllis entered Sharon's room and declared that Sharon was the only person who could help her stop Chelsea before it was too late. Sharon was shocked when Phyllis shared her theory that Chelsea had been behind the attack. Sharon reasoned that Chelsea had conned people but had never resorted to violence, and she noted that the police thought it had been a robbery. Phyllis clarified that it was what Chelsea wanted everyone to believe, but she sensed that Chelsea had started to panic and had fled town with Connor and Christian. Phyllis figured that Chelsea would never leave Adam's son behind because she'd loved Adam more than she'd ever loved Nick.

Sharon groaned that her head was already hurting enough, since the doctors couldn't give her anything for the pain because of the risk of bleeding. Sharon inquired whether Phyllis had mentioned her concerns to Nick, and Phyllis confirmed that he'd shut her down, but it didn't mean she was wrong. Phyllis added that she'd called Victor to verify Nick's claim that the boys were at the ranch, and Sharon guessed that Victor had told Phyllis to mind her own business. Sharon pointed out that Phyllis had no proof, but Phyllis insinuated that although the police wouldn't believe her, they'd believe Sharon if she claimed that Chelsea had been her attacker.

Phyllis envisioned that the police would use their resources to find Chelsea and ensure the kids were safe with Nick. Sharon refused to lie to the police based on Phyllis' hunch when Sharon didn't even buy that Chelsea had tried to kill her to shut her up. Sharon complained that she was wiped out, and she insisted that Phyllis go. Phyllis obliged, and Nick was livid to see that Phyllis hadn't left. Mariah demanded to know why Phyllis was all over Sharon, and Nick told her about Phyllis' crazy theory that Chelsea had hit Sharon and had been stealing from her own company.

Mariah lectured that her mom needed rest, and she indicated that both Nick and Phyllis should leave. Mariah promised to let Nick know if anything changed, and Nick led Phyllis to the elevator. Phyllis asked if there was anything she could say to get him to listen, but Nick proclaimed that the witch hunt was over, and he ordered her to leave him, Chelsea, and Sharon alone. Phyllis hoped he knew that she was just looking out for him.

Mariah fussed over Sharon and told her mother to enjoy it while she could. Mariah felt bad for asking Nick to leave, but she worried that Phyllis had riled him up. Mariah praised Nick for being there the entire time and not leaving until he'd known Sharon was okay, and Sharon marveled that she didn't know what she would do without him. Mariah thought Nick still loved Sharon in his own way and that he'd do anything for Sharon and her kids.

Paul interrupted, and Mariah protested that Sharon was tired, but Sharon insisted that she was okay. Mariah stepped out to let them talk, and Sharon said she'd heard that she'd been a robbery victim. Paul informed her that cash had been taken from the register and that the cameras had been disabled, and his team didn't have a suspect yet. Paul questioned whether she had any idea who might have done it, since even a small piece of information could be incredibly valuable. Sharon told Paul that all she remembered was hearing footsteps.

Paul mentioned that there had been no sign of forced entry, and he urged Sharon to run the events of the evening through her head again. Sharon swore that she'd been trying to do that ever since she'd woken up, and Paul pointed out that the perpetrator had committed multiple felonies. He worried that everyone who lived and worked in the neighborhood was at risk, and he wanted to see justice done. Sharon assured him that she wanted to help him, but she couldn't even tell him if the person whose footsteps she'd heard was a man or a woman, since the culprit had taken her completely by surprise. She wished that she could give him more to go on, but she could only tell the truth.

In the car, Chelsea told the boys that sometimes life took them someplace unexpected, like the road trip they were on. She wished that they could stay home with Nick and act like nothing had changed, but the three of them had needed to leave, since she knew that their daddy wouldn't want the brothers to be apart.

Over the phone, Victor instructed someone to access the GPS tracker he'd had put on Chelsea's car. He obtained the location of the vehicle and prepared to leave. Nikki assumed that he was going back to the office, but he vaguely replied that there was something he had to deal with before more damage was done, and he departed.

Victor pulled his car over on the highway when he spotted Chelsea's vehicle. He opened the door of her car, and Jordan greeted him. Victor demanded to know where Chelsea was, and Jordan replied that she'd sold him the car. Victor asked again where she was, and Jordan claimed that all he knew was that she'd wanted to get out of town fast.

Chelsea told the boys that they'd had to change cars because their trip was top secret. She lamented that they'd all miss Nick and that he would miss them just as much. She expected that their departure was going to hurt him badly, and it was the last thing she'd ever meant to do. She flashed back to the many happy times that she and Nick had spent together and how the four of them had bonded as a family. Chelsea glanced back at the boys in the rearview mirror, and she reflected back on Nick being excited that Christian would call him "Dad." Tears streamed down Chelsea's cheeks as she reconsidered what she was doing.

Nikki answered the door to Phyllis, who asked if Christian and Connor were there. Nikki informed her that Chelsea had picked them up earlier, and she wondered what was wrong. A stone-faced Victor returned home.

At home, Victoria headed up to bed, but the doorbell rang. She opened the door and was stunned to see Christian there by himself. She pulled him inside out of the cold and worriedly asked if he was okay.

Nick returned home and unknowingly threw his coat over Chelsea's letter without seeing it. He nervously looked at a photo of them with their sons, and he sent her a text message to ask her to call when she could, since the place was too quiet without her and the boys.

Victoria called Nick and informed him that Christian had just shown up at her house, alone and in his pajamas. She noted that the tot seemed fine, and Nick didn't understand because his son was supposed to be at a sleepover at the ranch. Victoria reported that all Christian had told her was something about a secret trip. Nick said he was on his way, and he spotted Chelsea's letter as he picked up his coat. He numbly opened it and found her engagement ring inside.

Nick read the letter, which said that Chelsea would be long gone with Connor and Christian by the time Nick read it. Chelsea had explained that she'd had to go, but she could never leave her son behind, and she hadn't been able to bear separating the boys after they'd grown so close to one another. She had expected that Nick would hate her for taking Christian, but she had promised to look out for and love the boy as if he were her own son. Chelsea had imagined a furious Nick reading the letter and wondering how she could run off in the middle of the night, and she had admitted that she was a liar and a coward.

Chelsea had confessed that the money Nick had found hadn't been Adam's but that it had been generated by the fake website that she'd created out of fear, since her life had been ripped out from under her too many times. She had added that she'd learned that she had to protect herself because she couldn't shake her past, and she'd been taught to always have an escape plan. She had sworn that she'd been honest about the money being a safety net and that she'd thought no harm would result from it, but she couldn't have been more wrong.

Nick continued to read that Chelsea had felt everything crashing down around her, and she was more ashamed than she could possibly express. She had asserted that she'd rather live with her shame than go to prison, and she'd never expected things to spin so far out of control. She had refused to ask for Nick's forgiveness because she knew he couldn't give it, but she had insisted that what she felt for him was real -- she loved him and always would.

Chelsea made a call and told someone that she was on her way, but it would just be her and Connor.

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