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Dina confirmed that Phillip Chancellor was Jack's father. Victor's erratic behavior alarmed his family and friends. Nikki and Victoria were shocked when Newman's security footage showed a blurry image of J.T.'s face. Summer confessed to Billy that she'd blown through her entire trust fund.
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Nick insists that J.T. is heading back to Genoa City Nick insists that J.T. is heading back to Genoa City
Monday, June 25, 2018

At the poolside lounge atop the Genoa City Athletic Club, Nick and Sharon celebrated their engagement with family and friends. Sharon commended Nick for standing up to Victor after Victor claimed Nick's decision to marry ensured Christian would remain in Victor's custody. Victoria checked on Nick and said Nikki was ready to strangle Victor. Nick said he was sorry his mom had been caught in the middle of the fray, though he was glad his mom was helping watch over Christian at the ranch. Before Victoria left, she told Nick that Nikki had summoned a car to take her home. As Nick and Sharon left, Nick paused to speak to Victor. Nick said he was aware that Victor would be heading home alone. After Nick and Sharon walked away, Victor finished his drink, and his face reddened with anger.

At the Abbott mansion, Abby and Kyle chatted. Abby teased Kyle about enjoying the privacy of the pool house and the luxury of enjoying Mrs. Martinez's home-cooked breakfast. Abby asked Kyle if Jack was still determined to prove he was the son of Phillip Chancellor. Kyle nodded and acknowledged that Jack had hit a number of roadblocks. Abby offered to help, but Kyle noted that Abby had been busy with her Latin lover.

Abby insisted that she and Arturo weren't together. Abby picked up her things and said she intended to forget Arturo Rosales. When Abby opened the front door, Arturo was standing on the front porch. Abby barely stopped on her way out and warned Arturo that he was trespassing.

The day after the engagement party, Nick stopped by Crimson Lights, where Sharon was already busy. Nick excitedly announced that he'd received a call from the investigators he'd hired to find J.T. Nick announced that someone had been using J.T.'s credit card. Sharon dismissed the development and reminded Nick that a homeless man had ended up with J.T.'s phone, likely because J.T. had ditched everything that could've been traced to him. Nick said the card had been used in Montana, South Dakota, Iowa, and lastly in Galena, Illinois, on the Wisconsin border. Nick seemed certain that J.T. was making his way back to Genoa City. Nick told Sharon he was heading to Victoria's to share what he'd learned. Sharon insisted on accompanying Nick.

Arturo entered and asked about Abby. Nick pointed toward the counter, and Arturo made a beeline toward Abby. Abby told Arturo to go away. Arturo asked Abby why she'd suddenly left his apartment, but she refused to talk about it. After Abby left, Arturo sighed in frustration.

At Newman Enterprises, a determined Arturo jumped into the elevator with Abby, but she refused to interact with him. Arturo followed Abby to the office coffee bar. Arturo again asked Abby why she'd left his apartment abruptly. Abby said Arturo likely had a long list of women waiting to sleep with him. Arturo denied Abby's claim, but she called him a liar and said she'd found a bra stuffed between his couch cushions. Arturo sighed.

Abby berated herself for having given Arturo another chance after he'd slept with Nikki and danced with Summer. Abby added, "We are done." Arturo explained that the bra belonged to his sister. Arturo phoned his sister, Lola, and asked her to admit to Abby that the bra didn't belong to Arturo's lover. Abby later apologized to Arturo and kissed him on the lips.

In Victoria's office, Nick, with Sharon standing nearby, told his sister about the charges traced to J.T.'s credit card. Victoria said it wouldn't make sense for J.T. to return to Genoa City. Nick suggested J.T. was desperate and not thinking clearly. Sharon seemed nervous as Victoria insisted that someone else was likely using J.T.'s credit card because everyone was aware he was wanted for attempted murder. Sharon said that J.T. had no reason to travel to Genoa City because his children were in DC.

Nick expressed concern that J.T. might return to town to again attack Victor or even attack Victoria. Nick became frustrated and said it sounded as if Victoria was trying to protect J.T. Victor entered and said Nick wasn't welcome at Newman Enterprises. Nick replied that Victor hadn't been welcome at the engagement party, so they were even.

Nick told Victor he had news about J.T. Victor said he knew about the charges to the credit card. Nick said he believed J.T. was headed back to Genoa City. Victor said J.T. Hellstrom should return to face justice. Victoria and Sharon exchanged nervous glances. Victor suggested he and Nick put their differences aside, work together, and pool their resources for Victoria's sake.

Victoria cried that she didn't need anyone to look after her. She said J.T. had tried to do the same, and it hadn't turned out well. Sharon asked Victoria to leave the office with her to grab a cup of coffee. After the women left, Victor told Nick that the person using J.T.'s credit card might be a decoy. Victor added that J.T. wouldn't successfully outplay him.

At the office coffee bar, Victoria said Sharon hadn't needed to drag her from the office. Victoria insisted she wouldn't have said anything incriminating. Sharon asked why someone else would have risked using J.T.'s credit card. Victoria said it didn't matter because J.T. was dead. Sharon asked if Reed had mentioned anything about being in touch with J.T. Victoria explained that Reed was crushed because his dad hadn't phoned or contacted him via text message.

Victoria again insisted that J.T. was dead. Sharon replied, "What if he isn't?" Sharon said J.T.'s pulse might've been too weak to feel, and he could've later dug himself out. Victoria said she wished it was true, so they wouldn't be guilty of murder and so Reed and his siblings would still have a father. Sharon cried that if J.T. was alive, he could tell the authorities about what they'd done. After Victoria again insisted that J.T. was dead, Sharon recalled her experience with Cameron Kirsten. Sharon said he'd shown up after she'd been certain he'd been dead. Sharon added, "If it happened once, it could happen again."

After Victoria and Sharon returned to Victoria's office, Victor announced that he and Nick had decided to pool their resources to find J.T. Abby entered and asked Victoria if she'd checked her email inbox. Abby noted that the email had been forwarded to everyone in C-suite. The message stated, "Check out Pat Harvey's newscast. Newman Enterprises won't recover from this."

They all watched the newscast and learned that someone had hacked into Victor's medical records, discovering that Victor was suffering from a serious medical issue. The newscaster added that the information about Victor didn't bode well for the company. Victoria slammed the lid on her laptop. Victoria, Abby, and Nick pleaded with Victor to tell them the truth. Victor admitted that he was seeing a specialist, and he railed against the invasion into his privacy. Victor insisted that only J.T. Hellstrom could be the guilty party.

At Devon and Hilary's penthouse, Devon carried in the luggage after the couple returned from a trip. Hilary told Devon she could live anywhere as long as she was with him and their baby. Devon and Hilary relished the ease of their conversations and time spent together. Devon mentioned how Phyllis had forced him to face his true feelings about Hilary. Hilary, too, admitted that she'd denied her feelings for Devon by spewing venom and spouting off with snide remarks. Hilary and Devon vowed to be truthful with each other in the future.

Shauna went downstairs, and Hilary sent Devon out so she could have a talk with their houseguest. After Devon left, Shauna said she feared she'd scared Charlie off. Shauna said she'd admitted to Charlie that she wasn't a virgin. Shauna insisted she wasn't a slut and had made love to her boyfriend on their anniversary. Hilary said she wasn't used to talking about teenage sex, but she asked Shauna if she and her boyfriend had used protection. Shauna replied, "Of course. I'm not stupid." Shauna said she'd been honest with Charlie, but he was refusing to answer her calls or text messages. Hilary said that if Charlie was judging Shauna, then he didn't deserve her.

At the Hamilton-Winters Group, Charlie was working when Devon entered and greeted his nephew. Devon asked Charlie about his relationship with Shauna. Charlie hesitated before telling Devon that Shauna had admitted she wasn't a virgin. Devon asked Charlie if he'd discussed it with Cane. Charlie recoiled and said, "No! It's already weird enough talking to you." Devon asked if Charlie had freaked out because he hadn't yet made love to anyone. Charlie replied, "I thought we'd be each other's first." Charlie said he'd let Shauna think he wasn't a virgin. Devon encouraged Charlie to be honest because Shauna mistakenly believed he didn't want to have anything to do with her.

After Devon returned home, he and Hilary discussed Charlie and Shauna's relationship woes. Hilary was miffed because Charlie had turned away from Shauna after discovering she wasn't a virgin. Devon explained that Charlie felt apprehensive about his virginity. Hilary said she hated that Charlie and Shauna felt judged for being who they were. Devon added that social media added to the pressure. Hilary said they should help the young people change the narrative and urge them to forget the notion of living up to a concept of perfection. Hilary paused and said she and Devon sounded like parents. Hilary thanked Devon for helping her become a mother.

Lounging near the Athletic Club's pool, Jack became frustrated as he attempted to make arrangements on the phone with his attorney. Jack pulled the photo of his mother with Phillip Chancellor and Katherine from his pocket and gazed at Phillip's face. Kyle approached, and Jack said he'd been working with his attorney in hopes of having Phillip Chancellor's body exhumed. Kyle asked if Jill had declined Jack's request. Jack replied, "In very colorful language."

Jack lamented that Cane had gotten to Jill first. Kyle said he assumed Cane had informed Jill of Jack's interest in claiming the Chancellor fortune. Jack disagreed and cried, "I need to belong to something, to someone." Kyle brought up the idea of Jack running Chancellor Industries. Jack said because he wasn't an Abbott -- or even a Chancellor until a judge made a decision -- he'd run out of options. Kyle said he could think of one and invited Jack to accompany him.

Kyle brought Jack to the Abbott mansion. Kyle asked Jack what he planned to do if the judge denied his request. Jack said he'd have to wait until Chance and Phillip returned to town, so he could ask them to submit to a DNA test. Jack added that if the men turned him down, he'd break into the Chancellor grounds and dig up the body himself. Jack insisted that he sought to know who he was and wanted nothing from Jill or Cane. Kyle said Jack should approach someone else for help. Jack replied, "Who?" Dina, standing on the stairs, said, "Me."

Kyle left Jack and Dina alone to talk. Jack showed Dina the photo he'd found in the safe deposit box. Dina put on her glasses and named the people in the photo. Dina pointed to a man and said it was Jack's father. Jack asked Dina if she'd been with Phillip Chancellor the night the photo had been taken. Dina recalled that Phillip had been very handsome, just like Jack. Jack asked Dina if she'd gone to the Stardust Inn with Phillip to engage in an affair. Jack asked Dina if Phillip was his father. Dina said, "Yes, Jackie. Phillip is your father." Jack was elated.

 Victor struggles to save Newman Enterprises Victor struggles to save Newman Enterprises
Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Victor and Nikki posed for photos in a park, surrounded by flowers and vines. Victor quickly scanned the digital images before selecting one and requesting that the photographer send it to Neil Winters. After the photographer left, Victor groaned as he and Nikki took a seat on a bench. Victor noted that in several of the photos, Nikki appeared to be uneasy. Nikki blamed her depressed mood on insomnia, but Victor said he knew his wife had been concerned about the leaked news about his serious health issues. Victor assured Nikki that he was in perfect health and was certain that the public would see for themselves after the photos were published.

Nikki acknowledged that she was aware that Victor wasn't all right, and she expressed displeasure because he'd hidden his health issues from her. Nikki recalled that Victor would become upset whenever she hid her flareups. Nikki told Victor she'd suspected something was amiss when she'd observed him grimacing in pain, though he'd never said a word about what was wrong. Nikki added that after Victor's medical records had been hacked and released, she'd been concerned that he'd returned to work too soon. Victor insisted that Newman Enterprises needed his leadership. Victor added that it would be negligent for him not to be in his office when he was physically able to do be there. Nikki cried that Victor might have suffered permanent damage by putting his business before his health.

Victor said he was certain J.T. was behind the hacking. Victor told Nikki he was determined to give J.T. what he deserved once J.T. returned to Genoa City. Nikki remained focused on Victor's health concerns and said it affected her and their family, especially Victor's ability to care for Christian. Nikki questioned Victor's decision to take on the responsibility of raising a young child. Victor insisted that his reasons for seeking custody of Christian were unrelated to his medical condition. Nikki cried that Nick missed his son, but Victor said Nick still enjoyed visits with Christian. Neil sent a text message informing Victor that the press had released an exposť about his medical condition.

Nikki accompanied Victor to Victoria's office. Victor phoned Victoria and left a message stating that he had information to share about J.T. Nikki mentioned Victor's health and asked if his condition could negatively impact the business. Victor was adamant that he and his company would remain standing despite many attempts to take him down. Victor read the online article.

Nikki appeared helpless when Victor reported that his three biggest clients were ready to cut ties. Nikki exclaimed, "What? Solely based on what they read in your medical records?" Victor said some feared that because of his health issues, someone else was actually in charge of running Newman Enterprises.

Victor became despondent when he read that others had assumed Ashley and Victoria were in charge instead of phoning him to inquire. Victor called his business investors to explain. One CEO Victor engaged in a somewhat heated conversation with abruptly ended his company's relationship with Newman Enterprises. After the upsetting phone conversation ended, Victor told Nikki that the fallout would do great damage to the company.

Victor added, "This is J.T. Hellstrom sticking it to me, not realizing how much collateral damage he is causing. Thousands of employees will lose their jobs. How the hell will I turn this around now? I don't think those pictures we took are going to do the job." Nikki looked devastated. Appearing defeated, Victor said he'd try to salvage his reputation if it wasn't too late.

In Billy's office at Jabot, Kyle paced as he prepared to deliver a presentation. Summer entered, explaining that she'd left a conference early. Summer offered to stick around while Kyle presented his proposal, but Kyle declined. Billy and Phyllis arrived, and Summer invited herself to stay. Kyle wasn't pleased.

Kyle pitched an idea to collaborate with fashion designers, so Jabot could get a head start on creating seasonal makeup colors to complement clothing from upcoming lines. Phyllis noted that fashion houses were secretive and would have no incentive to collaborate. Billy added that Jabot didn't have a working relationship with outside designers. Kyle grew apprehensive and seemed shaken.

Summer piped up and suggested going through Fenmore's to contact fashion houses. Kyle attempted to jump back into the discussion, but Summer again interrupted and touted a second grand plan. Phyllis and Billy were impressed with Summer's innovative idea to provide interactive kiosks, which would allow shoppers on the clothing floor to check out cosmetics located on a different floor. Billy approved the plan and praised Kyle and Summer for their teamwork. Summer smiled, but Kyle appeared downcast.

After Kyle and Summer left, Billy surprised Phyllis when he showed her a photo of a luxury yacht he'd purchased using company funds. Phyllis was taken aback and seemed critical of his rash decision. Billy said he was aware people would scoff that he was wasting money on extravagant toys. Billy assured Phyllis that it was the perfect party yacht for promoting Jabot. Billy seemed proud when he announced that he'd named the yacht Jaboat. Phyllis glared at Billy in disbelief before walking out without closing the door behind her.

Billy returned home and thought Phyllis wasn't there. Billy left a message saying he didn't know why she'd left abruptly. Billy admitted that buying the yacht was an expensive investment. Billy explained that he believed the boat would benefit public relations and impress clients. Billy added that he wanted Jabot to be equated with fun, glamour, and romance. After Billy left his message, Phyllis appeared at the top of the stairs, dressed in black hose fastened by a garter, a white captain's blazer and hat, and a come-hither smile.

Phyllis greeted Billy with a passionate kiss. Billy, relieved, was enchanted with Phyllis' sexy attire. Phyllis showed Billy a deck of cards and invited him upstairs to play strip poker. Lying in bed, Phyllis lost a hand of poker and removed her blazer and camisole. Phyllis accused Billy of cheating because he'd won every hand. Billy drew another winning hand, but he pronounced Phyllis the winner and stripped off his tie and shirt. After the couple made love, Billy thanked Phyllis for supporting his decision to buy the yacht. Phyllis said she would always have his back. Billy kissed Phyllis, and as he snuggled closer, his winning hand of cards slid across the sheets in their bed.

After Kyle and Summer stepped out of the office, Kyle berated Summer for hijacking his pitch. Summer explained that Kyle had failed to anticipate his superior's concerns about implementing his ideas. Kyle glared at Summer and said he had no obligation to run his ideas by her. Summer explained that CEOs were hesitant to embrace bold ideas from maverick thinkers. Summer added, "Let's just face the facts. I saved your butt in there."

Later, Kyle praised Summer's ideas and admitted that he'd attempted to shut her out because he didn't want to share the spotlight. Kyle said he'd yearned to build on the success of the stunt he'd pulled to promote Birthday Suit sunscreen. Kyle admitted he'd been impressed with Summer's presentation, delivered without effort. Summer seemed smug about her success. Kyle sighed.

Summer congratulated Kyle for selling his idea and said he shouldn't care how it happened. Kyle, frustrated, cried, "Unlike you, I take my job seriously. It's bad enough knowing I have no shot at CEO, but I'd like to think I'm not in some total dead-end gig." Summer, noting that Kyle needed to decompress, invited him to join her at the rooftop pool at the Athletic Club. Kyle said it was closed, but Summer embraced an opportunity to have the pool to themselves and break all the rules.

At the Hamilton-Winters Group, Mariah frantically searched inside her tote bag for her missing journal. Seconds later, Tessa entered carrying the journal. Mariah jumped out of her chair, snatched the journal, and said, "Have you been reading my journal again?" Tessa said she'd found it on the floor just outside the doorway. Mariah apologized for acting like a jerk. Tessa said she understood. Mariah broke the tension by inviting Tessa to share a bite to eat downstairs.

As Tessa and Mariah ate, Mariah complained about dealing with Hilary's pregnancy. Tessa encouraged Mariah to record her experiences in her journal. Tessa was interrupted by a text message appearing on her phone screen as "XZ." Tessa said she'd reply later because the message wasn't important. Mariah was excited about showing Tessa the notes for her next project. Mariah panicked when she realized they were missing. Mariah remembered she'd left her notes at the rooftop bar and would have to wait until the pool and bar reopened. Tessa dangled a set of keys and said there were perks to being Devon's assistant.

Kyle and Summer slipped past a sign stating that the rooftop pool was closed. Kyle said he didn't have a swimsuit. Summer began disrobing and said they didn't need swimsuits. Summer removed her bra and said, "Nothing you haven't seen before." Summer added that Kyle hadn't been shy when he'd stripped down and appeared on Hilary's show. Kyle said it was different because he and Summer were alone. Summer promised she wouldn't "go mad with desire and have her way" with Kyle.

After a brief swim, Summer and Kyle exited the pool and began drying themselves with beach towels. Summer suggested that Kyle should engage in stimulating activities instead of being uptight all the time. Kyle joked that Summer might next talk him into stealing a car. Summer rolled her eyes in jest. Kyle said he knew Summer's bad-girl persona was just an act. Summer dropped her towel and said she lived in the moment. Kyle dropped his towel, too. Kyle and Summer moved closer to each other.

Mariah and Tessa entered the rooftop pool area and turned on the lights. Mariah exclaimed, "Oh, my God!" Summer challenged Mariah and Tessa to strip down and jump in the pool. Kyle said, "Summer, knock it off." Tessa replied, "No one's around. What's the harm?" Mariah noted that Summer was messing with them to get a reaction. Tessa said it was just a swim, and she pointed out that they were all adults. Mariah replied, "Then let's act that way."

Summer noted that Tessa and Mariah were bickering like an old married couple. Kyle said, "Well, actually, they." Kyle abruptly ended his statement, but Summer picked up on the meaning and said it made a lot of sense. Summer teased that maybe she and Mariah could "hook up." Mariah said Summer wasn't her type because she preferred people fully equipped with a brain.

Mariah grabbed her things and left. Tessa accompanied Mariah. Kyle apologized to Summer for the way he'd behaved after the presentation. Summer asked Kyle if they were friends again. Kyle replied, "We're not enemies."

Jack and Cane fight over Chancellor Jack and Cane fight over Chancellor
Wednesday, June 27, 2018

At the Abbotts', Ashley showed Abby the article about Victor downplaying the claim about his illness. When Abby said that was a good thing, Ashley argued that everyone would see through it and that Newman Enterprises was in an extremely dangerous position. Ashley said that she needed answers, and she wanted to speak to Victoria. Abby asked why Ashley would talk to Victoria rather than Victor. Ashley claimed that Victor would give her the same puff information he'd given to the media.

Jack arrived and announced to Abby and Ashley that he was about to get closure about his paternity issue. He advised that he'd petitioned the court to have Phillip Chancellor's body exhumed. He said that Dina had confirmed that Phillip Chancellor was his father. Ashley said that it was perverse to disturb a grave. Jack said it was his only option. Jack went upstairs to visit with Dina. Alone with Abby, Ashley said she was extremely skeptical about Dina's claim, but she had her own train wreck to handle

A short time later, Jack returned, visibly angry. He told Abby and Ashley that Jill was fighting him, and the judge had denied his request to exhume Phillip's remains. Jack swore he'd fight tooth and nail against Jill.

At Hamilton-Winters, Hilary and Devon discussed business. Shauna asked about Charlie. She said she didn't want Charlie to feel weird about going to work. After Shauna stepped out, Hilary told Devon that she'd spoken with Shauna, and Hilary admitted that she'd said Shauna was too good for Charlie. Lily and Charlie arrived.

Hilary approached Lily. She told Lily to savor the moment because she wanted Lily's help. Lily wanted to know what mess Hilary had created. Hilary wanted Lily's help with Charlie and Shauna's relationship. Lily didn't want to get involved in teen romance. Lily said that a feral cat knew more about relationships than Hilary did. When Shauna returned, Charlie left. Lily told Hilary that she understood why Charlie had been moping around the house. Lily agreed to help Hilary.

Ashley entered Victoria's office and said that Newman was in danger of losing clients. Victoria was very nonchalant and stated that clients "come and go," and the situation had been handled. Ashley claimed that she felt she'd been the one handled. Victoria advised Ashley that if she wanted to jump ship, then she should do it immediately. Ashley told Victoria that she'd do whatever was necessary to protect the company, but she couldn't do it without the facts.

Ashley informed Victoria that she'd heard rumors that Newman was in danger of losing some very large clients. Victoria asked where Ashley had heard that information, because it was important if Ashley knew something -- and that she wasn't bluffing. Ashley demanded to know which clients they were losing and who had threatened to walk. Ashley was certain it was J.T., and she told Victoria that the priority was to cut off the leak. Victoria snapped that it wasn't J.T. Ashley asked why Victoria was so sure it wasn't J.T. Ashley said they needed to work together, and if Victoria knew something, she needed to share it with Ashley.

Ashley told Victoria that what Victor had done wouldn't solve the issue, but if she and Victoria joined forces, they could save the company. Victoria didn't answer, and Ashley was about to leave when Victoria agreed to work with Ashley. However, Victoria was adamant that they wouldn't chase false leads. She insisted that J.T. wasn't behind the problem.

Hilary, Devon, and Shauna were in the dining room at the Athletic Club when the Ashby family arrived. Cane and Lily feigned surprise at bumping into Devon, Hilary, and Shauna. Devon invited the Ashbys to join them. While looking at the menu, Hilary commented on the things she couldn't eat because of her pregnancy. Lily snarled at Hilary for constantly mentioning her pregnancy. Devon jumped to Hilary's defense and said that he and Hilary were committed to each other, and he adored the child Hilary carried. He hoped that they all felt the same way and asked them to be the loving family he knew them to be.

Hilary said that family was important to Devon. Lily said it was to her, as well. Hilary said she knew how Lily felt about her. Hilary said that after her mother had died, no one had mattered to her until that moment when she sat at the table with all of them. She wanted her baby to feel that kind of love, and everyone agreed.

At that moment, Cane saw that Jack had arrived. Devon asked if Jack would be able to have Phillip Chancellor's remains exhumed for a DNA test. Cane said that Jack had all sorts of rationalizations. Devon was happy that Jill had hired a lawyer to fight Jack because it wasn't okay.

At the bar, Abby and Arturo discussed his sister over a drink. Arturo said that he hoped Abby would go to his place again soon. Abby told Arturo that she hadn't always dated rich men. Arturo said that they had a lot to learn about each other, and Abby agreed. Abby saw the Winters/Ashby family and introduced Arturo to them. They had a brief conversation and left.

Jack arrived and approached Cane's table. Cane immediately stood and told Jack that it was family time, and since the situation had been handled, the subject was closed. Jack claimed that had only been round one. He was suing Jill, and when he was done, he'd get a very different court ruling. He asked how Cane liked the sound of "Jack Abbott Chancellor."

Cane asked if Jack's family knew about his obsession to find his father. He said that all Jack had was a photograph and a lie. He advised Jack to take it from someone who'd tried to con his way into the Chancellor family -- it didn't work. Jack retorted that despite that, Cane was running Chancellor Industries and benefiting from another family's legacy.

Jack asked if Devon was aware that John Abbot and Katherine had had a special moment in time. He said they were practically family already. Hilary chimed in and said it was reasonable that Jack needed to know who his father was, and he only needed proof. Devon interjected that there was nothing reasonable about Jack wanting to dig up the remains of his grandmother's late husband. Hilary suggested that there had to be another way. Jack said there was no need because his way would work just fine.

Cane said that Jack didn't have enough proof, and a judge had ruled against him. He added that what Jack wanted was outrageous. Jack reminded Cane that it had all happened decades before Cane had been born and before he'd met Katherine. Cane said that Jack had a family called the Abbotts and a company called Jabot. Cane wanted to know what Jack was attempting to get from his actions. Jack claimed that Cane was worried about his own tenuous position -- not Jack. Jack knew Cane understood because Cane had stolen a name, and he'd been handed a company.

Lily jumped to Cane's defense and said that Cane had earned Katherine and Jill's love and trust. He'd proven he was the right man for the job. Jack didn't doubt that. He stated that Katherine had also cared about family. Cane accused Jack of wanting a title and a corner office.

Devon said he appreciated that Jack wanted to know who his biological father was because he'd been in that position. Jack agreed and said that Devon had discovered that Tucker McCall was his father. It was through Tucker that Devon had had a connection to Katherine. Jack said that Phillip Chancellor was his connection to all of them, and he was certain that Katherine would have embraced him every bit as much as she'd embraced Devon.

Cane said that Jack had no connection to Katherine and that Katherine's first husband had given her the company. Katherine had changed the name to Chancellor. He said Jack was only angling for position. Jack said that was a lot of indignation from a self-confessed fraud. Jack asked if Cane felt so threatened about facing a real Chancellor that he'd stand in the way of Jack finding proof.

Jack said that the exhumation meant nothing to Cane, and it wasn't any of Cane's concern. Cane said that Jack had no right, but Jack shouted that it was about his family and his life. Abby, Arturo, and Ashley approached, and Ashley and Devon held Jack back from attacking Cane. Ashley led Jack away from Cane. Abby and Arturo left.

Angry, Cane told Lily that Jack already had a family. Hilary said that Jack was only trying to find his father. Cane stated that Jack's father was John Abbott and that Jack was only attempting to trade up. Devon told Cane that they needed to tell Jill that Jack planned to sue her. Cane and Devon left. Lily and Hilary noticed that Charlie and Shauna were missing, and they assumed that the kids had found a middle ground.

A short time later, Lily and Cane returned to their table and asked Mattie where Charlie was. Mattie told her that he was at Crimson Lights with Shauna, right where Lily had hoped he'd be. Mattie was about to leave but stopped and commented that Jack had been very angry. Cane said he was sorry she'd seen that. Mattie asked if Jack would make trouble for Cane. Cane assured her that it wouldn't happen and encouraged her not to worry about it.

After Mattie left, Lily said she'd heard what Jack had said and asked Cane to be honest. She wanted to know if Jack was a threat to the company. Cane promised to protect Chancellor Industries with every fiber of his being. As they were about to leave, Cane told Lily that anything he was or fought for was because of her. With her by his side, he couldn't lose. They kissed.

At the bar, Jack warned Ashley not to look at him that way and not to speak to him as if he was out of control. Ashley reminded him that he'd built his hopes on Dina's word and a photo. Jack spouted that it was all he had, and if he lost that, he had nothing. Ashley said that wasn't true because he still had everything he'd had before finding out about John.

Jack told Ashley it was only a setback. He said he'd drag Jill's "sorry ass" through the court, and Jill's stand-in, attorney, and the stepson with an over-inflated ego would not be able to stop him. He was going to sue for access to the grounds and Phillip Chancellor's DNA. Ashley said he wouldn't only be taking on Jill, but he'd be taking on everyone who held Katherine's memory very dear, like Jill, the Ashbys, and Hamilton-Winters. Ashley asked why Jack thought the court would rule in his favor. Jack said because it wouldn't be just him -- Dina was his star witness.

Aghast, Ashley said that Jack wasn't thinking straight. Jack claimed that the judge needed proof, and Dina would give it to him. Ashley said that Jack couldn't do that to Dina, but he countered that Dina would get to tell her story because she loved to do that. She'd have an entire audience in rapt attention and they'd hang on her every word. He said that Dina would do it for him because she knew how much it meant to him. Dina had been very happy when she finally remembered who his father was. It would provide closure for all of them.

Ashley said that Jack had created a fantasy to make himself look better. She said Dina was too fragile to cope with the situation; Dina had more bad days than good, and Jack knew it. Ashley reminded Jack that Dina had barely made it through her last court appearance, and she'd been in better shape back then. Jack said he'd take his chances. Ashley said it was about Dina's chances and not Jack's. She asked what Jack would do if, in court, Dina freaked out in front of strangers and didn't know why she was there.

Ashley said that if Jack couldn't see how despicable that was, then he was no better than Graham, who'd tried to use an old woman to get his own way. Ashley told Jack to forget about being a real Abbott because he'd prove to the world that he wasn't a real human being. Ashley walked away in anger. As Ashley headed toward the door, she received a call from Neil.

At Crimson Lights, Charlie admitted to Shauna that he'd wanted to call her as soon he'd walked out. He admitted it had been stupid on his part to run out on her. He assured her that he hadn't been judging her. Shauna said she'd seen the look on his face. Charlie said it hadn't been because of what she'd done; it was because of what he hadn't. He said he wasn't mad at her and that her business was her own.

Shauna said that sex was a big deal, but she wasn't ready for her and Charlie to take that step, since they'd only recently started hanging out, and she wanted to keep doing that if Charlie did. Charlie asked if they were officially a "thing," and Shauna said they were. After posting a picture of themselves as a couple on social media, they shared a kiss.

Devon and Hilary were at the Dive Bar. Hilary advised Devon that all was well between Shauna and Charlie, and she thanked Devon for standing up for her. Devon assured her they were in it together. Hilary questioned whether they were really there yet. Devon told her he loved her. Hilary was overjoyed and tearfully said she loved him, too. They kissed.

Abby and Arturo arrived at the Abbott mansion. Abby commented on how well he'd handled the weird evening at the Athletic Club, and she added that it wasn't weird as far as her life was concerned. Arturo said he wouldn't be scared off. Abby claimed that he'd never be bored when she was around and quickly added that she wasn't assuming he'd be around long. Arturo asked if that was because Abby didn't want him around. Abby said obviously she didn't feel that way. Arturo said they needed to be honest, otherwise the deal was off. Abby said she was good with that, and they shared a few kisses before Abby closed the door. They parted, smiling.

Ashley walked into Victoria's office without knocking. Victoria snapped that just because they were working together, it didn't mean that Ashley could barge into her office. Ashley said she'd received some information, and it was hush-hush. To prove her source was reliable, she wanted Victoria to know that she'd received the information from Neil.

Ashley told Victoria that J.T.'s credit card had been used at a motel outside Genoa City and that he'd checked out earlier that day. Victoria claimed that just because someone had used J.T.'s card, it didn't mean it was J.T. She said that J.T. wouldn't leave a trail. Whoever was trying to torture them had taken J.T.'s information and was exploiting the fact that he was missing. Ashley said there had been eyewitnesses, and they'd seen the man, who matched J.T.'s description. Ashley said that J.T. had become cocky and unhinged. She told Victoria to brace herself because he could walk through her door at any time.

Victor's odd behavior causes concern Victor's odd behavior causes concern
Thursday, June 28, 2018

Kyle stopped Summer at the Jabot elevator, and she asserted that it was quitting time. He pointed out that there were still 30 minutes left in the workday, and he requested that she take a look at the portfolios of some of the designers he'd approached about the project they'd pitched to Billy. Summer declined, but she suggested that he meet her at the Athletic Club if he wanted to join her for a party that evening. He passed, and she asked if he had something better lined up. He stepped aside to take a call from another designer, and she left.

In Billy's office, Cane met with Billy about Jack wanting to have Phillip's body exhumed to perform a DNA test. Billy surmised that Cane wanted him to talk Jack out of it, and Cane pressed Billy to do it for Jill's sake. Billy contemplated what would happen to Cane's position at Chancellor if Jack turned out to be Phillip's son, and he said he was pulling for Jack. Cane argued that it would put Jill through emotional turmoil for Jack to satisfy his morbid curiosity, but Billy blasted Cane for trying to put him in the middle because Cane was scared that Jack would stake claim to the job Cane shouldn't have had in the first place. Cane wondered why Billy had bothered to take the meeting, and Billy taunted that the thought of seeing him grovel had been too good to resist.

At Hamilton-Winters, Lily thanked Neil for helping her with a project when he was busy with Victor's press crisis. Neil swore that he always had time for her, and she gushed that he was amazing. Victor interrupted, and Lily excused herself. Victor informed Neil that he'd spent the last two hours convincing a CEO not to cancel his company's contracts with Newman Enterprises, and it had been his fourth meeting like that in the past two days. Victor complained about having to constantly reassure his business partners of his good health, and he insisted that Neil put him on television that night.

Later, Cane found Lily at work, and she realized that she'd completely lost track of time. She asked if everything was okay, and she sensed that Jack had gotten to him. Cane contended that Jack had no legal leg to stand on, so Jack needed to be worried about him. Cane invited Lily to have a drink downstairs, but she had a better idea, and she took his hand and led him out.

Lily and Cane sipped wine in their backyard and looked up at the stars. He marveled that it was just what he'd needed, and she called it their own little corner of the universe. He thanked her for getting to that moment after he'd given her plenty of reasons not to. She mused that he'd never given up on them, and he responded that he never would. He recognized that there were many things out there beyond their comprehension, but what they had was simple and clear. They kissed.

Cane asked what Lily saw when she looked up in the sky. He compared the stars to clouds in that people could look at them and imagine what they were, and he saw himself and Lily in them. He pointed to two stars next to brighter ones, but the two reflected one another's light so that they were stronger together. He added that it had been just what he'd needed that night after all the stress he'd dealt with, and she assured him that they would always be stronger together when things got tough. They exchanged declarations of love and kissed. Mattie peeked out and joked that she'd tell them to get a room, but they were in their own backyard. She asked if they were done being mushy. "Not even close," Cane replied, and he pulled Lily into another kiss.

Victoria stopped by Phyllis' apartment to pass along the news that eyewitnesses had allegedly spotted J.T. Phyllis insisted that it was impossible, and she chalked it up to a look-alike or someone trying to spook Victor. Victoria questioned how it explained the charges on J.T.'s credit card, but Phyllis reasoned that the investigators were trying to impress Victor by turning what the witnesses had said into what the investigators needed it to be. Victoria conceded that it was possible, but she was worried that Victor wouldn't stop looking because he was convinced that J.T. had been behind the leak. Phyllis asserted that J.T. was gone, so he wouldn't hurt Victoria or anyone else ever again.

Victoria received a text message and prepared to leave, since her dad was about to go on live television to confront the rumors about his health. Phyllis pointed out that at least he wouldn't be chasing J.T. for a little while, but Victoria fretted that Victor was making himself a target. Phyllis reiterated that J.T. wouldn't be going after anyone again, and she brightly pointed out that if everyone was focused on finding J.T., no one would suspect what had really happened to him.

Summer walked in and was surprised to see the women together, and Victoria invited Summer to catch up over coffee sometime. Summer referred to the stuff she'd heard about J.T., and she was glad Victoria had put it all behind her. After Victoria departed, Summer wondered when Phyllis and Victoria had become best friends. Phyllis downplayed it as simply getting together once in a while, but Summer found it weird that her mother would hang out with someone as predictable and boring as Victoria. Summer noted that perhaps Phyllis was more like Victoria than Summer had thought.

Later, Phyllis poured a glass of wine as Summer descended the stairs in a slinky dress. Phyllis hoped that Summer would stick around for dinner, but Summer suggested another time. Phyllis objected to how little there was of Summer's dress, but Summer insisted that it was perfect for where she was going. Phyllis guessed that she wouldn't want to know where that was, and Summer thought her mother sounded jealous that she was going to a party while Phyllis was drinking alone at home. Summer swore that she hadn't meant to make it sound pathetic, and she headed out.

Summer spotted Kyle at the Athletic Club bar and assumed he'd changed his mind about the party. He countered that he was there to meet his date, but she teased that he didn't have to pretend that he was with someone. She asked where his imaginary friend was, and Kyle pointed to a woman at a table across the room. Kyle reported that they'd been a match online, and he credited Summer for inspiring him to take action after she'd given him grief about not having a social life. He told her to have fun at the party, and she looked on wistfully as he presented his date with a drink.

Summer knocked on the door of a hotel suite and provided a password to the woman who answered. Summer found a poker game about to start, and she said to deal her in. "Get ready to lose, boys," she confidently crowed.

Billy returned home and found candles lighting the way to the terrace, where he found Phyllis lounging in lingerie. He remarked that it hadn't been on his calendar, and she purred that she'd been going for something spontaneous. "Combustion?" he inquired, adding that he was up for anything, but there was only one problem. She cited too many clothes, but he pointed out that they had a lot of neighbors. She stressed that she was out there to do something daring, and she pulled off his shirt. She cooed that an ordinary night at home was no fun, and she desired something "not boring." He assured her that things were never boring with her, and she asked about the neighbors. "Let's give 'em a show!" he exclaimed.

After having sex with Billy, Phyllis wondered if "Bathrobe Betty" from across the way had gotten footage of them. Billy imagined the gossip, and Phyllis boasted that no one would say they were boring. Billy prepared to get a beer, and Phyllis requested some wine. He stepped inside and saw multiple missed calls and text messages from Summer on his phone, desperately asking him for help at a room number at the club. He wrote back to ask if she was hurt, and she replied that she wasn't, but she asked him not to say anything to her mom. Phyllis called out to ask what was taking so long, and Billy made up an excuse about needing to leave to handle a work emergency.

Billy arrived at the hotel suite, and Summer wailed that she was in big trouble. She explained that she'd been on a winning streak until she'd started losing, and she'd thought she'd win it back if she kept playing. Billy surmised that she'd kept digging herself deeper into a hole, and she whined that she couldn't leave until she settled up, but she'd used all her cash to buy in. Billy grumbled about the position she was putting him in with Phyllis, and Summer begged him not to tell her mom.

Billy imagined that Summer owed a hundred or two, but she reluctantly confessed that she owed $10,000. A stunned Billy stressed that she'd lost it, and he couldn't just get that much from an ATM. He checked his wallet and found $700, and she insinuated that he could win the money back. He protested, but she begged him to help her. He sat down at the table and asked to be dealt in.

Later, Billy showed his hand and collected his winnings as Summer smirked. The game broke up, and Billy noted that it was enough to cover Summer and cash out the rest. The dealer said she would see him next time, but Billy told her not to count on it. Summer hurled herself into his arms and thanked him, but he flatly told her never to ask him to do that again.

Summer insisted that it had been the last time, and she pleaded with Billy not to tell her mom. He grumbled that he didn't have a death wish, but he suddenly realized that she hadn't needed cash to settle up. Billy demanded to know what game she was playing, and she promised that she wasn't messing with him. She admitted that she'd blown through her entire trust fund and that she was "in debt up to [her] ass."

On the Athletic Club rooftop, Hilary and Mariah prepared to host GC Buzz's first live nighttime episode. Neil joined them and announced that they'd be scrapping the whole show, since he'd lined up an exclusive interview for that night's episode. Hilary protested that they'd been prepping the show for a week, but Neil remarked that they never knew when things would change on live television. Hilary griped that he couldn't toss out their hard work for a mystery guest, and Neil divulged that the interview would be with Victor.

Neil instructed the ladies to put together some key points to talk about, and Mariah dryly suggested that they ask Victor about stealing Christian from Nick. Neil mentioned that Victor wanted to address the rumors about his health, and it wasn't a request but a directive from the head of Hamilton-Winters. Hilary snapped that it didn't give Neil the right to shamelessly plug his clients, but Neil advised her to check her contract. Hilary proposed that they tape an interview for the following week, but Neil flatly stated that it would be done live -- unless Hilary wanted Mariah to host the show solo. Hilary seethed.

Hilary presented Victor with a list of questions she'd be asking during the interview, and Mariah announced that they'd go live in an hour. Victoria interrupted and insisted on talking to Victor. Victoria voiced concern that Victor was going through with an interview when J.T. had just been spotted outside Genoa City. Victor asserted that he could look out for himself, and he called over Dwayne, the bodyguard who had arrived with Victoria. Victor swore that he didn't need any protection, and he instructed Dwayne to keep an eye on Victoria.

Dwayne cautioned that Victor had been vulnerable before, and Victor would be even more of a target if J.T. saw him on television. Victor refused to shy away from anyone, and he proclaimed that he wanted J.T. to face him instead of hiding like a coward. Hilary cattily asked if Victoria and Dwayne would be on the show, too. Victoria retorted that she would never make an appearance on the show again, and she warned Hilary not to mention her relationship with J.T.

Neil pulled Victor aside, and Victoria apologized to Mariah for Victor barging onto the show. Victoria observed that the deck wasn't closed to the public, and Mariah commented that it was unpredictable but fun, since they never knew who would pop up in the background. Victoria anxiously looked around.

Hilary opened her show by introducing Victor, and she asked him to remind her viewers of the trauma he'd faced. He recounted that he'd been assaulted in his own home, and he'd gotten the better of his assailant for a while before he'd been pushed down the stairs, suffering serious injuries. Victor confirmed that he'd almost died, but he'd fortunately been in very good health before the incident, and he praised the medical personnel who had nursed him back to health. Mariah pointedly inquired whether his entire family had been there to support him, and Victor replied that it went without saying.

Hilary pressed for details about Victor's recovery, and Victor announced that he'd fully recovered in rehab. Hilary addressed the rumors, and Victor growled that someone had hacked into his private medical records and misused the information to create a bad narrative about the state of his health, but he was back 100 percent. Mariah questioned whether there had been any infighting about who was running his company. Victor insisted that he'd always run his company, but he suddenly struggled for words. He lifted a glass of water to his lips with a trembling hand, but he dropped the glass.

Hilary cut to a commercial and apologized for the glass being slippery. Meanwhile, Victoria asked what had just happened, and Neil crossed the rooftop to find out. Dwayne reported that there had been no sign of J.T., and Victoria told him to keep his eyes open. Victoria jumped when a man touched her shoulder, but she was relieved to see Kyle.

Victor fidgeted as Mariah fetched him more water. Neil and Victoria watched Victor carefully as Hilary resumed the interview. Hilary requested that Victor walk the viewers through his day-to-day life since the accident, and he declared that after he'd been released, he'd gone straight back to work as CEO of Newman Enterprises. He invited the audience to ask his employees if they didn't take his word for it. He rambled that they could also ask the guys who ran other companies that he'd done business with, but he had problems finding the words.

Hilary prompted Victor to go on, but he said he really didn't want to talk about his health because he was a proud man. Victor abruptly turned the topic to J.T., and he yelled that J.T. had been responsible for all of it. Victor stared into the camera and bellowed that he knew that J.T. was watching, and he called J.T. a coward for almost putting a fist in Victoria's face. Victor taunted that J.T. had failed to kill him, and he dared J.T. to show his face before Victor hunted him down like a rabid dog. Victor demanded that J.T. face him in a dark alley with no stairs to push him down, and he growled that J.T. had taken on the wrong man. "I will get you," Victor hissed as Neil and Victoria exchanged concerned looks.

Victor asked the audience to be on the lookout for J.T., who was a dangerous man who needed to be caught. He offered to bump up the reward for information to $100,000, and he vowed not to rest until J.T. was stopped. Victor apologized for getting a little angry, and Hilary steered the topic back to Newman Enterprises. She pressed him to talk about his future plans for the company, but he grappled to respond and only managed a vague statement about doing great business that year.

Hilary went to another commercial break, and Victoria rushed over and inquired whether her father was okay. Victor dismissed her concerns and insisted that there was something else he wanted to talk about after the break. Neil gently suggested that they end the interview, but Victor barked that he was fine.

Newman's security video shows a familiar face Newman's security video shows a familiar face
Friday, June 29, 2018

At Crimson Lights, Victor showed Nikki his steady nerves and strong grip on his coffee cup. She clucked that he couldn't blame her for being concerned after he'd lost focus and broken a glass on the air, and he defended that talking about J.T. had gotten him upset. Nikki pointed out that Victor had done hundreds of interviews, but the latest one had been different. He assured her that his health was under control, as was his company. He received a text message and groused that J.T. had struck again, since there was a supposed scoop about sexism in Newman's salary structure.

Nikki protested that Victor's company had been a leader in promoting equal pay for women. Victor noted that the public didn't know that, so there had already been a walkout at one of his subsidiaries. Victor was certain that J.T. had cultivated the false story, and he envisioned choking the smugness out of J.T.'s face. Nikki warned that whoever was trying to undermine Victor wanted him to react, and Victor recognized that he needed to detach. Nikki encouraged him to be more objective about who might be behind it, since he had enemies other than J.T. who were smarter and more resourceful. Victor remained convinced that J.T. had formulated a battle plan from the moment he'd fled Genoa City.

In Billy's office at Jabot, Phyllis grabbed Billy from behind and joked that she'd finally caught him. He replied that she'd accomplished that long before then, and she noted that he'd gotten home late and left early. She inquired about the shipping crisis that he'd had to handle the night before, and she sensed from the look on his face that something had gone wrong. Billy claimed that everything was back on track for Fenmore's holiday promotion, and Summer entered and asked what they were talking about. Billy fibbed that he'd spent the prior evening fixing a problem with the shipping department.

Phyllis remarked that her two favorite roommates had both been out late the night before, and Summer asserted her right not to have a curfew in her own apartment. Summer pointedly stated that she'd met up with some old friends, and she'd reconnected with an acquaintance after a long separation. Phyllis surmised that it had been Kyle, but Summer insisted that it had just been someone she trusted whose company she enjoyed. Phyllis hoped there wasn't a wife involved, and Summer confirmed that her friend definitely wasn't married.

Billy left for a meeting, and Phyllis suggested that she and Summer grab a cappuccino. Summer declined because she had a strategy session with Kyle over lunch, and Phyllis applauded Summer's commitment to her job, since maturity and direction had been missing from Summer's life. Phyllis clarified that it was a compliment, and Summer flatly stated that she knew how her mother felt about her.

On the Athletic Club rooftop, Billy thanked a customer for placing a massive order of Birthday Suit. He turned and faced a bikini-clad Summer, and he asked if she was following him. She informed him that she and Kyle had been working on the other side of the deck, and she offered to brief Billy about their ideas over a drink. Billy passed, and he ordered her to put clothes on and head to the office instead of drinking and sunbathing on company time.

Later, Summer stopped by Billy's office to drop off her notes about the project, and she pointed out that she'd changed into her uniform as instructed, even though her bikini was much more fun to look at. Billy sourly asked if her incessant fooling around and flirting was just a game to her. He ranted that she'd put him in a rotten position by calling him to save her butt and asking him to lie to the woman he loved. He explained that he'd only covered it up to keep peace between her and her mom, but it wasn't the way to have a healthy relationship with his girlfriend or her daughter. Summer swore that she was grateful for what he'd done for her, but she argued that she hadn't forced him to rescue her.

Billy questioned whether he should have ignored Summer's vague pleas for help. She defended that she'd called him because he'd been in that kind of situation before, so she'd thought he wouldn't judge her. Summer reasoned that she hadn't been able to call her dad with everything he was facing with Christian, and she hadn't wanted her mom to know, since she took three steps back for every step she took forward with Phyllis. Billy explained that it broke Phyllis' heart to see Summer not living up to her potential, but Summer found it ironic that her mom's past was far worse than anything Summer had ever done.

Summer thought Phyllis should be supportive, but her mother didn't accept her for the person she was, and Phyllis constantly tried to change her because Summer was such a huge disappointment to her. Summer headed to the door, but Billy stopped her. Billy was surprised that Summer felt that way, mostly because she had seemed like she didn't "give a damn" about anyone else's opinion. Summer explained that it was different with family because of the expectations placed on her, and she hadn't realized how trapped she'd felt until she'd left Genoa City and done whatever she'd wanted without the feeling of disappointing someone.

Billy cited Summer going through her entire trust fund, and she admitted that she'd never fathomed that the money would run out -- at least not until she'd seen the world in style. She explained that she'd wanted to try new things and figure out who she was without her parents or her grandpa, and she wanted to be a person and not just a Newman. She added that she was still trying to figure things out, and she'd have to do it broke. Billy told her of the philosophy to embrace failures to know true success, and she figured that there was hope if someone she respected actually understood her. She wondered if he would be her friend, since she could use one.

Summer pretended to be Gloria when a creditor called to inquire about a past due credit card bill. Billy reasoned that Summer wasn't the first person her age to max out her credit cards, but he advised her to pay them off before she ruined her credit score. Billy admitted that he'd lived through his own version of what she was going through, and he wanted to support her, but he demanded that she stop expecting him to keep her secrets instead of being honest with her parents. She agreed, and he proposed that they hit the reset button. She thanked him for talking with her and being so understanding. He told her not to disappoint him, and she promised to try.

At the cottage, Nick and Sharon scrambled to tidy up their home. She wondered if her outfit was too dressy, but he assured her that she looked great. She wanted everything to be perfect for the social worker, and she jumped when the doorbell rang. Nick reminded her that their appointment wasn't for a few hours, but Sharon figured that the social worker might show up early to see how they really lived. Nick peeked outside before opening the door to Victoria, who asked if everything was okay. Nick explained that they were a little tense before the social worker's visit, and Victoria extended her well wishes.

Nick vowed to do everything possible to show that he should have custody of Christian, and Sharon thought Nick could easily do it, but the problem was her. Victoria insisted that Sharon was a fantastic mother, but Sharon thought Nick's chances would drop to zero if she didn't prove it. Nick implored Sharon to be positive, since the social worker would think they had something to hide if they seemed scared or nervous. Sharon expected the kind of tough questions that had led to Nick losing Christian in arbitration, but Nick countered that Victor would be faced with questions, too.

Victoria lamented that Victor never should have started the fight, and she referred to Newman facing a major crisis. Victoria asked if Nick and Sharon had seen Hilary's show, and Sharon observed that Victor's behavior had been disturbing. Victoria reported that her father had insisted that he was fine, and Nick imagined that Victoria had it rough both at work and at home. Victoria anticipated another brutal day after the accusations of gender disparity in Newman's pay scales, even though they were totally false. Sharon questioned whether J.T. had been behind it, and Nick thought J.T. was the obvious culprit.

Victoria acknowledged that her dad had a long list of haters, and the debacle was another fire she'd have to put out. Nick urged her to take a step back, but Victoria said the company needed her. She added that she'd be rooting for them, and she advised them to clear their heads of everything but getting Christian back. After Victoria left, Sharon looked stricken when she received a text message. Sharon said she had to go to the coffeehouse to fill in for an employee who had the stomach flu, but she promised that she wouldn't be late for the appointment with the social worker. On her way out, Sharon reread a message from Nikki, who had urgently summoned her to Crimson Lights.

On the coffeehouse patio, Nikki thanked Victoria, Sharon, and Phyllis for meeting her. Abby spied them and wondered what the women were doing there together, and they made up an excuse about a charity. Abby was surprised that Victoria wasn't on her way to the office because of the latest assault on Newman, and Victoria promised that they would strategize later. Abby headed out, and Phyllis closed the door leading into the coffeehouse. Nikki confided that she'd been very worried about the state of Victor's health and his obsession with hunting down J.T., which put them in jeopardy.

Phyllis thought Victor's reaction was natural, especially after the eyewitness reports. Victoria informed Nikki and Sharon that some people had claimed to have seen a man fitting J.T.'s description. Phyllis was convinced that people had seen what they'd wanted to see with a cash reward out there. Sharon and Nikki questioned whether J.T. might still be alive, but Phyllis stressed that it was impossible after they'd buried him. Nikki theorized that perhaps his vitals had just been weak, and he'd clawed his way out of the grave. Phyllis snapped that it wasn't a horror movie, but Nikki groaned that life had a way of turning into one sometimes.

Sharon pondered whether J.T. was really out there and getting closer, and an unnerved Victoria ordered them to stop talking. Nikki consoled Victoria, who admitted that she was exhausted from going back and forth between accepting that J.T. was dead and playing "what if" games. Victoria thought they were whipping themselves into a paranoid frenzy over speculation, but they had to be strong and commit to what they'd done. Victoria asserted that there was no hard evidence that J.T. was still alive, and she wouldn't believe it until she saw some.

Victoria received a text message and paled as she revealed that some machinery at a Newman warehouse had been badly damaged, so Victor had requested the security footage. Nikki realized that Victor suspected J.T., but Victoria warned that they were jumping to conclusions until they saw what the video showed. Phyllis hoped that the cameras would clear things up, but all four women jumped when a barista suddenly opened the coffeehouse door.

At home, Phyllis and Billy kissed, but she was curious about his sudden urge to play hooky. He reasoned that he'd been at the office at daybreak, so he'd put in a full day's work. He announced that he'd planned a couples massage at the club spa, after which they could enjoy drinks on the rooftop, dinner, dancing, and whatever happened naturally to make up for the night before. He suggested that they indulge in a glass of Champagne before they headed to the club.

Phyllis dropped an earring as Billy went to get the bubbly. Summer walked in as Phyllis searched the floor for her earring. Billy suddenly panicked when he remembered the stray poker chip that he'd kicked under the couch, and he gestured for Summer to intervene. Summer found Phyllis' earring, and Phyllis went upstairs to change for the night out. Summer handed the chip to Billy and assured him that she had his back.

Sharon returned home and apologized for the unavoidable crisis. She promised that nothing would distract her, and the doorbell rang. Nick opened the door to the social worker, Miss Robertson, and he introduced her to Sharon. Sharon offered her something to drink, but Miss Robertson suggested that they just get started. Miss Robertson inquired about Nick's job, and he talked up how his work with the nonprofit enabled him to set his own hours and work from home. Sharon added that her schedule was flexible and that her adult daughter lived with them and had helped raise Christian.

Nick revealed that Faith was an adoring big sister who loved lending a hand, and Miss Robertson noted that they seemed to work well as a family. Nick thought that would be even truer once he married Sharon, and Sharon insisted that Christian was a huge part of their family. Nick swore that he'd considered Christian his son both before and after the DNA test, and he was the one Christian called daddy. Miss Robertson mentioned the first year of Christian's life, and Sharon explained that she'd been led to believe that she'd given birth to the boy when she'd been a patient at Fairview, so she'd raised him as her own.

Miss Robertson pointed out that Sharon had kept the tot after she'd learned she wasn't his mother, and Sharon replied that the idea of giving him up had been too painful to face. Sharon continued that she'd made a serious mistake, but she'd faced it and would do anything in her power to keep Christian safe and healthy. The social worker inquired about what Sharon had been treated for at Fairview, and Sharon confirmed that she was bipolar and that she was still attending therapy and taking medication. Miss Robertson asked if Sharon had ever gone off her meds, and Sharon recounted that Nick had temporarily lost custody of his child after Victor's attorney had asked the same questions in arbitration.

Sharon recognized that her mental health had been the reason Victor had gained custody, and she didn't want history to repeat itself before she was able to say the things she wished she'd said in the arbitration. Miss Robertson prompted Sharon to go ahead. Sharon recognized how tough the social worker's job was, and she respected the passion everyone in her psychology program had for life improvement, no matter how bleak things could seem. Sharon understood that evaluating the fitness of a parent was a big responsibility, and since she and Miss Robertson didn't know one another, it was Sharon's responsibility to remove any doubts Miss Robertson had about a mother with bipolar disorder.

Sharon acknowledged that her condition set off alarms, but her medication prevented the extremes, and she knew that she couldn't go off her meds without losing the gains she'd worked hard for. Sharon admitted that she'd made destructive choices in the past, but she wasn't that person anymore, and she thought Nick was the most compelling proof of why she was fit to be Christian's mother. Sharon thought Nick's suitability as a dad couldn't be disputed, and there was no way they'd be living together and planning a wedding if he had any doubts about her raising his son with him. She stressed that they both put parenthood first, and Miss Robertson said that was all she needed for then.

After Miss Robertson left, Nick thought the visit had gone pretty well, and he loved that Sharon had been honest and had fought for herself. Sharon realized that maybe she had made a good impression, and Nick hoped that his chances had improved because of the controversy surrounding his dad. Sharon wanted Christian back where he belonged, and Nick wanted something else to go along with it -- a date. He asked how a fall wedding sounded to her, and she gushed that she loved fall and that she loved him even more. They kissed.

At Newman Enterprises, Victoria insisted to Nikki that it felt good to have a task she could ace when there were so many things out of control. Abby joined them and asked how they'd be handling it, and Victoria prepared to go on the offensive by turning the press into a positive thing. Victoria called Neil to coordinate.

Later, Victoria wrapped up a press conference by asking if there were any other questions for her, Abby, or any other women at Newman who had volunteered their impressions about compensation. Abby thanked the press for letting them respond to the false accusations, and Victoria adamantly stated that Newman was fully committed to treating its workforce equally. Victor thanked his daughters and wife for their support, and he concluded the conference.

Nikki answered a call and informed Victor that the security footage from the warehouse had arrived. Victor cued up the footage on a laptop, and he zoomed in on a shadowy figure inside the warehouse. Nikki and Victoria were aghast when they saw a blurry image of J.T.'s face.

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