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Abby and Arturo had sex. Nate returned to town and secretly became Victor's private physician. Billy lost Jaboat in a poker game. Ashley quit Newman and returned as Jabot's COO. Kyle dug up Phillip's grave. Nikki and Sharon spotted J.T. outside the cottage.
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Nikki, Phyllis, Sharon, and Victoria get quite the surprise Nikki, Phyllis, Sharon, and Victoria get quite the surprise
Monday, July 2, 2018

At Devon and Hilary's penthouse, Devon asked Hilary what she was doing when he walked in and saw her snapping selfies in front of a mirror. Hilary whirled around, caressed her abdomen, and said, "See, I'm showing. I have a genuine baby bump." Devon ran his palm over Hilary's belly and said, "There's a little something there. I don't think it's enough to catch anybody's eye." Hilary disagreed.

Devon asked Hilary if she was exaggerating the appearance of her bump for social media. Hilary didn't disagree, but she admired her physique in the mirror and said, "This is our child." Hilary admitted she wanted everyone to know she had a baby growing inside her. Devon joked that Hilary should wear maternity clothing. Hilary sat close to Devon on the sofa, insisted she'd handle her pregnancy in her own unique way, and began kissing Devon.

Later, Devon surprised Hilary by setting up a consultation with a med tech to perform an in-home ultrasound examination. After the med tech arrived, Devon said he couldn't wait until Hilary's next appointment to see their baby. After Hilary stretched out on the sofa, the technologist searched for the baby's heartbeat. Hilary and Devon panicked when the medical device failed to pick up a heartbeat. Suddenly, the device located the heartbeat. Hilary's face lit up with joy. Hilary and Devon viewed the image of their fetus on a screen and marveled at the sight of the miracle they'd created.

Victoria, sitting at her desk in her office, studied a grainy image on her laptop screen. The image had been captured by security cameras at one of Newman Enterprises' Genoa City warehouses. The man, whose features resembled J.T.'s, had worn a hoodie. Even though the man had attempted to hide his identity, a camera had captured a direct view of his face. Victoria mumbled to herself that it couldn't be J.T.

At Sharon's house, Nick and Sharon decided on a fall wedding without choosing a specific date. Sharon said, "Christian will be such an adorable ring bearer." Sharon asked Nick if he thought Christian would be living with them again before they married. Nick recalled their successful meeting with the social worker and encouraged Sharon to plan for what they wished to happen. Giddy, Sharon said she could sit all day, imagining their wedding day with their family gathered around. Sharon received a text message from Victoria, which interrupted her celebratory daydreams. Victoria summoned Sharon to meet at the coffeehouse as soon as possible.

In Billy's office at Jabot, Phyllis was taken aback when Billy handed her a generous bonus based on projected sales of Birthday Suit sunscreen. Billy added, "Due in part to the huge success of Birthday Suit sunscreen, Jabot is expected to have a much better quarter than originally anticipated." Phyllis planted herself in Billy's lap and told him she was proud of him. Billy explained that all Jabot board members would be receiving a portion of the profits. Phyllis acknowledged that the bonuses weren't standard business practice, but she cheered Billy's decision to also give all employees a paid weekend off to celebrate the Fourth of July. Phyllis abruptly left after she received a text message summoning her to the coffeehouse.

After Phyllis left, Jack stopped by. Billy gave Jack a check and explained that all board members were receiving bonuses based on Jabot's exceptional quarter. Jack handed back the check and said, "I don't work at Jabot, and I don't need your charity." Jack explained that it was premature to hand out bonus checks based on projections because cash should be held in reserve just in case. Jack praised Billy's success with Birthday Suit, but he refused to accept the check and advised Billy to wait until after the company had had two successful quarters before handing out cash.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Summer ran into Nikki. Nikki said she hadn't seen much of Summer since Summer had returned to town. Summer explained that she'd thought about phoning but had changed her mind about coming around because she was mad at Victor. Nikki nodded and said, "Because of Christian." Summer noted that because Christian's biological father, Adam, was dead, Nick was the only father Christian had ever known.

Summer asked Nikki why she'd sided with Victor's decision to seek custody. Nikki explained that she was acting as a mitigating factor between Nick and Victor and hoped for an amicable solution soon. Summer replied, "You really think that's possible?" Nikki cut the conversation short, explaining that she was late for a meeting.

At Crimson Lights, Victoria, Sharon, Phyllis, and Nikki squeezed into a private booth to talk. Victoria showed Sharon the freeze-frame image of the man wearing the hoodie. Sharon agreed that it was J.T. Nikki looked at the image and was less certain, but she admitted it looked like J.T.

Phyllis shut the laptop and pronounced that the image could've been faked. Phyllis added, "This could be old footage. This could be CGI, replacing some random guy with J.T.'s face." Victoria asked why someone would go to so much trouble to make it appear that J.T. was behind the server hacking and vandalism at Newman Enterprises. Phyllis noted that Victor had a number of enemies, so anyone wishing to do harm could've pulled off the ruse to shift blame.

Nikki, struggling to explain why some were insistent that the man was J.T., said, "That's why Victor and Nicholas are so certain it's J.T. They don't know that he's dead." Sharon quickly replied, "Or not." Nikki noted that if J.T. wasn't dead, she couldn't be arrested for murder. Victoria added that it would also mean that Reed's father was alive. Phyllis remained skeptical, but she warned that J.T., hell-bent on revenge, would be focused on Victor. A chill ran up Sharon's spine when Nikki added that it would only be a matter of time before J.T. went after them, too.

Phyllis asked Nikki what might've taken place at the property she owned if someone had dug himself out of a big hole. Nikki said the groundkeepers would've assumed that an animal had dug the hole, so the workers would've smoothed it out. After a brief discussion, Nikki suggested closing the park to visitors, so they could dig up the area where they'd buried J.T. Nick approached and greeted Sharon, Nikki, Phyllis, and Victoria. Nick mentioned that they looked upset and asked what was going on. Sharon stood next to Nick and explained that during their charity meeting, the topic had changed to a discussion about J.T.

Nick asked Sharon, Nikki, Phyllis, and Victoria if there had been a new development regarding J.T. Victoria explained that someone had broken into one of Newman Enterprises' warehouses. Nick didn't seem shocked. Victoria added that the trespasser had sabotaged some equipment at the Newman property. After Nick heard about the security video, he said police would soon capture J.T. if he continued to act cocky. The women seemed nervous.

After Sharon, Phyllis, and Victoria walked away, Nick pressed Nikki to tell him what she'd been hiding from him. Nikki asked Nick what he believed she'd been hiding from him. Nikki breathed a subtle sigh of relief when Nick replied, "Dad's health." Nick said Victor had seemed confused and unwell during his appearance on Hilary's show. Nick added that he was concerned about Victor's ability to care for Christian.

Nikki reminded Nick that she was helping ensure that Christian received excellent care. Nick reacted angrily when Nikki said she wished he'd show Victor some compassion. Nick cited Victor's fight to take Christian and his intentional attempt to ruin the engagement party as reasons he'd never show his father sympathy.

Nikki explained that Victor was being driven by his fears of mortality and needed time to find his footing again. Nick berated his mom for helping Victor steal Christian's childhood from his father. Sharon approached and told Nick he was being too hard on his mom. When Nick pushed back, Sharon said she was trying to earn points as a future daughter-in-law. After Sharon excused her interruption and walked away, Nick and Nikki apologized to each other.

Nick said he missed Christian and needed his boy back home where he belonged, with his family, his own bed, and familiar traditions. Nick asked Nikki what she knew about Victor's state of health. Nikki's failure to respond solidified Nick's belief that she was hiding something. Nick vowed not to let Nikki or Victor keep Christian from enjoying as much happiness as he deserved.

At the pool deck atop the Genoa City Athletic Club, Summer spotted Kyle kissing a woman on the lips. After the woman left, Summer approached Kyle and said, "Is that the same one from the other day?" Kyle identified the woman as Tiffany and said that their first date, complete with a few wardrobe changes, sleep, and fun, had just ended. Summer suggested the fling might be over if something more tempting caught Kyle's eye. After Summer abruptly walked away, Kyle rose up from a lounging position and watched her.

Jack joined Victoria poolside and asked if she was thinking about J.T. Victoria replied, "Is it that obvious?" Jack, recalling Victor's appearance on Hilary's show, said it had stirred up questions for them all. Jack told Victoria about J.T. visiting him in jail. Jack said that looking back, it was odd that J.T. had said he believed Jack was innocent. Victoria said J.T. should've confessed.

Jack said J.T. had probably run away because he'd known he'd face life in prison for what he'd done. Victoria asked if J.T. had said anything else. Jack said J.T. had told him he'd wished Jack had never stopped by the ranch the night of the attack. Jack added that J.T. wishing that no one had found Victor in time to save him said a lot. Victoria nodded and mumbled, "Attempted murder." Jack told Victoria that she and Victor should take extra precautions.

Kyle visited poolside with Jack, handed him a drink, and offered to toast the sizable bonuses Billy had given to Jabot's board members. Jack accepted the drink, but he said he'd pass on the toast because he'd turned down Billy's handout. Jack said it was wrong to pay out bonuses based on projections. Kyle replied, "It's found money. Why would you turn that down?" Kyle said he and Jack had reacted differently, though they'd both been rejected from ever running Jabot because of the blood Abbott clause. Jack noted that he had other things on his mind.

Kyle said he knew Dina had identified Phillip as Jack's father. Jack informed Kyle that a judge had declined the motion to have Phillip Chancellor's body exhumed. Jack said he planned to sue Jill to obtain the DNA and would put Dina on the witness stand, so her claims could be recorded on public record. Kyle said that if he and Jack were biologically related to the Chancellors, they might have an opportunity to run Chancellor Industries. Jack said he wouldn't let a chance to reclaim his life pass him by. Kyle instructed Jack to hold a dress rehearsal to ensure Dina wouldn't panic on the stand.

Summer invited Phyllis to a lunch at home. Phyllis declined Champagne, explaining that she wished to keep a clear head. As Phyllis filled her plate with her favorite foods, she noted that Summer appeared to have an agenda. Summer replied, "I'm short on cash." Summer admitted that she'd grown accustomed to flying first class and buying clothes without looking at price tags.

Phyllis asked Summer how much of her trust fund was left. Summer quietly replied, "Not much." Phyllis didn't get upset, but she told Summer she'd have to learn to earn her own way, like most people. Summer requested a loan. Phyllis declined, but offered to reimburse the cost of the lunch. Summer laughed and said, "I already charged it to your account."

After Phyllis returned to work, she told Billy that Summer had admitted to having exhausted her trust fund. Billy replied, "That's a lot of money." Phyllis said that at least Summer had been honest and would try to make things right. Billy said he was glad Phyllis and Summer were on their way to having a better relationship. Phyllis said she lived in hope that Summer had been sincere.

After Nick returned home, he phoned Brittany. Nick told Brittany about his hunch that Victor was hiding a serious medical issue. Nick instructed Brittany to view Victor's video interview and see the obvious signs of illness for herself. Nick added, "What I would like is for you to get his leaked medical data into the public record somehow; maybe we could subpoena his doctors or hire our own medical experts to testify on our behalf." Nick said he believed he could prove that Victor wasn't physically fit to have custody of Christian.

Billy was seated at the poker table set up in a suite at the Athletic Club when Summer arrived. Summer said she thought Billy had played his last game. Billy replied that he'd played his last game to help bail Summer out of debt. Summer said Billy's secret would be safe with her because she wouldn't tell her mom. Billy insisted it wasn't a secret. Summer noted that Phyllis likely believed that Billy was still at the office. Billy insisted Summer had gotten the wrong impression. Summer grinned and said it would be Billy's decision to either tell Phyllis or not.

The sun was still shining brightly when Sharon rushed to the garden. Sharon, breathless, cried, "Sorry I'm late." Nikki, Phyllis, and Victoria stood side by side, frozen in place. The women all had blank stares. Sharon looked in the direction that had transfixed the gazes of the others. Sharon cried, "What the hell is that?"

Nate returns to town to treat Victor Nate returns to town to treat Victor
Tuesday, July 3, 2018

In Chancellor Park, Nikki, Victoria, Sharon, and Phyllis stared at a piece of modern art that had been erected in the exact spot where they'd buried J.T. Sharon mused that she kind of liked it, but Victoria complained that it was generic. Phyllis snapped at them for sounding like art critics when all that mattered was how it had gotten there. Nikki insisted that she'd had nothing to do with it. Phyllis bemoaned that the only way they could prove J.T. was still down there was with a jackhammer and a stick of dynamite.

Sharon pointed out that the art piece had just been put up in the past few days, but Nikki indicated that no one had approached her about putting artwork there. Nikki wondered who had done it and why, and Sharon contemplated whether J.T. could have done it. Victoria spotted a plaque, which read, "Fearless: I'm Gonna Live Until I Die," along with an inscription saying Jill had donated it in loving memory of Katherine. Nikki seethed.

Nikki grumbled that it was typical of Jill to make it all about herself, especially to one-up Nikki. Phyllis argued that their biggest concern should be that the artwork would prevent them from finding out whether J.T. was still down there, since it might or might not have been J.T. on the security footage. Victoria fretted that she wouldn't feel safe until she had proof, and she resolved to err on the side of caution that J.T. was still alive by being careful and ready for anything. Nikki stressed that nothing had changed, and they were all in it together. Nikki added that if one of them went down, they all would.

At the Athletic Club, Victor pulled Nick out of a meeting to speak privately. After they stepped aside, Nick curtly stated that he'd been busy with a potential investor in New Hope. Victor revealed that something important had happened -- J.T. had been spotted on security camera footage. Nick confirmed that Victoria had told him, and he assumed that Victor had beefed up security. Victor appreciated Nick's concern, but Nick clarified that his concern was for Christian, since Victor was being targeted by a dangerous individual after he'd gone to great lengths to get custody.

Nick warned Victor not to let anything happen to his son, and Victor lectured that Christian's safety was the concern of the responsible guardian. Nick reiterated that the situation was temporary, and Victor repeated that everything he'd done had been in the boy's best interests. Victor intended to convey to the social worker that Christian's safety was his primary concern, and Nick replied that it was something they could agree on.

Later, Victor told Miss Robertson that he was glad she'd agreed to meet him at the club, and she admitted that it was slightly unorthodox. He opined that the best way to get to know someone was to break bread with them, and he ordered her a cup of coffee. She assumed that his wife would be joining them, and Victor informed her that Nikki was on the way. Victor affectionately talked about Christian's endless questions. Miss Robertson called it a fun stage if one was patient enough, and Victor vowed to satisfy his grandson's curiosity.

Nikki joined Victor and Miss Robertson and cited an issue with New Hope, and Miss Robertson applauded the wonderful work Nikki was doing for the community. Nikki recognized that she and Victor had full, active lives, and a big reason why they'd been together so long was that they were individuals with their own interests. Victor emphasized that Christian was their main concern, and Nikki hoped to provide an accurate picture of their lives as busy people who were never too busy for their kids or grandkids. Miss Robertson turned the topic to Nikki's health, and Nikki reported that her multiple sclerosis was in remission, although she had occasional flare-ups that were stress-related.

Miss Robertson inquired whether the episodes affected Nikki's ability to interact with Christian, and Nikki responded that they hadn't, since her medication allowed her to live a full, happy life. Nikki contended that she, Victor, and a full-time nanny could more than adequately care for Christian, and Miss Robertson asked about the times Victor took control of Christian's care. Nikki indicated that Victor had always been good with all of his grandchildren and that Christian adored his grandpa. She gushed that it was a joy to watch Victor and Christian spend time together, but Miss Robertson imagined that it wasn't easy to run a large corporation and still have energy to raise a toddler. Victor proclaimed that he'd done exactly that, and it was easy to set his own schedule when he ran a successful business.

Victor swore that he'd done everything in his power to give Christian the kind of life that Adam would have wanted him to have. Miss Robertson inquired about the activities Victor and Nikki did with Christian, and the Newmans fondly described the boy's enjoyment of messy art projects. Nick approached and greeted Nikki and Miss Robertson, and he asked how his dad was feeling after the incident on The Hilary Show the day before. Nick assumed the social worker had heard about Victor's appearance on live television, and he wondered if Victor had seen a doctor after dropping a glass of water. Victor asserted that he hadn't needed to see his doctor because nothing was wrong. After Nick stepped away, Victor apologized for his son's embarrassingly transparent act.

Victor explained that Nick was desperate because the arbitrator had advised him to stay away from Sharon; however, Nick was shooting himself in the foot by staying with her, and Nick thought the only way to regain custody was to make Victor look bad in Miss Robertson's eyes. Miss Robertson referred to the recent news stories about Victor's health and the troubles at Newman, and Victor stated that a disgruntled former employee had leaked false information to the press. Victor's hand trembled as he lifted his coffee cup, and he quickly set the cup back down. He insisted that he was perfectly capable of keeping Christian in a safe environment and raising him the way the boy's real father would have wanted. Victor added that he was strong and getting stronger all the time, and he intended to remain so.

Phyllis tracked down Sharon at Crimson Lights and insisted that they needed to be prepared. Phyllis explained that she still thought J.T. was dead, but if she was wrong, they needed to make sure they were in the clear. Phyllis recalled that she and Sharon had walked into the room when Nikki had hit J.T. over the head, but J.T. hadn't known that Phyllis and Sharon had been there because he'd had his back turned to them. Phyllis suggested that if J.T. turned in Nikki and Victoria, she and Sharon should say they'd never been in Victoria's bedroom and had never seen J.T. there.

Sharon argued that she and Phyllis had been accessories who had helped bury J.T., but Phyllis reasoned that Nikki and Victoria had a tidy narrative about a mother protecting her abused daughter. Phyllis added that the Newmans could afford an army of attorneys to make their case, and she questioned why she and Sharon should risk legal jeopardy if they didn't have to. Phyllis insisted that it was the perfect answer, but Sharon countered that there was nothing perfect about a lie. Phyllis imagined that they could eliminate the worry that they'd go to prison, and Sharon could marry Nick and live happily ever after. Sharon doubted that Phyllis would trust her to corroborate their stories, but Phyllis thought the fact that they didn't like one another would work in their favor because no one would believe they were colluding.

Sharon reminded Phyllis that Mariah knew that Sharon had been in the bedroom with Nikki and Victoria, but Phyllis figured that Mariah's word wouldn't count for much because she'd been wasted. Phyllis asserted that they'd committed to a girls' night to console Victoria, not to cover up a murder and bury a body. Phyllis continued that things had changed, and it wasn't their fight. Sharon recounted that they'd all felt it had been their fight when they'd learned J.T. had been abusing Victoria, and that had been why they'd run upstairs without hesitation when they'd heard him confronting her. Sharon contended that they'd all been of the same mindset when they'd made their pact, and they'd started it together, so they were going to finish it together. Phyllis grumbled that that was what she was afraid of.

Later, Nick wrapped his arms around Sharon from behind. He joked that it could have been any strange man who'd done it, but she cooed that she would know his arms anywhere. She relayed that Victoria had been upset about the possibility that J.T. might be back in town. Nick told her not to worry, since he had good news. Sharon asked if the police had arrested J.T.

Nick regretted that J.T. hadn't been caught yet, and Sharon asked about the good news. Nick reported that he'd been around while his parents had been meeting with the social worker at the club, so he'd stopped by their table to ask about Victor's health after what had happened on Hilary's show. Sharon seemed surprised but impressed, and Nick figured that it was something his dad would have done. He recalled that Victor had played it off like it had been nothing, but he knew Miss Robertson had felt otherwise. Nick mused that for the first time in a long time, he believed his dad wouldn't get what he wanted.

At Hamilton-Winters, Neil instructed Tessa to forward any calls from Newman to his cell phone and not to comment to reporters while he went to pick someone up from the airport. She offered to call a car, but he insisted on doing it himself to greet the person when he got off the plane. She asked who was flying in, and he vaguely replied that it was someone very special to him. Nate suddenly walked in and declared that it looked like he was in the right place, and he and Neil shared a warm embrace.

Nate explained that he'd caught an earlier flight to save Neil the trip to the airport, since Neil was busy with his new venture. As Tessa and Hilary looked on, Neil crowed that setting his own hours was a perk of being the boss, and he wanted to show off his new home. Nate protested that it was the middle of the day, and he offered to entertain himself for a few hours, but Neil insisted on heading out. After the men left, Hilary told Tessa to spill about who the man with Neil was. Tessa exclaimed that the guy could be a model, and Hilary theorized that he was working with Lily. Hilary was determined to find out how Neil and the guy knew one another.

Neil and Nate stepped off the elevator outside Neil's penthouse. Neil announced that Devon owned the building, and he bragged about the first-rate amenities and the location. Neil added that it exceeded his expectations in every way except one -- his nosy ex-wife had just moved in across the hall. Neil invited Nate inside, and Hilary spied them as she arrived on the elevator.

In her penthouse, Hilary flipped through a magazine, but she remained distracted by not knowing the identity of the man across the hall. She stepped into the hallway, fluffed her hair, and rang Neil's doorbell. A shirtless Nate opened the door and asked if he could help her, and she mentioned that she lived across the hall. She requested to speak to Neil, but Nate reported that Neil was on an important call. Hilary prepared to wait, but Nate refused to let her in. Hilary assumed that he recognized her as the host of The Hilary Hour, but he didn't. She boasted about how popular the show was and invited him to check it out sometime.

Hilary purred that she worked closely with Neil, and she was surprised that Neil hadn't mentioned having a houseguest. Nate remained vague, and Hilary demanded to know how he knew Neil. Nate said he'd tell Neil she'd stopped by, and he closed the door in her face. Hilary returned home and griped to herself about the disrespectful way Nate had talked to her. She refused to take it, and she stormed back over and rapped loudly on Neil's door.

Nate answered again, and Hilary ranted that she'd politely introduced herself and tried to be a good neighbor, but he'd been discourteous and ill-mannered. He calmly replied that he wasn't her neighbor, and he'd never laid eyes on her before, so he'd had no obligation to answer her personal questions. She snapped that she'd been trying to start a friendly conversation, but he observed that she'd become a lot less friendly, which proved that he'd made the right call to send her on her way. Hilary testily asked if he had any idea who he was talking to, and he repeated her words that she was Hilary Curtis, host of a popular television show.

Hilary haughtily announced that she was also Neil's former wife, but Nate considered that more reason not to engage with her. Hilary thought Neil deserved to know that his friend had a serious attitude problem, but Nate didn't think she had room to criticize other people. Neil appeared and noted that Hilary had met his godson, Dr. Nathaniel Hastings, although everyone called him Nate. "I have something else that I'd like to call him," Hilary muttered.

Neil explained that Nate was Olivia's son and Lily and Devon's cousin, and Hilary spat that she'd been a member of the family for longer than Neil seemed to remember. Neil mentioned that Nate had flown in from Boston that day, and Hilary wondered if it was classified information, given Nate's secretive behavior. Hilary wasn't surprised to hear that Nate was a surgeon because of his temperament and ego, and she surmised that he was there for a job. Neil revealed that Nate was on sabbatical, and Hilary taunted that it was a fancy word for a paid vacation. Neil refused to let Hilary question Nate's return to Genoa City, and he ushered her out.

Nate remarked that Hilary was even worse than Neil had made her out to be, and the doorbell rang again. Neil expected to find Hilary there, but he was surprised to see Victor. Neil introduced Nate to Victor -- Nate's new patient. Nate mentioned the possibility of taking over as Victor's private concierge doctor, and Victor cautioned that it required the utmost discretion. Victor wanted to meet in Neil's apartment, away from the prying eyes of the press and public, and Neil offered keys to both men. Nate warned that Hilary didn't seem inclined to mind her own business, but Neil promised to handle it.

Victor divulged that he'd already done a background check on Nate as a precaution after a recent invasion of privacy, and he required that Nate sign a nondisclosure agreement. Neil vouched for Nate's integrity, but Nate pointed out that he hadn't yet agreed to take Victor on as a patient. Nate declared that he had conditions of his own, since he needed Victor to follow his recommendations to the letter, and he wouldn't tolerate Victor lying about his condition or keeping things from him, no matter how much Nate was being paid. Victor smiled and welcomed Nate aboard.

After Victor left, Neil recognized that Victor could be a little intimidating, but Nate commented that people didn't get to be successful without being cautious. Nate prepared to find a hotel and grab something to eat, but Neil was adamant that his godson wasn't going to stay at a hotel when his own stairs led to a room. Neil insisted on making Nate comfortable until he found a place of his own, since it was what family did. Neil explained that while he'd asked Nate there to have Victor as a patient, it was also very important for Nate to be around his family right then.

Neil reiterated that Nate didn't have to worry about Hilary, and Nate anticipated that dealing with her would be a piece of cake after all the bloody traumas he'd handled. Neil knowingly told him to just wait. Meanwhile, over the phone, Hilary instructed someone to compile a complete dossier on every piece of recent information about Nate.

In the park, Victor told Nikki about his appointment with Nate, and he joked that he'd almost requested a bottle of tranquilizers after their meeting with the social worker. Victor realized that he couldn't go on pretending that there wasn't a real crisis, since J.T. was getting bolder by the minute. He intended to light a fire under his investigators to find J.T., but he refused to involve the police after what Paul and Christine had done to their family.

Nikki blamed Paul and Christine for the events leading up to J.T.'s attack on Victor, and she worried that J.T. was determined to destroy Victor. Victor warned that stress wasn't good for her, but she questioned how they could protect their family from a monster. Victor vowed to find a way to deal with J.T.

Tessa receives a cryptic text message Tessa receives a cryptic text message
Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Hilary was on location at the Dive Bar with the GC Buzz crew for a live episode of The Hilary Hour for the Fourth of July celebrations. Hilary guaranteed that there would be fireworks in front of the camera as well as in the sky. She was distracted with Tessa's hand gestures. When the show went to commercial break, Hilary snapped at Tessa for using her hand signals. Tessa said that she'd tried to relay to Hilary that the mayor would be late. Hilary also snapped at Shauna after Shauna handed Hilary a hot drink when Hilary claimed that she'd specifically asked for a cold drink. Hilary looked over at the Ashbys and told Tessa that she'd improvise.

At home, Billy wished Phyllis a happy Fourth of July. Phyllis surprised Billy with a bowl of whipped cream and wished him a happy birthday. She claimed the bowl of whipped cream was easier than baking a cake. Billy told Phyllis he had a surprise for her -- they were going on a private cruise. Excited, Phyllis went upstairs to pack a bag while Billy searched for the keys to the boat. Phyllis returned with her beach bag, and Billy advised her they would have to stop by Jabot because he was certain he'd left the keys to the boat there.

When they arrived at Jabot, Phyllis asked Billy about the construction mess. Billy informed her that Arturo and his crew were finishing up some final construction he wanted done, and it would be completed by the time everyone returned to work. Billy and Phyllis entered his office; after a quick search, Billy found the keys to the boat, and they left.

Arturo and his crew arrived. Arturo ordered his men to cut the power to the whole building.

Billy and Phyllis were still in the elevator when the power was cut. They tried to find a way out. Phyllis noticed a hatch in the ceiling of the elevator, and she asked Billy to give her a boost. She said that she could get through the hatch. Billy asked her what she planned to do once she was up there and questioned if she planned to climb the cable. Phyllis said she'd do that, but Billy shot down her idea. Phyllis shouted for help. She asked Billy if Arturo was in the building. Billy confirmed that Arturo was but was on the executive floor and wouldn't be able to hear them.

Billy and Phyllis checked their phones and discovered that there was no reception in the elevator. Phyllis was slightly panicked when she recalled that Billy had closed the office for the rest of the week. She said that they could be stuck there for the next five days until the office opened again for business.

Abby was breathless after climbing the stairs to the executive floor with a couple of bags filled with everything needed to celebrate the Fourth of July. She found Arturo and said she was astounded that Billy wanted him to work on a holiday. Arturo corrected her and said that his guys would be paid double time, and they needed the money, so he did it for them. Abby asked if Arturo could be more perfect. Abby told him that she'd brought food. When Arturo said he had to work, Abby offered to feed him and his crew. Arturo accepted.

Arturo was grateful to Abby for her generosity and thanked her for what she'd done for him and his men. After Abby and Arturo shared a kiss, Arturo promised that he'd never use her. Abby said that even though they were from different social standings, she saw them as equals. They kissed. Arturo said he had to work, but he'd meet her at the Dive Bar before the fireworks started.

Meanwhile, in the elevator, Phyllis pulled out a blanket and a bottle of wine from her beach bag. Phyllis and Billy begin to kiss, and Billy undressed Phyllis. After they made love, Phyllis wished Billy a happy birthday. Billy claimed that it had been the best birthday present ever. The lights suddenly flashed on, and the elevator doors opened. Arturo and his men stood there. Billy and Phyllis were naked but covered with a blanket. Billy cheerfully chirped, "Hey, Fellas! Happy birthday to me!"

Back at the Dive Bar, Lily and Cane were comfortable in their lounge chairs. Lily asked if Cane was worried about Jack. Cane explained that Jack intended to go ahead with the lawsuit and that Jill would be required to testify. If Jack won, it might mean his job. Abby joined Lily and Cane. Lily asked about the rest of Abby's family. Abby said that her family would not be attending because they weren't in the mood to celebrate. Lily asked about Arturo. Abby told Lily that Arturo had to work, but he'd join her later. Hilary interrupted them and asked if everyone would like to be on her show.

Hilary introduced Lily. Hilary asked Lily what the Fourth of July meant to her. Lily said it meant dependence and independence at the same time. Independence was freedom, and it empowered her as a woman. Dependence meant family. When Lily completed her interview, she joined her family. She and Cane decided they wanted a margarita and went to the bar.

Next, Hilary introduced Abby. Abby talked about freedom from convention, blondes not being dumb, and the freedom to wear anything or nothing. Abby ended her speech by throwing everyone a hand kiss. After she stepped away from the camera, Lily provided her with a cocktail. Abby and Lily discussed Arturo. Abby advised Lily that they had some obstacles to overcome. Abby suddenly realized that it was her turn to make a move with Arturo and mentioned it to Lily. She said an excited goodbye and left.

Hilary introduced Mattie and Charlie next. Mattie explained what the Fourth of July meant to her, but Charlie made everyone laugh when he said that the holiday meant great food. When the show went to commercial break, Hilary griped at Shauna about forgetting the water. Charlie overheard Hilary and asked Lily if Hilary had to be so mean. Lily decided to intervene. Lily told Hilary that Shauna should be enjoying the holiday by spending time with her friends. Hilary grudgingly agreed and gave Shauna the rest of the day off.

Cane and Lily knew that there was something up with the twins. After some cajoling, Charlie and Mattie explained that they'd been invited to a party at a friend's house and added that it would be chaperoned. Cane and Lily encouraged them to go. Mattie, Charlie, and Shauna left.

It was Cane's turn in front of the camera. He spoke about being a parent and about their future. When he was done, he joined Lily. They talked about how much they'd miss the twins once they left for college. They admitted they would miss the mess and the noise. Cane and Lily were kissing when Esther arrived, said she was meeting some girlfriends, and explained that they got together on holidays.

Esther asked Cane what was going on with Mr. Chancellor's remains. Cane said that she already knew what Jack wanted to do. Irked, Esther said that if Jack dug up Mr. Chancellor's remains, Mrs. Chancellor would do backflips in hers. She said that if Mrs. Chancellor was alive, she'd give Jack a good smack and tell him to snap out of it. Esther wanted to know what was wrong with Jack. She said that Jill was beside herself. Esther said Jill had been wrong when she'd tried to steal Mrs. Chancellor's husband, but Jill had loved him.

Cane assured Esther that no one would be digging up Phillip Chancellor's remains. Esther said that she'd known Jack a lot longer than Cane and Lily and that Jack had a way of getting what he wanted. Cane said Jack wouldn't get anything this time because Cane would stop Jack from staking his claim on the Chancellor estate by any means necessary.

Hilary introduced Tessa, and after Tessa told everyone what the holiday meant to her, they broke for a commercial. Hilary snapped at Tessa again. She demanded to know where the mayor was. Tessa said she'd check her text messages, but all she saw was the text message "XZ" again. Hilary snarled at Tessa to stop texting personal messages and demanded that Tessa find the mayor. Tessa left.

Back on the air, Hilary filled in while Tessa tried to find the mayor. She explained what the holiday meant to her. She said that the following year, there'd be someone in her life who'd be completely dependent on her and who scared her, but she'd raise her son or daughter in a country filled with advantages and possibilities. She blessed America from the bottom of her heart. During the break, Tessa advised Hilary that the mayor would be a no-show.

Hilary panicked and said that she was all talked out and wondered how she'd fill the rest of her show. When the show resumed, Hilary said it had been an incredible show. It had been spontaneous, honest, and inspiring. She said that her mystery guest had pulled a little surprise on them and pulled out at the last minute, but that would not ruin the show. At that moment, Tessa signaled that she had a microphone. Hilary told her audience that they were in for a musical treat. She said that her guest had been on earlier and had performed on The Hilary Hour in the past.

Hilary breathed a sigh of relief and introduced Tessa once again. Before Tessa began to sing, she mouthed that Hilary owed her. Tessa sang "The Star-Spangled Banner," and partway through the song, everyone rose and joined in.

Billy, Phyllis, Arturo, Mattie, Charlie, and Shauna arrived at the same time. Lily asked why they weren't at their party. Mattie said that they really wanted to spend time with their mom and dad.

On the dance floor, Arturo and Abby were about to leave when Billy stopped them. He told Abby and Arturo that the fireworks were about to start. Arturo said that "once you've seen one fireworks, you've see them all." Arturo and Abby left. Hilary walked by, and Phyllis asked about the surprise guest. Hilary informed her that the mayor never booked on a national holiday.

Esther spotted Hilary and said she was surprised that Hilary had a show, considering her review, but she said that Hilary knew what people said -- even a blind squirrel found a nut once in a while, and it was nice that Hilary had someone as nice as Tessa by her side. Esther said, "Cheers," and walked away.

Hilary spotted Tessa and said she owed Tessa an apology for the way she'd treated Tessa. Hilary thanked Tessa for coming to her rescue. Hilary said there was a lot about Tessa she didn't get, but Tessa said there was nothing to get. Tessa claimed she was just a girl trying to get by. Hilary mentioned that Tessa had a sister who'd been involved in a sex trafficking ring. Tessa's ire was up, and she said that if Hilary was trying to get her next story, then she needed to look elsewhere. Tessa walked away.

Shauna joined Hilary and asked if Hilary was ready for the fireworks. Hilary admitted she was and asked why Shauna wouldn't go on camera. Shauna said she hadn't wanted to embarrass herself or Hilary. She didn't want to appear stupid and crying on live television. Hilary asked why talking about the holiday would make Shauna cry.

Shauna said that Hilary obviously didn't realize how much Hilary had changed her life. Hilary had made her believe that the American dream everyone spoke of wasn't just for them -- it was possible for her, as well. Hilary was thunderstruck and didn't have a response. Shauna said that was a first, and they hugged.

At Arturo's, Abby and Arturo made passionate love with fireworks as a backdrop.

Billy's risky behavior escalates Billy's risky behavior escalates
Thursday, July 5, 2018

Ashley hurried over to Neil's penthouse in response to his S.O.S. message about a huge Newman story that couldn't wait until the next day. Neil revealed that his contacts at several media outlets had informed him that the story was about to be published across multiple platforms. Neil braced himself for anything, and Ashley was grateful for the heads-up, since the Newmans had been telling her nothing. His computer chimed, and he opened an article about J.T. vanishing without a trace while he had been investigating Victor. Neil knew exactly what theory the media was pushing.

Neil perused the article, which had been authored by Scott Grainger. It explained that J.T. had returned as head of security at Newman Enterprises while he'd been working undercover for Paul and Christine to assist the Feds in getting evidence to indict Victor for global price fixing and other deceptive business practices. Ashley read that J.T. had fallen off the planet, since there had been no confirmed sightings of him, and he'd had no contact with his three children. The article went on to describe Victor's recovery as miraculous and insinuated that Victor's luck was only getting better. Neil left a message for Victor, advising him to search his name online.

Neil pointed out that there was nothing but circumstantial evidence, but Ashley found it to be a wildly compelling case against Victor that was difficult to dismiss. She noted that Victor had gone to great lengths to get to where he'd gotten, and he'd done questionable things along the way. Neil questioned whether Victor had gotten rid of J.T. permanently the way the article implied, and Ashley referred to the part of the article about Marco, who had disappeared in a similar way when his association with Victor had begun to unravel. Ashley remarked that it was just the tip of the iceberg. Neil worried that Newman was headed straight for it, and he had to manage it.

Ashley urged Neil to admit that he was as freaked out as she was, but Nate jokingly called out to ask about the extreme shortage of bath towels. Ashley teased that Neil's new girlfriend had a very deep voice, and she was stunned to see a towel-clad Nate appear on the stairs. After Nate got dressed, Ashley hugged him and marveled about how long it had been since she'd seen him. He declared that she hadn't changed a bit, and she inquired about his mom. She peppered him with questions about why he was there, and he replied that he was on sabbatical to figure things out. Neil said he'd convinced Nate to chill with the family a bit, and Ashley told Nate she'd call him to spend some quality time together.

Neil walked Ashley out and promised to keep her posted. After Ashley departed, Nate revealed that he'd seen the article about Victor before he'd showered, and he imagined that Neil was swamped, dealing with the crisis. Neil warned that the web was full of fake news, but Nate contemplated whether it wasn't the best time to join "Team Victor." Neil lectured that doctors should be focused on curing sickness, but Nate pointed out that Neil could do without the PR fee from Newman, especially when the crisis turned to scandal. Neil asserted that Victor and the Newmans were close friends who had been under attack, and he refused to cut and run.

Neil encouraged Nate to form his own opinion about whether he wanted to bail as Victor's private doctor, since family had been the main reason Neil had asked Nate there. Neil realized that he'd forgotten that he'd invited the family over that night for a welcome home party for Nate, and Nate offered to postpone celebrating getting out of Boston not a moment too soon. Nate admitted that he'd thought he had been handling things, but he'd needed to get away. Neil stated that Nate was exactly where he should be -- especially that day.

Later, Lily and the kids arrived, and Neil tucked Sam in upstairs. Lily mentioned that Cane was working late, and Nate couldn't believe that the twins were almost seniors. Lily fawned over her doctor cousin, and Mattie declared that Nate and Olivia were her role models. Mattie pulled Nate aside to talk about chemistry, and Lily told Neil that Cane was preoccupied with Jack's determination to prove that Phillip was his father. Neil confirmed that Jack was obsessed with finding answers, but Lily groaned that there had to be a way other than exhuming Phillip's body. Devon and Shauna arrived, and Shauna and Charlie beamed at one another.

Mattie interrogated Nate about the best ways to get into the best medical schools, but he excused himself to greet Devon. Devon exclaimed that he'd heard nothing but incredible things about Nate and his career, and Nate imagined that it was fulfilling for Devon and Neil to work together. Neil explained how Lily and the twins were also involved in the company, and he proudly stated that they'd created something that made a difference and that would be the future of their family. Nate applauded them and wished them luck, but he didn't see how they could fail. Hilary burst in with apologies for being late. Devon introduced her to Nate, who coldly said they'd already met.

Mattie bragged about everything Nate had accomplished, and Shauna asked why he'd left Boston. Nate claimed that he'd wanted to be closer to family, but Shauna couldn't imagine leaving an exciting city like Boston to stay in Genoa City. Neil chimed in that it had taken persuasion from Nate's godfather, and Nate questioned what was going on between Shauna and Charlie. Hilary turned the topic back to Nate's reason for relocating, and Devon inquired whether Nate had taken a job in Genoa City. Nate said he'd consider it, but Hilary huffed that he'd need a refresher course after a year off, since no one wanted to see a rusty doctor.

Lily prepared to check on Sam and declined Hilary's offer to join her. As the guests got drink refills and dessert, Hilary approached Nate with a quick question about a rash on her side. He snapped that she wouldn't be interested in his rusty opinion. She demanded to know why he had blown off her question, since he couldn't possibly treat his patients like that. He argued that she wasn't his patient but a woman at a party, asking him to make a flip diagnosis for free.

Hilary explained that she was pregnant with her first baby, so she had questions about everything, like whether it was normal for her ankles to be swollen during her first trimester. Nate peered at her feet and said swollen ankles were common, but not that early, and he deadpanned that perhaps she just had fat ankles. Hilary indignantly suggested that she host a show about what pregnant women in the workplace had to deal with. Devon liked the idea, but Nate pointed out that Hilary was a star who would have a baby nurse and full-time nanny, so she was unlike the average mother-to-be.

Mattie proposed that Hilary make the show about real people, and Hilary testily asked if she was an android. Mattie thought Hilary should interview Nate, who understood his patients' everyday struggles. Charlie recalled that Nate had tried out for the Olympic swim team, and he asked for pointers. Devon called Nate an impressive guy, but Hilary muttered that Nate only swam in the water -- he didn't walk on it. She added that she wasn't buying Nate's perfect doctor routine, since he was just a guy from Boston with an attitude.

Devon wondered why Hilary was getting agitated when it was Nate's welcome home party, and he went to get a drink. Hilary crossed over to Nate and cited the looks she'd seen between him and Neil whenever Nate's sabbatical was mentioned. She observed that Neil had always jumped in to make an excuse about Nate being there to see family, but it was wearing thin, and she demanded that Nate tell her the real reason he'd left Boston. Nate asked how his life was Hilary's concern, and she spat that he was lying to her family, so it was her business.

Nate ranted that cashing in on the misery of others was Hilary's business, and he ordered her to stay out of his. Shauna intervened and reminded Nate that Hilary was pregnant, and she condemned Nate's attitude. Hilary appreciated Shauna for trying to stick up for her, and she suggested that they take a step back. Hilary speculated that Nate had probably burned every bridge in Boston with his bedside manner, and that was why he was sad and single. Neil sternly requested a word with Hilary, but she told him to have a word with his houseguest, since no smart woman would put up with such an egotistical jerk. Nate stalked upstairs.

Neil admonished Hilary for driving the guest of honor away, and he barked that it was time for her to leave. Hilary refused to go until she found out what had set Nate off, and Neil blamed her. Hilary snapped that Nate was a diva with a problem that went way beyond her, and she questioned his secrecy. Neil griped that he hadn't wanted to get into it, but she'd left him no choice.

Neil revealed that Nate had been in a serious relationship with the love of his life, and they'd been about to get engaged. Hilary surmised that the woman had dumped Nate, but Lily blurted out that it was the one-year anniversary of the woman's death. Hilary reeled because she'd become "the bitch who hated on the guy with the dead girlfriend," and she sarcastically thanked them for the heads-up. Hilary walked out, and Devon chased after her.

Jack arrived at the Abbott mansion and asked if his mother was having a good day. Kyle reported that Dina had spent most of the day quietly working on a jigsaw puzzle and napping, and Jack hoped that she would be relaxed and focused. Kyle thought it was tough to predict whether they'd be able to get definitive proof, but Jack stressed that if Phillip was his biological father, then Kyle was Phillip's grandson. Kyle suggested that they find a way to prove it that didn't require Dina going through the stress of testifying in court, but Jack insisted that it was why they were having a rehearsal. Jack defended that Jill had given him no choice, and he was only asking his mother to tell the truth.

Jack wanted to get started, but Kyle indicated that Ashley wasn't there yet. Jack grumbled that Ashley knew what was at stake for him, and he wondered what else she had going on that was "so damn important." Kyle was glad when Ashley arrived home, since Dina needed all the support they could give. Jack asked Kyle to fetch Dina, and Jack ribbed Ashley about Newman's latest scandal. Jack felt sorry that the mess had landed in Ashley's lap, but he thought she couldn't deny him some karmic satisfaction. She begged him to be gentle on their mother.

Dina entered and was thrilled to see "Jackie," and he asked if she understood what they were trying to do. She acknowledged that he had questions about his dad, and he led her to the couch. Kyle remarked that Dina was in a terrific mood, and Jack crowed that it looked like his mother had plenty of good days left. Ashley hoped it would be enough to identify Jack's biological dad.

Jack told Dina that they were going to play a game where they asked the kind of questions she'd be asked in court. He explained that Kyle was going to pretend to be his lawyer and that Ashley would be playing the Chancellors' attorney. Jack became alarmed when Dina asked who he was, but she quickly clarified that she meant who he'd be playing. Jack asserted that he would be the judge, and he and Ashley encouraged Dina to tell the truth. Jack announced that court was in session, and he mimicked swearing Dina in. Dina proclaimed that she had nothing to hide anymore.

Kyle asked if Dina had been married to John and if she'd had a son who she'd named after him. Kyle inquired whether her husband had been her son's biological father, but Dina fell silent. Jack prompted her to repeat what she'd told him, but Ashley clucked that he was supposed to be impartial. Jack wanted to make sure Dina was okay, but she scolded the "judge" for giving her help when she didn't need any. Dina firmly replied that John hadn't been her son's father, and she squealed to keep going, since she hadn't had that much fun in years.

Kyle prompted Dina to talk about her relationship with her son's father. Dina admitted that it sounded cliché, but she'd been a lonely, unfulfilled wife whose husband had been married to his job, and her life had felt empty until she'd met a lovely man. Dina recalled that they'd started talking, and she'd promised herself that they'd stay just friends and not cross the line, but Kyle guessed that things had become more serious. He inquired whether they'd been in love, and Dina nodded and said her beau had made her truly happy. Kyle pressed for the man's name, and after a pause, Dina named Phillip Chancellor. Ashley pushed Jack to call a recess, and Dina asked how she'd done. Jack swore that she'd been perfect, and he hugged her.

Jack thought Dina had made a compelling witness, but Ashley pointed out that Dina would have to repeat the performance in front of a real judge. Kyle was optimistic that they'd be awarded the right to exhume Phillip's body. Dina returned to the room in sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat, and Jack asked if she was feeling all right. A bewildered Dina asked where she was, and he reminded her that they'd been playing a game at home. Dina demanded to know who he was and why he'd taken her there, and he gently informed her that he was her son.

Dina whimpered that the men were always up to something, and she addressed Ashley as "Sofia" and begged her not to let the men hurt her. Jack swore that he'd never do anything to hurt Dina. Dina wailed about why they wouldn't leave her alone, and Ashley consoled her. Jack tentatively approached Dina and thanked her for trying to help him, but he decided it was over. He lamented that they'd been close, but he was dropping the lawsuit because he couldn't put her through any more.

Summer arrived home and found Billy on the couch, watching television. She teased him for watching trashy horror movies to pass the time while her mom was on a business trip, and she gave away the ending. Billy sourly turned the movie off, and Summer apologetically offered to treat him to a new movie at the local theater, since she'd just cashed her paycheck and could afford it. He vaguely stated that he had plans to meet people, and she asked if he was still giving her the cold shoulder after he'd needed to bail her out. He insisted that he really had a meeting, but it was a boring one with finance people, so it was nothing that would interest her.

After Billy changed clothes, he returned downstairs and told Summer not to wait up. She pressed to know where he was going, and he downplayed it as a dull meeting with potential clients. Summer recalled that he'd said his meeting was with finance people earlier, and she concluded that he was lying. He stated that he was a busy man with a company to run, but she chided him for acting like a child who was sneaking out for the evening.

Summer assured Billy that she had no problem with what he was doing, and she wanted to tag along. She recalled the look in his eyes when he'd been at the poker table, and she suggested that he take her as his good luck charm. She reasoned that she'd just follow him, anyway, and he agreed to let her accompany him on the condition that she didn't play. She grabbed her keys and proclaimed that she had a feeling it would be a good night. They left.

In a hotel suite, Billy prepared to play poker, and Summer fetched him a club soda to keep his head clear. She marveled at the $10,000 buy-in, and he said it made things more interesting. He recognized a woman across the room as one of the best players around. Billy welcomed Sinead, who figured that he'd gotten tired of the slow lane. He asked why she was there, and she purred that she hadn't been able to resist when she'd heard he was playing again. He promised to try to make it worth her while.

Later, Billy and Sinead peeked at their cards, and Billy declared that he was all in. She recalled that they'd been there before, and she wasn't going to let him take all of it without seeing his hand. She pushed all of her chips to the center of the table and threw in the keys to her $1.2 million house in Catalina. Summer paled when Billy pulled out his own keys to a brand-new yacht. "Let's see," Sinead dared, and he proudly displayed his four-of-a-kind hand. Sinead paused before revealing a straight flush. She smirked and pulled the pot toward her as Billy stared in stunned silence.

Nikki and Sharon get the fright of their lives Nikki and Sharon get the fright of their lives
Friday, July 6, 2018

At Crimson Lights, Phyllis called out to ask Sharon to look at her design for an online invitation to "Billy's belated birthday boat bash" that night. Sharon admired a photo of the boat, and Phyllis enthused that Billy was going to love it, although she intended for Billy not to know about it until he was on board. Phyllis invited Sharon to attend, but Sharon declined because she wasn't in a party mood with the possibility that J.T. could be out there. Sharon mentioned that she'd installed a better security system, so she was going home after work and locking the door. Phyllis lectured that Sharon couldn't stop living life on the off chance that J.T. was alive, but she agreed to delete Sharon's name from the guest list. Phyllis sent the rest of the invitations and exclaimed, "Surprise, Billy!"

Billy sat in his office at Jabot, despondently looking out the window. Summer entered, and he reminded her that he'd given the whole company the week off. She asked how he was doing, and he grumbled that he'd lost the company yacht in a card game. He referred to how many people thought he didn't have the maturity to run Jabot, and he lamented that he'd proven them right the night before. Billy anticipated that the public would find out in the worst possible way and that the bottom line would tank. Summer questioned how they could stop it from happening, and Billy thought the only way was to win back Jaboat before anyone knew he'd lost it.

Billy left a message for Sinead, congratulating her on cleaning him out and asking her to call him to figure everything out. He told Summer that he planned to talk Sinead into a rematch, but Summer panicked when she saw something on her phone. She showed him the invitation to Phyllis' surprise party on Jaboat, and she realized that they had to stop it. Billy acknowledged that the right thing to do would be to tell the truth, but Summer begged him not to drag her down with him. He thought there was a small chance he could figure things out by winning the boat back before everything blew up in his face, but she warned that things wouldn't be good if he lied to her mom and then couldn't get the boat back.

Billy had a feeling that he had to roll the dice, and he slammed his fists on his desk in frustration. He called Phyllis, who suggested that they have a quiet dinner in that evening. He quipped that her cover story didn't float, and he informed her that Summer had told him about the party invitation. Billy fibbed that they'd been working at the office when he'd received a message from the captain about some damage on the boat, rendering it unusable for a couple of weeks. Phyllis insisted that they change the venue of the party to their home.

Abby and Arturo made out on the coffeehouse patio, but he grimaced when he received a text message. He explained that he'd ordered flowers for her, but the charge had been declined because his card was over the limit. Abby assured him that it was okay, but he was certain that he had more than enough credit available. She became incensed that her dad was playing tricks again, and she decided to go to the office to confront him.

Arturo insisted that it wasn't worth the trouble, but Abby considered it diabolical that her father wanted to keep them apart, and she planned to let Victor know that she was staying with Arturo. She proposed that they get a hotel suite with room service, but he questioned who was paying, and he suggested that they go back to his place instead. Abby plotted to charge the suite to her father's account, and she seductively asked if Arturo wanted to spend some quality horizontal time with her. "Hell, yeah," he responded, and they left.

Later, at the Athletic Club bar, Abby admitted that it had felt good to charge a hotel suite, chocolate-covered strawberries, and a $1,000 bottle of Champagne to her father's account, but she still wanted to set Victor straight in person. Arturo insisted on going with her, and she was touched that he was being protective. They bumped into Nikki on their way out, and Abby asked if Nikki was meeting Victor there. Nikki reported that Victor was at the office, dealing with a major crisis, and she was surprised that Abby hadn't heard about it.

Abby huffed that her dad hadn't been too busy to create a few crises of his own, but Arturo protested against involving Nikki in it. Abby rattled off a list of the petty things Victor had done to harass Arturo, and she refused to tolerate her father's behavior. Nikki questioned why everyone blamed Victor for everything, especially when he couldn't be bothered with trivial matters when he'd been all but accused of murder in the press. Abby discounted Scott's article as hype, and she maintained that Victor hadn't had any right to go after Arturo. Nikki blurted out that Victor hadn't been harassing Arturo -- she had.

Nikki recalled that she'd told Arturo to stay away from Abby, but he'd chosen not to listen. Arturo argued that he and Nikki had only had a casual relationship that was over, but Nikki asserted that he'd disrespected her and her entire family, so she'd simply returned the favor. Abby defended that Arturo had never disrespected Abby, and she demanded that Nikki put a stop to her petulant behavior. Nikki countered that all Arturo had needed to do was listen, but he hadn't. "No one messes with Nikki Newman. You got that?" Nikki bellowed.

Nikki stormed off, and Abby wondered what had gotten into her. Arturo observed that there was definitely something different about Nikki. He reminded Abby about her uncle's birthday party, and he thought some family time was just what she needed. She hoped that the Abbott side would be more rational than Newman side, but she thought it could go either way.

In the break area at Newman Enterprises, Victor told someone over the phone that Scott's article was full of libelous insinuations, and he refused to comment. Nikki found Victor and observed that he'd been gone before she'd woken up, and he showed her the article about J.T. vanishing without a trace. She was stunned to see that Scott had penned it to implicate Victor in J.T.'s disappearance, and she wondered how they could have printed it when it wasn't true. Nikki was taken aback when she read Scott's theory that J.T. was dead, but Victor theorized that J.T. himself was behind it. Nikki murmured that she was sorry, but Victor unknowingly assured her that she'd had nothing to do with it.

Ashley found Victor in Victoria's office and complained that she'd been trying to get in touch with him all morning. He curtly stated that he'd been busy, and she reported that she'd been trying to calm the nerves of their business associates since the article had been published. Victor was sure she'd handled it, but she insisted that they talk about how the company had been under siege since the hacking scandal. She contended that Victor hadn't been the only one affected, since her reputation was on the line, too. Victor barked that it was his job to handle it, and she offered her help. He dismissively told her that he'd call her if he needed it.

Later, Victor noted that Ashley was working late, and she told him that she'd been waiting for him. She chided him for keeping the company's problems to himself instead of relying on the people he'd hired to help him, but he insinuated that she seemed to want to help herself. She recognized that his name was in the headlines, but she argued that every article mentioned her prominent role in the company. She felt it was only a matter of time before someone speculated that she'd helped cover up what had happened to J.T.

Victor requested Ashley's support, and she replied that she would have loved to give it to him if he'd kept her informed, but he hadn't. She implored him to tell her if he'd been involved in J.T.'s disappearance, and he was appalled that she would take J.T. and Scott's word over his. Ashley demanded that Victor level with her, but he blasted her for accusing him after he'd always given her his loyalty. She announced that he'd given her no choice, since she had to protect herself and her family, and she quit.

Billy and Summer returned home and found that Phyllis had decorated the apartment in an aquatic theme. "Welcome aboard!" Phyllis greeted as she handed them sailor's caps and offered them homemade grog that she'd made from an online recipe. Summer tried the drink and remarked that it was strong, and Phyllis indicated that it was rum mixed with more rum. Phyllis raced over to answer the door, and Summer whispered to Billy that they had one another's backs. Phyllis asked if Kyle had arrived alone, and he sent regards from Jack, who was spending the evening with Dina.

Billy mentioned that Jack had sent a text message about dropping the lawsuit, and Billy was relieved because he hadn't been looking forward to a court date with Jack and Jill on opposite sides. Phyllis recognized that it would have been the only way for Jack to find out if he was related to Phillip, and Kyle pointed out that Jack wasn't the only one. Summer declared that it was a party, so Kyle could worry about his roots later.

Privately, Summer asked Kyle if his date was meeting him there, but he revealed that he'd had to pull the plug because Tiffany had gotten creative on social media with talk of wedding plans and their kids' names. Summer handed him a mug of grog, and Kyle coughed when he tried it. Summer apologized for not warning him, but he admitted that he'd consumed even stronger booze when he'd been trying to get over her.

Phyllis asked why Summer had been at the office when everyone had the week off, and Summer fibbed that she'd wanted to show initiative on her project with Kyle. Ashley arrived and wished Billy a happy birthday, and she announced that she had quit Newman. The guests discussed Victor's recent press coverage, and Ashley explained that she'd been tired of being left in the dark, so she'd walked. She added that she wanted to return to Jabot, and Phyllis suspiciously asked what position Ashley expected to have.

Billy squirmed as Ashley pointed out that the COO slot had gone unfilled since he had taken over, and she had experience as second in command as well as being head chemist. "Goodbye Newman, hello Jabot!" Ashley cried as Abby and Arturo arrived. Abby wailed that Ashley was deserting her as her only ally, and she said they had to talk. Billy led Arturo away to get a drink, and Summer asked if Kyle was okay. Kyle sarcastically replied that he loved working in a place where he knew he would never get ahead.

Ashley insisted that Abby would be better off in the long run, but Abby whined that Victoria didn't respect her. Ashley argued that Victor did, and she anticipated that it wouldn't go unnoticed when Abby showed loyalty to him after Ashley abandoned ship. Abby was skeptical, but Ashley advised her not to waste the opportunity when Victor still had doubts about Victoria. Ashley approached Billy and prompted him to give his opinion about her return to Jabot, and he conceded that it was always a good time to leave Newman, but he thought she could go anywhere. He questioned why she'd take a step back by returning to Jabot, and she noted that it sounded like he didn't want her there.

Phyllis snapped that Ashley had wanted Billy to be her puppet, but he'd tossed aside Ashley's business plan to run things his way, and she guessed that Ashley wanted to stop his momentum. Billy respected Ashley's business savvy, but he recognized that she liked to be in charge, and she hadn't liked being edged out of Jabot before. Ashley haughtily stated that she'd thought she could help him through a difficult transition, but she was willing to yield to his leadership and only focus on research and development. She walked away.

Kyle joined Ashley and surmised that she had a beef with Victor because she hated sharing power. She admitted that it had been part of it, and he questioned why she'd return to Jabot when she couldn't break the glass ceiling. She countered that she could ask him the same thing, and she remarked that the only thing worse than working for a family business was working for someone else's. Ashley recognized that Billy was doing a great job, but he was impulsive, and she believed her skill set balanced out his whims. Billy overheard and commented that he didn't need a watchdog, and Kyle urged him to consider all the possibilities if he filled the COO position. Phyllis reminded everyone that the party was about Billy's birthday. Ashley stepped aside to send a text message.

Summer found Kyle alone on the terrace, and he confided that his dad dropping the lawsuit was best for his grandmother, but it left the Chancellor question unanswered. Summer empathized with the feeling of not knowing who was family and who wasn't, and Kyle imagined the opportunities that would open up if he was a Chancellor. Kyle felt forced out of two different families -- or three if he included the Newmans. He ranted that any chance of his becoming COO at Jabot had gone out the window when Ashley had swooped in, but Summer urged him to stick it out, since he might never find out if he was a Chancellor unless he dug Phillip up himself. Kyle looked thoughtful.

Billy and Phyllis' expressions soured when they received text messages from Jack and Traci, who indicated that they supported Ashley and wanted Billy to hire her back as COO. Billy blasted Ashley for going behind his back, but she inquired whether he really wanted a family squabble to dominate the news about Jabot. She reasoned that Billy could look like a brilliant businessman who'd persuaded the Innovator of the Year to return to the family business, or they could have a very ugly board battle where he'd suffer the embarrassment of losing the vote to keep her out. Ashley stalked off, and Billy realized that she had him cornered.

On the terrace, Phyllis thought she could convince Lauren to vote against Ashley. Billy pointed out that he still needed to get Kyle to vote with him, but it was too risky. Phyllis asserted that risk was why Billy was so successful at Jabot. Billy looked for Kyle, but Summer reported that Kyle had left without saying goodbye. Phyllis found it awkward that Ashley was inside laughing while they were plotting against her, but Billy recalled that Ashley had done the same thing by contacting Jack and Traci.

Billy received a text message from Lauren, who wanted to personally inform him that she backed Ashley. Billy realized that Kyle's vote didn't matter, since Ashley already had enough support in favor of her return. Billy approached Ashley and declared that Jabot was a family company and that she was family. He added that he was happy to welcome her back as COO, and he extended his hand. She shook it, and they hugged, but he looked less than pleased.

Kyle beamed a flashlight over the ground until he found Phillip's gravestone. He chugged from a bottle of liquor and began to dig until he hit a coffin.

Sharon was surprised when Nikki burst into the cottage. Nikki explained that she was there to see how Sharon was doing, since they were in the mess together, and things were getting worse by the minute. Nikki realized that Sharon hadn't seen the article, and she pulled up the headline on her phone. Nikki bemoaned that she'd managed to get Victor accused of a murder she'd committed.

Sharon swore that Scott's story was all speculation, but Nikki said they knew that she'd killed J.T. Sharon pointed out that J.T. might still be out there, and they could only wait and see. Nikki confessed that she'd lashed out by making Arturo's life difficult, and Sharon noted that they'd all been under stress, so it wasn't surprising that Nikki had done things out of character. Sharon theorized that it was why Nikki had been supporting Victor in Christian's custody case, but Nikki defended that she'd just been trying to keep the peace. Nikki wondered if one normal night was too much to ask for.

Sharon encouraged Nikki to stay strong, but Nikki cried that every minute was a struggle not to confess that she was the reason Victor was in that situation. Sharon was adamant that it was on J.T. and not Nikki, but Nikki felt like J.T. was dragging her down to his level. Sharon recognized that they'd all gotten involved in something ugly, but they'd done the best they could have, and they needed to remember that they were good people. Nikki thanked her, but they jumped when they heard a noise outside. They peered out the window and spotted a hooded figure. The person slowly turned around, and Sharon and Nikki screamed when they saw J.T.'s face.

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