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Kyle found a bone fragment in Phillip's grave. Billy continued to play poker to try to win back his losses, to no avail. Ashley provided an insider tip to Neil. Ashley and Neil kissed. Nick won permanent custody of Christian. Victor went alone to meet J.T.
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Kyle digs up Chancellor DNA Kyle digs up Chancellor DNA
Monday, July 9, 2018

At the Hamilton-Winters Group, Mariah and Hilary worked late into the night, finalizing segments for an upcoming broadcast. Hilary nixed Mariah's suggestion to rearrange the segments in order to stretch one featuring a music artist. Hilary, explaining that the show lacked permission to air the musician's song, proposed scrapping the entire show and beginning again from scratch. Mariah suggested they both go home to get some sleep. Hilary noted that because Devon was out of town and Shauna had gone to bed early, pulling the show together before leaving for the night would be best for her.

Noticing Mariah's displeasure, Hilary gave in, but when she rose to leave, she clutched her abdomen and doubled over in pain. Mariah rushed to Hilary's aid and inquired about the level of pain Hilary had experienced. Hilary said she wasn't certain but noted she hadn't felt such an intensity of pain before. A quick search on the Internet regarding cramping during pregnancy only frightened Hilary more. Online, Hilary consulted a doctor who assured her that everything was normal and suggested she visit her OB if the cramps continued.

At Devon's penthouse, Hilary thanked Mariah for escorting her home. Before Mariah left, she encouraged Hilary to take advantage of her quiet home to get some rest. After Mariah left, Hilary suffered another cramp. Hilary changed into her nightgown and considered phoning Devon. Unable to contain her anxiousness, Hilary ran across the hallway and knocked frantically on Neil's front door. Nate, shirtless, opened the door and noted that Neil was asleep. Hilary cried, "I don't need Neil. I need you. I need a doctor." Nate couldn't help but notice Hilary's low-cut nightie.

Nate advised Hilary to phone her OB's emergency number. Hilary explained that she'd consulted a doctor via a website. Hilary said she needed a second opinion, but she admitted that her cramping had since subsided. Nate insisted he wouldn't be Hilary's personal doctor, though he concluded that nothing was wrong. Hilary cried that she had willed her baby into being, feared losing it, and was seeking professional reassurance.

Nate suggested that Hilary was instead seeking attention, which might be the reason Devon had yearned to get away for a while. Hilary mentioned that she was carrying Nate's cousin, and she threatened to tell Devon how dismissive Nate had been when she'd sought his help. Nate acquiesced and agreed to examine Hilary. Nate told Hilary that she and the baby were fine. He added that cramping was a normal part of pregnancy. Hilary admitted that her imagination had gone into overdrive.

Hilary apologized to Nate for the way she'd treated him at Neil's party. Hilary said Neil had told her Nate had been dealing with the anniversary of his girlfriend's death. Hilary noted it had likely been especially hard on Nate because he hadn't been able to save his girlfriend. Nate refused to discuss his private life. Hilary claimed she was a compassionate listener, but Nate brushed her off, and she left in a huff.

At Sharon's, Nikki and Sharon peered out a window and spotted a figure moving in the darkness. Sharon exclaimed, "It's J.T. You saw him, didn't you?" Shocked and shaking with fear, Nikki replied, "Yeah. Oh, my God. He is alive." Nikki wondered aloud how long J.T. had been watching them. Sharon noted that J.T. knew what they'd done and had purposely allowed them to catch a glimpse of him to serve as a warning.

Nikki, realizing that J.T. had slipped past security, as he had the night of Victor's attack, feared that J.T. might enter the main house and attempt to "finish the job." Nikki panicked when she couldn't reach Victor by phone. A sudden noise made the women jump with fright. Nick entered the room, still using a towel to dry his face and bare chest after showering. Sharon told Nick that J.T. was on the grounds. Nikki cried that she couldn't get ahold of Victor. Nikki, near tears, dialed Victor's number and left a message informing him that J.T. might be headed to the main house.

After Nick went upstairs, Nikki placed a third call to Victor, which went unanswered. Nikki cried to Sharon that Victor might be home, fighting with J.T. Nikki noted that in Victor's weakened state, J.T. could overpower him. Nick had returned, dressed, when he, Nikki, and Sharon heard the doorknob turning. Nick grabbed a fireplace poker and stood behind the door. When Mariah entered and saw Nick brandishing the poker, she cried, "Oh, my God! What the hell is going on?"

After Mariah learned from Nick, Nikki, and Sharon what had transpired, she assumed someone had called the police. Mariah whipped out her phone. After Mariah was told that no one had summoned the police, she cried, "What? J.T. is wanted for attempted murder. This is not an 'us' thing; this is a cop thing." Nick replied, "Look, Paul is the reason J.T. is here in the first place. We are not trusting the police on this one." Nikki agreed that the family would handle the matter because Paul had set things in motion by sending J.T. to spy on Victor.

Nick told Nikki to alert ranch security and tell them he would be out searching for J.T., too. Mariah snapped, "Oh, you and your poker? That's a great idea." Before Nick stepped out the door, Sharon pleaded with him not to do anything crazy because J.T. was dangerous. Nick quickly returned and told Nikki, Sharon, and Mariah that Victor wasn't home. Nick added that the nanny looking after a sleeping Christian would've heard something if J.T. had entered and attacked Victor. Nick assured the women that security details had been assigned to look after everyone at the ranch.

Despite Nick's assurances, Nikki feared the worst. Victor arrived. A relieved Nikki ran to him and cried, "Victor, thank God you're safe." After Victor learned that J.T. had been spotted at the ranch, he explained that he'd been out conducting damage control after Ashley had abruptly left Newman Enterprises. Sharon suggested that Ashley had left because of J.T. Sharon insisted it was crucial that they stop J.T. from going after everyone he was holding a grudge against. Victor and Nikki, ignored Sharon's desperate call to action and left. Nick assured Sharon and Mariah that they'd be safe.

After Victor and Nikki stepped out of Sharon's house, Nikki said she'd been worried knowing J.T. might be stalking Victor. Victor noted that J.T. had twice tried to kill him but had twice failed. Victor assured Nikki that J.T. wouldn't hurt the family again. Nikki cried, "I thought he was gone forever. I didn't think he'd ever be able to hurt any of our family, but it's true. He's alive." Victor kissed Nikki's forehead and told her not to worry. Nikki said she didn't want to sleep alone. Victor pulled Nikki close and said, "You're not going to sleep alone. I want you. I want to sleep with you, okay?" Victor told Nikki he'd missed her terribly.

At the Chancellor mansion, a disturbance outside awoke Esther. Esther was unaware that Kyle had entered the property. Kyle managed to dig down deep enough to reach Phillip Chancellor's coffin. When Kyle's shovel met the coffin, he selected a pry bar and attempted to open the sealed coffin. Esther phoned the police and pleaded with the dispatcher to quickly send help. Kyle sighed when he heard emergency sirens and noticed flashing lights.

At the rooftop pool, Jack visited with Summer. Jack said he'd evidently missed seeing Summer and Kyle at Billy's birthday party. Summer explained that she and Kyle had left around the same time. Summer noted that a drunken Kyle had become increasingly upset after Jack had lost his court battle to have Phillip Chancellor's body exhumed. Jack, sounding defeated, said that access to the grave was a dead issue. Jack added that his mother's failing memory would make her a poor witness if he carried through with his plan to sue Jill. Jack said his lawsuit seeking DNA would be grasping at straws, anyway.

Jack told Summer that perhaps he should heed his father's advice to achieve his highest potential. Jack added that Kyle should do the same. Summer assured Jack that Kyle was on his father's side. Jack told Summer that though he and Kyle had encountered relationship problems, he'd discovered real comfort from his and Kyle's efforts to patch things up and move forward. Summer replied, "Is this a message about me and my mom?" Jack smiled and said, "Would I ever do that to you?"

Jack asked Summer how hungover Kyle would likely be. Summer hinted that the amount of alcohol Kyle had consumed had made him say some "out there" things. Jack's phone rang. After Jack answered and listened briefly to the caller, Jack replied, "You did what?" After the call ended, Jack told Summer that Kyle had been arrested for digging up Phillip Chancellor's grave. Jack asked if digging up a grave had been the "out there" thing Kyle had mentioned to Summer at the party. Summer apologized and said she hadn't taken Kyle's ramblings seriously. Summer accompanied Jack to night court, where Kyle was about to be arraigned.

After Jack and Summer bailed Kyle out of jail, they went to the Abbott mansion. Kyle said he didn't know why Summer had tagged along. Summer berated Kyle for racking up a long list of charges. Summer added that she was thankful she hadn't accompanied Kyle to the gravesite because she would've been arrested as an accessory. Kyle noted that Summer's married ex-boyfriend had recently dropped charges of theft against her. Kyle expressed hope that Jack could charm Jill into dropping charges against him. Jack replied, "You made this mess. You clean it up."

Esther arrived at the Abbott mansion, having been summoned by Jack. Jack escorted Esther inside and said Kyle had something to say to her. Kyle apologized, stammering that he felt embarrassed by what he'd done. Esther cried, "I was terrified. It was like a horror movie. The thought about what happened to that poor man's grave - I can't even stand to think about it." Kyle explained that he'd felt he had to help his dad conduct a DNA test, even if it meant grabbing a shovel and digging. Esther stopped Kyle from adding gory details.

Kyle admitted to Esther that his actions had been disrespectful. Kyle cried that his dad might not ever forgive him, even if Esther did. Kyle flattered Esther and said he regretted his part in taking away her beautiful smile. Esther's tone softened, and she said she was grateful the police had arrived before Kyle had disturbed Mr. Chancellor's remains. Kyle offered to pay to put the gravesite back as it had been before. Esther took Kyle's hands, thanked him for apologizing, and said she'd smooth things over with Jill.

After Esther left, Jack sent Summer home. Jack berated Kyle for digging up the grave. Kyle said he felt obligated to help Jack determine if he was a Chancellor. Jack noted that Kyle might have been inclined to prove his own relationship to the Chancellors to secure a position at the Chancellor family company, especially after Ashley had become COO of Jabot. Kyle insisted he deserved a high position, unlike Billy, who'd secured the CEO position only because of the blood Abbott clause. Kyle lauded his success and said he'd deserved the COO title. Jack, sounding apologetic, noted that he'd felt compelled to set things right by backing Ashley after having held her back with his blood Abbott clause.

Jack assured Kyle that someday there'd be a top-spot position for him. Kyle replied, "Maybe sooner. Look what I found tonight. Look what I found in Phillip's grave." Kyle unfold a handkerchief and revealed a bone fragment tucked inside. Kyle said they should first prove they were Chancellors, so they could get their hands on Chancellor Industries. Jack seemed overwhelmed by Kyle's suggestions.

Billy plots to win back the yacht Billy plots to win back the yacht
Tuesday, July 10, 2018

At Jabot, Billy sat in his office, staring at a picture of Jaboat. Summer entered and asked if he'd gotten back the yacht yet, and he declared that he had a plan to ensure that no one ever knew that he'd gambled away company property -- he was going to win it back that night. Summer clucked that it was how he'd lost the boat in the first place, but Billy was sure that he'd win. She felt guilty for being the reason he'd started playing cards again, and she lamented that she'd had no idea that things would spin out of control that fast. He assured her that things would be fine once he reversed his mistake, but he needed her help.

Ashley popped in and proclaimed that it was like she'd never left, and she prompted Billy to tell her all about the changes he'd made -- from budget to boat. Billy informed Ashley of his plans to conduct a vendor review to get a better handle on costs, and she lectured that they'd done that every year as a matter of course. Summer gushed about the amazing thoughts Billy had on Fenmore's, but Ashley coolly stated that she preferred Billy's input. Ashley added that it was more of an upper-echelon type of thing, and Summer begrudgingly stepped out.

Ashley questioned why Summer had thought she'd be privy to the conversation, and Billy explained that his open-door policy encouraged the exchange of ideas between all departments. Ashley conceded that it was great in theory, but Billy contended that morale and creativity were up because of it. He cited the example of how a dock worker's idea about shipment scheduling had led to thousands of dollars in savings. Ashley complimented some of the policies Billy had implemented, and she wanted the chance to share some of her own ideas. She imagined that it wouldn't be a problem, given his belief in open dialogue. Billy reminded her that she was still COO to his CEO, and that one letter made a big difference.

Billy suggested that he and Ashley go over the rest of her list the next day, but she wanted to clear the air before she left. She recognized that he'd been reluctant to have her back at Jabot, but she believed there was no reason they couldn't work well together because they both wanted the company to succeed, and Jabot would benefit from having both of them there. She accepted that he was in charge, and she supported his vision and leadership. He said he appreciated it, and she departed.

In the corridor, Ashley ran into Summer and hoped Summer understood why Ashley had wanted to speak with Billy alone. Summer pleasantly confirmed that she did, and Ashley assigned Summer to write a short summary of her job title and description. Summer balked because being that formal wasn't consistent with the tone Billy had set, and Ashley suggested that Summer get used to a slightly different approach. Ashley requested that Summer complete the task by the end of the day.

At his penthouse, Neil rushed down the stairs and worried that he was late for work. Nate tempted him with a fresh pot of coffee, but Neil said he had no time. Nate repeated Neil's words that he set his own hours, but Neil countered that showing up after everyone else wasn't his idea of leading by example. Neil inquired about what was on Nate's agenda that day, and Nate explained that he'd hoped to meet Victor for a follow-up exam, but Victor couldn't meet until that night.

Neil acknowledged that Victor was putting out a lot of fires, and Nate voiced concern about the stress both Victor and Neil were under. Neil insisted that he could handle it, but Nate observed that the Newman crisis had been consuming Neil's life, and it only seemed to be getting worse. Nate questioned the last time Neil had done something for Hamilton-Winters or the foundation, but Neil was distracted by a work call.

Jack arrived at the Abbott mansion, and Kyle wondered if Jack had decided to take the bone fragment to the lab to find out if he was Phillip's son. Jack griped that he hadn't been able to sleep at all the night before, since he'd only become angrier about the hideous thing Kyle had done. Kyle defended that he'd done it to help Jack, but Jack barked that Kyle had crossed every moral and ethical line on top of getting arrested. Jack added that any information Kyle had obtained would be inadmissible in court, and he doubted that Chance or Phillip III would give him a DNA sample once they found out what Kyle had done. The doorbell rang incessantly, and Kyle spotted Cane and groaned that it was the last face he wanted to see.

Cane blasted Kyle for refusing to accept that Jack had decided to drop the lawsuit, but Jack pointed out that Esther had forgiven Kyle. Cane ranted that Kyle had shown nothing but disrespect to Phillip, Katherine, and Jill, but Kyle retorted that Cane hardly had room to talk when he'd tried to pose as a Chancellor for over a year. Jack agreed that Kyle had gone too far, but he was adamant that nothing like that would ever happen again. Cane barked that it wouldn't matter, since even if Jack managed to prove that Phillip was his father, Jack couldn't get his hands on Chancellor because Katherine had given the company to Victor. Cane snarled that they all knew Jack was wasting his time, but Jack huffed that he knew nothing of the sort.

Cane assumed that Jack intended to challenge Katherine's will, and Jack argued that Katherine had divided her estate based on incomplete information if he turned out to be Phillip's first-born son. Kyle taunted that it looked like Cane was starting to sweat, but Cane countered that all that mattered were the facts, and Jack had no proof that he was Phillip's son. After Cane walked out, Kyle became excited that the legal approach could work. Jack didn't think a judge would give him the time of day, since Katherine hadn't left Chancellor to a blood relative, which nullified Jack's argument. Kyle pressed Jack to pursue it, but Jack snapped that he needed some fresh air and stalked out.

At Crimson Lights, Cane and Nate greeted one another with a hug, and Cane apologized for missing Nate's homecoming bash because of some curve balls that had been thrown at him. Cane figured that Nate didn't need to hear him complain about life after what Nate had been through, and Cane insisted on hearing about Nate. Nate assured Cane that he was doing all right, although it had taken a while to get his feet back on the ground after his girlfriend had died.

Nate explained that he'd moved out of Boston because there had been too many painful memories, but he was looking forward to making new ones with the family he'd missed like crazy. Cane invited Nate to dinner with him and Lily, and he offered to include a single woman. Nate stressed that he was fine with his social circle, and he preferred to keep things simple, since he'd had his fair share of complicated.

Neil met Ashley at the Dive Bar, and she asked how things were going at work. He confided that dealing with the Newman fallout had pretty much trashed his calendar, and she was sure her departure hadn't helped. He surmised that she had already returned to work, and she announced that it was her first day back at Jabot. She marveled that she felt reenergized, since she hadn't realized what being at Newman had been taking out of her. Neil didn't blame her for running away, but Ashley clarified that she was running toward something wonderful where her heart was. Jack saw them toasting.

Jack interrupted to congratulate Ashley on her first day back, and she credited him with supporting her when Billy had been reluctant to take her back. Jack found it strange that the two of them were working at Jabot without him, but Ashley recalled that Billy had asked Jack back repeatedly. Jack mused that his life had been taken in a different direction, and he could never go back. Neil understood that Jack had to follow his own path to find a place where he belonged. Jack apologized for barging in on a private conversation, and he headed out.

Neil noted that Jack had a dark cloud hanging over him, and Ashley figured that Jack had accepted that his quest to find out whether he was a Chancellor was futile. Neil pointed out that he'd accepted Ashley's invitation to hear about her, and he inquired whether she'd had to twist Billy's arm to get back in the door. She mentioned that Billy had become accustomed to operating without anyone challenging him, but history had shown that Billy's winning streaks didn't last long, since he either risked too much or made enormous errors in judgment. She swore that she'd be there to pick up the pieces.

Neil promised that whatever he and Ashley discussed would stay secret, and he knew that she would never be content playing second fiddle and mopping up after Billy. He recalled her determination to get rid of the blood Abbott clause, and she intended to reestablish her chops as COO and set an example for the rest of the company. Neil opined that she'd gotten out of Newman at the perfect time, since he anticipated that the chaos would get a lot worse. Ashley wondered if Neil was pondering a change of his own, but Neil refused to abandon Victor. Ashley admired Neil's loyalty; however, she doubted that Victor would be as devoted if the tables were turned, and she advised Neil to look out for himself. She was grateful that he'd warned her about the storm at Newman, and she offered to repay him with a highly confidential tip of her own.

Ashley informed Neil that Newman would soon be scrambling to find a new data storage company, since the IT firm they were using had to be careful with their reputation. Ashley suspected that the company would be looking to replace their client, and she imagined that Hamilton-Winters had huge storage needs for its streaming service. She suggested that Neil contact the CEO directly and drop her name, and she bet that Hamilton-Winters would, for a favorable rate, slide into the spot Newman would be vacating. Neil grinned at the huge win it would be for his company.

Kyle met Jack at the Athletic Club bar, and he assumed that his father had summoned him to yell at him some more. Jack mentioned that Neil had just been talking about finding a place in the world, and it killed Jack that he didn't know where his was. Jack refused to wait any longer, and he decided to run a DNA test on the bone fragment to see if Phillip was his father and Kyle's grandfather. Kyle repeated Jack's warning that they couldn't use the proof in court. Jack proclaimed that he didn't need Chancellor Industries, but he did need to know who he was.

At the cottage, Phyllis stopped by to discuss the bombshell about J.T. that Sharon had left over voicemail. Sharon recalled that J.T. had been there the prior night, but Phyllis was skeptical. Sharon insisted that he'd been lurking in the bushes outside the window, staring at her. Phyllis asked how many glasses of wine Sharon had had at the time, and an insulted Sharon swore that she'd been stone-cold sober and that Nikki had seen him, too. Phyllis wondered what Victoria was thinking, and both she and Sharon received text messages. Sharon remarked that it looked like they were about to find out.

At Newman Enterprises, Victoria recounted that Nikki had been certain that she'd seen J.T., and Sharon confirmed that it had definitely been him. Phyllis argued that there had to be a more rational explanation, and she suggested that the man outside Sharon's home had been a blond security guard. Sharon countered that she knew all the guards, but none of them looked like that, and they'd never stared into her windows. Sharon recognized that none of them wanted to believe it, but they had to stop living in denial. Victoria admitted that she'd resisted it, but she couldn't anymore.

Sharon theorized that J.T.'s appearance at her house had been a signal that he was not only going after Victor but the four of them, too. The women jumped when Nick opened the door, and he found it odd that he'd found them together again. He demanded to know what was going on, and Sharon claimed that she'd wanted to see how Victoria was holding up after J.T.'s appearance the night before. Phyllis added that she'd run into Sharon at the coffeehouse, and she'd also wanted to offer Victoria support. Phyllis received a text message and left to tend to a work problem. Nick revealed that he'd stopped by to check on Victoria, and she brightly told him that his mission was accomplished, but he wasn't so sure.

Victoria conceded that she was worried because she didn't want J.T. hurting anyone ever again, and Sharon noted that they were all on edge. Nick informed them that in addition to Victor's extra security, he'd put his own team in place to patrol their homes to make sure their kids were safe. Nick added that he wanted everyone to feel protected, plus he thought there was a better chance of catching J.T. that way. Sharon wished J.T. had stayed gone, but Nick vowed that the "bastard" would pay for what he'd done to their family. Nick thought that J.T. was getting reckless, and he pledged to be ready when J.T.'s luck ran out.

Nick encouraged Victoria to leave with him and Sharon to get out of the office for a while, but Victoria bemoaned that J.T.'s attacks on the company had resulted in severe ramifications, like deals falling through and losing contracts. Victoria confided that it was worse than what the public knew, and Nick said he was sorry it was making her life difficult, but he had a hard time sympathizing with Victor. Victoria questioned how the attacks had been their dad's fault, and Nick asserted that Victor had hidden his medical condition from people who'd had the right to the information. Nick continued that Victor had considered himself untouchable, so he'd given J.T. the ammunition to use against him, and everyone at Newman was paying for it.

Nick stepped aside to take a call, and he reported that it had been an update from Brittany about the custody case. Sharon asked if the social worker needed more information, but Nick divulged that the arbitrator was reviewing the social worker's report. He announced that the arbitrator expected to make a final ruling by the end of the day about who would have custody of Christian.

Phyllis arrived at Jabot, and Summer pointed out that Phyllis had been lucky not to cross paths with the new COO, who had thankfully left the building. Phyllis groused that Ashley had strong-armed her way back into the company, and Summer complained that Ashley had been dismissive and condescending. Phyllis encouraged Summer to do her job and watch her back, and she requested that Summer look into a Fenmore's shipment that hadn't arrived. Phyllis voiced concern because they'd used the same shipping company that Billy had experienced problems with, and she ordered Summer to tell the company that they'd look for someone else to handle their business if they kept screwing up.

Later, Summer relayed to Billy that her mom had instructed her to get tough with the shipping company, but they'd acted like she was nuts when she'd mentioned a recent Jabot shipment being late. Billy closed his office door and revealed that it had been the cover story he'd used with Phyllis on the night he'd bailed Summer out of the poker game. Phyllis joined them and asked for an update on the shipping issues, and Summer reported that the goods would be there by the end of the day. Phyllis wondered how they'd reacted when Summer had reprimanded them for not being a partner Jabot could trust, but Billy claimed that he'd been trying out a new shipping company to compare costs the other night. Phyllis figured that an occasional mistake was acceptable if it didn't turn into a pattern, and Billy pointedly assured her it wouldn't.

Phyllis asked for Summer's take on Ashley's first day, and Summer huffed that she hadn't loved being kicked out earlier. Billy was cautiously optimistic, but he still planned to run the company the way he saw fit, so Ashley had to get on board. Phyllis left to get back to work, and Billy declared that the lies stopped as of then. Summer corrected that they would end after the poker game that night, and she referred to his needing her help. Billy explained that he needed her to keep Phyllis busy, and Summer readily agreed to help after what he'd done for her. Billy pledged to win back the boat so that everything could go back to the way it had been.

Christian's custody is determined Christian's custody is determined
Wednesday, July 11, 2018

At home, Phyllis thought about preparing a frozen dinner because Billy was working late. Summer suggested that they go out for dinner and said that it would be her treat. Phyllis decided that they'd get takeout and have dinner with Billy at Jabot. Summer advised her that Billy was working on a huge potential score for Jabot that he hoped would impress Ashley. Summer added that Billy wouldn't be happy if Phyllis popped in while he was in the middle of a conference call.

Phyllis told Summer that she was concerned that Billy would screw up because Ashley had returned to Jabot. She hoped Billy wouldn't become reckless. Summer said that she got the vibe from Billy that he had everything under control. Summer tried to deflect by saying that she really wanted to treat her mother to dinner to make up for being a tad difficult since her return to town.

Phyllis went upstairs to freshen up while Summer sent Billy a text message asking him how things were going and informing him that she'd kept Phyllis from blowing his cover. Summer asked how much longer he'd be. Billy responded that he'd gamble until he was flush and had won back Jaboat. Summer urged him to hurry and reminded him that Phyllis was the ultimate wild card.

When Phyllis returned, Summer suggested they go to the Top of the Tower, but Phyllis talked Summer into going to the Athletic Club. While Phyllis looked for her keys, Summer tried to send another text message to Billy to warn him that she and Phyllis would be dining at the Athletic Club, but Phyllis stopped her when she found her keys. They left.

At the Athletic Club, Phyllis said she was excited that she and Summer were spending time together. Phyllis inquired about Summer's life. Summer talked about her daily routine at work and said that she needed to check her Fenmore's emails. Phyllis stopped her and said that no one expected Summer to work after hours. Summer wanted to get a text message to Billy, so she told Phyllis that she hadn't asked if the food she'd ordered would be cooked in peanut oil. While Phyllis went to inquire, Summer sent Billy a text asking how things were going.

When Phyllis returned, Summer's friend George stopped and asked if Summer would be joining the game. Summer cut him off before he could say more and introduced him to Phyllis. George drooled over Phyllis. Summer thanked him for stopping by. Once he was gone, Phyllis wanted to know about the game. Summer claimed it was a new video game. Phyllis said it sounded like fun, and she wanted them to join the game. Summer pouted that it their night together, and she didn't want to compete for Phyllis' attention over a stupid video game.

At home, Sharon told Nick she was jumpy since she'd seen J.T. At that moment, Nick received a text message from Brittany advising him there would be a ruling, in writing, regarding Christian's custody by the end of the day. Nick said he was confident because things felt different, and Victor wouldn't get what he wanted "this time." Nick showed Sharon the new toys he'd bought for Christian.

Sharon told Nick she was concerned that he had his hopes up and might be headed for a big disappointment. Nick stated that Victor's bravado would be his downfall, and Victor wasn't the powerhouse he had been since he'd allowed a loser like J.T. to do that much damage. Nick said he had to go out for a little while, but he assured Sharon she'd be safe because he had his own security on high alert. He said that Brittany would contact him as soon as she had any information about Christian's custody. Nick felt it would be good news, and he had zero doubt.

At the Dive Bar, Hilary and Mariah were on-air with The Hilary Hour. Hilary spoke about a cockatiel with a broken wing. Off to the side, Nate laughed loudly and momentarily threw Hilary off balance. When the show broke for a commercial, Hilary marched over to Nate. She was furious. She asked who would laugh at an injured bird and then asked if pets weren't covered under the Hippocratic oath. She demanded that he show a little respect.

Nate confessed that his focus had been on his friend and not on Hilary's "little show." Hilary suggested that he focus on his date elsewhere so he wouldn't interrupt them again. Nate explained that he was catching up with an old friend, and if Hilary wanted a quiet background, she needed to broadcast the show from her studio.

When the show resumed, Hilary told her audience that before she'd become pregnant, she'd made a jalapeno and beet juice drink that flushed toxins. From the sidelines, Nate stated loudly that it hadn't been proven. Hilary continued that the drink stimulated healthy weight loss -- Nate said, "Allegedly." Hilary continued that it boosted the immune system -- Nate said the actual results varied. Hilary told her audience that they'd attracted a very opinionated person. Hilary stated that they didn't need to be board-certified doctors to know that eating more vegetables led to better health.

At that point, Nate walked away, and Hilary told her audience that they'd stopped the comments from the peanut gallery. Mariah finished the show by saying that it was good to end on a high note and told people to keep buzzing. As soon as the show ended, Hilary marched over to Nate and irately stated that she was happy she'd been able to provide him with a lot of show to ruin. Nate said that he'd merely tried to save her from a "false claim" lawsuit.

Hilary asked how Nate would like it if she'd followed him around and commented on his bedside manner. Nate suggested that Hilary needed to follow a doctor because it would save her from giving out false information. Mariah said it appeared that Nate was positioning himself to be on the show. Hilary spat that she'd rather invite Hannibal Lecter. Hilary grudgingly introduced Mariah to Nate, stating that he was Neil's godson and her new neighbor. Hilary told Mariah not to feel obligated to entertain Nate any further, and she left.

Mariah advised Nate that Hilary was very protective of her show. She said that Hilary could surprise him -- in a good way. Nate said that would be "one hell of a surprise."

Victor arrived at Neil's condo for his appointment with Nate. He wanted Nate to hurry up and get his examination over with. Nate told Victor the physical therapist had called to advise him that Victor had canceled his session. Victor claimed he had other priorities. Nate said his only concern was Victor's health, and he was aware of Victor's priorities. Victor said he'd find another doctor. Nate asked if it would be someone who would allow Victor to walk all over him and watch while Victor damaged his body further. Nate said if that was Victor's idea of a personal physician, it wouldn't work for him.

Nate said that, like Victor, he had no patience for people who only did a half-assed job. If Victor felt he could find someone better, then Victor needed to walk out the door. Nate warned him that the next time, it wouldn't be just a glass hitting the floor -- it might be Victor. Victor suggested they get started because he needed to be 100% fit to fight all that was heading his way, and he couldn't show any signs of weakness. Victor threatened that if Nate didn't fulfil his commitment to him, Nate would be the one needing a doctor.

At the end of the examination, Nate informed Victor that Victor had had a setback in his recovery. He asked how closely Victor had followed the other doctor's instructions. Victor claimed it was a tedious regimen, and he'd seen paltry results. Nate advised that nothing beat intense physical therapy and that doing it correctly took more effort than Victor had given. Victor agreed to give it his best shot. Nate gave Victor a new prescription, but Victor didn't want any more medication. Nate said that if Victor wanted to get well, then he'd have to take the medication and commit to the physical therapy and the treatment they'd agreed upon -- commencing the next day.

Victor told Nate the next day was out of the question because he was expecting a legal decision that evening. Nate said Victor would get the decision that evening, and the next day, Victor had physical therapy. He said that Victor couldn't make deals where his health was concerned. He walked Victor to the elevator and advised him to get more sleep, physical therapy, and less stress. Victor needed all three to make his treatment work.

As the elevator doors closed, Hilary exited her unit and saw Nate. Nate grimaced and tried to enter his unit, but he'd locked himself out. Hilary taunted Nate by suggesting that he push the little button beside the door; a bell would ring, and Neil would let him in. Nate informed her that Neil wasn't home. Hilary said she'd heard him talking to someone and wanted to know who it had been. Nate advised her it was on a need-to-know basis, and Hilary didn't need to know.

Nate asked Hilary if there was an emergency key. Hilary said there was, but she suggested that he call a locksmith. She joyfully taunted him further because he didn't have his phone or his wallet. As Hilary entered the elevator, she suggested that if Nate was able to lure a locksmith to help him, Nate should avoid pissing him off.

At home, Sharon told Mariah that Christian's fate would be handed down later that evening and the waiting was driving her nuts. Mariah mentioned the girls' night at Victoria's. She said that even though she'd been wasted, she'd been convinced she'd heard a guy's voice, but when she'd questioned Sharon, Sharon hadn't allowed her to enter Victoria's bedroom. Mariah asked if J.T. had been with them. Sharon tried to deflect, but Mariah said that her memory was very specific about a guy's voice. Sharon claimed it had to have been Phyllis because once Phyllis had a few drinks, she sounded like Robert De Niro.

Mariah said that she and Sharon had been through some messed-up stuff together, and whatever had happened on the night of the girls' party, Sharon had been suffering since then. She promised she wouldn't judge Sharon, and she wouldn't be shocked by anything Sharon might have done -- she just wanted the truth. Sharon gave in. She said Mariah had heard J.T.'s voice and that he'd been in Victoria's room that night. Sharon explained what had happened that evening, omitting that Nikki had struck and killed J.T. with a poker.

Mariah told Sharon that in spite of saying she wouldn't be, she was shocked. Sharon admitted she'd been shocked because she'd helped an abusive, murdering psychopath leave town to avoid prison. Mariah stated that Sharon, Nikki, and Phyllis had helped Victoria, but she was surprised that Nikki had allowed J.T. to leave after what he'd done to Victor. Sharon said things had happened very fast, and it had been very confusing. Victoria had been a wreck. They hadn't known if Victoria still had feelings for J.T. or if she'd been scared of what J.T. might have done if she hadn't cooperated. They'd all known how dangerous J.T. was, and they'd wanted him away from them as fast as possible.

Mariah asked what they would have done if J.T. had turned on them. She wondered if they would have bashed his head with one of Victoria's power stilettos. Stunned by the comment, Sharon quickly recovered and said that Victoria had been furious with herself for having been weak. She'd been ashamed that she'd done everything J.T. had asked of her. Sharon said that Victoria had confessed everything to Paul a few weeks later. Mariah hoped that Victoria had left Sharon out of it. Sharon said that Victoria had told Paul that they'd all gone home before J.T. had arrived.

Sharon told Mariah that she was lucky because she hadn't faced any repercussions for aiding and abetting a fugitive. Mariah said Sharon had suffered repercussions because she'd been torn up for a long time. Mariah said that Sharon should have confided in her a long time before. Sharon said she hadn't been able to because Mariah had had nothing to do with it.

Mariah said that Sharon had support from her and Nick. Sharon said Nick could never find out and that it had to remain a secret. Mariah reminded her that others were involved. She asked how long Sharon expected the secret to remain buried. Sharon said if anyone found out that she'd helped Victor's attempted murderer escape, Victor would make sure Nick permanently lost custody of Christian.

Nick met with a prospective contributor at the Dive Bar and handed him a file. When Victor arrived, he and Nick glared at each other. Victor went to the bar while Nick said goodbye to the person he'd met with. Nick walked over to Victor. Victor said he wasn't aware that Nick had been interviewing prospective attorneys for any future legal needs that Nick might require. Nick told Victor the he'd been raising money for New Hope -- something he did daily.

Victor commented that Nick had been focused enough to get a job done, which indicated that Nick was very confident about the custody decision. Nick stated that there was only one ruling that made any sense, since he was the reasonable and non-delusional person. Nick suggested they go online to make sure there hadn't been any leaks about the ruling because someone smart and vicious had it in for Newman Enterprises. At that moment, Nick and Victor simultaneously received an email. They read their messages and exchanged a look.

At home, Phyllis and Summer said they were happy they'd spent time together. Phyllis was upset that Billy hadn't responded to her text. On her way upstairs, Summer sent Billy a text message asking him how things were going. In the meantime, Phyllis was downstairs and thought about Billy. She grabbed her bag and keys and left. A short time later, Summer returned to the living room and sent Billy another text message stating that she'd rocked operation divert-mom and that Phyllis hadn't suspected a thing. Summer expected Billy to tell her that his night had been equally as successful.

Phyllis arrived at Jabot and entered Billy's dark and empty office. At that moment, she received a text message from Billy advising her that he was still at the office and that she shouldn't wait up.

Phyllis went to Crimson Lights. Hilary arrived and said she was happy that Phyllis had called her. She told Phyllis what Dr. Obnoxious had been up to. Hilary recounted the incident of Nate's heckling on her live show and how he'd had the nerve to ask if he could borrow her emergency key to enter his suite. Hilary suddenly noticed Phyllis was distracted and asked what was wrong. Phyllis explained that Billy had lied about working late. Hilary said there could've been an innocent reason and that his plans had changed. Phyllis admitted it was the second time Billy had lied to her about working late.

When Hilary asked Phyllis if she thought Billy had been cheating on her, Phyllis said that they'd spent a lot of time together, Billy had been happy, and she knew that he loved her. She told Hilary that they'd had sex in the elevator. Hilary gave Phyllis a private investigator's business card and suggested that Phyllis keep it in case she wanted to have Billy investigated.

At home, Sharon told Mariah she was certain that Nick had received information about Christian's custody and that he was probably holding back because he'd lost. At that moment, Nick arrived and revealed that he had Christian. Nick explained that the arbitrator had ruled in his favor because Victor had been hiding his health issues and had been very focused on what was going on at Newman Enterprises. The arbitrator had ruled that Christian needed more. Elated, Sharon and Nick kissed while Victor sat at the bar, deflated.

Neil and Ashley's evening turns romantic Neil and Ashley's evening turns romantic
Thursday, July 12, 2018

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At home, Billy snoozed on the couch, and Summer waved a cup of coffee under his nose. He told her to go away, but she pressed to know if she'd find a set of boat keys if she searched him. He reluctantly admitted that she wouldn't, but he'd been close to winning back everything he'd lost, and the pot had been huge. He was baffled when Summer started griping about him owing her mom an explanation for getting home late and sleeping it off on the couch. Phyllis appeared on the stairs and ordered him to start explaining.

Phyllis complained that Billy smelled like a distillery, and she prompted Summer to get ready for work. After Summer headed upstairs, Billy claimed that he'd been at a working dinner with folks who had been determined to drink the entire city out of its whiskey supply. Phyllis assumed that he'd been with business associates, and he maintained that a work dinner had turned into a drinking dinner. She mentioned that Summer had said he'd had an overseas conference call, and he replied that it had been before dinner.

Phyllis questioned why Billy hadn't gone to bed, and he insisted that he hadn't wanted to wake her. She asserted that she hadn't slept because she'd felt guilty after being tempted to check up on him at Jabot when he'd been gone so long. She figured that it wouldn't have mattered if she had because he'd been out to dinner, but he fibbed that he'd been at Jabot and gotten takeout for everyone. He planned to work from home that day to nurse his hangover, and she forced a smile.

After Phyllis left, Summer returned downstairs and assumed that Billy was working from home. He informed her that he was finding his next game, since he still intended to win the boat back to avoid telling the truth. She doubted that he could get his hands on enough cash for another high-stakes game, and she reminded him that he was an addict. Billy scoffed at the notion that he'd end up broke and living in a gutter, but Summer warned that he was heading down a dangerous path. He vowed to walk away once he won back everything he'd lost, but she wondered what would happen if he didn't. He ruled that out as an option, and she departed.

Billy instructed someone over the phone to sell some mutual funds and deposit the proceeds into his personal account. He protested that he couldn't wait 72 hours, and he reminded his broker that they'd been working together a long time. Billy received a text message from Sinead, asking if he was in that night or not.

At Jabot, Kyle peered into Billy's office and seemed irritated when he saw Ashley rifling through documents on Billy's desk. Kyle entered and asked where Billy was, and she considered it a good question. Kyle remarked that it was lucky for her that Billy wasn't there, but Ashley insisted that she hadn't been doing anything behind her brother's back. She explained that she'd been looking for documentation to get a handle on Jabot's new and curious expenses, but she couldn't find the title to the yacht. She ordered Kyle to gather information about the purchase, but he stated that it was outside his purview, and he suggested that she direct her questions to the captain of the ship.

Phyllis arrived at Jabot as she spoke with Hilary over the phone. Phyllis confirmed that she hadn't called Hilary's private investigator because she'd had to check out some things before she accused Billy of anything. Ashley overheard as Phyllis mentioned going over Jabot's security log, and Phyllis ended the call. Ashley questioned why Phyllis intended to go over the log, and Phyllis claimed that she was looking something up for Lauren. Ashley was skeptical, and Phyllis spun a story about rumors that Fenmore's employees were napping in Billy's sleep pods while putting in for overtime.

Ashley advised against risking losing someone valuable by accusing them of something they might not have done, and Phyllis contended that it was why she was gathering the facts. Ashley said she'd been doing the same thing, and she asked if Phyllis knew anything about the maintenance on the yacht. Phyllis indicated that she and Billy hadn't talked about it, but Ashley pushed to know why Phyllis had changed the venue for Billy's birthday party. Phyllis suspected that Ashley was trying to dig up dirt on Billy to make him look bad, but Ashley reasoned that she wouldn't be able to do that unless there was something to dig up.

At the Athletic Club, Victor was on the phone, reminding a business contact that no one had heard of them before they'd done business with Newman. He questioned why the company wanted to sever ties, and he was shocked to hear the reason behind it.

At Hamilton-Winters, Tessa offered Neil some coffee and informed him that he was the first one in. He wanted to get an early start because there was a lot to do, and he announced that they'd be moving all their data to a new server company, which was a huge coup. Tessa applauded him for scoring a major deal, and he crowed that it would put them among the elite corporate players. Tessa anticipated that everyone would be excited about it, but Neil muttered, "Not everyone."

Neil called Ashley and said he owed her big time, since he was officially a new client of the server company. He insisted on thanking her properly, and he asked her to join him for dinner. She welcomed the break from trying to sort through Jabot's finances, and he suggested that he cook her dinner at his place. She was surprised he could cook, and he replied that there were a few things she didn't know about him. They made plans for that evening, and Neil told Tessa that he would be at home after taking care of some personal business. He headed out, and she fielded a call from Victor. Tessa informed him that Neil had just left, and Victor abruptly hung up.

At Crimson Lights, Mariah called out to Kyle, who joined her on the patio. She teased that working graveyard shifts wore people out, and she examined his hands and was impressed that there wasn't a trace of dirt. He remarked that he tried to keep up on his personal hygiene, but she informed him that she'd read the police blotter. He admitted that he'd had a few cocktails and tried to help his dad, and he hoped he wouldn't hear about his adventure on GC Buzz. Mariah reminded him that Jabot was their sponsor, so he wouldn't be featured on the show, even though she'd love to publicly humiliate him. He suspected that she was protecting him because she cared, since he had that effect on women. She asked if his ego ever got smaller, and he shook his head.

Mariah spotted Tessa at the counter, stepped into the doorway, and nervously waved. Tessa acknowledged the gesture before she headed out with a to-go tray of coffee. Kyle sarcastically noted that Mariah's wave hadn't been super awkward, and she asked if he'd expected her to do an interpretive dance. She defended that most friends understood the universal sign for hello, but he countered that friends had coffee -- not sex.

Kyle wondered why Mariah hadn't asked Tessa out yet, since everyone got rejected, but it just meant finding a new approach. Mariah bemoaned that she'd never been that person with ridiculously good looks or too much confidence, and she'd heard nice phrases to let her down gently her entire life. She thought she couldn't go through the pain of rejection again, but he insisted that things were different with Tessa. Mariah agreed because she might actually get her heart broken, and she was convinced that she wasn't girlfriend material and never would be. Kyle assured her that anyone would be lucky to have her, and Mariah grumbled that she'd heard the pep talk before.

On the Athletic Club roof, Mariah spotted Summer flirting with an attractive young man. Summer joined Mariah, who surmised that Summer had just broken another heart, and Summer flippantly stated that she wasn't interested in the guy. Mariah asked how Summer did it, but Summer had no idea what Mariah was talking about. Mariah pointed out that guys were disposable to Summer, since there were ten in line every time Summer dumped one. Mariah was curious about what Summer's secret was to get so many people attracted to her, and Summer taunted that Mariah wanted to know how to be a snowflake.

Summer pushed a tequila shot toward Mariah. Mariah accepted free drinks but not pity, and Summer asked whether Mariah wanted her help or not. Mariah chugged back the shot, and Summer explained that confidence was the way to get people interested, since if a person believed they were attractive, other people would, too. Summer lectured that Mariah's bohemian look wasn't working, and she encouraged Mariah to be hotter.

Mariah inquired whether the confidence or the attention that fed it happened first, and Summer stressed that guys liked it when women were confident enough to show interest without being too obsessive or pathetic. Mariah groaned that it had been a mistake to ask Summer for help, but Summer pointed out that Mariah was no longer limiting herself to one gender, so she'd doubled the size of her dating pool. Mariah mumbled that it also doubled the number of rejections. Summer ordered Mariah to work on her confidence while Summer worked on Mariah's wardrobe.

Kyle arrived at Hamilton-Winters to talk to Hilary about sponsorship promos, but Tessa informed him that Hilary wasn't there. Kyle recounted seeing Tessa at the coffeehouse, and Tessa noted that he'd been with Mariah. Kyle said Tessa should have joined them, but Tessa insisted that she'd had to get the drinks back to the office. He theorized that she'd been avoiding him because he'd once asked her out, and she reminded him that she'd turned him down. She added that she didn't want to burst his ego, but he wasn't her type. He recognized that he'd never stood a chance, since he'd realized what she'd meant when she'd told him she couldn't go out with him because she was a friend of Mariah's.

Tessa argued that Kyle didn't know the whole story between her and Mariah. Tessa recalled that it had taken them a while to get back to a good space, and things were comfortable. Kyle pointed out that it wasn't a word people normally used to describe friendship. Tessa contended that Mariah was one of the best people she'd ever met, but she hadn't always treated Mariah that way. Kyle commented that sometimes the people they cared about most were those they hurt the worst, and Tessa confided that she'd handled things with Mariah badly. She wished that she could do things over, but there were no do-overs in life.

Ashley arrived at Neil's penthouse, and Neil marveled that she looked great. She said something smelled delicious, and he rattled off an elaborate menu that he'd prepared from scratch. She was impressed, and she wondered why she hadn't known he was an incredible chef. She hoped he didn't think he owed her, and he called it a mutually beneficial exchange of information. She asked why she was getting the special treatment, and he proposed that they let go of work-related items and concentrate on one another's company.

Ashley inquired whether Nate was there, but Neil responded that it was just them. She received a call and wanted to answer it in case it was about her mother, and Neil went to check on dinner. Ashley picked up a call from Billy, who had heard that she'd stopped by his office. She told him that they had to discuss some financial issues, and she inquired about the paperwork for the boat that was supposedly being repaired. She questioned why a new boat had needed repairs and what source of money had paid for the fix, and Billy lied that a buddy had done the repairs, so he'd paid the bill out of his personal account. Billy promised that she'd see the boat in the water within a week.

Neil handed Ashley some wine and reported that dinner was almost ready. She admitted that she hadn't been sure he'd act on her tip, since he and Victor had been friends for a long time, and Newman was Power Communications' biggest client. Neil figured that the server company had already severed ties with Newman, so they would have picked up another client anyway. Ashley inquired whether Neil was worried about Victor's reaction, but Neil recalled that Victor had taught him that it was just business. Neil reflected back on when Victor had given him his first job and shown him life in the corporate world as his mentor and friend.

Ashley queried why Neil had let her know about the storm brewing at Newman. He explained that he hadn't wanted her to be collateral damage, and she was at the top of a short list of people he would do something like that for. She pressed to know how she'd won such a coveted spot, and he called her kind and smart with deep empathy for others. He praised her for taking the information he'd given her and making the right choice because she was an honorable person, and she suggested that he tell it to Billy. Neil added that it was a turn-on that Ashley was a tough businesswoman.

Ashley asked if that was what the evening was about, and Neil implied that it could be. They almost kissed, but the doorbell rang. Neil opened the door to Victor, who declared that it wasn't every day that a good friend stabbed him in the back, and he wanted to give Neil a chance to explain why. Victor observed that Neil and Ashley had been about to sit down to an intimate dinner, and he thought he shouldn't be surprised, since they had a lot in common. Neil requested that Victor not take his anger with Neil out on Ashley, but Victor haughtily stated that Neil hadn't been the only one who'd betrayed him.

Neil acknowledged that Victor was upset that Neil had struck a deal with the server company, but he believed Victor would have taken the same opportunity in the same situation. Neil hoped that Victor wouldn't let it get between them, and Victor asked if Neil valued their friendship. Neil recounted that he'd just been telling Ashley how many opportunities Victor had given him, and he didn't want a business decision to affect them. Victor said he didn't, either, but there was only one way to deal with it. Victor severed the ties between Newman and Power Communications, effective immediately. He wished them a nice, intimate dinner on his way out.

After dinner, Ashley raved about Neil's cooking, and she noted that they'd talked about everything except what had happened earlier. Neil shared that part of him wished he'd avoided the conflict with Victor. He continued that he was more disappointed than angry, since he admired and respected Victor, but he conceded that it was stressful to work with Victor. Neil proclaimed that the dinner had officially become a celebration, and he put on some music to celebrate being stress-free -- at least for one night.

Neil pulled Ashley into his arms and twirled her around, and she laughed. She marveled that things were effortless with him, since there were no expectations. Neil imagined that it was because they'd been there before, and he contemplated whether he owed Victor thanks for interrupting their moment earlier. Neil realized that Victor had consumed much of his life, but he could fill up that space with things he really enjoyed. "Like what?" she asked. "Like this," he replied, and they kissed.

Phyllis checked the security log and found nothing to prove that Billy had been at Jabot the night before. Billy called her with the bad news that he expected another late night, but he remained vague about the details. He told her not to wait up, and he pledged his love. Phyllis inquired whether Ashley had been in touch about some financial issues, and Billy insisted that it wasn't a big deal. Billy said he had to run, and he hung up. He retrieved a phony $30,000 invoice for boat repairs from his printer.

Later, Billy went to Jabot and asked Kyle to drop off something at accounting, but Kyle indicated that he was off the clock. Billy insisted that Kyle take it because Gloria was gone for the day, and Kyle was stunned when he looked at the amount of the invoice. Billy instructed him to tell accounting to deposit the funds into Billy's personal account, and Kyle mentioned that Ashley had been asking questions about the yacht. Billy asserted that she wouldn't ask any more questions once Kyle turned in the invoice, and Kyle observed that Billy seemed pretty confident. Billy confirmed that he was.

At Crimson Lights, Phyllis called the investigator and mentioned that Hilary had referred her. She hired the P.I. to investigate Billy.

Victor sat at the Athletic Club bar, and he received a text message that read, "Victor?" Victor replied to inquire who it was, and the person claimed to be J.T. "Where are you, you low-life coward?" Victor wrote back. The person proposed that they meet -- just the two of them.

Victor goes alone to meet J.T. Victor goes alone to meet J.T.
Friday, July 13, 2018

At the cottage, Nikki reported that she and Christian had had a nice visit until he'd fallen asleep. She lamented that she missed him, and Nick swore that he'd never deprive Christian of spending time with his grandma. She inquired about the boy's grandpa, and Nick agreed to visitation within limits, just like Victor had treated Nick when Victor had won custody. Nikki hated what the battle had cost Nick and what it was doing to his father, but Nick was sure that Victor would be fine. Nikki worried that the arbitrator's decision had hit Victor hard, and it was too much between that and the problems J.T. was causing.

Nikki believed that Victor was hurting, but Nick refused to have sympathy for Victor after everything Victor had done to everyone else, like using Sharon's past issues to get custody of Nick's son. Nikki viewed it as fighting fair, since Victor hadn't lied or made things up at the hearing. Nick contended that Sharon had worked hard to overcome her illness, and Victor's insistence that she was a danger had been a blatant lie. Nikki didn't want Nick to one day regret casting his father aside at a time when Victor just hadn't been himself.

Nick argued that Victor wasn't above faking to get what he wanted. Nikki reiterated that Victor hadn't fully recuperated from J.T. throwing him down the stairs, and Victor also had to deal with the break-ins and betrayals at Newman. Nick considered it karma for all the dirty stunts Victor had pulled, but Nikki clucked that it wasn't too much to expect empathy from one's son. Nick thought it was, and Nikki remarked that sometimes he was as stubborn as his father. She hoped for Victor's sake that all the troubles were over.

At Newman Enterprises, Victoria was surprised when Victor returned to the office after she'd thought he'd left for the day. He mentioned that he'd had a drink at the Athletic Club, and she wished he wouldn't push himself. He guessed that she was still there to try to replace the vendors and business partners who had jumped ship, but she insisted that they both go home. He mentioned that he had an important meeting that night that could solve a lot of business problems, and she was shocked when he revealed that it was with J.T.

Victor explained that he'd received a text message from an unknown number, and the sender had claimed to be J.T. and asked to meet to settle things. Victoria protested that Victor couldn't do it, since he hadn't fully recovered from J.T.'s last attack. Victor asserted that his physical therapist had said he was making great strides, but Victoria reminded him of what had happened on GC Buzz. Victoria speculated about what would happen if Victor and J.T. met, and she wondered if her father was planning on killing J.T. Victor warned her not to ask questions she didn't want answers to, but she questioned how his going to prison for J.T.'s murder would settle things. He told her to leave it to him.

Victoria understood that Victor wanted revenge not only for the attack but also because of what J.T. had done to her. She urged him to call the police to have J.T. thrown in jail, and she told him to think about the repercussions with Reed. Victoria relayed that Reed was devastated that he hadn't heard from his father, and Victor blasted J.T. for deserting his family. Victoria argued that no matter what J.T. had done, he was still Reed's father, and it would destroy Reed if Victor killed J.T. Victor said he would have to take that risk for her and for the family, but Victoria cautioned that J.T. would ambush Victor. She wondered how Victor would be getting justice for the company and the family if he wound up dead.

Victor insisted that meeting J.T. in person was something he had to do, and it wouldn't feel good if he walked away. Victoria wanted to call the police for backup, but he objected because J.T. would go back into hiding if he got any wind of the authorities being involved. Victoria pleaded with Victor to take Paul with him, but Victor griped that he didn't trust Paul, who was friends with J.T. Victor maintained that it was something he had to do on his own, and he refused to walk away from a challenge.

Victor proclaimed that J.T. had started a war, and Victor pledged to finish it. Victoria relented, and Victor asked her to promise not to call Paul or the authorities. She surmised that he wasn't going to tell her where or when the meeting was, and he replied that it was time to go. She hugged him, and he swore that it would be all right. Victor left, and Victoria picked up her phone.

At the Abbott mansion, Kyle informed Jack that he'd gotten a call from the lab, and he expected to have the DNA test results by the end of the night. Someone repeatedly rang the doorbell, and Jack wasn't surprised to see Jill there. Jack assumed that she'd talked to Esther, and Jill ranted that she knew all about Kyle digging up Phillip's grave. She barked that Jack's notion that he was Phillip's son had to stop.

Jack told Jill to keep her voice down, since Dina was sleeping. Jill groused that Dina's faulty memory had launched Jack's crazy quest, and she couldn't believe that Kyle had done something as despicable as digging up Phillip's grave. She added that Esther hadn't had a decent night's sleep since the incident, and she wailed that Phillip had been the love of her life. Kyle stammered that he'd already apologized to Esther, and he was grateful to have the opportunity to tell Jill in person how much he deeply regretted his actions.

Kyle insisted that it wouldn't have happened if he'd thought about Jill's feelings, but Jill snapped that he obviously hadn't been thinking of her. Kyle explained that he'd been focused on helping his dad get answers about who they were, and he'd been buzzed enough to stop caring. Kyle humbly apologized for his selfish behavior and asked if she could forgive him, and she asked if he was out of his mind. Jill refused to fall for Kyle's charms the way Esther had, and she thought he was full of it. Jack asked Kyle to give them a moment alone, and before he stepped out, Kyle swore that he truly was sorry. Jill warned Jack that his greasy charm wouldn't work on her, either.

Jack calmly invited Jill to have a civil conversation, but she retorted that she was "too damn mad." He admitted that he'd been furious when he'd found out what Kyle had done, but he'd realized that Kyle had just been trying to find out who he was, even though he'd gone about it the wrong way. Jack stressed that Kyle had been drinking and out of control, and he imagined that Jill had been there herself before. Jill huffed that Jack was asking for compassion for his son when Kyle had shown her none at all, and she recounted that after she'd gotten the call from Esther, she'd felt her grief for Phillip and Katherine all over again -- but a million times worse.

Jack took Jill's hand and told her that he honestly believed Kyle wouldn't have done anything reckless if he'd been sober, but Jill argued that Jack would have accomplished the same thing sober if he'd won in court. He countered that he would have done it legally, but she didn't see the difference. He confided that it had hit him and Kyle hard when they'd found out that they weren't Abbotts. Jack recounted that he'd grown up believing that he'd belonged to John, but Kyle had only recently embraced wanting to get in touch with his Abbott heritage. Jack lamented that both he and Kyle hadn't realized how much it meant to them until it had been taken.

Jill questioned what Dina had told him, and Jack told her about the old photograph of Dina with Katherine and Phillip and how Dina had said with absolute certainty that Phillip was his father. Jill pointed out that Dina's illness had caused her to present things as facts that were known to be fiction. Jack conceded that he wasn't certain at all about his paternity, but it was all he had. He insisted that he needed to know the truth, even if it hurt Jill.

Jack recalled that Jill had been in the same position when she'd learned that the man she'd spent her life believing was her dad had turned out not to be, and it had been important for her to establish that Neil Fenmore was her biological father. Jill acknowledged that she'd had to know the truth, and while she didn't forgive Kyle for what he'd done, she understood. Jack suggested that they cap his apology off with a drink at the Athletic Club, and she agreed to go if he was paying.

At Hamilton-Winters, Devon encouraged Hilary to go home and put her feet up. She loved that he was pampering her and the baby, but she insisted that her morning sickness had passed, and she preferred to stay to show how invigorated she felt. They kissed, and Nate walked in and remarked that it was nice to see that he wasn't interrupting their hard work. Lily hugged Nate, and Tessa introduced herself. Hilary complained that it was bad enough that she had to keep running into Nate at home, but Devon revealed that he'd invited Nate there.

Devon read a text message from Kyle, who asked if their Mariah-Tessa mission was still on. Hilary asked why Devon had invited Nate to the office when the company didn't have a medical division. Devon crowed that he was proud of the family business and had wanted to show it off, so Nate was going to join him for a recording session. Devon suggested that Hilary join them, but she muttered that she wasn't feeling as invigorated as she had been earlier.

Mariah noted that Nate was getting along with Hilary as well as anyone else, so he was in good company. Devon prepared to leave, but Tessa inquired whether he'd had a chance to look over the contracts with the new server company. Lily inquired whether there was a problem, and Devon explained that he'd originally agreed to sign off because Neil felt strongly about the deal, but he wasn't sure it was the right decision. Lily insisted on hearing Devon's reservations, since she thought their dad had knocked it out of the park by securing the deal.

Devon agreed that it was a great coup, but he struggled with the fact that it had been made with insider information. Lily reasoned that the server company had been planning on severing ties with Newman, anyway, and Neil had just taken advantage of a business opportunity. Devon still found the deal shady, but Lily thought Devon's loyalty was misplaced, since Victor would have jumped at the chance to steal something from them. Hilary called Lily a hypocrite for preaching about taking the moral high ground yet siding against Devon when he was trying to do the right thing. Nate agreed with Lily, and Hilary snapped that he had no say. Lily countered that neither did Hilary, since Hilary wasn't family or even Devon's wife.

Lily lectured that a pregnant Hilary should be thinking about what was best for the next generation, and Hilary retorted that it was why she wanted the company to have an ethical reputation. Lily scoffed at Hilary's ethics when she'd built a show around tabloid sleaze, but Hilary figured that Lily was just annoyed that Devon didn't agree with her. The women argued, and Devon conceded that he had a lot to think about. He received another text message, and he claimed that security on the rooftop had reported that some GC Buzz equipment had been stolen. Hilary started to head upstairs, but Devon suggested that she keep a low profile, and he assigned Mariah and Tessa to check it out. After the women exited, Devon sent a message to Kyle to report that they were headed his way.

On the rooftop, Mariah and Tessa looked around to figure out what was missing, and Tessa spied a security guard. Kyle stopped them from approaching the guard and revealed that there had been no robbery and that Devon had been in on his plan. He told them to trust him, and he led them across the roof to some reserved seats. Tessa realized that he'd made plans for them to watch a movie under the stars, and Kyle informed them that it was a classic horror movie. He added that they might need a hand to hold during the scary parts, and he told them that he'd already arranged for wine and popcorn. Mariah protested, but he flatly told them to enjoy and walked away.

Tessa said it looked like they'd been set up, and Mariah noted that it had been in more ways than one. Tessa recognized that they'd been lured there under false pretenses, and she understood if Mariah wanted to go. Mariah balked, and Tessa pointed out that the weather was nice and that an outdoor movie sounded fun. Mariah agreed to stay if Tessa did, and they took their seats.

Jill coldly greeted Nikki at the Athletic Club, and Nikki haughtily stated that she'd planned to call Jill about the monstrosity that she'd installed in the park without permission. The women bickered, and Jack intervened. Nikki asked what Jill was doing in town, and Jill replied that she was dealing with Jack's son digging up Phillip's grave. Jack explained that Dina had claimed that Phillip was Jack's biological father, and a stunned Nikki realized that Jack might have rights to Chancellor Industries.

Jill spat that Nikki was clueless about business, but Nikki asserted that Katherine had adored Jack and would have willed the company to him if she'd known he was Phillip's son. Jill countered that even if the DNA was a match, Katherine had bequeathed the company to Victor, who had sold it to Jill, so Jack and Kyle were owed nothing. Jack recognized that nothing had been proven, so he was still a man without a country or a last name. Nikki gasped when she received an urgent text message from Victoria about Victor going to confront J.T., and she hurried out.

Jill and Jack returned to the Abbott home, and she wondered why he'd had Mrs. Martinez let them in instead of using his key. He divulged that he didn't live there anymore, although he wouldn't have made the admission if he hadn't needed to. She asked why he'd moved out, and he confided that he hadn't been able to make sense of living in the Abbott family house after he'd found out John wasn't his father.

Kyle was surprised to find Jill and Jack when he returned home, and Jack reported that the situation had deescalated. Jill called Kyle an extremely lucky boy to have such a persuasive father, and she decided to let Kyle off the hook for the grave invasion. Kyle couldn't thank her enough, and Jack walked her to the door as the doorbell rang. A messenger announced that he had a delivery for Kyle, but he needed to see identification because the lab was particular about DNA results. "What the hell?" Jill bellowed as the messenger handed an envelope to Kyle.

Nikki joined Victoria at Newman and asked what Victor had been thinking to take on J.T. without backup. Victoria relayed that she'd tried her best to convince Victor otherwise, but they knew how stubborn he could be, and she voiced concern that he wasn't 100 percent. Nikki cited little things like coordination and memory that had been off, and she was certain that Victor hadn't fully recovered and was in no shape to get into a physical altercation. Nikki worried that if J.T. didn't kill Victor, Victor's body would give out on him.

Victoria and Nikki made calls to try to find out what was going on. Over speakerphone, Nikki phoned Nick and informed him that they were very worried about his father, who was meeting J.T. alone that night. Victoria wondered if Nick knew where the meeting was taking place, but Nick pointed out that he and his father weren't close those days. Nikki thought they had no choice but to call the police, even though Victor didn't trust Paul. Nick offered to be the one to call Paul, since his dad was already mad at him. Victoria stressed that it was urgent, since there was no telling what J.T. might do.

Later, Nikki was surprised that she and Victoria hadn't heard anything from the police, and Victoria suggested that they check in with Nick in a few minutes. Victoria wondered how Paul was taking the news, and Nikki was sure he'd put his entire force on the lookout. Nikki left a message for Victor, saying she was sick with worry about his meeting and asking him to call her. Victoria realized that her dad might not have taken his cell phone with him, but Nikki prayed that he had so that the police could track him. Nikki begged God for it not to be too late.

A gloved hand pulled a gun from a safe. Later, Victor arrived at an isolated location, and a hooded figure appeared. Victor said he'd been waiting for that moment, adding, "Time to end this."

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