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Tessa and Mariah dated. Jack got proof that he wasn't Phillip's son. Nick revealed that he'd masqueraded as J.T. and announced that he'd started a new company, Dark Horse. Phyllis threw Billy out. Phyllis and Nick had sex. Lily caused a car accident that resulted in Hilary losing her baby.
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Nick reveals he'd masqueraded as J.T. Nick reveals he'd masqueraded as J.T.
Monday, July 16, 2018

On the patio at Crimson Lights, Phyllis received a text message from the private detective she'd hired. The message informed Phyllis that Billy had just left Jabot. An anxious Sharon asked Phyllis if Victoria had sent an update. Phyllis stammered and replied, "No." Sharon cried that while they were waiting, J.T. could be telling Victor everything about "that" night. Phyllis replied, "If the meeting happens."

Phyllis suggested that she and Sharon should prepare themselves for the worst. Sharon replied, "The worst was supposed to be that night. Now, Christian is home. Nick and I have built a family, and J.T. could destroy all of that by telling Victor what we did." Phyllis noted that because J.T. had attacked Victor's family and business, Victor might deal with J.T. the same way they had at Victoria's house.

Sharon wondered aloud if perhaps J.T. might blackmail Victor, forcing him to recant his memory of J.T.'s attack in exchange for J.T.'s silence about Nikki. Phyllis noted that if J.T. was clearly not dead, then they were clearly not guilty. Sharon cried that J.T. might have met with Victor to seek the ultimate revenge. Afterward, Sharon added, J.T. would go after them all. Phyllis became distracted by another text message informing her that Billy had entered Suite 352 at the Genoa City Athletic Club. Phyllis told Sharon she had another matter to deal with, and she left.

In a suite at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Billy won a hand of poker and gathered his chips as he requested they take a break. The dealer inquired about how Billy was doing. Billy asked if she was referring to his previous game, when he'd lost his company's yacht. The conversation was interrupted when someone pounded on the door. Billy stepped out when he heard Phyllis' voice, but she burst in and saw the poker table. Phyllis was livid. Phyllis told Billy his problems had just begun before she rushed out the door. Billy collected his winnings before he set out to catch up with Phyllis.

In a dark alley shrouded in fog, Victor approached a man resembling J.T. The man was wearing a gray hoodie, which partially obscured his face. Victor said, "You're a coward, hiding in shadows, covering your face. That's what you've always been. Right, J.T.? Going after the defenseless. Now the tables are turned." As the man walked closer to Victor, Victor slid his hand into his open jacket. The man said, "What? You're going to shoot your own son now?"

The man Victor confronted peeled off a mask to reveal his true identity. It was Nick. Victor said Nick was wasting time because J.T. Hellstrom was on the loose. Nick said he'd been impersonating J.T. the whole time. Nick admitted that he'd launched the attacks on Newman Enterprises, had leaked the documents, and had broken into the warehouse. Nick said he'd sunk to Victor's level in order to get Christian back.

Victor asked about J.T.'s credit card usage. Nick admitted he'd used J.T.'s credit cards and was surprised that Victor hadn't caught on that he was being played. Nick added, "And not just being played. Played by me." Nick recalled how Victor had mocked him all his life because he'd refused to be like his dad. Nick added that Victor had made a grave mistake by taking Christian. Nick warned that things had been set in motion that Victor wouldn't be able to stop. Victor threatened to expose Nick. Nick challenged Victor to expose him and said people would think it was crazy that Victor Newman had been taken down by his own son.

Sharon waited nervously at home for Nick to return. Nick arrived and gave Sharon a bouquet of flowers. Nick told Sharon they should begin planning their wedding because the drama had ended. Sharon reminded Nick that J.T. was meeting with Victor, so the drama wasn't over. Sharon asked Nick why he no longer seemed fixated on J.T. facing justice. Nick explained that Victor had his own people involved, so if it blew up in Victor's face, it would be his fault entirely.

Sharon expressed concern that J.T. might seek revenge. Nick said his family was back together, so anything outside their door didn't matter. Victor arrived. Sharon asked Victor if J.T. had been arrested. Nick demanded that Victor leave. Sharon told Nick that they should hear what J.T. had told Victor. Victor said Nick had evidently not told Sharon anything. Sharon was at a loss for words.

After Victor left, Sharon asked Nick what he'd done. Sharon was shocked when Nick admitted that he'd been impersonating J.T. the whole time. Nick added, "I got with Dad, and I ended it. He knows. It's over." Nick admitted that he'd hacked the files and had leaked the documents to the press to expose Victor's health issues. Sharon cried that she'd seen J.T. outside her window. Nick admitted that Sharon had seen him, and he apologized for having scared her.

Nick explained to Sharon that he'd needed everything to play out exactly as it had. Nick added that although Victor had never believed his son was capable of pulling off such a ruse, Nick said he'd done it to regain custody of Christian. Nick told Sharon he'd kept her in the dark to protect her. Sharon replied, "You didn't tell me because you knew that I would try to stop you."

Nick said, "Sharon, my dad took our son away from us. Who does that? Who puts his own ego and needs in front of a little kid?" Nick added that Victor had declared war when he'd dredged up Sharon's past. Nick said this time, he'd fought harder than his dad and had won.

Sharon became quiet and withdrawn. Nick asked Sharon why she wasn't happy that his plan had reunited them with Christian. Sharon asked Nick if he'd thought about how his plan had affected Victoria. Nick said he'd been concerned about getting his son back and ensuring that Victor could never again hurt anyone by using his wealth and power. Nick added that everything had changed because of what he'd done. Sharon replied, "It has. Because Nick, right now, I don't know if I even know who you are anymore.

Neil and Ashley kissed while the two reclined on a sofa at Neil's penthouse. Neil said he and Ashley reconnecting was a bonus after they'd both broken ties with Victor. Ashley recalled that Neil had said he intended to fill his life with what he wanted. Neil replied that he wasn't sure it was what he wanted. Neil put his shirt on and explained that he didn't want their evening to be about Victor in any way, shape, or form. Ashley agreed that she and Neil shouldn't risk their special friendship. Ashley thanked Neil for the dinner and for being the man that he was. Ashley tenderly kissed Neil before she left.

At the Jabot mansion, Jill was shocked to learn that Kyle had dug up Phillip's casket. Kyle admitted he'd been drinking. Jack told Jill that she had no one to blame but herself because she'd declined their requests for help. Jack added that he needed answers and deserved a chance to chase them down. Jill, in tears, recalled how Phillip, weary of his drunken wife, had planned to make a life with Jill before he'd suddenly been taken. Jill threatened to sue if Jack opened the envelope containing the results of the DNA test.

Jack noted that Dina's affair had taken place long before Jill had become involved with Phillip. Jack asked Jill why she was cowering in fear of the information printed inside the envelope. Jill tore open the envelope, removed the letter, read it, and laughed. After Jill gave the letter to Jack, he said, "It's not a match." Jack cried that he might never know the truth. Dina entered the room and asked Jill who she was. Jill, suddenly sympathetic for Jack, simply said she was an old friend.

Before Jill left, she told Jack she was sorry and embraced him. After Jill left, Ashley returned home. After Dina left the room, Ashley noticed that Jack was distraught. Kyle said, "The DNA test results came back. Phillip Chancellor isn't a match." Ashley told Jack she was sorry.

Jack said he'd have to figure out his next move. Ashley replied, "There really doesn't have to be a next move." Ashley encouraged Jack to relish the time he had left with Dina. Ashley added that knowing Brent Davis was her biological father hadn't made her life better. Ashley told Jack they were lucky that John Abbott was their father.

Dina returned carrying a fat scrapbook, and she took a seat on the sofa between Ashley and Jack. Dina said she often looked through her scrapbook whenever she became confused. After Dina opened the scrapbook, she picked up some ribbons to show to Ashley. Jack noticed a couple of loose pages that appeared to be the ones torn out of Dina's diary. Jack picked up the pages and showed them to Kyle.

Jack read the pages and learned that Dina had only met with Phillip at the motel to talk. Dina noted that Phillip had already been secretly in love with Katherine at the time. Dina admitted that she and Phillip had never made love. Jack promised not to force Dina to remember her past and said that he would instead focus on enjoying time with her. Jack wrapped his arms around his mother and held her close.

At the pool deck, Tessa and Mariah snacked on popcorn while they watched an old monster movie. Mariah acknowledged that she enjoyed spending time with Tessa. Tessa said she enjoyed being with Mariah, too. Tessa received a phone call, and she stepped away to talk. Tessa asked the caller if the money had been received and if anything had gone wrong.

Billy and Phyllis ended up on the rooftop deck. Phyllis told Billy that she'd believed he'd been running around cheating on her. Billy seemed shocked that Phyllis would've believed he'd cheat on her. Billy told Phyllis that their relationship was great. Phyllis replied, "You were gambling behind my back, which almost got you killed before."

Billy was shocked when Phyllis admitted she'd hired a private investigator. Billy explained that he'd won enough money in the game to buy back Jaboat. Phyllis, livid, asked how long Billy had been gambling. Billy replied, "Just a few weeks." Phyllis said, "And you lost a boat!"

Billy assured Phyllis that he was finished with gambling. Billy admitted that he'd recently been drawn to join a game Summer had hosted with friends. Phyllis cried that she would've never learned what had been going on had she not knocked on the door to the suite. Before Phyllis walked away, she told Billy she didn't trust him. Billy appeared distraught.

Jill arrived just as Phyllis left. Jill asked Billy about Phyllis. Billy shushed Jill. Jill asked about Victoria, noting she was single. Jill suggested that Billy end his playtime with Phyllis and rekindle a serious relationship with Victoria. Billy wasn't amused and insisted that his relationship with Phyllis was fine.

Tessa and Mariah entered the patio at Crimson Lights after they left the Athletic Club. Mariah said her evening with Tessa had been one of the best in recent memory. Tessa said it had been just like a first date. Mariah agreed that it was their first date. Mariah insisted they'd look back on the evening as their first date. Tessa rested her chin on her hands and gazed into Mariah's eyes. Mariah, smitten, gazed back at Tessa and laughed nervously.

Phyllis throws Billy out Phyllis throws Billy out
Tuesday, July 17, 2018

At Newman Enterprises, Victoria and Nikki worried that they hadn't heard from Victor since he'd left for his meeting with J.T. Victoria regretted that she'd let her father go alone, and Nikki wailed that she didn't know what she would do if she lost Victor. Victor entered the office, and Nikki rushed into his arms. He insisted that he was fine, and Victoria inquired about J.T. Victor revealed that the man who'd been there hadn't been J.T.

Nikki guessed that Paul had shown up after Nick had called him. Victor snarled that Nick had wanted her to think that to throw off the scent, since Nick had arranged the meeting. Victor announced that Nick had caused everything bad that had happened to Newman by impersonating J.T. Victoria protested that it wasn't something Nick would do, but Victor stated that his son had acquired new skills. Nikki referred to the sightings of J.T. outside town, and Victor reported that Nick had proudly taken responsibility for all of it.

Victor added that Nick had actually gloated when describing how he'd ruined Victor's reputation and taken down the company Victor had spent a lifetime building. Victoria asserted that it was the business their kids were supposed to run one day, and Victor considered it unconscionable that Nick had made them all think that J.T. was out for blood. Nikki inquired whether Victor was still looking for J.T., and Victor vowed to find the "bastard" and make him pay, since it wasn't a game to Victor the way it was for Nick. Nikki stormed out to see what Nick had to say, and Victoria followed her.

At the cottage, Nick swore that he was still the same guy he'd always been who would do anything for his family. Sharon lectured that he was like Victor when he was trying to rationalize his bad behavior, but Nick contended that the difference was that he knew what family meant. Nick explained that he hadn't been trying to control the people he loved and that he'd just wanted what was best for them, but Sharon scoffed at the notion that it had been best to lie and pretend to be J.T. Nick understood that she felt deceived, but he couldn't fathom why she was taking the part about J.T. personally. He demanded to know what else was going on with her.

Sharon compared Nick's actions to Mariah posing as Cassie and making Sharon feel like she'd seen a ghost. Nick argued that the situations weren't even close, but Sharon countered that he'd seen the terror on her face and her growing anxiety. Nick pointed out that J.T. wasn't a ghost because he wasn't dead, but Sharon said Nick had stirred up fear that J.T. was back in town again. Sharon griped that people had screwed with her perception before, but she'd never thought Nick would be one of them. He was truly surprised by her reaction, and she snapped that the fact that it hadn't crossed his mind made things worse.

Victoria and Nikki arrived at the cottage and confronted Nick about the malicious things he'd done to hurt Victor. Nick maintained that he'd done what he'd had to do, and he'd do it all over again in a heartbeat. "Then you can go to hell," Victoria growled. Nikki and Victoria excoriated Nick for what he'd done, but he insisted that they had it wrong. Victoria questioned how he could say that after what he'd done to her, but Nick replied that it had been about their dad.

Victoria raged that she'd thought she could count on Nick to look out for her, but she hadn't been able to eat or sleep and had been so consumed with fighting for Newman that she'd sacrificed her entire summer with Johnny and Katie. She continued that she'd stayed awake at night, terrified that J.T. would break into the house and attack her again. Victoria blasted Nick for not sounding the least bit guilty, and he replied that he wasn't. She recalled that he'd listened to the hacker's message with her and had feigned being supportive, and he explained that he hadn't been able to say anything because he'd needed his plan to work. Nick swore that Victor had been his only target, and he pointed out that there had never been any actual threat to any of the women.

Sharon argued that they'd felt threatened and that stress wasn't good for Nikki's multiple sclerosis. Victoria scoffed at the idea that Nick considered the destruction of Newman to only be collateral damage when the company was their legacy. Nick reiterated that everything he'd done had been worth it, and he imagined what Victoria would have done if Victor had gone after her kids. Nick asserted that Victor had done whatever it took to get full custody of Christian, and the pain and loss had meant nothing to Victor. Nick declared that he'd sent the message loud and clear not to mess with him, his life, or his family, and he wouldn't apologize for putting an end to it.

Victoria understood Nick's rage and desire to fight for his little boy, but she thought he'd stepped too far out of bounds. Sharon felt the same way, and she believed the man she'd fallen in love with would never have conceived such a brutal plan. Nikki pointed out that Nick had known the toll his plan had taken on them and Victor, and his father was still suffering the aftereffects of a stroke. Nick thought Victor would be fine with the best doctors money could buy, but he clucked that his father's inability to admit that he was human hadn't worked in Victor's favor.

Nikki was appalled by how cold and calculating Nick had become, and she reminded him that Victor had recently been fighting for his life. Nick recounted that he'd been at the hospital every day, praying that Victor would get a second chance, but he chided Victor for throwing it away. Nick griped that Victor had gone back to being the "controlling, manipulative bastard" he'd always been, and Nick refused to feel any remorse. An upset Nikki rushed out, and Victoria started to head after her, but Nick appealed to Victoria and Sharon to hear him out.

Nick explained that his top priority had been getting his son back, but he'd had another motive for using J.T.'s identity. Nick continued that he'd been under his dad's thumb his whole life, even when he'd created his own business, and he conceded that giving away his trust hadn't been the answer. Nick had expected to get back into his father's life and rejoin the family business while maintaining his independence, but Victor hadn't been able to tolerate him playing by any rules but Victor's. Nick proclaimed that he'd devised a plan to help him and the entire family, and he anticipated that Victoria and Sharon would see in time that it all made sense. Sharon and Victoria protested that they needed more than that, and Nick promised that he would reveal everything the next day.

Nikki joined Victor at Crimson Lights and reported that Nick felt that his actions had been completely justified. She asked if Victor regretted suing for custody, but Victor countered that Nick had started it by trying to take his grandson away from him. Victor huffed that if Nick thought he'd won, he had "another thing coming."

At home, Hilary told someone over the phone that the timing was perfect, since Devon had gone out of town at the last minute. She hung up as Shauna walked in. Shauna opened a container of ice cream, and Hilary guessed from the flavor that it was boyfriend trouble. Shauna confided that she'd planned to go to Charlie's, but she was stuck there because Cane and Lily had decided to go out, and Charlie wasn't allowed to have Shauna over unless a parent was home. Hilary wasn't surprised, but Shauna whined that she'd had friends over all the time when she'd been alone at her parents' house.

Hilary pointed out that Charlie was more than just a friend, and she figured that the Ashbys were being responsible parents. Hilary received a text message from someone who was waiting for her, and she complained that Lily could be uptight about a lot of things. Shauna protested that she and Charlie were practically adults, but Hilary doubted that Lily was going to change. Hilary headed out for the evening, and Shauna smiled.

Later, Charlie arrived at the penthouse, and he regretted that his parents' change of plans had messed things up for him and Shauna. Shauna questioned why his parents got to have all the fun when she and Charlie worked hard, too, and he asked if Devon and Hilary were upstairs. Shauna mentioned that Devon was away and Hilary was out, and he wondered if Shauna was comfortable with that. She chirped that the rules were different there, since Hilary didn't mind if they were alone. Shauna was happy to have the place to themselves, and Charlie gushed that he didn't care what they did as long as he was with her. They kissed.

Charlie recognized that he and Shauna hadn't been together very long, but he thought he was starting to fall in love with her. She grinned and returned the sentiment, and they resumed kissing. He pulled back and admitted that he didn't want to stop, but he also didn't want to cross any lines. She agreed that she didn't want to stop, either, but she wanted their first time to be special, not rushed. Charlie added that he wasn't prepared, so he had to make a run to the drugstore. Shauna noted that Devon and Hilary would be gone the following day, and Charlie said it would be perfect.

At Crimson Lights, Mariah told Tessa that the night had turned out more interesting than she'd originally planned, and she wondered why she felt so nervous, since they'd hung out a hundred times before. Tessa pointed out that it was their first real date, and she offered to do all the typical first-date things. They listed things like not ordering anything too messy and fighting over who would pay the check, but Mariah thought they were way beyond all that. Tessa added that it was like "friendship plus," since they were taking something good and making it even better.

Mariah recognized that it was a big change for both her and Tessa, but she wanted to stay in the moment. Mariah suggested that they figure it out as they went, and Tessa proposed that they celebrate by doing something more festive. They joined hands on their way out, and Mariah remarked that it felt like there was a neon sign over their heads, telling the world that they were more than friends. Mariah couldn't believe it was actually happening, and they left, holding hands.

At the Athletic Club, Hilary thanked a man for working around her schedule by agreeing to see her late, and she appreciated his discretion. They heard loud laughter and spotted Mariah and Tessa walk in. At the bar, Mariah sensed Hilary's eyes wearing a hole in the back of her head. Tessa opted to ignore Hilary, but Mariah could hear Hilary's snarky comments going through her head. Tessa confirmed that Hilary was staring at them, and Mariah contemplated whether they should go somewhere else or say hi.

Tessa figured that it would only be a big deal if they made it one, and she and Mariah headed over to Hilary's table to say hello. Mariah voiced surprise that Hilary wasn't resting at home, and Hilary hesitantly introduced her "old friend" Mark to the ladies. After an awkward silence, Mariah blurted out that she and Tessa were on a date, and Hilary remarked that it was about time. Hilary urged the women to have fun, and she recommended the rooftop. Tessa prompted a speechless Mariah to say goodnight and led her away. Hilary tried to hide her discomfort.

Hilary told Mark that he'd painted an enticing picture, but he guessed that it hadn't been enticing enough. She thought that things would have been different six months earlier; however, she and Devon had been working really hard to build something solid, and she didn't want to do anything to jeopardize it with a baby on the way. She groaned that she'd almost died a thousand deaths when Tessa and Mariah had shown up, since the last thing she needed was them telling Devon that they'd seen Hilary and Mark together. Hilary hoped that the women had been too caught up in one another to be focused on Mark, and she stressed that no one could ever find out the real reason for their meeting.

On the roof, Mariah was stunned that Hilary had actually been nice, and Tessa conceded that people could sometimes surprise them, like Kyle had when he'd arranged for the movie and given them the push they'd needed. Mariah took Tessa's hand and mused that they were back under the stars where the evening had begun, and it had been a terrific first date. Tessa caressed Mariah's hair and noted that there was one thing that would make it even more incredible, and they shared a tender kiss.

Phyllis stepped off the elevator of her apartment building and ignored an incoming call from Billy. She entered her home and greeted Summer, who asked where her mother had been. Phyllis nonchalantly stated that she'd gone to the office and the coffeehouse before she'd found Billy in the middle of a high-stakes poker game at the Athletic Club. Summer incredulously asked how Phyllis had tracked him down, and Phyllis warned her never to underestimate her mother. Phyllis added that Summer already had, since Phyllis knew exactly what Billy had been up to.

Phyllis questioned why Summer had thrown a poker game there, and Summer defended that she'd thought it would be harmless. Phyllis spat that Billy was a gambling addict, and she demanded to know "why in the hell" Summer had done something that could push him over the edge. Summer claimed that she'd just been trying to have fun with her friends, and hurting Billy had been the last thing on her mind. Phyllis refused to give her a pass for not considering the repercussions of her actions. Summer acknowledged that her mother was right, but it had seemed like Billy had had everything under control.

Summer lamented that she never would have told Billy about the games at the club if she'd known he'd spiral out of control so quickly. She rambled that she also never would have asked him to bail her out when she'd gotten in over her head, even though he'd been able to win back enough to cover her losses. Phyllis divulged that it was the first she'd heard of any of it, and Summer paled when she realized that Billy hadn't already told Phyllis everything. Phyllis wondered why Summer had reached out to Billy and not her, and Summer explained that Billy had been in the same position before and that she'd begged him not to worry Phyllis.

Phyllis was livid that Summer and Billy had covered for one another, and it dawned on her that Summer's show of wanting quality time with her mother had only been to distract Phyllis while Billy had been gambling. Billy walked in the door, and Phyllis barked that he would have stayed away if he knew what was good for him. Billy recognized that Phyllis was upset, but he reasoned that everything was okay because he'd wired his winnings to the girl he'd lost Jaboat to, so it was like he'd never lost. Phyllis snapped that it was more about his deceit than his gambling, since he'd chosen not to tell her about covering for Summer financially.

Billy contended that he'd wanted the women to have a better relationship, but Phyllis ranted that it wasn't his job to repair her relationship with Summer, nor was it Summer's job to protect Billy from her. Phyllis thought they should have turned to her when they'd gotten in trouble, but they'd instead stacked lie upon lie. Phyllis stressed that she needed to trust her boyfriend and her daughter, but they'd formed a secret alliance and pushed her out of the equation. She speculated that perhaps they didn't care how she felt.

Summer thought Phyllis had to understand what it was like to be full of regret for doing something stupid. Billy added that he hadn't been able to make things right without disappointing the person he cared about most, but Phyllis retorted that he'd cared more about covering his "ass" than being honest with her. Summer defended Billy, but Phyllis snapped that Summer had more than enough to apologize for herself. Billy took responsibility for asking Summer to lie, but Phyllis admonished him for not being mature enough to know how to act in a grown-up relationship by giving her trust and honesty. She stormed upstairs, and he asked if it was adult to walk away in the middle of a conversation. She slammed the bedroom door.

Billy chugged from a bottle of wine, and Summer assured him that Phyllis would understand when she cooled down. A suitcase landed at Billy's feet, and from the stairs, Phyllis spat that she couldn't live with a man she didn't trust. She ordered him to go, but Summer asserted that it was her apartment. Billy declared that he was more than happy to go if Phyllis was going to overreact, since he'd tried to get through to her, but it clearly wasn't happening. He walked out.

Hilary and Lily's argument takes a tragic turn Hilary and Lily's argument takes a tragic turn
Wednesday, July 18, 2018

At Devon's penthouse, Hilary informed Shauna that Devon would return from his trip later that evening. Shauna thanked Hilary for giving her the green light about Charlie being there the other day. Hilary stated that she really hadn't had a choice, since she'd only learned about it after the fact. After Hilary left for work, Shauna sent Charlie a text message inviting him to the penthouse.

At Crimson Lights, Nikki and Victoria discussed the flyer they'd both received, inviting them to a reception at Dark Horse. The discussion turned to Nick. Nikki grumbled about Nick's unbelievable behavior. At that moment, Abby arrived and told Nikki and Victoria that an invitation from Dark Horse had been hand-delivered to her. They wondered why three Newmans were invited to an unknown company.

At the Hamilton-Winters Group, Charlie received a text message from Shauna inviting him to the penthouse. He told Mattie he wanted to leave work and asked her to cover for him. He wanted to go see Shauna because they'd have Devon's penthouse to themselves. At first, Mattie refused. After Charlie begged her, she reluctantly agreed. Charlie told Lily he had to leave because he'd received a message that the cross-country team was meeting to train.

Sometime later, Lily began to worry about Charlie running in the extreme heat. She checked the emails about the meeting but couldn't find anything. She decided to go to the school and speak with the coach. Mattie stopped her and confessed that Charlie was with Shauna at Devon's. Lily rushed out.

At the Dive Bar, The Hilary Hour was about to air. Hilary told Mariah that she'd noticed how much Tessa cared about Mariah. Mariah advised Hilary to butt out. When Tessa arrived, Hilary told Mariah and Tessa that they had a shot at something wonderful.

Hilary grew teary-eyed when she told them that relationships, even under the best of circumstances, were difficult and that Mariah and Tessa had to work at theirs. She said that she and Devon had gone through a great deal to be together, and she blamed it on her own stupidity. Hilary blamed her hormones for her emotional outburst. Hilary said that Mariah and Tessa's love would be tested and that she supported them.

Tessa asked Hilary if she'd been talking about the guy she'd been with the other night. Hilary walked away. Tessa asked Mariah if there was something wrong with Hilary. Mariah said she was certain that something was going on.

At the end of The Hilary Hour program, Hilary became emotional and closed the show with a final thought. She advised her audience that when they reached a good point in their lives, they needed to savor it because the clock kept ticking, and the future was unknown. She advised everyone to focus on the journey, and they'd wind up in places they'd never imagined. She thanked everyone for making her show a part of their day. When the show ended, Hilary rushed off.

Tessa told Mariah that something was going on other than hormones. Mariah wondered if Hilary had been cheating on Devon with the guy she'd been with the previous evening. Mariah told Tessa that something that Hilary had said to her earlier had hit home. She said that Hilary had been correct. Mariah admitted that she did have a tendency to overthink everything, such as whether she was coming on too strong or not strong enough or if she should talk more or shut up. Tessa told Mariah to shut up, and they kissed.

Nikki, Victoria, and Abby arrived at the venue indicated on the invitation. They were in what they perceived as a creepy boardroom and wondered if it was a setup. Sharon and Summer arrived and informed Nikki and Victoria that they'd received an invitation. Nikki wanted to leave, but Victoria stopped her. Nick arrived smartly dressed in a business suit. He confessed that he'd sent the invitations. He welcomed them to Dark Horse. Everyone wanted to know what was going on.

Nick said it was a new adventure. He claimed that where the family was concerned, they'd lived solely by Victor's rules, but that was going to change. He admitted that he'd never been more serious about anything in his life. Nikki accused Nick of causing unnecessary pain and damage. Nick began by admitting that he'd had a complicated relationship with Victor and explained all the things that Victor had taught him, especially about boxing. Nick had a flashback to being with Victor and how Victor had provided instructions to Nick about boxing.

Nick had been surprised by Victor's support when Nick had wanted to marry Sharon. Victor had even built them a house. When he and Sharon had almost lost Noah, Victor had been his rock, but whenever Victor did something nice, he always wanted something in return.

Nick reminded Victoria that when she'd married Billy, Victor had had her arrested. Nick asked Nikki how many times Victor had turned on her when she hadn't bowed to his will. Nick told Abby that she'd never measure up because she wouldn't be molded into Victor's image. She wanted to be herself and to blaze her own trail. He said that Victor hadn't turned on Summer yet, but he would just as he had with Sharon.

Nick said that Victor had treated Sharon like a daughter until he hadn't. One of the cruelest things that Victor had ever done had been to use Mariah to make Sharon believe she was seeing Cassie and make Sharon think she was losing her mind. Nick had a flashback to the day he'd confronted Victor about gaslighting Sharon, and Victor saying that it had needed to be done because Sharon had been keeping a secret.

Nick said that what Victor had done had been unforgivable but not surprising. That was what Victor had done to all of them their entire lives. He controlled them by using fear and intimidation, and Victor had used their trust funds to do it. When they'd had enough, they'd fought back and won.

Nick said that after Victor's brush with death, Victor had wormed his way back into their lives. Nikki asked why Nick was so bitter and angry. Nick asked why Nikki wasn't. He asked if she'd forgotten what Victor had done to her at the fundraising concert. Nick had another flashback to that night in the parking garage when Victor had punched him after their confrontation about Nikki. That had been when Nick had promised himself he'd never be like Victor. Nick said that he'd tried to make things work.

Nick said that when Victor had almost died after J.T.'s attack, he'd reached out to Victor; he'd wanted things to be different, and he'd hoped they'd become a family again. Victor had asked Nick to return to the company, but when Nick had seen what his job at Newman would be, he'd known that nothing had changed. Victor had wanted Nick to take the COO position. When Nick had mentioned that Victoria had hoped to regain that position, Victor had said that Victoria had moved on to other projects. Nick had a flashback to his confrontation with Victor when Victor had said that Victoria would never get that position again because he couldn't trust her after she'd colluded with Jack against him.

Nick had wanted to work side by side with Victor and be a part of the family, but Victor had only wanted Nick to screw Victoria over. Nick said that when he'd stood up to Victor, Victor had vowed that he'd make Nick pay. The price had been Christian. Nick said that Victor had been there when Nick had been led to believe that Christian had died. Victor had seen the unbelievable pain Nick had endured. Victor had seen how much that little boy meant to Nick when he'd discovered that Christian was still alive. After all that, Victor had tried to take Christian away from him -- not because it was in Christian's best interest, but because Victor had wanted to inflict a wound that would never heal.

Nick told everyone that when Victor had asked Nick to return to Newman Enterprises, Nick had thought that Victor had wanted to turn the company back into what Victor had originally intended it to be -- a legacy the family could be proud of and that he would hand down to his children and grandchildren. When Nick had realized that it wouldn't happen, he'd decided to create something new. Nikki spat that he wanted to do that by pretending to be J.T., attacking Newman Enterprises, and releasing Victor's medical records and making them public. Abby was shocked that Nick had done that. Victoria added that he'd done it while pretending to be J.T.

Nick said that the old family dynamic was dead, and a new one would start that day. Abby wanted to know if it had been Nick who'd used J.T.'s credit card, sent emails, and stalked Sharon and Nikki. Victoria said that Nick had been responsible for everything. Abby asked if Sharon, Nikki, and Victoria had known about it. Sharon stated that they'd found out after Nick had revealed himself to Victor. Summer thought what Nick had done had been awesome, but Nikki spat that it had been cruel to impersonate J.T. and to attack Victor's company.

Nick said that Victor had founded Newman Enterprises because he'd wanted to give them something he'd never had, a home, a family, and loving parents, but it had come at a cost. It had all been based on fear -- fear that it could all be taken away, and the stronger the fear, the tighter Victor's hold became on everything and everyone. The very thing Victor had built his dreams on had turned into Victor controlling them with it. Nick said he'd had enough, and the only way to stop it was to go after Victor's source of power, Newman Enterprises. Nick realized he had the means to do it.

Nick told everyone about the day he'd thought he'd caught J.T. However, it had been a homeless guy that had looked like J.T., and he'd tracked the homeless guy down. The homeless guy had told Nick that he'd written down a bunch of random words and numbers J.T. had stored on his phone. Nick had recognized what they were -- the codes and passwords for the main security at Newman. Nick had paid the guy to distract Victor while Nick had worked on his plan. Nick said he'd used the information to get into the HR database. He'd discovered who worked in key positions and who the disgruntled employees were. They'd all helped Nick get past the main security system, allowing him to gather useful data.

Abby reminded Nick that the entire Newman server had been attacked. Nick admitted that he'd hired a professional to break through that barrier. Nikki demanded to know how Nick had been able to access Victor's medical records. Nick admitted that he'd paid for it. Victoria stated that obviously Nick had no qualms about anything he'd done. Nick said he'd played by Victor's rules and that Victor had taught him well.

Nick admitted he'd infiltrated Victor's personal and private life. Nick confessed that he'd put a tracking device and camera into Victor's car as well as cameras in his home and his office, but the icing on the cake had been when Nick had assumed J.T.'s identity. Abby didn't understand how he'd done that. Nick explained that he'd worked with a prosthetics expert, and he'd been able to fool them all. Nick knew he'd freaked Sharon and Nikki out, but he said that it had needed to be done for his plan to succeed. He said his plan hadn't been only for Victor -- he'd also hoped to flush J.T. out of hiding. Unfortunately, flushing J.T. out hadn't worked, but he said he wouldn't give up his attempt of finding J.T.

Agitated, Nikki stated that she didn't recognize Nick anymore. Nick said she should because, for the first time in his life, he was his father's son. Nick apologized to Victoria for scaring her, but he hoped she and everyone else understood why he'd done it. Sharon just stared wide-eyed at Nick while Nikki looked disgusted.

After the meeting concluded, Nikki griped to Sharon that she didn't believe Sharon hadn't known about Nick's plans. Sharon retorted that she hadn't completely faked it when they had seen J.T. outside her house. Sharon said she was furious that Nick had hidden everything from her. Victoria reminded them that they were hardly in a position to judge Nick for hiding things. Nikki speculated what might happen if Nick only knew why he hadn't been able to draw J.T. out of hiding. Sharon said she hoped Nick never found out.

In another area of the room, Summer was overjoyed and said that what Nick had done had been really badass. Nikki chastised Summer. She said that attacking a sick man was nothing to crow about. Abby chimed in that Victor had been well enough to stab Victoria in the back by trying to give Nick her job. Victoria said she appreciated that Nick hadn't taken the job, but she didn't want him to pretend he'd done any of it for her. Nick said he'd done it so he wouldn't lose his son, but he'd done it for all of them, as well.

Victoria said that everyone would like Nick to let it go, but Nick said he wouldn't and that it was only the beginning. Nick said everything ended in that building. He advised everyone that he owned the building. He'd made deals with almost every company that had already severed ties with Newman Enterprises. Victoria said that they'd lost business as a result of the scandal Nick had unleashed. Nikki demanded to know where Nick had gotten the money because it took major capital to get something of that magnitude off the ground.

Nick explained that the Newman name carried serious weight in the corporate world, and he'd met with many of the high rollers. He clarified that they hadn't all been New Hope investors, but there had been many investors who were eager to go into business with Victor's son. Nikki sarcastically pointed out that Nick didn't mind trading on his father's name. Nick clarified that it was Victor's name, but it was Nick's vision.

Nick said he wanted to create a new legacy for the family, a company that embodied everything that Newman Enterprises was originally supposed to have been. He wanted them all to work with him at Dark Horse and to help him make his dream a reality. Nikki stated that Nick wanted them to turn their backs on Victor. Nick countered that he was asking them to be part of their future.

Charlie arrived at Devon's penthouse. He and Sauna kissed and went upstairs. A short time later, Lily arrived and pounded on the door. When no one answered, she used her key and stormed by Shauna, yelling for Charlie. Charlie rushed down the stairs, buttoning his shirt, and asked how she'd known where to find him. Lily told him that Mattie had done the right thing by telling her. Lily said that she knew Shauna was a bad influence on Charlie

Hilary arrived and claimed that there had been a misunderstanding. Hilary called Lily an uptight prude. Lily told Hilary that she was sorry for Shauna and the baby Hilary was carrying because Hilary didn't have a clue about parenting. Hilary retorted that at least her kids wouldn't hate her. Charlie yelled that because of their arguing, Shauna had taken off. He said he had to find her and started for the door. Hilary and Lily rushed to follow Charlie.

Lily, Charlie, and Hilary were in the car, searching for Shauna. Lily and Hilary continued their argument. Lily said that when Devon had decided to have a baby with Hilary, it had been his worst decision. Lily said that Hilary had no business becoming a mother because she didn't know the first thing about parenting. Hilary said she was sick of Lily's "sanctimonious crap" and of Lily acting like she and her family were perfect.

At that moment, they heard a loud horn, and they were T-boned by a semitruck on Hilary's side of the car.

Charlie admits that Lily ran a red light Charlie admits that Lily ran a red light
Thursday, July 19, 2018

At Dark Horse, Nikki, Sharon, Abby, and Summer reeled from Nick's invitation to join his new company. Nick understood that they needed time, and he implored them to go home, put together a list of pros and cons, and think about how it could affect their futures. He guaranteed that the benefits of joining Dark Horse would outweigh the cons, and he requested an answer by that night. He stressed that he needed to know who was on his team, and he would rather do it with them than without them.

The phone rang at Devon and Hilary's penthouse, and the answering machine picked up. Shauna left a frantic message to ask if Devon was home from his trip, since he hadn't been answering his cell phone. She begged him to call her.

At home, Neil removed a record album from its cover and lovingly brushed it off before placing it on his turntable. He turned up the volume and leaned back on the couch to enjoy the music, not noticing an incoming call from Shauna on his phone. He didn't hear a shirtless Nate call to him from the stairs, and Nate turned off the music. Neil protested, but Nate joked that he wouldn't have moved in if he'd known Neil played his music that loud. Nate added that he hated jazz, and Neil ribbed him for not being smart enough to understand it. As they bickered over their musical tastes, people on stretchers were rushed into the hospital emergency room.

There was pounding on Neil's door, and Neil griped that he'd just wanted to spend a quiet evening at home with his music. He found Shauna at the door, and she tearfully told him that he had to get to the hospital, since something awful had happened. Neil, Nate, and Shauna arrived at the hospital and found Charlie in the waiting area. Charlie reported that there had been a bad accident, and he was fine, but Lily and Hilary had been rushed there in an ambulance. Charlie added that there had been no word about how they were doing, but he had seen that it was bad.

Nate asked if Charlie had been examined, and Charlie indicated that he'd been in the back seat, so he'd walked away without a scratch in spite of the flying glass. Shauna recounted that Hilary and Lily had gotten into a huge fight about Shauna and Charlie being together, and Shauna had run away, upset. Charlie chimed in that he had gone looking for Shauna with Hilary and his mom, and Shauna recalled that she'd seen the crash from across the street. Neil requested that Nate find out what had happened, and Nate stepped away to get some information. Charlie worried that he hadn't been able to reach Cane, and Neil offered to take care of it.

At the Athletic Club, Cane playfully told Mattie that he planned to crush her and Charlie at their family game night. She doubted that Charlie would want to be her partner, and Cane wondered where his phone was. Cane asked Mattie to call her mom about dinner, and he crossed the dining room to greet Victor. Victor asked if there was any truth to the rumor that Jack was trying to take over Chancellor, but Cane happily reported that there was irrefutable proof that Phillip wasn't Jack's father.

Mattie approached the men and mentioned that Lily wasn't answering her phone, and Cane prepared to place a takeout order to feed his family. Later, Mattie checked the food order, and she answered a call from Neil. She handed the phone to Cane, who suddenly paled and said they had to go. They rushed out, leaving the bags of food behind.

Nikki joined Victor, who informed her that he'd lost three more deals to a startup company he'd never heard of. She inquired whether it was called Dark Horse, and he wondered how she'd known. She revealed that she'd just met with Nick, who was in business as Dark Horse. Victor questioned "how the hell" Nick had obtained the financing, and Nikki divulged that Nick had been raising funds from venture capitalists while she'd thought he'd been soliciting charity donations. She warned that Nick was going after Victor with the money.

Victor scoffed at the idea of Nick competing with him. Nikki relayed that Nick had already started by cutting deals with companies who he'd claimed were happy to be doing business with a Newman who wasn't weighted down with extra baggage. Victor grumbled that it had been baggage Nick had burdened him with. Nikki didn't approve of Nick's methods, but she thought Victor had to have some appreciation for his son's talents. Victor was certain that Nick would fail, but Nikki cautioned that it didn't have to be a war, especially while Victor was still recovering. Nikki vowed to find another way to heal the rift, and Victor suggested that she tell Nick to fold up shop while he still had a chance.

Meanwhile, Nick asked what Sharon thought, and she inquired whether he was referring to working for him at his secret company or forgiving him for impersonating J.T. He was glad to take an answer to either, but he hoped she was excited for him. She observed that he'd obviously put a lot of work into securing the building, getting new clients -- and keeping it all hidden from her. Nick reiterated that he'd already laid out why he'd had to do things the way he had, but she argued that they were engaged and that she wasn't working for a competitor like the others he'd invited to the meeting. He pointed out that it wasn't like she hadn't lied to him before, but she considered it a lousy excuse for not telling her about his plans.

Nick preferred to focus on what was good and to celebrate, but Sharon wasn't in the mood. He promised that there would be no more lies from that moment forward, and he wished that she could be excited about them making the Newman name mean something again. Sharon admitted that she still loved him, but she didn't like him very much right then. She contemplated whether it was her fault for having a vision of what rebuilding their lives together would look like, and Dark Horse wasn't it. She complained that he wasn't himself, and she hadn't taken into account how much he'd changed.

Nick clarified that he'd just righted his course after putting up with too much from his dad for too long, and he'd needed to prove something to Victor and to himself. He anticipated having it all if they made Dark Horse work, and he pondered whether Sharon was engaged to the wrong man if she didn't want to be with someone who would go to great lengths to protect his family. Nick swore that he wanted to marry her and have it be forever, but he needed her to be proud of what he was doing. He urged her to think about it and see that he was right.

At Crimson Lights, Abby recognized that Nick should have been more sensitive to Victoria's feelings. Victoria groused that he'd been more focused on his own agenda, including making her think her ex was on the prowl. Abby advised her not to let it cloud her judgment about the big picture, since it was very exciting that Nick was starting a new company. Nick entered and was pleased that they were discussing rather than dismissing his offer.

Abby recalled how she'd been treated at Newman, but she understood that showing loyalty was important to a family business. Nick asserted that his company was also one, and he wanted his family members to reach their potential with him. He swore that their family would be stronger if they made the leap, since they were the future. Summer whined that her situation was different, and Nick refused to make her choose between her parents, even if it was a chance to get in on the ground floor of something special. They all simultaneously received text messages from Nikki, who summoned them to the Athletic Club.

Victoria, Nick, Abby, and Summer joined Victor and Nikki at the club. Nikki explained that she'd wanted to gather them together on neutral ground to meet as equals for a Newman family summit. Nick firmly stated that it was too late, since his plans were in place, and he had no desire or need to meet with Victor. Nikki ordered Nick to hear her out, since she feared that no one would win, but they stood to lose their family. She pushed Victor and Nick to take the energy from their animosity and turn it positive, and she suggested that they become partners.

Victor agreed with Nick that he saw no value in a partnership, but Nikki appealed to them to give it a chance to preserve their family. Nick pledged to make the Newman name something to be proud of again, and Victor seemed amused that Nick considered himself to be a contender. Nick referred to the deals he'd struck, and he announced that Noah had decided to resign from Newman to set up a London office for Nick. Summer admitted that she felt it would be wrong to jump ship when she'd just started working at Fenmore's, and Nick was disappointed, but he repeated that he wouldn't make her choose between her parents. Victor expected Nick to have more disappointments, but Abby declared that she was in.

Abby acknowledged that it was like a stab in the back to Victor, but that had been how she'd felt at Newman, being passed over and having her accomplishments minimized. Victoria huffed that Abby had a lot to learn if she thought she'd be handed everything without earning it, and Abby looked forward to having the chance to show Victoria how wrong she was. Victor turned to Nikki, who sadly recognized that no woman wanted to choose between her husband and her son, but she opted to stand by her husband. Victoria preferred to take some time with such a big decision, and Victor haughtily stated that it didn't seem like much of an executive team.

Nick expected Noah and Abby to make amazing contributions, and he announced that there was one final board member. Jack approached, and Victor snapped that it was a private meeting. Nick introduced Jack as an executive consultant and board member. Victor taunted that the mighty Jack had fallen from running his namesake to becoming a consultant in a fly-by-night company that was bound to fail. Nick, Abby, and Jack stepped aside to discuss business. "That went well," Nikki sarcastically grumbled.

Victor figured that it was sometimes better to let those who weren't loyal explore their failures. After Nikki departed, Victor prepared to go back to work, and he asked if Victoria had given it more thought. Victoria decided that she'd love to stay, and he smiled and hugged her. She inquired whether he wanted to hear her terms, and he thought it sounded like blackmail. She reasoned that she was the last Newman heir at the company, and he'd said many times that family was everything. Victoria demanded it in writing that she would take over when Victor stepped down, and she wanted the COO job back. He conceded that he would have done the same thing in her shoes, and he offered to have the lawyers draw up the contract that night.

At the cottage, Sharon updated Mariah about Nick's actions, and Mariah insisted that Sharon had every right to be upset. Sharon appealed to Mariah to tell her some good news, and Mariah revealed that she and Tessa had decided to try to make something work. Sharon turned away, and Mariah guessed that her mother wasn't excited about the prospect. Sharon confirmed that she was surprised, and Mariah recalled that she had been, too, when Kyle had pushed her and Tessa together. Sharon hugged Mariah and recognized that Mariah had secretly been hoping for it to happen for a long time, but she advised her daughter to take things slowly. Sharon encouraged Mariah to know who she was really getting involved with, and Mariah surmised that they were back to talking about Nick.

Sharon took off her engagement ring and fondled it in her hand. Mariah handed Sharon some tea, noting that she'd spiked it with whiskey. Sharon apologized for not being more enthusiastic about Tessa, but Mariah understood how upset Sharon was with Nick. Mariah questioned whether it was really that bad that Nick wanted to start his own business, but Sharon thought there was something to be said for knowing the person she was with down to his core.

Mariah acknowledged that she hadn't been pleased when Sharon and Nick had inched their way back toward one another, but she thought people shouldn't take second chances for granted. Mariah remembered that even Hilary had said as much, and Sharon was surprised that Mariah had listened to Hilary. Mariah stressed that the point was that just because something was different didn't mean it was bad, and sometimes, it was better.

Later, Nick returned home and called for Sharon, but Mariah informed him that her mother had gone out for air. Nick assumed that Sharon had filled Mariah in, and he figured that Sharon needed time. Mariah advised him to be prepared, since Sharon hated being lied to, and it had messed her up. Mariah had no idea what Sharon would do. Meanwhile, Sharon sat at the coffeehouse, staring at her bare ring finger.

Cane and Mattie arrived at the hospital, and Neil told them that Lily and Hilary were in the ER to be assessed. Cane hugged Charlie and asked if the driver of the other car was being treated. Charlie replied that the truck driver hadn't been injured, and Cane wondered why the cops weren't there to take the driver into custody. Nate returned and shared that Lily was conscious with no serious injuries, but Hilary was critical. Shauna worriedly inquired about the baby, and Nate swore that they were doing everything they could to save both of them. Neil fretted that Devon wasn't answering his phone because he was probably in mid-flight.

Dr. West led Lily out of the emergency room. Mattie hesitated to hug her, but Lily pulled the twins into her arms. Lily embraced Cane and mentioned that she was a little bruised but otherwise fine. The doctor informed Cane that Lily was very lucky to have suffered only superficial cuts and bruises, and Lily inquired about Hilary. Dr. West replied that he couldn't give them any information, but Neil disclosed that his son was listed as the medical contact for Hilary and her baby. The doctor regretted that Hilary hadn't been so lucky, but he assured them that the medical team was doing the best they could.

Nate recognized Dr. West and ominously stated that the doctor's best wasn't good enough. Dr. West snarled that he'd hoped to avoid working with Nate again because Nate was rude, egotistical, and arrogant. Nate countered that he was also the best at what he did, so Dr. West should want Nate in his corner during a crisis. Dr. West huffed that Nate wasn't needed, but Nate demanded to know why Hilary wasn't in surgery.

Dr. West defended that they were stabilizing Hilary, but Nate hissed that she could end up dead. Nate proclaimed that he was Hilary's doctor, and he intended to save her and her baby. Dr. West protested that Nate didn't have jurisdiction, but Nate announced that he had put in a call to the hospital administrator, who had taken care of everything. "Move over, doctor. This is my case now," Nate ordered.

Cane asked Charlie for more information about the accident, since the doctors suspected that Lily might not remember everything after a traumatic event. Charlie regretted that it had started because he and Shauna had gotten together, and he waited for Cane to yell at him. Cane insisted that he was glad Charlie was all right, and he prompted his son to tell what had happened. Charlie recounted the events that had led up to him, Lily, and Hilary going after Shauna.

Cane wondered if Lily had been driving too fast. Charlie indicated that she'd been arguing with Hilary, but there was something else that Cane needed to know about the truck barreling into them. Charlie confided that he thought his mom hadn't realized what had happened, but the truck driver hadn't blown the red light -- Lily had.

In the operating room, Dr. West warned that rushing things could endanger Hilary's life. Nate countered that she could bleed out, and he wasn't about to let her and her baby die without doing everything in his power to save them. Dr. West asked why it was so important to him, and Nate told him to stay or go. They began surgery.

Shauna apologized to Lily for everything, but Lily replied that Hilary was all that mattered. Cane hugged Lily, who asked if Neil had reached Devon. Neil thought that perhaps it was a blessing, since they might have nothing but good news by the time Devon got off the plane.

Nate removed his surgical mask and despondently placed his hands on the empty operating table. He went back to the waiting room, and his family members consoled one another when he gave them what appeared to be devastating news.

Phyllis and Nick have sex Phyllis and Nick have sex
Friday, July 20, 2018

Devon raced into the hospital and frantically asked where Hilary was. Neil indicated that she'd just gotten out of surgery, and Devon wondered if the baby was all right. Neil shook his head and said he was sorry, and he comforted a tearful Devon. Devon asked if Lily and Charlie were okay, and Lily told him not to worry about them. Devon wailed that he'd never seen the future more clearly, but it was gone. Lily pleaded with him not to think like that, and Neil promised that Hilary would make it. Neil and Devon embraced.

Devon didn't want his family to think that he'd given up hope, since Nate and the other doctors were in there, and Hilary was fighting just as hard. He asked how the accident had happened, and Lily explained that she and Hilary had been arguing when a truck had crashed into them out of nowhere. Charlie blurted out that it hadn't been everything that had happened, and he accepted the blame. Devon questioned how it had been Charlie's fault when he'd been in the back seat, and Shauna piped up that she was also guilty.

Charlie and Shauna recounted the events that had led up to Charlie, Lily, and Hilary going to look for Shauna. Devon became incensed that the teens hooking up had set off the whole nightmare, and Charlie whimpered that he was sorry. Devon spat that they hadn't been thinking of anyone but themselves, but Cane urged him to calm down. Devon recognized that the kids hadn't been behind the wheel, and he demanded to see the accident report to ensure the truck driver had been charged. Charlie started to protest, but Cane intervened, and Charlie recommended that Devon not put his energy into the driver when Hilary needed help. Neil encouraged Devon to let the cops handle the accident while they directed their strength toward Hilary.

Cane privately warned Charlie that if it got out that Lily had run the red light, the repercussions could be really bad for her and their family. Charlie was clearly unnerved by the idea of keeping quiet, but Cane insisted that it was what was best for the time being. Nate appeared, and Devon jumped to his feet. Nate reported that most people wouldn't have survived the surgery, but Hilary was tougher than anyone gave her credit for. Nate explained that they'd repaired the tissue in her leg, but her other injuries were severe because she'd taken most of the impact.

Nate referred to a rupture in a lobe of Hilary's liver and an aortic tear that had caused massive hemorrhaging, requiring them to replace almost her entire blood volume. He added that she was stable but critical, and they'd be keeping a close eye on her for 24 hours. Devon was relieved that she was alive, and he had hope, since she'd made it that far. Neil thought they were lucky that Nate was Hilary's doctor, and Devon thanked Nate. Nate directed Devon to the ICU to see Hilary, and Devon found her unconscious in a hospital bed.

Devon asked if Hilary could hear him, and he told her that she'd impressed everyone in the operating room, but she had to keep fighting. Hilary opened her eyes, and he swore that he was right there and pledged his love. Hilary weakly asked why she was in the hospital, and Devon explained that she'd been in surgery for a long time after an accident. She inquired about the baby, and he gently informed her that she'd been badly injured and that the baby hadn't made it. She broke down in tears.

At the Abbott mansion, Billy sent Phyllis a text message, asking her to get together later to talk. Kyle reported that Mrs. Martinez wanted to know how long Billy would be staying, and Billy insisted that it was temporary. Billy asserted that he and Phyllis hadn't broken up, but they always argued with passion and made up with equal passion. Ashley entered and remarked that she was glad Billy was home, since spending quality time at home together would help them at work.

Ashley pushed again to find out the deal with the Jaboat paper trail, which made the yacht seem like a ghost ship. Billy read a response from Phyllis, who had written that she didn't want to see or talk to him. He claimed that the repairs were done, and he offered to take Ashley to check out the boat right away, since he had nothing better to do.

Jack stopped by Phyllis' apartment to announce some news, but he immediately sensed that something was wrong with Phyllis. She confided that she and Billy had gotten into a huge fight, and she'd kicked him out. She waited for Jack to say he'd known it had just been a matter of time, but he pulled her into a comforting hug instead. After hearing Phyllis out, Jack sympathized that Billy was gambling and deceiving Phyllis, and he wondered if she'd evicted Summer from her own condo. Phyllis mentioned that Summer had fled to a girlfriend's house, and she imagined that Billy had spun a story to cover up why he was staying at "Hotel Abbott."

Phyllis added that she had called in sick and had been ignoring Billy's attempts to get in touch, since the time to talk had been when things had been hitting the fan. Phyllis was furious with Billy for taking everything they'd had and flushing it down the toilet, but Jack thought she was being too hard on Billy. Jack reminded her that both he and Billy were addicts, even if they had different poisons. Jack recalled that Phyllis had been part of his recovery when he'd been hooked on pills, and he'd never forget what she'd done for him. He continued that he'd almost slipped to the dark side again when he'd learned that John wasn't his father, but she'd been there along with Neil and his family to let Jack know he wasn't alone.

Jack was grateful that Phyllis hadn't judged him, since addiction was a disease, and he stressed that Billy's gambling wasn't a vice but a sickness. Jack conceded that Billy had probably deserved a swift kick in the tail, but he urged Phyllis to mix in the compassion she'd shown Jack by letting Billy know that she'd help him get past it. Phyllis revealed that the secrets and lies had bothered her more than the gambling, and Jack explained that deception was part of addiction, since addicts were so ashamed that they lied to everyone, including themselves.

Phyllis recounted that Billy had promised that he'd stop, and she wanted to believe it. Jack was sure that it would mean the world to Billy to get the chance to prove it to her. She thought Billy owed his brother, since Jack had just convinced her to let Billy try. Phyllis stopped by the mansion to find Billy, but Kyle informed her that Billy was at the Athletic Club with Ashley.

At the cottage, Nick gazed at family photos, and he spotted Sharon's engagement ring on the table. He collapsed into a chair as he clutched the ring in his hand.

At the Athletic Club, Ashley admitted that the yacht was impressive, but she was confused by the financing. She wondered why Billy had paid for the repairs out of pocket to be reimbursed, and he figured that it had been easier and quicker than waiting for accounting. He preferred not to discuss business, but she insisted that she was just trying to understand his management style so she could be the best COO for him. He assured her that both he and Jabot were excited to have her expertise back, and he planned to make the most of it by sending her to Berlin the following week to represent Jabot at an exclusive reception.

Ashley wondered why Billy wasn't sending Kyle instead, but Billy contended that he needed someone with gravitas to sit at the table. Ashley suspected that it had more to do with her undermining him as CEO by asking questions, but she thanked him for trusting her with the opportunity. They hugged, and he prepared to brainstorm over one more drink. Ashley departed alone, and Billy stared at an invitation to a poker game on his phone.

Across the dining room, Mariah made a Champagne toast to the difference a year had made. She recalled being with Tessa at the music festival, and she swore that she wouldn't trade that moment for anything, despite all the drama it had caused. Tessa marveled that it was the nicest thing anyone had ever said to her, and Mariah suggested a sequel. Tessa noted that it sounded like Mariah was proposing that they go on a weekend date in the Bay Area, and Mariah confirmed that she was.

Phyllis approached and asked if Mariah and Tessa had seen Billy, and Mariah replied that he'd been there with Ashley a bit earlier, but Ashley had left alone. Mariah suggested that Phyllis check on the roof deck, and Phyllis hurried off. Tessa joked that no one in the city would be able to sleep if Billy and Phyllis made up like they fought, and she and Mariah laughed. Tessa mused that she'd missed that, since she didn't have that much fun with anyone else. Mariah wondered why Tessa hadn't yet agreed to go to the festival with her, and Tessa admitted that she didn't want Mariah to feel rushed.

Mariah agreed that they should proceed with caution, but she wanted to throw that out the window when she was with Tessa. Tessa suddenly decided that they should go to San Francisco, and Mariah excitedly imagined Devon getting V.I.P. passes for them again. Tessa pointed out that he wouldn't have to lift a finger because he had an amazing assistant, and Mariah hoped all the hotels weren't booked. Tessa remarked that one cozy room would be enough, and Mariah exclaimed that they were really doing it.

Nick apologetically interrupted and asked if Mariah had heard anything from Sharon. Mariah stressed that her mother had needed alone time, but she imagined that Sharon had probably returned to the house. Nick stepped away, and Tessa inquired whether everything was okay. Mariah hoped it would be, but it wasn't her place to talk about it. Mariah suggested that they look at travel sites and compare some hotels, but Tessa received a text message and claimed that Devon needed her to handle something that night. Mariah offered to check out flights and lodging, and they kissed goodbye.

Phyllis arrived on the roof but didn't see Billy. She hovered outside the suite where the poker games took place, but she hesitated to knock. The door opened when a man exited, and she grabbed it before it closed. She peered inside and spotted Billy playing cards at the table.

Mariah ordered one last glass of Champagne on the roof, but her jaw dropped when she saw Tessa hugging another woman. Mariah rushed out.

Nick ordered a scotch at the club bar, and a surly Phyllis joined him. He asked what was wrecking her night, and she blamed Billy. She ranted that her beau had worked every nerve in her body, and she'd had it. She divulged that she'd thrown him out of the apartment, and she'd had a moment when she'd believed they could get over the ugly speed bump, but she was more "pissed off" than she'd ever been. Nick asked what Billy had done, and Phyllis chugged from Nick's drink and swore him to secrecy. She filled him in on the gambling, the lying, and how Summer had covered for Billy.

Nick sympathized that Billy had fallen back into addiction, but he disapproved of Billy dragging Phyllis and Summer down with him. Nick shared that he and Sharon might be over again because he'd done something amazing, but Sharon had claimed that she didn't know who he was anymore. He mentioned that he'd discovered her engagement ring on the desk, and Phyllis wondered what Sharon hadn't been able to live with. Nick mumbled that it was a long story, but Phyllis said she had nothing but time, and she knew a place where the drinks were cheaper and stronger for them to process their rage. He told her to lead the way.

Ashley returned home and informed Kyle that Billy was sending her to Europe so that she couldn't loom over his shoulder, but she knew how to delegate by having someone report any unusual activity. Kyle assumed she meant him, and she asked if she could trust him. He pointed out that it would put him in an uncomfortable position with his boss, but she preferred to think that he had her back. She reasoned that they both wanted what was best for Jabot, and she questioned whether he'd really alienate the COO when he was living under her roof. Kyle wondered what he'd get in return, and Ashley stated that in addition to ensuring that his legacy didn't go up in flames, Kyle would have a powerful ally at work and at home. They sealed the deal with a handshake.

Ashley met Jack at Crimson Lights and commented that his text message had been hard to resist. He told her that Nick had announced the launch of Dark Horse, a major new corporation, which had poached a sizable chunk of business from Newman, including key executives like Abby. Ashley was shocked that Abby had quit, and Jack backed Abby's decision not to pass up the opportunity. Jack added that he'd also signed on as an executive consultant and board member, and Ashley congratulated him. He crowed that it finally felt like he was moving forward and not obsessing about the past.

Ashley queried about Jack's search for his biological father, and he replied that he hadn't given up, but it was on hiatus because he needed to focus his energy on something more rewarding. Ashley thought he'd left Jabot at the right time, and he admitted that it was easier with her keeping an eye on Billy. She was glad that she and Jack could still count on one another, no matter what life threw them, and he said he'd never wanted it any other way.

Billy returned to the mansion, and Kyle mentioned Ashley's upcoming trip. Kyle pointed out that it hadn't been the most subtle move in the playbook, but Billy reasoned that he'd needed someone to represent Jabot. Kyle suspected that Billy had also needed his sister off his back, and Billy grumbled that he didn't need to be micromanaged while he was trying to fix things with Phyllis, who was his main priority. Billy stepped out, and Ashley appeared and frowned upon Billy's priorities. Kyle assured her that she could trust him to move forward as they'd discussed.

At Phyllis' place, Phyllis was impressed by how Nick had started Dark Horse, but she cautiously asked if he was working with J.T. to undermine Victor. Nick confessed that he'd been posing as J.T. to make it seem like J.T. had been hacking into the servers and making his way back to Genoa City. Phyllis proudly stated that she'd always known Nick had had it in him, and he vowed to find out where J.T. was hiding. Phyllis urged him to let J.T. stay away and to focus on the venture Nick had launched in spectacular fashion. Nick was pleased by her positive response, and she assured him that it was from the heart, since she'd always known the real him -- a dark horse through and through.

Phyllis and Nick played a video game as they discussed how he'd outplayed Victor. She cheered when she won the game, and he couldn't believe that she was better than him. She conceded that she should have let her guest win, but he remarked that even better than winning was her supporting what he'd done. She said it was too bad that Sharon felt different, but she understood why Sharon had freaked out about the possibility of J.T. being back. Phyllis figured that sometimes the end justified the means, and Nick swore that he had no regrets, even if Sharon couldn't see that everything he'd done had been for his family.

Phyllis imagined that Sharon was attached to the Nick who played it nice and safe, but he asserted that he wasn't that guy anymore. Phyllis murmured that she liked the new Nick a lot, and the fact that he was kicking butt as Dark Horse rocked her to the core. She noticed that the ice in their drinks had melted, and she suggested that they freshen them up unless he wanted to get out of there. He reached out his hand to help her to her feet and huskily stated that he didn't have to go, and they hovered close.

In the kitchen, Nick recounted that all anyone had been able to see was faithful, dependable, loyal Nick -- everyone but Phyllis. She purred that she'd always been a big fan of the dangerous rebel lurking under the gorgeous perfect dad thing, and he replied that she'd always been the original bad girl to him. Phyllis seductively stated that if it made her bad to think that he'd become an audacious, incredibly sexy guy, then she was bad to the bone. "That makes two of us," he replied, and they stared at one another hungrily for a moment before they kissed passionately. They tore off one another's clothes and began to have sex on the kitchen island.

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